A solution by Lu Richardson

I have already given the starting tips for this game, so these are the tips to 
help you finish it.  

Here is some general info:

I already said that when you create the characters they should all have the 
Bow skill.  The two other skills which are most important at first are Disarm 
Traps and Perception.  Other useful skills are Merchant and Identify Item to 
save cash, but they can wait a bit.  I had two fighters and two initiates:  
the skills I chose for the first two was Bow, Disarm Traps, Bow and 
Perception.  For the other two I had Bow and Cudgel.

This applies at all times:  talk to everyone asking for news and try to get 
promoted by the teachers, you never know.  As to combat, try to fight from a 
distance if you can, backing away if necessary (collect all those little bags 
left behind when you win the battle); at every opportunity, sell all your 
surplus items at any handy shop, not only to get as much money as possible but 
also to make room for more loot.  Don't bother to buy anything other than 
skills and spells (and that only at the beginning).  You will find everything 
you could possibly need by fighting nasties.  Consult your map frequently, 
particularly when you first enter a new place, and save often.

Boats:  if they are not going to where you wish to go, rest and wait till dawn 
then try again.  You may have to do this several times.

Strategy:  although I give you the solutions to all the quests pertaining to 
each city, you might well find that you are not able to do them in the order 
in which they are given (only for the sake of convenience).  Save before you 
go into a new location and if you see you can't do it yet, reload and leave it 
for later.  Actually, it is a good idea to roam around outside the cities at 
first, looking for easy fights so that you can accumulate experience points, 
not to mention loot.  You can really do things in any order it suits you, and 
it's best not to enter locations until you are asked.

The characters:  this solution was written for characters training (as quickly 
as possible) to be a Paladin, a Gladiator, a Priest and a Mage.  However, if 
you wish to pursue a different path, I don't think you will have much trouble.


Locations:  Sturmford City, Anskram Keep

Sturmford City, first round

Go to your left to the Tavern and talk to the Barkeeper (you get the dragon 
quest; he tells you to find Snorri the Fist in the bar at Thjorgard).  Talk 
also to the standing customer (buy him a drink, he asks you to find a 
saboteur).  Talk to the other people.  Go out and, keeping left, enter the 
first door with the green frame (green frames mean you can enter, red frames 
that you are going to find trouble).

Talk to Ludwig and tell him you'll get his manuscript.  Leave and go to the 
trap door by the Tavern.  Open it and go down.  Be on the look out for nasties 
which hang from the ceiling and destroy them at source, otherwise they go on 
spewing nasties forever (though may be you might want to use this as a means 
to accumulate experience points).  

Keep right till you come to a well.  Go in, down the stairs, swim from under 
and climb up the S side.  Follow the passages keeping left and killing things. 
 At the first room with a pool, take the door opposite.  Walk along the 
corridor and you will see some stairs to your right.  Go down and bear left, 
you'll eventually come to a grate (centre of map, dead end corridor) with the 
manuscript.  Take it and leave by the stairs.  Continue exploring around; up 
the stairs and to your right, in the next room, hit the vase at the end of a 
wooden plank and take its contents.  Carry on; in some rooms there are 
sarcophagi with good and bad things.  In the room with all the jars, leave by 
the door to the right.  When you've finished, swim under the well, climb up 
the stairs and find your way out.  Give the manuscript to Ludwig.  

Continue walking about town.  Behind the next green-framed door you will find 
the Oord kids.  Talk to them and read the note, but you'll be dealing with 
their problem later as a mini-quest.  Just remember the house.

Get to the Town Hall (you'll see a parchment & quill sign outside) and talk to 
Randver the Storm till he gives himself away and you will have found the spy. 
 He'll disappear.  Don't forget to go back to the Tavern for your reward 
later.  Go up the stairs and talk to the Town Clerk (Gjukissen), getting all 
the info he has to impart.

Go to the Jarl's Palace and, when you go though the door, advance to the wall 
opposite and click on the altar to cleanse it.  This will enable you to travel 
here using a Town Portal spell.  Enter the door on your right and talk to the 
Jarl.  You will get two quests:  clear Anskram Keep of Imps and rescue Ivsar 
from Drangheim Prison.  If you talk to him again and ask him if you can do 
anything for you, you get a letter to deliver to Kira, which you can do later 
on.  Out.

Find the Library and buy skills.  Visit the Church and give a donation or get 
yourself healed.  You can enlist Aka here if you can afford it, he is a very 
good fighter.

Find the Magic shop and buy the spells you can afford:  Torchlight and Heal 
are important.  Feather Fall is also useful.

Find the Training Hall and train to get skill points.  Here you can also hire 
a troll fighter, but he is not very good.

Don't allocate any skill points yet.  On your way back, talk to the teachers: 
 if you want to improve the skill they teach, give it 4 points and become an 
Expert.  If you are not interested, save your points for the next teacher.  Do 
this in all cities, time and again.

