By: King UrinTank/Butthole Surfers

Okeydokey kids!  Here comes the first of many...  Don't read this if you 
don't want to know!  STOP NOW!

A brief walkthru of sorts for Ultima VIII: Pagan
Enjoy!  And don't give me hell for it!

-Travel to Mythran of the Plateau area by following the path North of
 Tenebrae into a cave.  Jump across the water via stones.  The 2 gates are
 opened by moving the six levers until each is in the position where it
 turned the winch.  Then use the 7th winch, cross the bridge, ane the broken 
 one should be fixed.
-Visit the transporter in Mythran's, also the one in Tenebrae above Mordea.
 You'll need to purchase a Scroll from Mythran.  This is re-usable.  You'll
 use it twice for sure.
-The key to get the dagger is with Aramina when she's at her home in Eastern 
-You can get Sticks in Western Tenebrae by a Big Tree near an abandoned house
 in the North-Western portion of the map.
-Executioner's hood is west and south of the Archway which puts you in the
 Necromancer's Map Region.  It's protected by Changlings.
-To cast Necromancer spells you need to put the reagents in a bag, 
 Double-click on the Key of the Caretaker, and then click on the bag.
-To find the Necromancers in the Catacombs you should look for a small room
 to the North-East which has no roof, cobwebs on the door, and a Ghoul inside.
 Enter the room and you'll fall through the floor, into the Lower Catacombs.
-When you finish with the Necromancers, after you re-enter the Catacombs via
 a cave, you need to go immediately south until you find a door.  This will 
 lead you to the Mountain King.
-Work your way through the caves Southward.  You will know the Entrance to 
 the Hall of the Mountain King by it's Large double-doors.  Open them by
 conjuring a Golem from the dirt.
-Once inside, head North and East until you find some ruins.  Outside(?) it
 are some levers, pull both(?).  Then head back south until you can go West.
 There should now be some red stepping-stones which appear and disappear over
 a chasm.  Hop across these and continue in this direction.
-Once you solve the ForceFields puzzle unlock the door, and head West/South.
-You'll need to jump some stones over water to find a key on a skeleton.
-Head back and then Northward past the FireShrooms.  Cross the small lake.
 Then take your 2nd left which is a SMALL crevice.  This will lead to another
 door which you have the key for.
-Run down the corridor. Jump some more moving-platforms.  Then head Northward
 into the room with all the Skeleton's and Ghouls.  At the top you'll meet
 the King.
-Now head Southward. If you have the Recall Item from Mythran visit the
 transporter, or else just step on the Rune/Icon and you're teleported to
 the front of the Hall.  Either way you want to:
-Head back to the Necromancer's.  Talk to him.  Double-click on Lothian to 
 inter her.
-Talk to the Necromancer again.  Re-enter the Catacombs.  Find the room with
 the plaque which reads "Toward fate do you travel."  Unlock it with the Key
 of the Scion.
-Head into the Shrine area.  Find the 5 levers and figure out how to get the
 key from the chest.  Open the door to the north with this key.  In this maze
 you can find the "Skull of Quakes" which I never used.  Dunno what it's for.
-Work your through to a jump over a small chasm and then find the gravesite.
 Cast "Open Ground" here.  Fall through the hole. 
-Find all the Rolling spheres and the blue floor.  You'll need to toss 
 something(skull) over the gate onto the raised platform to open the gate.
-Get both keys in this area. Jump over the light-ray to save hp's.  To solve
 the "Hanoi's Tower" puzzle you'll need to move all the stairs into the
 middle.  Your first step will take away a stair, and your second will place
 it.  You cannot place a larger step on a space where there is a smaller one.
-Cast "Rock Flesh"(sp?) to walk through the light-rays unharmed.  Unlock the
 doors.  Find the key under the Skeleton's body on the broken bench.
-Head back to the Rolling Spheres by unlocking several doors with this key.
 Almost all can be opened now.  Get the Ceremonial shield and return to the
 place with the benches.  Place the shield on the altar.
-The door to Khumash-Gor is opened with the scroll you get from Mythran's.
 To defeat him easily cast a "Grant Peace" on the ghost which attacks you.
-Get the Obelisk Tip, and Leave the Catacombs.

-If Devion is placed in Jail, you will need to use Mythran's scroll to open
 the wall where a small purple book lies encaged.

Things get kinda un-linear from this point, so I'll just try to break it into
elements.  The doorways to the areas of Fire, Air, and Water are all sorta
near the gateway you went through before finding the Double-Doorway to the
Hall of the Mountain King.  Each is unlocked with the Key of the Caretaker.

