A solution by Lu Richardson




The Product:


I bought this game because I enjoyed playing Risen - it was a well-structured, fun, uncomplicated RPG. Not so Risen 2, which is highly complex. The single most difficult thing to do in this game is to find things, people and places; since this is what you must basically do, you tend to get rather bored wandering around lost. It doesn't help that the nights are dark as are also the days if it's foggy or if it is raining cats and dogs - which usually is. What's with these weather merchants? Are they so fond of their storm effects that they ensure they are played constantly? Another thing I *hate* is the incorporation of arcade sequences into a RPG, as is the case in this one. Ah, well. Whatever its shortcomings its still, like all these games, pretty miraculous.



General Tips:


The first part of the game is a tutorial and you will be guided every step of the way so that you can learn the ropes. Read carefully the information given when a game is being loaded. Save very, very often using the F5 key. The game does a lot of saving on your behalf, too, but you should do a proper Save before you leave each location (having pressed L to check that you have completed all the local quests).


The most important thing is to get hold of provisions, grog and rum and place them in the quick launch bar so that you can access them quickly. Provisions should only be used after a fight whereas, during one, you should use grog or rum. No health potions here, and the herbs you can pick up do only a very small amount of good; nevertheless, you should be on the lookout for the kind that improve your stats permanently. If you are for the Inquisition, you can sell your ordinary herbs.


Speak to everyone you can and get all their info; and if they give you a quest, talk to them when you've completed it. You can also listen to other people's conversations. Always ask to see a trader's stock, even if you can't afford to buy, since some of the Legendary Items you'll be searching for are in the hands of traders; they can also have treasure maps to sell.


How you use your experience (glory) points is entirely up to you; but Cunning, which allows you to steal and charm, is obviously the one to go for. You can get the other three (not Voodoo if with the Inquisition) up to 2 quite quickly but wait till you reach level 8 in Cunning before you start spending glory points on the others. Don't forget, though, that you will find items which if worn will raise your stats. For instance I didn't bother to go over 8 in Cunning because I got up to 100 Thievery thanks to a ring and an amulet.


You can enter every room so long as you don't pinch anything; you need to do that to read books and generally look around. If you are challenged when entering a room, leave immediately. In order to steal, you have to wait till everyone is asleep and ensure that you can sneak in while nobody is watching. Any items or even chests outdoors can usually be looted safely.


There are only two factions you can join: the Inquisition or the Natives. This solution is for a game played in Easy mode (hey, I don't enjoy fighting!) and for the Inquisition. I, too, will guide you through the tutorial, but from there on I will only tell you what must be done but leave you to search every nook and cranny for every item you can lay your hands on and generally sort yourselves out.

For the purposes of this solution, L = Left, R = Right, F = Forward, LI = Legendary Item. When I say "Go to Whoever" I mean go to them and talk to them.





Watch the intro: when in charge, pick up everything in the room including the contents of the chest. Out, walk towards Juan, turn to your L and go up the stairs. Talk to Carlos and watch. You are asked to go to the beach to see if there are any survivors. Down the stairs, pick up the purse behind the crates and the berry on a barrel, talk to Largo and learn Sneak from him. (Later on you'll learn to pick locks and pick pockets from him, which are indispensable skills for this game.)


Talk to Juan and, if you have the sword which you found in your room, equip it and he'll let you out. Down the stairs and to your R, down more stairs and to the beach. Go R and watch. Now you get to fight the Sand Devils. When you've killed them Patty talks to you and you wind up before Carlos. Watch some more and when you are free go down the stairs.


You could train with Severin but right now you wouldn't stand a chance, so don't bother (try to beat him later on in the game). Go out and down the stairs to the Storehouse, talk to the Master and he gives you a job. Down to the beach, start picking up Flotsam and looting the beasts you killed. Always pick up oysters from the beach because they sometimes contain pearls... and remember that you cannot go into deep water, only in the shallows where you can see bottom. There is a small cave here where you'll find a Hero's Crown herb which gives permanent advances to some of your stats. Take the Flotsam to the Master and, if you are finished looking around, go to Carlos to learn more of the plot. Go up the stairs and charm Angus into paying you, then go to Patty.


Now you can start searching everywhere; you'll notice there are several locked chests which you cannot open just yet, but we'll be coming back later. Look behind crates. On the way to the ship you might like to sneak into the Storehouse (save beforehand) when the Master has his back to the door and is well away from it. You really need everything you can find.


Into the ship, up the stairs on your L and talk to Sebastiano. Watch.





The Town


You wake up in the morning shirtless. Patty will explain. Go to Sebastiano. Leave the ship and Patty will follow you. At the entrance of town a Guard will address you. Tell him you are looking for work and he will direct you to Pedro, who is just inside right ahead of you. Talk to him and get all the info.


The first thing to do is to get a shirt. Walk the way you are facing and turn L. Go into the slaves' dormitory and loot it. Wear the dirty shirt, leave and go to the building slightly to your L on the other side of the road. Talk to Largo and agree to get his clothes. Talk to Carter and trade; you will see he has Largo's shirt. For now, sell him all your surplus.


Now turn around and go back to town, listening to Sebastiano's conversation. Enter the garrison (if you need to sleep you can find a bed here - this applies to other towns, too), go up the stairs after the challenge, listen and then speak to Di Fuego. Buy his map. Because you are presently going to need more Silver Tongue points, buy the Elegant Shoes (don't forget to equip them); then offer to get the runaway slaves. Go down the stairs and enter the room on your R, read the book.


Out, F, talk to Roquefort and agree to take the letter to the Pirates. If you want to see what it says, F5, read it and F9. He is a trainer for Blades. Enter the building opposite and talk to Osorio, you get a job. Say you cannot cook and he'll suggest Patty, tell him you'll work on it. Talk to Patty and charm her into accepting the job in the kitchen. Visit Di Fuego and tell him about the letter. Out.


Search this section well before you go any further. You might even go to the beach and see what can be picked up in the way of fights (you need the experience) and items (you need the gold).


The Plantation


If you think you've covered this area, leave town and go F. Follow the road while darting L and R to pick up things. You'll come to a plantation: look for Asad, talk to him, give him some of your rations and you'll get interesting info. Now F5, talk to Riley and mention the whip to get him to attack you (if you lose the fight, F9 and try again). At the end, ask for his bandana (Largo's).