A'Feslo will give you a clue about the Prison.  Go out the W gate to get some 
items in the heaps of bones.  Right, if you've been right around the city and 
done everything you could, leave through the N gate.  Look at your map and 
make your way to...

Anskram Keep, first round

When you get there, be on the look out for basilisks, shoot at them from a 
distance and try to dodge out of the way of whatever they breathe at you.  
Walk around the Keep.  At the W wall you will find a trapped chest and also a 
hole in the wall marked red.  Shoot at it till you see rocks falling.  Crouch 
and go through.  Go through the door in front of you and mind the basilisk.  
Walk around the lower building till you find the door, go in, forward and 
shoot it out with the imps.  You will see a solid wooden wall in front of you. 
 Go to the two rooms to left and right of this wall, under the arches.  What 
you need to do is stand in front of the flaming stairs going down and keep 
shooting at the imps as they come up until the flames go out.

When you have destroyed the two portals, leave this building and go through 
the door which you used before.  Go all the way up the stairs and enter the 
upper building.  Look at your map and keep left.  Hug the walls and if one of 
your characters has the skill Perception, preferably at level 4, make sure he 
is the leader (press the corresponding number key; in my case, it was the 
second chap, so I pressed 2).  You will find imp portals in the first two 
barracks rooms to the W.  After the second one, watch the floor going N (save 
your game as soon as you come out of the door) and when you see some funny 
slabs, take a running jump at them thus avoiding the trap.  Enter the room to 
your left and check out the barrels; remember which colour liquid boosts which 
attribute.  Leave this room and go through the door in front.  When you enter 
the next room, watch out for the trap on the floor (hug the wall).  Do your 
stuff with the imp portal.  On the wall opposite the door, pull the lever.

Do the exactly the same on the E side of the map.  Then you can visit the 
central rooms and, when you are ready, go to the wooden partition, pull the 
lever and walk through quickly.  As the partition behind you shuts, the one in 
front opens; go through and you will see a kind of lift with a demon inside, 
and two soldiers come and attack it; join in, if you like, but don't kill the 
soldiers.  You can now leave the Keep the way you came and go to the City to 
get a reward from the Jarl and generally sort yourself out.  Leave the City 
and go left.

Take the boat to Drangheim.  If you look at the map when you get there, you 
will see the Prison to the NE; ignore it and walk S to the village.  You 
needn't talk to people right now but you can do if you like.  Find the well 
and climb down the rope.  Get into the cave and climb up the ladder.  Keep 
left, up another ladder and find the stairs up, climbing them all the way to 
the top.  Go into the guard's room and pull all the levers by the door.  As 
you come out of this room, Ivsar is in the (now open) last cell on the right. 
 Talk to him and he will follow you.  Retrace your steps till you are out of 
the well.  Here Ivsar will go off to the pub while you get back to Sturmford 
City by walking N.  There, collect Ivsar at the Tavern and lead him to the 
Jarl (wait for him at the street intersections so that he can catch up).  
Having completed your two main quests, he will now agree to join the 
coalition.  Leave the city, go to your left and get a boat to...


Locations:  Prison, Village, City, Chasm of the Dead

Drangheim City

Explore around.  In the Church, K. Bloadaxe can train one of your Fighters to 
be a Crusader.  You will be asked to help the villagers.  In the Tavern, Atli 
the Quick can train Mercenaries to be Assassins.  You can also hire an 
Assassin here.

Go to the Town Hall and do the usual.  You'll find the Jarl through the door 
behind the Town Clerk, up a ladder and into a room.  Cleanse the altar here.  
Talk to Sigmund and get your chores:  disable the Keep's defences and get the 
Crona Kiga from the Chasm of the Dead.  As an extra job to get more 
experience, he asks you to find G. A'Dorad.  

As you leave, you could go over a stone bridge, up a ladder and around to a 
window of Kluso's house.  This would be a quest for an aspiring Assassin; but 
if you don't aim to be one, it might be worth your while to pop in, go quietly 
downstairs, have a ding-dong battle with the guards, walk on to the long room 
in front of the stairs and take the door to the right.  Inside a chest there 
is a wonderful weapon.  Of course, you are probably in no condition to do such 
a thing right now, but you might like to try later.

OK, you'll find A'Dorad standing alone to the S of the map.  Talk to her and 
get the name of her informant (A'Lanth in Sturmford).  Near her, with a scroll 
at his feet, you will find Nicolai Ironfist.  Talk to him and promise to find 
him a job at the Circus.

If you've finished exploring, we'll go outside the city and get on with the 
job.  Go to the village and talk to the people if you haven't done so before. 
 Take the short path to the NW and there kill the bandits.  You will find all 
the items behind a chest, get them and return them to the villagers.  

Might as well walk N to Sturmford.  Go to...

Anskram Keep, second round

This is dead easy.  Find your way as before to the upper building but this 
time walk around it till you spot a trap door on the floor.  Open it and go 
down.  Shoot at the two overhead chains then pull the lever under the chain on 
the wall.  Go up the ladder.  If you get stuck, look straight up and keep 
going, you should be able to get out alright.

