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Version 1.6
Author: whitechocobo666
[email protected]
ASCII by Angelwingnl!

Well there are some walk-throughs for this game, but they are all for 
good characters, who do all the quests for good guys and get really high 
karma.  This walk-through is for mainly evil characters, who will only do 
evil things, unless there is a huge advantage to be made.  Pure Evil 
characters can use it too, they are just like mainly evil characters but 
they don't do the 3 or so good quests in the game that I put in the Walk-
through (vertibird plans, Smiley, talking in NCR).  If there is a good 
way and an evil way to complete something, this walk-through will do it 
the evil way.  So if you are scared of being evil or something, you 
probably won't want to actually use this.  But everyone should complete 
the game at least once to see what being evil in Fallout 2 is like.  This 
faq assumes that you know how everything works and how to play the game 
properly.  It is recommended that you have finished the game at least 1 
or 2 times.

This is based on the Australian version of the game, and it isn't 
patched.  The game being patched wouldn't make much difference with 
relation to these evil quests.  

This is my first walk-through, but because I like Fallout 2 so much, and 
no one had made an evil walk-through, I decided to make one.

Note:  This is for the truly evil characters.  You are not a truly evil 
character if all you do is go and do all the good quests, and come back 
and then slaughter the towns afterwards.  Slaughtering the towns is 
stupid, and is for dumb evil characters.  If you do all the good quests, 
you are a good character.  If you do any good quests that make a good 
ending, you are banished from evil land to a good person.  This walk 
through is for the truly evil character of course.  None of that 
slaughtering in here, unless they attack you first, for a good reason.  
Getting caught stealing and then slaughtering them, or making a 
conversation and then getting into a fight are NOT good reasons.

ON HERE!  I'll put your name in the credits of course.


     Karmic Traits


Version 1.0
The first version of the walk-through.  Got up to Vault City
Version 1.1
Finished the game and the walk-through and everything.  I will still 
update if people email me extra stuff.
Version 1.2
Done conclusion, perks, bounty hunters, fixed up some stuff and maybe 
added some other stuff.
Version 1.3
Added special encounters.
Added some stuff about special perks, thanks to Jason Ballin 
([email protected])
Version 1.4
Rick Lucas told me lots of new evil stuff and Jason Ballin told me 
another thing.
Version 1.5
Terry told me lots of the alternate pathways stuff, of how to get the 
good people's stuff at the start, and a slave trick and Pariah Dog trick.
I added the power armour from the start trick (which I don't really 
Got an ascii art from angelwingnl!
Some other stuff too.
Version 1.6
Updated some stuff. Yay.


People on message boards who have said stuff about how to complete 
Gamefaqs because it's good and I gave this faq to them.
Any other site that puts my walkthrough on their site.
Interplay and Black Isle for making it and developing it and producing it 
or whatever it is that they did to the game.
Chris (gfen02) for telling me to do the special encounters.
Jason Ballin ([email protected]) for telling me the real stuff about 
Flower Child, Vault City Training and Animal Friend perks, and about 
turning on Lara's Gang.
Rick Lucas told me lots of stuff that I missed to put in this for version 
Terry told me stuff about getting Cassidy and the Sierra Army Depot, and 
about the special slave runs and the Pariah Dog brain extraction for 
version 1.5.
Angelwingnl gave me an ascii art for the title!  It's good!
DamnationLtd {[email protected]} gave me his way of killing Miria.  It's 
Janne Hanhela told me something about the trap in the Temple of Trials.
Awesome on the Fallout 2 No Mutants Allowed board said my character was 
no good.  Yippee.
Trent, for reminding me about the crashed whale, and the repairing in NCR 
bug.  He told me that last year, oh well.


A truly evil character will do as many evil things as possible.  
Therefore you have to min-max the stats so that you can receive the most 
quests and still be able to kill properly.

Strength: 5.  This is enough, because the advanced power armour gives +4 
to strength, which gives 9.  Then you can get the +1 module to take it up 
to 10.  Strength isn't really that important, unless you are going to be 
a melee or HtH.  But it's good to have 10 anyway, so all the weapons can 
be used without skill drop.

Perception: 6.  The best thing about perception is the sniper perk, which 
you get at level 24, and you need 8 perception for.  You can get the gain 
perception perk to add +1, and the perception module found in the 
military base adds +1 also, so you get the 8 needed for the sniper perk.  
Perception also helps with distance shooting, but you can just get a 
sniper rifle or a high weapon skill instead.

Endurance: 4.  This controls how much hp you start with and get per 
level.  The two important perks from endurance are lifegiver and 
toughness.  Lifegiver only needs 4 endurance, but if you want toughness, 
you'll have to swallow some buffout.

Charisma: 7.  Charisma is mainly important for the number of NPCs you can 
get, and also the speech skill, so you want it earlier on.  The 
sunglasses, the memory module and the gain charisma will get it up to 10.  
If you don't want the power armor at the start, you can have whatever you 

Intelligence: 8.  Intelligence is probably the most important, because of 
the dialogue options, the skill points and all the skills that use it.  
The gain intelligence perk raises it by 1, but because you are a slaver 
you will miss out on the memory module for it.  If you are a bit unlucky 
or lucky, you will get an extra point from the hubologists.

Agility: 8.  This gives you 9 AP, and for 10 AP, you need 10 AP, so you 
probably shouldn't do that.  Agility is also important for combat skills, 
and you need 8 agility for the slayer and sniper perks.  9 AP is pretty 
good and can be upgraded to 11 AP if you get two levels of action boy, 
but you don't really need it.

Luck: 9.  The main reason this is so high is because Vault City citizens 
need to be lucky to pass the test.  High luck is also very useful for the 
sniper perk, and perhaps slayer, and it will help you find random 
encounters.  But if you don't care about being a citizen, take this down 
to 6 and put the points elsewhere.  You can gain luck if you want to take 
it to 10, which will get you a critical hit every shot with sniper.  Or 
you can lower it to 8, and get gain luck, or lower it to 7 and hope the 
hubologists give you +2 to luck, but that's pretty risky.

So summed up:
Str: 5
Per: 6
End: 4
Cha: 7
Int: 8
Agi: 8
Luck: 9

Gifted:  The true evil character should have this.  It gives +1 to all 
stats.  You would already know that though.
Fast Shot:  It depends what weapons you want to specialise in.  If you 
want big guns, take it.  Anything else don't take it, because it stuffs 
up unarmed and HtH aimed shots.
Finesse:  Not really useful to me, but other people like it, so if you 
want it, take it.
Sex Appeal:  +10% speech when talking to the opposite sex, and -10% 
speech when talking to the same sex.  Not too bad for females.
Bruiser:  Gives you an extra 2 points, but lowers AP by 2.  If you take 
it, put it back onto agility to get back to 8 AP, and then you have 
higher skills in combat, and can get some more perks.  I wouldn't do it 
though.  1 extra AP is better.
Fast Metabolism:  You can heal quicker.  There isn't really any time 
limit (except the 13 years), so you have unlimited time to heal almost.  
But you don't really need poison or radiation resistance.  So get it if 
you want.
One Hander:  The main one handed weapon that you'll use is the gauss 
pistol.  There isn't that much use for this.
Kamikaze:  +5 sequence, -8 AC.  The AC bonus won't make much a 
difference, the perception will more, so it's ok.
The other traits aren't useful to me.

Summed up:
Sex Appeal

Awesome (from NMA) doesn't like me using sex appeal, so take Kamikaze or 
Fast Metabolism instead, if you don't like it, either.

Small guns:  This or big guns should be tagged, as your main combat 
skill.  The best small guns are the gauss pistol and gauss rifle.  You 
have small guns for most of the game, so this is pretty useful.  But 
since you might be doing it the evil way, you can pick up big guns at the 
start, but you'll run out of ammo.  The "Guns and Bullets" magazines 
increase small guns skill, but are pretty rare.

Big guns:  This or small guns will be tagged.  The best guns here are the 
bozar and the vindicator minigun.  The bozar ammo is easy to find, so 
you'll be able to use it straight away when you get it (but that probably 
won't be until ncr).

Energy weapons:  This would have been good if you got energy weapons at 
the start, when the enemy isn't wearing power armour.  This would still 
be alright though, but only after you have the sniper perk, as the 
critical hits will probably go through the power armour.  I don't like it 
that much though.

Unarmed:  This is for fighting with no weapons or glove weapons, the most 
powerful being the mega power fist.  This is also used in a couple of 
quests, the New Reno boxing and San Fran fighting.  Don't put any points 
in this until you get trained by Lo Pan.  He can put you up to nearly 
100% with it.

Melee:  Melee fighting uses Hand to Hand weapons, like spears, 
sledgehammers, cattle prods and so on.  The weapons are usually a bit 
better than unarmed weapons, but you don't need them for any quests, so 
they aren't as useful.

Throwing:  Throwing weapons are not that useful unless you are facing a 
group of unarmored people.  The best use for the throwing skill in my 
opinion are the electromagnetic pulse grenades, when you use them in the 
Sierra Army Depot against the robots.  But since you won't be going 
there, you don't need this skill.

First Aid:  It lets you heal people.  Don't spend any skill points on it, 
because doctor is used for some quests, and it does pretty much the same 
thing, but better.  You can also find many books that will increase first 
aid.  But you can use the first aid field medic kit to increase the 
chance of healing the most.

Doctor:  Doctor is first aid with the ability to heal crippled limbs.  
Doctor is also used in some quests, mainly ones in Vault City.  I think 
you need over 80% doctor to find out about combat implants, which give 
you damage resistance.

Sneak:  Sneak lets you walk around without being detected, and lets you 
kill people without others hearing, and might help with the steal skill, 
but I'm unsure of that. Sneaking is pretty useful because your going to 
assassinate people with your gun, so I got it up to 80% or so.

Steal:  Perhaps the most useful non combat skill.  Stealing gives you 
lots of good items, and a little bit of experience.  Use this skill all 
the time, but remember to save first.  You can just reload if you stuff 
up, no matter what your skill, and you'll get it after a while.  But if 
you're like me, and the game takes ages to load (I usually go and get 
something to eat while waiting for games to load), it's good to have 

Lockpick:  This is another very useful skill.  It lets you open locks 
with either lock picks or your hands.  The higher your skill in it, the 
more chance you have of picking the lock.  You can pick most locks with 
around 50% pick locks skill and with Mk II lock picks.  You don't get the 
Mk II lock picks for ages though.  So get it up to 70% or something.

Traps:  Traps help you disarm the traps mainly.  It isn't really used for 
quests.  With power armor you don't really need to disarm traps, because 
they will do hardly any damage.  It lets you set traps also.  You need to 
have say around 80% to assassinate Bishop properly.  But since traps 
aren't really that useful, you probably won't get it up that high.  If 
you are planning on assassinating Bishop, you need high repair skills 

Science:  Science is a pretty good skill, that is pretty useful, as it 
lets you hack into computers with success, and talk about scientific 
stuff with other scientists, and to examine things before you repair 
them.  It's not very useful at the start of the game, but as you 
progress, it is used more.  Myron the NPC has science for a skill, so he 
can do scientific such like examining things scientifically, but not 
hacking into computers.  You should probably get it to about 80 or 90 for 
New Reno.  You need 75% science skill to get Myron to make super 
stimpacks.  The "Big Book of Science" increases this skill, but they are 
pretty rare.

Repair:  This lets you "repair".  You can repair power generators, and 
also laser barrier generators, which turns them off.  It also helps you 
rig a certain safe.  You can upgrade it with "Dean's Electronics" books.  
Those books are pretty common.  You don't need to put any points into it, 
because Vic can repair stuff for you.  But if you want to assassinate 
Bishop you need 80%.

Speech:  This is the talking skill.  The more you have, the better chance 
you have of lying, and being believed.  Or people take you seriously at 
least when you are telling the truth.  You'll want to tag it because it's 
used for heaps of quests, and it gets you better stuff when you're 
talking.  Once it's up to 100 or so you don't really need to increase it 
any more.

Barter:  Barter lowers the price of the merchants goods.  The price of 
yours stay the same.  Barter isn't that effective, so you don't really 
need to put it up high.  I think the barter skill is used when you buy 
special stuff when you are talking, like the vault recognition module and 
the car from the Chop Shop.  But that doesn't happen very often.  Your 
barter skill won't get the merchants prices any where near yours, and 
most of the time you can just steal instead of barter.  You probably 
shouldn't waste points on this skill.

Gambling:  This determines how good you are at gambling on the slot 
machines and on the roulette table.  With 100 skill you win on the $5 
slots, but not the $25.  You should either invest in this skill a lot, or 
not at all.  If you know craps, you can play that with around 30 skill.  
Since you are lucky, your gambling level will already be pretty high.  
It's up to you what you want to do with this skill.

Outdoorsman:  It lets you avoid random encounters.  Don't tag it or put 
points on it because in Klamath smiley will upgrade it for free, to at 
least 103% (I stopped there).  'Tis cheating though, oh well.  There is 
lots of books for it, but they won't do any good because your skill will 
be too high for them.

Tag Skills:
Small guns

Awesome (from NMA) doesn't like me tagging steal.  So if you don't like 
me taking steal as a tag skill, take lockpick instead.

So our character is so far:
                         VAULT-13 PERSONNEL RECORD
                          25 July 2241  0824 hours

  Name: Koko               Age: 16               Gender: Female
 Level: 01                 Exp: 0            Next Level: 1,000

 ::: Statistics :::
       Strength: 05         Hit Points: 028/028         Sequence: 05
     Perception: 06        Armor Class: 008         Healing Rate: 01
      Endurance: 04      Action Points: 09       Critical Chance: 9%
       Charisma: 07       Melee Damage: 01          Carry Weight: 150
   Intelligence: 08        Damage Res.: 000%
        Agility: 08     Radiation Res.: 008%
           Luck: 09        Poison Res.: 020%

 ::: Traits :::
  Sex Appeal

 ::: Skills :::
  Small Guns ..... 047%
  Big Guns ....... 006%
  Energy Weapons . 006%
  Unarmed ........ 046%
  Melee Weapons .. 036%
  Throwing ....... 022%
  First aid ...... 018%
  Doctor ......... 009%
  Sneak .......... 019%
  Lockpick ....... 014%
  Steal .......... 034%
  Traps .......... 014%
  Science ........ 022%
  Repair ......... 014%
  Speech ......... 045%
  Barter ......... 018%
  Gambling ....... 035%
  Outdoorsman .... 014%

When I had finished the game, these are what I had:
 ::: Perks :::
  Bonus Rate of Fire
  Better Criticals
  Swift Learner
  Gecko Skinning
  Dermal Impact Armor
  Phoenix Armor Implants
  Expert Excrement Expeditor

The order I got them was:
3) Swift Learner
6) Awareness
9) Better Criticals
12) Tag!
15) Bonus Rate of Fire
18) Lifegiver
21) Pickpocket
24) Sniper

Swift Learner was chosen first, but that was a bad decision.  5% 
experience is only 5000 experience for every 100,000 you get.  And you 
only get up to 300,000 experience.  So choose a better perk than that.

