Fallout Strategy Guide by Chris Taylor and Tim Cain 

These hints and tips should make post-nuclear life a little easier. Some of this 
information could spoil your enjoyment of the game by giving away too much. 
These spoilers are marked with three asterisks "(***)" and should be used with 

Character Creation 

The best place to start is by creating your own character. The three pre-made 
characters can finish the game, but they are not the best choices. By fine-
tuning your own character to match your playing style, you stand a much better 
chance of success. 

Start with the statistics. No stat should be lowered to four or less. All of the 
statistics have a reason to be increased, but some are more deserving of those 
extra character points than others. 

Strength: The major use of Strength in the game is your inventory carry weight. 
Unless you are playing an unarmed or melee based character, a Strength of 5 or 6 
will do you for all weapons except one. If you lower your Strength, and take the 
Small Frame trait, you will have a lot of difficultly carrying the necessary 

Perception: The ability to use weapons effectively at long distances is critical 
to any ranged weapon-using character. A high Perception will drastically 
increase your chance to hit with guns at a distance. You should spend at least a 
point or two in Perception if you plan on using guns (which is highly suggested 
for beginning characters.) 

Endurance: This stat mostly affects your hit points. Unfortunately, there are 
many really big weapons in the game that will be used against you that don't 
really care about the number of hit points that you have. If you do want to 
increase Endurance, you get the best results if you raise it to 6, 8 or 10. 

Charisma: As in many games, Charisma is usually the lame duck statistic. Unless 
you plan on playing a Speech based or Bartering character, you should not spend 
any points in Charisma. It is acceptable to lower this stat by a point or two, 
but dropping below 4 can hurt some of your dialogue choices. 

Intelligence: This is probably the most critical stat if you want to talk to 
people in Fallout. Your intelligence number will determine what choices you can 
say when talking. If you lower it below 4, you will only be able baby-talk. 
Raising it a point or two will help dialogue, and increase the number of skill 
points you get every level. 

Agility: Agility is the determining factor in the number of action points you 
get every turn in combat. Beginning characters will want a good Agility. 

Luck: Luck is a weird statistic. You should not plan on increasing it unless you 
want to go big. Stay with a 5 or 4, or increase it up to 9 or 10. It is possible 
to drop your Luck all the way to 1 or 2, but you will miss out on some special 
encounters. Besides increasing your chance of causing critical hit, Luck will 
determine how often you get a special random encounter. (***) These special 
random encounters often contain special items that will give you a major 
advantage at the beginning of the game. 

Traits to Take 

Gifted is a good all-around trait to take. You really cannot go wrong, 
especially if you also take a high Intelligence to make up for the lowered skill 
points every level. 

If you are taking a character that is planning on causing a lot of critical 
hits, then take Finesse. Starting out will be rough, but as soon as you make a 
level and can increase your weapon skills, you'll be on a happy road. 

To maximize the number of character points that you start the game with, you can 
also take Small Frame or Bruiser and move those free points to another 
statistic. Both of these traits have very restrictive downsides, and should be 
chosen with care. 

Fast Shot sounds wonderful, but you lose the ability to make targeted shots. At 
higher levels, this will restrict the number of critical hits you can make. 
(***) One tactic is to take Fast Shot, and then take it away later with the 
Mutate Perk. But there are other Perks that will also increase the number of 
attacks you can make. Refer to the Perks section of the manual as you create 
your character, to make sure that you have the proper statistics. 

Skills that need to be Tagged 

Choosing the proper tag skill is probably the most important character design 
decision that you can make. High skills are essential to successfully complete 
the game, and the skills that you choose to tag will increase the fastest. This 
will determine the difficultly level of the early game, when you have few 
experienced skills. 

Small Guns is always a good choice. It covers the widest variety of firearms, 
and all the early guns that you will find. Tag this skill, and it will pay off 
big for the first part of the game. 

Energy Weapons is a good tag skill, but it will only really help later in the 

For most characters, using two of your three tag skills on these two combat 
skills is a good idea. 

If you're making a hand-to-hand character, then you will want Unarmed or Melee 

Thief characters will want Sneak and Lockpick or Steal. 

