This is the Earthbound Walkthrough! Here is the answer to all of your 
possible questions about this game. Well, not all of them, but a lot of 
them. It's a mega spoiler, so if you don't want to know about places you 
haven't been, don't read past the part you are at. All the names are left 
the same as pressing Don't Care at the Name Selection Screen once. These are 
the real names. Ness is the boy, Paula's the girl, Jeff is the scientist 
kid, and Poo is the ninja boy. Your doggie is King, your favourite food is 
Steak and favourite thing is Rockin. This walkthrough is set up into 
different chapters, so if you are looking for a specific thing, you can 
scroll down to part you need.

   * Prelude:    The Beginning
   * Chapter 1:  Onett
   * Chapter 2:  Twoson
   * Chapter 3:  Threed
   * Chapter 4:  Fourside
   * Chapter 5:  Summers
   * Chapter 6:  Scaraba
   * Chapter 7:  Tenda Village
   * Chapter 8:  Lost Underworld
   * Chapter 9:  Magicant
   * Epilogue:   Giygas, the Universal Destroyer



You are in Ness' house. This is where you start. If you are stuck here and
need to read this, you should just stop playing right now. Wake up and go
downstairs. Talk to Mom and get sent back up to get changed. Make sure you
get the cracked bat from Tracy's room and equip it. Go back downstairs.
Leave your house and go outside and to the house next door and meet Picky.
Leave the house and go south and up the hill. On the way up get a Bread
Roll in a present. At the top is Pokey, some cops, and a meteorite. Check
them out and go back to your house. Go back to bed. Pokey comes a knockin'
at the door so you go downstairs and answer it. Learn about Picky's problem
and go get changed. Come back down and talk to the dog and Pokey to get
them to join your team. If you want, talk to Tracy and get a Cookie and
store some of your junk. You really don't need this yet. Save it using the
phone. Save often in this game. When you go outside you find there is bad
guys! Yes! Time for some killing! Kill them all! Get lots of experience and
money! Throughout the whole game, NEVER, EVER, run from bad guys. Always
kill them. Go back up to the meteorite and King leaves because he's scared.
Get Picky and Buzz-Buzz. Go back down the hill and kill the Starman Junior.
He's easy. You won't even get hit. Bring Pokey and Picky back to their
house and watch them get beaten by their Dad. I wish. Lardna kills
Buzz-Buzz! Talk to him and learn more stuff and get the Sound Stone. Go
home and eat some Steak and it's up to bed for you.

Chapter 1: ONETT

Obviously you should talk to people. Talk to all the stupid town people and
listen to their stupid messages. If you go north to where a grubby kid is
being lookout for his clubhouse and go up through the trees to his
tree-fort, one of the members gives you Mr. Baseball Cap. You know why that
grubby kid is on lookout? Because he smells really bad and the other kids
don't want him stinkin up their fort. The only reason they let him in is
because he always buys candy and shares it with them. Go to the library and
get the Town Map. Go to the Drugstore and buy all the best equipment. Also
do this in every new place you get to. Go to the Arcade and kill all the
Sharks. Kill them bad. Go out the back and hurt Frank. Then KILL
Frankystein Mark II. The Mayor thanks you for killing the Sharks and gives
you the key to the Travelling Entertainers Shack. Go north of town and go
in to the shack and through to the cave. Kill some Rowdy Mice and get a
Skip Sandwich. Go up the rope and get a Cold Remedy. Go outside to get the
Magic Butterfly and continue through. Get the Hamburger. Climb some more
ropes and kill some more mice until you see a star thing. This is the first
MAJOR bad guy. He is the first boss of the first Your Sanctuary location.
Kill Titanic Ant and the two Antoids. Go in the doorway and get the first
Your Sanctuary location, "Giant Step". Go back to town and go to the Police
Station and kill all the cops and Captain Strong. From here, the police
remove the roadblock and you can go south to Twoson.

