Ultima 7.1:Forge Of Virtue
                              by   Kline...=} 
                     e-mail [email protected] 
            This game is an add-on disk.It'll help strengthen your Avatar
to the maximum abilities allowed in Ultima 7.In addition,you will recieve
The Black Sword which has some special powers that will be
useful.However,this quest has no connection to the main quest and can be
complete at any time.
            First,you must install the game into Ultima 7 directory and
load up your Ultima 7 game.
            The game will start when there is an earthquake and your
friend will advice you to go to see Lord British.LB will tell you about a
new Isle of Fire that arise from the sea.This Isle is the same Isle of
Exodus that you(probably one who also played Ultima 3..=}) destroy long
time ago(The last Age of Dakness,just before The Age of The Avatar).
            LB will tell you to investigate this isle and try to sink it
again.He will also give you a gem that use to see the entrance and a
ship.(this ship is at Vesper).The Isle of Fire is directly south of Vesper.
            Go there.Enter the building you will find a mage in the left
room.Talk to him he'll tell you about this isle and his study of The Dark
Core,Exodus' mind container.Go to the right room and use The Core.Talk to
mirror in that room(really it's a daemon trapped inside) and agree to
help.Go back to the mage and learn about Ether Gem.
            Go up to the Shrine of Principles.There are 3 statues,one
represents each principle.You can complete quests in any sequence but I
suggest to keep Courage test to the last.

Test of Truth
       This test is VERY easy to complete.Talk to the mage statue in the
hall and he'll teleport you to the test.Walk down the corridor until you
come to a large hall.Walk pass the hall(beware the center of the hall
where a corpse lie) to the west corridor.You will see a hood lying on the
ground.Walk straight into the north wall above the hood.Find the way to a
room that contain a locket.Get it and you complete this test.
       There is a maze beyond that hood.There are walls that you can't see
and a very nasty ghost.There are also many -fake- locket.I don't know what
this maze is for.I can't find the way through this maze yet.If any one
know please e-mail me.
       You will get 30 Int and 30 Mana.

Test of Love
       Talk to the woman statue and go in moongate to the sw.(there is a
openable wall in the mage's room).In this test you must help resurrect a
golem.First talk to a golem that is standing.He'll give you a book.Read
that book and get a scroll that fall out.Find a pick and a bucket and go
in the cave north of golem.follow the way and you will come to a tree that
grow out of rock.Put bucket near it and use pick to chop a tree and get
the blood.Go back to golem and pour blood on 5 stones around a fallen golem.
Use scroll and watch the golem sacrifices his heart.Put heart in a fallen
golem.(don't get confused.there are 2 golems.One is broken,or death.the
other carried it here and sacrifices his heart to the broken one.Put heart
in golem mean double-click on the BROKEN one and put heart in it).use
scroll once more and the broken golem will wake up.Talk to him he'll
explain how to make a new heart.go back to the tree and cut it 2
times(first to get the heart,second to get the blood).go back to golem and
repeat the resurrection.Now there are 2 golems standing.Talk to them and
get Talisman of Love.thus finish this test and get 30 Dex.

Test of Courage
       This test is the fighting test.Talk to the warrior statue.Go to
moongate to the se.Prepare for the battles.
       First battle is one mage,skeletons,headless and golems.That mage
will summon a liche when you enter the room.That liche is a bastard.He's
inside circle of torch and you can't go near him.I do not suggest magical
conflict between The Avatar and The Liche.(save your Mana for later
battle...=})When you slay the mage get his key and open the grate to the east.
       Second room is easy.There are only spiders and scorpions.You have
to pull 2 levers in order to go to the next room.levers aren't hard to find.
       Third room is guarded by a drake.kill it and search the corpse of
female warrior.get glass sword.Go in a metal room and look at the crystal
ball.Place glass sword on the floor.Crystal ball will break and reveal a key.
Use this key to the north door and go to the next room.
       This room is a large one.There is a camp of trolls and cyclop at nw
end.You can kill the for exp and food.Note that nearly every monsters in
this test never really die.They will wake up and fight after some time.
Now go to the room with a magic helmet.Get it.Walk to the south corridor
pass golems and slimes.Go around a giant bone in west corridor to a room
with a helmet.Replace it with a magic one.Walk to the north corridor and
cast Mark spell in front of a way to the next room.Go back and get a magic
helmet.Cast Recall to go back to that Mark.(=} this is a way to get the
magic helmet.Usually that helmet must be on the pedestal to open metal walls)
       Now it's last battle.Go into the next room.You will meet a
dragon.Kill it.He,urrr,She can't be truly kill but she will reward you
with a gem,Ether Gem.
       We must kill that dragon to go to the next room.But she is made
immortal and we must use the most powerful weapon to kill her.Go out to
the shrine.We'll forge this sword.

Forge of The Black Sword
       We are now at the Shrine again.Talk to the mage(Erethian) about a
powerful weapon.He'll conjure a blacksmith shop at the center of the
Shrine and give us a blank sword.Now drop all things in your hands and
belt.Get hammer and put in in your belt.Fill a tub with water from the well.
Use bellow to heat up the fire and the blade.Heat it until the blade
become white.Use the blade with anvil.Use the hammer on the blade until
you says the blade is too heavy to be a sword.Use blade in a water.
       Go back to Erethian and ask about blade.Go to the daemon in a mirror.
put Ether Gem in your right hand and use it with mirror.The daemon now are
in the gem.Put blank sword in one hand and gem in the other.talk to
gem/daemon in gem,and order it to bound into the sword.
       Congratulations!!!!!You are now holding the most powerful sword in
the realm....=}
       You can talk to this sword,hmmm talk to the daemon in the sword and
use its powers.Those powers are:
             Magic:This will restore your Mana to the full.
             Fire:This will cause fire to explode at your target.Use it
                  with care.Be sure no obstracle between you and the target.
             Death:This will cause your target to die at your first strike.
             Return:This will teleport you back to Isle of Fire.
       Now It's time to kill that immortal dragon.Cast Recall to go back
to it's room.Go in and invoke Death power from your sword ...(I really
like the conversation between those two...=})
       After finishing the dragon.Go to the next room.Walk into moongate
and get the last Talisman.And 30 Str....=}

Exile of Exodus
       The last statue will order you to find Talisman of Infinity.Go to
Erethian's room and get scroll of Infinity.Talk to Erethain but he will
refuse to help.Talk to your sword.Go back to Britain and get concave and
convex lenses.Go back to Isle of Fire.(I found using Orb of the Moon and
Mark/Recall spell very useful here.)Go into the room with Dark Core.Place
all 3 Talisman to form 3/4 circle.(a pie as the daemon says).Place 2
lenses beside the Core.Watch the story go on.
       Go back to LB and get Str raised to 60......=}
Continue with the Black Gate......=}


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