GOTHIC II ADD-ON:  The Night of the Raven

A solution by Lu Richardson

The Product:

When I heard that this add-on was not going to be released in English because 
the team was already working on Gothic III and even IV, I was terribly 
disappointed since I am a terminal Gothic fan.  However, I found out that if 
you bought the German version some very kind people had written a translation 
(at tremendous effort and without any thought for themselves; thanks!).  This 
translation allows anyone who understands English to enjoy the add-on; without 
it, only German speaking people can play it.  Of course, you hear German 
speech but the subtitles are in English. 

General tips:

If you are reading this you will have already played Gothic 2, so you will 
know exactly what to expect.  I'm afraid you are going to have to play it over 

The best thing I can do to write this walkthrough is to take my old solution 
to the Mercenary version of Gothic II and adapt it to the new developments.  
Why Mercenary?  You will see later on.

Well, as ever, I give the most logical sequence of events, but you can do them 
as and when you can.  I couldn't possibly tell you *everything* you could do, 
so feel free to explore around and do your own thing.

One word of advice:  keep your eyes peeled because there are many new things 
in NOTR.  Pick up everything you can, you are going to need a lot of cash; 
hoard as many stone tablets as you can lay your hands on and keep them.  The 
ones with a peak you can trade to Valtras if you want.  When you get it, hang 
on to your pickaxe.  Hoard all the lumps of gold you pick up.  When talking to 
people, try to use all the lines available if you can, although in some cases 
you will see there is no need to do that.  Obviously, offer to help whenever 
the opportunity arises.

The game starts as Gothic II did, but when you first speak to Xardas you get 
another cut scene - in German this time.  I didn't understand a word but it 
didn't look good.


After you've talked to Xardas and Chapter 1 begins, talk to him again then 
start searching.  On the table to the right of Xardas you will see a tablet, 
pick it up and ask him about it.  You get to keep it.  You will see a huge 
gate to the left of Xardas.  Go to the fireplace in the other room, stand 
close to the right hand side of it and "use" the practically invisible switch 
- the gate will open and you will be able to access the items inside.  By the 
fireplace you will also find a Heavy Branch (your first weapon), make sure you 
equip it straightaway.

Go upstairs, pick up the key and open the chest.  Read all the books around 
here (and elsewhere); every time you read a new book you get experience 
points.  Go all the way down the stairs and search some more.  This time there 
are herbs on the benches in the ground floor room, as well as an important 
belt - wear it.

The Path

After you've searched around and got everything, step outside the tower.  Turn 
to your left and scramble somehow behind the tower, there are some items 
there.  Getting back to the front of the tower is easier.

Advance to the waterfalls on your left, kill the goblin and search on the left 
of the waterfalls to find some items - equip the bow straightaway but at first 
keep your arrows for dealing with the bloodflies.  

Enter the caves under the path and explore them until you come into the 
valley.  Go down the ramp and find the camp site - talk to Lester and persuade 
him to go to Xardas.  He will also tell you another way of getting into town, 
so pick lots of herbs.  You can search around here and find another cave.  
When you've finished, go up the ramp and leave the caves; follow the path 

You will meet an old friend:  help Cavalorn with the goblins and talk to him. 
 At the end, don't use the last line "Let's go kill the buggers" but choose 
END instead.  Go to the bandit at the foot of the stairs and talk to him using 
the second line every time and he will be friendly, continue until he tells 
you about Dexter.  Then tell him Cavalorn is after him - he runs away.  Go 
back to Cavalorn and use that last line, follow him and help him kill the 
bandits.  Talk to him, search the bodies.  Read the note from "D" but don't 
open the sealed letter.  Since I'm a first-class nosey parker, I saved the 
game, read the note and then reloaded.

Follow along the path and when you get to the Statue of Innos turn to the 
right and behind it and go find Maleth amongst the sheep.  Talk to him till 
you get all the info.  Tell him the bandits won't be a problem.

Talk to Lobart and say you are for the peasants.  Carry on talking and get the 
job of picking the turnips.  Go to the field to the right and pick them all 
and give them to Lobart.  Ask him about your pay and the clothes (don't buy 
them yet), also if he needs anything else doing.  Find Vino and talk to him; 
he'll want some wine (Maleth will have given you some).  Go to Hilda and give 
her turnips.  She will feed you every day.  You can also do another job for 
her:  buying her a pan.

Before you do that buy the clothes from Lobart at a discount (don't forget to 
pay).  Go in the house and into the bedroom, open the chest and take the 
clothes only (wear them).    

To get the pan just follow the path out of the farm till you get to Canthar 
and do so, taking it back to Hilda.  You can also sell all your surplus to 
Canthar if you need cash.  If it is getting late, sleep at the barn. 

If not, get back to the path.  Near the City you will meet a suspicious 
character called Greg.  Talk to him and, even if you prefer to leave him, give 
him your work clothes.

Get to the city gates and, when challenged, say you've been collecting herbs 
(which I sincerely hope you have) for Constantino.  You are in.

The City

Once inside, talk to Lothar and get all the info he has, i.e., use all the 
lines.  When he goes, you will see in front of you two shops, one to the left 
and one to the right.  Before you do anything else, go back to Xardas and talk 
to him.  Then return to town to where you were after your talk with Lothar.  

First, talk to Rupert at the stand on your left.  Get all the info, and trade 
if you have things for sale.  Now go to the shop on the right and talk to 
Bosper.  You want to be his apprentice.  He'll tell you about Bartok.  Get all 
his info and learn to skin animals (you should have some learning points to 
spend by now, you'll need 5 in this instance).  Make sure you buy plenty of 
arrows from him.

Leave the shop and go across to the other one and talk to Matteo.  Keep 
talking to him till he tells you about Gritta.  Agree to help.  Don't buy the 
armour until you are sure you have the cash to spare; you are going to need a 
lot of gold for other things right now.

Leave the shop and talk to Regis.  Go behind him and keep left right to the 
end, enter Ignaz's house and talk to him.  Agree to help with his experiment.

Go and talk to Bosper about the bow.  On, talk to Thorben:  he asks you to get 
a blessing from two priests.  Talk about Gritta.  Go on towards the smithy and 
Pablo the guard (if he is there) will speak to you - pretend everything is 
fine.  You will see Harad the smith ahead of you.  Talk to him and try to get 
his approval.  He wants an orc weapon.

Turn right and go to the house, talk to Gritta and say you will pay her debt. 
 Read the book by the door.  Leave, go under the arch and into the door to 
your left.  Talk to Constantino and get his approval for joining another 
master.  Unload your herbs.

Through the arch and save your game.  Look at your inventory and find the 
Oblivion spell, press CTRL.  You should see a number 4 on it.  Enter the 
tavern, go for Coragon and if you can manage to knock him down, cast the spell 
on him by pressing 4, leave and come back again when he is up.  Talk to him.  
(If you can't knock him out, cast the spell as soon as you've hit him once and 
got him angry.  Or try your luck with Valentino (see further down)).

Leave the tavern and go talk to Valtras.  Use every line and have a good, long 
conversation.  He recommends you see Lares.

You might as well carry on here and get to the market.  Talk to Hakon (amongst 
other things he tells you about Joe, who is in fact locked up in the tower 
near Gritta.  You have to pickpocket Peck (try and say *that* in a hurry), who 
is in Andre's garrison, and free him when you have the skill and you have a 
minute; ignore Greg, talk to Jora, Daron (just get his blessing, don't get 
involved) and Sarah.  Cross to the other side and talk to Zuris, buy one apple 
tobacco pouch and the bag of pepper (hang on to this for later).  If you ask 
him about the potions he will eventually tell you about king's sorrel - this 
triggers the appearance of this herb behind Lobart's farm.  Ignore Beltram for 
now and talk to Rengaru, follow him, get Jora's gold, report him to Andre up 
the stairs and in (but don't talk about anything else), return the gold to 
Jora (don't ask for a reward).

Move on to the square and talk to Abuyin.  Ask for a prophecy (remember you 
can do this in every Chapter and get experience points).  Ask him also about 
tobacco and he will give you two pouches of apple tobacco.  Keep them.  You 
should now have three - for them you will also need (when you find them, 
swampweed, dark mushroom and honey).  We'll do this later, just hang on to the 

Talk to Wirt the innkeeper in the square and help yourself to the free beer.  
If it is getting dark, find Pablo and talk about the bandits (don't give 
yourself away), go to the Inn, talk to Hanna and go to sleep.

In the morning, go and talk to Bartok.  Go hunting with him, you know what to 
do:  save your game, don't let him get killed and, once the wolves are dead 
and he asks you if you want to continue, see if he is in good nick.  If he is, 
go for the orc but try to avoid the shadowbeast to the right of the ravine 
because you don't know yet how to get the horn and you will need it later.  If 
you want to have a go on your own, let Bartok go back to town, then keep to 
the left and kill the bloodflies, then start shooting at the Orc as soon as 
you see him.  He's actually quite easy to kill... from a distance.  Get his 

While you are here, get to the back of Lobart's farm and to the circle of 
stones.  You will see a satchel, and on the stone there is a switch.  There 
are three of them, on various stones - I pressed them all and the ground shook 
but nothing else happened.  The king's sorrel and a tablet are beyond the 
circle, near the cliff face.

