Might and Magic VII

Solution copyright © Mike Marcelais. Version 1.0, October 2, 1999.

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Like its predecessor, Might and Magic VII is a very loose game -- i.e., there is very little linearity. Although there is some linarity to the game, and many more quests are dependant on previous actions, this is still very much a game of visit everywhere and complete all of the individual quests. Because of this freedom, the walkthrough will be in the style of a "tour" of the lands. Each major grid location is listed (along with a screen capture of the map from the game), and all surface locations noted.

For towns, each building is described, along with what and who can you can talk to, who to buy skills from, and what quests are available. For the outlying areas, the dungeons are listed.

Dungeon maps are not given -- they would be too extensive to fit easily into a web page and the automapping in the game is excellent. Also, every dungeon should be explored completely to get all of the loot, but only puzzles and hidden locations are described. I also skip most of the fighting because it isn't something that you can easily describe, nor does it matter in most places, except that you have to survive it. I do list the creatures that you will encounter in a dungeon or grid location to give you an idea of how difficult the location is.

Stores are listed with a "buy" and "sell". The "buy" value is multiplied by the items value to determine the price you have to pay for it. The "sell" value is divided by the item's value to determine the price you can sell it to the store for. Higher is always worse, and a "buy" or "sell" of 1 means that you are buying/selling an item at cost.

Every location has a "reset" timer. This starts when you first enter the area, and after it "goes off", the entire grid square resets: monsters reappear and random treasure is replaced. Nonrandom treasure (including most stat-gaining liquids) is not replaced. All dungeons have a reset of 2 years (24 months), unless otherwise noted. Overland areas have reset times listed with their descriptions.

Artifacts are unique items that can be found. Some of artifacts are placed at specific locations; others are randomly generated.

Some of you may notice the similarity to my Might and Magic VI solution. I figure if New World Computing can put out a game based on basically the same engine, I can put out a solution with basically the same format.

Table of Contents

Emerald Island

Emerald Island




  1. Inn
  2. Weapon Store
  3. Carolyn Withers
  4. Armor Store
  5. Ailyssa the Bard (wandering)
  6. Lord Markham Thomas the Judge
  7. Roger Tellmar
  8. Training Hall
  9. Initiate Guild of Spirit
  10. Initiate Guild of Air
  11. Alchemist
  12. Mr. Malwick (wandering)
  13. Magic Shop
  14. Initiate Guild of Fire
  15. Initiate Guild of Body
  16. Haste Pedestal
  17. Chest here contains a seashell needed to solve quest 2.
  18. Sally (wandering)
  19. Dragon's Cave
  20. Fire Resistance Pedestal
  21. Temple of the Moon
  22. Temple
  23. Fountain that restores 5 spell points.
  24. Fountain that restores 5 hit points.
  25. Game of Endurance
  26. Fountain that gives +50 fire resistance.
  27. Fountain that gives +2 luck permanently if your luck is 13 or below.
  28. Docks

Temple of the Moon

Fairly simple set of tunnels to explore. As you enter, when you get to the first open cavern with a natural pillar in it, there is a chest hidden in the wall behind the pillar. There is another chest if you take the left exit from this room, then the left exit from the next room and go all of the way to the end of the tunnel. Both of these chests contain minor random treasure.

To the north, the cave stops being natural passageways and starts being constructed hallways. It turns to a room with lots of bats and rats. Along the far side of the room, there is an altar with a pair of fire bolts shooting across every few seconds.

The north exit follows a hallway to a guardroom with friendly guards. There are several cabinet chests in this room, one of which contains a wealthy hat needed to complete quest 6.

The south exit leads to a library. The north side of the west wall is secret leading to a second librar room where a piece of tile is on the floor. This tile is needed to complete quest 4.

Dragon's Cave

Just one room, filled with scattered treasure, rats, and one large dragon. The dragon will attack the rats first, which buys you valuable time to explore the cave.

Just inside the cave is a contestant's shield, which is what Lord Markham wants in order to complete quest 7. There is also a longbow on the floor, needed to complete quest 3.






  1. Castle Harmondale
  2. Town Hall
  3. Temple Tarin Withern
  4. Training Hall
  5. Alchemist
  6. Magic Shop
  7. Bank
  8. Tom Withersmythe Douglass Iverson
  9. Fenton Krewlen Shane Thomas
  10. Ashen Temper Darron Temper
  11. Sheldon Mist Kira Steeleye
  12. Fountain gives +2 accuracy permanently if your accuracy is 13 or lower.
  13. Stables
  14. Inn Davrik Peladium Butler
  15. Stoneskin Pedestal
  16. Armory
  17. Weapon Store
  18. Mystic Bows Carla Trent
  19. Adept Guild of Fire
  20. Initiate Guild of Mind
  21. Adept Guild of Body
  22. Adept Guild of Air
  23. Initiate Guild of Water
  24. Adept Guild of Spirit
  25. Initiate Guild of Earth
  26. Lawrence Mark Cardrick the Steady
  27. Straton Hillsman Yarrow Elmsmire
  28. Bertram Stillwater Alise Nightwood
  29. Torrent
  30. Lenord Skinner Peryn Lightfingers
  31. Bartholemew Hume Ronald Kinney
  32. Illane Farswell Pedron Sablewood Rydric
  33. Fountain gives +10 Might.
  34. Johanson Kern
  35. Gregory Weider Raven the Hunter
  36. Chadrick Townsaver Turgen Woodsplitter
  37. Obelisk #1
  38. Fort
  39. Shrine
  40. Arbiter
  41. White Cliff Caves
  42. Contest of Might

Castle Harmondale

The first time you visit here, the castle is unrepaied and infested by goblins, bats, and rats. There is nothing secret here now; just clear out the main entrance room and follow the corridors to the left and right, killing all of the monsters.

Once you have gotten the dwarves to repair the castle, your Throne room will be open, and you can meet with the Elvish and Human ambassadors.

Once you have selected an arbiter and completed the prooving quest for them, your castle will be upgraded once again, opening up several new areas, including an upstairs. In the torture chamber below, the southwest cell has a tunnel dug out of it that leads to a small cache of treasure. The library in your castle also has a document describing cryptography that is useful in decoding the message for quest 64.

At this time, four stores open up in your castle.

White Cliff Caves

From the entrance area, head west, following the corridor ahead as it turns to the north, and then heads east. It will eventually dead end at an ore vein, where you will find a pile of bones, a note, and an Arcomage deck. You need to return with the deck to complete quest 10

Returning to the entrance, take the north passage. It will turn to the northeast and turn south where there is a ledge. Opposite the ledge to the north is a secret door in the wall behind which are several chests.

Barrow Downs

Barrow Downs




  1. Arvin Beneclowd
  2. Inn
  3. Barrow IX Entrance
  4. Chest here teleports you to location 7.
  5. Barrow X Entrance
  6. Haunted Mansion
  7. Obelisk #10
  8. Contest of Might
  9. Fire Resistance Pedestal
  10. Stone City
  11. Mind Resistance Pedestal
  12. Barrow VII Entrance
  13. Chest containing the Golem Chest. This is one of the pieces needed for quest 24.
  14. Altar that gives +10 Might and Endurance permanently.
  15. Fountain that gives +25 Fire Resistance.

Stone City

Stone City

Part of Stone City is an ordinary city, although it is on an indoor map instead of an overland map. The second part is the caves under the city.

  1. Feldin Urthsmite
  2. Armory
  3. Weapon Shop
  4. Bank
  5. Inn
  6. Training Hall
  7. Temple
  8. Passage that leads to the caves under Stone City.
  9. Jasper Welman
  10. Jobber Thain
  11. Dalin Keenedge
  12. Seline Falconeye
  13. Aldrin Tamloc Trip Thorinson
  14. Hothfarr IX
  15. Master Guild of Earth
  16. Alchemist
  17. Magic Shop
  18. Balan Gizmo
  19. Spark Burnkindle Critias Burnkindle
  20. Passage that leads to lower caves.

The lower caves are connected to the city by a pair of elevators. Once down in the caves, the simply for a large loop with side rooms. Scattered through the caves are troglodytes and chests.

In the far northwest corner of the loop, there is obelisk #14. Just to the east is a passage that leads to the Nighon Tunnels.

The Barrows

The barrows are a series of interconnected sections forming a complex maze. Each barrow has two tunnels exiting from them. Each tunnel, except those leading outside, has a lever to flip that exit between one of two possible destinations. You can always tell which barrow you're in by looking at your automap.

Some of the barrows have a wall plaque between the two tunnels that describes the four exits by listing the barrow numbers for all four combinations. The keys that are found in the barrows allows you to open up some of these. (Unfortunately, there are three locks and only two keys.)

BarrowLeft UpLeft DownRight UpRight Down

Barrow I

The southwest wall of the west side room and the east wall of the east side room are secret walls that have a room of items behind them.

Barrow II

Directly across from the entrance tunnels is a secret door that leads to a water-filled passage. Another secret door leads to this same tunnel from the second crypt room just down the stairs from the entrance. If you follow the tunnel all of the way down, it leads to a room with three chests. One of these chests contains the Lantern of Light that is needed for quest 9.

Barrow III

There are no secret areas here.

Barrow IV

After going down the first tube tunnel, there will be a circular room with a central pillar. On the west side of that pillar is a button that will open up a door on the east side of that pillar. Behind the door is a pair of chests and some skeletons.

Barrow V

There are no secret areas here.

Barrow VI

Directly across from the entrance tunnels is a secret room. It can be opened from the secret door here, or the secret walls in both side rooms. It contains a collection of items.

Barrow VII

The floor against the north wall will sink into the ground if the button on the north side of the southern altar is pushed. If you jump down this newly formed shaft, you'll be in a corridor that leads to a room. Stairs lead up and down to another room. At the peak of the stairs between these two rooms, there is an altar. The top of the altar slides away to reveal a sliding lever. The lever opens the wall opposite it allowing you to return to the barrow tunnels.

Barrow VIII

Go through the corridor to the first room. There is a secret door in the west side of the room revealing gold and items. Heading out the south exit, the west wall of the corridor is another secret door revealing a room of items. Finally, in the south wall of the last room is another secret door hiding more items.

Barrow IX

A bookcase in the entrance area hides a tunnel leading down. The far wall in the room at the bottom of this tunnel hides a chest that contains a barrow key. These barrow keys can be used on the keyholes in barrows 7, 9, and 10 to unlock some of the map guides in the barrows.

Barrow X

The chest at the top of the stairs has a barrow key. The northwest wall is also a secret wall leading to a corridor that ends in another secret door. Behind this door is a large crypt with a few gold pieces.

Barrow XI

There are no secret areas here.

Barrow XII

From the starting room, head west. The two doors in this room are opposites -- clicking on the north door opens the south door and vice versa.

Barrow XIII

In the southwest corner of the east room is a secret wall revealing some chests.

Barrow XIV

There are no secret areas here.

Barrow XV

Go through two doors. The odd colored square in the middle of the room is an elevator that raises you up to the last room.

Tomb of Zorkar

Directly ahead is the coffin where you need to put Zorkar's remains to complete quest 50.

If you go down the passageway, you will get to a room with a pool in the middle and four side rooms in the cardinal directions. The pool is the lost meditation point needed for quest 13.

Haunted Mansion

From the starting room, head up the stairs and open the door. You will be in a library. Against the west wall is a bookcase. The top-left book in this case is sticking out. If you push it in, it will open the north wall of the library.

The lever against the north wall in the new passage is a trap. It will shoot a fire bolt at you if pulled. Follow the corridor down the stairs and turn left. Clean out the chests on your right as you pass by.

The corridor leads to a pair of doors which open up into two bedrooms. If you continue out the doors of the bedrooms, they lead back to the main entrance.

Return back the way you came and go all of the way around. You will reach two more doors that open into two more bedrooms. The northern of these two bedrooms has an Angel Portrait on the wall, which is one of the three paintings needed to complete quest 21. Exiting the bedrooms by their main doors leads back to the main entrance.

Nighon Tunnels

Note that there a lot of friendly Dwarves and Warlocks in these tunnels. However, if you hurt one (even accidentally), they will all come after you.

From the entrance from Stone City's caves, head down the ramp to your right. In the room below, head north, turning west when you pass the campsite. As you head down this passage, you will get to a room divided by a chasm. Jump in the chasm. To the south, the passage dead-ends. To the north, it loops around to an area just north of where you entered the caverns.

Head south and west again, returning to the chasm you just jumped into. The eastern edge small enough to jump over. Cross over the chasm and head down the corridor. This tunnel will generally wind its way northeast. It ends at a ledge overlooking a lower level. Jump in.

At the end of the tunnel, it forks into two main passages. The southwest passage leads back to the starting area (after jumping down a short ledge). The southeast passage leads deeper into the caves.

In the next cavern, the southeast branch dead-ends. The east branch leads to a room with a pool. Head south, east, and then south. From this room, clean out the three rooms to the west, then return here and head southwest. When the tunnel forks, the southeast passage leads to Thunderfist Mountain in Mount Nighon. Take the northeast passage instead. It will eventually end in a pit. Jump in.

In this water filled section, head due north. At the dead end is Zorkar's Axe and Zorkar's remains. These are the remains that you need to return to the Barrow Downs to complete quest 50.

Head south and east, continuing down the water filled passage for a long distance until it narrows and starts going uphill. After going through a pair of rooms, the passage will end back at the pool room.






  1. Norris
  2. Fountain gives +10 Accuracy
  3. Heather Dreamwright
  4. Kenneth Wain
  5. Bandit Caves
  6. Fort Riverstride
  7. Altar that gives +10 Luck permanently.
  8. Contest of Luck
  9. Dekian Forgewright
  10. Gareth the Fixer
  11. Sewers
  12. Master Guild of Body
  13. Paramount Guild of Spirit
  14. Adept Guild of Mind
  15. Heroism Pedestal
  16. Castle Gryphonheart
  17. Payge Ravenhill
  18. Cloud Agraynel
  19. Robert Sourbrow
  20. Qillain Laraselle
  21. Fountain that gives +20 Body Resistance.
  22. Randal Wolverton
  23. Training Hall
  24. Fountain that gives +50 Might.
  25. Town Hall
  26. Alchemist
  27. Magic Shop
  28. Frederick Org
  29. Temple
  30. Day of the Gods Pedestal
  31. Sewers
  32. Bank
  33. Sir Charles Quixote
  34. Inn
  35. Norbert Harvest
  36. Docks
  37. Gina Barns
  38. Julian the Delver
  39. Tristen Heartswarm
  40. Pip Hillier
  41. Norbert Thrush
  42. Heather Cardron
  43. Tilgar Dirthmoore
  44. Wilbur Eversmyle
  45. Fountain that gives +2 Might permanently.
  46. Sewers
  47. Weapon Store
  48. Armory
  49. Stables
  50. Blayze
  51. Obelisk #2
  52. The Hidden Tomb

Bandit Caves

This is a rather small cave system. Follow the tunnel south, east, a bit north, and then west to reach the large central hideout of the bandits. In the chest in this room is the Signet Ring needed to complete quest 11.


Enter from the entrance to the northwest of Erathia and pass through the first room, taking the corridor north and then east. Follow it all the way to the east and kill all of the thieves and rats in that room. Retreat to the corridor and follow it north emptying that room of hostiles. Then return back the way you came and head up the stairs to the south.

This passage leads to a star room with exits in six directions. If you step in the center area where the paths meet, it will set off an explosive magic trap. Head to the southwest exit from this room. Follow the path around through two doors until you get to a ledge. A lever to your right will raise a pathway across the room. Follow the path all of the way around to a room with three levers that overlooks a room. Pull all three levers, waiting after you pull each one for the blocks of stone to move into place before pulling the next lever. As you return to the star room, a shrapmetal will shoot at you as you round the corner.

