(Neverwinter Nights 2 expansion pack)


RPG by Atari


A guide by Lu Richardson






The second time I played Neverwinter Nights 2 my character was a female rogue; and so successful was she that only Qara defected at the last moment. Even Bishop refused to join Garius and went away instead.


Having exported this character before the end of NWN 2, I selected her for the expansion pack. Therefore, the whole of this guide is written for a female Chaotic Good default rogue. (I doubt that using another type of character would change matters all that much, so choose one with which you are comfortable. Perhaps what would signify is if you have an Evil alignment, I frankly don't know.)


On levelling up manually, the skills I increased (because they turned out to be the most useful) were Appraise, Bluff, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Intimidate, Lore, Open Lock, Sleight of Hand (up to 20), Tumble, Use Magic Device (up to 20).


My abilities read initially 15, 12, 12, 12, 12, 15 and thereafter I concentrated on the first, Strength.


As regards Feats, I went for all the combat improvements and I made sure my character could use all types of weapons. (It is a good idea that when you take control of your companions later on you make sure they know how to use at least Martial and Simple weapons.) Other important Feats for the Rogue are Skill Focus: Disable Device and then Nimble Fingers.


If you are playing MOTB it is reasonable to assume you have played NWN2 and therefore are familiar with the mechanics of this game. Just in case I'll remind you to keep using Z to spot items, searching each area very thoroughly and from various angles, and that you examine everything you get.


Always look at the map (M) in each location; whatever directions I need to give will be based on it.


In conversation, generally use the first line in each set. If it is important you choose a line in particular I will warn you. Bear also in mind that you have to be kind to your companions and remember their particular quirks; you need to gain influence over them.


I needn't tell you, need I, that you should save before you enter a new area and also before you try something risky.


OK, here we go.





The Barrows



Use line 3. At the end of the conversation, click on one of the pillars and on the skeleton. Leave this room by the ramp to the E. Kaji will initiate a conversation. Continue up the ramp and Safiya will speak. At this point, press B to bring up her spells and drag Ice Storm to the bar at the bottom of the screen. Go into her inventory, open the satchel and put inside the shortsword and the brilliant water essence, close it, cast Ice Storm on the satchel, open it, loot it and pass the enchanted shortsword to your main character - equip it. Be sure both characters have a healing potion in their packs and in the bar, from where they can use it independently.


An aside here: collect all the volatile essences you can, combine them to form brilliant essences and enchant weapons you don't particularly want because they then fetch very good prices. Later on money is not a problem, but right at the beginning you need all you can get. Always sell all your surplus at the first opportunity. Brilliant spirit essences should be kept for particular purposes and not for enchanting items.


Let's move on. Start exploring the Lower Barrow by keeping right. You get your first fight and loot.


You'll soon exit this small area. Watch what happens then. Continue exploring the Middle Barrow by keeping right. When you reach the white cave to the NE you get talking to an Orglash. You can become its new master or you can kill it, up to you. Loot the offering piles here for an important item.


Head next for the exit to the ruins in the SW. On the way you'll find the Frost Harpoon, which is a very good weapon. Once in the ruins go first to the N room and loot it, open the other door, disable the trap and loot this room also. Of interest here is a belt of Strength + 4. Give the Hellfire Powder to Safiya, leave these two rooms and go back to the corridor, take the door to the E. Talk to the moving golem and you get into a conversation with Safiya - request that she helps it. Change to Safiya and use the bench to get the Rejuvenation salve and, still as Safiya, talk to the golem to improve it. You are all set.


Leave these ruins and go to the exit in the NW, ignoring for now the large room in the centre of the map. In the next ruins you are basically collecting scrolls - pass them to Safiya (always) so that she can scribe any she doesn't know already. When you've done, go to the central room and you have another conversation - see what Safiya suggests. Click on the bowl at the foot of the grave and you automatically burn the offering and the way out is open. Leave.


In the Upper Barrow, go first to the left to explore the W part of the map, then to the SE, NE and finally to the N (where you'll have a bit of a fight and you'll find the exit).


Soon Safiya will probably level up. Give her first of all the Simple Weapons Feat and make sure she gets the Fireball and Lightning Bolt spells, put them in her Book (as many times as you like) and drag them also to the bar, ready to enchant weapons.


After your last fight and before you leave the barrow there is no need to rest; the act of travelling will restore your health and your spells. This fact becomes very important later on when you have to avoid resting at all costs as you shall see.


At any rate, when you leave you get the travelogue: click on City Gate to travel there and then deal with the conversation. Save and take stock. At your feet, your faithful golem is no longer with us, take his essence. Combine essences and if you get any brilliant ones enchant whatever spare weapons you have. Safiya will also identify almost all your items if you pass them on to her.


Look to your right to detect a dirt mound which will contain some items, turn around and walk along the water edge to find another mound and there is yet another one close to the city walls, to the W of the gate. Now talk to Nuum and bluff him into trading with you. Sell him your surplus; if you have a pristine power essence, sell it to him also. It is no earthly good to you. Buy all his healing potions, the Amulet of the Master for the rogue and the Greater Magic Bag which will allow you to carry more stuff. Buy also a Wand of Missiles. This is your only chance of trading with him, so have a careful look at his goods. By the way, while I'm thinking of it, keep the Shroud of the Leopard when you get it for the spell it allows you to cast.