Take the grog to Gilles and he'll ask you to tell Thompkins. Continue talking and buy a couple of torches and the bone saw (allows you to get marketable claws). Talk to Thompkins and ask him to join you in the hunt of the Prize Warthog, a little further on. Finish talking to him and take the meat to Osorio. Afterwards, Patty joins you - tell her to "Wait here" and go find an empty bed. Sleep till midnight, go to the barracks, wait outside till all the soldiers go in and the coast is clear, then sneak in to get Largo's boots.


Now you can sleep till morning, pick up Patty. Share your grog and your earnings. Together, leave town heading for Thompkins, which is as far as we had got. If you go to the L of Gilles you'll find a small cave with an easy to kill beast and a chest. Go to Thompkins, sell him all you can spare, buy a boarding pistol and 50 bullets. Equip the pistol at once; you'll find it a great help in fights.


Move on and explore the next section as you go. At a sort of junction you can go right for some easy fights and keep on following the terrain till you find yourself back at the plantation. This time, go to the junction and face the path you didn't follow before. F5, you are about to meet a jaguar. Forward, ready to press the spacebar when you need to and try to climb up a rock to shoot the jaguar as many times as you can. Between you and Patty you should be able to kill it. Go tell Thompkins about it.



To the Pirates' Den


Consult your map (from here on do this often) and go E till you come to a junction and to Vasco. Talk to him and you'll find out not to go N. Indeed there is a cave to the N with a very bad beast inside, so leave that for now.


If you go a little bit to Vasco's L and turn E you will see the safe pass. If you take the road E you will fall into the slaves' arms. It would be best to go through the pass.


Outside it, have a look around then follow the path to the NE. Pass a bridge on your R and get to the end of the path where you will find, amongst other things (go through the bushes and you'll find a LI), the other entrance to the cave with the nasty beast. So let's get back to the bridge and cross it. You could go R into a cave with a ghoul but let's go L instead.


Follow along here till you see the gates on your L. Talk to Fence and, if you can charm him, he'll open the gates for you (if not, you'll have to go the long way around along the coast). Before you go through pay attention to the campfire and use it to roast your raw meat; always be on the lookout for campfires for this purpose.


Through the gates, go N, note the waterfall on your L but keep going till you get to the gunsmith's hut. Talk to Barney, if you like. Cross the bridge and talk to Flannegan, who can teach you dirty tricks. Sell him all your surplus and buy a pickaxe (this will enable you to get gold nuggets). If you cross the E bridge you'll find a hat at the end, wear it. Back to Barney and down the stairs.


Pirates' Den


At the bottom you will "find" the Pirates Den. You will see a ship ahead of you but you need to avoid going anywhere near it because once you board it you lose Patty and she is a great help in a fight. So we'll try to do as much as we can before letting her go.


Go R and Morris wants his hat back. You can give it back or fight - I fought and Curtis joined in. With Patty I won the fight and although the guys were at first offended they talked to me nicely afterwards; indeed, Morris offered to sell me a plan (don't buy it yet). Go into the Inn and talk to Booze. Give him the letter and he tells you about Pedro and about his need for sugar and water, plus he gives you another letter.


Talk to Holly to get some info on Pete and his treasure. Hank will take exception to this and you'll have to fight him. You can get into a drinking contest with O'Brian but leave it for now. Talk to Meeks and finally to Booze again - you'll have to come back at midnight.


Out, R, go talk to Stone. Tell him about Largo and get the lock pick - he'll want gold but you remind him he owes Largo and youll get it for nothing.


Go to the Inn and up the outside stairs, F5. There is a book you should read, a couple of items to pick up and a bed on which to sleep till midnight. Tell Booze you are ready to follow Meeks and do so. Walk slowly and at a distance, but don't lose sight of him. You will walk past a chap called Blake. Watch what happens at the end and fight. If all goes well, go tell Booze.


Now that you have money (you'll need 500 gold, so sell anything you can spare even some of your provisions) go to Blake and get him to teach you how to kick. Help him with the crabs. In the fight, kick the crabs while they are rearing up and you'll knock them on their backs for a short while. At the end, collect what they carry. Talk to Blake.

Go to Curtis and talk about the water. Go back to where you entered the Den and get to the waterfall you saw on the way. Speak to Colby and then to the two arguing men. Fight Doggs and then Foster, talk to them both to get them working again. Tell Colby to go to the gate. Speak to Fence and Colby when you are next there.


Fast travel to town and talk to Pedro, ask for 200. Visit Di Fuego and give him 200, F5. Go to Roquefort and try fighting him - if you fail, F9 and let it go.


The Runaway Slaves


Now we have to bite the bullet and go kill the mad slaves, so fast travel to Vasco's Tower and go E. F5 and have a go. When you kill them collect their heads and their goods. Be very careful around here because there is a nasty trap and if you don't press the spacebar at the right time you are dead.


Go N and, after killing the monkeys, F5 and advance carefully ready to use the spacebar to escape a trap. Continue N till you find Pete's body, loot it, fight the warthogs and advance to the foot of the stairs to the Temple. Grab Pete's shovel (don't lose this!) and dig at the cross. You've just dug up your first treasure and you even get a LI. Now, while we are here and in need of gold, let's go into the Temple.


Find and loot the sarcophagus and you'll notice there are openings to the SE and NW. So climb up to the SE and wait for Patty to catch up, there is a nasty ghoul ahead. No problem with Patty's aid. Loot the sarcophagus and go on to get an idol. Careful on the way back, be ready with the spacebar or you'll fall in front of a mighty guardian - should you do so, you can always try to find the lever to open the wall and let Patty in. But your chances of survival are slim.


Next go through the NW opening and you'll get another idol; ready with the spacebar, there is another death trap on the way back.




Out, S, and, where the path forks, go L. Spacebar at the ready, there is another trap here. Finally, you'll get to some warthogs and a bridge; cross it to find Jack's Lighthouse. Talk to Jack thoroughly and, of course, you'll have to deal with the termites.


