English Walkthrough 1.0


As I start writing this walkthrough, Gothic has not been released in English. I remember the first time I saw the game at 
the ECTS 2000 and I was really excited, so I trust it is only a matter of time before an English version is released. To 
speed things up, there is an online petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/g4all/petition.html. 
In the meantime, I believe many RPG enthousiasts with a level in German similar to mine (that is, not much) will try 
to play it in the original version. This text is intended mostly for them. Therefore, it is very possible that the actual 
names of people, monsters, item etc. change in the translated version. 
Anyway, on with the FAQ. 

Quick note: this FAQ is complete and open to the public. You may use it on your website as long as you keep it intact and 
that you ask my permission. You must tell me the url where you are going to put it and I will allow you to post it. Thank 
you. You can find contact information at the end of the document. 

1. Game system explanation
2. Story 
3. Walkthrough
4. General Tips
5. Useful German terms
6. Links
7. Contact info

That's for the folks who have troubles with the manual. 

1.1 General
Gothic is played mostly with the keyboard. You move with the ARROWS. 
The most important key is the LEFT CONTROL key. The LEFT CONTROL key is often used in combination with the arrows. 
LEFT CONTROL + UP is "use". Use it to interact with your environment. It is also used to fight (see later). 
Pressing the "0" key on the Numeric pad allows you to look around. 
Pressing ALT allows you to jump. It also helps you to climb stuff. In front of a stiff wall or rock that's about your size,
you may press ALT + UP ARROW key to climb on it. Pressing ALT + DOWN ARROW key lets you step backwards. 
Pressing SHIFT while moving lets you walk. You move slower, but most important, you cannot walk off a cliff and fall. 

1.2 Inventory
TAB calls the inventory mode. Inventory is divided into several categories: weapons, armor, artefacts, magic, writings, 
food, drinks, miscellaneous. You switch from one category to the next using the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys. Bear in mind 
that when the inventory is on screen, the game continues ie you can get hit, etc. 
In the inventory you may equip weapons, armor and magic spells. A word on each: 
If you haven't equipped any weapons, you fight barehanded. It is not very efficient and never will be in the game :(
You can equip ONE hand-to-hand weapon, and ONE range weapon. To equip a weapon, select it with the cursor and "use" it 
(that's LEFT CONTROL + UP). It you've done it right, the weapon icon will appear in blue, and a red "1" will be displayed 
(or a 2 if it's a ranged weapon). On what these numbers mean, see "combat" later. 
Weapons often have a minimum strength requirement, which means that unless you are strong enough, you cannot use it. 
Likewise, bows, crossbows and the like require a certain level of skill. 

You may equip one armor in a similar fashion. 
You can equip up to 6 spells in the magic section. They will have a number going from 4 to 10. Alternatively, you can press
a key from 4 to 10 on a spell to select it. Magical Runes sometimes require you have sufficient magical training. 

1.2.1 Taking things from a chest or a body: 
When you will find a chest or body or anything containing stuff, if you "use" it, your inventory will appear on the right and
the content of the container, on the left. You may swap contents by using LEFT CONTROL + the LEFT (put) and RIGHT (take) 
ARROW keys. 

1.2.2 Trading: 
you will sometimes meet people with which you can trade things. 
When this happens, you will see on the left side of the screen their stuff, on the middle six boxes, and on the right, your 
inventory. Use the LEFT CONTROL + RIGHT ARROW key while on the left part on the screen to BUY something. You will see the 
value above. In order to complete the transaction, you must SELL enough of your stuff, by selecting what you want to give and

1.3 Fighting
Press SPACE to switch between normal and combat mode. SPACE sends you in the last combat mode you were in, and this could be
either hand-to-hand, ranged or magic. You can use the NUMBERS to go directly to the mode you want: 1 for hand-to-hand, 2 for
ranged, 4-0 for the appropriate spell, 3 uses the last spell you used. 
When you fight, you cannot take items, but you can beat people which does compensate. Using LEFT CONTROL + UP, LEFT or RIGHT
swings your weapon in the appropriate direction while LEFT CONTROL + DOWN parries. When you parry, you block all physical 
attacks. Beware, because you can only parry for a limited amount of time, afterwards, you are off guard and very vulnerable. 
ALT + LEFT, DOWN and RIGHT lets you side step. 
When you get training for your weapon, you can swing it faster and can do some combos. 
In ranged fight, use LEFT CONROL + UP to fire and LEFT CONTROL + LEFT or RIGHT to change targets. 
Magic spells take time to be cast and in the meantime, if you are wacked, you must start over again. 

1.4 Special actions
1.4.1. Picking a lock:
Once you learn how to pick locks, you can try opening those locked chests you will find everywhere. First, "use" the chest
and then try to find the right combination. For this, press LEFT CONTROL + the LEFT or RIGHT ARROW key. You must find the 
right sequence. An example of combination can be LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT. At each step, if you guess right, you hear a 
reassuring "click". Else, you hear another noise and you must start over again. Additionnally, there is a fair risk that you
break your pick. The risk decreases with your training. 

1.4.1. Sneak:
Once you learn how to sneak, you can do so by pressing A. You can sometimes surprise your opponents. 

1.4.3 Acrobatics:
Once you learn acrobatics, you can jump somewhat longer and fall from somewhat higher. I have found that when falling, if 
you press the RIGHT KEY on landing, you take no damage (bug? cheat? well...) 

1.5. Info screens
Pressing S calls the Status Screen. You can see your level, experience, and various characteristics. 
Pressing L calls the Mission Diary screen. Each time you find something interesting, there will be a scribbling sound and 
something will be written in the Diary. There are several sections: current missions, completed missions, cancelled missions
and miscellaneous info. 

1.6 Experience, levels and training
Each time you kill an enemy, or at some key points of the game, you earn experience points. At certain thresholds, you gain 
a new level. Each new level gives you extra maximum life energy and 10 training points. 
You can use your training points by talking to some specific people (see list below). 
Some will train you for free, some will charge you, and some will do so under certain conditions. Moreover, to learn some 
advanced skills, some skills must be already mastered. I believe it is possible, albeit difficult, to unlock every possible
skill. Therefore, you must carefully chose in which areas to specialize. 
The skills include: 

one-handed weapons. Level 1 and 2. 
Two-handed weapons (one-handed weapon Lvl 2 necessary). 
Bows. Level 1 and 2. 

Lockpicking level 1 and 2. 
Pickpockets level 1 and 2. 


Magic: circle 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. 

Hunting skills (learn how to get hides, claws, teeth and horns from various animals). 

In addition to those, you can work on your Strength, Skill and maximum Mana level. 

1.7 Some items in the game
1.7.1 Magic:
To use Magic, you need a scroll or a rune. Each scroll is destroyed after one use. Runes belong to a circle, so in order to
use them, you must have sufficient training. Depending on your "allegiance" (see walkthrough) you will get the ability to 
learn magic soon or late in the game. No matter who teaches you magic, you can use all of the runes no matter the school of
magic they belong to (ie if you are a fire mage, you can use ice magic). You will be able to purchase runes from various
people in the game. So it's OK if you miss a chest with a rune in the game, and it's even more ok if you don't get one 
specific scroll. Except some special spells which are to be used in a scenario (so you can't miss them) all of the magic 
in Gothic is not unique. 

1.7.2 Weapons:
Weapons in Gothic deal a certain amount of damage. In Hand-to-hand combat, damage is calculated from the strength of the 
weapon and that of the character, and in range combat, damage is computed from the strength of the weapon and the skill of
the character. So strength doesn't play a role in ranged combat, nor does skill in hand-to-hand confrontations. 
There is no notion of "magical" weapons in the game, with one notable exception but you will know then, so just because a 
sword has a cool name and because it is unique in the game doesn't mean that the next merchant you'll see doesn't have a 
better sword for sale. 

