1 Smuggler's Cove Arion Hunter
2 Chapel of Eep Log of Eldenbrie
3 Dire Wolf Den Bone of Doom
4 Oracle
5 Obelisc #7
6 Tomb of Lord Brinne Flute
7 The Vault of Time

Ravenshore City

1 Sanctum Healer
2 Guild of Bounty Hunters Collect Bounty
3 Adventurer's Inn Hire Players
4 Neblik Sells Forged Credit Vouchers, buys Silver Dust of the Sea
5 Botham Master Plate
6 Lathius Quest
7 Guild Caravans Stable
8 Karrand
9 Putnam Expert Meditation
10 Self Guild
11 Steele's Vault Bank
12 The Polished Shield Armorsmith
13 Stonecleaver Hall Grand ID Monster
14 Hawthorne Expert Spirit Magic
15 Fountain
16 Docks
17 Merchant House of Alvar Quest
18 Escaton's Crystal
19 Hostel Xanthor (later in game)
20 Reaver Buys Naga Hides
21 Temper Expert Fire
22 Understone Player Character
23 Caverhill Master Dark Elf
24 Apothecary Alchmist
25 Hillsman
26 Gymnasium Instructor
27 Maylander Player Character
28 Bluesawn Quest
29 Quicktongue Grandmaster Merchant
30 Laraselle
31 Jobber Master Dagger
32 Iver
33 Keen Edge Blacksmith
34 Townsaver Expert Spear, Expert Mace
35 Caori's Curios Magician
Needful Things Magician
Vexation Hexes Scribe
36 Deerhunter
37 Hostel Catherine and Roland Ironfist (later in game)
38 Arius Player Character
39 Luodrin Expert Sword
40 Brigham
41 Memoria Player Character
42 Applebee
43 Aznog
44 Holden


Buy Tobersk Pulp, Sell Tobersk Fruit
46 Forgewright Expert Chain
47 Puddle Expert Staff
48 Pederton Expert Water Magic
49 Jack
50 Wilburt
51 Nosewort Master Bow
52 Archibald Expert Light Magic
53 Lotts Expert Repair
54 Dotes
55 Hall of the Tracker Quest, buys Dire Wolf Pelts
56 Hunter Master Axe
57 The Dancing Ogre Tavern
58 Kessel's Kantina Tavern
59 Dervish Player Character

Tomb of Lord Brinne

Chapel of Eep

Dire Wolf Den

Smuggler's Cove

1 Chest Annointed Potion
2 Door Leader
Ravenshore Tomb of Lord Brinne Chapel of Eep Smuggler's Cove Dire Wolf Den

Merchant House of Alvar

Escaton's Crystal

1 Device Press the button below the crystals and watch them glowing. Then press them in the same order to activate the gate to the Plane between the Planes
Escaton's Crystal
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