|  Divine Divinity Walkthrough  |
                       |         By: JaggedJim         |
                       |     Date: January 6, 2004     |
                       |          Version: 2.1         |

 This is my walkthrough for Divine Divinity. You can find the latest version
 of this walkthrough at:


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|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Table of Contents|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Version History [#001]

Introduction [#002]

Character Guide [#003]

Teleportation Scrolls [#004]

The Beginners Guide to Adventuring [#005]

Walkthrough [#006]
 -Part I: Healing the Healer [#006.1]
 -Part II: Assassins, Plagues, and Orcs, Oh My [#006.2]
 -Part III: Stormfisted [#006.3]
 -Part IV: Enter Stormfist Castle and Find Zandalor, AGAIN! [#006.4]
 -Part V: The Council of Six Races and Assorted Magic-Users [#006.5]
 -Part VI: Battle at Black Lake: The Divine One vs. The Black Ring [#006.6]

Side Quests [#007]
 -Aleroth [#007.1]
 -Catacombs Under Aleroth [#007.2]
 -Farmlands [#007.3]
 -Barracks [#007.4]
 -Stormfist Castle [#007.5]
 -Graveyard [#007.6]
 -Iona’s Dungeon [#007.7]
 -Rivertown Market [#007.8]
 -Dwarven Village [#007.9]
 -Dwarven Bread Inn [#007.10]
 -Northern Rivertown [#007.11]
 -Southern Rivertown [#007.12]
 -Verdistis [#007.13]
 -Thieves Guild [#007.14]
 -Dark Forest North [#007.15]
 -Dark Forest South [#007.16]
 -The Holy Items Quest [#007.17]
 -The Dragon Armor Set [#007.18]
 -The Armor of Larian [#007.19]

Frequently Asked Questions [#008]

Cheats and Bugs [#009]

Contributors [#010]

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Version History [#001]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

2.0 – 10/14/03
2.1 – 1/6/04 – I guess I just can’t stay away from this guide... The biggest
               change is the new and improved Email Notice at the top of the
               guide. Other then that the only thing that is new is a bunch of
               minor corrections throughout the document.

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Introduction [#002]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

 Divine Divinity is an Action-RPG released in 2002 by CDV. Its game play can
 be best described as a cross between Diablo and Baldur’s Gate. The game
 mechanics of Divine Divinity are very similar to Diablo, (Combat is basically
 click a monster until it dies, skills are used with a right-click, ect.) but
 with few noticeable differences. (Most notably is the ability to pause the
 game at any time.) Where this game shines, however, is the evolution of game
 play beyond the mindless hack-and-slash of its Action-RPG counterparts.
 Quests in Divine Divinity are more than just go kill enemy X, take item Y
 back to person Z, here quests are much more involved, requiring you to solve
 puzzles, decide moral dilemmas, and uh... kill monsters. Instead of Towns
 being merely a place to heal wounds and buy equipment they are now full of
 NPCs who will give you quests, give you hints, or just share some gossip.

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Character Guide [#003]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

 The type of character you choose is not the most vital choice in the game, as
 skills are not restricted by class. But your choice of character does have
 more impact than just what your character looks like. The biggest difference
 between the different classes is the amount of Health and Mana each class
 gets. (see Vital Statistics, Below, for more details.) Below I have compiled
 a list of the vital data for each class comprising:

-Stats: Your character class’ starting statistics.

-Vital Statistics: 

 The four statistics in Divine Divinity (Strength, Agility, Constitution, and
 Intelligence) affect your character in several different ways. 

    -Health and Mana

     Vitality and Mana in Divine Divinity is determined by multiplying your
     Constitution and Intelligence with your class’ Vitality and Mana
     Modifiers, respectively, and then adding any bonuses you get from items
     and/or charms equipped. Level apparently has no bearing on your Vitality
     or Mana.

     Both your Vitality and your Mana can be determined by this formula:
      [(Character Modifier) x (Con/Int)] + Item Bonuses.

     So a Survivor with 25 Constitution, 15 Intelligence and is wearing a ring
     with +5 to Vitality and +10 to Mana would have:

      Vitality:  (5 x 25) + 5 = 130

      Mana:      (4 x 15) + 10 = 70

-Note: The numbers for the Damage, Offense, and Defense modifiers came from
       Raze of the larian.com message boards.

    -Damage (Thanks to Raze for this info)

     The damage modifier shows you how much extra damage you can inflict on
     your enemies. Multiply your Strength score by this modifier then round

    -Offense and Defense (Thanks to Raze for this info)

     These stats basically determine how often how often you hit the enemy
     (offense) and how often the enemy will hit you. (defense)

-Starting Skills: Each character will start the game with two skills with a
                  single skill level in each.

-Special Move: Each class has a different Special Move that is unique to each
               class. These moves are activated just like other skills; just
               select the sword icon in the lower right-hand corner of the
               “Browse Skills” menu and right-click to activate. I have also
               added my personal opinions on each move.


 Survivors are your basic thief-types of Divine Divinity. These guys won’t
 have overwhelming Health or Mana, but they have enough to get by. If you
 build them properly they can become just about any type of character you
 want; from a muscle-bound goon to a spell-flinging swashbuckler to a stealthy
 assassin. I typically pump up Agility and give them a good bow to make them a
 lethal sniper.

    Strength:      10
    Agility:       15
    Constitution:  10
    Intelligence:  10

-Vital Statistics
    Vitality:      5 x Constitution
    Mana:          4 x Intelligence
    Damage:        0.14 x Strength
    Offense:      (0.7 x Agility) - 1
    Defense:       0.8 x Agility

-Starting Skills
    Male:          Assassin’s Kiss, Trader’s Tongue
    Female:        Identify, Lockpick

-Special Move: Sneaking.
    When you activate this move your character will crouch down and attempt to
    hide from the enemy. This move will drain your stamina while you are
    sneaking. Personally I would prefer a special move that helped you kill
    enemies rather than just avoiding them, but that’s just me.


 Your basic “Might makes Right” fighters, they have fantastic Health but very
 little Mana. This class is the best choice for beginners, as they will be
 able to take a lot of abuse and dish out punishment just as well. I usually
 make these guys into melee characters, with high Strength and Constitution
 scores while not forgetting about Agility. I hardly ever put any points into
 Intelligence, depending instead on equipment and charms to raise my Mana.

    Strength:      15
    Agility:       10
    Constitution:  10
    Intelligence:  10

-Vital Statistics
    Vitality:      6 x Constitution
    Mana:          3 x Intelligence
    Damage:        0.4 x Strength
    Offense:       0.8 x Agility
    Defense:      (0.7 x Agility) - 1

-Starting Skills
    Male:          Augment Damage, Sword Expertise
    Female:        Elven Sight, Repair

-Special Move: Swirl Attack
    This move will make your character do a spinning slash that will hit all
    enemies that are standing near your character with a physical attack.
    Swirl Attack takes 1,500 stamina to perform. This move has a rather silly
    name, but it can be rather effective against groups of enemies. Use it
    liberally when you get surrounded by enemies and always make sure you have
    some Stamina Potions handy.


 These guys have fantastic Mana reserves, but are VERY fragile. There is a
 reason why both male and female Mages start with the “Meteorstrike” skill; it
 will likely carry your character through the first half of the game. Do your
 best to keep these guys out of the fray, as they will die quickly.

    Strength:      10
    Agility:       10
    Constitution:  10
    Intelligence:  15

-Vital Statistics
    Vitality:      4 x Constitution
    Mana:          6 x Intelligence
    Damage:        0.1 x Strength
    Offense:      (0.7 x Agility) - 1
    Defense:      (0.7 x Agility) - 1

-Starting Skills
    Male:          Summon Vermin, Meteorstrike
    Female:        Meteorstrike, Bless

-Special Move: Swap Location
    This skill will make you switch locations with the targeted creature. This
    move will cost 1,500 stamina to perform. I never use this skill because
    more often than not you will just end up warping yourself into the middle
    of a group of monsters that you wanted to keep your distance from.

||||||||||||||||||||||||||Teleportation Scrolls [#004]|||||||||||||||||||||||||

 This is just a list of where you can find the various scrolls you need to
 activate the Teleporters that are scattered around Rivellon.

-Mage: Zandalor gives you this scroll when you first meet him.

-Human: Captain Mitox gives you this scroll when you sign up to fight the


        Find it inside the library in the lower level of the Cursed Abbey.

-Dwarf: In the Dwarven Bread Inn there is a Dwarf named Krasnegar who will
        offer to give you some gems. Tell him that his money would be better
        spent helping the refugees of the Orc attack and he will leave. Find
        the scroll on the table and take it. Note that if you don’t do this 
        before you enter Stormfist Castle for the first time then he will 
        disappear and also take the scroll with him.


        You can find it lying on a table inside the Glenborus Town Hall in the
        Dwarven Village of Rivertown. (Thanks to Richard Gaddy for this info)


        The Dwarven King gives it to you after completing the “Find the Stone
        Axe” quest if you ask for it. (Thanks to Richard Gaddy for this info)

-Elves: The Elven Lord Elredor in the Archer’s Guild gives this to you if you
        ask him for it.

-Lizard: Goemoe will give this to you after you cure Mardaneus of his insanity

-Orc: Inside a treasure chest that’s in the Orc Leader’s tent.

-Imp: It is found inside the Imp’s Deserted Castle on the body of a dead Imp.

|||||||||||||||||||The Beginners Guide to Adventuring [#005]|||||||||||||||||||

 Here I will list some hints and tips to help you out.

-Always keep the Automap on. The Automap is an invaluable tool for exploring,
 as it not only shows the surrounding areas but all nearby creatures too,
 whether they are friend or foe.

-The Teleport Stones are very useful, if you know how to use them. The most
 effective way of using them is to drop one of them next to a bed, (like the
 one you start the game next to...) then assign a hotkey to the “Drop and
 Use” button under the “Browse Skills” menu. Now you can just press the hotkey
 to warp to a bed, take a quick nap and pop right back where you were fully
 healed and ready for the challenges ahead. You could also place one at the
 feet of someone who gives you a quest or near a shopkeeper so when you finish
 a quest or become encumbered from looting a dungeon you can just pop right
 back to get the reward or to sell off all that junk you’ve picked up.

-Here’s how I assign my hotkeys:

 F1: Healing Potions
 F2: Mana Potions
 F3: Stamina or Restoration Potions
 F4: I leave this one blank so I don’t accidentally hit Alt+F4...
 F5: “Drop and Use” Teleporter Stones
 F6: “Use” Teleporter Stones
 F7: Your Class’ Special Move
 F8: Restoration Skill

 F9-F12: Whatever other weapons, skills, or potions you use often.

-The programmers of this game gave you a pause button, USE IT!

-Use the Alt Key regularly to highlight any items and/or doors you might have

-The stats of any items you find in this game are set when first show the stat
 window, (Either by moving the cursor over the item or by pressing the Alt
 Key) not when they are first dropped like I first thought. If you save the
 game before you move the cursor over the item you can then reload until you
 get the item you want.

-You can make a bed anywhere you want; all you need are two bundles of straw.
 First have both bundles on the ground. Then click on one of the bundles to
 unbundle it, then drag the bundled straw onto the unbundled straw to create a
 patch of hay that functions exactly like a bed.

-If you don’t want carry around straw, there is a “Portable Bed” inside a
 locked house to the north of the Cursed Abbey. You can drag and drop it into
 your inventory and then use it while it is still inside your inventory.

-A shopkeeper’s attitude towards you has a large effect on his prices. An item
 will cost twice as much when buying from someone with 0 attitude than buying
 from someone with 100 attitude. I think the markup (or markdown, if you are
 selling...) for an item is (100 – (attitude)) percent.

-The easiest way to raise a shopkeeper’s attitude is by trading with them. I
 think you also get a higher attitude bonus if you do an unbalanced trade.
 (i.e. you give him more than he gives you.) Trying to steal from them will
 lower a shopkeeper’s attitude towards you.

-After killing an enemy there is a small chance of getting an “Experience Bomb”
 where you end up getting about 10 times the experience you would normally
 would! Getting an “Experience Bomb” is, unfortunately, random and very rare.

-Avoid weapons with the “Frost” ability attached to them. This weapon will
 work just like a Freeze spell when they strike, but these weapons will freeze
 the enemy regardless of the enemies’ resistances. This means that you be able
 to kill just about any enemy without putting yourself in any danger,
 effectively taking all the challenge (and fun...) out of the game. (Then
 again, maybe you WANT to take the challenge taken out of the game...)

-When fighting a large group of enemies, make sure you don’t get surrounded.
 You will die fast if you get trapped inside a group so be sure to keep
 moving. If you are a Warrior you can use your Special Move to fight your way
 out. If you aren’t a Warrior... well... I hope you have a LOT healing potions

-“Restoration” is a vital skill for the long-term survival of your character.
 It will save you a fortune in Healing Potions and is cheap enough even for
 low Mana warriors to cast. Just remember that skill has about a half-second
 lag in between the time you activate the skill and the time you actually get
 healed, so if you think that you are about to be killed in a fight use a
 healing potion instead.

-I would highly recommend taking at least one skill level in the “Alchemy”
 skill so you will be able to mix potions together. Now mix all of your
 Healing and Mana potions together to make Restoration potions. Since
 Restoration potions heal your Health and Mana by a percentage rather than a
 set number (For example, Minor Restoration will heal your Heath/Mana by 50%
 of your max Health/Mana, as opposed to healing 40 points with Healing/Mana
 Potions) it is MUCH more efficient to use a Restoration potion over a
 Healing/Mana potion. (Even if you only need to recover your Health
 or Mana...)

-“Repair” is a skill that can save you a lot of time and money. Since using
 this skill doesn’t degrade the maximum durability the item you don’t need
 more than one skill level in repair. (unless of course you get into the habit
 of using equipment that has only 1 durability...) You also don’t have to
 worry about trying to find someone to repair your stuff when something

-If you do need to find someone to repair your stuff then you can take it to
 George, (until he gets whacked...) Otho, (Inside his house in Aleroth, or
 later at the Blue Boar Inn) or Geoff. (At the Rivertown Market)

-“Enchant Weapon” is an invaluable skill for raising your stats. Charms are
 quite simply the best way raise your resistances, (2 Gold charms and a Silver
 charm will give you total immunity to an element.) or to cover any stats that
 are lagging. (I was able to get my rocks-for-brains warrior nearly 500 mana
 points just through charms) Note that there are only stat-raising charms in
 this game; there are no Charms that can raise skill levels or add to damage
 or defense.

-The different charm levels and the bonuses they give are:

 -Aluminum: Gives Minor Bonuses
  Adds   40 to Vitality/Mana
  Adds    4 to Statistics
  Adds   10 to Resistances

 -Bronze: Gives Medium Bonuses
  Adds   60 to Vitality/Mana
  Adds    6 to Statistics
  Adds   15 to Resistances

 -Silver: Gives Large Bonuses
  Adds   80 to Vitality/Mana
  Adds    8 to Statistics
  Adds   20 to Resistances

 -Gold: Gives Very Large Bonuses
  Adds  100 to Vitality/Mana
  Adds   10 to Statistics
  Adds   40 to Resistances

-It’s a good idea to set up a “Home Base.” First you should choose a spot that
 has easy access to a merchant and a Teleporter. I prefer to set up camp on 
 the northern outskirts of Rivertown Market. You can make a quick jaunt to 
 Geoff to sell, identify, or repair items, or go to the Ars Magicana 
 Teleporter and have the world at your fingertips. (...more or less) Now drop
 one of your Teleport Stones and make a Hay Bed there. Bring in a Treasure
 Chest to store your unneeded items and you’re set. If you need healing or are
 overburdened you just “Drop and Use” your Teleport Stone to pop back to rest
 and sell/store excess equipment before teleporting back and continuing your

-The amount of experience that you get for killing an enemy will decrease as
 you go up in levels. (This means that an enemy that gives you 1000 experience
 at level 10 will only give you 975 or so experience at level 11.) This is
 different from the experience given by quests and completing tasks, which
 actually increases as you gain levels. So if you really want to max out your
 experience you could clean out all the enemies, and then start on the quests.
 (I would recommend against this however, because just killing monsters all
 day is no fun at all.)

-Don’t believe everything you read!


|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Walkthrough [#006]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

 Since this game is very non-linear this walkthrough will only list the quests
 that are important to the story. I have also split the walkthrough into
 sections in an attempt to make the walkthrough easier to navigate. All of the
 directions I give are based on the directions on a compass. (North means to
 the top of the screen, South to the bottom, West and East means to the left
 and right of the screen, respectively.) For the most part, I won’t tell you
 about enemy locations or how to fight them. You will just have to figure them
 out on your own.

-Note: I am a bit dyslexic when it comes to which way is left or right, so
       there is a chance I might have mixed up some of the directions that I
       have given in walkthrough. I think that I’ve caught all of these mix
       ups, but there is always the chance that some of them may have slipped
       by me.

SPOILER NOTE: Although I won’t try to tell you every little detail that
              happens in the plot, I will NOT go out of my way to avoid
              spoilers. I will give brief summaries of a couple important
              scenes and dialogs in this guide so if you are trying to avoid
              spoilers, don’t read ahead of the spot you need help in. You
              have been warned.

=====================|Part I: Healing the Healer [#006.1]|=====================


 You start the game next to a bed. You can use this bed (and a couple other
 beds throughout the game) anytime you need to recover your Health and Mana.
 Go up the ladder and go west and Joram will talk to you. He will tell you
 that he saved your life when he found you wounded in the woods. (See the
 Intro movie for more details) He also tells about the recent problems with
 the Orcs and that Aleroth’s leader, Mardaneus, has gone mad. He will tell you
 to take what you want from his house, so take him up on that offer. When you
 are done looting, go on outside the house and you will see a scene between
 Mardaneus and Lanilor, another healer. Go ahead and take a look around town.

___________________Rescue Lanilor the elf from his icy prison__________________

 When you get near Mordaneus’ house you will see a scene which Lanilor
 attempts to help Mardaneus not be crazy, but fails miserably as Mardaneus
 thinks Lanilor is a demon and ends up freezing him before going back inside
 his house. Talk to Lanilor and he will ask you to convince Mardaneus to
 unfreeze him. Unfortunately, Mardaneus’ door is locked, so talk to Lanilor
 again and he will tell you to go through the well.

   The Well

 Go down to the room to the southwest. There is a locked door there, but the
 key is just sitting there on a crate in the same room. Continue on and go up
 the ladder to enter Mardaneus’ house.

   Mardaneus’ House

 When you get inside you will be accosted by the still very crazy Mardaneus.
 You will (eventually) convince him to unfreeze Lanilor. The freshly thawed
 Lanilor will thank you and tell you about the catacombs beneath town.

__________________________Restoring Mardaneus’ Sanity__________________________

 To enter the catacombs, go to the statue in the center of town that is
 surrounded by four dragon statues. Click on each of the dragon statues until
 they all face north. (They will lock into place when they reach the correct
 position, so don’t worry about going too far.) When all four are positioned,
 the stairs down to the catacombs will be opened. When you first try to go
 down the stairs Lanilor will stop you and give you a teleporter stone.

   Catacombs: First Level

 In the room south of the starting area throw the lever on the northern wall
 to unlock the door. Follow the hallway to the end and throw another lever to
 unlock the nearby door. Go through the door and clean out all the skeletons
 in this room. Continue on and clean out the next room and the one after that.
 Grab the magic orb from the next room then continue on and in the next room
 grab the sapphire key. Continue south down the next room until you come to a
 fork in the road, the locked door to the west needs the sapphire key and
 leads back to the first hallway. Both the east and south forks lead to the
 same place, but the east fork has another magic orb, so take the east fork
 first. Continue on to the south and west to the next room and grab the final
 orb. In this room if you light the 5 candles around the pentagram you will
 summon a skeleton who will attack you. Throw the lever to unlock the door and
 continue on. In the next room you find a group of Orcs.

 They are reasonably friendly (meaning they don’t try to disembowel you on
 sight) and their leader, Smiruk even has a quest for you. (See “Retrieve the
 Magic Axe called Slasher,” below) The ladder in the room leads to the middle
 of an Orc camp, you DON’T want to go there, (at least, not yet) so go south
 down the hallway and to the east until you reach a fork, the east fork leads
 to a dead end, and the south path leads to an interesting room where you can
 get yourself your very own zombie bodyguard (See “Gregar Brock,” below.) Take
 the northern path and in the next room and place one Magic orb in center of
 each of the three pentagrams to open up a portal. Go through the portal and
 in the next room take the stairs down to the next level. The stairs up will
 create a shortcut back to town.