Diplomacy characters will definately want Speech, with perhaps Barter or 

(***) Probably the easiest character to take is a Lucky, Perceptive Sniper. 
Shoot people from a distance. Make targeted shots when you have the skill and 
you will cause critical hits. Good stats for this character: ST 6, PE 9, EN 5, 
CH 4, IN 7, AG 8, LK 8. Take Finesse and Gifted. Tag Small Guns, Energy Guns and 
either Speech, Barter or Lockpick. Pump the skill points from your first couple 
levels into Small Guns and use targeted shots. 


No matter what you do, at some point it will require a good gun or a sharp knife 
to solve a problem. Combat is also a good source for experience, but not the 
only way to gain levels. The best method is to try and solve every problem 
without resorting to violence, but to always keep your gun ready. 

Speaking of keeping your gun ready, some guards will get mighty upset if you 
have a drawn weapon. If someone tells you to put it away, they usually mean it. 
The best thing to do is keep your primary weapon in your hand, but switch the 
active item away to hide it. It costs nothing to switch active items in combat, 
but it takes a lot of time to reach into your inventory and grab your gun. 

The easiest weapons to use are ranged weapons, especially against unarmed 
critters. If you can attack them at a distance, and they have to move up to you, 
then you want to attack and move away. Let them come to you. 

Your chance to hit is modified by the distance between you and the target. If 
you want to get the best possible chance to hit, use the reserve action points 
key (hold down Control when you click the mouse button to move) and move as 
close to your opponent as possible. Reserving your action points this way will 
lower the range modifier, giving you a better chance to hit but ensuring that 
you will have enough AP left to fire. 

If you can, find some cover. Then at the start of your turn, pop around the 
corner, attack and move back. This works against opponents that have ranged 
weapons as well. 

Anytime you have some extra action points, reload your weapon. 

Anytime you need to reload and heal yourself, just open Inventory and perform as 
many actions as you need. Use your Stimpaks from Inventory to save action 
points, if you need to use more than one Stimpak and you don't have one in your 
hand. Stimpaks can be used from an active item slot, but they work much better 
from Inventory. 

Armor is important. Always wear the best possible armor. Note that some armors 
have better defensive values against different types of attacks. You might need 
to switch armor to battle opponents armed with energy weapons, for example, 
especially later in the game. 

Don't be afraid to switch between different types of weapons, as well. Many of 
the ranged weapons use different ammo. You may need to switch weapons when you 
run low on one type of ammo. Always keep a backup weapon or two in your 
inventory, in case you lose a weapon or run out of it's ammo. 


When you start advancing in levels, you will be given the opportunity to select 
Perks. These Perks are based on your character's statistics, skills and level. 
Different characters will get to choose from different Perks. 

When you are creating your own character, read the Perk list in the back of the 
manual. Make sure that you have high enough statistics to select the Perks that 
are interesting and that you plan on selecting. There are very few ways in the 
game to increase Statistics once you start playing. 

For example, Awareness requires a Perception of 5 or better and it is available 
at Level 3. This is a very good Perk to have (since it tells you how many hit 
points critters have left and what weapon they are carrying, even down to the 
ammo they have loaded and the number of shots left.) You don't want to start 
with a character that has a PE of 4 or less if you want to take Awareness. 

A list of good Perks: Awareness, Bonus Move, Bonus Rate of Fire, Action Boy. 
These will make combat much easier. 

Of course, the best Perk to choose will be one that fits your character. Pick a 
Perk that will add something to your character and the way you play, or remove 
something that is slowing you down (like not enough action points in combat.) 

The super high level Perks are very hard to get. Any Perk that has a level 
requirement of 15 or 18 is going to be out of your reach for a long time. 

NPC Team Members 

There are five non-player characters that can join your team. Adding them will 
help in combat and make it easier to get through some areas. There are two areas 
that having a large team will hurt. 

Talk to your team members to find out what weapons they can use. Use Barter or 
Steal to give them improved weapons, ammo and Stimpaks. NPCs cannot use armor. 
If an NPC is not using the weapon you want him to, make sure he has the proper 
ammo and tell him to use his best weapon in the next combat. They will put their 
current weapon away, and you can Steal that off of them. With an NPC, the Steal 
command acts as a trasnfer command. It is always successful and they do not 

Tandi is the daughter of Aradesh in Shady Sands. (***) After she is kidnapped, 
she can be rescued from the Raiders. If you don't bring her immediately back to 
Shady Sands, she will stay with you during your adventures. Return to her home, 
and she leaves permanently. 

