Katman's Fallout 2 FAQ, version 6.5

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(Boy, that ASCII sucks huh?)

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Oh yeah, this FAQ is dedicated to the Bomfunk MCs, which you've probably never
heard of since they're from Finland.

Version List

1.0 The first version
1.4 Added to the walkthrough, added this version list. Also worked and filled
out some of the other sections, take a look again.
1.8 Added even more stuff. This is getting really fleshed out!
2.0 I'm getting lots of e-mail! This must be really popular. Added something
from some guy/chick named Tone on Navarro. My Wordpad is beginning to annoy me,
since whenever I try to cut/paste something it starts double-spacing all my
2.5 More walkthrough stuff. Almost done...
3.0 Actually, the guy Tone's name in version 2.0 is actually Ari. My bad. More
walkthrough stuff, actually the walkthrough is complete! Yay! Of course, I
still haven't covered EVERYTHING yet. Added a section on my next projects. Oh
yeah, and I removed the glossary cuz it was a bad idea to begin with. Oh, and a
Links section, and a Things I Need From You (Not That You Perv!) section. This
is the biggest update to date (Hey, I made a funny...) And an About Katman
section. I need those KBs bad...
3.4 Minor additons, nothing suprising. Got rid of the stupid Ryan Hathaway
line, no one knows who he is anyway. The walktrhough is now COMPLETELY
3.8 Added a section on Wasteland, the little-known DOS game that started it
4.0 I didn't send 3.8 out, so if you have it, you made it up yourself. This is
the "Hurry up EBWorld, bring my copy of The Sims!" update, meaning I'm doing it
because I have absolutely nothing else to do because it's only been four days
since I ordered The Sims, apart from work on Tale of the Sword and play Donkey
Kong 64. And since I'm a little sick of hunting golden bananas (KONG! KONG!
DONKEY KONG! YEAH!), and since the darn game's still too F***ing easy (can we
say, ONE HIT KO'S ON EVERY SINGLE DARN THING!!!!! ? I know we could! You can
kill the Katman-programmed bosses in one hit, you can kill the main character
Xane in one hit, you can even kill the secret boss, Epsilon in one hit with the
Star Wave spell!), and I still don't have an artist or musician, I'm working on
this right now. Removed the About Katman section, since no one cares who I am
anyway, and removed the listing about removing the Glossary, becasue it was
X.XX Well people, I guess it's time to say goodbye to this FAQ. I think it's
finished. You may keep sending things in, and I will update it if people do.
However, I don't think I personally will add anything more. I have other FAQs
to work on, and my game, "Tale of the Sword" as well. Send in those e-mails,
folks! I'll still post them!
5.0 Or maybe it's not finished. READ THE STUFF AT THE TOP! IT'S IMPORTANT!
6.0 Wow! A whole number in one swell foop! That's because I haven't added
anything in a long, long, long time, and everyone is getting uppity with me.
New in this version is a section chronicaling (Is that spellled right?) the
many jokes, none of which is made by me, but by a pal of mine (Well, a net pal,
you know what I mean. Never actually met 'im :-) named Patrick, or Pat,
depending whether or not you're an authority figure or parent, in his words
6.3 More funny stuff added. Yes, laugh, laugh out loud, you'll lose weight :-)
(No, it's not an insult, you just don't watch The Simpsons enough, Tommy :-)
6.4 Removed the dumb Mail from the Readers section.
6.5 Minor changes, nothing big. Go read one of my other FAQs.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1 Intro to the FAQ
1.2 Intro to the Series
1.2a Intro to Wasteland
1.2b Intro to Fallout
1.2c Intro to Fallout 2
1.2d Summary

2. Character Generation

3. Fallout 2 Walkthrough
3.1 Arroyo and the Temple of Trials
3.2 The Den
3.3 Klamath and the Toxic Caves
3.4 Modoc and the Ghost Farm
3.5 Redding
3.6 Vault City, Vault 8, and Gecko
3.7 The Raiders' Camp
3.8 Broken Hills
3.9 New Reno, Golgotha, and the Stables
3.10 The Sierra Army Depot
3.11 Vault 15 and the New California Republic
3.12 Vault 13
3.13 The Military Base
3.14 San Francisco
3.15 Navarro
3.16 San Fran revisited
3.17 The United States of America (Oil Rig)

4. Hints and Tips
4.1 Fallout 2

5. Conclusion

6. Useless Items List

7. Credits/People I Don't Like (PIDL, Prounounced PIDDLE)

8. Katman's Next/Other Projects (NEW!)

9. Links

10. Things I Need From You

11. !NEW! Reader-Submitted Section: The Many Jokes of Fallout 2 :-)


1.1 Intro to the FAQ
The Fallout series is simply excellent. The games have a "feel" of thier own,
and with the innovative battle system and interface, are complicated enough for
RPG fanatics like myself, and  it can be replayed over and over again. Any RPG
fanatic should go to www.ebworld.com and do the old credit card thing and buy

1.2 Intro to the Series
The Fallout series currently consists of two games, dubbed Fallout and Fallout
2. Made by Black Isle, a subdivision of Interplay, they are "back to the
basics" Role Playing Games (RPGs). They are set in a post-apocalyptic setting,
after a devastating nuclear war, in Southern California. They center on
exploration and diplomacy more than combat, but in both games you're gonna have
to bust some heads and bust some caps to win.  is sorta like that too, except
you're in Allucaneet Kingdom instead of California.
They rely on the "General Universal Role Playing System" or "GURPS" system.
This has been used in other games as well, like Planescape:Torment. The games
have a graphic engine consisting of well-animated sprites against rendered
backgrounds. They are not 3D, but are very deep and engrossing so it hardly
matters. By far, the Fallout series is one of the best of all time.

1.1a Intro to Wasteland
Wasteland, a prequel to Fallout 1, sets you as a team of Desert Rangers in the
California desert after a nuclear apocolypse. This game IS indeed a part of the
Fallout series (the inner flap of the Fallout 1 package asks "Remember
Wasteland?", but is so different from the other games that it's a game of its
own. Nothing really recognizable from the other two games is here, and to tell
you the truth this is more like a post-nuclear PHANTASY STAR (Sega Master
System) than anything else. This is a Fallout Series FAQ, so thanks to the
miracle of emulation I'll be getting a copy of Wasteland soon enough. Expect a
walkthrough and hints/tips then.

1.2b Intro to Fallout
Fallout 1 sets you as a young man (or woman) who lives in a vault, one of many
scattered around the wasteland. These Vaults were built before the war for
people to live in. After the war, the vaults opened, and the inhabitants
usually emerged to explore and begin a new life.
However, Vault 13 never opened, as the inhabitants were content. Unfortunately,
the chip that controls the machine to purify water for the Vault breaks down,
leaving the poor souls there with only 150 days worth of water. You are chosen
to head out into the wastes to retrieve a new chip, or at least some more
water. In the process, you'll battle mutated rats, scorpions, and people, and
defeat an evil mutant army that's planning to rule the world. If you want one,
go to www.ebworld.com and get it for 13 bucks! I'm not kidding, I got mine
there! :-) :-) :-)

1.2c Intro to Fallout 2
Fallout 2 sets you once again as a young woman (or man). However this time
you're from a tribe begun by the former hero of Fallout 1, the Vault Dweller.
Your tribe is dying, and they need the holy Garden of Eden Creation Kit to
survive. You are sent to find one.
Fallout 2 has you once again battling rats, scorpions, people, and plants, and
also introduces the evil Enclave, an orginization planning to kill everyone but
Changes from Fallout 1

*Interface bar is a different color
*Many new character models and monsters
*New textures
*Many new weapons
*Can avoid random encounters
*Can get hitched :-)
*Many new chances to score...
*NPCs are much more customizable
*There's a chance for an expansion pack...
*You can't type in stuff to ask people anymore...
*No real time limit
*Much, much harder, the skill checks can be impossible (The first game was
pitifuly easy...)

1.2d Summary

And this isn't to say neither game had problems. There are graphical glitches,
and they seem too gory for thier own good sometimes (you can punch someone and
blow half their chest off! Ouch!) The series, Wasteland in particular (This is
the darkest of the GURPS games. One scene involves your characters into
shooting a traumatized boy's rabid dog (you have to fight it!)), is very dark
and cold. It's definately not for anyone under 13, and those above that (even
20-30 year olds :-) should have parentaly permission. I say this, even though
I'm not a believer in the school of thought that says children are so
incredibly stupid as to have thier actions influenced by video games. Some
people may find the combat system and general FEEL of the game just too
complicated. However, it's the general ambiance of the series that makes it so
fun. It's impossible to describe. From the 60's style artifacts (I'm not
kidding here!), to the constantly smiling PIPBoy in the Fallout games that
shows up everywhere doing everything from blast aliens to counterfeit money to
even knock up some PIPGirls (lucky stiff...), to the rusty appearance of the
interface, these games have it all. Go ahead and buy them. Now.

1.3 Intro Song

Fallout 2: A Kiss to Build a Dream On

(The intro begins with a trumpet solo. We see the outside of a room, and hear
this part of a song)

Oh, give me
A kiss to build a dream on
And my imagination
will feed my hungry heart
Give me
one thing before we part
a kiss to build a dream on...

(The view moves inside of a room, and we see a projector and screen. The
projector comes on, while the song is still playing...)

Yeah, give me
A kiss to build a dream on
And my imagination
will make that moment live
Give me
what you alone can give
a kiss to build a dream on

(The projector is showing a movie called LEAVING THE VAULT. It shows cartoony
characters preparing to leave a bomb shelter. There are 2 rules, it says.)

Rule 1: Wear protective eye wear (Years of living in the Vault can make one's
eyes sensitive to sunlight. Failure to do this can result in ETREME eye
Rule 2: Line up in an orderly fashion

(Meanwhile, the song is in a trumpet solo, so we can concentrate on the movie.
It is showing how you can build a new life)

Once you leave the Vault, prepare to build a new life using the GARDEN OF EDEN
With the GECK, you can create the new world you've been waiting for!

(The picture changes to a photo of a suburban street, circa 1950. The words
"RESULTS NOT GARUNTEED" are in the top corner.)

Oh give me
A kiss to build a dream on
and my imagination
will build upon that kiss
Oh, baby, all I ask is this
A kiss to build a dream on!

(The projector flashes off, and we see a metal door with red lights above it.
The door flies open, and we enter. We see a heavy Vault door. The controls
activate, and the door opens, reavealing a silhoueted family. The camera pans
over to a man wearing insectoid armor. He raises a gun. We see the family one
last time before he begins to fire.)

Fallout 1: Maybe

After "Fallout" appears on a black screen, a picture flashes up of a cartoony
guy standing near a plant. The scene switches to the guy behind a Vault door.
It closes as he waves at us.

A song is playing:
You'll think of me
When you are all alone

 The screen then changes to "GALAXY NEWS NETWORK". "Our boys keep the peace in
newly annexed Canada!" It shows a man tied up, with two men in futuristic armor
behind him. One pulls out a gun and shoots the struggling man twice in the back
of the head.

Maybe the one who
is waiting for you
will prove untrue
then what will you do?

We then see a commercial for a robot: MR. HANDY! He's sooo HANDY! It shows Mr.
Handy walking the dog :-)

Maybe you'll sit and sigh
wishing that I were near...

(The TV breaks, and we see that it was sitting in a deserted wasteland, in the
ruins of a house.)

2. Character Generation

The Fallout series boasts a very detailed character system, consisting of
distribution of points to skills and attributes. At the beginning of each game,
you need to create a character to represent you in the game (Like the Avatar in
the Ultima series). Creating an effective character is what this chapter will
go into.

First you need to name your character. For males, Katman is an EXCELLENT name,
as is Joe, Bob, Dan, Don, Fred, George, and Juan. For females, Joan, Jane,
Joanna, Anna, Ana, Anais, anything ending with an A or an I will work fine.

To begin with, your character has 7 basic statistics. They are:

Strength - Strength determines your pure physical strength. It determines how
much damage you do with your fists or a close-range (hand-to-hand) weapon. It
also determines your Hit Points and how much you can carry. Strength is put
into play in many parts of the game, giving it Importance Rank 4. Low strength
can be counteracted by Advanced Power Armour (adds 4 to ST!) and a module chip
for Strength (Adds another 1!) so 4 or 5 natural Strength is best later in the

Perception - Perception is not just what you can see, it's also what you can
smell, touch, taste, and hear. Perception is used to determine how good you are
at stealing, lockpicking, and using traps, and also how good you are with guns
and throwing weapons. High perception is useful if you plan to snipe folks.
This is used in some quests, giving it Importance Rank 3.

Endurance - Endurance is how long you can sustain something, whether it be
poison, radiation, carrying stuff, or damage. Endurance determines how many Hit
Points you get each level, and also your natural resistance to Poison and
Radiation. It also helps determine your carrying weight. It is not used in any
quest, giving it importance rank 5.

Intelligence - Intelligence is your IQ, brains, smarts, that sort of thing. The
sort of thing you lose by watching too much TV, you know? This determines how
many skill points you get to add to your skills each level. It determines what
you can say to people, how good you are with computers, stuff like that. It is
by far the most important statistic, and you should try to get a nine in it or
better at the start. It's Importance Rank is 1, the highest.

Charisma - Charisma is a combination of how you look and how you act around
people. Your "People Skills" so to speak. Charisma determines how people react
to you, and how many party members you can carry. If you want to pimp your
spouse, like it says on the box, or sell them into slavery, you need a Charisma
of at least 7. However, you really don't want to get married anyway, and a low
Charisma can be easily bypassed by drugs (or, in the case of party size,
Perks), so it is the least important stat. It's Importance Rank is 7, the

Agility - Agility is how fast you are. Agility is used to tell if you can avoid
traps, how many Action Points you are given each turn, whether you can dodge
attacks or not, and a few skills. Try to get an 8 in this, since having a full
10 APs is very important for combat. It's Importance Rank is 2.

Luck - Luck is, well, the effect fate has on you. Good Luck is good, bad Luck
is bad. It's used to determine if you can gamble well, and also whether you can
find rare random encounters. It is used to determine if you cause a good hit
during combat. It's Importance Rank is 6.

You have five points (Character Points) to put into any of those, and you start
with 5 in each. You can rearrange points as you which, as long as you don't go
over 10 or under 1. Once you're done distributing points around the statistics,
go down to the optional traits box at the bottom.

You can pick two traits, but as the name says, they're optional and you don't
have to (I've heard of cases where you're forced to pick a trait, but I
wouldn't know since I always pick two). All the traits have a good part and a
bad. If you want the good, you have to take the bad. Your choices are:

Fast Metabolism: You have a 0% resistance to Radiation and Poison, but you gain
2 to your natural healing rate. I kinda like this one, because when your HPs
start soaring toward the 100s, it takes a LONG time to heal on the PipBoy,
espescially if you have a healing rate of 1. Also, it's not like poison and
rads are that bad, anyway, and with the proper stock of items you won't take
any damage from them to begin with.

Bruiser: You get +2 to Strength, but you lose 3 Action Points. Not a good thing
IMO, since APs are possibly the most important thing during combat. Without at
least 9 APs, you will be screwed throughout the first parts of the game, trust
me, and won't live long enough to show off any other traits. You can take the 2
points from Strength and give them to other stats.

Small Frame: This takes away about 50 lbs. from your Carry Weight, but gives
you a few APs. Might be useful to counteract Bruiser, which will give you back
the 50 lbs. and add to your melee damage. However, you'll be missing out on the
opportunity for Gifted. Carry Weight becomes less important about midway
through the game, when you have plenty of party members (not to mention the
Car!) to use as packhorses.