   Catacombs: Second Level

 This level has a VERY difficult puzzle to solve on this level. To solve it
 you have to go the stairs in the northwest corner, and then click on the
 stairs to go to the next level. If you are looking for it, Slasher can be
 found on this level, it is in a treasure room that’s under a Floor Tile.

   Catacombs: Third Level

 From the stairs go east and then south into the large room. The stairs down
 are in one of the coffins located in the center of this room, but they are
 locked. To unlock the coffins you have to open the 4 tombs that are on the
 platform surrounding the coffins. Be careful, though, because when you open a
 tomb you will be attacked by a legion of undead. If you are having problems
 with the undead that come out then just run away from them. Open all 4 tombs
 then open up the western coffin in the center of the room and go down to the
 next level.

   Catacombs: Fourth Level

 Go to the east through the first and second rooms, in the third room take the
 hallway down south to the end. At the end of the hallway continue south to
 the next room and head south again to the next room. Go east and south until
 you find doors leading to both the east and west. The east door leads to the
 area that has the second teleport stone. Flip the lever and enter. The
 teleport stone is in the next room, to pick it up just open your inventory
 and click and drag the stone into your inventory. If you got to this area by
 using the first teleport stone, you will have to use the teleport pad near
 the door to escape this area. The west door leads to the stairs down.

   Catacombs: Fifth Level

 You are in the home stretch! Go south into the inner chamber; there is a
 skeleton there who will talk to you. He will complain that the resurrection
 ritual is not working. Badger him enough and he will show you the ritual that
 is a very complicated process of flipping four switches, but unfortunately
 one of the skeletons is... well... dead, and can’t flip his switch. Now you
 get to play Tech Support, go to the northwest lever and when they start the
 ritual again, flip that lever. This will resurrect Thelyron.

 Talk to Thelyron and he will tell you it was he who is causing Mardaneus’
 insanity and that since you were such a nice guy who went and resurrected
 him, he won’t kill you and add your soul to his undead army just yet. (Gee,
 how nice of him!) However, after he’s done talking you he suddenly becomes
 wracked with pain. He can’t stand it, and begs you to put him out his misery.
 (What a wimp!)

 You will automatically kill him, and when you do, Thelyron’s minions will be
 rather upset that you killed their master and bring a whole boatload of
 undead down your throat. Fight your way out of the room you are in and
 Mardaneus will show up and zap all the undead on this level. After a brief
 conversation revealing that Mardaneus isn’t crazy anymore, he will create a
 portal that leads back to the surface.

   Back in Aleroth

-Note: Now that he is back to normal, Mardaneus will gladly heal you for free.

 Mardaneus will thank you for curing his insanity. He will also tell you that
 there is not much more that you can do inside Aleroth, so it is time for you
 to leave the village and venture out into the cold, cruel world.

________________________________Leaving Aleroth________________________________

 When you first go out of town there is cutscene of some soldiers getting
 slaughtered by some Orcs. Then a knight named Seth will arrive and order you
 back inside the town. Inside the town Seth will explain that there is a
 plague ravaging Rivertown, and he has come to ask for the aid of the healers
 of Aleroth. He wants you to tell the healers his plight. Go to Mardaneus and
 tell him about the plague and Mardaneus will agree to help. Go back to Seth
 and tell him the good news. He will tell you to deliver a message to General
 Alix to arrange for an escort for the healers.

============|Part II: Assassins, Plagues, and Orcs, Oh My [#006.2]|============

 Now leave the town and follow the road to the south. You will run into a
 Dragon Rider who wants to kill you, which he does easily. Fortunately a mage
 named Ganda... er... Zandalor shows up and saves you. He then tells you that
 you are a “Marked One,” but doesn’t tell what the heck a Marked One is. He
 tells you to meet him at the Dwarven Bread Inn later for a more detailed
 explanation of just what the heck is going on around here. He also gives you
 the scroll to activate Mage Teleportation points. He also mentions finding
 clues to the location of the other scrolls inside the Cursed Abbey. After he
 leaves, continue down the road and cross the bridge.

-Note: The Dragon Rider that Zandalor kills can drop items when defeated just
       like any other enemy in the game. The items the Dragon Rider can drop,
       however, are some of the best in the game. (...and a heck of a lot
       better then what the local Orcs are dropping...) So you could save
       before the cutscene and reload until you get something. Just try not to
       go crazy trying to get a sword with 5 charm slots or something...

_________________________________The Farmlands_________________________________

 Across the bridge you have a choice on where to go next; take the north road
 and you will end up at the door step of the Cursed Abbey, or follow the south
 road to (eventually) reach the Dwarven Bread Inn and the Barracks. I would
 not recommend tackling the cursed Abbey until you are LEAST level 20, so take
 the south road from the bridge. Follow the road until you go past the Blue
 Boar Inn and at the next fork, take the East path to get to the Dwarven Bread
 Inn, or the south road to find the barracks. Since the barracks are closer,
 take the south road then east to get to the barracks.

__________________________________The Barracks_________________________________

 Inside the barracks go and talk to General Alix, who will want news on Seth.
 Tell her that Seth has made it to Aleroth but he needs an escort for the
 healers. She will send an escort for the healers and tell you to go see
 Captain Mitox for more work.

-WARNING: If you wait for around ten or so days after Seth gives you the quest
          to arrange an escort. Then Alix will tell you that she already sent
          an escort and that quest will fail.

-Note: After arraigning an escort for the healers Lanilor, Otho, Joram, and
       Goemoe can now be found in the Blue Boar Inn. Mardaneus, however, will
       stay behind in Aleroth.

 If you ask her for some equipment she will let you take what you want from
 the barracks armory. When the conversation finishes, the barracks will be
 attacked by Orcs. These guys shouldn’t be too much of a problem. After
 mopping up the Orcs, you can use the beds in the northwest building to rest,
 or go into armory and take whatever equipment you want. When you are done
 here go on to the Dwarven Bread Inn.

_______________________________Dwarven Bread Inn_______________________________

 Go inside the inn and go into the back rooms and a man named Wouter will talk
 to you. When you ask him about Zandalor he reveals that he, too, is a Marked
 One. He tells you that Zandalor is currently at Stormfist Castle, trying to
 find the third Marked One. He wants you to stay at the Dwarven Bread Inn and
 wait for Zandalor, but being the impatient hero-type that you are you will
 decide to go to Stormfist Castle and meet with Zandalor there.

________________________________Stormfist Castle_______________________________

 When you try to enter Stormfist Castle you will be stopped at the gate. It
 seems they don’t just let anybody into castle; you will need an invitation to
 get inside. There are three ways of getting an invitation, (actually, there
 is another way in, but that method is a cheat and will likely mess up your
 game...) either by helping the army to break the Orc siege, by discovering
 the cause of the plague, or by discovering who was responsible for the Old
 Duke’s Murder.

________________________________Break the Siege________________________________

 To break the Orc siege you will need to do two quests for Captain Mitox in
 the tent town to the south of the barracks. Both of these quests are
 basically suicide missions, where you have to drop an item in a place that
 has a LOT of strong enemies defending it. First you will have to take a
 barrel of explosives into the Orc’s supply train.

-Note: If you are having problems with the enemies that are swarming around
       this area you can just run to the place where you need to drop the item
       (gulp down a stamina potion if you need it) while avoiding all the
       enemies, then quickly drop the item and use your Teleport Stones to get
       out before you are overwhelmed by the swarm of Orcs you that are
       chasing after you.

   Mission 1: Ravage the Orc supply train

 The easiest way to get to where you’re supposed to go is to find a hatch
 inside one of the buildings that leads to some tunnels. Follow the tunnels to
 the east as far as you can and take the southern tunnel to find a stairway
 that should come out right next to your target. Go into the square pen that
 Mitox marked on your map and drop the barrel of explosives in the middle of
 it. This will blow up the pen and complete this quest. Get the heck out of
 there and head back to Mitox. Now he wants you to Poison the Orc’s well.

-WARNING: Do NOT sell/lose the explosives Mitox gives you, you won’t be able
          to complete this mission, and therefore unable to get an invitation
          for completing the Orc Siege missions.

   Mission 2: Poison the Well

 The well you need to poison is deep inside Orc territory, and the only way
 there is to walk. (er... run, quickly...) When you get to the well, just drag
 and drop the poison onto the well. Get out of there and go back to Mitox. He
 will send you back to General Alix, Go see General Alix and she will give you
 an invitation to enter Stormfist Castle.

-WARNING: You shouldn’t sell/lose the poison you get from Mitox either.

-Note: General Alix will relock the door to the Barrack’s Armory after she
       gives you the invitation and won’t let you get back in to it. Make sure
       you get what you need from the Armory before you talk to her.

____________________________The Cause of the Plague____________________________

 The events that will lead you to discovering the cause of the plague starts
 with a farmer named Hugh.

   The Poisoned Harvest

 You can find Hugh in his house to the northwest of Stormfist Castle. Hugh
 will complain that his crops are being ruined by a mysterious disease. Hugh
 suspects poison, and wants you to see if you can find anything. There is a
 cave in the southwest corner of the farmlands; inside the cave you will find
 an Orc and several barrels of poison. The Orc will attack you, kill him and
 take the key he drops. The key opens a door to a storage room in the basement
 of the Blue Boar Inn. Inside the room you find more barrels of poison. Leave
 the basement and talk to the bartender Splinter, he will say that the room
 with the poison in it has been rented out to Dr. Elrath. He tells you that
 Elrath can be found either at the quarantined area to the south of the
 farmlands or at his house in the Rivertown Market area. Go to the quarantined
 area first and there will be a scene with Dr. Elrath leaving the Quarantine
 area and going back to his house in Rivertown Market. Follow him to Rivertown

   Rivertown Market

 Go to Dr. Elrath’s house and confront him about the poison barrels in the
 Blue Boar Inn. Elrath will claim that he lost the key to that storage room
 weeks ago and that it must be someone else who is trying to frame him before
 he kicks you out. Elrath will also leave at this time, locking the door to
 his house behind him. Search to the south of Elrath’s and find a key behind a
 rock. Use the key to unlock the front door to Elrath’s house.

-Note: Danny Lam has told me that you can drop a teleport stone inside
       Elrath’s house (you have to do this before he talks to you) and then
       use it to warp inside his house without having to bother with finding
       the key or unlocking the door.

   Dr. Elrath’s House

-WARNING: If you unlock the front door and Elrath is still inside, RELOAD. You
          can’t explore his house while Elrath is inside, and when he kicks
          you out and locks the door there is no way to open it again (you
          have already used the only key.) resulting in a broken quest. This
          issue has been fixed with the latest patch. (The key to Elrath’s
          front door will not appear until you need to use it)

-Note: Capricous ([email protected]) has told me that you can lockpick
       Elrath’s front door with a Lockpick skill of 2. You will only be able
       to lockpick the door before you find the note exposing Elrath. After
       you expose Elrath his door will be locked again and you won’t be able
       to unlock it no matter how high your Lockpicking skill is.

 Your goal inside Elrath’s house is to get to the stairs to the basement, but
 several locked doors block your way. The key to this puzzle are the “Strange
 Lanterns” that line the walls of Elrath’s house, each one of these lanterns
 will open or close some of the doors inside Elrath’s house when you click on
 them. In the first room there are three lanterns, one to the left and right
 of the entrance and one on the west wall. First click on the lantern to the
 right of the entrance to open the bedroom door, then the one on the west wall
 to open the southern door. Go through the southern door into a small room
 with another locked door to the south. Click on the lantern in this room to
 close the door you just came through and open the door to the south and the
 door to the bedroom. Go on through the open door and go into Elrath’s bedroom
 and click another lantern on the north wall near his bed, this will open both
 doors leading back to the first room. Now go back to the first room and click
 on the west wall lantern again, this will close the two southern doors again.
 Click on the west wall lantern a second time to open the southern door. Go
 into the small room and click on the lantern to open the south door, and the
 door to the basement should be open.

 Inside the basement move the stack of boxes next to the west wall to find a
 door hidden behind the pile. This door is locked, but you can find the key
 inside a chest that is in this room. Follow the hallway south (there are
 traps here, so watch out) to a room with a Djinn inside who attacks you. Be
 careful, it can take off nearly 200 health with each hit, so try to kill it
 with ranged attacks if you can. When you manage to kill it search the room
 (watch out for traps) and read the note that’s lying on the table in the
 center of the room. This note reveals that the “plague” is actually a poison
 that was meant to be used on the Barracks, but Elrath used it instead on the
 water supply of the poor sections of Rivertown, and that this whole “plague”
 thing is meant to cover up the poison. Take the note (Drag and drop it into
 your inventory, just like the Teleport Stones.) and leave the basement. (Be
 sure to grab the two Cure Potions that are sitting on a cabinet in the
 eastern part of the room, as this is the only chance you will have at getting
 them.) Leave Elrath’s house and head to the Town Watch near Stormfist Castle.
 (You will likely be attacked by Assassins sent by Elrath to try and stop you
 on your way there.) Inside the Town Watch talk to Ralph and show him the note
 you found in Elrath’s house. Ralph will order Elrath’s arrest and thank you
 for helping to discover the cause of the plague by giving you an invitation
 to Stormfist Castle.

-WARNING: Brian Haefs has told me that if you go into Ralph’s room he will
          come and kick you out and will lock the door. The problem is that he
          usually manages to lock himself INSIDE his room, meaning you will be
          unable to speak to him and finish the Elrath quest. It seems that
          the only way to fix this is to prevent it from happening in the
          first place, so stay away from Ralph’s room.

-Note: After exposing Elrath you can report back to Hugh for a reward of 1000
       Gold Pieces. The gold that Hugh gives you, however, is bugged. It won’t
       stack with the other Gold in your inventory nor will you be able to
       purchase anything with it.

__________________________Finding the Duke’s Murderer__________________________

 When you talk to Commander Ralph about the Old Duke’s death he will tell you
 about his suspicions on the matter, that he thinks that the duke might have
 been assassinated. He suggests trying to find out the Assassin’s Guild and
 that Sir Dante in Verdistis might be able to help you contact them.


 Inside of Verdistis go to Sir Dante’s Mansion. Talk to Randell and ask to see
 Sir Dante and he will unlock the door to Dante. Talk to Sir Dante and ask him
 to arrange a meeting with a contact of the Assassin’s Guild, he will become
 upset and demands to know who told you that he would know someone from the
 Assassin’s Guild. Tell him “Zandalor, the Wizard” (he won’t help you if you
 answer with any of the other names) and he will say that he will make
 arrangements to meet with the Assassin’s Guild, IF you do him a favor first.
 He wants you to steal a Title Deed from Sir Patrick. Agree to do this for
 him. (If you are worried about stealing from Patrick, don’t, the Deed that
 Dante wants you to steal turns out to be nothing more than a permission slip
 to extort money...)

 To get the Title Deed you will need to go to Sir Patrick’s Mansion. When you
 get there search the grounds outside the mansion for a Portal Stone. It is in
 the western half of the estate near the fence and is partially obscured by a
 hedge. When you find on it click on it to be transported inside the mansion.

 You are teleported to a room with five exits: two to the north, two to the
 south, and one to the west. The room to the west has the Deed you want, but
 to get to it you first need to unlock the door. To do that you need to go
 into the northwest room and flip the lever there, then go into the southeast
 room and flip the lever there, and finally flip the lever in the center room
 to open the door to the west. Take the Deed and return to Sir Dante.

 He will tell you to go see Yarun in the Merchant’s Guild. Go there and talk
 to Yarun and tell him that Sir Dante sent you. It doesn’t matter what you say
 after this, as he will eventually sic some assassins on you and slip away.
 Kill the assassins and then click on the cupboard in this room to find a
 secret passage to a new area.

 When you arrive in the new area go south to find Yarun, who will send more
 assassins after you before running off again. (Note that you can use the bed
 in the first room to rest. Who can sleep inside a den of assassins, anyways?)
 Go east through the hall way to come to a large room; take the northern exit
 to find a hallway lined with cells. Go into the farthest southwestern cell
 and you will find Yarun hiding there. This time he will make a bargain with
 you; he will arrange a meeting with the assassin who killed the Duke in
 exchange for his life. Agree to this and he will run off, and your character
 will make a comment about telling Commander Ralph about this, but then they
 start to have second thoughts about telling him.

 If you want to inform Commander Ralph, Go back to the Town Watch Building in
 Rivertown and talk to Ralph. Either way, go to the burned-out building that
 Yarun marked on your map to find Cybu. Approach him and you will get him to
 confess to killing the Duke. Now if you informed Commander Ralph about this
 meeting he will now show up with some guards and take care of Cybu for you,
 but if you didn’t you will have to take him and his assassin flunkies out
 yourself. When Cybu is dead go talk to Ralph and he will give you an
 invitation to Stormfist Castle.

-WARNING: Apparently poking around Commander Ralph’s room can also break this
          quest too.

_____________________Cheat: Enter Stormfist Castle Anytime_____________________

 evandar ([email protected]) told me about a way to enter Stormfist Castle
 anytime you want, you just need both teleport stones. The idea is to use the
 teleport stones to teleport you past the spot where the guards stop you. Go
 to the entrance of Stormfist Castle and drag one of your Teleport Stones as
 far as you can into the entrance of the castle. Now just use the other stone
 to teleport, and if you did it correctly you should be able to walk through
 and into the castle courtyard.

 If you do this before you get an invitation to enter Stormfist Castle,
 everyone inside will act like you have been named Lord Protector. Doing this
 will mess up your game, however, as some cutscenes that are needed to advance
 the game will not trigger, causing a broken game.

 If you go after the Stormfist Castle event, well, not much happens. You still
 can’t go into the cellar, (You are stopped by dead guards!) and Janus doesn’t
 seem to remember that he kicked you out. I suppose you could grab any
 treasure you missed during your stint as the Lord Protector, but that’s about

========================|Part III: Stormfisted [#006.3]|=======================

-Note: I would recommend waiting until you are around level 20-25 before
       continuing with the story.

________________________________Stormfist Castle_______________________________

 When you have one (or more) invitations to Stormfist Castle just go to the
 castle entrance and the captain will let you in. Before you can meet with
 Janus, however, you are stopped by an Imp named ZixZax. (the Almost-Wise) He
 will take your Teleport Stones before leaving.

-Note: If you drop both Teleport Stones into a container or on the ground
       before you enter Stormfist Castle then ZixZax (the Almost-Wise) will
       never show up to take the Teleport Stones from you. Unfortunately, this
       won’t prevent ZixZax (the Almost-Wise) from taking your Teleport
       Stones, as he will just show up and take them when you pick them up
       after you escape from Iona’s Dungeon.

 After ZixZax (the Almost-Wise) leaves you are taken to see Duke Janus, and
 his advisor, Elona. Janus congratulates you for your services to Rivertown
 and decides that you would be thrilled to be Janus’ new Lord Protector, and
 he won’t take no for an answer. (Seriously, he doesn’t take no for an
 answer.) You are forced to become Janus’ Lord Protector for the next forty
 years! (You will also gain 10 reputation points!) After he finishes his
 speech and leaves you are free to look around the castle. You can go anywhere
 you want, except for the cellars. (...or outside the castle, of course...)
 The door to the armory is locked, but you can find the key to the door is in
 the study directly north of the armory. When you are done exploring, go to
 Janus and receive the first of your labors.

   Find the White Cat

 Janus’ first task is for you to bring him his cat. The cat is simple to find,
 just go out of Janus’ room and follow the hallway south. When you get near
 the cat you will automatically call out to the cat. To your surprise the cat
 will talk back! The cat tells you his name is Arhu and that he is actually a
 spy for Zandalor. He tells you that Zandalor has gone into the cellars of
 Stormfist Castle but has not returned. After you tell him that Janus is
 looking for him he will run off. You will not be able to get into the cellars
 so just return to Janus, who will berate you for not bringing him his cat
 before he gives you a new job.

   Deliver a Love Letter to Lela

 Now Janus gives you a letter to give to his girlfriend Lela. Lela is in the
 room south of Janus’ room. Of course, Lela is an even bigger brat than Janus
 is. Just give her the letter and go back to Janus for your next job. (Feel
 free to read the letter yourself, high poetry it ain’t...)

   Flowers for Lela

 After delivering the letter, Janus tells you to go pick some flowers and take
 them to Lela. The flowers are just to the east of the entrance to Stormfist
 Castle. Pick one (It doesn’t matter which one you take) and bring them to
 Lela, who will courteously thank you. (Yeah, right!) Go back to Janus, who
 has returned to the throne room.

