A Guide by Lu Richardson


There is a brilliant editor cheat knocking about which will turn 
your characters into superheroes straight off, and give them also 
any item or weapon you care to mention.  Considering the difficulty 
of the game, this isn't a bad idea at all.  However, a lot of people 
might prefer to play the regular game and build up their characters 
gradually, which is much more fun - though very slow and very tough.

You can create your own team or take on the one already prepared for 
you.  It's up to you.

At the start of the game, look at the inventory and read the letter 
the first chap is carrying.  Arrange your items and, if you have a 
spell book, learn it.  You are all set.  But, before you start, take 

Throughout play, you will have to check the inventory screen to 
make sure that weapons, armour and other items are not damaged, i.
e., red - if so, repair them.  Also, sell everything you don't 
need and arrange items so that you have a maximum of space free.  If 
you are doubtful about some of them, you can keep them in the chests 
near Sorpigal or anywhere else you will visit often.

Important spells at first are "Cure wounds" and "Disarm traps" (to 
open chests).  Later on, "Walk on water", "Fly", "Town portal" and 
"Lloyd's beacon" become pretty essential to get around quickly, so 
learn them as soon as you can.

As to skills, "Bows" is vital.  The sooner you can equip bows, 
the better.

Basically, you have to cover each section of this world completely, 
visit each town, call at every house, talk to everyone and take on 
quests for experience and cash.  First you stick outdoors and 
destroy all the baddies, clicking on their dead bodies for gold and 
items, and then enter various nasty places to carry out your 
quests when someone asks you to get something from them.

Remember that the more thorough you are, the more you will get out 
of the game.

When accepting quests, by the way, make sure you remember where you 
have to return to in order to be sure to get your reward.

In the towns you can recruit up to two peasants to accompany you:  
at first, people who can keep up the "Wizard Eye" spell and 
"Identify" all the time are useful.  Later, you might need a healer 
or two; you can find better people as the game advances.  Please 
note that the peasants in the towns change with time.

The first temples/hideouts/castles, etc., you have to visit are 
fairly simple.  Switches you have to press are prominently 
displayed, secret passages can be revealed on the map by walking 
close to the walls.  Later on, switches are hard to spot and secret 
doors can only discovered by clicking on just about any likely wall 
you can think of (don't you hate that?).  Still later, you actually 
have to solve puzzles to get to the really secret places.  You must 
always explore these places very, very carefully; missing an 
important corridor or switch can make the difference between winning 
or getting totally stuck.

The eventual objective of the game is to get the six Lords on your 
side so that you can visit the Oracle and find out what's going on.  
This is in the nature of running errands for them and some are easy 
and some well-nigh impossible.

There are other sidelines to the game:  for instance, in each 
segment of the map there is an obelisk - click on all of them to get 
a message (read top to bottom and left to right) which will direct 
you to treasure.  However, this is not essential.

A word about combat:  kill from a distance if the monsters have no
long-range weapons but close in if people are chucking arrows or 
spells at you.  Later on, when you are assailed by large numbers of 
monsters, a well placed spell which hits everybody will clear the 
air and then you can pick off survivors more comfortably.  Bear in 
mind that you will get enemies behind you, so remember to turn 

You can do things in any order you like, although it is best to be 
sent on quests before you explore certain areas.  Take all the time 
you want.  Below is the order I followed, and you will notice I did 
not visit every location at every sector at once, but waited till 
circumstances allowed me to do so.  You might find some places too 
tough, even going backwards and forwards to heal, so leave them for 
later.  You can always improve your characters by fighting baddies 
in the open - their camps can be rewarding not only in terms of 
experience points, but also of cooking pots and chests.

This is a very complex game, and all I can give you is just a guide, 
to help you a little - not a step by step solution.  Even so, it's 
by no means complete; there is more to find out there, I'm sure.  It 
is so confusing at times, that I might well have got some things 
wrong, for which I apologise in advance.  However, the whole point 
is that you should discover all the mysteries of the game for 
yourself, by being frankly nosey and doing your own thing at all 
times.  All I can hope to do with what follows is to aid you here 
and there.  The compass directions, by the way, are only approximate 
- I'm sure you will understand how difficult it is to be precise.

For the answer to the High Council Quests, see further down.  Below, 
the description of each township and the places to visit on ordinary 
quests - and wait till you are asked!


The beginning...


Locations:  Village, Goblinwatch (SW), Old Temple (NW), Access to 
Ironfist (W); obelisk in volcano (N, needs "Fly" spell), Gharik's 
Forge (on an island, E, needs "Walk on water" spell)

Enter the town and turn right to go into the Inn.  Speak to the 
aptly named Andover and give him the letter and you get some cash.  
If you speak to him again, he will give you a quest. (As an aside, 
every time you come to this Inn and talk to the inmates you might 
get different information.)

Visit the Town Hall, where you will get a key and two more quests.  
Talk to the peasants and get the couple you need most to join.  If 
you don't want to talk to everybody (and, let's face it, you get 
weary of it after a while, click on people with the right hand 
button and you'll see what their profession is).  It is more 
important to visit each house (you'll get quests).  Try the 
fountains.  Above one of the temples you will find some goblins to 
kill and strip.

Visit the shops and buy anything useful you can afford.  Also the 
Temples, and don't forget your training for advancement.

In the orchard you will find apple trees - clicking on them will 
augment your food supplies.  Watch out for goblins attacking you 
here and make sure you don't hurt the peasants.  EVER.  Here and 
elsewhere, draw the monsters away from the town to kill them at your 
leisure.  If you should kill a peasant by mistake (easily done), the 
whole town turns against you.