Enter the town and walk ahead till you see the merchants tents to your left and The Veil to your right. You might want to visit the merchants first and get all their healing potions and also take a peek at what they have on offer. A fire wand will come handy later on and having your own enchanter satchel is a plus.


When you are ready enter The Veil. Straightaway you get into a conversation: use Intimidate and then Diplomacy. You talk to Magda. Go through the backstage door and Safiya will have a funny turn; when you get the chance say she doesn't have to explain and she will. OK, there is a chest ahead of you; you can leave it for now and go through the door on your left. Take the mask from the bench to the right of the bed and advance to the left of the bed to spot the portal.


As soon as you are through, pause with the space bar and take a look. Decide how you are going to tackle this and good luck. When the battle is over, press Z and look at this room from all angles since there are hard-to-spot scrolls around. Once you have everything, go to the S door (the one on the E wall cannot be opened yet) and go through - if your Constitution is OK touch the table and keep watching the dream. If not, a chest in this room contains some useful boots. Search around here and save before you go through the backstage door.


Again, as soon as the conversation is over, pause. Look around: you should both go for the red wizard, he has a nasty habit of casting Paralyse. When the battle is won be extra nice to Safiya to gain a lot of influence. Loot the place and go through the portal. This time go left of the backstage door to do some more fighting/looting.


Once you've cleaned the place out, leave the Veil. Three witches appear and have a word with you. Move a little ahead and you'll enter into a conversation with two strangers. Say you will look for their sister.


Look at your map. First, turn to your left and go to the Temple of the Three to the NW. Speak to the witches.


Talk to Katya here and buy all her healing potions. She can sell you a wonderful scythe which can be enchanted further with a couple of brilliant fire essences and a fireball spell. You can also buy from her a Gem of Brightness which allows a rogue to cast the Light spell.


Now head for the prison and, ignoring the first two guys, go to the cell at the end of the corridor and enlist Gann. You have to flatter and flirt with him to gain influence. Once he has joined you, sort out your equipment and make sure he's well armed and has some healing potions both in his pack and ready for use in his bar.


If it is night time, leave the prison, turn right, go up the stairs ahead and turn right, where you will see the Shadow Portal. On this side, the portals only show at night whereas in the Shadow world they are always open.


If it is day time, though, start searching the whole of town systematically for dirt mounds, barrels, etc. Don't forget to look behind buildings: be very thorough. Note also locked doors which later will be open since you need to be aware of their location.


At any rate, enter the Shadow Portal, go down the stairs and find the entrance to the large building to your right. You'll have to fight a couple of Nightwalkers and some other guys.


Death Gods Vault



Once inside, start by walking straight ahead, talking to and recruiting Kaelyn. Examine the door opposite the entrance. Look at your map and enter the large room to the W. Fight the Priests and click on the offering urns to get items - this also produces angry wraiths, but you need the xp.


At this point, Safiya might be ready to level up. Next time she does, make sure she gets the Protection from Energy spell (level 3); put it in her book and drag it to the bar. If later you place armour in the satchel together with a couple of brilliant fire essences and cast this spell, you get the regeneration bonus. Your aim is to give to all the characters armour of this kind. It helps.


Now go down the ramp and strike the gong. Speak to the Chief Scribe for info and at the end leave him alone; you'll need him later. Search around here for hard-to-spot scrolls. Up the ramp and into the room to the N. Chat to the Death Knights and you get into another fight. One of them carries a key you need. Empty the urns and fight the wraiths.


Leave this room and open the door to the E. Inside the first room, more of the same. Fight the nasties, empty the urn and loot the skeletons. Into the corridor to the E, empty the urn and finally enter the room with the Furnace. Here there is quite a battle. At the end, loot the skeletons and talk to the Priest in front of the Furnace. When the conversation ends you can leave the Vault.


Start searching the whole of Shadow Mulsantir for items. Go into the open house in the centre of the map, read all the books, empty the chest, click on the corpse and choose line 3, let Safiya complete the ritual and you get an amulet which, although you probably won't be able to use, will fetch a nice price. Out. It is worth mentioning a dirt mound in the S edge of the map - it contains a very good weapon indeed.


Behind the building to the SW of the Vault, follow the wall till you come to some Hulks. Kill them and enter the portal. There is a pile of rocks which can be destroyed (I used the wand of missiles, it took forever) and you can get a nice trinket. However, be sure to go at night or you'll get trapped in the real world since the portal disappears in daylight.


If you feel sure you have explored everywhere, go to Mulsantir. If you haven't done so already, search the whole place thoroughly. Enter the Temple with Kaelyn and speak to Darovik, since this will give you a topic of conversation with her much later. There is another fellow here you can talk to, but apart from using different lines to shift your alignment, you don't get much joy out of him.


You might like to go into the Ice Troll Lodge. If you have a high enough sleigh of hand skill, talk to Yagor. If you want to try your hand at joining the lodge, save and talk to Jurak, then to Yulia - ask about the other people and you'll find out how to win the strength test. Take up the challenges, if you like, and when you've won, talk to Jurak again. You can then go on to tougher challenges. It won't do you much good, but it is fun and you can get some items and xp.


