I am putting together a help file for system shock for the most common
questions people are likely to have. I'll get the file started, if
other people want to add things send me email at [email protected]
with a subject line like 'sshock help additions' or something equally

I'll put control L's between levels, so only page thru as far as you

I will put level 0 spoilers down past level 2, since thats sorta the
order events happen.

Level 1 Spoilers

Not much to do here. One thing which is tricky is getting security
down to 0%. There are some hidden rooms several flat flourescent
light panels which harbor security cameras. For an example of what I
mean go to the first door which required a security code - its near
the surgery machine at the start of the whole game. There is a flat,
light blue florescent panel on the floor, step on it and it will
lower. There are several of these on this level, it pays off to find
each on cause it enables you to open some hidden doors near where the
resistance put up its last stand. You can get a Magnum 2100 there,
which is a nice piece of equipment. 

Another hint - leave 'on-line help' on, it will point out hidden doors
as you come across them. Its very easy to miss them on the automap.

Level 2 Spoilers

There is a room with a red force door which has some mutants behind it
- you can't get into there until several events happen later in the
game. Nothing to really get in there anyway.

Be sure to use both cyberterminals, one in the library and the other 
is in a room near the room with the red force door. Everything else is
pretty straightforward on this level.

Level 0 Spoilers

If you've read your logs you will know about the plan to destroy the
laser. The laser and shield controls are on this level, in fact on of
the log messages includes a section of map showing the locations.
You'll need the isotope from level 2 to enable the shield. Then you'll
need to get to the override switch so you can fire the laser while the
shield is on. Its all pretty straightforward, there are a few nasty
rooms you have to get through however. The more armoury you can amass
the better before trying these rooms. I explored level 4 and 5 before
coming down here, but I don't think that is required by the plot.

Level 3 Spoilers

This is a nasty level - those invisible mutants are hell. There are
two easily accessible power stations on this level to my knowledge, so
use your light and shields. The sooner you get the restoration chamber
switched back to healing the better. There are three elevators on this
level, the one you came up on, one the goes up to levels 4 and 5, and
one which goes to level 5 only. The one that goes to level 5 probably
won't be working initially, i think cause the power is going to charge
up the laser. The one that goes to level 4 and 5 is good to take.
Exploring those levels will give you some good weapons. More on that

There are several maintenance doors which you cannot open till some
things happen first. You should be able to find the headlamp on this
level. You'll come back to this level later and do alot of stuff.

Level 4 Spoilers

This is the storage level. Lots of good things to be found here.
Pretty straightforward, only thing that caught me for a while was how
to get to the plastique. There is a button on the floor (where the
tiger gorilla beast was) that turns on some portions of the catwalks
above that you need. Be sure to get the environment suit from this
level as well.

Level 5 Spoilers
Nothing really tricky comes to mind. I'm sure others can fill in

Level 6 Spoilers

If you are here you probably know you need to jettsion the infected
grove. Nothing difficult here either. I didn't explore Beta grove very
much, if you're not sure what to do there I think if you stick to the
right you'll get to where you want to be fairly quickly.

Level 7 Spoilers

Well, you want to blow up the antennae. The plastique is in that area
of level 4 (the storage level) where the catwalks are damaged. You'll
need 4 pieces. To use it you double click on the door on the antenna,
then use the plastique and double click on the panel on the antenna.
That will install the plastique. Now don't be a dunce like I was and
proceed to stand around! You need to get some space between you and
that antenna.

Once this is done you can try to go to level 8. You'll find out you
probably can't get very far on that level yet...

Level 8 Spoilers

This is where I am now. To get that locked door open you have to set
the reactor to blow up. You'll need the system authorization code. To
get this do the following (spoiler protected)

One levels 1 through 6, the computer nodes you destroyed were randomly
choosing one of the 6 digits to the system authorization code. By
destroying the computer on that level you fixed that digit of the
code. The digit on each level is in a black screen in the room were
the computer(s) were. All six digits (from levels 1 through 6) give
you the code you need.

The reactor is on level 0. Hope you have a good environment suit (can
be got on level 7) and detox patches. You have to type in the first 3
digits of the code, then the next 3. Then run as fast as you can to
the escape pod on level 5!

I'll add stuff as I figure it out!

michael fulbright
[email protected]

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