Into town, go to Matteo and pay Gritta's debt, go to Ignaz and learn how to 
brew potions cheaply, talk to Thorben and, if you have the cash, get him to 
teach you to pick locks, go to Harad and give him the orc weapon, then visit 
Gritta.  Go to Bosper with your six wolf skins and become his apprentice.

Now for the Docks.  Talk to Meldor, go down the street and talk to Fenia.  At 
the tavern, deal with Moe and question him.  Go in and talk to Kardif.  Ask 
about the missing people and about work, then ask about the "special" work.  
Go and talk to Nagur and agree with everything he says.  If you talk to Kardif 
again about work he will tell you of a little job you can pull later on.

As you come out of the tavern, go right, talk to Brahim and buy the maps.  
Talk to Garvill.  He tells you about Farim.  Get past him and at the Warehouse 
turn right into the alley then talk to Alrik.  Fight him.  When that's over, 
turn to your left and go along to talk to Alwin, say you will take care of 
Fellan, go around the corner and talk to him, then fight him and talk to him 
again.  Go back to Alwin for your reward and back to the Warehouse, go in, 
fight the guard, get his key and open the two chests.  Keep the packet.

Go on up the ramp and report Nagur to Andre.  Talk to Beltram and get the job, 
talk to Jora about Alrik's sword and he will give it to you for nothing since 
you got his gold back.  Go to the square and talk to Rangan, plying him with 
Take the sword to Alrik and get back to the pier, talk to Jack.  Next, talk to 
Lares - first get the Lee bit over (and don't ask the way to the Farm), then 
say Vatras sent you.  Use all the lines but not "OK, let's go".

Talk to Halvor about the missing people but don't go behind his stand yet to 
deal with the fellow who is after you.  Instead, turn to your right and go 
alongside the ramp until you see Farim by the entrance to the pier with the 
paladin's ship.  Talking to him will reveal a location.  Don't do anything 
about it yet, go back and up the ramp where the knights are training and talk 
to Martin.  First talk about the weapons question then help Farim.  You can 
also buy molerat fat from him.  Go back to Farim to get your reward.

Finally, go to the Red Lantern where Borka will give you his spiel, go in and 
talk to Nadjia then talk to Bromor and find out about the missing girl then 
pay to have fun.  Follow Nadjia and ask about the missing girl, have "fun" if 
you want and leave.

It's probably night by now, so go to sleep and in the morning leave by the E 
gate, pay your 10 gp to Mika and turn to your left.  Go all the way to the 
Lighthouse and sort out the scoundrels.  Go in, empty the chest, go all the 
way up the stairs and collect the items you'll find there.

Go back the way you came, past Mika and on till you get to the stairs on your 
left, up, go left and follow the road.  Actually, if you go to the left of the 
road from where you meet two rats and follow it along the edge of the cliff to 
the end you will find a nice little cache of goods.

Back to the road and follow it till you see a cave to your left.  Go in, kill 
the bandits and when you get the weird fish open it and read the note.

Go back down the road to Akil's farm, get the brothers in the field at the 
back to fight by going backwards and forwards talking to one then the other.  
Go across the field and talk to Kati.  She asks you to help, so go for the 
mercenaries being careful not to hurt anyone else.  Talk to Akil and accept no 
reward.  Talk to Randolph.

Go down the stairs and towards the Tavern.  Kill the beasties by the battle 
scene and go on to talk to Erol.  Back to the stairs, up, turn right and go 
towards the Tavern.  Kill the bandits and search their bodies for the missing 
tablets.  Pick up their weapons and look at them - some are marked "F".  Keep 
one of them as evidence.  Open the chest (RLLRRRL) for nothing much.

Go to Erol and give him the tablets.  He goes home inviting you to go with him 
(don't) and does not seem interested in his goods any more, so clean up the 
scene of the fight.  Go in the cave, kill the animals, open the one chest that 
can be opened (LRLLL) and get the bag.  For the other chest, of course, you 
need the key that Lutero gives apprentice mages when they do a job for him, it 
contains a blank rune.

Time to go back to town and confront Halvor with his note.  Report him to 
Andre and now you can visit the guy behind Halvor's house.  Kill Attila and 
get his key.  Move on and talk to Edda behind him (if you come across a 
statuette of Innos, bring it to her).

[At this point, while you are as yet uncommitted, you might want to save a 
special game in case you want to play it as a Magician or a Paladin.]

Go back and follow the waterfront to the other end, tell Jack in passing that 
he can go back to his Lighthouse, go past the warehouse and jump into the 
water.  Swim around to the right and you will see the entrance to...

The Guild of Thieves

Enter the Guild and go first to the left, fight some rats and get to a room 
with a chest.  The combination is RRLLR.  Inside you'll find some peoples' 
belongings which you must return to them for experience points.  In this room 
there is a statue of Beliar you can pray to, if you want - for three hit 
points you get 500 cash, but I don't know if it will be worth it in the long 
run.  I stayed clear of these and all other Beliar statues.

Carry on exploring till you come upon Jesper.  Talk to him and ask him to take 
you to his leader.  Talk to Cassia, get all the info and join the guild.  She 
will tell you to prove yourself by getting a ring from Constantino (under the 
arch by the smithy).  At the Guild, you must learn how to pickpocket and how 
to sneak.  Talk to Jesper (now or next time) and ask about the locked door in 
the sewers and he will give you the key to it; inside there is a chest with 
very interesting items.  The combination is RRRLRRRLRLRLRRLLLRRL.  If you get 
it open and tell Jesper, you get experience points.  Talk to Ramirez in a room 

Leave, go to the Inn and sleep till midnight.  Go to Constantino's house 
(save) and, before you enter it, get into sneak mode (press the X key).  Go to 
the chest and open it (LRRLR), get the ring, sneak out of the house and go and 
sleep in the Inn.  In the morning, give the ring to Cassia.  She gives you the 
key to the Hotel (up the ramp from this room) and gives you another job.  You 
have to collect 6 Blood Chalices.  Talk to Jesper and Ramirez again, just in 

There is no point in even trying to get the chalices right now.  And don't be 
tempted to pick pockets till you have enough dexterity (at least 30)... always 
save before you try.  Purses are not worth the trouble (apart from the 
experience points) but keys are.

Go up the ramp off Cassia's room and out the door so that Hanna can 
acknowledge you for what you are then go to the entrance to the Thieves' Guild 
and swim past it following Cassia's instructions.  Land on the right when you 
can and explore the beach carefully, then talk to Skip.  Ok, turn your back on 
him, get in the water and swim to your right, land where there is a boat 
stranded.  Kill the beasties, grab the items and the tablet and open the chest 
(RLLRRLLLRRR).  Examine the old stone tablet.  Not you have to walk along the 
front of the boat to clamber into the next beach... carefully.

Once you open the chest (RLLRLL) swim back to the harbour, up the ramp and off 
to do a few last minute chores.  Go to Baltram and hand him Akil's package.  
Question him about the pirates but don't offer to help him (a lot of work for 
few experience points).

Report to Valdras what you know so far and hand him the tablets - you can 
bring him any you find.  Go return the silver to Coragon.  Go and return the 
bow to Bosper.  While you are at it, get rid of your surplus stuff and buy 
anything you need.

If you are all set, it's time to go to the Landlord.  Leave by the E gate and 
head towards the Tavern.  On your left, behind a grassy rise, there is a cave 
with some items, an orc and a wolf, a chest (LRRLR) and a teleporter which 
leaves you by the Tavern.  Save and have a go and if you can't do it, just run 
past the orc and wolf and use the teleporter.

Near where you materialise there are three beasts and a locked door.  Check 
out the cave to the left along the rockface, there are three goblin skeletons 
and three zombies, also a lump of black ore and some other stuff.

Anyway, go to the Tavern and you'll meet Greg who annoyingly starts bossing 
you around.  I'd like to wash my hands off him, but I need the experience 
points.  Put him onto Dexter and then offer him 10 coins.  Put up with his 
abuse and follow him.  

At the cave kill all the goblins, search their bodies and find the red cross 
on the ground.  Equip the pickaxe and use it on the cross (press CTRL).  After 
a while you get a leather satchel - take it to Greg.  He makes another 
outrageous request.

Go back to Orlan and talk to him, rent a room.  Check out what he is selling 
and bear in mind that you are going to need a ham, a loaf and a bottle of 
milk.  Talk to Rukhar, propose Randolph for the contest and place a bet.  Go 
upstairs and check out the open room.  Go into one of the bedrooms and sleep 
till midnight.  Go down, open the chest by the bar, take the bottle of gin 
(only) and put in a bottle of water.  Go back to bed and sleep till morning.  
Go tell Randolph about the bet and give him the money.  Head for the Tavern 
once more and find the sign to the Landlord.

