____ ___                 .__                       __               .___
|    |   \  ____    ____  |  |__  _____   _______ _/  |_   ____    __| _/
|    |   / /    \ _/ ___\ |  |  \ \__  \  \_  __ \\   __\_/ __ \  / __ |
|    |  / |   |  \\  \___ |   Y  \ / __ \_ |  | \/ |  |  \  ___/ / /_/ |
|______/  |___|  / \___  }|___|  /(____  / |__|    |__|   \___  }\____ |
               \/      \/      \/      \/                     \/      \/
__      __           __                            ________
/  \    /  \_____   _/  |_   ____  _______   ______ \_____  \  /\
\   \/\/   /\__  \  \   __\_/ __ \ \_  __ \ /  ___/  /  ____/  \/
\        /  / __ \_ |  |  \  ___/  |  | \/ \___ \  /       \  /\
  \__/\  /  (____  / |__|   \___  } |__|   /____  } \_______ \ \/
       \/        \/             \/              \/          \/
     __                                        _
  /\ \ \  ___ __      __   /\  /\  ___   _ __ (_) ____  ___   _ __   ___
/  \/ / / _ \\ \ /\ / /  / /_/ / / _ \ | '__|| ||_  / / _ \ | '_ \ / __|
/ /\  / |  __/ \ V  V /  / __  / | (_) || |   | | / / | (_) || | | |\__ \
\_\ \/   \___|  \_/\_/   \/ /_/   \___/ |_|   |_|/___| \___/ |_| |_||___/

   (suitable for PC, Super Nintendo, SEGA Genesis & Playstation)

This faq is written by Eastpolar ([email protected])

with help from
Christopher Bzik for the Ports and Ships ([email protected])
LockeVanish for the Mates ([email protected])
Scaly Lizard for Trade and Quirks ([email protected])
Version 2.9 (August 9 2002)

___________________ AN AUTHOR'S NOTE _____________________________

Hi, and welcome to this walkthrough/faq/guide or whatever, for the
second game of Uncharted Waters, Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizons.
First of all I'd like to thank Mr. Jerry Webber, who doesn't want
his e-mail here. He did the main lines of the walkthroughs, I
kind of revised them all and wrote this faq around the
walkthroughs. So what he did, was writing the main line with the
important stuff and I tried everything out and completed the walk-
troughs. This is not because I cannot do that, but because I think
that there are multiple ways of completing the game and now there
are two ways mixed in each other. Just for you as reader...
   Note that only the upper four walkthroughs are TOTALLY revised,
   the other two still have to be done (but the main lines have
   been set out for you).
So if you complete the game in a different way than I have written
it's not wrong. Also, I do not mention easy stuff, like: "Walk to
building now, say yes" that kinda stuff. I just tell you the major
parts of the story, it's your job to complete it.
   When you find mistakes in the walkthroughs, please let me know.

I know this game is rather old, but I still think it's very cool.
Not the game itself does the trick, but just the story and you
learn to trade and learn to fight :)
This game was made for SNES, PC and Genesis if you want to know
the differences between SNES and PC look at the faq by
PuppyChiFlower on GameFaqs. He/she put them in a Faq. I wrote
this one for the PC version, but can also be used for the SNES,
Genesis and Playstation version (there aren't any
differences in the story lines of them).

By the way, the newer Uncharted Water series are called UW3: Costa
Del Sol and UW4: Porta Estado. There has also been released a
special UW2: New Horizons version, Chinese only, this game has got
two extra story lines: Chinese and Indian. Just have fun!
   Note that UW3 and UW4 have only been released in Japanese,
   Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and Malaysian. Any attempts to reach
   Koei about a release in English have failed, so don't bother me
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"Uncharted Waters: New Horizons is, by far, one the best
  RPG/Simulation games ever crafted for any platform."
"Everyone is focused on one thing: graphics. But UW:NH is
  one of the many games that are still remembered for its
  gameplay, and NOT its visuals."
"Each character quest is long and engrossing, and is enough
  to keep you busy..."
"If you can withstand the learning curve and the graphics,
  you'll undoubtedly enjoy this game."


Before you get started (when you want to play the PC version),
you should check if you have the following System Requirements:

One will need a i80386 PC (33 MHz CPU is more than enough), plus:
  MS-DOS 5.0+ or any compatible operating system (or Windows);
  at least 440 KBytes free conventional memory;
  at least 512 KBytes free EMS or universal (EMS/XMS) memory;
  at least 5 MBytes of free space on the hard disk (saved games);
  VGA display adapter
  an AT keyboard and a working mouse (latter not required).

If anybody tells me he hasn't got this, and he can still e-mail me,
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Chapter List

   1.  Walkthrough JOAO FRANCO
   2.  Walkthrough CATALINA ERANTZO
   3.  Walkthrough OTTO BAYNES
   4.  Walkthrough ERNST VON BOHR
   5.  Walkthrough PIETRO CONTI
   6.  Walkthrough ALI VEZAS
   7.  Ports
   8.  Items
   9.  Discoveries
   10. Ships
   11. Trade
    (a Early Game
    (b Midgame Game
    (c Investing
    (d Late Game
    (e Advanced Game
   12. Various Info
    (a Skills
    (b Mates + Waitresses
    (c Villager Help
    (d Readers Info + Anecdotes (that really help)
   13. Oddities
    (a Quirks
    (b World Domination
   14. Game Options
   15. Cheat Codes
    (a Game Genie Codes
    (b Pro Action Replay Codes
   16. Frequently Asked Questions
   17. Links
   18. Credits
   19. Version History
   20. Copyright Info

So let's get started with chaptero uno.
1. Walkthrough JOAO FRANCO

Age:18   Sail:1   Battle:1   Leadership: 78  Courage:   82
                              Seamanship: 75  Swordsman: 82
                              Knowledge:  73  Charm:     89
                              Intuition:  85
Negotiation Skill

The son of Portugal's Duke Leon. An adventurer who travels around the world
to find the secret of Atlantis.

When you go to your father's house. Joao is sent on a mission by his father
Leon to find "The secret of Atlantis". Joao has $1000, (an aquamarine tiara
given to him by his mother Christiana when you visit the house between 10
and 12pm), a Latino Caravela (when you visit the shipyard) and a rapier
(when you visit the Item Shop) to begin his journey. He can sell the tiara
and equip the rapier and use the money to remodel his ship to minimum crew
and 0 guns. He should also begin donations to the Round Earth Society. Ten
times ten percent investments will bring good luck. Early donations will
also take less gold, since he has little money.

He stocks his ship with maximum provisions and assigns the crew to 100%
sailors. The Round Earth Society asks that he takes Professor Enrico Malione
(Sail:1 Battle:1 -Accounting) to Zipangu and Joao accepts with the condition
that it may take many years. Enrico agrees and signs on as bookkeeper.
Rocco Alemkel (Sail:30 Battle:32 - Gunnery/Celestial Navigation) is sent by
Leon to accompany Joao and turn him into a sailor. Rocco is "The Old Sailor"
from Uncharted Waters. Butler Marco is the first mate recruited on Uncharted
Waters and still serves Leon in this game. Save the game here!!!

On the first voyage from Lisbon Domingo Manana appears as a stowaway and
is given a job by Joao. Joao sails northwest to find the supply port on
Forel. Restock with food only. Continue west until land is sighted then
turn north again. You must bear north and west around the point of land
then turn east at the ice cap. A village is discovered at the extreme
north east corner where you disembark and give food until friendship
equals 65.

Save the game at this point. You will find the Saber toothed Tiger
(when you don't find this, load the game in Lisbon and go along the Nile
to find all the discoveries there, because it could be possible this
discovery isn't chosen randomly at the beginning of your game).
discovery and lose two members of your crew. You must plunder the
village for food. (If additional men are lost, restart.) Sail and
disembark at the closest coast south of the ice and "Search" for water.
Load water equal to the amount of food on board then sail west and south
to clear the point then head south for 5 - 6 screens. Turn east when you
start to speed up and dock at Bordeaux.

Turn in the discovery at Bordeaux to Professor Mordes and collect
$100,000 (when you have done the Nile job, it will be less, around $35,000).
If you have too less money you can boost this by trading between Athens
and Istanbul or do jobs at the guild. Look in the shipyard for a used sloop
or LaReale. If these ships are not available here, save the game and sail
to Nantes (north) or Lisbon and Seville to find one (if there isn't any
here, wait till the next month). Be sure to buy 5-7 balms at the Item Shop
before leaving Bordeaux.

Once a ship is found and outfitted (dragon figure, crew - 50, no guns),
load 300 arms from Lisbon and take to Timbuktu in Africa and trade for
ivory. If you have $14,000 available, sail to Seville and rest until
2am, then visit the guild and purchase a Basterd sword. The King may
start to asks favors, don't listen to this.

Take the ivory to Amsterdam in northern Europe and buy "Cartographer" skills
from Mercator (around $50,000) and sign a contract. Buy glass beads (200)
while in Amsterdam and return to Africa.

Travel down the coast and discover villages up the river by Luanda.
You will lose some crew at the river village so stop by Luanda for crew and

At some point in a pub (when your adventure fame has reached the 2000),
Rocco says the Prince (Alberto) of Portugal has been kidnapped. Joao goes
to the lodge and shipyard and rescues Domingo (who is actually the prince)
from Pirate Antonio Kahn. A hard to win sword fight takes place here so
save the game just before entering the shipyard. Not that it matters when
you loose, but you'll gain battle experience points with it.
Catalina Erantzo interrupts to save Joao's life even if he beats Kahn. She
wants to fight Joao, but Rocco tricks her by sounding like Commander
Ezequiel and she leaves. They realize that Domingo is the Prince and return
to Lisbon.

If in Africa, proceed around the tip of Africa discovering villages along
the way. The DODO village MAY be on an island off the southeast coast of
Madagascar. Look for this village as the Dodo discovery is also worth
$100,000. The first port up, the east coast of Africa is Sofala. Disembark
here and trade the glass beads for gold. Be sure and save some money for
food for the trip home.

Now return to Lisbon with Alberto and go to the castle, then save the game
before entering the Franco house. Here you will encounter Pirate Kahn again
in a sword fight. Beat the pirate and you will gain 1000 pirate points and
battle level 2. You don't have to win again, only for the points. If you
want to win, you should buy some armor in Copenhagen first.

Go to the palace and save Joao's father, Leon. Return to the Franco house
and tell Leon "NO", that you would like to continue your sea travels and he
gives Joao a Flamberge sword. Prince Alberto will accompany Joao to the 
then you are free to trade and sail for Bordeaux with discoveries.

NOTE - To finish the game quickly, do not visit the King of Portugal. He
will ask favors (bring discoveries) in return for royal titles.
Unfortunately, the titles do not add to the adventure points which 
win the game.

Turn in the discoveries to Professor Mordes at Bordeaux and sell the Basterd
sword at the Item Shop for $10,000+ gold. Buy 2-3 more balms if needed. Sail
to Amsterdam to trade and "Report" your sea travels to Mercator. You may
deposit extra gold in the bank to earn interest. Also donate at the Round
Earth Society. Take more glass beads from Amsterdam around Africa to 
Withdraw any money deposited and trade the glass beads for gold. Take as
much gold as possible to Mecca and trade for carpet. Visit a pub when you
have reached 8000 adventure fame and you'll be warned Catalina is after
you. She will appear after some ports, but Rocco will subdue her so Joao can
escape. Proceed north to Cairo and discover another village. Return to
Mombasa to trade the carpet for gold.

Return to the Mediterranean and search for a "used" Venetian Galeass. Try
in Seville, Genoa, Piza, Athens, Istanbul and Alexandria. One of these ports
should have the ship. Remodel the ship for 400 crew and 0 guns. You may
purchase and moor a used Sloop if one is found while searching for the
Galeass. The Sloop is a good ship for long distance travel. Sell the Reale
and pick up as many mates as can be convinced. Somewhere here they'll warn
you again, but Rocco will fight her.

This will allow Joao to plunder more of Catalina's ships because while
trying to recruit enough crew for the Galeass.

Equip weapons and assign crew on the Galeass to 15% sailors and the rest
soldiers. Sail to the closest port and when at the dock to debark the
dock master should ask Joao to "Set him up with Catalina." This is the clue
to save the game as Cat will be waiting outside the port with 6-10 LaReales.

Joao should "Rush" attack her at sea without getting in a duel and will win
the battle with the advantage of men. Sell all but one of Catalina's Reales
at the shipyard and reduce men to a small number on each ship. You'll gain
approximately 3 battle levels.

Sail to Lisbon and moor the Galeass and extra ships. Sail to Bordeaux and
turn-in the discoveries. Sail to Amsterdam and "report" the maps. If you
have more than 23,500 Adventure Fame (or maybe when you just visit some
ports, I'm not sure) Ali will appear in the pub or lodge and say that
Lucia has been kidnapped by Catalina. Ali asks Joao to find Sapha (his long
lost sister) and bring her to Istanbul. Joao goes back to Lisbon to the cafe
and talks to Carlotta about Lucia. You SHOULD have lots of money by now,
but money comes always in handy...

Joao must sail to Basra in the Persian gulf. It is the farthest port up the
gulf. This is where Sapha works at the pub. She will not go with them, so
Joao decides to go to Istanbul to tell Ali. Sail to Istanbul and find Ali in
the lodge. Tell him about Sapha.

Sail around the north of Asia and discover things along the way. (Stellar
sea cow) Sail down the coast of Asia and up the yellow river in China to
discover several items and ports. Stop at Zeiton to buy a cat, lime juice
and some more balm. Sail south through the islands to the top of Australia.
Sail east and try to discover the Moa and Moai as you cross the Pacific.
Round the southern tip of South America and sail up its eastern coast.
(if you have done this already, just raise your Adventure Fame to

Sail to Bordeaux and turn in discoveries, then to Amsterdam to "report".
Adventure Fame should be 21,000 + at this point. Sail to Naples if you have
$600,000 to buy the Crusaders armor. Go in nay building after you have
gained the +25,000 Adventure Fame and you'll see Ali again. He thanks Joao
for finding Sapha and says Joao can find some answers to the secret of
Atlantis in Massawa.

On the way to Massawa, stop in Timbuktu (Africa) to pick up the Crusaders
sword at 2pm if you have an extra $380,000 gold. Sail to Massawa and look in
the Mosque. This will lead you to the palace where you meet Meconbe
and Lord Taphali. They tell Joao that Turkey is about to attack Massawa and
that the only way to save them is find the Staff of Poseidon. Return to

In Lisbon, Christiana asks Pietro Conti to find the staff for Joao and
take it to Massawa. He agrees. At this point, Joao must kill some time as
it takes a while for Pietro to find the Staff. One of the most constructive
things for Joao to do is to invest in Bristol or Hamburg shipyards. This
will make large and powerful ships available. Joao must have extra money
for this because it takes (4) $50,000 investments in Bristol to attain

At this level Bristol will build Sloops, Frigates and Barges. Joao's
favorite ship is a Frigate, but a copper sloop would be very handy for
an adventure and the Barge is a much more powerful ship for the final

Joao can sail to his ship building port and invest, then sail to Massawa to
talk to Taphli in the palace. This action will start the clock because at
each shop in Massawa Rocco asks if Pietro has found the staff and Joao
replies that "All that can be done is to wait." They should return to the
ship port to invest again and stop by the African ports for some gold along
the way.

Joao should sail to Lisbon and commission his Galeass and recruit (100)
crew. Sail to Mecca just north of Massawa and "recruit" sailors to (400).
Remember to assign the max percentage as soldiers. Any shop owner in the
middle east should ask if they have heard that Turkey has started the attack
on Massawa (only when you have killed enough time, otherwise just rest some
time). This is the signal that Joao should return to the palace in
Massawa then meet Catalina again at the dock. Cat allows Joao to fight the
Turks and the game should be saved at this point.

Joao must beat (2) Turkish fleets, between which Catalina interrupts and
volunteers to help Joao attack the Turks. Upon returning to Massawa and 
in any shop, Pietro shows up and presents the Staff. NOTE-Joao can use the
saved game to continue to attack Turks and sell their ships for gold (he 
need it), or take the staff to Taphali. If you have bought the Crusader
stuff, it'll be a piece of cake, as they haven't got that much crew.

Taphali gives Joao the "Royal Crown". This is one of the lost treasures of
Atlantis and worth $150,000. Joao is finished in Massawa and may return to
his ship building port to finish investment and build a "Barge" or
"Full-Rigged Ship". At the dock in Massawa, Catalina approaches Joao for
revenge one last time.

Enrico interrupts and asks why she seeks revenge and with the help of Pietro
they convince her that Joao had nothing to do with her brothers death.
She exits.

At the pub in the ship building port Enrico requests to be taken to Zipangu
and Rocco says that Nagasaki would be the place to go. Prior to this point,
Nagasaki and Sakai are not available to Joao. He should take a fast ship and
sail to Nagasaki. Take a mapping route to Nagasaki and discover some items
along the way. Joao comments on the beauty of the port and Enrico bids
farewell at the dock. This is also an opportunity to make extra gold since
silver, pearl and silk are very cheap in these ports. Joao should also buy
an "Atakabune" ship in Sakia since this is a good ship for long-range
discovery travel.

By the time Joao can return to his ship building port in Europe, his large
ship will be ready. He should take this to Lisbon to "Moor". In Lisbon
people will say that Joao has a letter at the Guild. Joao's Adventure Fame
should be 41,000+ at this time. The letter is from Enrico and says
cryptically that he has some news about Atlantis.

Joao sails for Sakia (where Enrico now lives) and sees him in the church.
Enrico tells Joao that a Dutch map maker named Ernst Von Bohr told
him that Neo-Atlantis is in South America up a large river. Joao returns to
Lisbon as fast as possible to retrieve his battle ships and recruit crew.

Sail to Cayenne in South America and visit any shop. Rocco first says "Whew,
we finally made it to south America, what do we do now?" Joao replies that
he doesn't have the slightest idea.

Joao may have to sail around close to Cayenne a few times and attack Spanish
or preferably Turkish fleets. When the time is right, Rocco says some people
are running to the cafe. There they find Lucia being held captive by Pirate
Rudolph. Joao must sword fight the pirate, and even if victorious, Catalina
enters takes over the fight and allows Joao to escape.

At the dock, Lucia explains that she has been captive at Neo- Atlantis on
the Amazon river built by Marquis Martinez in violation of the Treaty of
Tordasillas. She escaped with the help of "an old man" (Raul Franco).
Catalina enters and comments that she has learned that Martinez is the real
murderer of her brother and is now seeking revenge on him. She knows that
Commander Ezequiel is close by and Joao volunteers to explain the situation
to him to allow them all to attack Martinez and his band of pirates at
Neo-Atlantis tomorrow.

Upon leaving the port, Joao explains the situation to Ezequiel and Catalina
surrenders, then they move up the Amazon and the encounter the pirates. Joao
must defeat (1) pirate fleet to win (hopefully for you, it's a pirate with a
flagship that has less than 200 crew, because with the Crusader Equipment,
you'll win the duel anyway). He may now "scrap" all his ships except
a fast one and return to Lisbon and his father's house. His father has heard
of Joao's victory and recommends to the King for Joao to take his place as
Prime Minister of Portugal. This is the end of this game.


1146 Day Voyage

It was a red-haired female pirate, Catalina Erantzo, who saved Prince 
and myself from that evil pirate, Kahn. But it turned out that she was 
after me. Only with Rocco's quick thinking and cunning subterfuge did we
manage to escape.

At Massawa, I met the last descendant of the lost city of Atlantis, Tafari.
After our meeting a fierce naval battle ensued, as I fought to protect
Massawa from the Turkish forces.

At the port of Nagasaki, Enrico finally had to leave us. After so many
voyages together, it was sad to part. But we wished him good luck with a
smile as he was excited about beginning his studies in the land of Zipangu.

With the help of Catalina, I rescued Lucia from the clutches of evil 
After that, I decided to cooperate with Catalina and Ezequiel's Armada to
stop Martinez's evil scheme.

At Lisbon, we were welcomed by the enthusiastic cheers of the crowd. It 
my father finally acknowledged that I am an experienced seafarer.


Age:18	Sail:8	Battle:10	Leadership: 80 Courage:   86
                                    Seamanship: 79 Swordsman: 92
                                    Knowledge:  65 Charm:     95
                                    Intuition:  52
Gunnery Skill

Spanish Naval officer. She leaves the Navy for a life of piracy to avenge
the mysterious loss of her brother & fiancé.

Catalina is the only character who won't be called by a monarch to do 
This makes her game the fastest of all, as all of her activities increase 

Catalina begins her game by being called to Navy headquarters (which is at 
right hand side of the castle) by Commander Ezequiel who tells her the sad
news about her brother Michael and her fiancé Hernan being lost at sea. 
ship was wrecked or burned at Santo Domingo and no one survived.

Catalina must re-enter headquarters after talking to Ezequiel who will give
her Michael's saber. She then goes to the cafe to have tea with Lt. Emilio
Sanude (Sail:8 Battle:11 -Gunnery/Celestial Navigation). They overhear two
swabs talking about the disaster and say that rumor has it that Duke
Franco's private battle fleet was responsible for the attack. Cat returns to
Ezequiel to request ships and men to avenge her loss against the Francos,
but Ezequiel refuses on the grounds that she would cause a war over a rumor.

Cat returns to the cafe and a "crazy philosopher" rides them about giving
up, then she asks Emilio to come with her to the dock. At the dock he joins
her mission (at gun point) and they steal a ship- a galleon she names the
REBEL. The ship has (10) bars of gold on board which you can sell to
help recruit another (50-60) sailors for the ship. Cat must also "Equip"
her saber and "Assign" her sailors to 90% combat.

When she sails, they encounter Rapheal Selran of Portugal (a battle
captain). She should defeat him by attacking without a duel and return to
Seville to sell the Rebel and equip the Flemish galleon with maximum men
and no guns. This ship will sail much faster than that the galleon can. In
Seville, save the game, because Cat may be surrounded by "Gruff men", if
captured, just restart to keep losing your money. Go to the dock and wait
till 2 am, to go to the Item Shop and buy a Basterd sword.

Sail into the Mediterranean and attack another fleet, like a Turkish
merchant or Portuguese (Yasale, Abduhl?). When docked at any harbor other
than Seville, Cat gets the message that the Spanish fleet is after her. Stay
close to a neutral port such as Algiers and dock after each battle to sell
the captured ship and recruit sailors. This all to get more fame and get
better in battling.

After the second battle with the Spanish Armada, the fleet catches fire and
retreats. You can actually flee the second time, because you often won't 
enough crew to fight them again. Catalina picks up Andreas Paella and he
joins as mate. He was the 'crazy philosopher' at the pub in Seville.

After your fame in piracy has reached +5,000 you'll fight Pirate Kahn in a
shipyard. You capture Joao and you have to flee, because Ezequiel is after
you. Catalina's pirate fame should get to +8,000. She must attack any
Spanish, Portugese (or Turkish) or Pirate fleet to increase fame, money
and battle skill. In the pub, Cat will meet Bret Perot. He tells them
Joao's location (Somewhere Italy?) and they take off after him.

In this port they will search first in the pub, if the bartender says he
REALLY hasn't seen him, you have to wait some days, come back to the pub.
The bartender will say he HAS seen Joao now, so go search building after
building looking for Joao and eventually Cat will find Andreas and Emilio
tied up in the Merchant shop. They tell her that "Monster Rocco" did the
dirty deed. So they return to the port where they saw Bret and ask him 

This time he tells them (after being choked by Andreas) that a Portuguese
noble wishes Lucia to be secretly taken to the lodge in Ceuta and they will
be told Joao's location again. She agrees.

They pick up Lucia in the pub in Lisbon and after dropping her at the lodge
in Ceuta, find Perot in the pub. He tells them that Joao is in Alexandria.

In Alexandria, Otto Baynes shows up and convinces Cat that she has been
tricked into kidnapping Lucia for Marquis Martinez of Portugal. She really
has the butt at Perot now and Otto tells her that Perot is headed for the
Black sea (beyond Istanbul). She can easily catch him and beat him in 
He says that Lucia is across the world and that the Atlantic armies will
conquer the world.

Cat's pirate fame is now 15,000+ with a battle level of 11. On the next
battle, Emilio says that a scum has been caught hiding on a captured ship.
Catalina questions him and is told that Joao has sailed to Massawa to defend
the locals against the Turks. She decides to go after him. To accomplish 
take her battleship, the crew must be reduced to (100). The Venetian should
now sail for 45 days. If you want to beat enemies in duel, be sure to buy 
armor in Copenhagen.

In Massawa they learn that Joao is called the "Savior". They find Joao and
company at the harbor and challenge him. He requests to be allowed to fight
the Turks before settling the score with Cat and she agrees. Emilio suggests
joining the battle and they do.

Don't forget to hire more crew at Mecca (North-East) before fighting the 
To do this, just sail in the big group of Turkish fleets. This is a good 
to capture and sell several fleets and stock up on money if needed. Joao
interrupts on the first battle and Catalina volunteers to assist in the 

After docking at Massawa after the battle, they are told that Joao is at the
palace. Here Joao's companion Enrico questions Catalina about the
circumstances behind her vengeance and they find out that the attack on her
brother could not have been accomplished by the Francos since they did not
own a fleet at that time. A explorer from Genoa called Pietro Conti verifies
Joao's claims and Catalina lets them go.

She should now sail back to the Mediterranean and may stop at any port along
the way for supplies. When your pirate fame has reached +30,000 go in any
building, she is told that a Turkish merchant is looking for them at the 
Ali Vezas tells Catalina that Pietro wants to see her in Lisbon.

In Lisbon, at the Franco's house, Pietro tells Cat that Marquis Martinez is
responsible for her brothers death. Raul Franco, Joao's grandfather, agrees
with Pietro and tells Cat about Neo-Atlantis and how her brother was caught 
this plot. They tell her that Martinez may be found in South America and
that Commander Ezequiel is after her. You have to sail to South America now.
When you go in any port, Emilio suggests sailing to every port. So that'll
be the mission for now. After some ports (don't forget the northern ports
of South America) Andreas says there's a fight in the pub. You'll end up
fighting to Pirate Rudolph. Joao went to the harbor. After a conversation
he agrees to ask Ezequiel for help in battling the pirates. When you go out
of the port, Ezequiel will be waiting for you. He does fight with you and
they sail after you up the Amazon river and encounter the pirates. After one
battle, Martinez has gone up in flames.


211 Day Voyage

I finally found my enemy, Joao. But unfortunately Commander Ezequiel
interfered, and stole my chance to take revenge. In retrospect, however,
I'm glad that I didn't defeat Joao then.

I was drawn further into the Franco family's affairs when I was tricked into
joining a nobleman's plot. We kidnapped a girl named Lucia for him, but that
turned out to be a serious mistake.

All of the signs had lead me to believe that the Francos were guilty. But
Otto, Pietro, and Joao told me the truth, and I was so confused! I no longer
knew who my real enemy was.

I learned who really set fire to my brother's fleet from Pietro and an old
man named Raul. I went to South America, where I knew my enemy would be
waiting. There, I joined Joao and helped him rescue Lucia.

Michael, Hernan... I finally avenged your defeat. The fire of your revenge
no longer consumes me. Finally I can rest. My heart is now at peace.

3. Walkthrough OTTO BAYNES

Age:25   Sail:10   Battle:10   Leadership: 92 Courage:   88
                                Seamanship: 72 Swordsman: 86
                                Knowledge:  61 Charm:     82
                                Intuition:  43
Gunnery Skill

British Privateer

Appointed by King Henry VIII to the Royal Knights in a secret mission to
defeat the Spanish Armada.

Otto is called to the palace. Sir Gilbert intercepts him and
shows his butt.

The King appoints Otto as the Head of the Royal Navy and requests that he
build a fleet and defeat the Spanish Navy. Otto accepts.
The King gives him:
1) A royal title (Page)
2) Short sword
3) Leather armor
4) Letter of Mark
Sir Gilbert gives him:
1) 300 gold
2) Caravela Latina

Otto picks up his ship at the shipyard and finds that Gilbert named it the
"Idiot". In the harbor you meet Matthew. Save the game before going into
the cafe as a swordfight will take place there with Sailor Matthew Roy.
Otto cannot lose this fight, but the outcome makes more sense if he
defeats Matthew.