At the market, release Kaelyn's siblings from their promise.


The Sloop



Go to the docks and enter The Sloop. Talk to everyone on the left and then address the pirates. You get into a fight. Go to the N and start opening doors and looting rooms, starting at the bottom left and ending at the bottom right - in this room there is more loot but also a portal. Enter it, walk straight ahead and talk to Ivin - Bluff, but you still have to fight. At the end, collect what he is carrying and examine the scroll in your inventory. Before you go back to the portal, check out the dirt mound at the end of this alley.


Back inside, go to Nuum and say you are arresting him; he fights and you have to kill him. On the way out of the Inn you'll have to pay for the damages. Head for the witches' Temple and report. You get a reward.


If you are absolutely sure you've done everything that could be done both here and in the Shadow world, head for the market, sort your items out, sell/buy stuff, get the casters' books sorted and generally get ready. It is important that each character carries a spare weapon in case they get disarmed. Rest, save and talk to your companions to see if you can improve your influence. When you are ready, make sure you wait till dusk. Save and keep this particular game because you have a choice ahead and might want to come back to this point.





Go outside the city gates. Talk to Okku but take heed of Gann and when the fight starts go for the spirits. When you finally defeat Okku, you have a choice: restrain yourself, so that Okku survives and you can have him join you (you have to let someone else go), or you can let rip and absorb his spirit. In fact, it is far more useful to let this happen so that is what I am going to do. Now you have important Feats (look at them) and you can keep an eye on your spirit energy and your craving, even if you minimize the icon.


From here on you cannot afford to waste time; resting is terribly wasteful, so avoid it if you can. Remember to pause the game while you are levelling up and while checking your inventory.





Right, go back into town and to the S, behind the market. Enter the now open house and use Diplomacy to get these folks pacified. Help yourself to all the scrolls and potions and leave. Go to the NE and enter two houses here: in the first one you can persuade a child to do as she is told by using Diplomacy and reminding her of her brother. In the next house further N, talk to the girl and say you'll look for her grandmother.


Now visit the witches, who will be none too please with you, and ask about Magda. Go to The Veil and speak to her. You get a key to the door you couldn't open before, so go through the portal and unlock it.


Move into the room and open the chests behind the golem and get the book and scrolls from the shelves. Talk to the golem and Safiya, drive your hand inside him and you get a Spirit Core and a new Feat (drag it to your bar). Place the core and a brilliant spirit essence in your satchel and cast Mold Spirit on it. Loot the satchel. By the way, you can also place Okku's essence in the satchel, add a belt and cast Mold Spirit to get a fine belt.


At any rate, talk to the golem to place the shinning core in him and he will tell you about the visitors, so turn to the first door and talk to the gargoyles to find out a little bit of what is going on; make no promises. If when the opportunity presents you offer them money, you get extra xp. Get the golem to open the second door and you have to fight a defective golem - get his remains. Open the third door and fight a fire element; finally, open the fourth door and you will see that you need to know where to go.


Leave and go talk to Magda. Ask to see her hats: Finch's Finest is great for a rogue, but there are others equally good. You might want to unload your surplus, too.


If you have ample time, i.e., it is not yet dark, you might like to speak to Nak'kai at the Lodge though this is not strictly necessary. You might also like to talk to the witches to get more info.


Right, get to the Portal to the N and enter the Shadow world, waiting for dusk if necessary.


Enter the Vault, advance and enter the room to the W to get rid of the nasties now rather than later. Go to the Furnace room, save and keep. You are about to make a choice and you might want to return to this point later.


Talk to the Priest and choose line 3 (Probe). Talk to him, ask him why he was cremated, say you are sorry for him and that his sacrifice was not in vain. This gives you the Eternal Rest Feat. Grant him Eternal Rest. What happens next is that you can get the One and the Many in Okku's husk so that it joins you, but I found this beast rather evil so I granted the Furnace Eternal Rest instead.


Fight the disgruntled ghosts and then go to the Furnace and sift the ashes for a key. Time to open the gate to the lower level.


The Lower Level



Once you are in the first room you will notice there are lots of urns right around, and you know what will happen if you empty them - so it's up to you. You can safely leave them alone if you want. Go N and then E to enter the Archives. When you've killed the two priests, look out for scrolls and a particular writing.


Go to the room to the N, run down the ramp to the middle of the room so that you don't get bottled up at the entrance; fight the nasties. When you've done you can open all the sarcophagus without anything bad happening. Examine the next Gate and talk to Kaelyn about it.


You could leave this level now but if you are feeling brave, go to the central room and save. The door to the S leads to the prison where some good items are to be had. The door to the W leads to another part of the vault which contains some really good weapons. The trouble is disabling the traps on the doors; but if you have the Shroud of the Leopard you can cast Greater Cat's Grace and this helps a lot. Keep trying because the W part at least is well worth it.


If you do get in there, concentrate on the door to the N. The one to the W is sometimes opened by the inmates who want to come out and play. There are two chests here and also a lot of urns which you might prefer to leave alone.