How to be a Mercenary

Follow the path to the Landowner's farm; first you might like to follow the 
to your left till you reach Dragomir (fighting some scavengers on the way).  
Talk to him; he is missing something and later he will teach you the crossbow 
skill.  Go back to the path to the Landowner's.  When you near Greg's cave, 
kill all the bloodflies and the lurkers, swim to the little island in the 
pond, get all the herbs and make with the pickaxe - you get another leather 

Back to the path, follow it and you will bump into Buster.  He will challenge 
you.  Knock him out and, when he comes to, talk to him again.  Be friendly and 
get all the information he has to give.  At the front of the hut here you'll 
find Erol - talk to him and trade with him if you want.

Continue along the path (you'll notice Greg at the crossroads) and you will 
come to Fester.  Talk to him and offer to help him because you want to join.  
Follow him to the cave and help kill all the beasties.  Clean out the cave.  
Talk to Fester again and he won't want to know you.  Fight him and knock him 
out; talk to him when he comes to, no need to say anything, really.  Leave him 
and follow the path again.

When you reach Sentenza, be polite and pay up.  Go into the farm and you will 
see the smithy on your left.  Talk to Wolf on your right and say you want to 
join.  If you talk any further you will find out that he can teach the bow and 
also that he is looking for a job.

Go into the house and talk to Lee.  Talk to Khaled.  Go outside and talk to 
Torloff, get all the info; choose to collect the rent from Sekob.

Go to the tavern.  Talk to Jarvis and get all the info.  Talk to Thekla and 
offer to beat Bullco.  Out, talk to Cipher (he is looking for his swampweed), 
talk to him only about Bodo at the moment.  

Talk to Raoul, he's rude to you so teach him good manners.  When fighting 
mercenaries, wait till they draw their weapon before you attack and don't rob 
them when they are out.  Talk to them again when they wake up.  

Next go to Rod and ask him to teach you to fight.  He'll be rude - say you are 
strong enough and you'll win the bet.  Refuse to hand over his weapon and he 
will fight you barehanded.  When you win, give him back his weapon and say you 
want to join.  He will also teach you to fight if you want.   

Go to Bodo and accuse him of stealing the swampweed.  He will deny having 
stolen anything.  Turn to your left and go along to Dar, by the church.  Ask 
him about the stolen swampweed and he will deny all knowledge.  You could beat 
it out of him, but you already have the packet.  Give it to Cipher and don't 
rat on Dar.

Go past Bodo and talk to Cord - ask him to help you become a mercenary.  Go 
behind him and find Pepe.  Talk to him and help him with the wolves (they are 
roughly behind him in an old campsite).  Go back to him when you've killed 
them and talk some more - he tells you about Bullco.    

Enter the tavern again and go towards Sylvio, who gives you a warning.  Bullco 
will tell you to clear off and you won't, of course.  Fight him and don't rob 
him.  Talk to Jarvis again - you have his vote.  Talk to Thekla.  Talk to her 
again and she will give you some stew (boosts your strength).  Ask for some 
more and she will tell you to get her some herbs from Sagitta.  We'll do that 
later.  Go to Pepe and tell him you've thrashed Bullco.  

While you are here you might as well drop in on Dexter (look at your map).  
But first, visit Grom at the foot of the Tower, give him the food he wants and 
learn how to get shadowbeasts horns.  You can also save your game and try your 
hand at killing the beasts beyond Grom.  There is some nice stuff stashed away 
right at the back.

Anyway, find the path up to the Towers and go talk to Dexter.  You have an 
interesting conversation.  Leave.

If you go to the stone circle in the middle of the fields and press the 
switches a stone creature appears - all the farmers join you in destroying it. 
 When you search the remains you get a fragment.

Go to Sekob's farm, past Dar, in that general direction.  Talk to Bronko and 
beat him up.  Talk to Balthasar.  Talk to Till and tell him about Bronko.  
Agree to help, talk to Bronko and back to Till.  Go in and talk to Sekob; 
you'll have to beat him to get his money, be firm.

Get behind the farmhouse and head N.  Enter Sagitta's cave, get Thekla's herb, 
ask to be taught.  Sagitta tells you of a special ingredient.  Leave the cave 
and turn right.  Keep going right and along here till you come to a bandit's 
camp.  Kill them all, search them and search the camp well.  You will find a 
Delivery Note - read it to know who is behind all this.  You will also find a 
letter from Lucia plus Bromor's bowl.  The chests, left to right, can be 
opened with LRR and RRLRL.

Head back for the Landowner's, talk to Torlof and he will send you to Lee who 
sends you to Onar who sends you to Lee.  You are in.  While you are here, go 
up the ramp above Onar and talk to his wife Maria.

The Mercenary Trail

Torlof will welcome you into the mercenaries as you come out of the house. 

Along the road to the Tavern Raoul will tell you you cannot kill a black 
troll.  Say "no problem" and move on.

At the Tavern the contest should be over (or sleep there until it is), talk to 
the participants.

Into town, get to the upper quarters.  You'll be challenged all the way to 
Lord Hagen, keep saying you have a message from Lee.  Talk to Hagen and, when 
the 2nd Chapter begins, go on talking to him.  Leave.


Talk to Lutero and find out what he is looking for (you could also buy his 
speed potions).  Talk to Salandril, see if you can steal his key.  On the way 
out, walk past to Fernando, who makes you an offer.

Unload your furs on Bosper.  Go to see Martin and show him the epee and the 
Delivery Note.  Take the bowl to Bromor.  Speak to Garvell.  Get a prophecy 
from Abuyin.

Go to Vatras and he'll give you another job - well worth doing straightaway 
since you can get a ring of dexterity when you report back.   

When you've finished in town go to the Tavern and run Vatras errand.  Head for 
the Monastery and you will find your man when you are almost there, in an open 
air temple to your left.  Once you've handed over the message get back to 
Vatras and choose the dexterity ring.  Report to Vatras.

Leave and go to report to Lee.  Torlof will give you another job, which is 
fine because that's where you want to be.  Go to Bengar and at the foot of the 
stairs fight the scavengers, go left and fight the bandits.  Open the chests 
with LRLRRL and LLRRRL.  Free Elvrich who is in the tent by talking to him.  
Go up the stairs and towards the farm, talk to Malak then to Bengar (don't 
mention Balthasar).  Run to the militia men and kill them.  Go back to Bengar 
and use the first line.  Go behind the barn and find the cross, you know what 
to do.

Follow the road to the entrance to the pass and talk to Gaan.  Get him to 
teach you to extract claws and ask about the hunting.  Offer to kill the 
beast.  At the end of the conversation turn left and follow the shore of the 
pond to the other side, killing lurkers as you go.  You will see a cross here. 
 For now, go on along here and kill the snapper, turn around and go to Gaan to 
get your reward.

Now go to the cross and do your stuff.  Go down the stairs again and to your 
right:  near the bandit camp you'll find the last cross.  Get the amulet and 
go to Greg, hand him his stuff.  Talk to him about the mercenaries, mention 
Dexter and offer to go with him.  He doesn't need you any more.  

No need to go back to Torlof, just go to the Pass.  The guards will speak to 
you, open the door and go through, look for an opening to your left, go 
through the tunnel killing rats and at, the other side, cross the bridge.  You 
will come to the passage through the old mine and out to...

The Old Colony

Save as soon as you are through.  Those who played Gothic will recognize where 
they are and feel entirely at home.  Those of you didn't need to go left.  It 
will be night and you can't do anything about it; if you have a Light spell, 
cast it and if not, use a torch.  Go up the ramp and across the wooden bridge, 
kill the beasts and grab a rune on the barrels which will allow you to 
teleport here.  Go under the bridge and on.  Soon you'll witness a terrible 
sight.  Onwards, to your right you will find a Paladin being chewed up by a 
Dragon Snapper.  Kill the snapper and collect what the Paladin is carrying, 
principally his Light rune.  Go on down the path and you will meet Jergan, 
talk to him.

Just down the path and to the left, where the fence is broken, swim to the 
long sandbank and kill the lurkers.  Turn left and walk right to the other end 
of this strip of sand, killing any others and collecting swampweed (get as 
much as you can), then jump into the river; swim on keeping a watchful eye on 
lurkers - if they start nibbling at your toes, get to land to kill them.  You 
should swim under two wooden bridges and, after the second one, look for a bit 
of flat land on your right.  Climb out and, if you move forward, you should 
see in the distance, right in front of you, a broken siege machine against the 
Castle's walls.  Run to it dodging the orcs and climb onto the wooden beam 
that reaches the top of the wall.  The orcs won't follow you.  At the end of 
the beam you'll have to ALT + arrow up a couple of times to clamber inside.

Start talking to everybody (ask Brutus to train you and you'll get the Den 
quest; you'll find Den across the bridge up a slope in front of you, on the 
way to the New World).  Explore around, reading books, picking up the odd 
stray item, etc.  You know what to do.  But first sleep till morning.  Save.  
Find the open doorway with a guard in front, walk in and right to the end, 
turn left, up the ramp, open the door and use a bed.  Sometimes you get 
attacked if you do this because you are a mercenary and these are the knights' 
quarters.  Worth trying, though, it usually works; but be careful where you go 
in the Castle.

Your main task here, apart from meeting Garond, is to find your old mates.  
You will find Milten in one of the buildings, speak to him.  (Upstairs in this 
building you will find a rune for getting back here, get it.)  