-You can get the Heart of Earth easiest by transporting to the Hall of the
 Mountain King and heading out the doors to the south, then Unlocking the
 door to the East and Heading up the West-fork.  Work your way behind the 
 Conventicle and keep moving until you find a plaque with the words: 
 "M(??????) Conventicler"(?) on it, and a grave with a gate and a lever.  
 Ghosts and Ghouls attack once you get near. Get the key from the corpse.
-Head back to the Conventicle.  Unlock the doors with this key.  Cast "Open
 Ground" near the Grave.  Pick up the Heart of Earth.

-Find Hydros by walking to the South Side of the lake and hopping across the
 broken land-bridge.  
-Enter the cave entrance which is near the South-West side of the lake.  Hop 
 the wall with a hole in it.  Go through a few more walls, and eventually find
 a grave above a cliff and next to a small pond.  Cast "Open Ground" to free
 the water.
-Return and talk to Hydros.
-Head back to Tenebrae and talk to Devion for the Key to the Tear of Seas.
 I dunno if he'll be offering it yet.  If he doesn't, go on to the other
 elements and he eventually will.

-Find your way to town.  Talk to Stellos, and then (the guy with a sword?)
 who Stellos tells you to see about joining their order.  Pass the first test.
-Head West of the town to the point for the test of Centeredness.  Can't miss
 it.  The test is kinda tricky at first, but the trick is to be in the center
 before each new gust of wind.
-Head back to town and talk to Stellos who'll give you a key to the mines.
-The mines are below the Monastery.  Take the stairs down in the Kitchen.  
 Find 8 pieces of silver.  The building with no door opens with Mythran's 
 Scroll, and contains The Protector sword.  (+5 AC?)
-Return to Tenebrae and have the Blacksmith in Western Tenebrae make you 7
 Foci.  Then go BACK to Argentrock and place the foci on the altar.
-To pass the third test you need to return to the mine.  Cast "Aerial Servant"
 on the wounded Torax in the West-end of the mine to bring him closer.  Then
 cast heal it with "Healing Touch."
-Talk to the Xavier again.  To find his focus cast "Hear Truth" and ask 
 both he and Stellos about people.  Finally ask Holy Cyrrus about Torwin's 
 whereabouts.  Head to Windy Point.
-To reach Stratos, hop from between the pillars at Windy Point.  Hop your way
 up to her.  You can save some time for yourself by casting "Reveal" while
 she's visible and then "Aerial Servant" to get the Breath of Wind.

I just stumbled on this area, and didn't have a problem with any bugs this
might have caused.  So you can do it this way:
-To cross the Lava-River you need to find the point where Devion talks to you
 at.  Then cast "Air Walk" and leap across. (leaping directly Left from your 
 point of view looking at the monitor.)
-Jump the water and climb the cliff to "Daemon's Crag."
-Visit Bane and get her trust.  
-Visit Vadion(?) and get his trust.
-Give whomever you like most the other's TrueName.
-Learn to cast Fire-Spells in the Library.  Make sure the reagents are kinda
 close to the candles they're supposed to be.  You'll need reagents and a few
-Return to whomever you chose and take the casting-test.
-Head West and cross the Land-Bridge and enter the Obsidian Fortress.
-Run like hell from those Demons!
-Talk to the third Demon you see.
-Prepare these spells: Flash, Endure Heat, Extinguish, Banish Demon, and Armor
 of Flames.  You might want to do others as well, but these are necessary.
 You can save some time later by preparing Explosion and FlameBolt if there
 are enough symols/rods/talismans.
-Solve each of the 4 puzzles, and when you have all 4 symbols return to the
 Talking Demon.
-Finish the Master's test, making sure to have a Banish Demon ready.
-After the scene with Pyros, you should return to the Obsidian fortress and
 kill the Master.  Take the Tongue of Flame from him.

Now you need to visit Mythran and learn some spells from him.  You want to
get the "Ethereal Travel" spell from him for 250 coins.  To get money, I
slept in the Jeweler's bed for an hour and she was gone when I woke up.  I
robbed her blind, and then went back to sleep again.  She was back upon waking
so I sold her all her gems and had enough money.  I'm too kind...

Once you cast Ethereal travel you'll need to defeat each element.  Use each
symbol on each respective Titan.  Here are some tips to ease getting to them:

Earth: Use "Endure Heat" to get past the lava.  I don't get the rocks part.
Water: Just keep hopping!
Fire: You'll need a bunch of white balls to drop on the glowing squares.
Air: Ignore all treasure!  Just KEEP hopping...

Once you have beat them all and have 4 glowing objects, place them on the 
Pentacle in this order:
Mesostel Pa - Heart of Earth
Perivolcan Pa - Tear of Seas
Perivolcan Ze - Tongue of Flame
Mesostel Ze - Breath of Wind
Aphelion - Obelisk tip

Then double-click on the Tip, and then click on yourself.  This should then
open the Black Gate if you have them in the right order.

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