1.7.3 Drinks:
Some potions can raise your permanent levels of life, mana, strength or skill. Be on the lookout for them! 

1.7.4. Artefacts:
You can equip one necklace and two rings. Chose carefully! artefacts generally change your characteristics (strength, 
skill, mana, life, or protection levels). 

(adapted from the manual)
Many years ago, in a faraway country, there was a land called Myrtana. It was a thriving kingdom. Year after year, the
granaries were full and the mines gave good copper, iron and Ore. No one wanted or needed. The priests of the gods had 
great power and influence, and the gods were keen to the people. The greatest was Innos, the god of the Sun and the Law. 
He was revered as the first and highest god and his priests were the Fire Mages. The priests of the god Adanos, who held 
the scales between good and evil, were the mages of the circle of water. There were no priests to serve Beliar, god of the
death, for his might was pure darkness. 
The blooming cities were also centers of knowledge where magic, astronomy or geography were studied. 
But joy and peace were soon replaced by want and mistrust. So it happened that the neighboring empires became jealous and
wanted Myrtanas's treasures for themselves, and none more than Varant. Armies of knights gathered on the hills of the 
Empire and ships made of dark woods were seen on the horizon, raising frightening standards of war. 
The armies of Myrtana were summoned to protect what was their homeland. 
It was war. 

The King's Armada sank ship after ship, but suffered great losses. On the land, the first battles were easily won, but then
both sides altered victories. Despite the many battles won by Myrtana, the Knights of Varant progressed in the land. The 
war, which Myrtana thought would be short, lasted many moons, skirmish after skirmish, battle after battle. And many,
who wanted to make a name for themselves, earn fortunes at war or just protect their homeland, soon ended on the 
battlefield. By thousands they came, and by thousands they died. 
King Rhotbar did not only try to protect the borders of the kindgom, but with his men he fought to reconquer villages and 
counties deep into his country. And what he could not reconquer, he destroyed. The war had already last more than four 
seasons. But his strategic science, that of his generals, and the alliance of army and magic allowed him, on a fine 
spring morning, to stand in front of the doors of the Varant capital. As if they woke up from a dream, the people of Varant
saw the army camping in front of their city and quickly surrendered. 
The doors were opened, the weapons sheathed, and King Rhotbar and his knights rode into town as true victors. The city was 
not plundered, the people not made prisoners. The King executed the leader of Varant, then appointed a regent and a council,
who were to rule the Empire from now on, and returned to Myrtana. He had won the war, but the price was high. 
Many men, sons, fathers and brothers had gave their life for the Empire. Furthermore, the supplies were low and winter was 
near. In many places there was hunger and distress. 
During this winter, weakened by his wounds of war, King Rhotbar died.
His son, Rothbar II, accessed the throne without ceremony. He summoned his priests, his advisors and his sages. Together, 
they developped plans to bring back the Empire to the state of prosperity that his father once knew.
Although the dreadful winter was over, another danger lurked upon the kingdom. Orcish hordes from the North crossed the 
border and plundered hamlets and manors. The king sent once again his armies to the border. Countless battles took once 
more many lives. It was just a short combat with no clear victor. But King Rhotbar knew that the Orcs had become strong 
enough to wage a war against Myrtana. Still, his own army was weak, diminished and poorly equipped. In order to craft new 
weapons, he needed Ore. The situation was overall bad, and worse in the mining cities. Thieves and deserters ran galore and
many prisoners had fled from the mines. 
The city of Khorinis, one of the main suppliers of Ore, was too important for the King not to act. It was because, in the 
mines of Khorinis, the prisoners extracted a special, rare kind of Ore - Magical Ore. 
This Ore, if rightly melted, could make a blade undestructible, with an edge so sharp that no armor could resist it. 
The King called the twelve most powerful Mages of the empire, six from the circle of Water, and six from the circle of Fire.
He ordered them to create a magical barrier around the mining ciry of Khorinis, in order to prevent the prisoners from 
escaping. A Barrier, which could let living creatures enter, but not escape. Together, the twelve mages started writing
a magical formula to invoke the barrier. As the formula was completed, with the help of five magical focuses, which they 
laid in a ritual pattern, they united their magical strength and spoke the words of power. 
The skies were torn asunder, and in deafening sounds of thunder, it was there. The barrier stood there as a huge dome over 
the land, covering a gigantic area - much bigger as planned. The confused mages soon found out that they too were trapped 
within the barrier. And the prisoners killed the guards, who were trapped with them by the magical dome. 
The mages and the prisoners did not join force, as the mages feared their weapons, and the prisoners quickly understood 
that without the mages, they did not stand a chance of escaping this magical jail. 
In the watchtowers gathered the prisoners, and at their head was Gomez, who lead the resistance. The joy of victory was 
soon replaced by concern about food and survival. The prisoner knew that for goods and wares they depended heavily on the 
outside world. The King needed Ore, as well. 
So they came up with a plan to satisfy both parties. The King will pay supplies of Ore with food and other goods, so the 
prisoners could survive. But all of the prisoners were not interested in working for the king. One of them was Lee. He left
the town and many followed him. They founded a new camp, next to another mine, which came to be known as the New City.
The Water Mages joined his side as well. They were looking for a solution to destroy the barrier. For their magical 
researches, they needed the ore of Lee's mine. Their goal was to use it to find a way out. 
The Fire Mages stayed with Gomez in the Old City. The installments paid by the Empire guaranteed the survival of the 
prisoners. Gomez enlisted the strongest of them as his personal guard. Soon he ruled a small empire. Although all were 
prisoners, while some were toiling in the mine, Gomez was asking for more and more in exchange of the Ore, and soon 
good wine, fine food and magical books abounded in his Castle. 
After many moons, a man in the colony began to tell others about his visions of freedom. He called himself Y'Berion, the 
Illuminated. His words were deep and persuasive, and he attracted many followers, with which he retreated in the Swamps 
to found his own city. And soon there were rumors of strange powers, magic and summonings that were even unknown to the 
mages. And this city did florish. They lived from the culture of Swampherb, which smell was coveted, for a smoke of herb 
gave the men pleasant dreams. They traded the herb with the Old City and soon they lived still rather meagerly, but 
The Empire recovered slowly from the wounds of the past. Wheat grew in the fields and new trade routes were opened. Only 
the Barrier reminded of a time of war. 
And then came the orcs. 
Like a storm rages over the land, they stroke the armies of the king and killed every man who tried to resist them. So 
Rothbar II readied his troops once more for war and every available man was sent to the border. 
In these times anyone who commited a crime, no matter small, was sent to the Colony of Khorinis. The fire of the smithies 
burned day and night and the hammers of the artisans were constantly beating. 

Another man will be judged guilty today and sent to the mine. 
You are this man. Just another prisoner who will work for the rest of his life in the barrier. So they think anyway...


3.1 Beginning
To sum up what happens in the non-subtitled intro, there's been wars between orcs and human (but then which medieval-
fantastic game doesn't have those?) and as a result powerful mages have created the BARRIER. The Barrier is a magical prison.
Once thrown into the domain within the Barrier, known as "the Colony", living creatures cannot escape. Over the years, the
King has thrown quite a number of prisoners into the Colony. And you are one of them. 
Shortly before being sent there, you are given a letter for the leader of the Fire Mages. 