Sail for Seville to "spy" on the Spanish. Go the cafe to find Matthew. He
is dinking and doesn't stop - When drunk, he makes a "plan". In the
harbor you see that Matthew has stolen a ship "the
newest Galleon" named "Fools" and they find 10,000 gold in the Captains
cabin after they sail from Seville. Assign the crew to 90% soldiers and
attack the first Spanish merchant fleet available. (Esteban Ortega) Save
the game just before the battle (27 may '22) and restart the game until
Otto wins and plunders a valuable cargo from the merchant such as amber
or gold (take his Nao, on the other ships isn't any cargo). Return to
Seville and obtain the Basterd sword at 2 am. Sell the cargo and ship and
recruit crew if needed. You must enter Seville at night since hostility is
at max. When you enter a building Matthew notifies you that you are being
followed. Hire some extra crew (max if possible). Save the game and prepare.

Be ready when they sail because a Spanish battle fleet (Bernal Loyola) will
be waiting. Defeat this fleet and sail for Ceuta to sell the plundered ship.
(defeating Loyola by duel is the easiest way to do this)

At any shop in port, Matthew will want to drink again. Go to the pub first
and then to the dock, the attendant will ask Otto to go to the merchants
place to check out some 'ghosts'. At the merchants they find Andreas and
Emilio, the mates of Catalina tied up in a sack. Catalina shows up and
challenges them to a duel.

They convince her that they do not work for Joao and she agrees to have a
cup of tea with Otto at the pub in two hours. At the pub she relates her
story of revenge on the Francos and then leaves.

Otto should defeat a pirate fleet with Venetian Galeass so he can take this
ship. (Khayr or Idin) He needs a Venetian or Galleon to attack Spanish and
pirate fleets. He may also purchase a Venetian (if you have the gold).
Before this you could also just hunt down some average pirates or Spanish
merchant fleets (to get more money).

At this stage in the game, King Henry should be looking for Otto. He can see
the King and not detract from his game since the king asks him to attack
Italian fleets, which will only cost you -1 friendship point with Italy, so
they won't get mad at you. This is how he gains pirate fame and may also
attain royal rank. (if you can't get the Italians out of Genoa, treat them
in the pub - see Cheats section for more details).

At about 30,000+ fame, the King is looking for Otto in a different way. He
reminds him of his request to destroy the Spanish fleet and tells Otto he
thinks he is ready to attack them. Go to the Guild to get information on
the Spanish whereabouts. The Guild master tells him that the Spanish utilize
a 3-point attack and that their fleets are docked at Nantes, Bordeaux and
Seville. Otto and Matthew talk this over and decide to attack the Spanish
before their fleets can converge and use the 3-point attack.

Sail to Nantes and you'll catch a couple of fleets at Nantes. When you beat
one, Matthew realizes that the Spanish have departed for the Amazon river.
Travel down the African coast and then west to Cayenne. A shopkeeper will
tell them that a Spanish fleet has docked at Santo Domingo.

Go catch this fleet, beat one and head back to Cayenne, since Matthew
noticed the other ships went off. When you catch more Spanish
fleets at sea -attack-, Catalina appears right away and convinces them to 
the Spanish go free. Otto does this (much to the dismay of Matthew) and they
sail back to Europe. Crew must probably be reduced to make it back to
Europe against the current.

You must dock at Ceuta and find Ezequiel Roberto in the pub. He doesn't
recognize you at first (and you don't recognize him), then offers to meet
them for a show-down in 30 days off the coast of Bordeaux. You must agree
and sail around until this date comes. Be sure to have good equipment
(whether swordplay equipment or good ships and cannons, and of course
enough crew)

Save the game just before the battle since Ezequiel is a tough customer.
You, as a real knight, won't kill Ezequiel, but let him go. Don't give him
a chance to be a knight, as he WILL kill you. Bastard. :)

The last act is to return to London and report to the King. Gilbert attempts
to defame Otto by telling the King that Otto let Ezequiel escape. Otto
defends himself by telling of Ezequiel's honor and the King agrees and
appoints Otto to the position of Admiral of the Royal Fleet.


286 Day Voyage

As King Henry requested, I began attacking fleets but jealous Lord Gilbert
tried to hinder our success by keeping us poorly supplied. However, 
sly trick brought me a state of the art Spanish Galleon. The acquisition of
that mighty ship marked a turning point on our path to victory.

We came upon a notorious and beautiful female pirate named Catalina Erantzo,
who was bent on avenging the loss of her brother. She was in pursuit of a
sailor named Joao, whom she held responsible for the dastardly deed. I
couldn't help but admire her determination.

We learned of a Spanish fleet heading for Seville, transporting gold from
the New World. We knew that if we successfully plundered that fleet, it
would deliver a substantial blow to the fortunes of Spain.

We happened upon Ezequiel, Commander of the Spanish fleet, in a rather
unexpected way. We vowed to have one final battle for the glory of our

The final battle between our British fleet and the Spanish fleet has ended
in triumph. We were victorious! The 'Invincible' Spanish fleet has been
crushed. This means that I have fulfilled my mission. I have accomplished
all that King Henry has asked.

4. Walkthrough ERNST VON BOHR

Age:23   Sail:11   Battle:1   Leadership: 78 Courage:   62
                               Seamanship: 92 Swordsman: 53
                               Knowledge:  86 Charm:     90
                               Intuition:  82
Celestial Navigation

Dutch geographer. Hired by his cartographer friend Mercator, to explore
far-off lands and make a map of the entire world.

Ernst starts out in Amsterdam with $5000, a Caravela Latina and a first
mate Hans Starten (Sail:10 Battle:2 -Celestial Navigation) all given to him
by Mercator. He should refit his ship to minimum crew (all sailors) and no
guns to make the exploring voyage to the northwest for the "Saber-toothed
cat" (see Discoveries section, if it isn't here, start the game again till
it's there - randomly chosen). Be sure to have SOME lookout, otherwise you
won't be able to see the village. The "Great Auk" discovery may also be
available at the southern tip of Greenland. You can stop in Forel if
necessary. Bring the discoveries to Bordeaux and Professor Mordes and
look for an adventurers ship. Bring the maps to Mercator and when leaving
Amsterdam, the 14 year old girl Paula shows up and asks to board the ship.
Paula wants to find her homeland and tells her life story starting in
Seville and melts Hans' heart. They let her aboard and continue their

Ernst is an adventurer and must increase Adventure fame to win the game. At
this point, his fame should be approx. 2000. The Governor/General of Holland
should be looking for him (for discoveries) and he can gain rank and play a
slower game if desired, or ignore the Governor and play the fastest game
(which is the best thing to do, because when turning discoveries to him
you won't get money or adventure fame - things you both need).

Nothing will happen to Ernst through his quest except the occasional comment
by Hans and Paula about their journeys. They should take several planned
excursions to map areas and discover items. Trips can be classified as:

(try to sail the 'dark' map parts, where you haven't been yet)
The North Atlantic - around the eastern coast of North America to Africa
and north to Europe.

The South Atlantic - down the coast of Africa then west to the tip of South
America (do the Amazon river) and north to Europe.

Asia - Over the top of Asia then down the coastline by Japan, India, the
middle east then the eastern coast of Africa and around to Europe.

Pacific - Over the top of North America then down the west coasts of North
and South America then "around the Horn" to Europe.

Australia - Around Africa then east along the southern polar regions to
Australia. Around Australia + Indonesia, then across the Pacific to the
horn and to Europe.

The Nile - This is optional, but is nice to gain fame.

Actually this is the easiest scenario, as you just can sail around with
a small ship for ages and you'll report your findings to Mercator and
Mordes every now and then.

When a certain percentage of the world is mapped, Mercator will
congratulate Ernst and finish the map. (although this is your quest, it
isn't necessary to finish the game). If you have done the '6-sails', you
could just go sailing to parts you haven't been (dark parts) to gain
fame and have Hans say his thing (see next paragraph).

During the final journeys, Hans will comment that Paula and Ernst should
get married. In the final scenario, Hans will say that he wishes to see
Zipangu, which has been hidden for the entire game. This is the clue to
proceed to Zeiton (or Hanoi) where they will be told that Zipangu is to
the northeast. Now Nagasaki and Sakia can be discovered. The shopkeepers
will confirm this, then Ernst will comment that Paula looks like the
people of this land. They question her and she remembers a "Yellow Sea"
in her homeland. They question shopkeepers in Zeiton and are told that a
yellow "river" exists to the north. Up this river, the city of Changan
can now be discovered. In the Noble building in this town Paula finds
her lost home and family.

Ernst invites Paula to continue to sail with him and she agrees as the game

If you read the ending scene, you'll notice that Ernst says he would like
to finish his task: making a complete world map. This is a bit dumb if
you already did it. And by the way, wasn't this your original draft of
sailing the oceans (and not Paula).


1149 day voyage

I set sail to map the world at the request of Mercator. But I soon found
another quest, when I met a young girl at a port, named Paula. I was moved
by her plea for my help and decided to help find her homeland.

I'll swear to the ocean, that I never forgot the original purpose of my
journey. But it was hard to see her face, so hopeful before we reached a new
port, so disappointed afterwards. It seemed that her homeland had vanished
off the face of the earth! Where in the world could she be from .. ?

Zipangu that Hans had dreamed of turned out to be no golden country. But I
wasn't disappointed because we finally got a clue to Paula's homeland.

It was as if her homeland was long waiting for her return because it had a
wonderful gift for her; her family. I'm so happy to have helped her see her
lifelong wish come true.

It may be natural for a man and a woman who went through times of happiness
and hardships together to fall in love! "Would you like to go on a voyage
with me, again?", I asked. Her smile was all the answer I needed.

5. Walkthrough PIETRO CONTI

Age:33   Sail:4   Battle:1   Leadership: 84 Courage:   53
                              Seamanship: 80 Swordsman: 61
                              Knowledge:  75 Charm:     81
                              Intuition:  87
Celestial Navigation

Italian Adventurer. Roams the world in search of treasure and the unknown to
pay for the debt his father left him.

Most of the merchants in Genoa accost Pietro for money until he goes to the
harbor. The harbormaster (whom he also owes money) tells him that his friend
(Camillo) is at the cafe.

In the cafe, Comrade Camillo Stefano (Battle:2 Sail:3 -Celestial Navigation,
Bookkeeping) tells Pietro that Duchess Franco has agreed to pay their debts
to work for her. They are suspicions but under the circumstance have no

Camillo has a ship Pietro names the "Falcon" (Caravela Latina). Camillo will
Auto-Sail them to Lisbon where they meet with Christiana.

The Duchess asks them to bring discovery reports to her and she will reward
them. Pietro is suspicious and she admits that she also wants them to spy on
Joao and report his condition to her periodically. They agree and she gives
them $5000 and takes care of their debts. She also gives him a telescope and
sextant that used to belong to Leon Franco.

They go to the shipbuilder and remodel the capacity of the Caravela to
minimum crew and max food then take off for the "Saber-toothed Tiger"
discovery. Camillo suggests that they head for the Nile river for
discoveries, but the faster method is the Tiger. They bring the discoveries
to Butler Marco in Lisbon and are rewarded with the $100,000. They use this
to purchase a Sloop or LaReale. Bordeaux usually has used Reales for sale.
Don't forget to stock up on Balm while in Bordeaux.

The Nile is a good target for the next voyage. Stop in Athens and pickup
some art. Camillo has bookkeeping skills, so use him to bargain with the
merchants and shipbuilders.

Next, stock glass beads if possible and sail for Timbuktu. Discover any
village along the way and trade the beads for Ivory.

Return to Lisbon with the discoveries, then go to Amsterdam in Northern
Europe to sell the cargo and purchase cartographer's skills from Mercator.
Sign a contract with him and stock more glass beads.

Sail for Africa again and sail up the rivers. Stop in Luanda and go into the
cafe. A swab will tell Pietro of the "Gold Medallion" and El Dorado then
offer to sell a map to the medallion for $2000 gold. Buy the map.

Round the Horn discovering villages along the way and look for the "Dodo"
discovery off the east coast of Madagascar. Sail to Sofala and trade the
beads for gold and return to Lisbon and Amsterdam.

Start a bank account at the Marco Polo bank ($250,000) on December 8, 1522
and ignore the Governor-General of Italy if you wish to play the fast game.
The Governor will request discoveries, which will take Adventure fame points
in return for Italian Rank.

While in Amsterdam, at Mercators', save the game prior to reporting maps, 
ask Mercator to :Locate: the map treasure for 2 gold ingots. By saving the
game you can write down the location and restart to avoid paying the price.

Find the Medallion and discover villages along the way. Turn in the
discoveries and maps to gain fame. Pietro may need to take a trip around
Asia to gain more fame. During this trip, make money by trading at ports and
gain fame through maps and discoveries. After finding the medallion, Camillo
asks to see it. They admire the workmanship and vow to try to find El 

When Pietro reaches 20,395 fame and sail level of 13 on July 28, 1523, he 
$650,000 in the bank. While turning in discoveries, Marco says the Duchess
is waiting for him. She introduces him to Joao who requests that he find the
Staff of Poseidon and bring it to Massawa. Joao explains what the Staff is
and why he needs it and Pietro accepts the challenge. At the dock, Camillo
asks how they will find the Staff and Pietro says that something will happen
on the way to Arabia.

At any port in the middle east, at the cafe, the owner will tell them that
the Fortune Teller in a port in the back of the Mediterranean (Jaffa,
Alexandria, etc.) can tell them more about the Staff. Pietro can trade goods
for gold by stopping by the east African ports to make money.

In the Mediterranean, the Fortune Teller will tell them to return to the
middle east, (Shiraz, Hormuz, etc.) and tell the cafe owner that she sent

In the middle east, the cafe owner gives them a map (after a long speech)
which they can take to a Cartographer and again save the game to find the
coordinates of the treasure (if you don't recognize the location on the map.

Pick up the map and any discoveries along the way and bring it to Joao in
Massawa. He will be waiting in the cafe. Pietro asks him for information
about El Dorado in return and Joao agrees then exits.

Pietro's sail level is now 14 with fame of 26,070, Jan 1, 1524. Take a few
more discovery journeys to build the fame to 40,000+ and sail to 15. The Moa
discovery is on Easter Island West of Calico supply port on the west coast
of South America and the Moai discovery on New Zealand east of Australia.

At the dock (in Lisbon?), Ali Vezas shows up and tells Pietro that Joao has
asked him to find Pietro and tell him that El Dorado may be in the "Golden
Country" of Zipangu (Japan). Pietro decides to go there and see.

In Japan, they must sail to two ports, Nagasaki and Sakai. At the dock in 
second port, Ernst Von Bohr shows up and tells them that he has not heard of
El Dorado either, but that their best bet is in South America around the
Equator. In Cayenne, at the dock, an old man (Raul Franco - Leon's father)
walks in and falls on the floor. He tells them the story of Neo- Atlantis
and that he has been prisoner there for 10 to 15 years. Just before that he
had discovered the legendary city of gold "El Dorado". At El Dorado he had
taken a medallion and given it to some villagers. Pietro's medallion turns
out to be the same one! Raul promises to draw them a map to El Dorado and
they take Raul back to Lisbon to the Franco mansion to finish the game.


903 day voyage

I knew there were many wealthy families in Lisbon, but I didn't think there
was such a generous one! Duchess Franco hired me and promised to pay off all
of my debts. What a chance! It was the deal of a lifetime!

This world is full of liars and con artists. I paid a fortune at a cafe to
get a map to El Dorado. I thought it would bring me fabulous riches, but all
I found was one gold medallion. Oh well, at least it paid for the cost of
the trip.

The Staff of Poseidon - now that was quite an adventure. I never thought
that I would save someone's life until then. When I found it, I was very
tempted to sell it to a Turkish lord. I knew it would be worth a lot.

One thing I've learned from my adventures is that life is full of
surprises. Take my trip to South America - In search of the land of gold,
I journeyed to the New World. The old man I saved was not only the long
lost Raul Franco but also the legendary sailor who discovered El Dorado!

Now that my contract with the Franco family is finally completed, I'm
thinking of heading out on a real adventure, going where *I* want to go.
It's a big world out there. I'm sure that there are still magnificent
treasures just waiting to be discovered by a guy like me!

6. Walkthrough ALI VEZAS

Age:19   Sail:1   Battle:1   Leadership: 80 Courage:   53
                              Seamanship: 86 Swordsman: 42
                              Knowledge:  84 Charm:     80
                              Intuition:  65
Accounting Skill
Negotiation Skill

Turkish merchant. Grew up as an orphan in poverty. A twist of fate brings
him a merchant ship and a chance to make his fortune.

A passerby tells Ali that his friend is looking for him. He goes the cafe
to see Ladia and the cafe owner tells him to forget Ladia and go see his
friend at the shipyard.

In the shipyard Friend Salim (Jahan - Age: 19 Sail:3 Battle:7 - Celestial
Navigation/Gunnery) tells him that his father's ship was found wreaked in
the harbor and that the shipbuilder needs $1000 to repair it. They talk the
shipbuilder into repairing the ship and waiting for his money while they
start their business. He agrees if they will now pay him $10,000. They

They go to the Harbormaster and the Banker and tell them their plan to go
into business and they each loan them $1000 in return for repayment of
$10,000. At the bank, Banker Radino gives them advice on where and how to
trade to riches and they withdraw Ali's savings ($1000). At the cafe, Ladia
also loans them $1000 for the 10 times repayment. The Innkeeper offers to
give them "some" money with no need to repay. They have a choice to take it
or not. If they choose 'yes', they receive $500 free; if they refuse, he
gives them a cat (a very expensive "$2000" gift). No other shopkeeper in
town will give them money and they cannot leave town until these things are
complete. They wind up with $4000 and owe $40,000.

Next, they have to go to the shipyard to get the ship and Ali names it the
"Savahni" meaning friends. Go back to the shipyard and 'Remodel' -'Load
Capacity' the ship to minimum crew and 0 guns for $240. Now go to the cafe
and recruit (10) sailors without treating and 'Assign' 100% of the crew to
Navigation. Go to the Merchant before 8pm and purchase 13 crates of carpet
at the lowest price by telling him NO to his first price. Stock up with all
the food and water they can get for the money they have left and take off
for Athens. Salim can 'Autosail' to Athens fastest.

Ali can trade Carpet from Istanbul with Art from Athens until he gets enough
money to buy another ship. He will probably need a small ship first, so 
Athens for a Light Galley. Don't forget to remodel it and add crew.

As soon as possible, $30,000 - $40,000, bring Ladia her $10,000. When this
happens, Ladia promises to find out information about Sapha (Ali's sister),
also Sultan Sulieman II the Magnificent will be looking for him when he
attempts to sail at the dock.

Save the game just before giving Ladia her money so it can be restarted to
try for an easy task for the Sultan. Sooner or later he will ask for Art or
Copper or Carpet, so it pays to have copper and carpet on board before
entering the palace. Art is easy to get in Athens. Next, pay the shipbuilder
and try to purchase a Xebec or Venetian Galleass. He will give Ali some
advice after being paid back.

Continue the trade route between Istanbul and Athens and pay back Radino
the banker. When you do, he will introduce Ali to Banker Howell - the
president of the Marco Polo bank. Last, pay off the Dock master. You must
have at least $20,000 when you enter the dock, because Pietro Conti will
show up and ask for a $10,000 loan also. He tells his story and that his
sponsor is Duchess Franco in Lisbon, then leaves.

This pays off all Ali's creditors. He must now increase his merchant fame
by allying ports for Turkey. The Sultan will ultimately ask for additional
favors (small lots of exotic goods or alliances with other ports). Sail
level:3 -Merchant fame: 2500 on June 27, 1522. He has 500 crates of carpet
on a Xebec and $40,000.

Just before Ali's second royal title, the Sultan says, "I wish to see you on
some particular business". The Sultan will explain Turkey's roll in the
world picture and request that Ali expands the Ottoman empire with 
To do this, he gives Ali (50) gold ingots ($500,000) and a free Tax-Free
permit for the Ottoman.

When Ali makes alliances with (2) ports, the Sultan requests his presence.
The Sultan's requests are good ways to add to Ali's Merchant Fame.

December 28, 1522

Sail:7 Rank: Baron Merchant Fame: 13,142 Gold: 100 ingots +

Approximately the next trip to Istanbul, the dock master tells Ali that 
has a new boyfriend. They go the cafe and Ladia introduces Joao Franco. He
says he has a piratess after him named Catalina. Ali volunteers to replace
his sail with Joao's to throw Catalina off if Joao will look for Sapha. He
agrees and they leave. Catalina accosts him outside the port, but lets him
go when she realizes that he is not Joao.

After several alliances, the dock master says that Ladia has something to
talk to him about. He goes to the cafe and Ladia says that Joao has left
word that Sapha is in Basra. Ali must go to Basra and talk to Sapha, but he
can't convince her to come to Istanbul with them and that he is her brother.
Salim falls head over heels for her and they leave and travel back to
Istanbul to tell Ladia.

Next, the dock master in Istanbul tells Ali that Radino the Banker is 
for him. In the bank in Istanbul, he tells Ali that he has been transferred
to the head office and must go the Venice. He wishes Ali and crew to take
him there. They agree and at the bank in Venice, they meet Howell again.
Howell tells them that he has loaned Pietro Conti some money and he wants
Ali to get it back. Pietro also owes Ali some money so they agree to find
him and collect. They must go to Lisbon and talk to Duchess Franco to find
out where Pietro is. She gives them 60,000 - 80,000 gold for telling her
about Joao and then tells them that Pietro is in Zipangu (Sakia).

When they return to Venice, the bank will take 40 of the 210 ingots given to
them by Pietro. Keep allying ports at every opportunity.

They must now return to Istanbul and see the Sultan. He will give Ali (100)
ingots to continue his travels. He may also asks the Sultan for gold and
ships at each visit. See the Sultan a second time before leaving and he
will request another favor.

Ali may store some of the money he is making in several ways. He can buy
Venetian Galleasses, remodel them and MOOR them at Seville and Istanbul
with 800 lots of gold on board. He can also purchase the Rune Blade,
Crusader Sword, Crusader Armor, and Errol's Plate. Treasure in Timbuktu is
also a good investment such as the Crown of Majesty and the Ruby Scepter.

When Ali's Merchant Fame is 40,000+, the dock master in any port will tell
him that the Ottoman Empire is causing much hardship throughout it's domain
and he accuses Ali of helping this cause by the alliances he makes with
ports. Ali has a hard time believing this.

When this happens, they can return to Basra and visit Sapha again. This time
she calls him brother and agrees to return to Istanbul with them if Ali will
take Rustem the orphan with them. They return to Istanbul to tell Ladia and
they come up with the idea to start an orphanage. They need a house and
Ladia tells them of the house in Istanbul that Howell owns. They travel
to Venice to see Howell and he tells them that he wants (579) ingots. This
may vary due to the number of ports that Ali has allied??????????

Now the money that Ali has saved to buy the house. By Sept 1522, he should
have 800+ ingots, or more than enough to meet Howells price. After paying
Howell, they must return to the cafe in Istanbul to end the game.


870 day voyage

Salim and I fixed up the fated ship that washed ashore and decided to go 
trading business. We had no money to start with, but I persuaded the
townspeople with my promises of a tenfold return on their investment! An
expensive promise, but I was feeling lucky. I knew I was on to something 

It turned out I had quite a knack for trading. But before I knew it, my gold
had multiplied. I repaid all my debts. Nothing could stop me now. I was
ready to make my fortune.

At the cafe in the port of Basra, I finally found my sister, Sapha. Even
though she couldn't accept me as her brother at first, I knew that someday
she would...

I'm a lucky guy. Just as I grew tired of business, of thinking about
profits day and night, I found a new cause to devote myself to - my
orphanage. The smile of these orphans when I give them a home shines a light
of hope to guide us through this crazy world. They've given my life new


The seven seas were full of dangers - pirates, storms and other sea 
Not every mate had the mettle to overcome the obstacles.
But you, with your courage, wit, and strength of heart, have bested even the
worst of foes. The tale of your voyage will be told for years to come.

7. Ports

Yeah, yeah, I already saw you thinking END? No there is a lot more here.
Like cheats. And there are many more ways to complete the game with any
character. I just wrote the shortest way. I mean, MY shortest way.

This section is for all the ports... nothing more actually:
with help by Mathieu Gauthier (he gave me all the ports),
and Christopher Bzik (he added all the stuff down).

I've added also the co-ordinates of every port, so when you buy a sextant
or a theodolite (Amsterdam or Mecca) you can sail to any port without
searching (do need a mate with celestial navigation though).

Of course, names of cities will change after ages of existence (like
Constantinopel changed to Istanbul, before the game starts). But after
1522 (the beginning year of the game) some cities changed their names, so
to find some cities more easy, I have put the 'real' name behind it.

When you find a port that's not here yet, please let me know.

C:Capital - P:Portugal - S:Spain - T:Turkey - E:England
I:Italy - H:Holland  - N:Neutral  - SP:Supply port

n: northern longitude - e: eastern latitude
s: southern longitude - w: western latitude

Narvik:SP - 73n 16e
Bergen:H - 62n 4e
Oslo:H - 62n 10e
Lubeck:H - 56n 11e
Danzig:H - 56n 18e (=Gdansk)
Copenhagen:H - 57n 12e
Riga:H - 59n 23e
Stockholm:H - 62n 19e
Hekla:SP - 60n 19w
Dublin:E - 54n 6w
Bristol:E - 52n 3w
Amsterdam:CH - 55n 6e
Antwerp:H - 53n 5e
London:CE - 52n 0e
Nantes:E - 48n 2w
Bordeaux:E - 46n 1w
Hamburg:H - 55n 9e

Lisbon:CP - 39n 10w
Seville:CS - 37n 6w
Barcelona:S - 41n 2e
Valencia:S - 39n 0e

Marseille:I - 43n 5e
Genoa:CI - 44n 8e
Pisa:I - 43n 9e
Naples:I - 40n 13e
Syracuse:I - 37n 10e
Palma:S - 39n 2e
Ragusa:I - 42n 17e (=Dubrovnik)
Venice:I - 44n 13e
Athens:N - 38n 23e
Nicosia:T - 35n 33e
Candia:I - 35n 25e

Ceuta:P - 36n 5w
Algiers:N - 37n 3e
Tunis:N - 37n 10e
Tripoli:N - 33n 13e

Madeira:P - 33n 17w
Santa Cruz:N - 28n 17w
Argin:N - 20n 18w
Bathurst:N - 14n 18w (=Banjul)
Bissau:N - 13n 17w
Timbuktu:N - 15n 4w
Abidjan:N - 6n 5w
San Jorge:P - 5n 2w (=Sekondi-Takoradi)
Luanda:P - 8s 12e
Cape Town:SP - 31s 17e

Sofala:P - 17s 35e (=Nova Sofala)
Quelimane:N - 15s 37e
Mozambique:N - 13s 40e
Tamatave:SP - 16s 49e (=Toamasina)
Malindi:P - 3s 40e
Mombasa:P - 4s 39e
Mogadishu:N - 3n 45e

Alexandria:T - 31n 29e
Jaffa:T - 32n 34e
Beirut:T - 33n 35e
Istanbul:CT - 41n 29e
Belgrade:SP - 45n 19e
Trebizond:T - 41n 39e (=Trabzon)
Kaffa:T - 45n 34e
Azov:T - 47n 38e (=Rostov)
Salonika:T - 41n 22e (=Thessaloniki)

Aden:T - 13n 46e
Massawa(Aksum):T - 15n 41e
Mecca:T - 21n 39e
Cairo:T - 29n 33e
Muscat:T - 24n 59e
Hormuz:T - 26n 56e (=Bandar-e Abbas)
Shiraz:T - 26n 53e (=Bandar-e Lengeh)
Quatar:T - 25n 53e (=Doha)
Basra:T - 30n 48e

Diu:P - 25n 66e (=Karachi)
Cochin:N - 10n 75e
Goa:P - 14n 73e
Calicut:N - 12n 74e
Ceylon:N - 8n 79e (=Colombo)

Malacca:N - 4n 101e
Pasei:N - 5n 96e (=Singkil)
Bankao:N - 1n 105e
Sunda:N - 3s 107e (=Jakarta)
Dili:P - 5s 126e
Banda:N - 3s 128e
Amboa:N - 1s 125e
Ternate:N - 2n 125e
Mindanao:SP - 8n 126e (=Davao)
Moresby:SP - 6s 145e (=Port Moresby)

Hanoi:N - 21n 105e
Macao:N - 23n 114e
Zeiton:N - 26n 119e (=Fozhou)
Changan:N - 35n 110e (=Xi'An)
Nagasaki:N - 33n 129e
Sakai:N - 35n 135e
Ezo: SP - 42n 140e (=Hakodate)
Lushun: SP - 39n 122e (=Luda)
Guam:SP  - 14n 143e
(Remember: When playing VON BOHR Changan, Nagasaki and Sakai may
  not be available untill a certain point in the game)

  RUSSIA (Northern Side)
Dikson: SP - 81n 81e
Tiksi: SP - 79n 129e
Korf: SP - 61n 163e

Leveque:SP - 10s 125e
Geelong:SP - 34s 141e
Wanagunui:SP - 36s 171e
Suva:SP - 14s 176e
Tahiti:SP - 12s 154w

Nome:SP - 67n 166w
Coppermine:SP - 72n 124w
Churchill:SP - 56n 94w
Forel:SP - 62n 40w
Juneau:SP - 57n 138w
Naalehu:SP - 19n 156w (=Honolulu)

   Western Side
Santa Barbara:SP - 26n 120w
Guatemala:S - 10n 95w
Panama:S - 5n 85w
   Eastern Side
Veracruz:N - 15n 100w
Havana:S - 19n 87w
Santo Domingo:S - 13n 74w
Santiago:S - 15n 81w (=Santiago de Cuba)
Porto Velho:S - 6n 85w (=Colon)
Cartegena:S - 6n 81w
Maracaibo:S - 7n 77w
Caracas:S - 7n 72w
Margarita:S - 8n 69w
Jamaica: S - 13n 81w

   Eastern Side
Cayenne:N - 0s 56w
Pernambuco:P - 11s 46w
Rio de Janiero:P - 26s 50w
Montevideo:SP - 37s 64w
   Western Side
Valparaiso:SP - 35s 79w
Mollendo:SP - 19s 78w
Callao:SP - 11s 84w

Oh, I almost forget the principals;
pirate bases are located in Algiers and Tunis.