One Hander: You're better with one-handed weapons, like pistols and knives, but
you suck with two-handed weapons, like rifles and sledgehammers. This is
counterproductive near the end of the game, when you'll select your ultimate
weapon, either the Super Sledge, Gauss Rifle, or Turbo Plasma Rifle (All
two-handed weapons!). Leave it alone.

Finesse: You'll do less damage in general, but to make up for it you'll do 10%
more criticals, and they'll also do more damage. Yummylicious (which, is in
fact NOT a word), though the lessened damage can be rather painful on a
beginning player. When you get Sniper or Slayer, this becomes moot, so only
advanced players who don't plan on taking Sniper or Slayer (I.E. no-one, since
NO advanced players would pass those up!) should take this.

Kamikaze: You have NO natural Armor Class (Which is a modifier to determine if
you are hit in battle or not), but your Sequence is higher. Sequence determines
when you get to go in a combat turn. I like AC more than Sequence, and everyone
goes before you at the end anyway, and during a turn you'll get to go anyway,
so forget this Trait. It's not worth the time you take clicking it.

Heavy Handed: You gain +2 to your Melee Damage derived stat, but your critical
hits aren't as good. This doesn't mean you do fewer criticals, it just means
your hits aren't as good. The opposite of Finesse, they completely counteract
each other. I picked it the first time through, and the bad part didn't seem
too bad, so I usually pick it. Technically, it gives you a -5% on the critical
table. Give it a try, but this will greatly drag you down until you get Sniper
or Slayer.

Fast Shot: Whenever you use an Energy, Small Gun, Big Gun, or Thrown weapon, it
costs one less AP. However, it has a massive downside: You can no longer make
targeted attacks. You'll never even see the targeted shot icon. Ugh... Some
people like it, but I prefer to shoot at people's eyes. Also, it's bugged, as
this even counts for hand-to-hand and unarmed attacks. What a crappy trait,
leave it alone unless you're going to specialize in Big Guns (which can't make
targeted attacks anyway), Burst-fire only machine guns (likewise), or the Laser
Carbine (not woth the price of admission).

Bloody Mess: Speaking of a mess, this Trait forces the most violent deaths.
With a simple punch, a part of the enemy's gut will go flying. With the Gauss
Rifle, the head pops off. With a Miningun or a Vindicator, the enemy's torso
gets shredded. With the Turbo Plasma Rifle, the enemy melts. It's either all a
good thing or all a bad thing... I reccomend you don't take it, however, as
some of the messier deaths include the enemy's stuff getting dropped in a big
pile, that you have to go through one by one, which sucks.
With lowered violence, if you pick this you've just wasted a trait slot. Pick
this if you don't want anything else.

Jinxed: Everyone in the game makes lots of critical failures. This includes
you, but it's more them than you. All a good thing or all a bad thing, though
it is rather humorous. Later in the game, no-one critically fails anyway,
except you when you have this trait. Also, note that this is the only trait you
can use to get three traits (In a certain random ecounter, the Pariah Dog will
give it to you)

Good Natured: Your combat skills are lower, but your First Aid, Doctor, Speech,
and Barter skills are higher. The gain makes up for the loss. In Fallout 1,
this was replaced by Night Person, in which you lost 1 Perception and
Intelligence during the day, but gained 1 in the night. This is crap, as was
Night Person (The gain from Night Person did NOT come even close to making up
for the loss!)

Chem Reliant/Chem Resistant: With Reliant, you'll get addicted to chems more
often, but you recover faster from them. That's all a bad thing. With
Resistant, they only affect you half as long, and you'll only get addicted half
as much. Don't take Chem Reliant, since it works, well, backwards. If you don't
get addicted to a chem, well, you want it to last AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!

Skilled: You get 5 more skill points per experience level, but you get a perk
only every four levels. Depends on what you like more, since you would only get
perks every three levels other wise. This was a lot nicer in Fallout 1, since
it would add 10% to every base skill. As it is, leave it alone, since Perks are
really important and it's not worth missing out on them. Since the EXP. cap is
at level 30, with Skilled, you get 7 Perks total (1 at levels 4,8,12,16,20,24,
and 28), however, with Gifted you get 10 (1 at levels 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,
and 30) Perks total, and those 3 Perks you lose could have been something cool,
like Sniper or Slayer!

Gifted: You gain +1 to EVERY SINGLE primary statistic, but unfortunately you
get 5 less skill points per level and -10% to EVERY SINGLE base Skill. This is
a really good thing for a really bad thing. I take it every time, though,
because you can redistribute the points, and most GOOD players do as well.

Now, after you select your traits, you need to select 3 Tagged Skills. These
skills gain 20% when you tag them, and gain 2% for every 1 skill point you
spend on them. The skills are:

Small Guns: This is used for pistols, rifles, shotguns, and the Gauss Rifle and
Pistol. This is the most useful skill, and I always tag it. The Gauss Rifle is
one of the game's ultimate weapons, but ammo for it is rare and expensive. The
downside of Small Guns is that the ammo usually goes "Splat" against anyone
wearing armor, which doesn't do much. The Gauss Rifle pierces armor like a nail
gun through butter, though, and AP Ammo can help with other weapons. This score
is often very average, around 50%, during creation and the start of the game.
It can be improved by using Guns Monthly magazines as well as Skill Points, but
the magazines lose effect after a (very short) while.
The 'iffy' (A weapon that could fit into one or more skill types) weapon here
is the Bozar, a Burst-fire only gatling gun. It's crap against armour,

Big Guns: Miniguns, Rocket Launchers, and Flamers use this skill. It's not
needed for the skill to be high, because these weapons have incredibly high
accuracy, since all you're doing is spraying bullets everywhere. With a pitiful
30%, I mutilated a whole herd of Mad Brahmin with a good ol' Vindicator
Minigun! Big, strong characters would do good by this, as the ammo and weapons
weigh quite a lot. The problem is you often end up hitting anyone in the way of
your shot too, so be careful in a crowded firefight. Another downside is that
these weapons are very heavy. Yet another problem is that these weapons gobble
up ammo, and reqire reloading after every three shots usually. Everyone starts
with an OK score, except for puny weaklings, who can't handle a Big Gun anyway.

Energy Weapons: Ray guns, beam weapons, that sort of high-tech thing. This is
used for Pulse Pistols, YK32B Rifles, and the Turbo Plasma Rifle, among others.
These weapons do lots of damage, but are a little dampened against the Enclave.
I use the Gauss Rifle there, as the ammo is plentiful. The ammo for Energy
Weapons is also used as fuel for the Car, which makes you run out of ammo often
unless you hoard it or don't use the car. Some of these weapons are heavy, as
well. Also, if you're not careful, the weapon can explode and damage/kill you,
though this only happens with a low score in the skill. This is real Star Trek
stuff, so everyone begins with a pretty pitiful score. The only iffy weapon
here is the Laser Carbine, a minigun-like beam cannon that only fires in Burst
mode. Though it's quite similar to a chaingun, it's an Energy Weapon. It's
pitiful against armoured enemies, and ALL the enemies will be armoured by the
time you get one, so don't bother with it. The Solar Scorcher (an energy rifle
that uses solar power) goes here too.

Unarmed: Karate, Jujitsu, and other stuff. It's not very impressive by any
means, unless you took Bloody Mess. It won't even do a lot of damage. Some
weapons use this skill, like Brass Knuckles, Spiked Knuckles, Power Fist, and
Mega Power Fist. Actually, those four are all of them. Unarmed forces you to
get in close, which leaves you open to attack, espescially from anyone wielding
a Minigun or such weapon. Everyone naturally starts with a good score in this,
since it's not that hard to figure out how to walk up and punch someone :-)

Melee Weapons: The use of spears, knives, and swords. Lots of different weapons
roll against this skill, like the Spear, Knife, Vibroblade, Wakazichi Blade,
and many, many others. It's essential to living through the Temple of Trials.
It has the same downsides as Unarmed, however. Once again, everyone starts with
a pretty good score in this.

Throwing: The use of grenades and throwing knives. Explosives in this game are
really weak, so I usually forget about this skill. You can also throw Rocks,
but they do a mere 1-3 damage. Ugh. Also weapons for throwing are usually
expensive (except for Rocks), and you run out of "ammo" often. You usually
miss, too, without a ridiculously high score.

Sneak: The ability to sneak around and avoid being seen or heard. This is very
useful for thiefly characters near the beginning, since chances are they won't
want to battle the numerous enemies. Sneak is also very important for a
particular Perk, Silent Death. Sneak doesn't really have a downside, except
that you can't run while you're doing it without a certain Perk. It really
doesn't matter whether you run or not, anyway.

Steal: Err, well, stealing things... That's basically it, stealing things. This
also goes for planting things. This is by far one of the most useful skills,
and it's easy to succeed at even with low skill. Of course, stealing from the
back helps, and don't expect to be able to steal big things, like rocket
launchers and miniguns, unless you have high skill. You can get busted for
stealing minor things as well. Note that you can steal and plant from your
party members as much as you want. Always save before stealing, so that if you
get busted stealing, you can just reload your saved game.

Lockpick: The ability to pick locks, both primitive and electronic. This is
useful as well, though lockpicks are rare. Don't attempt this without high
skill, as you could jam the lock, and have to wander the desert for a month or
two before it'll open again. That's the main downside, and Lockpicks are rare,
as I said. This is increased by using a Lockpick or Electronic Lockpick to pick
the lock.

Traps: Laying explosives and other traps, and disarming traps. Explosives in
this game are weak, like I said, so this skill has only one use: HUMOR! If you
take a bomb, set it for thirty seconds, then reverse-Steal it onto someone,
then run away, prepare to roll on the floor laughing... Disarming traps can be
helpful, but the traps in this game aren't very deadly.

First Aid: Healing minor wounds. This can only be used 5 or 6 times a day,
before you get too tired to use it anymore. I THINK it might have a non-active
use, in telling how much Stimpaks heal. The only downside is that it has a
limit of four or five times a day. This is improved using a First Aid Book as
well as Skill Points, however the books lose effect eventually.

Doctor: Healing more major wounds. One of two ways you can heal crippled limbs,
the other is to visit a professional doctor. If you have Doctor 90% or above,
you can get combat implants. It has a limit of three to four times a day, but
it's still kinda useful.

Science: The practical use of knowledge and science. It helps with computers
and many other things. This is very useful in getting one of the NPCs, Skynet.
However, Skynet needs the inactive use. If you get Myron, he'll take care of
all the active uses for you. This is improved using a Big Book of Science as
well as Skill Points, however as usual the books eventually lose effect. It has
no downside.

Repair: The physical use of the Science skill. The two skills usually work
together, and you will often have to use Science before you repair something,
to determine what is wrong. It's entirely active use, and Vic will usually
handle it for you, once you get him. This is increased if you use a Tool Kit or
Super Tool Kit on something, however if you critically fail (screw up big time,
so to speak), they can break. Also using Dean's Electronics books improve this,
but they also lose effect.

Barter: The ability to convince others that your goods are worth a lot. In
Fallout 1, you could easily cheat the merchants, and sell them back the stuff
they sold you for more of a price. In Fallout 2, with 300% Barter skill, and
with 500 Karma, and being Idolized in the town where I was, the stuff I sold
was half price to the stuff they sold. Just leave it where it is.

Speech: Convincing others, and lying to them. This has no active use, but very
often you'll use it during a conversation. It's used very often, and in Fallout
1 you could kill the last boss with it! This is quite possibly the most useful
non-combat skill, invest a lot into it.

After you pick your Tag Skills, select your gender. Females have it a WHOLE lot
easier, as they can, errr, seduce men into giving them what they want... There
is no active difference though, apart from the graphics, obviously. Females CAN
get more money, by "seducing" men by doing, well, ya know!

Finally, pick your age, from 16 to 35. I like being 18 to 20, myself, but I
don't really tell any difference. 16 is OK, 35 is just fine, heck,  24 is great
too. I can't imagine a 35-year old woman in power armor lugging around a plasma
gun, nor can I imagine a 35-year old man slitting the throat of a bandit with a
vibroblade, so I stay away from old age. There HAS to be some sort of effect on
actual gameplay, I just haven't found it yet...

Click the save button, save your design in case you die before you even save
the game (it'll happen!), and then click start!

3. The Walkthrough

(Note: I assume you understand the basic workings of the game, like combat,
movement, and item use...)

3.1 Arroyo and the Temple of Trials

You start the game in front of the Temple of Trials, which you need to cross
through to earn your Vault Suit and PipBoy and prove yourself to your tribe.
Walk on in. Note that you CAN fight the guy defending your way out, but then
the entire village will hate you, and you'll end up fighting them all. You may
be able to kill one or two of them, but you can't slay the whole village.

The first critter you meet is an ant. Go ahead an kill it if you want, and
thieves can sneak around them. Continue to the North, battling or avoiding the
enemies, and go to the left at the juncture. Go up to the door and lockpick it.
Don't worry, you'll always make this roll.

Now through the door you'll start seeing Raised Plates. These plates will shoot
a Sharpened Pole at you if you step on them and don't make a saving roll.
Thieves can use the Traps skill on them to disarm them and gain 25 XP; or you
could just avoid them. If you want to avoid them, stay against either wall, and
they won't touch you. You could also take the hits for free Poles, if you use
Throwing Weapons. Be warned it's hard to regain HP at the moment!

Head to the left after you get through this hall, and battle off the 3 ants
(there's no way around it!). Go to the left again, until you reach a big
ceramic pot. Dig through the pot and get a bomb, then go up to the door, SAVE
THE GAME, set the bomb for 10 seconds, go into attack mode, and go through two
pretend turns. Shadow Boxing is fun! :-)

The bomb will blow up, making a door. Go through and go left at the next
junction, then north from there. Through the door is a firey pit and a guy. The
guy wants to fight you to prove your worthiness. Talk to the guy if you like.
People with a tagged Speech skill can talk him out of fighting you, thieves can
steal the key from him, and bruisers can fight him off. He'll leave your stuff
in the chest back in the hall, if you fight. Also, the more diplomatic way you
get past him, the more XP you get for it. Talking to him gets 800 XP, stealing
the key gets 600 XP, and kicking him around gets 400 XP. I reccomend stealing
it, that's what I always do. You always seem to make the roll, but save
beforehand, just in case. Oh yeah, don't forget your stuff!

Now, after the movie, you get the Vault Suit and your PipBoy. You're in front
of the village elder, or as I call her, Hillary Clinton :-) (OK, that joke's
kinda old, but they DO look alike! Give old Hilly some gray hair, I mean more
than she already has, and more wrinkles, and poof!) She doesn't seem to HAVE a
real name, so it's Hillary for her!

She'll explain to you about your quest: Find the Holy Garden of Eden Creation
Kit! She'll also give you 150 bucks (That's NOT a lot of money...) and a water
flask, telling you to find the person it belongs to, Vic the trader. She'll
also tell you the location of another town, Klamath, which is to the East.
There's also a Knife in the chest behind her.

Now head North, until you get to another tent. There is a guy there, named
Hakunin. He wants you to weed his garden for him. However, the weeds in his
garden fight back...

To the north is Hakunin's garden. The two big plants in there are Spore Plants,
and they shoot Plant Spikes at you. However, they're not very accuracte, and
usually end up shooting each other :-), so you should be able to easily slay
them (aiming for the head helps). With that you'll get 480 XP, and chances are
your first level. Also, characters that use the Throwing skill can throw the
Plant Spikes as a weapon, though I don't see why you'd want to. You use them
about as effectively as the plants do!