Awareness was chosen because it's good to know what weapons and health 
the enemy has.  It's a good choice.

Better Criticals is one of the best perks, it means that the table that 
it is rolled on will be 20% better.  I think the table would be something 
like this:

}30% = 2x damage
30%-45% = 3x damage
45%-60% = no armour
60%-70% = 2x damage without armour
70%-80% = 3x damage without armour
80%-90% = 2x damage without armour + cripple
90%{ = 3x damage without armour + cripple

I just made that up, but I think it would be something like that.  This 
is rolled after you hit.  With Better Criticals it would add 20%, so you 
would get good stuff a lot more.

Tag! Puts equal skill points onto a skill you choose.  So if 100 points 
have been put onto a skill, another 100 will be added.  Then the skill 
increases twice as fast.  But once you've tagged a skill, straight away 
you can take all the points that were just on it off, and then put them 
elsewhere.  This is what I did with outdoorsman, because it was at 103% 
from training with Smiley.  I put it onto traps, science and repair.

Bonus Rate of Fire lets you fire quicker by 1 AP.  It's one of the best 

Lifegiver gives you an extra 4HP, and an extra 4HP every level after.  So 
that means you get 8HP per level, which means you'll have heaps of HP by 
the end.  If you take this at level 12 instead, you'll have an extra 24 
HP by level 18.  If you plan to spend lots of time levelling up in the 
wastes, take this earlier, and take the second level of this the next 
perk level.  Then you'll get 12HP per level.

Pickpocket lets you steal items more easily.  So you can steal stuff from 
those San Fran guards even when they look straight at you.  It also 
counts really heavy stuff as really light when stealing.  I just took 
this because I wanted to steal some stuff.  Taking something else is 

Sniper is one of the best perks, especially when you have luck 10.  I am 
not sure if it rolls a 100-sided dice, and then puts your luck as a 
percentage (10 luck is 95%), or it rolls 2 6-sided dice.  I think it 
would be the former though, as the latter would get no criticals if the 
character had luck 1.  I think it might add your critical chance to the 
percentage as well, but it can't go over 95%.

Other perks are good too.  People like Sharpshooter for some reason, but 
I never pick it.  Toughness is really good, if you take all three levels 
of it you will have an extra 30% damage resistance, so you'll have about 
80% at the end of the game without drugs.  Slayer is good too, but you 
can only get that at level 24 and above.  It's supposed to give you a 
critical hit every time.  I never take it so I'm not sure.  The Gain 
ability skills are ok, but you don't really need stats that are that 
high.  If you had low agility though, Gain Agility is good.  Like Bonus 
Rate of Fire, Bonus HtH attacks is really good.  Pick it if you like to 
fight HtH.  Action boy and many others are good, so pick whatever you 


Expert Excrement Expeditor:  Shovel crap at Broken Hills 5 times, and you 
get this perk that gives you +5 to speech.

Dermal Impact Armour/Enhancements:  These give you +5% damage resistance 
for normal and explosion.  The enhancements give you +10%.  Get them 
after reading about them in Vault City in their medical computer with 80% 
doctor skill.  You can buy them from Vault City and other places for 
heaps of money.  The enhancements give you -1 charisma.

Pheonix Armour Implants/Enhancements:  These give you +5% damage 
resistance for fire, plasma and laser attacks.  The enhancements give you 
+10%. Get them after reading about them in Vault City in their medical 
computer with 80% doctor skill.  You can buy them from Vault City and 
other places for heaps of money.  The enhancements give you -1 charisma.

Vault City Inoculations:  If you are radiated and poisoned and talk to Dr 
Troy he does something for you and you get this perk which gives you 
resistance.  I've never got it, and evil people won't get it.

Vault City Training:  Jason Ballin says that if you have a high doctor 
skill you can talk to Dr Troy and then he will take you on a tour which 
gives you extra doctor, first aid and possibly science skill.

Flower Child:  Jason Ballin told me stuff about this one.  It gives you 
50% more resistance to being addicted to drugs, and he says it can be 
gotten in Fallout 2, but he got it after finishing the game, after he 
used Father Tully's cheat book.

Animal Friend:  Jason Ballin says this is in Fallout 2 as well, but he 
got it after finishing the game.  It lets you automatically be friendly 
with any animals in random encounters.  Animals are probably geckos, 
dogs, manti, not deathclaws, aliens, floaters, centaurs, and some other 

Gecko Skinning:  Talk to Smiley after rescuing him and he teaches it to 
you.  It lets you skin silver and golden geckos.


Childkiller:  You get this when you kill one child.  Don't get this the 
stupid way, by killing kids in cities, just kill the kids in random 
encounters.  It's much more evil.  And isn't stupid.

Berserker:  Just slaughter lots of defensive people in a town.  You're 
sure to get it in San Fran if you don't get it anywhere else.  
Slaughtering towns just because you like to slaughter is stupid, so don't 
do it.  You need a REALLY good reason to do that, such as they are 
attacking you and you can't do anything about it.

Married/Divorced:  You can get married in Modoc, to either Miria or 
Davin.  You can get divorced in New Reno, by giving Father Tully some 

Slaver:  Become a slaver in the Den, and then you lose lots of quests in 
the game.  But if you aren't a slaver you aren't truly evil, so get it 
straight away after you sell Sulik into slavery.
Prizefighter:  Just beat up people at the boxing ring for this one.  
You're supposed to get better unarmed skill, 12 to normal damage 
resistance and some other stuff, but it never works for me.

Porn Star:  Become a porn star in Golden Globes Porn, New Reno.  You need 
8 endurance, 8 charisma and 8 agility.  You get money and become a 
celebrity in New Reno for it.  Party members supposedly leave you but it 
never happened to me.

Grave Digger:  All evil people are grave diggers.  Most of the good ones 
are too.  DIG ALL GRAVES!  Sometimes they give you good stuff, and they 
give you -5 karma each grave dug.  Yay for negative karma.

Sexpert:  Just have sex enough and I think you get this trait.  You can 
get this one pretty quickly if you screw everyone you possibly can.

Gigolo:  You get this for having sex and abnormal things happen.  Like 
with T-Ray when he blows up, when you get caught in Modoc and in Broken 
Hills with Francis.  I'm not sure though.

Made Man: Bishop/Salvatore/Wright/Mordino:  Made Man of a family gives 
you free time at the Cat's Paw, and discounts off items at certain shops.  
Only good people are made men of the Wrights, and evil people are with 
other families.

Champion:  Boo the champions.  They are the positive karma people who do 
all the good stuff.  You definitely won't get this karmic trait.

These are the main things to collect, other than the obvious stuff that 
you would usually collect:
Broc Flowers and Xander Roots and empty hypos, for stimpacks.
Fruit and Nuka Cola, for super stimpacks.
All alcohol, for lowering enemy perception.
All drugs, most are useful.

Best places to aim when shooting:
I like to aim for the eyes to do damage, and if enemies are running away, 
aim for the legs.  If the enemy is using a really big gun, aim for the 
arms, and if it is aiming for the groin can knock people out, but there 
isn't as much chance of knocking them out as hitting someone in the head.

The way the critical hit chance works is this (I think):
(critical chance + percentage lost for aiming) / chance to hit
So if your aiming for the eyes and have a 95% chance to hit with a 9 % 
critical hit chance, you have a 9 + 60 / 95 = 72% chance.  That's why in 
the beginning of the game if you have a 50 % chance to hit and a 10% 
chance critical hit, instead of getting a critical every 10th hit, you 
get one every 20th.  

With some shopkeepers, you can purchase items for cash, and then steal 
the cash back from their person.  This works with the dwarf gambler in 
NCR, and both shopkeepers in San Fran.  This is how you purchase the 
power armours and good stuff and still have money left over.  Pretty 
spiffy eh?

Bounty Hunters are the hardest battles you will face.  When you meet them 
early, they usually have: 2 or 3 power fists and combat armour, 1 laser 
pistol with combat armour, 1 laser rifle and combat armour, and 1 sniper 
rifle with metal armour.  They are hard, but if you psycho up or are well 
equipped you will live.  Later on, when you get to level 19, they are WAY 
harder.  They all have power armour and gauss pistols and gauss rifles 
and avenger miniguns and stuff.  You'll probably have to run away.  They 
are really hard.  But I pretty much didn't have to go on the map much 
after level 19 so it was ok.  You do get -10 karma for each bounty hunter 
though, and their weapons, which are really good.

VERY IMPORTANT (sort of):  When I talk about going north, it to the top 
left corner of your screen.  So south is the bottom right corner.  Just 
thought I'd say that because other people might think of north as top 
right.  North might also be directly up on your screen.  Sometimes that's 
how I did it.  Oh well.  For the first half I usually talk about north as 
straight up the screen, and after Vault 13 I think that north is to the 
top left corner.

My walk-through describes the basic pathway to finish the game.  You can 
do these things before you start using my walk-through properly, so that 
it gives you more opportunities later on.  I don't really like doing 
this, but anyway:

1.  Advanced Power Armour from the start

When creating a character, tag the speech skill and give yourself a 
charisma of 7 or higher.  You may want to tag energy weapons too.  Do 
Arroyo as normal, and Klamath if you want, and get the really high 
outdoorsman skill from Smiley if you want.  You should put all your 
points into the speech skill.  Now head south on the map as far as you 
can, saving every few squares to avoid dying in the random battles.  When 
you're a few squares from the bottom of the map, head west and then enter 
San Francisco.  Go to the Brotherhood of Steel hideout to the south west 
in Chinatown, and agree to do their quest, making sure you ask if their 
is a special way to get in, and that he tells you to say you are a new 
recruit.  Navarro is now on your world map.  Leave San Fran and go to it.  
Save every couple of squares to avoid dying and having to do it all 
again.  Once you get to Navarro, ask if this is the enclave, and say 
you're a new soldier and all that, and then get the password.  Enter the 
base to the north and say the password.  When in the base, go down the 
lifts and then raid the lockers in the north west.  There is Advanced 
Power Armour in there, as well as a plasma rifle, ammo and the charisma 
module.  Go back up stairs and go to the north east of the base.  Sneak 
behind the man guarding the lockers and loot the vertibird plans.  Go 
back to San Fran and give the Vertibird Plans to the Brotherhood for 
20,000 exp.  You'll go up to level 7 or so.  Enter the base, go 
downstairs and raid the lockers for the pulse rifle and some brotherhood 
combat armour and power armour.  You can also use that charisma module on 
yourself with the computer.  Now go back to Klamath and continue.  
BEWARE:  This ruins the enjoyment of the game, so you probably shouldn't 
do it.

2.  Getting Cassidy (by Terry and Rick Lucas)

Before becoming a negative karma person or a slaver/beserker/childkiller, 
go to the Vault City courtyard and get Cassidy to join your team.  You 
can't tell him to leave your group though if you want him to join back 
up, so once you get to Navarro you'll lose him.  You can get Marcus too, 
but then you have to do the good quests for Broken Hills.  Terry says 
that if Cassidy has power armour as well as you, you can get into 
Navarro, although it's harder to get the password.

3.  Opening the Sierra Army Depot (all of it by Terry)

Before your karma goes under -99 or becoming a 
slaver/beserker/childkiller/porn star, go to the Wrights, and talk to one 
of Wright's Sons in the train station to get the introduction you need.  
Go to the Wright's house and talk to another of the Son's outside the 
father's door, and you get let to talk to Mr Wright.  You may have to be 
level 10 or 11 or something though.  Talk to him and get the quest.  
Finger Jagged Jimmy J (I think Terry told me to finger him because he 
wouldn't give you karma), and get the next quest to scout the Sierra Army 
Depot.  You can go there later and get Skynet and lotsa good stuff like 
the intelligence module.  I'm not going to put it in my walk-through 
because the pure evil character wouldn't get it.  If you get the pariah 
dog encounter, take it to the brain extraction room in the Sierra Army 
Depot, and you have to extract it twice, and you'll get -100 karma.  The 
Pariah Dog will come back to life where you encountered it first, and you 
can just keep doing it over and over again.

Anyway, I know how to do the Wright quests but I'll put in Terry's way 
(saves me the trouble bwa ha ha).

"a) Ask Keith Wright about possible suspects and have him mention Jagged Jimmy 
J. Then ask him where Richard's room is. Find the empty Jet cannister in 
Richard's room for 500 XP, 0 Karma. "

"b) Take the empty jet cannister to Jagged Jimmy and find out that it's been 
poisoned! Be sure to barter for all his stimpacks afterwards. 500 XP, 0 Karma."

"c) Talk to Renesco about the jet cannister. Get him to reveal that someone 
forced him to poison the jet. 1000 XP, 0 Karma."

"d) Go back to Mr. Wright and tell him that Jagged Jimmy J murdered Richard. Why 
Jagged Jimmy? Because.... you hate the way his mouth runs like a car motor... 
and, his inventory does not periodically regenerate like Jules' and Renesco's 
does... muahahhaha! 500 XP, 0 Karma. (Of course, you could tell Mr. Wright that 
the Salvatores poisoned the kid and why they did it for 2000 XP and positive 
karma, but that is clearly the GOOD way to complete this quest.)"

"Of course, accept the Sierra Army Depot quest and of course, do NOT return to 
Mr. Wright once you've destroyed all the turrets."

"Completing the quests in this manner also results in the following additional 
ending (sic):"

"Although a man was accused of the murder of Wright's son and marked for death, 
the true identity of Richard Wright's murderer was never found. It remains a 
closed chapter in Wright family history."

There you go.  I not like to do it, though…


You start outside the temple.  You can pretty much run through the temple 
if you want, but it isn't recommended.  If you kill all of the ants and 
scorpions, and disarm all of the traps in the trap room, you can level up 
(put all the points into speech for this level).  The temple is pretty 
basic to get through.  Just remember to pick up every item you find as 

COMBAT TIP:  Take one punch or kick at the enemy, and then use the rest 
of your action points to run away.  These enemies hardly have any action 
points, and therefore they use them all up getting to you.  If you do 
this correctly you shouldn't ever get hit in the temple.

To open the first door of the temple, use your lock pick skill on it.  
This opens the door to a wide corridor.  As soon as you move a few steps 
you will see raised plates.  Walk up to them and keep trying to disarm 
them, until you eventually do.  There's lots of experience to be got from 
that.  If you accidentally set off one of the traps, go and pick up the 
sharpened pole that the trap shot.  In this temple area, get some C-4 
from the big pot.  Go next to the door that you can't open, and set the 
C-4 for 10 seconds and then drop it and run about 5 hexes away.  The door 
opens when it goes off.  There is a trap under the door, and (submitted 
by Janne Hanhela) it's hard to see, you just push 4 and then click under 
the door and after a while you'll click on the trap.  Anyway it's about 4 
pixels or something that you can see.