[One more thing:  The above pattern will largely apply to every town 
and village you visit, so I won't repeat it.  Also, outside the 
towns you will find Temple Baas all over, where you can be cured 
cheaply - don't use them!  Just ignore them.  Do, though, call at 
every Inn, have a drink and tip the bartender.]

When you are finished in town, walk out and up a hill to the SW to...


Kill all the monsters around and above the fort.  Behind it you will 
find a chest.  Go in.  

Nothing very difficult here, move around killing nasties and using 
the map to make sure you cover every inch of the location.  Click on 
everything which looks unusual.  Click on bags, barrels and buckets, 
open chests.  In a long room with red panels, click on them to 
reveal chests.  One of them contains the code you are after.  At a 
panel with red blobs, click on D, F, L, B, O, G to open the doors 
and continue exploring.

When you've done, go back to the town, visit the Town Hall to get 
your reward and another quest.  Sell whatever you don't need and buy 
whatever you can afford.  See if you can get your characters 
trained.  Visit the Temple if you need to.  You must donate at least 
once at each Temple since this makes you more popular.  This 
particular one is the cheapest of the lot, so donate frequently 
here, perhaps every time you get healed.

Before you go any further, you might like to beef up your characters 
by exploring the SE and S sections of this map, killing a little, 
going back to town to recover with the aid of the fountains, and so 
on, until you've cleared all the monsters and collected all the 
goodies.  Who knows, it might earn promotion for your characters and 
make them tougher.  Equally, you could clear the NE section of the 

Note that the horseshoes at every Stables in the land can be clicked 
on the characters to give them skill points; always note where the 
Stables are in each town.

If you are ready, we'll go over the bridge to the...

Old Temple

You'll have to clear the opposition before you go in, and two chests 
near the entrance could contain interesting goods.  By the way, this 
applies to just about every building you will have to enter - it 
will be surrounded by nasties, so kill them off, go get healed, and 
then come back ready to face anything.

Back to business.  Go in.  Keep your eyes peeled for goodies laying 
around.  Here you have to find a candelabra in a chest, kill the 
Spider Queen (click on it to get its heart, quest item, remember?), 
collect a few cobra eggs for sale and find a little girl who is lost.

Return to the village and visit the people who gave you the quests 
and get your reward.  Do whatever you have to do.  Then, using the 
map, you can cover all the ground you can around New Sorpigal 
collecting items and killing off any monster still left around; the 
idea is that the map should reveal everywhere you can visit at the 

You will notice that, if you attempt to go over the southern bridge 
and reach the W limit of the map, as shown on the screen, you are 
asked if you wish to go to Ironfist.  If you can afford it, go to 
the Stables; if not, keep going past the bridge.


Locations:  Town, up the hill the first Castle, Temple of Baa 
(S), obelisk (SW), Dragoon Caverns (SE), Seer (N), Shadow Guild 
Hideout (E of Seer), Corlagon Estate (extreme SW), Snergle's Caverns 

First visit the town, both down and up, and talk to everybody.  You 
will get another quest.  Then visit the Castle and talk to the 
inmates.  You get more quests and also get lumbered with the young 
Prince, who will disappear when you next sleep (not to worry; just 
keep checking the Calendar until it's April, when we have to find 
him in the Circus E of Blackspire).  

It's all very well, you know, but at this stage you are nowhere 
near able to undertake most of the tasks you have been given.  Never 
mind, let's carry on.

If you enter one of the large, square, wooden platforms you will 
find yourself in hot water, but there is an obelisk here.  Wind your 
way up and out of here (NE of this place there is a shrine), or step 
onto the platform when you've had enough.

Visit the Seer to the N.  He will tell you what you have to do, and 
you might like to consult him whenever you don't know where to go

Pursuing the quests from New Sorpigal, let's go just E of the Seer 

The Shadow Guild Hideout

Enter the first door to the left and look for a switch right close 
to it.  It's square and dun coloured, and not very easy to see.  
Most switches stick out and have to be pressed in.  Look out for 
more switches in this location.

Anyway, if you go back to the corridor and carry on, you will see a 
locked door to your left.  Continue along, exploring this place.  In 
the chests you will encounter you will find a letter from the 
Prince of Thieves and also the Guild key, which opens the locked 
door.  Inside, you will find Sharry Carnegie.

OK, you can now do whatever you need to in town.  Then, go to...

The Temple of Baa

As you come in, you will see a square block in the centre, with 
doors all around.  Read the notice by any door, but don't touch any 
of them.

At the four corners of the big square there are caves that can be 
explored for experience points/various goodies.  

But, for the serious business, start by entering the door to the S.  
You will see two storerooms (locked), and a windy corridor will lead 
to a statue which hides a key.  This key opens one of the 
storerooms, and the chest inside has a key to a bathhouse.  Go to 
the big square and through the door to the N.  Inside, two rooms, 
both locked - but one will be opened by the latest key.  Inside the 
chest, another key to the other storeroom.  In that room, the chest 
will contain a key to the secret door.

Go to the block in the middle of the big square room and click on 
the doors in this order:  N, E, W and then S.  This door will open 
and inside there is a chest with a key to the last bathhouse.  Fight 
your way there and unlock the door - you will find a key to the 
treasure room.

You might like to leave at this point and go get yourself in tip-top 
condition, because you are next going to enter the door to the E of 
the big square room.  As soon as you are in, climb into the troughs 
left or right, otherwise you get fried by a fire ball.  Get up the 
stairs and into the temple.  Leg it to the altar, pick up the gong 
(can be turned to cash later on) and open the secret door behind the 
altar.  Turn around just inside the corridor and be prepared to 
fight the zillions of nasties which will come at you.