So, these were the co-ordinates so you can find each of them very easy.
But there is more to tell about ports, like: "Is there a guild?" or
"What is the port's speciality?". The answers are given here and only
here by our, my expert Christopher Bzik. The ports are listed alpha-
betically by the way.

Notes that come with these ports:
1. A column was forgotten for the Round Earth Society. But I'm working
on that for the European ports right now (someday).

2. The trade specialty lists the item and a common price range. A line
means there is no specialty in this port. An 'X' plus a product means
you have to invest in the port first to get the product. When the line is
blank it means I haven't 'shopped' that port yet.

When between brackets(Gold) is given, it means the port also sells Gold,
because you can make good profit of this, I mentioned it.

3. The shipyard is a graded section, and are graded as close to the start
of the game as possible. Blank boxes mean I have not yet 'shopped' there
yet. Grades go as followed:
  F - does not build ships
  D - builds small junky ships
  C - builds average ships and has a decent selection of used ships
  B - build respectable ships an has a good selection of used ships
      (can include Galleon)
  A - has everything B has, but had a Venetian Galeass as a used ship
  A+ - Can build a Venetian Galeass, and usually has a top rate selection.
  WP = "With Potential" - Ports that, if invested in, will produce great
       ships (Galleon, VG, Frigate and/or Barge, as well as Tekkousen)

4. Buildings: Y's indicate that a building is present. Blanks mean no

5. Under Cartographer, I have written Cart./C.Nav./Gun.
That means one can learn those skills here. (Cartography/Celestial

6. A collector is someone who pays for Discoveries.

                         NORTHERN EUROPE, MEDITERENEAN

Port Name |Trade       |Ship|Bank|Carto- |Coll-|For-|
           |Specialty   |yard|    |grapher|ector|tune|
Amsterdam  Glass Beads  C     Y    Cart.
Antwerp    Wool Cloth   C WP  Y    Cart.         Y
Athens     Art          A+    Y                  Y
Barcelona  Rock Salt    C     Y    Cart.
Bergen     ---          D                        Y

Bordeaux   Wine         C     Y            Y
Bristol    X Tin Ore    D WP
Candia     ---          D

Copenhagen Glassware    A     Y            Y     Y
Danzig     ---          D     Y                  Y

Dublin     ---          D WP                     Y

Genoa      Silver       A+    Y                  Y
Hamburg    Dye          A WP  Y    Gunn.
Istanbul   Carpet       A+    Y                  Y
Lisbon     Rock Salt    B     Y            Y
London     Wool         C     Y                  Y
Lubeck     X Silver     D     Y
Marseille  Perfume      D     Y                  Y
Nantes     ---          C                        Y

Naples     Wool Cloth   A+    Y    C.Nav.
Nicosia    X Copper Ore D
Oslo       Wood         D
Palma      ---          D          Cart.         Y

Pisa       Silk Cloth   A+    Y            Y
Ragusa     Dye          D
Riga       Wood         D                        Y
Salonika   ---          D

Seville    Porcelain    B     Y                  Y
Stockholm  Copper Ore   C     Y                  Y
Syracuse   ---          D                        Y

Valencia   Wool Cloth   D     Y                  Y
Venice     Glassware    A+    Y    Cart.         Y

                         WEST, NORTH & EAST AFRICA

Port Name |Trade       |Ship|Bank|Carto- |Coll-|For-|Church/|
           |Specialty   |yard|    |grapher|ector|tune|Mosque |
Abidjan    X Musk       F                        Y
Alexandria Cotton Cloth A+    Y            Y     Y
Algiers    ---          D                        Y

Argin      ---          D     Y                       Y

Bathurst   ---          F                        Y

Bissau     ---          D                        Y

Ceuta      ---          F

Luanda     X Coral      F                        Y    Y
Madeira    Sugar        D                        Y
Malindi    Musk (Gold)  D                        Y
Mogadishu  X Ivory      F
Mombasa    (X Gold)     D     Y                  Y    Y

Mozambique ---          D     Y                       Y

Quelimane  X Tortoise   F                        Y
San Jorge  Ivory        D     Y                       Y
Santa Cruz ---          F                        Y

Sofala     Ivory (Gold) D                        Y    Y
Timbuktu   Ivory        F                        Y
Tripoli    ---          D

Tunis      X Iron Ore   D


Port Name |Trade       |Ship|Bank|Carto- |Coll-|For-|Church/|
           |Specialty   |yard|    |grapher|ector|tune|Mosque |
Aden       Amber         D    Y
Amboa      X Nutmeg      F                       Y
Azov       ---           D    Y                  Y

Banda      Nutmeg        F                       Y
Bankao     ---           F                       Y

Basra      Cheese        C                       Y    Y
Beirut     Carpet        D    Y                  Y    Y
Calicut    Nutmeg        C    Y                  Y    Y
Cairo      Art           C                       Y    Y
Ceylon     Cinnamon      D    Y                  Y    Y
Changan    Silk Cloth    F    Y                  Y
Cochin     ---           D    Y                  Y    Y

Dili       X Clove       F
Diu        ---           F

Goa        Ginger        B    Y                       Y
Hanoi      Coral         D
Hormuz     X Ginger      D                       Y    Y
Jaffa      ---           D                       Y

Kaffa      X Iron Ore    D                       Y    Y
Macao      ---           B    Y                  Y    Y

Malacca    Cinnamon      D                       Y
Massawa    X Pimento     F                       Y    Y
Mecca      Musk          F    Y                  Y    Y
Muscat     ---           D                       Y    Y

Nagasaki   Silver        C WP
Pasei      ---           F

Quatar     X Tortoise    D                            Y
Sakai      Silk Cloth    B WP Y
Shiraz     ---           F    Y                  Y    Y

Sunda      ---           F                       Y

Tebizond   Cotton Cloth  D                       Y    Y
Ternate    Clove         F                       Y
Zeiton     Silk          B    Y                  Y    Y

                  SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICA
Port Name     |Trade       |Ship|Bank|Carto- |Coll-|For-|Church/|
               |Specialty   |yard|    |grapher|ector|tune|Mosque |
Caracas        Vanilla       F    Y
Cartegena      ---           F                       Y    Y

Cayenne        X Wood        F
Guatemala      X Grain       F                       Y    Y
Havanna        Vanilla       F    Y                  Y
Jamaica        X Sugar       F    Y                  Y    Y
Maracaibo      ---           F                       Y

Margarita      ---           F                            Y

Panama         ---           F    Y

Pernambuco     X Dye         F    Y                       Y
Porto Velho    ---           F                       Y

Rio de Janeiro X Gold        F                       Y    Y
Santiago       ---           F                       Y    Y

Santo Domingo  X Sugar       F    Y                  Y    Y
Veracruz       X Gold        F                            Y

If you want to add/change something to this (which I have forgotten) please
mail to [email protected], so I'll correct it. Thanks!

8. Items

This section is dedicated to all the items that can be bought in Item Shops.
I haven't mentioned all the stuff that can be bought at 2AM, because it will
take to much time to go along all of the ports. If you see/know any items
that must be bought at 2pm (or 2:20 or 2:40) please tell me and I will add
them. Thank You!
When (*) this is given behind the name of the item, it has to be bought
at 2:00am, 2:20am or 2:40am.
The items are sorted alphabetically and by category.
When you want to know what is sold in a port, use CTRL+F and type the name
of the port to find them.
When you know an item not listed here yet, please let me know.

(Please keep in mind I have gone along every port myself and it took some
  hours to play... Wheew!!! Thanks to Ed Wyn for make me doing this :)

Aqua Tiara
An intricately decorated tiara set with small but brilliant aquamarine
Price: $5000 Gold.
Ports: Antwerp. Mombasa. Nagasaki.

China Dress
A beautiful, traditional Chinese dress, made of the finest Chinese silk.
Price: $8000 Gold.
Ports: Macao. Changan.

A beautiful tiara highlighted by a large sapphire in its center.
Price: $4000 Gold.
Ports: Hamburg. Athens. Rio de Janeiro.

Ermine Coat
A luxurious coat made from the white winter fur of the rare ermine weasel.
Price: $12,000 Gold.
Ports: Goa.

Peacock Fan
A beautiful fan made of long and colorful peacock feathers.
Price: $3000 Gold.
Ports: Ceylon. Macao. Calicut.

Platinum Comb
A fancy comb made of platinum and decorated with rare gems.
Price: $10,000 Gold
Ports: Danzig. Argin.

Royal Crown:
One of the lost treasures of Atlantis. The crown is made of gold and
adorned with many precious stones. Quite simply, a priceless work
of art.
Price: Can't be bought, is given to Joao Franco by Taphali.
Ports: Massawa.

Silk Scarf
A colorful scarf made of fine silk.
Price: $1000 Gold.
Ports: Cairo. Mecca. Macao. Changan.

Silk Shawl.
A soft shawl made of the best silk from China.
Price: $3000 Gold.
Ports: Mombasa. Hanoi. Changan.

Velvet Coat
A velvet coat cut in the latest 16th century fashion.
Price: $5000 Gold.
Ports: Genoa. Trebizond.


Chain Mail
Rate: Defense C
An armor made of thousands of tiny interlinked steel rings. While it
allows the wearer ease of movement, it doesn't offer the best protection.
Price: $2000 Gold.
Ports: Copenhagen. Nantes. Venice. Cairo. Caracas.

Crusader Armor (*)
Rate: Defense *
Armor that the famous armorer, Montaguinus made-to-order for Affonso, the
founding king of Portugal
Price: $600,000 Gold.
Ports: Naples.

Errol's Plate(*)
Rate: Defense *
Definition: Half plate armor made by the famous Copenhagen armorer, Errol.
It provides greater protection than plate mail armor.
Price: $300,000 Gold.
Ports: Copenhagen.

Half Plate
Rate: Defense B
An armor with sheets of tough, thin steel plates that cover only the upper
body. An improvement of plate armor, it's designed for more active naval
Price: $4000 Gold.
Ports: Copenhagen. Alexandria.

Leather Armor
Rate: Defense D
A relatively inexpensive armor made of leather that has been hardened with
animal grease.
Price: $1000 Gold.
Ports: Hamburg. Danzig. Bristol. Barcelona. Naples. Istanbul. Tripoli.

Plate Mail
Rate: Defense A
A step up from chain mail armor, this armor is formed by a combination of
plate and mail. It offers better protection than Half Plate Armor.
Price: $8000 Gold.
Ports: Copenhagen. Pernambuco.

Curved Sword

Japanese Sword
Rate: Attack A
A very sharp sword made in Japan. It's especially effective for lashing
Price: $20,000 Gold.
Ports: Nagasaki. Sakai.

Magic Muramasa(*)
Rate: Attack *
Definition: A treasured sword made in the 15th century by a famous Japanese
sword smith, Muramasa.
Price: $380,000 Gold.
Ports: Sakai.

Rate: Attack C
A curved single-edged cavalry sword that is more effective for lashing than
for thrusting.
Price: $3000 Gold.
Ports: Lubeck. Athens. Trebizond. Ceylon.

Rate: Attack B
A curved saber with an outer cutting edge. A great weapon for attacking,
it's mainly used by Arabs and Persians.
Price: $8000 Gold.
Ports: Cairo.

Short Saber
Rate: Attack D
A light, slender sword used by cavalry. It's less effective in an attack
than a Saber, but its low price makes it popular.
Price: $1000 Gold.
Ports: Seville. Beirut. Tripoli. Calicut.

Siva's Sword(*)
Rate: Attack *
A legendary sword that's believed to confine the power of Siva, the Hindu
god of destruction. A powerful lashing weapon.
Price: $280,000 Gold.
Ports: Calicut.

Emergency Item

A perfumed oil believed to calm storms.
Price: $1000 Gold.
Ports: Bordeaux. Barcelona. Beirut. Goa. Zeiton. Santo Domingo.

Lime Juice
A great remedy for scurvy, the disease of poor nutrition that often troubles
a crew during long voyages.
Price: $1000 Gold.
Ports: Valencia. Syracuse. Athens. Algiers. Zeiton. Panama. Caracas.
Cartegena. Santiago.

Rat Poison
A poison to get rid of rats on a ship. Those pesky animals will feast on
your precious food if you don't have a way to get rid of them.
Price: $500 Gold.
Ports: Antwerp. Naples. Alexandria. Argin. Mozambique. Santa Domingo.

Fencing Sword

Crusader Sword (*)
Rate: Attack *
A special sword with razor-like sharpness made by the renowned swordsmith,
Price: $380,000 Gold.
Ports: Timbuktu.

Rate: Attack D
A light sword with a sharp-pointed blade but no cutting edge, used only for
thrusting in dueling. It's not very effective when it comes to attacking.
Price: $2000 Gold.
Ports: Nantes. Marseille. Naples. Venice.

Rate: Attack B
A sword developed to pierce the armor of a mounyed enemy. It has higher
attack rate than a rapier.
Price: $6000 Gold.
Ports: Lubeck.

Flamberge (*)(thanks to Beerwolf and Markus Selander)
Rate: Attack A
A long decorative sword with wavy edges. Its offensive capability is
superior to both the Rapier and the Estock.
Price: It's given to Joao by his father. Or $ 14,000 Gold.
Ports: Lisbon.(Joao) Lubeck. (normal)

Rate: Attack C
A light, slender, two-edged sword used only for thrusting. It came into use
after guns made armor obsolete.
Price: $3000 Gold.
Ports: Bordeaux. Lisbon. Seville. Pisa.

Heavy Sword

Blue Crescent(*)
Rate: Attack *
A unique Chinese sword with a wide crescent-shaped blade. It's quite good
for attacking, especially striking.
Price: $24,000 Gold.
Ports: Zeiton. Changan.

Broad Sword
Rate: Attack B
A sword with a wide, straight, single-edged blade. It's especially
effective for striking.
Price: $5000 Gold.
Ports: Bristol. Dublin. Pisa.

Claymore (*)
Rate: Attack A
A large two-handed sword from Scotland that may weigh up to 10 pounds.
It's quite effective for striking.
Price: $15,000 Gold.
Ports: Bristol. Dublin.

Rate: Attack D
A heavy, curved sword that historically has been used by sailors.
Price: $1500 Gold.
Ports: Genoa. Salonika. Algiers.

Golden Dragon
Rate: Attack A
A unique Chinese sword with wide blade. It's quite effective for striking.
Price: $18,000 Gold.
Ports: Hanoi.

Hidden Treasure
  (remember, sometimes you do a favor for your king and you have to find
   him something, these are hidden treasures that can't be bought or sold,
   beyond the price is the character I found the treasure with, mail me
   when others can do that to, or when you find new treasures)

Dark Crystal
A crystal ball with a blue shadow in the center, measured 6 inches in
diameter. Though it seems to have been used for astrology, its true
purpose is unknown.
Price: Can't be bought, King Favor. (Joao)
Co-ordinate: 0S 20E

Poseidon's Staff
A staff representing the power of the lost continent of Atlantis.
Price: Can't be bought, it is given to Joao by Pietro Conti.
Ports: Massawa.

Measuring Instrument

A low precision instrument use for celestial navigation. It measures
longitude and latitude.
Price: $4000 Gold.
Ports: Hamburg. Lisbon. Genoa. Ragusa. Istanbul.

A high precision instrument used for celestial navigation. It measures
longitude and latitude.
Price: $8000 Gold.
Ports: Amsterdam. Venice. Alexandria.

The most precise and reliable instrument used for celestial navigation. It
measures longitude and latitude.
Price: $12,000 Gold.
Ports: Amsterdam. Mecca.

Straight Sword

Rate: Attack D
A short shealted knife use for protection, wielding on 8 inch blade.
Price: $500 Gold.
Ports: Stockholm. Dublin. Barcelona. Ragusa. Azov. San Jorge. Pernambuco.

Long Sword
Rate: Attack B
A long sword measuring about inches in length. It was very popular among
medieval knights.
Price: $4000 Gold.
Ports: Lubeck. Antwerp. Cartegena.

Rune Blade (*)
Rate: Attack *
A sword with runes carved on the handle. Its destructive power is second
to none.
Price: $360,000 Gold.
Ports: Pernambuco.

Short Sword
Rate: Attack D
A short sword with a 32 inch blade. Light and versatile, it's often use in
close fighting.
Price: $1000 Gold.
Ports: Stockholm. Bordeaux. Valencia. Syracuse. Goa.


An antique candleholder made brass.
Price: $3000 Gold.
Ports: Nantes. Marseille. Pisa.

Crown of Glory
A gold crown with delicate decorations.
Price: $50,000 Gold.
Ports: Timbuktu.

Garnet Brooch
A beautifully designed brooch set with beautiful garnets.
Price: $20,000 Gold.
Ports: Panama.

Gold Bracelet
A wide, heavy, solid gold bracelet set with diamonds.
Price: $15,000 Gold.
Ports: Timbuktu. Mozambique.

Malachite Box
A small box cut out of malachite stone.
Price: $8000 Gold.
Ports: Mombasa. Massawa.

Mermaid Bangle
A dazzling gold bracelet decorated with beautiful opals.
Price: $10,000 Gold.
Ports: Sakai. Jamaica.

Ruby Scepter
A scepter with a huge ruby size of an egg at the top.
Price: $50,000 Gold.
Ports: Timbuktu.

Voyager's Aid

Not only does a cat make a nice pet, but it'll keep your ship rat-free!
Price: $2000 Gold.
Ports: Mecca. Zeiton. Nagasaki. Sakai.

Pocket Watch (*)
A handy portable watch. With it, you'll always know the correct time.
Price: $2000 Gold.
Ports: Amsterdam.

Tax Free Permit (E)(*)
A permit issued by England. It gives one tax-exempt status when trading
in ports allied with England.
Price: $10,000 Gold.
Ports: Danzig.

Tax Free Permit (H)(*)
A permit issued by Holland. It gives one tax-exempt status when trading
in ports allied with Holland.
Price: $10,000 Gold.
Ports: Antwerp.

Tax Free Permit (I)(*)
A permit issued by Italy. It gives one tax-exempt status when trading
in ports allied with Italy.
Price: $10,000 Gold.
Ports: Syracuse.

Tax Free Permit (P)(*)
A permit issued by Portugal. It gives one tax-exempt status when trading
in ports allied with Portugal.
Price: $10,000 Gold.
Ports: Salonika.

Tax Free Permit (S)(*)
A permit issued by Spain. It gives one tax-exempt status when trading
in ports allied with Spain.
Price: $10,000 Gold.
Ports: Azov.

Tax Free Permit (T)(*)
A permit issued by Turkey. It gives one tax-exempt status when trading
in ports allied with Turkey.
Price: $10,000 Gold.
Ports: Tripoli.

An optical instrument that will help you find distant objects and ports at
Price: $5000 Gold.
Ports: Amsterdam. Lisbon. Seville. Istanbul. Tripoli. San Jorge.

9. Discoveries

This one is dedicated to ... er Discoveries?
Yes, righty, I have listed all the discoveries here.
I haven't done all this work myself, although I could have done it
easily, it would take too much time. So I went looking on the Net and
I only found ONE site containing them:
by Tri Laksmana

But as I know you can't click links in texts, and you don't want any more
time spilled, so here is the list (actually I had to turn a table into
a simple text "table", so I did some work).

Remember that in one game, there will be only, randomly picked, 49
villages, and so 49 discoveries. So you won't find all of these...

To find a discovery, use CTRL+F and type the discovery you are looking for.

No Lat-Long Location            Discovery                Value
1  12s-139e Carpentaria Bay     Kiwi                     B
2  30s-148e New South Wales     Koala                    B
3  28s-126e Southern Australia  Ayers Rock               B
4  37s-144e Tasmania            Tasmanian Devil          C
5  26s-113e Western Australia   Frilled Lizard           A
6  16s-116e Western Australia   Kangaroo                 A
7  12n-98w  Guatemala           Popol Vuh                B
8  19n-102w Gulf of Mexico      Jade Mask                C
9  12n-90w  Honduras            Guatavita Lake           C
10 20n-112w Mexico              Monument of the Sun      A
11 13n-105w Mexico              Crystal Skull            A
12 25n-116w Mexico              Mexican Beaded Lizard    B
13 15n-109w Mexico              Stone Face               C
14 8n-92w   Nicaragua           Mural of Marnalico       B
15 4n-86w   Panama              Stone Ball               C
16 0s-41e   Kenya               Mandrill                 B
17 36n-102e Huanghe River       Panda                    A
18 41n-110e Huanghe River       Great Wall               A
19 35n-113e Hunaghe River       Qian Ling                A
20 39n-107e Huanghe River       Hedgehog                 C
21 39n-139e Japan               Namahage                 B
22 35n-138e Japan               Toro Ruins               C
23 38n-125e Korea               Plant Worm               C
24 18n-72e  Malabar Coast       King Cobra               D
25 25n-65e  Pakistan            Mohenio-Daro             B
26 14n-93e  Andaman Isles       Inle Lake                C
27 10s-48e  Madagascar          Chameleon                D
28 20s-50e  Mauritius Island    Dodo                     *
29 30n-48e  Persian Gulf        Burning Water            B
30 24n-37e  Red Sea             Papyrus                  C
31 31n-29e  Nile Delta          Rosetta Stone            D
32 19n-24e  The Nile            Crocodile                C
33 5n-33e   The Nile            Pteranodon               C
34 14n-32e  The Nile            Nubia Pyramid            C
35 11n-36e  The Nile            Tessisat Falls           C
36 10n-31e  The Nile            Baobab                   C
37 27n-31e  The Nile            Khufu Pyramid            C
38 0s-32e   The Nile            Victoria Falls           D
39 38n-128w California          Prairie Dog              B
40 29n-122w California          Bison                    C
41 35n-77w  North Carolina      Passenger Pigeon         C
42 29n-82w  North Carolina      Totem Pole               D
43 43n-94w  The Mississipi      Niagara Falls            A
44 33n-98w  The Mississipi      Venus' Flytrap           C
45 66n-28w  East Greenland      Great Auk                B
46 88n-93w  Ellesmere Island    Mammoth                  *
47 88n-66w  Northwest Greenland Saber-toothed Tiger      *
48 51n-1w   England             Stonehenge               D
49 80n-119w Melville Island     Blue Whale               A
50 76n-179e Vrangel Island      Stellar's Sea Cow        B
51 30s-25e  Cape of Good Hope   Big Zimbabwe             C
52 31s-19e  Cape of Good Hope   Diaz's Monument          C
53 48s-82w  Chile               Vampire Bat              C
54 1n-83w   Columbia            Terracotta Figure        C
55 20s-77w  Peru                Lake Titicaca            B
56 10s-85w  Peru                Temple of the Sun        B
57 25s-67w  Salado River        Giant Ground Sloth       *
58 30s-63w  Salado River        Clay Monster             B
59 25s-67w  Salado River        Anteater                 B
60 56s-80w  Strait of Magellan  Leon Penguin             C
61 7s-77w   The Amazon          Archaeopteryx            A
62 2s-75w   The Amazon          Balsa                    B
63 5s-83w   The Amazon          Gold Frog                B
64 0s-70w   The Amazon          Matamata                 B
65 5s-66w   The Amazon          Pororoca                 B
66 11s-77w  The Amazon          Tarantula                C
67 8s-61w   The Amazon          Anaconda                 C
68 4s-61w   The Amazon          Amazon Water Lily        C
69 9s-73w   The Amazon          Piranha                  D
70 7n-65w   Trinidad            Iguana                   C
71 35s-66w  Uruguay River       Toucan                   B
72 7n-70w   Venezuela           Cactus                   D
73 3n-107e  Borneo              Pitcher Plant            C
74 0s-117e  Celebes             Stone Buddha             B
75 5s-120e  Flores              Komodo Dragon            A
76 3s-105e  Java                Borobudur                A
77 5s-111e  Java                Python                   B
78 3s-136e  New Guinea          Greater Bird of Paradise A
79 7n-95e   Sumatra             Hornbill                 B
80 12n-102e Thailand            Angkor Wat               B
81 11n-97e  Thailand            Ayutthaya's Buddha       C
82 13n-126e The Philippines     Durian                   A
83 15n-122e The Philippines     Tree Snake               C
84 22n-108e Vietnam             Kalavinka                B
85 35s-127w Easter Island       Moai                     *
86 13s-117w Fiji Island         Nasiped                  D
87 5s-96w   Galapagos Island    Giant Tortoise           A
88 6n-151e  Nauru Island        Indo-Pacific Cowrie      A
89 35s-175e New Zealand         Moa                      *
90 9n-135e  Palau Island        Fruit Bat                B
91 6s-12e   Congo               Armadillo                C
92 1n-7e    Congo               Diggo's Monument         C
93 1s-17e   Congo River         Moquele Mubembe          B
94 12s-10e  Namibia             Quagga                   C
95 12n-2e   Niger River         Ant Hill                 C
96 15n-2w   Niger River         Clay Mosque              C
97 0s-24e   Niger River         Moonbow                  D
98 89n-88e  Northern Ice Sea    Aurora                   A

Note: Thanks to Markus S, I found the last village that contains the
beautiful ice miracle, Aurora. Thank you! In a single game can only
be found 49, so don't question me, when some villages don't pop up.

Here are all the definitions of the Discoveries (when you want to alter
them, look in the Cheat section for more information).

Stonehenge (Ruins)
  Prehistoric monument, consisting of rings of stones, with the outermost
  ring made up of large stone columns. Believed to have been an astronomical

Rosetta Stone
  Black basalt slab bearing the same inscription in three languages- ancient
  Egyptian hieroglyphics, a simpler ancient Egyptian writing system, and

Khufu Pyramid
  Tomb of the Pharaoh Khufu, a pyramid measuring 481 feet high with a square
  base 756 feet wide. The four sides face the north, south, east and west.

  Fierce amphibious predator armored with hard leather skin, the crocodile
  sometimes reaches a length of 20 feet. With its powerful jaws, it can rip
  into livestock animals and even humans with one bite.

Nubia Pyramid
  Pyramid built by the ancient Cush in northern Africa. Though it's
  relatively small, with a 30 by 30 foot square base, it has distinctively
  steep sides.

Tessisat Falls
  This remote waterfall is 140 feet high and is found near the source of the
  Blue Nile.

  Huge tree with many useful qualities. The bark can be used to fashion rope
  or cloth, the fruit is edible, and the trunk itself is so large it can be
  used for storage or even shelter.

  A dark-colored bird whose bat-like wings measure 6 feet across. It's noted
  for its large beak and sharp teeth.

Victoria Falls
  Believed to be the source of the Nile River. The Zambezi River plunges 400
  feet into the lake, forming Victoria Falls.

Diogo's Monument
  A tall stone monument with inscriptions in Latin, Portuguese, and Arabic.
  Erected when Diogo Cam discovered the Congo.