Ian can be found in Shady Sands. Offer him $100 or, if your Speech skill is good 
enough, a piece of the action. Ian works well with big pistols. He sometimes 
goes crazy with a burst weapon, so be careful about giving him the SMG. 

Tycho is found in Junktown, in the Skum Pitt. Meet him in the evening, and talk 
to him twice. 

Dogmeat is also found in Junktown. He can be bribed into joining your group. 
(***) Give him a Iguana-on-a-stick or be wearing the Leather Jacket. 

Katja is located in the Boneyard. She is in the entrance to the Followers. She 
will easily join your group. 

NPCs will attack the nearest threat in combat. 

The Water-Chip 

Finding the replacement water-chip for your Vault is your first pressing quest. 
You have 150 days to find the chip and return it to the Vault before everyone 
there dies from thirst. There are ways of extending this time, but it is not 
suggested. (***) There are some water merchants in the Hub. For $2000, they will 
send water caravans to your Vault, extending the time limit by 100 days. This 
makes it more likely your Vault will be noticed and invaded before you finish 
your final quests. 

The location of the water-chip is in another Vault. You should search for as 
many cities as possible, talk to people about their water supply. Eventually, 
you will hear of a city that does not get their water from any outside source. 
Many people will warn you not to go to this city. 

If you keep your overland travel to a minimum, you should have plenty of time 
remaining when you return the water-chip. Then the real adventure begins... 


There are reasons to visit every location and talk to every person in Fallout, 
but it is not necessary to do so in order to finish the game. Here are some good 
things to do, or solutions to problems that you might encounter. 


Strip the bones next to your starting location. 

There are a couple of adventure seeds that you can solve, if you return to 
Vault-13 before finding the water-chip. 

(***) One of your fellow vault-dwellers is stealing water from the storeroom on 
Level 3 at midnight. Stop him for some easy experience. 

When you do return the water-chip, give it to the Overseer. Then talk to him 
again after you fill out your report. He will give you another task. 

Shady Sands 

Stop at Shady Sands before going to Vault-13. 

Talk to Katrina, Seth, Aradesh and others for some information and experience. 

(***) Seth has a rope that you can Steal or Barter for. You will need this rope 

(***) If you have a good Science skill (40% or more), talk to Curtis in the 
gardens in East Shady Sands. He could use some advice, and you can use the XP. 

If you get hurt, talk to Razlo in the south part of West Shady. 

There is a person named Ian. He can be talked into joining your side. This is a 
good thing to do as soon as possible. 

(***) Once you talk to Aradesh, have Seth take you and Ian to the radscorpion 
caves. Kill all the scorpions for practice. Alternatively, you can use some 
explosives by the weak cave walls near the entrance. This will block the cavern 
and trap the radscorpions. 

(***) Tandi will get kidnapped if you return to Shady Sands two days or more 
after taking care of the radscorpion problem. 


(***) You will need a rope to get past the first level of this vault. 

The darkness makes it difficult to attack the mutated creatures here unless you 
are very close to them. Let the critters walk up to you before you shoot. 

Search all the walls and floors for some valuable goodies. 

The goal of this area is to find the command center. (***) Once you get to the 
third level, go to the south-east corner of this map. You will see a message 
stating that the water-chip cannot be recovered from here. You will get an 
exploration bonus when you discover this. 


The Raiders aren't too much of a problem, unless you go charging in through the 
front door. 

If Tandi has been kidnapped, she will be found here. She is behind a locked door 
in the back room. 

There are multiple ways of freeing her. (***) You can: kill all the raiders, 
challenge Garl to a one-on-one fight, sneak in to lockpick her door, barter with 
Garl for her release or intimidate Garl into letting her go. Not all options are 
available to all characters. 

If you want to fight them, stick to the outside area and use a ranged attack to 
lure them out one at a time. (***) Unarmed and melee characters should stick to 
challenging Garl. 


Walking around Junktown with a gun is a bad idea until you gain the trust of the 

Until you have proved yourself to the Junktown guards, do not walk around armed 
with a weapon. Also, getting caught Sneaking is bad. You may not be able to 
enter the town at night, unless you are very convincing. Killing peasants or 
guards will also set off the guards. 