You start the game with no equipment on a road. A bearded dude with a huge bow talks to you. He is Diego. Diego is an alright
fellow and gives you general tips. He is himself from the Old City. The Old City was the first camp to be founded by the 
prisoners. It is ruled by the Ore-baron, Gomez. Within the Colony, a magical mineral, "Ore", can be mined. Ore pieces are 
used as currency. The Old City trades Ore with the outside in exchange for other goods and, over time, it has become a 
powerful citadel. Diego tells you that the Firemages reside within the Old City, close to the Castle, and he tells you to 
come over and check out Gomez. 
Then he leaves. 

You may explore around but I recommend you follow him closely as he will kill every monster in sight and he is way stronger
than you are at the beginning. Follow the road and you will reach the Old City. 
There is an entrance to an abandonned mine where you can get a pickaxe. Later on the road, you can get an old sword. Hey, 
it's better than nothing. You can try to take out the "younger scavengers" or the "molerats". But do save now and again as 
you are very weak and can be killed by even a bug. Anyway you won't make your first level here and you'd better hurry to 
the Old City.
On the way you will cross the woods. DO NOT wander in the woods especially at night. At this level "Wolves" will kill you in
one blow and you cannot even harm them. Just gently follow and enter the big citadel. The guards will talk to you. Don't try
to outsmart them and just say you are to meet Diego. Diego's got quite a good rep in the city so they let you in no question 
asked. Else they beat you up. 
A rule in the world of Gothic is that when people fight each other, if one is beaten he is just knocked down. To kill 
somebody you must deal them a final blow while they are on the ground. However, if you are knocked down, your foe 
will often rob you of your stuff. Well if you want to try that draw your sword to the guards and they will give you a good
beating. Another rule you may want to remember is that if you enter somebody's house, countrary to Ultima where people feel
quite honored to have you searching their cupboards or something, they will attack you and generally even regular townpeople
are stronger than you are :( 

3.2 The Old City
Anyway, you are in the old city now. The Fire Mage residence is in the inner city, next to the Castle. Unfortunately, the 
guards aren't terribly excited by the idea of letting you in and don't even think of starting a brawl here, a hundred or so 
seasoned fighters will kill you before you unsheath your rusted sword or whatever you have at that level. 
You meet an armored guy called Thorus who tells you that you may enter if you enter Gomez service. The deal seems alright, 
but Gomez just won't take you unless you prove yourself (that proving yourself thing will become quite a recurring gimmick 
in the game). 
Thorus will let you in if Diego feels you are ready, and Diego will approve that if enough people vouch for you. Also, you
must be at a minimum level of 5. For the moment you can take a look around town. 
You can go around and talk to people. You will see that they are divided in several categories. The workers, the soldiers and
the Guards. The Guards are an elite of Soldiers and they generally bully around the workers. The Old City provides protection
for its members, against monsters, bandits and the like. In addition, Gomez provides regular food (as opposed to roasted 
monster) and other things to the people. In exchange, they must pay. The strong become Soldiers or Guards, and the other -
the workers - must toil in the Old Mine and produce enough Ore to afford living there. Gomez and his friends are quite happy
about the barrier, but they seem to be the dominant power around here. 
If you go around town you will see the arena, where gladiators fight now and again for the amusement of Gomez and his court,
the weaponsmith, who can sell you material to craft a decent sword, the marketplace, where you can buy different kind of 
Around town you will meet various important people which you must influence in order to get their approval. Bonus: each time
somebody vouches for you, you get experience points. As you are not a very strong fighter yet, these quests will be your 
main source of experience in the beginning. 
Fingers, the thief, will vouch for you if you have learned some thieving skills (lock picking, pickpockets, acrobatics or 
sneak). I recommend learning lock picking, which you can do in the new city (see below). Fingers is in front of his hut on 
the left. 
Whistler (go right at the entrance) wants you to buy him a sword. He lends you 100 Ore for that. You can use that money to buy 
iron, make swords, sell them and buy more iron at the sword smith. It is a rather slow process, but you can make these 100 
fructify which can be useful at the beginning of the game. Anyway, to have Whistler vouch for you you must buy a specific 
sword at the marketplace - look for Fisk. The sword costs 110 Ore. You may go back to Whistler and ask for the 10 extra Ore 
pieces. Give him the sword for experience. 
Sly, on the western part of the City, wants you to find Nek, the missing Guard responsible for a specific neighborhood of the 
town. Flechter is also looking for Nek as he is replacing him. Well, to find Nek, you must exit the city through the South 
gate (not the one you came in, the other one). Close to the gate, slightly on the right, you will see some "molerats" 
guarding what appears to be a cave. Kill them and enter the cave. There is a corpse: it is Nek's. Take his necklace and bring
it back to Sly. 
Scatty, the arena master, can vouch for you if you beat one of his gladiators. At this point of the game, it is absolutely
impossible. However, if you challenge Kharim, who is from the New City, he will be pleased enough even if you lose and vouch
for you. Scatty can also train you in 1-handed weapons combat. 
Snaf, the cook, on the left from the entrance, asks you to bring him some mushrooms and bugs. He won't vouch for you but if
you bring him that, every day he will provide you some "stew" and you don't want to know what's inside. 
Diego will give you a more elaborate quest - you must bring a "proof of trust". You must go to the old mine and back. At this
point of the game, this is an extremely risky journey as wolves are still way to tough for you. At least, he sends you to 
Graham which can provide you a map. Graham will try to sell you the map, but keep arguing that Diego told you he will give it
and you will receive the map for free. Graham can also sell you a map of the Old City. We'll detail Diego's quest later. 
Dexter, on the marketplace, wants you to bring him the secret recipe of Guru Cor Khalom, who lives in the Swamp City. We'll 
also explain that one later. 

Thorus tells you of somebody called Mordrag, a bandit that has some business to do with the Firemages, he appears to be a 
messenger of some kind. Thorus wants Mordrag to leave Old City forever. Go find Mordrag (he is close to the South Gate) and 
go tell him he's got a problem. He will thank you for telling him that and will ask you to come with him to the New City. 
Accept and follow him. 

3.3 The road to New City
Follow Mordrag around. It's a joy: you do not have to fight but do get all of the XPs. You can search the monsters and all, 
Mordrag will wait for you. You can stop on the way at Cavalorn's. Cavalorn can sell you a bow and teach you a thing or two. 
Eventually you will reach the entrance of the New City. Mordrag will recommend that you see a man called Lares. He gives you
a precious ring for him. 

3.4 New City
The New City philosophy, as you will discover, is quite different from that of Gomez. Here, people are peasants, Bandits or 
Mercenaries. People here value freedom above all. The New City is home to the Water Mages who have some kind of plan to 
destroy the Barrier involving Ore. Lares, chief of the bandits, and Lee, leader of the Mercenaries, protect them. Instead of
exchanging Ore with the outside for regular food and other goods, the people of the New City grow rice which is pretty much
the only thing they eat. Rice, rice beer, rice schnapps... No wonder that most people in the Colony prefered to work in the 
mine for Gomez. 
When you enter the city, follow the way until a second gate, you arrive at some form of lake. Continue - there is a building
in the middle of the lake which you cannot enter for the moment, it's bandit only. You will eventually enter into a large
grotto which is where most of the people of the New City live. You can find Lares on the left - follow the way for a little
while, then make a U-turn and there you are. 
Lares is glad to get the ring and you can ask him to join. You must again be level 5 minimum and have to perform a series of
quests in order to prove yourself and gain their trust. 
Joining the bandits is yet another possibility to get into the castle. If you are a bandit, you can become a messenger for
the mages and the castle guards will let you in. 
On your way to Lares you may have met a Baal Kagan dude who deals herb. If you talk to him, he will ask you to deal some for him 
and split profits. You need the cash and experience so do it. Just go talk to every soldier or bandit and propose them. 
Each will give you 10 Ore. At the end you get 100 Ore which you can keep, and you can claim a reward from the Baal. 
Well first thing Lares will ask you is to steal all of his herb, sell it and bring him the profits. I haven't found that 
terribly easy to accomplish but what Lares wants is basically 400 Ore which you can get by other means. Anyway, you can pay 
your way into the building in the middle of the lake, talk to the Baal, explain him the situation, and strike a deal with 
What will please Lares as well is that you betray the Old City. You could do that by bringing him, and not Diego, the "proof
of trust". This will bring you massive amounts of experience, but if you do it you lose any hope of joining the Old City. 
Anyway, in the meantime you can look around the New City. Wolf sells bows and armors and can teach you how to use a bow. Cord
outside of the grotto can teach you how to use a 1-handed weapon. Cronos sells magic stuff and can boost your mana level. 
There's that dude Gorn, check out his huge axe. You'd better be friends. Gorn tells you there is a house you could use but
somebody occupies it at the moment. It's the house immediately on the right when you enter. If you can beat the squatter you 
can have the house and some XP from Gorn. Other noteworthy folks include Blade, Orik, Wedge, Sharky and Buster, be sure to 
check them out. At this point you are cannot go talk to the Water Mages except Cronos. 
Learn how to pick locks from Wedge and Fingers in the old city will vouch for you. 