Ant Hill
  These small ant castles, in their various shapes, often surpass the
  architectural feats of man.

Clay Mosque
  Supposedly, the ruins of a golden city in the Sahara. Time has taken its
  toll, but the work of conscientious desert dwellers have helped preserve
  the ancient structure.

  Animal with bony plates on its back. When threatened, it curls up to cover
  its soft unprotected abdomen.

Moquele Mumbembe
  The locals of Lake Tele have claimed to have seen this dinosaur from time
  to time. It's believed to be herbivorous and about 15 feet long.

  A rainbow that shines gold and white in the dark night. Legend says that
  this beautiful, mysterious vision brings good luck to those who see it.

  A horse-like creature related to the zebra, but with no stripes on its
  hind portion. It takes its name from the sound it makes, {Kwahaha.}

Diaz' Monument
  Stone monument at the Cape of Good Hope on the southern tip of Africa.
  It was erected by Bartholomew Diaz and remains a symbol of brave sea

Big Zimbabwe
  The name means [large rock house.] It proves that there was once a
  glorious dynasty in this area.

  Monkey with a colorful face resembling that of a human. It has a beard,
  purple bottom, and a short tail.

  A bird the size of a turkey, with a large hooked bill. Its wings are very
  small, making it incapable of flight.

  Lizard with the amazing ability to change its color to match its
  surroundings. It's quite adept at capturing insects with its long and
  sticky tongue.

  Tall water plant that was used to make a form of paper in ancient Egypt.

Burning Water
  Strange black liquid that springs out from underground in desert areas.
  It has a bad smell and burns easily.

  Ruins of a city dating from the time of the Indus civilization. Built
  around a dome-shaped Buddhist shrine on a hilltop, this city probably was
  a commercial center during the Bronze Age.

King Cobra
  The world's largest poisonous snake. When disturbed, it extends its ribs
  behind its head to form a flaring hood.

Inle Lake
  The people who live here have built their homes and fields on the island
  that floats on the surface of this lake.

Ayutthaya's Buddha
  One of many busts of Buddha found in Siam, which has several temples and
  statues dedicated to him.

  Friendly large-billed bird that makes a hissing sound to intimidate its
  enemies. It sometimes grows up to 60 inches in height.

Angkor Wat
  Ruins of a temple constructed by Khmer during the 12th century. The name
  means [temple of the capital].

  A bird of legend said to have the face of a beautiful girl. Its sweet
  singing can make people forget everything, even their own names.

Plant Worm
  A strange insect which transforms itself into a fungus during the summer.
  It is highly valued in China as a tonic and an elixir.

Toro Ruins
  Ruins of farming villages dating from around 300 B.C. The villages had
  rice fields orderly divided by strong ridges and storehouses with elevated

  Fabled demons that kidnap and devour bad children. The legend is told in
  a traditional festival where men disguise themselves as demons to scare
  the town's children.

Qian Ling
  Empress Zetian Wuhou's tomb. A hill with a circumference of 25 miles was
  turned into this huge tomb where all her treasures are buried.

Great Wall
  1500 miles long and averaging 25 feet high, this truly is a great wall.
  It was constructed over many generations by Chinese rulers as a defense
  against raids by nomads in the north.

  A small mammal with an arsenal of long prickly spines on its back. It
  rolls itself into a ball when threatened.

  A large bear-like black and white animal found at high altitudes in
  mountainous regions. It's friendly and feeds on bamboo.

Passenger Pigeon
  A beautiful pigeon with slate blue wings and a russet breast. They migrate
  in large flocks every spring. People say that this species will never
  become extinct. (Or will it?)

Totem Pole
  Large wooden pole carved with the designs of animals. It symbolizes the
  status of the chief, and is sometimes used as a sign of the tribe.

Jade Mask
  A mask encrusted with small pieces of jade. Its eye holes give it a
  somewhat ominous appearance.

Guatavita Lake
  A holy place for the Muisca, who throw gold and emeralds into the lake
  when their new king ascends the throne.

  Spiny, fleshy plant that grows up to 6 feet tall. This unique plant is
  well-adapted for arid climates.

  A large scaly lizard, measuring about 6 feet in length. The row of
  leathery spines on its back make it look like a fierce dinosaur, but it's
  actually a gentle creature.

Venus' Flytrap
  Insect-eating plant with a jaw-shaped flower that bears sharp spines and
  secretes a sweet liquid. Once its jaws snap shut they won't reopen until
  the prey has been digested.

Niagara Falls
  A magnificent waterfall, about 158 feet high and 3010 feet wide. Ancient
  people must have thought that the edge of the earth looks something like

Amazon Water Lily
  An aquatic plant with giant floating leaves and large flowers. The leaves
  measure over 6 feet in diameter and are so strong that they can bear the
  weight of a small child.

  A gigantic serpent. Adults may grow 19 feet long and weigh as much as 235
  pounds. They are found near the water and crush their victims by
  constricting them in their coils.

  An enormous tidal wave that occurs during the new moon in April. Locals
  say that huge waves may reach over 16 feet high and wash everything away
  from the shore.

  A spiny turtle with a large diamond-shaped head and an irregular, rugged

  A primitive vessel used for local inter-tribal trading. This raft has a
  grass hut mounted on top and uses a square sail.

  The terror of South American rivers. It is not uncommon for these groups
  of fish to devour people or domesticated animals that try to cross their

  A large hairy poisonous spider that feeds on birds and small animals.

  A reptilian bird thought to be an ancestor of today's birds. It had four
  legs and was unable to fly, but it is believed that this bird-reptile
  could glide.

Gold Frog
  A tiny frog with beautiful golden skin that secretes a mysterious poison.
  Locals believe that this rare frog will guide one to a legendary land of

  A loud-squawking bird with a huge, brightly colored beak. It feeds chiefly
  on fruit.

Clay Monster
  A clay figure of a monster with a large head and fangs.

Giant Ground Sloth
  A slow-moving, hairy mammal with sharp claws. Rumor has it this 20 feet
  tall creature walks upright and feeds on leaves and branches.

  A toothless mammal with powerful claws on its front feet and a long tongue
  that comes in handy for catching ants - the mainstay of its diet. Its
  long tail accounts for half of its 6 foot length.

Leon Pinguin
  A flightless goose-sized bird that uses its wings to swim. Found in large
  flocks, it was discovered by the Portuguese navigator, Leon Franco, about
  20 years ago. Well, that's what some people say.

Vampire Bat
  A large bat with a 12 inch wingspan. It uses its sharp teeth to make a
  shallow wound on its prey, secretes a liquid to prevent the wound from
  closing, and feeds on its blood.

Lake Titicaca
  The world's highest lake at an altitude of 12,500 feet in the Andes
  Mountains. The Aztecs believe that a god lives in this lake.

Temple of the Sun
  A pyramid-shaped shrine in the central Andes, with distinctive frontal
  stairs climbing 33 feet to the top.

Terracotta Figure
  This large sculpture represents a legendary hero worshipped by local
  tribes. Its sculpting technique and intricate design prove that this
  area has a highly advanced culture.

Stone Ball
  A perfectly spherical stone measuring about 6.5 feet in diameter. Its
  use is unknown.

Mural of Marnalico
  A mural of warriors and hunting gods.

Popol Vuh
  A manuscript of Mayan legends, describing their philosophy, cosmology,
  and history.

Crystal Skull
  An elaborately sculptured crystal skull used for generations in rituals
  by tribal leaders.

Stone Face
  A stone bust excavated from Tenochtitlan.

Monument of the Sun
  A round stone monument symbolizing the sun and the seasons. It represents
  the Aztec people's concept of the universe.

Mexican Beaded Lizard
  A large lizard with black and yellow bead-like scales. Its secret weapon
  is its ability to produce poison in its mouth.

  A large wild bull that can weigh almost a ton. It is hunted for both food
  and its hide, which can be used to make leather. Such great numbers roam
  the plains that it's hard to imagine them ever becoming extinct.

Prairie Dog
  Ground-dwelling squirrel-like mammals 11 - 16 inches long. They make their
  home underground in a complex system of interconnecting burrows with many

  The ruins of a major Buddhist monument. It consists of eight diminishing
  tiers of terraces connected by stairways. The walls of the corridors are
  lined with intricately carved relief sculptures.

  A giant snake that can grow over 33 feet long in the jungle. After
  constricting and suffocating an animal, the python swallows its prey

Komodo Dragon
  A giant slow-moving lizard found only in secluded parts of Indonesia that
  can grow up to 10 feet long. It uses its long, sharp claws and jagged
  teeth to attack animals even as large as a small deer.

  Its long fat tail and powerful hind legs help this animal hip-hop along.
  The newly born infants, still small and pinkish, crawl into a pouch on
  the mother's belly and remain there during infancy.

Frilled Lizard
  A lizard with a large umbrella-like frill. It rises up and opens the frill
  to intimidate enemies and runs away only on its rear legs.

Ayers Rock
  A legend says that there is a humongous red monolith in the center of
  this continent.

Tasmanian Devil
  A 30 inch long nocturnal animal that feeds on small animals and carrion.
  It hides in the cracks of rocks and trees.

  A tree-dwelling marsupial mammal that only eats the leaves of the
  eucalyptus tree. Koala young spend their first 6 months in their mother's
  pouch, feeding on predigested eucalyptus leaves.

  Named for its cry, this is a flightless, nocturnal bird with a small head
  and a long, slender bill that has nostrils near the tip. It uses its
  highly developed sense of smell to find its food.

Greater Bird of Paradise
  The male of this beautiful bird has a yellow head, long tail and
  dark-green throat, but the female has only short feathers and is rather
  dull in color.

Stone Buddha
  A huge statue of Buddha carved out of the side of a mountain.

Pitcher Plant
  A plant that feeds on insects by trapping and digesting them in its
  pitcher-like leaves.

Tree Snake
  A slender snake about 3 feet long. The name comes from the fact that it
  makes its home in trees.

  A fruit that is covered with sharp needles. Some say that it is the most
  delicious of all tropical forest fruits, but it smells so bad that most
  don't dare taste it.

  An ostrich-like bird incapable of flight, measuring over 10 feet in
  height. Its massive and well-developed hind legs help it run very fast.

Great Auk
  A flightless bird about 30 inches long that makes its home near Greenland.
  Fishermen hunt this bird for its tasty meat.

  A luminous atmospheric phenomenon seen in the night sky. Its awesome
  curtain-like display is constantly changing. While it's something special
  to see, the magnetic storms that occur with it can disturb your compass.

Stellar's Sea Cow
  A large water mammal about 10 feet long. The head resembles a seal and
  its rear part has a fish-like shape. Locals say its meat is delicious.

Blue Whale
  The largest animal in the world, sometimes reaching a length of 30 meters
  and weighing over 150 tons.

  A legendary giant elephant with a coat of brown wool and long tusks that
  curve upward.

Saber-toothed Tiger
  A large carnivorous animal about 6 feet long. Its enormous, blade-like
  upper teeth extend 7 inches below its lower jaw.

Fruit Bat
  Just as the name suggests, this bat lives off of fruit. It is a very rare
  delicacy at tables throughout the area.

Indo-Pacific Cowrie
  A rare snail with a beautiful shell that lives deep in the sea. Its shell
  is used as an amulet by tribal leaders and shamans in the area.

  A creature rumored to resemble a mouse that walks upside down using its
  highly developed nose. This odd creature is probably fantastical.

Giant Tortoise
  A large, slow-moving tortoise that can weigh as much as 500 pounds. Its
  domed shell sometimes grows as long as three feet and serves as protection
  for its elephant-like skin.

  Giant stone statues ranging from 15 to 60 feet high. They're carved with
  large faces, long ears and short bodies.

10. Ships

What's under here is all about the ships that you can sail in the game.
Actually, you're the most of the time on a ship. But if you really want
to have an advantage in trading (cargo), adventuring (long traveling) or
pirateering (guns), you should carefully choose your ship, that's why I
have used Christopher Bzik's, but especially Tom King's "knowledge" about
this part of the game, just the same way as I used Christopher's at the
ports section. Thank you again! Tom also thanks!

Notes that come with the Ships:
1. All of these numbers are usually the stats that you find when buying a
used ship of that sort or when you capture a ship (so, not when you buy a
new ship).

2. Min/Max Crew is how many crew members there HAVE TO be on your ship and
how many there CAN be on your ship.

3. Guns are maximums. When you buy them used, these values are lower often.
But this is changeable.

4. Cargo is when you have no crew or guns at all and so have maximum space
for your goods. This doesn't work, but you get the idea how big the ship is.

5. For those who don't know what Tacking is. Tacking is related to the
ship's maneuver ability. The higher the number the better the ship is able
to turn. Ships which can equal or exceed the tacking ability lack either
the fire power or the cargo capacity. All ships with greater fire power
have less tacking ability.

6. The Strength feature can't be exactly told because it differs to from
what kind of material your ship is made. The differences are: Used, Teak,
Ceder, Beech, Oak, Cupper and Steel. While Oak, Cupper and Steel can't be
used on each ship, especially Steel which is only used to Tekkousens. So
I have given the lowest Strength (Used) and the highest (Beech, Cupper or
Steel) under this feature of the Ships.
The letter right next to the number gives the best material of what this
ship can be built (B=Beech, C=Cupper, S=Steel and U=Used).
The Sloop can't be built in normal ports, you have to invest for it, 
you CAN buy it as used ship.
Strength is the same as Durability of the Ship.

Ship Name        |Min/Max |Cargo   |Guns|Tac-|Power|Strength|
                  |Crew    |        |    |king|     |        |
Atakabune         20-200   310      40   95   95    45-60 B
Balsa             5 -20    30       10   70   80    23-36 C
Brigantine        15-60    120      20   90   70    30-48 C
Buss              50-200   320      40   50   60    53-84 C
Caravela Latina   10-40    80       20   90   75    23-36 C
Caravela Redonda  10-40    80       20   70   90    23-36 C
Carrack           30-160   470      50   60   80    38-60 C
Dhow              5 -20    50       15   90   75    23-36 C
Flemish Galleon   40-200   290      30   75   80    60-96 C
Galleon           45-200   550      70   60   65    60-96 C
Hansa Cog         5 -20    35       10   65   85    15-24 C
Junk              25-100   395      40   80   70    60-96 C
Kansen            10-60    175      20   100  100   23-30 B
La Reale          30-250   260      40   95   100   45-72 C
Light Galley      5 -30    90       10   100  85    30-48 C
Nao               25-120   340      40   65   85    38-60 C
Pinnace           5 -60    95       20   95   85    30-48 C
Sloop             5 -60    195      40   95   85    42-42 U
Talette           5 -20    55       15   70   95    15-24 C
Venetian Galeass  60-400   580      50   70   70    68-100C
Xebec             25-300   450      40   80   70    53-84 C

Barge             40-450   610      120  50   65    72-100 C
Full Rigged Ship  45-500   750      150  50   65    72-100 C
Frigate           20-300   400      70   60   85    64-96  C
Sloop             5 -60    195      40   95   85    42-60! C
Tekkousen         45-300   660      100  80   85    76-100 S

About the special ships: you must invest in the following ports, till the
industry is 1000.
  Tekkousen: Nagasaki + Sakai (also the only ports with Steel)
  Full Rigged Ship: Antwerp + Hamburg
  Frigate: Antwerp + Hamburg + Bristol
  Barge: Bristol
  Upgraded Sloop: Bristol

11. Trade

***Finally it's here. And it's HUGE***
Thanks to Scaly Lizard (plus a bit to Daniel Kee) for this section.

"Let it not be said that he was a cheese merchant." --Commodore Ruthless

Trade, and the world trades with you. Money is the key to anything you want
to do in the world of the 1520s. All scenarios must start the game trading,
forsaking the blast of War and the glory of Discovery. In fact, Trade is
what makes possible the other two joys of Uncharted Waters: New Horizons,
kicking butt and exploring the dark waters. These are the calling of the
true Commodore.

But every character from pirate to cartographer must make some cash to get
going, and must make that cash fast. I have some good early-game trade
routes for each of the scenarios, but the rest of this section is geared
towards the theory behind the trade routes listed here. Early in the game,
you might start out with Wool and Raisins before you can finance a decent
trip to the Bosporus. Later, you learn that Art and Carpet are the
foundation upon which you make the transition from a "starter kit" fleet
of sloops and cogs to a more mature fleet of Naos, Galleons and La Reales.

Trade strategy changes throughout the game, and so this section is divided
into a few parts, each devoted to a different phase of the game. First,
though, here is the nugget that you'll must certainly like, the 6-Month
Money Machine:
  This is the best trade route in the advanced stages of a game (when you 
  able to do it with large, fast ships like Frigates or Tekkousens, and you
  are an Earl or higher social rank, and when you can afford a tax permit
  from your King):

--=SIX MONTH MONEY MACHINE=-- (by Scaly Lizard)
Start on April 1st or October 1st with a fresh tax permit.
Go to Lubeck and buy Silver. Sell it right back to them, until you stop
making a profit. You want to have about one-quarter of your fleet's carrying
capacity full of Silver.
Go to Amsterdam. Buy as many glass beads as you can carry and still have
food for a 15-day sailing trip. Unload some Glass Beads at the West
African ports where you stop for food and water. Try to get 90 gp or more
per lot of Glass Beads.
Go to SouthEast Africa. Sell the remaining Glass Beads for cash, and then
sell the Silver to depress the price of Gold, then buy Gold really cheap.
Do this in small enough lots to manage the economy, but large enough lots
to maximize your profits (50). Repeat until your holds are full of Gold. You
can get the price of Gold down to around 130 gp per lot.
Go to India. Sell the Gold for Pepper and Cinnamon (in Ceylon). Keep a
small amount of Gold to manipulate the price of Silver later on in Nagasaki.
Go to the Far East. Sell the spices and load your holds with 60% Porcelain,
20% Silver (from Nagasaki) and 20% Silk Cloth (from Sakai).
Go back to India and sell the Porcelain and Silk Cloth for Linen. Again, by
selling small amounts of Silk Cloth, you can keep the prices of Linen low,
and the Porcelain is just more profit for you.
Go back to East Africa and sell the Linen for a profit and load up on Gold,
using the Silver from Nagasaki to keep the price of Gold low.
Back to Nagasaki. Sell Gold for Silver.
Back to East Africa. Sell Silver for Gold.
Return to Lubeck with your Gold. Sell it for 1650 gp per lot by using small
Silver purchases to keep their buying price for Gold high.
Go back to Amsterdam to load up on Glass Beads, go find a Tax Permit, and
you're off to the races. It should be very close to April 1st or
October 1st.
You should earn about 60 million gp per circuit using this trading route,
with a large enough fleet. I definitely recommend getting ten well-made
Tekkousens as soon as possible. They are as fast as Frigates, and
larger. With 10 Teks, you can carry 9500 lots of cargo easily. Another
important reason to seek out the Tekkousen is that with five of them,
with 100 guns on each, you can beat any fleet on the sea. I once used 3
Teks to beat a fleet of 8 Flemish Galleons. I sunk them all, because I'm
like that. Who needs to confiscate cargo when you know the secret of
the Six-Month Money Machine?

If you use ten Tekkousens, the finest boats from Japan, you can reliably
do the route twice a year, with time to take care of some business in Europe
and the Mediterranean. If you want the highest profits possible, you
need a tax-free permit and you need all the cities on your route to be
solidly invested-in. For hyper-profits, I usually leave Europe in early
April or early October and go straight to East Africa, making a few stops
along the way for food and to sell the Glass Beads for a profit in West
Africa. Selling Silver for a loss, or only a small profit, is the key to
the whole enchilada. When you depress the prices of Gold by selling enough
Silver, you can make over 1500 gp profit on every lot. Wow!

A tax permit bought in Europe on April 1st will expire on October 1st. To
maximize a six-month trade route, go Europe-East Africa-Nagasaki-East
Africa-Nagasaki-East Africa-Europe, selling Glass Beads and Silver for Gold
in Africa, selling Gold for Silver in Nagasaki (using Silver purchases to
make them buy Gold at 1350 gp), then back to Africa to sell the Silver for
more Gold. Selling the Japanese silver in Africa will only net you about
50 gp or less per lot, but the profits when you bring the gold back to
Nagasaki are about 1200 per lot, a damn good trade-off. Each leg of this
itinerary should take you about 1 month, if you have Teks or La Reales or
well-captained Frigates.

Unfortunately, Full-Rigged Ships are just a little too slow. It takes them
about 7 months to do the cycle, which throws everything off track because
you either have to leave Europe with a Tax Permit that won't last you the
whole trip, or you have to visit Nagasaki only once per cycle, and have a
month of wasted time every half-year hanging around in Europe waiting for a
fresh Tax Permit. This lost time makes the Full-Rigged less profitable,
despite its huge holds and despite the fact that it's a kick-ass boat. I
got to admit that I always keep a fleet of Full-Riggeds as my War Fleet,
docked half in Lisbon and half in Seville. With maximum Carronades and
Goddess figureheads, they rule the waves.

Speaking of moored ships, as soon as I'm at the point where I can afford
it, I customarily build the following fleets as an insurance policy against
whatever the game may throw at me:
  War Fleet: 10 Full-Riggeds in Lisbon (5) and Seville (5), outfitted with
   300 crew bunks, max guns, Goddess figureheads.
  Explorer Fleet: 10 La Reales in London (5) and Amsterdam (5), outfitted
   with no guns and 40 bunks, Goddess figureheads.
  Trade Fleet: 10 Tekkousens in Genoa (5) and Istanbul (5), outfitted with
   50 bunks, no guns, Goddess figureheads.
Obviously, I fill the holds of every moored ship with Gold, so I have a
multi-million-gp nest egg that cannot be touched by any disaster or

If you leave Europe on April 1st and time it right and don't dawdle, you can
do the route from Africa to Nagasaki twice before your tax permit expires.
You can then return to Europe to renew your permit, but now with a load of
gold worth 15 million at Lubeck (with 10 Tekkousens full of gold), and be
ready to buy a new permit on October 1st.

This six-month cycle can net you over 60 million gold pieces each time, with
good luck and the right crew on the right boats. That's a billion gold
pieces every eight years, which is more money than you could ever hope to
spend, even if you had every barmaid in the world begging for trinkets.

It's like, everyone knows that you can make some money with the Istanbul-
Athens route. But what are really profitable routes that make you a
billionaire in no-time. Well, check these out yourself and add some if
you'd like. [email protected] (again, if you didn't know yet)

^O^ Genoa-Madeira aka The Expensive Metal Route (by Daniel Kee)
1. Buy Silver in Genoa, buy in a lot of 50 (The magic number ;)
  - Buy until the market rate is maximum (150%)
2. Sell at Maderia or any other port in West africa
  - First you need to invest so Gold is available in Market.
  - Sell the Silver in lot of 50 (The magic number again ;)
  - Sell until the market rate is minimum (50%)
  - Buy the Gold as much as you can at one time.
  - Sell Silver until the market rate is minimum (50%)
  - Buy the Gold (at 400-420) as much as you can at one time again.
  - Repeat until cargo is full.
3. Sell gold in Genoa.
  - Sell the Gold as much as You can at one time.
  - Buy the Silver in lot of 50, get the market to 150%.
  - Sell the Gold as much as You can at one time (max is at 1500).
  - Buy the Silver in lot of 50, get the market to 150% again.
4. Repeat and get rich very fast!
    Well, the funny thing is the silver selling is always losing...
    But the large profit margin of sell gold can cover the lost. Let say you
    got cargo space of 400, earn profit around 900. Per trip you'll get
    400x900=360000. Very profitable route eh?
    Initial cost will be: Intital around Gold 420x400=168000. Invest of
    4-5 times to get gold = 5x50000 = 250000 Total up to = 418000.

^O^ Lisbon-Madeira-West Africa aka The Cheap Route (by Daniel Kee)
For start off, with a small ship of cargo space of 60-80...
Buy olive oil at Lisbon and sell off at Madeira. This is a good trade.
But by the time the Olive Oil price is around 2x the price of sugar
(economical value also contribute to the factor of market be able to cope
with the flow of trade volume), so the market price of sugar will drop a
lot. You can buy sugar and sell it in any other West Africa port (actually
selling sugar at these port is around 60+, being a better price than around
40+ at Lisbon & ports around Iberia) to balance it off. No initial
investment cost.
The inital money to start will be oliveoil 80x34=2720, sugar 80x20=1600.
Profit margin per turn = (40x80 + 60x80) - 2720 -1600 = 3680
a very good trade route for beginners...
Also the trade route for Rock Salt and Porcelain is good, but for just
around 20 turns.
The profit margin per turn =
( 60x80 + 130*80 ) - ( 110*80 + 35*80 ) = 3600 almost the same...

^O^ Istanbul-Athens aka The Grandpa Route (by Daniel Kee)
Ah... who can forget the Good old carpet and Art trade?
But the initially, there is a lot of money involve...
Let say ship cargo at 80... Means, Profit margin is
(400x80 + 330x80) - ( 215x80 + 310x80 ) = 58400 - 42000 = 16400
The initial fee to reach this profit is 42000 gold...
at the beginning of the game, you can't do that...
you can make your money grow faster by buying and selling other lower
price but profitable items like copper ore, woods, & etc with fish,
grains & etc... But You can use the market influence to make the margin
even bigger : (remember the magic number "50"?) I prefer Istanbul at 150%
and Athen at 50% Profit margin is about :
(550x80 + 240x80) - ( 265x80 + 165x80 ) = 63200 - 34400 = 28800
(Actually there is a balance somewhere that both side will profit and the
profit margin at maximum but you'll have to experiment on it... The figures
above is just a guide line, it might not be secure for every game.
This method will cause one of the port to be at 50% so the food and ship
building cost will be minimum. The reason I prefer Athens at 50% is :
1) Athens have potential to reach maximum industry and economy value.
2) I prefer to sell item at Highest possible price.

11.a Early Game

(The rest is all by Scaly Lizard in this section)
OK, with that out of the way, let's look at the trading system in
Uncharted Waters: New Horizons in a bit more depth, and learn how you
can squeeze it for cash. You start with some cash, but not even close to
enough to make Idin Leis interested in you. You have to get more, and you
can't do it by piracy right out of the gate, unless you have a suicide wish.
Make sure to visit every building in your home capital multiple times until
no one offers you any more money, except if you are Ali, in which case you
don't want to take cash from the innkeeper, so you'll get a cat instead.
Try to buy another boat as soon as you can. If you came here for a quick
fix to get your young commodore financially fluid, here are the best Early
Game trade routes for each character:

Ragusa - Buy Dye
Venice - Sell Dye, Buy Glassware
Ragusa - Sell Glassware, Buy Dye

Istanbul - Buy Carpet
Marseilles - Sell Carpet, Buy Perfume
Athens - Sell Perfume, Buy Art
Istanbul - Sell Art, Buy Carpet

  Joao and Catalina:
Lisbon - Buy Salt
Bordeaux - Sell Salt, Buy Raisins
London - Sell Raisins, Buy Wool
Amsterdam - Sell Wool, Buy 1/2 Iron, Buy 1/2 Glass Beads
Lisbon - Sell Iron, Buy Salt
Madeira - Sell Glass Beads, Buy Sugar
Lisbon - Sell Sugar, Buy Salt

  Ernst and Otto:
Same as for Joao and Catalina, but you should start the cycle by buying
Wool in London.

These routes should allow you to break out of the Caravela Latina you've
been dragging around in, and at least get you up to a few Naos or Carracks
with a decent figurehead.

The best trade route depends on how far along you are in the game.
Athens-Istanbul is a great way to make early-to-midgame cash.
Sugar-Perfume-Wool is a good trade route for stability and long-term
profits, even if the margins are lower per lot. Gold is the ultimate
commodity and the trade in it must be joined as soon as you can. The thing
you need to understand is how and why a trading route becomes unbalanced,
and the best ways to keep a trade route healthy.

As a general rule, making as many stops as possible is better for profits,
until you are trading in goods which are valuable enough that express trips
between ports yields bigger profits.

Buy as much as you can of the initial commodity for your character as listed
above. The basic idea is to enter into a trade route that will be profitable
enough for you to build a crew and fleet strong enough to carry you into the
midgame phase of your scenario. If you start the game with the Eastern
Routes (Athens-Istanbul-Marseilles and Venice-Ragusa), then by the time you
exhaust these routes you should be able to move to the Western Route with
3 to 5 boats. By the same token, if you start out riding the Western Route
(Lisbon-London-Amsterdam-Etc.), then when this route gets unprofitable,
you should be able to score big on the Eastern Routes with 3 to 5 boats. If
you're Ali, then you will find that the Art/Carpet racket gets out of hand
quickly. Prices get whacked and you are no longer able to make a profit. 
a break for a few months and work Pietro's route, to let Athens and Istanbul
calm down. The same in reverse holds true for Pietro's scenario. The idea is
to mix it up for maximum profits over the long haul.