Chapter 2: TWOSON

On the way to Twoson you may see a mouse. Talk to it and get the Exit
Mouse. You may also get a mushroom growing out of your head that makes you
do stupid things. If you go to the Hospital and talk to that blue guy,
he'll buy it for 100 bucks. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE BIKE FROM THE BIKE SHOP!!
This bike will let you move around a lot faster than usual, and Twoson is
pretty big. Next go to the Polestar Preschool and you learn Paula is
missing. Go to Burglin Park next and fight the guy who jumps off the roof,
Mr. Everdred. You learn more about Paula. Visit the Apple Kid and the
Orange Kid, but only fund Apple Kid's experiments. Orange Kid may not be as
dirty or smelly or ugly or unpopular or as short as Apple Kid, but Apple
Kid is smarter. In the Department Store, make sure to buy a Teddy Bear and
some Cold Remedies, because the next part is hard if you don't have good
levels. Stay at the Hotel and save it, then go to the cave at the eastern
side of town. On the other side you find a Pencil blocking the way!! Go
back to Twoson and your Reciever Phone rings. *RING RING* Hello? It's Apple
Kid. I made a stupid invention that is useless. Come and get it anyways
loser. *CLICK* You need it. it's a Pencil Eraser. You can find Apple Kid in
the park, and you now know what to do now. Through the cave you go. Use the
Pencil Eraser and get the Travel Charm, Hard Hat, Luck Capsule, Cup of
Lifenoodles and Croissant on your way to Happy-Happy. Once you get to
Happy-Happy Village, you can go to the house with the cow in front of it.
This is an inn. Stay. Then go north of town into another cave. There is two
caves. One on the east wall, and one on the north wall. Go North! East is
too hard right now. Get to the shack where Paula is. She'll give you the
Franklin Badge so Mr. Carpainter's lightning won't kill you. Go to
Happy-Happy Blue Cult Headquarters and get the Croissant and Skip Sandwich.
The Blue Cultists that are going faster will move for you. Go upstairs and
kill Carpainter. He's not hard. He probably won't even hit you. When you
beat him, take the Key to the Cabin and go get Paula. Finally you have
someone else... kind of. She isn't very good when you get her... so fight
for experience until she is at least at Level 13, as she will help you
greatly later on if you get her good now. A cave in eastern Happy-Happy 
will take you to Mondo Mole, who is guarding the second "Your Sanctuary" 
location, Lilliput Steps. After a tough battle with him, go back to Twoson 
and return to Polestar Nursery School. Paula will still come with you after 
you say hi to her parents. In Burglin Park, you will get the Wad of Bills 
from Mr. Everdred, but you can't spend it. You have to take it to the Chaos 
Theatre and give it to the owner Poochyfud to release the Runaway Five after 
the show. To get in to the show, you need to talk to one of the Runaway Five 
members outside of the Chaos Theatre to get a Backstage Pass so you can get 
past the ticket collector. Watch their performance and hitch a ride through 
the tunnel to Threed.