When you have had enough, go to the Chief Scribe and grant him Eternal Rest. Leave at once and make for the City Gate. Before you go through you will meet a child who will ask you to visit his grandfather. Out, go to the WMT and travel to...


The Wells of Lurue



Move forward till you can talk to Janiik. Use lines 3, 2 and 1. Go into the house and talk to Anya. Use lines 2 and 1. Leave. Look at the map: you need to go to the SE. You'll soon meet the child who will ask you to follow her, do so, talk to Gramps. Ujik can teach you something so ask him what he wants you to do and say you will do it.


Now we are heading to the NW where we'll have a fight, blessed if I know why, though you can Intimidate some of their number away. Continue along the N towards the NE and you'll come to the wells, where Okku's forebears (get it?) gather. Drink from the pool. You come to in a cave - move forward to talk to an old man and follow him to the round cave to the SW where you'll talk to him again. Go in and you will be attacked, then talk to the boy to get a piece of the mask. You return to reality. Head for the WMT near here (you get attacked) and travel to the City Gate.


Talk to Mabata and ask if you can help then agree to get him a wagon. Go into town, talk to the merchant Azim and buy a wagon from him (you might want to do a bit of trading yourself). Back to Mabata and trick him into getting eaten. Travel to the Wells and head for Ujik. Save before you speak to him.


Now this is very tricky because what you have to do is learn the Feat of Devour Soul and then say you are going to try it on the tribe. Understandably, they get upset - as soon as the kid with the pink face has spoken, pause your game, drag the new Feat to your bar, unpause and wait till Ujik is "Near Death" to cast it on him. Sometimes he dies on you before you can absorb his soul, he goes from "Injured" to stone dead. However, it can be done so keep trying! Putting his essence and an adamantine ingot in the satchel and casting Mold Spirit gives you a decent ring.


Go back to the WMT cleaning out Mabata's wagon on the way and mopping up (kill the kids too, say they will grow up to be evil) and travel to town. Go to the docks, turn right and walk to the end to find Vaszil. He will give you the password and take your money. Go to the boat, say the password and request to be taken to...





As soon as you arrive you'll see a fight going on so join in. When the dust settles talk to Nadja. Go into the garrison, the house you seek is ahead of you and to your left, past the wagon. Talk to Dalenka but you'll get no help from her. Outside talk to Nadja again and she'll ask you to perform certain tasks. You will have noticed that now there is a merchant beside the wagon. Buy a torch from him and anything else you want.


Go out of the other end of the garrison and step on the WMT. When you get to the other side, examine your map. In the centre there is a distinctive tree. You are going to the SW corner of the map passing this tree; before you turn to the SW, note the corpses in their pathetic little camp. Search them. One has nothing on him. OK, go to the SW corner and help out Yurkov. I'm not sure what that was all about.


Anyhow, if you were evil you would go into the cave just N of here and fight beasts until you got the Legendary Blood. However, I'm not, so I'm off to find the WMT to the W of here. You end up in the...


Burning Grove



Walk straight ahead and find the Shape of Fire - it looks like white smoke. Talk to it and agree to help burn the grove. Equip the torch and use it on the bases of the trees which are not burning. Once you've done them all your quest will be updated. Find the burnt-out husk and get the cinders. Now go speak to the Shape of Fire. It will ask you to devour its spirit - do so, even if Kaelyn doesn't approve. Its essence helps make a wonderful weapon later on. Right, go back to the WMT and find your way to the woods.


This time go to the SE. Talk to Gnarlthorn. At the end of his speech he gives you some leaves. Look around here for a Hunting Dog. He'll run away from you. Remember the camp? Go to the corpse which had nothing, click on it, find the doggie, hold out the garb, scratch his head. Ask how he got separated from his masters and how did they die. There, that helped a lot didn't it.


Now head N and talk to the guy on the NE corner of the giant tree patch. He is a Telthor Beserker. Use diplomacy to devour his spirit and get his essence. This time nobody objects. Turn to the island on the NE and seek out the Jarl. Talk to him and challenge him for his crown; you'll have to stand your ground while all the giants fight you until you beat the Jarl. He will talk to you: demand tribute (you get wonderful gloves) and send him into exile.


Find the sacred pool and get the water; put the spirit essence in the pool. Watch. Have a word with Grigarii and say farewell. You might as well prepare the concoction right now. Activate the leaves and click on the bottle of pure water. Do the same with the cinders. Now it is ready.


Get back to the garrison and find the WMT by the boat and travel to...


Immil Vale



Go down the path fighting Wyverns till you get to a huge tree. Question the two spirits thoroughly about everything, say you'll look out for the bheur. At the end of your questions, anoint yourself and click on the tree. Pray to Chauntea and you will get a cure for the blight.


Now head for the centre of the map to the big rock and run around it killing wyverns. When they are all dead, sleep by the rock. You'll enter into a dream sequence with Gann. Follow the path and you'll have to fight four fellows to speak to the Red Woman. She will give you another piece of the mask and you will wake up.


Go to the SE corner of the map noting the ice along the way. Enter the cave and Gann will suggest you can talk to the hag. It is up to you, of course: you can go in and kill her or help her. It is much more fun to help her, so go in opening doors which are sheets of rock and find a useful item to the W before going into the room to the N.