Return to the star room, take the southeast exit. This leads to another passage identical to the previous one ending in another set of three levers. Pull all of these. The stone blocks should now be lined up (more or less) across the room.

Return to the star room again and take the south exit. This leads to the sewer entrance under the bridge. Instead of heading outside, jump off a ledge.

Follow the corridor to a room with a pair of chests. The western north exit from this room leads to the area under the passages in the star room. The eastern north exit forks. To the east is the northeast Sewer entrance and a passage that leads to the area below the path that you raised to cross the room to the eastern set of levers. Heading up the stairs leads back to the star room.

Take the north exit. You will be in a room with walkways leading to three arches. Only the right arch is a doorway and when you through it, you will be in the wrong ledge to cross the room. Jump off the ledge into the room below.

Exit the room through the corridor south, then west, turning north at the end of the corridor. Click on the wall at the dead end and you'll be teleported to the right arch. You should be able to walk across the stone blocks to a room filled with chests, barrels, and items.

William Lasker also lives here:

Castle Gryphonheart

If you're just here to see Queen Catherine, you can enter safely, walking straight up the stairs and either around the pillar, or just go directly ahead through two secret doors to the throne room.

Once you have completed quest 14, you can get quest 33 from her. If you are on quest 32, you can inform the Queen of this and it will change to quest 35.


Head through the entrance and up the stairs, turning north. The first door on the right is a large meeting hall. There are no other exits from this room so exit and head up the stairs, turning right at the hallway. This hall goes to the corner tower room. Turn around, heading north, cleaning out the two conscript's bedrooms on your right on the way by, reaching the other corner tower at the end of the hallway. In this tower, there is the painting of Archibald Ironfist, one of the three portraits needed to compelte quest 21.

Return back to the entrance area and head south. The first door on the left is a large mess hall. Behind it is a corridor. South leads to a simple meeting room. North leads to another meeting room on the left, behind which is a bedroom. In the bedroom here is a chest that contains Catherine's Key, and the wall has the painting of Roland Ironfist, another one of the portraits needed for quest 21.

Back in the hallway, the north wall has a secret door in it. Behind it is a set of stairs leading to a back door entrance to the castle requiring Catherine's Key to open.

Returning back through the mess hall to the corridor, continue south. The corridor that you enter is a mirror of the one on the other side of the castle -- two corner tower rooms and two bedrooms. The west bedroom is where Alice Hargreaves lives. You need to capture her to complete quest 67.

Fort Riverstride

As you enter the building, you are warned not to procede any further. Ignore their warning and kill the guards in the room and open the door across from you, heading down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs is a trap, causing fire bolts to shoot down the hallway. In that hallway, there are four doors which lead to guard bedrooms containing random treasure. There are no other exits.

Return to the top of the stairs and head down the stairs just to the right of where you entered the Fort. At the bottom of the stairs, there is a hallway. The two doors on the left lead to a view of the bridge crossing itself. The two doors on the right lead to storerooms.

In the near storeroom, the west wall has a secret door on it leading to a set of stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, is a long corridor with side rooms branching off on both sides. The first two rooms are more bedrooms for guards.

The third room (this one is on the right) opens to a meeting room. The painting on the west wall can be moved and reveals the plans to the Fort. These are the plans needed to solve quest 32.

Continuing down the corridor, the next two rooms are more bedrooms. The next door, on the right, opens up to a small storeroom with four chests of random items.

Following this, on the left is a small jail. The two prison cells can be opened by pulling the levers, but there is nothing inside. Across the hall is a room with crates. The last door in the corridor contains a few stat gaining barrels.

The corridor ends in an exit that leads down into the river.

The Hidden Tomb

To even get in this area, you need to solve the cipher that you received as part of quest 64. The instructions for how the cipher works are described on a scroll in your castle, and the Scroll of Waves that contains the keyword is in the School of Sorcery.

The keyword is the third word of the Scroll of Waves: pattern. Repeat that word over and over for the entire length of the cipher message. Then take the cipher character and count it back one letter in the alphabet for each position in the keyword the letter is. [Eg, 'P' is the 16th letter in the alphabet, so you would count a cipher letter paired with 'p' back 16 letters.] Hence, the scroll decodes like this:

  Y iupj xckox nmw henv ik eoiuyl pwzmjh usv vqwy xjvisfx nmw qeey zwga xjm htlsi.
  p atte rnpat ter npat te rnpatt ernpat ter npat ternpat ter npat tern pat ternp
  I have found the tomb of master kelwin and have deduced the code from his notes.

  Jn cx fchub yfkh iponm osiu uhi usduyl.  Rq xec cm igbu bhx yzs tfvn uswt.  Hiii disl.
  at te rnpat tern patte rnpa tte rnpatt   er npa tt ernp att ern patt ernp   atte rnpa
  It is north east south west and center.  My job is done and the debt paid.  Good luck.

(Side note: it isn't too hard to break withouth the keyword, if you know the kind of code. Seeing that "nmw" appears twice in the first line, if you guess that the word is the same word, it means that the key word is either 5 or 7 letters long. Trying both "and" and "the" for that word and using that key fragment everywhere else in the message. It becomes clear that "the" works very well with a keylength of 7 and lets you determine what some of the other words are easily, and hence the key itself.)

The tomb itself is fairly small. The stairs go down from the entrance to a room with a Lich and his vampires. The sarcophagi in this room also act as chests containing random items. There are also two side rooms to the north and south with more sarcophagi. In the north room, the coffin contains the Shadow's Mask. Retrieving this item is enough to complete quest 64.

Tularean Forest

Tularean Forest




  1. Matric Weatherson
  2. Alchemist
  3. Mortie Ottin Thom Lumbra
  4. Alton Black
  5. Magic Shop
  6. Ebednezer Sower
  7. Johann Kerrid Robert Bellknap
  8. Edgar Willowbark
  9. Gretchin Fiddlebone
  10. Adept Guild of Earth
  11. Earth Resistance Pedestal
  12. Master Guild of Fire
  13. Master Guild of Air
  14. Adept Guild of Water
  15. Fountain that gives +50 Earth Resistance.
  16. Castle Navan
  17. Temple
  18. Benjamin the Balanced
  19. Lara Stonewright Devon Ivers
  20. Town Hall
  21. Bank
  22. Armory
  23. Weapon Shop
  24. Training Hall
  25. Inn
  26. Miyon the Quick
  27. Jaycin Suretrail
  28. Claderin Silverpoint
  29. Gilad Bith
  30. Docks
  31. Stables
  32. Anthony Green
  33. Garet Dotes
  34. Payge Blueswan
  35. Obelisk #3
  36. Kindle Treasurestone Kethry Dawnsglow
  37. Shield Pedestal
  38. Sethrik Windsong Patrice Vespers
  39. Herald Whitecap Tabitha Mistspring
  40. Altar that gives +10 Water, Fire, and Air Resistance permanently.
  41. Contest of Speed
  42. Tularean Caves
  43. Chest with horn.
  44. Clanker's Laboratory
  45. Oldest Tree

Castle Navan

If you're just here to see King Parson, you can enter in peace through the main entrance, going down the elevator, and turning left and heading to the end of the corridor. Once you have completed quest 14, you can get quest 32 from the king. If you have received quest 33, you can inform the king and it will change to quest 34.


Its best to enter from the entrace in the Tularean Caves. From the entrance tunnel, follow it to a secret door that leads to an elvish bedroom. From the bedroom, go up the spiral staircase that leads out to the area just in front of the throne room. (The throne room is now locked.)

Open the two doors to the east to reveal two barracks rooms. Continue down the main corrdior, past the lift, until it turns to the north. The two doors on the left are two more barracks. Both doors on the right lead to a large library.

The floor in the northwest corner at the end of the hallway is a secret door that reveals stairs going down to the elven treasury. Raiding this treasury is necessary to complete quest 68.

Return to the lift and take it up. Off of the main room here are two other large rooms. Each one contains stat-gaining liquid barrels in them.

Tularean Caves

From the start, head down the stairs to your right. If you head all of the way down, you end up in the area below the entrance at the base of all of the pillars. Go back up the stairs a short distance and out into the large cavern.

This set of tunnels is mostly a collection area for various other rooms where you can fall down from. The passage leads eastwards into a large, empty room; leads west then southwest into another empty room, and directly west to a room with a few chests. When you have explored this area, return to the main entrance and take the stairs upwards.

Follow the tunnel continuing north at the fork. The chest in this room has a scroll documenting the invisible bridge. Proceding south from this room, the ledge has three stone blocks on it that try and push you off the ledge into the room below. Should they be sucessful, a tunnel leads from that room back up into this room. On the other side of that trapped area is a door that provides a back entrance to Castle Navan.

Return all of the way back to the fork and take the west path, which quickly turns east and overlooks a room. Jump down from this ledge into the room. The east door leads back to the entrance. The west path leads to a chasm. This is where the invisible bridge is, so just walk across. (Or if you're feeling paranoid, you can use a Jump spell to cross.)

Head up the stairs into a large room. Pull the lever on the far side of the room. Then return back down the stairs and take the north exit. In this room, there are three arches (which were revealed only when you pulled that lever) mounted against the far wall. The left and center arches lead to the Castle Navan entrance in the caves. The right arch leads to the top of a cliff.

From the cliff, take the ramp down to the north and it will eventually turn around and lead to the room at the base of the cliff where you started. There are a pair of chests here, including one on a pillar that constantly moves up and down.

Exit this room and take the steeper ramp up. It leads to the prison cell where Loren Steel is being held. He will join your party. This is whom you need to rescue to complete quest 33. You can exit the caves by returning to the top of the cliff and hopping through the arch in the wall.

Clanker's Laboratory

From the entrance, turn to the left and head up the stairs, turning right into a room at the top. Pushing the button on the south side of the room will open up a panel that conceals two chests. Jump down the well in the middle of the room to a small storeroom and head up the stairs leading out of this room back to the entrance. Drink from the pool. This will open up two more side rooms upstairs (where you just jumped into the well) that contain three more chests each.

Back in the hallway, head west and follow the corridor around. The first door on the left is a laboratory with lots of magical potions and reagents. The next two doors both lead to small bedrooms with three chests each. The hallway ends at a library. In a nook at the south side of the library is a book that is pushed out of the bookcase. If that book is slid into place, a secret door opens.

The secret passage leads straight ahead to another lab room with potions and reagents. Just outside that room, to the east, is a room that contains the magical defenses that must be destroyed to complete quest 60. The passage west leads back to the entrance.






  1. Docks
  2. Inn Master Guild of Mind (upstairs)
  3. Kerin Greydawn
  4. Kyra Stormeye
  5. Bank
  6. Solomon Riverstone
  7. Xavier Bremen
  8. Stoneskin Pedestal
  9. Stables
  10. Temple
  11. Heroism Pedestal
  12. Halain Sampson
  13. Flynn Arin
  14. Brother Rothham
  15. Lisha Redding
  16. Tonken Fist
  17. The Wine Cellar
  18. Fountain that gives +2 Speed permanently.
  19. Calindra Goldensight
  20. Brother Bombah
  21. Fountain that gives +20 to Air Resistance.
  22. Ferdinand Visconti
  23. Lord Markham's Manor
  24. Taran the Lifter
  25. Thomas More
  26. Tricia Steelcoif
  27. Trent Steele
  28. Everil Nightwalker
  29. Altar. You need to place the Eagle Statue here as part of completing quest 25.
  30. Tidewater Caverns
  31. Armory
  32. Weapon Shop
  33. Chest containing the Golem Right Arm. This is one of the pieces needed for quest 24.
  34. Obelisk #12
  35. Stonehenge Monolith. This is one of the three henges you need to visit to complete quest 28.
  36. Dragon's Cave
  37. Isram Gallowswell
  38. Training Hall
  39. Armory
  40. Fountain that gives +20 AC.
  41. Mercenary Guild
    Niles Stantly
  42. Weapon Shop
  43. Karn Stonecleaver
  44. Weldik Lotts

Dragon's Cave

Very simple. One blue dragon live here -- Wromthrax. Killing this dragon is what is required to complete quest 17.

Lord Markham's Manor

Straight ahead from the entrance is Lord Markham's chamber. This is where you can talk to him to complete quest 19 and receive quest 22.

If you open the doors to the east or west, the guards will become hostile and Lord Markham will lock the doors to his chamber. Through the east door, there is a button located on the side of the desk that will open a secret wall to the north revealing several chests of treasure.

Through the west door, around the corner to the north, the vase that you are required to fetch for quest 20 is sitting on the hearth above the fireplace.

Tidewater Caverns

The flooded entrance tunnel leads to an underground wooden building guarded by thieves. In side that room, there is a stairway heading up. There is a secret room underneath the stairs. To open the door, you have to be standing right against the wall, and because the door is trapped, use the character with the disarm trap skill to open it. Inside is a chest of random items.

Heading up the stairs, you come out on the deck of a ship. Head straight and go down the stairs into the hold and turn right. To the south is a secret door, behind which is a pair of chests. One of the chests has the map to Evenmorn Island that you need to complete quest 30.

The hole in the hull here leads to a large chamber of thieves and another chest of random items. Returning to the deck of the ship, if you just "overboard", you can find a secret passage in the southeast wall of the cavern that leads back to the entrance area.

Mercenary Guild

Head through the first door and quickly clear the entrance room of archers. Head up the stairs and all the way around to the left. In the south end of the west wall is a door that leads down to one of the rooms filled with archers that can shoot you through ports that open into the main room. When they are finished off, take a similar path through a door on the south end of the east wall.

Now that the snipers are dead, you can explore in peace. Stay on the 2nd floor and go through the north door. It leads to a conference room containing a chest filled with nice items.

Back in the entrance room, take the west door. When opened, a dagger will shoot down the hallway towards you. The door at the end of this short hallway opens into a storeroom. There is a chest which contains (among other things) a letter detailing how you are a "sufficiently gullible" group of adventurers that could be used to serve their purpose.

Return and go through the east door in the main entrance room. The floor on the other side of the door is magically trapped. The right fork leads to a barracks. Behind the southeast bookcase is an alcove containing several chests.

The door on the left leads to officer's quarters. The bookcase here also hides a room containing several chests. In the center chest is the Heart of the Wood, which is needed to complete quest 46.

Wine Cellar

The first room looks like an ordinary wine cellar, divided by wine racks. There is an item (usually a gem) hidden in a nook under the stairs and a chest of treasure in the east side of the room.

The northwest wine rack can be moved to reveal a stairway down that leads to a room with vampires and crypts. To the south of this room is a barred cell that can be opened with the lever to your right.

To the north is the main lair of the vampire. Against the east wall is an altar-like pedestal that can be pushed. It opens a room on the west side of the room containing three chests.

Killing all of the vampires in this area completes quest 41.






  1. Docks
  2. Bank
  3. Inn
  4. Stables
  5. Cassandra Holden Kethric Otterton
  6. Paula Brightspear
  7. Water Resistance Pedestal
  8. Jeni Swiftfoot
  9. Temple
  10. Body Resistance Pedestal
  11. Wort Goblinreaver Mikel Deerhunter
  12. Fountain that gives +2 Endurance permanently.
  13. Weapon Shop
  14. Armor Shop
  15. Training Hall
  16. Medwari Dragontracker Infernon
  17. Rislyn Greenstorm
  18. Paramount Guild of Body
  19. Paramount Guild of Mind
  20. Fountain that gives +20 Water Resistance.
  21. Jillian Mithrit
  22. Steagal Snick
  23. Karla Ravenhair Ashandra Snowtree
  24. Myles Featherwind Rawn Dervish
  25. Hall Under the Hill
  26. Tempus
  27. Lucid Apple
  28. Kaine
  29. Obelisk #13
  30. Chest containing the Golem Left Arm. This is one of the pieces needed for quest 24.
  31. Altar. You need to place the Knight Statue here as part of completing quest 25.
  32. Stonehenge Monolith. This is one of the three henges you need to visit to complete quest 28.
  33. Test of Might
    Temple of Baa
  34. Titan's Stronghold

Hall Under the Hill

After going in the door and down the passage, you will come to a room with a large green hill in it. This is the Hill. To find the entrance, walk around the hill clockwise one and one-quarter times. The entrance should appear. The Faerie King will be waiting for you at the entrance allowing you to complete quest 26, quest 27, and receive quest 29.