Chapter 3: THREED

Once again, walk around town and learn about the problem. This time zombies 
have overrun Threed. Learn all you can from the people. When you are 
finished, travel northwest, through the graveyard, and meet the zombies 
there. When one of the stares deep into your soul, return to the Hotel and
follow the dark woman into a room. You will be ambushed by zombies and 
thrown into a dark room. Paula will call out for your next friend, Jeff, for
help. The scene will change to Winters and you will take on the role of 
Jeff, the scientist kid. Get out of bed and your pal Tony will join you. 
Get the cookies from the next room and go talk to the man who looks after 
the kids to get the Key to the Locker. When you try to use it, you will find 
that it doesn't work because it is bent. Go back to Maxwell and get the 
Broken Key Machine. Get the Pop Gun and Holmes Hat from the lockers. Throw 
away some cookies or the Ruler and Protractor to make sure you have enough
room. Leave Snow Wood Boarding School and Tony will help you over the fence.
Next go east to the "Best Friend" Drug Store and get the Bubble Monkey for 
$1. You need him. Fight your way easily south to the Tessie-Watching Club 
and have some stew. When you get up the next morning, Tessie arrives and 
brings you to another part of Winters. Ignore the Pencil Shaped Statue and
enter Brick Road's Dungeon. Get the Bread Roll, Croissant, Insecticide 
Spray and Stun Gun. Exit the dungeon and enter the cave to the south. Pick
up the Hamburger and equip the Cheap Bracelet you find. Give the Bubble 
Monkey gum and he will make a bubble and fly up and let down a rope that is
unreachable without his help. Ignore the "Your Sanctuary" boss and continue
on. The Bubble Monkey will leave you for another girl. Get going southwest 
to Dr. Andonuts's Lab. He will give you the Sky Runner, which you will use
to travel to Threed, to help your friends you have never met. You will crash 
into the room they are trapped in under the cemetary. The Sky Runner is 
busted. To get out of the room, use the Bad Key Machine. Update your weapons
and armor and buy some Bottle Rockets for Jeff. Go south to the Zombie 
Circus and fight the Zombie Tent. Pick up the Jar of Fly Honey he leaves 
behind. Apple Kid will call and Mach Pizza Delivery Man will bring you 
Zombie Paper. Go in to the Circus Tent in the middle of Threed and use it.
Stay at the inn and all the zombies will go into the tent and become 
trapped. Now you can enter the passageway at the northwest of town. Get 
the Skip Sandwich DX and the Silver Bracelet in the passageway and then kill 
the Mini Barf. Exit the cave and travel north to Saturn Valley and get the
Bomb and the Bottle Rocket. In Saturn Valley, get the Protractor, Sudden
Guts Pill, Rust Promoter, and the Broken Spray Can. Go back through the cave 
to the waterfall and where the guy asks for the password, wait 3 minutes. Go 
get a snack or something. When you get back to your game the door will be 
open and you can enter Master Belch's Lair. Bomb, Brocken Laser, IQ Capsule, 
Calorie Stick, Vital Capsule and the HP-Sucker. There is a Magic Butterfly 
in one of the rooms.  You can leave the room and then return to get another 
butterfly.  It would be a good idea to fill up on PP here if you need them.
This is also a great place for EXP. Keep fighting Foppys. They are easy and 
give you good experience. When fighting Master Belch, make sure you use the
Jar of Fly Honey you got from the Zombie Tent in Threed. This will distract
him and you will get a few free turns. After defeating the slimy pile, go to
the Saturn Valley Milky Springs to get clean off the filth of Master Belch.
Talke a drink of tea from the Mr. Saturn and listen to the story that is 
boring as anything. You will learn it is your destiny to travel to Fourside,
but first, take the cave above the Milky Spring to the third "Your 
Sanctuary" location, and to fight the Trillionage Sprout. Learn the melody 
of "Milky Well". When you are done, leave Saturn Valley and return to 
Threed. The busses will be running and you can now travel to Fourside.