There are a couple of enemies in this next area, so just kill them.  When 
you get to the door, go through it, and you encounter the tribal man.  
You have three choices:  Fight him, talk him out of it, or say you need 
time to prepare, and go and steal the key.  You could probably just pick 
the lock to the temple door though.  Go through the door and you get the 
vault suit and the pip boy.

Go and talk to the elder, and get the money and the flasks.  Go to the 
guy in front of the giant head, and he'll train you in unarmed.  Go to a 
hut near there, and the man with the spear will train you in melee 
weapons.  Go over to Nagor, the guy who has lost his dog.  Steal his 
spear, and then talk to him, and let him run off into the wilderness by 
himself.  Follow him, and you see that he is dead.  He has another spear 
on his body!  You can take that!  You got two spears and someone dead, 
you must be a very proud evil person.  Go back to the village.  Now you 
can steal items from the people in your village if you want, and then 
leave the screen to the south.  Because you're evil you don't need to 
waste time and help people.  Look at the man at the bridge, and then talk 
to him about his sharpened spear.  He'll tell you to go and get some 
flint off your aunt.  Her house is back in the screen before this one, to 
the south west.  If you can talk her out of it, do that, but if not, 
steal it from her.  Now go back and get your spear sharpened.  Now you 
can leave. 

Character Update:
Karma: 12
Weapon:  Unarmed
Armour:  None

Elder - knife
Elder's chest - knife, healing powder
Elder's Shelf - knife, fruit
Shelf in house SW of Elder's - xander root
Aunt Morlis - flint
Aunt Morlis' Pot - $100
Standing Fist - healing powder 
Mynoc - knife
Nagor - spear


NOTE:  In Vault city there is a quest to find 10 booze and 10 beer, so 
collect it all in this town.  Whisky Bob has it, there's some in his 
still, and you can trade for it and steal it too.

NOTE:  I'm not going to say to steal stuff or loot stuff anymore, unless 
there is really good stuff to be found.  So remember to search everywhere 
and steal everything.

Talk to the man south of the message board, and call him a drunk.  Now 
talk to Torr, the guy who looks like a tribal, and agree to help him.  
Kill the first scorpion that's near you, and then end combat.  Head west 
a bit, and talk to the Duntons, and agree to help them.  Go and talk to 
Torr, and say the bugmen are coming, and he will run off.  You lose 10 
karma.  Go back and talk to the Duntons, and receive your cut of $50, 5 
pieces of dry meat and -60 karma.  Head south, and then search the hut 
to get the scorpion limbs (useless) and four more pieces of dry meat, 
then leave the screen and you will arrive back in town.

Just a bit north is Vic's house.  Raid everything from his house, 
especially the radio. The Duntons' house is next, but you can't talk to 
them anymore.  Now go over to the Buckner Tavern, and make sure you have 
$350.  Pay the Buckner girl for Sulik, and get his leather armor for 
yourself to wear, after getting him to come with you.  Talk to Whisky Bob 
and get the quest to refuel his still.  You can get him to raise the 
price to $65, but it doesn't matter.  Now talk to Ardin Buckner, and get 
the quest to find Smiley the Trapper.  Now leave to the Golden Gecko 
tavern.  Talk to the pub owner, and he'll ask you where Whisky Bob's 
still is.  Tell him where the still is, and you get -15 karma and $50, 
and a beer.  Now talk to a man in the SW corner of the building, and ask 
him to teach you magic, and then after a bit he'll teach you some 
unarmed.  If it is night time, you can arm wrestle one of the Duntons.  
Now go south to the next screen, which is Trapper Town.

In Trapper Town, go and find Slim Picket, who is in a building to the 
west.  Talk to him and you find out that he has the key to get through 
the locked door.  You can either talk him out of it, steal the key, pick 
the lock instead of using the key, give him "what he wants", or buy it 
off him.  Don't buy it.  If you give him "what he wants", you'll be 
closer to getting the gigolo and sexpert titles, so you can do that, or 
if you steal it you get the experience.  Go in the gun shop, and make 
sure you get the two pairs of boots from the lockers.  Now go through the 
other buildings and kill all the rats and take the ladder down.

Your aim here is to go and get the fuel cell regulator from the car.  The 
first level is easy, just kill all the rats, and take a ladder down.  
This next level has harder and bigger rats, and also the rat god.  Avoid 
the Rat God as you get 50 karma if you kill it.  Don't fight it, and go 
up another ladder to get to another level, which has even bigger rats in 
it.  In this level, when you arrive at the locked door, you can search 
the shelf to get the dynamite, and then drop the dynamite next to the 
door to blow it open, or you can pick the lock.  Try picking the lock 
first as you get experience and can keep the dynamite then.  Go up there 
and go down to the car, try and use it and you get the fuel cell 
regulator.  Now go back the way you came, and now it's time to leave 
Klamath in the direction of the Toxic Caves.

All you have to do is go through the toxic caves, killing the geckos if 
you want, and find Smiley at the end.  Trade one of the pairs of boots to 
Sulik, so you can both walk on the spilt goo.  It's recommended you kill 
the Geckos for the experience, but you could wait until after you get 
gecko skinning so you can skin the goldens.  When you get to Smiley, say 
that you are leaving and you get -2 karma.  Then just talk to him again 
and get him to come with you.  You can repair the generator now, but you 
may as well let Vic do it later.  Now leave the caves back to Klamath.  
You get 75 karma points for helping Smiley.  Oh well, that took me back 
to 0 karma.

Rick Lucas told me this stuff:
Say "see ya" to smiley for the negative karma, and then kill him and take 
his stuff.  You probably get -10 karma, but you can't get the outdoorsman 
skill or the gecko skinning then.  The Gecko skinning isn't that much of 
a problem but I used Outdoorsman for Tag!.  Oh well.  I suppose it's an 
extra -85 karma if you do that.

After that, go to the area west of Klamath, where Mr Handy the robot is.  
Kill it, and then find Torr who is supposed to be there.  I'm not sure if 
Torr is there if you get your money from the Dunton's, instead of saying 
that you don't want the money from them.  Anyway, kill that retard Torr.  
He can whoop your ass if you're only level 3 or so.  Then once you've 
killed Torr and Smiley, go back to Mrs Buckner and tell her that her son 
and boyfriend are dead, and if you get the option, laugh at her.

That's pretty wicked evil stuff, and I think you would get good negative 
karma for that.  I'm not sure if Torr appears unless you talk to Mrs 
Buckner about Torr disappearing, and you might only be able to talk to 
her about that if you didn't get your money from the Dunton's.  Oh well.


Ok, now when you are back in Klamath, go and ask Mrs Buckner for some 
money and she gives you some.  Now talk to Smiley and learn to skin 
geckos.  Now keep talking to him and ask him to teach you about geckos.  
Even when he says you already know enough about them, he teaches you 
anyway, and your outdoorsman skill goes up by 1-6 points.  Keep doing 
this as much as you want, but get at least 100 points in it.  Now go over 
to the bathhouse, and talk to Jenny, and ask her about Vic and the Den.  
Now go off the screen to the south, and kill golden geckos for their 
skin.  Now you can head off to the den, or go and skin some golden geckos 
at the toxic caves.  If you go to the caves, go to the den after that.  

Character Update:
Karma: 0
Weapon: 10mm Pistol
Armour: Leather Armour
Sulik's Weapon:  Sharpened spear
Sulik's Armour:  Leather Jacket

TIP:  If you run into trappers on the way, don't kill them, as they give 
you karma.  Instead, buy their golden gecko skins for money, and then 
steal your money back.

Jenny - 2 healing powders, $39
Big Nose Sally - 2 flowers, $47
Bath Girl 1 - rope
Bath Girl 2 - cat's paw, $12
Whisky Bob - $7, 2 booze, 1 beer, knife, 2 drymeat
Person near Whisky Bob - 1 beer, $7
Sulik - sledgehammer, leather jacket
John Sullivan - spear, 24 10mm JHP, beer, stimpack, $44
Golden Gecko guy at bar - 2 gecko skins, 2 healing powders, 2 beers, $6
Black guy wanderer - stimpack, drymeat
Drunk Greeter - Molotov cocktail, 2 booze, 2 beer
Trapper near fire 1 - 24 10mm JHP, 2 beer, spear, 2 drymeat, gecko skin
Trapper near fire 2 - golden gecko skin, $13
Trapper near fire 3 - poison antidote, $6, 2 throwing knives
Girl in house - brass knuckles, 24 10mm JHP, golden gecko skin, $5
Guy in same house - 24 10mm JHP, stimpack, $35, knife
Slim Picket - (key), 2 stimpacks, 3 drymeat, $20

Firstly, go into Becky's casino and ask for whisky, and about the Dyers, 
and then buy some whisky.  Now go into Flick's house, and trade your 
useless stuff, and gecko skins in for some 10mm JHP and some shells.  Be 
sure to remove all of Sulik's items, as he will be leaving the group 
soon.  Now go into Lara's gang's house, and get a quest from her to 
search the church.  Now go onto the other side of The Den.

Go to 'the hole', and talk to one of the patrons.  You can let him spend 
some time with you for $200.  Now talk to Frankie, and ask for whisky, 
and then ask why his whisky is so expensive, and then tell him he should 
find out why, and then agree to the quest.  Next stop is the slavers' 
guild.  Be absolutely sure that Sulik doesn't have any good items.  Say 
whatever to the man in the front, and then go and talk to Metzger.  Sell 
Sulik into slavery, for $1575 and -15 karma.  Next join the slavers, and 
you get the 'slaver' karmic trait.  Say that don't want to do your slave 
run now.  Now talk to him about Vic, and ask if you can see him.  Go and 
talk to the slaver guarding Vic's door, and he'll let you in.  Talk to 
Vic, and give him the radio you found, and then go back and talk to 
Metzger.  Ask him about Vic, and when he wants you to pay him, ask if you 
can 'work something out', and then agree.  Now go and talk to him again, 
and buy Vic for $500.  Go and get Vic out.  You get 5 karma.  Oh well.  
Go back and steal Metzger's stuff, including a shotgun, which you should 

Now go on a slave run, and kill the bad villagers when they attack you, 
as you get -10 karma each one, and then -100 when you finish the first 
run, and all other runs you get -15.  And make sure that after all the 
hostile slaves are killed, you steal the slaver's weapons, which are good 
for this point in the game.  Head back to The Den after each run, get 
your money and then do another, until you can't anymore.  


If when you go on the slave run, you skill all of the slaves and then 
return to the Den, you get the -10 karma for each slave killed, and you 
don't get paid for the run, but the run doesn't count towards your number 
of runs, so you can do it an unlimited amount of times!  You'll get 
beserker too, which you'll get anyway later.  Lots of negative karma is 

Now go and talk to Tyler, and lie to get into the church.  Then use the 
crates, to find out whats in them.  Now leave to the other side.

Once on the other side, go into Becky's Bar.  There is a door in the top 
left corner of the room, which you have to pick.  Do it when the man next 
to the door moves to talk to the girl at the craps table.  To get him to 
go and talk if he isn't already doing so, just wait 10 minutes.  Pick the 
lock and go down the stairs, and you find Becky has a still.  Leave, and 
go and talk to Lara again, and agree to do her quest of talking to 
Metzger.  Now leave to the other side.

Go into Frankies, and talk to him, to get the quest to break Becky's 
still.  Go into his room and get the crowbar from the book case.  Go to 
Metzger and ask permission for Lara's gang to fight Tyler's gang.  Now go 
to Mom's.  Talk to Stacy, buy her a drink, and listen to her talk about 
her cat for 200 experience. The following might not work if you only have 
7 charisma, but if you are playing with a higher charisma character it 
might.  Go to Karl, and give him $1000, and don't ask about the GECK.  
Talk to him again later, and he'll ask you to spend some time with him, 
for $1000.  Agree and you get your money back and are closer to the 
sexpert and gigolo karmic traits. Leave this screen.

Go into Becky's casino, and then go downstairs and destroy the still, by 
using the crowbar on it.  Now go and talk to Lara again, and get the next 
quest, to find the weakness in Tyler's gang.  Go back to the other side.

Go to Frankie, and tell him you've broken the still, and you get -50 
karma, $500 and 700 experience.  Don't tell him to join Becky, as that's 
70 karma, and 900 experience.  Now go and talk to Tyler, to learn that 
the gang is having a party tonight.  Go to the other screen.

Jason Ballin explained this part a bit better, but Rick Lucas told me 
about it too:

Instead of helping Lara, tell her you need time to prepare.  Go back to 
Tyler, and tell her that Lara's going to fight her, and he'll give you 
$500 to kill her gang.  Do that, and you get -5 karma for each of Lara's 
gang members killed, and you can take $400 off her body, as well as that 
$500 from before and 1000 experience for "helping Lara win the battle".  
That would have been an error, but oh well.  That's all.

If you have a shovel, you may as well dig all the graves, to get the 
grave digger karmic trait, and lots of negative karma (-5 for each grave 
dug).  There is some buffout in one of the graves, so make sure you take 
it and keep it.  If you have too much to carry, go and put it in the car 
trunk on the other side of town.  Now is probably a good time to leave 
The Den, for Vault City, but you will find an unknown town on the way.  
Stop there.

Character Update:
Level: 5
Karma: -355
Weapon:  Shotgun, SMG
Armour: Leather Armour
Vic's Weapon:  Hunting Rifle
Vic's Armour:  Leather Jacket

Steal List
Metzger - Shotgun, 20 Shells, stimpack
Smitty - 10mm Pistol, 24 10mm JHP


You start near the general store.  Don't go there yet.  Go right, and you 
see an injured brahmin.  Use doctor skill on it, and heal it for 5 karma, 
and 200 experience.  Now go to the house south of where the brahmin was, 
and get the brahmin to follow you into the house.  Talk to Grisham, and 
ask him to make some jerky for you, with your brahmin.  Agree, and you 
get -5 karma.  Go to the well, and 'use' it to move all the planks off 
the top of it, and then use a rope on it, and go down.  Pick up all the 
coin bags, and you get -1 karma for each one, so that makes a -12 karma 
total.  Go up the end of the north west path, and pick up the BB gun at 
the end.  Now climb back up. Go to the general store, and ask if he has a 
GECK, and ask what he wants for it.  When you can, agree and ask him to 
cut off his pinky finger, and make sure he does, to get -10 karma.  Now 
leave the screen to go north.