Speak to the bheur (don't call her a hag, whatever you do) and tell her you'd be happy to help. Go outside and equip the torch. Click on the ice all around here, above and even down the path. If you have done it right, your journal will be updated. Go to the spirits and tell them the bheur has gone. Come back here for a not too useful gift.


Take the WMT to the NE of the red tree to get back to the garrison; you need to go and heal Gnarlthorn. Actually, when you get there he doesn't want to be healed and if you remonstrate with him you gain influence with Kaelyn. Nevertheless he dies. Place the salve in your bar, click on it and then on the green-vapour tree nearby. Problem solved.


Get back to the garrison; this is your last chance to trade here, if you want to. Find Nadja and tell her you have done what she wanted; she will ask you to do something more. Don't trust her. Question her, offer to tell the witches and point-blank refuse to help her rebellion. She sets the beserkers on you and legs it to the woods. After you've killed them (don't forget to get their remains), talk to Dalenka and use diplomacy to explain what has happened. She will join you and you must go back to the woods. You will have noticed that your spirit energy is alarmingly low - don't worry about it. Use the WMT, save and head for the big tree. Nadja will talk to you and you will see she has been taken over by something else. Kill her. All hell breaks loose.


Now, around the big tree there are four normal sized trees; click on their lower trunks (labelled Genius Loci) to destroy them. Leave your companions to cope the best they can and go around the big tree destroying all four Genius Loci and, in the end, hit the trunk of the big tree itself - of course, you'll be hassled all the way. When you've destroyed that, the Wood Man appears.


In talking to him, keep using the first line throughout. By directing your spirit to him, your energy goes up to 100 and your craving disappears. This means your spirit energy will now go down very, very slowly. In fact, with the few safe boosts which you are going to get in the course of the game you can forget, to all intents and purposes, this rather pesky problem. However, you still can't waste any time.


Anyway, talk to Dalenka and, before you leave, find poor Yurkov's body and get the Fatecarver. If you put it in your satchel together with the Shape of Fire essence and cast Mold Spirit, you get one of the best weapons in the game.


OK, get to the garrison and take the boat back to Mulsantir. Visit the witches once more. They will be very pleased with you - forgive their trespasses to gain influence with Kaelyn. When you have finished here, it is time to travel to the...


Sunken City



Annoyingly, no matter at what time you set off you always arrive at midday when you'd rather arrive at dusk. Never mind. Go to the water edge and talk to Fentomy - don't use the line about respecting his privacy. Read the Fisherman's Journal nearby and loot the chest. Now walk about looting the beached corpses and fighting elementals. Click on the beetle mound. When you've done all you could around here, wait for dusk and enter the portal.


Talk to Fentomy again and agree to help him. You get a key and instructions. Before you cross the bridge, open the coffin to the right (you get XP for disturbing a vampire's rest) and check out all the beached corpses.


Cross the bridge and talk to Omaga. Sell your surplus and buy whatever you need. Move on and go to the right. Ignore all the folks around here - you only have to deal with them if you want to go in through the front door. Since we have a key, we will find the door it unlocks and go through the portal into...


The Skein



Go the only way you can and loot the corpse - any of your companions who don't have a two-handed weapon can equip the torches to shed some light. As soon as you go through the doorway the map will be revealed.


Pause right here and have a look at it. The grey areas are flooded chambers so you can forget about them for now. The first thing we need to do is to reach a room in the S; you will see a corridor which ends short of the central flooded chamber. That's where we are heading.


So, move the only way you can and note the Fresh Corpse here. At the first junction go N and through a door. Use Intimidate to get rid of some of the opposition then fight the rest. At this junction go E, then S, E, S and W into the first room with a device. Click on the box in front of it and Safiya will tell you all about it (don't use Lore!). Take the lever and then take the orb. Go back all the way back to the Fresh Corpse. With a bit of luck you will be attacked by air elementals which drop a glowing powder - don't touch it yet. Just remember where it is.


First get to the Fresh Corpse and click on it to fill the globe with blood. Afterwards you can click on the glowing powder, but not before. Right now we need to get to the large room in the SW, so go back through the door and, at the junction, go W all the way to the entrance to this room.


Inside you will see the Earth Elemental you are supposed to destroy; instead, get the golem part on the floor, examine the box in front of the device and just take the lever. Go back to the first device clicking on the glowing powder along the way. Click on the box: the sequence is always the same. Insert the globe, insert the lever, use the lever. Then check out the box for some essences if you want them.


Now for the next device. Leave and head E for the square room in the SE of the map. Here you get attacked (with a bit of luck by an air elemental, too) and there is a Fresh Corpse. Go N and all the way E till you have to go N then immediately E (in the centre of the map) and S through a door into the room with the next device. Take the empty orb and go back to the square room with the Fresh Corpse. You know what to do.


Having activated this second device, there is one more to do. Go back the way you came to the room in the SW with the Earth Elemental, then go N hugging the W edge of the map till you get to the corridor in the NW which looks like a hook - that's were the door to the last device is.


Get the globe and click on the fresh corpse in this room. You next need to get the lever which is exactly to the E of this room as the crow flies, so go S, E and N (you'll probably meet an air elemental along the way so that you can use its glowing powder).