   Find the Teddy Bear

 Go to the throne room and talk to Janus, who will order you to find Uncle
 Samakayne, Lela’s favorite teddy bear. When you finish talking to Janus the
 Elven Ambassador Bronthion will enter and ask for the Human’s support in
 their conflict with the Dwarves, but he gets insulted out of the royal court.
 After witnessing that display of diplomatic prowess Janus orders you to get
 going and find the teddy bear, which is sitting in the hallway outside of
 Janus’ room. Use the Alt key to find it and take it to Lela.

   The Merchant’s Meeting

 This quest is actually given to you by Theus when you leave Lela’s room after
 giving her the teddy bear. He tells you that there is an important meeting
 between Janus and some merchants, and your attendance is required. Head to
 the throne room and the meeting will start automatically. The meeting is
 interrupted, however, when group of Orcs suddenly emerge from the cellar and
 try to assassinate Janus. Although they are easily dispatched, Janus will get
 angry because you didn’t kill the Orcs before they got near him. He will
 strip you of your “Lord Protector” title and kicks you out of Stormfist
 Castle and into horrible horrible freedom! (You will also lose 15 reputation

-Note: Once you are kicked out of Stormfist Castle you will not be able to get
       inside the castle again without cheating. (See Cheat: Enter Stormfist
       Castle Anytime, Above.)

_________________________________Iona’s Dungeon________________________________

 Your freedom is short-lived, however, because you are stopped by Elona before
 you can get too far and she will kidnap you. You end up locked in a dungeon
 without any of your equipment. Elona then shows up to taunt you sporting a
 new look. (and a name change, her name is now Iona...) After she leaves just
 sit tight as Arhu will eventually show up and free you from of your cell.
 There is nothing of value on this floor, so just take the stairs up to the
 first floor.

   Iona’s Dungeon First Floor

 The chest containing your equipment is in the room directly east of the
 starting point. Unfortunately the door is locked, but Arhu shows up and tells
 you that the key should be nearby. After he leaves, continue searching to the
 east and you will find the key you need inside another room. Take the key and
 unlock the door to the chest with your equipment and take your equipment
 back. Now that you have your stuff back this is a pretty straight-forward
 dungeon, as your only real goal in this dungeon is to get out alive and if
 you need heath or mana just use one of the Healing or Mana Shrines
 conveniently scattered throughout the level.

 From the starting point head west into the next room and take the west door.
 Follow the hallway north and west, and in the next room take the door that’s
 to the west and a little south from where you enter. Take the only exit to
 the south and pass by the Mana Shrine and go through the first western door.
 This door is locked, but the switch is just south of the door. Continue west
 then turn north until the path splits. Take the west path and go through the
 door to come to a room that has a Healing Shrine and the stairs that will
 lead you out of this dungeon in it.

_________________________________The Graveyard_________________________________

 When you exit the dungeon Arhu reappears and tells you that you should try to
 find a different way into Stormfist Castle. He suggests enlisting the help of
 the Thieves Guild of Verdistis in searching the sewers for an alternate
 entrance to Stormfist Castle. After Arhu leaves Iona returns and is none too
 happy that you escaped her dungeon. She threatens you for awhile and then she
 causes the dead of the cemetery to rise. Just fight your way out of the

======|Part IV: Enter Stormfist Castle and Find Zandalor, AGAIN! [#006.4]|=====

 After exiting the cemetery, you are free to do what ever you want to do. I
 would suggest raising your levels to about 30 or so through killing enemies
 and doing sidequests before continuing.

___________________________Joining the Thieves Guild___________________________

-Note: Although joining the Thieves Guild is optional, I would suggest joining
       them anyways because it will save you a LOT of frustration when you are
       exploring the sewers.

 To join the Thieves Guild you will need to talk to Rob in The Ducal Inn of
 Verdistis. Tell him you want to join the guild and he will give you the first
 of the two tests needed to join the Thieves Guild.

   First Test: Steal from Sweeny

 For the first test Rob tells you to steal a necklace from Sweeny. To
 accomplish this you will need at least 1 skill level in the Pickpocket skill,
 then just use Pickpocket on Sweeny to get the necklace. Take the necklace
 back to Rob to get the next test.

   Second Test: The Beer Run

 Next Rob wants you to grab a bottle of ale that is behind a locked door. The
 door you need to pick is in the basement of the inn. You will need 1 skill
 level in the Lockpicking skill and a set of Lockpicks to open the door. Just
 lockpick the door and take the bottle of ale that is inside and take it back
 to Rob to become a card-carrying member of the Thieves Guild.

-WARNING: Do NOT lose the Ale you need for the test! You won’t be able to
          become a member of the Thieves Guild if you do.

 Now that you have joined the Thieves Guild you can ask Rob for help in
 entering Stormfist Castle and he will give you a key, (Which unlocks another
 entrance to the sewers, and is only moderately helpful.) and mark the
 locations of two entrances to Stormfist Castle inside the sewers. (Which is
 VERY helpful.)

________________________________Rivertown Sewers_______________________________

-Note: There are actually two different sewer areas, Verdistis Sewers and
       Rivertown Sewers. You want to be in the sewers under Rivertown, as that
       is where the entrance to Stormfist Castle is.

 The sewers under Rivertown are a huge, sprawling maze of pathways and any
 attempt by me to give directions will likely end up you getting hopelessly
 lost. So you are on your own exploring these sewers. Your goal here is to
 enter the “Sewers entry to Stormfist Castle’s Treasure Room.” (As Rob from
 the Thieves Guild marks it.)

________________________Stormfist Castle’s Treasure Room_______________________

-Note: If you are attacked by someone named Executioner when you first enter
       an area, you are in the wrong place. You want to be in the Stormfist
       Castle’s Treasure Room, not the prison.

-WARNING: You can NOT use ANY magic while you are inside the treasure room, so
          you will have to make do with physical attacks and skills.

 When you enter the treasure room you will be trapped inside as the Black Ring
 makes their move against Zandalor. A cutscene will play showing the third
 Marked One getting killed and Zandalor being cornered by a Deathknight and
 some Orc flunkies. Go east and take the gold and gems in the room, (Always
 remember your priorities...) then go south into a hallway. Follow the hallway
 west and go into the north room and kill the Deathknight and his Orc posse.
 (Be sure to take and use the potions in the room if you need them.)

 After beating them, go west and talk to Zandalor there, he will ask you to
 check the treasure vault to see if the Sword of Lies is still there. He gives
 you the password to the vault door (ANVAS ENROD) and sends you off to search
 for the Sword. Retrace your steps back to the hallway south of the room with
 the gold and gems, but this time continue on and follow the hall to the east.
 (There are traps all over this area, so be careful.) After following the
 hallway to the east and then the north, you will come to a door with a face
 on it. The door will demand a password, (In case you weren’t paying
 attention, it’s ANVAS ENROD.) give it to him (once again, it’s ANVAS ENROD.)
 and go into the vault. Inside the center of the vault your character will
 make a comment that The Sword of Lies is nowhere to be found, so go back to
 Zandalor, and he will surmise that Janus has taken the sword and has been
 corrupted by the Lord of Chaos. He wants to go check on Wouter, the second
 Marked One and teleports the both of you out of there to the Dwarven Bread

________________________Return to the Dwarven Bread Inn________________________

 When you arrive at the Dwarven Bread Inn a cutscene plays where Wouter is
 lured outside by a boy who claims that someone is getting beaten up outside.
 Wouter rushes outside only to find a Dragon Rider waiting for him, who
 promptly blasts poor Wouter to Kingdom Come. (And just because he’s a bad
 guy, the Dragon Rider also blasts the boy who lured Wouter into the trap.)
 Zandalor rushes off to try and save Wouter, go and follow him but when you
 reach him it will be too late, Wouter is dead. (There is no way you can save
 Wouter.) Zandalor decides to take you to the chamber of The Council of Seven
 to begin the ceremony of The Divine One. When you are ready tell him to take
 you to the Council of Seven Chambers.

______________________________The Council of Seven_____________________________

 Inside the chamber of the Council of Seven Zandalor gets the feeling that
 something is wrong there. That something turns out to be a Succubus who traps
 Zandalor inside an Energy Cage and then runs off. Zandalor tells you that you
 will need to destroy the Succubus to purify the chamber and Zandalor will
 then be able to free himself.

 The Council of Seven chamber is so tiny that it is impossible to get lost in.
 If you get hurt here you can either go back to Zandalor and he will heal you
 if you want, or you can just use one of the abundant Healing or Mana Shrines
 here. (There is one of each in just about every single room on this map!) The
 Succubus’ room is just one room and one hallway north of the starting point
 so there is hardly any need to conserve your strength here.

 The Succubus attacks mostly with a rather strange physical attack (Is she
 trying to... kiss you?) and also summons a Deathknight. (Which you can use
 Aura of Command on to make it attack the Succubus...) When you kill her
 Zandalor will be free and come up to you and tell you to follow him. But
 before you do that, however, go to the room to the west and you will find
 another one of the Succubus’ prisoners, who is none other than ZixZax! (The
 Almost Wise) Not only will he thank you for rescuing him, but he will also
 give back the Teleport Stones that he took! (Yipee!)

======|Part V: The Council of Six Races and Assorted Magic-Users [#006.5]|=====

 After you finish with ZixZax, (The Almost Wise) return to the room where you
 fought the Succubus is and then follow Zandalor to the north. You will come
 to a room with seven statues and seven stones sitting in front of them.
 Zandalor will explain that in order to become the Divine One you will need to
 receive the blessing of the Seven Races, and to do this you will need to
 assemble a new Council of Seven. To find the members of the council you just
 need to drag and drop one of the scrying stones onto the pedestal of the
 appropriate statue. This will give you a vision about the Council Member of
 that race. Then it’s only a matter of tracking them down, and inviting them
 to the council. (And by having them say the magic word, “XXBZPTRL.” Say that
 three times fast...)

 The scrying stones have been arranged so that they are sitting in front of
 the statue they go in to. Drag and drop the stones onto the pedestal, receive
 a vision then go and do the quest to get them to join the council.

_____________________________Dwarven Council Member____________________________

-Note: You won’t be able to find the Dwarven Council Member right away... I
       think you have to complete 5 other Council Member quests (see below)
       before you can start the Dwarf quest.

 When you first try to get a vision of the Dwarven Council you will just see
 an unknown Dwarf out in the middle of nowhere. Come back later (After
 completing 5 other Council Member quests) and try again and you will see that
 the Dwarf is now standing at an altar of some kind. Zandalor recognizes the
 altar as the one in the Dwarven Village in Rivertown.

   Dwarven Village

 Go to the altar and talk to Eolus ThunderStorm. When you tell him that he has
 been chosen as the Dwarven Council Member he will tell that he can’t accept
 the position as long as the stolen Axe of Stone is missing. He thinks that
 the Elves were the ones who stole the axe and says that they have captured an
 Elf and are getting ready to beat a confession out of him. When you ask to
 help recover the axe he reluctantly tells you to talk to the mayor and the
 captured Elf. After you speak to Eolus he will retire to the house directly
 south of the altar.

 Go and speak to Arandalis, the captured elf being held in the basement of the
 Black Hammer Inn. He will tell that he was kidnapped by a Human and a Dwarf
 and was left near the altar where the Axe of Stone was stolen. After speaking
 to Arandalis, go and speak to Gregor Dunatrim inside the Glenborus Town Hall.
 He is pretty adamant that Arandalis is guilty, and you won’t be able to
 convince him otherwise. When you ask him how much ale he has had he will go
 ballistic and give you a long speech about how mead is much better than ale.
 When he finishes he tell you that if you bring him some mead he will promise
 to tell you a story.

 Go to the Brewery in the western half of town and buy some ale from Rimmer
 there. Take the ale back to Glenborus Town Hall and give some to Gregor.
 After you give him the ale he will let it slip that he is part of a
 conspiracy to make war against the Elves. He tells you his fellow
 conspirators are holed up inside a secret cave inside the mines underneath
 the Dwarven Halls and he will tell you the password needed to get past the
 sentry inside the cave. (The password is “PROPHESY”) Leave the Dwarven
 Village and head south into the Dark Forest and enter the Dwarven Halls.

   Dwarven Halls

 Your first stop inside the halls should be to see Kelp Dunatrim, King of the
 Dwarves. Enter his chamber (you will have to give up all of you equipment
 before you can enter) and talk to the King. Ask him permission to enter the
 mines and he gives it to you. Ask him about whatever else you want to then
 leave his chamber (You will get your equipment back after you leave the
 King’s chamber. Be sure to double-check your equipment because they always
 seem to mix up what you had equipped before you went in.) When you are ready,
 go and enter the mines.

   Dwarven Mines

 Follow the tunnel around until you come to a fork. Take the eastern route
 then go north through the door. Follow the tunnel northeast then turn west
 until find an entrance that will take you deeper into the mines.

 Go east until you run into the Sentry and give him the password Gregor gave
 you. (PROPHESY) Continue to the north and move the Wooden Fence that is
 blocking a door then go through the door. In the next room go east and
 continue through a door into another room. Go to the far eastern end of the
 room then turn north. Go north through a small connecting hallway and into
 the next room where you will come face-to-face with Moriendor, a Member of
 the Black Ring. After a bit of the usual
 explaining-his-diabolical-plan-to-the-protagonist spiel he attacks. (He likes
 to use HellSpikes, so be careful! This battle gave me a whole new
 appreciation for the Freeze skill...) After you beat him he will run off into
 a back room and locks the door.

-Note: An amusing trick to try is to use Polymorph on Moriendor when you fight
       him. Not only does it work on him, but he will also be stuck in
       polymorphed form FOREVER! Even when you run into him again at the end
       of the game he will still be the rabbit that you turned him into during
       this fight.

 The lever to unlock the door is right next to the door he ran through. Flip
 it and go into the north room then take the first western door to find
 Moriendor and the Axe of Stone. Moriendor will teleport away, leaving the Axe
 of Stone behind. Take the Axe of Stone and before you leave the mines be sure
 to search the backrooms until you find a note that tells about the Mayor of
 the Dwarven Village’s part in the plot. Take the note with you and return to
 the King with the Axe of Stone (The guards won’t take the Axe of Stone or the
 note with the rest of your items) and give it to him. Also be sure to talk to
 him about the note you found in the Mines. This will open up the Dragon Armor
 Set quest. Return to the Dwarven Village. 

   Dwarven Village

 Go to the house to the south of the Stone Axe Altar and talk to Eolus again
 and now that the Axe of Stone has been recovered he will gladly join the
 Council of Seven.

______________________________Elven Council Member_____________________________

 When get the vision of the Elven Council Member you will (eventually)
 remember him from your stint as the Lord Protector as the Elven Ambassador,
 Bronthion. Zandalor will suggest going to the Elven Village in the Dark

   Elven Village

 You will find Bronthion in the West side of the village. Unfortunately, he
 will refuse to accept the Council position until SOMEONE (hint, hint) returns
 the three Elven Ceremonial Relics that have been stolen from the Elven Burial
 Grounds. Leave the town to the south and follow the ravine southward until
 you come to the Elven Burial Grounds.

   Elven Burial Grounds

 When you arrive at the burial grounds there is a quick scene with a group of
 strange dwarves. (They are actually polymorphed Imps.) Follow them to the
 west and you will stumble onto an Orc camp. Kill them all then search the
 northern cliff face to find a cave.

 When you enter the cave head south into a donut-shaped room, from there head
 west to a small room. Look for lever in this room that will open a door on
 the western wall. In the next room there is a floor tile that you can click
 on to take you to a lower level. You had better be prepared to go down there,
 because one of the most difficult battles of the game awaits you down there.

 When you go under the floor tile you are met by Josephina, a Black Ring
 Member. Not only do you have do you have to deal with Josephina in this
 battle, you also have to face over a half a dozen Dwarfs. The Dwarves alone
 can easily surround you and cut you to ribbons without Josephina continually
 launching HellSpikes at you. The first thing you should do is get rid of the
 dwarves as quickly as possible, escaping back up the ladder to heal and save
 if things become too hairy. I found the Warrior’s Special Move to be
 especially effective in clearing out the dwarves. Then when the dwarves are
 finally dealt with you can turn your attention to Josephina.

-Note: A downright diabolical way of winning this battle is to immediately
       release one (or more) Death Scorpions using the Survivor’s Deadly Gift
       skill, and then quickly climb back up the ladder. Since you are on a
       different level Josephina and her posse won’t be able to harm you, and
       the death scorpions will easily slaughter the Dwarves and Josephina.

 When (if) you finally defeat Josephina you just need to find the three Elven
 Ceremonial Relics and take them back to Bronthion. Unfortunately, if you look
 around the chamber you will only find two relics. The third relic is actually
 the Quarter Staff that Josephina drops when you defeat her. Take the staff
 and have it identified to get the third relic. Take all three Elven
 Ceremonial Relics back to Bronthion and he will accept the council position.

______________________________Human Council Member_____________________________

 You immediately recognize the Human Council member as Mardaneus, the
 not-crazy-anymore leader of the Healers of Aleroth.


 Your homecoming to Aleroth is sort-lived, as there are now Orcs roaming the
 town and Mardaneus is trapped inside his house. The only way to rescue the
 elder healer is to defeat Demona, the Black Ring member who is holed up in
 Lanilor’s old house. (You can’t sneak into Mardaneus’ house through the well
 anymore, so don’t bother.) She only has a physical attack, which although
 powerful shouldn’t give you too many problems if you have a lot of healing
 potions/ spells handy.  Take the key found on top of a bookcase inside
 Lanilor’s house and use it to unlock Mardaneus’ house. Go talk to Mardaneus
 and he will gladly accept the council position.

_______________________________Imp Council Member______________________________

 In the vision you will see an Imp who seems to be enjoying himself. Zandalor
 comments that he seems to be to be staying at The Ducal Inn in Verdistis.


 Go to The Ducal Inn and find Zaknadrix, the Imp in the vision inside one of
 the rooms. Talk to Zaknadrix and tell him that he has been chosen as the Imp
 Council Member he will deny it, claiming that Antx is the REAL council
 member. He will then explain that Antx is actually hiding inside a Magic
 Sphere that Zaknadrix is carrying. Zaknadrix tells you that the only way to
 get inside the sphere and talk to Antx is to touch the sphere, so go ahead
 and touch the sphere and you will be warped to Arakand.

-WARNING: There is a nasty bug here that will prevent you finishing this game.
          If you refuse to enter the sphere the first time he offers it will
          create a glitch where he will never give you another chance to enter
          it again, resulting in you being unable to recruit Antx and complete
          the game. If you are a victim of this bug, the only thing you can do
          reload to a point before you talk to Zaknadrix for the first time.
          This issue has been fixed with the latest patch.


 Go through the gate to the north of the starting position. You will be
 stopped by Lysandra, Queen of the Bees. She will beg for your assistance in
 fighting against the Wasps. In return for your help she promises to give you
 the key to the mansion that Antx is hiding in. Agree to help her, (or not, it
 doesn’t matter) and she will leave. Immediately after Lysandra leaves you
 will be approached by Ragon, the leader of the Wasps. He will try to convince
 you to join with the Wasps. He’ll even try to convince you that he’s the one
 with the key, not Lysandra. (He’s lying about this, by the way.) Accept or
 refuse his offer and he will leave.

-Note: Which side you take in this little skirmish will only depend on what
       you tell Ragon. What you say to Lysandra is inconsequential.

 Continue north killing Bees (If you sided with Ragon) or Wasps (If you told
 Ragon where to stick it) as you go. They don’t cause a lot of damage, but
 there are a LOT of them, so don’t get careless. Mow through the enemies until
 you reach the door to the mansion, where you will be approached by Lysandra.
 If you sided with Ragon she will attack you, kill her and take the key she
 drops. If you sided with her but didn’t kill many Wasps or you accidentally
 killed some Bees she will just give you the key and leave. If you’ve killed
 almost every Wasp she will give you the key and train you in the Aura of
 Command Skill as a reward. After Lysandra is gone Ragon shows up and will
 either attack you, (If you sided with Lysandra and the Bees) berate you, (If
 you didn’t kill many Bees or if you killed some Wasps) or give you a piece of
 Thunderplate armor. (If you killed almost every Bee.)

 Take the key that Lysandra gave you (one way or the other) and use it to open
 the door to the mansion. Talk to Antx and he will reveal that he was hiding
 in Arakand because he was once a member of the Black Ring, but he has
 defected from them. He will gratefully accept the council position and give
 you a crystal ball that you can use to get back to the real world before he
 leaves. To leave Arakand, just go into your inventory and click on the
 crystal ball that Antx gave you and you will be warped back to The Ducal Inn.