Chapter 4: FOURSIDE

To get to Fourside, you must go through the Dusty Dunes Desert. There is a
traffic jam! I guess you'll have to get out and walk. Ignore the Talah Rama.
You can't do anything with him quite yet. In the desert is two Double 
Burgers, a Cup of Lifenoodles, a Skip Sandwich DX, a Big Bottle Rocket, a 
PSI Caramel, a Sudden Guts Pill, and $1000. You have to have good eyes, but
if you can, find the Contact Lens, and reunite the black and white seeds.
Give the Gold-Digging Man some food when you meet him, because it will pay 
off later. Continue east across the bridge until you reach the big city of 
Fourside. When you first arrive, like always, talk to everybody. They will
tell you about Geldegarde Monotoli and about the Runaway Five, and some 
other stuff. Visit the Topolla Theater and take in a show. Go look at the
fake bones at the Dinosaur Museum. If you have the Contact Lens, go get the 
Dirty Socks from the second floor of the Bakery. When you have done all you 
want to do in Fourside, travel back to the Dusty Dunes Desert and return to 
the Gold Digger's Headquarters. That guy's been busy! There is now a huge
series of underground tunnels for you to explore. Inside, the Gold-Digging 
Man tells you about 5 Giant Moles who will not let him go any further. Guess
what you have to do next... in the tunnels, there is an IQ Capsule, a Big 
Bottle Rocket, Croissant, Picnic Lunch, Exit Mouse,  Bomb, Super Bomb, a PSI 
Caramel, a Teddy Bear, Luck Capsule, Platinum Band, Secret Herb, Guts 
Capsule, a Calorie Stick and a Coin of Defense. There is a LOT of stuff. All 
the Moles are the same. That is why they are all No. 3. None of them are 
stronger than the other. Use Freeze spells to take them down. When you have
defeated all five of the Guardian Diggers, return to the surface. Talk to
the Gold-Digging Man then go for a walk across the Fourside Bridge. The man
will come, but instead of finding gold, he found a big hunk of Diamond! He
gives it to you and then you will go to the Topolla Theater to release the 
Runaway Five once again. If you talk to one of the people outside, they will
tell you that the Department Store is now open. Go there next, but make sure  
you have a Secret Herb or a Cup of Lifenoodles because the fighting in the 
Department Store is not easy at all. Use the escalators to get to the top 
floor and then come back down to the main level. The lights will go out and
somebody will quickly run by and take Paula. Gwaaaa! Now it's up to you and 
Jeff to save her! When going back up to the top of the Department Store, 
look out for the Musicas, the Mystical Records, and the Scolding Coffee Cup.
On the top floor is the Dept. Store Spook. Destroy him. His final words tell
you Paula should be at the Monotoli Building. If you go there, nothing will
happen. Go to Jackie's Cafe instead. Talk to all the people inside and then
leave. Everdred will be lying outside with a crowd around him. Listen to his
story and go back in Jackie's Cafe. Do just what Everdred said, check the
top rght corner of the room and you will be magically transported to the 
flip town called Moonside. Talk to the "Hello and... Goodbye" guy outside of
the Hospital to get the Night Pendant. Talk to the next guy to get the 
Handbag Strap. Talk to the next guy to get the Secret Herb. The last guy 
will ask you if you want to go. Say no, because no means yes in Moonside. 
You will be sent to a room with no doors with a guy that looks like Mr. T 
from the A-Team and and invisible man. Talk to them both a couple of times 
until you are sent to a room in the Moonside Motel. Go to the Monotoli 
Building and talk to the Guard on the right side of the building. This time
he will let you through because the invisible man has a gold tooth and his
eyebrows are connected. Fight the Mani-Mani Statue. When you destroy it, you
will wake up beside a smashed Mani-Mani Statue in Jackie's Cafe Warehouse.
*RING RING* Hi, Ness? It's the Apple Kid. I made a new invention that makes
Trout Flavored Yogurt. The Escargot Express Neglected-Class Delivery Man 
will bring it to you. *CLICK* Go outside and one of Talah Rama's monkeys 
will tell you the Talah Rama is ready to meet you. The Delivery Man will 
come, but he forgot the Yogurt Maker. Then Electra, Pokey's Maid, will come
and tell you she needs some Trout Flavored Yogurt. Go back to Dusty Dunes 
Desert to visit the Talah Rama, who is in the Monkey Cave just northeast of 
the Drugstore. Just before the cave entrance, a monkey will give you the 
Yogurt Dispenser. Make your way through the maze collecting and trading 
items. You can figure this place out for yourself, it's really not that hard
at all, you're a smart kid. The main items you get here are the Broken Tube, 
the Flame Pendant, the Bag of Dragonite, and the Neutralizer. When you 
meet the Talah Rama, he will tell one of his deciple monkeys to teach you 
the PSI spell, Teleport. With this spell, you can travel to any town or 
place you have previously been to. Go to Fourside and give Electra the Maid 
the Yogurt Dispenser. She will tell you to visit her on the 48th floor. Take
the first elevator to the 47th floor and the second elevator to the 48th. 
When a Sentry Robot prompts you for the password, don't worry. There isn't 
one. You always have to fight them. Get the Trout Yogurt from Electra. Keep
an eye out for the Vital Capsule and the Sudden Guts Pill. When you get to 
the Clumsy Robot, don't underestimate his powers. He is strong and powerful.
Just keep Bashing and Shooting him because PSI and Bottle Rockets don't work
on him. Keep yourself alive the best you can until the Runaway Five arrive
and save the day by shutting it down. Walk into the next room and get Paula 
back. Mr. Monotoli wants you to borrow his helicopter, but Pokey steals it! 
Go back out and the Runaway Five will drive you to Threed to get the Sky
Runner back. When you arrive, return to the graveyard and have Jeff fix it 
up. It will take you to winters where Dr. Andonuts will modify it to fly to
Summers, but only after you check out the cave north of Stonehenge. That is
where you will get the melody of Rainy Circle after defeating Shroom! Go 
back to the Lab and fly to Summers.