Make sure you have 2 sets of dynamite.  Go to the north west corner of 
the screen, where the cage is, and go in.  The dogs will attack after a 
bit, or you can give them jerky instead.  Use dynamite next to the pile 
of rocks, and then move out of the way.  The rocks get blown away, so 
ready an SMG for a fight.  Go in the barn, and fight the death claw, 
which has 200hp.  Use burst mode on it from up close, and you should do 
about 60 damage each shot.  You get 800 experience for killing it.  Now 
go into Rose's Bed and Breakfast, and talk to Cornelius who is in the 
north most room, and after talking to him for a bit, say he needs serious 
help, and agree to help him.  Leave the building, and tell Vic to wait.  
Go to the outhouse, and use the cupboards there to open it, and then use 
the middle of it to climb down.  Use the dynamite near the cave in, and 
then climb back up.  You will probably get hit for 30 damage.  Get Vic 
and climb down.  Go and fight the molerat and get the pocket watch.  Go 
back to Cornelius, and tell him Farrel stole it for 500 experience and -5 
karma.  Now you can leave Modoc to go to the ghost farm.


At the ghost farm, look at the bodies to find out that they are not real.  
Go into the house, and step on the rug to fall into the hideout.  Go with 
the guards when they ask, and talk to Vegeir, and agree to help them.  Go 
around and steal stuff off the Slags, there is a repair book and a guns 
and bullets on people, but there are usually .223 FMJ, .44 Magnum JHP and 
10mm JHP ammo on people.  Leave through the door behind Vegeir, and go 
back to Modoc.

Go and talk to Jo at the general store.  Go through the conversation, and 
make Modoc attack the slags, and say you'll lead them.  You'll 
automatically go to the Ghost Farm.


You start off in battle mode, with lots of townspeople and slags around.  
Try and kill as many slags as you can by yourself, as you get -10 karma 
each slag killed.  Once the battle has finished, loot the bodies, and 
steal ammo off the townspeople allies.  Now go down the back trapdoor, 
which was the way you came out from the underground last time.

All you have to do is kill Vegeir.  He has 50 hit points, and an SMG with 
AP ammo, so he can't do much damage.  Loot everything else that you 
didn't get the first time.  Now go back to Modoc.


There isn't much to do, but you can see what the traders and villagers 
say.  Go to Rose's Bed and Breakfast, and talk to her, and she lets you 
search through the lost and found box.  There isn't much there.  Now it's 
time to go to Vault City, so head there.

Character Update:
Level: 7
Karma: -452
Weapon:  Shotgun, 10mm SMG, desert eagle
Armour: Leather Armour
Vic's Weapon:  Hunting Rifle
Vic's Armour:  Leather Jacket


When you get here go and steal the guards stuff.  Head up the main 
street, and outside a shed near the brahmin pen Vic says that Ed lives 
there.  Go in and talk to Ed and get the locations of lots of other 
towns, and 500 experience.  You can trade your stuff at the weapon shop 
just above the pen.  Go and find the little boy, and he asks you to find 
his doll.  It is on the outside of the bar, next to a wall.  Get it, talk 
to him, and rip it's arms off for 100 experience and -3 karma.  Go and 
talk to Cassidy if you want, but he won't join you because you are a 
slaver, so use some jet on him.  He dies of a heart attack, but you don't 
get any negative karma, but you can take the stuff from his body.  Use 
doctor skill successfully on the man lying inside a tent, and you get 100 
experience.  Go into the next screen.

Go into the customs office and talk to Skeev.  Ask him about how to get 
into the city, and the other ways there are, but don't buy the fake 
papers, and just end the conversation.  Talk again and say you'll turn 
him in, and tell him you can be pretty persuasive, and eventually he will 
pay you $300.  Take off your armor, and talk to Wallace, and he gives you 
the day pass.  Trade all your beer, buffout, jet, rotgut, booze and other 
illegal drugs to Vic, and then go inside the city.

Get back 10 beer and 10 booze off Vic, and go in the first building on 
the right, and talk to her about what's on tap, and about real alcohol, 
and then keep talking, and when she asks you for the alcohol, give it to 
her, and you get 250 experience and $300.  Go to the Amenities A, and 
steal anything you want from the table to the right of the lady in there.  
In Amenities B, steal from the table behind the man.  Go into the 
Maintenance building and listen to Vic and Val talk.  Go to the servant 
allocation center, and talk to the man in there, try to sell off Vic, and 
then raise the price, but don't sell him off, for -6 karma.  Go to the 
information office, the building furthest to the west, and go in, and 
talk to the guy about books and how you like them better.  He gives you 
some books.  Go into the corrections center, and get the quest to scout 
the area around Gecko.  Leave the screen to the north.

Go to the citizen office, and steal the First Citizen's mentats.  Talk to 
her and ask how to become a citizen, and agree to take the quest to stop 
the ghouls reactor leaking.  Get the buffout and some jet off Vic, and 
then save, and take the mentats, jet and buffout, and make sure you 
aren't addicted to them.  Go and talk to Proconsul Gregory, and take the 
citizenship test.  You should pass if you have 9 perception, 9 
intelligence and 9 luck, which you will have after the drugs.  You get 
1000 experience for passing.  Go back a screen, and go to the vault.

Go in through the vault, and find Dr Troy, who is the man in the white 
lab coat.  Go and talk to him, and then when you're about to leave, he 
will ask you to get jet.  Ask him why he wants the jet, and ask why you 
shouldn't turn him in now, and make him pay you.  I only had 42% barter 
skill, so I could only get $500 on the first of every month. Try and get 
as much as possible.  You get -3 karma.  Now go down to the second level 
of the vault, because your doctor skill probably isn't high enough yet to 
use the computer properly on the first floor.

There are lots of useful and not so useful items.  Starting from the 
bottom right room going clockwise:

Room 1:  booze, cat's paw, TV dinner, junk, $3.
Room 2:  $150, stimpack, poison antidote, Big Book of Science.
Room 3 (locked):  Voice Recognition Module, Motion Sensor, Water chips.
Room 4 (stuck):  2 explosive rockets, 2 AP rockets, 10 Flame thrower 
fuel, 2 frag grenades, water chips.
Room 5 (locked):  5 television dinners, 5 boxes of noodles
Room 6 (stuck):  Strength Module, metal mk2, lots of ammo
Room 7 (locked):  Useless Stuff
Room 8 (locked):  Wrench, tool, other stuff.

Go and repair the rattling air vent for 50 micro fusion cells and 100 
experience.  Go down to level 3.

Go to the central computer, which is the one near the weird guy, and it 
talks.  Use it and you can learn the location of Vault 15.  You can pick 
the locks to the two doors on this level and get some stuff.  Now leave 
the Vault, and go to the main amenities office.  You can buy some good 
stuff now if you want, like Mk2 metal armour and a combat shotgun.  Now 
leave Vault City for Gecko, in the north east.


When you get to Gecko, just steal stuff, and make sure you get the 
coolant report and part requisition form from the shelf near Harold.  Go 
to the next screen, to the north west.

Go into the survival gear building to the left, and then take the yellow 
key card out of the locker there.  You can trade stuff with him too.  Go 
to the room with lockers in next to Skeeter's room, and make sure you 
take the lock picks from the locker.  Go next door, and talk to Skeeter.  
You can steal the car part from him without the patch, but if you have 
the patch, you'll have to kill him later and take it.  Go to one of the 
rooms that has a manhole in it, near the north of the screen.  Down there 
you can talk to the ghouls, and steal some good stuff, and talk to the 
big molerat.  Leave here, and leave the above screen, and enter the 


Be sure to steal everything you can in here, because this place will soon 
be closed...permanently.  There's lots of AP ammo for the assault rifle 
here, and a blue key card in a bookshelf in a bedroom, which you can use 
at Navarro.  The guy in charge of storage can give you a 3-step plasma 
transformer, if you give him the part requisition farm you good from 
Harold's desk.  It isn't useful though, as this is an evil walk through.  
Go through the reactor, and when you get past the red key card door (you 
can steal the red key card or find it in a room), you can either talk to 
Hank, and give him the coolant report, and he will shut down the reactor, 
for -20 karma and 550 experience, or use the computer.  First save, then 
use the computer, and choose action, try to access the network, and 
access the enclave, but you have to guess a password first.  You should 
be able to guess it in a couple of tries, if you can't, just reload.  You 
can talk to the guy for a while.  When you finish, use the computer 
again, and learn to use the robot, and then put in commands in this 

Amplify Plutonium-Gamma Shield
Deharmonize Neptunium Impeller
Calibrate Uranium-Rod Driver
Set Voltage on Saturn-Class Capacitor
Test Jupiter Wave Compiler
Turn Main Coolant Valve-Off

This should send the robot to start a meltdown, and you get 550 
experience and no karma.  So my advice is to go on the computer and talk 
to the enclave, and then convince the Hank to do it, even though it takes 
ages.  Now you have to decide whether you are going to run for it, or 
kill everyone for negative karma and items and experience.  Choose what 
you want.  When you run out of the reactor, you get 2500 experience, and 
-30 karma as well.  Unfortunately, I got the berserker title, but it was 
because I think I killed a ghoul without any weapons that was running 
away.  If you talk to any of the ghouls, they'll fight you, and if you 
walk past the entrance of the bar, you will have to fight.  But if you go 
over to Skeeter, he doesn't fight you, and neither do any of the other 
ghouls in that screen.  Save, and then turn sneak on, go behind him and 
shoot him dead, and hope no one comes to look for you.  Take the car part 
from him (if you don't have the patch you can just steal it).  Leave 
Gecko for Vault City.


Go to Lynette, and tell her you destroyed the reactor.  She will go 
psycho at you, and when she asks you to leave, do it immediately, or you 
will be kicked out of Vault City for good.  Go and trade in all your 
stuff you found at Gecko for useful stuff, and if it is the first, go and 
get your money from the doctor.  Go to the two amenities shops, and steal 
new items, as they should have restocked by now.  Go to the corrections 
center, and give him the map of Gecko (for $300 and 350 experience), and 
get the quest to scout a route to NCR.  Just outside the vault, is a man 
dressed in green, talk to him, and he says he won't talk to you, but say 
something about how you don't like slavery in Vault City, and that Vault 
City is bad, and stuff like that, for the whole conversation, and when he 
asks you to take his briefcase, offer to do it for free, and not for 
money.  Once you have the briefcase, you can leave.  Go back to the Den.  
If you want you can stop by at Modoc, and pick up your 100 pieces of dry 
meat from a crate in a room of the slaughterhouse.  If you encounter 
bounty hunters, you can fight them and win good weapons, but they're 
hard.  I encountered them with a herd of deathclaws in a cave, so I got 
heaps of experience.

Character Update:
Level: 8
Karma: -764
Weapon:  Magnum, Assault Rifle
Armour: Metal Armour Mk2
Vic's Weapon:  Combat Shotgun
Vic's Armour:  Leather Armour

Go and talk to Smitty and pay him to install the car parts.  Put all of 
the stuff that you are not going to use straight away in the car trunk, 
so you can carry more.  Now leave and go south east to Redding.


Redding is the first town you arrive at that has lots of Super Stimpacks.  
Steal them all, they're really good.  There isn't really much to do in 
Redding for evil people, but if your level 10 or better you can become 
Sheriff.  The first mission is to go and kick Widow Rooney out.  Her 
house is a bit south of the sherrif's office.  Go in, talk to her, and 
kick her out, and get -25 karma and 1000 experience and $100.  You can 
now talk to Ascorti as much as you want, and each time you can get him to 
give you a beer, so you can get unlimited beer.  Go and get the next 
mission, which is to split up the fight in the bar.  Go to the bar, talk 
to one of them, and say you'll kill the first person to throw a punch, 
and then it won't be your blood.  Take both of them to jail for $300, 
1500 experience and 0 karma.  Rick Lucas tells me that if you take the 
next quest, you don't get positive karma, but I did.  Anyway, go and talk 
to the bartender in the bar, and get info on who cut the whore.  Go to 
the area where the molerat fighting is, in the morningstar mine area, and 
talk to one of the guys there.  He admits to cutting the girl, so you can 
shoot him.  Rick Lucas says he didn't get any positive karma, but I got 5 
karma.  Oh well.  Don't take the next mission though.

Go to the screen to the north, and go to the morningstar mine, and get a 
shovel out of the locker.  Go and dig up all the graves, which give you a 
grand total of -35 karma.  Go down the grave that was already open.  You 
should probably take the 3 dynamites from the lockers and cupboards and 
stuff in both of the mine buildings first, as they are useful in getting 
heaps of money soon.

This is the great wannamingo mine.  This screen has lots of rats, and two 
wannamingos.  You should be able to kill the wannamingos without too much 
trouble.  If you aim for the eyes and blind them, they will run away, so 
run them into the corner of the cave and then shoot them.  Then leave 
this screen to the south.

There are a couple more wannimingos here, so kill them, and on this 
screen there are some ladders which take you to places in Redding when 
you climb them.  There is a room on this screen which is under the 
saloon, and there is a fridge there with some fruit.  There is another 
ladder that leads up to the back room in the casino.  Go up there.

Save now.  Put your weapon away, and go to the back door of the room with 
the money changer, and pick the lock.  The guard gets a bit angry at you, 
but set the dynamite, one for 0:30, another for 1:00 and the other for 
1:30 and plant them on the guard.  Run back down the ladder, and on the 
little monitor in the bottom left corner it should have said the guard 
was hit twice with the dynamite.  Go back up the ladder, and hopefully 
the man is dead.  If he isn't, reload and try with different times on the 
dynamite.  Go in the backroom, loot the fridge and the lockers, for heaps 
of money and pay scripts.  For me, when I leave the screen after using 
dynamite the game gets an error and stuffs up.  Don't worry about the 
dynamite thing if that happens to you also.  Now go back down the ladder 
and head north to the screen where you started, and then leave that 
screen to the west.

This screen has four wannamingos for you to kill.  Do that, and then head 
down a ladder.  I like the one in the north east of that screen, but the 
north west one stuffed my game up, so I don't go down that one.  This 
screen has heaps of wannamingos, and their mother too.  There is a big 
machine in the middle of the screen, and if you use it, there is an 
excavator chip in there for you to take.  In a bit of the caves to the 
far right of this screen there is another excavator chip on the ground 
for you to pick up.  I don't know if this is an error, or bug or what.  
The wannamingos around here are hard, and attack in groups.  This is a 
good place where the better criticals comes in handy.  I killed 3 
wannamingos with instant kill critical hits, and I blinded or damaged the 
air intake of all the others.  There is about 8-9 wannamingos on this 
screen I think.  Once you clear out this screen, you're all done, and you 
get 3500 experience and 0 karma.  You don't have to kill the eggs to get 
the experience, so I just left them.  My game might have had an error 
actually, as it said I cleared out the mine when there was still one 
wannamingo left.  Oh well.  Head back to the entrance of Redding.

Remove your weapon and talk to the Mayor, get a beer and then buy the 
deed to the mine for $1000, end the conversation, talk to him again and 
then sell him the mine back for $2500, 1000 experience and 0 karma.  If 
you want, go to the north side, and sell the chip to Dan at the 
Morningstar Mine, because he goes for New Reno, for 2500 experience, 
$1000 and 0 karma.  If you do, you get the ending described in here, but 
if you don't, I think you should get the better ending for evil people, 
where Redding turns into a "desicated husk" or whatever.  Time to leave 
Redding now, for New Reno.