-Note: You won’t be able to return to Arakand after you leave, so try not to
       leave anything valuable behind.

_____________________________Lizard Council Member_____________________________

 Zandalor will recognize the Lizard Council Member as the Lizardman Healer,
 Goemoe. He will also note that Goemoe is currently residing at The Blue Boar

   Blue Boar Inn

 When you arrive at The Blue Boar Inn Goemoe will not be there. Talk to one of
 the other Healers from Aleroth and you will learn that Goemoe has just left
 with some other Lizardmen and that he does not intend to return.

 Return to the Council of Seven’s Scrying Room and get another vision of the
 Lizard Council Member. You will just see him traveling with some other
 Lizardmen. Unfortunately you won’t be able to discern his location from the
 vision. Zandalor suggests that you try again later.

 When you try again later (I have no idea what triggers this. I thought it was
 completion of the Imp Council Member Quest, but I was apparently wrong...)
 you will see Goemoe’s group being attacked, Goemoe being captured and turned
 into a snake, and Snake-Goemoe being held somewhere inside Verdistis.
 Zandalor will tell you to go see Trevor in the Merchant’s guild in Verdistis.


 Go into the Merchant’s Guild and talk to Trevor. Ask him about a warlock
 renting a house from him and he will mark it on your map. Go to the house and
 kill all the thugs inside. Go downstairs through the hatch to come face to
 with Cornelius, another Black Ring Member. He will Freeze you before you can
 do anything then runs off to brag to his buddies. Fortunately Zandalor will
 show up and rescue you before Cornelius can return to finish you off.

 Go south and take the Polymorph Wand that is leaning against the wall and
 return to the starting room. The eastern door is locked but the key is
 sitting on a box in the northwestern corner of the room. Unlock the door and
 you will find Snake-Goemoe inside the east room. Talk to Snake-Goemoe and use
 the Polymorph Wand on him to change him back to a Lizardman. The former
 Snake-Goemoe will accept the Lizard Council Member position.

_______________________________Orc Council Member______________________________

 When you scry to find the Orc Council Member you will just see what looks
 like a prison. Zandalor will comment that it looks like the Orc Council
 Member is being held in an Orcish Prison Pit and marks where you can find
 some deep inside the Orc camp in Rivertown.

   Orc Camp

 When you arrive at the spot Zandalor marked you see that there are actually
 four prison pits. The prison where you will find the Orc Council Member is
 the southwestern one. Go inside the prison and you will find an Orc named
 Kroxy. Talk to him and tell him that is the Orc Council Member and he will
 accept the position. The only enemies you will have to fight here are the
 Orcs that were already inside the camp. (If you were like me and had already
 cleansed the area of Orcs for experience and phat-lewt a long time ago you
 won’t have to fight a single enemy.)

_____________________________Wizard Council Member_____________________________

 This one is simple enough, because the Wizard Council Member is standing
 right next to you. Zandalor announces that he is indeed the Wizard Council
 member when you place the Wizard’s Scrying Stone. (You also get experience
 for “finding” the Wizard Council Member, even though you did almost nothing!)

______________________The Meeting of the Council of Seven______________________

 When you have found all seven council members you can start the meeting at
 any time by clicking on the gong in the Council of Seven chambers.

-WARNING: When you start the ceremony there is no turning back; as you will be
          warped directly to the final area and you won’t be able to return
          from there. Any unfinished quests will fail and any items that you
          are not carrying in your inventory will be gone forever. (There is
          one notable exception, however, if you don’t have your Teleporter
          Stones with you when you start the ceremony you will be able to
          recover them a little north of your starting location in the final
          area.) Be sure that you have everything you need before you start
          the ceremony.

==|Part VI: Battle at Black Lake: The Divine One vs. The Black Ring [#006.6]|==

-Note: The Path of the Divine skills are unlocked after you become the Divine

 After the meeting of the Council of Seven and receiving the Blessing of the
 Seven Races you will end up in a strange wasteland as the Divine One. (You
 will also gain a LOT of experience. I gained FIVE levels here!)

___________________________________Yuluth Gor__________________________________

 Talk to the two Orcs near your starting you will learn a little about what’s
 going on. The Orc Shaman will also mark the exit to the canyon you are in.
 After speaking with both of them head east then take the southern ravine that
 the Orc Shaman marked on the map. Continue south until you run into Zandalor
 and Arhu battling some Imps.

 Zandalor and Arhu will be overjoyed to see you again and teleport you to
 safer location. There they will fill you in on what’s been going on lately.
 Basically the Black Ring is holed up inside their fortress and is trying to
 summon the Lord of Chaos, and you have to go and stop them. The fortress,
 however, is surrounded by a poisonous marsh and you will need the Spirit Form
 skill to be able to cross it. Zandalor will tell that the dragon Patriarch
 might be able to help train you in the Spirit Form skill. (Or you could just
 spend a skill point yourself to learn the skill, but why do that when you can
 get it for free?) After talking to Zandalor go into the western house to find
 the Kroxy, the Orc Council Member. He has opened a shop here and he sells
 just about anything you could want here, (Potions, Weapons, Armor, Lockpicks,
 and even Gold Charms and Spellbooks!) and you can use the beds in the
 backroom to rest whenever you want. (This is as good a place as any to leave
 a Teleporter Stone in the final area.) When you’re done here leave to the

_______________________________Finding Patriarch_______________________________

 Although Zandalor says that he marked the location of Patriarch on the map he
 apparently forgot to do it, as his location will not be on your map. He is
 easy to find, however, just follow the cliffs to the east then north. You
 will eventually trigger a cutscene with some Imps trying to convince
 Patriarch to leave the area, of which Patriarch is having none of. After
 Patriarch chases off the Imps he will approach you. To get him to train you
 in Spirit Form you will have to follow a certain conversation path. (If you
 mess it up you can just try again...)

 Make the following choices to learn the Spirit Form Skill:

}Patriarch greets you.
 1. “Oh mighty dragon, I have journeyed far to find thee!”

}Patriarch will ask you about what you want.
 1. “I have need of thy great lore, Magnificent One!”

}He will inform you that there is no such thing as a free lunch.
 1. “I would not presume so your magnificence. Name thy price.”

}He doesn’t like being treated like a lowly haggler.
 1. “Forgive the ignorant words of my foolish tongue mighty one, I meant no

}He will forgive you because you obviously don’t know any better.
 2. “Well said most potent one! Woulds’t thou accept a gift from this humble

}He will ask you what gift you could possibly give him.
 5. “How to become a ghost.”

-Note: If you answer 3. “All that I posses,” here, Patriarch is so unimpressed
       with your measly little trinkets that he will give you an Axe of

}“Hah! That is no gift! I already know that spell!” (Patriarch inadvertently
  trains you in Spirit Form!)
 1. “I shall leave thy glorious presence now and leave thee to thy rest.
     Perhaps we shall meet again?”

_______________________Entering the Black Ring’s Fortress______________________

 Before you attempt to assault the Black Ring’s Fortress you should make sure
 you have a good supply of Healing, Mana, and Restoration Potions. Also look
 to buy some Gold Charms from Kroxy to fill out your equipment. (He should
 have a couple in his stock and if not, just wait until his inventory
 restocks.) Try to have at least 75 in all four resistances (and 100 in fire
 and lightning) and as many Vitality and Mana charms as you can fit into your

 The Black Ring’s Fortress is standing in the middle of poisonous marsh that
 will drain your health if you stand in it. (To say nothing of the Spectre
 Lords that will swarm you when you set foot in the marsh...) There is also an
 area somewhere in the middle of the swamp that will kill your character
 instantly if you are not in Spirit Form. The only way to cross safely is to
 activate Spirit Form and rush across the marsh while it’s active. With Spirit
 Form active, you won’t be damaged by the marsh nor will the Spectre Lords
 bother you. When you make it past the marsh, go ahead and enter the dungeon.

________________________Inside the Black Ring’s Fortress_______________________

 Follow the path until you see a cutscene where the Black Ring will start the
 ritual to revive the Lord of Chaos, but they will leave to try and prevent
 you from interrupting the ritual, leaving the Demon of Lies to complete the
 ritual. Go north onto the platform, your goal here is to go north and stop
 the Demon of Lies, but the path you need to take is blocked by several spike
 barriers. The only way to remove all of the barriers is to defeat all 5
 members of the Black Ring. Each member of the Black Ring has taken up
 residence in a separate fort that you have to go into and defeat them once
 and for all. Each path that leads from the central platform will take you to
 a different Black Ring member. Each fort is also surrounded by different
 colored crystals that can be used to identify which Black Ring Member you are
 about to face.

 Here is where each path will lead to from Left to Right:

-Far left:          Josephina’s Fort (Orange)
-2nd from Left:     Moriendor’s Fort (Blue)
-3rd from Left:     Iona’s Fort (White)
-3rd from Right:    This path leads back to the exit.
-2nd from Right:    Demona’s Fort (Yellow)
-Far Right:         Cornelius’ Fort (Green)

   Orange Fort: Josephina

 Josephina is the most difficult of the Black Ring Members to beat, as not
 only is her fort huge and packed with Deathknights, (Note: Having a high
 lightning resistance makes fighting all those Deathknights a lot easier.) but
 at the end of that gauntlet you will still have to face Josephina herself,
 who is even worse than the last time you fought her. I would advise saving
 her for last, because you will need all the levels you can get from killing
 enemies before facing Josephina.

 Josephina has got to be one of the cheapest bosses in the history of RPGs!
 Not only does she _CONSTANTLY_ use Blind to make it impossible to target her,
 but she also employs HellSpikes that will kill you before you can even blink.
 She also has insane resistances, (75 fire, lightning, and poison resistances,
 and 100 spiritual resistance) which will make most of your best skills
 ineffective. (Can you tell I don’t like her?)

 Now to actually kill her you can drop a Teleporter Stone and when she uses
 “Blind” use the Teleporter Stone and wait for it to wear off. When the
 duration over is over teleport back and continue the battle until she blinds
 you again... Lather, Rinse, Repeat. It’s rather tedious, but it worked for

 Alternatively, you could try using Death Scorpions, (From the Deadly Gift
 skill) they cause a fair amount of damage and will continue to attack
 Josephina even if you get blinded. You just have to worry about not dying
 (it’s harder than you might think...) and let the scorpions do their work.

 Another way to fight her is to use HellSpikes yourself. You will need to have
 at least three or four skill levels in HellSpikes for this to be effective.
 Since HellSpikes doesn’t need to have a target to work you can use it even
 when she blinds you, and the damage isn’t lowered by her resistances. (I also
 felt an immense feeling of satisfaction when I killed her this way...)

 If you are a Warrior and have some Shadow Potions with you then you could try
 this, when the battle starts use a Shadow Potion to turn invisible and she
 won’t be able to attack you. Now normally when you use a targeted attack you
 will become visible again, but the Warrior’s Special Move won’t make you
 become visible as long as you are not targeting anything. You can now attack
 her without fear of getting blinded and hellspiked to death, just make sure
 you have a LOT of Stamina Potions before trying this. (and maybe some Mana
 potions too...)

 Legomancer ([email protected]) told me that the Elemental Strike
 skill is effective against Josephina despite her large resistances, and you
 can use it without ending the effects of a Shadow Potion or the Hide in
 Shadows/Fade from Sight skills. If you use this strategy be sure to bring a
 lot of Mana Potions, as Elemental Strike has the biggest magic cost in the
 game. (It can cost upwards of 50 Mana a pop!)

   Blue Fort: Moriendor

 Moriendor’s fort is filled with Crystal Gargoyles and Infernal Corpses, but
 they shouldn’t be anything you can’t handle. You will need to use a couple
 teleporters to get to Moriendor, but other than that his fort is rather

 Moriendor is not quite as bad as Josephina, but he is still quite challenging
 if you’re unprepared. He will fight you exactly like Cornelius does, (or
 maybe Cornelius fights like he does...) he hits you with Blind then tries to
 HellSpike you to death. If he does Blind you then keep moving until it wears
 off to avoid the HellSpikes that he is sure to cast at you.

   White Fort: Iona

 You will need to take a couple teleporter jumps to get to Iona. The Infernal
 Corpses and Crystal Gargoyles that guard this fort shouldn’t be too

 Iona is one of the weaker Black Ring members. She doesn’t use HellSpikes and
 she can only melee attack you. Overall, Iona shouldn’t pose too many problems
 for your character as long as you don’t get careless.

   Yellow Fort: Demona

 Demona’s fort is infested with Gold Gargoyles, which are stronger than the
 Crystal and Stone Gargoyles that you have been fighting. (but not too much

 Demona still has her powerful melee attack, but that’s about it. As long as
 you are ready with healing potions and/or spells she shouldn’t give you too
 many problems.

   Green Fort: Cornelius

 You will have to fight your way through Stone Gargoyles, Gold Gargoyles, and
 even a puzzle to get to Cornelius. Take the first teleporter to go to the
 western teleporter in a room with four teleporters. Take the southern
 teleporter (It’s the only one your character can use...) then activate the
 lever in the far northern room. (There won’t be any kind of conformation that
 you activated it, though.) Then take the other teleporter in this room to go
 back to the eastern teleporter in the four teleporter room. Now just take
 northern teleporter to complete this section and continue on until you reach

 If you want a strategy on fighting Cornelius, Just read Moriendor??s section
 and replace “Moriendor” with “Cornelius.” They have the exact same stats, use
 the exact same strategy, (Blind, then Hellspikes) and even look exactly

__________________________________Final Battle_________________________________

 After beating all 5 Black Ring Members the barriers that have been blocking
 your way north have now been cleared. Go north until you reach another fort
 surrounded by red crystals. Now all that is left to do is to defeat the Demon
 of Lies and finish the game. To get to the Demon’s lair, you need to activate
 2 levers that are located one in each of the “Horns” of the fort. (There
 isn’t any conformation that the levers have been activated, by the way.)
 After both levers have been activated, the door to the Demon’s inner sanctum
 will be open. Go there and confront the Demon of Lies.

 After a bit of gloating he will attack you. He is difficult to beat, (Of
 course, compared to Josephina, the Demon of Lies is just a big pussycat...)
 He will summon an Overlord (Who looks just like the Demon of Lies! Oh... and
 you can Aura of Command this guy too...) who will start summoning
 Deathknights like there is no tomorrow and will also hit you with Scorch. If
 your Fire and Lightning resistances are high enough the Overlord/Deathknights
 shouldn’t give you any problems. Anyways, ignore the others and concentrate
 all your might on the Demon because the fight ends the instant you strike the
 final blow on the Demon. Or you could just Freeze the Demon before he has a
 chance to do anything and kill him before he can thaw out...

-WARNING: There is a glitch here that happens if an ally creature (Death
          Scorpions, Summons, Aura of Command-ed Overlords, whatever...)
          strikes the finishing blow on the Demon, then the ending cinema will
          not play. If this happens the only thing you can do is reload and
          fight the battle again, and this time try to strike the final blow
          yourself. This problem has been fixed with the latest patch.

 Congratulations! After killing the Demon of Lies the ending cinema will play,
 the credits will roll and you can give yourself a big pat on the back for
 completing this game!

+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-THE END-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Side Quests [#007]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

 This is a list of all the quests that don’t have any bearing on the on the
 main story.

===============================|Aleroth [#007.1]|==============================

______________________________Steal from Mardaneus_____________________________

 Lordlotus informed me that if you take Well passageway to enter Mardaneus’
 house before you witness the cutscene of Mardaneus freezing Lanilor then you
 can plunder his house without consequence.

____________________________Collect Herbs for George___________________________

 When you first go inside George’s shop you’ll see him arguing with someone
 over a delivery. When you talk to George afterwards he asks you to get some
 Drudanae for him from Lanilor’s garden. Go to Lanilor’s garden and pick a
 stalk of Drudanae, and go back to George for a reward. (If you haven’t gotten
 Lanilor’s permission to use his garden yet then Otho will come by and yell at
 you for stealing Lanilor’s herbs when you first try to take it. Just grab it
 after he leaves...)

________________________Find a cure for Simon and Verlat_______________________

-Note: These are actually two separate quests, but since they are both
       identical they both get rolled into one section.

 When you talk to Goemoe the lizardman or Otho the dwarf they tell you that
 they are caring for a sick soldier. They say that they both need a healing
 gem to heal them, but they only have one gem available. The healers can’t
 decide on which soldier to use the gem on, so it’s up to you to heal them. Go
 to the healing shrine to the north of Goemoe’s house and ask for the last
 Healing Gem. Now, you could use that gem to heal one of the soldiers, but
 there is a way to save both. What you need is the Magic Mirror from an
 abandoned house on the north side of town. Take the mirror to one of the
 puddles near Goemoe’s house (you should see your reflection on the ground)
 and drop it in. It should disappear, (if it doesn’t, try it again at a
 different spot) then place the Healing Gem at the same spot as the mirror.
 This will cause two Healing Gems to appear, take them both and now you will
 be able to use them to heal both Simon and Verlat. When you heal both of them
 talk to Goemoe and he will train you in a level of Restoration.

-WARNING: If you haven’t cured the soldiers by the time you restore Mardaneus’
          sanity, they will die, causing the quest to fail.

_______________________Find the Second Teleporter Pyramid______________________

 After you open the entrance to the catacombs Lanilor will arrive and give you
 a single teleport stone and tell you that if you can find its twin then you
 can use them to teleport between the two. Unfortunately he has no idea where
 the other one is. You can find it on the fourth floor of the Catacombs. To
 use them just drop both stones on the ground and then click on one stone and
 you will be teleported to the other stone. To pick up a stone when it’s on
 the ground, just open your inventory then click and drag the stone into your

___________________________George has been Murdered!___________________________

-Note: I’ve been told that if you didn’t get the Drudanae for George (see:
       “Collect Herbs for George” above) then he won’t get murdered. I haven’t
       been able to verify this, however.

 When you first enter George’s shop after finishing the catacombs and
 restoring Mardaneus’ sanity you find that George has been murdered. Go and
 talk to Mardaneus about George’s murder, (But first, go ahead and loot
 George’s house. Always remember your priorities, my young adventurer...) he
 will ask if you know anything. Mention that he wanted you to get him some
 herbs and he will want to know what herbs George wanted. Bring him another
 stalk of Drudanae and he will mention that Drudanae is used to make drugs. He
 will suggest talking to the other healers, but the other healers don’t have
 much information of value about the murder. You won’t be able solve this
 mystery until you go to Verdistis.

 Inside Verdistis you will encounter a vampire named Tutamun. When you
 confront him about George’s murder he will admit that he was supplying drugs
 to George, but he killed him when George threatened to expose him as a
 vampire. Kill Tutamun and return to Mardaneus, who will train you in
 Restoration for avenging George’s murder.

-Note: I think you have to finish this quest before you start assembling the
       Council of Seven, as Mardaneus will no longer discuss George’s murder
       after he has been recruited to the Council of Seven. This has
       apparently been fixed with the latest patch.

__________________________________Otho’s Pigs__________________________________

-Note: This isn’t a quest, just an interesting thing to do. Be sure to save
       before trying this though!

 Outside of Otho’s house are two pigs. If you attack and kill one of the pigs
 Otho will storm up and starts screaming at you for killing his beloved pig.
 Once he leaves go ahead and kill the other pig. Now Otho will arrive and
 decides to avenge his slain swine by killing you! (Yikes! That dwarf REALLY
 likes his pigs...)

-Note: After Otho leaves Aleroth to help cure the plague you can kill the pigs
       without any kind of reprisals. It just doesn’t seem to be as exciting
       this way, however.

_____________________Zombie Jake: This Time, Its Personal!_____________________

 In the graveyard in the north part of town there is one tombstone that says
 he doesn’t want any flowers on his grave. If you drag and drop the flowers
 from the adjacent grave onto his you will find out just how much the guy
 didn’t want flowers: He will actually rise from his grave and attack you!

___________________________Zombie Jake: The Revenge!___________________________

 When you’re searching in the basement of one of the abandoned houses in the
 north part of Aleroth you will be attacked by Zombie Jake again. Kill him,
 loot the basement, and be happy.

=======================|Catacombs Under Aleroth [#007.2]|======================

_____________________Retrieve the Magic Axe called Slasher_____________________

 On the first floor of the Catacombs you will run into a group of Orcs that
 will demand that you find an axe called Slasher for them. If you refuse them
 they will attack you, (and probably kill you) so agree to find it. You can
 find the Slasher on the Catacomb Second Floor. When you come back with
 Slasher and give it to him (or you could give him a fake axe) and he tries to
 test it (by attacking one of his companions!) and is satisfied with the
 results. (Or angry if you gave him a fake axe.) Then he gives you a warning
 (Orcs rule, humans drool.) and leaves.