When you are ready, follow the corridor to the N (click on the 
torches, one contains a lot of cash).  Enter the hidden door to the 
NW and, in a chest, you'll find the Chimes and the key to the other 
treasure room.  Leave and this time follow the corridor to the S - 
in the SW you will find another hidden door and, inside, loads and 
loads of money.

You can now leave and get yourself to the town to be healed, etc.

Next, you can go to...

The Dragoon's Caverns

Same old thing, just explore around.  A secret door in a circular 
chamber to the NE will present you with two switches.  Press them to 
open unseen doors.  Later on you will see other switches, but if 
they are down already (because you pressed these two), you don't 
need to bother.

However, you will notice on a section of the wall a secret passage, 
for which you will need to press another switch (sticking out).

To the NW you will find a lift (a small, square wooden platform, 
just pull the lever).

Eventually, you will come to a row of chests.  You might want to 
save here and experiment a little.  One of the chests contains 
something you want (in this location you get a Harp and also another 
letter).  The other chests send you to unpleasant places.

If you land in the sewers, use any wands you have against the oozes, 
and click on their burnt up remains for rings and things.  You can 
climb up out of here through some stairs which are hard to see.

Once you have what you came for, leave and take the harp to the 
town for your reward, then it is time to leave and go to New 
Sorpigal, to the Town Hall, to collect your reward for returning 
Sharry and handing in the Shadow Guild letter.

You might as well go to the SE of New Sorpigal, take a ship and 


Locations:  Castle (NW of town), Silver Helms Outpost (SE), obelisk 

As ever, go to the Castle to the NW of here and get your quests, 
then talk to everybody in town and knock at every door.

A woman in the house to the extreme SW asks you to step on the 
platform to the N and clear the nasties away.  Go there and start 
fighting your way from island to island.  Be on the look out for 
apple trees and chests.  When you reach the last island you will see 
an obelisk.  After you've clicked on it, stand on the platform to 
get back.  The woman for whom you did this quest has nothing to say 
to you, but I guess it doesn't matter.  

Don't forget to visit the Town Hall.

Go to the SE of town and enter the... 

Silver Helm Outpost  

Start exploring to your left.  To the NW, Oliver Wendell, locked up 
in a cell, tells you about a secret door.  Indeed, just click on the 
wall at the end of the corridor to find it.

Following on through here you will come to a room with some nasties 
(dispatch them) and a switch.  Press it, go outside, turn right and 
hug the wall to the right going up the steps which will appear.  
When you reach a platform after which no more steps appear, wait 
till you are raised to the floor level.  Continue along here.  You 
will see a mural on the wall - this takes you back, so don't touch 
it yet.  There are two rooms here, and one of them contains Melody 
Silver, who is the maiden you are supposed to take back to Castle 
Ironfist in order to become a Crusader.  When you've finished here, 
touch the mural to go back down.

In your travels around this place you should have found a letter 
(take it to the Town Hall) and the key to Gharik's Forge.  
Unfortunately, you are probably not yet ready to tackle this place, 
so let's forget it for a minute.  If you are finished, do whatever 
else you need to do and then travel to Castle Ironfist.

You will find that you cannot enter until you find the Prince.  Ah, 
well, now we are stuck with Melody.

At this point I felt the natural progression was to travel North 


Locations:  Mainland, Circus to the E of Camp, obelisk SE west of 
Hall of the Fire Lord, SE;  Town to the centre, NE of town, Fountain 
of Magic (don't forget to drink from it, it's one of the quests).  
Islands, Shrine (NW), to the E a pedestal (remember this location), 
to the S, the Temple of the Sun, NE of that, East Bootleg with the 
Temple of Tsantsa.  E of that, a camp and a poisonous fountain.

When you arrive you land into a cannibal camp.  Nice going.  Do your 
best.  Towards the E you will see a circus, which is the natural 
place to look for the Prince but, of course, he ain't there.  Still, 
you can go SE of here to the obelisk and then the...

Hall of the Fire Lord

Open the door to the left, open the chest and also the chest outside 
and distribute the amber amongst your fellows.  Talk to the huge 
mask on the wall.  You've got a job.

Advance and you will fall through a hole.  Look carefully down 
[DELETE] and shoot everybody.  Then take a leap [X] so that you land 
next to the hole to the side of the wall.  Go through this.

You have to follow every possible corridor/hole till you cannot go 
any further.  Click on one of the Stone Faces to get back to the 
beginning and then go down a new hole, and so on.

Basically, you have to open all the doors and you need to find a 
locked chest.  To find the key, you need to get to a very large room 
with many doors and drop down a double hole, and again, where you 
will be attacked by an Egyptian looking type called a Defender.  
Once dead, click on him to get the key.  Go back to, or find, the 
locked chest.  Inside you'll find a crystal skull (hang on to it, 
you'll need it much later).  

If you've been everywhere and you've opened all the doors, use a 
Stone Face to go back to the Fire Lord.  Click on the carved mask 
and talk to him again, choosing "Quest".  Well, that's that done.

Leave and get to the town.  Do the usual.  The guy next to the 
Temple wants you to go to the...

Temple of Fist

Keep left at first and avoid the pile of skulls at the centre.  Have 
a look around and, behind some barrels you will see a white arrow on 
the floor.  Pull the torch and a panel will reveal a switch.  Press 
it then go back up to the entrance and take the right side.  You 
should find a letter; when you get to the altar, click on the 
crystal to destroy it.  

Either this was a very small temple or I missed a secret door 
somewhere, though I doubt it. 

Go back to the town and get your reward from the house inside the 
Temple enclosure.

You don't need to do the islands right now, though you can pick up 
peasants who can keep going the "Walk on water" spell; you'll have 
to come back later anyway.

For now, you could go W to...