If you are working the Western Route out of the gate, then you are advised
to start the cycle in either Lisbon or London, and outfit your ships to be
able to sail for ten days. Starting the route in Amsterdam (by loading up
with half Iron and half Glass Beads) tends to throw the route out of kilter
faster than a start in London or Lisbon. You will need 10 days of sailing
range to reach Madeira, which is straight southwest from a point on Iberia
just North of Lisbon.

When I say "throw a route out of kilter" or when I talk about exhausting
a route, I am expressing the essence of trading in
Uncharted Waters: New Horizons. When you sell a commodity in a city, their
buying and selling prices go down. When you buy a commodity in a city,
their buying and selling prices for every commodity go up. This effect
applies double to other commodities in the same category as the one you
are selling or buying. Thus, if you sell 50 lots of Glass Beads in Madeira,
the price they charge for Sugar goes down a bit, but if you sell 50 lots of
Rock Salt there, then the price for Sugar goes down much more.

Of the commodities that can be sold or bought in the world, only a few are
available in each city. The more you invest in the economy of a city, the
higher the Economy level will go, and thus they will sell more commodities.
As a port's Economy level goes up, its economy will recover faster from the
effects of buying and selling. By this I mean that all accounts are settled
at the end of each month. It is at this time that the effects of your
investments will be applied to the city's Industry and Economy. At certain
tresholds, more commodities will be offered and better ships and figureheads
and guns will be available. Also at this time, the prices for every 
will readjust back towards the "normal" level of 100%. Depending on how much
trading has gone on in the port in the past month, this process of
readjustment may take only one month, or several months. This is the basic
drawback of the Athens - Istanbul route. The two cities are so close to each
other that you can make the trip many times per month, and the route as a
whole cannot possibly readjust faster than you can pump money out of it.

In a way, this facet of the game is one of the subtle things that make UW:NH
highly replayable. If you sell lots of Art in Istanbul, then the buying
price for Art will go down. Simple enough. If everyone in Istanbul is
selling Art nowadays (Art which they bought from you), then the price of
everything else in Istanbul will go down, including Cotton and Dye. But
the price for Carpet will be affected more. Unfortunately, there is simply
not enough demand for Art in Istanbul itself to absorb the huge shipments
you can run over from nearby Athens. This means that the Turkish merchants
must work their own internal trade routes to get rid of the Art you bring,
perhaps by dispersing it out to the Balkans or Syria (places that you can't
go), and this process takes time. When you sell 1000 lots of Art to the
merchants in Istanbul, a month later they may still have 600 lots in
stock, waiting for buyers in the Caucasus to show up. Of course, they will
be less interested in another 1000 lots of Art. If the city is left alone
for several months, then the price index will creep back to normal, but
you don't have several months, do you? Since Istanbul is a capital, you
cannot invest in it to help the economy repair itself. You can only pump
their buying price for Art up again by purchasing other commodities.
Fortunately, Carpet is in the same category as Art, and happens to be
Istanbul's specialty.

Finding a pair of cities whose specialties are in the same category opens
the door for market manipulation on a grand scale. The price you pay for a
commodity depends on your social status, the price index of the city, the
skill of your bookkeeper, whether you have a tax permit and your luck, but
by buying and selling other commodities you can more directly manipulate
the prices at a marketplace. If you buy 1000 lots of Art in one transaction
at Athens, the price for Art will jump, and their buying price for Carpet
will jump accordingly. A purchase or sale of as little as 50 lots, though
smaller, will affect the prices of commodities almost as much as a whopping
1000-lot transaction. With 4 or 5 50-lot purchases of Silver in Lubeck, for
example, you can drive the price that they will pay for Gold through the
roof - to 1650 gp per lot! Thus, it is easy to see that by a series of
small Carpet sales in Athens, you can drive the price you'll pay for Art
way down. Sometimes it is to your advantage to take a loss on 200 lots of
Carpet to reap huge profits on 2000 lots of Art. The trick is to find the
balance point that will keep a trade route healthy.

In the case of Lubeck, you do not care about the economic health of the
city. You are not interested in buying Silver cheaply; you just want them
to pay through the nose for Gold. Most of the time, however, you have to
take into account the stability of the markets in the cities on your route.
Say you have a cargo capacity of 100 lots. If you go to Athens and load up
on Art at 360 gp per lot, you are pumping 36,000 gp into the local economy.
When you trade it at Istanbul for Carpet at 254 gp per lot, you are only
putting 25,400 gp back into the local market. Obviously, filling your fleet
to the brim at each port puts the Athenian economy out of whack faster than
Istanbul's. To make matters worse, the Port Economy of Athens starts out at
only 640, which means it will take longer for the city to absorb the
shipments of Carpet you sell there. Both of these factors (price of Art vs.
Carpet and the differing Economy levels) make the trade route very

We now see that even though Art and Carpet are in the same commodity
category, and even though they are the specialties of their respective
ports, this route is still not a one-to-one trade. Add to this the fact that
your profit margin is high on this route, which means that you can increase
your cargo capacity very quickly, and you are on the road to disaster.
Athens will often run out of Art to sell to you, until you have invested
the Port Economy up quite a bit. You will have to take a loss on more and
more lots just to keep your profits at an acceptable level. In short, you
see rapidly diminishing returns as you increase your carrying capacity.
This is what I mean when I call a trade route "out of whack".

An example of a one-to-one trade route would be buying Cotton in Amsterdam
at 54 gp per lot, selling it in London, then loading up on Wool in London
(in the same category as Cotton) at 54 gp per lot, then selling the Wool for
a profit back in Amsterdam, then rinse, repeat. Since Amsterdam pays 60 gp
per lot for Wool, this would seem to make a tidy profit for the beginning
trader. The cities are very close to each other, the prices are low enough
for a poor character with only a small boat to break into, and the profits
are steady. Amsterdam and London are also equals in Port Economy (700 and
720), so this is the perfect early game trade route, right? Unfortunately,
no. The catch is that London also sells Cotton, for 54 gp per lot, and thus
pays very little (20 gp) for imported Cotton. Even if you buy many small
lots of English Wool to drive up their demand for your Dutch Cotton to the
point where you make a profit on it, the premium you pay for Wool at the
now-expensive Thames docks wipes out your earnings. If London did not sell
Cotton, then this would indeed be an ideal and nearly inexhaustible trade
route. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

There are over two dozen economically perfect one-to-one trade routes in the
game, but none are good for the early game because:
  -the distance between the ports is great, or
  -profits are low (10 gp per lot or less), or
  -one or both ports must be heavily invested in to produce the desired 
  -or they are located in Asia or the Americas, where nobody sells good 
In fact, they aren't so good for the middle or late game either, because you
have better things to do than chasing down exotic routes that deep into
the game.

The best early game trading strategy is to run either the Western European
or Eastern Mediterranean route, depending on your character, building to
about 3 - 5 ships with 500 to 1000 lots of cargo capacity, then switching
to the other route, which so far is untapped. This should earn you enough
cash to upgrade your fleet considerably.
Each of the two beginning routes (excluding Pietro for the moment) has
unique advantages and drawbacks. The Western Route involves much more
sailing, which lets you and your crew rise in Navigation level and other
Abilities, and the time you spend shuttling between ports lets the ports
on your trip recover their economic health naturally month by month. The
profits per month are lower than the Eastern Route, but it keeps you near
Antwerp and Bordeaux, which are cities that you will want to have invested
up to 1000 in Economy and Industry by the time you reach the midgame.
Other drawbacks are that you need to keep more space available for food,
and you visit 3 capitals, so you need to be nice to at least 2 rival
empires. When Otto, Catalina, Joao or Ernst get to 500 - 800 in cargo
space, they should go plunder the Eastern Route.

The Eastern Route yields greater profits per month, but as we learned above,
it is very unstable. It can be done with used boats that are cheap, fat and
slow, but doesn't give much experience to you or your mates. If you need to
let Athens and Istanbul cool off for a while, you have many options, like
involving Marseilles or Beirut in the circuit, or doing the Venice - Ragusa
run for a while. Pietro should do this right away, then join the Art for
Carpet trade when he gets up over 100 in cargo space. When either Ali or
Pietro gets up to 800 to 1000 in cargo capacity, they should go do the
Western Route and should be in a position to pour some cash into Antwerp
and Bordeaux to prepare for the midgame.

11.b Investing

Investing your hard-earned cash in a port sometimes seems like a waste of
money. Actually, it is one of the most important things you can do in the
game for long-term success. Investing in a port's Industry has the following

The Port Industry level goes up one point for every 300 gp you give, up to a
maximum of 50,000 gp per month, which nets a gain of 163 points. 49,800 gp
gets the same result, so save yourself a few bucks.
The city's favor towards your empire increases, which can have a snowballing
effect of good things if the port allies with your king.
If allied, you get lower prices in the port, and the economic power of your
king gets greater, which increases the size of the gifts he can bestow on
Your Fame goes up and this can attract the attention of your king,
progressing you along your scenario and gaining you social advancement.
The vulnerability of the port to foreign investments luring it away from
your king is reduced. 10,000 gp invested in a port at 100/100
(Economy / Industry) has more influence over their favor than the same
10,000 gp invested at a port which is 500/500, and even less at a
1000/1000 city.
The port will offer a better class of ships, both new and used. Every port
shuffles their stock of used boats at the end of every month.
The port can offer higher quality figureheads and guns.

Investing in a city's Economy has most of the benefits above, as well as:

Your Fame in Trade goes up, which increases your Charm, which gets you
better prices at every marketplace around the world.
The port will offer more commodities for sale, and will run out of their
specialty less often. It is a rude surprise when Athens runs out of Art.
The city's economy will recover more quickly from the effects of your

11.c Midgame Game

To know when you are ready to graduate into the midgame, you should have a
set of goals. No matter where you begin your scenario, this is a good set
of goals to have in mind for moving from the early game to the midgame:

6 or 7 quality mates, a good mix of bookkeepers and gunners.
5 or 6 well-built (not used) La Reales from Antwerp or Bordeaux. The La
Reale is a good fighter and trader, and it excels at running away too.
Antwerp and Bordeaux invested up to 1000 in Industry and Economy.
If you arm your ships, don't bother with anything less than Cannons. If you
can't afford Cannons, then don't fight: run away until you can buy Cannons.
Figureheads should be upgraded to at least Dragon.
If you're going to war, have 200,000 gp in cash and you should have A-level
or *-level armor and sword.
If you're going trading, you should have 1.5 million gp (150 gold ingots),
and you should know where to get a tax permit.
If you're going exploring, you should have 500,000 gp.
You should not owe money to anyone anymore.

The midgame is when you decide whether you will concentrate on piracy, trade
or adventure. The wise commodore combines some of all three while
concentrating on one talent. You must also now decide whether you want
to romp through your scenario to complete the game as soon as possible,
or if you want to try to play the game as if you were trying to take over
the world. If you have achieved the goals above, you will have the means
to get as much cash as you need for any task, whenever you want, by using
the Gold trading techniques of the Money Machine.

If you are trying to rebuild the world as to shape the approaching
Renaissance in your own image, then see the World Domination section.
Either way, when you have graduated to the midgame, then you are primarily
interested in advancing your scenario, which means three things: fetching
things, fighting people and building your empire. There is no better way
to gain the attention of your king than winning cities to his control. This
gets you social ranking, which propels you along your scenario. You need a
fleet ready for anything, and the La Reale is the best boat there is for the
tasks in the midgame. End of Argument.

Not only is the La Reale the second-fastest boat on the planet, but also
with a cargo hold that can be over 400 lots, she can take you where you want
to go and pay for herself along the way. The only drawback to the La Reale
(the ONLY ONE) is that she can hold only 40 guns, if you're thinking of
making trouble. Actually, 40 guns ain't bad, since the La Reale can always
just run away if you get into a tight spot in combat. Available in Nantes,
Bordeaux, Scandinavia and most Baltic Sea ports, the La Reale is quick,
maneuverable, and low-maintenance. The low minimum crew makes it ideal for
long voyages, making exploration a snap. The fact that she sports both
sails and oars doesn't leave you at the mercy of the currents or winds,
which is helpful for digging into coastal nooks and river systems. The
cargo space speaks for itself, and the speed also makes up for captains
who are, shall we say, not so sharp a tack, making the La Reale perfect
for training mates.

Midgame trading is largely dictated by your king, as you try to make money
while finishing the tasks, which drive your scenario. If you are sent to
pick something up in SouthEast Asia, fill up on Cinnamon in Malacca, which
can fetch 130 gp per lot profit in Europe. Coral from Amboa or Nutmeg from
Banda can bring good money. If you are sent to the New World, bring back
Vanilla from Caracas or Havana, or Gold from Rio de Janeiro or Veracruz.
When you have enough money to keep 1,000,000 gp in the bank, you can
support a fleet of 10 ships with a crew of 500 indefinitely as long as
you can visit a bank once a month to collect interest. But while you can
reach a food/crew equilibrium at 1 million gp, you will still need cash
from trading to upgrade your fleet.

I suggest that you trade during the midgame to get enough money to build and
outfit a fleet of Frigates from Antwerp. Set them up with maximum guns, and
go raise some hell. When your Fame in Piracy is as high as you need, moor
the Frigates and take the La Reales out for some speedy adventuring. When
you need to trade, it should depend on your scenario's demands. If you need
raw cash, work the Money Machine while working on a fleet of Tekkousens. If
you want ultimate Piracy Fame, trade just enough Gold to get the best fleet
and armaments, then let the profits of privateering sustain your expenses.
When out adventuring, head back to Europe every six or eight months to cash
in your discoveries and the goods you have found around the world. Here are
some things that are worth bringing back to Europe:
  Vanilla from Caracas and Havana
  Gold from Rio, Veracruz and East Africa
  Musk from Mecca
  Amber from Aden
  Ivory from Mogadishu, San Jorge, Timbuktu and Sofala
  Silk Cloth from Chang-An and Sakai
  Silk from Zeiton
  Pearls from Sakai and Zeiton
  Art from Hanoi and Nagasaki
  Cinnamon from Ceylon and Malacca
  Nutmeg from Banda
  Clove from Dili and Ternate
  Pepper and Tea from India

The midgame is for taking time to hire mates wisely, gathering various
serious "power boats" into formidable fleets, putting money away into
untouchable resources, advancing to high rank in the Court and getting
your credentials as an adventurer and warrior together. You should be
building a base of experience among your crew by rotating them into and
out of various commands, so that when you finally get up to ten Tekkousens,
you have at least nine mates with enough experience to handle them. Trading
works into this overall strategy by making you money while you are doing
tasks, and making you more money when you are waiting for your king or your
scenario to contact you.

In sum, worldwide trade involves the cities mentioned above for the best
profits. You can achieve more in the midgame by running a fleet of La
Reales, and storing a fleet of 5 boats (large used and cheap) in Istanbul
for whenever you need a quick cash infusion in the European Theater. When
you are in War mode, and are planning on spending some quality time whacking
every fleet you see, you should be hanging around Europe most of the time
anyway, so plan on spending one month out of every year spent at War doing
the Athens-Istanbul route. This keeps your fortune increasing for the day
when you will be shopping for Tekkousens.

As with the early game, the midgame must be spent laying the foundation for
later stages. The rewards of the late game are great, but so are the costs.
You should be starting to get some key cities throughout Asia and Africa
invested up towards 1000/1000. You should be taking great care to preserve
your luck by saving the game frequently and upgrading every boat to the
Goddess figureheads. Speaking of Luck and the Goddess, there is a way to
see your luck by visiting a fortuneteller, but she can only narrow it down
to the nearest 25%. A more accurate way to judge your luck is to invest in
Antwerp up to 1000/1000, and then try to buy figureheads at the shipyard
there. Try it 1000 times. Add up the number of times that you are offered
the Goddess figurehead. That is your Luck rating, on average. In theory,
you can get a more accurate reading of your Luck by doing it 10,000 times
and dividing the result by 10, but I have not done this.

Just as there are signposts to tell you when you are entering the midgame
and must adjust your strategy, there are guidelines for when you are
graduating into the late game. You should have achieved the following
  You should have a social rank of Earl or better.
  You should control at least 10 serious ships which you had custom built
   brand new, and this doesn't include the La Reales. This includes
   Tekkousens, Frigates, Full-Riggeds and Barges.
  You should have at least 200 gold ingots at your disposal.
  You should have control (100% loyalty and 800/800 or better) of the
   following cities: Antwerp, Bordeaux, Lubeck, Athens, Madeira, San Jorge,
   Luanda, the Six Golden Cities of East Africa, Goa, Ceylon, Ternate,
   Nagasaki and Sakai.
  You should know where Capetown and Batavia are.
  You should have 12 to 13 mates with multiple skills, including a
   competent bookkeeper like Charles Darling, Simon Sekeira, Carmine
   Lasagna, Palah Abdul or Raymond Wilson. Try to only hire Lucky Dogs.
  Your boats with guns should only carry Carronades, and you should not
   have any figurehead lesser than the Goddess.
  You should be in the later stages of your scenario, i.e.: learning about
   Atlantis, finding Joao, building an orphanage, finding your sister, etc.

11.d Late Game

The late game affords two choices: you can quickly complete your scenario,
or you can investigate everything the world of
Uncharted Waters: New Horizons has to offer. If you choose to defeat the
game quickly, you should not have a need to trade. Your midgame should
provide enough cash for you to end the game whenever you like. If you
choose to extend the game, however, you may find some interesting trade
techniques that you can employ. Because the late game is either very short
or very long, I'll concentrate on the long version to expose some of the
deeper concepts about the trade system in UW:NH.

If the game were strictly historically accurate, slaves would be a commodity
available in West and East Africa. Thank goodness the programmers did not
include such a commodity! But, the fact is that a lot of wealth was made
on exports from Africa in the 1500's, so to model that part of the global
economy, the game's designers substituted Gold.

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but a Trader's best friend is Gold.
The huge costs that you incur throughout the game to upgrade your fleet
to La Reales then Galleons, then to Frigates then Tekkousens, not to
mention the financial black hole of investing in Africa, Asia and the
Americas are costs that can only be met by trading in Gold and Silver.
Some West African and South American ports will sell Gold when coaxed,
but the most reliable source is East Africa. In the Advanced Game, when
you have decided to play the world instead of just playing a scenario, East
Africa is the most important place in the world. All six cities of East
Africa will sell Gold, once they get up to about 400 or so in Port Economy
level. I haven't nailed down the exact Economy level yet, because I usually
just want Gold, Now. While on investing trips before anyone'll sell you 
don't be afraid to pick up Ivory and Coral in East Africa, both of which
will turn a tidy profit in Europe.

Concentrate your investments on Mombasa and Mozambique, because they have
banks, then in Quelamine and Sofala because they are closest to Europe. For
a guaranteed invitation to the palace for a social rank advancement, invest
a region (Middle East, SE Asia, India, Far East) into allegiance to your
empire. Become a Duke as soon as possible. Finish out your fame in Piracy to
50,000 by smacking the big pirates around. The capturing of cities by
investment is an ongoing process that consumes simply enormous amounts of
gp, and can only be financed through trade, not piracy. You need the power
of Gold, and you need to leverage that power to make you rich.

Do not underestimate the power of Tax Permits and social rank in trading. A
Duke with a good bookkeeper and a Permit is going to get the lowest
possible price, period. When trading in Gold, you need every advantage you
can gain.

You will want to run 10 Tekkousens ideally, and have one boat set up with
no guns and the bare minimum crew, to maximize the cargo hold. It may be
useful to store a Barge in Amsterdam and pick it up on the way to Lubeck
when selling Gold in Europe. You want to use small purchases or sales to
drive prices as far as they can go in your favor, and then use your biggest
ship to make a huge transaction. For instance, a fully laden fleet of 5
Frigates can use a Full-Rigged Ship to sell their cargo of Gold in only
four transactions, limiting the number of lots of Silver, which you have
to take a loss on.

To make the Six Month Money Machine work right requires some tight sailing.
You must know just where to turn South West from Iberia to hit Madeira, know
just how far East of San Jorge you must go before turning due South East
to hit Luanda, and how far North of Madagascar you sail before you turn
North East so you'll hit India before you run out of food. Once you've got
it down, though, you'll have enough cash to do anything. If you choose to
delay the end of your scenario for whatever purpose, you enter the
Advanced Game.

11.a Advanced Game

A common objective of the advanced game is to invest in as many cities as
you can, to ally them with your king and increase their power to 1000/1000.
I've shown you how to squeeze the Gold trade for huge cash, but if you want
to go off investing for a few years, then I'd recommend that you pick up
your fleet of La Reales. They are fast enough that you can run through
hundreds of millions of gp (100,000 per city per month!) in a few years.
Inevitably, you'll have to go back and hunt for Gold.

During your long absences, rival fleets will have time to woo some of the
town councils of your Mediterranean and European cities away. Politicians
just don't stay bought, I guess. You need a rhythm to your game, a schedule
for maximum effect. You may find that you can remain "in the field" for
longer periods if you adjust your travel strategy. For instance, the
developing world in Asia and South America require huge amounts of gold
to lift them to respectability. You can remain in a position to hit SE
Asia every month by splitting the region in half. Visit the eastern island
cities once a month, while running some goods up to the Far East. Then once
the eastern towns are up to snuff, run a route from the western cities of
SE Asia and India. Nutmeg from Amboa or Banda sold in the Far East brings
a good profit. Pepper from any SE Asian port will earn 50 gp per lot in the
Far East. On the return trip, bring Silver from Nagasaki, which will earn
150 gp per lot in SE Asia.

Likewise, the Middle East is an area that requires much investment and lots
of sailing to lift up. The region may be broken in two as well, with the
Persian Gulf cities visited once a month, amidst a trade route from East
Africa to India. India will pay well for Gold, just not as much as Europe
and Nagasaki. Then switch to the Red Sea and Arabian Sea cities while
maintaining the East Africa-India route. You'll get filthy rich, and
possession of the Middle East as well.

Of course, you could just gather up a ton of money and set up a route to
visit each city in SE Asia or the Middle East once a month, but such a
route to cover all the cities in South East Asia is very difficult. This
means that you'll have to cut a couple of cities out, and spend the same
five months getting them invested in. If you choose to visit a handful
of cities, combined in a trade route, for five months, you get money to
support the huge sums you have to drop into towns, and your crew gets
lots of sailing experience, much more than making a stop every few days.

If you want, you can do this with warships and sink any interlopers. The
rhythm you should be in ought to allow you to grab about ten cities before
heading back to tend to European matters. This allows for about a year
between visits to your king. If you are wise, you'll time these visits
to occur in March or September. When you have retaken some cities (they
always go for Antwerp) and sold a bunch of Gold and you are ready to
leave Europe, consider where you'll be heading. If you're going to get
some of the Middle East, bring a load of Arms from Lisbon or Seville.
If you're going towards the Far East, bring lots of Glassware from
Copenhagen, which can bring 220 gp per lot in any Far Eastern city.

When you are investing in South or Central America, Sugar bought in Jamaica
or Santo Domingo can get you a 70-gp profit in any other American port.
This is very useful, because Veracruz takes a lot of attention before
they'll part with their Gold. When they do, though, you can easily set
up a Gold-Silver trade route with Caracas, Rio de Janeiro, Pernambuco,
Maracaibo, Cayenne, Cartagena and Margarita. Rio can also sell Gold, when
their scores are raised up a bit. The fact that these ports are so widely
distributed around the New World naturally lends itself to involving trade
in your investing excursions, and you can still bring the customary load of
Gold back to Europe when you are ready.

There are so many cool things in the game that are historically accurate,
like the effects of weather on sails vs. oars, and how the weather at sea
changes in some areas in certain months of the year. Another one is that
the best profits in trading are had by bringing odd things back to Europe
and the Mediterranean. Spices, Pearls, Art, Vanilla, they are all valuable
and sexy in Europe, but you really need to be carrying Gold when you return
every year or so. The rhythm that works best for me when I'm trying to
subjugate the world is a 12/6 rotation. Twelve months at sea in a route
that gets ten cities, then six months around Europe, reinvesting and
kicking butt.

West Africa, well, West Africa doesn't seem to ever need attention. Just
stop in a different WA town for food every time you round the horn, and
dump 100,000 gp into the place. Eventually, you'll have them all without
trying, except for that damn Timbuktu. You'll have to try for that one.
Try to get there at the end of a month, so you can hit them twice in just
a few days.

If you are trying to complete the World Map, another common objective of
the Advanced Game, don't bother to trade. Just get lots of money, and La
If you want to crush all enemy fleets, then don't bother to trade either,
just sell a captured boat now and then if you need the cash.

Phew... that was a lotta info. Hope you got it all right up in ye brains!
If you have something to add to this. Mail me.

12. Various Info

Here are all small sub-sections, that are too small to be a stand-alone
section, but needed some attention nevertheless. By the way, feel free to
send in your personal info, or anecdotes (that really help), and I'll
consider placing them (which won't be the point, when they're useful).

12.a Skills

This part is about skills. You'll be probably thinking: "Skills?".
Yes, skills. You know them, they are in your 'profile' when you choose
Mate Info. There are five skills, here they are:
  - Celestial Navigation
  - Cartography
  - Gunnery
  - Accounting
  - Negotiation

I will be listing in this section what you need to learn a specific skill,
how much it costs to learn one and WHERE you can learn one.
In this chapter will also be listed where you can sell you discoveries,
and where you'll get the most money for these things.

When you (or one of your mates) has the skill Celestial Navigation (CNav.)
he will be able to let his ship sail faster than the normal speed of the
ship. You can also use Auto Sail (or one of your mates). If you want to use
a theodolite, quadrant or sextant, you need also the CNav. skill (or one
of your mates again).

  What do I need for it?
High Intuition ability is necessary to learn Celestial Navigation, you
need at least an Intuition skill of 70.

  Where can I learn it?
Celestial Navigation can only be learnt in Naples with Professor Juliano.

When you have learnt Cartography you can't do more than others actually.
But the thing is you can sign a sort of contract with a cartographer
so you can "explore" the unexplored lands and tell them to your 'master'.
You get money for it, so that's the point.

  What do need for it?
High Knowledge is necessary to learn Cartography, you got to have a
Knowledge of at least 75.
High Intuition ability is also necessary to learn the skill Cartography.
You must have at least an Intuition of 75.

  Where can I learn it? Where can I sign a contract for Cartographer?
You can learn Cartography in Amsterdam with Mercator, in Antwerp with
Gerard de Jode, in Barcelona with Diogo Ribeiro, in Palma with Olives
and in Venice with Giovanni Verrazano. You can either learn the skill
or sign a contract with these men.

But be aware, when you sign a contract with somebody don't sign one with
another cartographer or your adventure fame will drop eventually.

When you have the skill of Gunnery, your (gun) fights will be better, you
can shoot farther, better and harder. You do more damage to say it short.
But not only your cannon skills improve, also your general battle skills,
with the exception from Swordfight, which is a skill apart.

  What do need for it?
High Courage is needed when you want to learn Gunnery, you have to got a
Courage of at least 80 to learn Gunnery.

  Where can I learn Gunnery?
Gunnery can only be learnt in Hamburg with Dr. Wolf.

When someone has the accounting skill, he knows where to sell the goods you
have for the highest price (not when Ali has it, because you ARE him, but
I mean a Bookkeeper, like Jacob Walweik). You can use the Log of Goods
option for this.

  Where can I learn Accounting?
Accounting can't be learnt.

When somebody has got the Negotiation skill, he is able to negotiate with
a trader in a port about the sell or buy price. This comes really in handy
when you like to make some profit trading. Because you buy lower and sell

  Where can I learn Negotiation
Negotiation can't be learnt.

Here are also the percentages of the amount of gold you get when selling
a discovery.
  -Bordeaux   100%
  -Lisbon     100%
  -Alexandria  80%
  -Pisa        60%

So when you have a discovery where you get 10,000 for in Bordeaux. You'll
get that in Lisbon too. In Alexandria 8,000 and in Pisa 6,000.
It's the best to get a contract in Bordeaux or Lisbon.