-Note: He keeps any axes that you give him, so don’t give him any axes other
       than Slasher.

-WARNING: There is a glitch that happens here when Smiruk tries to test out an
          axe but there aren’t any of his fellow Orcs in the same room. If
          this happens then the game will hang as he tries to find one of his
          posse, but can’t find any of them.

__________________________________Gregar Brock_________________________________

 On the first floor of the Catacomb you will find a room with a statue by the
 west wall with a candle at its base. Simply light the candle and a zombie
 named Gregar Brock will be summoned. After a bit of dialog Gregar will join
 you. This guy is has a lot of health, so he’ll be with you for awhile.

-WARNING: When you go above ground after you get him, Gregar will die.

==============================|Farmlands [#007.3]|=============================

________________________________The Cursed Abbey_______________________________

-Note: The enemies inside the Abbey are rather strong; you should probably
       wait until you are around level 20 before taking the Abbey.

 Talk to Finn in the northwest corner of the Farmlands and he will complain
 about strange noises that keep coming out of the Cursed Abbey to the north of
 his farm. Go inside the Abbey and then go down the stairs inside the eastern
 wing. Downstairs your goal is to get inside the library, but the door is
 locked. The lever to the door is in the far south, but there is another
 locked door in you way. Fortunately the lever to open the second locked door
 is just west of the door. Go through the newly unlocked door and find the
 lever that opens the library. Flip it and retrace your steps back to the

 Inside the library you will find a ghoul named The Engineer who will tell you
 his story. Apparently in life he was hired by the monks of the Abbey to
 devise a security system that nobody would be able to penetrate.
 Unfortunately, once he finished with it the monks trapped him inside the
 library to prevent any knowledge of the traps protecting the library from
 getting out. Because of this betrayal he cursed the Abbey and the monks
 inside, but he is willing to end the curse if you pay him the fee he
 originally charged for protecting the library, 1000 gold pieces. Give him the
 money and he will leave peacefully and lift the curse. If you are a
 cheapskate you can attack and kill him and that will end the curse too. Grab
 the Human Teleport Activation Scroll here, read some of the books there, and
 then leave.

____________________________Brave Brave Sir Richard____________________________

 Inside one of the barns you will stumble upon a wounded knight named Sir
 Richard. He will tell you that he is on he run from an assassin named Crawler
 and really would appreciate it if someone would take care of Crawler for him.
 Crawler can be found standing in the middle of an orchard in the Farmlands.
 When you approach him he will ask you if you had seen Sir Richard. Refuse him
 and he will attack you. (Alternatively, if you’re the evil bastard type you
 can rat out Sir Richard...) Kill him and then return to Sir Richard with the
 good news.

____________________________Clearing the Troll Caves___________________________

 There is a farmer named Homer here who will ask you to kill some Trolls that
 are raiding his crops. The Troll’s cave is actually across the bridge to the
 west and is on the Aleroth side of the river. Inside the cave there is a
 Troll King who is rather upset about the soldiers on the bridge stopping his
 Trolls from collecting fees to cross the bridge. (What is this, Billy Goats
 Gruff?) If you disagree with his business tactics he will summon some of his
 brethren and attack. Kill them all, and then go back to Homer for a reward.

______________________________Isolde’s Love Letter_____________________________

 There is a woman named Isolde who will beg you to deliver a letter to her
 lover, Gareth at the Barracks. Go to the Barracks and deliver the letter to
 Gareth, it’s as simple as that.

_______________________________The Cattle Rustler______________________________

 Talk to a farmer named Tom and he will tell you that someone has been
 stealing his cattle and asks you to investigate. He doesn’t have many clues
 to help you, unfortunately. (Good thing I’m here to help out...)

 Go south to the poor section and find and talk to Dorian. He will claim to be
 a leper and beg for some money. Give him some gold, (or not) then go inside
 the building to the west and go down into the basement. Inside of the
 basement you will find what looks like a slaughterhouse and your character
 will make a comment about how this seems to be where the missing cows have
 ended up.

 Talk to Dorian again and he will admit to being the cattle thief and beg you
 to not turn him in. If you do decide to turn him in then go back to Tom and
 tell him that Dorian is the cattle rustler. If you don’t, well, that’s it.

__________________________Harriet’s Message to Afrasam_________________________

 Inside the Blue Boar Inn you will find a woman named Harriet who will ask you
 to deliver a letter to her Uncle Afrasam at the Ducal Inn in Verdistis. Go to
 the Ducal Inn and talk to Afrasam and deliver the letter. Afrasam will thank
 you, give you some money and experience, and that’s it.

________________________________Balin’s Necklace_______________________________

 Talk to Balin inside his house in the Poor Quarter and he tells you that
 someone named Jonas has stolen a necklace and he would like you to retrieve
 it. Go to Jonas’ house and search it until you find the necklace. Confront
 Jonas about the necklace and he will tell you that he stole the necklace
 because Balin has been taking all of his profits and he was just trying to
 get enough money to survive. Offer to help him out and go back to Balin. Tell
 him that you are going to end his little reign of terror and he will attack
 you. Kill him and go back to Jonas and give him the good news for experience
 and a reputation boost.

________________________Curing the Victims of the Plague_______________________

 You will find a fenced-off quarantine area to the south of the farmlands, you
 won’t be able to enter from the northern gate, instead go around to the
 western wall and there will be a tiny shack that is built into the wall with
 a door that you can Lockpick. Inside the shack is a door that leads into the
 Quarantine area.

 Inside the Quarantine area there are three victims of the plague that you can
 talk to. They won’t have much to say to you, other than to beg for your help.
 To cure them of the plague you will need to find some Cure Potions, and the
 ONLY place that you can them is in the basement of Dr. Elrath’s house on a
 cabinet in the eastern part of the room where you found the note that exposes

-WARNING: The ONLY time you can get the Cure Potions is when you go into
          Elrath’s basement to get the note that exposes him. (See Part II of
          the main walkthrough...) If you missed the Cure Potions at that time
          you will NOT be able to acquire them, ever!

 Unfortunately, there are only two Cure Potions in Elrath’s basement, and
 there are three people to give them to. There is no way to acquire another
 Cure Potion, so you get to choose who gets to live and who gets to die.
 (Being a Marked One is never easy...) There doesn’t seem to be any reward for
 choosing one over the other, so just use your own judgment.

-Note: There is a sneaky (and frankly, downright bizarre) way to cure all
       three victims of the plague. First, give one of the Cure Potions to one
       of the victims, then use the pickpocket skill on them, (I think that
       you need 3 skill levels to pull it off) you will find that they still
       have the Cure potion in their inventory. Steal the potion back and you
       will be able to use it to cure the other victim. (You could also attack
       and kill them and then loot the potion from the body, but that rather
       defeats the purpose of giving them the Potion in the first place...)

______________________________The “Drunken” Thief______________________________

 When you first pass by the Blue Boar Inn you will be approached by a drunken
 bum named Logan who will give you an inebriated greeting. Answer him however
 you feel like and he will wander off. Notice that your wallet is suddenly
 feeling a little bit lighter? That’s right, the drunk just robbed you! Chase
 after him to the northeast and you will find Logan standing near the Blue
 Boar Inn pretending to be a bush. Confront Logan and get him to give back the
 money he stole.

 If you haven’t run into Logan yet and you’re walking the road to the
 southeast of the Blue Boar Inn you will be approached by a woman who is
 apparently Logan’s wife. She will warn you about Logan’s antics, so that when
 you run you run into him you will be on to his little game and he won’t be
 able to steal from you.

_____________________________The Snake Oil Salesman____________________________

 Inside the Blue Boar Inn is a man who will offer to sell you a supposed
 “Magic Carpet” for 500 Gold Pieces. If you do buy the “Magic Carpet” and
 click on it, you will find that it doesn’t work! (It’s useless; it won’t
 work, no matter what you do...) If you talk to him again, he will offer you
 another of his “Magic Items,” this time a dagger that glows blue when Orcs
 are nearby (it’s called Sting, appropriately enough) for another 500 Gold
 Pieces. Buy it and click on it to find out that it is just as useless as the
 carpet. You can keep on buying his “Magic Items,” each more useless then the
 last, for 500 Gold Pieces each until he runs out, at which point he teach you
 in Trader’s Tongue for being his “best customer.” (Personally, I think that
 doing this is a waste, as it will take a LONG time to recoup what you spent
 to acquire Trader’s Tongue, and money is so prevalent in this game that you
 should never have a problem with buying whatever you want anyway.)

_______________________________The Upturned Cart_______________________________

 On the side of the road near the Blue Boar Inn there is an upturned cart with
 several Barrels loaded with potions scattered around. A note lying there
 threatens a curse on anyone who tries to take the contents of the barrels. I
 don’t know about any curse, but I do know that the barrels are trapped, so
 take care when opening them.

==============================|Barracks [#007.4]|==============================

__________________________Gareth’s Feign Death Potion__________________________

 Talk to Gareth who is standing guard outside the Barrack’s Armory, he will
 explain that he doesn’t want to spend the next 25 years in the army.
 Unfortunately, the only other way to get out of the army is to die. Gareth is
 not very happy about either choice, but he has found a way to get out of the
 Army and not be dead. All he needs is a Feign Death Potion, which he wants
 you to find.

 The Feign Death Potion can be bought for 2500 Gold Pieces from Father
 Theofolus at the Church, (you will need to un-curse the church before you can
 buy the potion.) buy it and take it back to Gareth, who will give you a key
 that opens the door to the Armory.

____________________________________The Fort___________________________________

 When you go inside the fort to the south there is scene where 3 Black Ring
 members (Including Antx, who will later become the Imp Council member) will
 show up and use a mind control spell to turn all the soldiers in the fort
 hostile. You will have to fight your way out of here.

 This is a rather interesting event as there is no way to make the soldiers
 un-hostile again. (Other than killing them, I suppose...) Also, no one seems
 to care that an entire garrison of troops has gone rogue, or that you’ve
 slaughtered them all.

==========================|Stormfist Castle [#007.5]|==========================

-Note: These can only be done while you are inside Stormfist Castle as Janus’
       Lord Protector (see Part III of the main walkthrough)

____________________________________KP Duty____________________________________

 Inside the kitchen of Stormfist Castle the Cook will ask you to help him wash
 some dishes. To wash the dishes first you must drag and drop the Bucket with
 Water onto the Empty Bowl. Then just continually drag and drop the Dirty
 Dishes onto the filled Bowl until the dirty dishes are gone, then put the
 cleaned plates and pots into your inventory. (You will have to drag and drop
 all of the plates into your inventory) Take the cleaned dishes (There should
 be 8 Plates and a couple of Pots) back to Cook and he will reward you with
 some spice. (The spice is actually an invisibility potion.)

_________________________________Bring Ben Beer________________________________

 On the northeast corner of the outer wall there is a soldier named Ben who
 asks you to fetch him some ale. He will even give you some coins to pay for
 it. (He is easy to spot; he’s the only one on the outer wall carrying a
 pike.) Go ahead and give him some ale if you have any for some experience.

==============================|Graveyard [#007.6]|=============================

-Note: There are two graveyards on the Rivertown map: One that is located to
       the southwest of the Quarantine Area and one that is to the north of
       Nericon’s Garden. All of the quests listed here take place in the
       graveyard to the north of Nericon’s Garden. (This is also where you end
       up after you escape Iona’s Dungeon)

___________________________The Ghost of the Old Duke___________________________

 If you try to enter the chapel in the center of the graveyard you will find
 that the door is locked. Search inside the tomb on the western half of the
 graveyard for a lever that will unlock the door to the chapel. Inside the
 cathedral you will find the Ghost of the Old Duke. He will ask you to find
 his killer and avenge him. If you have already found the Duke’s Murderer (See
 “Finding the Duke’s Murderer” in Part II of the main walkthrough) you can
 inform him of this to put the Duke’s soul at ease and net yourself some

__________________________________Find Shrimpo_________________________________

 When you first leave the graveyard after escaping from Iona’s Dungeon you are
 stopped by a man named Apollo who will ask if you have seen someone named
 Shrimpo. Tell him you haven’t and he will leave. Go back inside the graveyard
 and start searching the northeastern corner for the tombstones of these

   - Sven the Sailor
   - Hilmar the Dwarf
   - Risini the Bard
   - Ingmar the Fisherman
   - Marius the Merchant
   - Polgara the Mage
   - Osiris the Cook

 Click on those tombstones in this order and Shrimpo will be summoned. It
 turns out that Shimpo is... well... a shrimp! (a very BIG shrimp...) Shrimpo
 will then attack you, kill him and he will drop the Harpoon of Atlantos.
 Apollo will then show up, you can talk to him for the whole story on Shrimpo.
 At the end of his story you have three dialog choices, the first response
 will net you experience points, but the other two won’t give you anything.

===========================|Iona’s Dungeon [#007.7]|===========================

 Although the only real goal of Iona’s dungeon is to get out of it alive,
 there are a couple of things of interest inside this dungeon.

_______________________________Cave of Illusions_______________________________

 On the first floor of Iona’s dungeon you will see a room behind a wall that
 is filled with gems. To open the path to this room go south until you find a
 single lit candle sitting in the middle of a pentagram. Click on the candle
 to extinguish it and the passage to the cave will open. When you enter the
 cave however, all the gems will vanish and a voice will tell you that this is
 the Cave of Illusions. There is no way to grab these gems, but go deeper into
 the cave and you will find the Holy Sword. (See The Holy Items Quest, Below)

________________________________House of Madness_______________________________

 In the southern part of the first floor there is a passage that is blocked by
 barrels. Past the passage you will see a room with a lot of Spell books
 scattered about. Unfortunately you are teleported away the moment you set
 foot in the room and are dropped off in the aptly-named House of Madness.

 You start in a small central room of the House of Madness, with rooms to the
 north, east, and west of the center room. When you click on a door here you
 won’t open it, you are instead teleported to an entirely different area of
 the house. Start by talking to the Tortured Corpse here to get a clue on
 escaping the House of Madness, (Sleeeep...) then click on the southern door
 to end up the north room. Take anything of value here then click on the
 southern door to end up in the east room. Grab the key here (use the Alt key
 to find it) and use it to unlock the western door. You will end up in the
 west room, now just rest in one of the beds here to escape the House of

 You will end up back in the spell book room, but all of the spell books
 except one will have vanished! Take the remaining spell book and continue on
 with your adventure.

_________________________Iona’s Dungeon’s Lower Levels_________________________

 While searching through the northeast corner of the upper level you will find
 an Old Parchment that will tell you that Iona has sealed the lower levels of
 her dungeon, but you can unseal them with the proper incantation. The
 incantation is “Zortalak caarnan gehnthul paktor” choose the correct dialog
 choice (it’s the middle one) to open a set of stairs down. (If you fudge the
 incantation, you will be ambushed by a bunch of enemies.)

-Note: You don’t need to go down to go down into the lower levels to escape
       the dungeon. They are just there to provide you with a chance for more
       experience and treasure.

 The stairs lead to a second level that is packed with strong monsters, and no
 convenient Health or Mana shrines anywhere on the level. If you’re having
 problems with these guys, you should probably just escape from the dungeon
 for now and return when you are a bit stronger. (...and have your Teleport
 Stones back...) after you make it through the second level you will reach
 some stairs that will lead down to the third level. There’s more of the same
 on this level, just slog your way through to the stairs down to the Fourth

 On the fourth level you will find Cyrion, Iona’s pet... ugly thing. It will
 attack you, kill it and check the room. There is locked chest here; the key
 for this chest is actually the skull that’s resting on top of the chest. Put
 the skull into your inventory and you will use it to unlock the chest. Take
 the treasure and look for a ladder that will take you all the way back to the
 first level of the dungeon.

==========================|Rivertown Market [#007.8]|==========================

_________________________________The Dark Cave_________________________________

 When you approach the Rivertown Market from the south you will be approached
 by a woman named Caroline who will ask you if you have seen her son. Tell her
 you haven’t and she will worry that he has wandered off towards the Dark
 Cave. Offer to help look for the kid and go north until you find the Dark

 Inside the cave you will find the boy being held by a Vampire. The Vampire
 tells you that he is going to feed on the boy unless someone agrees to take
 his place. (hint, hint...) If you refuse him he will kill the child, so
 accept his terms. He will let the child go then he will come over and feed on
 you, then he will return to his coffin on the other side of the locked gate.

-WARNING: If you let the Vampire feed on you, you will PERMANENTLY lose 1
          point from your Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Constitution
          scores, AND have your current health reduced to 1! There is no way
          to restore the lost Stat Points.

 After the child has been freed this quest is technically over and you can
 return to Caroline for some experience. If you want to kill the vampire,
 however, you will need to use Lockpick (Level 2 worked for me) on the locked
 gate to open it, (I think you can also use Telekinesis on the lever on the
 other side of the wall to open the gate, but I’m not sure.) then click on the
 coffin to get the Vampire to attack you. Kill him and then take the key that
 was inside the coffin and use it unlock the chest for some treasure.

________________________________The Black Market_______________________________

 Talk to Marcus and he will tell you that one of his supply wagons has gone
 missing. Offer to track down the missing wagon. You can find the wagon
 sitting next to a road that is on the edge of the Dwarven Forest. Talk to the
 driver and he will tell you that the wagon has a broken wheel and it needs to
 be replaced ASAP. Run back to Marcus and tell him about the wagon’s plight
 and he will give you a new wheel to deliver to the wagon.

 Unfortunately, when you go back to the Wagon you will find out that it has
 been attacked and burned. (There is nothing you can do to prevent this from
 happening) Follow the trail of blood until you find the wagon drivers. (...or
 what’s left of them...) Go back to Marcus and report what happened, he will
 ask you to find out where the cargo ended up.

-Note: After you find out that the missing caravan has been burned, go ahead
       and throw away the wheel that Marcus gave you. There is no more use for
       it and on top of that it’s pretty dang heavy.

 Go back to where you found the bodies and continue on to the east until you
 see a cave. Go into the cave and search it until you find a note saying that
 the cargo has been taken to the Black Market. Take the note with you, and as
 you leave you will be attacked by two thieves. Kill them both and return to

 Marcus will tell you about Tingalf, who might know the location of the Black
 Market. You can find Tingalf standing outside of Geoff’s shop, talk to him
 and pump him for information and he will let it slip that the Black Market is
 located in the sewers under Rivertown Market. Enter the sewers through the
 Rivertown Market entrance.

 The Black Market is located directly to the east of the entrance to the
 Rivertown Sewers. As you approach the Black Market you will be stopped by a
 man named Pedro. I’m not sure if you can bluff your way past him, so you will
 likely have to fight him and his goons. After you defeat them loot the area
 and then report back to Marcus.

________________________________Steal from Geoff_______________________________

 You will notice that Geoff, the Weapons Dealer spends all his time in his
 forge outside his shop, only going inside when you want buy something from
 him. You can take advantage of this by dropping one of your Teleporter Stones
 inside his shop, and then leave the area to get Geoff to exit the store. Then
 use the Teleporter Stones to enter the store without Geoff there to stop you
 from robbing him blind.

===========================|Dwarven Village [#007.9]|==========================

__________________________The Shrine of Good and Evil__________________________

 In the hills to the southwest of the Dwarven Village there is a magic orb
 sitting on an altar. A book conveniently placed nearby will explain that this
 is the Shrine of Good and Evil and it will give you a blessing (or a curse)
 depending on your alignment. Just click on the orb to get one-time stat
 bonus. (or penalty)

 Unfortunately the bonuses seem to be totally random; one time you might gain
 Intelligence, another you might lose Strength. I don’t think there is any
 thing that affects the outcome other than luck. The only advice I can give
 you is to save before you take the bonus and then reload until you get a
 bonus that you want.

___________________________Rimmer’s Long Lost Brother__________________________

 When you talk to Rimmer in the Brewery he will tell you that he hasn’t seen
 his brother, Strobur since he left the Dwarven Halls. He would like you to go
 to the Dwarven Halls and find out how Strobur is doing.

 After talking to Rimmer go to the Dwarven Hall and find Strobur. He also
 wants to find out how Rimmer is doing. Tell him that Rimmer is doing fine and
 he will reward you. Go back to Rimmer and tell him about Strobur and he will
 give you 5 bottles of Ale as a reward.

=========================|Dwarven Bread Inn [#007.10]|=========================

_____________________The Barfight at the Dwarven Bread Inn_____________________

 In the basement of the Dwarven Bread Inn there is a makeshift boxing ring
 where fighters amuse the drunks by beating each other senseless. If you
 really want to join in on the fun talk to Sean and tell him you want to
 fight. He will set up a match against Burleigh, the Barfight champion. If you
 beat him you will get the prize money and some experience, if you don’t,
 well, try again later when you are a bit stronger.