Head back to Hakunin's tent, and he'll give you some healing powder. This
restores some HP, but it takes away 1 Perception for about an hour. It dosen't
matter right now, but when you get a gun you should start using Stimpaks
instead. Hakunin will also offer to make more powder for you when you find some
Broc Flower and Xander Root.

To the west of the hut is your cousin Nagor. He wants you to find his dog for
him. Go to the west-northwest, and into the green Exit Grid. Now you're in the
hunting grounds, and there are Geckos around. You can fight the geckos, but I
just avoided them. They're a little too hard for your character right now, and
you can't skin 'em yet. The dog is to the northwest, in the area surrounded by
rocks and goo. The goo, do note, will sap a couple HP when you step on it.

Take the dog back to Nagor, for 200 or so XP. Head back to the hunting grounds
and fight off the Geckos if you wish, but what you're looking for is conic
grasses, which are Xander Roots, and orange flowers, which are Broc Flowers.
Get as many as you can, then take them back to Hakunin, which will make healing
powder out of them for you. There's also some Xander Root in a tent south of
Hakunin's tent.

Near that same tent, there's your other cousin, Feargus. (Named after the
Director, Feargus Urqhart. He shows up a few more times too...) He wants you to
fix the well, so do just that with your Repair skill. Even further south is
your aunt Morlis. She has some flint on her that you should steal. If you fail
the roll, she won't get mad. To the north of her is a stone head and a guy, get
him to teach you some Unarmed skill, which gives you 5 points toward it. To the
east of him is a guy in a tent who has a spear. He will teach you some Melee
Weapons skill for a 5-point boost toward it.

Now head to the south and go through the green exit grid. The only thing of
importance here is the guy standing in front of the bridge. If you have OK
perception, like 6 or so, then you'll notice that he'll have sharpened his
spear. Tell him this, and in exchange for the flint he'll sharpen your Spear.
It's better than a Sledgehammer now!

Here's what one guy, [email protected] had to say about Navarro.

"did you know that if you fight everything in the temple (in the beginning),
like scorpions and ants, that you get your first level directly out of the
temple, and scorpion tails which are worth $10 a piece...

And you can steal a $100 from your aunt's tent

just thought i'd tell you, because it isn't in your walkthrough, however this
is a very good walkthrough"

Ya see, this is the kind of letter we NEED, here at Katman's FAQ Crank-out
Place! And not to be modest or anything, so it IS a good walkthrough! I agree
entirely! :-) Thanx. Haven't tested it yet, personally, because it's kinda
dangerous to do so.

Now leave the area through the red exit grid.

Stuff you should have by now:

*Semi-good Unarmed or Melee Weapons skill
*Sharpened Spear
*A few bags of Healing Powder
*Some money
*Vic's Water Flask
*Some XP
*A copy of Odium, available at EBWorld.com
*A copy of Squaresoft's Brave Fencer Musashi, available at EBWorld.com for a
good price

3.2 Klamath and the Toxic Caves

Head East on the world map

Things you might encounter here:

When you get to Klamath, click the green triangle to enter. If you arrived
during the night, rest until morning. Straight in front of you is Aldo, the
Greeter. You can give him 5 bucks if you like, and it'll improve your Karma and
reputation in Klamath. High Karma is important, because if you're evil Bounty
Hunters will attack you. They wear Power Armor, so stay away from evil things.

North of this is the trader's shack. You can buy things if you'd like, and meet
your first party member, Sulik. Sell some stuff to get another $150, or steal
it, and buy off Sulik. He's a good member, and uses Melee Weapons. Chances are
he's a lot stronger than you, but you don't directly control him, so it evens
out. Instead, he fights on his own, according to preset options before combat.
Also here is Whiskey Bob. He wants you to head down to the Trapping Grounds and
add more wood to his still, so his brew won't go bad. Go down south, through
the exit grid, and you'll be in the Trapping Grounds. Head further south,
fighting or avoiding the Geckoes around, until you get to a shack. Inside is a
still and some wood. Use the wood on the still for 100 or so XP, then head back
to Bob for $50 and some Karma points.

Talk to Maida while at the trader's shack. She'll send you on a quest to find
her friend Smiley, who disappeared in the Toxic Caves while hunting geckoes
(Well, it's a little more complicated than that, but that's the basic gist of
it). Don't go to the Caves quite yet, we're not done here.

North of the shack is the Bath House. You can pay a few bucks to screw someone
here (Even if you're female :-), and after enough screws you'll get the Gigolo
Karmic Title or the Sexpert title. I never noticed either of these doing
anything, so don't waste your cash. Well, then again it IS kinda funny, and
it's YOUR cash... This is one of the few things you can't also do in ...

To the east of the Bath House is the local bar, the Golden Gecko. You can buy
some "Gecko piss" here (It's beer...), and get some for everyone. This will
improve your rep in Klamath. There is a guy here named John Sullivan who will
teach you some Unarmed and Melee Weapons skill. All you have to do is let him
string you along with his "Sweet Science" line, and then ask if he's been
pulling your leg when you get the chance. This is rather useful, and it's free!
You also get a free beer for it, what a bargain. Beer is not very useful
actually, all it does is lower your Perception for a short time. However,
you'll need it later, so hang on to it.

Northeast of the Bath House is Vic's shop. Vic's that guy you're hunting for at
the moment, so go there and get the Pipe Rifle (A crappy weapon), and Vic's
Radio, which you'll need later. There's also some bullets for the Rifle there.
Loot the place and move on.

Northwest of the Bath House is the Duntons' place. They sell Beef Jerky there,
which you feed animals with. Get a piece, but don't touch the bookshelf or
they'll attack you (Don't bother killing them, just reload the game. There's
nothing on the bookshelf.) Go find the dog wandering around, and talk to him.
You'll give him some Jerky, and he'll give you a key. Hang on to it.

The northwest exit leads to a canyon, where there's a robot. It'll attack you,
but all you have to do is hit it once, then run away. It has hardly any APs, so
it'll stop before it can hit you. Hit it again and repeat. If you have the
newest patch installed (Get one at www.interplay.com), one of the bodies will
have a yellow keycard on him. Get it and leave.

The southwest exit leads to Trapper Town. The only important thing here is the
answer to a quest: Why have rats been plaguing Klamath? Why, because of a giant
mutated lab rat! How obvious can you get? :-) Anyway, go through the maze-like
building to the north and unlock the door with the key you got (Or talk the guy
into opening it, or lockpick it. Pick one.) Go through it and through more
mazelike buildings until you get to a manhole. Go ahead on in.

There's a lot of rats underground, but they only have 3 HP apeice. Blast or
smash them with your favorite implement of destruction, then go on until you
find another manhole. Go down it.

Kill the rats, and you'll finally meet the Rat King. He'll use scraching
attacks, but he doesn't do too much damage, though you may have to heal.  When
he dies, head north from the central chamber until you get to a door. Lockpick
it/blow it up, and climb the ladder. Go over to the car and check it to get the
a car part that minimizes the amount of fuel you use. If you don't have the
newest patch, it also functions as the Fuel Cell Injector that you need for the
car, so you don't need that part.

Return to Trapper Town from the caves. Take a look around the town and find
some rubber boots. Hang on to them for now.

It's time to move on, so leave Klamath.

Head up north to the Toxic Caves. This is a relatively simple maze, however the
goo on the floor will chop off 1 or 2 HP every time you step on a goo-filled
hex. Also, walking on goo without rubber boots will make you grow a sixth toe!
(You can get this removed in Vault City) With the pair you have, you should be
able to get to Smiley and out with time to spare.

Go through the first chamber and climb down the ladder. Battle off or sneak
behind the Geckoes here, and go south, then northeast, then northwest at the
end of the corridor. Go into the metal-floored area, open the door, and voila!
There's Smiley. Talk to him and he'll join you (Actually, he just runs behind
you.) Leave the caves through the same way. At the beginning of the caves, you
can cross the big pit of goo to the south after you drop off Smiley. There's a
new pair of rubber boots, a stimpak, and other things.

Go back to Klamth for a sec to visit Smiley in the trader's hut. He'll teach
you how to skin Geckoes, as well as give you 3% Outdoorsman skill every time
you talk to him. This is an easy way to get to 300%, the highest value, for
free! You can't get deals like that in , that's for sure!

Leave Klamath, and journey to the Den.

Stuff you should have by now:

*Leather Armor
*The location of the Den (One square east, four squares south of Klamath)
*Healing Powder and/or Stimpaks
*A semi-good non-combat skill
*Pipe Rifle
*Vic's Radio
*300% Outdoorsman skill (See above)
*Gecko Skinning and another perk (You pick!)
* for an Emulator or the Sony Playstation. PLAY IT NOW!

3.3 The Den

When you've dealt with all the random encounters, you'll finally be at the Den!
This is a seedy place, and the first thing you'll notice is the signpost. Read
it, then head east to Becky's. Notice the kids standing near the doors? They
steal stuff if you don't run, so set the preferences to "Always run". Now go
inside and talk to Becky.

Becky wants you to go to find a guy named Frank and get her money back. Frank
is south of Becky's, in another building. Go there, running past the little
thieves near the door, and talk to the guy in yellow. He's Frank, and he has
the money, but wants you to spot him half of it, and then 2/3rds of it.
Everyone I've met says to give him the dough, but I never did. Go ahead and do
whatever you want, then take it back to Becky for some XP, Cash, and Karma. In
, the cash is measured in Drans, BTW.

Becky then wants you to find her book "The Lavendar Flower". Go to the East
Side through the green Exit Grid, and go southeast. There's a guy wearing blue
that will tell you he threw the book off somewhere. It's random where it is, so
look around. It's usually hard to find. Take it back to Becky for the usual
XPCK reward.

West of Becky's is Tubby's. Tubby will sell you stuff, but doesn't have any
quests for you. South of Tubby's is Lara's place. Lara wants you to find out
what Tyler is storing in a church on the East Side. Go there, and to the south,
to find the church. Tell Tyler Metzger sent you, and he'll let you in. Click on
a box to solve it, then head back to Lara for XPCK.

Lara then wants you to ask Metzger if she can fight Tyler. Go to the Slaver's
Guild on the East Side, which is the easternmost building to the north, and
chat with the guards. They'll let you in to talk to him, and then all you have
to do is ask. Go back to Lara for a SUPER BLASTER! No, not really, just XPCK.

Lara now wants you to find a weakness in Tyler's gang. Go back to the church
and talk to Tyler. Tyler will tell you he's having a party that night, all you
have to do is be friendly. Go back to Lara.

HOWEVER, Lara won't give you your XPCK until you help her open up a Stone Cold
can of whupass on Tyler, so tell her you will. That night...

Your party and Lara's gang are one team. Tyler's gang is the other team. Your
job is to kill all of Tyler's gang, while keeping yourself, Lara, and all your
NPCs alive. On your first turn, throw a flare at the guards to make light.
Otherwise, do the usual thing you do during fights. It's completely possible to
let Lara's gang do all the work, so you can do that if you'd like, just as long
as Lara lives through it.

You get a hefty chunk of XPCK off of this sequence of jobs, and you get
whatever loot Tyler and his gang had. Now head back to the place where you
first met Lara, and head east to the Junkyard. Smitty there says that he'll
sell you the car for a car part (Which you have, if you have an unpatched
game), and $2000 (Which you should also have, after these profitable jobs.) Buy
it and dump any uneeeded stuff in the trunk. It'll be safe there. Loot the
lockers in Smitty's place for a shovel and a tool, which you'll need.

Sleep until midnight, then head to the Haunted House, in the south part of the
West Side. You'll see a ghost there, who wants you to go and find her locket.
Joey has it, he is the ganger in the east near the green Grid. Either talk him
out of it, or shoot him. If you're female you can screw him, I wonder why you
never get pregnant after all these screws? Futuristic condoms, I suppose. I
shot him, as I'm usually male, and got the locket. Head back over to the Ghost,
and give her the locket for XPK.

She'll die and leave her bones, which you can pick up. Head over to the
graveyard on the East Side and look until you find her grave (Check the
gravestones, she's Anna Winslow) and dig up her grave, put the bones in, and
un-dig it. If you dig the others you'll be tagged as a Grave Digger and lose
Karma. This will get you more XPK if you do it right.

Head over to where Frank was, and chat with the guy in the southernmost room.
He'll sell you weapons and anything those kids stole, as well as get pissed if
you insult his accent :-) Head over to the East Side and go far to the east, to
Moms. Mom wants you to take Smitty, whom you just chatted about the car with, a
meal. Do that for a Stimpak, lots of Karma, and a free meal, but no cash. Mom
also wants you to kill Metzger, but you're way too weak to attempt that now.

Head up to the Slaver's Guild and talk to Metzger. Talk him into letting you
see Vic, then tell the door guard that Metzger let you in. The guard will open
the door, letting you talk to Vic. Give Vic his Radio, and he'll fix Metzger's
radio. Go up to Metzger and ask if you can buy Vic. He'll sell him to you for
$1000. If you're female, he'll sell him for $500 and some makin' sweet love by
the radioactive fire. Do that. Vic joins you. Give him a good gun, a knife,
some ammo, and some armor.

Head over to the Chrysalis Motors Highwayman, your new ride. It's time to hit
the road!

By now, you should have:

*The Car
*A good gun
*At least $500 left
*At least 5 Stimpaks
*Some RadAway
*Directions to Modoc and Redding, and to Vault City from Vic

3.4 Modoc and the Ghost Farm

Head up to Modoc. This is a rural place. The first thing you should do is head
East from the start, to the slaughterhouse. The man, Grisham, there has a
daughter named Myria and a son named Davin. If you have 8 or better Charisma,
save the game, go up to your choice, and offer to screw. Grisham will bust in
and force you to MARRY your choice! The sequence is hillarious, especially with
Vic and Sulik fighting during the wedding.

Getting married is a VERY, VERY bad thing. Talk to your spouse. Ask them to
wait-They don't! Ask them to move further away-They won't! Kill them-Grisham
attacks! The only way to get rid of them is, of course, to divorce them. I'll
go into this in the New Reno section. Or you could get into a random encounter
and they'll die instantly :-)

Anyway, after you're done laughing from the homosexual weddings (Espescially
the female-female wedding :-), go northwest to the General Store. To make a
long story short, the Mayor wants you to investigate a mysterious farm to the
North of Modoc. We'll be heading there later when we're done here. Buy a bomb
while you're here, we'll need it later. It only costs a mere $1000, less with
higher barter skill.

You can visit the slauterhouse to the east, but there's no point in doing so.
South of the slaughterhouse is a hurt Brahmin. Use Doctor skill on it. It'll
start following you. Take it down to Grisham's place in the South and sell it.
One week later, come back for 500 peices of Jerky :-)

To the north of the General Store is the Tannery. The owner of the Tannery
wants you to find his son Johhny for him. Talk to his dog, and the dog will
join your party. The dog almost sucks as much as a spouse, and the spouses at
least can CARRY something! Grab him up and head over to the well. "Use" the
well to move away the boards, and go buy a rope from the General Store to climb
down into it. There's a bunch of coin bags down there, which you can take for
the cost of 2 or 3 Karma a pop. You'll also find Johhny's BB Gun down there,
which you get some XP for. It's a crappy weapon though, and ammo is rare. Climb
back up, tell the Tanner you found the gun for a warm, fuzzy feeling. Johhny's
not dead yet though...