Leave the Keep and walk S to Drangheim.  This time, aim for the black mark on 
the map at the end of a path NE of the city.  But save before you enter the...

Chasm of the Dead

Make sure your Perception expert is active at all times, but hug the left wall 
just in case.  Note that the skeletons and zombies get resurrected so that you 
have to fight them twice.  Just hang around till they come to and finish them 
off, collecting whatever they are carrying.  Hugging the left wall you will 
eventually come out in the open.  Follow the path but watch your back.  Half 
way down there is a door on the left.  If you don't want to be a Lich, you 
don't need to enter:  but if you do, you need to get a scroll on top of a flat 
pyramid to the W of this section's map.

Carry on along the path.  Right at the bottom you will see an entrance in 
front of you.  Unless you want the extra experience and loot or to cover 
yourself in glory and bits of bone, you needn't do this section.  Turn instead 
to your right and enter the other building, zombies permitting.  Again, 
depending on how feeble you feel, you could head straight south ignoring the 
rooms left and right.  Look at your map.  In front of the last door there is a 
nasty trap, so be sure to hug the wall.

Once inside the last room, move quietly around killing a few mummies at a time 
till you've been all around.  The crown you seek is on a pedestal between two 

If you have a Town Portal spell, now would be a good time to use it (see what 
you need to cast it).  Otherwise you'll have to walk all the way back to the 
Go to the Jarl and, your two main quests completed, ask him to join the 
coalition.  You can also tell him about A'Lanth, and he will ask you to speak 
to her; but you can do that next time you go to Sturmford.  Or not at all.  
You merely go back to the Jarl later on.

Don't forget to go to the Church and get your Fighter turned into a Crusader. 
 Now you can leave and get a boat to...


Locations:  Circus (Gathering), City, Witch's Cave, Temple of Honk, Dook's 

Guberland City

Go first to the city, as usual.  Walk right to the centre and talk to Nurtigan 
in the pen, read letter on the floor.  Enter the Town Hall and find the Jarl. 
 Ask if you can do anything for him and he'll tell you to get rid of Dook.  
When you ask him to join the Clans, he will ask you to get a book from the 
Ta'Sar Academy and to beat Ivan the Smart.

Explore the city.  At the Swordsmith you can hire a Merchant.  At the Church, 
on the E wall, Tjolnir will train Initiates to Healers.  All you have to do is 
get a potion for Nurtigan.  Go to the Apothecary to the SE of the city and 
talk to the shopkeeper about Nurtigan.  He'll tell you you need a lock of hair 
from a Witch.

When you have been everywhere (the altar for the Town Portal spell is in a 
house in the SE, being used as a table), leave the city and walk down to beach 
level.  Go to the cave to the NW of the city and get the hairbrush from the 
stool, you needn't speak to the witch.  Walk along the beach to the Gathering 
SW of the city.  Don't bother with the games right now.  The guys you need are 
between the blue striped tent and the brown tent.  Talk Thorir into hiring 
Nicolai and get all the info he has to give.  Turn to Ivan the Smart and 
challenge him.  Pick the following lines at each question:  3, 1, 1, 2, 3, 3 
and finally say Ivan the Smart to the last question.

Leave and go to your right till you reach Dook's Castle.  Don't fight the 
guards, just find Dook, talk to him, mention the sword and the coward will 
leave.  Nobody seemed to mind me helping myself to the contents of all the 
chests in the Castle, so go ahead.  

Go back to the City and to the Apothecary, wait 2 hours and get the potion, 
take it to Nurtigan.  Visit the Jarl and tell him of the two tasks you have 

Go to the Church and talk to Tjolnir to get promotion to Healer.  Now talk to 
Gray, by a N wall, and ask for promotion from Healer to Priest.  This quest is 
longer, first you have to find a new priest in Lindisfarne, second you have to 
get an icon from Frosgrad and finally you need the Ritual of Consecration from 
Nathi' A'Mor at Frosgrad.

Go to the boat and wait however long it takes to be taken to...


Locations:  Village, Academy of Ta'Sar, Entrance to Dragon's Lair, Monastery

Wander around the village talking to people and doing your stuff.  A healer 
can be hired from the house over the bridge.

When you have finished, look at the map and start walking to the Academy, to 
the SW of the village.

Academy of Ta'Sar

When you go in, keep going left till you reach the Library.  Read all the 
books and scrolls.  Eventually, on a table with several books, you will find a 
scroll with Gavin's Instructions.  Pick up the first book (examine it in your 
inventory), its about weapons.  Walk around the column behind the table and 
climb up the ladder to the first floor.  Look at the scrolls on the two tables 
here.  One is about Offence.  "Use" the table to place your book on it.  Go 
down and pick up the second book (about strategy), go up the ladders to the 
second floor and use the table with the scroll about Strategy.  Go down again 
and pick up the third book (about fortifications), go up to the first floor 
and use the table with the scroll on Defence.  Down again and pick up the 
fourth book (about information), go up to the second floor and use the table 
with the scroll on Intelligence.  A bookcase opens near you.  Go into the 
secret room and look at the scroll.  It is in code and it reads:  "You can 
find the Book of Rules behind the rotating bookshelf in the next room".  Go 
down to the room with the table on which all the books were.  Apart from the 
door through which you entered, another door leads to a trap in front of a 
book; if you go in, hug the wall.  It's not really important.