Character Update:

Level: 12                 Exp: 70,055       Next Level: 78,000

 ::: Traits :::
  Sex Appeal
 ::: Perks :::
  Better Criticals
  Swift Learner
  Gecko Skinning

 ::: Karma :::
  Karma: -844 (Scourge of the Wastes)
  Grave Digger

 ::: Reputation :::
  Arroyo: Idolized
  Klamath: Antipathy
  Den: Accepted
  Vault City: Accepted
  Gecko: Vilified
  Modoc: Antipathy
  Broken Hills: Neutral
  New Reno: Neutral
  Redding: Neutral
  Vault 15: Neutral
  Ghost Farm: Vilified

 ::: Skills :::                ::: Kills :::
  Small Guns ..... 109%        Men ............ 022
  Big Guns ....... 006%        Women .......... 020
  Energy Weapons . 006%        Ghouls ......... 036
  Unarmed ........ 065%        Brahmin ........ 010
  Melee Weapons .. 056%        Radscorpions ... 022
  Throwing ....... 022%        Rats ........... 087
  First aid ...... 058%        Robots ......... 001
  Doctor ......... 080%        Dogs ........... 003
  Sneak .......... 074%        DeathClaws ..... 035
  Lockpick ....... 075%        Geckos ......... 038
  Steal .......... 100%        Aliens ......... 028
  Traps .......... 075%        Giant Ants ..... 009
  Science ........ 072%
  Repair ......... 075%
  Speech ......... 097%
  Barter ......... 038%
  Gambling ....... 055%
  Outdoorsman .... 102%

Character Update:
Weapon:  Pancor Jackhammer
Armour: Bridgekeepers Robes
Vic's Weapon:  Sniper Rifle
Vic's Armour:  Metal Armour Mk2

You start in Virgin Street of New Reno.  Talk to Jules, and ask about the 
Salvatores and their laser pistols, and then you can talk about the 
Mordinos and learn where Myron is, and also Golgotha, but you'll be going 
there soon anyway.  Go to the Cat's Paw, when you have a Cat's Paw 
magazine, and ask Miss Kitty about it, and you get the quest to find 10 
Cat's Paws.  When you come back she gives you 500, but barter for 100 and 
she gives you 750.  You also get 1000 experience.  Go into the desperado 
casino, and talk to Little Jesus and ask to sell slaves, but don't sell 
any.  Go upstairs and talk to Senor Mordino, and he will say that you're 
a woman when he asks you to do the quests, but then just say that you can 
do it anyway.  Accept the quest and you will end up at the stables.  Go 
in the building on the right, and talk to Ramirez and give him the box 
for 500 experience.  Before that you can open the box, and steal the 5 
lots of jet, but then you won't be able to give the box to Ramirez 
without fighting him, and if you don't give it to him you don't get the 
500 experience.  You can go into the back room and go and see Myron, but 
don't do it yet.  Leave the stables and go back to New Reno.

At New Reno if you go to where your car was, you'll see that it's 
disappeared.  Go and talk to Jules and yell at him and swear at him, and 
he'll get scared and tell you where it is, so you go there.  Or you can 
just walk up to where your car is, and then it gives you the opportunity 
to find the car for yourself.

At this place, go in the garage, and you see your car.  Go in and talk to 
the guy in the back room.  Say that you want your car back, and if you 
have enough charisma, you can "get down to bitness" with him for your car 
back, and 7 charisma is enough to do that.  You get 750 experience and 0 
karma.  End the conversation, and then start again, ask if he can upgrade 
the car, and give him some more "sweet love", so you get the udgrades for 
free.  If you keep making sweet love to T-Ray, he gets 5000 damage and 
blows up, but you will get the sexpert and gigolo karmic traits pretty 
quickly that way.  Steal all the stuff from inside his room.  Drive your 
car and then enter New Reno again.

Go in the Desperado, and talk to Big Jesus.  You get $100 for delivering 
the jet.  Agree to do the next quest, but then use some of your jet on 
Senor Mordino.  He dies, you get 1000 experience and 0 karma, and you can 
take his combat shotgun and combat leather jacket, which will be good for 
Myron.  Leave and go to the stables.

At the stables, go in the backroom, and you can just walk past the bald 
woman, but if you're a man you should steal the scientific pass off her.  
Go downstairs and south, and talk to the guards at the door.  You can go 
inside if you are a lady by flirting, and if you are a man say you are a 
scientist, and have the pass.  Go inside, and get Myron to join you.  
Search around his room for a Cat's Paw, lots of empty hypos and some ammo 
for his needler.  Give him some good armour, and his ammo, take his 
stimpacks and drugs from him for yourself.  Talk to Myron to learn about 
jet.  If you have high enough science skill, you can get him to make 
super stimpacks, with all your nuka cola and fruit you've been 
collecting.  If your science is high enough you can also convince him 
there is a cure for jet, for 1000 experience.  But anyway, you get 750 
experience for Myron joining you.  Go back to Reno.

Go to the next street, and you can't talk to the porno man because you're 
a slaver.  If you can talk to the man, it would have been better not to 
kill Big Jesus and get Myron, because of his quests.  Oh well.  Go into 
the Shark Club, and make sure you have the briefcase from Moore in NCR.  
Go upstairs, and then on the second level go to the other set of stairs, 
and talk to the guards and say you have the briefcase.  Instead of going 
up the stairs, go and talk to Mrs Bishop, in the left corner.  When you 
are about to leave, she will ask you if you want drinks, so go and have 
some.  Afterwards, talk to her, about everything, and ask her if she's 
from vault city if you can, and she tells you the safe combination and 
you can get the speech enhancement module from it, which gives you +10 to 
speech.  I couldn't ask about Vault City at the moment.  Don't loot the 
northernmost room yet, but loot the room above Mrs Bishop's.  Now go in 
the room with people in it, and Mr Bishop will talk to you.  Be nice to 
him, and tell the truth, and agree to take his mission, for -5 karma.  
You get 500 experience and money for completing the earlier mission.  Now 
leave the Shark Club, and go to Salvatore's Bar.

Go upstairs, and talk to Mason, and keep telling him you want to see Mr 
Salvatore, and you get let in after a while.  Talk to Mr Salvatore and 
say you want to work for him, to get the quest to kill Lloyd.  Go and ask 
Mason about the details, and then leave the Salvatores, and leave this 
screen to the west.

In this screen, go to Renesco's, and buy some drugs if you want, as 
you'll need some strength over in Broken Hills soon.  But you'll be 
coming here soon anyway, so you don't need to, as you'll get his whole 
stock for free.  Go to the church, and if Father Tully is in the back, 
loot the donation box for -3 karma.  There is also 2 Xander roots and 1 
Broc Flower in his back yard.  Go to the weapon shop, and ask him if the 
Salvatores buy their lightbringers from here, and then accept the quest 
to get one.  You can leave, and then go around to the west side of the 
building, and pick the lock at the back, and go through the back to where 
the dogs are, and then go down the stairs behind the shelves.  The man 
down there can upgrade every upgradable weapon for free, and there is 
stuff on the desks to take.  There is a fridge in the top left corner of 
the room, with electronic lockpicks in it.  Be sure you take those, and 
keep them until you go back to the Toxic Caves.  Back in the room 
upstairs, there is a locker containing the 9mm Mauser, which is like the 
handgun on Resident Evil 3 I think, at least it uses the same ammo, 9x19 
parabellum.  Leave this screen and go to the Desperado.

Go to the stairs, and go down.  In the southernmost room there is a 
poison tank which you can use to kill Salvatore, but you don't need it.  
Go behind all the big tanks, and pick the lock of the door that Lloyd is 
in.  Make him take you to Golgotha, and then make him dig up the 
graveyard, open the manhole, and then drop the mine down there on his 
head for -5 karma.  Go down there and take the money.  My game stuffs up 
when I go down there, so I have to pay with my own money.  Dig up all the 
other graves.  Talk to Myron, ask him to wait here, but let him stay when 
he tells you about Golgotha.  Ask him where the grave is on Golgotha, and 
then when you're in the southern part of the map, he tells you which one 
it is.  You were digging all of them, so it didn't really matter anyway.  
It's the one with "Ray Muzyka, Summer '98" on it.  You only get the extra 
stuff if you have Myron with you though, and have asked him about it.  In 
one of the southern graves, there are some mirrored shades, and when they 
are in your active item slots they give you +1 charisma, so have them 
there whenever you talk.  When you dig up the grave with the ghoul in it, 
kill it. Once you've dug up all the graves, and killed the ghoul, you get 
a massive total of -135 karma!  Go back to New Reno to Salvatore.

Talk to Mason and then go in and talk to Salvatore, and pay him 1000 
chips, and you get 500 back, and also 500 experience and -10 karma.  Get 
the next quest to go and get money off Renesco.  Go there.

At Renesco's, say you are Mr Salvatore's person and you are here to 
collect the tribute.  Keep saying stuff like that, and then say you want 
a 'discount', he gives it to you and then you get to make your 
'purchases'.  In other words, you get heaps of drugs for free!  Make sure 
you get every drugs you can.  Then leave to Salvatore's again.

Pay the 1000 chips, and you get 750 experience and 250 chips.  Get the 
next quest, and ask for a laser pistol which you get, and also you get 
taught some energy weapon skills if you ask (5%).  Then go on the 

Leave this area when the guy tells you to, and then go back to New Reno.  
DON'T go back to Salvatore.  Go to Commercial Row, and give Eldridge that 
laser pistol he wanted, for some money and 500 experience.  It's time to 
leave Reno...for now.  Head for Broken Hills in the east.

Character Update:
Level: 13
Karma: -982
Weapon:  Pancor Jackhammer
Armour: Bridgekeepers Robes
Vic's Weapon:  Sniper Rifle
Vic's Armour:  Metal Armour Mk2
Myron's Weapon: Needler
Myron's Armour: Combat Leather Jacket


Firstly, you can help that ghoul under the car if you want, as there's no 
karma involved.  You can talk to Steve if you put your weapons away, but 
you don't have to.  Go into the caravan office, and shovel stuff as much 
as you can, and you end up getting 500 experience, and receive the 
"expert excrement expeditor" or something, which gives you +5% to speech, 
antipathy in Broken Hills and $500.

Go to the bar, and buy lots of nuka cola if you want.  Use 2 buffout, 
make sure you aren't addicted and then wrestle Francis the super mutant.  
You will hopefully lose, so you can get the ball gag.  Rest a bit so you 
get your stats back.

Just south of the sheriff, is the doctors.  Go in, and joke to him about 
young and old people to get some free healing next time.  If you listen 
to his story, he'll also give you some free healing next time.  Go south 
and a bit east into that house.

Talk to the man there, ask about Broken Hills, and say you hate mutants, 
and then agree to their quest of rescuing the guys from jail.  Go to the 
jail, and when the mutant walks near the door, sneak and steal the key 
off him, and then sneak over to the end cells, unlock the door and open 
it, and then talk to the humans.  You end up with -10 karma and 1500 
experience, and end up back at the mutant haters house.  If you have bad 
sneak skill, you can just kill the people inside the jail, but I like to 
do it properly, so I didn't.  Talk to the man, and then agree to do the 
next quest, to get the explosive charge.  Go to the East Side of Broken 

Over on the east side, head up along the southern house row, and go in 
the building where the scientist and radscorpion are.  Go and steal the 
radscorpions glasses and the tool.  Take the agility and perception 
tests, for 500 experience each.  The professor has 5 mentats in his 
inventory, so steal them all.

Go to the garden near the shed, and talk to the talking plant.  Move it 
in front of the old ghouls home for 2 karma, but 1000 experience.  Go 
back and test intelligence with the professor for 500 experience, and 
then beat up on the scorpion for -10 karma and 60 experience.  That 2 
karma earlier was worth it now!

Rick Lucas told me about how to get negative karma on this quest:

Ok.  Go to the north side, and in a house near the top of the screen is a 
man who gives you a quest to find his wife.  Go underground through a 
manhole or something, and then find the dead bodies of people to the 
north somewhere.  Examine the bodies twice, and then take the note of one 
of those bodies.  Go back to the man who gave you the quest, and he'll 
ask if you've found her.  Say "Is she a hottie with no legs?" and then 
call him a loser.  You get negative karma for this.  Wicked bad.

Go to the front of the mine.  Make Vic and Myron wait, and then go into 
the mine.  You are supposed to have protective gear, but you won't get 
power armour for a while anyway so you may as well do it now.  Go in the 
mine and run north, and when you take heaps of damage, use some stims.  
When you get to the mining machine, use the explosive device on it, for 
1500 experience and -50 karma.  Now all the mutants are gone, so Broken 
Hills is now stuffed.  Go back to the mutant haters house, and talk to 
them to be allowed to go in the basement of the general store.  Go over 
to the general store, and talk to the lady and ask to use her basement or 
whatever.  There is some good stuff down there... if you don't have any 
good weapons at the moment.  Leave Broken Hills for NCR.

Character Update:
Level: 13
Karma: -1050 (demon spawn!!!)
Weapon:  Pancor Jackhammer
Armour: Bridgekeepers Robes
Vic's Weapon:  Sniper Rifle
Vic's Armour:  Metal Armour Mk2
Myron's Weapon: Needler
Myron's Armour: Combat Leather Jacket


When you get to NCR, pay the bum $5 to watch your car.  Go into the 
slavers house, in the north, and get the mission to get the raiders map 
for the main slaver.  You can steal the Bozar, one of the best big guns, 
from the guards outside the weapon shop in combat armour, and you can buy 
stuff there too.  Wait until night time, and then go in the empty room in 
the bar near the entrance.  After a bit a man will come in, maybe with 
some guards, but talk to him anyway.  Say your bad, and agree to do his 
favour.  Now rest until morning, and get everyone to holster their 
weapons, and go inside NCR.  Firstly, walk down the main street, until 
you meet the sheriff, who's south of the police statement.  Ask for work, 
and then ask about working for Westin, and agree to help.

Next, go to this weapon shop, and buy stuff if you want to.  If your 
gambling skill is high enough, you can ask about other ways to work, and 
then the dwarf gives you the password to the gambling room.

Now go south a bit, and go in the scientist's place.  Go to the desk in 
the hall and take the paper.  If you have science above 80, go and talk 
to the scientist, and say you haven't studied what he does.  Agree to his 
quest, to get the serum.

Go a bit more south to the Doctors.  You can ask him about stuff, but go 
and steal everything from his bookcase, especially the poison.  

Now head back up the street again, to the church.  Enter and close the 
door behind you.  Save the game, and then get a powerful weapon, put 
sneak on, and then blast her in the eyes.  She should die in one hit.  
End combat as soon as possible, and holster your weapon.  You get 2060 
experience and -10 karma.  Leave the church.