Head north through the green Exit Grid. You're now in the Bed and Breakfast.
Head north to the building of the same name, and into it. Talk to Rose, who
will chat with you for the price of some food. If you get the Brahmin Fries,
you can enter the contest, and get poisoned for 1 unit's worth :-)

You can also order water for 1000 dead presidents, which is just a TAD pricy.
However, if you order it you'll get a free chocolate chip cookie, which is
worth a free AP. It's not permanent, however. There's a pen in the northwest,
with a DeathClaw inside. This DeathClaw will kill you and everyone else in this
section of town, so don't risk it yet. Head back south.

Now there's not much else to do, so leave Modoc and head North to the Ghost
Farm. This place is covered with blood and dead bodies (Errr, not really...
Just look at one of the bodies!) Head up northeast to the shack, and go on in.
However, before you can crack open one of those boxes, you fall down a pit!
(Actually there's three pits to fall down, but that's beside the point...) So
now you're underground. Talk to the guy, then go over and talk to the owner of
the place. He'll let you see Johnny, who was down here all along. Come back and
tell him you want to go back to Modoc and tell them what you found. He'll
agree, and you get to go up a rope back to the surface.

Head back to Modoc, and tell the Mayor. He'll tell you that they've lost one of
their people, and that if they don't find them in 30 days they'll attack. Go
back to the farm and tell the owner. He'll tell you that the guy ran off to the
southwest, so go to the Den.

Metzger has the guy, and you can do it the easy way or the hard way. The easy
way is to kill him, which you should be able to easily do now. The hard way is
to buy him, which'll cost you a dime or two. Kill Metger and his goons, loot
the bodies, go down to Mom (Remember her?), and tell her you killed him for
some XP, Cash, and Karma.

I can't quite remember whether you have to take the guy back to Modoc or he'll
go there himself, but head back to Modoc and tell the guy you have him for
XPCK, and then head back to the Ghost Farm and tell the guy for XPK, and free
run of the place. Go tell Johnny you can go now.

Take Johnny back to the Tanner's for XP, Karma, and a brand spankin' new Combat
Leather Jacket. Nice, until you get the Leather Armor MK. 2.

Head North and go east to talk to Farell. First off, he wants you to kill the
rats in his garden. Do that for XPK. Then he wants you to help him find
Cornelius's watch. Go over to the outhouse and climb down into the loo. Then
drop a bomb and get the HECK OUT OF THERE! If you set it well, you won't be
killed, and you can go back in (The entire Bed and Breakfast is covered in crap
now! :-) and fight a Molerat for the watch. DON'T take it back to Cornelius
himself, as he'll think you're the thief. Take it to Farell instead, and you'll
have mostly finished up Modoc, unless you want to try to kill the Deathclaw
(Note that if you DON'T kill it, it will kill everyone in the Bed and

Well, you finished up Modoc, and by now you should have:

*A Bomb or two
*Lots of XP
*Three good perks (Two if you have Skilled) (I prefer Toughness and Awareness)
*Combat Leather Jacket
*No spouse ^_^
*Lots of jerky and stimpaks and healing powder, Oh My!
*The location of Vault City and Redding

3.5 Redding

Head far to the South to get to Redding. Take your car, but if it runs out of
energy feed it some Small Energy Cells or Micro Fusion Cells. When you get
there, head to the Casino, the first building you see. Characters with high
Gambling skills can make out, as well as those with high Steal and Barter
skills. Go talk to the Mayor. He wants you to clear out the Wannamingo mines
for him, and will sell you the deed, which you can then sell back when you've
cleared them out. Go look around the town if you'd like, but the mines, Casino,
and Painless Doc Johnson's place are the only important things in this section.

Come to think of it, scratch that last line. There's the Sheriff's, which will
give you a few quests if your level is high enough, and the Malamute, which is
there for comic relief and any males that want a few pumps on the whore there.
You also go there for a few quests from the Sheriff. Go North to the Fightin'
Molerats and the Mine.

You can bet on the Molerat fights at noon, and perceptive characters or those
with Empathy can make out here. You can visit the various mine leaders, but the
only place that's vital here is the Wannamingo Mine to the west, so go there.

There's some mutant Pig Rats here, as well as some tougher normal rats, with a
whopping 8 HP! Oh no! One bullet from your favorite firearm will kill 'em. Head
east, then north to a manhole. Head down it to get to the mine. There's
Wannamingos here, who use tentacle attacks and can cause radiation. Weak
characters will get nowhere here, so make sure you have a good weapon and
armor. Use shots to the Eyes? for best results, however don't try for the groin
socket as it does less damage. Battle all the Wannamingos in every sector of
the mine, and when you kill the Gray Wannamingo you'll have gotten them all.
Head back to the Mayor, who will pay you twice what you payed for the deed, and
some XP and Karma.

That's pretty much the only important here, so leave.

You should have:

*The same things you had from Modoc and the Ghost Farm.
*Some more XPCK
*Lots of Stimpaks.
*Brave Fencer...No, you probably already know what I'm gonna say...

3.6 Vault City, Vault 8, and Gecko

Hop in the car and head to Vault City, which is in the very northeast corner of
the map. Explore the sectors around it to see Gecko, which is labeled Unknown.
Explore the 8 squares around Gecko while you're at it. You'll use the info in a
bit. Now head to Vault City and click the triangle.

Vault City is full of bigots and a**holes, so you don't want to go in there
directly right now. Instead, the arrow takes you to the courtyard, an area on
the outside of the City itself. Head east and north until you see a tent. The
woman inside wants you to find her husband, Joshua, for her. He was taken as a
Servant for Vault City, so we'll have to have her wait for a second. Tell her
you'll find him.

Northwest of that is a kid who wants you to find his Richard Nixon doll. The
doll is near the bar, and it looks like a book. Save your game before talking
to the kid, and try both conversation paths (Giving it up, or tearing it up in
front of him). It's hillarious how you get XP for both the good and evil paths!
Now listen to the kid until he tells Nixon he wants to dig up his Daddy's
wrench, then head up to the rocks near where you found the doll. Check the
biggest lone rock for a Wrench. You'll need this in a second.

Head up to the Bar you were just by, and chat with the bartender, Cassidy. You
should be able to talk him into joining you if you have 8 Intelligence, like I
usually did. He's a great character, and uses rifles, knives, spears, and brass
knuckles (though not Spiked Knuckles or the Powerfist). He's incredibly
accurate, and does tons of damage with a Gauss Rifle or Pistol. He has a
Sawed-off Shotgun on him, which you should replace with the Combat Shotgun in
Vault City. His main problems are that he goes through ammo like a vacuum, and
if you give him any steroids he dies. Save and do it anyway, just to see what
happens :-)

Head to the tent near the Bar and meet Pukin' Steve or whatever his name is.
Use Doctor on him, then give him Rad-Away, than another Rad-Away for a bunch of
XP. East of there is the general store, but it all sucks, and your real
shopping trip comes in just a sec...

Head up north through the green grid. Yes, even getting into the city is a big
chore, as you'll find if you talk to the guards. You have a few ways to get in:
The stealhy way, the diplomatic way, and the thiefly way.

The stealhy way is to go into the nearby bulilding on your right. Talk to the
first guy in there, and he'll sell you fake Citizenship papers. Use these to
enter the city, and to buy items from the Amenities store.

The diplomatic way is to go into said building, talk to the guy in the back,
and talk him into giving you a Day Pass. However, if you do this, you can't use
the Amenities store.

The thiefly way is to go at night and go into said building. Go into the back
and lockpick the locker in the corner, then take a Day Pass. Once again, the
store is closed to you until later if you do this.

For a funny scene, try the first steahly way, then rat the guy out to the guy
in the back. He disappears after your chat... :-)

Anyway, when you have the papers or a Day Pass, talk to the guards. If you have
a pass, they'll search you for alchohol and drugs. If you have those, you can't
go in, so give them all to Sulik, Cassidy, or Vic, as you'll need them later.
If you have the papers, they'll just open the door. In any case, go on in.

You're now in main Vault City, which you could probably tell by the cool music.
Head east to Vault 8, which has guards in front of it. Technically, you very
well COULD go into attack mode and sneak in and forget the Gecko quests
entirely, and the guards couldn't stop you, but we're gonna do it the hard way

South of the Vault entrance is the main Amenities store. People with fake
Citizenship papers can buy stuff here, and it's all good, if expensive. Be sure
to pick up a Combat Shotgun for Cassidy, Metal Armor MK2 for you, Leather Armor
MK2 for Cassidy, a Magnum Revolver for Vic, and  Metal Armor for Vic. Give the
Combat Leather Jacket to Sulik, and buy some Shotgun shells for Cassidy. If
you're anything like me, you're itching for the energy weapons, so just be

Near the entrance to the main city is the Bar. Get your beer and booze back
from your various NPCs, and give 10 of each to the Bartender for XP, Cash, and
Karma. (Good ol' XPCK!) Head north along the path from there to the branch
Amenities offices, where you can get some Stimpaks and RadAway. You're probably
short of Radaway if you did the pukin' guy quest, so get some more. Get some
RadX too, we'll need it later. If you see any Psycho, grab it at all costs. It
raises general Damage Resistance, is cumulative, never addicts, and lasts a
while. All it does is lower INT for a day or so, which is easily fixed. Buffout
is useful for the humor value (save and use some on Cassidy ;-), and Mentats
are good for a laugh up here at the Citizen's Area, when you take a Citizenship
test. Be careful with the RadAway, as you can get addicted to it :-)

The shop owners are smart alecs, and don't sell anything we haven't already
seen (Except maybe Psycho, which is useful - see above), so head east to the
Sheriff's place. He wants you to scout the 8 sectors around Gecko, which is the
now-named Unknown. You've already done that, so tell him for XPCK and a quest
to scout a path to NCR. We'll be doing that anyway, so make a mental note and
tuck it away. West is the Servant Allocation building. Talk the guy into
selling Joshua back to you for XPK. You can also sell your party members, which
in Fallout 1 was probably a good idea, but not here. Save and sell your spouse
if you got married in Modoc though :-)

Head north to the Citizen's Area. The only place of importance here is the big
Council building, so go there. You can take the Citizenship test here, and get
various results based on your INT. You always fail though, even with 10...

In the lower-right room is First Citizen Lynette. As a rule, always save before
talking to her, as she is a really big hypocrite, and saying the wrong thing
could result in anything from you getting kicked out of Vault City to the
guards attacking to not being able to talk to her anymore. She is fun to insult
though, which you ought to try a few times. What you want is to convince her
you came from Vault 13 to get on her good side. She's not really rewarding, but
she does give you a useful quest to disable the Gecko power plant, or more
accurately stop the spread of radiation into the groundwater. This is a very
awkward quest, and there's about 5 different ways to handle it. THere's no
awkward quests in  though, uh uh...

The easiest way is what I'm going to describe. Go out of the city and up to
Gecko. Head east to the Harp, where you can buy "Tragic" cards, and play
against people. If you have high luck or gambling skill, you'll win often. You
can also trade here, but all Wooz has is beer and trading cards. If you buy the
ghouls here enough beer, they glow in the dark :-) Fusion glows in the dark
too, since in  it glows blue and white.

Northwest of here is Harold's place. Talk to him, and he'll tell you he needs a
Hydroelectric Magnetosphere Regulator (They got it from Marvin the Martian in
the cartoons :-) He says Vault City has one, so we'll be heading back when
we're done here. Talk to the whitish ghoul in the other room. This is Lenny,
and if you give him a chance to join you because he didn't join your ancestor,
the Vault Dweller, he'll do just that. He uses his fists, knives, or needler
guns. He's very good with the Doctor skill. Get him if you want then move on.
However, I didn't get him, since my character "Musashi" didn't use party
members. He did use two Wakazichi blades, though.

North through the grid is another section of Gecko. The only important things
here is a guy who wants a Super Tool Kit, which we'll get in a second, and a
guy who wants you to deliver a disc of info to Vault City. Head back to Vault
City, in fact.

Go up to the Main City. At the repair shop is a woman named Valerie, who is
Vic's daughter. If you have him with you, they'll have a funny "moment". Talk
to her and give her your Wrench from the Courtyard and the Pliers from the Den.
You'll get some XPCK. Also convince her to love Vic again for some XPK.

Head back up to the Council area, and tell the guy in the far left room about
Gecko's problem. He'll give you a pass for the Regulator. Get it from the
Amenities office, then head back up to Gecko.

Go east from the first area to get to the Power Plant. Steal a Keycard from the
guards inside to open the doors, and make your way to the northeast, where the
robot and the big hole are. Use the computer, insert the Regulator, and enter
the commands in the order the planets come in. I.E, push the Mercury thing
before the Venus thing, and so on and so on. Save your game after finding the
correct sequence, then either tell it to install the Regulator or to blow up
the plant :-) The correct way is to install the Regulator.

Head back to Vault City and go to the council area. Tell the guy standing in
the far-left room that you fixed Gecko's problem. He'll make you a Vault
Citizen and give you some XP and Karma. You can now enter the Vault, and you're
no longer searched when you enter the city. You can also freely buy stuff from
the Amenities store. Head into Vault 8 from the first screen.

Follow the hall and enter the Vault through the Vault door. Open the locker in
the hall following the door, and get the stuff. Head right from the junction
and talk to Sybil. Males can donate sperm for genetic diversity in Vault City
(XPK) and go out with Sybil (XPK). Females can do neither, due to a lack of
sperm and homosexuality. Either gender should check the computer. Those with
high Doctor skill will find info on combat implants. Check the computer 30
times for a message about beating the game and what happens afterward, and
check it 35 times for something funny...

Talk to the Doctor. He wants you to bring him Jet, which you should have. You
get 1000 bucks and some XP and Karma. If you're poisoned, he'll give you the
Vault City Innoculations perk, which adds a few to Poison and Radiation
resistance, and good Doctors can get the Vault City Training perk, which adds
to First Aid and Doctor.

Hop in the Elevator and go to floor 2. Strong people can open the jammed doors,
and thieves can lockpick the locked ones. You're looking for a Voice
Recognition Module, which you'll need in a while. Check the boxes for lots and
lots of water chips :-) There's over 2000 in the assorted boxes, but they're
only worth 5 bucks each. You had to go to such lengths in Fallout 1 to get one,
and now... Note that 5 * 2000 = 10000...

On floor 3 you can loot the supply area with the lockers. the guy here will
sing "Maybe" by the Ink Spots, which is the intro to Fallout 1. (The intro to
Fallout 2 is "A Kiss to Build a Dream On", but you should know that... :-) Head
over to the main computer and use it. You'll get the location of Vault 15,
which is very, very far to the south. If you're perceptive, you'll notice a
slot for your PipBoy, which you should use. It'll add a log to your notes. Come
back here after you beat the game for a nice reward :-) In , when you beat the
game, you get to make a "Fin" save and come back to get anything you missed!

Go back to Valerie a game day or so after you've done this. She has 5 Super
Tool Kits, and will give you one. It adds to your Repair skill when you use it
as an item. Go to Gecko and give it to the ghoul for a Fuel Cell Injector,
which you need for the car instead of the part in Klamath if you have the new

Back in the Courtyard visit the Hospital. Go into the back and fix the
Auto-Doc, and if you have any combat armor tell the doctor that you want some
combat implants. He'll do it for 5K bucks and your combat armor. You can then
get that implant upgraded for 1 Charisma, 10K bucks, another Combat Armor.