Turn around, go R and to the beach by some crates. Now, there is no way you can fight the termites as a group so wait for one to come by. The idea is to pick them off one by one as they go foraging. When no more come, go to another lot of crates in the W and finish the job. Once you've killed all the workers, go NE to a cave with a warrior termite outside. Kill it and go inside for the other two. Also, you are looking for the stolen sugar.


Keep R and at the top of a ramp you'll find a warrior termite and an amulet on a barrel. Turn your back on it and move forward, still keeping R. You should find the other warrior and the sacks of sugar. Once you've got them all, go to Jack to tell him and he will invite you to read a book in his house. Do so. If you traded with Booze you'll know he has a hand mirror... worth 2000 smackers!


Now take the sugar to Booze and trade your surplus, you need at least 2150 gold. Take the sugar upstairs all the way to give to Alister. He can teach you how to brew rum.


O'Brian's treasure map


While here you might as well try to get O'Brian's treasure map, so have a go. You'll need 500 gold and a Painkiller from Booze (don't mention Steelbeard yet). Sorry, I cheated. I saved before trying and if I lost I reloaded and tried again until I won. You have to do this twice. I *hate* arcade sequences! The treasure chest is past the spot where Colby was by the waterfall.

Fast travel to town and take the slaves' heads to Di Fuego.




Next stop Carter, buy Largo's shirt. Make sure that you have some grog and that your Cunning is at level 4 and talk to Largo. Do not give him the lock pick straightaway. Ask him to make you a better thief, learn pickpocket and try to learn lock picking. Next, ask him how to get his earring. Talk to Carter and choose the (Thievery 10) line. Now give Largo the lock pick and he will open the door and move back, follow him in. (Carter will attack, let Patty deal with him for now.) Give Largo back his clothes and make sure you learn lock picking.


Help Patty with Carter and Largo will go to the Den. Wait till Carter is no longer offended and talk to him.




Right, the time has come to part with Patty so perhaps you should take the trouble of visiting the marked spots on the map and exploring around them for loot and glory. Forget about the caves, you are not advanced enough - and you won't be able to open all the chests, either. Don't visit the extreme SE of the island, it's far too dangerous.


When you feel you've done all you could, check if you have enough glory points to advance to level 2 in Blades, Firearms and Toughness and enough cash to train in Blades with Roquefort.


Finishing off


If you are ready, go to the Den and onto the ship. Watch. Go up the stairs and speak to MacLain. Go all the way down to the hold, find the chest between two cannon: push the lock pick all the way to the R and withdraw it gently to open this chest. Get the contents and report to MacLain.


Go to Curtis and Morris to report your actions. Buy the plan from Morris. Talk to Stone and to Booze and this time mention Steelbeard. Go up to the first floor and see if Elia is in bed, find Lola and bribe her into distracting Alister (give her time to reach him) and then go up to Booze's room and loot it. You can sell it all back to him and buy the hand mirror.


Now you are ready to board the ship and speak to Steelbeard. After you tell him all the things you've done he'll let you join. You swear the oath and he'll tell you are now a pirate. Check that there are no quests pending for this location, save the game; don't overwrite it in case you want to side with the Natives at a later date. Follow Steelbeard to tell him to cast off. Watch.





Now that you have played the first section of the game you don't need me to tell you to look everywhere for loot and glory or to explore places you haven't been to, etc. Do your own thing at all times.


When you are in charge, go N then W as the path slopes up. Watch. There is a fight. You then have a long conversation with Steelbeard; chose Inquisition, but instead of saying you are ready select (End), which will give you a chance to do a spot of looting. When you are done talk to Steelbeard and he will take you to Puerto Isabella. Along the way you'll have some fights and at one point Steelbeard will ask your opinion - let him decide.


Puerto Isabella


Eventually you will get to the gate. Raise your Cunning level to 5 if you can. Speak to Franco and charm him, or get in any other way you like. He tells you to go to Sebastiano straightaway so do just that; ignoring everything and everybody, F, up the stairs on your R, follow the path upwards till you get to the garrison. Alvarez will stop you at the door, choose the first line of the conversation.


In, talk to Sebastiano using every line - you won't be able to pinch his key yet. At the end, pick up the map in this room and have a look around. Go up the stairs, R, you will see Isabella; if you have Silver Tongue 40 talk to her and she will give you a skinning knife and ask for some trophies. If you don't, talk to her later. There is a book in this room you should read.


Out. First of all, go to your L and speak to Hawkins - promise to free him. Report to Sebastiano. Go down the R slope and talk to Webster - you get a better pistol and should trade for ammo. Speak to Tito and buy a package of meat. Speak to Cooper and get a better weapon, also sell him your surplus.


If, while going further down the slope, you go L up a few steps you'll see a chest and also Red Wine, which you are going to need. Go on down and speak to Miguel. He wants crates of cargo from the beach. Talk to Benito, on your R. Down the stairs, find Ranak, give him the meat and he will tell you what he knows - this is also an opening to join the Natives. Speak to Sophie (she wants 5 x Red Wine), you might want to buy her treasure map and kit yourself out.


Turn your back on her and go L, there is Red Wine at the foot of the stairs. If you turn around and go along the seafront to the end you'll find another one on your R. We'll get the other two by sneaking into Webster's and Cooper's houses at night, when they are asleep. Take them to Sophie when you have them all.




Out the N gate, cross the bridge and R to the first beach. Note the rowboat on your R. There are three crates here (hard to see, some are tiny). Find them all before you move on to the next beach to the N, look at your map).


There is only one crate, next to a chest, in this thin strip of beach. To get the rest fast travel to Pirates' Tower and go E-SE to the beach. There are 3 crates here and you can walk to the next beach to the S. Two crates to pick up here plus a message in a bottle near a chest (click on it in your inventory to find out what it says).


Finally, fast travel to town, up the stairs, L past Benito, down the slope to the beach. In the southernmost tip of the beach not only will you find cargo but also the Sharpeye herb. There are two crates here and that's the lot. Take them to Miguel.


