Cheats for Fallout


 Ok this one makes unlimited turns (you can shoot the guys without them
 getting a turn to wipe you out)

 Step one: Get into the combat mode.

 Step two: Take ammo for a gun and put it in to your hands (only ammo
 should be in your hand!)

 Step three: come close to a guy and click on target to shoot him! Step
 four: HE will say something like "Did your mama tought you that move?!"
 or something.

 And Bang!!! here you are, now you have unlimited turns, when you walk or
 shoot in combat your green circles shouldn't even move.


 I found a VERY interesting way to earn 1000 experince points plus
 increase your Karma points by 1 in Fallout (I tried this without the
 patch!), and this progress can be repeated as many times as you want,
 plus you don't have to kill ANYTHING! =)

 1) After killing the entire Deathclaws including their Mother Deathclaw
 and the eggs, head back to the Gun Runners and speak to the guard at the
 bridge, ask "I need to speak to Gabriel... it is very important" (he'll
 let you through) then go see Gabriel and ask for "Weapons and Ammos" (as
 a reward for killing off the Deathclaws) after that you will get 1000
 experince points plus your Karma will go up 1 point!

 2) Then head BACK to the Deathclaw warehouse and then go back to the Gun
 Runners base again! (it will reset everything in the Gun Runners base)
 now repeat the first step (the point where you speak to the guard on the
 bridge) and repeat the process!


 1. In Junktown go into the basement
 of Doc Morbid's place and uncover his dead body scheme.
 2. Go to hub, save it prior to talking to Iguana Bob, and then blackmail
 him for whatever amount he is willing to part with.
 3. Once your intelligence and/or speech and/or barter is reasonably
 high, talk to him again and say you have more expenses and you need to
 raise the blackmail.
 4. Once he agrees to an amount, speak to him again, tell him you have
 more expenses and ask for the same amount.
 5. Keep on going until you get as much money per five days as you want.


  Another money cheat:

When you are in the Hub (the big merchant town), go to the Crimson caravans on one of the days that they "go into
the wilderness" (that would be the 3rd and the 17th in every month). 
Tell Keri (the lady with the green hair) that you want the job; when she asks you where you want to go, select
"never mind. I have something I forgot to do." 
Go to the entrance of the Hub and talk to the caravan leader.  You will now receive 600 caps (or Hub bucks).  You
can do this as many times as you want. 
It also works with the other caravan people (Far go traders, Water merchants). Water merchants depart the 5th,
10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th.  Far go traders leaves the 8th, 18th and the 28th. 

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