Be sure you speak to Percival and Oric.  When you speak to Garond ask him to 
free Gorn and pay up.  Go to Gerold at the other end of the castle and talk to 
him.  Go in and free Gorn (use the switch by his door), he'll give you some 
armour and you'll agree to meet at Milten's.  Go there and wait for him, then 
talk to them both.  Take the opportunity to go next door and pick up anything 
laying around.  Use the alchemist table to mix your tobacco with honey, 
swampweed and dark mushroom.  When you get the chance, give the tobacco with 
honey to Abuyin, the one with swampweed to the gardener behind Lord Hagen's 
headquarters and the one with the dark mushroom to Dar.

When you've done everything you could, go back to the broken siege machine.  
Study the map Garond gave you and note the position of the mines.  Save your 
game here and don't overwrite it because sometimes there is a bug that does 
not allow you to see the mines marked on the map once you are on your way.  If 
you can't remember where they are when you are miles away you'll have to save 
there and reload this game.  

To the Mines

Scramble down the wooden beam as before and, dodging the orcs, run straight on 
and into the river.  Go right and swim to a low bridge.  Here you will have to 
land to the right and follow the path (note the tents on a cliff to your 
right) and, with the minimum of diversions, get to a crossroads.  Examine your 
map and take the middle road.  Along here, on your left you will see some 
wooden walls.  Enter the mine and you'll find everyone dead, also some 
minecrawlers.  Fight them from narrow doorways and don't let them get behind 
you.  Explore the mines and you will find Silvestro in the last cave.  Get his 
belongings and read his note.

Leave:  as you come out you can skirt the rock in front of you going right and 
then follow the path to the Tower.  Explore around it.  Clear the tower of 
nasties and get right to the top where there is a rune which will allow you to 
get back here.  One floor down there is a bed on which you can rest.  

Go back towards the first mine and this time follow the path towards your left 
till you come to some snappers, kill them and enter the other mine.  Talk to 
everyone; find out about Diego from Jergan.  Fajeth will ask you to kill all 
the snappers.  Don't argue and do so.  Some are in front of the mine, some 
above.  Usually another one appears near the lake.  If you are after the 
Leader of the Pack because of Lutero's quest, talk to Bilgot about the 
snappers.  He'll tell you about it but you have to take him with you when your 
task is done.  When you've killed the beasts talk to Fajeth.  

To find Diego, look at your map.  Between the big tower and the castle you 
will see a horseshoe-shaped structure.  Take the path to it and you will find 
Diego in there.  Talk to him.  In the new version of the game, Diego can go 
with you to the exit; he'll want to go around past Marco's mine, the long way 
to the exit and you will have to clear the way of any monsters.

Make for the river and the next mine.  This time swim along the river all the 
way north (dodging orcs and killing lurkers) till you come to a waterfall.  
Actually, you can go under this waterfall to find a lurker and some items.  If 
you don't want to go in, turn to your right and get out of the river, you will 
see the mine tower in front of you.  Go in and talk to Grimes.  To follow 
Marcos, go back to the river and cross the two wooden bridges.  You will meet 
a variety of challenges on the way but you will eventually come to a derelict 
red-roofed building with lots of rats.  Behind it, in a cave, you will find 
Marcos.  Talk to him.

Equip the rune for getting back to the Castle, cast the spell and go report to 

Get back to the Pass, collecting Bilgot and Diego on the way (teleport to the 
Tower as a shortcut to get to them).  As you go through to the New World, it 
will be...


When you get to the gate you will meet a seeker; after he has spoken, crowd 
him and kill him.  Outside the gate you will see the two knights dead.  
Collect what they are carrying, particularly the rune.  Further on you meet 
Lester, who gives you another rune and requests that you visit Xardas.  Don't 
do so without talking to Bengar first.  Go to Xardas and talk to him.  When 
you've finished, head for town.  The path will be strewn with Seekers and the 
best policy is to walk with your crossbow/bow at the ready because their 
labels will appear on the screen and you can creep up on them and shoot them 
before they can cause you any harm.  Inevitably, some will get at you; it 
doesn't matter, just try to kill them quickly.

Of course, along the way you will meet Cavalorn again; help him with the wargs 
and talk to him.  Sell him his black ore and tell him you delivered his letter 
to Vatras.  Go on.  As you go past, talk to Lobart and Maleth.  The latter is 
missing his walking stick.  It's in the stone circle behind the farm here 
(together with a shadowbeast), give it to him and, as payment, he'll tell you 
where to find some bandits and some gold.

Go on your way and, before the city gates, go left into the ravine and keep 
right this time to where the orc was (killing a shadowbeast along the way), 
turn right and hug the rockface all the way to the cave with the gold.  Kill 
the bandits, get the bag, open the chest with RLLR.  On your way again.

Once in town go to Hagen and talk to him.  Go down the stairs and talk to 
Diego.  Agree to help him - let's get that out of the way.  Use the rune to 
get back to the Pass, go into the Old World.  If you have one of those potions 
which make run like the wind, use it now.  Run to your right dodging orcs till 
you get to the pond, the satchel is on the left side of it.  Grab it and run 
back to the pass (or teleport to it).  If you don't have such a potion you 
will have to fight the orcs one at a time.  Once in the New World, use the 
rune to get to the Harbour Town and give Diego his money.  He will ask you to 
take a letter to Gerbrandt in the upper quarters.  Do so and then come back to 
Diego for experience points.  

Go to see Bosper and unload your surplus.  Talk to Gritta for experience 
points.  Go to Lares and ask for news, he'll tell you about Bennet.  Buy some 
more maps from the cartographer.  Go to Andre and ask to see Bennet; go to his 
right, talk to the gaoler and then use the switch by the door to Bennet.  Talk 
to him.  Leave him locked up.

Go to Hagen and speak to him about Bennet.  When you have all the info, go 
upstairs and confront Cornelius.  Keep talking to him till you say "I don't 
believe you".  Ask him what he wants and cough up the money.  When he runs off 
you might have a bash at stealing the Blood Chalice in the next room, but save 
first (and remember to sneak!).  Read the book Cornelius gave you.  Go to 
Hagen and show him the proof.  He frees Bennet.

When you leave, turn left and go around the building to find the gardener.  
Give him the nod and he will give you some info.  Hand him the weed tobacco 
for some experience points.

You can go to Lehmar and lift his book.  Look at it.  Talk to Thorben, give 
him the book, ask to buy lockpicks and retrieve the book.  Go to Coragon, give 
him the book and, again, buy it back from him. 

Go to the Hotel and talk to Hanna.  Ask how things are and be sympathetic.  
She'll ask you to get her an old document.  Be helpful and give her the 
treasure map you've just bought, without asking for anything in return.  Give 
her the book.  She will give you a key in a satchel.  To use it, swim to the 
entrance of the Thieves' Guild and with the door behind you, swim to the 
island ahead of you.  Get on land, keep right, fight the lizards and find a 
pile of rocks which are a different colour right at the end of the beach.  Go 
through the vegetation, fight the lizards and use the torch on the wall behind 
them - this disables a trap.  Now you can go in farther into the cave and 
collect all the goodies.
When you've finished here, teleport to town and go to the Tavern (watching out 
for Seekers); buy a rune to get back there.  Go to the Landlord; along the way 
Buster will make a proposition to you.  At the farm, Torlof will ask you to 
sort the bad guys at Dexter's.  Go in and talk to Lee (he will give you a rune 
for travelling back here); ask for another job.

Go for the Seekers.  Find the path to Dexter's tower.  You'll find a Seeker at 
the start, shoot him.  Save and go up.  You will see another Seeker just over 
the bridge.  Shoot him and all hell breaks loose:  fortunately, Greg appears 
from nowhere and helps you fight the bandits.  Inevitably, Dexter gets killed 
- when the fight is over, collect what he is carrying and read his orders.  
Talk to Greg.

Teleport to the Harbour Town.  Talk to Vatras and he will give you a ring and 
tell you to go to the Tavern.  

Go to the house to the right of Lord Hagen's and find the Judge.  Save and 
talk to him:  see if you can pinch his key.  Talk to him and offer to put 
yourself to the test.

OK, teleport to the Tavern and talk to Orlan.  A meeting takes place.  Listen 
up.  At the end, talk to Orlan until he gives you the key to the door you 
found locked when you used the teleporter near the town.

For now, go to the Monastery.  At the foot of the bridge talk to Jorgen.  Go 
over the bridge and talk to Milten.  He'll give you a key which opens the door 
and you can walk right across to the chapel.  Talk to Pyrokar.  Ask him to 
heal your possession at the end.  Serpentes might want to give you a job.  Go 
to the shop and talk to Gorax and take on this job.  Buy a Sleep scroll from 

Go down the stairs and straight across along a short carpeted corridor.  Equip 
the Sleep scroll and at the end of the corridor turn left.  Creep behind the 
guard (Garwig) inside the room and cast Sleep on him.  Grab the hammer from 
the altar and leave.  Outside the monastery talk to Jorgen.  Turn your back to 
him and go to the middle of the bridge then turn to your right.  Save and jump 
in the water.  If you get killed you'll have to restore, teleport to the 
Tavern and walk along the path past Dragomir.

If you survived the jump, you need to swim under the rocky arch to the NE. 