Chapter 5: SUMMERS

When you get to Summers, the Sky Runner will crash again. Go to the Shop and
spend about $30,000 on good equipment. That is approximately how much it 
will cost to upgrade yourself to the strongest available armor and weapons.
Walk around the beach and town talking to people then go to the Museum. Then
go to the Stoic Club. You can't get in without reservations! To get the 
phone number, go in the third door from the left on the harborfront. A man
there will give it to you. Phone the Stoic Club and make reservations. Then
go inside. A bunch of stupid people will be looking at a rock saying stupid
things, except for one man. He will tell you about the Magic Cake. Talk to 
the lady near the exit and she will open up her stand again for you. Visit
her at the beach and eat some Magic Cake. You will pass out and take on the 
role of Poo, the Prince of Dalaam. As Poo, look in houses to find the Brain
Food Lunch, the Cup of Lifenoodles, the Brain Stone, two Bottles of Water, a
Jar of Delisauce and a Bowl of Rice Gruel. Go to the southeastern part of  
Dalaam to start your Moo training. Climb up the peak and begin. The 
disembodied mystic head will come down and ask if he can break your legs.
Say yes. Also let him tear off your arms, cut off your ears, dig out your 
eyes and take your mind. That will complete your training so go back to the 
Palace and talk to the Master. You will learn Teleport and automatically go
to Summers to join Ness and his friends. By now, you should have heard how
Dr. Spoon of the Fourside Dinosaur Museum had made an amazing discovery. 
Return to him. Before he tells you anything, he wants Venus's autograph. Go 
see the show. Afterwards, go visit Venus backstage and she'll give you a
Banana Peel with her autograph on it. Take it to Dr. Spoon and he will move
so you can enter the door that leads to the sewer. Fight through and get a
Croissant, a Broken Iron, Broken Spray Can, and a Broken Bazooka. The Fifth 
"Your Sanctuary" location guardian is the Plague Rat of Doom. Big Bottle 
Rockets take away about 500HP from him. Go up the ladder to learn the Magnet 
Hill melody and grab the Carrot Key from the box beside it. The Carrot Key 
can be used to get rid of the Rabbit Statues in front of the door in Dalaam.
Go there next and use the key. You should fight here getting experience for
a while. If you die, are poisoned, or need HP and PP, talk to the Master and
he will replenish your Status fully. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE BRACER OF KINGS!
There are only 4 things Poo can equip and this is one of them. Also get the
Sudden Guts Pill and the Rock Candy. The sixth guardian is here. Thunder and 
Storm protects the "Your Sanctuary" location of Pink Cloud. Record the 
melody. From here, go back to the Summers Museum and give the man on the 2nd
floor Poo's gem. He will let you in the exhibit. On your way out, the man 
will give you the Hieroglyph Copy, so you can remember the steps to take in
front of the Sphinx. Now go to one of the docks to the east and pay a sailor 
$20 each to go to Scaraba. On your way there, the mighty water beast Kraken 
will attack. He isn't easy. He's hard. He uses Fire and Lightning attacks so 
equip who you want to live with the Flame Pendant and put the Franklin Badge
in their inventory.