Behind the King is an elevator going down. Halfway down, you can jump off the elevator into a room that contains a chest with the Faerie Ring -- a ring that increase the effect of all air magic spells.

Jumping down the rest of the way, the passage leads to a forested room with dragonflys. One of the dragonflys has the Faerie Key. The exit from this room leads through another forest and lake room.

The passage then leads to a finished stone room with a bridge crossing a small stream. The walls where the stream flows into and out of this room are both secret doors that have treasure behind them.

Continuing straight, the next room is dominated by a large tree. In the southwest corner of the room is an exit that dead-ends. On the small segment of wall at the corner, there is a secret panel that reveals a keyhole. If you use the Faerie key on the lock, the corridor raises into a stairway and a door opens on the wall to the west. In the room revealed is a chest and several items.

Temple of Baa

From the entrance, head down the ramp to the west. When it straightens out into a corridor, go into the first room on the right. The northeast corner of the room reveals a secret passage that leads to the bedroom of some clerics. The exit of this room leads back into a corridor that you would arrive at going down the east ramp.

Head south and go in the first room on the right. Again, the northwest corner of the room has a secret passage that leads to a storeroom, and back out into the corridor you originally came down on.

Proceding north down the corridor, you will end up in a small jail with three cells filled with devils. The three buttons in the middle of the room control the doors.

When that room is empty, head back and cross to the east passage and go north. The door that is directly ahead leads to a small store room that has a message from Xenofex (the head of the devils) detailing their failed plan in Enroth. (This describes the events in Might and Magic VI.) Continue down the passage north and you will reach the sanctum of the Baa order. The High Priest of Baa is here (one of the Priests of the Moon), and on her corpse is the Cloak of Sheep. Killing her completes quest 49.

Returning down the corridor, jump down into the core of the spiral ramp and finish off the last of the priests and devils down there. Then take the lift back up to the entrance.

Titan's Stronghold

To the right of the stairs is a chest filled with good items. After its been raided, head up the stairs and turn to the east. The corridor will turn north; go east at the next intersection and clean up the side room. Continue north to another room with treasure guarded by dragons. When both rooms have been emptied, return to the intersection and head west.

You will pass through a room with a large pillar in the middle of the room. Continue through this room and turn north at the next intersection. On the right is a another guarded room of treasure. Continue north and turn east at the intersection.

Head all of the way east until the hallway ends. Then go north, west, and north. Follow the corridor, collecting treasure. You will eventually be at a four-way intersection, heading south. Turn to the west and continue west at the next intersection.

At the intersection after that, the corridor continues west to a dead-end, and leads north to another room of treasure guarded by dragons. When both areas have been explored and looted, head south. The hallways in the next intersection lead to two more treasure rooms: the west passage leads to dragons; the east passage leads only to a single chest which contains the Perfect Bow. This is the item neeed to complete quest 48.

The corridor continues south and takes you back to the entrance area.

Bracada Desert

Bracada Desert




  1. Teleporter to/from location 13.
  2. Stables
  3. Gayle
  4. Brighman the Frugal
  5. Chest containing the Normal Golem Head. This is one of the pieces needed for quest 24. If this head is used when making the golem, the golem will guard your castle when completed.
  6. Teleporter to location 18. (Bug: Should probably teleport to/from 49.)
  7. Teleporter to/from location 18.
  8. Teleporter to/from location 20.
  9. Teleporter to/from location 24.
  10. Teleporter to/from location 27.
  11. Teleporter to/from location 30.
  12. Teleporter to location 32.
  13. Teleporter to/from location 1.
  14. Teleporter to/from location 40.
  15. Shield Pedestal.
  16. Earth Resistance Pedestal.
  17. Chest containing the Abbey Normal Golem Head. This is one of the pieces needed for quest 24. If this head is used when making the golem, the golem will attack you when completed.
  18. Teleporter to/from location 7.
  19. Temple
  20. Teleporter to/from location 8.
  21. Inn Judge Fairweather
  22. Altar. You need to place the Angel Statue here as part of completing quest 25.
  23. Contest of Luck
  24. Teleporter to/from location 9.
  25. Guild of Illumination
  26. Master Guild of Water
  27. Teleporter to/from location 10.
  28. Fountain that gives +25 to Intellect and Personality.
  29. School of Sorcery
  30. Teleporter to/from location 11.
  31. Docks
  32. Destination for teleporter at location 12.
  33. Red Dwarf Mines
  34. Kelli Hollyfield
  35. Lysander Sweet
  36. Spyder Puddle Stone
  37. Bryce Watershed Janet Thomas
  38. Fountain that does random bad things to the drinker.
  39. Teleporter to location 12.
  40. Teleporter to/from location 14.
  41. Teleporter to Celeste. Activated only when the new arbiter has been chosen.
  42. Smiling Jack Will Rudyman
  43. Gary Zimm
  44. Ethan Lightsworn Tessa Greensword
  45. Leda Rowan
  46. Brand the Maker
  47. Obelisk #5
  48. Samuel Benson
  49. Teleporter to location 6.
  50. Alchemist
  51. Magic Shop
  52. Teleporter to location 6.
  53. Elsie Penderton
  54. Isaac Applebee
  55. Teleporter to location 6.

School of Sorcery

Inside the entrance, there is a locked door directly ahead and three rooms filled with bookcases. If you talk to the wizard behind the desk in the right room, you can buy membership to the library which lets you get spell scrolls off the bookcases. Through the door in the right room is where you will find Thomas Grey.

Looking behind the desk in the right room reveals a lever that opens the door to the main area of the school. Down this hallway, head left. The first room on the left is a bedroom. There is a button by the southwest bed that opens a secret room to the south containing a chest of items.

Back out in the hallway, continue north through a study room and head up the spiral stairs. In the next room, pull the four levers on the south side of the room. This will seal you in this room, but open the tunnel to the north. In that room, there is a chest containing Clanker's Amulet and two levers that re-open the stairways so you can leave this area.

Head down the stairs to the east and enter the next study room. The bookcase on the south wall has the Scroll of Waves that is needed to break to the cipher as part of quest 64. Exiting to the south, there is another room on the east side containing the last wizards.

Red Dwarf Mines

In the first room, there is a dwarf statue and an ore cart. All of the ore carts in these mines act like chests -- they can have items inside them. The statue here can be revived by using the Elixer that you got from the dwarf king when he gave you quest 14. Just click on the statue while carrying the elixer and the dwarf will join your party as an NPC.

From this starting room, take the west exit. It leads to a room where the passage forks. There is another dwarf statue in this room. The west exit from this room quickly leads to a dead end. The north exit leads to another fork, both of which end rather quickly, although the north fork ends with another dwarf statue.

Returning to the entrance room, take the east exit. It goes mostly straight, with almost no branching, but leads only to an ore vein and a journal entry scroll.

Back in the starting room, take the northeast exit. When you get to the fork, go north. It quickly ends, but there is a dwarf statue at the end of the passage. Continuing east, the passage will end in a water-filled room with a dwarf statue in the pool.

Returning once more to the starting room, head north, and turn east at your first opportunity. When the passage next forks, the east fork will dead end and the north fork will lead to a room with a dwarf statue. Returning to the main passage heading north, you will arrive at the lift that leads to the lower level. In this room is the last dwarf statue. Returning to the king with all seven dwarves will complete the quest.

Taking the lift down, you will be in a room with several medusas. Clean out this room and the neighboring room to the west and then head deeper in to the mine to the east.

All throughout the lower level of the mines are black Stone to Flesh potions to help against the medusa's stoning ability. In the east room, the two exits to the north connect in a loop. At the top end of that loop, a tunnel leads to a room with some more medusas. The empress medusa in this room always has the Medusa's Mirror.

Heading further east, clear out the side passage to the north and continue east to a room with an overturned minecar. The south exit from the room quickly dead-ends. The east exit continues to a room containing the lift mechanism against the north wall. If you have the broken belt, you can click on the mechanism to use it and complete quest 23.






  1. Teleporter to the Bracada Desert.
  2. Weapon Shop
  3. Armory
  4. Training Hall
  5. Bank
  6. Inn
  7. Walls of Mist
  8. Alchemist
  9. Magic Shop
  10. Paramount Guild of Air
  11. Guild of Enlightenment
  12. Temple
  13. Castle Lambent
    Lady Carmine (wandering)
  14. Town Hall
  15. Rebecca Devine
  16. Helena Morningstar
  17. Lori Winterbright
  18. Resurrectra
  19. Robert the Wise
  20. Crag Hack
  21. Sir Caneghem
  22. Obelisk #6
  23. Fountain that gives +25 to all statistics.

Castle Lambent

If you are here to see Gavin Mangus, you can enter safely by going straight north all of the way, then turning left and entering the door on the right.

Walls of Mist

The room you start out in is a large room with three arches set in the middle of the room and three pillars with locks on them.

Go through the east archway. After it teleports you, head towards the building, through the shimmering doorways and take the elevator down. Run down this tunnel until you reach a room that has pools of water in the center. To the left and right are four fonts (total), each with a button mounted on their rim. Push all four buttons to fill the fonts and the east-most pool will now be empty. Jump into the hole formed and there will be a chest in the room at the bottom of that pool that contains the East Pillar Key. Exit this room via the ramp that leads to a secret door and head back up the elevator and through the archway.

Go through the center archway. Go down the spiral ramp from the center pillar and when you have reached the ground head to the small raised platform in the southwest corner. When you step on it, the platform will raise you up to a small room. In this room is a chest that contains the Center Pillar Key. Return to the archway.

Go through the west archway. Run through the room and up the stairs to the left or right. At the end of the corridor in both directions is a set of three buttons and a lever. When the buttons are in the right combination, you can pull the lever to reveal a recessed area of the floor in the main room. The combination is different each time (there are only eight possibilities) and it is also random whether the set on the left side or on the right side is the one you need to set. Fortunately, you can try all of the combinations while paused in turn-based combat mode. There is a chest in the recessed floor that contains the West Pillar Key.

Back in the main room with the arches, go to the three pillars. You should be able to use the three keys to unlock the three pillars. (The click zones seem to be very small -- it works best if you run up to each pillar and pause the game while you try to get the key to work.) When all three pillars are unlocked, the wall behind the pillars opens.

There is a chest in the new area that contains four empty soul jars, which are needed to complete quest 63. Exiting the Halls through the door on the far side of the room completes quest 39 (assuming you haven't killed any creatures).

Temple of Light

The room in the front door is completely empty. Go to the northeast corner of the room and open the secret wall that is there. Follow the corridor around and down the stairs to the real entrance to the temple. Through this entrance is a large room with pools on the left and right.

There are two exits on the south, one of the west and one on the east, that both lead to another room with a pool that overlooks the main entrance. The east room also has another stairway up that leads to a ledge which overlooks the two pools room.

Return to the pool room. Behind the west pool is a scroll that talks about a vision of "the sun setting in the west, the moon setting in the north, and the stars falling in the east." Note this and continue out the north exit. (The door opens automatically as you get close.)

Head down the stairs and continue north. The room directly ahead is the main altar room for the Temple of Light. The stairs to the east and west lead up to a ledge surrounding that room. Go up the stairs. Along the ledge there is a small device that has squares showing icons of the sun, moon, and stars, each of which could be slid down into a wooden holder. Follow the instructions on the scroll and lower the sun icon on the west device, the moon on the north device, and the stars on the east device. Then jump down and click on the altar. This will open a door to the north. That room has a chest containing the Altar Piece needed for quest 40 or quest 62.

Return to the ledge around the altar room and head down the corridor that exits to the northwest. It goes to a room with a pool, chest, and random items. Return and exit the altar room to the northeast. It leads to a room divided by a small channel of water. It is possible to walk down the channel of water downstream (to the north) to another room containing treasure.

You can also walk along the channel south (upstream). When it branches, take the east branch, crossing over a room that you entered through, leading to another room of treasure. Return to the branch and continue south. It will cross over the room overlooking the two pools room and then end in a room that connects to the ledge overlooking the main entrance area.

Small House

In the main room, Robert the Wise is waiting for you. On his corpse is a blaster and the control cube that you need to complete quest 75.

In the northeast area of the room is a corridor that leads to several balconys that overlook this room and a chest filled with random treasure.






  1. Must pay 1000gp necromancer tax or be ambushed by zombies.
  2. Altar that gives +10 Earth, Mind, and Body Resistances permanently.
  3. Stables
  4. Heroism Pedestal
  5. Wanda Foestryke
  6. Leane Shadowrunner
  7. Patwin Felburn
  8. Jasp the Nightcrawler
  9. Barbara Wiseman
  10. Inn Judge Sleen
  11. Fountain that gives +2 Intellect permanently.
  12. William Setag
  13. Watchtower 6
  14. Back entrance to Watchtower 6
  15. Contest of Archery
  16. Avalanche
  17. Agatha Putnam
  18. Obelisk #4
  19. Petra Cleareye
  20. Malisha Karrand
  21. Halain Nevermore
  22. Fountain that causes drunkenness.
  23. Magic Shop
  24. Fountain that gives +10 Personality.
  25. Temple
  26. Guild of Twilight
  27. Tugar Slicer Seth Drakkson
  28. Seknit Undershadow
  29. Fountain that gives +10 Fire Resistance
  30. Master Guild of Spirit
  31. Daedalus Falk
  32. Alchemist
  33. Edgar Botham
  34. Heroism Pedestal
  35. Chest containing the Golem Right Leg. This is one of the pieces needed for quest 24.
  36. Chest containing the Golem Left Leg. This is one of the pieces needed for quest 24.
  37. Hall of the Pit

Hall of the Pit

There isn't much to the Hall -- it is basically a tunnel that leads from the surface of Deyja to The Pit. The entrance area leads to a door, behind which is an elevator that will take you deeper underground. The next room has a chasm spanned by a bridge. Across the bridge is a teleporter.

The teleporter takes you to another hall. At the end of the hall is a chest. If you are on quest 44, the Season's Stole will be in the chest. The door at the end of the room takes you to The Pit, but will only be open once you have selected an arbiter.

William Setag's Tower

You can only get into this area when on quest 51.

Kill the guards in the main room and take the elevator up to the top of the tower. At the top, William Setag (a Master of the Sword) will be there fighting some rats. On his corpse is a Tower Key that can be used to open the north room. This will free Alice Hargreaves; a requirement for completing quest 51.

The south room contains another Master of the Sword. On his corpse is the Villian's Blade. Across the hall from the south room is a secret wall that reveals a chest filled with treasure.

Watchtower 6

Head through the entryway to the elevator down. Head down this corridor as well, passing by the "backdoor" entrance to the Watchtower, and take the elevator up.

You will be on a central pillar, overlooking a large room with four side rooms in each cardinal direction. There are necromancers attacking you from below, lichs attacking you from the four alcoves, and shades flying around. If you have Grandmaster Water magic, its probably easiest to jump down off the ledge, use the central pillar for cover while dealing with the shades and necromancers, picking off the liches from a distance from cover, and Town Portaling home when you get too hurt.