Go instead up the stairs to the lab and find the bookcase.  Came up right 
close to its right hand side and press the book at eye level.  You go in and 
get the book you were after.  To leave, do exactly the same thing. 

On your way back to the entrance, to the right of the door which leads to the 
skeleton statue with all the cups, you can pull a lever and enter a secret 
passage in which there is a very nasty creature.  There is nothing very 
interesting in the chests, so you might want to give it a miss.

Right, off we go.  Now we are heading N of the city to the Monastery.  You 
will spy Magreebs in the distance, so start shooting straight away and back 
away from them as you shoot.  You should have no trouble making it to...

Lindisfarne Monastery

Go in and straight on to talk to Leffery Caid by the altar (but read the note 
pinned to the wall in the first room).  He asks you to do something for him 
but you won't be able to take up the offer.  Ask for a new priest.  He says he 
will speak to R. Aefgil that night.  Read the letter on the floor nearby.  
Walk to the door through which you came but turn left and go through to the 
Cloisters.  Find Grehgknak (the guy in blue) and ask for promotion to Paladin. 
 He enjoins you to save the life of the Jarl of Thjorgard and he gives you a 
letter for him.  The second task will involve talking to the Town Clerks.  
We'll get around that later.  You can leave the Monastery now but, as you come 
out of the Cloisters, look to your right to see a bunch of monks.  We'll deal 
with them later, also.  Just leave for now.

Go to the boat and travel to...


Locations:  City, Mines, The Thing, Training Hall

Thjorgard City

Enter the city.  Outside the tavern, you will find a Gladiator for hire.  Go 
into the Tavern and talk to Snorri.  He tells you to go through the Training 
Hall outside.  Here, you can hire a Mage.  Talk to everybody.  Leave and go 
into the Town Hall, get the info.  Go to the Jarl in the Castle to the N of 
the city.  Cleanse the altar.  Tell him about the letter and he tells you his 
Cunning Plan.  Ask him to join the coalition and he will ask you to get the 
Thojrad and to sort out the mines.

Go back to the city and carry on exploring.  At the University talk to Tymon 
to promote your Initiate to Scholar; he wants you to study a Magreeb.  When 
you have done everything you needed to in the city, go into the Arena through 
the NE gate.  Here, approach the man behind bars and say you want to fight.  
Turn to your right and go through that door into the Arena.  Wait until the 
fake Jarl appears at the balcony and turn to the door on your right.  Talk to 
the assassin you will see there and find out who put him up to it.

Leave and find the General Store (where you can hire a Porter).  Talk to 
Harris Willington.  Now go to the Jarl to report, or leave it for later to 
save a journey.

Leave the city through the SW gate.  Walk around to the SE of the city to 


Walk through the first room and talk to Gudrek.  Say you'll have a look and 
follow him.  Walk onto the crack, there is a cave-in and you fall in the 
water.  Find the exit to the N and follow the passage, break down a boarded 
doorway.  Get to a door in the centre of the map, which leads to a circular 
chamber.  Take out the spikes either side of the door and it will fall open.

Go in, open door, go to the right and use the lever to open the next door.  
Examine the apparatus, open the door of the machine (it should be red if 
you've got your Perception on), get the broken slag extractor.  Leave this 
room and walk down the ramp.  Talk to Njal.  Go through the door to the left 
and go straight on.  Talk to Gudrek.  Now go to a room SE of the round chamber 
and talk to Ketil.  Do as he says, go to the passage behind him, take the 
first passage right and, without going left or right, follow it through till 
you get to a blockage.  Shoot at it and you will have freed Ebora (who IS 
she?) plus a whole lot of cats.  Inside this cave, shoot at the stalagmite to 
block up a hole on the ground, I can't imagine why.  Now go back to Ketil and 
talk to him.  Town Portal or walk back to the city and find Mr. Fixer in a 
house in the SW, near the church.  Talk him into repairing the Refinery and 
offer 2000 bucks.  Then ask him about the slag extractor and he will send you 
to the Armour shop, S of the Training Hall.  Go there and talk to the 
shopkeeper; the will give you a new slag extractor for the broken one.

Go back to the mine, find your way to the room with the machinery and put in 
the new extractor.  Talk to Fixer and follow him.  When he has done wandering 
about, talk to him again.  That's it, Town Portal back to the Jarl and talk to 

Again, leave the City by the SW gate.  Go N to the... 