Finding Venturo


Go to the garrison, to the upper gate, and talk to Aguilar. Follow the NW path and you will come to a three fork junction. The fork on your L leads to a jaguar and the one in the middle to Torres. Talk to him and before anything happens he asks for food, so find Tito and swap the statuette for one packet of meat - take it to Torres. He will give you instructions but, before you follow them, go past him to discover the Inquisition's Tower. There is someone imprisoned here you would have to free if you sided with the Natives, but we can ignore him altogether.


Down the path, turn R, F and deal with the jaguar - you need his skin for Isabella. (If you can't cope, run to Torres for help, then get back on the path). Stop at the crossroads. If you were to go left you'd meet with a bunch of termites and, further up the slope, a Graveyard with four nasty natives plus a LI (Shrunken Head) and a Temple, but I don't think we are ready for this right yet.


So keep on the path going N and, past a cave bat, look for an opening on your L, go through and ahead you will see the Temple in the distance. Examine the strange object to your R, it's a sign from Venturo. I'll leave you to follow them, starting with the path to the L of the first sign. You'll have to climb up at the falls but eventually you'll come out in a sort of pool at the foot of a huge waterfall. There is a chest near the E path and it is opened by prodding the teeth, 1 to 6, L to R, in the following order: 3, 2, 4, 5, 6, 1.


The Native Village


Start up the path and turn R to find Venturo. Agree to what he asks. Turn around and follow the path to find the Native Village. Lie to him or not, Masaru will challenge you and you'll have a fight. Since we don't want to side with these people, only two are of interest at the moment: Ranapiri (to buy the junk for Isabella) and Jim (to advance in Thievery, otherwise we can't steal Sebastiano's key. If Nakutu approaches say you are here to trade and don't engage in any further conversation.


F5 before you approach Ranapiri because you are about to be asked to do something you might not be able to do. If you try to trade you'll be asked to kill a beast. Go back the way you came to the start of the path turn R and follow the river to the N. Soon enough you'll come upon a great alligator. If you can kill it, well and good - go to Ranapiri, report, ask for a weapon and buy a tusk, teeth and a feather. If not, you could always buy a jaw chisel.


Ranapiri, by the way, will volunteer some information which triggers a quest. To complete it you just have to talk to Chani.


Talk to Jim, give him some rum and pump him for info, he tells you what Venturo wanted to know; then become a better thief by learning Thievery I. Leave the village and return to Venturo with your news.


The Pirates' Outpost


During the conversation say "Good idea" and follow Venturo to the Pirates' Outpost. Choose to attack together from the front, turn R and go along the path till you see the outpost on your L. Stand in the front so that the pirates come to you and Venturo can shoot them. When they are all dead you'll want to plunder so Venturo will wait down the path. Clean the place out and join him.


Follow him to town, deliver the stuff to Isabella, report to Sebastiano and steal his key. Start by going to Webster and getting yourself a decent gun - drag it to your bar so you can use it quickly when you need it.


4 Muskets


Go to Alvarez and find out who you've been given and where they are hanging out. The first one is Bartolo (in, L to dormitory) but he can't help you because he's lost his musket. Out, go down towards Webster and turn R to speak to Eusebio at the gate. Offer to pay his debt, go to Tito give him 200 and find out all he knows; you learn about Martinez, too.


Go to Eusebio and get your answers. Go out the gate and you'll soon see Martinez. Speak to him and help him. He'll take you to a cave nearby. In the first chamber to the L you'll find a map which triggers a new quest. Continue looking and, as soon as you spot the jaguar, run to Martinez but try to administer the death blow yourself. Question Martinez about the musket and tell him to join you and wait outside the upper gate. Continue searching this cave and you'll find ore and a special herb.


Confront Tito with what you know and charm him into returning the musket. Take it to Bartolo. You'll find Venturo at Sophie's bar, just talk to him. For Sancho go to Torres and turn R to go to the campfire, speak to Chavez. To find Sancho, go back to Torres, walk around to your L and N. You'll soon see him. F5. Talk to him and encourage him to go after the pirates. If you do it right he'll take you to a cave on your L and help you deal with them. Loot everything and talk to Sancho so that he goes to join the others.


And now for the treasure. Leave the cave and go forward to the T-junction. A little to your L you will see a gap in front of you. Deal with the monkeys, go through the gap and when you are able, go L through a narrow gap which climbs to the red cross. Dig.


Go to your men and speak to Venturo, who sends you to Sebastiano. After you've talked to him talk to Venturo and you get to take them to the Temple; I've already explained how to get there, no need to repeat it. Once you arrive at the first sign (F5) follow the path to the L and have a nice battle.


The Earth Temple


You win, of course, so loot the field and F5. Enter the Temple and watch. When you are in control ignore all else and go for Crow. When you kill him, watch again. When in control, loot Crow immediately and turn to the beast. Drat, another arcade sequence.


You need to get quite close to the thing and aim at the mouth (?) which now and again opens; at such times you use the harpoon. Keep shooting at the opening until the beast perishes (heal yourself while the harpoon recharges). Talk to Venturo, loot the bodies and enter the Temple itself.


Go straight ahead to the wall and click on the lock. Take the left door and empty three sarcophagi; go back one room and place the idols on the altars, in, take everything, out, take the idols and leave. Keep these two idols (look at them in your inventory to recognise them) because you'll need them again.


In fact, there is a Temple to the N of the Pirates' Tower where one of them might come in handy (recover it, though) - and there is a book in there you ought to read. Which reminds me, there is also a cave NW of this tower which contains another book - pretty dangerous. If you want to have a go, the combination of the chest is 3, 2, 4, 5, 1, 6.


Anyway, as you leave the Temple you meet Steelbeard and have a conversation. Watch. At the end you get a hat (don't lose it!) and a chat. Look at the map, get down to the beach, the rowboat is E of the Tower.


How to steal a ship


Row to the city, talk to Sebastiano (don't give up the harpoon), talk to Patty and follow her - she tells you her plan.


The first thing is to free Hawkins, so go to him and unlock the door. You'll find him again by going out of the N door and keeping L till you see him. Recruit him and take him to Patty, tell her about it. Recruit Venturo (at the bar) and while you are talking to him find out about the water, take him to Patty and again tell her. Speak to Sophie and she explains what she wants.


So! You need to find a bed and sleep till midnight. The one by the campfire here might be free, it all depends on the time of day.