When you see a tramp at a bend, get out of the water and talk to him.  You 
could go to the left of the path and find a couple of shadowbeasts.  At any 
rate, go upwards here and across the bridge.  Soon you'll come to a faint 
branch of the path (this leads to two pyramids with treasure chests on the top 
and a cave with some treasure, go there if you like); otherwise, keep left and 
follow the trail of dead bodies.  Eventually you will see a camp, save, go and 
talk to Grimbald and help him with the snappers using your bow/crossbow.  Then 
ask him about the missing novice.  He'll tell you about a rocky arch to the 
left of the camp as you came into it.  Look at the map.  You will see a troll 
cave marked (go in and have a go, if you like, saving first).  Outside this 
cave you will find the Sun Aloe for Sagitta.  

Go through the SW arch and you will meet some tramps who want to kill you.  
Kill them instead and keep going towards the circle of stones.  If you follow 
the rockface to your right you will find a cave which contains a wonderful 
weapon, but save before you go in.  At the circle you will learn that the Eye 
of Innos has been broken.  Fight all the seekers, get the amulet from the 
altar, find Dragomir's crossbow around the altar somewhere and teleport back 
to the Monastery.

Speak to Pyrokar and he will send you to Vatras.  Very neatly, I thought, he 
requests a substitute and sends you behind the mountains instead of helping 
with the Eye of Innos.  Visit Lares and retrieve the fragment.  Go to the 
Tavern and to the locked door where you materialised before from the 
teleporter near town.  Open the door with the key Orlan gave you and use the 
teleporter to get to... 

The Old Temple

Once over there go across to the door in front of you and talk to Nepharius.  
Next, talk to Myxir and keep learning the language.  Now you can read all 
those tablets you've been carting around, with surprising results.

Talk to the other two and leave this room going left and go through the other 
door - Riordan can train your wisp; don't get enthusiastic, train him to find 
only important items, such as keys.  Go through the next door and talk to 
Saturas; when he talks to you he is pretty sore about what happened back in 
Gothic 1 (you get a nice cut scene; remember, lads and lasses?).  At the end 
of the conversation, go fetch Riordan and then start exploring.  Don't forget 
to search the broken stone guardians for items.  When you go out you will see 
you are at the pyramids place.  Go back in, talk to Riorden and to Merdarion - 
he will give you a key.  Finally, talk to Nepharius again:  you'll get a map.

Near the spot where you entered there is a locked door, open it to get to the 
teleporter.  The chest can be opened with LRRLRRL.

Now, guiding yourself with the map, try to find more fragments.  First go to 
the stone ring at Lobart's farm and Carvalon will be there.  Talk to him (some 
idiot pressed the switches at the wrong time, ha, ha) and offer to get the 
fragment - he says he'll do it but ignore him and do it yourself.  Just go 
talk to Lord Hagen.  

To get the other one, go out the E gate of town and go along the road you 
followed to get to the bandit's cave, near Akil's farm.  When you get to the 
top look at the map and find the stone circle.  Press the switches, destroy 
the stone guardian and search its remains for the last fragment.  Get it to 

Talk to him and follow him.  Watch.  After a while, when you get tired of 
looking at the magic, talk to Nepharius again, then to Saturas.  Go to the 
portal now.  Use the gizmo on the wall to the left of the circular wall 
portal, it opens.  While everyone else is busy watching, stick your neck out 
and go through the portal.


Start exploring, keep right.  You will see a pedestal lacking something.  When 
you step outdoors you'll find Saturas and his lads.  Talk to all of them - 
here the translation goes a little haywire and it's hard to understand what's 
going on but, hey, who's complaining?  Not I!

Merdarion will give you a focus stone, use it on the pedestal, fight the 
guardians and use the active teleporter.  OK, get another focus stone from 
Merdarion, talk to everyone again, buy a map off Cronos and look at it.  
Familiar, huh?

The Canyon

Well, after running around for a bit in the city I went to the W and met 
Alligator Jack who very kindly gave me a tour of his part of the island.  Just 
go along with him and keep helping him and feeding him healing potions.  Your 
aim, at the moment, is to get a bandit's armour and there is one to be had at 
his camp; so find your way to it by following him when he separates from you.

Start talking to everyone.  Garett wants his compass.  When you have finished 
talking to him, go behind him into the sea and turn left, walk along to the 
next beach, kill all the lizards and search around.  You will find a red cross 
and with your trusty pickaxe you'll get the compass.  Return it to Garett and 
carry on.  Bill will send you to Alligator Jack to find out about the missing 
boys.  Deliver the meat to Morgan and have a chat.  The cave at the end of the 
beach contains a shadowbeast and some items, report it clear to Morgan.  Talk 
to Samuel about Francis, but don't do anything about that yet.

Instead, go to Alligator Jack and ask him about the boys; he'll tell you where 
they hanged out.  Turn to your left and get to the cliff on your left, across 
a pond.  Use the focus stone on the pedestal and travel back to the city.  Get 
another focus stone and talk to Saturas and Riordan.  Go to where you first 
met Alligator Jack and follow the route you took before.  In fact, now that 
you are not running after Jack you will discover a cave on your left which 
contains trolls, a shadowbeast, the usual items and two chests with nothing 
much that can be open with LRRLLLL and LLRRRL.

Go back to the path and go left.  When you get to Malcom talk to him.  Now, 
you could clamber up into the cave behind him, save your game and go to the 
back of the cave, drop down between the rocks and you get 100 ep for the 
Stunt.  But then you have to find the opening and swim under it to get out.

If you are not feeling brave, continue down the road to the end, jump in the 
lake (no offence) turn right and climb out of the water and into the cave 
where you will find the missing chaps.  Search their bodies and get back to 
the camp.  Talk to Bill and Morgan.  Now to explore the canyon.

Go towards the teleporter keeping left.  As soon as you are past the pedestal 
and you have got through the two rocks look to your left and you will see a U-
shaped ledge; ignore that one but look out for the next.  Climb up it and deal 
with the cross.  Come out, go left and stay in the high ground - you are about 
to meet some orcs and you might like to take them out from a distance.  
Proceed with caution because there are lots of orcs and biters.

When you've killed all the orcs, search the Hoard Leader for a key.  A chest 
in one of the tents here can be opened with LRRLLL.  Approach the Temple you 
will see in front of the orc camp with caution, there are more orcs.  Once 
inside look out for Fire Demons and Stone Guardians.  The chest at the 
entrance can be opened with RRLRLRL.

Go to your left and be prepared to fight it out.  It is very important that 
you read all the "Lecterns"; in fact, you could save a special game here (once 
you've cleared it out of monsters) so that you can refer back to the texts 
should you forget them.  In this first room you'll find the first coloured 
stone tablet (yellow).  These are what Saturas is after.  Read every one of 
them as you get them and don't give them to him till the end so that you can 
remember what he has to say.

If you have finished here leave the Temple and keep left, looking out for 
caves you can enter in which red crosses await your pickaxe.  For instance 
climb up to the arch you will see on your left to a cross by the cactus, then 
go over the arch.  The first cave has a red cross, but if you continue along 
the tunnels you'll meet with a lot of minecrawlers and the tunnel ends in the 
Swamp, which you should do last.

When you've done, go under the arch and continue exploring the canyon.  In one 
of the caves, under a cross, you will find a treasure chest (probably what 
Francis wanted, had you asked; open it).  Finish exploring and go to the camp. 
 Go to see Francis - I simply picked his pocket, but you might need to fight 
him for the key.  Go into the hut and help yourself.  What you want is the 
armour, but all you get is Greg's logbook.  Take the message in the bottle and 
look at it; indeed, you can rob Greg blind, nothing seems to happen if you do. 
 The chest opens with LRRLLL.

As you come out of the hut you'll meet Greg, who'll set you a job.  Go to the 
canyon and find and kill the 6 razors then come back to Greg.  Talk to him and 
he will send you to Bones for the uniform, wear it, go towards Alligator Jack 
and keep right till you get to the bandits in the tower.  Kill them and report 
to Greg.  

Before you leave here via the teleporter, unload your surplus.  OK if you are 
back in the city look at your map.  You have to go E and S to the two 
buildings there.  So go to where you first met Alligator Jack and this time 
don't go through the tunnel, keep to the path to it's left.

The SW

More of the same, folks, just follow the path killing things and investigating 
anything that catches your eye.  If you look at the map you should approaching 
the building in the S to the right.  Look out of a Swamp Golem and shoot him 
from a distance.  Inside, kill the zombies and open the three chests, you'll 
find another coloured tablet.  Leave.

Now, you'll notice that the bridge to the other side is broken here.  You will 
also notice there is an overhanging rock just above the bridge.  Follow the 
path to the goblin camp above, save your game, get your sights on the bridge 
below and press ALT and arrow up at the same time.  You should just manage to 
jump to the other side, kill two stone guardians, pick up a magic bow (not 
much use, only so many arrows and only does 100 damage), find some indifferent 
stuff.  Get to the bridge and somersault to the other side.  If you can't 
manage this, don't worry about it. 