3.5 Swamp City
Back in the Old City, in the market place there is another Baal. Baal, Cor and Gar are titles in use in the sect that lives
in the Swamp City, the "Brotherhood". That Baal is your average sect scout, and talks you into joining. Accept to follow him
to the Swamp City. Follow him just like you did with Mordrag - he takes care of the monsters and you get the XP. 
Close to the entrance you will find Lester. Lester will be your best friend in the Swamp City. You find out that joining the
sect will be another possibility to enter the Castle, as you would be allowed to deal drugs in the castle. But in order to do
that, you need to prove yourself worthy. Again. 
A word about the Sect philosophy. The good thing about being a member is that you get a daily drug allowance and that you can
pretty much stick to your waterpipe all day, which explains they are a bit more popular than the New City. The sect leaders, 
Cor Khalom and Yberion, have a plan though for the barrier. They adore a deity they call the "Sleeper". They plan on waking
him (suprise surprise) so that he can tear the barrier and let everybody escape. For that, they ask the Novices to believe in 
the Sleeper and adore him. You will find out that the Novices don't believe anything anyway and are just generally happy to
chill out and smoke weed all day. 
Your career plan in the sect is as follows: first Novice, then Templar, a fighter of the faith, then Guru. The handbook says
nobody knows where the magical energy of the gurus come from, as they don't adore a regular god like the other mages, but 
they do seem powerful though. 
In order to join the Brotherhood, you must convince the Gurus that you are a worthy element. The problem is that you are not
allowed to talk to them - they must talk to you. 
Lester tells you about the one close to the entrance, Baal Namib. Lester and you talk about supposed visions of the Sleeper
you had in your dreams and Namib holds you for a true believer and vouches for you. Ask Lester to take you to the teachers. 
The guru there tries to teach magic to novices. Put one of them to sleep (you got yourself a sleep scroll, right? if not you
may try to buy one from Cronos in the New City) and the guru will be impressed and talk to you. 
I didn't try to join the sect myself so I don't really know about the other gurus so I leave the others as an exercise :)
Cor Khalom hangs out in a laboratory. He's got an aide always on site. Cor Khalom just don't sleep. He's the one who decides
whether you join or not, and anyway you need to be level 5 as well. The aide does go to sleep now and again. That's when you
can try to steal the recipe from Khalom by picking the lock of his chest. You can do that and get away from it - if you're 
careful, no one will see you. Dexter will be very pleased. 
Also, there is a guy in the sect who will give you 3 joints a day which you can resell. 

3.6 Decisions, decisions
So basically here you are. You may join Gomez Soldiers, Lares Bandits or Cor Khaloms Novices. I'd say it all depends on how 
you see things because all three choices will let you in the Castle and continue the adventure. Eventually you will find who
the good guys and the bad guys are anyway :) just so you know, if you join the Sect, you can learn magic right away, and if
you join the New City, you will discover magic only towards the end of the game ...
You must take a decision as you undertake the "proof of trust" quest. Go to the Old Mine using your map. Try to avoid fights
for now and don't try to explore the woods!! 
Enter the old mine and talk to people. You will learn about the terrible Minecrawlers which are horrible monsters. During 
your first visit to the mine, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT try to explore more than necessary and specifically DO NOT try to take
on a minecrawler. Just gently follow the way down to Ian. 
On your way you will meet a gentleman called Snipes who gives you 10 Ore to catch Aaron's attention. Just tell Aaron that Ian
wants to talk to him, and you don't know why. Snipes will sell you a key to open a chest which is there. What you will find 
inside is worthwhile, and don't worry - it's okay. Further down, you will meet a Ulbert fellow who also looks after some 
chests. He tells you that Alpeh has probably the key. Alpeh is a miner which you can find if you go back up then down and he
will sell you the keys. You can go back to Ulbert and tell him that they are opening a barrel of wine, and search the chests. 
Be careful and don't try that if he's around or he will try to kill you and most likely succeed. 
A bit further you will meet Ian. Ian gives you the list that Diego wanted without asking questions. 
You can now give the list back to Diego or to Lares, who will modify it, then ask you to return it to Diego. 

3.7 The Castle
At this point, you should be around level 5, so go kill a couple of easy monsters if you're not there yet and choose your 
allegiance. Even if you remain "neutral", provided enough people of the Old City vouched for you, Thorus and Diego let you in
the Castle so you can proceed to the Fire Mages. Do so and agree to give the letter to the mage that welcomes you, Milten.
You'll never really know what's in the letter except that it was for a certain Xardas who no longer lives there. The Fire
Mages are pleased to see the document though and let you choose a reward. I recommend the Mana drink who will boost your 
maximum mana limit (by the way, I don't recommend spending training points on mana). 
You can enter Gomez Castle and explore a bit. Be sure you've brought picks along. What you want to do is not visit Gomez but
the first floor of the castle. Explore all the rooms, open all the chests, and you should normally not have any form of 
money problem for a very long time. 

3.8 Promotion
Anyway you have to join a clan. You get a free armor and then some people will sell you stuff or be ok to train you. 
If you join the Old or the New City, somebody there (Raven or Lares through Mordrag) will ask you to find out what's 
happening in the Swamp City. Seems they've got some kind of a big plan going on. So whatever your initial choice the 
story becomes linear for a moment. 