This is the room of the Sleeper. Some guys will talk to you. Use first lines 1 and 2. Get all the info you want but leave the line about Gulkaush for last. Ask this question and then use lines 1 and then 3. You get attacked. Be sure you collect the lever from the remains. Now click on the Sleeper for a conversation but let her be. Go fix the last device.


Once you've done that, the water will have drained away. Pause and look at the map. You need to get to the previously flooded chamber just N of the room with the Earth Elemental, so go S hugging the W edge of the map till you get there, find the stairs down and go E along here till you can go up some more stairs. You are now by the circular room in the centre of the map.


Before you go in there save and prepare yourself. Once inside, you'll be locked in. Attack the hag; she will take over Safiya and you'll find yourself having to attack your mate. Before she dies, though, Gulkaush emerges again. Attack her and the fighting will stop. There will be a conversation and, when given the option, say "Up to you Gann".


At the end of the chat you will have the ability to haunt dreams. Go back to the Sleeper and enter her dream. Talk to her and agree to end her torment: note that she says about the coven. She can only be free if it is destroyed but she doesn't want that to happen. Leave her dream and you'll be standing by the real Sleeper. Save and keep. You can now click on her and get a ring and then do any of the things listed - but since I intended to destroy the coven I left her.


Go back to the room where you met Gann's Mum and find the stairs down; to your left, a golem part. Going up another two sets of stairs will take you into...


Coveya Kurgannis



The first thing that happens is that you get into a fight. After that, climb onto the triangular dais and click on the Slumbering Coven.


Enter it and you will find yourself in the dream version of The Veil. Talk to Magda and go along with anything she says, go onto the stage and talk to the actors - it doesn't matter what you choose to say, it will all go wrong and the Audience will attack you. Talk to the actors again and exit through the pink portal in this room.


Back at the dais you'll see a Mindflayer, a Bard and a Wizard. You have to help them escape from their nightmares, I'm not too sure why. Let's start with the Mindflayer who is the easiest.


Enter his dream and save before you speak to him, saying you are here to rescue him. He says he will follow. Sometimes you can avoid his capture by simply guiding him all the way N, all the way W and out N. Should he get caught, reload and try going all the way W and all the way N. When he is free, follow him through the portal.


Advance and you'll meet Araman. You'll get along fine with the first line till you are warned not to take sides, so choose line 3, You are both suffering... Next time you have a choice go for the last line, the one about love. This pleases Gann but angers Araman and you get attacked. At the end, talk to the Red Woman and she will thank you. Go through the portal.


Back at the dais, enter the Bard's dream. Save. In order to free him you have to beat him at the game of Hells three times consecutively. Talk to him and learn all about it. Maybe you've played this game before, only with coloured plastic pegs.


OK, I'm sure you'll find it easy enough but here are some pointers. You might need pencil and paper for this! There are nine hells altogether, and you have to guess a row of four (say in slots A, B, C, D) correctly placed hells, i.e., the right hell in the right slot. For some reason, number 9 (Nessus) always occupies slot A. So offer first hells 1 to 4 and see what you've got and then hells 5 to 8. If in either of these groups there is a Devil, it cannot be in slot A. Try next, say, 9 and 2, 3, 4. And so on. When preparing the next offer of four, look at the previous answers and see if these next four would have provoked those same answers. In this way, you can easily guess the correct order. Once you've beaten him three times, follow him out.


The next portal at the dais will take you to the Wall. Press Z to spot Bishop and go talk to him - he's as disagreeable as ever. When you get the chance, say that Gann means a lot to you (more influence). When Bishop says "They are coming" prepare to fight a couple of demons. Finally, go back to Bishop and pry loose a bit of the mask. Leave.


Now to free the last human. Enter the Wizard's dream. This is rather tedious but I guess it has to be done. Talk to Faras who will ask for your help; keep using the first line. Then go to Enzibur and keep using the second line until it is time to ask for the contract. Get into your inventory and activate the contract. You have to read the beginning, then the part about the favours (read the preface, the smaller text and all the favours, one by one), then go to the end of the contract and examine the symbols and the tiny text. Now talk to Faras and keep using the first line. Go to Enzibur and ask him about contracts and about Baatezu law. When you've asked all the questions go to Faras and ask him about each favour. When the inquisition is over, go to Enzibur and tell him the contract is void because he broke Baatezu law. Enzibur disappears, talk to Faras and follow him out.


Using the portal at the dais will only take you back to the Wall, and if you click on Bishop Gann will tell you to go back. Odd. Well, save and keep, click on any of the hags and the conversation starts. When you have a choice, use line 3 (Go on, Gann). Ask your questions. At the end you have to choose whether to leave them alone or end their dream. I chose the later. Another choice: line 2 to revenge Gann's parents and get more influence. Next, work with Gann to destroy the tapestry of dreams. There follows a fight.


When you've done, exit through the door to the NW and fight your way out. You'll meet some people, irrelevant now because you did not come in through the front door, so you can either pick a fight with them or let them be. The exception are the Ogres - talk to Gawatha, ask about the boy and demand they release him, declaring yourself ready to fight (this gains you influence with Kaelyn).