A lot to do here.  The very first thing you should do is to visit 
the High Council, where all the guys have their thumbs firmly down.  
You need to get each one of them to give you the thumbs up sign, by 
fulfilling the quests given to you by the Lords.

Locations:  High Council (SE of town), Dragoons' Keep (S), Ethric the 
Mad Tomb (W); S of here, the obelisk; Rockham's Pride (Inn where you 
get a nomination from Chadwick) (NW).  N of here, Temple of the 
Moon.  Temper's Castle, SE of map.

Start, as ever, with the town itself.  Many quests await you here, 
so explore it by sections and make a note as to where you have to 
come back afterwards.  Ignore the sewers for now.

By the way, later on you will have to find a Stone Cutter and a 
Carpenter - of course, you will then meet the butcher, the baker and 
the candlestick maker, everyone and anyone you won't need.  So, if 
you see these craftsmen in the actual houses you visit, remember 
where they are so that you can collect them later.

Identify and remember the derelict Temple, because you'll have to 
come back to it.

Once you've done the town, head S and SE over the bridges to Castle 
Temper.  Get your marching orders.  Again, it will be some time 
before you are able to fulfil the quest.

Places you could be getting on with are:

Tomb of Ethric the Mad

As you enter, stand on the lift to the left, go through the door and 
find the skull-shaped switch in a chamber to the NW.  You can check 
the burial niches for gold or items, though the characters will get 
diseased.  However, if you have a healer with you, all might be well.

Next go down and take the right lift up and find the switch in the 
NE.  Once you've pressed both these switches you can take the lift 
in the center.

In the large central chamber, clicking on a hanging body will give 
you a fine wand.  Look around, search the niches, open the coffins 
and, when you kill the liches, click on them.  One of them will 
yield the skull you are looking for.  Take it to Free Haven and get 
your reward.

Temple of the Moon

Here you will find cobra eggs you can sell as before.  You will also 
meet Medusas which can turn your characters into stone, but you'll 
find plenty of spells laying around to turn them back to flesh.  The 
idea here is to go straight in from the entrance up to the door in 
front.  Read the message.  Now go through the doors to the left and 
right and find three altars each side.  Place the cursor on them to 
identify them but do not click yet.  Once you know where they all 
are, click on the altars in the order:  Life, Accuracy, Might, 
Endurance, Speed and Luck.  This will open the locked door.

Go in and fight your way to the altar.  Clicking on the crystal will 
give you a gem.  But the important thing here is to remember where 
this altar is, i.e., the altar of the Moon, because you might be 
coming back to it later.  If you have the Lloyd's beacon spell, use 
it here.

Dragoons' Keep

You will have to pull down two levers, one to the SE and one to the 
SW.  Remember that the natural state of levers is "up".

Go N and you will find a door to the NE of the corridor is locked.  
Keep going N, up some stairs and press the brown switch to go 
through.  Another switch on the wall further on will unlock the 
doors.  Go in and pull the lever in the first room but not the next 
if it is already down.  Go to the room at the top and you get caught 
in a trap.  Keep moving the lever up and down till the door opens.  
Have a fight and then go to the locked door, which will now be 
open.  Get Mordred from the chest and take it to Phelps in town.

It's a toss up where to go next, but the easiest location is S of 
Free Haven, over the bridge:  so let's get ourselves to the...


Locations:  Circus (NE), S of that, Snergle's Iron Mines; W of this, 
an Inn.  To the SW, a pedestal (remember where it is).  Castle 
Darkmoor (NW); immediately N, Dragon's Lair.  Shrine SE of town.  
Centre of the map, through a maze, the obelisk.

Although the nasties here are easy to kill, there are hundreds of 
them, so you'll spend a lot of time fighting and there is no Temple 
in town, so you might have to keep going to the Inn, instead.

At the town, pop in and then right out again, taking with you all 
the undead to where you can destroy them without harming the 
townspeople.  You might have to do this several times.  When the 
coast is clear, start by knocking at all the doors in the ground 
floor, particularly the Inn (The Haunt), where you'll get a quest 
from Smythers.

Next, find your way upstairs, where there will be another quest for 
you.  It's a bit confusing, but I'm sure you'll manage.

When you've finished, you might like to try...

Snergle's Iron Mines

As you come in, use the troughs of water either side of the door, 
since they will replenish points.  Go first to the left and you 
will find, amongst other things, the Cell key.  Note that some 
cabinets have to be clicked on the side to open them.  You will also 
find a letter.

Next go to the right until you get to the cells.  Inside one, 
someone will give you a key to Snergle's Caverns inner room.

OK, what do you say we have a bash at...

Darkmoor Castle

Now, you probably won't be ready for this one yet, so you can come 
back to it later.  I only managed it by casting "Lloyd's beacon" and 
then "Town portal" to go and rest every few steps.  It took ages!

There are here those awful Eyes and Liches; they strip you of all 
your cast spells of protection/torch, so you are left helpless and 
in total darkness.  They even turn you mad!  It's a bit of a 
nightmare.  The "Dragon's breath" spell quickly dispatches the Eyes, 
but, of course it's very expensive in terms of magic points.  Since 
it is very difficult to fight these creatures at close quarters, and 
half the time you can't see them anyway, wands come in handy.

At any rate, what you have to do here is find a lever next to a 
sign.  You must find a blue cube near the ceiling in a large chamber 
and click on it (you are in for a real fight) and thus turn it red.  
Next, you must find a way into the caves to the NW.  It's murder 
there, since there are no end of nasties.  However, you must try to 
get up a ramp and into a large square chamber, again, full of 
nasties.  To the NW of this chamber you must get a mask (memory 
crystal, needed later on).  By clicking on a red cube in the ceiling 
near here, you get into a secret chamber where you will be able to 
destroy the Book of Liches, as per you quest.