-Note: You will be stripped of ALL your equipment when you enter the Barfight.
       (So no Frost Weapons for you!) You will not be able to use ANY skills
       in there either. (Because Hellspikes are definitely not a part of
       Queensbury Rules...) There is a way around this, however, if you drop a
       weapon or a piece of armor in the ring before you talk to Sean and
       start the Barfight, you can then grab the equipment and use it against

________________________________Punch-Drunk Love_______________________________

 When you first enter the Barfight area at the Dwarven Bread Inn you are
 treated to a cutscene of a man named Christopher having his face rearranged
 by Burleigh. If you talk to him afterwards he will explain that he was trying
 to impress his girlfriend Silvana with his Barfighting prowess,
 unfortunately, he has none.

 Go back upstairs to find Silvana and talk to her. She is worried about
 Christopher’s Barfighting career and wonders why on earth he wants to do it.
 Tell her that Christopher is doing this to win her love and she will tell you
 that she already loves Christopher and doesn’t want him to get hurt.

 Go back to Christopher and tell him that he’s a big dope and that Silvana
 already loves him, and he will then run off to be with her. Go back to
 Silvana and she will thank you for knocking some sense into Christopher and
 give you 3 minor healing potions for your trouble. Alternatively you could
 tell Christopher that Silvana could never love a loser like him and he will
 run off to break up with Silvana. All this does is get Silvana and
 Christopher rather upset at you for trying to break them up and Silvana won’t
 give you the healing potions.

=========================|Northern Rivertown [#007.11]|========================

___________________________Memories of a Former Life___________________________

 To the northwest of Aleroth you will find what looks like a bent sword on the
 ground. Approach it and your character will comment that this place seems
 familiar. This place is actually where the events in the Opening movie took
 place. There doesn’t seem to be anything special that happens here, though.

______________________________The Adventurer Trap______________________________

 As you follow the road south of Aleroth you will find a trail of gold pieces
 leading away from the road to the east. Follow the trail and you will find a
 bunch of treasure just lying out in the open. When you approach the treasure,
 however, you will be ambushed by Orcs. (Including one of those accursed Orc
 Wardrummers...) Kill them all and take the treasure.

____________________________The Abandoned Farmhouse____________________________

 To the north of the Cursed Abbey there is a locked house. You can find the
 key to the front door located in a haystack nearby. (or you can lockpick the
 front door too) Inside the house it will look like the place has already been
 looted. Move the bed to find a locked hatch, the key is hidden under some
 packages along the west wall. Open the hatch to find some treasure.

 The real treasure of this house, however, is the bed itself. It’s the only
 bed in the game that is move-able, so you can take it with you and use it
 whenever you wish. (You can even use it while its still in you’re your

_______________________________The Cursed Church_______________________________

 When you first enter the Church to the north of the Cursed Abbey there is a
 cutscene showing Father Theofolus and a monk being attacked by Ghosts. Father
 Theofolus does what you expect any great religious leader would do in this
 situation; he runs and hides inside the confessional while leaving the monk
 to die.

 Kill all the ghosts and the Lich wandering around and then go to the
 confessional and convince him to let you in. Inside the confessional talk to
 Father Theofolus, he will wonder what is making the spirits angry. (As a side
 note if you have already been through Stormfist Castle there is a special
 conversation path that will open up about the Merchant’s Meeting. Theofolus
 was there at the Merchant’s Meeting and was the one who wanted you to be
 executed.) When you are done talking to him leave the confessional. After you
 leave there is a scene with the altar boy adding a “Special Ingredient” to
 the chest in front of the altar. Report this to Father Theofolus and he will
 expel the altar boy and break the curse on the Church.

 After the alter boy is expelled you can find him wandering around in the area
 just north of the Quarantine area. If you talk to him he will tell you that
 he was trying to get kicked out of the church. You can give him some money if
 you want to, but there is apparently nothing more you can do about this.

__________________________________Sir Markham__________________________________

 As you follow the road north from Rivertown Market to Verdistis you will
 stumble upon a knight named Sir Markham who is fighting some trolls. Help him
 out (or at least try to, as he will likely kill them all before you can even
 get an attack in) and afterwards he will thank you for helping him. After you
 say goodbye he will stop you and ask you to investigate the Dark Cave. Agree
 to do so and after you rescue the boy from the Vampire there (see The Dark
 Cave, above) report back to Markham and he will teach you a level in Bless.

________________________________Nericon’s Garden_______________________________

 When you talk to Otto to the South of the garden he will tell you about the
 teachings of his former master. If you go along with him he will give you a
 book with his master’s teachings. He also tells you that he needs to enter
 the Garden, unfortunately the key to the gates is currently being held by
 Blake, who is in no mood to hand over the key to a bunch of religious wackos.

 Go to Blake in the Rivertown marketplace and ask him if he has anything rare
 for sale. (asking him about Otto won’t get you anywhere) He will say that he
 has a key to Nericon’s Garden and he will sell it to you if your reputation
 with him is over 10. (or maybe 15...) If he won’t sell you the key you can
 either buy/sell with him or go out and complete quests to raise your
 reputation with him until you can buy it for 100 Gold Pieces.

-WARNING: There is apparently a bug with this key that allows it to not only
          be able to unlock the Garden’s Gate, but also the Gate to the
          cemetery above Stormfist Castle too! Do NOT use this key on the
          cemetery gate, as you will then be unable to enter the Garden!

 When you get the key go to the garden and unlock the gate. In the
 northeastern corner of the garden there is a statue that you can click on. If
 you have the book that Otto gave you in your inventory then the statue will
 speak to you. It wants to know if you have read the book Otto gave you so it
 will give you a pop quiz about it. The answers to the questions are:

    2. Experience
    2. Truth and Untruth
    1. Good, Neutrality, and Evil

 After you answer the statue’s question correctly you will get some experience
 and a level in Restoration. If you didn’t answer him correctly he will
 instead blast your heathen ass and then set a Snake on you! (Strangely
 enough, he also dropped a couple of items on the ground...)

 You’re not done with the garden yet. Make your way to the pond in the center
 of the garden and you will see several frogs jumping around. Kill every
 single one of them (you will need either a ranged weapon or some attack magic
 to be able to hit them) to open a portal. Go through the portal and you will
 end up in a small room with a locked door. The lever that unlocks the door is
 buried under a pile of packages in the northwest corner. Inside the unlocked
 room you find a Frog Statuette along with a couple of chests filled with

=========================|Southern Rivertown [#007.12]|========================

________________________________The Wishing Well_______________________________

 Search the southern edge of the Dwarven Forest until you find a well, and
 when you approach it will tell you that its name is Darsk Ceulg and it will
 grant you one wish. (...and only one!) The wish can you can make (Or even if
 you get a wish) depends on how much money you spend.

 Here’s what you can get for your money:

-Drop in 2 Gold Pieces:
    Darsk Ceulg gets angry and the wish is wasted.

-Drop in 10 Gold Pieces:
    Darsk Ceulg gets angry and the wish is wasted.

-Drop in 100 Gold Pieces:
    “I wish to be healed completely!” (It gives you a Super Healing Potion)
    “I want to have an ally who can aid me in my battle with Orcs and other
         enemies!” (Summons a Spider to help you)
    “I wish I had an enchanted sword!” (You get a hint about the Holy Weapons,
         nothing more. This is a waste, really.)
    “I wish I had two more wishes!” (Darsk Ceulg gets angry and the wish is

-Drop in 1,000 Gold Pieces:
    “I wish to be stronger!” (You get a 5 point bonus to Strength)
    “I wish to be more intelligent!” (You get a 5 point bonus to Intelligence)
    “I wish to be more agile!” (You get a 5 point bonus to Agility)
    “I want to have an ally who can aid me in my battle with Orcs and other
         enemies!” (Summons a Skeletal Warrior to help you)
    “I wish I had an enchanted sword!” (You get a hint about the Holy Weapons,
         nothing more. This is a waste, really)
    “I wish I had greater experience!” (You get enough experience to gain a
    “I wish I had a million gold pieces!” (Darsk Ceulg gets angry and the wish
         is wasted.)
    “I wish I had two more wishes!” (Darsk Ceulg gets angry and the wish is

-Drop in 10,000 Gold Pieces:
    “I wish to be stronger!” (You get a 10 point bonus to Strength)
    “I wish to be more intelligent!” (You get a 10 point bonus to
    “I wish to be more agile!” (You get a 10 point bonus to Agility)
    “I want to have an ally who can aid me in my battle with Orcs and other
         enemies!” (Summons a Scorpion to help you)
    “I wish I had an enchanted sword!” (You get a hint about the Holy Weapons,
         nothing more. This is a waste, really)
    “I wish I had greater experience!” (You get enough experience to gain a
         level! This is the same as the 1,000 gold piece wish.)
    “I wish I had a million gold pieces!” (Darsk Ceulg gets angry and the wish
         is wasted.)
    “I wish I had two more wishes!” (Darsk Ceulg gets angry and the wish is

 I personally go for one of the stat raising wishes, but a free level gain
 (relatively speaking) is hard to ignore. You might even get some use out of
 the helper that is summoned before it’s killed. The only ones I would
 defiantly avoid are the one for the healing potion, (a cheap potion,
 terrific...) the enchanted sword wish, (a waste of money) and of course the
 ones that waste the wish. (obviously...)

__________________________Zombie Jake: Undead in Love__________________________

 When you first enter the Graveyard to the south of the Quarantine Area there
 is a scene with a woman named Elora getting a visit from none other than
 Zombie Jake, who seems to be rather taken with Elora. He kidnaps Elora and
 takes her under the cemetery, summoning Corpses behind him to cover his
 escape. Cut your way through the Corpses and follow Jake under the cemetery.

 After you arrive in the caves under the cemetery go to the northeast to find
 Zombie Jake and Elora waiting for you. Zombie Jake will attack you, again.
 Kill him and Elora will thank you. There is no reward for this quest, other
 than the chance to kill Zombie Jack again.

______________________________Rescue the Hostages______________________________

 When you are wandering around the Archer’s Guild area you will be stopped by
 a boy who will plead with you to save his parents from some bandits that have
 taken them hostage. He will mark the location on your map and tell you to
 sneak in the back door.

 Approach the house from the North and look around for a key that will open
 the door to the kitchen. Inside the kitchen there is a key that opens the
 bedroom door. You will find the kid’s parents inside the bedroom. Get them
 out of the house and you can kill the rest of the bandits at your leisure.

_____________________________The Vanishing Emerald_____________________________

 To the southwest of the Quarantine Area there is a beggar named Malachias who
 will ask you for some spare change. Give him some gold pieces and he will
 tell you that down the road there is an Emerald that vanishes when you get
 near it. After talking to Malachias follow the road to the east until you see
 the Emerald. When you get near the Emerald you will see that it won’t vanish,
 it will just move a few feet away. Go near the Emerald and it will move
 another few feet away. Continue to follow the Emerald until you bump into a
 mage named Boratus who will set some thugs upon you before running off. (You
 won’t be able to stop him from running off, by the way.) Kill the thugs
 and... well... that’s it. The quest log will list this quest as completed,
 and there doesn’t seem to be anymore dialog options about the Vanishing
 Emerald with anyone.

-Note: From what Malachias tells you and what is written in your quest log I
       think the Emeralds are only supposed to show up at night. I was able to
       follow the Emeralds and trigger the ambush just fine during the
       daytime, however. (I suppose this is a bug... *shrugs*)

=============================|Verdistis [#007.13]|=============================

__________________________Joining the Merchant’s Guild_________________________

 To join the Merchant’s Guild you first need to talk to Malcolm, he will
 inform you that you could pay a 10,000 fee to join, or you could help him
 clear up a little problem. It seems that Maria, a woman living in the poor
 section of Rivertown, is planning on assassinating a member of the Merchant’s
 Guild and he wants you to do a pre-emptive strike by assassinating her. Agree
 to help him out (for now...) and leave for Rivertown.

 Maria can be found in her house in the area to the north of the quarantine
 area, talk to her and get her side of the story. It seems that her family was
 ruined by the Merchant’s Guild, and it was Malcolm’s corruption that caused
 their downfall. She tells you that Malcolm has been skimming for years, and
 that you should search Malcolm’s house for evidence.

 Back in Verdistis go to Malcolm’s house to the south of Sir Dante’s Mansion.
 Inside his bedroom you will find a book on top of the cupboard. This is the
 evidence you need to expose Malcolm, so take it and go to Trevor in the
 Merchant’s Guild. When you show him the book you found he will have Malcolm
 arrested and he will give you a lifetime membership into the Merchant’s

_________________________________Buying a House________________________________

 When you ask Trevor in the Merchants Guild about purchasing a house he will
 say that only members are able to rent or buy a house AND you also need a
 recommendation from someone who was born in Verdistis. To do this you first
 need to expose Malcolm and join the Merchant’s Guild, and then you can tell
 Trevor about Maria’s plight and he will agree to help restore her family’s

 Go back to Maria and tell her the good news, and she will immediately leave
 for Verdistis. Go back to the Merchant’s Guild to find Maria inside, ask her
 for a recommendation and she will gladly give you one. You can now talk to
 Trevor who will allow you to rent or buy Malcolm’s old house.

 You can rent the house for 1,000 gold pieces a month or buy it outright for
 30,000 gold pieces. I think that renting the means that you will have to pay
 Trevor 1,000 gold pieces every 30 days. Renting a house is a MUCH more cost
 effective way of getting the house, as you would need to be renting the house
 for like 900 game days before you reach the 30,000 gold pieces you would
 spend by buying the house in the first place. Then again, you may just want
 to buy it to avoid the hassle of remembering to pay the rent...

-Note: If you forget to pay the rent then Trevor will take back the house and
       won’t allow you to rent (or buy) again.

_________________________________Rescue the Cat________________________________

 Outside of the Merchant’s Guild there is a little girl named Diana who will
 tell you that her cat Cosmo has gotten himself trapped inside the cellars of
 the Merchant’s Guild. When you become a member of the Merchant’s Guild you
 will be able to get into the cellars and unlock the northwestern door and
 then go inside the room to find the cat. It will run off to rejoin Diana, so
 go back to Diana and she will thank you and tell you that she saw some men
 stuff something into one of the chicken coops. Go to the chicken coop in
 western Verdistis and look inside to find 500 Gold Pieces. (And get attacked
 by a snake for your troubles...)

_______________________________Sir Dante’s Brooch______________________________

 Talk to Randell, Sir Dante’s secretary and ask him if he has any work. He
 will ask you to pick up a brooch from Elmer Vignus, a jeweler in the Dwarven
 Halls and bring it back to him. Go to the Dwarven Halls, find Elmer and pick
 up the brooch, then take it back to Randell. That’s it. It doesn’t get more
 Fed-Ex than that, folks.

_______________________Demon Summoning for Fun and Profit______________________

 When you first enter the house to the south of the central park your
 character will make a comment that it sounds like a battle is going on the
 next room. Go into the next room and Corinna will ask for your help in
 finishing off a demon. You have a choice of helping out or running away, go
 ahead and help out. After the demon is destroyed talk to Corinna again and
 ask her about summoning. She will offer to help teach you in the art of demon
 summoning if you bring her 3 things; a bottle of wine, a special book, and
 the branch of a talking tree. She can also give you hints on the locations of
 the Holy Weapons, buy and sell magic stuff from her, (She can carry Silver
 Charms along with Spellbooks.) and if show her one of the Treasure Maps you
 might have found she will mention that Mpenzak has one just like that.

   The Bottle of Wine

 Corinna will tell you to get the wine she wants from Pierce’s shop. Go to
 Pierre’s wine shop and ask him for some of the wine that Corinna wants. He
 will inform you that Anthrabert had just purchased his last bottle. Go into
 Anthrabert’s room at the Ducal Inn and ask him about the Wine. He will refuse
 to sell it to you, but he says he will give you the wine if you do a favor,
 but the favor is to destroy Mpenzak’s cart. Destroying Mpenzak’s cart is a
 very evil thing to do, however. If you want to do this then go to Mpenzak’s
 cart and click on the lamp to destroy the cart. Go back to Anthrabert and he
 will give you the wine.

 An alternate way of doing this is to refuse to do it, and after a game day or
 two you will see that he has gotten someone else to do the job. When that
 happens, go to Captain Perrewis who is standing next to the burned cart and
 tell him that Anthrabert wanted the cart destroyed. He will leave to arrest
 Anthrabert. Go back to Anthrabert’s room and take the bottle of wine on the
 floor of the now empty room.

-Note: I’ve heard that if you agree to burn Mpenzak’s cart but don’t do it
       immediately then Anthrabert will still get someone else to burn the
       cart. This can lead to a glitch where he won’t give you the bottle of
       wine or leave it behind when you turn him in, resulting in a broken

   The Book

 Corinna will tell you that the book WAS at Sir Patrick’s Mansion, but she
 asked her friend Penumbra to “borrow” the book for her. Unfortunately, the
 Thieves Guild tends to frown on unlicensed “borrowing,” so Penumbra has been
 captured and is being held inside the Thieves Guild. So you will have to go
 and rescue her and get the book.

 Go inside the Thieves Guild (you must be a member of the Thieves Guild, see
 “Joining the Thieves Guild” in Part IV of the main walkthrough.) and
 Penumbra’s cell is located at the far eastern room. There is a guard outside
 her cell, however. To get him to leave you need to talk to him and exhaust
 your dialog options, then leave the room. He should then leave to “relieve”
 himself, leaving you alone to open the cell. The key to her cell is located
 on the table next to the cell door, (how convenient...) take it and open her
 door. Penumbra will thank you for saving her and tell you to meet her back at
 Corinna’s house. Leave the Thieves Guild and return to Corinna’s house.

 Penumbra is there, but she won’t give you the book until you do her another
 favor. She wants you to go and get HeartSeeker, her dagger, from the Town
 Watch Building. Go into the Town Watch Building and take the key that’s
 inside the eastern table in the first room. (It’s not on the table; it’s
 INSIDE it, like a chest.) The dagger is inside the treasure room in the
 western wing of the building. To get to the room you can either go through
 Commander Kratus’ room or through the locked door in the first room. (The
 door is trapped, so be careful.) There is a key for this door, but it is
 inside Kratus’ room, so you might want to just lockpick the door. Note that
 Kratus will wander into his room and the hallway outside of the Treasure room
 from time to time, and he will kick you out of the building if he catches you
 in his room or in the hallway outside the treasure room. Grab the dagger (and
 whatever else you want) and return to Penumbra. Give her the dagger and she
 will give you the book.

   The Tree Branch

 The final ingredient is a branch from a talking tree. She tells you that
 Mpenzak might have one for sale. If you go and ask Mpenzak about this he will
 sell you a tree branch for 200 gold pieces. You don’t want to use this
 branch, (trust me on this one) so instead you will have to go all the way to
 the Dark Forest to find the tree with the branch you want.

 Inside the Dark Forest, the talking tree where you get the branch from is
 located to the southeast of the Warrior’s Guild. The branch you want is lying
 on the ground next to the tree. Grab the branch (see “The Ancient Tree” in
 the Dark Forest section for more info on dealing with this tree) and return
 to Verdistis

   The Summoning

 When you find all three items go back to Corinna and she will tell you to go
 get some Nightflower from her garden and then follow her into the basement.
 Grab the Nightflower and go into the basement, there Corinna will tell you to
 put the items you collected into the northern pentagram, then stand in the
 western pentagram. Do as you were instructed and Corinna will start the
 ritual. If you got the Tree Branch from the Dark Forest, then the ritual will
 succeed and you will get experience along with a skill level in “Banish.” If
 you used the branch that can be bought from Mpenzak, however, the demon will
 go berserk, killing Corinna and then attacking you.

_______________________________Sir Patrick’s Loan______________________________

 If you talk to Sir Patrick in his mansion he will offer to loan you 1,000,
 3,000, or 10,000 gold pieces. The catch is that you will have to pay him back
 in full plus 150, 750, or 3,000 gold pieces (depending on how much you
 borrowed) within 15 days or... something will happen. Money in Divine
 Divinity is so prevalent that you should be able to get by without going to
 this loan shark, however.

______________________________Leptine’s Grain Bill_____________________________

 If you talk to Leptine in his shop to the north of the Ducal Inn he will
 complain that Hugh hasn’t delivered any grain in a while. Offer to go talk to
 Hugh about it and leave for Hugh’s house in the Farmlands.