North is a Brotherhood of Steel building, but just ignore it.  Up that 
street is a ranger house, so save.  I took some psycho too, for the extra 
damage resistance, as you'll face a flamethrower, a minigun and a combat 
shotgun in there.  Get yourself in a good position, and then talk to the 
ranger, and tell her to try and shoot you in the head.  Now start the 
fight, and kill them all.  Take the map in the chest in the room above.  
You get 925 experience and -30 karma for killing all the rangers.

Rick Lucas told me this good tip against the rangers:

Use the serum you just got a few minutes ago on the mutant ranger.  It 
kills it, which will make the fight easier.  Wicked again.  And you can 
pick up Cyberhound earlier too.

Go north, but save again first.  Now it's your choice here.  You can 
either be an evil person, or a evil person that does good for a huge 

For the former, go north and the lady outside the shop asks you if you 
want to help.  Say no, then go inside, but don't stand near the man.  He 
blows himself up.  Talk to the lady, and say your bad at repairing stuff.  
Wait in the corner for 30 seconds, and she blows up, and her robot too.  
You can get a psycho of the policemans body, and some books off the girl.

Or, talk to him, and before he blows up the bomb, shoot him.

Or, if you're a bit good, you can repair the computer system over and 
over, getting experience and books over and over.  Thanks to Trent.

For the latter, you'll have to talk to the man.  The sequence for talking 
him out of it is 1-2-1-1-2-2-1-2.  If you talk him out of it, you get 
6000 experience and 25 karma. It stuffed up for me, and gave me 6300 
experience, and then when I talked to the lady after it gave me 3150 
experience and 20 karma again, and the books she gives you.  I think that 
may have been an error, but that's what happened to me.  I think that 
error stuffed up my NCR quests by not giving me proper karma for some 
quests after that.  I chose this option, because I wanted some 

Now head east to the laser barrier.  Talk to the man behind it, and then 
who lives there, and then say you want to see him about work.  You get 
let in there.  Go to the south building and give Saltbeef Bob some 
alcohol and he tells you his Vault 13 story.  Go to the big house, talk 
to the guy outside, say the Sheriff told you to come for work, and then 
go in the house.

Talk to Westin, ask about Vault 13, take the job, go outside and talk to 
Felix and then take the job.  You wait for a while, and some talking 
deathclaws come.  Follow where they go, and if your outdoorsman is high 
enough, a message comes up and tells you how to track them.  Go there and 
you end up at Vault 13.  Leave there, return to NCR and go to Westin's 
Ranch again.

Go into Westin's house, but don't talk to him, as you'll get 1000 
experience and 15 karma.  Instead, use the poison on him, and then loot 
his body.  Leave here and go to the Bazaar.

Go to the slavers and give Vortis the map, for $500.  Wait until evening, 
then go and get the next quest off Merk in the Saloon.  Just talk to him 
and say you've done the quest, and he'll give you $1000 and 1000 
experience, but no karma.  Now it's time to leave.


At New Reno, just head to the Shark Club, go with Mrs Bishop, and then 
talk to Mr Bishop, and accept the quest to kill Carlson.  You get -5 
karma for taking the quest and 2000 experience and $500 for assassinating 
Westin.  Purchase anything you might want from the shops, and then go 
back to NCR.


Enter in the Bazaar, holster your weapons, and then go to the south part 
of NCR.  Go into the Hall of Congress, and tell the guy in there that you 
want to see the president concerning the job.  Go and steal the 
presidential pass off the man in the next room.

Leave the hall of congress, and talk to the man outside the laser barrier 
in this screen.  Use the presidential pass on him, and then enter this 
area.  Go south, and through the wooden gate, and stand near the window 
near the water tank, and SAVE.  Get your sniper rifle or something, and 
put sneak on, enter combat, and aim for the man's eyes.  Shoot him, and 
holster your weapon, and end the round.  End combat the next round.  If 
you can't, you'll have to reload and try again.  You get -10 karma and 75 
experience for killing Carlson.  Leave NCR, for the fabled Vault 13.

Character Update:
Level: 14
Karma: -1100
Weapon:  Pancor Jackhammer
Armour: Bridgekeepers Robes
Vic's Weapon:  Sniper Rifle
Vic's Armour:  Metal Armour Mk2
Myron's Weapon: Needler
Myron's Armour: Combat Leather Jacket


Follow the cave, and open the vault door with the control panel thing.  
Enter, and you get 2000 experience.  Now get ready for a hard fight.  
Drug up, reload and change tactics for NPCs, or whatever you do.  Open 
the door and talk to the deathclaw, and find some way to fight him.

Aiming for the eyes gives the best chance to get criticals, so do that.  
If you nearly die, you can run on the exit grid and heal, then go back.  
You get 1200 experience and -10 karma for every deathclaw, except for 
Goris, he gives you 900 experience and -10 karma.  The deathclaws with 
310 HP give you more experience, and the babies give you less.  You still 
lose 10 karma each one though.

On the second level, kill the deathclaw, and you can get the prisoner in 
the top left corner to escape, but you don't get any experience and 
karma.  On the third floor, loot the lockers, and make sure you take the 
GECK for 4000 experience (although you don't need to take it), and the 
Navcom parts in another part of the ship.  After you've exterminated 
those deathclaws and taken the stuff, it's time to leave. You'll get a 
dream about Arroyo.  Congratulations on doing the best evil thing yet!  
Now head west, until you get to the military base.

Character Update:
Karma: -1190
Weapon:  Pancor Jackhammer
Armour:  Bridgekeepers Robes (power armour soon)
Vic's Weapon:  Sniper Rifle
Vic's Armour:  Combat Armour
Myron's Weapon:  Needler Pistol
Myron's Armour:  Combat Armour


When you enter the military base, you see lots of tents.  Search them all 
to get good items, and use the holodisk and then read it on the pipboy in 
status.  Use the map that you find, so San Fran goes on your map.  After 
a while all those wolfies attack, so kill them for 660 experience.

Go into the military base area, and a bit down from the cart is a metal 
pole, so use it on the cart.  Go up a bit and there is a little hut 
there, so pick the lock and take some dynamite from inside.  Go and use 
the dynamite with the pole, and then use the cart.  The entrance opens 
and you get 5000 experience.  Enter the base, and make sure you have the 
mutant serum from NCR.

In the base, search the bodies of the dead enclave people and read the 
holodisks.  Kill all the rats, and on the left side of this level is a 
power generator, so repair it for 1500 experience, and access to the 
lifts.  Now go to the upper left of the screen where the mutant is, and 
then kill the rats so they don't initiate combat first, and then end 
combat, go behind the mutant and use the serum on it, for 1000 
experience.  Use the elevator in the top left of the level to go down to 
level 2.  Next to the elevator are those blue boxes which have some 
rockets in.

Now, the bad thing is you get 5 karma for killing each mutant.  The good 
thing is there is some power armour here.  First, go all the way to the 
right, and then up into the room with no one in it.  There is a locker in 
the wall with good stuff.  Now get ready for a big fight, and go back 
left a bit and then south, where all those mutants are.  This fight is 
hard, so aim for the eyes again, and shoot the ones with the big guns 
first.  Now go south a bit more, and then right and loot the lockers.  In 
there is the power armour.  Put it on, and now you have extra strength, 
and therefore you can carry more.  Loot whatever you want from this room, 
and the room before with all the footlockers.  Now go back in the 
elevator, and go down to level 3.

On level 3, just go south a bit and then raid the locker in the room to 
the right, and then take the perception memory module.  Now it's time to 
leave the military base, for San Fran.

Character Update:
Karma: -1140
Weapon:  Pancor Jackhammer
Armour: Power Armour
Vic's Weapon:  Sniper Rifle
Vic's Armour:  Combat Armour
Myron's Weapon:  Needler Pistol
Myron's Armour:  Combat Armour


This town is good.  First go to the weapon shop, and steal his money, and 
purchase any 2mm EC you can, and if you have enough money, purchase more 
power armour, and then steal the money back, and give it to Vic or Myron.  
Do the same at the equipment shop.  

Go up the street, and you see 2 people fighting in the ring, the Dragon 
and Lo Pan.  Lo Pan is evil, and the dragon is good.  Go left down that 
street, and enter the first building.  Lo Pan is in there, and ask him to 
train you.  Take your power armour off first.  Train with him, then rest 
for 24 hours, and then train etc., until you can't be trained any more.  
Then put your power armour back on.  I got up to 85% before he told me 
"you've already taken the test of the dragon" and wouldn't train me 

Go to the south west corner of this screen, to the Brotherhood of Steel 
outpost, and talk to the guy there and get the quest to get the Vertibird 

Go north on the screen, and at the top leave the screen to the east.  Go 
down the stairs, and talk to the robed hubologist at the stairs, and say 
you're interested in potentially joining their group.  Go through the 
hubologist base and loot all their fruit, because they have lots of it.  
Go to the room with all the robed guys in it, and then talk to the 
celebrities, and then go back to the entrance, and SAVE.  It's very 
important.  Now talk to AHS-7, and say sure, and then take the scan, but 
say you don't want to join now, but maybe later.  You get -50 karma for 
taking the scan.  If you are lucky, you would have got +1 luck and +1 
intelligence, and if you were unlucky you would have got -1 luck.  So 
reload if you get the latter.  Go to the far right of the base, and talk 
to the scientist there.  Ask what he does and what new technology he has 
developed, and then get your power armour upgraded.  Wait for a day, talk 
to him to get your armour, and then steal the money back.  Leave this 

Go north from the hubologist area, and then keep heading north until you 
get on the ship.  This place is god for lots of weapons.  Lots of the 
punkers have HK11, gauss rifles, 2mm EC and 4.7mm caseless, which you can 
steal.  I think there's someone that has a XATM092 or whatever gun as 
well.  Go to the computer room that is sort of north east, and go down 
the manhole to the bottom.

Kill all the monsters down there, for 9900 experience.  You can talk to 
the girl that's in the top right corner, and then run to the stairs, and 
she'll leave, and then go back to the computer room and talk to the guy 
for 15 karma and 5000 experience.  You decide if you want that karma or 

Go all the way to the right of the screen, and then go up the stairs.  Go 
up, and then use the computer, and check the status, so you get the 
quests to get the Navcom parts and the fuel.  Time to leave the ship now, 
for a "Round-The-World" Trip.



Enter the Bazaar, holster your weapons, and then enter, go to the 
scientist, tell him about the quest, and get the cyberdog as a reward.  
Now leave for New Reno.


Start on 2nd street, and go into the Shark Club.  Go up with Mrs Bishop, 
and have a conversation about her husband, and then ask if she wants you 
to kill him.  You need 80% traps and 80% repair, and then you can say you 
can rig his safe.  Leave her after that, and go into Bishop's room (the 
one to the most north), and "repair" the safe.  Now go and talk to 
Bishop, and become a made man.  You get 2500 experience for whacking 
Carlson, and 1000 experience for becoming a made man.  DO NOT talk to 
Bishop again, or he'll try and kill you.  Go to the ground floor, and 
then wait until morning.  You will hear a muffled explosion or something, 
and John Bishop gets hit for 328 damage or something around that mark.  
Leave this screen, come back, and then go and have drinks with Mrs Bishop 
again.  You can ask about her family, and then get 1000 experience (and 
unfortunately 3 karma) when she agrees that she can leave Reno.  Go up to 
John's room, and loot his body, and his safe.  Use the Raider Map.  Go 
into the basement, and loot the lockers, especially the one with the 
plated boxing gloves in.

I am still for some reason a made man of the Bishops.  If you aren't, go 
to the Salvatores and become a made man with them.

Leave the Shark Club, and go south a bit, and enter the boxing building.  
Talk to the dwarf, and get him to let you box.  You can just say that he 
will get heaps of money from sponsoring the only woman boxer.  Now fight 
all the battles.  Just aim for the head.  Win the first three fights, for 
500, 750 and 1000 experience respectively.  Then you might want to drug 
up with buffout to increase your strength, and then fight the masticator, 
but save first.  Aim for the head.  He might bite your ear off, and if he 
does, you'll have to reload, and try again.  When you win, you should get 
the Prizefighter karmic trait, and some damage resistance for normal.  I 
didn't get any of that though.  STAY DRUGGED UP!!

Go south a bit to the Golden Globes Porn.  Since you're a made man of the 
Bishops now, you can talk to him.  If you have 8 charisma, 8 endurance 
and 8 agility, you can ask if he has any jobs for you straight away.  You 
will get the job, and then haggle the price up a bit.  You get 1500 
experience and the Porn Star karmic trait.  You can get Big Jesus money 
now, but he's dead so you can keep it.  Go and upgrade weapons with 
Algernon, and buy stuff from the shops, and then go to the Raiders.


Go down the ladder, and you get 500 experience.  Search the crates, and 
take whatever you want.  You are supposed to be able to become friends 
with the raiders, by using the ball gag you got from Broken Hills on the 
tribal guy.  You have to sneak though.  I tried it and nothing happened.  
So just leave for Vault City.


Go into the Vault.  Search the medical computer for some experience and 
information about combat implants.  Go down to level 2, and now open all 
the doors with your power strength and electronic lockpicks, and take the 
useful stuff, and especially the strength memory module.  You can loot 
level 3 as well, if you didn't before.  Go to the First Citizen's Office, 
apologise if she is angry at you, and then tell her Thomas Moore is a spy 
for NCR.  Go to Sargent Stark in the corrections centre, and give him 
your map to NCR.  You get a motion sensor, $500 and 750 experience.  You 
can go out in the courtyard, with 2 sets of combat armour, and then get 
the combat implants, for $8000 and $5000, and 5% resistance to every 
attack.  Time to leave for Modoc.


Now choose if you either want a husband or wife.  Go to Grisham's house, 
and then either flirt with Miria, or Davin.  After that you get married.  
Set their weapon preference to unarmed, and then give them a power fist 
or mega power fist, along with some armour.

For a little side trek, travel around north of Modoc, and try and run 
into a merchant who sells weapons.  When he arrives on your screen, go 
and look at what stuff he has in his inventory first.  Kill him and his 
guards if it is the alien blaster, and if it isn't, talk to him and don't 
buy it.  Walk around and do it again.  Myron likes the alien blaster.  It 
takes ages to do it sometimes though.

Then head to the Toxic Caves.


Go to the end of the toxic caves, and repair the generator, and lockpick 
the elevator and go down.  There is a robot that shoots triple rockets 
down there, so kill it.  There's lots of ammo down there, so you may as 
well take it.  Now head for the Den.


Rick Lucas told me this:

Sell your husband/wife into slavery.  Go back to Modoc and tell Grisham 
what you've done, and he'll have a heart attack and die.  Bwa ha ha.  
Should get some negative karma for that one.


Listen to Hakunin say stuff.  Then head south to Navarro.  Watch out for 
the enclave patrols, as they give you karma, and they're usually pretty 
hard too.