From the floor area, the north wall has a secret wall that leads to a long corridor that takes you back to the bottom of the lift.

At the top of the elevator, there are two switches. The north switch lowers the elevator again. The south switch toggles one of the walkways (seemingly at random) that lead between the central pillar and the four side areas.

The north, east, and west side rooms merely contain a chest of treasure. The south side area also has a lever in the southwest of the room that raises and lowers the counterweight. This the weight that you need to lower to complete quest 52.

The Pit

The Pit



  1. Hall of the Pit
  2. Armory
  3. Weapon Shop
  4. Inn
  5. Breeding Zone
  6. Tolberti
  7. Dark Shade
  8. Kastore
  9. Maximus
  10. Training Hall
  11. Bank
  12. Steven Sand
  13. Therese Umberpol
  14. Halfild Wayne Seth Darkenmore
  15. Teleport to location 16.
  16. Teleport to location 21.
  17. Magic Shop
  18. Paramount Guild of Earth
  19. Guild of Night
  20. Alchemist
  21. Teleport to location 25.
  22. Town Hall
  23. Temple
  24. Obelisk #7
  25. Teleport to location 15.
  26. Castle Gloaming

Castle Gloaming

If you are here to see the current king, you can enter safely by going straight across the bridge, turning left, following the hall to a boat, getting in and clicking on the rudder twice, then taking the stairs down. (You only need to use the rudder once to get out.)


From the front door, turn to the right and head up the stairway to the top of the lookout tower. When all of the guards here have been killed, go down the tower and cross over to the other tower. When both towers are cleared of hostiles, return to the entrance, cross the bridge, and into the next large room.

From this room, head north. It leads to a room with a weird looking fountain in the middle. On the north and south walls are narrow passages with stairs that lead up to a ledge above this room. To the north and south from the top ledges are side rooms with treasure in them. At the end of the north room is the tapestry that you need to complete quest 74.

To the east is a steep ramp down to a room with a chest. This chest contains the Soul Jars needed for quest 42. Continuing down the corridor takes you to a bridge over a lava river, and to a ramp down into a room with a dock. Both this room and the previous room are connected. The first room contains a chest in the lava that contains some good items.

When the room is cleared, get in the boat and click on the rudder to sail it to the next location. From these docks, you can head down a ramp to the throne room. The throne room is locked if you're assaulting the castle. Return to the boat and click on the rudder again.

In this location, clear off the hostiles and exit the boat down the corridor. It leads back to the entrance room. Exit the castle to the south.

Breeding Zone

Go down the first corridor to reach a bridge over a chasm. There is nothing on the other side of the bridge, so jump over the edge to the waiting Behemoths. Head down the tunnel until you reach a room with a pool. The south exit from this room leads back to the start of the tunnels.

Across, on the west side of the room, is a secret door. The floor just past the door is trapped with a Shrapmetal spell. Turn south and then south at the next fork. Wind through the corridor to reach a room. There is a button in this room that reveals an alcove in the room at the north end of the twisty passage. Head towards that room -- a button there opens an (empty) alcove in the south room. The spellbook of Divine Intervention that is needed for quest 47 will be in this chest.

Return to the trapped corridor and head north. Your progress north in the next room will be blocked by three tall pillars. Head out the southeast exit and follow that corridor to a room with three buttons. These buttons control the pillars. Push them all, return to the room with the pillars and head north.

The next room has a chasm. You can create a brige across the span by drinking from the fonts in the east and west of the room. Push the button on the wall across the bridge, then jump over the edge. If you head west, you will follow a corridor that eventually leads back to the trapped hallway. Heading east takes you to the exit to the Zone, but the exit will be blocked by a wall if the button is not pushed. Using this exit completes quest 59.

Temple of Dark

Directly in from the front door is the altar area. A small button on the bottom of the back of the altar will cause the altar to slide forward revealing a chest that contains the Dark Altar Piece; one of the two pieces needed for quest 40 and quest 62.

The corridor to the east leads to another chapel room. The south exit leads to several balconys that overlook the main entrance room. The north end of the room has two exits. To the east is a bedroom. The entire south wall of the bedroom is fake, hiding two chests.

The west exit leads to a hallway loop. Heading north at the first opportunity, the hallway passes by a barracks area on your right and curves around to a library to the south. Directly opposite the library entrance is a secret door in the wall that reveals an area with three chests. The hallway continues around past a workshop area and reconnects back with where you were. Continue west to another chapel whose southern exit connects back with the main temple area.

On your way out, jump into the fountain. It is an illusionary pool hiding a tunnel. The tunnel leads to four rooms containing vampries and items. The wall at the end of the tunnel is also a secret wall, but it will dead-end after going through another door (to your left) and going down a steep stairway.

Small House

In the main room, Toberti is waiting for you. On his corpse is a blaster and the control cube that you need to complete quest 55.

In the northeast area of the room is a corridor that leads to several balconys that overlook this room and a chest filled with random treasure.

Evenmorn Island

Evenmorn Island




  1. Docks
  2. Body Resistance Pedestal
  3. Inn
  4. Mind Resistance Pedestal
  5. Day of the Gods Pedestal
  6. Bethold Caverhill Dennis Caverhill
  7. Oberic Crane Ulbrecht the Brawler
  8. Fountain that teleports you to location 12.
  9. Grand Temple of the Moon
    Test of Might
  10. Grand Temple of the Sun
  11. Stonehenge Monolith. This is one of the three henges you need to visit to complete quest 28.
  12. Fountain that teleports you to location 8.
  13. Fedwin Smithson William Smithson
  14. Obelisk #8
  15. Altar that gives +10 Accuracy and Speed permanently.
  16. Circle of stones.
  17. Paramount Guild of Water

Grand Temple of the Moon

From the front door, turn right and head through the door and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, turn to the south and go to the end of the ledge. The wall is a secret door that hides a chest. The chest contains the Eagle Statuette. This statuette needs to be placed on the altar in Tatalia as part of completing quest 24.

Go down the other ledge and through the door. The floor will give way and you will fall into a jail cell. There is a secret brick opposite the door that contains a telekinesis scroll which you can use to flip the lever in the other room to open the jail door.

Go through the door opposite the jail door and continue west into a bedroom. The cabinets in this room contain some good treasure. Now head through the door to the north into another bedroom. The bookcase on the east wall hides a small side room. Push the button on the desk in this room. This disables the pit trap that you fell into earlier. Then head out the secret door to the south, past the jail, through the door which leads back to the room you started in.

Head up the stairs again and through the door. This time the floor will not fall away and you can gain access to the library. The west bookcase is a secret wall. Behind it is a desk that contains several very high level spellbooks.

Return to the entrance and go through the northern door. This is a chapel. One of the Priests of Dark in this room has the Moon Cloak. The altar at the head of the chapel is the altar that you need to purify to complete quest 43.

Temple of the Sun

In the opening room, head through the door to the left. In that room is a chest that contains the Knight statue. This statuette needs to be placed on the altar in Avlee as part of completing quest 24. Explore the room to the right as well, but that chest merely contains random treasure.

Heading through the door to the north, the next room is a large square room with an altar in the middle. This is the altar that you need to deface in order to complete quest 65. Next, head up the stairs to the south, just west of the hallway you came in. They lead to the ledge above this room. In the northeast section of the ledge is a door that leads to a room of treasure. Another door to the south here leads to more treasure. Across the hall from the last door is a secret door in the wall. This passage leads down a spiral stairway to a hidden treasure room.

Returning to the altar room, head out the north exit. At the beginning of the corridor is a fireball trap. The hall leads to a chapel of monks and priests of the sun. One of the priests in this room has the Sun Cloak on her body.

To the north of the altar in this room is a secret door. The next door can only be opened by pushing in all six buttons on the side walls, and then pushing in the button in the middle of the room. The revealed room contains some chests of treasure.

Mount Nighon

Mount Nighon




  1. Thunderfist Mountain
  2. Temple
  3. Fountain that gives +2 Skill Points permanently.
  4. Evandor Thomas
  5. Elmo the Pincher
  6. Helga Whitesky Stewart Whitesky
  7. Armory
  8. Weapon Store
  9. Fountain that gives +2 Personality permanently.
  10. Inn
  11. Mazim Dusk Tobren Rainshield
  12. Training Hall
  13. Silk Quicktongue
  14. Tor Anwyn Dorothy Senjac
  15. Fountain that gives +50 Personality and Intellect
  16. Fire Resistance Pedestal
  17. Magic Shop
  18. Fountain that gives +20 to all Resistances
  19. Paramount Guild of Fire
  20. Thunderfist Mountain
  21. Altar that gives +10 Intellect and Personality permanently.
  22. Elzbert Witherspoon
  23. Heroism Pedestal
  24. Hollis the True Christie Nosewirt
  25. Fountain that restores 50 spell points.
  26. Lita Roggen
  27. Thunderfist Mountain
  28. Obelisk #9
  29. The Maze
  30. Aznog Slasher
  31. Fountain that restores 50 hit points.
  32. Garic Hawthorne
  33. Air Resistance Pedestal
  34. Rubida Nedlon
  35. Lanshee Ravensight
  36. Thunderfist Mountain

Thunderfist Mountain

In the first tunnel, take the passage to the right. It leads down to a fork. To the east is a bridge over a volcano core. Ignore that for now and head west, then south at the first chance. In a side passage to the north is a lava filled area, with a few items guarded by eyes on the far side of the lava. The corridor you're in turns back to the north and intersects at a four-way crossing. Continuing straight ahead will take you back to the entrance. Heading west will take you to an exit to Mount Nighon at location 36.

Going east will take you back to the bridge. Cross over it this time. When the narrow tunnel joins a large tunnel, follow the large tunnel south to a pair of rooms of minotaurs, and a dead-end. Return north and continue east. Going all the way east will take you to an exit to Mount Nighon at location 1.

Shortly before the exit, there is a tunnel to the north. It will open into a large area. Go east and keep going east at the next fork. This is a narrow passage that will lead down, past a room of warlocks, to an exit to Mount Nighon at location 27.

Return back up the passage and continue straight west. The cavern will eventually end. To the north is a tunnel that leads to the Tunnels to Eeofel. To the south, the tunnel leads back to where you first entered these large tunnels. Head west at that point. At the next fork, the north and west tunnels form a loop. The south tunnel crosses over the volcano core again and enters a contrusted room.

To the east is a library of books. At the back of the library is a chest that contains a case of Soul Jars, needed for quest 61 (if you are on that quest). To the south is a pool filled with lava and another library room further south. There are four bedrooms off the lava room with cabinets of treasure. In the small hallway between the entrance room and the pool room, the west wall has a secret door that leads to a large room of treasure.

To the north of the entrance room is an elevator that goes up. The corridor at the top of the lift leads to an exit to Mount Nighon at location 20.

The Maze

You are in a maze of twistly little passages, all alike.

Start by heading through the left door and taking a right at the first "T" intersection you reach. This passage will twist and turn and eventually end. Return to the intersection continue, heading south at the next major branch.

As you head south, the passage will go around a tall pillar in the middle of a room. The nearest side of that pillar has a secret wall that hides a chest of treasure. As you continue south, you will reach the entrance room again. Turn back to the north and continue past the passage that you arrived here from earlier.

Continue as far north as possible, by-passing a major side passage to the east. When the passage ends in another "T" intersection, the left and right passages just form a loop. Go around the loop, and get the chest in the dead-end passage in the middle of the loop, then exit the loop continuing north. To the east, the corridor leads to a chest. To the west, it leads to a few items.

Return to the east passage that you skipped earlier and procede down it. The corridor will lead to a large room, divided by a bridge-covered stream. Before proceding further into the room, head to the north-south corridor just to your east and empty out the room at the north end of that passage.

Cross the stream and head into the tunnel to the north. Take the east fork. This tunnel leads to the balcony that some of the warlocks were attacking you from. Return to the main tunnel and empty out the north room. The chest in this room contains the Angel Statue. This statue needs to be placed on the altar in the Bracada Desert as part of completing quest 24.

Continue down the tunnel to the east, taking the south side passage to the other balcony, and cleaning out the room to the north. Eventually the passage leads to a large room with Hydra and Minotaurs. The chest in this room contians Haldor's Remains, which you need to complete quest 31.

From this room, head through several doors and rooms southwards. You will be back out in the maze area again, heading south. Take the first west passage, then south, then turn to the north. This passage will take you to a altar room area, with several valuable items scattered around. The fountains along the side of the room will inflict a random malady on the drinker about 30 minutes after drinking from them.

From this altar room, heading mostly south should bring you back to the entrance area.

Land of the Giants

Land of the Giants




  1. Tunnels to Eeofel
  2. Earth Resistance Pedestal
  3. Lasiter the Slayer
  4. Haste Pedestal
  5. Body Resistance Pedestal
  6. Mind Resistance Pedestal
  7. Stoneskin Pedestal
  8. Shield Pedestal
  9. Air Resistance Pedestal
  10. Heroism Pedestal
  11. Immolation Pedestal
  12. Water Resistance Pedestal
  13. Shrine
  14. Dragon's Cave (East)
  15. Dragon's Cave (West)
  16. Obelisk #11
  17. Colony Zod

Tunnels to Eeofel

Heading down the starting corridor, enter the side passage to the west. The room has a pool and five side coridors leading out of it, each filled with medusae and behemoths. When the area is secure, return to the main corridor and continue north.

The tunnel continues for a considerable distance without any real branches, eventually arriving a room with a stone formation in the center. Quickly explore the east and southeast rooms (which are usually empty) and then head out the north tunnel. It will turn around until it is going south when it enters a large room with two exits. Head east.

At the next fork, the north tunnel leads back to the room with the stone formation. The south and west tunnels lead to rooms of monsters and items. When they are cleared, return and continue east.

Turn north at the first new tunnel and follow that to a set of rooms with behemoths and more treasure. This tunnel ends here, so return south and go east, following the tunnel until the next fork. Continue west to a pier-like walkway surrounded by water. Jump in the water and head north. It will lead to a passage that connects back up at the previous room. Head out on the pier again and jump in the water. This time, go south.

At the end of the tunnel, cast Jump to get out of the water, and head south along the tunnel to another recessed tunnel. That tunnel leads to a raised walkway dividing the room into an east and west halves. Continue all of the way along the walkway until it goes back into a tunnel. It will curve around, leading back to the top of the last ledge you jumped down. Jump down again, head to the raised walkway, and jump off the west side. A tunnel west leads back to the top of the ledge again.

Return to the walkway once more and jump off the east side. A tunnel on this side, leading north leads to an exit to the Land of the Giants. When you first exit, you will be given a blaster by Archibald Ironfist.

Dragon's Cave (East)

Simple cave. There is one tunnel that goes into the mountain with no forks through four caverns. In the last cavern are two dragon eggs and a chest of treasure. The dragon eggs are needed for quest 71.

Dragon's Cave (West)

Just two rooms in this cave. There is a chest in the back room. The Mega-Dragon has the artifact Hermes on his corpse.

Colony Zod

Follow the entrance tube to the first split. Take the right tube. It leads to a room with a chest that contains a blaster. Return down the tube the other direction and follow it all of the way to a room. Through the room is an elevator that will take you up to a prison area. Push the four buttons in the first room of the prison area to unlock all of the cells.

The two cells on the right each contain a chest with a blaster in them. The last cell on the left has a raised area in the back. There is a small square on the right edge of the raised area that will lift you up to that level. From the upper level, you have access to the cage. In the cage is Roland Ironfist. He will give you a Colony Zod key, and resucing him will open the tube to the center of the colony.