At any rate, enter the garrison and sneak through the door on the right, the mask is on the table by Sebastiano's bed. Out, up the stairs, another mask on a crate on your R. Out of the door now on your L, get to the cannon and sabotage it but be careful not to be seen by the Guard here; another mask on a crate to the R of the cannon. Now go all the way to Benito's. He won't be there, nor Miguel, but don't get caught by the patrolling guard. Just wait till he passes out of sight. Sabotage all 3 cannons. Put up your Cunning level to 6 so that you can unlock the door here, some good stuff inside. Wait till you see the Guard going downstairs and open the door and the chest inside (both easy, push the pick to the R and pull it to the L). Pick up all the other stuff and get out of here.


Trade with Sophie to get rid of all your surplus, give her the masks, go to Patty and save the game. If you want to do more exploring now is the time. Otherwise, talk to Patty and you'll board the ship (move quickly forward to let the others get on) and fight. You'll win and the guards will be deeply offended but they'll go off. Go to...






The Harbour


Talk to Patty to find out what you need. This time you can take her with you (I didn't in town). Get off the ship and turn R to talk to Rick: don't intimidate him, just find out what is going on and agree to let him know about treasure.


Follow him, W, then N through the arch and up the stairs (L) ahead. The guard will challenge you but you'll get in. Listen carefully to the conversation and at the end speak to Slayne. Follow him (twice) to his ship and get all the info. Now you know what you have to do.


Look at your map and go to the extreme E end of the beach and talk to Quinn. Buy his special items and trade with him, if you like. As you walk W, pop into Emma's store and talk to her. If you can afford it, buy her Voodoo Needle. When you come out of the shop turn R and go F to speak to Wilson. Ask what he does for fun. Back to the seafront and go to the pub, talk to Zak. Ask him about pirate stories and he'll tell you about Mac.


Go into the pub and talk to Spencer. Ask him where he gets his rum and he will ask you to get a shipment from Booze. Do this now to get it out of the way: go to the ship, talk to Patty and change course to Taquariga. Talk to Booze and you find out about Garcia in Caldera. Get the shipment and go back to Spencer. Talk to him and to Harvey but leave Morgan for later. Go upstairs and wake Scarlett up (if she's not out front). Get all her information and learn about Grace and Bill. Go to the room next door and read the book. Leave.


If you were to turn R outside you'd find Henri along here. He is an alternative way of getting the cannon: he has a pistol Wilson wants and he won't give it up unless you beat him in a shooting match. Well, you know me and arcade sequences, I'll get it the easy way. So don't speak to him at all unless you want to be lumbered with an unnecessary quest.


Back to the pub and W. Find Rick: activate the Treasure option in the Log to see the cross in the map. Talk to Rick about it and he will give you the merchandise.


Go on W past the warehouse and go to Alvarez. Before you go in, talk to Grace. It will be difficult but you have to persuade her to go to Wilson and it will cost you 1000 gold. Do it.


Enter, go to the foot of the stairs and go R and into Alvarez's room. Read a book and open his chest (3,2,1,4,5,6) to get the treasure map. Now go and talk to him. Read the Creed if you want, but leave and turn R to find Gibson's tomb and the red cross. The treasure contains a LI.


If you don't have Patty with you, go get her.


Go to Wilson and tell him about Grace, he's overwhelmed with joy and when you remind him of the deal he will give you the cannon.


Heading out


Turn R here and go talk to Bill. At the end, look at your map: we need to get to the SE beach, so F. At the spring go past Miles and ask Butch for the water barrels but you'll not get any joy. Go back to Miles ask him how to get rid of Butch. Back to Butch, tell him to act like a pirate and about the treasure; offer to split it with him. Follow him to the cave and beat him up. Go to Miles at once and tell him to carry the water barrels.


You might like to go back the cave to get some nuggets and the contents of the chest (5,4,3,6,2,1). Another look at the map: can you still see the red cross on the rocky plain? Might as well go and get that treasure.


Go to the spring, follow the path and head N. You should finish up at a dead end with bones and a chest (3,2,1,4). If you look at the map you are alongside the red cross. You just have to climb up the ledges to get it: at the top, go R and dig. Jump down.


Look at the map: we are heading SE, skirting the water, to the Fishermen's Hut (you can just about see it, with a tiny jetty on the sea side). When you get there talk to Eddie and find out what his problem is. Read a book here.


Out, turn to the R and head straight N, across a small island, to the grotto. If you look at the map you'll see a feature like an inverted U slightly to the NE of the hut, that's where it is.


Go in and kill the beast, explore the grotto till you find Duncan. Talk to him and he will give you a treasure map. There is a chest here (1,2,3,4). When you leave this room, apply your right shoulder to the wall, walk around it and you will eventually see the red cross, dig. Go to the hut and talk to Eddie - you'll get your fish.


Outside the hut, F5, look at the campfire and go to its R. Kill the monster and look at your map: you need to get to the W of the island, in search of Mac. If you look around the centre W you will see a little square and that's where you are going. Head W-NW till you get there.


Talk to Mac and just as things are getting interesting he tells you to fetch him a food package from Rick. A pity you can't strangle him. Fast travel to Rick (ask him what is he going to do) and back. You'll find Mac at a bench in front of the campfire. Talk to him.


If you walk behind him and down a slope you get to a cave where there is a book you should read and also a chest (4,5,6,3,7,2,1,8).


Open your Log and highlight the treasure option to see where it is on the map. Find your way there. On this small island, and to the NE of the cross, you'll find a LI. Dig up the treasure.


Back in town


To get another one from the Storehouse you need to go to Quinn and get a trained monkey. Go to Alvarez's house and climb the stairs opposite. Turn L to the open window and use the monkey. Out, climb/jump to a hole above the window shutter, in, get the noose (LI) - you can even open the chest and get its contents. Out of the hole, into the window and back to the character. By the way, you could also steal Wilsons gun by getting the monkey into Henris storehouse through a window.


No putting it off any more, go to the pub, talk to Morgan (he is the helmsman Slayne needs) and he'll challenge you to a contest. You have to win a fight with him, win at a drinking contest and outshoot him. You don't need to win all three, two is enough. Thank goodness for that. Even I could win the first two, so now we go to Slayne.


