RPG by JoWooD



A solution by Lu Richardson






This has to be the greatest disappointment ever. After waiting for so long and expecting something as spectacular as Oblivion, the faithful fans of the great series Gothic cannot believe they are getting something no greater than a continuation of Gothic 2/add-on. Even Gothic 2 had better graphics than these. All that can be said about Gothic 3 is that is much bigger; which means that finding people and places takes forever. The maps are pathetic and inaccurate, and the rendering of persons, objects and animals is totally unconvincing.


Worse still, the game is full of bugs, stutters and is very slow.


However, loyal types out there will want to play Gothic 3 to the bitter end. So I'll make an effort and try to write a solution of sorts, even though I have no idea if I have given the correct order and I certainly have not even bothered to discover all the possible quests. On the contrary, all I'm aiming to do is to complete the game with a minimum amount of effort.


The game starts with you and your mates bashing orcs (as usual) and liberating a town. Naturally enough, you think that's what you are supposed to do. Wrong! It took me many hours of tedious gameplay liberating towns from the orcs to realise I was NOT meant to do that. So I had to start over.


In fact, what you have to do is to preserve a balance: orcs will request that you kill everybody else and they, in turn, will ask you to kill the orcs. With the Hashishin (allies of the orcs) it will be the same. Plus all manner of people will direct you to take a particular side. You mustn't do so. You must just do enough "non-fatal" quests to keep all sides happy until the time comes for you to take a decision.


This means you end up with a long list of quests you cannot possibly complete, since to do so would jeopardise the end result.


This is the silliest game I've ever come across.




One of the characteristics of this game is that, for the endless side quests, people are going to ask for all manner of things which of course you haven't been collecting, there being no good reason to do so: and, confronted with the request, you have to stop everything and go looking all over. For instance, boozeberries are very hard to find at the best of times - but somebody will suddenly ask for lots. At this point, if you have not found a single one yet, you might be inclined to throw your computer out of the window.


Therefore, whenever there is something you must collect for a later quest, I will say "hang on to it" so that you'll know to keep, look out for and collect it. "Bundles of weapons" are things you cannot get enough of, so always look out for them - be aware that picking them up sometimes angers people around you.


You are also going to need tons of gold, so pick up *everything* (for instance, all weapons after a battle) and sell it.


In general terms, and in each town, you should refrain from stealing: though you can and must go into every building. You should speak to everyone with a name and take on their particular quest and you should familiarize yourself thoroughly with every location. You must also find the teleporter stone which will bring you back to each one of them. After that, you take off and investigate the surroundings of the town where you will presumably find what you are meant to find. If successful, you come back and get your reward and experience points from the originators of the quest.


The idea is to gain the confidence of the orcs by doing things for them while finding out who is prepared to side with you in taking the town from them for the rebels. But, of course, you must wait to favour one or the other towards the end of the game.

You needn't do every quest (just don't take it on; for the orcs and Hashishin, merely enough to get them friendly), and you can do things in whichever order you want or can.


Combat: the rules are, take out first the long range/magic users first. Alternatively (more difficult), if you can, try and make sure your enemy is between the shooter/magic user and you. That way, they get hurt. It is also a good idea, if you are going to march into enemy territory, to get nasties to attack you and follow you into it thus creating havoc and confusion. Annoyingly, your enemies back away from you while you attack them vigorously, so mainly you are hitting thin air. A fight which should last a few seconds can take forever. And don't forget that, in the wild, if you don't need to fight a creature, the best policy is to run away.


Directions: it is difficult, in not impossible, to direct you exactly to where you need to be. So unless I say, e.g., "turn right", when I say SW I expect you to look at the map and use the title square of the town for guidance.


Experience points: as ever, husband them carefully. You needn't spend them on alchemy or ancient magic, since you will be able to read many books which will give you 5 points of experience of either. You'll need strength and expertise in your chosen weapon. You must absolutely learn to open impossible locks. I shouldn't bother at all with pickpocketing since all you ever get is gold and no experience points.


Be aware that certain herbs increase certain attributes permanently - find out quickly which they are and collect them with enthusiasm.


By the way, I'm only going to mention the guys who give you quests, but you must speak to everyone with a name.


To guide you, I am giving you the minimum number of quests that you *must* do to keep the orcs sweet under "Orcs" and under "Rebels" what you should do if, towards the end of the game, you decide for them. So let's stick to "Orcs" for now, OK?


OK, let's get on with this. After you've watched the intro, you'll find yourself in...





As the game starts, save immediately and help out with the fighting; when it is over you'll be told so, and also to talk to your mates. Before you do that, go around town helping yourself to everything, including what the dead are carrying, and opening chests. If you see Bookshelves, read the book. If you find bundles of weapons, hang on to them. Particularly, get hold of the teleporter stone on the table near the town entrance.


When you are satisfied that you have been everywhere and picked up everything, go to the gate and talk to Diego (who wants to know where Lester is), to Milten (ditto) and to Gorn.


After that, go out the gate and turn left. Soon you will see a scavenger on your right (kill it and get the meat - hang on to it) and a king's sorrel on your left - hang on to it. Continue down the slope towards two buildings and you'll see Lester sitting on a bench by the first one. Talk to him, search the buildings for anything to pick up and return to Diego. Talk to Hamlar. Talk to Diego and then to Gorn.