Killian and Gizmo are fighting for control of the town. You can help either of 
them for financial and experience rewards. To help Killian, you must attack and 
hit the assassin that attempts to kill him. After Killian accepts your offer to 
help, go talk to Gizmo with the Tape Recorder and get him to tell you why he 
wants to kill Killian or plant the bug on Gizmo by reversing stealing it. Then 
return to Killian. Gizmo will easily accept your help. Assassinate Killian at 
your leisure. 

The first night you are in the motel, Sinthia will be accosted by an attacker. 
For the best results, you should talk him into surrending. You can save Sinthia 
through violence, but it is not the best solution. You should have a minimum of 
100 caps on you before doing this, as the best solution will require you to pay 
him off. 

Neal in the Skum Pitt could use your help. If he is attacked by the gangers who 
party there, he could use your assistance in battle. You can also get Tycho to 
join your party if you are there in the early evening. It is possible to join 
the Skulz and harrass Neal, but this is generally a bad idea. 

You can bust the Skulz in a couple different ways. Join them and then rat them 
out to Lars, or convince one of their female members that she should leave the 
gang and then talk to Lars. 

The Hub 

Unless you want a really big fight, you should not attempt to attack the average 
citizen or shop-owner in the Hub. The guards are mean. 

You can get job with the three caravans if you need some money. Butch of the Far 
Go Traders has a special job for you. 

The Hub is a commerce center. Visit all of the merchants and barter for better 
equipment and caps to reduce your inventory. Mitch's shop is the best way to get 

Talking to Butch of the Far Go Traders can send you on a mission to find the 
missing caravans. Once you talk to him, go talk to Beth who will send you to Old 
Harold and Slappy in old town. Old Harold lives in the southwest corner of old 
town. Once you talk to him, Slappy will lead you to your final destination. You 
will need to bring proof to Butch. (***) This proof can be found on the dead 
body of a mutant. 

The deathclaw is a powerful foe. Attack him from a distance. (***) If you can, 
make targeted shots for the eyes. Attack and fall back. Make the deathclaw come 
to you and waste action points. Once you deal with the deathclaw, be sure to 
talk to the dying mutant in the south of the cave. 

To get to see Decker, you must have the Berserker reputation or have killed 
Killian or Gizmo. You can also talk to Lorenzo, across from the Falcon, to get 
permission to see Decker. Once you talk to Decker, he can send you on some 
"jobs". The first job is to the Hightowers in the Heights. You will be able to 
kill them without repercussion. The second job will be to kill Jain of the 
Cathedral in the Water Merchants area. You can kill every in the Cathedral 
building except the kid, and you will not face the wrath of the police. (***) 
You can make the kid leave by pestering her with questions and she will not get 
involved in a fight. 

The thieves circle is located in Old Town, under a large building to the east. 
You will need a high traps skill to enter the circle without taking damage and a 
decent lockpick skill or explosives to get through doors. Talk to Loxley who 
will direct you to Jasmine. Jasmine will send you to steal a necklace from the 
Hightowers in the Heights. (***) The necklace is located in a trapped footlocker 
in a room. Sneak in at night and circle around the south side to time your 
entrance past the guards. Return the necklace to Loxley. 

The water merchants are located to the south of downtown. You can talk to the 
master merchant and get them to deliver water to your vault. This is a good idea 
and bad idea. (***) If you do so, you will have an extra one-hundred days to 
find the water-chip, but the risk of your vault being found and invaded is 
increased by the same amount. Generally, you should only do this if the Vault is 
just about to run out of water and you don't have the water-chip yet. 

The missing Brotherhood initiate is being held captive by armed guards in Old 
Town, in the building just below the entrance. It is okay to attack these 
mercenaries, the police will understand. Once the mercenaries are dead, and his 
prison cell door unlocked, the captive will leave on his own. Doing this will 
increase your reputation with the Brotherhood. Try shooting them through windows 
to draw them out for single combat. Stand behind one of the police, if they get 
shot they will join in the fight. 

Old Town is the best place to purchase weapons and drugs in the Hub. Jacob the 
arms-dealer is located one of the northern buildings. Vance the drug-dealer is 
located in the north-east corner. Talk to Lemmy by the Maltese Falcon to get in 
to see Vance. 