On the way you'll find an angry Alvarez, mention the Creed to him. Talk to Slayne. Go back to your own ship and tell Patty to set sail for the...





Use the rowboat and talk to Slayne. Follow him to the cave. Watch. Start looking for a way out.


You come out at the shallows in the SE and must fight your way to a beach in the SW, picking up a bottle with a map inside. Make sure you collect all of the Sunken Ones' axes. If you highlight the Treasure option in your Log and look at the map you'll see that the red cross in where you came out of the cave, so go back and get the treasure now. On.


You will have noticed that by now all pretence of normal weather has been dropped and it rains constantly, making it difficult to see. Perhaps that's the whole idea. A very bad one, at that.


You'll arrive at that beach and find that you are marooned. Follow the path to the NW and meet Jaffar. After the conversation follow him to his house and talk again. Take a vine from his garden. Look at the map and go to the nearest beach, i.e., S, W. Walk along the beaches going N till you cannot go any further and on that little one you'll find all the driftwood. When you get it all you'll probably see a crab to the E. Don't go there yet, go W instead.


Look at your map: your aim is to get roughly to the centre. So take the first path going E-W, then the first S, then E again. You have discovered the Village.


The Village


Start taking vines from gardens and talking to the gnomes. At random:


Ulvi wants you to rescue his friend from the beach, but not which one. Remember the crab? Go there and kill a whole bunch of them. Kalil is to the E, talk to him.


Nuri wants something, but what? Find Kaan at the end of a short NE path and he will tell you. The black pearls you might be carrying are no good. He also tells you that you must kill some beast and that you are now Jaffar's master. Great.


Go and see Ulvi now you've rescued Kalil and he (or she?) will give you what Nuri wants and 2 shirts. Take it to him and you get 1 shirt.


Zeki wants a crown stolen by ants, which is bad news because there are lots of them in a cave to the NE. Chest: 5,4,3,2,1,6. When you return the crown to Zeki you get 3 shirts. Read the book on a crate here.


Now for the Granne Gozzo, who resides to the E. This guy consumes your weapons one after the other till you have none left. You have two alternatives: use the harpoon, which cannot be taken from you, or drag all the axes you collected to a box in the bar so that you can replace them as soon as you lose them. I chose the latter option and managed to kill the monster.


Go to Kaan for your reward, which is a LI, (read a book in his room) and then go to Jaffar. Talk to him and he'll tell you to join him at the Western beach. If you've done all that you want here do so, talk to him and then use the raft. Watch.


Back in Pirates' Den


Talk to Jaffar, fast travel to the Den, go to the ship and tell Jaffar to wait, talk to Patty, talk to Jaffar and, before you tell Patty to cast off, stop.


While you are here you might like to try your hand at all the things you couldn't do before.


To the Sword Coast


When you are finished go to Patty and set sail for the Sword Coast to get a LI. Go to the Village, talk to Kapua, talk to Hikoko (buy her amulet), talk to Kapua again till you can trade and buy the Bottle of Memories.


Again, since you are here you can try to do the things you couldn't before, such as the Graveyard, for instance: don't forget the LI there. By the way, Jaffar is not much of a warrior but he is extremely funny - for dangerous work, though, I'd go for Patty or Venturo as a companion.


To Antigua


OK, if you are ready, open the Log, choose Seachart and the Return to Boat button. Sail to Antigua. Go to Alvarez and once more you eavesdrop. At the end, leave, turn L outside and keep going NE till you meet with Slayne. You must win this fight. Collect everything - the sequence for the chest by the stocks is 7,8,6,5,9,4,

10,3,2,1, and after all that the contents were hardly worth the trouble.


Go and talk to Alvarez and go to your ship. As you pass Scarlett she tells you about Rick. Offer to help. Go and ask Bill about Rick. Ask Miles - no use at all. Look at your map: do you see the big waterfall in the N? Rick is to the R of that, so get over there and you'll find him at a campfire. Talk to him and fast travel with him to the Harbour, tell Scarlett about it.


Finally, have a look at your character: whatever else you might have used your glory points for I hope you are at level 8 Cunning and at least level 6 Blades.


Get on the ship and travel to...





Let's get the LI out of the way first. Go to Carlos but, instead of talking to him, go to the room on his right and open the chest - you get a treasure map. Go down to the beach and into the circular cave in which we found the Hero's Crown and dig. That's that done.


Go and talk to Carlos. When you've got all the info, out and to your L, talk to the Bridge Gate Guard and he'll let you through. As you cross the bridge a guard on your right gives you some info, so cross the bridge and go to the first house on the L of the bridge. The guard will stop you, charm him into letting you in. Talk to the servant and go upstairs and to the R. Talk to Mauregato. Well, that was short and sweet.


Leave, go L, get into the next house and talk to Fernandez. Out, talk to Lopez and agree to help him. Your first two recruits are right here. Talk to both citizens and they'll join up. Go across to the other side of the bridge and talk to Campbell. Attempt to get to the house but the guard will tell you Azuro doesn't want to be disturbed.


Turn around, walk back and take the lane to your R. Look out for a red-haired worker; recruit him by mentioning muskets. When you get in the plaza, turn L and talk to Possodino. You can buy a LI from him (Snuffbox). Enter the house at the other end of the plaza and talk to Elena - rent a room. You learn that Garcia stayed in one of the rooms but took the key with him.


Talk to Pantaleo but don't steal the bag (that's for those who sided with the Natives). Go upstairs and talk to Di Silva. In spite of having rented a room you get mobbed by everyone here.


Now leave and go talk to Lopez. Return to the plaza and a servant will take you to Azuro, talk to him. Accept the deal. Go to Pantaleo and get the outfit, go into Mauregato's house.


Enter the room to the R and spot the key on the table to your L, don't touch it. You will be followed in. Go outside the house and wait till the guys settle down. Rush in, swipe the key, go outside again and wait. F5. Up the stairs, L, unlock the door, spot the signet ring on the table to your right and get out and wait. Finally rush in and grab the ring and get out again. Phew!


Go to Azuro and you'll get a letter, so go to the plaza, speak to the guard in front of the Council building and he'll let you in. Speak to Puco on your R and Custodio ahead of you.