Before you do, though, if it's getting late go to sleep using one of the beds.


After you talk to Gorn, follow him and pick up whatever is in your path, he will wait. He is vulnerable this time, so if he is attacked, help him. When he stops and you have arrived, turn right and go down the stairs.


Because the pattern will repeat itself, time and again, it's important that you understand what you have to do in each location - besides, that way I won't have to repeat myself. Here we go.





Talk to Brenton and accept the quest. Go back up the stairs and turn sharply right, following the curve of the camp below (and collecting all the healing plants, hang on to them) till you have to jump onto a ridge. You will see the beasts, try shooting them with bow and arrow before they come too close (remember to get their meat). Go back to Brenton for your reward (you must *always* return to whoever gave you the quest, so I won't mention it again).


Walk around till you find Gelford. He will ask you to sort out a couple of orc patrols. Accept but keep talking. You can trade with him and get rid of your surplus.


Go down to the mine. As you go down, look for openings to the left. The first leads you to Sebastian: he sets the quest for the Fire Chalices and he also wants some healing plants. At night you'll be able to read his Bookshelf because he will be in bed.


Marlo is in the next opening and he will tell you about the bandits to the N and about the alchemist in Cape Dun.


Go on down and talk to Joey. Offer to clean up the caves but first ask him to fight in the arena and then go talk to Norris. He wants five weapon bundles. Go to Joey and ask for a fight, join him in the arena and do your stuff. Stop when he hits the deck and wait for him to get up and collect his gear, then talk to him (this *always* applies). Do the same thing with Copper. When you talk to him at the end, he offers you his services. You might like him to aid you in clearing the caves, which is what you are going to do next.


Fight all the way through without stopping to pick up the loot, you can do that on the way back. Outside there are also some items, and to the right of the exit, king's sorrel. Going back in, open all the chests you can and, in one where the goblins were, you'll get the teleporter stone.


Finally, talk to Javier: he wants you to find the Rebel spy in Cape Dun. You can leave the cave and the camp. At the top of the stairs, turn to your left and head roughly NW till you come upon a camp and an orc patrol. Kill them and collect the bundles of weapons and the king's sorrel. Go back to the top of the stairs.


This time go roughly SE and find your way down to the farm, to the left of it. Find Kliff and talk to him. Ask him to teach you his skills and then tell him that you will set him free. Go inside the house and challenge Topork to a duel and win it. Because you are doing this for the Rebels, kill him when he is down and you will be attacked by the patrol. Kill them all, search the house (don't forget to look behind the throne) and grab the bundles.


Talk to Kliff and take him all the way to Javier. Talk to Javier. Talk to Norris and give him the bundles. If you like, talk to Kliff and learn how to sharpen weapons, or to anybody else who can teach you something. Go out of the cave and on the way up, visit Sebastian. If he is in bed, read his book, then wake him up and give him the healing plants. Sleep somewhere and leave the camp altogether, talking to Gelford on the way out.


Teleport to Ardea and talk to Hamlar. Out. Look at the map and head for Cape Dun. Just NE of Cape Dun you'll meet Jens, who wants 10 wolfskins to teach you to hunt (and you need to learn).







When you get to town, start finding people with names and generally exploring, first going around town, then up to the lighthouse - although you shouldn't steal, nobody seems to mind if you pick up wolfskins.


Gamal gives you interesting information and wants you to capture an escaped slave. Go along with that for the moment.


Esiel wants healing plants (read the book in his house).


Bufford gives you more information and he wants you to kill the hungry wolves (hang on to their skins).


Cyrus wants a bottle of booze you no doubt are already carrying. You can take him with you on the bandits quest, if you like.


Deckard needs some healing potions which, again, you probably have. Trade with him, he has interesting stuff.


Seruk wants you to steal 3 goblets from Ukrass. To do this, wait till Ukrass is out of the warehouse, sneak into it from the back entrance and, if he is with his back to you, go to your right and pick up the teleporter stone and the bundle of weapons. The three goblets are also here. Sneak out.


Phil (the Rebel spy you were looking for) needs three bundles of weapons and for you to free the paladin. Give him the weapons but put the paladin on the back boiler.


Get to the lighthouse and speak to Arokkh, saying you want to fight in the arena. You know what to do.


Ukrass wants his goods (they are to the E of Cape Dun nearly half-way through to Ardea, in the hands of bandits - you need to get to this point by the beach). You can also buy the first fire chalice from him.


Pick up the healing herbs around the lighthouse, make sure you've picked up ten wolfskins and leave town.


Go around the town to your left and, to the N and a bit back, you'll find Harek. Talk to him and get him to Jens. Talk to Jens, learn the hunting skill: you need to learn how to get claws, etc and how to skin animals and reptiles. And anything else you want. Tell him about his visitor. Talk to Harak and learn the acrobatics skill.


Continue running around the town and find the hungry wolves, you'll find some to the N of the town. E and N of Jens there are some more. Straight S from here and W towards the town you'll find the last.


Now for the bandits. You'll find them NW of Ardea, about half-way between Cape Dun and Vengard. Do your stuff. Pick up the 5 crates of oil. Not far from this place, near the crossroads, you'll find Iomar who'll be grateful for them.