Finally enter the portal in the last room and fight the guards and the merchant outside. Cross the bridge to the portal and go through. On the other side, use Diplomacy with Fentomy; follow him to the WMT and travel to the Wells.


Go to Anya and attempt to enter her dream - you will have to get Gann's help. Follow the path, talk to Anya and say you are here to help her. Then use Diplomacy to suggest a contest. Finally, use Diplomacy on Gann. Enter the portal and Anya will thank you - go to her father to get your reward and use Diplomacy on him too.


At this point both Gann and Safiya must be devoted to you so you might want to talk to them to get the benefit. Save before you do this. Declare your love for Gann (!?) to get even more benefit. You should also be able to talk to Kaelyn and improve your influence with her.


Go to the WMT and travel to Mulsantir. It is important that you keep your inventory uncluttered now, so visit the merchants and unload your surplus. Tuck away anything you don't immediately need in your magic bag. Go to the Avolov house in the NE and talk to the girl, then to the Sleeper. Use the first line - you get a trinket. Time now to go to the Fourth Door through the Veil. As the golem to open the door and unseal it and request to go to the...


Academy of Shapers and Binders



Fight your way to the entrance and go in. A conversation ensues with Djafi. At the end, you can follow him and ask him some questions. Leave this room and look at the map. There is another room opposite this one, but first we are going into the next one up on the E side. By the way, there is a ring in the shelves between the Djafi's room and the one on the other side. Go into the room I mention and you will see Master Inarus lecturing. He will ask you to demonstrate your abilities, say you will only practice on the undead - he produces one, so use Eternal Rest. You get a much needed boost to your spirit energy and an important bunch of keys.


Enter the room opposite Djafi's and fight the students. In this room you'll find a Mysterious Device - use it on the bright spirit essence you've just obtained to get a new Feat. I don't really know what this does and I don't really care.

Open the other door here you'll find some wraiths and an odd charm. You can leave now. We'll progress along the E side of the area first. The next room up is the Golem Laboratory. You might have noticed that we've been collecting bits of golem - the last ones are in Safiya's room right here in the Academy. If you have a high level of the skill Appraise, you can forget about the golem and the laboratory. If not, you'll have to come here to assemble a golem with the best parts you can find, get Safiya to improve it and test the golem against other golems, healing it in between bouts. The object of the exercise is to win Arteshe's soul as a result of a bet.


Let's move on. The rooms on the N side are of no interest whatsoever, but have a look at them if you want. Open the door to the central block and meet Master Poruset. Have a chat with him - he will mention mephits. We will now go S along the W part of the area. Open the first door and talk to Selkhit, get all the info from her, go through the S door and stand by the control box. This requires patience, that's all. You need to get all the red mephits on one side of the fence and all white mephits on the other. Decide which colour you want on your side of the fence: say red. When a white mephit on your side approaches the fence and there is a red one on the other side, click on the control box and they'll swap over. This is easier than it sounds, but the last one, when one of each colour are near the fence is more difficult - just be patient and wait for this to happen. When you've divided all the mephits into the two colours, your quest will be updated, and this means you can go through the N door and talk to Selkhit. Collect the soul from the housing in this room.


Go to the last classroom on the W side and through the other door to find a very fine weapon. You can also visit the S of the central block and have a chat with the Caretaker. Now it is time to go to the NW, the entry to the tower. Inside, examine the fireplace and walk diagonally across the room to read the Lab Journal. Turn to Replication and get the key. Go to the door on the E wall but you cannot open it yet. You can place the fragmented soul in it, though.


Go to the other door on the S wall and inch forward to reveal the stairs down to the Instructors' Quarters. Turn left to visit the first room to the SE. Click on Bebtu and lean in. You have a conversation in which he asks for his soul. Look also at Jerro. Out, go along the corridor and enter the next room to your left. Get the scrolls from the shelves and blast them with the wand of fire. Go through the door thus revealed. Collect what you want from this room and go open the door to the W; you will have found the SW contraption. Leave and go through the E door at the next room. Keep left and into the next room on the W side. Get the soul housing from the vase. Out and continue keeping left.


In the next room there are two demons: ask them about faulty souls and they will swap you one for another which they describe for you. You can purchase things from these two if you want. Ask about Jerro's soul - this is where a high Appraise comes in handy, since all you have to get is two souls (if not and you need three, it is golem time).


The next room along just has some guards and some items. The next room, now in the N of the map, contains the N contraption. Leave it for now and continue exploring. The next room, to the NE, is Safiya's. Here you will find the rest of the worthwhile golem parts if you need them. The next room down doesn't have anything much, but the one just N of where Jerro is has a chest with the soul housing you need. If you are curious, save and blow the shelves here to reveal a door - go in and Inarus will get cross with you, plus there is nothing here apart from some gold coins. Reload if you'd prefer not to bother.


OK, exit through the stairs to the N. Cross the corridor and consult Poruset about the soul you need. He gives you a pass, so go to the Depository S of here and show it to the Caretaker. Find souls 127 and 91 and take them to Poruset, asking him to fuse them. Place them in the forge behind him and you will obtain the soul you need for swapping. Go to the depository again, hand in the orders Poruset gave you and take soul 346 from the N shelves.