3.9 Swamp City again
So return to Swamp City and find Lester. Lester knows about something and tells you to go talk to Yberion. Surprise, the
guards let you in when you ask to talk to him... Yberion is the big boss of the sect. He's trying to wake up the sleeper, 
and for this he needs a Focus Stone. He sent a disciple for the Focus, who never came back. Say you will find the stone, and
he gives you a map. 
Follow it, kill a few monsters... on the way there is a cave defended by molerats which you can raid. Eventually you will see
a sort of stone stuff in the ground with 4 fangs, that's where the focus is supposed to be. Save your game. 
Nydas, the disciple, is here alright, but he's completely crazy and will try to kill you anyway. So you can start at a 
distance with your bow (got a bow, right?). Nydas should be able as strong as you are so be careful. You don't have to kill 
him, but be sure to get the stone so you can bring it back to Yberion. 
Yberion now asks you to go to Cor Khalom's lab for another quest. 
Khalom wants you to go to the mine and kill a couple minecrawlers. He needs to make a potion out of them to strengthen the
spiritual energy of the believers, so that the Sleeper can be contacted. Basically what's at stake is the Barrier and the 
escape from the colony, so why not? Return to the old mine. 
There are quite a few Templars there on a regular basis. That's because Khalom makes potions out of different Minecrawlers
parts. But now you must find the nest of the minecrawlers and take out the Queen. You will find the different people in the 
mine less than willing to help you out. Go find Ian. He says his minter is broken and needs a cogwheel. He agrees to help you
out in exchange. Nearby, you can find an old machine with a cogwheel you can take to Ian. Unfortunately, it is guarded by
3 crawlers, which you should take down at a distance. 
Ian tells you of a gate down below and gives you a password to open it. On your way down you will meet 3 templars with names, 
remember where they are... you may also find some Minecrawlers. They are quite strong so beware. They are more vulnerable to 
bows than to weapons so try to kill them with ranged attacks. 
Go basically at the very bottom of the mine and explore until you find the door that Ian mentioned, and a lad called Asghan. 
You tell him the password, but he won't open the door unless there are Templars nearby. Go find the templars and ask them to
protect you, one of them wants a health potion but the other two join you for free. Go back to the gate which Asgahn now 
opens. In the battle, stay away and let the Templars do their job. You still get the XPs. 
I recommend you light a torch (it's very dark), go in the cave, get some Minecrawlers chasing you and go back to the entrance
where the Templars and Asgaghn will protect you. Do that as often as necessary. 
At this stage of the game you should be able to take down one crawler, but not necessarily two let alone three, so save and
be careful! 
Once crawlers are sufficiently dead, go back in and explore until you see the queen. Kill it - arrows seem to be ineffective,
so just wack it. Pick the eggs and escape. Go back up, talk to the Templars, to Asgahn and to Ian, exit the mine and return 
to Cor Khalom. 
If you joined Old City, you can go back to Thorus who will promote you as a Guard. You can get a new armor, learn 2-handed 
combat, crossbow techniques, and buy stuff from everyone in the Castle. Woohoo! 
Cor Khalom lets you choose your reward. Now he wants you to get back an Almanach which explains how to summon the Sleeper. 
For this, you are told to enroll Talas, which you find in front of Yberion's. Talas, let's say, is not the most useful 
warrior in the game and will basically flee whenever he can. He leads you to a bridge, telling you that the Almanach is 
somewhere on the other side and mentions something about goblins. 
Be sure that you have a good bow and plenty of arrows. You can use the bridge to either fight goblins 2 at a time, which is
still dangerous, or to take them from a distance with the bow. Eventually they will catch up with you. First kill those who 
are outside of the cave, and once they are all dead, carefully enter, then go back to the other side of the bridge and do the
bow tactics again. Well basically be careful because those are not your everyday goblins and when they are all dead, collect 
their weapons and enter the caves. You will find among other stuff 2 chests, one of which holds the Almanach. Bring it back
to Cor Khalom which will be very pleased. He tells you to come to the temple square in the night to attend the ceremony.

3.10 The Sleeper
If you go you will be treated with a non-subtitled :( FMV... Yberion and all the other try to summon the Sleeper. Things 
turn out not exactly as expected, and Yberion collapses. Everybody sees an orc escaping. Yberion is in a severe condition. 
Cor Angar, leader of the templars, ask you to go investigate. Talas leads you to a bridge leading to an orc domain. 

The orcs, generally, are very strong and resistant and can kill you in a couple of blows. Do not try to fight more than one
Orc at once or you will lose, at least at this point of the game. However, Orcs are slow and if you're careful enough, you
can block their attacks relatively easily. If you are well-trained in one sort of weapon, you can hit them quickly and cancel 
their attacks. As you approach the orc cave, you will see Biters (upgraded scavengers, dangerous) and a couple of Orc 
Hunters. Do try to take them one by one, then enter the cave. 
In the cave you will meet quite a few orcs, BE CAREFUL. See the Templar cadavers all around? Save now and again. Eventually
you will meet Baal Lukor, in a fight against more orcs. Help him (let him do most of the job though :) ) and he will join 
you. Go to the room in the middle, fight more orcs, and look around for a scroll, well specifically half of a scroll. Go back
where you met Lukor, and go down. There is a switch somewhere that opens a grid where you can find another scroll half. From
below you can see Luker through a hole. Go back to him, he assembles both scroll parts and tells you he can't understand it. 
He follows you now. Go back to where you met, now he gets it - it's an orcish teleportation spell. VERY useful. 
Go now to the last corridor. 
The trick here is to take the enemies one by one and let Lukor do most of the job. The Orc Warrior in the middle is a mean
one. Eventually Lukor will have a vision and you will use the teleportation scroll to go trough a wall. Use the winch and
Lukor follows you. Follow the corridor. 
Nylas syndrome: now he's gone mad and wants to kill you. Fight back. 
Go back to Cor Angar and explain him the situation. Yberion is dying and the only hope is to gather 5 super healing herbs
from the swamp. These herbs are really at the far end of the swamp. Go to the entrance of the camp, dive, and go straight. 
They are rather easy to spot as they look different from the other healing herbs (heilerkraut). Do not try to pick up the 
Swamp Sharks as you have little chances of even hurting them now. Go back to Cor Angar. 
It is to late. Yberion is dead. The general belief in the sect is that that so-called Sleeper is a major badass Ore-demon 
and not a saving god as announced so motivation is generally low. Still, Cor Khalom has escaped with a few fanatical templars 
and they are trying to find another way to enter in contact with the Sleeper. 
Cor Angar admits there could be a better way to deal with things and send you to the Water Mages of the New City. You can 
take the Almanach and Focus Stone from Yberion's chest. You also get a teleport stone to the Temple. You can raid the other
chests there, nobody will complain. 

3.11 Back to the New City - the Focus
Return to the Old City if you are a Guard, and report to Raven. If you are a Bandit, report to Mordrag. You can now become a 
Mercenary - just ask Lee! In addition to a much better armor, you can now learn 2-handed combat from Lee. 
Go to the New City. Talk to Cronos, explain him the situation, and he will give you a password so you can talk to Saturas, 
leader of the Water Mages. 
The Water Mages have also a plan to destroy the barrier. They have been gathering Ore, a powerful magical source, to channel
that energy through the five Focuses and take down the barrier. The Focuses were originally used to create the barrier, so 
they should be used to destroy it, as well. 
Give the Almanach and Focus to Saturas. He will give you a map to the other Focuses and will ask
you to recover them. You see that the 5 focuses form a pentagram. Figures. 
You already have one of them. 

The easiest one is the Troll focus. It just involves killing a troll which is almost impossible in itself, but you should be
okay! You can find the Troll next to the old Mine. It is the north-western tip of the pentagram. So go there via the Old City
and you will find Diego. Diego is also looking for something. You can see from there the troll and a swarm of goblins. I have
found that the troll won't react if you don't shoot. So DO NOT shoot these goblins, take them on with a hand-to-hand weapon. 
By now it is possible that you have learned 2-handed combat techniques, put them to good use! Diego just cannot die so use 
him as well (especially since you get the XP no matter what :) ). Try to get all of the goblins to die, then consider the 
Troll problem. Basically, it's invincible. There is a skeleton somewhere in the area with a scroll. Diego will catch the 
Troll's attention while you read the scroll which will shrink the Troll into a very mortal form! Slaughter him without mercy
(that's 2000 XP). There's a winch over there, use it with Diego and open a gate. Follow the corridor for the Focus stone. 
Beware of the Harpies. These you can shoot, but they are quite a few of them so be careful! 
Once you get the Focus, Diego will leave. 