You will also find the Argameddon spell to learn, and don't forget 
to click on the dead Eyes, they sometimes carry interesting items.

And now we might as well find out what else we are meant to do, so 
let's go to New Haven and then NE to the...


Locations:  Shadow Guild (SE), Stone Castle and town (E), Stromgard 
Castle (NE), obelisk just behind this Castle, to the E, White Cap 
(NW), Icewind Keep (W)

At the moment, just visit the two castles to get your quests, and 
also the towns.  We'll be coming back later.

Next, go E to...


Locations:  The Monolith (SW), The Warlord's Fortress (NW), Shrine 
(N), obelisk (N), E of the shrine, Inn (E of obelisk), Circle of 
Stones (S of Inn),  Silver Helm Stronghold (centre of map).

Again, just visit the castle and the town for now.

At this point, it was April, so I took a quick visit to...


Locations:  Wolf's Lair (S of town), Temple of Snake (E, centre of 
lake), Circus (E of town), obelisk (SE), Inn (SW)

You might as well do the town and get some more quests, to be 
attended to later.  Talk to Twillen in the large house to the N and 
get the figurines from the chest next to it.  You have to place them 
at the pedestals, some of which you have already seen.  Make a note 
of which figurine goes on which pedestal.

First, go E of town to the Circus.  Try the smaller tents first, if 
you want.  At the main one, retrieve the Prince.

If you search around the centre of the map you will find a chest 
guarded by werevolves.  Inside, Lord Kilburn's shield.


I think we have enough quests for now.  I will now list the ones for 
the Castles, do them as soon as you can; the ordinary ones will be 
listed below under each township and you can do them at your leisure.

Castle Ironfist

Take the Prince in to be admitted.  Present the shield.  Unload 
Melody to be made Crusaders.  To be Heroes, go to Dragon's Lair, 
just behind Castle Darkmoor (N) in Mire of the Damned.  Kill the 
dragon (there is only the one room), click on it and you will 
automatically get a claw.  Bring it back.

Castle Stone

First, go to the Shadow Guild, to the SE.  Explore around here, 
pushing against doors, rather than clicking on them, to open them.  
You will find a revealing letter.

Thus, to get the Prince of Thieves, you must go to Free Haven and 
enter the sewers.  Although there are many entrances, I took the one 
in the house to the NE.  The first grate I came to yielded a key, 
which opens a locked storeroom with lots of goodies.  You have to 
make your way to the extreme NW, where there is a room with 
flickering lights.  Click on the wall to the W to enter a room.  
Click on the bed to nab the Prince of Thieves.  Elsewhere in the 
sewers (SW) there is another secret door to a teleporter, but it's 
not terribly important.  Up to you.

The next task is to go to Free Haven, ditch whoever you are carrying 
in the way of peasants and find a Stone Cutter and a Carpenter.  
Then just go to derelict Temple of Free Haven, enter and they will 
automatically go in and get on with it.

When you get back to the castle, ask about your next promotion.  You 
have to go to the Temple of the Sun and find a chalice.  This is so 
easy it's scarcely worth explaining.  Just explore around and open 
chests till you find what you are looking for.  When you have the 
chalice, enter the Temple of Free Haven.  (This enables the priests 
to cure Eradication, so you know where to come back if one of your 
characters gets rubbed out.)  You can now go back to Castle Stone 
for your reward.

Castle Newton

To get the Hourglass of Time you have to go to Gharik's Forge, on a 
island to the E of New Sorpigal.  You should have found this key at 
the Silver Helm Outpost near Mist.  Enter and follow the ramp 
downwards - should you fall in the lava pool, a red switch will send 
you back up.  

One word about this place.  All doors open with levers (hard to 
spot) - even a hidden door to the SE opens with a lever on the wall, 
so keep your eyes peeled.  

OK, you'll come to a spot where there is a wooden bridge and also 
four sets of levers, each on two different levels.  The idea is to 
move the wooden bridge eastwards and to unblock the door to the 
south of it so you can cross it northwards.  Try all levers to see 
what they do.  As soon as you get the bridge over, try again with 
the levers to see which one opens the blocked door (you will have to 
keep going back to look, so use Lloyd's beacon if you can).  
Eventually you will get across.  Explore around until, at the end of 
the corridor, to the extreme SE, you come to a small room with a 
different sort of floor.  Kill the nasty, enter the room and pull 
the lever.  The lift will take you down.  Go through the first door 
but, before you go through the second, brace yourself.  All hell is 
about to break loose.  If you can, get ice spells ready.  Step in 
and start blasting.  If it's too tough, duck behind the door and 
sort yourself out.  Get back in there!  When you've killed 
everybody, walk across to the other door, go in, find a ramp and go 
up.  At the end of this trek you will find a chest with the 
Hourglass of Time in it.  Take it and go back down.  At the end of 
the lava course, if you are brave enough to follow it, there are 
some good weapons and stuff to find.  If you'd rather not, go back 
to the wooden bridge and pull the lever this side of it.  This opens 
a secret door to a hidden room on this level (look at the map) with 
a couple of chests.  Take the Hourglass to the Castle.

If you have not yet drunk from the Fountain of Magic at Bootleg, do 
so now and go to the Castle.

In order to advance further, you will have to go to Corlagon's Estate
SW in Ironfist.  Nothing very difficult here, just explore around, 
pressing skull switches, mixing it with the spooks, and find the 
crystal in a chest to the SE.