Training Hall

Walk around to the right of the building and climb to the first floor, walk 
around to the left of the building and climb up again.  Shoot at the broken 
wall and climb in.  Slide down the pole.  Now, there isn't much of interest 
here, you just have to fight all the creatures.  In a room with horses, pull 
the lever of the furthest one and it will go through the wall.  Follow it and 
kill the creatures who were behind this wall.  In another room there are some 
targets.  Shoot them all down.  In the next room there is a barred door.  
Shoot at it to break the wooden board and you can leave, provided you've been 
everywhere and killed everybody.

Outside, take the path to your left to where you will see a lake on your map. 
 You will see a Magreeb.  Do not kill it but approach it and it will walk away 
from you.  Follow it till you enter...


Locations:  Ruined Temple, Dungeon of Secrets (Ranger's Quest), Sky Fort, 
Green Man (Druid's Quest)

From the point of entry, go left to the building to the SW which is the...

Ruined Temple

Walk around killing things.  In a room with an Aladin's Lamp, "use" it to 
evoke a Genie bearing gifts.  Take your pick.  In your search you'll come to a 
chapel.  Go through the door with the star.  Look at the sides of the pedestal 
and push in the corresponding symbols.  Stand in front of the pedestal, away 
from the door, and push the button to descend.  

You'll come to a room with a sarcophagus.  Press the button by the door and 
jump into the sarcophagus.  Hit the red layers beneath you till you reach the 
bottom.  Go up the stairs, press the button, get the Tree of Life, walk 
through to the room with the sarcophagus.  Find the ladder in a corner and 
climb up to a room wish some chests.  When you've dealt with everything press 
the button by the door to get out, upstairs, down ramp, through wooden door 
and out of the Temple.

Walk to the city to the N, talking to a chap along the way.  

Frosgard City

You can hire a Healer here.  Talk to A'Mor in the training grounds to get the 
Ritual of Consecration.

Go visit the Jarl, who wishes you to destroy the Frost Giant at Sky Fort, and 
also to unfreeze the sea.  

Go around talking to everyone.  In the Magic Shoppe you'll find the altar to 
cleanse, used as a counter.  When you have done, leave the city, go left and 
enter an ice cave to the left, follow it all the way to the teleporter.  Use 
it to enter...

Yanmir's Fort

Here you must save very often because you must not meet the roaming Frost 
Giant.  Go left and up some stairs to a room to the NW, where in a chest you 
will find the Sage's Diary.  Read it.  Go E from here; behind the throne there 
is a room with a chest and in it, a wonderful shield.  Keep going E and then 
S, you need to reach a trapezoid-shaped room in which there are Thralls and 
lots of sleeping mats.  When you've dealt with the Thralls, use the bookcase 
at the W wall and go through.  Kill the nasties and you will find yourself in 
a room with beams holding up the ceiling.  Shoot at them and wait at the 
entrance till you see the Frost Giant falling through.

Now go back the way you came and get back to the city.

To unfreeze the sea, talk to Elvissen, on the W edge of the map of the city.  
He will invite you to shoot at a barrel.  Do so.  Talk to him again and ask 
him to deliver a barrel to the docks.  Go there and shoot at the barrel.  The 
sea unfreezes.  Go back to the Jarl.  Back to the docks, the guy there will 
give you a schedule of the boats' times.  Not that it does you much good.  
Anyway, where do we go now?

					*		*		*

Let's go back to Thjogard; talk to Tymon at the University to get promotion 
and then to Bem to be promoted to Mage, when you get another task:  to get a 
book from the Isle of Ashes.  Go to the tavern and tell Snorri about the 
Training Hall exploit.  He refers you to Leffery Caid at Lindisfarne.  Get 
yourself over there and go to the Monastery.

Talk to Caid about the priest you needed and about summoning a dragon.  He'll 
tell you the first is ready in the Cloisters and the second... well, you need 
to get to Yorwick and find Ramnivar.  Go to the Cloisters and find the priest 
(in grey).  Talk to him and he will get himself to where he needs to be.

Might as well get the Thorjad while we are here.  If you have talked to the 
bunch of monks by the artifact you will know they will not leave unless they 
are called to prayers.  Head for the chapel and, through the door, look to 
your right for a ladder.  Go up and up another ladder (ignore the organist).  
When you are right at the top you will see the bell ropes.  Look up at the 
bells and you will see they differ in size.  Look at the ropes again.  Imagine 
they are numbered 1 to 5, left to right.  Pull them in the following order:  
1, 5, 2, 4, 3.  They will then ring a peal.  Get down to where the bunch of 
monks were and you will see them move away from the Thorjad.  When they are 
far removed, under the stairs, simply pick it up.

Now leave and find your way to the boat.  Travel to...


Locations:  City, East Pass, Inventa Storca, Connecting Tunnel (to Yorwick)

Thornheim City

This is a very difficult city to negotiate.  Nevertheless, find the Town Hall 
and make your usual inquiries.

Go first to the SE and find the altar to be cleansed in a Temple.  Find the 
Jarl, nearby, deliver your letter and find out what you have to do to get her 
on your side.  It's very simple:  get rid of the Honkies without killing them 
and open up the Mountain Pass to the E.