If you were to enter town, to the left of Gamal you can go down to a disused mine but you might not be able to cope yet. The lower parts of this cavern can be reached from the beach; on the map, under the SW corner of Cape Dun. The thing is you need 3 bundles of weapons and there are two down there. Don't go all the way down into the mine; there is a lot of gold but also two dragons and you are no way near capable of dealing with them yet.


Now go to town and start giving everybody what they wanted and speak last of all to Bufford, who will send you to Uruk.




When talking to him, use the first line only and ask to speak to the paladin. Go to the lighthouse and do so. When you've finished talking, tell Wenzel you want to liberate the city. Here is where the fun begins. Deal with the orcs here and run down the streets killing all opponents. At the end, talk to Wenzel, who wants his sword back. Now you can loot the whole town. Talk to Phil before you leave.


Other safe quests:


Teleport to Ardea and go to the lighthouse behind the town, to the S, and speak to Jack and tell him you'll help him with the bilge rats. Go NE, kill them, come back and tell him so, then ask him for the gold. Quest done.


You don't have to do this, but you can go the NW of Ardea, in the ring of stones find Chris, who has a lot of information - if you want to learn from him, he'll ask for the meat of a shy deer to the E. This is very difficult because the deer will run away from you and lead you to some orcs, so approach sneaking. I found fireballs worked fine.


Now, if you have finished here, go to the crossroads near which you met Ionar and head for...







Along the way you'll meet Armon in a group of rebels to the left. Talk to him and help him with the goblins. They are in a cave quite close to the N of his camp. When you've killed them go back to Armon for your reward and move on. As you follow the road to Montera you will see a cave to your left with two goblins in front. Don't go in yet, there are three shadowbeasts in there.


You will cross a bridge and will see a house ahead of you, talk to Domenik. Take whichever path you prefer, but going N is indeed very dangerous. If you take the W path you will meet Otis, talk to him. Say you want to join and he'll ask you to move someone, who is by a ruined tower nearby, on the way to Montera. Talk to Trano and try to get him to go back to town; say you will report him.


In the town, Sandford needs 15 sacks of wheat from the farm to the N and 5 milk barrels from the stockyard to the E. Marik wants you spy for him - he let's you have the shack by his house. Go there at once and get the teleporter stone. You can use the chest here to store things you are not sure about and might need later.


Talk to Marik about Trano, go back to him to shift him and when you've done so, talk to Otis.


Go to the arena, talk to Ashton and pay your fee. Talk to Ugo and fight him. Fight Fedor. Fight Dan (you get Dan's slave). Fight Goose. Fight Ashton.

Talk to Sobota - go to the arena and get Dan's slave to follow you to Sobota, then talk to him for your reward. Go into Thorek's house and take the slave with you - pay whatever you must and go to Sobota.


In the pub, Basin wants a gold casket (follow his instructions, leave town, go W, find this stuff, the casket is behind the cart to the right), take it back to him. Talk to the Innkeeper, he's a mine of information.


Leave town and turn right, go to the stockyard and talk to Dennis. Collect 5 milk barrels and go S of Montera. There you will find a cave with the stray wolves and also Wenzel's sword. Use it until you have to return it.


Back to Montera, go and talk to Dennis. Go N of Montera and talk to Elber. He tells you about the undead castle to the E. He wants you to get the grain thieves. Go around the farm collecting sacks of grain.

If you talk to Rufus, he'll tell you he wants to run away (say you are not an orc mercenary), but don't help him yet. The grain thieves are N of Montera, just E of Gotha. Outside their cave there are some snappers: run inside with the snappers chasing you, they'll get distracted by them. Kill them and collect all the sacks of grain, you should have at least 16.


Go back to Elber and talk to him. Go back to Sandford with the stuff, report to Marik. Now you have to go to Domenik. If you go out of the gate heading W look for king's sorrel around here. Talk to Domenik, get the gold, go back to Marik.


N of the stockyard you'll find Mason, who wants you to kill the cows. Don't take this on yet.


To the SW you'll meet some Rangers: Arakos wants you to kill the orc patrol. Do that and loot their bodies, come back and give it to Porgan who will ask for 20 stoneroots. Good luck with this particular quest.


Bradley wants you to exchange the slaves, so go to the temple where they are digging and let the two named ones go off. Bengerd will give you a fire chalice. From Osko you get info. Back to Bradley who sends you to Dennis at the stockyard. Get Leo and Kelvin to go back. Don't negotiate. Back to Bradley.


Go to Marik, who wants Bradley's list. Wait till Bradley is out of his hut, sneak in and steal the list from the table. Take it to Marik and afterwards return it to Bradley.


I don't know if this is a good idea, but help Rufus escape. Perhaps it would act as a distraction to let yourself be chased into the farm by the ripperbeast in the burnt farms near here, preferably at night. Tell Rufus to run and, don't stop for anything (this applies every time you have to follow someone). When you get there he'll thank you. Continue to follow him to the entrance; to the left, a teleporter stone. Find Roland and talk to him, say you'll take care of Gotha. Ha!


You should be able to go into the Castle by now. Kor-Shack wants Folleck back, so go to the tower to your left, all the way up. You'll have to fight him to get him to go back; wait till he wakes up and tell him so. Go to Kor-Shack for your reward. Don't bother with Yorik - he wants 20 bundles of weapons!

You can talk to Varek but obviously, don't offer to crush Okara.