L, up the stairs, L: this is the locked office, turn around, F, R to speak to Cassandra. F5. When asked a riddle, chose the second (or is it the third) answer. She will sell you the key to the office. In, read the Notes. Chest: 3,2,1,4,5,6. Out. By the way, I did not bother with any more chests here because it took too long. Walk past Cassandra and you come out behind Custodio. L to find a new room. A locked door here (6,5,4,7,3,8,2,1) does weird things: but it's a balcony over the Archives.


Out, down the stairs, L, down the stairs, R to talk to Godin. Talk to the guard and get into a fight, once you've beaten him you'll have access to the Archives. Now explore them thoroughly and read all the books. One of them contains the info you sought. Locked door: 5,6,4,7,3,2,8,1. On your way out you will meet Cassandra at the top of the stairs. Deal with her as you will.


Go to Azuro, Carlos and then Patty on the ship, sail to...





If you talk to Patty you have a strange conversation. Talk to Venturo, Hawkins and Jaffar. Leave the ship and talk to Valdez. S, talk to Marcos, S, into the Temple and talk to Mercutio. Oh, no, beachcombing again! Out, R, down the stairs, fight two firebirds (or draw them to the Protector at the foot of the stairs) and find all six barrels on this beach (two are underwater and hard to see). Take them to Mercutio. Trade with him (he has a wonderful blade and a great gun - stock up with ammo); buy the Cannonball (LI).


Out, R, down the stairs, R, pick up the path and follow it S. Presently you'll see a path forking off to the L. Go along there and explore around, come back here. Before you carry on S, climb to your R to open a chest (4,5,3,6,2,1). On the way you will see an opening on your R. At the dead end you will find a chest (3,2,1,4) with half a sword and also a special herb. Turn around and go through the opening, now on your L. Hug the R; you can climb some ledges to get a Jester's Cap. Down, carry on hugging R and going up; you'll come to Corrientes' Temporary Storage Place, an important point.


From here we are going to keep R. You will find a Temple - be warned that there are 3 ghouls inside, but you should try to enter or you'll miss a quest. If you bought the Thunder Rifle it should help. When you get in, advance to the golden mask and try to take it. Yagul will appear, placate him and he'll give you the quest. Out, back to where we were and carry on keeping R.


You will reach a campfire. Talk to Hanu and he will tell you how to get to the Village and also about a beast. Go S and kill it (the gun makes it easy), tell Hanu. Now we follow his instructions and keep to the L side of the lake. Aha! A slope on the right, lit by torches, takes you up to the village.


The Village


You are received by Bones and have a long conversation. F, talk to Cordobar, he sends you on to the hut. Inside, talk to Corrientes and you get a couple of quests and a map. Out, talk to Cordobar and he'll ask you to look for Garcia's ship. Palomo wants you to find Black Dog. Egas wants you to kill the grave robbers.


Now for the natives. Dara wants you to find Koraka. Malaika wants you to find her idols. Talk to Hakeke and offer to help him, he tells you to challenge and beat Daiki. Do so. Tell Hakeke and he explains what to do next. Go on up. No need to talk to Zaalu and Potaka. Talk to Kenan. Talk to Datu: you get info and the first task. Walk past him, down a slope, talk to Jamila: she wants four fire peppers. There, that should keep you out of mischief for a while.


The Rite


Go to Hakeke. Follow him, you'll end up at a cave and he'll send you in. Kill the panther and get its paw. The chest: 7,6,5,8,9,4,3,2,1,10. Outside the cave, look at your map and remember where it is, we'll be coming back later.


Go to Hakeke, follow him to the Village, go to Datu. He gives you the next task, so go to Hakeke and tell him, follow him and he'll tell you to find the feathers. Turn N and you'll see the first - take the black feather and tell Hakeke. He will now keep up with you as you follow the directions (take the feathers). You'll find Kenan after the 4th. Talk to Hakeke.


Back to Datu for the last task: youll have to fight, so go to Hakeke once more. Talk to him and then to Potaka, follow him and fight (you will win, of course), then talk to him and to Hakeke. Go to Datu, you get the Skull (LI). Back to Hakeke and you get Corrientes' Thunderstick - a wonderful weapon, you can shoot it and use it as a bayonet while it recharges... but keep topping up your ammo stock whenever you get the opportunity (you need both types, bullets and lead shot).




Leave the Village and go W-SW and you'll come upon Black Dog. You get, amongst other things, a gold mask. Read a book here; you can climb some ledges to get a few items, if you can be bothered.


Continue southwards on this path until it dips steeply to your L. Enter, instead, the cave on your R. There are dangerous beasts inside, so F5 and good luck. If you survive and hug the R wall you will discover the Fire Barrier (click on it). Out.


Follow the slopping path and you'll meet Pandu, have a chat. Behind him, to the left of the chest, there is a cave: enter it. Keeping right, clear this cave of nasties: you'll emerge behind Bones, in the Village. Tell Corrientes about the Fire Barrier; speak to Palomo, too. Go back in the cave and keeping R explore the rest. You'll find a handy bed here.


Come out at the Village, leave and head E, keep going till you see some ruins to your L and climb the path E; you'll see Koraka on your L. Talk to him and continue up the path. Fight the grave robbers and loot them. Tell Koraka and come back to go into the Temple.


You'll have to drop in... and there is a ghoul waiting for you below. Kill it and grab the loot in this room. F5! Go the only way you can go, but cautiously - you'll see a dead pirate here, his head pointing to a room on your R. Loot the pirate without being seen from that room because there is a gigantic Guardian in there. Unfortunately you need to go F, so get the Thunderstick ready and kill him. Empty the sarcophagus and go out, turn R, F5 and finger on the spacebar, there is a trap ahead. Move on, pull the lever, replace the gold mask, skirt the hole and get out of the Temple.


Go back to the ruins you passed before, only now you are this side and can see a chest. Empty it and head N, climb some ledges and pick up the fire peppers. Go R and talk to Ezana. She will give you another fire pepper and you can complete your quest by picking up yet another by the chest.


Fast travel to the Village and visit Malaika, Jamila (hang on to what she gives you), Dara and Egas. Look at your map: we are going to the beach in the N.