Find the Tavern.  There, you are asked to deliver a letter to the very Temple 
in which you cleansed the altar.  Here, Skullsplitter will train a Fighter to 
be a Mercenary:  the task is to find Atli (at the entrance to the Gathering) 
in Guberland.  More about that later.  

By the way, outside the tavern you will see a Desert Terror playing with the 
guards.  Don't worry about it.  I tried to kill it and spent 10 fruitless 
minutes and didn't make a dent.  Forget it, get on with your tasks.

The lady in the bank wants an Orb of Linking.  This is to be found in Inventa 
Storca; in fact there are quite a lot of them, so next time you are outside, 
get yourself over there and just explore around finding orbs (it's quite easy) 
and though I found about nine, you only need six.  You give one each to the 
banks in all the cities.  Back to the city for now.

Deliver the letter to the Temple and come back to the Tavern for your reward. 
 In your travels, you will meet a woman with a complicated name who wants the 
Black Orb of Knowledge from Yorwick.  Right.

First, leave town and go to the docks.  Talk to the Dockmaster and ask him a 
favour.  He will gladly send the Honkies to Guberland, or wherever you want.  
Now look at your map and you will see a path to the E marked with a black bar. 
 Get over there and enter the Mountain Pass.  All you have to do is to follow 
the path to the end killing everything in your way.  Town Portal yourself back 
to the city and find the three Honkies, pretend to be interested and ask them 
to join you at the docks.  Having done that, you can go to the Jarl and claim 
you have completed your tasks.

Go back to the docks and talk to the Dockmaster about the Honkies.  Wait as 
necessary to get to...


The only place you have to visit here is the Verhoffin Ruins.  Look at your 
map and get over there.

Go in, keep left.  Mind the trap on the left wall in the first corridor.  
Crouch to get past.  You will come upon a pentagram on the ground and its 
points will light up with different coloured lights.  You will notice you 
cannot open the door here.  Go on exploring.  In another room nearby you will 
see a grille on the ground with water underneath.  If you go to the next room 
and turn a wheel, the rooms will flood, but another wheel in the first room 
will drain the water.  I don't know what this does.

In a room to the NE you will find a Scrap of Diary.  Read it and note the 
colours mentioned.  In a room to the SE you will find another Scrap of Diary 
and a key.  The room you need to unlock is a narrow one to the N.  Inside, the 
book you were seeking and also a chest.

If you go to the pentagram, you'll know the order of the colours.  Stand on 
red, walk to yellow, to blue, to green and to orange.  Step to one side of the 
door and open it.  A couple of fireballs should just miss you.  Go inside and 
beware the trap on the ground.  Keep well away from it.  A black chest will 
contain an interesting item.  Note the pedestal and the table near the chest.

You can leave and go down to the docks and take a boat to Sturmford.

			*			*			*

Now it would a good time to tie up lose ends.  You've completed all the tasks 
to unite the clans except hand in the Thorjad.  It could be that one of your 
magic users can now cast Town Portal so you can just go where you like.  If 
not, you'll have to use the boats.

Sort out your promotions.  You can do this in any order at all, but you'll 
have to go backwards and forwards a lot.

Drangheim:  Talk to Nicolai and tell him he has a job.

Guberland:  Talk to Thorir at the Gathering about Nicolai.  Outside, talk to 
Atli and say you've come to help keep an eye on the boat.  Go to the docks and 
wait till 3 a.m.  The guard will leave.  Wait till 6 a.m. and you will be 
attacked by bandits.  When that's over, talk to Atli and it turns out you are 
a Mercenary.

Sturmford:  Visit the Jarl with the reply from Kira.  Visit the Town Clerk and 
ask promotion from Mercenary to Gladiator.  He will set you three tasks:  get 
a basilisk skin (go to the Keep and walk around the walls till you find a 
basilisk to kill, get the skin); get Kira's shield (travel to her, it's by the 
wall in the room just before you go in to speak to her); fight in Thjorgard as 
a Lord (go to the Arena and do just that).  When you've done, go back to the 
Town Clerk and get your promotion.

Thjorgard:  When you take the book from the Isle of Ashes to Bem, he'll tell 
you you have the wrong book (curses!) and he will give you a key.  Go back to 
Drangheim and leg it to the Village.  In the house nearest the windmill, to 
the left of the stove, hit the ground to break the floor and get the book.  
Take it back to Bem to get promoted to Mage.  With a bit of luck, all your 
characters will now be, respectively, Paladin, Gladiator, Priest and Mage.  
Hand the Thojrad to the Jarl at Thjorgard.  A meeting is called.

As you leave the city you will be approached by an envoy from Kira telling you 
that a war has started between Sturmford and Drangheim.  Go to both places and 
speak to the Jarls.  They will agree to sign a peace treaty if someone else 
writes it.  Go to Kira, she will.  Take it back to the other two and they will 
agree to sign it at the meeting.