When it is time to kick donkey, enter the town, go past Bradley and follow the path S. Where the cut stones finish turn to your left and talk to Daryl. Save every time things work out. Go and talk to the Slave Camp Guards, one at a time, sending them down the path to Daryl. Follow each one and make sure things are OK. There are four in all. For some reason you cannot attack the orcs, so perhaps whatever magic you have will help your side. For instance, I kept casting Sleep at them. At any rate, after each fight allow your friends to recover their hit points before the next bout. When you've got all four guards out of the way, talk to Daryl. After you retake Montera, speak to Standford.





You might not be ready for this - if not, come back later. Go E from the farm until you reach Gotha. Talk to Potros to free Gorn, then talk to him and he'll help you with the battle ahead. Go into the town and start clearing up the lower quarters. Here you will find a teleporter stone, in the hut behind the anvil. Also, inside a cave, the teleporter stone you came looking for. When you get to the upper quarters, go straight for the Demon - it can be killed; search him. Clear the rest of the nasties and start looting. At the end, talk to Gorn and to Potros.


Travel to Okara and report to Roland, then find Shawn (I found him asleep in one of the chambers) and talk to him.


You can't go to Vangard yet, so we'll go on dealing with Myrana. Return to Montera, collect the bundles of weapons in Daryl's camp and head W for...






Along the way, see if you can pick up the bundles of weapons from Otis camp, sometimes the Rebels get attacked by beasts and are thus distracted.


Go on W and you'll come to a farm. Talk to Ben and to Derec, but don't ask for the rent. The thieving goblins are to the N, walk along the ledge till you get to a cave and kill them all. Come back to Derec.


Continue to Trelis, i.e., go W. You know the routine. Talk to Milok - you are going to have to go to the eastern temple. Konrad will give you a fire chalice. He wants his magic back, so come on everybody, empty your pockets and let's be having it.


Khabir wants you to make Vak cough up.


Pranck wants an alchemist.


Thorus wants you to go to the farm to the W and to go to the eastern temple. Plus to kill the sneaking ogres in the woods (SW tip of Trelis, down a hollow).


Before you go anywhere get the teleporter stone from the chest behind the shrine which is forward and to the right of Thorus' gate.


To get the alchemist, go out the SE gate and turn sharp left, get to the farm on the hill and speak to Peer and Josh (to help Josh, just come down the hill and walk around it till you find the cave, kill the beasts and go back to Josh for your reward). Convince Avrogado to go back and take him to the alchemists, then speak to Pranck.

The temple is to the SE of Trelis on the map. Talk to Tempock. Milok's sword is in the cart within the camp. When you go into the temple, search amongst the sacks to the left of the ramp and you'll find Ben' shovel. If a Temple Guardian comes for you, you might like to run to the orcs and let them get on with it. Go into the temple and rescue Kamak; when you both get outside talk to him again to get your reward. Go back in for a spot of looting.


Go back to the farm and give the shovel to Ben; do nothing at the moment about his information.


Go W from the town and you will see a thrashed farm. Talk to Kapotth. Go W and when you hit the mountain go left and find the cave. Deal with it. Report to Kapotth and go N/NW to find the Rangers. The Druid there acknowledges destroying the farm, but having explained, I could not kill him but got another quest instead. Remember where this camp is, S of Geldern, half-way to Trelis.


Go back to Kapotth and report, you get a message for Thorus.




The orc patrol the Rangers seek, by the way, is E/S of Trelis, closer to Trelis than to Montera - get rid of them when it's convenient.


To the N of the temple you'll find a bunch of Rebels, outside a cave, and they want you to clear a cave of undead. The cave is to the SW of here, do this undead bit now. Don't go into the rebels' cave until you've been to Nemora.


If you've done everything you were meant to do, go back to Trelis and report to everyone.





Go to a farm S of Trelis. Speak to Farmon. Speak to Cole and follow him to Nemora. At Nemora, follow him to the entrance and go to your right around the rocks and get the teleporter stone from the chest.


Talk to Finley but don't invite him to trash Trelis yet. Kippler: don't offer to kill Kalotth. Treslott: he wants 5 herbs from the W in return for a fire chalice. Right at the bottom of the cave is Hengley and he will return the money he stole (return to Farmon later).


Dudley wants 10 weapons. Russel wants the goods from the desert, also a new man. And the other fellow at this end of the cave wants some dreadful monsters killed.


You can leave now.


At the exit, turn W. Guiding yourself by the giant skeletons, go fight the three snorting monsters and gather the herbs.


For the desert goods, the tent with the snappers is along the road N of Braga SW of Trellis, roughly half-way between them.


Teleport to the Rebels when you've obtained what they wanted.


By now you should be able to visit Vak, do so and offer to get the gold. You should be very wealthy by now; but if not, follow his advice. Let's go visit Derec and empty the chest behind the shrine (make sure he's in his hut); collect the rents. I had plenty of gold; all I had to do was teleport to various places and sell my stuff. Give the gold to Vak and he will give you the artifact. Talk to Khabir.




Now to sort out the rebels. Eliminate the orcs at the thrashed farm and now you can go to Namora, give everybody what they wanted and speak with Russel who is the leader. Give the message from Charles.


Go to the temple and kill the orcs. Go to Charles and talk to him. Teleport to Namora and pick up Finley and Tyler and go trash Trelis. This is a lot easier because you stand on the bridge and they can only get at you one at a time. Make sure Konrad isn't hurt. When you've finished, clear out the place. Down some stairs you can clean the out the treasury, which was another quest. At the end, speak to Finley and dismiss Tyler.