Here's my character after the around the world trip:

 Level: 18                 Exp: 170,592      Next Level: 171,000

 ::: Traits :::
  Sex Appeal
 ::: Perks :::
  Bonus Rate of Fire
  Better Criticals
  Swift Learner
  Gecko Skinning
  Dermal Impact Armor
  Phoenix Armor Implants
  Expert Excrement Expeditor

 ::: Karma :::
  Karma: -1313 (Demon Spawn)
  Porn Star
  Grave Digger
  Made Man: Bishop

 ::: Reputation :::
  Klamath: Antipathy
  Den: Accepted
  Vault City: Accepted
  Gecko: Vilified
  Modoc: Antipathy
  Broken Hills: Vilified
  New Reno: Liked
  Redding: Neutral
  New California Republic: Vilified
  Vault 13: Vilified
  San Francisco: Accepted
  Vault 15: Neutral
  Ghost Farm: Vilified

 ::: Skills :::                ::: Kills :::
  Small Guns ..... 131%        Men ............ 050
  Big Guns ....... 006%        Women .......... 036
  Energy Weapons . 011%        Children ....... 001
  Unarmed ........ 096%        Super Mutants .. 014
  Melee Weapons .. 062%        Ghouls ......... 037
  Throwing ....... 022%        Brahmin ........ 010
  First aid ...... 082%        Radscorpions ... 023
  Doctor ......... 081%        Rats ........... 110
  Sneak .......... 085%        Floaters ....... 004
  Lockpick ....... 085%        Centaurs ....... 002
  Steal .......... 100%        Robots ......... 002
  Traps .......... 081%        Dogs ........... 014
  Science ........ 100%        Manti .......... 006
  Repair ......... 091%        DeathClaws ..... 049
  Speech ......... 119%        Geckos ......... 044
  Barter ......... 064%        Aliens ......... 037
  Gambling ....... 060%        Giant Ants ..... 016
  Outdoorsman .... 104%

Weapon:  Pancor Jackhammer/Gauss Rifle/Gauss Pistol
Armour: Hardened Power Armour
Vic's Weapon:  Sniper Rifle
Vic's Armour:  Power Armour
Myron's Weapon:  Alien Blaster
Myron's Armour:  Power Armour
Davin's Weapon:  Mega Power Fist
Davin's Armour:  Combat Armour


Enclavers give you karma right?  So you want to kill as few as possible.  
When the man talks to you, ask if this is the enclave, and then go 
through the conversation, and remember the password, for 1500 experience.  
You have to leave your allies here.  Because you can't leave Davin, 
you'll have to kill him for -10 karma.  Now head north.

Talk to the first guard, and tell him the password.  Go up a bit, and 
then in the first door in the first building on the right.  Talk to the 
drill sarge, who assigns you to the vertibird shed.  Walk away, to the 
building just south of your post.

Go in the kitchen, talk to the cook and have some food.  Talk about 
everything you can, and then leave this room and take the elevator down.

Go to the room in the north west.  Talk to the man in power armour, and 
he tells you to change your power armour for a new one, so do that in the 
room with the lockers.  Make sure you get the charisma module as well as 
the advanced power armour and the other stuff.

Go to the computer room, that's in the middle of this floor.  You can 
tease the guard outside, but anyway go in, and talk to one of the 
scientists, and get him to let you use the computer.  Look up some stuff 
on it.

Go across the hall to Doctor Schreber.  Ask him stuff, and then ask to 
help kill the deathclaw.  Go to the deathclaw room, and then talk to the 
deathclaw, and then kill it.  You get -30 karma and 500 experience for 
killing it, and then another 1200 experience when you end battle.

Go to the room with the commander in it.  Ask the guard what place this 
is, and then tell him you have to secure the passkey thingo.  You will be 
allowed into the room, talk to the commander and loot the lockers, and 
make sure you take the fob, which you get 3500 experience for acquiring.  
Go back up the elevator.

Go to the building in the north east.  Sneak behind Quincy and take the 
vertibird plans from the right locker.  If you went in a different way 
you could have convinced him that Raul sent you for the plans, but you 
can only say the sarge sent you, because you went in the front.  Now 
leave Navarro by going down the lift, and then taking the passage in the 
north east of the base.  Get your allies to follow you and then go back 
to San Fran.


Go and shop at all the merchant's places.  Then travel to the Brotherhood 
of Steel outpost, and give the guy the vertibird plans.  Unfortunately, 
you get 30 karma, but you get 20,000 experience, and full access to their 
facility.  So go in and down the elevator.

Go and loot the lockers in the south.  They have probably the best energy 
weapon, the pulse rifle in there, as well as some power armour if you 
didn't get it all for your group before.  Go to the left room, and you 
can use all those modules that you found.  Say yes to medical assistance, 
and then choose what stat you want to raise.  You can't get intelligence, 
because real evil people can't get that module.  Once you've upgraded one 
stat, go outside and go shopping, as the stores have restocked.  Upgrade 
all your stats.

Once Matt, the guy outside, has disappeared, use the computer and ask 
about Matt, and you can see what happened to him.  Now is probably a good 
time to save, and then go over to Lo Pan, challenge him, and then only 
test for skills instead of the real thing.  If you beat all the guys (aim 
for the head until they are K.O.ed, and then aim for the eyes, take some 
buffout and psycho is you want) you get 8000 experience.

Now go and challenge The Dragon.  This guy is way harder, because he has 
that perk that lets you get up from being knocked down.  So when you 
knock him out, he gets back up in 2 rounds.  Buffout and/or psycho are 
recommended.  When you beat him, go and talk to Lo Pan and you get 3000 
experience and -60 karma.  That's pretty good I reckon.  Now head off to 
the hubologists.  Make a save game, and don't write over it next time you 

Talk to AHS-7 down the stairs, and join the hubologists, and accept his 
quest.  Go up the stairs again, and talk to the scientist.  Give him the 
vertibird plans for -20 karma and 5000 experience, and he asks you to get 
fuel for the spaceship.  Now go to the fighting ring in Chinatown, and 
then head east.

This is the Shi palace.  Go up a bit to the scientist room, and talk to 
the scientist about the computer network.  Go to the south building with 
the scientists in, and talk to the scientist with a scowl on his face.  
When you can, ask him if he can direct fuel to the tanker for you.  Give 
him the hardened power armour that you got made before, and then tell him 
to reroute the fuel to the tanker.  You get 5000 experience and 3 karma 
for getting him the armour, and 5000 experience and 5 karma for directing 
the fuel to the tanker.  Go back to the first scientist room, and use the 
computer.  Hack into it, and then direct the fuel to the Hubologists, for 
6000 experience and -25 karma.  I think it might be a bug that I was able 
to do that, but it's a good bug.  If it doesn't let you do that, don't 
worry about directing the fuel to the hubologists.  Head to the Tanker.

Go to the room where badger is, and then wait for everyone other than 
Badger (and his girlfriend if you rescued her) leave.  Go in and close 
the door, and stand next to the manhole.  Then put on sneak, enter 
combat, kill him in one hit, and then go down the manhole in the same 
round.  That's pretty hard, so you can either dynamite him, or super 
stimpack him to death.  You'll need 13 of them though, so that's a waste.  
Or you can just shoot him and then everyone else will attack you.  Then 
you get their weapons, so why not.  I'd suggest the first way though.  
You get 450 experience and -10 karma for now.  Go back to the 

Talk to that rocket scientist, and he knows you completed the quest.  Go 
down and talk to AHS-7, and get the next quest to "kill" the president.  
You get 3000 experience and -25 karma for killing badger.  Time to go to 
the Shi Palace again.

Go into the palace area, and then go in the door to the west.  Go forward 
a bit, and then "repair" the funny bit next to the laser barrier to 
remove it.  Go through to the mainframe and hack into it.  You get 3000 
experience and -25 karma.  Go into diagnostics, and then format the hard 
drive.  The guards will attack you, so kill them, and take their stuff.  
You will become a beserker if you weren't now, unfortunately.  Nearly 
everyone in Chinatown attacks you.  Oh well.  Kill everyone.  It's sort 
of like Gecko Reactor, how you don't have any choice.  Try and end combat 
ASAP.  If anyone knows a way to do this without having to slaughter 
everyone, please tell me.  I ended up killing the merchants too 
unfortunately, and I didn't want to do that.  But there is over 10000 
experience from this fight, and over -300 karma too.  Go to the 

Go down the stairs, and speak to AHS-9, who is just north of Crocket, the 
power armour hardnener.  Tell him you've completed the job, and then he 
says he's good and stuff.  Don't kill him though, because you are still 
evil.  You get 5000 experience and I think it's -50 karma, but it might 
be -60.  I'm not sure.  Go to the tanker.

Don't talk to anyone in the tanker, in case they want to fight you.  
Definitely DO NOT talk to the guy next to the bar.  He fights you and 
gets everyone else to fight you as well.  Go downstairs, and to the left 
there is a room with a keycard thingo next to it.  Use the fob on the 
keycard machine for 2000 experience.  Go up the ladder and use the Navcom 
parts on the computer for another 2000 experience.  Go to the Captain on 
the bridge, and he fights you.  You have to kill him now, for 450 
experience.  Save, and then use the computer, and go to the enclave.

Here's the whole thing this time:

                         VAULT-13 PERSONNEL RECORD
                          21 June 2242  1233 hours

  Name: Koko               Age: 16               Gender: Female
 Level: 23                 Exp: 271,058      Next Level: 276,000

 ::: Statistics :::
       Strength: 10         Hit Points: 080/141         Sequence: 10
     Perception: 07        Armor Class: 038         Healing Rate: 01
      Endurance: 04      Action Points: 09       Critical Chance: 010%
       Charisma: 08       Melee Damage: 05          Carry Weight: 275 
   Intelligence: 09        Damage Res.: 060%
        Agility: 08     Radiation Res.: 068%
           Luck: 10        Poison Res.: 020%

 ::: Traits :::
  Sex Appeal
 ::: Perks :::
  Bonus Rate of Fire
  Better Criticals
  Swift Learner
  Gecko Skinning
  Dermal Impact Armor
  Phoenix Armor Implants
  Expert Excrement Expeditor

 ::: Karma :::
  Karma: -1805 (Demon Spawn)
  Porn Star
  Grave Digger
  Made Man: Bishop

 ::: Reputation :::
  Klamath: Antipathy
  Den: Accepted
  Vault City: Accepted
  Gecko: Vilified
  Modoc: Antipathy
  Broken Hills: Vilified
  New Reno: Liked
  Redding: Neutral
  New California Republic: Vilified
  Vault 13: Vilified
  San Francisco: Vilified
  Raiders: Neutral
  Vault 15: Neutral
  Ghost Farm: Vilified

 ::: Skills :::                ::: Kills :::
  Small Guns ..... 143%        Men ............ 103
  Big Guns ....... 006%        Women .......... 041
  Energy Weapons . 011%        Children ....... 001
  Unarmed ........ 123%        Super Mutants .. 014
  Melee Weapons .. 066%        Ghouls ......... 037
  Throwing ....... 022%        Brahmin ........ 010
  First aid ...... 084%        Radscorpions ... 024
  Doctor ......... 082%        Rats ........... 110
  Sneak .......... 085%        Floaters ....... 004
  Lockpick ....... 086%        Centaurs ....... 002
  Steal .......... 100%        Robots ......... 002
  Traps .......... 082%        Dogs ........... 014
  Science ........ 100%        Manti .......... 006
  Repair ......... 091%        DeathClaws ..... 050
  Speech ......... 119%        Geckos ......... 051
  Barter ......... 077%        Aliens ......... 038
  Gambling ....... 060%        Giant Ants ..... 016
  Outdoorsman .... 104%

 ::: Inventory :::
  3x Hypo                  3x Lighter               59x Jet                
  19x Rot Gut              42x RadAway              9x Gamma Gulp Beer     
  23x Rad-X                4x Roentgen Rum          63x Stimpak            
  35x Super Stimpak        16x Mentats              29x Buffout            
  55x Beer                 7x Morningstar Mine Scrip  1x Expanded 
Lockpick Set
  4x Jet Antidote          9x Psycho                9x 2mm EC              
  1x Tool                  1x Electronic Lockpick   6x Nuka-Cola           
  10x Xander Root          44,330x Money            5x Broc Flower         
  1x PPK12 Gauss Pistol    1x Mirrored Shades       1x M72 Gauss Rifle     
  1x H&K G11E              1x Advanced Power Armor

                                      Total Weight: 119 lbs.

This is all the stuff I'm taking to the enclave.  I have advanced power 
armour on, and have the mirrored shades and gauss rifle as my items.  
When I go up a level, I'm going to drug up to 8 perception, and then 
choose Sniper for my perk.

Vic's Weapon:  Gauss Rifle
Vic's Armour:  Power Armour
Myron's Weapon:  Alien Blaster
Myron's Armour:  Power Armour


When you get to the enclave, you get 15000 experience.  Like Navarro, 
this place is full of enclavers, and they give you karma, so you don't 
want to kill them.  Enter the building.

Go right, to where the floor is green.  Tell all your allies to wait 
here.  Go a bit south, and then left, and use the computer.  Your science 
skill depends on how much access you get.  I remember with 125 science or 
so I got all access, but now with 100 science I only get the normal 
access and president access.  Do not do anything is the president's 
options.  You save that for later.  Now leave the screen to the right.

You're only in this area to loot stuff.  In the middle, where all the 
soldiers are standing in front of their beds, loot the lockers.  There is 
heaps of 2mm EC, enough to last you for ages.  In the top right corner is 
the armoury, which is really good for all you big gunners.  There are 
rockets and an avenger minigun there.  But everyone has to go there, to 
take all the C-4 from there.  When you've finished looting, leave this 
screen to where you were, and then leave the screen to the south of where 
your NPCs are.

Just below where you start is another armoury, with another avenger 
minigun and more gauss ammo.  Go right, to the prison.  Go up and talk to 
the robed figure.  She tells you all this stuff about the "effeevee" 
virus.  Go across the hall and talk to the black man in the Vault Suit, 
and he can tell you how to help them.  Loot this level, and then go down.

This level has an electrified floor maze.  It's set out like this:

1     2     3
4     5     6
7     8     9

Wait for the floor to discharge, then use computers in 2, 1 and 4, and 
then go into the room west of 4.  Loot everything there.  Run straight 
east to the other room.  Take the holy GECK if you don't have one on you.  
I think then it's like 6,5,3,5,6,3,8,9.  I know the last four are 
definitely right.  Go down the stairs.  

You get 2500 experience for surviving the puzzle room.  Go to the north 
west room, where the scientist is in there with the computer and 
bookcases and stuff.  Talk to him, and ask why humans are so different.  
Keep on talking, don't pull your gun on him, and then when you get the 
dialogue option, ask why we humans are so different or something like 
that.  It comes up when there is that really big dialogue option first.  
Then you wait a bit, he decides to release the FEV into the air, but he 
injects you with antidote, and makes sure the antidote goes to the 
prisoners.  Then leave him.  You get 5000 experience.

