W A L K T H R O U G H   P A R T   O N E

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Stonebrook   Terris   Kernsin


   This part of the game is fairly simple.  You start off in your house.  Grab the pig feed and head north to the pigs.  Drop some feed and Milder will appear and you'll talk and such.  Now go back to your mother and talk to her.  She'll tell you to talk to the townspeople.  Talk to Ethel and offer to find her duck.  Yell at it and it'll go home.  Then go back to your mother.  She'll tell you to get some Alktree Nuts.  This is your first venture outside of the town.  Leave the town and you'll meet the wizard who will talk to you.  Then head east and keep on going south until you reach the tree with the nuts.  Punch the tree with the nuts and a nut will fall down.  Grab it and head back to town.  You'll then notice your house is ablaze.  A small automatic sequence will occur.  Once it's over, talk to the guard blocking the village exit.  He'll talk about a letter at your house.  Return to your house and get the letter and the map.  The guard will now no longer block your path and you're free to leave the village as you please.

   First outside of the village, head east again and follow the path till you reach the sign that talks about the wizard's hut.  Go north from there and enter the hut and ask all the options.  Pick up the potion he gives you and leave the house.  Head south a screen from the house and then go left to a treasure chest.  Open it and grab the heart container.  Now return to the village entrance and head left.  Keep on going left till you hit the coastline.  Then head up until you hit the cliffs. Once there, keep on going right until you see a rock.  Push the rock aside and enter the cave. Inside, kill the beast by using a hit, retreat, hit tactic.  Then leave the cave and head back the wizard's hut.  You'll see he's gone but he leaves you Fireball magic and 200 gold pieces.  Grab them and return to the village entrance.  Head west again to the shoreline and find the man who's on the bridge.  Pay his toll and cross the bridge into the Terris area.


  First, head to the town.  Talk to the people and be sure to somehow buy a Long Sword - it helps a lot.  Go to the tavern, chat with the people, get laughed at, fight the guards, and you're done inside there.  Then head west of the tavern and enter the house.  Offer to find the little girl named Mary.  Don't try to go into the abandoned mine yet - it's suicide.  Explore the country side picking up heart containers and other treasure.  Once you feel secure follow the path south of Terris and once it branches west, go down a screen.  You'll then reach the abandoned mine. Talk to the trapped guy and he'll tell you that you're going to need some kind of magic to free him.  Head back to the tavern in town and the bartender will tell you about the old hermit that lives south of the tavern.  Go to his house and knock on it by pressing space bar near the door. Go in and he'll teach you the Acid Rain magic if your magic ability is at least 5.  If it isn't 5, go back to the mine and fight around to get it up to 5.  Head back to the mine with the magic and free the man.  The Cast will appear and a short automatic sequence will follow.  The guy you freed will then die as he tries to fight the Cast and he'll give you the scroll.  

   Now head to Goodheart Castle and go just northwest of it.  You should see two poles and if you try to walk through them you'll take damage and get knocked back.  Use the scroll you received and the barrier will disappear, allowing you entry.  Keep on going north, once inside, until you can go north no further.  Then head east a screen and go north.  Follow the path and you'll reach four girls worshipping a dead dragon carcass.  Keep on listening and then you're going to have to fight the girls who are really Bonkas.  After killing them the guy will turn into a Slayer - a very deadly creature at this point in the game.  Stay at a safe distance and use Fireball magic to slowly wear him down.  Now that Mary is saved you'll become a hero in Terris.


   Follow the path south of Terris to Kernsin.  While following the path you'll overhear a conversation between two Cast members saying that they plan to crash the parade.  Talk to the girl by the fountain in the town square and then head to the bookstore and talk to the mayor. You'll find out that you're going to need some evidence.  You're also going to need a bow.  Save up for the bow and buy one.  Sure you could head south to the Goblin Sanctuary right now but that would be a death wish.  First, save up 1500 gold and then head to the western beach and pick up Bow Lore.  (It's under a tree you have to burn with Fireball.)  This is practically essential because you can't damage the boss goblin without it.  Then just scour the countryside picking up any heart containers and potions you can find lying around.

  Once you feel pumped head south of Kernsin to the Goblin Sanctuary.  Equip your bow and talk to the guard.  He'll open the gate and let you in.  Head north a screen and kill the four goblins there.  Then, the boss goblin will appear.  Kill him by getting power shots.  Some elixers of life might help you if you get low on hit ponits.  After killing him he'll lead you to the Cast's camp.  A short automatic sequence will happen that shows Dink sneaking inside a hut and stealing the evidence he needs to prove what the Cast is doing.  He'll then run away and get caught.  You'll have to fight three Cast troops.  Keep your distance and wear them down with power shots and fireballs and the battle will be over quickly. Back at town the parade will go as planned and you'll gain hero status here as well.  Head to the bookstore and talk to the owner. Talk about news and the owner will tell you the bridge to Windemere is fixed.  It's time to head to Windemere...

