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Ever wanted to find all of Pagans weapons? 
heres where to find them.

1. Korgins Fang (of something like that) is a enchanted dagger, found
downstares in                 
Mythrans house on the plateau.

2. The Slayer is an enchanted mace, and is found in the slayer dungeon,
east         tenebrae.

3. The Bone Crusher is an enchanted hammer, found in a cave on the plateau
(look on the northern cliff face). 

4. The enchanted long sword, dunno what its called, but is found in the
fortress where the master sorcerer lives.

5. The Flame Sting, i think this is an enchanted sabre, it is found in the
northern most tunnel in the obsidian fortress near a daemon, and also in
pyros lair on the ethereal plain.

6. The Protector is a enchanted broad sword and adds heaps of defence to
your avatar, it is found in the house without a door (use Mithrans scroll)
under the monastry, on argentrock isle.

7. The Scimitar of Kumash Gor, obviously this is an enchanted Scimitar,
found in Kumash Gor's personage.

8. The Deceiver, this is an enchanted axe, found on an island near stone
cove, look for the disapearing stepping stones.

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