Castle Temple

In order to attend to the first quest, you will have to visit 
Kriegspire briefly (go N from Blackspire), not getting involved just 
yet, but heading towards the NW.  The Devils Outpost is just NW of 
Castle Kriegspire.  Pop in and fight it out (there is only one room), 
then get the scroll on the floor and take it to the castle.

For your first promotion all you have to do is get a nomination from 
Chadwick (see above).  The next promotion will be harder:  you have 
to go to the Warlord's Fortress in Silver Cove and find a letter.  
Not all that complicated, just a lot of fighting and the usual 

Castle Fleise

These quests are fairly easy.  You merely have to go to each town 
and talk about "Price fixing" at every single Stables.  It's just a 
matter of finding them.  The obvious ones are in the main towns 
(though bear in mind there are two in Free Haven, one at the N and 
one at the S); so, go to Silver Cover, New Sorpigal, Ironfist, Mire 
of the Damned, Free Haven, White Cap, Blackspire and Kriegspire.

Once you've done that, promotion is easily achieved (if you have a 
good memory), by first turning up at the Circle of Stones on an 
equinox (I went on the 21st of June) and clicking on the altar, and 
later, turning up at the altar of the Moon (see above) at the full 
moon, 12 o'clock at night (again, click on the altar).  Just keep 
checking the Calendar.

Castle Stromgard

The first thing you have to do is to find the Hermit.  No problem.
He is in the centre of the Kriegspire map, but you might have to 
"Fly" up to him.  Talk to him and return to the castle.

For promotion, first you will have to find the keys at Icewind 
Keep.  Nothing very difficult here, pull the levers to the NW and 
NE, either side of the main chamber, then go into it and follow the 
corridor to the throne room.  When you've killed everyone, approach 
the smaller throne from the back and pull the lever on the armrest. 
This opens up a passage going to a room with four chests.  In one of 
them, the keys.

Take them to the castle and, for your next promotion, go around to 
the main towns (Silver Cover, New Sorpigal, Mist, Free Haven, 
Blackshire and White Cap, I think), find the round towers and click 
on the keyhole under the switch.  Go back to the castle.

OK, that's all your High Council quests done.  If you go to Free 
Haven and look, you will find thumbs up all around save one guy.  
Before you go back to Castle Ironfist to complain, you might as well 
do the rest of your quests.


Apart from Kriegspire, there is precious little out there - but what 
there is, is important.  Also deadly.  The best way to explore this 
part of the world is using the "Fly" spell (at speed, using the 
arrow keys and the Shift key - you can always press [INSERT] plus 
the Shift key to come down quickly, if you want to look at something 
closely or have a fight; also, while flying, you can press [DELETE] 
to look downwards and get a better view).  After fighting dragons 
and things, clicking on dead carcasses can be very productive.  And, 
of course, judiciously fighting and running away, so long as you 
have the patience, will build up your characters no end.


Locations:  Agar's Laboratory (NE), Hermit (Centre of map), Castle 
Kriegspire (NW); Shrine E of Castle; pedestal (extreme NW), Superior 
Temple of Baa (E), obelisk (NW), Caves of the Dragon Riders (W)

Go around the town talking to everybody and a fellow will ask for a 
jewelled egg.  Nobody else seemed to want anything, which is a bonus.

Agar's Laboratory

I'm not quite sure how this location helps, but here we go again.  
Start pushing switches.  Have a good look at the floor before you 
do; Eyes are about to come out as soon as you press each switch, and 
they are so eager to get at you that they nearly pop through the 
floor - you can destroy some of them, even if only a little bit is 
showing.  Though, of course, this could well be a bug and happens 
only in my particular version of the game.  It has happened before!

When you do press the switches turn around quickly to do battle.

All this switch pressing reveals a lift.  Get on it and go below to 
continue exploring.  All I found here was a letter.  Maybe you'll 
find something else.  I still can't figure what all that was about.

Castle Kriegspire

We are told that this place contains all the surplus nasties.  
Indeed, you could hold a Monster Sale.  You can, if you choose, 
click on the well at the NE of the village and find yourself in the 
Castle, up to your neck in minotaurs.  Anyway, as soon as you start 
looking around you will find the jewelled egg; of course, it ain't 
as easy as that.  Don't even think of going home yet.  

To the NE there is a Curator (looks like a door) who will heal you 
at a price.

You will have probably noticed a locked door consisting of bars.  
Well, you have to get to the centre of the four circular rooms, 
where a switch on a pillar will open this door.  To do this you have 
to go to the south of the four rooms, up the stairs, and skirt the 
rooms on a narrow ledge, without falling in, to get to the centre.  
If you have the cash and you got as fed up as me battling in the 
darkness, you can go to the large room to the NW, where all the 
wyrms and goodies are, and find a plaque which, by paying 50,000 
bucks, will place you at the very switch.  Press it and go to 
the door with bars, which will then be open.

Enter the chamber by jumping in.  Inside, a mask (memory crystal, to 
you).  You need this.  You can get out of here by stepping on the 

Caves of the Dragon Riders

Nothing particular here, mainly practice at fighting and getting 
experience points.  Not to mention superb armour and pretty 
excellent weapons.  Click on everything which bites the dust.


Locations:  The Hive (NW), Derelict village (N), obelisk S of this 
village; pedestal N of the village.

Nothing else much here; the Hive is your very last fight, so you can 
ignore it for now.


Locations:  Town (W), obelisk (NE of town).

Clear the town of Titans (get close to them and grapple with their 
kneecaps; they carry good stuff) and knock at every door.  Not much 
to be learned, but the training facilities and the Inn might come in 


Locations:  Obelisk (W); rejuvenation fountain (E of obelisk), use 
it only for characters who have actually aged; Island (SW).

Ignore the island for now, you'll be coming back later.