If you are sick of this area, let's go N to...







Keep left: Grimboll wants five lumps of sulphur. Marius tells you about Ivan to the N and also to find out if Grok has a fire chalice. Samuel wants you to clear a mine to the N. Lares (he can teach you to open impossible locks) wants 6 gold plates. Gunock tells you about Torn in the S - don't take on the task to kill him. Mirzo wants you to find out where he gets his stuff. Trade with him. Gembak would go with you to take care of Ivan.


Hamil is prepared to sell you stolen goods.


Agenak: Fight Dimitar, Gembak and Kulak, in that order. When you go back to Agenak he'll want you to teach Mirzo a lesson (do so - he carries a teleporter stone, by the way). Jared wants to meet Lares and the 7 rings of the alchemists (you can't look for them yet). Nemrok (enter service of shamans) wants you to visit mines and get them working, also 30 lumps of sulphur 50 gold nuggets from the N. He wants you to sort out the wolf mine, and get some eager miners to work it.


He also asked for an artifact from a ruin on top of a crag: you need to go way NW from Silden to access the ruin. There are shadowbeasts there.


He also says a mine in the S not productive.


Renwick will want king's sorrel.


There is another teleporter stone outside the S exit slightly to your right, by a chest. Leave town by the N door and keep going N. You'll find a bunch of light bandits just W of Silden and further up the hill, Ivan. Kill him.


N of Geldern and W of Silden, practically square on, you'll find a mine with tunnel wolves, clear it out, you'll be coming back later. Still N of Geldern and W of Silden but further up you'll meet Dawson, who'll want you to go to Samuel (do this as soon as you've cleared his cave).


To the NW of town there is a cave, clear it. There is a learning tablet on a rock.


In a cave to the SW, Mazin is digging for artifacts (speak to Mizro later).

In the mine in town there is a fire chalice right at the bottom. Find an particularly eager slave, either inside or outside and follow him to the wolf mine. He'll ask you to send more eager slaves (there are three in all), so on the way back make sure the way to the mine is safe (beasts regenerate). Find them and send them to the mine.

To the NW of town there is a Rock Portal which I couldn't use.


Sulfuk at the sulphur mine on the NW tip of Geldern wants you to take care of the snappers, which are all around. He will give you some sulphur. Go into the mine and collect all you need.


The gold mine is just past the NE tip of town: collect all the gold nuggets. Get more from Dawson's camp.


The Ranger camp is S and slightly W: I don't really know what they are after and I'm not interested anyway.


Right, now give everything to everybody and talk to Nemrok. Try not to give Hamil or Mizro away.


Grok has a lot of info and gives you a useful map. He also wants to find out about the Druids to the N and S.


Runak is to the far NW, to get there you have to go all the way N past round past a big waterfall. He has the key to the whole of this silly game. Don't kill him. He tells you to kill the orcs *further up* which could be just about anywhere. The place is infested with shadowbeasts, too. I finally pinpointed the orcs SE of the druid's home. I didn't kill them. I tried but they kept getting up, that's a sure sign you shouldn't - so I reloaded and went to Silden.


You can report back to Grok safely.


When you finish here, go through the N gate and head NW for...





On the way to Silden you will see two openings on your left. Enter the second one and cross the bridge to your right. Start talking to people, keep right.


Givess at the mill wants 8 pelts, 8 barrels of fish, 10 stacks of firewood. Irmak wants his halberd (I don't where it is and I don't care). Talk to Quadir; I didn't want to help him.


Kadok wants his hammer (it's in one of the caves under the arena). He'll later become the town's smith as per Denpok's request.


Frillock wants some roast meat, so give it to him. Start collecting barrels of fish around here. Hatlod wants his tools: go to the NW of the lake to find the constipated lizard (he swallowed the saw) and to the SE to find the satiated lurker (the hammer). He'll also ask you to find him a shipbuilder S of Myrtana.


Temmy will ask you to take the fish barrels to the mill.


Brontobb wants you to kill the lurkers to the S. (They are on the SE tip of the town.) After you've killed them and told him so, (and have spoken to Denpok) send him to town.


Talk to Barrak, he tells you to speak to Grompel before you speak to Umbrak. Do your arena stuff. You'll fight guys coming out of side caves - while they are out cold go in and pinch whatever you need. If you speak to Trompok after you defeat him he will join you to fight your enemies.


Speak to the Grinning Gatekeeper. Denpok wants more guards and also a blacksmith.


Gambal wants 50 joints of fresh meat - you should have them, so give them to him.


Inog is really a rebel, so help him. Lars needs to be freed, so buy him from Zapock (there is a fire chalice in Zapock's hut and you'll have to steal it at some point). He will offer to lead you to the pass, so before you talk to him get the teleporter stone from inside the stone circle near the N exit. You can follow him to the pass to find out where it is, i.e. NE of Silden; but keep him alive if you can.


Frillock: send him to town then speak to Denpok.


Exit the town going N and in a house you'll see ahead, you'll meet Bram who is willing to teach if you go hunting wolves with him. Go for it.

To the NE of here you will find the hunters. Get the chests of furs. You can talk to Falk, if you like (it will get you brownie points if you go hunting with him), and Lukjan. Take everything to Givess and return with the money to Lukjan.