Go to the room with the suited man behind the desk with the map of the 
world behind him.  Close all the doors, and save your game.  Talk to him, 
but don't tell him you are going to kill him.  When you've finished 
talking, go behind him, sneak, enter combat, aim for eyes, kill him, wait 
a turn, and then end combat.  Search his body and take his access key.  
Go down the stairs that are a bit to the north of where you are now.

Loot the lockers to the left, and then go to the room with the mainframe 
in the north east.  Wait for the FEV to kill the scientists, and then 
save.  Place a bomb to the south of the terminals, but still next to the 
mainframe.  Wait for it to blow up, and you get 10000 experience, and 5 
karma.  You have to do it though, so I don't know why you get karma.  Go 
back up the stairs on this screen.

All you have to do here is go south as far as you can, and the door with 
the spiral staircase is now open.  Use it.

This is the level to the right of where you started off.  Leave this 
screen to the left.  There are some enclave people right in front of you.  
Talk to their leader, and then say some stuff, and then say that they 
will blow up unless... or something like that, and if you succeed a 
speech roll they will join you for the last battle.  If you can't get 
them to join the first time, just keep trying.  Get your NPCs to join you 
again, and then go a bit south, and then walk over to the computer.  Use 
it, and then go into the president's access and then use activate the 
counter insurgency.  The fight will then start.  It'll be you, your NPCs, 
the enclave troops and the turrets all against Frank Horrigan.  When he 
dies, go near him and he talks again and explodes.  Hooray (except for 
the 30 karma or so you get).  Now leave.

This is the character I ended with:

23 June 2242  0823 hours

  Name: Koko               Age: 16               Gender: Female
 Level: 25                 Exp: 317,373      Next Level: 325,000

 ::: Statistics :::
       Strength: 10         Hit Points: 117/157         Sequence: 10
     Perception: 08        Armor Class: 043         Healing Rate: 01
      Endurance: 04      Action Points: 10       Critical Chance: 010%
       Charisma: 08       Melee Damage: 05          Carry Weight: 275 
   Intelligence: 09        Damage Res.: 065%
        Agility: 08     Radiation Res.: 083%
           Luck: 10        Poison Res.: 020%

 ::: Traits :::
  Sex Appeal
 ::: Perks :::
  Bonus Rate of Fire
  Better Criticals
  Swift Learner
  Gecko Skinning
  Dermal Impact Armor
  Phoenix Armor Implants
  Expert Excrement Expeditor

 ::: Karma :::
  Karma: -1775 (Demon Spawn)
  Porn Star
  Grave Digger
  Made Man: Bishop

 ::: Reputation :::
  Klamath: Antipathy
  Den: Accepted
  Vault City: Accepted
  Gecko: Vilified
  Modoc: Antipathy
  Broken Hills: Vilified
  New Reno: Liked
  Redding: Neutral
  New California Republic: Vilified
  Vault 13: Vilified
  San Francisco: Vilified
  Raiders: Neutral
  Vault 15: Neutral
  Ghost Farm: Vilified

 ::: Skills :::                ::: Kills :::
  Small Guns ..... 151%        Men ............ 104
  Big Guns ....... 006%        Women .......... 041
  Energy Weapons . 011%        Children ....... 001
  Unarmed ........ 123%        Super Mutants .. 014
  Melee Weapons .. 066%        Ghouls ......... 037
  Throwing ....... 022%        Brahmin ........ 010
  First aid ...... 086%        Radscorpions ... 024
  Doctor ......... 083%        Rats ........... 110
  Sneak .......... 095%        Floaters ....... 004
  Lockpick ....... 087%        Centaurs ....... 002
  Steal .......... 100%        Robots ......... 002
  Traps .......... 083%        Dogs ........... 014
  Science ........ 100%        Manti .......... 006
  Repair ......... 091%        DeathClaws ..... 050
  Speech ......... 131%        Geckos ......... 051
  Barter ......... 077%        Aliens ......... 038
  Gambling ....... 060%        Giant Ants ..... 016
  Outdoorsman .... 104%        Big Bad Boss ... 001

 ::: Inventory :::
  3x Hypo                  3x Lighter               58x Jet                
  19x Rot Gut              46x RadAway              9x Gamma Gulp Beer     
  26x Rad-X                4x Roentgen Rum          71x Stimpak            
  38x Super Stimpak        16x Mentats              29x Buffout            
  55x Beer                 7x Morningstar Mine Scrip  1x Expanded 
Lockpick Set
  4x Jet Antidote          9x Psycho                23x 2mm EC             
  1x Tool                  1x Electronic Lockpick   6x Nuka-Cola           
  10x Xander Root          44,330x Money            5x Broc Flower         
  1x PPK12 Gauss Pistol    1x Plastic Explosives    1x Advanced Power 
  2x M72 Gauss Rifle       1x G.E.C.K.              1x Paramedics Bag      
  1x Presidential Access Key  1x Mirrored Shades       1x M72 Gauss Rifle     
  1x H&K G11E              1x Adv. Power Armor MKII

                                      Total Weight: 226 lbs.

This is the ending I got.  If you don't want to know, look away now.  


After the Enclave's destruction, the refugees of Vault 13 and Arroyo 
resettled, building a new community with the aid of the Garden of Eden 
Creation Kit.  Finding themselves hundreds of miles from their Vault, the 
members of Vault 13 chose to join the villagers in establishing a new 
community, and their technical expertise, combined with the villager's 
survival skills, allowed the new settlement to grow and prosper.  Two 
generations of the same bloodline were re-united, and their saviour, the 
Chosen One, became elder, presiding over the village in the years to 


The extermination of the Slags only creates new problems for Modoc.  
Unable to find the Slags' underground cistern that sustains the crops, 
Modoc is hit hard by the resultant drought.  Over the next several years, 
the people of Modoc either move away or die of starvation.


Metzger's business in the slave trade soon fades with the removal of the 
Mordino family.  The Den continues to attract criminals, and Metzger's 
business practices delve further into drugs and prostitution.  The Den 
soon becomes a rallying point and safe haven for raiders in the region.


Over the next few years, the background radiation from Gecko's power 
plant began to cause mutations in the Vault City population, forcing the 
citizens to relocate to NCR.  NCR, however, recalling past animosity, 
relegated the Vault City refugees to the status of second class citizens.


The Salvatore family of New Reno, having profited from their ties to 
Navarro, used their laser weaponry to burn the other families into 
submission.  The resultant massacre was dubbed "Ash Friday" and is still 
celebrated in New Reno to this day.  


Myron died less than a year after the defeat of the Enclave, stabbed by a 
jet addict while drinking in the Den.  His discovery of jet was quickly 
forgotten, and now there is no one who remembers his name.


The Gecko Reactor meltdown had terrible consequences for the region.  The 
resultant radioactivity and heat emanating from the reactor killed every 
living thing in a ten-kilometre radius and poisoned the area for years to 
come.  Vault City's perceived threat from the peaceful ghouls of Gecko 
was at an end.


Several years after the Chosen One sold the excavator chip to Dangerous 
Dan McGrew, Dan used the superior production of his Morningstar Mine to 
buy the Kokoweef mine and then to reopen the Great Wannamingo Mine.  Dan 
then used his industrial clout to forge an alliance of convenience with 
the families of New Reno, trading gold in return for protection.


The death of the mutants ensured the death of the town.  Without their 
strength and ability to withstand the toxins in the mine, the valuable 
ore proved unattainable.  Those who caused this destruction rejoiced at 
first... until they realised the foolishness of what they had done.  They 
struggled to keep the community flourishing, but to no avail.  The winds 
and the waste scoured Broken Hills from the map.


Shaken by the assassination of Vice-President Carlson, right-wing 
elements seize control of the Congress and set the New California 
Republic on the path to military rule.  Eventually the survivors of the 
Enclave find a home in the ranks of NCR.


The squatters of Vault 15 continued their meaningless, non-productive 
lives.  No one noticed when the desert wastes finally claimed 'The 


By eliminating the deathclaws of Vault 13 you banished yet another 
species to the realms of extinction, proving, once again, that genocide 
is a viable solution to any problem...


The Shi, demoralised and leaderless after your rampage through their 
town, slowly drifted apart.  They blended into other towns, hoping to 
find a place free from the depredations of killers.

As for the Tanker vagrants...well, as vagrants do, they drifted on.


Well that's a pretty good ending.  Except for Redding of course, but the 
only ending I had ever got before this was the bad one.  It says how lots 
of other towns tried to take over Redding, and then eventually everyone 
moved, and there was nothing left of the desicated husk that was once 
Redding.  You can get that ending by pretty much doing nothing there.  
For the ending of Arroyo, even after getting rid of the GECK you still 
get that ending.  For Vault 13, you would get that ending anyway, but 
this time you actually earn it.  If there was a hubologist ending it 
would say that the hubologist ship took off and then crashed or 
something.  Well that's all.  Please e-mail me and tell me the stuff I 
missed out on!


XXXXXXX told me that I didn't put these in.  It's just that I didn't 
think they were really evil enough.  But since a high luck score is what 
you need to get these encounters, and a high luck is what you have, I 
thought I should put it in.

A man guarding a bridge:
Here you answer questions to the bridgekeeper.  If you answer the first 
two questions correctly, and then answer the third one with another 
question, he will get hit for 990 damage and die.  You get 750 
experience, and you can take his bridgekeepers robes, which are useful 
until you get the power armour in military base, as they are half the 
weight of combat armour with the same protection.  If you answer the 
third question correctly, he will just walk off saying that he doesn't 
get to answer the good questions and stuff.  Or you can fight him, and he 
summons mad brahmin which explode for lots of damage to you when they 
die.  To kill him you have to aim at his eyes and get a critical hit.  He 
has 400 HP and a very high damage resistance.  

Answers to the first two questions are easy.  The third one has many 
different questions:

What NPC is in Fallout 2 that was in Fallout?
Answer:  A player NPC or combat NPC? (Or something like that)

What requirements do you need for the strong back perk?
Answer:  The level requirement or the ability requirement?

All you have to do is answer a question back and he dies.

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table:
You meet King Arthur here, with his "knights".  They all have advanced 
power armour and plasma rifles and stuff.  You can talk to the king, and 
then if your speech is good enough you can make up a direction when he 
asks where the Holy Hand Grenade is, and he gives you a plasma pistol.  
If you don't have good enough speech, you ask where the GECK is and he 
makes up a direction.  If you encounter this at a high level you can 
fight them, for some good negative karma I would think.  Or if you are a 
low level, wait for most of them to leave the screen and then shoot the 
last one and kill him for some experience and karma.  There is no holy 
hand grenade, it was designed to be put in but the designers never ended 
up doing it.

Unwashed Villagers hunting a Spammer:
Here lots of Unwashed Villagers are hunting a spammer.  The spammer has 
around 300 HP, and the Villagers have pistols and knives and stuff.  
There is history to this, how the Unwashed Villagers message board got a 
spammer in it or something.  So that's why they fight the spammer.  You 
can kill the Unwashed Villagers for 1 experience each, and take their 
stuff.  There's a locker in the south west in a building that you can 
take stimpacks from.

Cafe of Broken Dreams:
This is the Maltese Falcon from Fallout, without the original characters, 
and without the stairs going down to that guy that hires you to kill 
people.  Take off your armour, and talk to the dog, who is Dogmeat from 
Fallout.  He joins your group.  Dogmeat is really good if you get him 
early, and he gets lots of critical hits.  You can talk to the people 
there, but it isn't useful.

Federation Shuttle:
It shows some dead people from Star Trek I think, and they have Hypos on 
their dead bodies, which you can take, and they heal you to full HP.  I 
never end up using them though, because they are rare.  Oh well.

Radiation Plant or something:
This is a bad luck encounter, so you won't get it.  It has a radiation 
area, where you get radiated every second, like in The Glow in Fallout 
maybe.  I've never gotten it before.  There are also geckos there.

Pariah Dog:
I've never gotten this, but it's a bad luck encounter.  You see a dog, 
with lots of dead bodies around it.  When you talk to it, it follows you, 
and you get -3 or -4 or something luck, and the jinxed trait.  It has 400 
or 750 hit points, I'm not sure.  You can't get rid of it unless you kill 
it, but sometimes the game stuffs up and the dog stays stuck following 
you, using an NPC slot.

Tin Woodsman: 
I got this twice in one game once.  You pick up the oil can, and use it 
on the tin woodsman, and you get 150 micro fusion cells I think.  It's 
supposed to be the tin woodsman from that story with Dorothy and Toto, 
"The Wizard of Oz".  Oh well.

A Guardian Portal:
It has a stone ring there, so walk through it.  This is Vault 13 80 years 
ago, when Fallout started.  Walk around, loot the lockers, and in one of 
the rooms on the floor is a Solar Scorcher, an energy weapon.  I don't 
like it for that reason.  But it only reloads when it is day or in light 
areas, but uses no ammo.  Go and use the main computer, and the water 
chip breaks, and you get 1000 experience.  That was how Fallout started.

Stone Head:
It talks, and you keep clicking on it, and it gives you a monument piece, 
which gives you damage resistance like psycho, but I don't know if it 
increases stats.  It is supposed to though, but of course I never used 
it.  It is like psycho perhaps.  I don't know.

There are special merchants in the game, there is Willy above Modoc, who 
can sell alien blasters, and if you kill him when he has them you get 5.  
I think the Alien Blaster would rule if you had fast shot and additional 
rate of fire, because each shot would be 1 AP I think.  It would be like 
the old days 80 years ago when you could use the super sledgehammer and 
power fist for 1 AP.  Oh well.  I don't like energy weapons anyway.

Another merchant is below San Fran, who can sell the XLOE73 or whatever.  
It's like a funny assault rifle.  You can get it if you kill all the 
people in the Tanker though.  I never got this encounter.

Crashed Whale:
Trent told me about this ages ago, I forgot to put it in.  There's a huge 
crashed whale, and there's a pot of daisey's nearby, which do absolutely 

I might have forgotten some of these so tell me if I have.

Please E-mail me about stuff I've missed.  Then I can put you in credits 
and stuff.  You can put this walk-through where you want on a site or 
whatever as long as it is in it's original form and has my name on it, 
but please tell me if you want.  I would like to know, but you don't have 
to.  You are not supposed to sell this or whatever, I don't know why you 
would want to, but I couldn't care less if you do as long as it has 
everything in it and especially my name on it.  If you are going to take 
bits out of this you have to ask me first.  I will pretty much probably 
say you can.  Please visit my site www.geocities.com/whitechocobo666/.  
It has a good chocobo game that you should go in.  Chocobos are good.  Y 
e-mail is [email protected].  Please e-mail me if you know stuff 
i've missed out that is evil or no karma, but no positive karma ones.  
Please tell me stuff!

Fallout 2 (C) to Black Isle or Interplay or someone.  I don't really know 
or care much.
Evil Walk-through (C) whitechocobo666 2000/2001, kupo!

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