 When you talk to Hugh about the grain shipment he will rather bluntly tell
 you that he will not send any grain to Leptine until he settles his 3000 Gold
 Piece debt. Offer to pay the bill for Leptine and Hugh will at first be
 suspicious of your intentions but will eventually agree to settle the debt
 and deliver the grain. Go back to Leptine and tell him the good news to
 finish this quest.


 If you talk to Commander Kratus at the Town Watch Building he will tell you
 about a string of murders and how he suspects that Pierce the Wine Merchant
 is responsible. After he tells you this go to Pierce’s wine shop and confront
 Pierce directly about these allegations. He will deny that he had anything to
 do with the murders and will agree to let you search his cellars.

 Go down into the cellars and go to the far eastern room. The northern wall
 here is illusionary – you can walk right through it. In the room beyond the
 illusionary wall you will come face-to-face with the vampire Tutamun. After a
 brief conversation in which he reveals that he is indeed the one responsible
 for the murders he will attack. Kill him and then report back to Kratus for a

-Note: Tutamun is also the one who murdered George in Aleroth, (see “George
       has been Murdered!” above) be sure to confront him about this while you
       are talking to him, as you wont be able to finish that quest without
       doing so.

_______________________________Graham’s Vengeance______________________________

 There is a man named Graham who is standing at the bar of the Ducal Inn. He
 will tell you that he lost an eye because of the treachery of a man named
 Cirgon and would like you to help him get back at Cirgon. Go and confront
 Cirgon and he will tell you that he blinded Graham because he caught Graham
 sleeping with his wife, and now he wants you to get revenge on Graham for
 him! Now you have a choice to make, you can kill either Graham or Cirgon and
 then go to the other for a reward, or forget both of those horrible people
 and go drink some Ale.

__________________________________The Brothel__________________________________

 This, uh... “quest” starts when you overhear some women gossiping outside of
 Corinna’s house about Afrasam at the Ducal Inn. It seems that Afrasam is
 running a little “side business” and that one of the women’s husbands has
 been a regular customer there. After the women are done talking go to the
 Ducal Inn and talk to Afrasam. There should now be dialog choices where you
 will ask to see either “Magdalena” or “Yaniz.” (These are two names that you
 overheard while the women were gossiping.) Afrasam will tell you to go see
 Leptine. Leave the inn and go to Leptine store to the north of the inn and
 tell him Afrasam sent you.  He will show you to a hatch hidden under some
 packages. Use the hatch to enter Divine Divinity’s one and only brothel. Just
 go up to one of the girls (or guys...) and pay 250 gold pieces to have some

________________________________The Beggar Child_______________________________

 While you are exploring the city you might be approached by a little girl who
 will ask for some spare change. Give her a gold piece and you will receive
 some experience. Don’t fall for her story and give her 10 gold pieces,
 however, you will just end up being swarmed by the little snots. If you do
 get swarmed, you can just give them more money to make them go away.

______________________________Reunion with Verlat______________________________

 While you are wandering around the city you might bump into Verlat, the
 soldier you cured back in Aleroth. (If you did cure him...) He will thank you
 for saving him and gives you a ring as thanks.

___________________________The Golden Jugs in Arakand__________________________

 When you enter Arakand as part the Imp Council Member quest you will find
 several locked Golden Jugs scattered around. You can find the keys to the
 jugs either lying around on the ground or on the Bees (or Wasps, whichever
 side you did NOT side with.) that won’t attack you. The treasure that is
 inside the jugs is minor, but opening the jugs will cause something strange
 to happen, from being teleported to a different section of Arakand, to
 getting enough experience to gain a level, (!) to having the Grim Reaper show
 up to summon an Angel of Revenge!

___________________________________Baud’s Tea__________________________________

 Go to the healer’s house and talk to the healer there. Ask him about his
 healing methods and he will tell you about a man named Baud and his
 mysterious tea. After he is done he will mention that he hasn’t seen Baud in
 months. If you look in the southeastern corner of the house you will see a
 well-hidden Hatch under one of the beds.

 Take the Hatch down to the basement and move all the barrels that are
 blocking the door to the west. Inside the west room you will find three
 barrels of Baud’s Tea waiting for you. The only real use for the Tea that
 I’ve found is to threaten/kill the Ancient Tree with it.

________________________________Polymorph Chests_______________________________

 In the sewers under Verdistis there are a couple chests that are trapped with
 a Polymorph spell. If you open one these chests and have a Spiritual
 Resistance lower than 15 then you will be turned into a bunny or some other
 harmless animal. Normally this would just be an annoyance, but there is a bug
 with the spell that makes the effect permanent! This means that you will be
 stuck as an animal FOREVER! The chests are located somewhere in the southern
 area of the Verdistis Sewers. (Sorry I can’t be any more specific on the
 location of the chests, but it’s the best I can do without pictures...)

===========================|Thieves Guild [#007.14]|===========================

-Note: you must be a member of the Thieves Guild to be able to do these
       quests. (See “Joining the Thieves Guild” in Part IV of the main

_______________________________Get some Training_______________________________

 If you talk to Rob after you join the Thieves Guild he will offer to train
 you in either the Lockpick, Evade Trap, or Deadly Gift skills. He will only
 train you in one of these skills, so chose wisely.

___________________________Finnigan’s Magic Lockpicks__________________________

 When you talk to Finnigan after you join the Thieves guild he will ask you to
 retrieve a set of Magic Lockpicks that Commander Kratus of the Town Watch has
 taken from him. The lockpicks are located inside one of the tables in the
 main room of the Town Watch Building. Just take the lockpicks (keep an eye
 out for Kratus, as he will raise the alarm if you take the lockpicks while he
 is nearby.) and go back to Finnigan for a reward of a stamina potion and a
 normal set of lockpicks.

 Before you give the lockpicks back to Finnigan, however, you should know that
 you can use these lockpicks an unlimited number of times without using them
 up. Not only that, but the Magical Lockpicks also give you a 20 point bonus
 to Agility just by having them in your inventory! If you give them back, the
 lockpicks will be gone forever, so you should probably just keep them.

-WARNING: Whatever you do with the Magical Lockpicks, do NOT drop them onto
          the ground, as they will vanish and you will lose them forever!
          Fortunately the latest patch has fixed this.

_________________________Rodgar’s Lockpicking Challenge________________________

 When you talk to Rodgar he will challenge you to unlock five doors, and will
 give you 5 Lockpicks to do so. You will need to have five levels in Lockpick
 to be able to open all of the doors and win his challenge and the prize.

-Note: If you don’t have enough skill levels in Lockpick to unlock all of the
       doors you can return to Rodgar and he will offer to train you in
       Lockpick. (A much better prize, in my opinion...) If you take the
       training you won’t be able to win the money.

=========================|Dark Forest North [#007.15]|=========================

_____________________________The Sword in the Stone____________________________

 Near the Elven Ruins you will see a sword that is stuck inside a stone, as
 you approach the sword it will speak to you and ask (more like demand...) to
 be drawn from the stone. Click on the stone to take the sword... and release
 a homicidal spirit that is hell-bent on killing everything! (terrific...) You
 will need to kill the ghost, and it will then retreat back into the stone,
 (You will see rays of red light shooting out of the stone when it is inside)
 after that you can then click and drag the sword you took back onto the stone
 to seal the spirit away again. (Watch out, if you take too much time to do
 this then a fully-healed spirit will pop out of the stone and attack you

-WARNING: Do NOT leave the Dark Forest map while the spirit is still unsealed,
          as the spirit will go and kill everyone on the Dark Forest map while
          you are gone!

_________________________________Save the Women________________________________

 While wandering around the Dark Forest, you will run into a group of men who
 will beg for you to save their wives from some trolls. They will mark the
 location of where they think the trolls are on your map. Go to that location
 to find out that the group of men is waiting for you there. They will explain
 that they are actually assassins that were hired by Elona (er... Iona) and
 the whole wives-kidnapped-by-trolls story was just a part of their “brilyant”
 plan to KILL you! After some witty banter (or not) they will attack, kill
 them and move on with your life.

______________________________The Collector’s Urn______________________________

 On the road that leads south from the entrance to Rivertown you will see a
 small camp. Inside the camp is a man named Raymond who will ask you to
 retrieve an urn from a nearby cave. When you agree to help him he will warn
 you that he has already sent some mercenaries there and they have not

 Go to the cave Raymond marked on your map, slaughter the rather perturbed
 residents inside, grab the urn, and take it back to Raymond. Simple.

______________________________The Warrior’s Guild______________________________

 In the middle of the Dark Forest Map you will see a fortress sitting on top
 of a plateau. This is the Warrior’s Guild, where beefy boys can learn the Way
 of the Whack. To enter the Warrior’s Guild you will need to find the stairs
 that are on the south face of the cliff.

 Inside the Warrior’s Guild talk to Alrik about becoming a member and he will
 tell you that you will have to pass two tests to join.

-Note: These tests involve fighting some of the toughest enemies outside of
       the Black Ring. I would definitely recommend waiting until you are at
       least level 35 before taking these tests.

   The Eye of the Cyclops

 The first Test requires you to retrieve an artifact called “The Eye of the
 Cyclops” from... the Warrior’s Guild basement? Go down the stairs into the
 basement and you will find that it has been overrun with undead. Fight your
 way down another set stairs and you will find yourself in a large central
 room with smaller rooms to the north, south, east, and west of the central
 room. The room to the east holds the Eye of the Cyclops that you need.
 Unfortunately the door to the east room is locked. In fact all the doors are
 locked except for the northern one. Go into the northern room to find a
 lever, pull the lever to unlock the western room. Now go the western room to
 find a lever that unlocks the southern room, and in the southern room there
 is a lever that will finally unlock the eastern room.

-Note: If you stand on a certain spot inside the western room (it’s behind one
       of the statues) you will be transported to a secret room. The only
       thing inside this room is a pedestal with the KAA GENT scroll on it.
       This is just a little Easter Egg added by Larian, there is no reward
       for reading the scroll or taking it with you. (Apparently, KAA GENT is
       the name of a Belgian soccer team that some of the programmers at
       Larian are a big fan of.) Once you leave this secret room you will not
       be able to return to it.

 In the eastern room of this area you will find the guardian of the Eye, who
 will attack you. This is a tricky battle, as he can summon Infernal Conjurers
 who will in turn summon Infernal Skeletons, if you are not careful you can be
 easily overwhelmed by these guys. When you overcome the Guardian, open the
 pot in the center of the room to find The Eye of the Cyclops, which turns out
 to be a real eye! (EWWW! GROSS!) Take the Eye back to Alrik to receive the
 second Warrior’s Guild quest.

   The Heart of the Dragon

 Now Alrik wants you to retrieve an artifact called The Heart of the Dragon
 from a cult that is holed up in the Imp’s Abandoned Castle. The castle is
 perched on top of a cliff, so will need to find the staircase up the cliff.

 Inside the castle you will need to fight your way through to the end where
 you will come face to snout with another Dragon Rider. This guy can kill you
 with one shot of his elemental breath weapon. To stand a chance against him
 you must raise your resistances, so drink an Elixir Potion before you fight
 him and equip any resistance-raising equipment you have. Hopefully you should
 be able survive a couple shots. When you manage to kill the Dragon Rider it
 will drop The Dragon Heart Gem. Take the Gem back to Alrik to pass the test
 and become a member of the Warrior’s Guild and Alrik will train you in
 Boomerang and let you keep the Gem for good measure.

-WARNING: The Dragon Rider will ONLY drop the Heart if you have the quest to
          retrieve the gem from Alrik. If you just wander in and kill the
          Dragon Rider before Alrik sends you there then you will be unable to
          get the Heart, meaning you won’t be able to join the Warrior’s Guild
          OR complete the Dragon Armor set.

_______________________________The Sparing Match_______________________________

 In the courtyard of the Warrior’s Guild you will see two guys fighting each
 other. Go up and talk to Master and challenge him to a duel. Fight and defeat
 him (be careful, he is HARD!) and he will train you in either Augment Offense
 or Augment Defense.

=========================|Dark Forest South [#007.16]|=========================

________________________________Slay the Stalker_______________________________

 You will run into a Hermit standing outside a cabin who will tell you about
 monster that is terrorizing the area. Agree to kill the monster and he will
 mark the cave where the monster is hiding.  Go into the cave (the flowers
 outside the cave will cause your character to sneeze...) and fight your way
 to the back to find... the Hermit? He will explain that he is really the
 Stalker and that he disguises himself as the Hermit to lure would-be heroes
 into his cave so he can eat them. ...and guess what? You’re his next meal! He
 then attacks you, so give him some Marked One Justice! After killing him,
 loot the cave along with the Cabin that the Hermit once occupied.

-Note: Be sure to keep the Silver Breastplate you find after you defeat the
       Stalker. You will later be able to upgrade the armor into the Armor of

__________________________________Elven Lover__________________________________

 In the Elven Village you will find an Elven maiden standing in front of a
 well. (Actually, the person standing there depends on the gender of your main
 character: If you are playing as a male character it will be a woman named
 Eleana, and if you are playing a female character then it will be a man named
 Elean. the quest is the same regardless of who gives it to you, so for the
 sake of brevity, I’ll just refer to her as a female) When you talk to her you
 can express your feelings of love for her, but she will say that she can’t
 marry you as long as the war between the Elves and Dwarves is looming.

 After you stop the war by completing both the Elven and Dwarven Council
 Member quests you can return to her and tell her that you’ve stopped the war,
 (you get experience for this) but she will say that she still cannot marry
 you until you bring back a necklace that her grandmother lost a very long
 time ago. She gives you a scroll that has a picture of the necklace you are
 looking for, and that’s it. Take the scroll to Elmer the Jeweler in the
 Dwarven Mines, and ask him to make a copy of the necklace. (The real necklace
 is not in the game, so you have to have Elmer make a fake to complete this
 quest.) Come back in a day or two, (game time) and he will give you the
 necklace. Take the necklace back to Eleana and she will agree to marry you.
 You now have your very own Elven fiancée! Hooray!

______________________________Evil Transformation______________________________

 As you follow the road to the south of the Warrior’s Guild you will be
 approached by a boar who talks! He explains that he was transformed into a
 boar by an evil mage. He marks the location of the mage’s cabin on your map
 and asks for you to find a way to cure him.

 Inside the mage’s cabin click on the portrait on the wall to reveal a secret
 room with some stairs leading down to the basement. Inside the basement there
 are three cells holding different animals. One has a couple of wolves in it,
 one has a snake in it, and the last one has a cow it. Click on the cell door
 that holds the cow and she will explain that all of the animals here have
 been transformed by the mage. She will beg you to free the others before the
 mage comes back. If you free the wolves first, then they will help you fight
 the mage. The snake, however, will attack YOU if you free it, and the cow
 won’t do anything.

 After freeing one of the animals Boratus, the mage responsible for
 transforming the animals will show up and attack you. (Remember him? From
 “The Vanishing Emerald” quest?) Kill him and take the key he drops. Go back
 upstairs and use the key to open the locked chest. Inside you will find a
 note that will detail what you need to undo the curse on the animals. The
 First thing you will need to get some Holy Water from the priest in the
 Dwarven Halls.

 Talk to the Dwarven Priest in the Dwarven Halls and he will tell you that he
 can give you some Holy Water, but ONLY if you bring him the Holy Grail. Find
 the cave that the priest marked on you map, (it is Northwest of the Imp’s
 Deserted Castle) go inside, kill anything that moves, and then find the Holy
 Grail. Take the Grail back to the priest and he will fill it with Holy Water.

 Back at Boratus’ cabin you can use the Holy Water to return the animals back
 to their original forms. Finally, go back to where you first met the talking
 boar and he will approach you again. When you offer to change him back,
 however, he will refuse, saying that he wants to stay with his new porcine
 girlfriend! (...)

_____________________________Alchemist’s Apprentice____________________________

 You will find a very reclusive Alchemist named Medicus living inside a cabin
 to the southwest of the Warrior’s Guild. He will tell you that he will make
 you an apprentice if you bring him a root from the Ancient Tree. Leave the
 shack and go find the Ancient Tree and take the root that’s at the tree’s
 base. (See “The Ancient Tree” Below to see how to deal with the tree) Take
 the Root back to Medicus and he will train you in the Alchemy Skill.

________________________________The Ancient Tree_______________________________

 To the southeast of the Warriors Guild you will run into a Talking Tree. You
 will know you are getting close when it starts to rain, and an Elven scouting
 party appears out of nowhere warning you that there’s a rather ticked off
 Ancient Tree nearby. If you ask them why the Ancient Tree is so hostile they
 will mention the Tree’s fear of Woodcutters. Approach the Tree and it will
 demand to know what you are doing here. You can tell him that you are a wood
 cutter you can scare him into giving up the items you need, or you can
 threaten him with some Baud’s Tea if you have it. Finally, you can tell him
 that you are just leaving and he will let you go and then you can dash in and
 grab the stuff and leave before the Tree does anything. If you tell him
 anything else then he will attack by summoning a LOT of Infernal Corpses and
 by shooting powerful (albeit slow moving) projectiles at you.

 If you really want to kill the thing then you will need to have some Baud’s
 Tea with you. Make sure that the barrel is open, (click on it if its not)
 then stand next to the Tree and then drag and drop the open barrel onto the
 Tree and that should take care of it.

-Note: The root and the branch will only be there if you have gotten the
       necessary quests from Medicus and Corinna.

========================|The Holy Items Quest [#007.17]|=======================

 You will get this quest when you read the appropriate book inside the Cursed
 Abbey. (Or, if you are like me, you will get it when you stumble over the
 Sword in Iona’s dungeon...) To complete the quest you will need to find the
 Sword, Dagger, and Amulet then find the Sacrificial Chamber and sacrifice two
 of the holy items to power up the third. Note that the Holy Items will be
 un-equipable until you go through with the sacrifice.

___________________________________The Sword___________________________________

 The Sword is probably the easiest Holy Item to find. It is inside the Cave of
 Illusions in Iona’s Dungeon. (It’s the one that is filled with Gems.) To open
 up the cave you will need to extinguish a candle that is sitting in the
 middle of a pentagram to the south of the Cave. Go inside the cave and the
 gems inside will disappear, and then search the rear of the cave to find the

___________________________________The Dagger__________________________________

 The Dagger is located inside the Thieves Guild, so you will need to be a
 member of the Thieves Guild to get it. The Dagger is found inside a book that
 is on the Thieves Guild Leader’s desk. You should be able to easily open the
 book and take the dagger without having any problems. (As long as you are a
 member of the Thieves Guild, that is...)

___________________________________The Amulet__________________________________

 The amulet is the most difficult of the holy items to get. The Amulet can be
 found in a cave under the Elven Ruins of the Dark Forest. There are actually
 two entrances to the cave, one in the middle of the Ruins and one to the west
 of the Ruins.


 After you find all three Holy Items you will still need to find the chamber
 to sacrifice the items. The sacrifice chamber is located to the northeast of
 the Church in Rivertown. You can find the stairs to the chamber hidden inside
 a cluster of trees there. Inside the chamber you should find a statue with a
 couple of blue circles painted on the floor and a cluster of four tombs to
 the south.

-WARNING: Do NOT touch any of the four tombs in the south of the sacrifice
          chamber. If you do, you will not be able to initiate the sacrifice
          dialog or get the powered up Holy Item. So look but don’t touch.

 Stand in the eastern most circle (If you can’t see it then try fiddling with
 the game’s Gamma Controls.) and you should get a dialog asking which two
 items you want to sacrifice and which one you want to keep. Make your choice
 (whatever you think will help you the most) and the powered up Holy Item will
 appear in the western circle.

-Note: The actual statistics of the item you get are randomly generated when
       you first point your cursor over the item. So if you don’t like the
       item you got you might want to reload and try again until you get
       something you like.

========================|The Dragon Armor Set [#007.18]|=======================

 After completing the Dwarven Council Member quest (See Part V of the Main
 Walkthrough) and after showing King Dunatrim the note that tells of the
 Mayor’s part the plot he will mention the Dragon Armor Set. If you ask him
 about the Dragon Armor Set he will tell you that there are 5 pieces in the
 set: Gloves, Belt, Shield, Breastplate, and Helm.

-Note: Sometimes enemies will drop Dragon Amulets when beaten. These amulets
       are not a part of the set and have nothing to do with the items listed
       below other than their name.


 The gloves are found inside one of the Burial Pyres at the Elven Graveyard.
 Just search the Pyres until you find the gloves and take them.