Most of the Necropolis is in ruins. It is very difficult to move around the city 
without going underground. Use the sewer system to move from map to map. You can 
get into the sewers by using one of the sewer holes and then climbing down the 

From the motel, you will want to proceed to the northwest. Of course, it is 
often a good idea to fully explore the sewers. You never know what you might 

If you are getting lost in the sewers refer to your automap to keep track of 
your location. 

Search the entire sewer system and pay close attention to the ground. There are 
some hard to find items hidden in the sewers, either on the ground or on dead 

Set is the leader of most of the ghouls in Necropolis. He wants you to kill the 
super-mutants at the water-shed, the northern map, and he will reward you if you 
do so. 

Even if you work for Set, most ghouls will still be hostile. Keep a wide berth 
for the ghouls outside the buildings, as they will attempt to eat you if they 
catch you. Some ghouls in the buildings are dangerous as well. The only ghouls 
that you do not have to worry about are the ghouls hiding in the sewers. In 
fact, they can even be helpful. 

If you barge into combat with the super mutants at the water-shed, it can be 
difficult. Try to take the super mutants on one at a time. Get them to chase 
you. There is a small L-shaped ruin to the north of the water-shed. If you lead 
the mutants up there, you can use it for cover. You can also talk Harry, the 
leader of the mutants, into taking you to the "Lou". This is a bad idea unless 
you are high level. (***) If your character has a low intelligence, you can also 
out-wit Harry into letting you by. You can Sneak past Harry and his guards if 
you have a good skill. 

The entrance to the Necropolis Vault is in the water-shed. In the southeast 
corner of the building are three small rooms. One of the rooms has a ladder 
leading down to the Vault. The Glowing Ghouls are dangerous enemies. They can 
cause radiation damage as well as physical damage. Sneak past them if you can. 
The most important area of this Vault is the command center on the third level. 

(***) The water-chip is located on the third level of the Necropolis vault, in 
the command center. It is in the only functioning computer on this level. You 
will need to use this computer to grab the water-chip. 

(***) If you take the water-chip and leave Necropolis, the ghouls there will die 
from thirst. You can help them by repairing the water pump. You will need some 
spare parts, you can find some junk in the northern water-shed sewers that will 
do the trick. You will also need a good repair skill. If you take the junk parts 
to the underground ghoul leader, he will give you a couple repair books to help 
your skill. Use the parts on the water-pump at the top part of the big water-
shed room. 

Brotherhood of Steel 

If you want to join the Brotherhood of Steel, you need to talk to Cabbot, one of 
the guards at the entrance. He gives pretty good instructions if you ask him 
what you need to do. Talking to the guard next to Cabbot will give you more 
information as well. Visit the Glow, and retrieve an important item. You will 
know this item when you find it... 

Once you get in, spend some time learning the skills of the Brotherhood. Also, 
if you ask nicely, you can pick up some equipment by talking to elders and then 
reporting to Michael on the first level. 

If you have enough money, you can buy enhancements from the Doctor. (***) He can 
increase all statistics except Luck and Charisma by 1 point. It takes time and 
money, however. 

Maxson may ask that you scout the northern area for the mutant army. If you do 
this, you can get some assistance for some later quests. (***) You must go visit 
the Military Base and then return. 

It is possible to get some power armor from the Brotherhood. (***) If you have a 
reputation greater than 15 and you have rescued the kidnapped Initiate in the 
Hub, then the first time you talk to Talus, he will offer the power armor. The 
other option is to repair some broken armor on level three. Steal the parts from 
Rhombus' room or talk Michael into giving them to you. Go to Kyle on Level three 
to get a repair book. Then repair the armor yourself. 

The Glow 

The entrance to the Glow is through the large crater. (***) You will need to use 
a rope on the large metal beam to climb down safely. 

The Brotherhood of Steel will send you here on a quest to retrieve an item. 
(***) The Brotherhood disk is on the dead body of a power armor soldier in the 
center-north room on the first level. 

The glow is highly radioactive. You must monitor your radiation count carefully. 
Use a Geiger Counter to get an exact reading. The drugs Rad-X and RadAway are 
almost essential. Do not read books, rest or use the Doctor skill while in the 
Glow. These tasks take time, and the longer you are here, the more radiation you 
will absorb. (***) Use 2 Rad-Xs before entering the Glow map. Use RadAway to 
clean up any left-over radiation. 