Right, off we go again down the stairs to the N. Go to the Demons and trade for Jerro's soul. Swap the soul they wanted for the one you need. Now go to Jerro and give him back his soul, talk to him and ask him anything you wish. He will join you at this point if you want. I didn't, but it is up to you. Swap soul with Bebtu. Now for the last one - and it is a pain in the neck. Save.


Go to the N contraption and pick up the orb. With your back to where the orb was, look at the mirror on the right. It has to reflect a beam from the contraption to the next mirror which is already correctly position, so move the first one and place it at an angle. Go towards the door and move the mirror in the corner. Move the mirror outside the door so that it will bounce the beam along the corridor to the E, go in that direction. Ignore the next mirror in the corridor for now and go into Safiya's room. There are two mirrors here already in the right position but showing their backs, so turn them around so that the shining surface shows. Go back to the mirror you've just ignored and turn it so that the beam from Safiya's room will be reflected S along the corridor; go to the room to the S and turn the mirror so that it will reflect the beam through the door to the W, go through this door, turn the next mirror so that it will reflect the beam and send in through the next door. Go through that door and move the mirror aiming it at the next door, go through that and turn the mirror to receive the beam, move into the room to turn the last mirror aiming it at the contraption.


Now to test if you've done it right. Activate the orb and wait a bit. If the beam does not hit the contraption you'll have to go from mirror to mirror activating the orb till you see what has gone wrong and rectifying it. If you got it right, go to the N contraption, stand in the middle and activate the orb - wait till the beam disappears. Go all the way to the S contraption and click on the Image to get the last soul.


Use the stairs to the S to get into the tower and place the souls in the door. Watch what happens. You can get Djafi on your side if you say you trust him. Anyway, there is a fight.


The Boneyard



Afterwards, go through the door and through the portal, go to your left and talk to Sarduris. It seems you are expected so turn slightly left and climb up the vertebral column to the skull and click on it. Keep using the first line until you can use the ones with Wisdom/Insight. Continue using the first line until you have the last choices - grant Eternal Rest.


Down the column, fight, go to the other portal.





Go N, then E, then S and use the teleporter. Here there is another fight and another confrontation with Araman. Head S and kill him together with all his allies. Now the door to the S is open and you can go through.


You get to talk to the Red Woman and things are made clear even if the don't make much sense. Be lenient with her for the sake of your influence with Safiya. At any rate you get the sword of Gith, not only a key but also a fair weapon. As you go through the portal you come out at the Veil. Last chance to trade before you go to the Vault and enter the last gate.


Before you do both Gann and Safiya tell you how great you are so say the same back to them. Go through the gate.


Talk to Zoab and when given the choice say "No chance". Zoab moves off, follow him. You get into a conversation with Jorin: using the first lines is fine, but when given the chance say the wall is an injustice, then use Diplomacy to avoid bloodshed. Now you talk to your allies and find out what's best to do next.


Say you'll go to the Basilica first. Move forward to the WMT and do just that. Go for the Voice of Kelemvor; once he is dead, talk to Zoab, leave and go to the WMT and back to the gate to help Seyryu. When the battle is over, she moves off.


Back to the WMT, travel to Eternity's End. Talk to Rammaq. Look at the map and go to the Vault to the NW. After the battle save and keep. For a happier ending, find the Tome of the Dolorous Sage and drop it so that it breaks. Out, go to the Vault to the SE. The Vault Keeper will tell you that the other tome is no longer here, which suits me fine. Go to Rammaq and tell him the bad news - he attacks you and you kill him. No sooner you've dispatched him you are requested to go to the Temple at the NE, do so. On the way you'll see Rammaq's warriors leaving, but they've already helped.


Inside the Temple you meet the Scrivener - talk to him and decide whether to kill him or not. It isn't really necessary so I didn't, but it's up to you. At any rate, read the Codex and check out the sarcophagus at the back for a fine armour.

Leave; outside you meet Araman and have to kill him all over again. Find the WMT and travel to the Wall. You get to chat to Kelemvor. Choose your own lines, I don't think it makes much difference apart from supporting Kaelyn. At the end, find your soul on the wall - as soon as you hack at it some golems appear. Draw them away from the wall. When you have killed them return to hacking the soul, which will fall on the ground. Click on the Freed Soul and read the messages. You are suddenly whisked away and find yourself at Crossroad Keep and talking to the Red Woman.


You have to find and fight the Manifestations to protect your friends. When the last one falls, look at the map and follow the path to the E and into the Keep; on the way there you'll fight and kill the Faceless Man, only you haven't really. Proceed to the Keep, more Manifestations to kill. Move roughly W/N to meet the Faceless Man - Devour Spirit/Devour Soul at the ready, hit him with either when he is Near Death. The Red Woman appears again and you get the mask as well as advice. Wear the mask, save and go through the pink portal.


This is the final confrontation. With Devour Soul/Devour Spirit in your bar, keep hitting him with them (it doesn't matter about the craving now), because he certainly will hit you. As well as the Faceless Man you'll have to fight his other manifestations. Do your best. Eventually, he falls. Call forth the Woman and the Boy (that's what I did, anyway). Read the messages and go through the pink portal. Now there is more talk and you get the finale. Game over.


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