Exit the prison area by heading back down the lift. On the left is the new tunnel that was opened. Follow it down to a room. The north side of the room has a lift to take you up one level. On this level, the buttons in the rooms on the east and west need to be pushed in order to open the door to the lift in the south room. The room in the west also contains a chest with a blaster.

The lift leads up to a door that is locked -- you need the Colony Zod key to open it. Inside are lots of devils, including Xenofex, whom you need to kill to complete quest 56 and quest 76. The chest in the room contains another blaster.






  1. Heroism Pedestal
  2. Day of the Gods Pedestal
  3. Chest at Shipwreck
  4. The Lincoln

The Lincoln

The first thing you have to do is restore power to the ship or most of the doors won't function. From the bay that you entered from, head southeast and east down the corridor to a lift that leads to the engineering core. The power can be restored by clicking on the southern console by the core. There is also a lift on the east side of the room to the upper level of engineering.

Return back to the main cargo bay and enter the small room to the east. There are four consoles there, each of which will raise a storage bay. The third bay has a chest in it containing three blaster rifles. Head out the south of the bay and push the button against the wall. You will rise up into a cargo moving room. The chest in this room contains another blaster rifle. The northeast corner of the room is a raised area that will teleport you to another cargo room. Go there and return, then head out the door to the south.

That corridor leads to a large central room. Once the droids in this room are cleared, start exploring the exits on this level in counter-clockwise order. The next exit south is a lift that is at the upper level of this room. The door after this is a small conference room. The only exit on the east side of the large room leads to a hallway.

If you follow the hallway north, you will arrive in the cargo moving room that you teleported into earlier. Head south down the corridor exploring the side rooms. All of them are bedrooms except the second door on the left. It is a lift that goes up to the upper level of the main room, and also has another lift that takes you up to a prison area. The small room on the left as you enter the prison area has three buttons that unlock the doors to this area. All of the cells are sealed with an invisible force field and are empty. Return back down the lift and exit onto the second floor of the large room.

Head south to a small storeroom on the east wall at the south end of the room. The chest here contains more blasters and blaster rifles. Cross over to the west side of this room. The northern west exit is the lift back to the first floor. The southern west exit leads to a weapons storeroom.

Exit the large room to the south. Those doors lead to the main bridge. Off the east is a small conference room. In the middle of the upper level of the bridge is a console with a black starfield in it. This console contains the Oscilation Overthuster that you need to complete quest 57 and quest 77. Once removed, the walls will start sparking electricity continuously. It is easiest to exit by Town Portaling back.



All of the quests that appear in the game. If the quest text doesn't contain the entire where of the solution, then more detail is printed here. For the most part, the solution to the quests is listed in the location description for where the quest should be solved.

  1. Return a red potion to the judge on Emerald Island.
  2. Return a seashell to the judge on Emerald Island.
  3. Return a longbow to the judge on Emerald Island.
  4. Return a floor tile to the judge on Emerald Island.
  5. Return a musical instrument to the judge on Emerald Island.
  6. Return a wealthy hat to the judge on Emerald Island.
  7. Find the missing contestants on Emerald Island and bring back proof to Lord Markham.
  8. Clean out Castle Harmondale and return to the butler in the tavern, On the House, in Harmondale.
  9. Retrieve the Lantern of Light from the Barrow Downs and return it to Tarin Withern in Harmondale.
  10. Find the fate of Darron's brother in the White Cliff Caves, then return to Darron Temper in Harmondale.
  11. Retrieve Davrik's Signet Ring from the Bandit Caves in the northeast of Erathia and return it to Davrik Peladium in Harmondale.
  12. Talk to the Dwarves in Stone City in the Barrow Downs to find a way to repair Castle Harmondale.
  13. Find the lost meditation spot in the Barrow Downs.
  14. Rescue the Dwarves from the Red Dwarf Mines and return to the Dwarf King in Stone City in Barrow Downs.
  15. Kill all of the troglodytes underneath Stone City and return to Spark Burnkindle in Stone City.
  16. Destroy all the undead in the Haunted House in the Barrow Downs and return to Frederick Org in Erathia.
  17. Kill Wromthrax the Heartless in his cave in Tatalia, then talk to Sir Charles Quixote.
  18. Win a game of Arcomage in all thirteen taverns, then return to Gina Barns in Erathia.
  19. Take Sealed Letter to Lord Markham in Lord Markham's Manor in Tatalia for collector Norbert Thrush.
  20. Go to Lord Markham's Estate in Tatalia, steal the vase there, and return it to William Lasker in the Erathian Sewers.
  21. Retrieve the three paintings and return them to Ferdinand Visconti in Tatalia.
  22. Return Parson's Quill to Norbert Thrush in Erathia.
  23. Sabotage the lift in the Red Dwarf Mines in the Bracada Desert then return to Stegal Snick in Avlee.
  24. Collect the six golem pieces and construct a complete golem, then return to Thomas Grey in the School of Sorcery.
  25. Retrieve the three statuettes and place them on the shrines in the Bracada Desert, Tatalia, and Avlee, then return to Thom Lumbra in the Tularean Forest.
  26. Solve the secret of the entrance of the Faerie Mound in Avlee and speak to the Faerie King.
  27. Take the Sealed Letter to the Faerie King in the Hall Under the Hill in Avlee.
  28. Visit the three Stonehenge Monoliths in Tatalia, the Evenmorn Islands, and Avlee, then return to Anthony Green in the Tularean Forest.
  29. Take the Faerie Pipes to Johann Kerrid in the Tularean Forest.
  30. Find the lost pirate map in the Tidewater Caverns in Tatalia and return to Daedalus Falk in Deyja Moors.
  31. Retrieve Haldor's Remains from the Maze in Nighon and return them to Mazim Dusk in Highon.
  32. Retrieve plans from Fort Riverstride and return them to Eldrich Parson in Castle Navan in the Tularean Forest.
  33. Rescue Loren Steel from the Tularean Caves in the Tularean Forest and return him to Queen Catherine.
  34. Return the Loren Imposter to Queen Catherine in Castle Gryphonheart in Erathia.
  35. Give false Fort Riverstride plans to Eldrich Parson in Castle Navan in the Tularean Forest.
  36. Retrieve Gryphonheart's Trumpet from the battle in the Tularean Forest and return it to whichever side you choose.
  37. Choose a judge to succeed Judge Grey as Arbiter in Harmondale.

Good Path

  1. Enter Celeste from the grand teleporter in the Bracada Desert, then talk to Gavin Mangus in Castle Lambent in Celeste.
  2. Complete the Walls of Mist without killing a single opponent and return to Gavin Mangus in Castle Lambent in Celeste.
  3. Retrieve the Altar Piece from the Temple of Light in Celeste and the Temple of Dark in The Pit and return them to Resurrectra in Castle Lambent in Celeste.
  4. Investigate the Wine Cellar in Tatalia and return to Crag Hack in Castle Lambent in Celeste.
  5. Retrieve the case of Soul Jars from Castle Gloaming in The Pit and return to Sir Caneghem in Celeste.
  6. Purify the Altar of Evil in the Temple of the Moon on Evenmorn Island then return to Rebecca Devine in Celeste.
  7. Retrieve the Season's Stole from the Hall of the Pit and return it to Gary Zimm in the Bracada Desert.
  8. Win five arena challenges then return to Leda Rowan in the Bracada Desert.
  9. Calm the trees in the Tularean Forest by speaking to the Oldest Tree then return to Lysander Sweet in the Bracada Desert.
  10. Find the book of Divine Intervention in the Breeding Zone in The Pit and return it to Thomas Grey in the School of Sorcery.
  11. Retrieve the Perfect Bow from the Titans' Stronghold in Avlee and return it to Lawrence Mark in Harmondale.
  12. Go to the Temple of Baa in Avlee and kill the High Priest of Baa, then return to Bartholemew Hume in Harmondale.
  13. Retrieve the bones of the dwarf king from tunnels between Stone City and Nighon and place them in their proper resting place in the Barrow Downs, then return to Anthony Green in Tularean Forest.
  14. Rescue Alice Hargreaves from William's Tower in the Deyja Moors, then talk to Sir Charles Quixote.
  15. Go to Watchtower 6 in the Deyja Moors, and move the weight from the top of the tower to the bottom of the tower. Then return to William Lasker in the Erathian Sewers.
  16. Go to the Mercenary Guild and talk to Tatalia and talk to Niles Stantly within two weeks.
  17. Steal the Tapestry from your associate's Castle and return it to Niles Stantley in the Mercenary Guild in Tatalia.
  18. Assassinate Toberti in his house in The Pit and return his control cube to Rober the Wise in Celeste.
  19. Go to Colony Zod in the Land of the Giants and slay Xenofex, then return to Resurectra in Castle Lambent in Celeste.
  20. Go to the Lincoln in the sea west of Avlee and retrieve the Oscillation Overthruster and return it to Resurectra in Celeste.

Evil Path

  1. Enter The Pit from the Hall of the Pit in the Deyja Moors, then talk to Archibald in Castle Gloaming in The Pit.
  2. Complete the Breeding Zone and return to Archibald in The Pit.
  3. Destroy the Magical Defenses inside Clanker's Laboratory and return to Dark Shade in The Pit.
  4. Retrieve the case of soul jars from the warlocks in Thunderfist Mountain and bring them to Maximus in The Pit.
  5. Retrieve the Altar Piece from the Temple of Light in Celeste and the Temple of Dark in The Pit and return them to Kastore in The Pit.
  6. Retrieve the lich jars from the Proving Grounds in Celeste and bring them back to Halfgild Wynac in The Pit.
  7. Crack the code in the School of Sorcery in the Bracada Desert to reveal the location of the Tomb of Ashwar Nog'Nogoth. Discover the tomb's location, enter it, and then return it to Stephen Sand in The Pit.
  8. Deface the Altar of Good in the Temple of the Sun on Evenmorn Island, then return to Daedalus Falk in the Deyja Moors.
  9. Go to the Celestial Court in Celeste and kill Lady Elenor Carmine. Return with proof to Seknit Undershadow in the Deyja Moors.
  10. Capture Alice Hargreaves from her residence in Castle Gryphonheart and return her to William Setag's Tower in the Deyja Moors.
  11. Raid the Elven Treasury at Castle Navan in the Tularean Forest and return to Frederick Org in Erathia.
  12. Collect 10,000 gold worth of bounties from the Bounty Hunts in the town halls, then return to Ebednezer Sower in the Tularean Forest.
  13. Retrieve the Perfect Bow from the Titans' Stronghold in Avlee and return it to Steagal Snick in Avlee.
  14. Retrieve the Dragon Egg from the Dragon's Cave in the Land of the Giants and return it to Tor Anwyn in Mount Nighon.
  15. Kill all the Griffins in Erathia and the Bracada Desert, and return to Seth Drakkson in the Deyja Moors.
  16. Go to the Mercenary Guild and talk to Tatalia and talk to Niles Stantly within two weeks.
  17. Steal the Tapestry from your associate's Castle and return it to Niles Stantley in the Mercenary Guild in Tatalia.
  18. Assassinate Robert the Wise in his house in Celeste and return to Tolberti in The Pit.
  19. Go to Colony Zod in the Land of the Giants and slay Xenofex, then return to Kastore in The Pit.
  20. Go to the Lincoln in the sea west of Avlee and retrieve the Oscillation Overthruster and return it to Kastore in The Pit.


Where skills can be learned: (Note that the table may miss some locations near the end of the game, as the game doesn't offer to teach you skills you already know.)

AxeWeapon StoreStone City300
Emerald Island475
The Pit1000
BlasterRobert the WiseCelesteQuest 55
TolbertiThe PitQuest 75
BowWeapon StoreEmerald Island475
Tularean Forest500
The Pit1000
DaggerWeapon StoreHarmondale450
Castle Harmondale500
Mount Nighon712
The Pit1000
MaceWeapon StoreStone City300
SpearWeapon StoreTularean Forest500
StaffWeapon StoreEmerald Island475
Mount Nighon712
The Pit1000
SwordWeapon StoreHarmondale450
Emerald Island475
Castle Harmondale500
The Pit1000
Stone City450
Emerald Island475
Castle Harmondale500
Bracada Desert750
Tularean Forest750
The Pit1000
Mount Nighon1187
Emerald Island475
Castle Harmondale500
Tularean Forest500
Mount Nighon712
The Pit1000
ChainArmoryStone City300
Castle Harmondale500
Tularean Forest500
The Pit1000
PlateArmoryStone City300
The Pit1000
Emerald Island475
The Pit1000
Stone City450
Emerald Island475
Castle Harmondale500
Bracada Desert750
Tularean Forest750
The Pit1000
Mount Nighon1187
AirInitiate Guild of AirEmerald Island950
Adept Guild of AirHarmondale1350
Master Guild of AirTularean Forest2000
Paramount Guild of AirCeleste2500
EarthInitiate Guild of EarthHarmondale900
Master Guild of EarthStone City1200
Adept Guild of EarthTularean Forest1500
Paramount Guild of EarthThe Pit2500
FireInitiate Guild of FireEmerald Island950
Adept Guild of FireHarmondale1350
Master Guild of FireTularean Forest2000
Paramount Guild of FireMount Nighon2375
WaterInitiate Guild of WaterHarmondale900
Adept Guild of WaterTularean Forest1500
Master Guild of WaterBracada Desert2000
Paramount Guild of WaterEvenmorn Island2500
BodyInitiate Guild of BodyEmerald Island950
Adept Guild of BodyHarmondale1350
Master Guild of BodyErathia2000
Paramount Guild of BodyAvlee2500
MindInitiate Guild of MindHarmondale900
Adept Guild of MindErathia1500
Master Guild of MindTatalia2000
Paramount Guild of MindAvlee2500
SpiritInitiate Guild of SpiritEmerald Island950
Adept Guild of SpiritHarmondale1350
Master Guild of SpiritDejya2000
Paramount Guild of SpiritErathia2500
LightGuild of IlluminationBracada Desert2000
Guild of EnlightenmentCeleste2500
DarkGuild of TwilightDeyja2000
Guild of NightThe Pit2500
AlchemyAlchemistStone City300
Emerald Island475
Castle Harmondale500
Tularean Forest500
Bracada Desert750
The Pit1000
ArmsmasterTraining HallHarmondale450
Stone City450
Emerald Island475
Tularean Forest500
The Pit750
Mount Nighon1187
Body BuildingTraining HallHarmondale450
Stone City450
Emerald Island475
Tularean Forest500
The Pit750
Mount Nighon1187
Disarm TrapsInnHarmondale450
Stone City450
Emerald Island475
Barrow Downs500
Bracada Desert500
Evenmorn Island500
Tularean Forest500
The Pit750
Mount Nighon950
ID ItemMagic StoreHarmondale450
Stone City450
Emerald Island475
Tularean Forest500
Mount Nighon712
Bracada Desert750
The Pit750
ID MonsterAlchemistStone City300
Emerald Island475
Castle Harmondale500
Tularean Forest500
Bracada Desert750
The Pit750
LearningInitiate Guild of EarthHarmondale900
Initiate Guild of WaterHarmondale900
Initiate Guild of AirEmerald Island950
Initiate Guild of FireEmerald Island950
Master Guild of EarthStone City1200
Adept Guild of AirHarmondale1350
Adept Guild of FireHarmondale1350
Adept Guild of EarthTularean Forest1500
Adept Guild of WaterTularean Forest1500
Master Guild of AirTularean Forest2000
Master Guild of FireTularean Forest2000
Master Guild of WaterBracada Desert2000
Paramount Guild of FireMount Nighon2375
Paramount Guild of AirCeleste2500
Paramount Guild of EarthThe Pit2500
Paramount Guild of WaterEvenmorn Island2500
MeditationInitiate Guild of MindHarmondale900
Initiate Guild of BodyEmerald Island950
Initiate Guild of SpiritEmerald Island950
Adept Guild of BodyHarmondale1350
Adept Guild of SpiritHarmondale1350
Adept Guild of MindErathia1500
Master Guild of BodyErathia2000
Master Guild of MindTatalia2000
Master Guild of SpiritDeyja2000
Paramount Guild of BodyAvlee2500
Paramount Guild of MindAvlee2500
Paramount Guild of SpiritErathia2500
Stone City450
Emerald Island475
Castle Harmondale500
Bracada Desert750
Tularean Forest750
The Pit1000
Mount Nighon1187
Stone City450
Emerald Island475
Barrow Downs500
Bracada Desert500
Evenmorn Island500
Tularean Forest500
The Pit750
Mount Nighon950
Repair ItemMagic StoreHarmondale450
Stone City450
Emerald Island475
Tularean Forest500
Mount Nighon712
Bracada Desert750
The Pit1000
Stone City450
Emerald Island475
Barrow Downs500
Bracada Desert500
Evenmorn Island500
Tularean Forest500
The Pit750
Mount Nighon950

Expert, Master, and Grandmaster instructors.