12.b Mates + Waitresses

Of course, the mates in the game play a very important job in the game.
Especially when playing a pirating game. I've listed all mates here
to hire. Great help in this section goes out to LockeVanish, who
'collected' all the names of the mates, plus their nationalities and where
they can be found. He also named all the waitresses.
The list right now is divided in vagabond sailors, these are the sailors
that you can hire in pubs and lodges from the game's start. The list under
that one is a list with sailing mates. You must beat them first at sea to
be able to hire them in a nearby pub or lodge.
To hire the mates when they are sailing, beat them and go to the nearest
port's pub or inn to hire them. You might not be able to hire the better
ones untill you are better yourself. Keep in mind that some mates are
almost always on the high waves and you'll need to look for them a long
time (Reis and ad-Din, but they will search for you too).

Someday, not too long from the release of 2.8, I will come up with their
specific stats, e.g. swordplay, charm etc. (Antoine Fitch is ex.)
Right now, there are some. (that is, for the vagabond sailors)

The list is sorted by alphabet on first name of the mate.
Note that the city may not be correct, as it fluctuates, but the area
(ex: Ottoman Empire, Northern Europe) is correct... almost always

Afmet Glanie:
	Loyal to Turkey; Chief Navigator
	Found in the inn in Alexandria, Ottoman Empire
	(Easy to Hire)

Al Fasi:
	Loyal to Turkey; Bookkeeper
	Found in the inn in Azov, Ottoman Empire
	(Easy to Hire)

Aloiji Jovanni:
	Loyal to Italy; First Mate
	Found in the cafe in Seville, Iberia
	(Some navigation skills required)

Alonzo Oreida:
	Loyal to Spain; Chief Navigator
	Found in the inn in Lisbon, Iberia
	(Easy to Hire)

Ambroise Enger:
	Loyal to Holland; Chief Navigator
	Found in the cafe in Ceylon, India
	(Easy to Hire)

Amerigo Bassio:
	Loyal to Italy; Chief Navigator
	Found in the inn in Kaffa, Ottoman Empire
	(Some navigation skills required)

Andreas Paella:
	Loyal to Spain; First Mate
	Found after battle with Spanish in Catalina Erantzo's story
	(You get him after destroying the second Spanish ship)

Anthony Morgan:
	Loyal to England; Chief Navigator
	Found in the cafe in Bristol, Northern Europe
	(Easy to Hire)

Antoine Fitch:
	Loyal to England; First Mate, Bookkeeper
	Found in the cafe in London, Northern Europe
	(Easy to Hire)

	Starting Stats:
	 LD 85   CelNav + Acc
	 SM 76   Nav Level: 2
	 KN 51   Bat Level: 1
	 IN 63
	 CO 73
	 SP 74
	 CH 84

Antonio Pintado:
	Loyal to Piracy; Chief Navigator
	Found in the cafe in Santo Domingo, Central America
	(Easy to Hire)

Benito Gomez:
	Loyal to Spain; First Mate, Bookkeeper
	Found in the cafe in Alexandria, Ottoman Empire
	(Good Navigation skills required)

Bernardo Sanchez:
	Loyal to Spain; First Mate
	Found in the cafe in Seville, Iberia
	(Some navigation skills required)

Camillo Stefano:
	Loyal to Italy; First Mate, Bookkeeper
	Found at the start of Pietro Conti's story
	(Join you after meeting him in the pub)

Carmine Ragussa:
	Loyal to Italy; Chief Navigator
	Found in the cafe in Algiers, Northern Africa
	(Easy to Hire)

Cisco Alvarez:
	Loyal to Portugal; Chief Navigator
	Found in the cafe in Pernambuco, South America
	(Easy to Hire)

Cizzaro Fedeliti:
	Loyal to Piracy; Chief Navigator
	Found in the cafe in Marseille, The Mediterranean
	(Easy to Hire)

Dante Paleira:
	Loyal to Portugal; First Mate
	Found in the cafe in Naples, The Mediterranean
	(Easy to Hire)

Diego Fagundes:
	Loyal to Portugal; Chief Navigator
	Found in the cafe in Valencia, Iberia
	(Easy to Hire)

Domingo Manana:
	Loyal to Portugal; Chief Navigator
	Found as a stowaway on Joao Franco's ship
	(After sailing from Lisbon, he's found)

Emilio Sanude:
	Loyal to Spain; First Made
	Found at the start of Catalina Erantzo's story
	(Joins you after talking to him into taking the Spanish Galleon)

Enrico Malione:
	Loyal to Portugal; Bookkeeper
	Found in the Round Earth Society in Joao Franco's story
	(Joins you when you agree in taking him to Zipangu in the
	 Round Earth Society in Lisbon)

Fernan Pinto:
	Loyal to Portugal; First Mate
	Found in the cafe in Venice, The Mediterranean
	(Some navigation skills required)

Fritz Ramsey:
	Loyal to Italy; Chief Navigator
	Found in the cafe in Pisa, The Mediterranean
	(Easy to Hire)

Georg Scholl:
	Loyal to Holland; First Mate
	Found in the inn in Goa, India
	(Easy to Hire)

George Eggel:
	Loyal to Piracy; Chief Navigator
	Found in the cafe in Hamburg, Northern Europe
	(Easy to Hire)

Gus Johnson:
	Loyal to England; First Mate
	Found in the cafe in Athens, The Mediterranean
	(Easy to Hire)

Hamid Lal:
	Loyal to Piracy; First Mate
	Found in the cafe in Caracas, Central America
	(Good navigation skills required)

Hans Starten:
	Loyal to Portugal; First Mate
	Found at the start of Ernst von Bohr's story
	(Joins you in Mercator's house)

Henry Mancine:
	Loyal to Piracy; Chief Navigator
	Found in the cafe in Mombasa, East Africa
	(Easy to Hire)

Ivan Soledad:
	Loyal to Piracy; Chief Navigator
	Found in the cafe in Veracruz, Central America
	(Easy to Hire)

Jack Diffson:
	Loyal to Piracy; Chief Navigator
	Found in the cafe in Nagasaki, Far East
	(Easy to Hire)

Jacob Walweik:
	Loyal to Holland; Bookkeeper
	Found in the cafe in Bordeaux, Northern Europe
	(Easy to Hire)

Klaus Shouten:
	Loyal to Holland; Chief Navigator
	Found in the inn in Amsterdam, Northern Europe
	(Easy to Hire)

Lawrence Edwards:
	Loyal to England; Chief Navigator
	Found in the inn in London, Northern Europe
	(Some navigation skills required)

Louis Fareiro:
	Loyal to Portugal; First Mate
	Found in the cafe in Stockholm, Northern Europe
	(Easy to Hire)

Luka Ullman:
	Loyal to Spain; Chief Navigator
	Found in the inn in Barcelona, Iberia
	(Easy to Hire)

Manual Melgoza:
	Loyal to Portugal; Chief Navigator
	Found in the cafe in Calicut, India
	(Easy to Hire)

Mathew Roy:
	Loyal to England; First Mate
	Found at the start of Otto Baynes' story
	(Win or Lose duel in pub)

Miguel Solis:
	Loyal to Portugal; First Mate
	Found in the inn in Lisbon, Iberia
	(Some navigation skills required)

Nicolo Montagna:
	Loyal to Italy; First Mate
	Found in the cafe in Genoa, The Mediterranean
	(Easy to Hire)

Omar Kashani:
	Loyal to Spain; First Mate
	Found in the cafe in Caracas, Central America
	(Some navigation skills required)

Patrick Toman:
	Loyal to Holland; First Mate
	Found in the cafe in Amsterdam, Northern Europe
	(Some navigation skills required)

Pilly Reis:
	Loyal to Turkey; First Mate, Bookkeeper
	Found in the inn in Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
	(Nearly impossible - 50+ navigation points needed)

Richard Huxley:
	Loyal to Piracy; Chief Navigator
	Found in the cafe in Jamaica, Central America
	(Easy to Hire)

Robert Donahue:
	Loyal to Piracy; First Mate
	Found in the cafe in Sofala, East Africa
	(Some navigation skills required

Roberto Almanzan:
	Loyal to Portugal; Chief Navigator
	Found in the cafe in Genoa, The Mediterranean
	(Easy to Hire)

Rocco Alemkel:
	Loyal to Portugal; First Mate
	Found at the start of Joao Franco's story
	(Joins in your father's house)

Sabino Balboa:
	Loyal to Spain; First Mate
	Found in the cafe in Mecca, Middle East
	(Easy to Hire)

Salim Jahan:
	Loyal to Turkey; First Mate
	Found at the start of Ali Vezas' story
	(Joins after you help fix his ship)

Zaganos Bei:
	Loyal to Turkey; Bookkeeper
	Found in the inn in Cairo, Middle East
	(Easy to Hire)


Information for *active* sailors, gathered at start of game, 1522:
(where *active* sailors is the same as non-vagabond, or beat-hire
sailors, whatever you wish to call them)

NAME:	Afmed Muhiddin          AGE: 32
FLEET:	Battle            LOYAL TO TURKEY


	Navigation Level: 11    Leadership:   72
	Battle Level:     12    Seamanship:   64
	+Celestial Navigation   Knowledge:    68
	-Cartography            Intuition:    62
	+Gunnery                Courage:      68
	-Accounting             Swordsmanship:84
	-Negotiation            Charm:        75

NAME:	Alfonse Andlade		AGE: 31


	Navigation Level: 9	Leadership:	  59
	Battle Level:     11	Seamanship:	  82
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	  75
	-Cartography		Intuition:	  84
	-Gunnery			Courage:	  52
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:78
	-Negotiation		Charm:	  85

NAME:	Bernal Loyola		AGE: 19


	Navigation Level: 11	Leadership:	  65
	Battle Level:     11	Seamanship:	  67
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	  50
	-Cartography		Intuition:	  52
	+Gunnery			Courage:	  51
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:86
	-Negotiation		Charm:	  83

NAME:	Carlos Aragon		AGE: 37


	Navigation Level: 10	Leadership:	  58
	Battle Level:     8	Seamanship:	  87
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	  50
	-Cartography		Intuition:	  58
	-Gunnery			Courage:	  56
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:67
	+Negotiation		Charm:	  77

NAME:	Charles Grafton		AGE: 32


	Navigation Level: 11	Leadership:	  82
	Battle Level:     10	Seamanship:	  64
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	  58
	-Cartography		Intuition:	  50
	+Gunnery			Courage:	  59
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:56
	-Negotiation		Charm:	  68

NAME:	Colin Lowe			AGE: 18


	Navigation Level: 17	Leadership:	89
	Battle Level:     13	Seamanship:	85
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	70
	+Cartography		Intuition:	88
	-Gunnery			Courage:	72
	+Accounting			Swordsmanship:	67
	-Negotiation		Charm:		83

NAME:	Columbo Vacca		AGE: 45


	Navigation Level: 9	Leadership:	67
	Battle Level:     9	Seamanship:	81
	-Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	56
	-Cartography		Intuition:	61
	-Gunnery			Courage:	50
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	62
	-Negotiation		Charm:		78

NAME:	Diego Souson		AGE: 36


	Navigation Level: 9	Leadership:	51
	Battle Level:     11	Seamanship:	74
	-Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	63
	-Cartography		Intuition:	64
	+Gunnery			Courage:	50
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	83
	-Negotiation		Charm:		89

NAME:	Duarte Silveira		AGE: 30


	Navigation Level: 8	Leadership:	85
	Battle Level:     8	Seamanship:	57
	-Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	80
	-Cartography		Intuition:	81
	-Gunnery			Courage:	52
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	73
	-Negotiation		Charm:		52

NAME:	Edmund Harvey		AGE: 36


	Navigation Level: 9	Leadership:	83
	Battle Level:     8	Seamanship:	52
	-Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	77
	-Cartography		Intuition:	68
	-Gunnery			Courage:	68
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	71
	+Negotiation		Charm:		62

NAME:	Esteban Ortega		AGE: 23


	Navigation Level: 14	Leadership:	73
	Battle Level:     15	Seamanship:	54
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	78
	-Cartography		Intuition:	82
	+Gunnery			Courage:	78
	+Accounting			Swordsmanship:	55
	+Negotiation		Charm:		87

NAME:	Gabriel Canolli		AGE: 26


	Navigation Level: 11	Leadership:	69
	Battle Level:     12	Seamanship:	86
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	51
	-Cartography		Intuition:	62
	+Gunnery			Courage:	71
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	74
	-Negotiation		Charm:		52

NAME:	Garcia Alvarão		AGE: 28


	Navigation Level: 14	Leadership:	77
	Battle Level:     16	Seamanship:	75
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	89
	+Cartography		Intuition:	78
	+Gunnery			Courage:	55
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	85
	-Negotiation		Charm:		52

NAME:	Giovanni Aldente		AGE: 21


	Navigation Level: 15	Leadership:	50
	Battle Level:     16	Seamanship:	64
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	81
	+Cartography		Intuition:	71
	+Gunnery			Courage:	86
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	51
	+Negotiation		Charm:		64

NAME:	Guido Benzo			AGE: 28


	Navigation Level: 16	Leadership:	75
	Battle Level:     17	Seamanship:	50
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	64
	+Cartography		Intuition:	65
	+Gunnery			Courage:	61
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	75
	+Negotiation		Charm:		72

NAME:	Hernan Chavez		AGE: 29


	Navigation Level: 16	Leadership:	88
	Battle Level:     16	Seamanship:	63
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	75
	-Cartography		Intuition:	83
	+Gunnery			Courage:	71
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	65
	-Negotiation		Charm:		89

NAME:	Hugo Oljack		AGE: 31


	Navigation Level: 13	Leadership:	64
	Battle Level:     15	Seamanship:	82
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	85
	+Cartography		Intuition:	73
	-Gunnery			Courage:	62
	+Accounting			Swordsmanship:	56
	+Negotiation		Charm:		54

NAME:	Idin Leis			AGE: 32


	Navigation Level: 16	Leadership:	78
	Battle Level:     30	Seamanship:	66
	-Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	86
	-Cartography		Intuition:	70
	+Gunnery			Courage:	74
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	85
	-Negotiation		Charm:		68

NAME:	Jacques Broom		AGE: 26


	Navigation Level: 13	Leadership:	78
	Battle Level:     15	Seamanship:	69
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	50
	+Cartography		Intuition:	69
	+Gunnery			Courage:	51
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	56
	-Negotiation		Charm:		60

NAME:	John Davis			AGE: 42


	Navigation Level: 10	Leadership:	85
	Battle Level:     14	Seamanship:	56
	-Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	71
	-Cartography		Intuition:	54
	-Gunnery			Courage:	86
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	60
	-Negotiation		Charm:		79

NAME:	Joseph Eastman		AGE: 35


	Navigation Level: 14	Leadership:	50
	Battle Level:     15	Seamanship:	51
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	81
	+Cartography		Intuition:	73
	-Gunnery			Courage:	73
	+Accounting			Swordsmanship:	54
	+Negotiation		Charm:		81

NAME:	Jossepi Arleo		AGE: 26


	Navigation Level: 12	Leadership:	75
	Battle Level:     10	Seamanship:	52
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	50
	-Cartography		Intuition:	72
	-Gunnery			Courage:	80
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	69
	+Negotiation		Charm:		78

NAME:	Juan Santana		AGE: 29


	Navigation Level: 13	Leadership:	62
	Battle Level:     16	Seamanship:	65
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	83
	-Cartography		Intuition:	60
	+Gunnery			Courage:	62
	+Accounting			Swordsmanship:	59
	+Negotiation		Charm:		78

NAME:	Jules Huigen		AGE: 44


	Navigation Level: 9	Leadership:	68
	Battle Level:     10	Seamanship:	56
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	70
	-Cartography		Intuition:	76
	-Gunnery			Courage:	54
	+Accounting			Swordsmanship:	60
	+Negotiation		Charm:		71

NAME:	Julian Felmer		AGE: 21


	Navigation Level: 12	Leadership:	68
	Battle Level:     8	Seamanship:	83
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	61
	-Cartography		Intuition:	52
	-Gunnery			Courage:	56
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	62
	-Negotiation		Charm:		85

NAME:	Khayr ad-Din		AGE: 36


	Navigation Level: 18	Leadership:	93
	Battle Level:     32	Seamanship:	76
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	70
	+Cartography		Intuition:	79
	+Gunnery			Courage:	89
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	93
	-Negotiation		Charm:		41

NAME:	Leonie Van Fuyk		AGE: 43


	Navigation Level: 10	Leadership:	61
	Battle Level:     8	Seamanship:	70
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	57
	-Cartography		Intuition:	73
	-Gunnery			Courage:	50
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	60
	-Negotiation		Charm:		57

NAME:	Lorenzo Peron		AGE: 33


	Navigation Level: 11	Leadership:	81
	Battle Level:     11	Seamanship:	78
	-Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	57
	-Cartography		Intuition:	83
	-Gunnery			Courage:	87
	+Accounting			Swordsmanship:	70
	-Negotiation		Charm:		55

NAME:	Louis Costa			AGE: 32


	Navigation Level: 17	Leadership:	80
	Battle Level:     17	Seamanship:	51
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	86
	-Cartography		Intuition:	89
	+Gunnery			Courage:	52
	+Accounting			Swordsmanship:	89
	-Negotiation		Charm:		59

NAME:	Louis Scott			AGE: 20


	Navigation Level: 11	Leadership:	68
	Battle Level:     16	Seamanship:	76
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	77
	-Cartography		Intuition:	61
	+Gunnery			Courage:	73
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	78
	-Negotiation		Charm:		59

NAME:	Luigi Mangia		AGE: 28


	Navigation Level: 20	Leadership:	75
	Battle Level:     21	Seamanship:	60
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	86
	+Cartography		Intuition:	89
	+Gunnery			Courage:	69
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	76
	-Negotiation		Charm:		81

NAME:	Malik Yasale		AGE: 25


	Navigation Level: 10	Leadership:	57
	Battle Level:     8	Seamanship:	61
	-Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	79
	-Cartography		Intuition:	70
	-Gunnery			Courage:	76
	+Accounting			Swordsmanship:	84
	+Negotiation		Charm:		55

NAME:	Marion Glotis		AGE: 29


	Navigation Level: 10	Leadership:	89
	Battle Level:     11	Seamanship:	89
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	52
	+Cartography		Intuition:	88
	-Gunnery			Courage:	65
	+Accounting			Swordsmanship:	59
	-Negotiation		Charm:		72

NAME:	Marwan Hazan		AGE: 17


	Navigation Level: 14	Leadership:	76
	Battle Level:     17	Seamanship:	70
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	59
	-Cartography		Intuition:	60
	-Gunnery			Courage:	73
	+Accounting			Swordsmanship:	89
	+Negotiation		Charm:		88

NAME:	Maurice Laiden		AGE: 35


	Navigation Level: 12	Leadership:	62
	Battle Level:     11	Seamanship:	50
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	58
	+Cartography		Intuition:	82
	-Gunnery			Courage:	66
	+Accounting			Swordsmanship:	75
	-Negotiation		Charm:		55

NAME:	Mohammed Syarook		AGE: 28


	Navigation Level: 20	Leadership:	87
	Battle Level:     31	Seamanship:	78
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	78
	+Cartography		Intuition:	66
	+Gunnery			Courage:	85
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	92
	-Negotiation		Charm:		76

NAME:	Palah Abdul			AGE: 27


	Navigation Level: 17	Leadership:	71
	Battle Level:     14	Seamanship:	65
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	87
	+Cartography		Intuition:	79
	-Gunnery			Courage:	85
	+Accounting			Swordsmanship:	77
	+Negotiation		Charm:		86

NAME:	Pierre Lugulan		AGE: 37


	Navigation Level: 9	Leadership:	86
	Battle Level:     12	Seamanship:	74
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	80
	-Cartography		Intuition:	55
	-Gunnery			Courage:	81
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	50
	-Negotiation		Charm:		77

NAME:	Raphael Selran		AGE: 36


	Navigation Level: 15	Leadership:	77
	Battle Level:     15	Seamanship:	64
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	83
	-Cartography		Intuition:	74
	+Gunnery			Courage:	73
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	73
	-Negotiation		Charm:		79

NAME:	Rashid Jabbar		AGE: 28


	Navigation Level: 14	Leadership:	83
	Battle Level:     16	Seamanship:	63
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	80
	+Cartography		Intuition:	58
	+Gunnery			Courage:	60
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	67
	-Negotiation		Charm:		68

NAME:	Ricardo Zapata		AGE: 25


	Navigation Level: 8	Leadership:	60
	Battle Level:     10	Seamanship:	61
	-Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	88
	-Cartography		Intuition:	55
	-Gunnery			Courage:	86
	+Accounting			Swordsmanship:	70
	-Negotiation		Charm:		89

NAME:	Robert Wilde		AGE: 26


	Navigation Level: 14	Leadership:	77
	Battle Level:     15	Seamanship:	64
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	73
	+Cartography		Intuition:	67
	+Gunnery			Courage:	69
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	54
	-Negotiation		Charm:		65

NAME:	Sallah Iskal		AGE: 42


	Navigation Level: 9	Leadership:	73
	Battle Level:     8	Seamanship:	65
	-Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	69
	-Cartography		Intuition:	89
	-Gunnery			Courage:	66
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	58
	-Negotiation		Charm:		81

NAME:	Santino Amadio		AGE: 45


	Navigation Level: 12	Leadership:	81
	Battle Level:     10	Seamanship:	78
	-Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	56
	-Cartography		Intuition:	84
	-Gunnery			Courage:	60
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	74
	+Negotiation		Charm:		56

NAME:	Siddarth Kebin		AGE: 20


	Navigation Level: 13	Leadership:	69
	Battle Level:     15	Seamanship:	84
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	74
	-Cartography		Intuition:	62
	+Gunnery			Courage:	85
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	72
	-Negotiation		Charm:		83

NAME:	Thomas Grisham		AGE: 39


	Navigation Level: 8	Leadership:	64
	Battle Level:     11	Seamanship:	55
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	58
	-Cartography		Intuition:	51
	-Gunnery			Courage:	86
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	64
	+Negotiation		Charm:		86

NAME:	Tonio Burciaga		AGE: 32


	Navigation Level: 16	Leadership:	79
	Battle Level:     17	Seamanship:	51
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	73
	+Cartography		Intuition:	69
	+Gunnery			Courage:	77
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	71
	-Negotiation		Charm:		86

NAME:	Ulgu Ali			AGE: 35


	Navigation Level: 21	Leadership:	52
	Battle Level:     28	Seamanship:	79
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	62
	+Cartography		Intuition:	88
	+Gunnery			Courage:	60
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	74
	-Negotiation		Charm:		59

NAME:	Victor Russell		AGE: 42


	Navigation Level: 16	Leadership:	73
	Battle Level:     13	Seamanship:	56
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	53
	-Cartography		Intuition:	66
	+Gunnery			Courage:	51
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	64
	-Negotiation		Charm:		74

NAME:	Vilem Hein			AGE: 30


	Navigation Level: 15	Leadership:	55
	Battle Level:     15	Seamanship:	89
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	86
	+Cartography		Intuition:	64
	+Gunnery			Courage:	88
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	69
	-Negotiation		Charm:		68

NAME:	Vittorio Dorio		AGE: 28


	Navigation Level: 27	Leadership:	83
	Battle Level:     30	Seamanship:	73
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	87
	+Cartography		Intuition:	55
	+Gunnery			Courage:	71
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	68
	-Negotiation		Charm:		77

NAME:	Walid Kemal			AGE: 36


	Navigation Level: 15	Leadership:	67
	Battle Level:     17	Seamanship:	72
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	68
	-Cartography		Intuition:	52
	+Gunnery			Courage:	53
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	58
	-Negotiation		Charm:		77

NAME:	Walter Laurence		AGE: 35


	Navigation Level: 8	Leadership:	66
	Battle Level:     8	Seamanship:	64
	-Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	67
	-Cartography		Intuition:	51
	-Gunnery			Courage:	50
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	66
	-Negotiation		Charm:		85

NAME:	William Clive		AGE: 38


	Navigation Level: 11	Leadership:	52
	Battle Level:     10	Seamanship:	72
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	77
	-Cartography		Intuition:	57
	+Gunnery			Courage:	73
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	78
	-Negotiation		Charm:		55

NAME:	Xavier Navarro		AGE: 41


	Navigation Level: 9	Leadership:	50
	Battle Level:     10	Seamanship:	55
	-Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	66
	-Cartography		Intuition:	66
	-Gunnery			Courage:	59
	-Accounting			Swordsmanship:	79
	-Negotiation		Charm:		75

NAME:	Yazid Shabbaz		AGE: 27


	Navigation Level: 12	Leadership:	70
	Battle Level:     11	Seamanship:	77
	+Celestial Navigation	Knowledge:	65
	-Cartography		Intuition:	85
	-Gunnery			Courage:	77
	+Accounting			Swordsmanship:	52
	+Negotiation		Charm:		51

TOTAL TOTAL SAILORS AMOUNT:  #106 (except if you have more :)


Just names here, nothing special yet. But to come...
Thanks to LockeVanish again for providing them.

Alexandria - Layla
Amsterdam - Melanie
Antwerp - Johanna
Argin - Tisa
Athens - Helen
Banda - Titis
Barcelona - Leticia
Bordeaux - Elaine
Ceuta - Jamila
Changan - Mei-Yi
Genoa - Theresa
Goa - Aruna
Hamburg - Claudia
Havana - Isabella
Istanbul - Ladia
Lisbon - Lucia
London - Lillian
Malacca - Rukia
Marseille - Mathilda
Margarita - Lupe
Mecca - Salma
Nagasaki - Onatsu
Riga - Natasha
Rio de Janeiro - Silvia
San Jorge - Tobia
Sofala - Shani
Stockholm - Viveka
Venice - Francesca

12.c Villager Help

Finally, what you've all been waiting for (y'right). Villager Help. You
could also keep on bugging those annoying 2 women and 2 men that wander
in every town. But reading these few things before playing (or within
playing) is really useful. If you don't know it already, which is very
likely to be.

{If I forgot something, please do not hesitate to report it}

:Give an inexperienced navigator on the job training, and assign him to be
  the chief navigator. His skills will improve quickly!
:Trading Glass Beads from Amsterdam with Ivory from Timbuktu is very
:There is a famous cartographer named Mercator in Amsterdam.
:Iron Ore from Cairo and Amber from Aden are a good trade.
:Diogo Ribeiro in Barcelona will pay an arm and a leg for new geographical
:If you complete a 'Debt Collection' mission, your fame in both piracy and
  trade will increase.
:A really simple yet profitable trade route exchanges Dye from Ragusa with
  Glass ware in Venice.
:The Duke of Modena in Pisa is notoriously stingy.
:There is a cartographer called Giovanni Verazzano in Venice.
:Duke Franco in Lisbon is looking for information on exotic things.
:If your captain has 'Gunnery' skills, the destructive power of your guns
  will substantially increase.
:Did you know that the way the winds affect sailing depends on the type
  of ship?
:If you don't know what to do next, visit a fortune teller and ask her
  about your life.
:Count Morie in Copenhagen is looking for information on exotic things.
:To prepare for battle, increase the ratio of your crew for 'Combat' by
  using the 'Assign Crew' command.
:Make sure your mates know how much you appreciate them - don't scrimp on
  their 'Wages'! Underpaid mated can't help but feel disloyal.
:Changing how much 'Rations' you give to your crew will affect their
  'Health' - 90 is the average.
:Professor Juliano teaches the skill of 'Celestial Navigation' in Naples.
:If you have less men than the number of guns, the power of your guns
  will be reduced.
:If you are short of crew, use the 'Assign Crew' command and increase the
  ratio for 'Navigation'.
:There is a man called Ranajame who is looking for information on exotic
:It's a good idea to trade Iron Ore from Kaffa with Art from Athens.
:Gerard de Jode in Antwerp is a skilled cartographer.
:The 'Rearrange' command will determine the initial location of the ships
  in a battle.

I think this is all... if you find more villagers' help, please mail me.

12.d Readers Info + Anecdotes (that really help)

There are many readers (don't read many as 100 :) that send in useful stuff
for the FAQ. And as a ode to them, here is my thank you.
Especially the anecdotes are really funny, because most of them really are
Again, feel free to send in more (because I won't write ANY of this part),
to [email protected]

BIG SPENDER 'N FIGHTER (by Kryssander)
This is a lovely little trick that is usable by ALL characters. As soon as
you get your first lul (where you can choose your own way, like doing
nothing) in the game... (for Otto and Catalina this is after most of the
major battles in the start) go trading and build yourself up to 100-150
ingots as fast as you can (I recommend Istanbul carpet - Athens art,
myself), then go and find Antwerp and Hamburg. Invest in the shipyards for
the maximum until the industry reaches 1000 in both and then purchase
yourself Full-Rigged ships and a second hand one if possible (it should
be). When you get your first one, refit it for max cargo, 45 crew, 0 guns,
1115 cargo from memory and sell your other ships. Now go and start trading
again until your second (and 3rd, etc. ) are finished and refit to trade
and purchase new ones. (it is possible to have 1000 ingots within 4 hours of
starting the game using this method. From here refit your fleet of massive
ships to suit your purposes, Trade, Exploration, Piracy. I find a trio of
500 crew/150 cannon ships is more than a match for all but the toughest of
fleets although this does require all other ship to go as food/trading
vessels in order to support such a huge fleet.