Guiding yourself with the map, work your way to the other building.  By the 
next teleporter you will find a hermit; you'll have to kill him.  Activate the 
portal and go get another focus stone then come back here and continue to the 
next building.  Lots of minecrawlers there, try to kill them from the doorway. 
 Inside, another coloured tablet.  Back to the teleporter and the city.

Well, we'll have to bite the bullet and go to the swamp.  Make sure you are in 
good nick and head east.  

The Swamp

The first person you'll come to is Sancho, so speak to him and get the 
lowdown.  Talk also to the guy sitting by.  Go on and meet Franco who sends 
you on to Ramon.  Don't be pushy when he asks for a new man.  Go back to 
Franco and get a job, so leave the camp the way you came and past Sancho go to 
your right.  

You'll soon come to a red cross if you can be bothered with it, but basically 
you have to fight a lot of swampsharks just to get to Logan.  Before you do 
you'll come to the exit from the canyon (look at the map), but carry on, you 
can always come back later and investigate.  Keep left.  It is a very good 
idea to pack your crossbow/bow while you run around the swamp to get early 
warning of the beasties around.  If you are worried about missing items, now 
is the time to equip the wisp amulet.  Use the Treasure Map as you go to get 
Greg's treasure.

When you meet Logan he'll ask you to help with the swampsharks, do so and talk 
to him again.  A killed swampshark will contain Lou's key.  Get Logan to teach 
you to extract teeth and get some from a dead swampshark.  Move on, still 
keeping left, go into the cave and talk to Tom.  Leave and continue left.  
You'll come to Franco again, speak to him and you'll get the job of helping 
Edgor - don't mention gold and ask just for the way.  So, get past Sancho and 
this time go left.

You need to explore the swamp very thoroughly, so don't neglect stepping 
outside your dictated path and poking your nose elsewhere... but always with 
your crossbow/bow firmly clutched in your hands to get advance notice of 

I'm sure you'll find Edgor easily - chat to him and find out that he hasn't 
even looked for the stone tablet he was supposed to get.  Look at your map and 
head for the SE corner, exploring all the way.  At the building, fight all the 
stone guardians and then search them, one of them has the key to the chest; 
inside, two green tablets, one of them to give to Franco.  Pick up anything 
laying around and leave.  Again, look at your map and head NE from here to 
reach the easternmost bit of the map.

In a cave around there you will find Juan.  Talk to him and when you say you 
don't come from Esteban he'll attack you.  Kill him and get what he is 
carrying.  Somehow you know now that he murdered the missing chaps.  The other 
bandit in the cave doesn't interfere.

OK, explore around some more.  When you feel you've been everywhere, head for 
the teleporter marked in blue in the map.  Activate it as usual and use it, 
talk to Merdarion.  You might like to take time to talk to Bill and Greg at 
the pirate camp before you go into the swamp again.

Once there, turn around, move forward and then left following the rock.  
You'll see a ladder which leads to another, go up.  At the top, another cross. 
 When you feel fairly sure that you have explored the whole of the swamp, go 
to Franco and give him his stone.  When you have heard what he has to say call 
him and pig and he will attack.  Kill him and get his goods.  Move on to Ramon 
who, after some talk, will let you into the camp.

The first person you come to is Senyan; listen to him and do as he says, find 
Esteban by going up the first flight of stairs and turning right.  Fisk will 
detain you briefly, then talk to Esteban.  OK, back to Senyan and enter the 
building.  Talk to Snaff and learn about everyone's leanings.  You could also 
take on a recipe (the turnips can be bought from Fisk).  

Talk to Logan and Lucia, read the important note on a barrel and step outside. 
 Start talking to everyone remembering which side they are on and making the 
most suitable statements.

First talk to Emilio, then to Senyan and say "No way"; he will attack you, 
kill him.  Talk to Emilio again.  Talk to Fortuno, open his chest and get the 
recipe for Green Novice.  If you have the ingredients, which you probably 
have, go to the lab and make the stuff.  When you give it to him his mind 
clears but not altogether so leave the camp past Carlos (Franco's substitute) 
and talk to Miguel.  Speak to him about Fortuno and he will give you a recipe 
- read it.  Edgor can teach you to obtain and deal with bloodfly stingers.

Brew the potion and give it to Fortuno, he'll quite revealing.

You'll have to talk to everyone time and again (be sure to give Fisk the 
package you took from Juan) and, if you do it right, you should end with Huno. 
 Gain his trust by giving him the package you took from Juan and he will tell 
you someone awaits you above the bar.  Go there and you will find Fisk.  You 
concoct a plan to be rid of Esteban:  you tell Esteban the employer was Fisk 
and he will send his men to him in the pub while you kill Esteban.

When you do, take what he's carrying.  Go up the final flight of stairs.  Talk 
to Thorus twice and give him a red tablet.  He will tell you to get three 
diggers.  Take Emilio and the two by the fire and go back to Thorus.  Get his 
OK and go past the guard into the mine.  Talk to Scatty before you enter the 
mine proper.  

In, to your right, take the first tunnel to the right.  Talk to Garaz, go down 
the slope, take out all the minecrawlers and talk to Garaz again.  When 
Bloodwyn arrives, follow him, talk to him and finally kill him.  When you take 
his items you get his head.  Leave, talk to Garaz, out and to your right.  
Talk to Crimson and swap your lumps of gold for coins.

On and talk to the Slave Guard who won't take any notice of you.  Downwards, 
talk to the guard and inspect the crypt.  Nip out of the mine and talk to 
Thorus - show him Bloodwyn's head and suggest that he becomes the leader of 
the camp.  Go back into the mine and talk to the slave guard - when he goes, 
go in and talk to Patrick.  Persuade him to lead the slaves out.

And now for Raven; go out of the mine, go to your right, activate the portal 
(don't use it yet) and up the stairs.  Navigate the guard and go in and to the 
left.  Fool around with Raven's servants and then go through the last door.  
Of course, you don't get Raven.

Go to the teleporter and go to the city.  Talk to Saturas and then to Myxir, 
then to the others.  Take the teleporter to the Valley and head northwards.  
Where you are going is not marked in the map.

When you get to a large rock with a bonfire (and a lot of items) on top, face 
N with your back to it, advance to the rockface and turn left, go up this 
green slope and prepare to meet some harpies, a troll and some goblins.

Look around here, go inside the crypt, deal with the zombie, open the chest, 
get the magic crossbow and bolts, stand in front of the sarcophagus and use 
the note Myxir gave you.  Turn around and talk to the ghost.  He will want to 
ask you questions and the answers are:  Guardians of the Dead, warriors, 
priests, warriors, scholars, healers and I couldn't possibly know.  Now he 
will trust you and give you the key to the Temple.

Go to the nearest teleporter and to the city.  Talk to Myxir and then to 
Saturas, you get the tablets back.  

The Temple

Get back to the Temple through the Bandits Camp teleporter and press CTRL in 
front of the door.  Go through and turn to your left.  You will see five 
buttons:  supposing they were numbered 1 to 5, left to right, press 1, 5, 3.  
A door will open on your right.  Go through and fight some stone guardians.  
Take the first door on your right with your back to the entrance.  

For your next trick.  You will see in front of you nine slabs in groups of 
three.  Walk over the last one on your right, move over the first two slabs 
facing the room you want to enter, turn left move all the way to the wall, 
turn right, move to the last row, turn right and walk to the end, turn left 
and into the room.

Go to the middle slab and it will open, go in stand in the middle of the room 
where it is safe and talk to the ghost.  Encourage him to think which lever to 
pull.  He will and you can go to your left and through the door - heed his 
parting advice about the sword.

You'll have to fight a lot of stone guardians, but only the nearest to you 
gets activated so approach the first and hope that the last won't react just 
yet.  Go through the other door.

Here you catch up with Raven.  Have a chat and then kill him, watch and pick 
up the sword (don't attempt to equip it).  Go behind the altar and press the 
button on the slab, on to the teleporter and out in the Bandits Camp.  Talk to 
Thorus and use the portal again to come out in the city.  Talk to Saturas.  
Give him the sword and let him destroy it.  Get yourself back to the New 
World, but remember to put your Mercenary armour back on before you teleport 
to town.


Speak to Valtras, get the Raven stuff out of the way and proceed as before, 
talk to Myxir:  you can also talk to anyone who was missing people to get 
extra experience points.

But, as far as the game is concerned, it's back to normal.  Just in case you 
need it, the rest of the walkthrough follows.

Before we do anything else, I think the time has come to sort out the problem 

The 6 Blood Chalices

If you have the Judge's and Valentino's keys, you are all set.  Sleep till 
midnight and get yourself to the upper quarters.  First, find Wambo and say 
you come from Ramirez; pay up.  He will make himself scarce.  Save before you 
attempt each house.

OK, from the top of the stairs, to your right, you'll see Diego's house.  Look 
around to make sure nobody is looking (ignore Diego) and go in; you needn't 
even sneak.  Go up the stairs and open the chest (RRLRRL) to get the chalice. 
The house next to Diego's is Valentino's.  Again, look around to make sure 
nobody is watching and sneak in, go up the stairs and use the lamp right in 
front of you.  This is rather difficult but keep trying.  Once you see the 
lamp turned on its side, sneak down again and a wall will have opened to 
reveal a chest.  Get the chalice.  Sneak out.  The next house along belongs to 
the Paladins and we have no business there.