I think there's something you should do with the Ghoul that gave you the
holodisc, but I can't remember. Any ideas?

Anyway, by now you need:

*The location of Vault 15
*A Voice Recognition Module
*Good Metal armor
*Combat Shotguns for you and Cassidy
*Vault Citizenship
*The location of Broken Hills and New Reno
*A quest to kill some raiders

3.7 The Raiders' Camp

Straight south from Vault City is the Khans' camp. This is by far the simplest
area in the game. Go on in, navigate the caves, and kill all the raiders at the
camp. That's it. Just do that. You'll get three different dog tags, which you
should take back to the Vault City Sheriff for some XPCK. Also they have nice
weaponry, and cash on the bodies.

By now you should have

*More XPCK

3.8 Broken Hills

South of the Khans' Camp is Broken Hills, a mutant-human-ghoul city. When you
come in your car, you'll run over a ghoul, but don't worry about it, he's fine.
Put away your weapons and tell your NPCs to do the same. The guy you meet will
tell you about the town. Head south to the employment area. Here you can join a
caravan and shovel Brahmin doo. Do the Doo enough times to become an Expert
Excrement Expeditor, which is a perk. It increases your speech skill. You get
100 pictures of George Washington every time you shovel doo. The caravan jobs
are worth a free trip to NCR or Vault City, and 100 pictures of Abraham Lincoln
(500 bucks, smarty!) You can also buy stuff here. In Brave Fencer... No, just
forget it...

Head down the main street until you meet a mutant. This is Marcus, whose voice
is supplied by the guy who plays Lt. Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He
is a partyy member, but seeing as he's the sheriff of Broken Hills, he won't
join you yet. He wants you to find out where the missing people here are going.
Head north from here to get to a General Store. The lady sells items, which are
OK, but at night you can sneak into her basement and take all her guns. This
also works if you say you hate mutants, even if you don't.

South of where Marcus was standing is the bar. You can buy drinks here, and arm
wrestle Francis the mutant. If you win, you get a Power Fist. If you lose, you
wake up in Francis' house with a Ball Gag. If you lose, search the nearby
bookshelf for a Inflatable Sex Doll. If you're female and have a "Sexpert"
Karmic title, the doll might be named after you :-) In  this doesn't happen
either, but hey, it's an E-rated game...

Afterwards, head east to the mine area. The actual mine is up north, and the
proprietor wants you to fix the air purifier. You can go in and battle the
Giant Ants (shudder) inside if you'd like, they're from all the way back in
Arroyo, but you can fix the purifier without a certain part for it. Also, you
take 2-3 damage every few steps in there.

In the southeast of the mine area is a scientist who has a Radscorpion. The
scorpion is intelligent, and will challenge you in some skill tests. If you
have a stat your particularly good at, like Perception, challenge it in that.
Head north from the lab to find a talking Spore Plant that wants to be
replanted. If you still have a shovel, use it on the plant to replant it. It'll
teach you the Flying Liver Attack chess manuever, which you should use on the
scorpion. The scorpion attacks you if you do this, so kill it and take its
glasses :-) Oh yeah, kill the plant after you've done this, we're mincing XP

Look for a manhole in the mining area, and head down it. Go northeast through
the maze until you find a bunch of bodies. Examine them until you find one that
has "been shot" before it was chewed. You'll get a note. Take the note to
Francis for some XPCK. Make sure to kill all the ants down there too, since 
doesn't like giant ants...

We'll be coming back here, but there's nothing left, so leave.

By now, yada yada yada

*A burst-fire weapon
*Lots'a ammo
*Lots'a healing
*Lots'a XP
*Lots'a dough
*Yada yada yada

3.9 New Reno, Golgotha, and the Stables

An interesting thing to note is that around New Reno are these samurai guys
wearing leather jackets. They use Wakazichi Blades, and drop a bunch when
killed. The blades themselves aren't great, but they ARE hard to find.

Head straight east from Broken Hills to get to New Reno. This place is really
cool, and it's run by 4 crime families - The Bishops, Salvatores, Wrights, and
Mordinos. The first thing you'll be doing here is visiting the Mordinos, in

The first building on the right is the Cat's Paw, a brothel. You can get
screwed here, and get a quest to find 10 Cat's Paw Magizines for Miss Kitty.
Accept it, though I doubt you'll ever find that many :-) Across from the Cat's
Paw is a guy in a red shirt, Jules, who tells you about the assorted crime
families. Make sure to talk to him about the Salvatores, who, might I add, have
LASER PISTOLS! Well, they're not that great, but it's better than nothing :-)
He also tells you the location of Golgotha and the Stables, where Myron lives.

Head to the Desperado casino on Main Street. If you have good Gambling skill,
you can rake in the cash here, and there's supposedly one table where you
always win. Talk to Little Jesus (Pronounced Hey-Seuss, for the
non-Spanish-inclined :-), who will tell you to talk to his dad whom is
upstairs. Go upstairs and make your way to the room in the middle. Big Jesus
wants you to deliver a package to the Stables, in the north. Accept and you'll
be notified of the location on your map. Go there and deliver the package to
the guy. It's that simple. Now Mordino wants you to get his money back from the
Corsican Bros. They're in the next screen to the North, in the Golden Globes
porn studio. Get Mordino's money and come back. Mordino then wants you to KILL
Salvatore, but don't. You get XPCK as a reward for all of this.

Now head to the screen with said Porn Studio. The first building on the right
is the Gym, where you can box. Save before each fight, as the game can glitch
and the fights are hard :-) If you fight The Masticator, when he hits you he
might bite off your ear, so be careful, as that takes away 1 Charisma
permanently. Aim for the groin/eyes/head for good hits, and just for fun (save
the game beforehand), try kicking someone as you fight...

North of there is the Bishops' place, but I don't remember what you do there
other than screw Bishops' wife and daughter, therefore screwing him over :-)
You can gamble here too. The important place is to the west of this casino (The
Shark Club), and to Salvatore's. Here you can meet Louis Salvatore, who wants
you to get his money back from some dude named Lloyd. He's in Bishop's club,
and will take you to Golgotha to get it. He has a land mine in there, kewl!
Drop the mine on him, thus killing him, and take back Salvatore's money.
Salvatore lets you keep half of it.

He then wants you to get some of his money back from Renesco the Rocketman
(Boy, this guy loses money everywhere, huh?) Renesco will want you to loan him
the money in exchange for a discount at his store, which is worth 750XP. Do
that, and deliver it to Salvatore.

He has one more mission left, but I forget what it is :-) He gives you a free
laser pistol, and you can ask Mason how it works for a free Energy Weapons
boost. Now go northeast out the exit grid.

The important thing here is to the south, where Family Wright lives. Wright
wants you to find out who's been doping up his son, but don't give him cement
shoes, or make him sleep with the fishies, or give him a third eye, or make him
wake up next to a horse head :-) He suspects it's Lil' Jesus Mordino. There's
supposed to be a hard way to do this, but I just fingered Lil' Jesus :-)

Now he wants you to go to the Sierra Army Depot and scout it. This dungeon is
so big it deserves its own section!

You should have by now:

*A laser gun
*OK Energy Weapons skill
*At least 15000 Washington pictures
*Some Small Energy Cells
*Some... Wait! The car's gone! Follow the tracks to get to a chop shop. Females
can screw T-Ray for the car, but males have to pay/kill him. He also mentions
something about moving stuff out of the trunk. Don't worry, it's not your
stuff. He increased the capacity of it for you. You get the car back, and he'll
also sell you some fuel for it (and condoms!)
*The location of the Sierra Army Depot
*The location of the Stables
*The location of Golgotha

3.10 The Sierra Army Depot

Northwest of New Reno is the Sierra Army Depot. Your first challenge at this
place is even getting it; turrets surround the area and fire visciously at
anyone that gets near. In fact, the place is littered with bodies of people
who've tried before. Note that the bodies don't have anything, so don't bother
looting them. The best you'll find is some 5MM JHP.

Battle the turrets and break them down. Go through the gate and head to the
left to find a room with a Howitzer and a shell for it. Fire the Howitzer at
the wall to blow open the door, and go on in. Characters with good Science
skill are rewarded for their efforts here, as there are many computers. Use the
first one you see to disable the forcefields. Without them you would have died.
Even then, you'll still take some damage when you walk through them.

Go to the elevator and head straight down to floor 4. Go over to the main
computer and release the soldier from Cryo-freezing. He'll run out the door
after a short chat and die messily of Cryogenic Death Syndrome. Loot his melted
body for a kewl BB Gun, the Red Ryder LE. It does 15 damage no mater what,
could possibly do more, and is very accurate and has a long range. It has a
large magazine, but ammo for it is rare and heavy.

Now save the game, and try to get a brain. If you have good science skill,
you'll be able to get a Cybernetic Brain, which is the one you need. Get it,
then head up to floor 1 again. Go to the operating room near the exit and get
two cases of Biogel and Prv. Dixon's eye. You can use the eyeball on the
non-service elevators. Hang on to the Biogel.

Head down to floor 2, where you'll see lots of baby security bots lined up in a
row. Take out your favorite burst mode weapon or explosive, and go insane on
them. They won't fight back! Head through the electric floored hall to get to a
place with a broken Nuka-Cola machine. On the floor is a cookie, which you can
eat for a free AP. It's only temporary, though.

Now go to floor 3. Talk to the central computer and tell it that you'll get it
a body. Save your game, then add the Cybernetic Brain and the Biogel to the
broken robot down the hall. Tell it to initialize, and Skynet joins the party.
He has high Science skill and uses heavy shotguns and rifles. Pistols, though,
it won't use. He can completely disable the forcefields here too. Once you've
gotten him, head back to New Reno after killing all the robots and looting the

3.9 II: New Reno Revisited

Head over to the Wrights and tell him you did it. Wright will make you a Made
Man of Family Wright. Pick a name (I was "Magnum", myself, this began my habit
of naming my save games), and you'll get the "Wright" to buy special stuff from
the Gun Shop and to get you and your human party members screwed for free at
the Cat's Paw. "Made Man" is a Perk, which increases your rep in New Reno and
with underworlders. Everyone here respects you now, too. It's funny if you talk
to the whores!

Head to New Reno Arms, in the north of the west side of New Reno. You can buy
the Bozar and Minigun, or you can just do what I did: Provoke the guy into
attacking you, and let your party members kill him. Give him a laser gun from
the Salvatores first for XPCK.

At night sneak into the back room of New Reno Arms to meet Algernon. Algernon
will upgrade most all of the upgradable weapons, like Flamer and Plasma Rifle
and Laser Pistol. Make sure to unload them first, because he gives you a free
magazine with each upgrade as long as the gun is empty.

South of New Reno Arms is the Church. Father Tully will divorce you here if you
got married, and he has a present for you if you beat the game. That's about it
for New Reno, so leave and head south to Vault 15/NCR. I chose NCR, but you can
do these in any order you wish.

3.11 Vault 15 and the New California Republic

Head straight south from New Reno to get to the New California Republic, NCR
for short. This place is EXTREMELY glitchy, and some quests have no solution at
all, so don't be discouraged if you can't find out what to do here.

Head north from the start to find a tent and some guys in Combat Armor
protecting it. Steal from them to get one of the game's rarest weapons, the
Bozar. It's a burst-fire only weapon that uses 15MM rounds, and does a ton of
damage. I sold it though, since it sells for a high price.

From here, head south. You'll find a bum that'll guard your car for five bucks.
He starts singing humorously later, so hang around if you wanna hear it (I
nearly fell out my chair the first time!). I dunno if anything bad will happen
if you don't pay him to watch it, so you might as well. It's only five bucks!

East of here is a small junkyard, and if you look around you'll find a guy in a
purple robe. He offers to put a fuel blower on your car. Say yes, it costs 1000
caps, BTW, and rest for an hour. It'll be done by then. The fuel blower
increases the car's fuel efficency, meaning you use less fuel as you drive
around. Definately worth it, seeing as the fuel is expensive.

North of the guy is is a house and some slave pens. Don't go there yet, as
there's no point at the moment. The slavers are not that hard, but it doesn't
make sense to attack them yet.

Head south of the guy instead to find a bar. You can buy drinks and stuff here,
and also get info, but there's nothing you haven't seen or heard before (No, I
don't have a GECK. Yes, I hate tribals. No, I don't know where Vault 13 is. And
so on, and so on). One guy will mention that someone in NCR has been to Vault
13. This area is so buggy and incomplete that I've never found this guy. I
think he's the doctor in the main area though. Any help?

Now head south further, but put away any guns or other weapons you're holding,
and tell your party members to do the same. Leave Goris outside if you don't
have the latest patch, otherwise, the guards will think his claws are weapons.
However, we don't have Goris yet if you've been paying attention, so...

This place is so buggy, as I've repeated many times, that there's only a few
things to do here that don't end up in you getting killed, and also end in you
getting a reward. Head southeast from the start to find the base of the heroic
New California Rangers. They want you to go kill the slavers I was telling you
about. Do that then come back for some cash, a code ring, and some good karma.

Head North from here to see a girl and her robot. She wants you to save the
building she's in front of. Go ahead on in. Jack the Policeman is inside.
Provoke him at the start, then slowly ease off until he gives it up. Save your
game beforehand though, so we can exploit poor Jack the Policeman for our evil

Let Jack die. Insult him or whatever so he kills himself and damages the
reactor he was in front of. Now the girl runs in, orders you to fix the
reactor, and whines about Jack dying. Do as she says. You'll get a couple books
and 3000XP. Now fix it again. Guess what? You just got a couple of books and
3000XP. Lather, rinse, repeat. It'll work every time.

South of here in a new area is a statue of the Vault Dweller from Fallout 1,
and the NCR Town Hall or whatever sort of place it is. Tandi from Fallout 1
(She sucked. She couldn't equip anything good!) wants you to go and offer to
help the squatters at Vault 15, which is east of NCR if my memory hasn't failed
me. As you leave, steal the pass from Tandi's butler. Now you can get through
the laser doors on the west side of most of the NCR screens. However, there's
no point in doing so.

Leave NCR and head to Vault 15.

Vault 15 is the same Vault from Fallout 1, only there's now some squatters
living nearby. The squatters don't like strangers, and tell you to leave.
Don't. Instead head up to the vault. There's a girl there who doesn't want you
to go in, and a guy in a house raping another girl (no you perv, he's just
getting ready to!) Kill the first girl, or talk to her, depending on what
you're better at, and then go in and kill the guy and save the other girl.
Bring her back to her mom in the squatter's village, and now the villagers will
like you. This is a good thing, since Tandi wants you to convince the squatters
that NCR will help them.

Now that you got the key from the dead guy, go on into the vault. You can do it
the stealthy way or the brute force way, just like most everything else in this
game. The stealthy way is to mosey on in, tell the guards that you're new, and
head down to the third floor to fight with the "boss" of this area. The other
way if your character is too dumb to talk them out of shooting you is to kill
everyone on every single floor. Either way, the outcome is the same: You end up
killing every single person on every single floor of the vault. These areas
weren't made well, like I said. However, while you're down on the third floor,
use the Boss's computer. You'll finally find out where Vault 13 is!

Head back to the squatters after you kill the boss (You'll know if you get
extra XP for killing someone). They'll agree to join with NCR. Head back to
NCR, and Tandi will pay you in cash. That's about all you can do here if you
play a "good" character, and it's the ONLY things you can do here that actually
work and don't end in you getting attacked by all of NCR. Therefore, you're
done here.