Roughly E/N from here you'll find some rebels (on the map, NE of town). Freeman is here. A little further E you'll find Anog. He'll ask you to go to the pass and get the merchandise from the orcs (don't do anything rash, but they are not far from where Lars leaves you). Leave it alone for now.


Safe quest: W of Silden, Bozep wants you to take berries to the fisherman Stan. Do just that.


By now you should be able to see the orc boss. He, naturally, wants Anog's head on a platter. Just ask Grompel for the look of the thing but, of course, don't do anything about it.


There is only one more place to go, so teleport to Gotha and make your way (you are going to need 20 wolfskins, so if you havent got them, get the wargs here) to...







Talk to Mitch. Don't do anything about the trolls yet.


Rocko tells you about a cave. Get inside the cave behind him, keep right and get the teleporter stone.


Flint wants you to take booze to the orcs. Just find them and do so.


Connor is full of information. Avoid Tom for now. Wilson wants you to sell a pelt for him, say OK.


Curtis will let you fight in the arena. You know what to do.


On the way up you'll probably meet Ali, talk to him.


Mojok prefers better booze. Near him, Rocko's cave: clear it.


Don't forget Garn at the castle gate - give him the booze, sell him Wilson's pelt without argument and sell him your 20 wolfskins.


Go back to Wilson and be honest, talk to Flint, talk to Rocko and go out of town and slightly to your right and forward (mind the trolls on your left) to find Tippler. Save before you talk to him. Get as many boozeberries (you are going to need 30 altogether) and healing herbs as you possibly can. Then address him and don't try to buy from him but rather ask about the ingredients and give them to him. Ask him to train you. Helping him with the goblins gives you respect. Buy another bottle of the special hooch from Mitch and go along with the let's fight the trolls bit, he'll take you to them. Slaughter them.


Then take both bottles to Mojok. Talk to Gorok.


Now you can go to Gnar and he'll let you into the castle.

Speak to Torok. Talk to Ur-Gosh who wants 3 king's sorrel - you should have them! Talk to Koraz. Evidently you won't be able to fight here till you've won elsewhere; and not a chance of seeing the orc boss.


Zakosh wants you to lift the millstone (you should be able to do so by now). Tell him you killed the trolls and you can trade with him.


Now it would seem that the logical progression is to go visit the King by using the teleporter stone you found in Gotha. Save before you do, you might not be up to it. Use the teleporter stone and hit...





Markus will tell you his problems and give you a fire chalice. You are to kill all the orc commanders. Easy peasy.


Talk to Georg, who offers to come with you. Keep right and clear the town.


When you've killed the five orc commanders go to the castle and talk to Cobryn. Talk to Georg, too. In, talk to Rhobar - at last we meet face to face! Go out through the gap to his left and up the stairs. Talk to Karrypto. There are two teleporter stones in this room, one of them takes you outside the dome. Now you can go back to the Castle courtyard and start doing things for people. Where they expect you to find all this stuff they want I don't know. But make sure you do a good loot of the orc part of the city, in your own time.


Thordir is to be found in the tower ahead and slightly left as you come down the stairs to town. It's hard to reach him because the stairs are blocked; just jump over the obstacle. Take him to the castle.


When you've finished here, talk to Markus.


Now let us follow Rhobar's request to find...





Go back to Faring and talk to Tom. He asks you to steal from Ali. Make sure he isn't around, go up the stairs of the Inn and cast a spell to open his chest. Pinch everything and go talk to Tom. Then talk to Wilson and he'll want you to go hunting lurkers with him, do so. When they are all dead, talk to Wilson, go and talk to Tom and take the ancestor stone from him. Now go to Mojok and he'll let you through to the pass.


Keep going up and you will meet Rathgar (save before you speak to him), give him the stone. He'll take you to a cave you have to clear (managing to find every roving beast around - he can well get killed, so you might like to do a "dry" run to see where he is taking you, reload, clear the way and then speak to him for real - there will be a chance then that he survives). Watch where he goes when he leaves you at the cave's entrance.


In the cave, and apart from a lot of skeletons, you'll get to fight Ejnar and he's carrying a very special helmet. Behind the throne you will see some sort of pedestal in which you can insert something or other. Go out and up above the cave and talk to Rathgar and to Pedar.


But enough of that. We need to find Xardas. If you look at your map and the Hammer clan icon, and at it's NE tip, it's E of there. So you need to go roughly NE from the cave. You'll know when you are on the right road because you'll be following a path upwards. When you get to Xardas' tower, go up the stairs and grab the teleporter stone from the table, then talk to him. You should have two of the items he wants already.


By the way, while you are in the frozen wastes be sure to get at least 5 ice wolf pelts.


Next, go visit Rhobar.


I think the message is loud and clear, considering the map given by Grok, so off we go to Varant.


Here you'll have to nice to the Hashishin (the orcs' allies) for the moment. In fact, if you are not denied access to anywhere, just do the minimum. This time I didn't even bother to get involved with the Nomads - but of course, you can help them later.


Teleport to Nemora and go S to...





Along the way you'll meet Karlen SW of Trelis, talk to him go with him to kill quite a lot of bandits - no Kurt and no chalice. He goes off (presumably to Nemora - go and check, when you have a minute) and you carry on to Braga, meeting a few bandits more.