Go instead to the Judge's house.  Sometimes he is up late, so if he is awake 
reload and come back later.  Ignore the guard but, once in, sneak up the 
stairs.  Push the shield on the wall behind the armchair and sneak down.  
Again, a wall will have opened and you can get the chalice from the chest.  
Sneak out but straighten up next to the guard.

If you didn't get the chalice in the room next to Cornelius's you'll have to 
walk up the stairs and sneak around till you find it.

Right, now we go to the merchants quarters through the archway.  The first 
house on the left belongs to Lutero and if you were to sneak upstairs you'd 
find a Note of Debenture which tells you Lutero pawned the chalice with the 

In the next house along, sneak up the stairs and get the key to the chest 
between the beds, which is on the mantlepiece.  This is extremely difficult 
while you are sneaking but keep trying.  Inside the chest there is a chalice.

This is not necessary but, if you like, sneak into the potion shop, go behind 
the counter and press the switch and the wall to your left will open.  If you 
have the key, you can open the chest.  Nothing very much in it but it's fun.

Finally, go to the moneylender's house, sneak in and open the chest (LRRLR) to 
get the last chalice.

If Kardif told you of Daron's chest you can steal from it in Zuris's house.

You can also go to Andre's but instead of entering his room turn right and 
sneak in; go to your left and in the chest you'll find Maria's gold plate; of 
course, you'll have to take it to her at some point.

Since it is now rather late (or early in the morning) you might as well try 
for Valentino.  Wait for him at the back of Bosper's house opposite the 
barrel, out of sight of the guards, and when he staggers past you knock him 
out, rob him and cast an oblivion spell on him (in the morning talk to Regis 
and then to Coragon for experience points).

Go to the hotel and sleep till morning.  Go to Cassia and hand over the 
chalices, collect your reward.  If you talk to Ramirez he'll ask you for a 
sextant which you will easily find later on.

Right, that's that.

Go to the Judge and give him the hammer - he has another job for you.  
Teleport to the Landowner and you will find, on the way to the house and near 
Cord, the very guy the judge wants you to kill.  Don't.  Speak to him instead 
and ask what you could do against the judge.  He will give you a letter, take 
it to Lee.

Afterwards, talk to Bennet and he will give you a present (armour).  Get him 
to fix the Eye of Innos, hand it over.  If you have the Black Troll skin give 
it to Raoul.  If you have the Sun Aloe, take it to Sagitta.

If you want to pass the time till the amulet is ready there is an old 
graveyard to the N of the farm (read the tombstones for famous last words).  
This is rather pointless but you do get experience.  Enter the mausoleum and 
press the two switches on the walls either side of the sarcophagus.  It opens, 
so jump down till you get to a skeleton sitting against the wall.  Get the Old 
Letter and read it.  Save.  Move forward and you will see three chambers.  
Start with the one on your left, kill the Crypt Guard and get his key, open 
the chest.  A Skeleton Mage will appear, it will summon skeletons.  Get the 
Skeleton Mage first, then the skeletons.  Do this in all three chambers.

When last one is done all hell breaks loose.  The Shadow Lord Inubis will 
appear.  He is carrying some indifferent items.  When you've killed everybody 
you can leave, a little richer, perhaps, but none the wiser.  Clamber out of 
this hole to the graveyard or teleport to the Landlord.

You can also go to sleep in the barn until the next morning but the important 
thing is not to leave without getting the repaired amulet from Bennet.  It's 
the easiest thing in the world to forget to collect it and find yourself miles 
away without it when you really need it.

Now go to the Monastery and talk to Pyrokar.  He will want proof of Xardas's 
good faith.  Go to Xardas and talk to him.  When he moves off, talk to him 
again.  Teleport to the Landlord and go to Sekob's farm.  Talk to Sekob and go 
into his house, kill all four Seekers (there is another one in the bedroom) 
and open the chest in the main room, getting what's inside.  Talk to Sekob 
again.  Take the book to Pyrokar and he will set out for the Circle.

Go there yourself.  At the altar, speak to Vatras and say you've done 
everything.  Get out of the way of the fireworks.  After you've waited a 
while, talk to Vatras again.  Xardas will speak to you and then you must talk 
to Pyrokar.  Wear the 
amulet.  Teleport to the Pass of Khorinis and get to the Old World.


Walk to where you found the dead paladin and you'll meet a lot of Dragon 
Hunters.  One of them, Biff, will join forces with you if you ask (he, by the 
way, is recruitable when you need a crew later on).  After you've talked to 
them teleport to the Castle and start talking to everyone.  Angar, 
particularly, is worth talking to because he is recruitable.

You'll easily figure out how to help various people:  with Jan, talk to 
Garond, vouch for him and talk to Jan again.  In the case of Udar, the missing 
guy is across the river behind a huge tree trunk, but you'll have to fight the 
orcs to search his dead body.  If you talk to Gerond (the jail keeper), he'll 
tell you he's hungry.  If you give him all your food at midnight in the 
Magicians of Fire building, you'll get money and experience points.

When you've talked to everyone and done whatever you had to do, climb down the 
beam of the siege machine, attract the orcs to you but shoot at them from the 
safety of the beam.  For some reason, they cannot climb it and get at you.  If 
you are short of learning points (and you are going to need 10 pretty soon) 
you can run to other groups of orcs nearby and run back onto the beam to shoot 
them at your leisure.

The Killing of the Dragons

When you are ready to move on, look at your map.  You are aiming to get to the 
tower to the SE.  Get into the river and swim to the low bridge.  At this 
point you can get out to the right, climb to the tents you will see from the 
ground, kill Hosh-Pak and retrieve Fero's sword which is laying about near 
him.  (Be sure to tell Oric and Fero, respectively, when you get back to the 

(You can also visit the place above Fajeth's mine, where you killed the 
snappers for him.  There you will meet your old pal Ur-Shak.  Talk to him and 
tell him Hosh-Pak is dead and he will leave.  If you were to visit him again 
where you killed Hosh-Pak and talk to him, you would find out more about Ur-

To continue, climb down the cliff and cross the low bridge to the other side, 
making your way to the tower.  If the orcs are too much for you, take to the 
water; they won't follow you there.  However, if you can shoot them from a 
distance they are easy to kill.  If caught in open ground, standing inside the 
opening of one of those large tents will be helpful.

Just before you start to climb to the tower, after you've meet some fire and 
ordinary lizards, look to the right almost under the path and you will meet 
Gestath.  Talk to him and learn how to collect dragon blood and scales.  Talk 
to Gorn, too.  If you want he will come with you and help you with the nasties 
on the way to the dragon.  It's up to you.

At any rate, climb up and kill all the lizard men, then go over the bridge and 
start fighting your way up a zigzag path.  Expect a couple of stone golems - 
if you can hit them just before they land their punch they will quickly fall 
to pieces.

When you get to the top, clear the field.  The harpies are best shot.  You can 
explore the first floor of the tower, if you like.  In the room with the 
circular carpet and the harpies, pull a lever near the chest to move the 
bookshelf.  Inside, a Demon and some potions, also a bed to sleep in.

When you have finished go outside and clamber up the pedestal with the two 
statues and the harpies.  Go on up and go through the second floor outside 
where there is a very visible rusty axe.  Kill the harpy, get onto the ledge 
and turn left - kill the other harpy and go along here.  After killing two 
more lizard men go into the cave and talk to the dragon.

At the end, crowd him and kill him moving around and following him.  Collect 
his heart, blood and scales.  Go to the mound of treasure and take everything: 
 you'll find a sextant for Ramirez, too.

Teleport to the Castle and use the Alchemist's Bench to recharge the Eye of 
Innos.  Wear it.  This routine must be followed every time you kill a dragon.

Leave the Castle and this time make for the red-roofed building you went to 
before to find Marcos.

By the entrance to the swamp, in front of the building, you will find two 
dragon fighters (Rod and Cipher) who will accompany you if you want.  At any 
rate, fight your way in and kill the dragon.  Repeat the routine.

When in the Castle talk to Oric and he will point you to the next dragon, 
namely on the red hill to the S of the Castle.  Once more, swim to the low 
bridge and find your way there.  I could not find any dragon fighters around 
here.  On the way up you will meet with Fire Golems which are easily killed:  
run to them at a slant and hit them quickly.

When you go back to the Castle to recharge the Eye of Innos DO NOT speak to 
anybody.  If you talked to Rethon you will know the last dragon is in the 
white portion of the map, to the NW.  

Swim to the single mine as before and, when you get to the waterfall, you 
could get out on the left and find a whole lot of dragon fighters in a cave; 
invite them to come along if you like.  Cross the river and then the first 
bridge, killing any lizardmen you might encounter.  Instead of crossing the 
next bridge, go to your right.

Behind a huge log you will find Sylvio, who is his usual charming self.  He'll 
ask you to kill the Ice Golems.  Agree.  Turn your back on Sylvio and advance 
till you see the two golems.  Zigzag your way to them till you are right close 
and let fly with your sword/axe.  You should be able to kill them easily.  Go 
back to Sylvio to tell him for experience points.  Go back to the opening 
where the golems were and go in hugging the left wall.  Fight your way to the 
dragon and do the usual.  Behind this hoard there is a dragon egg.  Get it.