The next interesting Focus is the Stone Henge focus. It is the south-western one. 
The best way to reach this Focus is to exit the New City through the main gate and to take the road up the mountain. 
Eventually you will meet Milten, the Fire Mage. Milten is looking for an orcish talisman which is in a cave next to a bunch
of big stonehengy stones. Problem: the cave is full of undeads. The skeletons are tough, but OK. The problem is the Warden 
which is a powerful undead. Milten gives you one single Annihilate Undead scroll which you must use to kill the Warden. 
First you should deal with the skeletons because you don't want them to spoil your spell. Stay close to Milten, focus on one
at a time and heal often. Then when there are fewer Skeletons go for the Warden, try to keep some distance and launch the 
spell. Then you can finish off the remaining skeletons. Milten could take them all down anyway. There are two trunks, and in
one you will find the talisman and the focus. There is also approximately 500 Ore. 

Go now to the Cloister Focus. That's the north-eastern one. That one is fairly safe to access. But then...
You will meet Gorn. He will be more than helpful because the place is full of Snappers, those pesky dinosaurs. You shoot them
and he axes them. This gets the job done. Gorn takes you down under, follow the way until you find a chest. The chest
contains a key and some magical scrolls. Go back up with Gorn and cross the chasm on the tree. Kill some more Snappers. You
will reach a gate, and Gorn will tell you that no man has ever crossed it. That's when you use the magical scrolls you found
below to change into a bug! Wait to turn back into a man then use the winch. Gorn and you are in. Kill some snappers, explore
the tunnels: you will soon find a shadow beast (not too hard to kill). Behind it is a door with two chests, one of which 
holds the focus. As you exit the tunnel, you are attacked by a young troll. Let Gorn handle it! it is still a Troll! Then 
Gorn leaves you. All you have to do now is to get the last focus. 

Go back to the Old City, then go north towards the Orc domain, but instead of following the way, go for the mountain and 
climb as high as you can. Eventually, you will reach ruins of an old castle. Progress until you find a bridge. Beware: 
behind that bridge is Bloodhound domain. I found the Bloodhound extremely difficult to slay, they may be easier with a bow 
or magic but at any rate they can easily kill you. Close to the bridge is a cave with a door and in the room is a chest
which holds a hammer and some scrolls. The OrcHammer is a decent weapon and does 50 damage, so equip it. 
Continue in that general direction and you will find another bridge. Between you and the other side is a Stone Golem. It is 
not hard to kill but just in case, save before. If you have the OrcHammer equipped, you can wack it before it can even move, 
as it is very slow. What you do not want is let it hit you, it will send you flying on like 10 meters and you will be knocked
down, so it can easily smash you again. Weapons other than the Orc Hammer (swords, etc.) will not damage the Golem, neither 
will bows or magic. But anyway, the hammer will kill it. 
Continue your ascension. You will see a tall building and will meet Lester, from the Swamp City. Lester is after an official
land deed that would grant him the domain within the Barrier. The deed is useless in the current state of affairs, but 
Lester has good hopes that the Barrier will soon be destroyed... aren't we all ? Unfortunately, there are harpies galore 
in the building, so it is not going to be that easy. Harpies are really a nuisance because not only they are many, they fly 
all around and are difficult to strike. Try to take them by small groups. Do not leave a room which is not empty. Use the 
walls and angles to single them. Go right, and Lester will climb the ladder. You must explore the floor - you are looking
for a chest with a key inside. In the room where you find it is a switch which opens a secret room where you can find some 
interesting drinks if you kill the Skeletons first. If there are no more harpies, it is not too hard. 
Then follow Lester, climb the ladder and find Lester on some kind of balcony. You can open the chest with the key you found, 
it contains the land deed. Lester in exchange gives you some Telekinesis scrolls which you can use to move the focus. Equip 
the scroll, then move around the balcony until you get visual contact with the focus. You can now use the scroll. Jump down, 
grab the focus, chat with Lester and leave. 
Go back to Saturas. 

Before you do, you may want to check out the old City if you have some kind of unfinished business here because it's going to
become an extremely unconvenient to visit in the near future. Especially if you haven't raided Gomez's chests, it's a perfect
time to do so, especially the ones in the tower- go in the castle, go up, then right, and behind 2 locked but pickable doors 
is the treasure vault. Among other things there are some very valuable and rare Shadowbeast horns, and I warmly recommend you
get a few of them whenever you can. 

Anyway. Give whatever Focuses you have to Saturas. It's big XP time. Saturas tells you that the only problem is that 12 mages
are required for the ceremony, so it's a good time to reunite with the Fire mages. Since they will most likely trust you more
than anyone from the New City, you are sent over to the Old City. You know the way. 
Lee will talk to you on your way down, telling about his days as a general. Over at Cavalorn's you will meet Scorpio from the
Old City. Scorpio can teach you crossbows and he's got good weapons for sale. If you still go one-handed, check out the 
Berserker Blade which is the best 1-handed sword in the game. 
Go to the Old City through the main door. The guards sneer at you and won't let you in. Fletcher and co even attack you! 
Retreat. You will encounter Milten who will give you the scoop. All Fire Mages but him have been killed, which make the 
challenge of reuniting them quite tough. Milten will send you to Diego, close to the South Door. Go there: Diego gives some 
further explanation. The Old Mine has been flooded. Almost everyone was killed. Gomez felt that his rulership was in jeopardy
, so he had Corristo and all of the Fire Mages killed, and he raided the Free Mine through a secret passage. Diego and Milten
are looking for their friends Gorn and Lester. 
All you can do now is teleport back to Saturas. Saturas, earlier, said that if the reunification of the mages couldn't be 
completed, there could be one other possible, although very uncertain way...

3.12 Xardas
You are sent to meet Xardas. Xardas is the former leader of the Fire Mages who left ages ago. He is known as the demon 
summoner and both groups of mages seem to generally fear him. To make matters worse, he lives deep within the orc domain. 
But, he's the only one who can help now so you don't have much of a choice. 
Before you go, be sure to have some fire magic and some ice magic. If you can't use magic runes, then you must get magic
scrolls. Be sure you still have the orc hammer as well. Also, depending on your former allegiance, you may now be allowed
to join the Water Mages, and learn Magic with Saturas. That is, if you chose to join the old city, Lee takes you as a 
mercenary, and if that case, or if you are already a mercenary, you may become a water mage. If you joined the swamp city, 
it's ok because you can still learn magic there. Anyway, be sure to have at least a couple of fireball / ice arrow spells
which will come very handy. Ideally you would have a fire arrow / ice arrow rune or better, and if not take at least 10 
scrolls of a magical spell in both fire and ice attack magic. 
Go back to the old City, then south to the orc domain. Once again I recommend to avoid confrontations when you can and 
save often. Your objective is not displayed on the map, which does not help, but it's a fairly large tower which you can
see from afar. Stay close to the mountain but do not climb and you should be alright. When you are fairly close you will
meet a stone golem. Equip the hammer and whack him like you did last time. Search the golem for its heart. Then, ready a 
fire spell, save, and go forward. When the road turns, you will meet an ice golem. Use your spells to waste it and once
more, take its heart. Ready an ice spell, save, and continue - you will meet a fire golem. Do not let him attack, use your
spell and once it's done in, take its heart. When you have the three hearts, continue to the tower of Xardas. Enter, on the
left you will meet a demon. He will contact you telepathically. Give him your three hearts and you will receive a rune that
will let you teleport to Xardas. Finally, you can talk to him. 
Xardas seems to have little care for his fellow mages. The fire mages are all been killed? well says Xardas, Corristo and
his followers willingly chose their executioners by sticking to Gomez. Actually, the fire mages were quite satisfied by the
situation so they got what they deserve! The water mages are trying to use the huge stack of Ore to destroy the barrier?
But the magical Ore will only strengthen the barrier! According to Xardas, the only possible answer must have something to 
do with the orcs. The orcs are not what many think - beasts. Their culture is as deep and ancient as that of the human. 
Xardas is well aware of the nature of the Sleeper and ask that you seek Ur-Shak, an exiled orc shaman who lives in the old
castle ruins on the top of the mountain. Ur-Shak should tell you the end of the story. 
Well, you know the road to the old castle ruins, so climb the mountain once more to see an orc shaman surrounded by three
orc Temple Warriors. The shaman will cover you with fireballs so you can quickly dispose of the templars. By the way, try 
to get downstairs, there is a stone golem there which is still 1000 XP. Anyway, go back to Ur-Shak. He will be grateful
that you saved him and will tell you the rest of the story. 
He has been exiled because he says the Sleeper is evil. At this point it's not really a scoop. The Sleeper has been 
summoned ages ago by a tribe of orcs to anihilate their foes. But now, the Sleeper is pretty much out of control. Shamans
still continue its cult and make countless sacrifices. Five shamans gave their hearts to summon it, and the strength of
the Sleeper lies within these hearts, which are kept deep in an underground temple below the city of the Orcs. The temple
is locked for decades. The only way to enter the temple is obviously through the city of the orcs, which you can't enter
without fighting hordes of orcs. That is, if you don't have an Ulu-Mulu. It's a standard of friendship which the orcs
respect. To get one, you must first rescue, well, a friend of Ur-Shak which is held prisoner in the Free Mine.