Locations:  Pyramid (NW), Village (SW), pedestal in village, Stone 
Ring (NE), obelisk (NE), Shrine of Gods (S of obelisk)

To the Pyramid you'll be coming back later.  Have a bash at the 
village, if you like; nobody says anything frightfully interesting, 
but if you have items to trade, you could get some good stuff.  Me, 
I had plenty to spare.  At any rate, the pedestal for the last 
figurine is in the middle of the village.  You should go back to 
Twillen in Blackspire to get your reward, from the chest.  Could be 

The Stone Ring has to do with the obelisk solution.  I've given you 
the locations of 14 of them already.  The 15th is further down.  The 
complete text reads:  "In the land of the dragon by far northeast, 
lies the cache of the captain 'neath the weight of the least.  Hid 
from the ship of the Sun before her functions ceased, lift the stone 
and you have won; this ruddle's puzzle pieced."  You figure it.  
Knowing what the message is won't help you unless you've actually 
clicked on each obelisk.  Plus, can you be bothered lifting stones 
for some more stuff when every dragon in sight is trying to do you 
in?  At this stage of the game?  Give me a break...  But, if you 
want to know, the stone to lift is the bigger one in the middle, and 
underneath you will find Dark Containment and a few really useful 
items - dandy at the beginning of the game, won't make much 
difference now.  Still.

On another tack, the Shrine of Gods gives you a tremendous oomph, 
but, again, you'll have to dodge a lot of dragons.

Time to attend to...



Snergle's Caverns

For this you will need a key to be found in the Snergle's Iron 
Mines, and you are sent here by Smythers at the Haunt in Mire of the 
Damned.  Search the place, as usual, but pay attention to the walls, 
which can do you good or harm, i.e., you can get a lot of gold or be 
hurt in a cave-in.  In the first large chamber, check out the 
waterfall and the crystals.  In the second, press the large, pink 
switch.  In the third, kill everybody, find Snergle's body by 
sweeping the mouse around and click on it to retrieve his axe.  Take 
it to Smythers.


Temple of Tsantsa

Nothing very difficult, just go around pulling levers and find the 
Cell key.  Eventually you will make it to the centre chamber and, at 
the back, a corridor will lead you to the cell (make sure the active 
guy is carrying the key - if another clicks on the door it won't 
open).  Collect Sherell Ivanaveh and take her to Free Haven.


Silver Helm Stronghold

In your battles, be on the lookout for a sorceror who carries an
ankh.  Start at the W and then go S.  To the E of the map, near a 
corridor marked blue, you will find a ghost.  Talk to him.  Take the 
ankh to Fleise, who will send you to Stone.  There, you collect a 


Touch EVERYTHING, particularly the monoliths - always, one of them 
opens the next door; another will close it, so watch what happens.  
In the final chamber, touch the altar.  Clicking on the pool will 
open the next door and "nice flowers" will let you out.  Don't 
forget to go and get your reward.


Lair of the Wolf

As you come in, apply your shoulder to the right-hand wall and keep 
going till you reach the extreme NW.  Here a ghost will appear and 
set you a task.  Do exactly as he says, walk to the opposite chamber 
on the NE and click on the wall nearly at the corresponding end in 
order to get a pearl.  Use it on the altar to open up a door.

Get searching and, in two large rectangular rooms, kill all the 
wolves and then click on the bodies till you get the black pearl.

Go to the ghost and he will ask you to take the pearl to Castle 
Ironfist.  We'll do that later.

Temple of the Snake

Try your best not to kill the peasants, though at the end it's 
inevitable.  As you go along, a dragon will come up from a pit and 
fight you.  If you continue along this corridor and try to get down 
some stairs you'll find you can't.  Drop into the pit instead, press 
a switch and a secret door will open.

When you get to the altar room just give it all you've got and stop 
trying to spare the peasants.  It's impossible.  After you've 
cleaned out the chest, click on the cage to rescue Emmanuel.  Take 
him to his wife in Blackspire.

And now we must stop mucking around and go for...


Go visit the Seer and he will tell you there is a traitor to show 
up.  So, visit Castle Ironfist, hand in the pearl of purity and make 
a formal complaint.  You get an elegant cloak.  Time to visit...

The Superior Temple of Baa

This, as you know, is NE of Kriegspire.  Find the podium to the SE 
of the entrance hall.  SW of this there is a chest which you must 
open.  You need two keys, which are carried by the inmates, so kill 
everybody and click on their bodies.  I found one key W of the room 
with the chest and another in the last dorm to the SE.

The fireplaces here do odd things if you come up to them right close 
and click on them.  Couldn't figure what.

What you read on the podium means you have to hop into a hole and 
follow the spiral path, then go to the altar room to the SW and 
click on the faces on the walls, 1 to 4, in that order.  Finally, you 
have to go to a large altar room to the E and find the stone face on 
the wall.  Clicking on this gives each of your characters a whole 
load of experience points, which is better than a poke in the eye.  
With a short stick.

Anyway, when you have the two keys go to the chest and open it.  In 
it, a letter proves the odd guy is a traitor.

Take the letter to Castle Ironfist, who promptly sends you on to the 
High Council.  Talk to the obstreperous guy and he takes the huff 
and disappears, revealing a door which leads you to the Oracle.

Once there, click on the panel by the door, follow the corridor, 
click on the next panel and some stairs will be revealed.  Go down 
and along and click on the blackness to talk to the Oracle.  He 
requires four memory crystals, and tells you where to find them.  
I've already explained how to get two, so now let's go to Castle 
Ironfist.  For services rendered to the crown you are allowed to use 
the royal yatch.  Go down to town and to the docks and click on the 
Queen Catherine.  It will take you to Hermit's Isle.  Don't waste 
any time getting into...