If by any chance you should come across Angus, do not talk to him. You should steer clear of him, Valdez, the Shaman and Corrientes at the moment.


OK, I'm on the N beach, having arrived by the central path which I accessed from the Old Camp. I can see Garcia's ship in front of me and a rowboat on my R and that's where I'm going now. Before we get in the rowboat let's move on a bit to open a chest (4,3,5,2,1,6,7,8) and get the message in the bottle (treasure map). Into the rowboat and onto the ship.


Three pirates greet you, and there is a fourth hereabouts - find him before he finds you. When you've killed everyone go into the captain's cabin to read a logbook and there is yet another treasure map in this room. Get off the ship.


Treasure and Temple seeking


I'm going to find all these treasures and the rest of the temples, so the thing is to highlight each treasure, look at the map and go there. The nearest one seems to be the one in the Pirates Coast, just walk to it along the beach to the very end.


Next, the Panther's Cave, the one we went to with Hekeke. Find it and go in hugging the L wall and looking carefully at the ground: the red cross is barely visible and is on top of a skeleton's torso.


For the treasure in the Hunting Grounds fast travel to the Village, report to Cordobar, go through the cave, out, turn R and start searching - the red cross is on the surface. The treasure in the Hidden Valley will have to wait.


Now for those elusive temples. To the NE of the Village there is a Temple in which, while you look for the altar, you will find lots of naked corpses.


The last temple is SE of the Village and is full of termites. Advance carefully, ready to press the spacebar. When you get to the altar, loot the dead pirate for the mask, take the Jaguar's paw (LI) beside his body and loot the room to the R before you place the mask on the altar. Watch. This concludes this quest.




If you want to complete the Deserter quest the easy way, you could take Angus to Corrientes - not very nice!


If choose to be nice and forfeit your quest glory points, ignore Angus, go to the Village and talk to Malaika. She'll tell you were Osamu is, go talk to him.


Go to the Fire Barrier and kill the two guys, then go left of the Barrier and kill the rest (there is an amulet here). Go through the Barrier (alone - but there is a temple door in here which can be opened so that your companion can rejoin you) and go outside the cave. By the way, while you are here you can highlight the Treasure in the Hidden Valley option so you can see it in the map and get it on the way to the Temple.


When you get there, and after killing the gorilla, approach the foot of the stairs with the spacebar ready to avoid a trap. Once inside, the confrontation with Garcia takes place. Watch. When you have killed him and looted him, go to the door at the back and use the Thief's Bone Hand (equip it like a weapon, press F, aim, shoot) and enter.


Down the stairs, don't bother to go L, go R instead and find and pull a lever, back to the stairs: place the two idols you've been carrying all along on the altars and the gates will open. Loot the vault (chest: 7,6,8,9,5,10,4,3,2,1), out, get your idols and leave. Now you can explore the Hidden Valley or fast travel to the Village.


If you want 100 extra glory points, go to Angus to tell him the news about Corrientes and he'll return to the Camp by himself.


Talk to Bones, give him the hotpot when the option appears and, when you've exhausted all topics, say "Come with me", fast travel to the Old Camp, N to Valdez. Talk to him, get more ammo from Mercutio and go on board. Tell Bones to wait, go to Patty and sail to...





Look at your map: you need to be at the large waterfall in the N, on the W side; so go to Mac's Tower, cross safely to the other bank of the river and, when you get to the waterfall, walk behind it to a strange door, speak the password (All Hail Garcia), in, go through the cave outside, keep left, after the grave spider look on the ground for the red cross; once you have the talisman in your possession, the quest is completed.


Go talk to Alvarez, get all the info. Go to the ship and talk to Patty, then sail to the...





Use the rowboat, go E, up the stairs, talk to Tao. In, stick like a limpet to the L side of the scenario and don't let up until you get back. Keep your eyes open for the ingredients, the plant is particularly difficult to spot. Look at your map to make sure you've been everywhere. Don't miss a ledge to clamber.


In your travels you'll probably see Tao at the Altar of Transition, and this is where you must go when you've collected what's needed.


You'll even find another treasure map, and this time the chest contains a LI.


When you've found what you needed go to Tao, do what you are told and watch. At the end, pick up the Old Coin from the table with the potion and get cracking.




The Underworld


Out, down the stairs: to your R you'll find Nahele. Talk to her and see what she wants. Just SE of here is Motega, don't bother with him right now. Back at Nahele, keep R and you'll find the Silverback gorilla, kill it and take its skin. On.


Presently you'll come across Akando, who wants you to steal from him. Go to the Altar of Transition to talk to Nahele and she will give you a key, back to the Thief's Temple, open the chest, talk to Akando and that's all. This game is getting dafter by the minute.


You will find a Confused Ghost (Bones), talk to it and use the "white scarf" option when it appears.


Kusko at the Arena wants you to defeat him, so do just that.


Now you can go to the Altar, talk to Motega and to Nahele. Take the sceptre to Tao at the entrance, talk to him and watch. Talk to Tao again, go to the Altar of Transition and sleep.


Get yourself to the ship and report to Bones and to Patty. Big save. Check that you have completed all the quests and that you have everything you need and are well stocked with rum and ammo (if necessary go buy the stuff); sail to...





Watch. You will be facing the kraken with your harpoon. Another arcade sequence! You have to blast the thing in the mouth when it opens it. Because it goes from one side of the ship to the other it is best if you stand with your back to the sun so that you can see its shadow and turn around quickly. In between charges you can heal yourself.


You have to aim high - the third from the top of the targeting lines should be level with the horizon. Good luck.


When the kraken dies you get a cut scene. Next thing you know you've landed and the place is full of monsters - move quickly off the plank so that your companions can get at them. When all the monsters are dead and you move on there is another cut scene and you get to fight the Boss.


I found the Thunderstick worked well, but you mustn't let up with your attacks so "shoot, jab, jab, jab, shoot", never stopping till Mara is dead. Watch.


It's all over. Talk to Patty and then to every member of your crew; particularly Jaffar, who covets Steelbeard's hat. Give it to him. As soon as you are ready, speak to Patty. Watch. THE END.


I wonder what happened to the guy who sent a message in a bottle from his Isle?



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