W A L K T H R O U G H   P A R T   T W O

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Windemere   The Edge of the World   The Darklands


   This part of the game doesn't involve much fighting.  Once in Windemire, simply talk to everyone.  You can go complete the quest in this place right away but I recommend fighting around and buying a Clawsword. (You'll need it for the next area!)  Once you have the Clawsword go to the shop and buy a bomb. Head to the screen with the duck idol statue on it. You'll notice that there is a ring of stones surrounding the duck idol and you can't get in - or so it seems.  On the north part of the screen you should notice a rock that is somewhat black and has some cracks in it.  Place your bomb there and blow up the rock.  You're now allowed access to the area around the duck idol.  Grab the treasure and then slaughter EVERY duck.  Once this is done a short automatic sequence will happen and the people here will no longer praise the ducks.

  You could leave this place right away but there is some stuff you can do.  First, explore the country side and pick up any items you find.  There is a secret area here and if you wish to know where it is consult the secrets section of the page. (Under Info:Secrets)  Second, you can go to the mayor's house and follow the underground passage to an island.  Enter the first house you see and you'll find out a girl is missing.  Another short automatic sequence will occur and in the end you'll have to fight two dragons.  Dispose of them quickly with the Clawsword you bought. Now the guy offers you throwing axes to buy.  You might want to buy them to kill the monsters around Windemere quickly and from a distance for gold and experience.  You'll need the extra gold and experience for the next area. Now head back to Goodheart castle and you'll be allowed entrance.  Inside, you'll ask if you can go find Milder and the king will grant you permission and open a path to the north.  Go north of the castle till you hit the cliffs and follow the path east along the edge of the cliffs.  You'll soon reach a cave that leads to the next area.

The Edge of the World:

   This can appear to be one of the hardest areas of the game at first but looks can deceive.  If you bought a Clawsword in Windemere like instructed by this walkthrough it'll ease the pain a bit.  Equip it and run right up to the Stone Giants and bash them repeatedly.  They're strong, but they don't have a lot of hit points.  Once in the Edge of the World, head east to a town.  In there is a Church that houses a fountain.  This fountain is basically a free healer so it's extremly valuable.  In the other house, is a women selling a Light Sword for 4000 gold and a Massive Bow for 5000 gold.  Buy the Light Sword first.  You probably won't have enough gold at first so go explore the Edge of the World and pick up the many potions scattered here and there.  Also, look for a staircase that leads to a man selling Hellfire magic.  To get to the staircase, from the town, keep on going south and if you can't go south, east, until you see the mainland below a cliff.  Now walk west and south when you can and you should see a staircase.  Inside is a guy selling Hellfire magic for 1500 gold.  Buy this!  It'll make killing the Stone Giants a lot easier!

   You may not want to buy the Massive Bow.  Instead, you might want to buy the Flame Bow.  If you choose to do that then you're going to most definitely want to fight in the Darklands.  Make sure you have a Light Sword before heading into the Darklands.  Ok, to get to the next area, head back to the town.  Go south from the church to a save point and then east to a machine with a globe on it.  Hit spacebar by the machine and you can choose to hit the red button to take you to the Darklands.  I suggest being on level twelve at this point.  There is also a secret in this area you can goto.  Check the Secrets section to find out where it is.

The Darklands:

   This is undoubtedly the hardest area in the game because...  It's the last board!  There a variety of monsters in this place.  Don't try to talk to the girls or anything in this place because everything that looks friendly is probably a monster in disguise.  Equip your Light Sword and Hellfire magic and go on a rampage killing guys for money to save up for the Flame Bow.  Also be sure to grab any potions you find as there are a lot of them scattered around the area.  If you want to skip staight to the boss of the game head north a bit, then east, and then south.

   Doing that will get you to a save point.  SAVE YOUR GAME!  You'll probably die the first time you fight Seth (the boss of the game) because you do not know his attack patterns.  Damaging Seth is no easy task.  The only way you're even going to touch him is with a bow so forget everything else.  Magic is usless, too.  Use the Flame Bow if you have it, it'll silence him in no time.  If you don't have that then either use a Massive Bow with Elixers of Healing in your inventory or use a regular Bow and hope you get Power Shots, because otherwise you probably won't even hurt him.  Unless you have the Flame Bow, make sure you have Elixers of Healing in your inventory.  Otherwise, you might take too much damage and die.  GOOD LUCK!

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