The elevators will require security cards to operate safely. If you have a high 
traps and lockpick skill, you can disarm and unlock the elevator doors without 
the passkeys. 

(***) The first card is yellow. It is on a power armor dead body on the first 
floor in the center north room. 

(***) The second card is red, and it is on another dead body on the second floor 
in the northeastern room. 

(***) The third card is blue. You can find it on level four, on a dead body in 
the south-west corner. 

If you turn on the power, the robots will activate and be hostile. A good thing 
is to steal their weapons before they are activated. A better idea is to kill 
them before they are active. You can disable activated robots by hacking the 
super computer on level four with a high science skill. 

You need to repair or use the multi-tool on the generator on level six in the 
southeast room. You will not be able to use the blue elevators without the 
generator being repaired. 


The Regulators are controlling Adytum. Jon Zimmerman is a puppet. You would do 
well to deal with these people as little as possible. You can free them by 
taking out the Regulators. The best way to do this is to get the Blades to help 

The Blades need your assistance to take out the regulators in Adytum. They need 
weapons and armor before they can attack. The gunrunners can supply them with 
the necessary equipment. 

The Gunrunners will give equipment to the Blades if you help them with their 
Deathclaw problems. Talk to Zack and Gabriel. Gabriel will give you the quest. 
Once you deal with the Deathclaw problem, return and talk to Gabriel. 

The deathclaws have taken over an area of the Boneyards. You must kill all of 
the Deathclaws, including the mother deathclaw, and destroy all of the eggs to 
clear them out. If you don't, then everytime you return, there will be more 
deathclaws to battle. The mother deathclaw is very tough, you should have plenty 
of armor and powerful weapons to deal with her. If you can, make targeted shots 
to her eyes, they have the best chance of defeating her. 

Don't accept Zimmerman's assassination offer. If you tell him what is really 
going on, he will die. (***) Unfortunately, no matter what you do, Zimmerman 
will die. 

Once you free Adytum from the grip of the regulators, you can have a couple 
high-tech items enhanced to greater power. (***) If you have the power armor, 
talk to Miles. You will need the junk from the dead body in the deathclaw area. 
Once you have the junk, talk to Miles and then Smitty. Miles will send you to 
Mrs. Stapleton in the Hub bookstore. Return to Miles with the journals and he 
will upgrade your power armor. If you have a plasma rifle, talk to Smitty. He 
will turbo enhance your plasma rifle. 

You can talk to Nichole to get the password for Laura in the Cathedral. The 
Followers will help you invade the Cathedral if you have scouted it out. Ask for 

(***) Katja of the Followers will join your party if you ask nicely. 


Two words: purple robes. 

There are several locked doors. They require either the red or black badges to 
open, or you can use the Lockpick skill. (***) Lasher can give you a red badge 
if you ask nicely. 

The guards in the tower will let you be if you are alone and have either the 
badges or purple robes. 

Morpheus is on the third level of the tower. If you attack him, the Nightkin 
guards will be angry. (***) Morpheus can be talked into taking you directly to 
the Master. 

You need to get below the Cathedral. There is a basement that conceals a secret 
door. (***) Use some rogue like skills on the last bookcase to find the secret 
door. A purple robe will be very helpful from this point on. 

Explore all levels of the underground vault, unless you are in a hurry. 

Military Base 

If you have a radio, you can use it at the entrance to trick the mutant guards. 

The Super Mutant guarding the security door has the door code. You can also 
lockpick the door, but it is very difficult. 

It is possible to Sneak in, without alerting the base. Also, if you kill the 
guards in less than three turns, then they will not have enough time to alert 
the base. 

The force fields can be difficult. There are many ways around them, however. 
(***) The force field computer on the first level can be remotely toggled. Use a 
radio on the computer to start the process, and then use a radio to toggle the 
fields. Also, you can use your Repair skill to "fix" a force field emitter. 
Explosives can also do the job. 

Cheat Codes 

There are no cheat codes in Fallout. The closest thing to a cheat code is to 
take a Luck of 10 and find equipment on the special random encounters. If things 
are getting hairy, however, remember your difficulty level settings on the 
Preferences screen. You can change these at anytime during your adventures. 

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