NO BALMS? NO PROBLEMS (by Jesse Lawrence)
This is kinda a common-sense thing for those who want to weather out a
storm and don't have any balms (yeah, common sense, like I'm one to talk,
me going out with a 10 man Latina and taking on a 6 galleon Spanish battle
fleet, I found out this wasn't like pirates, where you assault a 300 soldier
fort by yourself and win because you beat the captain in a duel). When your
first mate goes out and says "The sky's looking omnious" or "The clouds are
looking blacker than a raven's wing cap'n" you have about 1 second to land
on shore before he says "It's a storm cap'n! The waves are tossing the ship
about!" and to land, just go to the anchor, put the flag on clear, open
land. After beaching yourself, simply "wait" out the storm untill the mate
says. "We've weathered the storm somehow cap'n." Of course, you move rather
slowly doing this, and you might run down on food, but it's better than
your ship capsizing (think I spelled that right) oh, btw, this only works
on land, if you're in open sea, no balms, and a storm approaches, put your
head between your legs and kiss your arse goodbye.

It is possible to get about 1000 ingots during one trip. But there are some
requirements to achieve this:
*you should have 10 Full-Rigged Ships - all of them with minimum crew
  and minimum guns (eg. 0)
*you should have as high rank as possible (the higher the rank, the bigger
  the profit will become)
*recommended to have a tax free permit
*Lubeck and Rio de Janeiro should be allied with your nation
*you should have some money to start with (500 ingots)
*the economy rate in Lubeck and Rio should be high enough that they sell
  respectively silver and gold

Start in Rio. First buy the supplies to make it to Lubeck. Go to the
market of Rio. Buy as many gold as one ship can take (1000). When you
check the market rate for jewelry, it will be above 100%. So sell 100
pieces of gold - the rate will drop. Now continue selling 100 gold pieces
till you're out of it.
The market rate now is around 70%. Again fill one ship full with gold.
Repeat the procedure above, by selling 100 gold lots each time. The market
rate is now 50%, and can't go lower. Now, the gold is very cheap. But
there's more. Here we go:
The trick is to keep the price of gold low. And when you have filled one
ship with gold, the market rate will increase 4%. But this can be
decreased by selling 100-200 lots of gold. So, fill one ship with gold
(let's call this ship 'first') and see the market rate go to 54%. Sell some
lots (100-200) to let it drop till 50% again. Now fill the second ship.
Then the rate will increase, so sell some of the gold on 'first'. Do this
again and again, so that ship 'first' will get empty. Now you have 9 ships
of gold and one with supplies. Save here, in case pirates attack you and
will be in history books over the world :)

Go to Lubeck in Northern Europe. This port is the best, because the buy
gold for the highest price. And it sells silver. Unload every water and
food you still got and buy 100 lots of silver. Buy 100 lots again and again
till the ship is full. The market rate now should be 130%. Now, sell ALL
your silver at once and repeat the buying procedure till the market rate
is at 150%. The price for gold should be around 1600 per lot. When you have
sold all the gold from one ship (at once), buy 100 lots of silver, to get
the market rate at 150% again. Repeat this, till none of the ships has got
any gold. Count your profit :)

Buy one ship full with silver and go back to Rio. Let the rate drop till
50% and repeat everything. You've got 1000 ingots profit.

13. Oddities

Here you can read some funny things that are in the game, but you'd never
found out, like I did. I haven't heard any of these things before, but
when I was searching on the Net for UW2:NH sites, there came one with odds
of the game. Really funny to try...

by Scaly Lizard (all of this, feel free to add more)

For no real reason, I've divided this tip sheet into three parts:
a: Quirks - oddities discovered around the globe
b: World Domination - not as easy as it sounds

But first, here are some things you will need to know if you want to go
seriously digging around in the sixteenth century world of New Horizons:
Travel time between East Africa and South East Asia is quicker during the
monsoon months, and from Europe to the New World it is best to go during the

Besides the 1 to 10 ships you have with you, you can only have 30 ships
including those ones stored in the European capitals AND the ones you have
on order at ports around the world. In fact, if you have 30 boats stored in
Europe, no port in the world will build a new ship for you. And if you
should have 30 boats on order in 30 different port cities, no Capital in
Europe will store your boats. The moral to the story is to never forget
about a ship, like I did once, and you won't have to go around the world
for several months looking for it, like I did. (of course you can save the
game first, go looking for it, and when you found it, load the game).

The best early-game bookkeeper is Al Fasi. You usually can't hire mates
with higher navigation levels than yourself, but Al Fasi is a wimp and he
works cheap. But he's not so good, so as soon as you can, you should hire
Zaganos Bei. Mr Z is pricey and skittish, and may threaten to quit a few
times, but stay with him. He knows Accounting and Negotiation and he learns
quickly. Later in the game, you may encounter Raymond Wilson or Charles
Darling or Carmine Lasagna. Hire these guys on sight. I would discourage
hiring Jacob Walweik, as he is a slow learner and will not be able to sail a
boat worth a damn for thirty years. Remember that you cannot fire a matey,
and they never die in combat. Unless they choose to quit, you're stuck with
them. Because you can only have thirty mateys on staff at any time, don't
hire who you don't need, for as your skills grow, the sailors for hire in
Europe grow more skilled as well.

Thanks to MrC, he told me that you CAN get rid off a mate, here's how:

1. Place him on a ship with a very small durability rating (like a Hansa
Cog), sail near the coast where storms are (West Africa) and when a storm
approaches, let it rage. It will eventually sink that ship, losing the
mate, it's crew and cargo. (Be sure not to lose any other ships.) Of course,
even the smallest ship will cost around a thousand gold coins, so that must
be weighed against the wages you would be paying out. (If you're a pirate
and can get a small ship for free, then the cost is negated.)

But, this won't happen every time. Sometimes the mate doesn't sink with
the ship, but is rescued (by who? right. by you). You still lose the ship,
crew and cargo. So, I would save the game somewhere near a storm and then,
sail in it again and again, till he is gone.

2. Check the Fortune Teller about your mate. If she says that he does not
have good feelings for you, get him a cheap ship of his own. Sometimes
(maybe usually?) he will steal the ship and disappear. Again, cost is
a consideration.

Speedy fleets are always important, and building up your mateys is the way
to get the crewmembers zipping along. Luckily, this is as easy as feeding
goats. Simply buy the 10 biggest boats you can find, remodel them to the
lowest crew capacity and highest cargo space possible, and sail them for as
long as possible. Expect scurvy to attack the crew at 50 to 80 days of
sailing, depending on your luck and figureheads. Carry lime juice for the
scurvy, but be prepared to put in to port when the scurvy bouts come more
frequently, because scurvy always kills, even with lime. To gauge your
travel time, count the actual days, as the at-sea day counter is usually one
day off. Here's the deal with experience points for navigation: regular
navigators, the Chief Navigator and the Bookkeeper each get points equal to
the square of the days spent continuously at sea. So 1 day nets one point,
two days earns 4 points, five days at sea earns 25 points, etc. The
experience points earned by you, your captains and your First Mate are
double the regular amount. No matey may gain more than 9800 points for a
single voyage, so 70-75 days is the most you should ever push your crew.
Although in the early levels it is common for a matey to jump more than one
level at a time, after level 17 the threshold for advancement is 9720
points, so it is very rare to jump 2 levels in one trip later in the game.
Advancing in Navigation levels will raise your mateys' stats in Leadership,
Seamanship, Knowledge and Intuition. A matey's luck, the invisible stat
below the Charm, can never be changed. Combat experience points can only
be gained by your captains and only when they sail into a fight. Your
First Mate gets nothing and neither does your Chief Navigator or any of
your regular navigators. Advancing in combat levels is the only way to
raise a matey's Courage and Swordsmanship stats, but I'm still
investigating the system for gaining combat experience. For all I know, it
is keyed to the number of cannonballs fired or the casualties inflicted in
hand-to-hand combat. When I know, you'll know, so get off my stern.

12.a Quirks

When you sail long enough, you see a lot of strange things, from harmless
manta rays to the dreaded luck-sucking Ghost Ship. Tornadoes dump your
goods, sirens steal your sailors, and birds burn your boats. But there are
weirder and more sinister things going on in the 1500's, such as...

---The Danzig Stairway
This European city features a stairway that leads nowhere (as far as anyone
knows) Perhaps it leads to Joao's Atlantis, or maybe that's where all mates
you never met wait until you are good enough to hire them. Or maybe the
programmer had too much coffee that day.

---The Lubeck Silver Racket
If you are a Duke and have some time to kill, you can beat the citizens
of Lubeck at their own game. This lovely Baltic Sea port boasts pale blue
waters, abundant eel, and an incredibly dumb populace. If your country owns
Lubeck and you have a tax-free permit, they're even more gullible. Since a
permit is free to a Duke, put a competent Bookkeeper in charge and go to the
marketplace in Lubeck. Buy silver for as low as they'll go, then prepare to
swindle their glockenspiels right out from under them. without leaving the
shopkeeper's sight, sell the same silver right back to him for a profit. It
must be lonely up near the Arctic Circle...

---The Trouble With Roberto And Louis
All mateys have unique combinations of skills, attributes and luck which
govern how well they perform and how fast their skills go up with time.
Unfortunately some men are sent to sea because they were dropped on their
heads as children. Such is the case with Roberto Almanzan and Louis Costa.
If you are foolish enough to hire them, pray that they try to quit, because
these two mateys are residents of the plains beyond Mount Learning Curve.
Today, they would be given 'protective custody' in a 'nurturing
institutional environment'. In 1522 it was probably legal to kill them,
and when they still can't sail a dinghy after forty years of training,
you will probably want to crush their tiny little heads as well.

---Not-So-Simple Simon
There sails a man whose boot I could not fill, try though I might. His name
is Simon Sekeira, and he can often be found sailing a Portuguese fleet. If
you see him, do yourself a favor and kick his butt, take his fleet, and go
immediately to a cafe to gossip and find out where he might be for hire. I
used this technique to hire Idin Leis and Khayr Ad-Din the pirates when I
got sick of them jumping me all the time. If you are lucky enough to hire
Simon, you will find that he is almost never lower in skills than you. It's
the thing he does. Try appointing him as you Bookkeeper (he's a great one)
and you will be gaining experience points twice as fast as he is, for you
are a captain. Every time your navigation level passes his, the next time
Simon advances a level, he will vault up by three levels at once, whether
he earned them or not. No one knows why he does this- is he some kind of
witch, or just reeealy competitive? Currently, I'm testing to see if he
does the same thing in Combat experience levels. I have videotape evidence
of Simon's antics.

---Disappearing Carmine
Carmine Ragussa is a pretty good sailor, but not THAT tough to hire him,
the trick with Carmine is to KEEP him as your mate. But have you ever
asked to a Fortune Teller about him? Probably not, or you haven't
recognized this oddity. Because the Fortune Teller says that he is destined
to befall terrible things. This WILL happen to him. If you sail the South
Pacific his ship will disappear and you will never see him again...

---The New Year's Eve Party
You are invited to the closest tavern to see the programmers' idea of a
joke. Try going into a cafe at 11:00 pm on December 31st some year. If
there is a waitress, chat her up and shower her with gifts. Buy treats for
your entire crew. Gossip and gamble the night away with your mateys. When
you leave the cafe, it should be 11:30 or 12:00 midnight or 12:30 am.
Instead, you may find that several hours have slipped by. If not, go
directly to the inn and leave a 9:00 am wake up call with the clerk. When
you wake up, it will be 9:00 am, but you may find that it is the morning of
January 4th, and you have slept for over three days! Bottoms up!!

---Baby, You're A Rich Man
The maximum monthly earnings at the bank is 29,126 gold pieces. The maximum
assets you may amass, including cash on hand, bank deposits, sale values of
items, and the sale values of boats and goods you control is slightly less
than six hundred and eighty six million gold pieces.

---Name it, Giovanni Jovanni (by LockeVanish)
There's a funny little quirk at the start of Catalina Erantzo's story. When
she goes into the cafe with Emilio after hearing about her brother and
fiance, she overhears two sailors talking about the incident. Well, it looks
like good ol' Bernardo Sanchez and Aloiji Jovanni, but Bernardo calls Aloiji
"Giovanni" instead. Like the merchant Giovanni Aldente. Now, either Mr.
Sanchez can't properly pronounce Mr. Jovanni's last name (since they are of
different nationalities), or this man speaking with Bernardo is Aloiji's
elusive brother. (eg non-existing)
On a side note, they are the one's that hint on the "Black Beard" code.

---First Mates, who are they?(by LockeVanish)

  Rocco Alemkel:
Likes - Playing Mr. Know-it-all in front of Joao and tieing bad guys up in
         potato sacks
Dislikes - Fair fights and grudge-holding red-heads

  Emilio Sanude:
Likes - Rebelling and acting like a pirate
Dislikes - The consequences for rebelling and acting like a pirate

  Mathew Roy:
Likes - Eating and starting fights
Dislikes - Snooty Englishmen like Sir Gilbert and very small warships

  Salim Jahan:
Likes - The business of trade and honesty
Dislikes - "Lieing" to the townspeople when "taking" money from them

  Camillo Stefano:
Likes - Being rich and the Dutchess of Portugal (wink-wink)
Dislikes - The words "Do you have my money?"

  Hans Starten:
Likes - Teasing Ernst and Paula about getting hitched
Dislikes - Slippery operators like Mercator and the change that comes
            with calling a professor a captain.

This is obviously for fun; no real benefit could come of the First Mates'
likes and dislikes.

13.b World Domination

(This sub-section is provided by Scaly Lizard)

What is World Domination? Simply put, it is the military, economic and
political subjugation of as many ordinary folks as possible. Since the
highest social rank you or I could achieve in Uncharted Waters: New
Horizons is the level of Duke, to truly dominate the world you must sadly
let your monarch take all the credit while you become the real power behind
the throne, an Uberduke, the Kingmaker.

World Domination is possible through two methods: The Easy Way and The Hard
Way. And even the Easy Way is still pretty hard. Because I'm a pirate, I'll
tell you the Hard Way here, and I'll tell you The Easy Way if you send me
five bucks. Just Kidding...

These results were achieved on the Sega Genesis machine, without using any
cheats, except for the trick where you take your very first 1,000 gold
pieces to the Round Earthers and give 10% of you cash away ten times. They
say that this increases your luck, but I'm not sure if it's just
superstition. Just in case, I do it anyway.

This method to world domination works best with Ernst the Cartographer,
or Ali the Trader as your character. The other scenarios all chase you
around and hound you until you finish the game. How would you like someone
to tell you how to get to Atlantis? Sounds cool, but what if they told you
three thousand times? Not so cool anymore.

Otto will work with this method as well, but as Otto, you have the serious
disadvantage of not being able to go to your own capital in the later
stages of the game (doing so would end the scenario). If you choose Ali,
money is the name of the game. You must earn and invest large amounts of
money to rise to the rank of Duke, and this also speeds up your quest. The
drawback to dominating the world with Ali is that to get the AI to stop
nagging you about your mission you must go to the banker in Venice and ask
about buying the orphanage. The banker will ask for 5 to 10 million more
than you have, whether you have 1 million g.p. in cash or 100 million g.p.
From then on, though, you must keep your cash on hand lower than the asking
price for the orphanage, or else the AI begins the nagging again.

Also, when playing Ali, you run the risk of not being able to go to your
home in Istanbul if you hit the wrong button late in the game. With not a
single doubtful plank in my fleet, I recommend playing Ernst the
Cartographer if you want to dominate the Earth and have fun doing it. While
all the characters start out with different stats, suited to their
scenarios, Ernst starts the game as generally good at everything, and he's
a fast learner. His scenario is easy to complete, the tasks Ernst must
perform to become a Duke are going to help his stats in just the way you
need, and once he has completed a World Map, his scenario leaves him alone,
provided Ernst never goes to Chang-An in the Far East (and thus wins the

Near the beginning of the game, when you have 600 gp to spare, go to a
guildhall and ask for information about the incomes of the six European
empires. The important number is at the top left, the empire's monthly
income. This info is free from the various Kings themselves, but things
may change before you can visit all 6 capitals, and of course, some Kings
may not like you very much as the game progresses. The monthly income is
an indicator of how many of the world's 100 cities are allied with that
empire, and the economic strength of those cities. But it is more than that.

The six Kings, contrary to their appearances, don't just sit on their
thrones all day sipping wine and pestering the dancing girls. They give
their fortunes away to merchant fleets and send them around the world to
invest, adding cities to their empire and strengthening the ones they
already own. In short, you gotta spend the cash to raise your income.
The income rating of an empire is the key to how much their merchant
fleets can invest in a port, how large the fleets themselves are, and what
kind of ships they contain. The size of an empire's monthly income also
determines how far from home their merchants will travel, and how strong
their battle fleets will be.

After you complete Ernst's scenario (without going to Chang-An), the game's
AI will leave you alone to wreak havoc on a global scale, and remember that
the measure of domination can be gauged by your country's income, compared
to that of your rivals. If you succeed, your empire -ahem, your King's
empire-will have more than a hundred-to-one ratio over the other five
empires combined.

The other drawback to playing as Ernst is that you cannot get your hands
on the Tekkousens they sell in Japan until late in your scenario, so
you'll be better off relying on La Reales to complete your quests.
Luckily, the large and incredibly swift La Reale is the perfect boat
for Ernst (besides the Tekkousen, which is the perfect boat, period.) It
is faster than a goat through a suet-soaked phone book and it converts
easily between warship and trading ship. Ernst and four good mateys should
be able to acquire 5 La Reales by investing in Bordeaux, Nantes or any
Baltic Sea port.

I do not recommend hiring more than 4 mateys before the scenario tells you
where Chang-An is. You can only have a staff of 30 mateys, and the longer
you play, the better the vagabond sailors you meet will become. I suspect
that the game uses Simon Sekeira and others like him to gauge the level of
mateys who are offered to you for hire in Europe. Besides, the captains of
the fleets you conquer can often be found for hire, and you want to hire
them if you can, for the navigators employed by your rival empires are
often skillful and lucky.

When you can buy Tekkousens, do so. Outfit them for 200 crew and 100 guns,
and equip them with Carronades, available with luck in 1000-level ports.
Buy your Teks new, and as strong as you can get them. Five well-equipped
Tekkousens can kick any booty on the sea. With this mighty war fleet, you
must now attack any vessel you see, except those of your chosen empire. It
may be useful at this point to defect to a stronger nation than Holland -
Portugal and Turkey are both easier to promote worldwide.

To find out which ships you should be attacking, cultivate the waitresses
throughout the world. This is easy to sustain, because every fleet you kill
off gives you an item that drives waitresses wild. I don't know if it's
coincidence or a programmer's trick, but the waitresses seem to respond
better to a captured item than a store-bought one. I believe that every
waitress in New Horizons has her price, but I confess that there are two
whom I have never charmed.

Even though Ernst starts with such low courage and seamanship skills, don't
be afraid of combat because the Tek is almost unbeatable at sea. I once took
out 8 Flemish Galleons with three Teks. Six months after discovering
Nagasaki and Sakai (and investing them both up to 1000/1000), you should
be a Duke with 10 Tekkousens and pretty good luck from donations to the
Round Earthers. The rest is a matter of work.

Your money worries will be gone forever, because 10 Teks can earn 10
million gold pieces a month. Ten Teks can win 100 sea battles for you (the
key is to switch flagships every few months and buy one new boat every
year). The nearest guildhall will tell you which empires are your main
rivals, so attack their fleets first. Waitresses will rat them out to you,
giving their strengths and destinations. Take care to sink the enemy's
flagship by Carronade fire rather than by dueling the captain. This way,
your foe will show up for hire somewhere, where you should hire him
immediately. Remember that former captains who become employable mates are
often of higher quality than vagabonds, and hiring him will force his empire
to build a new fleet with a less-experienced captain. When the empire builds
a new fleet to replace the one you whacked, it will be smaller in size,
with smaller boats. Every country tries to have 4 merchant fleets active,
but most cannot afford that. If you keep hiring their best sailors,
eventually, your rivals will have to scrape the bottom of the commodore

After a year of chasing down rival fleets, do the Mogadishu-Nagasaki
(gold-silver) trade route to get the money you'll need to take over the
world. As you claim alliances by investing in cities, especially those in
the Mediterranean and Europe, the economic power of your nation will grow,
while the power of the other empires shrinks. The speed of the Tekkousen
allow you to invest and maintain your control over ports faster than your
rivals can chip away at your cities. The power of the Tekkousen allows
you to speed up your conquest by violence. You should be able to get control
over the cities of Europe in a few months, if you are fast and wealthy.
This will dramatically alter the world economy. Not only will your empire's
income grow, but also the actions of the other empires to slow you down will
be pitiful. Remember that your nation also runs 4 merchant fleets, which are
essentially working for you. They scurry around the world shoring up your
investments, helping you to maintain your -err, your King's-- empire. Since
your King will have many times the investing power of the other nations,
your "henchman" fleets will have more impact in the ports they visit. A city
at 1000/1000 is far more difficult for an enemy fleet to invest away from
you, and they will have less money to do it. This vicious cycle is the key
to keeping the other European powers on their knees while you seal their

Now it's time to get medieval on their asses, economically speaking. Pour
cash down the gullets of the developing economies of Africa, Asia and the
New World. As always, hammer all enemy fleets, making every other nation
hate you. But with 5 Tekkousens, who cares? While investing, you should
settle into a rhythm which has you in Europe every six months to renew
your tax-free permit and shore up the cities you own. Spend the bulk of
your time investing cities around the world up to 1000/1000, while taking
side trips to wring the gold-silver markets in Europe, Africa and Asia
for incredible profits. If you run low on gold, check out my patented Six
Month Money Machine cycle on the Trade Routes page, which can net you
120,000,000 gold pieces a year.

It should take a few years to do, but you should end up with all of Africa
and Asia invested up to 1000/1000, control of Europe, and a hundred million
gold on hand. It would be wise to take every third or fourth six-month
cycle to shore up investments in Europe and generally kick butt there to
keep things in hand. Once every couple years, take time out to go around
the Americas to claim them for your King and bust up any trade rings your
rivals may have set up there. Slowly, your empire's monthly income will
balloon to 40,000, while those of your rivals will shrink to around 200.
Your 4 allied merchants will be as deadly as warships through sheer monetary
clout, preventing the resurrection of any other empire. For fun, try
knocking off one of your henchfleets. Your King will rebuild it lavishly,
as much as a glory to himself as a tribute to your leadership. Eventually,
in 6 to 8 years, you should own over 90 1000/1000 cities. I mean your King
will own them. Remember him?

You can now retire to a sunny coastal town and direct the world's traffic
of goods and arms via whispers in your King's ear. Every few years, take
eight months to reinvest and kick some more butt, lest your subjects -ahem,
your King's subjects-don't forget who you are. You may sleep your nights
away in the Inn and gamble every day in the Café, quietly running a global
empire from your villa outside town. That's Domination, learned something
today, again...

The easy way to World Domination is simpler, almost cheating, but takes
quite a bit more time in game years and in playing time (millions of
button clicks).
Simply make money. Lots and lots of money.

Don't bother with combat; it takes time away from trading. Finish
Ernst's scenario, without going to Chang-An, and get up to 10 Tekkousens
or Frigates. Full-Riggers are nice and big, but they're slower and can't
keep up with the Six Month Money Machine. In the long run, the speed of
a Frigate or Tek earns more than the bulk of a Full-Rigged. Go from Home
to Mogadishu to Nagasaki to Mogadishu to Nagasaki to Mogadishu to Lubeck
to Home.

After a few years of steady cash hounding, when your personal fortune is
in the hundreds of millions, check at a Guild Hall for the incomes of the
various empires. Your empire's monthly income will have shot up to an
astounding half billion gold pieces, instead of tens of thousands, turning
your King's other 4 merchant fleets into hammers of prosperity. You can
just sit back and let them do the work for you, although this will take
decades, believe me. It seems that your vast personal fortune has become
entwined with the well being of the nation, ensuring that the other
empires will mathematically need several thousand years to break your
stranglehold on the Earth. L'etat c'est moi.
That's Domination, and it's easier, but it's monotonous. I suppose you
could spend the time on a quest for every waitress in the world, or
assembling an all-star crew and maxing out all their abilities. Still,
it's nice to know that you can take over the world with a combat level
of 1/0000.

Again, lots (tons) of information by Scaly Lizard. I owe this dude.
Let's honor him. Haha.

14. Game Options

In this part of my Guide to UW2:NH I will be mentioning all the options that
can be chosen at the right part of your screen. I know that you don't even
use half of them (not more than twice a game), but in case you need to know
something you don't where to find, look here!

  -Fleet Info
In this part of the Fleet section you can see all the ships you own, this is
the biggest part of the screen actually. In the bottom left corner you can
see a picture of yourself (how nice), together with your name Navigation
Level and you Battle Level. At the right of all this you can see some
features about your fleet. Some of these are there but don't seem to are
thought over well. Tacking e.g. is just the tacking of your Flagship (if you
have only one ship) and if you have more than one ship, it will be the
tacking of you second ship (no matter how many ships you own). This is the
same with Power.
With the Durability skill this isn't so random. The amount is just the
Durability of the Ship that has the lowest Durability of all.
Crew is just the amount of all your Crew members on all the ships together.
The same with the Guns, just how many Guns on all the ships together.
Then, the last record is Battles, this is how many battles your ships have
fought (not fled). When you buy a new ship, and that is your only ship, it
will be 0. But when you buy a used ship, the game picks a random battle
amount. Often about 75 battles.

-Ship Info
When you choose the Ship Info option you can see the individual options of
all your ships. At the upper left corner you can see a picture of your
ship, next to it there is a picture of your figurehead (if you have one).
Then, in the upper right corner, you'll see how many food, water, lumber
and shot you have.
Under the picture of your ship is the name of the ship with what sort of
ship it is. Under that is the captain of the ship, what kind of guns you
have, what the minimum crew is, how many crew members you have signed to
Navigation, Lookout and Combat. At the bottom left corner is also the
percentage of your ship that is filled and the maximum speed of you ship
in Knots.
Under the things that are stored in your ship is a list of stats from the
ship with their maximum. These are Durability, Tacking, Power, Crew,
Health (of your crew on this ship), Cargo and Capacity (Crew+Cargo+Guns).

    Note: When you want to know what Tacking is, go to the Ships section.

Here you can make your ships sail in a different order, not that this
really matters, only when you want another flagship (the ship YOU control).

If you want to get rid of a ship when you are sailing, you can use this
ship (e.g. when you're going to slow). When you're in a port, I should
sell the ship, because you'll get money for it.

-Cargo Info
If you have stored goods (not food, water, lumber and shot) in your ship,
you can see them here. Really a useless option, by my knowing.

-Log of Goods
Comes really handy when you want to make a profit by trading and have
a mate who has the skill of Accounting. Because when you make him
Bookkeeper, he will tell you where you can sell your goods at the highest

-Transport Goods
This is for when you want to transport anything from one ship to another.

-Change Captain
When you have more mates than ships, you can change the captain of a ship,
when doing this a Captain will gain more Experience points for sailing.
If you need somebody who is a captain, but has accounting skills you should
make him not a captain, but a Bookkeeper, since he can't be both.

-Change Job Duty
Here you can make you mates do different jobs, these are First Mate,
Bookkeeper and Chief Navigator. I suggest you hire at least three mates to
fill in these jobs. Be sure that the Bookkeeper has got Accounting skills
and your Chief Navigator Celestial Navigation.

-Transfer Crew
Just when you feel the need to transfer crew members from one ship to

-Assign Crew
There are three kind of jobs that your crew can work. The first is
Navigation and the more crew members you have here, the faster you will go.
The second is Lookout, the more you have here, the farther you will be able
to see (great when you are on an adventure trip). The third and last is
Combat. The more you have here, the more crew members of other ships you
can beat when fighting from ship-to-ship.