At this point, I feel that you could very well take down the city of the orcs by yourself, by singling out a couple of 
warriors at a time. There are about one hundred of them so it is very tedious but quite possible if you are well equipped, 
and especially if your character is mostly a "warrior" (high strength, high skills in weapons, etc.). Else you have to go
through the process of obtaining an Ulu-Mulu which is also quite long and tedious, so it's your call.

You should teleport back to Xardas, and report what the shaman told you. Then teleport to Saturas. It's better not to tell
him about what Xardas actually said... Riordan is here and says Gorn wanted to talk to you, he is waiting outside of the 
city on the way to the Free Mine. Go see him, he is planning to retake the Free Mine and you could use his services. He 
tells you that Wolf wanted to talk to you. You'd better go back to Wolf. He wants you to kill enough Minecrawlers to make 
an armor out of their shells. You'll have to bring him 15 plates - basically, try to kill every minecrawler you see in the
free mine. 
Return to Gorn and progress to the free mine. Close to the entrance, you will be attacked by Jackal and two Guards. They
are quite tough but Gorn joins the fight. You can now open the gate to the mine and proceed. The layout of the mine is 
quite simple. You must kill all of the Guards, and should try to get as many Minecrawlers as possible, at least 8. Beware
the Guards on platforms, they will shoot you with their crossbows. Also, you should finish off guards that you knock down,
else they get back at you even if they are empty handed! At the very end of the mine you will find Tarrok, Ur-Shak's friend.
Tarrok has been poisoned and is looking for his medicine. It is a very little bottle which you must search all over :( 
It is in a niche amidst some mushrooms. 
Tarrok will then explain what he needs to make an Ulu-Mulu. The hide of a troll, the teeth of a Swampshark, the tongue of
a Fire Varan and the horn of a Shadowbeast. You can find a troll where you found the troll focus. You can even purchase a
shrink monster scroll by Xardas. There are still many Swampsharks in the swamp so that one shouldn't be a problem. The
Fire Varans can be found next to a ship wreck, north of the Swamp City, or close to the orc domain. They are excessively
dangerous and their breath can kill you in a fraction of second. Gather all the protection against fire that you can and
try to kill them before they can reach you. Do not try to fight a pack of Fire Varans for this is certain death. There 
remains the Shadowbeast. The Logbook says you could find them in the woods between the Old and the Swamp City, but I haven't
found any there, so although there must be some shadowbeast in some woods somewhere in the game, I found the best solution
was to have one already from Gomez's chests (see above). 
Once you have everything you should go to Tarrok and get your Ulu-Mulu. Incidentally, Wolf has completed your Minecrawler
armor which is quite a good one. You are now ready to raid the Sleeper temple. 

3.13 The Orcish temple
Go to the Orc city. You will meet Ur-Shak in the front of the bridge. He says that you could possibly open the gate to the
temple using the statues on the pillars, and mentions that you should not use magic in front of the orcs or they will 
attack you. Equip your Ulu-Mulu and the orcs will remain calm. Explore around the city and you will find several chests. 
One of them contains scrolls, among which a scroll of orcish teleportation. Far from the entrance, there is some kind of 
square where four shamans pray around some kind of pillar. On top of the pillar is an idol of sorts. Getting the idol could
be dangerous for now so your best chance to get in the temple is to go near the closed gate and use your scroll of 
teleportation to go in. Go to the stairs: you are in the Sleeper's temple. 

As you can expect, the temple is absolutely full of undead of all kinds. You will find skeletons to be suprisingly weaker
than last time you met them, though, but in hordes they can still be dangerous! beware the Skeleton Mages who summon extra
skeletons. When you enter, cross the chasm and you will enter a big room where you will wage your first battle against a
large group of skeletons. Go for the Skeleton mage on top first even if you must take a few hits. 
This room has several locked exits, so head left, press the switch and enter. The door in front of you will slam shut and 
two walls will open behind you revealing two secret rooms with one skeleton in each. Each room has a switch and the action
of both switches will open the gate. Proceed in the next room. There are three switches that you must activate in the right
order, that is until a movie sequence shows you the room you came from with gates that open. Go back, fight another bunch 
of skeletons, then proceed to the next room. Go left: there is a corridor that leads to a room where you will fight your
first Orcish Temple Guard, they are not that tough and they are slow, but they hit hard so be careful still. At the end of
the room there is a switch which will open a door in the room you came from. The very end of the room you are in is very
dark, do yourself a favor and bring a torch or magic light and you can get yourself some decent treasure. 
Go back to the room from which you came. Problem: you are still trapped in the room where you fought the Guard. There are
two switches. Facing the door, use the right one. The left one will cause the ceiling to crush you. 
Now that you are out, go left (that is, to the end of that big room). The gate will shut down behind your steps, which is 
the kind of things you will grow used to in the temple. Proceed, and you will find the first Shaman - Varrag Hashor. 
Just hit him until he dies, search the body and get his sword. You need the sword to exit the room anyway (use it on the 
"weird stone"). 
Then, jump on the high stone platforms, and follow the corridor, and soon you will meet your second shaman, Varrag-Unhilt,
which is not much harder than the first. Climb on the platform through the middle (walk on the grid) and push the button. 
Instead of opening the gate that traps you inside, it opens the small grid below. Beware, it is full of spikes, but they 
will retract after some time. Go down, bring a light so you can search the sarcophages for various treasures, and press 
the big green button so you can go out. 
It is now time to go underground. You will meet tougher minecrawlers, but they are still manageable. Go right, and soon
you will find a room with three switches, not unlike the one in which you opened the doors in the first big room. Again
use the switches in the right sequence, each time you use a switch, a lower demon will be summoned. After the third switch,
the third Shaman, Varrag-Kasorg, tries to kill you. Don't let him succeed. Next to one of the switches you can find a fine
2-handed sword, Vengeance, which is probably better than anything you found so far (a decent 92 damage). 
Back to the tunnel, explore the other branch. You will find a large room with mine crawlers and what looks like a person. 
It is in fact a Templar who will try to kill you. The templars are well equipped and make formidable opponents, so be 
careful. While you are at it, kill the minecrawlers! Proceed. Lots of gates are closed here. There are carvings on the 
wall showing bows shooting at some targets. You will find a room full of skeletons, I mean, regular dead people. Look 
carefully around for a switch. Press it. Now exit the room and go towards the room you came in from the tunnel, NOT the 
bigger room. Stay in the entrance, but slightly outside, and shoot an arrow. You will hit a target which will make spikes
in the floor appear, and once more they will retract after time. Re-enter the room, notice the hole in one wall, and the
target inside. Shoot again. A gate will open. Go there. 
You will find a room with three switches. Find the right combination. Each time you make a mistake, a lower demon appears. 
Eventually, the door in front of which the Templar stood will open and you can continue your way into the depths of the 
temple. Save. 
You will face a tough battles with Templars, Orc Guards and skeletons. Now, the geography is becoming a bit complex to 
explain by words only but you will get a feeling for that! There is a way that will lead you to some kind of underground
tunnel with arches. Go Left in that tunnel. You will arrive to some kind of island in the middle of a lake of lava. 
Around the island are several rooms with demons and switches. Kill the demons, use the switches. Eventually, a bridge will
connect the island and the ledge on which you stand. Go to the island. DO NOT try to enter the building through the front 
door or spikes will kill you. Try to find some kind of hole in the wall through which you can sneak. There, you will find
the fourth Shaman, Varrag-Ruushk, and most importantly take the sword that rest on the altar. It is a kick-ass weapon but 
you will need to take it to Xardas. 
Return to where you came from and take the tunnel with arches in the opposite direction. You will arrive to some kind of 
altar on top of a small island on lava again. I do not recommand diving in lava so just be careful and reach the switch on
the altar. Use it and you will go down. In the room below, use the right switch (the left won't kill you but it will cause
minecrawlers to come and attack you) and return upstairs. Go back to where you entered the tunnel with arches, and take 
another corridor which goes up to where the gates you just opened with the switch down there were. Again you'll have to 
fight your way through Templars and Orc Guards. Check out the rooms on your right for interesting treasures, most notably
for Troll Fist, a 2-handed axe which does 100 damage. Continue to some kind of bridge. Behind it you can see what seems to
be the inner sanctum. Just after the bridge, you will meet the fifth shaman. Unfortunately, you can't damage him. Try to 
hit him, then flee. Exit the temple and return to Xardas. 

