Quickest Route to Success
                               Matt Showalter

I. Tackett's lab
        A. Get Implant Plans.
        B. Get 4 MB chip and place it into your docking unit.

II. Huston Matrix Rovers
        A. Get Patch Cords.
        B. Talk to Larry Owen.

III. Abyss
        A. Talk to Rymma Fizz
        B. Choose 4 characters to join you

IV. Metro Museum of Art
        A. Talk to Montgomery Taylor (He will give you an invitataion
           to the Hellfire club if you anser NO to his first question).

V. Central Park
        A. Talk to Kimba West.
        B. Talk to Sander Tomalin (You have to talk to him twice in order
           to give him the implant plans. He will give you a Lockpick 
           Database, a 4 MB Chip, and Samurai Soul Box.  Put the Soul Box 
           into you decking unit). 
        C. Talk to Mother Mary on the second Central Park screen.

VI. Cafe Voltaire
        A. Talk to Oscar Nandez (second screen).
        B. Talk to Lenora Major.

VII. C-Space
        A. Go to "Major" well

VIII. Kafka Consipiracy
        A. Talk to Coover Tristan.

IX. Electric Anarchy
        A. Talk to Phree Thought
        B. Talk to Nai Hilistick
        C. Talk to Chuck
        D. Talk to Phracktle K. Oss
        E. Talk to Auntie Matter
        F. Talk to Garrick Fizz (have him join)

X. Autonomy Dogs
        A. Talk to Wild Child.
        B. Talk to Sabaccatus St. Aubens.

XI. Hard Metals
        A. Talk to Tempered SteelE.

XII. St. Patrick's
        A. Talk to Mother Mary
        B. Talk to Brother Complicitus (you will need to speak to 
           them both to complete the conversation).

XIII. Hellfire Club
        A. Talk to George Yachisin
        B. Talk to Renfield.

XIV. Hardarm Tacktick
        A. Buy Lockpick Casing and Diagnostic Unit.
        B. Assemble the Electronic Lockpicks

XV. TransTechnicals
        A. Security
                1. Kill Cheif Daryl Paine.
                2. Get TTCloak Chip from Paine.
                3. Search Area (pick up all items).

        B. Emily Esaki
                1. Search Area.
                2. Get Pin.

        C. Bill Dougan.
                1. Talk to Bill Dougan

        D. Nanotach
                1. Search Area (pick up all items).
                2. Use Electronic Lockpicks on Locked Storeroom door.
                3. Search Storeroom (pick up all items).

XVI. Lazlo Green (examine crackdown list to open)
        A. Search Area.
        B. Pick up Gas Mask.

XVII. Electric Anarchy
        A. Talk to Phree Thought.
        B. Give her a Dragon Soul Box (Say YES when she asks).
        C. She will give you a SonomaVapor.

XVIII. Icon Pirates
        A. Put the Gas Mask on a character.
        B. Use SonomaVapor with that character.
        C. Search area.
        D. Get HoloCam and both cans of Holofilm.

XIX. Doom Pilots.
        A. Talk to Ghost Walker.

XX. Madam Mescal
        A. Buy Instapigment.
        B. Use the Instapigment.

XXI. Cloisters
        A. Sabastan's Room
                1. Get Beads.

        B. Weapons Room
                1. Solve Mirror Puzzle (film yourself with the Holocam
                   and then play the recording near the mirror).
                2. Search Area (Get all Soul Blades and Stakes).

XXII. Cafe Voltaire
        A. Place Beads next to Cyril Thorpe.

XXIII. C-Space
        A. Go to "Medium" well.
        B. Talk to Cyril Thorpe.

XXIV. Cloisters
        A. Sabastan's Room.
                1. Talk to Sabastan (He will Bless the Blades).

XXV. C-Space
        A. Go to F.a.t.s.
        B. Talk to Melissa Van Helsing.

XXVI. Le Phood
        A. Talk to Melisa Van Helsing (have her join you).

XXVII. Hellfire Club
        A. Talk to Alexander Tennent.

XXVIII. Van Helsings Apartment
        A. Kill all Vampires.
        B. Enter the second room.
        C. Search area.
        D. Pick up Signal Scrambler.

XXIX. Grant's Tomb
        A. Kill everyone
        B. Get Green Pendant.
        C. Free Alexander Tennent.

XXX. Electric Anarchy
        A. Have Chuck join you.
        B. Disassmble Green Pendant.
        C. Put Emerald Looker Chip into decking unit.
        D. Put Tackett's Essance into decking unit.

XXXI. C-Space
        A. Go to F.a.t.s.
        B. Talk to Tackett Cybervision
        C. Go to "Kansas" well.
        D. Talk to Sally (she will give you Incubus).

XXXII. St. Patrick's
        A. Dismiss Chuck.
        B. Talk to Mother Mary (have her join you).

XXXIII. Transtech (1122)
        A. Kill everyone.
        B. Talk to Dr. John Harker.

XXXIV. C-Space
        A. Enter "Elizabeth" well.

XXXV. Game Ending
        A. Fight Dracula Images (six total).
        B. Fight and Kill Dracula!
        C. END OF GAME!!

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Copyright 1994 by MicroProse, Inc. and Spectrum Holybyte, Inc.

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