				*		*		*

When you are ready, go to Kira.  Attend the meeting:  the peace treaty will be 
signed and you will witness some problems.  When the meeting is over Yrsa 
appears.  She wants you to go to The Thing at Thjorgard and win a Dragon Prize 
then take it to Bikki in Thornheim.  Sigh!

Go to Thjorgard, leave the city and go to The Thing to the W, you'll see a 
large lake on the map.  Once there, go to the guy who's selling the tickets 
and buy a bunch of them.  Read the instructions you will receive very 
carefully:  you must play the games in the order given.  Save before you 
attempt each one and, if you lose, try again.  After the last one you will 
receive a Dragon Prize.  

Go to Thornheim and, outside the S gate of the city, give Bikki your price.  
You are supposed to go back to the meeting, but when I got there the room was 
empty, so I left.

I decided to take the Connecting Tunnel to...


Locations:  Village, Wizard's Lab, Lich's Lab

As soon as you come out in Yorwick you will see a cut scene.  Ah, well.

You can visit the village if you like, or you can go straight to the...

Wizard's Lab

There are some really nasty creatures around.  Teleport in and fight your way 
to the other teleporter.  Look at your map.  Go through and push the first 
button to the left then use the teleporter again.  Look at your map to see 
where you are.  Keep pushing buttons and seeing where they take you.

The relic is in the second of a row of four rooms to the NE.  You cannot open 
the door, but you can go to the fourth room of the row, open a cupboard and 
teleport into the room you want.  Click on an orb to get the relic.

The other place you need to be is a room marked as a pentagram on the map.  
You will be attacked by harpy things and you will see a monk in blue 
(Robinssen by name) in front of you.  Be sure you do not harm him, turn your 
back on him while you deal with the nasties.  Once they are all dead, talk to 
him.  You can buy the black orb and also get some interesting info.

You've now done what you came here to do so you can leave.

Take the orb to the lady in Thornheim and the relic to Lindisfarne.

If you are ready, we need to go to Arslegard.  In order to do that, you have 
to die.  You could go to the Dragon in Lindisfarne, I'm sure it will oblige 
you.  At any rate, get yourself killed in the handiest manner - by drowning, 
if you like.


When you get to Arslegard you will be told that you need a Writ of Fate to get 
in.  You will be sent to the...


Read the paper to your left.  This gives you the order in which to click on 
the moving statues on the bridge, i.e., Skeleton, Banshee, Lich, Zombie, 
Banshee, Lich, Zombie, Skeleton.  This allows you to get to the crystal.  Walk 
against it to move to the next section of the map.

Go up ramp to the right, to a room in the SW.  Walk past it to a skeleton, 
click on it, walk carefully back, in, walk against the crystal.

You will be in a kind of wood, note that an invisible wall on the E hides 
three chests.  You can open the door through as you would any other.

In the next location, crouch to get under an opening to the left in the 
corridor.  Kill the male monster then dive in, swim underwater to an island.  
Kill the female monster in the water and you will be able to access the 

Next, you will be in a large chamber with doors all around.  Walk about and 
note the crystal by a reddish door.  Find the tall pedestal with the crystal. 
 If you look W you will see mirror A.  If you turn to your right, you will see 
mirror B.  Parallel to mirror A you will see mirror C and opposite that, 
looking E,  you will see mirror D.  If you click on the crystal you will see a 
beam shoot towards mirror A.  The idea is to send a beam to mirror A, which 
will reflect it to mirror B, which will reflect it to mirror C, which will 
reflect it to mirror D which will reflect it to the crystal by the door.

Go to mirror A and turn it, one click at a time, so that is more or less 
facing towards mirror B.  Stand behind the crystal, click on it and see if the 
beam hits mirror B; if not, adjust both mirrors until it does.  Next, move 
mirror C so that when you hit the crystal, the beam hits A, B and C.  You 
should see a beam leaving mirror C towards mirror D; if you don't see a beam 
leaving mirror C, adjust it until you do.  You can't see mirror D from your 
post near the crystal, so you'll have to go on adjusting mirrors C and D until 
the beam hits the crystal and all the doors come open.  It takes a bit of 
doing, be patient.

When all the doors fly open, you will be up to your neck in monsters.  When 
you've killed them, check out the open doors for chests.  Finally, open the 
red door the regular way.

Go quickly through the next rooms because you will be attacked by invisible 
spectres.  When you get to the room with the lever, look above it to see the 
order in which you have to step on the slabs on the floor.  When you have 
completed the sequence correctly stay on the last slab (with four stripes) and 
you will be lifted to a kind of bridge, jump on it to reach the door out.

You will get to Igrid (talk to her) who wants you to take the Capstone of 
Order to the Isle of Ashes.  Teleport out of here (the bluish thing behind 
Igrid is the teleporter).  

Town Portal to Guberland and go to The Gathering.  Talk to the manager to find 
out what you have to get in order to obtain the Capstone.  In fact, you don't 
have to play the games over again.  I bought a whole bunch of tickets and kept 
hitting the bell and winning till I got all six items, for which I got the 

Go take a boat to the Isle of Ashes and go to the ruins.  Get yourself to the 
door by the pentagram, in, climb the steps and click on the pedestal to place 
the Capstone.  Turn around and get the Writ of Fate which will be on the 
table.  You can get yourself killed by jumping into the trap.  