When you have finished don't teleport to the Castle, rather walk back to the 
entrance of the cave.  Sylvio will be waiting for you and you will have to 
fight him and kill him.  You'll have to fight Bullco, too.  When that is done, 
climb up the ramp to your right.  You will meet several snappers and there is 
a cave nearly at the top, on the right, with a wonderful bow.  Get right to 
the top, fight the skeletons and find Angar at the camp site.  Save your game.

Talk to him and propose you fight together.  Run ahead of him and down the 
cave in front of the sarcophagus.  Make straight for the Skeleton Mage and 
kill it, and then fight the skeletons.  When Angar arrives he will leave 
immediately.  Search the Skeleton Mage and pick up the potions and the holy 

Leave the cave and talk to Angar:  give him his amulet.  He'll start walking 
away.  Follow him and, if you see trouble ahead, run forward and clear the 
path for him.  The object of the exercise is to get him to the house with the 
red roof in one piece.  Should he die, it's worth the trouble to clear the way 
before you actually talk to him.  Once he is settled down by the camp fire 
talk to him again.  He will tell you he will go to the Pass and meet you at 
the other side.
Well, now you can teleport to the Castle, recharge the Eye and report to 
Garond. Do whatever else you want to do here then teleport to the Pass and go 


Teleport to Xardas but he is gone.  Fight the lizardmen attacking Lester then 
talk to him; he will give you a letter from Xardas.  Read it.  Walk to town 
killing lizardmen and clearing Lobart's farm of Orcs (tell him about it).

Report to Hagen and to Vatras, do whatever else you need to do here and 
teleport to the Landlord.  Talk to Lee and show him the egg.  He tells you to 
talk to Bennet.  Do so and he will give you a map to collect more eggs.  Sell 
him the dragon scales.  

Talk to Wolf about the minecrawler scales armour if you want, but you'll have 
to part with 5 lp to learn how to collect the scales.  It's not really 

Now comes the tedious business of collecting eggs and scales, not to mention 
ore, from all those caves which are not very well represented on the map.  Not 
all the caves contain what you want but the only way to find out is to go 

Start with the mine opposite Dexter's house.  Here you will find eggs, ore 
(you only need 5 lumps) and minecrawler scales.  When you come out turn to 
your right and follow the ledge to another cave which also contains eggs.  
I'll leave you to it, you work out the easiest way to get to each group of 
caves.  You need 12 eggs.

When you've done, take the eggs to Bennet and, if you were going to search for 
them, the scales to Wolf.  You can recruit Angar in Bengar's farm, too.

Teleport to the Monastery and talk to Pyrokar.  Go downstairs to the room 
opposite the one where you took the hammer.  Talamon will challenge you but 
will let you in.  Get the book from the Alchemist's Bench and read the note 
that came out of it.  Face the bookshelf and look at the lamp to its right.  
Pull it.  The bookshelf will open.  Go tell Talamon.  Come back, cast Light 
and get into combat mode.  Go down the stairs, kill all the skeletons, find 
the door, go through, kill everything in your path.

When the dust has settled, get the stuff from the table.  Don't look at the 
map yet but read the dusty book and the Almanac.  Leave and talk to Talamon.  
Talk to Pyrokar (don't let on about Xardas's magic words).

Teleport to the Landowner, save and talk to Bennet.  Learn to forge and ask 
about forging magic weapons.  If you've asked all the questions and bought all 
you needed you should end up with a red hot blade and a hammer and the 
knowledge to forge the weapon of your choice.  If you have such a blade all 
you have to do is use the anvil and say what you want.  Obviously you'll want 
the last option, i.e., the two-hander.

When you have what you want go to sleep and collect the armour from Wolf.  See 
how you like it, but you don't really need it.

On Our Way

Having done all that we are ready to look at the map you got from the vault.  
This allows you to recruit people to be your crew.  Talk to Lee and ask him 
how to get the ship.  Recruit him, Gorn and Bennet.  Talk to Torlof.

Go right now to the Castle by teleporting to the Pass, go to where you usually 
slept but don't go up the ramp.  Go through the door on the ground floor and 
then through the other door.  Talk to the guard and pick his pocket.  Go 
through the door and pull the lever.  Teleport to the Pass, go through and 
teleport to the Landlord to recruit Torlof.

Teleport to the Monastery and recruit Milten.  Teleport to Xardas and recruit 
Lester.  Teleport to the harbour town and recruit Diego, Lares and Vatras.  
Dump everything you don't need on Bosper.  Go to the Judge and exert pressure.

Now you are all set to go along the waterfront to the ship.  Get on board; you 
can explore around if you want.  Back out, see if Girion will join you, talk 
to Torlof and give him the map.  He will tell you to do whatever you need to 
do before you set off because there is no coming back.  It's up to you.

When you are ready, go on board, turn left, up the ladder, through the door 
and into the cabin.  As you enter it there is a cut scene and it's...


Turn around and go talk to everyone.  Get trained if you need to.  Leave the 
ship.  Start slaughtering orcs as you come to them - deal with the shamans 
first.  You'll come to a room with a troll guarding some rooms.  Go left up 
some stairs and deal with the orcs there.  Search de Orc Colonel and get 
everything he has.  Go back to the troll, kill it and open all the doors 
starting from the right.  In the last room you will find Pedro, talk to him, 
tell him you had been told to kill him but be understanding and lead him back 
to the ship.  He'll tell you what you need to know.  

Go back to the Colonel's room and pull the torches by the wall, first right 
then left.  As you go through you will see some stairs going up - to your left 
there is a hidden Seeker, so watch out.  Up.

You'll come to a large chamber full of lizardmen guarding dragon eggs.  If you 
keep left you will come to a Seeker straightaway.  Keep going left and you 
will see a dragon; concentrate right now in going right around the chamber 
killing all the lizardmen.  Collect all the eggs.  Now deal with the dragon in 
the usual way.

Go past the dead dragon and shoot two switches high up either side of the 
chasm.  Just enter into combat with a bow or crossbow and shoot - you hit them 
automatically.  A bridge will appear.  Cross it and go to your left to kill 
the Seeker.

You need to go up both towers either side of the bridge and pull a switch at 
the top of each.  Now continue to a passage with columns and go kill the 
Seekers before you deal with the skeletons.  Up the stairs and to your left.  
Stand in the archway and kill the skeletons and Shadow Lord Archol.  Search 
him and, before you go through the door to your right, turn right around and 
open the door in front of you.  Use the Alchemist's bench to recharge the Eye 
of Innos and wear it.  Look around you.  Pick up everything, read the diary 
and the recipe.  If you have the eggs, the black pearl and the sulphur you can 
make a potion which will make you strong.  Save before you drink it, just in 

Now continue through the door in the other room.  You'll have to go through 
another battle (though there is another handy archway) and then you will come 
to a round chamber with doors all around.  Looking at the big door in front of 
you there are three doorways either side of you, the middle ones locked.  
Let's call the open ones top left, bottom left, top right and bottom right.  
Start with the bottom left doorway and get at the seeker (Key Master) to get a 
key.  Go back up, open the left locked door and pull both switches, it doesn't 
matter in which order.  You'll get access to the top left chambers.  Go in 
there and in the last one there are three switches.  When you are free to push 
them, the order is:  Centre, Right, Left.  Another switch will appear in the 
centre of the room, turn it.

Go back to the previously locked door and throw the switches again.  You get 
access to the bottom left chambers.  In the last room look for switches to 
push which will bring up another switch in the middle of the room.  Turn that 
and go up and go to the main room.

You have to do this again, this time on the other side.  Open the middle 
locked door and pull the switches.  At the last chamber on the top right, the 
combination of switches is Centre, Left, Right, you know the rest.  Back to 
the locked room to use the switches and go to the bottom right chambers.  At 
the last room, press the switch in the far wall.  Two zombies will appear, 
fight them and push the two new switches.  Another switch will appear in the 
centre of the room, turn it.

Now go to the main room and push all four switches on the pedestals and a last 
pedestal will appear.  Turn it and go through.

Fight all the seekers and, at the other end of the room, talk to the Black 
Magician, kill him and collect his key.  Search the four side rooms and in one 
of them you will find a chest with the Eye of Power in it.  Take it and go to 
the door with the glowing eyes.  You have to "use" the door as you would a 
Statue of Innos, so move a bit till you are in the right position.  You will 
kneel and the door will open.

Go either side of the wall in front of you and up the stairs.  Wearing the Eye 
of Innos, are you?  Talk to the undead dragon.  When the fight begins, get 
right close to him and don't let up, chase him around and kill him.  Watch 
what happens.

You can get back to the dragon and get his Soul if you like, but then start 
back for the ship.  You will meet some of your pals along the way, talk to 
them.  At the ship you'll have to fight the odd orc.  Talk to the other 
members of the crew.  Find the captain and talking to him starts the last cut 
scene.  Watch.  


Because the characters in this game are "intelligent" and like to do their own 
thing, events don't always happen as I have explained - that's part of the 
fun.  But if anybody has any queries, e-mail me at:

[email protected] 



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