When you get to town you will eventually speak to Abbas, who has a lot of info. Talk to Tufail, too. Inside town you can talk to Bernado (who carries a teleporter stone) and Diego. Nafalem wants you to deal with Bernado, Abbas and Tufail. He also wants you to talk to Jose about a girl. You have a fight with Bernado (take his stone while he's down).


Outside the S entrance of town you will meet Riordian who wants you to take him to Asaru, to the SW of Braga. Notice that, when you reach the cave, Riordian goes strait to study a tall slim stone tablet - remember those because reading some of them will give you knowledge. Remember also that you have to side with the Hashishin, so be careful what you say, like "Let's attack Braga" - though you need the Nomads on your side, too. Talk to Asaru and to the others. Before you take Aila home, clear the path of beasties; she is likely to attack them with nothing but her fists and get killed.


Abbas and Tufail have a deal for you - follow Tufail and kill the robbers. Get the stuff from the chest. Talk to the guys and get the loot to Nafalem. Talk to Jose and get his tribute, take it to Nafalem. Talk to Luca and accept the deal - go hunting with Diego. Give Luca the skins and you get the armour. Pay Luca's tribute to Nafalem and talk to him about tributes.


Go to the ruins you can see in the S of town. Find the robbers and kill them. From the body of Taklar recover Bernado's letter. Read it. Funnily enough, when you go back to Jose after killing Taklar, nobody is interested in the letter. Ah, well. We've done what we could do here without being drastic.


Time to move on to...





Outside. Talk to Campa. Inside, talk to Sancho, he wants you to visit the tunnel at Lago and also find out about anyone suspicious.


Eusebio wants some herbs (easily done).


Vasco wants you to kill the crawlers to the W. Walk around the mountain in which the mines are and get to the N. The place is full of them. Kill them all and go back to Vasco.


Navaras tells you to see Sancho. After you talk to him, speak to Lukar.


Talk to Navaras again.


Go S of town to clear the mountains then NE to...





Sibur Narad will give you a smoke (do it, but have a 100% endurance potion handy) and will give you something somebody else wants in return for your ice wolf pelts.


Rasul wants you to take care of the bloodflies (I never did find them). Mamuk wants 10 swamp lurker pelts and claws. Get the teleporter stone from Rasul's compost heap. Before you start, you might want to visit Hatlod at Silden with the ship blueprint - this is also a good place for lurkers.


Back in Lago, talk to everyone. When you talk to Fabio, ask to fight in the arena and knock out the two guys. Don't mention the prisoner nor the Nomad. Fabio will give you a package of weed.


Investigate the mine to the SE.


When you give Mamuk what he wanted, you find out the prisoner is Vatras.


Do nothing about it just yet.


Go back to Ben Arai and talk to Sancho, then to Vasco who proposes something bad. Talk to Navaras. Find the Emaciated slave and take him into the mine at Lago. Talk to Fabio. Report to Sancho, be straight with him and he'll give you a message to take to Bakaresh.





Enzo wants six crates of steel. Talk to Daro and you'll get more chores. Julio also wants quite a few things - I set off after Sugut but I never found him.


You will no doubt see the Temple in the distance in your travels. You have to clear it's surroundings but you might like to have a go by yourself. Right at the bottom you should find and kill Yugul. Curse over. I wish someone would tell the rest of the undead!


I found a cave under SE tip, full of zombies. Inside, Miguel gives you a crate and wants to go to Enzo (first pick up the crates in a little alcove). Take him there.


Talk to Dolok.


Go to the cave at the back of the town and clear it, grab the chests for Enzo. This concludes the tunnels quest.


The teleporter stone is on a large tray in front of the smithy.


Get to the ruins over the SE tip and clear them.


When you have finished, talk to everybody and head first S then E for...





Raid won't let you go into the temple. Amul is perfectly boring about it. Hernando fixes fights for you. Silvio wants you to check the guards N & S (get the teleporter stone near him); just follow the roads N and S and help them out. Aldo wants you to find him 3 caskets but doesn't tell you were to look.


Carlos wants you to check the ruins. Aschnu is very helpful and tells you what to do.


Caskets: one outside E wall. Kill all the beasties here. One up some stairs near the first one. The third I couldn't find but it didn't matter.


Clear the sandcrawlers out of a cave to the E and tell Silvio.


Convince all the merchants to give you their tribute and speak to Aschnu, then take it to Amul and he'll let you through to the temple.


Talk to Sigmor. Tizgar wants you to sort out an oasis. At this point I got bored and stopped doing things for people. I think we've won enough respect here.


N of Ben Sala there is a cave with robbers and chests of goods. Nobody had asked me for this one.


Head for Mora Sul.


Along the way, SW of Ben Sala you'll meet Kurt - talk to him but do nothing. On.





Go towards Mora Sol, but look at your map: to the SW of that town you will see a kind of dark blob. Those are ruins All Shedim (a veritable nightmare) and it's extremely important you reach them from N to S, and that you find straightaway a circular altar. Nearby, you'll find Saturas reading a stone tablet. Listen to him carefully. Ignore all else and concentrate on "What do I need to know?" Ask for his key as soon as this option appears - four to go. Speak to Wutras.


Turn left and find Myxir. Basically, he tells you to go to the far N, to the Monastery.