The Supreme Temple of Baa

Actually, this is very easy.  Totter along killing people, clicking 
on altars and crystals.  You need to work your way around SE and 
then W, then N through a room with lots of small rooms either side.  
Here there are four doors facing one another over a circular pit 
(don't fall in!) - the switches on the side of the doors open up 
bridges to each.  You have to get across to the opposite side, where 
the memory crystal is.  Once you've got it, the rest is academical.  
You can get back to your favourite watering hole to rest up.

Next you have to get to Alamos.  Go to Silver Cove, cast the "Walk 
on water" spell, and get to the ship on an island to the N, which 
will take you to Island South.  You will find the last obelisk to 
the SW of this map.


Not so easy.  Go in and explore.  Click on the trees to get bits of 
a riddle (write them down).  You'll find a letter to the SW, see if 
you can make any sense out of it.  You should find the Teleporter 
key in a chest to the E.  A door N of here leads to the teleporter.  
The castle is huge and extremely complex and it will take you 
sometime to get around everywhere, up and down and all around, and 
find all the secret doors and so on, until you get the crystal.  The 
key is in the SW, where you will find a row of cages to the NW of a 
triangular room.  Get a lift up and go above the cages, walking 
along a narrow path, till you get asked for a password composed of 
the letters given by the riddle.

Once you have all four crystals, go back to the Oracle and follow 
the four corridors along to the end and place them in the four 
altars.  Use any of them, the correct one is automatically placed in 
the right spot.

Go back to the Oracle and it turns out you need a cube to go into 
the Control Centre.  Heave a big sigh and get to the pyramid in 
Dragonlands, otherwise known as...

Tomb of Varn

This place is enormous, you are constantly attacked by regenerating
monsters, the corridors often lead nowhere, you are forever dropping 
into holes and generally messed about.  I am not even going to 
attempt to guide you here.

Read all the messages on walls and below pictures.

At the beginning, go to the right and fight those Egyptian types.  
Once of the carries a key.  Go into the big entrance hall and 
straight ahead.  The large red doors are firmly shut.  Go to your 
left and through the door; press a switch nearly on the floor and a 
panel will open and reveal a chest.  Take everything inside.  The 
skull is for protection and the key will open the large red doors.  
To get out of here, follow the red arrow on the floor to the SE of 
this room and click on the wall to open a secret door.  No you can 
go to the large red doors.

As you go through you will have your work cut out to survive the 
onslaught.  Again, I only managed with "Lloyd's beacon" and "Town 
portal".  Plus I had a couple of Master Healers to cure my lot of 

Once you've cleared this room, note the triangular pools.  There is 
also the Well of Varn (a circular water pool).  The object of the 
exercise is not only to find keys but also scrolls with the codes of 
the Engineer, Navigator, Doctor, Captain, Communications Officer and 
First Mate.  Don't worry if you can't find them all.  An important 
place is the Water Temple in the huge room to the NW, get up the 
ramp.  Once you've done the whole area, come back to the room with 
the pools.

If you attempt to enter the well, you'll be told the codes have not 
been entered.  Go into the pools, starting by the one to the right 
of the well and making sure that the guy who is carrying the code 
scrolls is the active one.  You will be asked the Navigator's code, 
which is "ulus".  Move on to the next triangular pool.  Soon it will 
dawn on you that all the codes are the names of the crew of the 
Enterprise backwards.  For instance, the doctor's code is "yoccm", i.
e., McCoy backwards.  So, if you are missing any of the scrolls, you 
should be able to it figure out.  When you've finished with the 
pools, click on the well and you'll be asked for the captain's code 
("krik") and you will be able to enter.  To open the door inside, 
click on the steps.  A bit of a fight and you can open the chest 
which contains the cube.  Get back to the Oracle.

Now he'll let you into the Control Room and all you have to do here, 
apart from fighting for your life, is to collect the special weapons 
from the chests.  The way to survive here is to go for the 
Terminators first (the brown spheres), to have a couple of Master 
Healers with you (no gold to collect, anyhow) and to be ready with 
the "Lloyd's beacon" and "Town portal" spells, so that you can go 
to a safe haven to recover and then come back.  When you have 
blaster rifles for all your characters, get back to the Oracle who 
will tell you about the Hive and a spell only Archibald can give 
you.  And he is made of stone, at that.

Go to Castle Ironfist and talk to the Prince.  He wants the Third 
Eye.  If you speak to him again, you'll get a clue.  Actually, this 
item is at the back of the castle, in a well to the NW of it.  Just 
click on the well and you'll get it.  Take it to the Prince and he 
will give you a bell.  Go around to the back of the castle, up the 
ramp and find the Library.  As you enter, Archibald turns to flesh 
automatically and will give you the spell.  Now it is time to go 

The Hive

Save.  Go in, if you have the guts, and fight it out with a horde of 
devils.  Don't jump down, blast them with spells and let them come 
to you.  If necessary, you can leave.  You cannot cast spells 
everywhere in this complex, so you'll have to find a spot where you 
can.  When you are able, go down all the holes in the ground, 
explore carefully, press switches.  The idea here is to open a 
rectangular hole in the middle of the chamber which is at present 
shut.  You must open all the available doors.  If all the switches 
you've pressed aren't enough, go around again and keep your eye on 
the map to see if the hole you want has opened.  When it does, drop 
down it and follow the corridor.  You should have easily found a key 
to open the door you will come to.

After another fight, go W first, then go E through the door and you 
will eventually come to the reactor.  All you characters must now 
equip the special rifles and blast it.  When it blows, a wall will 
come down and you will have to fight the queen.  When she and 
everyone else is dead, you can relax and watch...

                                THE END 

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