To become an Expert in the skill, you need to have at least rank 4 in that skill. To become a Master in the skill, you must be an Expert and be rank 7. To become a grandmaster, you must be a Master and be rank 10. Sometimes additional requirements also apply.

SkillExpert Trainer
Master Trainer
Grandmaster Trainer
AxeTurgen Woodsplitter
2000Dalin Keenedge
(Stone City)
5000Karn Stonecleaver
Wort Goblinreaver
(Castle Lambent)
(Castle Gloaming)
BowWil Rudyman
(Bracada Desert)
2000Lanshee Ravensight
(Mount Nighon)
5000Cardrick the Steady
Jaycin Suretraail
(Tularean Forest)
DaggerSmiling Jack
(Bracada Desert)
2000Aznog Slasher
(Mount Nighon)
5000William Lasker
(Erathian Sewers)
Mortie Ottin
(Tularean Forest)
2000 Tonken Fist
MaceAldrin Tamloc
(Stone City)
2000Brother Rothham
5000Patwin Felburn
Norbert Harvest
SpearKarin Greydown
2000Claderin Silverpoint
(Tularean Forest)
5000Seline Falconeye
(Stone City)
Cassandra Holden
StaffTom Withersmythe
2000Elsie Penderton
(Bracada Desert)
5000Jillian Mithrit
Garic Hawthorne
(Mount Nighon)
SwordPayge Ravenhill
2000Tugar Slicer
5000Chadrick Townsaver
Flynn Arin
UnarmedKira Steeleye
2000Ulbrecht the Brawler
(Evenmorn Island)
10 Dodge
Puddle Stone
(Bracada Desert)
LeatherDouglass Iverson
1000Rabida Nedlon
(Mount Nighon)
3000Miyon the Quick
(Tularean Forest)
Mikel Deerhunter
ChainTricia Steelcoif
1000Medwari Dragontracker
3000Halian Nevermore
Gilad Bith
(Tularean Forest)
PlateCritias Burnkindle
(Stone City)
1000Dekian Forgewright
3000Brand the Maker
(Bracada Desert)
Weldik Lotts
ShieldRandel Wolverton
1000Isram Gallowswell
3000Fedwin Smithson
(Evenmorn Island)
DodgeSheldon Mist
2000Oberic Crane
(Evenmorn Island)
5000Kenneth Wain
10 Unarmed
(Bracada Desert)
AirKyra Stormeye
1000Rislyn Greenstorm
(Bracada Desert)
Sethrik Windsong
(Tularean Forest)
EarthJohanson Kern
1000Lara Stonewright
(Tularean Forest)
Jasper Welman
(Stone City)
FireLisha Redding
1000Ashen Temper
Kindle Treasurestone
(Tularean Forest)
WaterKarla Ravenhair
1000Tobern Rainshield
(Mount Nighon)
Herald Whitecap
(Tularean Forest)
BodyStraton Hillsman
1000Brother Bombah
Tristen Hearthswarm
MindJulian the Delver
1000Myles Featherwind
4000Xavier Bremen
Helga Whitesky
(Mount Nighon)
SpiritBertram Stillwater
1000Heather Dreamwright
4000Benjamin the Balanced
(Tularean Forest)
Solomon Riverstone
LightEthan Lightsworn
(Bracada Desert)
2000Helena Morningstar
5000Gavin Mangus
(Castle Lambent)
DarkJasp the Nightcrawler
2000Seth Darkenmore
(The Pit)
5000Archibald Ironfist
(Castle Gloaming)
(Castle Gloaming)
AlchemyBryce Watershed
(Bracada Desert)
500Elzbert Witherspoon
(Mount Nighon)
2500Lucid Apple
Edgar Willowbark
(Tularean Forest)
ArmsmasterTrent Steele
2000Paula Brightspear
5000Lasiter the Slayer
(Land of the Giants)
Edgar Botham
Body BuildingTrip Thorinson
(Stone City)
500Wanda Foestryke
50 Endr
Evandor Thomas
(Mount Nighon)
50 Endr
Kelli Hollyfield
(Bracada Desert)
Disarm TrapWilliam Lasker
(Erathian Sewers)
500Lenord Skinner
2500Silk Quicktongue
(Mount Nighon)
Taran the Lifter
Gretchin Fiddlebown
(Tularean Forest)
ID ItemFenton Krewlen
500Samuel Benson
(Bracada Desert)
2500Payge Blueswan
(Tularean Forest)
Hollis the True
(Mount Nighon)
ID MonsterAlton Black
(Tularean Forest)
500Jeni Swiftfoot
2500Raven the Hunter
Christie Nosewirt
(Mount Nighon)
LearningIsaac Applebee
(Bracada Desert)
2000Dorothy Senjac
(Mount Nighon)
50 Int
William Smithson
(Evenmorn Island)
50 Int
Agatha Putnam
MeditationBarbara Wiseman
500Tessa Greensward
(Bracada Desert)
Stuart Whitesky
(Mount Nighon
MerchantJobber Thain
(Stone City)
2000Bethold Caverhill
(Evenmorn Island)
50 Per
Brigham the Frugal
(Bracada Desert)
Matric Weatherson
(Tularean Forest)
PerceptionGregory Weider
500Garet Dotes
(Tularean Forest)
2500Petra Cleareye
Kethric Otterton
Repair ItemShane Thomas
500Thomas More
2500Gareth the Fixer
Balan Gizmo
(Stone City)
StealingWilliam Lasker
(Erathian Sewers)
500Leane Shadowrunner
2500Everil Nightwalker
Peryn Lightfingers
Elmo the Pincher
(Mount Nighon)


This table is just a cross-reference to make it easier to find out who and where the various promotion quests are being offered.

ClassBasic Promotion
QuestGood Promotion
QuestEvil Promotion
ArcherStegal Snick
23Lawrence Mark
48Stegal Snick
ClericDeadalus Falk
30Rebecca Devine
43Daedalus Falk
DruidAnthony Green
(Tularean Forest)
28Anthony Green
(Tularean Forest)
50Tor Anwyn
(Mount Nighon)
KnightFrederick Org
16Leda Rowan
(Bracada Desert)
45Frederick Org
MonkBartholemew Hume
13Bartholemew Hume
49Stephen Sand
(The Pit)
PaladinSir Charles Quixote
17Sir Charles Quixote
51William Setag
RangerEbednezer Sower
(Tularean Forest)
26Lysander Sweet
(Bracada Desert)
46Ebednezer Sower
(Tularean Forest)
SorcererThomas Grey
(School of Sorcery)
24Thomas Grey
(School of Sorcery)
47Hafgild Wynac
(The Pit)
ThiefWilliam Lasker
(Erathian Sewers)
20William Lasker
(Erathian Sewers)
52Seknit Undershadow


The Arbiter will give you advice as to what you should do next in the game. These hints are listed below.

Good Path

Evil Path


This is a list of all of the messages that you find on the Obelisks. Note that they spell out their message when you read vertically down the column.

  1. pohuwwba
  2. ininhil_
  3. redditoh
  4. a_eetcoa
  5. ts_rehmu
  6. eut__i_n
  7. srhtfnut
  8. _vehlgpe
  9. fi_eo_od
  10. ivg_whn_
  11. veoseo_l
  12. e_laru_a
  13. __dn_r_n
  14. ___d___d

When read vertically, they reveal the following message:

The flower can be found in Evenmorn Island in the circle of stones and appears only from midnight to 1am.


There are six different individuals scattered around the game that offer to buy and sell commodities. Here is a list of where each one of them is located and how much they will pay.

Tularean WoodRobert BellknopTularean Forest200RydricHarmondale237
ArrowheadsRydricHarmondale200Pip HillierErathia286
Griffin FeathersPip HillierErathia200Robert BellknopTularean Forest244
Enrothian WineInfernonAvlee2000Calindra GoldensightTatalia3000
SandCalindra GoldensightTatalia2000Arvin BeneclowdBarrow Downs3000
Glass BottlesArvin BeneclowdBarrow Downs2000InfernonAvlee3000


All of the items in the game are listed here, along with their base stats and value. The value determines the buy and sell price, although this is adjusted by the store's "markup" value, and your Merchant skill.

Items are sorted by the skill that you need to use them with; weapons (Ancient, Axe, Bow, etc); armor (leather, chain, plate, sheields); then all miscellaneous equipable items, and then all other items.

Enchantments on an item add the value of the enchantment to the item. If there is an "X" in the effect of an enchantment, then the value is "per X". Eg, an item "of Charm" has a listed value of 100. Its effect is "+X to Personality", so the value increases by 100gp per point of Personality that it adds.

Blaster Rifle5d5+12
Crude Axe4d2+030
Battle Axe4d2+2100
Dwarven Axe4d2+5250
Steel Axe4d2+8400
Minotaur Axe4d2+11550
Warrior's Poleaxe3d7+3450
Headsman's Poleaxe3d7+9900
Heavy Crossbow4d2+3200
Ideal Crossbow4d2+7400
Crude Bow5d2+0100
Elven Longbow5d2+4300
Composite Bow5d2+6400
Griffin Bow5d2+8500
Dwarven Dagger2d2+2100
Sharktooth Dagger2d2+3150
Assassin's Dagger2d2+5250
Mage Dagger2d2+6300
Long Dagger2d3+015
Erathian Long Dagger2d3+4200
Exquisite Long Dagger2d3+7350
Spiked Club1d3+340
Steel Club1d3+5100
Spiked Mace2d4+2150
Zealot Mace2d4+5300
Dwarven Morningstar2d4+8450
Supreme Flail2d4+11600
War Hammer2d5+3300
Dwarven Hammer2d5+9600
Crude Spear1d9+015
Soldier's Spear1d9+150
Elven Spear1d9+5250
Cruel Spear1d9+9450
Sublime Spear1d9+13650
Barbed Trident2d6+6400
War Trident2d6+12700
Weighted Halberd3d6+4400
Might Halberd3d6+10700
Iron Core Staff2d4+3250
Wizard Staff2d4+7500
Crude Longsword3d3+050
Elven Saber3d3+3200
Keen Longsword3d3+6350
Graceful Sword3d3+9500
Duelist Blade3d3+12650
Goblin Cutlass2d4+5290
Regnan Cutlass2d4+11590
Steel Broadsword3d4+4300
Champion Sword3d4+10600
Two-Handed Sword4d5+0400
Great Sword4d5+2500
Heroic Sword4d5+8800
Leather Armor4150
Studded Leather6250
Officer's Leather10450
Regnan Leather16750
Royal Leather241150
Chain Mail8400
Steel Chain Mail12600
Fine Chain Mail18900
Resplendent Chain Mail261300
Golden Chain Mail361800
Plate Armor201000
Splended Plate Armor281400
Noble Plate Armor542700
Goblin Shield6200
Wooden Shield7300
Horseman's Shield9400
Sterling Shield13500
Phynaxian Shield19800
Wooden Buckler4100
Bronze Shield6200
Metal Shield8300
Alloyed Shield12450
Majestic Shield18750
Eyeball Amulet500
Bronze Amulet750
Witch's Amulet1000
Death's Head Pendant1250
Sun Amulet1500
Leather Belt40
Fine Belt100
Strong Belt225
Silver Belt450
Gilded Belt600
Leather Boots250
Steel Plated Boots6250
Ranger Boots8450
Knight's Boots10650
Paladin Boots12850
Leather Cloak150
Huntsman's Cloak3150
Ranger's Cloak5250
Elegant Cloak7450
Glorious Cloak9750
Steel Gauntlets6250
Silver Mesh Gauntlets8450
Dragon Hide Gauntlets10650
Mogred Gauntlets12850
Horned Helm260
Conscript's Helm6260
Full Helm8460
Phynaxian Helm10660
Mogred Helm12860
Peasant Hat20
Traveller's Hat100
Fancy Hat200
Noble Crown450
Regal Crown650
Brass Ring100
Pearl Ring300
Platinum Ring500
Emerald Ring700
Sapphire Ring900
Warlock Ring1100
Enchanted Ring1300
Dazzling Ring1500
Wizard Ring1700
Angel's Ring2000
Fairy Wand1500
Alacorn Wand2000
Arcane Wand2500
Mystic Wand3000
1st Normal Spell Scroll10
2nd Normal Spell Scroll20
3rd Normal Spell Scroll30
4th Normal Spell Scroll40
5th Normal Spell Scroll50
6th Normal Spell Scroll75
7th Normal Spell Scroll100
8th Normal Spell Scroll150
9th Normal Spell Scroll200
10th Normal Spell Scroll300
11th Normal Spell Scroll500
1st Light/Dark Spell Scroll100
2nd Light/Dark Spell Scroll150
3rd Light/Dark Spell Scroll200
4th Light/Dark Spell Scroll250
5th Light/Dark Spell Scroll300
6th Light/Dark Spell Scroll350
7th Light/Dark Spell Scroll400
8th Light/Dark Spell Scroll500
9th Light/Dark Spell Scroll600
10th Light/Dark Spell Scroll750
11th Light/Dark Spell Scroll1000
1st Normal Spell Book100
2nd Normal Spell Book200
3rd Normal Spell Book300
4th Normal Spell Book400
5th Normal Spell Book500
6th Normal Spell Book750
7th Normal Spell Book1000
8th Normal Spell Book1500
9th Normal Spell Book2000
10th Normal Spell Book3000
11th Normal Spell Book5000
1st Light/Dark Spell Book1000
2nd Light/Dark Spell Book1500
3rd Light/Dark Spell Book2000
4th Light/Dark Spell Book2500
5th Light/Dark Spell Book3000
6th Light/Dark Spell Book5000
7th Light/Dark Spell Book4000
8th Light/Dark Spell Book5000
9th Light/Dark Spell Book6000
10th Light/Dark Spell Book7500
11th Light/Dark Spell Book10000
Power 1 Reagent1
Power 5 Reagent10
Power 10 Reagent50
Power 20 Reagent100
Power 50/75 Reagent500
Potion Bottle1
Grey Potion1
Basic Potion5
Mixed Potion50
Layered Potion150
White Potion750
Black Potion2000
Blue Quartz250
Rose Crystal750
Yellow Topaz750
Green Garnet1250
of Air Resistance+X to Air Resistance100
of Alchemy+X to Alchemy skill100
of Arms+X to Armsmaster skill100
of Body Resistance+X to Body Resistance100
of Charm+X to Personality100
of Defense+X to Armor Class100
of Disarming+X to Disarm skill100
of Dodging+X to Dodge skill100
of Earth Resistance+X to Earth Resistance100
of Fire Resistance+X to Fire Resistance100
of the Fist+X to Unarmed skill100
of Health+X to Hit Points100
of Items+X to ID Item skill100
of Luck+X to Luck100
of Magic+X to Spell Points100
of Might+X to Might100
of Mind Resistance+X to Mind Resistance100
of Monsters+X to ID Monster skill100
of Precision+X to Accuracy100
of Speed+X to Speed100
of Stealing+X to Stealing skill100
of Thought+X to Intellect100
of Vigor+X to Endurance100
of Water Resistance+X to Water Resistance100
of RecoveryIncrease rate of Recovery200
of AlarmsImmune to sleep500
of ColdAdds 3-4 points of cold damage500
of FireAdds 1-6 points of fire damage500
of ForceIncreased knockback effect500
of PoisonAdds 5 points of body damage500
Rogues'+5 Speed and Accuracy500
of SparksAdds 2-5 points of electrical damage500
Warriors'+5 Might and Endurance500
Wizards'+5 Intellect and Personality500
of Doom+1 to all statistics, HP, SP, AC, and resistances750
of AntidotesImmune to poison1000
Assassins'Adds 5 points of body damage and +2 Discard skill1000
of Feather FallingPrevents damage from falling1000
of FlameAdds 2-12 points of fire damage1000
of FrostAdds 6-8 points of cold damage1000
of ImmunityImmune to disease1000
of LightningAdds 4-10 points of electrical damage1000
of ManaRegenerate 1 sp per 5 minutes1000
of the Moon+10 Intellect and Luck1000
of Protection+10 to all resistances1000
of RegenerationRegenerate 1 hp per 5 minutes1000
of SanityImmune to insanity1000
of ShieldingHalf damage from misiles1000
of the Stars+10 Endurance and Accuracy1000
of the Storm+20 Air Resistance and Shielding1000
of the Sun+10 Might and Personality1000
of VenomAdds 8 points of body damage1000
Barbarians'Adds 6-8 points of cold damage and +5 Armor Class1500
of the Golem+15 Endurance, +5 Armor Class1500
of Identifying+3 ID Item and ID Monster skills1500
Monks'+3 Unarmed and Dodge skills1500
of the Ocean+10 Water Resistances and +2 Alchemy skill1500
Thieves'+3 Stealing and Disarm skills1500
of the Unicorn+15 Luck and Regenerate SP1500
of Water WalkingPrevents all drowning damage1500
of Air Magic50% increase to air magic skill2000
of AcidAdds 12 points of body damage2000
of Body Magic50% increase to body magic skill2000
of Dark Magic50% increase to dark magic skill2000
of Earth+10 to Endurance, Armor Class, and Hit Points2000
of Earth Magic50% increase to earth magic skill2000
of the Eclipse+10 Spell Points and Regenerate SP2000
of FreedomImmune to paralysis2000
of IceAdds 9-12 points of cold damage2000
of InfernosAdds 3-18 points of fire damage2000
of Life+10 Hit points, Regenerate HP2000
of Light Magic50% increase to light magic skill2000
of the MedusaImmune to petrification2000
of Mind Magic50% increase to mind magic skill2000
of Spirit Magic50% increase to spirit magic skill2000
of ThieveryDouble chance of lockpicking2000
of ThunderboltsAdds 6-15 points of electrical damage2000
of Water Magic50% increase to water magic skill2000
of PlentyRegenerate HP and Regenerate SP2500
of Power+5 character level2500
of the Sky+10 Spell Points, Intellect, and Speed2500
of the DragonAdds 10-20 points of fire damage and +25 Might3000
of the Gods+10 to all statistics3000
of the Phoenix+30 Fire Resistance and Regenerate HP3000
of CarnageProjectile explodes as fireball5000
of DavidDouble Damage vs all titansx2
Demon SlayingDouble damage vs all demonsx2
Dragon SlayingDouble damage vs all dragonsx2
Elf SlayingDouble Damage vs all elvesx2
SwiftIncreased weapon speedx2
Undead SlayingDouble Damage vs all undeadx2
Vampiric20% of damage dealt given to wielderx2
of DarknessVampiric and Swiftx3