By now, you should have:

*Level 15 or better
*5 good perks, or 3 with Skilled. "Pack Rat" is a good one, as is "Awareness"
and "Empathy"
*Lots'a cash
*Lots'a XP
*A Bozar
OR A Laser Rifle
OR A Minigun or such weapon
(Depending on which skill you use)
OR Improved Lockpicks if you can get 'em
*Combat Armor or better
*The location of Vault 13

3.12 Vault 13

Vault 13 is west of NCR, if I remember correctly. Go there.

OH NO! There's Deathclaws in the Vault! I'm sure you've tussled with a
Deathclaw or two before. They're tough creatures, with lots of HP and attack
power. Wait a second! These Deathclaws want to talk! The "leader" Gunther,
wants you to fix the voice-controlled computer in the third floor. This is no
problem at all, and you'll LIKE the reward :-)

Go down there, chatting with anyone you wish (of particular intrest is the
shrine to the original Vault Dweller on the second floor). At the third floor
head south, then west into the room. The hooded...thing...there wants to join
you to see the world. Agree, and you'll get to see what's under that hood
during your first fight. Goris does lots of damage using a claw attack, but
can't equip armor except that robe, which is just a graphical representation.
Head east at the junction you just passed to eventually find the computer. Fix
it using that Voice Recognition Module from Vault City. Head back up to Gunther
and you'll get (Drumroll): A GECK!!!!!! Yay! You also get a few hundred
thousand XP for it, enough to shoot my guy up a couple levels. Now go back down
and check the locker room (It's in the same place as in Vault 8) YOU NEED THE

Now head back to Arroyo, with tales of Glory and Victory. However, if you check
your Karma screen, Arroyo is no longer listed... When you get there (Hint: use
the car :-), you'll see why. The Enclave came and destroyed Arroyo, killed most
of the warriors, and kidnapped everyone else. Ugh. Isn't it ironic, dontcha

That's all that's really important in Vault 13. Don't forget to loot the place.

By now you should have

*Level 20 or above
*A good weapon in whatever skill you use
*Lots of Super Stimpaks
*Any good armor, you won't need it much longer...
*You DON'T have the next location yet, nor will anyone tell you where it is, so
you'll just have to trust me :-)

3.13 The Military Base

Head west from Vault 13, and eventually you'll come along a circle labeled
"Unknown". This is your next destination, the Military Base from Fallout 1.
This place is completely optional, and there's nothing you absoulutely need to
do here. However, you can get very nice items here, like Power Armor.

To begin with, go northeast and into the shack. Get the Dynamite, then head
south and get the Pole. Use the pole on the cart, then use the dynamite on the
pole. Push the cart, and it'll blow up and destroy the rubble in front of the
entrance. Make sure none of your party members are close to the explosion,

Inside here, you'll need either Vic or a good Repair skill. Head northwest and
get the holodisc from the dead Enclave trooper. Read it if you want, then
follow the path to the west. You'll eventually come across a generator. Turn it
on, and you'll now be able to use the elevator that's north of this. Note that
you should be looting everything that you want for later, so I'm not gonna tell
you if it's not something really important, like what we're gonna get here in a

Head down to the second floor. Now either sneak around, or ready your best
weapon, preferably one with burst-fire, as this is the hardest group fight that
doesn't involve the Enclave. Head east, and for cat's sake BE CAREFUL! That
room to the south with all the bunk beds is full of Super Mutants! They have
Flamers and Power Fists too, so they'll be tough. If you feel you're ready for
that, save the game and go ahead. Note that after about 5 turns reinfocements
for the Mutants will arrive from the other rooms, so be ready for them too.
After searching around for a while, in a room to the south of the elevator,
you'll find what we came here for in the first place: A new shiny suit of POWER
ARMOR! This is useful, as it has a Normal Damage Threshold of 14, which is
quite a lot, and I doubt you've seen an armor with a number that high. It has
good numbers for everything else too.

Feel free to look around the third floor. It's full of Super Mutants, and, you
guessed it, Super Duper Mutants! Yes really, I'm not kidding, Super Duper
Mutants! The HP count here is probably off the scale, way up into the 50
thousands, so make sure you have a REALLY GOOD weapon. There's one more
elevator here, down into the fourth floor, which wasn't in Fallout 1. There's a
mutant here that'll sic Deathclaws and Fire Geckos on you. If you've been
following my walkthrough, you haven't met Fire Geckos yet. They breathe fire,
obviously, and have huge defense. I don't reccomend going down here, as my
level 50 guy was easily slain by the huge number of monsters.

By now you should have (It's probably BNYSH now, huh?)
*Level 24 or above
*8 or 6 good perks, depending on your traits. Slayer's always good, as is
*Lots of money. You'll NEED it here in a bit
*Power Armor
*If you'v been keeping up with talking to people in the assorted areas you've
been, you'll have the location of San Francisco. Otherwise, you're just gonna
have to trust me. That's the next area, BTW

3.14 San Francisco

San Francisco is way, way, way to the west, it's practically on the coastline.
Be careful traveling there, and don't get trapped on the outcroppings of the
land to the sea. You'll see what I mean when you get there. Be careful if you
go west from the military base, as you can end up fighting floaters,
deathclaws, centaurs, or aliens, which are the hardest non-Enclave enemies in
the game.

When you finally get there, the first thing you'll probably notice is that it
does NOT look like San Francisco circa 2000. In fact, it looks incredibly
Chinese. Go ahead north, and you'll find a ring. There's two karate dudes here,
named Lo Wang and The Dragon. The Dragon is good, Lo Wang is bad. Each wants
you to fight for them and help defeat the other. You can challenge each to a
fight for skill or to the death. So pick one, and get to punchin'! You need
extremely high Unarmed skill to do well here, and you also need a good Melee
Damage derived stat. Be careful if you fight Lo Wang, as he brings a 5MM pistol
to the fight :-) This thing hurts big time, since you can't wear armor when you
fight. Ouch. Punch people in the groin/eyes for good hits.

After you're done fighting whomever you wanna fight, head west. You'll
eventually find a Brotherhood of Steel outpost. By now you've probably seen
these in the Den and NCR. This one, however, has a guy standing in front of it
that does something other then deny you access. He wants you to go over to
Navarro, and steal some Vertibird plans. I usually go to Navarro now since the
quests with the cults are dangerous, and can get you loathed in town.

3.15 Navarro

Navarro is to the north of San Francisco, and is rather small. Before we enter,
I've gotta "brief" you on what's going to happen here.

Hakunin has probably told you about Navarro already, but if you've been
following the walkthrough you haven't been there yet. Navarro is a military
base for the Enclave, and it's populated mostly by guys with high-powered
energy weapons in power armor that can decimate you easily. Thus, the one way
to do it fighting is to take it a part at a time. If you got the quest from
Matt (the Brotherhood of Steel guy in San Francisco), you'll have the option to
pretend that you're a new recruit. I've never done this, and I would greatly
appreciate it if someone sent in the way. Instead, I'm going to tell you the
way I did it (it being clear out Navarro and get the Vertibird plans).

Oh yeah, and BE CAREFUL around here. You can encounter Enclave patrols here,
which consist of four or five guys/gals in Advanced Power Armor wielding Plasma
pistols and YK32 Pulse Rifles. As you can imagine, it's tough, so be careful.
If you manage to kill one, you can steal all their stuff, which is very useful,
since you can get lots'a cash for it. However, these guys don't give you very
many XP, nor do they give you their Advanced Power Armor. Try to get a Plasma
weapon or a Pulse rifle. Vibroblades work too. If you're really lucky one will
drop a Gauss Pistol (You'll tell if they have one by the VWOOP-SHWOOM! sound it
makes, the noise is very distinctive), which naturally pierces armor. Make sure
to collect lots of EC cartridges if you're gonna use it though, as those are
the most expensive ammo in the game. Anyone armed with a Gauss weapon will drop
them if you kill them quickly (IE, before they use them on you!)

To begin with, you'll be in a gas station, in front of a guy in a purple robe.
He'll chat with you, ask him if this is Navarro. He'll say it's not. Kill the
lying scum on the spot after you say you'll leave. Steal his radio if you'd
like, and head to the shack north of where you started. Lockpick the door, or
blow it up with a bomb, and use the trapdoor. (BTW, if you want to meet the guy
on the box art and title screen, head north instead. He'll chat with you, well
actually order you to leave, but he does look and sound REALLY cool. Oh yeah,
be careful as this place is mined!)

You're in the real Navarro now, and noone's on alert for you yet. Carefully
sneak down the hall, and take out the enemies at the crossroads as quickly as
possible. When they're gone, head south and take out the guy in Advanced Power
Armor there (Very tough, as APA is the second-best armor in the game!). Aim for
the eyes, and use AP rounds or a Plasma gun. I guess you can consider this guy
a "mini-boss". When you beat him, head into the room he was guarding. Your eyes
will light up with delight, since this is Navarro's storeroom!!! Steal the
Minigun (!) Micro Fusion Cells (!!), Plasma Rifle (!!!), and Advanced Power
Armor (!!!!!!!!). The Advance Power Armor is great, as it pretty much reduces
physical attacks (except from Vibroblades) to nothing, due to its high Normal
Damage Threshold. It also is good against fire and explosions. The Plasma Rifle
will be your trustly pal throughout the endgame (actually that or a Gauss
Rifle...), and melts enemies on the finishing blow :-). Head east from here,
then northeast to the commander's room. Kill her, then take the Tanker Fob in
the locker. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU NEED

After you're done laughing maniacially from the Fob and the weapons/armor,
leave your party members in the storeroom (yes, really!), and head outside (not
outside as in to the Gas Station, but out of the storeroom :-). People will
rush to attack you, but thanks you your new weapons you can easily melt or burn
them all, espescially the puny scientists.  These people often drop Plasma
rifles or Laser pistols, so collect 'em all :-) Also make sure to head down to
the lab and speak with the cyberdog there, it'll join you later. Its name is
K9, BTW, and it needs a new motivator. Note that this only works if you kill
the scientist it belonged to, but he's probably hanging around the lab anyway,
and will attack you with a Laser pistol on sight. He falls easily to two Plasma
blasts to the groin :-)

That's basically all you do here. Blast people, take items, get the Vertibird
plans that are topside, use the motivator you also find topside to fix the dog.

I suppose a second opinion would help, so this is what Ari Iskandler Krohn
Berle (Ari) has to say.

Hello katman
I have entered Navarro base for the brotherhood of steel.
What happened was: You must tell your partymembers to wait in San Fran.
Then you`ll have to walk to Navarro.
When you are in Navarro, you will ask the guy in purple suit:-what is
this place?.
When he say it is a gas station. You`ll tell him the "get in a fight
answer"(i don`t rememberwhat the answer is, just tell him the answer
wich isn`t nice!)
Then you`ll ask him wich way is the easiest down to the base.
He will tell you that it is the trapdoor behind the door.
Then he will be trying to alert the base.
Your guy will say that you will have to kill the guy before he alerts
the whole base.
Kill him, remove your weapons and go to the storage room and talk to the
guy in advanced power armor. He will tell you to go in to the lockers
and get into your suit.
Now talk to everybody, then when you feel for it eliminate the WHOLE
With the advanced power armor and a pulse-rifle, laser-rifle,a gauss gun
with ALOT of ammo. I eliminated absolutely everybody VERY VERY VERY
easy, exept the cook, he is a very nice guy when you gets to know him.
(But watch out for the plasma turrets, I had 10 action points. So I
stood behind walls, doors, etc. And i took 1 step forth so my aim wasn`t
blocked. then I took one step back reloded and gave the turret his turn.
But the turrets aim is blocked because you took 1 step back. So he`ll
give you your turn. You`ll just continiue this until he dies then move
on to the next turret and so on.)

Thanks Ari.

By Now You Should Have:

*K-9 (If you wanted him, he's not great)
*A new Plasma Rifle
*Lots of Micro Fusion Cells to feed said rifle
*Advanced Power Armor, which makes you look cool
*At the very, very least, level 27. We're almost to the end!

Oh yeah, go over to New Reno and visit Algernon. He can uprgrade that Plasma
Rifle. Unload it though, see the "Glitches" section.

3.16 San Fran revisited

OK. Head back to San Francisco and deliver the Vertibird plans to Matt. You'll
probably get enough XP to boost a level (hey, the more the merrier, right?),
and the right to enter all those Brotherhood of Steel outposts. (I'm sure
you've seen them, there's one in the Den and one in NCR.) This, however, is the
only one with anything useful.

REALLY useful, as it turns out. This is possibly the best place in either game
for info on what caused the War (Artificially intelligent machines were bored,
so they screwed around with people, eventually leading to the War.). Also, you
actually MEET one of these machines down here (He's the one that tells you
this). This machine will offer to PERMANENTLY raise one of your stats, so long
as you have the corresponding Memory Module. There was one in Vault 13 and one
in the Military Base. There's one more, but I don't know where it is. Any help?

Check the lockers here as well, for a few items. There's new armor here too,
Brotherhood Combat Armor. You already have something better though, and likely
so do all your party members. It sells for a bit though!

OK, here's the preperations for the last part of the game:

*A Turbo Plasma Rifle OR Gauss Rifle OR Vindicator Minigun
*Advanced Power Armor
*At least 30 (!) Super Stimpaks (I guess 20 would work too, if you have a lot
of Intelligence and Science skill)
*A Plastic Explosive or Dynamite
*A saved game right here
explain this unusual directive. Ya see, the game's Final Boss has a nasty
gatling gun weapon that WILL mutilate ANY party member in one shot. Since if
they die, you don't get them back, and you want to have EVERYTHING you can in
the game, leave them. You get some new allies there anyway, but they don't
permanenty join you, which is too bad since they're the best joining NPCs in
the game.
*The Tanker Fob and Navcom Parts
*A very good Lockpick Skill (We're talkin at the very least 200%!).
*At least 10 combined of Beers, Boozes, or Rotguts (Yes, you'll need those, and
not just to drink when you're done...)
*A large can/glass of your beverage of choice (Sprite, here...) in real-life
*A bag of chips and some dip. Just don't spill any on my keyboard, fools! HA HA

Head North to the Oil Tanker. The second-best shops in the game are here. Buy
an advanced lockpicks set, and an Electronic Lockpick MK II, you'll need them.
Head downstairs (the stairs are kinda hard to find, keep looking!), and kill
the aliens there. They should be easy, if not, well, you're screwed when you
get to the good 'ol USA. You'll find what looks like a Vault Door here. Use the
Fob on the Control Panel. Go in and use the Navcom Parts on the computer. Use
the computer to set the
location back to normal.

Go to the second floor (upstairs twice, duh!), and save your game. Use the
computer there, tell it to go, and watch the awesome cinema (Well, I thought it
was awesome...) You'll be at the last part of the game: The Oil Rig.

3.17 The Oil Rig

First of all, never ever ever ever take off your armor here until you change to
Advanced Power Armor MK. II. Otherwise you'll have the entire Enclave trying to
shove bullets into your throat all at once.