Back in Arslegard, you will be allowed in.  Have a look around:  the Bathhouse 
is interesting though not necessary to finish the game.  You get a lot of 
goodies by shooting the vases in the various rooms.  When you get to the steam 
baths, you can go through a ventilation duct and put up the heat with a valve. 
 This should allow you to enter the ladies steam bath without being seen.  In 
their swimming pool there is a duct which allows you to reach another valve.  
This gets rid of the water in the flooded swimming pool and lets you go in 
through the doors.  As I said, fun but not important.  You needn't do this at 

Go to the building to the SE and teleport into the Hall of Gods.  Go up the 
stairs and speak to Fre:  she wants a golden goose.  This is not important and 
you needn't do it either, if you don't want.

Talk to Skraelos:  admit to your guilt at all times.  He wants you to light 
the six fires of Penance.

The Afterworld

Walk to the rock wall and start walking around it.  You must meet all six 
Jarls and apologise.  They'll all forgive you.  Go back to Skraelos and talk 
to him.  Next, you have to walk to a lit basin in front and to the side of him 
and you will be asked questions; pick these lines:  3, 2, 4, 3, 1, 5.

Talk to Skraelos again and he will send you to fight some people.  Look around 
for them.  When you've done, go back to Skraelos and talk to him.  He will 
send you to collect the Jarls' weapons.  Go to the battlefield and click on 
the loose weapons on the ground till you collect five.  Go back to Skraelos, 
talk to him and he will tell you to walk into the fire.  Go to the rock wall 
behind this structure and find the column of fire.  Walk into it and you will 
find yourself in the Hall of Gods.  Talk to Skraelos.

Leave the Hall and you'll meet Sven outside; talk to him and Town Portal 
yourself to Frosgard.  Here, go around fighting the Hordes but being careful 
not to hurt the Clan soldiers.  You'll have to walk around all over the town 
till there are no more Horde soldiers to kill.  Then, go to the Town Hall and 
talk to Tamur, in the throne room.  At the end, a messenger appear:  you all 
have to go in front of Krohn at the Hall of Gods.

You could at this point take a little diversion, go to Guberland and to the 
Temple of Honk.  Inside, go to a room to the W and get the Golden Goose.  
You'll have to fight the priest.  You could now walk around and let the 
priests kill you by not fighting back or go outside and drown yourself in the 
sea, whichever you prefer.

At any rate, get yourself to the Hall of the Gods.  Give the Golden Goose to 
Fre and ask the three questions for all the good it will do you.  Speak to 
Krohn in front of the altar.  You are told to imprison Njam and are given a 
key.  Leave.  Before you attempt anything, get your characters well and truly 
sorted out; you will need all the magic you can get.

When you are ready, have a look at the map.  The Tomb of 1000 Terrors is to 
the W of the map, you will see a small dark mark by the walls.  The house you 
seek is near a bridge to the SW of the map; look about you and find the way to 
the Tomb before you go in.  Inside the house, grab the scroll and read it; 
when Njam appears, run out but make sure he follows you, going back for him if 

He has to follow you all the way to...

The Tomb of 1000 Terrors

Prepare yourself for a great battle.  Use all the magic you can.

When you go in you will find a locked door at the end of the corridor.  First 
you need to get to a large room in the S where there are three chests.  In one 
of them you will find the key to the locked door.  To get out you have to push 
the different blocks in such a way that they all go back; just keep trying and 
you'll get there.

Get to the locked door and down the stairs.  You need to reach a room to the 
N, but you also need a key and, to get it, you have to play chess in a room to 
the SE.  At the chessboard, I'm sure you'll know the chessmen's moves and how 
to avoid getting taken; but if you don't know how to play chess, here are the 
moves.  Imagine you are looking at the board from above.  Number the squares 
to the side 1 to 8 going up, and the squares along the bottom A to H, so that, 
if you were to stand on the first square to your left, it would be A1.  So, 
step on these squares:  F1, G2, G3, G4, G5, H6, G7, G8, E7, D8.  That should 
get you through to the chest with the key.

Using the map, head for the room to the N, i.e., the Maze.  Again, using the 
map reach the stairs to the NE of the maze, follow the ramps up to the zigzag 
room, go to the very end and pull a lever to go up.  You should now be at the 
top.  Follow the corridor till you come to another chessboard.  This time it 
doesn't matter which square you stand on, the chessmen come to life and you 
have a great fight.  

Enter the final room and you will have the greatest battle of all.  When it's 
over, Njam should be here chasing you around.  Go to a panel with a lion on 
the N wall and use it.  Watch the cut scene.

It's all over.  After the "congratulations" screen, press Esc and look at the 
characters' inventory.  One of them carries your true Writ of Fate; though you 
might like to explore around some more, its...



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