Restrictions on who can use certain artifacts are listed in bold in the Abilities column.

Artifact NameItem TypeDamg/ACValueAbilities
AmuckPoleaxe3d7+1130000Might +100, Endurance +100, Armor Class -15
Ania SelvingBow4d2+930000Accuracy +150, Bow skill +5, Armor Class -25
Cloak of the SheepCloak1015000Immunity to disease, insanity, paralysis, poison, sleep, and petrification, Intellect -20, Personality -20
CorsairCutlass2d4+1320000Stealing skill +5, Disarm skill +5, Luck +40
Elfbane2H Sword4d6+1215000Goblin, of Shielding, Elf Slayer
Elven ChainmailChain Mail3015000Elven, of Recovery, Speed +15, Accuracy +15
Ethric's StaffStaff2d4+930000Evil, of Dark Magic, Meditation skill +15, Negative Regeneration
Faerie RingRing2500Of Air Magic
Forge GauntletsGauntlets1015000Dwarven, Fire Resistance +30, Might +15, Endurance +15
Ghost RingRing2500Of Spirit Magic
GhoulsbaneSpear1d9+1520000Undead slaying, Immunity to paralysis, 3-8 points fire damage
GibbetHalbard3d6+1220000Undead slaying, Dragon slaying, Demon slaying
Glory ShieldShield2430000of Spirit Magic, Shield skill +5, Body Resistance -10, Mind Resistance -10
Grognar's CutlassCutlass3d4+6Elf Slaying
Governor's ArmorChain Mail3620000Half damage from missiles, +10 to all statistics
Hands of the MasterGauntlets1220000Unarmed skill +10, Dodge skill +10
Hareck's LeatherLeather3030000Stealing skill +5, Disarm skill +5, Water Walking, Luck +50, All Resistances -10
Hermes' SandalsBoots2015000Speed +100, Accuracy +50, Air Resistance +50, Regenerate HP, Regenerate SP, Feather Falling
Hero's BeltBelt15000Male, Armsmaster skill +5, Might +15, Regenerate HP
Iron Feather2H Sword4d5+1020000Might +40, 6-15 points electrical damage
JusticeMace2d4+1430000Good, Undead Slaying, of Mind Magic, of Body Magic, Speed -40
KelebriumShield2030000Immunity to petrification, Half damage from missiles, Endurance +50, Earth Resistance -30
Lady Carmine's DaggerDagger2d2+415005 points of body damage, +2 Disarm
Lady's EscortRing15000Female, Water Walking, Feather Falling, of Protection
Lieutenant's CutlassCutlass3d5+10150010-20 points of fire damage, +25 Might
MashClub300001d3+15Might +150, Intellect -40, Personality -40, Speed -40
Medusa's MirrorAmulet5000Immunity to petrification
Mekorig's HammerHammer2d5+1330000of Spirit Magic, Might +75, Air Resistance -50
Mind's EyeHelm1015000Human, Intellect +15, Personality +15, Regenerate SP
Mintoaur's AxeAxe4d3+122500+25 Might
Moon CloakCloak112500Of Dark Magic
Old NickDagger2d2+830000Evil, Disarm skill +5, 8 points of poison damage, Elf Slaying
The Perfect BowBow5d2+124000
Phynaxian CrownHat30000of Fire Magic, Water Resistance +50, Personality +30, Armor Class -20
PuckLongsword3d3+1420000Speed +40, Swift
Ruler's RingRing20000of Mind Magic, of Dark Magic
Scholar's CapHelm230000Learning Skill +15, Endurance -50
Seven League BootsBoots1520000Speed +40, of Water Magic
Shadow's MaskHelm122000+3 Stealing and Disarm
SplitterAxe4d2+1120000Explosive impact, Fire Resistance +50
Sun CloakCloak112500Of Light Magic
Taledon's HelmHelm1430000Good, of Light Magic, Personality +15, Might +15, Luck -40
Titan's BeltBelt30000Might +75, Speed -40
TwilightCloak1330000Evil, Speed +50, Luck 50, All Resistances -15
UllysesBow5d2+1020000Accuracy +50, 9-12 points water damage
Vampire's CapeCloak92500+10 Intellect and Luck
Villain's BladeSword3d4+122000Vampiric
WallaceBroadsword3d4+1220000Armsmaster skill +10, Personality +40
YorubaPlate Armor6020000Immunity to disease, insanity, paralysis, poison, sleep, and pertification
Zorkarr's AxePoleaxe3d7+132500Of Earth Magic


Potions in Might and Magic VI are created by mixing two herbs or existing potions together. While the simpler potions are very weak, and mostly useless in the game except at the very beginning; the more potent potions are well worth mixing.

CatalystGreyMix to add 1 to potion power.MushroomEmpty Bottle
CatalystGreyMix to add 5 to potion power.ObsidianEmpty Bottle
CatalystGreyMix to add 10 to potion power.Vial of Ooze EndoplasmEmpty Bottle
CatalystGreyMix to add 20 to potion power.MercuryEmpty Bottle
CatalystGreyMix to add 75 to potion power.Philosopher's StoneEmpty Bottle
Cure WeaknessYellowCure Weakness (Power 1).PoppysnapsEmpty Bottle
Cure WeaknessYellowCure Weakness (Power 5).Fae DustEmpty Bottle
Cure WeaknessYellowCure Weakness (Power 10).SulfurEmpty Bottle
Cure WeaknessYellowCure Weakness (Power 20).GarnetEmpty Bottle
Cure WeaknessYellowCure Weakness (Power 50).Vial of Devil IchorEmpty Bottle
Cure WoundsRedHeal 11 HP (Power 1).Widoweeps BerriesEmpty Bottle
Cure WouldsRedHeal 16 HP (Power 5).Crushed Rose PetalsEmpty Bottle
Cure WouldsRedHeal 20 HP (Power 10).Vial of Troll BloodEmpty Bottle
Cure WouldsRedHeal 30 HP (Power 20).RubyEmpty Bottle
Cure WouldsRedHeal 60 HP (Power 50).Dragon's EyeEmpty Bottle
Magic PotionBlueRestores 11 SP (Power 1).Phirna RootEmpty Bottle
Magic PotionBlueRestores 16 SP (Power 5).Meteorite FragmentEmpty Bottle
Magic PotionBlueRestores 20 SP (Power 10).Harpy FeatherEmpty Bottle
Magic PotionBlueRestores 30 SP (Power 20).MoonstoneEmpty Bottle
Magic PotionBlueRestores 60 SP (Power 50).Elvish ToadstoolEmpty Bottle
AwakenGreenCures Sleep.YellowBlue
Cure DiseaseOrangeCures Disease.RedYellow
Cure PoisonPurpleCures Poison.RedBlue
BlessRed/GreenBless (as the spell) for 30*power minutes.RedGreen
Cure InsanityOrange/GreenCures insanity.OrangeGreen
Harden ItemYellow/GreenMakes an item much harder to break.YellowGreen
HasteRed/OrangeHaste (as the spell) for 30*power minutes.RedOrange
HeroismRed/PurpleHeroism (as the spell) for 30*power minutes.RedPurple
PreservationBlue/OrangePerservation (as the spell) for 30*power minutes.OrangeBlue
Recharge ItemBlue/GreenRecharges an item. Item loses 70-power% of its charges permanently.GreenBlue
Remove CursePurple/GreenRemoves a curse.GreenPurple
Remove FearOrange/PurpleCures fear.OrangePurple
ShieldBlue/PurpleShield (as the spell) for 30*power minutes.BluePurple
StoneskinYellow/OrangeStoneskin (as the spell) for 30*power minutes.OrangeYellow
Water BreathingYellow/PurplePrevents all drowning damage for 30*power minutes.YellowPurple
Accuracy BoostWhiteAdds 3*power to accuracy for 30*power minutes.OrangeOrange/Yellow
Air ResistanceWhiteAdds 3*power to air resistance for 30*power minutes.Red/OrangeBlue/Purple
Body ResistanceWhiteAdds 3*power to body resistance for 30*power minutes.Orange/YellowGreen/Blue
Cure ParalysisWhiteCures paralysis.OrangeYellow/Green
Divine CureWhiteHeals 5*power HPRed/OrangeOrange/Yellow
Divine PowerWhiteRestores 5*power SPYellow/GreenGreen/Blue
Divine RestorationWhiteCures all conditions except death, stone, and erradication.Red/OrangeGreen/Blue
Earth ResistanceWhiteAdds 3*power to earth resistance for 30*power minutes.Red/PurpleOrange/Yellow
Endurance BoostWhiteAdds 3*power to endurance for 30*power minutes.PurpleBlue/Purple
Fire ResistanceWhiteAdds 3*power to fire resistance for 30*power minutes.Red/OrangeYellow/Green
Flaming PotionWhiteAdds "of flame" to a nonmagic weapon for 30*power minutes.GreenRed/Orange
Freezing PotionWhiteAdds "of frost" to a nonmagic weapon for 30*power minutes.OrangeBlue/Purple
Intellect BoostWhiteAdds 3*power to intellect for 30*power minutes.GreenYellow/Green
Luck BoostWhiteAdds 3*power to luck for 30*power minutes.Red/PurpleBlue/Purple
Might BoostWhiteAdds 3*power to might for 30*power minutes.PurpleRed/Purple
Mind ResistanceWhiteAdds 3*power to mind resistance for 30*power minutes.Red/PurpleGreen/Blue
Noxious PotionWhiteAdds "of poison" to a nonmagic weapon for 30*power minutes.OrangeGreen/Blue
Personality BoostWhiteAdds 3*power to personality for 30*power minutes.GreenGreen/Blue
Speed BoostWhiteAdds 3*power to speed for 30*power minutes.OrangeRed/Orange
Shocking PotionWhiteAdds "of sparks" to a nonmagic weapon for 30*power minutes.OrangeRed/Purple
Swift PotionWhiteAdds "of quickness" to a nonmagic weapon for 30*power minutes.GreenBlue/Purple
Water ResistanceWhiteAdds 3*power to water resistance for 30*power minutes.Yellow/GreenBlue/Purple
Pure AccuracyBlackOnce only, adds 50 to accuracy permanently.GreenAccuracy Boost
Pure EnduranceBlackOnce only, adds 50 to endurance permanently.GreenEndurance Boost
Pure IntellectBlackOnce only, adds 50 to intellect permanently.OrangeIntellect Boost
Pure LuckBlackOnce only, adds 50 to luck permanently.Orange/YellowSwift Potion
Pure MightBlackOnce only, adds 50 to might permanently.OrangeMight Boost
Pure PersonalityBlackOnce only, adds 50 to personality permanently.PurplePersonality Boost
Pure SpeedBlackOnce only, adds 50 to speed permanently.PurpleSpeed Boost
RejuvenationBlackCures all magical aging.Red/GreenDivine Restoration
Orange/BlueDivine Restoration
Yellow/PurpleDivine Restoration
Slaying PotionBlackAdds "of dragon slaying" to a nonmagic weapon permanently.Blue/PurpleFlaming Potion
Stone to FleshBlackCures petrification.Red/PurpleCure Paralysis


This table of information about monsters was gleaned from an internal data structure in the game. Any extra abilities that an attack can have are listed in bold in the attacks column. The attacks are listed by the type of damage that they do: If a "-R" follows the attack type, it means that the attack is a ranged attack. For spells, if an "E" follows the skill level, it means that the spell is cast at Expert level of ability, "M" for Master, "G" for Grandmaster. "Imm" means "immune".

In the game, creatures always come in a set of about three types. This table is sorted by the "common name" of the group. When it is unclear what the common name is, I used the name of the weakest member of the group. Sometimes the abilities of a particular monster type will vary. That is why there are some duplicate entries in the table. Many "named" creatures are also just ordinary monster types with a special name.