Chapter 6: SCARABA

Walk around, talk to people, and buy items that cure you. You are almost
guaranteed to run out of PP in the Pyramid. You will need these to get HP 
back. Talk to a man at the top of a rope to learn about Dungeon Man and how 
he lost his key. A man in the marketplace will tell you that you will come 
back to him after doing a giant task. Buy the Piggy Nose from one of the 
peddlers. It'll be useful later. Travel to the Sphinx's Pyramid to the south 
and look at the Hieroglyph Copy. It will show the order to step on the stone 
circles. The Sphinx will open the Pyramid and you should go in. When you are 
inside the Pyramid, go up the stairs to the suspicious casket then down to a 
floor switch. Then go back up and drop down the hole to get the Eagle Eye. 
Also you can get a Viper, a Speed Capsule, a Cup of Lifenoodles, and a 
Diamond Band. Explore the tunnels until you reach the other side. When you 
get outside, the Moo Training guy will come and take Poo away to train some 
more. Just north is a native who will give you the key to Dungeon Man, and a 
stand that sells weapons. Buy lots of Multi Bottle Rockets if you can. 
Return here later on too if you run out because they are the best thing in
the whole game and this is one of the only places you can buy them. Next go 
northwest to the Dungeon Man and use the key to enter. Go left first to get 
to a hospital, a bench that acts like a hotel, and a pay phone. Altogether,
the Dungeon Man holds a Molykeiya Soup, $5, a Snake, a Super Plush Bear, a
Pizza, a Sudden Guts Pill, a PSI Caramel, $10, a Wet Towel, an IQ Capsule.
On the first floor when you get to the four ropes, take the third one from 
the left. Find your way through the second and third floors. At the top will 
be Brick Road's head, who will tell you he is going to join your party. Drop
out the Return hole (the first one) and leave the Dungeon Man. Go south some
more and Dungeon Man gets caught in Palm Trees!!! He'll leave your party and
you will have to carry on without him. A native to the east who tells you 
that you will need a submarine. If you go back to Dungeon Man, he will tell
you he has one in his collection. Enter him again and go to the top again
but this time when you talk to Brick Road's head he'll tell you to go in the
Goodbye Exit (the second hole) which will take you to his stuff. Check out
the submarine and you will all carry it back to the water. Your destination,
Deep Darkness. 