With Saturas map find Onatas SW of the Ancient Library, almost half-way to the Healers. Next, we need to find Lester. Lester is to the E of the square building (the temple) before you get to the tents of the orcs. Talk to him and get his key. Don't even think of getting his help to destroy the orcs.


Now to find the other three keys.


The key from the Guardians of the dead is in a chest SW of the red cross, right on the edge of the map. You'll know the place because it's full of undead and a Temple Guard.


The key from the Warriors' School is NE of the red cross practically S of the Temple. Expect Temple Guards.


The key from the Ancient Library is in a chest just touching the NW tip of the cross.


You get extra brownie points if you find all the named items for each quarter of the ruined town. Good luck. There are also learning stones laying about. Have a nice day.


When you have the five keys you have to decide what to do about it.


Ever the loner, I went in, got the t-shirt and went off to speak to Saturas. Decisions, decisions.


And now for...





Approach from E.


Kaffu (ouside town, E) wants you to kill his guards, also his money back. They are in the ruins, SW - look for piles of crates.


Talk to Faesul. He tells you about Yussuf and wants his trade back.


Nasib tells you Gonzales wants special weapon and/or a girl as a gift.


Bandaro offers you a few jobs. Get the teleporter stone from the table in front of the house.


Ramon makes you an offer you can easily refuse.


Ilja gives you his key but you have to get a vase from the Temple.


Felipe lets you fight in the arena. You know the drill. If you make it meet the champion you'll be surprised to know it's none other than Angar.


Hamid wants the amulet from Ilja. (Buy it from him but don't let on Hamid wants it.) When he gets it, he sends you to Murat, in the oasis to the NW - negotiate with him but say nothing till he offers you the girl. Take her to Hamid.


Masil wants you to take a slave to the Temple. He'll give you a fire chalice in return. Take him to Fasim (near the orc encampment) but he doesn't want him so you have to take him to Kalesch - do this after you've found Kalesch.


When you return to Masil he wants you to get his promissory notes from Hector, Ilja and Ramon. You get a fire chalice.


Ismael wants the moonblade. Don't give it to him.


Talk to Hector, then go in the pub and talk to Kirk. Follow him and he will attack you. Get his key while he is out.


Yussuf is to the NE (look for a couple of tents) he will give you his key.


Talk to Cruz and follow him to get the fire chalice from the Injured Sandcrawler - obviously you must help with the others. Talk to Cruz again.


Now for the Temple. Head S and start looking. Talk to the Fatman and give him what he wants if you have it.


Find Kalesch by the Temple, he has one key. He also wants you to kill some beasties.


Find Mezir to the SW, in the ruins (look for signs of habitation, crates and so on), he'll take you to Ramirez but wants you to take him to Murat's oasis in return. Go ahead.


Go and purchase Alima and take her to Nasib. Give him the girl, money and the moonblade. You should have done enough to see Gonzales (shades of Gothic). Purchase his key (I did tell you you'd need lots of money!).


You can speak to Ningal, if you like. If you want to pursue this, Ismael is the guy to ask.


Now take the four keys to Kalesch. You get into a fight, knock him down, get his key. Get ready and open the temple. Well? What were you expecting? A bunch of cheerleaders?


Right at the bottom you get the crown of Adanos. You'll also find Ilja's urn; return it to him.


Before you do anything else, consult your reputation with various people. You will see that for the Hashishin, it's only 28. I can't believe it, after all the work I put in! Right, enough nonsense, I'm going in for the kill.





Actually, you are better off going to Braga and taking the road, such as it is, which enters Ishtar from the N. Consult your map frequently. When you get there, of course they won't let you in. Just grab the teleporter stone to the left of the gate. This is important.


And now for the final Adanos artifact.


Go to Silden and go to the pass, when you get there head E (i.e, turn right). As I went past a cave on my left I was attacked so I fought right through the tunnel and out the other end where a whole more orcs were waiting for me. Right at the back outside I went into another tunnel and up a slope. All the way to a forge. I cleared the whole mine and came out in a camp. Talk to Reto. Go up the path to the...





By now I was so fed up doing chores for other people that I just didn't bother. Find Ingvar and take the teleporter stone (without getting caught).


Go to the Monastery, approached by the NW. Talk to absolutely everyone and go all the way down to the bottom room in the Library. Get the teleporter stone from the chest at the foot of the stairs. Before you read the big book, read the other ones.


After you read the book, you'll have a bit of a fight, but now you know what you are after. Go to the...





Again, talk to everyone and someone will give you the ancestor stones quest and a map. Do it, if you like, but I was after the last ring of Adanos. That is the northernmost cross in the map, to the NE. You have to go through an orc camp to get in, so if you run slowly enough, they'll follow you into the cave. While the skeletons have fun, kill the head man here (I forget his name) and get the ring from his body. Teleport to Xardas.





He tells you to destroy the Adanos stuff at the Hammer Clan's ore forge.


You can, of course do all manner of other things - but I'd really had more than enough of this stupid game.


So I went to the forge and burn the things. Back to Xardas and he'll tell you to kill Rhobar (with pleasure!) and Zolben.


For the first, you can take Lee with you if you like.


Teleport to the throne room and Rhobar will speak to you and attack. Kill him quickly and search his body, take all, and quickly teleport to Ishtar; barge in, kill Zolben, search his body and take all, teleport to Xardas. Tell him you are ready.


Now all you have to do is follow him to the Rock Teleporter and activate it. Watch the finale.



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