Tempest73100Air-R (3D6+0)Sparks (4E)10Imm1010ImmImmImm5510
Cyclone114120Air-R (5D6+0)Sparks (8M)
Lightning Bolt (8M)
Air Elemental207140Air-R (8D6+0)Sparks (12G)
Lightning Bolt (12G)
Angel180251200Phys (2D8+10)Light Bolt (8M)
Dispel Magic (8M)
Angel Lord400353000Phys (2D8+15)Light Bolt (12M)
Day of Protection (12M)
Archangel700455600Phys (2D8+20)Light Bolt (16G)
Hour of Power (16G)
Archer3514171Phys-R (2D6+2)
Fire (3D6+2)
Shield (4)5555101010005
Archer9316551Phys-R (3D6+3)
Fire (4D6+3)
Lightning Bolt (4E)
Shield (8E)
Archer9316551Phys-R (3D6+3)
Fire (4D6+3)
Lightning Bolt (4E)
Shield (8E)
Bowman9316551Phys-R (3D6+3)
Fire (4D6+3)
Lightning Bolt (4E)
Shield (8E)
Bowman9316551Phys-R (3D6+3)
Fire (4D6+3)
Lightning Bolt (4E)
Shield (8E)
Elite Archer171221131Phys-R (3D7+3)
Fire (4D7+3)
Lightning Bolt (8M)
Shield (12M)
Giant Bat9539Phys (1D3+0)
Inferno Bat3510171Phys (2D3+2)
Fire-R (3D2+0)
Vampire Bat21896Phys (1D3+2)
Young Behemoth337352475Phys (3D10+20)
Break Armor
Behemoth540504200Phys (4D10+30)
Break Armor
Ancient Behemoth977808075Phys (5D10+40)
Break Armor
Conscript6118336Phys (3D3+6)101010101510150010
Soldier12924816Phys (3D3+10)202020202510250020
Fighter227301575Phys (3D3+14)
Break Weapon
Devil Worker180251200Phys-R (2D6+8)
Fireball (6E)Imm202020Imm2520202020
Devil Warrior400353000Phys-R (2D6+14)
Fireball (8E)
Meteor Shower (8M)
Devil Captain700455600Phys-R (2D6+20)
Drain SP
Incinerate (12M)
Meteor Shower (12M)
Djinni207350Water-R (8D4+8)Acid Burst (8M)3030Imm3050050101030
Genie325450Fire-R (10D4+10)
Fireball (8M)Imm30303050050101030
Efreet467550Air-R (12D4+12)
Lightning Bolt (0)50Imm505050050101050
Green Dragon880607200Air-R (12D8+0)50Imm50505015Imm303050
Blue Dragon1080809000Water-R (14D8+0)5050Imm505015Imm303050
Red Dragon130010011000Fire-R (16D8+0)
Break Armor
Red Dragon130010011000Fire-R (16D8+0)
Break Armor
Mega Dragon130010011000Fire-R (16D8+0)
Break Armor
Dragonfly6424Phys (2D2+0)10000000000
Fire Dragonfly13856Phys (3D2+1)Fire Bolt (2)20000000000
Queen Dragonfly3012144Phys (4D2+2)Fire Bolt (4)30000000000
Seeker Droid400603000Earth-R (10D5+10)30101030ImmImmImm252520
Sentinel Droid700805600Earth-R (12D5+15)40202040ImmImmImm252530
Assassin Droid10801009000Earth-R (20D5+20)60303060ImmImmImm252550
Dwarven Soldier406200Phys (4D2+4)10202030300100030
Dwarven Soldier406200Phys (4D2+4)1020203050100030
Dwarven Lieutenant10012600Phys (4D2+8)20303040300200040
Dwarven Lieutenant10012600Phys (4D2+8)20303040400200040
Dwarven Lieutenant10012600Phys (4D2+8)2030304050200040
Dwarven Commander180201200Phys (4D2+16)
Break Armor
Dwarven Commander180201200Phys (4D2+16)
Break Armor
Dwarven Commander180201200Phys (4D2+16)
Break Armor
Clay Elemental13720875Phys-R (10D3+0)Blades (6E)
Stone Skin (4E)
Stone Elemental180251200Phys-R (15D3+0)
Break Armor
Rock Blast (8M)
Stone Skin (8M)
Earth Elemental280302000Phys-R (25D3+0)
Blades (12G)
Stone Skin (12G)
Elven Archer4512231Phys-R (4D2+2)10101010555005
Elven Scout12114759Phys-R (6D2+4)15151515105100010
Forester12114759Phys-R (6D2+4)15151515105100010
Elven Ranger227201575Phys-R (8D2+6)20202020155150015
Elven Warrior6115336Phys (2D4+4)10101010555005
Defender11420704Phys (3D4+6)0000000000
Elf Spearman11420704Phys (3D4+6)0000000000
Elven Defender11420704Phys (3D4+6)15151515105100010
Elven Lancer180281200Phys (4D4+8)20202020155150015
Floating Eye180201200Water-R (5D6+0)
Gazer280302000Fire-R (6D6+0)
Evil Eye400403000Air-R (7D6+0)
Evil Eye800505000Air-R (12D8+0)
Warden of Fire55120Fire-R (2D8+0)Fire Bolt (6E)
Haste (4E)
Guardian of Flame145150Fire-R (5D8+0)Fireball (8M)
Haste (8M)
Fire Elemental269180Fire-R (8D8+0)Incinerate (12G)
Haste (12G)
Stone Gargoyle7318416Phys (2D12+0)
Marble Gargoyle11422704Phys (2D12+4)
Obsidian Gargoyle207261419Phys (2D12+8)
Ghast358171Phys (1D7+0)
Ghoul 5514299Phys (2D7+2)
Revenant7920459Phys (3D7+4)
Goblin13656Phys (1D9+0)
Phys-R (4D2+0)
Hobgoblin211096Phys (1D9+2)
Phys-R (4D2+1)
Goblin Lord4014200Phys (1D9+4)
Fire-R (4D2+4)
Goblin Lord4014200Phys (1D9+4)
Phys-R (4D2+4)
Gogling256119Fire-R (1D10+2)ExplodesImm101010105100010
Gog4510231Fire-R (1D10+6)ExplodesImm151515155150015
Magog8614504Fire-R (2D10+8)ExplodesImm202020205200020
Bronze Golem11440704Phys (5D6+20)
Phys-R (5D4+0)
Break Armor
Brass Golem227601575Phys (7D6+25)
Phys-R (5D4+4)
Break Weapon
Brass Golem227601575Phys (7D6+25)
Phys-R (5D4+4)
Break Weapon
Gold Golem400803000Phys (9D6+30)
Phys-R (5D4+8)
Break Item
Warrior Golem400800Phys (9D6+30)
Fire-R (5D4+8)
Break Item
Griffin6715375Phys (2D8+2)55555553005
Hunting Griffin12122759Phys (2D8+6)555555530010
Royal Griffin180301200Phys (3D8+10)1010101010101030015
Royal Griffin180301200Phys (3D8+10)1010101015101030015
Harpy6112336Phys (2D7+2)
Harpy Hag7914459Phys (2D7+5)
Harpy Queen9316551Phys (2D7+10)
Fire Hydra337222475Fire-R (15D5+0)202020201010105520
Air Hydra467443575Air-R (20D5+0)303030302020205530
Chaos Hydra617664875Earth-R (20D5+0)
Break Armor
Lich10015600Fire-R (3D8+6)Toxic Cloud (4E)20202020Imm0Imm03020
Power Lich180201200Air-R (4D8+12)Shrapmetal (8M)25252525Imm0Imm03025
Lich King280252000Dark-R (5D8+20)
Dragon Breath (12M)
Pain Reflection (12M)
Lesser Light Elemental67110Light-R (4D4+0)Explodes10101010ImmImmImmImm510
Light Elemental121140Light-R (9D4+0)Explodes15151515ImmImmImmImm515
Greater Light Elemental258190Light-R (14D4+0)Explodes20202020ImmImmImmImm520
Medusa227201575Phys-R (4D4+8)
Queen Medusa280252000Phys-R (5D4+10)
Empress Medusa337302475Phys-R (6D4+12)
Empress Medusa337302475Phys-R (6D4+12)
Minotaur269301911Phys (3D7+25)10101010105105510
Minotaur Headsman525354071Phys (3D7+40)
Minotaur Lord861407031Phys (3D7+60)
Monk3016144Phys (2D8+4)Fate (3)
Hammerhands (3E)
Initiate7319416Phys (2D8+12)Harm (6E)
Hammerhands (6E)
Master15328999Phys (2D8+20)Mind Blast (9E)
Hammerhands (9E)
Acolyte of the Moon4010200Phys-R (2D4+0)Toxic Cloud (4)55555050Imm10
Cleric of the Moon10015600Phys-R (2D4+4)Toxic Cloud (7E)
Bless (7E)
Cleric of the Moon10015600Phys-R (2D4+4)Toxic Cloud (7E)
Spirit Lash (7E)
Priest of the Moon180251200Phys-R (2D4+8)Shrapmetal (10M)
Power Cure (10G)
Necromancer13714875Dark-R (9D4+0)Toxic Cloud (4E)
Summon Zombies
Speaker for the Dead227181575Dark-R (12D4+0)Shrapmetal (8M)
Summon Zombies
Queen of the Dead400303000Dark-R (16D4+0)Dragon Breath (10M)
Pain Reflection (10M)
Summon Zombies
Emerald Ooze508264Water (1D6+0)
Break Weapon
Sapphire Ooze8610504Water (3D6+0)
Break Armor
Toxic Cloud (1E)0000ImmImmImm00Imm
Bloodstone Ooze13712875Water (5D6+0)
Break Item
Toxic Cloud (2E)0000ImmImmImm00Imm
Peasant3311Phys (2D2+0)0000000000
Peasant6524Phys (2D2+0)0000000000
Peasant9639Phys (2D2+0)0000000000
Giant Rat6424Phys (1D8+0)
Lightning Rat13556Phys (1D8+2)
Air-R (2D4+0)
Fire Rat21896Phys (1D8+6)
Fire-R (2D5+0)
Robber3012144Phys (2D4+1)5555101010005
Raider6114336Phys (2D4+5)101010101510150010
Warrior6114336Phys (2D4+5)101010101010150010
Bandit11416704Phys (2D4+10)151515152010200015
Robert the Wise880807200Earth-R (5D5+0)
Power Cure (15G)
Hour of Power (15G)
Tolberti880807200Earth-R (5D5+0)
Power Cure (15G)
Hour of Power (15G)
Roc15320999Phys (3D10+20)10101010105100020
Greater Roc269301911Phys (4D10+25)20202020205205530
Thunderbird413403111Phys (5D10+30)
Break Armor
Shade3525171Phys (1D6+6)
Specter5530299Phys (2D6+6)
Ghost9335551Phys (3D6+6)
Giant Shark162301064Water-R (1D20+25)00Imm00000030
Piranha Shark237351656Water-R (1D20+35)00Imm00000040
Dragon Shark374402784Water-R (1D20+45)
Skeleton21896Phys (3D4+0)0000Imm0Imm0305
Skeleton Lord6114336Phys (3D4+4)
Skeleton Warrior4010200Phys (3D4+2)
Sorcerer13714875Light-R (9D4+0)Dispel Magic (4E)
Summon Light Elem.
Wizard227181575Light-R (12D4+0)Dispel Magic (8M)
Hour of Power (8M)
Summon Light Elem.
Wizard227181575Light-R (12D4+0)Paralyze (8M)
Hour of Power (8M)
Summon Light Elem.
Archmage400303000Earth-R (16D4+0)Hour of Power (12M)
Day of Protection (12M)
Summon Light Elem.
Giant Spider171075Phys (3D2+0)
Venemous Spider3012144Phys (3D2+3)
Acolyte of the Sun4010200Phys-R (2D4+0)Light Bolt (4)5555505Imm010
Cleric of the Sun10015600Phys-R (2D4+4)Mind Blast (7E)
Bless (7E)
Priest of the Sun180251200Phys-R (2D4+8)Light Bolt (10)
Power Cure (10G)
Priest of the Sun180251200Phys-R (2D4+8)Light Bolt (10)
Power Cure (10G)
Initiate of the Sword280452000Phys (4D5+20)Bless (3)
Heroism (3)
Champion of the Sword540654200Phys (4D5+30)Bless (6E)
Heroism (6E)
Champion of the Sword540654200Phys (4D5+30)Bless (6E)
Heroism (6E)
Master of the Sword880857200Phys (4D5+40)Bless (9M)
Heroism (9M)
Master of the Sword880857200Phys (4D5+40)Bless (9M)
Heroism (9M)
William Setag880857200Phys (4D5+40)Bless (9M)
Heroism (9M)
Swordsman4010200Phys (3D7+4)0000000000
Swordsman4010200Phys (3D7+4)5555555005
Guard7915459Phys (3D7+6)0000000000
Guard7915459Phys (3D7+6)10101010105100010
Sal Sharktooth7915459Phys (3D7+6)10101010105100010
Adventurer12920816Phys (3D7+8)
Break Weapon
Adventurer12920816Phys (3D7+8)
Break Weapon
Titan617604875Air-R (2D20+60)
Break Armor
Psychic Shock (8M)
Sparks (8M)
Storm Titan787706375Air-R (2D20+80)
Break Weapon
Psychic Shock (12M)
Sparks (12M)
Blood Titan1187809975Air-R (2D20+120)
Psychic Shock (16G)
Sparks (16G)
Thief3010144Phys (3D4+3)
Rogue5014264Phys (3D4+6)
Master Thief8620504Phys (3D4+12)
Tree508264Phys (2D10+0)
Earth-R (2D6+0)
Tree8610504Phys (4D10+0)
Earth-R (4D6+0)
Troglodyte Drone355171Phys (2D4+0)5101010000055
Troglodyte Soldier619336Phys (2D4+2)102020200000510
Troglodyte Queen9314551Phys (2D4+6)
Swamp Troll8618504Phys (2D10+4)51010Imm5550510
River Troll162281064Phys (3D10+6)102020Imm105100520
Mountain Troll258381824Phys (4D10+10)153030Imm155150530
Minion Vampire10025600Phys (3D8+15)
Vampire207351419Phys (3D8+25)
Drain SP
Elder Vampire374452784Phys (3D8+35)
Drain SP
Elder Vampire374452784Phys (3D8+35)
Drain SP
Fire Warlock13714875Fire-R (9D4+0)Fireball (6E)3030303010101001010
Water Warlock227181575Water-R (12D4+0)Acid Burst (9M)0000000000
Water Warlock227181575Water-R (12D4+0)Acid Burst (9M)4040404020102001020
Air Warlock400303000Air-R (16D4+0)Lightning Bolt (12M)5050505030103001030
Sprite6110336Water-R (3D12+0)Ice Bolt (4E)1010Imm10ImmImmImm5510
Sylph12913816Water-R (4D12+0)Acid Burst (8M)1515Imm15ImmImmImm5515
Water Elemental237161656Water-R (6D12+0)Ice Bolt (12G)2020Imm20ImmImmImm5520
Wight6115336Phys (2D5+6)
Wraith9320551Phys (2D5+12)
Drain SP
Barrow Wight14525936Phys (4D5+12)
Wyvern9314551Phys (7D6+0)
Horned Wyvern162281064Phys (9D6+0)
Ancient Wyvern247421739Phys (12D6+0)
Rotted Corpse358171Phys (1D7+0)
Walking Dead5514299Phys (2D7+2)
Zombie7920459Phys (3D7+4)