There is an island to the east where there are some monkeys. Teach one of 
them to Teleport and he will give you the Monkey's Love. You can use the 
Piggy Nose you bought in Scaraba to find Magic Truffles. Use it and it will 
tell you if you are near any. Check where you think they are. The presents 
here are the Souvenir Coin, a Cup of Lifenoodles, an IQ Capsule, Beef Jerky, 
a Rock Candy, and a Banana. When you get to a place where it is pitch black, 
use the Hawk Eye to brighten things up a little. When you pass Pokey's 
helicopter just leave it because there's nothing you can do with it. 
Continue on until you encounter Master Barf. If you have Freeze Omega, 
Rockin Gamma and a Multi Bottle Rocket, he shouldn't even hit you. Poo will 
swoop down and use Starstorm Alpha to finish him off. You recieve the Casey 
Bat for defeating him, but in my opinion it's junk because you miss 3 out of
4 times. Follow the path and enter Tenda Village. Get the Death Ray just 
south of the entrance in a trash can. The whole Tenda Tribe is very shy. You 
can try to talk to them, but they won't say much. There is however one Tenda 
Native who isn't shy. He tells you of "The Book of Overcoming Shyness" and 
how that would help them cure their problem. Leave Tenda Village and as soon 
as you get out Apple Kid calls. He's got a new invention called the Eraser 
Eraser. Then he starts yelling and noises come in the background... SOMEBODY 
HAS KIDNAPPED THE APPLE KID!!! Then the phone rings again. It's Orange Kid! 
He found out a way to turn hard-boiled eggs back to soft-boiled eggs! WHAT 
AN INVENTION! Go back to Winters and travel from the Snow Wood Boarding 
School to Dr. Andonuts's Lab. When you get to the Tessie-Watching Club, you 
find that their friend Sebastian is gone too! The Bubble Monkey will use his 
gum to bring Tessie again. Ride to the other side. Use the Pencil Eraser so 
you don't have to go through the dungeon. When you reach the Lab, talk to 
the Mouse to get the Eraser Eraser. Go to Stonehenge and use the Eraser 
Eraser on the Eraser-Shaped Statue. Fight the aliens and get a Spicy Jerky, 
a Guts Capsule, a Broken Harmonica, a PSI Caramel, a Speed Capsule, a Broken 
Trumpet and a Cup of Lifenoodles. When you get to the area that looks like  
metal, fight Starman Supers. Fight them now, because once you finish this 
part they will all disappear. You have 1 in 256 chances to get the Sword of 
Kings from one of them, which is Poo's only weapon. Carry on and you will 
find a room with Apple Kid, Sebastian, Dr. Andonuts, Tony, and some other 
guys all in glass tubes. Whoever has done this will pay! Go into the next 
room to fight the Starman Deluxe. No matter what you do, DO NOT USE MAGIC! 
He has a very strong Psychic Shield that will deflect all of your attacks. 
Fight with everybody but Jeff, who should be able to kill him with a Multi 
Bottle Rocket. Return to the room on the left and talk to the people. Apple 
Kid had the "Overcoming Shyness" book but returned it to the Public Library 
in Onett. Use Exit Mouse (if you have one) and Teleport to Onett. Enter the 
Library and go in the first door. The book is on the last shelf from the 
right. Go outside and Teleport to the Tenda Village to give the book to the 
Tenda Chief. He will read it to everyone and they will get better. He will 
also give you the Tendakraut. Save it. Talk to him again to get a Bag of 
Dragonite. Now they will talk to you. Drink some tea. Go to the strong Tenda 
at the southwest of town and get him to move the rock. Now you can go 
further down in to the Earth.


Go down the hole to the underground caverns and talk to each rock you pass.
Make sure to get the Luck Capsule, a Rock Candy, a Bottle of DX Water, a Cup
of Lifenoodles, the Rabbit's Foot, Super Bomb, an IQ Capsule, a Luxury 
Jerky, and most importantly, the Diadem of Kings. This is the third piece of
armor for Poo. Electro Specter is the seventh "Your Sanctuary" location 
guardian. Use Multi Bottle Rockets and you should be able to beat him. Drop
down the hole into the Lumine Hall, which has the same name as the melody.
When you drop down the next hole, you will end up in the Lost Underworld.
Dinosaurs will try to attack you, but if you get low on HP, try to get 
behind trees and things so they can't get to you. Another thing you could do 
before reaching the main Underground Tenda Village is using the Hot Water 
Springs. A blue Spring will restore your HP and PP while a red Spring will
cure of ailments like Poison and Paralysis. The presents are small, but try 
to get the Brain Food Lunch, the Horn of Life, the Sea Pendant, and the 
final piece of equipment for Poo, the Cloak of Kings. When you reach the 
main Underground Tenda Village, the doors will be shut, but as soon as they
smell that Tendakraut, they'll open the doors and take it from you. Talk to 
the Giant Rock and he will tell you a lot. About your destiny and about the
locations of all the "Your Sanctuary" locations. You shouldn't need that 
info if you used this walkthrough, but it does also tell you about Fire 
Spring, the final melody. Travel southwest to the cave. The Fire Cave holds
the treasures of a Speed Capsule, a Bag of Dragonite, and the Moon Beam Gun.
The guardian of the eighth and last "Your Sanctuary" location is Carbon Dog.
Give the Franklin Badge to Ness right now!!! This will make the next part a
LOT easier. After a little bit of fighting, Carbon Dog will give off a 
rainbow of colors and transform into the Diamond Dog. Only use Magic. He has 
a Power Shield that will deflect physical attacks. This time you might 
actually have to try a little bit. Walk forward, and recieve the melody of 
the Fire Spring. At that instant, if you have collected all of the melodies, 
the Sound Stone will play the Song of Ness, and you will be transported 
inside his head, where Ness will walk through his house and see himself as a 
baby. After this, you will go inside Ness's mind, to Magicant. 