 As you wander around in Verdistis you will be stopped by a woman named
 Raphirella who will ask you to help her settle a little family dispute. It
 seems that her father recently passes away and Zedzarine, her half-sister is
 trying to worm her way into the inheritance. She wants to hire you for 50
 Gold Pieces to prevent her half-sister from getting anything. Agree to help
 her and as if on cue, her half-sister will show up and a huge argument will
 break out. After they are done arguing they want you to make a judgment. It
 doesn’t really matter what you say here. (Although I should point out that
 siding with the sister or remaining undecided will give you experience, while
 siding with Raphirella does not.)

 After they both leave, go to the house to the southwest and use the key that
 is inside a nearby log to open the front door (you can also lockpick the
 door) and go inside. In the southwestern room search one of the shelves there
 you will find a key, take it and continue on down to the basement. Watch out,
 because if you step in the center of this room the floor will give out and
 you will fall into the basement and have a good chunk of your health taken
 off. (Oddly enough, I got experience when this happened... Falling through
 the floor shouldn’t be able to kill you.)

 When you get to the basement (one way or the other) go to the west and you
 will see a chest that is blocked by a bunch of barrels. Move the barrels out
 of the way and use the key you found upstairs to unlock the chest. Inside the
 chest you will find the Belt and 1000 Gold Pieces.


 This one is found inside Stormfist Castle’s Armory on a table. To get inside
 the armory where the Shield is held you will need to find a key. The key is
 in the library to the north of the Armory.

-Note: You are only supposed to be able to get the Shield while you are inside
       the castle as the Lord Protector. If you missed it at that time,
       however, you can get it by using the Enter Stormfist Castle Anytime
       Cheat. (See Part II of the main walkthrough)


 This is definitely the hardest of the set to acquire, as you not only have to
 find the Breastplate itself, but you also have to repair it by finding the
 Heart of the Dragon and bringing it to Grischa, the Dwarven Blacksmith.

 The Breastplate is in possession of Sir Patrick in Verdistis. Go and talk to
 him about the breastplate and although he is reluctant to give it up he will
 agree to give to you if you agree to help him collect a debt from a man named
 Lucius. It’s leg-breaking time!

 Go and talk to Lucius about his debt and he will tell you that he can’t pay
 his debts. You will have to pay his debts off yourself. Go back to Sir
 Patrick and give him the money you “collected” and he should give you the
 Breastplate. (or what’s left of it...)

 Now you need to acquire the Dragon Heart Gem (see “The Warrior’s Guild” for
 more information on this) and take both the Breastplate and the Gem to
 Grischa in the Dwarven Halls and he will use them to repair the breastplate.

-Note: be sure to show the Dragon Heart Gem to Alrik before you repair the
       Breastplate, as you will lose the Gem when you repair the Breastplate.

-WARNING: The Dragon Rider will NOT drop the Heart unless you have acquired
          the quest to retrieve the Heart from Alrik at the Warrior’s Guild
          beforehand. (See “The Warrior’s Guild” above)


 After you repair the Breastplate you can show the repaired Breastplate to
 King Dunatrim and he will give you the Helm.

========================|The Armor of Larian [#007.19]|========================

 Scattered throughout Rivellon are four Treasure Maps that point to a fabulous
 treasure. When all four maps are acquired and the and the treasure is found
 you will also be able to access a secret Easter Egg area where you can meet
 the fine people who made Divine Divinity and get your hands on the nifty
 Armor of Larian.

_____________________________The Four Treasure Maps____________________________

 Before you can even enter the Cave you will need to find the four treasure
 maps that are scattered around Rivellon.

 1) Purchased from Mpenzak for 500 Gold Pieces
 2) In the far Northeastern part of the Verdistis Sewers on a corpse
 3) Inside a spider cave to the northwest of the Archer’s Guild
 4) Inside a locked prison near the entrance to the mines in the Dwarven Halls

-Note: the Map found inside the Dwarven Halls prison is labeled “Scroll”
       instead of “Treasure Map”

 After you get all four treasure maps you still need to find the stupid cave.
 (Which is VERY well hidden, it is very easy to pass right by it even if you
 know where it is...) The cave is located in the far northwestern corner of
 the Dark Forest map, partially hidden by some trees.

_______________________________The Treasure Cave_______________________________

 When you finally enter the cave kill the spiders and find the door hidden
 behind the spider webs. (The door will only be opened if you have all four
 Treasure Maps in your inventory.) Your goal here is to find three Crystal
 Balls in this cave and bring them all to the Giant Stone Bowl. The Crystal
 balls are all lying right out in the open and the only problem is finding the
 switches to unlock the doors. (...and the legion of skeletons that are
 waiting to eviscerate you...)

 When you get all three Crystal Balls take them to the Giant Stone Bowl and
 drag and drop them into the bowl to reveal a door. Go through the door and
 click on the shrine in the next room. This will summon a rather pissed off
 demon who will attack you. Killing the Demon will cause part of the wall to
 the south to disappear, revealing a passage. At the end of the passage is a
 room filled with treasure. There is an illusionary wall to the north that
 leads to a room with a Teleporter Stone that will lead you to the Secret Area
 if you have the proper items in your inventory. (There is also a Tombstone
 here that has a rather touching tribute to the victims of the September 11th
 terrorist attacks.)

_________________________________What you Need_________________________________

 Before you click on the teleporter stone here make sure you have the
 following items in your inventory:

   -EXACTLY 2002 Gold Pieces (not one piece more or less)
   -5 Bottles of Ale purchased from Rimmer in the Dwarven Village
   -Silver Breastplate (See “Slay the Stalker,” above)
   -The 4 pieces of rope that are lying around the teleporter
   -One of your Teleport Stones (and the other one is on the ground somewhere)

-WARNING: The teleporter that is supposed to take you back from the secret
          area is broken; this means that the ONLY way to get back from the
          secret area is to use your Teleport Stones.

 If you have all these things in your inventory when you touch the Teleporter
 Stone then you will be warped to the Secret Area. If you don’t have these
 items then the stone will just warp you back outside the cave.

________________________________The Secret Area________________________________

 When you first enter the secret area you will see 2 people who are having a
 bit of a philosophical discussion about the nature of good and evil before
 trying to murder each other. You can watch them go at it if you want, but
 since both of them are immortal don’t bother waiting for a victor. Continue
 on and you will see a Prison Pit, to enter this prison you will need to use
 one of the pieces of rope you found in the treasure cave on one of the open
 prison pits. 

 Inside the prison you need to throw the lever to unlock the cell doors and
 then you can talk to the people who made Divinity. Continue doing this for
 the other three prison cells. In the last prison cell you will find a stair
 case down. You will come to a room with the many (MANY) bugs of Divine
 Divinity in it. They will all attack you, kill them all and then return to
 the previous level. If you talk to Swen after killing all the bugs he will
 gratefully upgrade the Silver Breastplate you were carrying into the Armor of

-Note: For some strange reason the Armor of Larian is invisible. (It will look
       like your character isn’t wearing any armor!) 


|||||||||||||||||||||||Frequently Asked Questions [#008]|||||||||||||||||||||||

-Q: In the first level of the catacombs I can’t find the pentagrams where you
    are supposed to put the magic orbs in!
 A: Try fiddling with the Brightness and Contrast of your monitor, as the
    pentagrams can blend in with the background if the screen is too dark.
    Also try increasing the brightness with the Gamma and Darkness controls
    under Options-}Video-}Visual.

-Q: I can’t find the front door to Dr. Elrath’s house!
 A: The front door to Dr. Elrath’s house is on the north side of the building,
    hidden from view. Use the ALT key to highlight the door.

-Q: Where are the three Elven Ceremonial Relics?
 A: The first two Elven Ceremonial Relics needed for the Elven Council Member
    are lying out in the open and should be easy to find. The third Elven
    Ceremonial Relic is actually the Quarterstaff that Josephina drops when you
    beat her.

-Q: When I went looking for the Imp Council member I found an Imp who told me
    to touch a Magic Sphere, but I refused to do it. Now he won’t even talk to
 A: You should not have refused him. There is a bug in this game that causes
    the imp (Zaknadrix) to give you the chance to touch the Magic Sphere and
    enter Arakand once and only once, whether you touch it or not. If you
    didn’t touch the Zaknadrix’s magic sphere when you had the chance you are
    basically stuck, as you can’t find the Imp Council member without touching
    the magic sphere and the Zaknadrix won’t talk to you or let you touch the
    Magic Sphere. This bug seems to have been fixed with the latest patch. I’m
    not sure if using the patch will help solve the problem, but it’s worth a
    try. If it doesn’t, the only way to solve this break is to reload a
    savegame from before you talk to the imp.

-Q: Where can I find lock picks?
 A: Other than random drops from enemies just about the only character that
    consistently sells lock picks is Tingalf in the Rivertown Market area. I
    have also seen Blake in the Rivertown Market carry them occasionally, too.

-Q: How do I open the Stormfist Prison Door?
 A: As far as I know, you can’t. The door can’t be lockpicked even if you have
    a max level in the skill, and I haven’t found a key that unlocks it yet.

-Q: I can’t find the dwarf inside the Dwarven Bread Inn who gives me the 
    teleport scroll!
 A: The dwarf that you get the Teleportation Scroll from leaves the Inn after
    completing Stormfist Castle and takes the scroll with him. I haven’t been
    able to found him again, so just take the scroll inside the Glenborus Town
    Hall instead.

-Q: How do I pick up the Teleport Stones?
 A: First open your inventory then click and drag the Teleport Stone into the
    open inventory screen. This technique also works on just about any item
    that you can’t automatically pick up. (Everything from books to furniture
    and even chests!)

-Q: What do I do if I lose the Explosives I use to blow up the Orcs supply
 A: If you lose (or sell) the explosives (or later, the poison you need to
    poison the Orc’s well) you are out of luck, as there isn’t any way to
    acquire more explosives and you can’t finish the quest without the
    explosives. The only options you have are to either reload a savegame
    where you have the explosives or to just leave the quest unfinished.

-Q: When I go into this fort to the south of the Barracks these three Wizards
    show up and turn all soldiers into enemies! Is there any way to stop them
    from doing this?
 A: No, there isn’t. (Well, I suppose you could just avoid entering the fort
    entirely...) There also doesn’t seem to be any way to make the soldiers
    friendly again. One interesting thing to note is that no one seems to care
    about this, even if you killed everyone in the fort.

-Q: My character is losing Stamina constantly, even when he is standing still!
 A: You are probably carrying the “Halberd of the Rock” that is found inside
    the Cursed Abbey. This item will constantly drain stamina while you are
    carrying it. Get rid of it (Sell it or just drop it) to stop the stamina

-Q: An enemy dropped an item I want to get, but I can’t pick it up!
 A: This is a glitch that happens when the item a creature drops is actually
    dropped inside a wall or some other inaccessible place. To be able to pick
    up the item you will need to use the “Telekinesis” skill (One point should
    be enough.)

-Q: Where can I find the latest patch?
 A: You can find it at http://www.larian.com/Site/english/divinity/fix.html

-Q: Does this game have a multiplayer mode?
 A: No, it doesn’t.

-Q: How do I set Hotkeys?
 A: First open the menu with the weapon/skill/potion you want to assign. Then
    just hover the cursor over the icon of the weapon/skill/potion and press
    the key you want assigned. A little F(key number) symbol in the lower-
    left corner of the icon signifies that the Hotkey is set.

-Q: Is there a level-cap in this game?
 A: Sort of... There is no hard level-cap in the game, (i.e. you can only go
    to level 99 no matter how much experience you get...) but you are limited
    by the amount of experience you can get in the game. (There are only so
    many monsters you can kill and only so many quests you can do.) Going
    through the game normally you should be around level 50 by the end of the
    game. You might be able to push your levels into the low 60s if you do
    every quest and kill every monster, but that’s about as far as you can go.

-Q: How do I keep the Demon from killing Corinna?
 A: The demon will kill Corinna if you brought her the wrong tree branch. You
    want to bring her a branch from the tree in the Dark Forest, not the one
    you buy from Mpenzak.

-Q: How can I defeat those Orc Wardrummers!?
 A: Wardrummers are definitely one of the more aggravating enemies as they can
    pretty much fully heal themselves after only a second or two. Unless you
    are at a high level and have a very strong weapon you will simply be
    unable to do more damage than he can heal. One way to kill him is to try
    to get him to attack you, (Yes, he does attack you once in a while...) he
    can’t heal when he is attacking. (Of course, his attacks cause so much
    damage he will probably kill you...) Or you can use “Freeze” to stop
    his healing and then kill them while they are frozen. (Or just run away...)

-Q: How do I keep those Dragon Riders from slaughtering me?
 A: The Dragon Rider’s big attack is when they start pelting you with breath
    weapons. These breath weapons are all elemental so it is your resistances
    that will determine how much damage you take from the attack. Raise your
    Magic Barrier skill, add some resistance-upping charms to your equipment,
    and drink an elixir potion or two before fighting them and you will have a
    much easier time in dealing with them.

-Q: Why am I being attacked by dogs/cats? How do I get them to stop?
 A: If you accidentally kill any animal it will immediately turn EVERY ONE of
    that species hostile! There is nothing you can do to make them friendly
    again. So always remember to be kind to animals.

-Q: Is there a demo for this game?
 A: Yes there is. I’ve never played it so I can’t tell you much, other than
    it’s old (VERY old...) and it covers the events in Aleroth up until you
    meet Zandalor for the first time. As for finding it, you are on your own.
    I think you can find it on www.fileplanet.com, but I’m not sure.

-Q: My resistances are down to somewhere around -500,000! What’s happening?!
 A: This is a known bug that happens when you un-equip/re-equip a piece of
    equipment that has a bonus to the Magic Barrier skill on it. The latest
    patch should fix this problem.

-Q: Where is the Farmland’s Teleporter?
 A: The Farmland’s Teleporter is located in the southeast corner of a cow
    pasture, partially obscured by some straw.

Spoiler Questions: These are questions that pertain mainly to the story and/or
                   characters. As such these questions way spoil the game for
                   you and have been separated from the other questions. If
                   you don’t want to read any spoilers then just skip this

-Q: Just what exactly is Arhu supposed to be, anyway?
 A: Arhu is actually a battlemage who was turned into a cat by the Black Ring.
    (The “Polymorph” bug strikes again!)

-Q: Elona or Iona?
 A: Iona, I think... What I think is going on is that Iona took on a new name
    along with a new form for her work inside Stormfist Castle. Then again,
    maybe the programmers simply forgot what her name was halfway through the

-Q: Can I prevent The Demon of Lies from reviving the Lord of Chaos?
 A: No, you can’t. This is a story event and it will happen no matter what you

-Q: Does the Divine One really kill the Lord of Chaos in the ending cinema?
 A: That seems to be the sixty-four dollar question about the ending. Some
    think that he did and was taking the body out to bury it somewhere, while
    some think that he didn’t and instead took the baby to raise it himself.
    (I personally believe the former happened, as the latter sounds too much
    like a bad 70’s sitcom idea to me...) I guess we’ll have to wait until
    Divinity 2 (or Beyond Divinity...) to find out just what really happened.


|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Cheats and Bugs [#009]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

-Note: Although Divine Divinity doesn’t have any “official” cheats added to
       the game, there are a number of bugs and glitches that can be exploited
       for personal gain. These bugs are listed in this section.

-Side Note: I am personally one of those players who despise cheating in any
            form, but I especially hate using exploits. But if you are one of
            those who like to cheat, I guess I shouldn’t try to stop you. Do
            remember that using any of these cheats will take a lot of the fun
            out of the game. I also won’t give you any more help in using
            these cheats. 

-WARNING: Be careful about using the cheats, I won’t be held responsible if
          you do some thing that causes your game to crash, your savegames
          become corrupted, or anything else that happens when you use these

   Infinite Gold

 First you need at least two gold pieces in you inventory. Hold down the Ctrl
 key and drag and drop a pile of outside of your inventory. A dialog box will
 pop up asking you how much gold you want to drop. Using the keyboard enter a
 negative number into the dialog box. (i.e. -10) Now PRESS THE ENTER KEY and a
 pile of gold worth over 65,000 will appear on the ground. (This also works on
 any other stackable item, like potions, food, lockpicks, ect.)

   Item Duplication

 This works on any non-stackable item you have. (I suppose it would also work
 with stackable items too, but the “Infinite Gold” method listed above is much
 quicker...) First make a quick-save, (Ctrl-S) then click and drag the item
 you want to duplicate outside you inventory but do NOT let go of the mouse
 button. Instead do a quick-load (Ctrl-L) and load the game WHILE STILL
 HOLDING DOWN THE MOUSE BUTTON. When the game finishes loading the item you
 were dragging will still be stuck on the cursor, while the original will
 still be inside your inventory, giving you two of that item.

   Attach Unlimited Charms

 (Sent in by evandar) (Fixed with the latest patch)

 You will need to have a piece of equipment with at least one open charm slot.
 Click on the piece of equipment to open up the window that you normally add
 charms to. Now, instead of adding charms like you normally would click on the
 piece of equipment again to open another charm window. Do this as often as
 want, then go ahead and start placing whatever charms you want. Each window
 is separate from the other - you can add different charms to each window and
 the game will give you the appropriate bonus for each charm. (Note that this
 cheat won’t work if you have already filled up the charm slots on the
 equipment, it only works if you do it before you start adding charms.)

-WARNING: If you place too many charms to a piece of equipment (like 50+
          charms) then the game will crash whenever you place the cursor over
          that piece of equipment.

   Monster Farming

 There is a way kill a monster multiple times, gaining experience each time.
 You will need at least one level in Resurrect, and a dead monster.
 (Preferably one you can defeat rather easily, and still gives a good amount
 experience when they die...) Cast Resurrect on the monster, (don’t use Aura
 of Command on it) then leave the area, and the monster will change from being
 friendly back to being hostile. (I have no idea how far you have to go; I
 think you need to change maps...) Now just return and kill them again. Repeat
 this until you fall into a coma from boredom. (If you do this, be warned that
 if you rest in a bed while a Resurrected monster is still alive, then it will
 disappear. This means you won’t be able to kill them or re-Resurrect them


 The Polymorph skill should only last for a few seconds, but the skill is
 bugged so that the effect is permanent. So you can use it on the enemy then
 just kill them at you leisure. (Killing a polymorphed creature will give you
 full experience)

   Frost Weapons

 A weapon that that has a frost modifier attached is supposed to act just like
 the Freeze skill when striking an opponent. A frost weapon, however, not only
 freezes every time it connects, but it also IGNORES SPIRITUAL RESISTANCE!
 This means it will always work, even against enemies that are normally immune
 to Freeze skill. (Like Josephina...)

   Frog Walk

 For this trick to work your character MUST be a Survivor AND have a Frog
 Statuette in your inventory. First use the Survivors special move, your
 character will crouch down. While you are still crouching go into your
 inventory and activate the Frog Statuette. Now just wait until your stamina
 runs out and you return to normal. Now you will have the same walking speed
 as the Frog form did.

   Save Game Editor

 There is a save game editor available for Divine Divinity. It was written by
 iZakaroN of the Larian.com Message Boards. You can find it at:


-Note: I had nothing to do with the making of this program, so don’t email me
       if you have a problem. You will have to figure it out on your own. The
       files are in a .rar file, so you will need to use a program that can
       uncompress rar files (like the one from winrar.com...) before you can
       use it.

   Item Editor

 There is also an item editor available. It was written by DAD of the
 Larian.com Divinity Message Boards. You can find it at:


-Note: Again, I had nothing to do with this program either. Don’t email me if
       you have problems running or using this program.

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Contributors [#010]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

-evandar ([email protected]) told me about how to enter Stormfist Castle
 anytime and about the Enchant Weapon cheat.

-Capricous ([email protected]) informed me that Dr. Elrath’s front door
 can be lockpicked. 

-Richard Gaddy ([email protected]) told me about two extra ways to
 acquire Dwarven Teleporter Scrolls.

-All the fine folks at the Divine Divinity Forums at larian.com for being a
 near limitless supply of knowledge about this game.

-Raze of the larian.com Divine Divinity Forums who probably knows more about
 this game than the programmers do.

-Legomancer ([email protected]) for a strategy on killing Josephina.

-Brian Haefs ([email protected]) has warned me that poking around Commander
 Ralph’s room can break the “Cause of the Plague Quest”

-Danny Lam told me about an alternate way into Dr. Elrath’s house.

-Lordlotus told me about how to rob poor crazy Mardaneus blind.

-Everyone who emailed me, I want to give you a big “Thank You”
 Stop me before I update again!

Please don’t put this walkthrough up on any website without my permission. 
This document is Copyright 2002-2003 James “JaggedJim” Ramsey.

                               In loving memory
                             Mae Vanek: 1930-2002

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