Go inside from the first screen, then southeast. Use the computer there. The
higher your Science skill and Intelligence, the more info you'll be able to
milk out of it. It's just filler though.
Head southeast again. You'll get the the holding chambers. Loot the place, then
head southeast further. You'll find your Elder, old Hillary Clinton again!
She'll babble on an on (try calling her a b****), and then order you to save
her, your villagers, and the people of Vault 13. Ya see, the Enclave has been
using them to test a deadly version of the FEV Virus (the stuff that made all
those Super and Super Duper Muants at the Military Base). Anyway, keep going
south. You'll get to the official Super Annoying Laser Grid Zap-'Em-Up Puzzle
(TM). Actually, it's only annoying if you have low lockpick skill. Use your
Electronic Lockpicks and crack open the doors. Note that if you fail, you'll
get a 50HP (OUCH!) shock, so be careful. First head to the center, then head
southwest. There you'll find a few boxes with loot, including

*EC Cartriges (Gauss Gun ammo!)
*Advanced Power Armor MK2 (!!!) (Actually, it's not that big a leap from APA
MK1, but a little is better than nothing, right?)
*A Gauss Rifle (Get it to sell for when you get back to dry land)
*A Vindicator Minigun (Too heavy)
*A Gatling Laser (Really cool, and really heavy)
*Lots of Micro Fusion Cells and Minigun Ammo

Go back to the center when you're done and head the opposite way. This place is
less impressive. The only thing of note is the other GECK there...

Head south from the center and climb the stairs.

Ok, here's where you get the massive branching paths. To do it the simplest
way, go northwest to  the lab. There, go in and threaten the scientist into
releasing the FEV virus (Technically, a basic description of it is that you
tell him that maybe the people on the mainland are a new kind of human, instead
of mutants. The Empathy Perk helps here.). Now go and find another set of steps
down. By now everyone not wearing Advanced Power Armor or Power Armor is dying
messily, so there's no worries there. Everyone here ignores you when you wear
APA anyway. You'll find a reactor here, bomb it with the bomb I'M SURE YOU
REMEMBERED! If you didn't bring one, you're screwed. You've got a time limit
now, but it's quite a while, so don't worry. Now run alllll the way back to the
start, where you will fight the game's final boss, Frank Horrigan. He's, well,
hard. He has this huge "End Boss Gun" that he blasts you with for about 51
damage each time, and when that's done he pulls out an "End Boss Knife" (A big
fork...) and stabs you for about 60 damage. And both those numbers are with APA
MKII. And he has 999 HP (No, I'm not exaggerating.). And there's turrets that
ALSO shoot you WHILE he shoots you. Your only real hope is to run in close,
then give him lots and lots of beer (The old six-pack trick always works!) He
won't be able to aim that way. That really helps. This is the hardest method
though, as there are ways to make it easier. First of all, there's an alternate
way to go in the first screen from where Franky is. (You'll find it...) Use it,
and eventually after going through another room you'll meet an Enclave sarge
and his soldiers. Convince Sarge into joining you ("Follow me or you'll die
messily in the explosion" is the general drift, if you need help. Empathy helps
here too.) They'll help battle Frank. Also, in the screen after the Super
Annoying Lazer Grid Zap-'Em-Up Puzzle (TM)

If you're still having trouble, or want to see more of the story, head to the
second scree after the Super Annoying Lazer Grid yadda yadda yadda. From there,
go to the northernmost section. There you'll meet, and no I'm not kidding, the
self-proclaimed President of the United States of America, whom apparently
thinks you are a mutant, since you live on the mainland US. It's complicated,
meet the guy yourself. Anyway, save the game, then kill him. Anything will do,
though I prefer the Gauss blast through the eyes. Take his presidential key
(Looks like a luggage tag! :-), then run like hell for the exit. Pardon my
language, but it accurately sums up what you've got to do here. Since you
killed the President, what would happen in real life happens here, I.E. the
entire Secret Service is out to kill you. Run, run, run, all the way back to
the first screen. Save the game again (Preferably in a different slot, in case
something happens), and put the key into the computer there (If you forgot the
key, you are a *shmuck*. Pardon my language again...) Then you will be
presented with several options, the most important of which is making all those
annoying guns in the area shoot Frank and not you. This does approximately
.0000000001 damage to him, but at least they're not shooting you, and happily
getting criticals on your eyes :-)

When you beat him, you'll get your endings. These are different depending on
which quests you've finished and how you've finished them. No, I'm not going to
list them all, because that would take too long.

After the credits, you are deposited outside the tanker on the bridge leading
to it. The tanker's back, BTW, so go and get your party from wherever you left
'em. You're not quite done yet. Head to New Reno, have fun chatting with people
(they say different things) and go talk to Father Tully for the Fallout 2 Hint
Book. I cannot possibly describe the greatness of this item in words, but I'll
try. Let's see, gain a level every time you use it, 300% to all skills every
time you use it, 100000 XP every time you use it, and it never ever runs out.

Now go to Vault City. Go on through, and talk to First Citizen Lynette. She'll
say some new stuff. Kill her, because she's annoying (remember, you're
invincible :-). Then kill the rest of Vault City as well, because they're
telepathic. First, however, go sell all your party members into slavery. You
heard me, go sell 'em. Watch your Karma plummet. After you're done masaccaring
the City, go into the Vault. The big mainframe on the bottom floor will let you
insert your PipBoy into a slot (you might have noticed this before), and will
give you a new file. Read it, then go to the computer it directs you to. It'll
give you a couple bajillion XP, which is redundant since 1: There's really no
point to playing around after this, and 2: You have the Hintbook, which is also
portable and gives you 300% skills. Now go and kill everyone in every
village/town every where. Laugh as they melt away. Then, when you've got -500
Karma (The Karmic title is "Demon Spawn", BTW), the Bounty Hunters will start
attacking everywhere you go. These guys won't even present a challenge, since
you're invincible remember!? That's about it.

Oh yeah, you can date Miss Kitty in New Reno, assuming you don't kill her. It's
a sucky prize, I know, and they should have used the space for this on better
endings (Cinematics anyone?). This would have been cool in Fallout 1, but here,
with no time limit...

Well, delete the game from the HD, kick back in your chair, and relax. You're
done with Fallout 2!

By Now You Should Have

*Erased the game from your HD
*Gone out and bought Brave Fencer Musashi or The Sims
*Been playing those instead (This is a pretty freakin' old game :-)

4. Hints and Tips

A bunch of these are borrowed from Seather's Fallout 2 Fansite, which is quite
possibly the best out there. He's obviously spent a long time on it, go and
check it at http://members.xoom.com/seather/. It's kewl, and has stuff for
Delta Force 2 if that's your thing. Credit will be given where credit is due,
so any that are taken from different people are going to be placed under the
Credits section.

Special Encounters: (All special encounters are completely random, but are
easier to find with high Outdoorsman skill, Luck, and the Ranger and Scout
perks. They appear as a text box with the description given listed in it.
Select YES to enter. Also, special encounters are unique due to the ring around
the lightning bolt when you find one)

The Cafe of Broken Dreams: This is a cafe in the middle of nowhere, that's full
of hero models from Fallout 1. Also, Dogmeat from Fallout 1 is here, and if you
remove your armor he'll join you! He's kinda crummy though. Try shooting
Dogmeat before he joins you also...

A Crashed Federation Shuttle: There's nothing here but said shuttle and a
couple of bodies. Check the bodies for 3 Hypos, which heal about the same
amount as a Super Stimpak, without the HP lowering properties of same. That's
all thats here.

A Guardian Portal: Go through the giant stone ring to get to Vault 13. Only
now, it's 13 years ago, and that's the time during Fallout 1! Don't touch the
computers till you're ready to leave, since when you do you'll break the Water
Chip, thus teleporting you back and verifying your own birth, which is worth a
few thousand XP. Make sure you pick up the Solar Scorcher lying on the floor
here. It does pretty good damage, and never runs out of ammo (You have to
reload it though, and you can't during the night...). After looting the place,
head back by breaking said computer.

The Unwashed Villagers Hunting A Spammer: Well, the name says it all. Go and
watch the lynching if you want, but since lynching is bad, what I do is kill
every last one of them, up to and including the spammer. They have lots of good
stuff on them, and there's also a couple stimpaks in the locker nearby.

A Tin Woodsman: This location disappears when you're done with it. All thats
there is a tin woodsman, as it says, that looks strangely like a guy in
Advanced Power Armor :-) Go get the oil from a nearby hut, and use it on him.
He'll thank you with a few Micro Fusion Cells, and you get to keep the oil can

Unknown: This one is DEADLY. It doesn't seem to have a name, but when you get
there, you instantly fall into the middle of a giant toxic waste dump! This
makes you severely radiated, and there's also some deadly fire geckos and
deathclaws around! This usually only comes up if you have less then 4 Luck.

Bridge of Death: This is from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. There's a guard
wearing purple in front of the bridge. Go up to him and talk to him. Answer the
first two questions (What is your name? King Arthur! What is your quest? I seek
the Holy Grail!) however you wish. However, he'll make the next one rather
difficult (What is the level requirement for the Pack Rat perk? I, I don't
know... AHHHH!!!!!). This is rather difficult, and if you answer incorrectly
he'll blow you to smithereens no matter what. If you answer correctly, he moves
and lets you cross the bridge. The correct thing to do is ask him a question
back (usually the last choice on the third question). This makes him blow up,
and you get to steal his robes. These protect you about as much as Combat
Armor, but you can't dismantle it for combat implants. If you attack him, BTW,
he sics a Mad Brahmin on you, and if you kill that he sics another one, and
another one, and another one...

King Arthur and his knights: These are actually a bunch on guys in Power Armor,
and Sir Robin's minstrel :-) If you couldn't guess, this is from Monty Python
and the Holy Grail. They want you to tell them where the Holy Hand Grenade of
Antioch is :-) Just give them some phony direction, and they'll give you a
laser gun for it :-) Or you can just kill them all and take the stuff for
yourself :-) :-)

Unknown: I forgot what this one is called, but it DOES have a name. If you have
really low luck, you might stumble upon a bunch of dead farmers and a dead
deathclaw. There's a dog nearby, and it joins your party. However, in an ironic
twist, this is a BAD thing, since the dog has about 500 HP, runs away from any
fight (even if you try to kill it), reduces your luck to 2, and gives you the
Jinxed trait, even if you already have two! It IS porrible to kill it and get
your stats and traits back, but it takes a lot of ammo and time. The dog is
either called the Bad Luck Dog or Pariah Dog.

A Herd of Brahmin: Just a bunch of usual Brahmin. Or are they... Actually,
these Brahmin are of a rare breed, the Mad Brahmin. They blow themselves up
REAL good. Don't touch them, and run away as soon as possible if you see one...
It'd hate to taste what kind of milk these babies give...

I think that's all of them.


Sometimes when you fight near a mountain, you'll see a cave. You can actually
go into the cave, and there's usually some weak Deathclaws or other enemies.
Sometimes, however, there's some "Robbers", wearing Power Armor. They have good
stuff, but they're kinda tough to kill, so be careful.

You can steal things ONTO someone, such as bombs that are ready to explode or
such. This is a good way of weakening someone before a fight.

If you click on someone and hold down the button, then select the backpack, you
can use an item on them. Fun things to do with this include:

Using Beer on the final boss (Makes him a LOT easier to kil)
Using a drug on Cassidy (Kills him)
Using Jet on someone (lots of it will eventually kill them!)
Using Super Stimpaks on someone COULD eventually slay them, but it's REALLY not
worth it, especially when you could always use the above trick!
Using the poison from NCR on someone (Just gives them one or two poison
Reading a book to a party member
Feeding a party member Beef Jerky or such (It's more realistic...)

Should you find a merchant fighting bandits as a random encounter, and you're
just starting out, run over and kill the head merchant, take the goodies, then
run away! If you feel brave, you can loot the bodies from the fight too! Whoo

You may already know this, but eye shots do the most damage. Groin shots can
knock someone out. Non-targeted shots are aimed at the torso. Leg shots can
also knock someone out.

You don't actually have to do anything but get the NavCom Parts and Tanker Fob,
then sail to the Enclave and kick their butts. However, since the entire game
is one big side-quest, the enemies at the Enclave are ridiculously hard :-)

More hints/tips/cool glitches later...


Well, it's a PC game, so you'd expect glitches...

The Car Glitch: Possibly the most-encountered glitch, the Car Glitch is when
half your car disappears and the other half haunts you anywhere you go. This
can happen at any time, even with the patch. WHat happens is that the front
half of your car stays where you parked it, and the back half disappears. Then,
when you visit a new location, the back half is there in a certain spot (Near
the lower-left corner), and never goes away. Even in random battles, the trunk
of the car is in the lower-left corner of the map. This is weird. To cure it,
get back in the car if you see it happen.

The Other Car Glitch: Man, if they were gonna make the car this glitchy, they
should have just left it alone! The Other Car Glitch occurs when you run out of
fuel while driving. Usually a small area appears called "Car Outta Power",
which you can go in to "feed the machine", so to speak. However, sometimes the
car disappears altogether, and you never get it back. If this happens go to a
town. The Car will appear, but still "Outta Power". This really bites when you
get stuck in that desert full of deathclaws, aliens, and whatnot, without a car

The Outdoorsman Smiley Trick: Actually this glitch is cool! After you save
Smiley, you can keep asking him about the "Lore of the Gecko" and getting 3%
Outdoorsman everytime, for free! Whoo hoo! This is cool, since 300% Outdoorsman
and the Car will usually prevent you from fighting without a choice ever again.

The Instant Ammo Trick: Go to Algernon with an empty clip in a weapon that can
be uprgraded, get him to uprgrade that weapon, and WOW, there's a magically
full clip! Apparently he gives you a freebie or something... It's cool though!
Free Micro Fusion Cells with a Plasma Rifle!

The Super Cool Free Stats Trick: Go get irradiated. You heard me. Really,
really irradiated (No, in the game, not in real life, shmuck!) Now sleep it
off. You heard me there too. Take 2 RadAway and sleep it off. It'll take a
while, but you'll finally become Superman/girl/whatever. Your stats will be,
well, immense. You'll be Miss/Mr. Universe, with the strength of Hercules and
the brains of Marilyn Vos Savant. You'll be luckier than the lucky charms guy,
faster than the Road Runner, hardier than Wile E. Coyote, stronger than those
dudes on the World's Strongest Man competition, more skilled than Bob Villa,
able to shoot like Billy Lee Black from Xenogears, cuter than Catherine
Zeta-Jones. After a while being god/goddesslike, you also be richer than Regis
Filben or Ben Stien, both of whom give away thier money to complete strangers
:-). Supisingly, it's pretty cool. This is "fixed" by the patch.

The Humongous Glitch: Sean Teoh and a few other people have reported freezing
when using the Humongous installation. I've never seen this, though.

Trainer Tricks: The Falche Fallout 2 Editor can produce all kinds of funny
situations, like when Angela Bishop sleeps with you when you're a chick, and
stuff like that. I don't use trainers, and generally don't cheat, however, so
you'll have to look elsewhere. Go check Seather's site.

5. Conclusion

I hope you liked this Fallout 2 FAQ. I enjoyed making it, especially 'cause it
got published on 4 SITES!! HA HA HA! That's probably not much though... If you
want to talk to me or ask questions or something, my E-mail is
[email protected]. The name's Katman, if you couldn't tell. (Note: Oh
yeah, it's 9 sites now! Whoo hoo!)