Chapter 9: MAGICANT

The world of Magicant has many different people and things in it. Explore 
the town part for a while, but don't go fighting just yet. Talk to Tracy and
have her store a bunch of your things. Then go buy lots of Magic Puddings. 
Go back to Tracy and have her store the Magic Puddings and then get your
stuff back from her. These are good. They restore 40 PP for you. Go get a
Flying Man if you want. They will help you fight, but they can die pretty 
easily, and they aren't all that useful anyways except for taking hits for
you. Travel the roads to reach the Sea of Eden. On your way presents will 
give you a Goddess Band, a Bag of Dragonite, a Magic Tart and the Magicant 
bat. If you talk to Ness, he will give you the Baseball Cap he lost. It's 
junk. Don't fill up your inventory with junk. Touch the tentacle thing to be 
magically whisked away to the Sea of Eden. Here you can fight three Krakens
if you want, you can dodge them by going behing rocks. They give you a lot
of EXP each, so I recommend fighting them. I heard something about fighting
them, and there being a 1 in 256 chance of winning a new Bat for Ness that
is the best bat you can get. If somebody knows about this, mail me so I can 
be sure... When fighting Ness's Nightmare keep using Bash to kill him and 
not magic because he has a Power Shield. You will get a bunch of levels, and 
Maximum HP and PP, and Status when you beat him. A lot. Your mind tells you
to go to Saturn Valley, so you wake up and go with Teleport Beta.


When you arrive at Saturn Valley, you will find that the Phase Distorter 2
is almost finished, but some fat piggy kid came and kidnapped a Mr. Saturn!
You must get him back. To get the Phase Distorter 2 to work, you need 
Zaxonite, which can only be developed from a fallen meteorite. Return to
Onett to get a piece of the meteorite on the top of the hill. There will be
many enemies to fight, but if you can reach the top and get the Piece of the
Meteorite, there is just enough room to use Teleport Beta to return to 
Saturn Valley. Give the Piece of the Meteorite to Dr. Andonuts and stay at
the Inn. The next day, the Zaxonite will be developed and installed, and
the Space Distorter 2 will be ready to fly. Get in. A cave with wicked music
is where you'll end up, and the Mr. Saturn will be there. So will the Star
Master. He will give Poo Starstorm Omega. Check the remains of the broken 
ship for a Horn of Life. Walk around a little until Andonuts, Apple Kid and
a Mr. Saturn show up. The Phase Distorter 3 will be ready, but there is only
one problem... life forms will die travelling in time! That is why they must
transfer your brain program into robots. Enter the Phase Distorter 3 in your
new bodies and travel to the past, where Giygas is hiding. While fighting 
enemies like Ghost of Starman and Squatter Demon, be sure to pick up the
Legendary Bat because it's good. When you reach Giygas, Pokey will join him
and you will have to fight them both. Defeat Pokey first. Bash him and use
Multi Bottle Rockets with Jeff. As soon as you hrt him enough, he will turn 
off the Devil's Machine, revealing Giygas's true form. The effects of his 
attacks will vary. They will either act as PSI Lightning, as PSI Flash, an
instant death spell, or just as a normal fight attack. Fight him and keep
using PSI Rockin Omega or PSI Freeze Omega, Multi Bottle Rockets, and 
Starstorm Omega. Eventually Pokey will come back and Giygas will transform
into his final form. You will find that none of your attacks work on him!
This is where you need Paula. Her special skill Pray is junk throughout the
whole game, until now. Pray. Pray lots. Keep Praying and call out for help
from the people you know. Keep praying as long as Paula is alive. If she 
dies, bring her back with Healing Gamma or Omega, a Horn of Life, a Secret 
Herb or a Cup of Lifenoodles. Pray more. Soon Paula won't be able to think 
of anyone else to call...

 Christopher Amis
 [email protected]

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