Xardas will tell you that the sword you found was called Uriziel, and that it is quite powerful but it needs to be 
reactivated which will need a huge quantity of magical energy. Like a gigantic heap of magical ore or something similar...
Xardas proposes that while he researches the formula for activating the powers of the sword, you go to his old tower and
gather a few artifacts. His old tower is an half-sunk building in a lake west of the Old Castle Ruins. I found the best way
to get there is to return to the old castle and jump in the water from the bridge that leads the Mountain focus. Anyway, 
there are other way so just swim your way there. Enter the tower. You must then swim down a corridor and on a distance, to
emerge in a room full of skeletons and zombies, who are quite a pain. Since they are slow, you may as well ignore them, run
and cross the room to the chests. You will find interesting goodies such as a Ore Armor and a rune that allow you to 
teleport to the pentagram of the Fire Mages... that is, inside the Old City. 
Return to Xardas from now. He has the formula ready. Go to Saturas. You will meet Milten here and the two of you will come
up with a plan to activate the sword. Indeed, for the magic to succeed, one must hold the sword and another read the 
magical text. Go down to the heap of Ore is, and watch the FMV. Needless to say, not everybody approves what you've done 
so you'd better teleport away, like to Xardas. 
Xardas will be pleased to see that you've got Uriziel all powered up and will propose to make a rune out of the sword. It 
could be a good idea if you are a good wizard, but you must master the 6th, yes 6th circle of magic, and it takes quite a 
few Learning points to get there!! It's your call. The boosted Uriziel does 120 damage + 30 magical damage. 
You should be ready for the last part of the adventure by then. 

Before you beat the game, there are one or two things you might want to do. I find this is the perfect time to go kill 
Gomez for instance, since you can teleport back to the Old City. Gomez's weapon, Innos Fury, does 110 damage which is good
if you've created a rune out of Uriziel (the standard Uriziel does "only" 90 damage). 
There's also that tower next to the ship wreck which you can explore. Lots of skeletons there, but not much of a treasure. 

Equipped with Uriziel or the Death Wave rune, and the Ore Armor, I think you can assault the orc city by yourself and kill
everyone there. Anyway, this time around you are not going to be able to enter the temple without violence because you will
have to use telekinesis to move the idol from the pilar, take it and use the switch. Only if you move the idol, the shamans
are not going to be your friend, and at that time you are probably going to be followed by dozens of various orc warriors...
Anyway, you must enter the temple. 

Go to where the last shaman was, and waste him with Uriziel. You're now very close to the end which is pretty much 
straightforward. You will have a chat with Xardas on your way to the inner chamber of the Temple, meet a few Templars of 
the Apocalypse, and finally, when you will enter the room of the Sleeper, you will see an old pal... Cor Khalom and his 
followers. Cor Khalom is extremely tough and the novices he's got around are quite strong too, and there's like twenty of 
them ! One way I found to get rid of them all is to use a few "Army of Darkness" scrolls purchased from Xardas. It summons
a dozen of skeletons. Khalom and the Novices are much stronger than the skeletons but like that, the fight is more even...
Using the topology of the temple it is also possible to end up fighting one or two Novices at a time. 
Anyway, you have to kill everybody. 
When you're done, open the five coffins one at a time, use the swords on the heart, and fight the demon. When you strike
the last heart with a sword, this is the end of the game...  

4. General tips
4.1 Training 
At the beginning, in the first few levels, work your STRENGTH and SKILL levels. Else you will find the fights to be 
The best weapons in the game are 2-handed. Towards the end, the gap between 1- and 2-handed weapons becomes quite large
so you want to be sure that you learn 2-handed weapons. 
I haven't found Acrobatics or Sneaking terribly useful and haven't bothered learning Pickpockets. I don't think it is worth
it to learn lockpicking level 2. 

(to be completed)

5. All the German I know I learned it in Gothic

tauschen		trade
Rüstung		armor
Nahrung		Food
Waffe			Weapon
	Schwert	Sword
	Axt		Axe
	Bogen		Bow
	Armbrust	Crossbow
Trank			drink (often potion, etc.)
Verschiedenes	Miscellaneous
Alte Lager		Old City
Neue Lager		New City
Sumpflager		Swamp City
beibringen		teach/train
Truhe			Chest
Kiste			Box
Dietrich		pick
Alte Mine		Old Mine
Freie Mine		Free Mine (Mine of the New City)
Erfahrung		Experience
Stuffe		Level
Magier		Mage
Feuermagier		Fire mage
Wassermagier	Water mage

(to be completed)

6. Links

www.gothic.com for everything that is happening around the game, and hopefully soon the English demo
www.gothic.de is its German counterpart

In German
gothic.gomp.net is a nice site about Gothic, and has in addition to a walkthrough lots of info about the game such as
maps, forums etc. There is even a forum in English!
www.worldofgothic.de is another site dedicated to Gothic. The cheats section, very complete, is of great interest. 

7. Contact information

This FAQ has been written by Jerome Cukier, you can join me at [email protected]
I'm not a native speaker of English either so don't hesitate to tell me if there are spelling or grammar mistakes. 
If you liked this FAQ, please purchase Gothic if you haven't done so, and while you're at it buy all the games I've worked 
on - www.montecristogames.com
If you want Gothic translated in English, go to http://www.petitiononline.com/g4all/petition.html

This document copyright Jerome Cukier 2001

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