6. Useless Items List

Lighter (No, you can't set things on fire!)
Motor (A certain one, you'll know it when you see it!)
Necklace (Though I've heard it's used in NCR...)
Water Flask (Not Vic's, the other ones)
Water Chip (Though they're worth 5 bucks!)
Radio (Though they might have some undiscovered use... Ironically, Vic's Radio
is once again the only useful one)

7. Credits/People I don't Like (PIDL, prounounced Piddle, don't forget!)

I, the great Cory Garett Galliher, better known as Katman, created this
document out of the goodness of my heart. If you wish to place it on your
website, ask me first. Give me the adress too, since I like looking at Fallout
2 websites. If you place it on your site without asking, and I see it, you are
SOOOOO DEAD!!!!!!!!!!! I'll label your site "Sorry" if you do that, as in "Man,
that's a sorry site!" HA HA HA!
Thanks Sean Teoh, for lots of useless items (actually, he sent them all!)\
Thanks to Ari Iskandler Krohn Berle, for some stuff about Navarro.
I don't like whoever's working on translating Pokémon Gold/Silver. HURRY IT UP
ALREADY! I'm sick of the clock not working correctly in my version on an
I don't like whoever forced me to push ALT-0233 to make an é as in Pokémon.
I don't like whover started pronouncing Pokémon as "Pokey-man". ARRGHHH!! It's
"poh-KAY-mon"! What do you think the é means, foo's?
I don't like whoever put that corny rock music in Messiah. How annoying! (I
don't play Messiah anymore actually...)
I don't like Seather. Just kidding, Seather's cool. ;-)
I don't like Sean Teoh either. Just kidding again, Sean's cool too. :-)
I DO like people that send me letters! Keep the mail coming! 3 more good
questions, and it'll finally be time for another new section not utterly
devoted to me. (Note: Too late, Sean Teoh gave me the cool idea of a "useless"
items list, so take a peek... Keep those letters coming though!)
I don't like Microsoft, for making Windows 98. The stupid machine makes my
Insert key come on for no reason! I once deleted a whole section without even
knowing it!
I DO like Microsoft, for the Undo command (see the above thing)
I'm undecided on EBWorld. They have the best price for The Sims, Fallout 1, and
any other game I may feel I need at the moment, but it takes about a week for
whatever it is to get here (Spain, BTW, see "About the Katman"). That's

8. Katman's Next/Other Projects

I've wrote a Sanity: Aiken's Artifact and a Sacrifice FAQ in the past year or
so since I've touched this FAQ. Read 'em, Katkateers!

An FAQ for Dragon Warrior Monsters is in the works too, you can tell I'm into
the Gameboy monster battling/breeding/raising stuff, huh? Go ahead and
buy/emulate DWM, it's pretty cool...
Oh yeah, an FAQ for Azure Dreams GBC too! That game's cool! Not many monsters,
but it's really innovative and the battle system's awesome! (I should write
reviews, I would give everything 5/5's though, since there's not many games I
don't like)

I'm gonna write a Chocobo's Dungeon 2 FAQ instead of a Pokemon Silver FAQ,
since Donphan already wrote the best Silver FAQ available. Look forward to it,

Also I wrote a Xenogears FAQ, if you like that game (To tell you the truth, I
didn't like it, but it passed the time ((I hate school, yes I wrote it entirely
at school during my spare time, when I wasn't programming something...)) ) Only
problem is that GameFAQs didn't care for it, and I can see why, it was a lousy
first effort :-(. So you need to go to vgstrategies.about.com to read it.
(Stupid game's too long for my taste, and the characters spend too much time
talking to each other... I guess there still is a FEW games I don't like)

I've made a beta version of my epic RPG "Tale of the Sword" (OH COME ON, THE
NAME'S NOT THAT BAD! STOP WITH THE TOMATOES!!!!). If you'd like to try it, just
ask. I've only got the first two islands done though, and the humor is kinda
stale, and it has bugs, and no music or SFX, and the graphics are bad... It's
still kinda fun though!

(Note: Whoo hoo! Ari has decided to help me with the music for Tale of the
Sword. It gets better and better... All I need is an SFX and Graphics person
and I'm IN DA HOUSE! Whoo hoo!)

9. Links

GameFaqs: (www.gamefaqs.com) If you're reading this, then you probably got it
from here. It's devoted to FAQs, like this one, and is run by CJayC. There's no
way around it. This is by far the best site to check if you need reviews on a
game, or a strategy guide, or something like that.

GameIaqs: (come.to/gameiaqs) Like a reverse version of the above. It's really
funny, but hasn't been updated in a long, long time. Go and take a look, but
don't expect any updates. "Beath of Flams" is quite funny, BTW. An IAQ is an
FAQ for a fake game, and a FWAK is a fake FAQ for a real game, BTW, and this
site has lots of both. It's really the only place you can find either now
actually, now that Cosmo Canyon is dead... (What does this have to do with
Fallout 2? Don't ask me...)

Seather's Fallout 2 Fansite: (http://members.xoom.com/seather/) This is the
best Fallout 2 site I've ever seen. If you didn't get my FAQ from GameFaqs, you
probably got it here. Seather is a nice guy, the site is well-made, it's often
updated, it has more than 15 different sections, it even has this FAQ! What
more could you want? Also it has stuff on Delta Force 2, which I've never
played, so ask him about it, not me.

VGStrategies: vgstrategies.about.com: A good site, run by Al Armaloo. It's the
only site that carries Katman's (actually, back then it was Catman) Xenogears

RPG Classics: www.rpgclassics.com: A site carrying my FAQ. To tell you the
truth, I'd never heard of it till it requested the FAQ :-). Hey, usually the
obscure sites are the good ones though... :-) Apparently it's run by Mazrim
Taim. I'm not going to comment on the name.

The Cheat Empire: http://home.planetinternet.be/~twuyts:  Another Katman
FAQ-carrying site. Once again, I had never heard of it before it's request.
It's run by Tim Wuyts.

10. Things I Need From You

#1: Letters! I need more E-mail, with questions, comments, I LOVE YOU viruses,
and insults! (OK, no comments...)
#2: An artist for my game Tale of the Sword. Write me for more info. You will
be acknowledged.
#3: Good Fallout 2 links, and the reason why they're good.
#4: Good "General" gaming links, and the reason why.
#5: A musician for my game Tale of the Sword. Once again, write me for more
info. (Actually Ari's got me here)
#6: More Useless Items (Actually Sean Teoh's got me covered there, but if you
have any more...)
#7: If ANYONE other than the links listed above have my FAQ, tell me. Thanks.

If you have any of those, feel free to write me. Things including stuff at the
top of the list takes priority.

11. The New Section: The Many Jokes of Fallout 2

This was submitted in it's entirety by a guy named Patrick, or Pat. So don't
whine at me :-)

The Mr. Handy in Klamath's canyon quotes several famous robots and
computers: "I'm sorry Dave." (HAL in the movie 2001), "But I'm a
translator." (C-3PO(?) in Star Wars), "Number five is alive!" (No. 5 in the
movie Short Circuit), and some other things, including one really funny piece
which I've already forgotten. Oh well.

(I was the kind of guy that rooted for HAL in 2001 :-)
(Now wait. How could you know it was really funny if you've already forgotten

On a similar note, there's a talking computer somewhere (I think Vault 8)
which sometimes says "Stange game... the only winning move is not to play."
This is from Wargames, when the supercomputer realizes nobody can win a
nuclear war.

(WarGames is a really fun computer game, too! Cheap, now too, since it came out
about 4 years ago. You'll probably find it in a bargain bin, it's worth it.)

Enclave soldiers in the oil rig can be overheard singing "...shines the
name of Rodger [sic] Young..." This is from Robert Heinlein's novel Starship
Troopers, which is much better than the movie based on it, by the way.

(He's right, ya' know. Everyone thinks I don't read, but I do! :-)

Several celebrities are spoofed in Fallout 2, including President Clinton
and VP Dan Quayle (The former in news reports you get at the Sierra Base, and
the latter by the VP at the oil rig himself!), and Tom Cruise and the church
of Scientology (by "Juan Cruz" and the Hubologists :-) )

In San Francisco, Lo Pan also the name of the evil sorcerer in Big Trouble
in Little China, and Dragon is often used as a nickname for Bruce Lee.

(Never seen Big Trouble in Little China :-)

If you take Vic into a mine or cavern, he begins reminiscing about his
college days playing D&D. He even asks if you can take him back up to the
first level where all the Kobolds are (Kobolds are often used as weak
opponents for weak characters :-)~ )

(Speaking of Kobolds, anyone play Baldur's Gate recently?)

In the raider camp, sometimes a raider will say "I feel like I've been
standing here forever, just waiting for something to happen." :-D

Flashback to Fallout 1: The leader of the Thieves' Circle is named
Loxley. That's also the family name of Robin Hood. Which explains Loxley's
accent and garb.

A possible reference to F1 is when you see Anna the Ghost in the Den. One
dialogue option says "I think you need to turn off your Stealth Boy, ma'am."
This could refer to a Fallout 1 bug where if you save your game with a
Stealth Boy activated, you could become a permanent "ghost."

(That really does happen, too, and it's very annoying, as it's rather hard to
do anything with a Stealth Boy on. :-)

The guardian portal which sends you to Vault 13 in the past is the
Guardian of Forever from the classic Star Trek episode of the same name.
It's a very good episode, by the way - considered one of the best by most

- When you have Wooz in Gecko teach you "Tragic: the Garnering," (itself
worthy of an entry on this list!) one of your character's responses includes
"so you deal to the third player unless it's a Tuesday..." Similar lines
occur in a Star Trek episode, "A Piece of the Action," where Kirk and co. end
up on a mobster planet and distract their jailers by inventing an impossibly
convoluted version of poker.

(Didja know it's actually possible to win at Tragic? You need high Luck,
though, and all you get is another Tragic card deck :-)

- In Vault 13 is a kid named Rand. In New Reno there's Father Tully. In
Vault City is a guy named Skeev. Could be coincidence, but these three names
also belong to prominent characters in three different fantasy fiction series

- Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time", Raymond E. Feist's "The Riftwar Saga,"
and Robert Asprin's parodical "Myth-Adventures", respectively. Could be
related to the fact that one of F2's designers, David "Zeb" Cook, has
authored several official D&D rulebooks.

(As you can see, this guy is a humor genius. He thinks he's a dork, but I think
not! :-)

Sometimes when Cassidy's in combat he'll say "I wish I had a limit break."
Limit Breaks are the super powers used by characters in the Playstation games
Final Fantasy 7 and 8.

(Actually, those super-ultra-way-too-flashy moves are Limit SKILLS, but
everyone calls them Limit Breaks anyway :-)
(He never says this for ME, but I can't get over feeding him some Jet or
something and watching him have a heart attack. He doesn't live long in my
games :-)

When Myron flees from combat, he sometimes cries "Game over, man, game over!"
The same words by the freaked-out soldier in the movie Aliens.

In San Fran, when you try to retrieve Chip's spleen from the scientist in the
Steel Palace, he'll say he was planning to prepare it with fava beans and a
nice chianti. You have the option of reminding him that it's supposed to
serve liver with those, and he responds "yes, I saw that old movie, too."
The movie, of course, is Silence of the Lambs. Another reference is on a
medical holodisk recorded by a "Dr. H. Lector."

When Myron gains a level, he occasionally says, "I feel a great disturbance
in the force, as though I've gained [jumble of numbers] experience points."
The great disturbance is a Star Wars reference, and the jumble of numbers is
probably programming code.

(Never seen it happen. Wouldn't know. Don't ask.)

In Klamath, the fellow who refers you to the Den says "you'll not find a
greater hive of scum and villiany - now where did I hear that?" He heard
that from Star Wars, spoken by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

(Kenobi said that line about the space bar of Mos Eisley, BTW)

Marcus sometimes says "I am not a merry mutant!" This is probably a
reference to a Star Trek: TNG episode where Lt. Worf proclaims "I am not a
merry man!" It seems like a stretch, but Marcus' voice actor, Michael Dorn,
is the same guy who plays Worf. (Michael Dorn also does Fallout 2's Frank
Horrigan, and the Trek episode in question is the one where Q turns the crew
into Robin Hood and his merry men. Check it out, it's pretty darn funny!)

(For all intents and purposes, that IS where it came from. Everyone says so,
anyway. Worf does indeed play Marcus, it's easy to tell :-)

Working on the Hubologists' shuttle is one "Dave Handy, from Canada," who
gripes about having to answer stupid questions for a living. No relation to
Dave Hendee, who often does PR for the Fallout series.

Broken Hills has a caravan master named James Hoffy, who has nothing to do
with Jimmy Hoffa, the mysteriously-absconded former president of the
Teamster's Union.

Two of the other boxers in New Reno are Evan Holyfeld and the "Masticator,"
who likes to bite off ears. It's not at all likely that they are connected
with Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson.

(Even better, if the Masticator hits you one too many times, you get your ear
ripped off and lose 1 point of Charisma! :-)

There is no way that the Hubologists are connected to the Scientologists of
today, nor Juan Cruz to Tom Cruise. Juan even says "any similarities to...
[blah, blah] ...is purely coincidental." So it must be true.

Tom Cruise starred in "Top Gun" and "Days of Thunder," while Juan Cruz did
"Top Bun" and "Days of Rubber," so once again, there is clearly no relation
berween the two.

(I didn't see many Cruise movies. Not my kinda thing, as they're not animated
features. I like The Power of One! And Titan A.E! Frequency is cool too! Whee!)

The Hub's novel "Battleground Quetzel" is not at all based on L. Ron
Hubbard's "Battlefield Earth" (the movie adaptation already hailed by some
reviewers as the worst movie of the new milennium.)

(DO NOT mention Battlefield Earth. It's horrible :-)

Beneath Gecko there lives a genius lab mouse trying to take over the world,
who goes by the name of Brain and laments over his insane counterpart. Watch
an episode of Pinky and the Brain and this makes sense. However, the Brain's
counterpart - the Rat King of Klamath - doesn't say "Narf!" or anything like
that. The Brain also likes Cheesy Poofs, a generic snack brand in Comedy
Central's allegedly animated "South Park" series.

(No, the Rat King tries annoyingly to get critical hits on your eyes. Well, I
bet Pinky would do that too, but he'd always miss :-)

In Broken Hills lives Dr. Zaius, who shares the same name as the ape-doctor
in Planet of the Apes.

Likewise, in Gecko lives Gordon who thinks greed is good, much like the
character Gordon Gecko in the movie Wall Street.

(Oh yeah, I saw that one... Wasn't very funny, though.)

The drill sergeant in Navarro could easily be based on any sergeant in any
branch of the U.S. armed forces from any movie, television show, stage play,
radio drama, novel, comic book, or vivid nightmarish flashback ("Don't call
me sir!!! I work for a living, moron!!! You will guard the hanger! You
will do a fine job! Do you understand?!!")

(Ever seen The Wall?)

In Golgotha is a grave marker claiming it's occupant was killed by
"ill-tempered mutant sea bass," like the ones Dr. Evil was forced to resort
to in the movie Austin Powers. There is even a man in Vault City (I think)
who cries out "Who does number two work for?" as he tries to relieve himself
in a bathroom. Plus, if you become a female porn star, one of the stage
names to choose from is "Alotta Fagina."

(See, look! That proves it, Austin Powers IS the best movie ever made! HA HA

If you become a boxing champ in New Reno, most all of the nicknames to choose
from are lifted from some movie or another. Some even come from Nintendo's
"Punch Out!" games.


This document copyright 1999-2000 Cory Galliher. All rights reserved.
Fallout and Fallout 2 copyright 1997-1998 Interplay Productions.
All mail sent to [email protected] becomes property of the Katman, and
may be used by him at will, whether it be to put it on the FAQ, or print it out
and blow his nose with it. Be warned!

"Normal is what everyone else is that you're not." (Ain't that the truth!)
-That one guy from Star Trek

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