Here you can change the Wages of your mates. Although you can't change it
if they don't want it. And you can't make it less either.

You don't have to give your crew the 100% Food and Water that they want,
you can give them 90% of it, and they still won't get sick. If you give
them less than 90% they WILL get sick and die eventually. So just put the
ration of both of these to 90%. Although I'm not sure if they're gonna
like you for it. Maybe more crew members will stay at a village when you
do this...

-Mate Info

Coming... (no soon :)

15. Cheat Codes

I only got two normal cheats/codes. If you have any more send them in:
   [email protected]

* Name your character as Black Beard. Black as first name and Beard
   as last name. Now pirates won't attack you. Except from the two
   big ones. You know them.

* To get people out of ports: Go in the port where your enemy is and
   buy him treats. He thinks you like him and will leave. Now go to the
   sea and attack him.

* To hire mates that have a fleet. Beat them and go ask/look in pubs
   and lodges of nearby ports. They'll be there, or otherwise, the dudes
   over there know where he hangs out.

Mathieu was looking for a code to unlock the Suez and Panama canals, maybe
someone knows this, although I don't think they exist.

   Here I have a sort of cheat, but actually you don't cheat on the game.
   It's to change the definition with the Discoveries. This is how to do it:
    Open the file Colony.dat (this works only when playing the PC Version
    as you see) and there are all the Discoveries, you can alter the de-
    finition easily now. DO THIS AT OWN RISK!!! Make a back-up file!!!

15.a Game Genie Codes

I think you all know what these kind of codes are. You need some kind of
machine for it to attach that on your SNES and then you can fill in these
cheats. Note: Use them at your own risk.
I'd like to thank Tony Hedstrom ([email protected]) for making them.

All of these codes must be used at the start of a new game.

JOAO Codes

Joao starts with 156 Leadership instead of 78

Joao starts with 250 Leadership instead of 78

Joao starts with 150 Seamanship instead of 75

Joao starts with 250 Seamanship instead of 75

Joao starts with 146 Knowledge instead of 73

Joao starts with 250 Knowledge instead of 73

Joao starts with 170 Intuition instead of 85

Joao starts with 250 Intuition instead of 85

Joao starts with 164 Courage instead of 82

Joao starts with 250 Courage instead of 82

Joao starts with 164 Dueling Skill instead of 82

Joao starts with 250 Dueling Skill instead of 82

Joao starts with 178 Likeability (Charm) instead of 89

Joao starts with 250 Likeability (Charm) instead of 89


Catalina starts with 24 Sail level instead of 8

Catalina starts with 80 Sail level instead of 8

Catalina starts with 30 Battle level instead of 10

Catalina starts with 100 Battle level instead of 10

Catalina starts with 160 Leadership instead of 80

Catalina starts with 250 Leadership instead of 80

Catalina starts with 158 Seamanship instead of 79

Catalina starts with 250 Seamanship instead of 79

Catalina starts with 130 Knowledge instead of 65

Catalina starts with 250 Knowledge instead of 65

Catalina starts with 104 Intuition instead of 52

Catalina starts with 250 Intuition instead of 52

Catalina starts with 172 Courage instead of 86

Catalina starts with 250 Courage instead of 86

Catalina starts with 184 Dueling Skill instead of 92

Catalina starts with 250 Dueling Skill instead of 92

Catalina starts with 190 Likeability instead of 95

Catalina starts with 250 Likeability instead of 95

ALI codes

Ali Vezas starts with 160 Leadership (instead of 80)

Ali Vezas starts with 250 Leadership (instead of 80)

Ali Vezas starts with 172 Seamanship (instead of 86)

Ali Vezas starts with 250 Seamanship (instead of 86)

Ali Vezas starts with 168 Knowledge (instead of 84)

Ali Vezas starts with 250 Knowledge (instead of 84)

Ali Vezas starts with 130 Intuition (instead of 65)

Ali Vezas starts with 250 Intuition (instead of 65)

Ali Vezas starts with 106 Courage (instead of 53)

Ali Vezas starts with 250 Courage (instead of 53)

Ali Vezas starts with 84 Dueling Skill (instead of 42)

Ali Vezas starts with 250 Dueling Skill (instead of 42)

Ali Vezas starts with 160 Likeability (instead of 80)

Ali Vezas starts with 250 Likeability (instead of 80)



Start a new game with $250 gold

Start a new game with $1,024 gold

Start a new game with $9,984 gold

Start a new game with $64,000 gold

Start a new game with $196,608 gold

Start a new game with over one million in gold!

This makes it so if you bet 500 and you win, you get over
10 million back (by BlueJeff)

Because of the GREAT help of Tony, I'll place a link to his site here:

15.b Pro Action Replay Codes

Although I don't have many send in yet, here are some Pro Action Replay
Codes (which also work when playing the emulated game).

You crew amount will always be 100, no matter what you do.

The friendship amount with villages will always be 100, so you don't have to
entertain them to get a discovery (don't know if stealing affects this).

The enemy's HP stays at 1 turn on before duel, after strike turn off to
finish your opponent in a duel.

HERE IT IS!!! The code to get the Goddess figurehead available where-ever
and always. WARNING: The following code should not be turned ON until
AFTER you're already in the shipyard menu and turned OFF BEFORE you leave
the menu or the game WILL freeze. (Yes, that's annoying, but better than
nothing at all)

16. Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to Keegantfeel (or however his/her name is), he/she asked me a
question which made me create this section. Actually its name shouldn't
be Frequently, but just One Time Asked Questions, coz if you ask something
which can be helpful to other players, I'll mention it here. If you just
got good information, send it too.

I've sorted out the questions because it'll become too many. Otherwise you
can't ever find what you are looking for. There are separated in several

*****                         SAILING & BATTLING

Q: How do I stop scurvy? (by Keegantfeel)
A: Buy Lime Juice, this can be bought in several cities, after using this
    item, your crew will be fit again. Nantes is one of the cities,
    Algiers is also one.

Q: How can I beat other ships? (claim if you want to)
A: To beat other fleets, you need a good amount of crew, and/or lots
    of cannon balls and a good sword and shield. (good fighting and
    battle skill is also handy).
     There are three ways of defeating:
    -1 Kill all the crew on the flag ship of the opponent, to do this,
       you need more crew (or at least not very less then the enemy), and
       better battle skill comes in handy, because you will kill more crew
       of him, then he will kill your (if he has more ships, it's tough
       to do this).
    -2 Defeat the captain in a duel, to do this, propose a duel when you
       attack the flag ship directly, he only accept this when he has less
       crew aboard. If you have a better sword and armor, it's almost
       sure you'll win, but dueling skills are required (battle skill)
       and just hit the right attacking/defending moves.
    -3 Bombard them to the bottom of the ocean. You'll need some cannon
       balls to make this. You either destroy the ship, or kill all the
       crew, so...

Q: In Uncharted Waters 2, there is a better weapon than the cannon, I
    forgot what it was called unfortunately, what I wanted to ask if you
    know when they sell this weapon. Also, aside from the regular
    figureheads, there is another type, 2 of them in fact. I also don't
    know when they sell these better figureheads. Can you help?
    (by Strider & LOTS o' others)
A: First off, I'll start with a list of figureheads (in order of
    usefulness) Seahorse, Commodore, Unicorn, Lion, Giant Eagle, Hero,
    Neptune, Dragon, Angel, Goddess. The first 8 are available almost
    everywhere (although there are a few ports I've noticed do NOT have the
    Dragon until you are able to get the Angel or Goddess). And a list of
    guns (also in order of usefulness) Saker, Demi-culverin, Culverin, 
    Pedero, Demi-cannon, Cannon, Carronade. The first 6 are available at any
    shipyard, and since there's only one special type of gun, it seems 
    to get than the Goddess figurehead.

    Ok, now to the questions of where and how to get them.... I know for a
    fact they are available in Venice, Hamburg, Antwerp, and Athens. So I
    have reason to believe they are available in ANY non-capitol shipyard.
    However, there are a few things you must do to be able to purchase these
    elusive Angel and Goddess figureheads. And Carronades for guns.

    1) The industry level of the port must be 1000. (This in and of itself
    makes getting them at capitol cities impossible since you cannot invest
    in the shipyards there) Some have speculated that having the economy of
    the port at 1000 helps... I can say I've personally bought Angel
    figureheads and Carronades when the economy was in the 900's ... So, it
    may require the economy to be 1000 for the Goddess.

    2) Your character's luck must be at the max... Luck is an unseen
    attribute of your character but you can judge it's level when you go to
    a fortune teller and ask about 'Life' I'll explain how to increase your
    luck in a bit down here.

    3) YOU (meaning the player) must have patience. Even if the above
    factors are correct, they are NOT available 100% of the time. You have
    to keep bugging the shipyard worker until he says "We have a great
    selection today." (or something similar) And even then, most of the
    time he will only offer the Angel... so keep bugging him until you get
    the Goddess.

    Now onto how to increase your luck. There are disputes about the actual
    method, but the root action is the same. Donate money to the church or
    mosque (PC version) or Round Earth Society (SNES and Genesis versions).
    The actual amount of money you donate is not as important as the
    PERCENTAGE of your cash on hand you donate. Luck also fluctuates
    throughout the game so you may find that you have to donate money at 
    than one stage of the game to keep your luck at 100.

    I conducted the following test in the SNES version (with an emulator,
    since I know which memory address was the 'Luck" for the character I was
    using I could check and modify it's value) ...

    If your luck is: ... The fortune teller will say:
  0 - 24 "Oh. I see an ominous shadow across your face. You may be doomed
    to have a difficult life."
  25-49 "Your fortune doesn't look very bright. Be careful, and watch out
    for accidents."
  50-74 "You have an average fortune. But remember, you are the one who
    carves your own destiny."
  75-99 "You have a good fortune. Have more self-confidence."
  100 "What a strong fortune! You have nothing to fear in this life."

    Quotes are from the SNES version. They may not match exactly in the PC
    version (although I think they are the same as the Genesis version).
    And remember, your luck should be at 100 to "unlock" the special
    figureheads and guns. If anyone out there knows the exact quote from
    the PC version please email me and I'll include it.

    I also tested different percentages and charted the luck increase.

    I started with 58 luck and 1,000,000 gold on hand. (easy number to work
    with percentages) donated an amount, noticed the increase and then
    reloaded the game for the next try. (Again, this test was on the SNES
    version on an emulator, I make no claims as to how it will work with
    the PC version)

  Percentage of Cash on Hand donated - Luck increase
  Less than 10% - None
  10% - 1 point
  11% - 2 points
  12% - 3 points
  13% - 14 % - 4 points
  15% - 16% - 5 points
  17% - 20% - 6 points
  21% - 25% - 7 points
  26% - 33% - 8 points
  34% - 50% - 9 points
  51% and up - 10 points

Thanks to qwikblade for this USEFUL info.

Q: How do I get fast battle experience?
A: To get more battle experience you'd better shoot ships
    to kill them, save the flagship for last to kill them all.
    If you have gunnery and good guns this goes way faster and you
    battle experience will rack up very quickly. If you can achieve
    carronades then you are even able to take ships out with one

*****                         TRADING

Q: Where can I find Amber and Copper Ore? (by Pingh)
A: Aden will give you the best price on amber as this is
    her specialty. Any port on the West African coast
    will produce amber if the market is developed enough.
    An investment of 5 ingots is usually enough.

    Copper is the specialty in Stockholm (Northern Europe),
    and Nicosia (south of Turkey), though you may have to
    invest in the market place to see it offered. Copper
    is also the found in the ports of the Ottoman Empire
    around the eastern edge of the Med, and the Black Sea
    (Alexandria, Beirut, Istanbul, etc.) East African
    ports also sell copper at about the same price it is
    sold in Stockholm (about 90). The Ports in India will
    sell copper for around 70. The only place to sell
    copper for a profit is Northern Europe and the Med.
    (answer by UWNH Topica Members)

Q: I am currently using Ali Vezas, and the King told me to go get him
    some carpet... your faq said to have some before he asks that but
    unfortunately I read the faq after the king told me to go find carpet.
    So I go to the item store in Istanbul and they say they're closed cuz
    one of their guys has the plague, so I can't get any carpet.. to my
    knowledge, only Istanbul sells carpets. (by David)
A: At first I wanna say that you don't really have to improve in royal
    rank. So actually you can just play on, don't care for the Sultan.
    But if you really want to it's easy. Istanbul is NOT the only port
    where you can buy carpet, as a matter of fact there are a couple of
    other cities.
    You could try the Middle-East area or Mecca, but you have to sail a
    long time when being in Istanbul, so go to Beirut, it's the most east
    port of the Mediterranean Sea, near Jaffa. Here they sell carpet
    usually. If not so, invest maximum amount of money in the market
    (=10 ingots) and wait till the first day of the next month, now there
    should be Art & Carpet in the Market. If not again, go to the
    Middle-East after all (it's not very likely this happens). (answer by
    UWNH Topica Members)

*****                         CHARACTER SPECIFIC

Q: Can you do royal favors with Pietro Conti for the King of Italy?
    (by Andre Leclerc)
A: Yes you can do favors for Italy's ruler. However, Pietro usually has
    a very high adventure rating, so the king usually asks for discoveries.
    If you prefer to sell discoveries rather than give them away, you
    will need to build up either his trade or piracy fame.
    (answer by UWNH Topica Members)

*****                         IN-GAME QUESTIONS

Q: I'm given a job by the King/Sultan and I don't know where to get the
A: If you go to a pub and try to treat a couple of times you might get
    an answer from some of the guys in there. Usually it's an area, not
    the exactly place. (answer by UWNH Topica Members)

Q: I've found a village, what am I supposed to do now?
A: When you see a village for the first time, be sure always to check
    out it's secret, every village has one. If you forget this couple of
    times, you won't ever find the ones back that you haven't checked.
    How do you find the secret? This is very easy. Just use 'search',
    actually this will only work with D Discoveries, like the Stonehenge.
    When it is a C-Star Discovery, you'll need to entertain the villagers
    first, to get them help you in your search for the secret. To do this
    use the 'entertain' button, this'll improve their friendship with 5
    and will reduce your food amount with 5 also. Keep this in mind!
    You have to raise the friendship until 10-20-30-40-50 or 65.
    Just check the search option after every number of ten, to save your
    food stock.

Q: I'm doing a favor for the king/sultan, and he asks me to find an item,
    where can I find it?
A: This isn't as hard as it seems, go to a Guild, where you can get
    normal jobs, like defeating pirates or trading goods, as well. Ask
    the man for a job, and he'll say you could get info in another port.
    When you go to the guild in this port, the guy will tell you who has
    the map to find the item needed. When you go to the pub in that port
    and treat the fellas in the pub they will tell you where your man is.
    (when you're in a capital go somewhere else, the pub fellas won't tell
    you anything)
    Now comes the hardest part, when you got the map you'll have to find
    a piece on the world that looks exactly like the one on your map (where
    the 'x' is marked). This is often in Africa or South America. When you
    have found the right place, go ashore right where the 'x'
    is. Now use the search option (default finding is clear spring or
    nothing), now you'll find the needed item to return to your king.
    When you can't find the spot, let it locate by a cartographer, you can
    save before locating it and you know where it is for free.

Q: How can I make some fast money?
A: Well, there are several trade routes, I'm looking for all of them now,
    but the easiest and shortest is Istanbul-Athens. Buy Carpet (for the
    lowest price of course) in Istanbul, and sell it in Athens, then you
    have to buy Art there (low price) and sell it in Istanbul, go on till
    you have reached your wished amount of gold.
    Remember that when a good is sold in a port very often, the buy price
    will drop and you will make less money (or don't make any money at all).
    To see how to make more (not-so-fast) money, look in the Trade section)

Q: What are lumbers for? (forgot who asked this, claim it, if you want to)
A: Lumbers are to repair your ship by yourself. When you get in a storm,
    your ship gets damaged and you although you can reject it with balm,
    your ship will be damaged a bit. You can go to a shipyard, but if you
    don't want to/don't have to time/or don't see one, go ashore somewhere
    on the land and repair your ship (if you HAVE lumbers).

Q: What are the criterias / exp/ level(?) needed to recruit a pirate
    after we defeat them in battle? They'll keep on saying how they want
    an experienced navigators and so on and whatever. I still haven't
    bothered to get any navigators except the two you get by story-line
    since I'm using Cat. I just want pirates in my fleet. (by Brujah)
A: Just go find them and try to recruit them every time your experience
    levels go up a few levels. If you can beat them up in battle, you're
    probably pretty close to being able to recruit them. Pilly Reis is
    the only one that really takes a whole lot of experience to recruit...
    but it's worth the wait, he has like 110 experience levels combined.
    (answer by UWNH Topica Members)

Q: Since Pietro is Italian, all of the good Turkish ports have been
    blockaded, so that I cannot enter them. This includes the gold mines
    like, Istanbul and Alexandria. While the disadvantage in trading can
    be avoided, I have been told by the cafe owner in Massawa that I can
    get more info on the Staff of Poseidon from the fortune teller in
    Alexandria. But I can't get into Alexandria! (by Christopher)
A: Well, actually when you have a blockade by some country, it quite easy
    to get past it. The only thing you have to do is wait till it is night,
    somewhere between 7:40pm and 4:20am and enter the port you want to get
    in. But, be aware! People in buildings can steal parts of your money!
    Do it this way, and you can enter an port you like without get blocked.

Q: What has the amount of money Pirates have got to do with other things?
A: Like country's fleets depend on the amount of cities it owns. The
    amount of pirate ships (and their gold) depends on your amount of
    cities. The more cities are allied to your country, the more pirates
    and the more gold they have.
    If you think about this, this is very logical, since all other enemy
    battle (+merchant) fleets will be gone if you own ALL cities and
    there would be no one to battle with.

Q: How many ships will other countries have?
A: This depends on the Revenue. With a max of 1000, the higher the Revenue
    (to be seen at the guild), the more ships, with a maximum of 4 trade
    ships and 4 battle ships.

Q: What's the point in investing?
A: See the Investing subsection 11.c (you get 2000 trade fame as well)

*****                         OUT-GAME GENERAL QUESTIONS

Please, don't expect me to know what to do when your sound doesn't work,
I should say, buy the original game, because I'm no computer expert.

Q: I can't play Duels, every time the game shuts itself down.
A#1: Do this at own risk and make a back-up file.
    Open notepad and open the file c:\config.sys find the line that begins
    with Device=NOEMS, change this to Device=c:\windows\emm386.exe

    If this doesn't work, try to delete NOEMS from the Device line and it
    might work also. (This one actually works more often then the above)

A#2: This is an emm386 problem, nothing to do with copy etc. To play the
    game in windows, right click on the command file (koei) and choose
    the memory tab. I can't remember the exact configuration required but
    you can add both EMS and  XMS when running the game. That should fix
    your problem, if setting both at once doesn't work, try using either
    one of those.

A#3: 1) Click START, RUN, type "msconfig", OK
      2) Click on the "System.ini" tab
      3) Expand the folder that reads "[386Enh]"
      4) scroll down and UNCHECK the item "EMMExclude={variable}"
      5) REBOOT
      6) Right Click Koei.exe, and click the MEMORY tab
      7) The EMS section is now available, make sure it is set to AUTO
      8) Play UWNH

Q: Sometimes, after a duel with another guy, all the graphics screw up,
    what can I do about it? (by Pingh)
A: If you are using an emulator, try these:

    When using the ZSNES emulator, than this problem will show up.
    Try to find the SNES9x, that one works much better.

    You can also download the whole game, at uwnh.freeservers.com,
    you don't need an emulator anymore.

    If you aren't using an emulator, try to find the newest DirectX,
    I believe it's 8.0 right now. (1.91 faq version)(answer by
    UWNH Topica Members)

Q: Where can I actually download the game (by Desmond Lee & Sudragon)
A: Well, if you had looked down here, you could've found the answer
    right away, but as long as nobody looks at the links, you won't find
    it. That's not true, when you take a look at one BIG search-site,
    you'll find this page immediately. I'll give you the direct link to
    the file, so it will begin downloading right away:

Q: How do I take a screenshot (I want everybody to know how rich I am?)?
A: This can't be done with the game, but Windows has got a good
    alternative for this. Use the 'Print Screen/Sys Rq' key just above the
    'Insert' key on your keyboard. Now you can take one screenshot at a
    time. Go to a drawing program, like Paint and 'paste' the image there.
    Save it, and you'll have a nice screenshot, because the game won't crash
    when using ALT+TAB, you can do this multiple times, without quitting and
    restarting the game.

Q: How do I use the Game Genie Codes? (read two chapters above this one)
A: Genie Codes can only be used when having the game on SNES, or you
    play the game on an emulator (you haven't got that, I think). If you
    have the Game Genie, you DO know how they can be used, don't bother
    it for you right now.

Q: I've saved the game in a port, but when I go out of it, there comes a
    storm that I can't get out of and I'm out of Balm as well. What am I
    supposed to do?
A: First, be sure to always carry about 10 Balms with you, so this won't
    ever happen to you. But if you really can't get out of the port, just
    stay in the Lodge for 1 or 2 months and you should be able to get out
    of it, if not you're very unlucky (and a bit stupid not have bought

Q: I can't hear any sound in the full game version, using Win2000. (by Rio)
A: There is no answer, since Win2000 has no DOS sound drivers installed.
    Just put up some other music, the UWNH music isn't so great after all,
    so it doesn't really matter.

Q: I've done everything there could be done in the game, are there other
    games that look like UWNH?
A: Yes there are. I list them here:
    -Patrician 2 & 3
    -Pirates (Gold)
    -Celtic Tales: Balor of the Evil Eye (no sailing at all, Koei game)
    -Sea Dogs 1 & 2
    (answer by UWNH Topica list members)

17. Links

Here are some game-related sites placed:

   The Best UWNH Site EVER  -- http://uwnh.freeservers.com/
   Official Koei Games Site -- http://www.koeigames.com
   Some Vague Images        -- http://www.vgmuseum.com/newhorizons.html
   More Images              -- http://www.gaming-intelligence.com/artwork/
   Villages List            -- http://uncwnh.8m.com/main.htm
   UWNH Nirvana             -- http://www.geocities.com/scalylizard.geo/
   UWNH Dedicated           -- http://www.uwnh.net
   Bulletin Board           -- http://www.tek-world.com/board

Other Faqs of Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizons (mine is the best, anyway :)
   (by PuppyChiFlower)
   (by PuppyChiFlower) SNES to PC Changes
            uncharted_waters_new_horizons.txt (by XYou)

18. Credits

Here some stuff about the persons and corporations that helped me:
(just in order the helped me, from the beginning till now)
The names with a * before them, provided ^great^ help.

*Mr. Jerry Webber      Again! For making the main-line walkthrough,
                        so I could revise it and get out the many mistakes.
CJayC @ GameFaqs.com   Placing this faq at GameFaqs.com (first to have it)
Koeigames              Making this super game and helped me accomplishing it
Dan Simpson            For lay-out, stuff, and made me doing faq-writing
Leonid Malikov         Made me solve the game (+general information)
Tony Hedstrom          Providing me the Game Genie Codes
Keegantfeel            Made me creating Frequently Asked Questions
Other webmasters       For also placing this FAQ
UWNH Listbot Members   They helped me with a lot of the questions
*Mathieu Gauthier      Provided me (almost) all the names of ports
Ed Wyn                 Notified me of five not listed ports and brought
                         up the idea of adding the chapters: Items and
*Tri Laksmana          For providing the list with all the Discoveries
*Scaly Lizard          Letting me add his Oddities of the game to the faq
                         Plus: provided HUGE trade and world dom. sections
Jon Nicholson          For let me adding two items (Errol and Muramasa)
Arc~en~ciel            Letting me know that Blue Crescent exists and for
                         brought up the idea of where to buy cartographer &
                         gunnery skills and who pays best for discoveries
*The Mad Hatter        Helping me with many questions (UWNH Topica Member)
*Christopher Bzik      Added a lot of additional information(ports & ships)
Beerwolf               Letting me know that I forgot the Flamberge
Tom King               Provided me information about ships (+gen. info)
BlueJeff               Gave one GameGenie Code
SW (MrC)               How to get rid off mates (mistake in Odds section)
Markus Selander        Added the final 98th village + info on the Flamberge
Nelson                 Send in 3 Pro Action Replay Codes
Dustin Lien            Let me know that something was wrong with the Odds
Travis                 Send in an Anecdote
Steven Savoy           Gave me some little info on the Ships
Jacob Walker           Blue Crescent is also in Changan
Janke24                Nice story: 1000 ingots trip; Rio - Lubeck
*LockeVanish           Provided *ALL* Waitresses names plus Mates' names
                         and their whereabouts (+2 quirks)
Qwikblade              Finally, Goddess, Angel + Carronades info to get them
Daniel Kee             Some trading profit lists (3)

19. Version History

Version 1.0 (21 October 2000) 55,0 kb
  Original Version

Version 1.1 (25 October 2000) 56,8 kb
  Changed something in the top
  Added some enters to clear the faq up
  Added other faqs of mine
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  Not even really small changes

Version 1.75 (22 December 2000) 63,3 kb
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  Added some to the notes
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  Added some Mates info
  Format Changes to the Notes
  Began revising Otto's walkthrough
  Lots of Li'l Changes

Version 2.7 (March the 28th 2002) 172kb
  Came up with another question + answer
  Added another answer to the duel question
  Created new Sub Section 11.d Readers Info + Anecdotes (that really help)
  Listed sites down here alphabetically
  Changed a lot at the top; it's clearer now
  Added Pro Action Replay Codes
  Finally got the right 'Angel + Goddess' answer
  More Ships info
  Changed info about 'Get rid of Mate'
  Added Pro Action Replay Code: ALWAYS Goddess Figurehead
  Added an anecdote: 1000 ingots trip
  Wow! Real Copyright Notice! Check it out!
  Wrote another FAQ, in the shameless self promotion
  Many Minor Changes
  ! Celebrated 1st birthday of this FAQ :) !
  * Promise: Otto's walkthrough WILL be revised in the next update.

Version 2.8 (July the 30th 2002) 247kb = 84 print pages
  Added 3 FAQ-questions
  Added *ALL* the Waitresses in the Mates section
  Added *ALL* the mates (copyright, haha)
  LockeVanish. Thanks for doing the above 2 things
  Added *-credits (for the BIG helpers)
  Completed the 'Villager Help' section (some useful info, really)
  FINNALY, really good answer to the Goddess + Carronades question to get it
  Divided section Oddities in two parts (REAL parts)
  Added about 1 MB to the Trade section (thanks Scaly Lizard!!!!!)
  Added Trade Section (it's gonna be grande)
  Divided the Trade section into five(!) parts. It was too big to handle.
  Yup, the World Domination section has got some good strategies (thanks 
  Added another two questions
  Another duel answer
  Added two links
  Yoopi!!! Revised Otto's walkthrough (after a year), maybe Ernst's next??
  *BIGGEST UPDATE EVER* (to Scaly: "Thanks!")

Version 2.9 (August 9 2002) 271kb
  Added two quirks by LockeVanish
  Forgot Daniel Kee's trading lists, they're here now
  Added a cheat
  Err... Bohn? It's Ernst von Bohr
  Revised Ernst's walkthrough (..easy)
  E-v-e-r-y single matey in the game, #106 (non-vagabonds too)

Version 2.91 (August 22 2002) 271kb
  Updated the sites that may have this one
  Changed e-mail address: [email protected]

20. Copyright Info

(c) This document is copyrighted by Mike Groels.
All rights reserved. Nothing from this document may be pluralised, saved in
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16b Copyright 1912j' the Decision of June 20, 1974, pc 351, like changed in
the Decision of August 23, 1985, pc 471, and article 17 Copyright 1912, one
has to pay the therefor legal indebted compensation to the Foundation
Reprorecht (Box nr. 882, 1180 AW, Amstelveen, the Netherlands). For copying
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In very English:
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If you see this FAQ on any other page then:

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Another thing, you may NOT, make profit of this FAQ in any way.
Please mail me about this, when you are viewing this faq on a site that
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Sites that have done this already, do NOT visit these sites:
	http://www.gameunited.com (They said the site was down, so they won't
                                 update it anymore... pffft, bullsh.t :)

I've written faqs for:

   PC   -- Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars (also PSX + GBA)
        -- Ultimate Soccer Manager 2 (1996-1997 season)
        -- Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizons (also SNES + Genesis + PSX)

   SNES -- FIFA International SOCCER

These can be found at:
   (together with some reviews I've written)

               Now, it's the END...
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