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                        Dink SmallWood Walkthrough
                               Version 1.3
                                By:  adsfg
                          Created:  22 July 2000
                         Email:  [email protected]


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Version 1.0   (22 July 2000)
- Initial release

Version 1.1   (3 September 2000)
- Corrected Spelling and Grammar
- Fixed a few Walkthrough mistakes
- Updated Credits

Version 1.2   (20 September 2000)
- Added Hints and Tips section
- Fixed even more walkthrough mistakes
- Added prices
- Added another secret
- Changed the look a bit

Version 1.3   (1 October 2000)
- Added Copyright Information



NAME                    PRICE

Pig Feed                free
Nuts                    free
Herb Boots              $500
Elixers                 $25
Bow lore                $1500   (not really an item)



NAME                    PRICE

Bomb                    $20
Long Sword              $400
Bow                     $1000
Claw Sword              $2000
Throwing Axe            $3000
Light Sword             $4000
Massive Bow             $5000
Flame Bow               $25000



Acid Rain




At the start of the game you start off in your house.  Grab the pig
feed and head north to the pigs.  Feed the pigs and Milder will appear
and he'll talk to you.  Now go back to your mother and talk to her.
She'll tell you that Ethel wants to see you.  Go to Ethel (she lives in
the top right house) and talk to her.  She'll talk about her duck going
missing so offer to find it.  The duck is South of her house walking
around.  Talk to it then yell at it and it'll go home.  Now go back to
your mother and she'll tell you to get some alk nuts.  This will be the
first adventure outside of the town.  Leave the town and you should meet
a wizard who will talk to you.

Head East and keep on going south until you reach the tree with the
nuts.  Punch the tree and a alk nut will fall off (grab a couple of
these because they give you some life back).  Now head back to your house
and you'll then see your house is of fire.  A small sequence will occur.
Once it's over, go and talk to the guard blocking the village entrance.
He'll tell you about a letter at your house.  Return to your house
and get the letter and the map.  Now the guard will now no longer block
your path.

Once outside of the village head north to a save point, save then, head
east and follow the path up and around until you reach the sign that
says private property keep out.  Go north from here and enter the hut,
talk to the wizard and Pick up the potion he gives you.  Leave the
house.  Go south a screen and then go west to find a treasure chest.
Open it and grab the heart container.  Now go to the Stonebrook entrance
and follow the path that is leading off to the west.  Keep on following
it around until you get to a man that is on the bridge.  From hear head
north until you reach the cliffs. Once there, go east until you see a
rock.  Push the rock aside and enter the cave.  Inside to the right is a
beast and to the left is a treasure chest with a heart, kill the beast
and then get the heart.  If you can't kill the beast, try to level up a
bit before entering the cave, but it really isn't that hard (just use the
hit-and-retreat tactic).  Then leave the cave and go back to the wizard's
hut.  You'll see that he's gone but he leaves you the Fireball magic and
200 gold pieces.

You can get the Herb Boots now which make you ran and punch faster, just
keep going south from the wizard's hut, until you reach the water.  Go
east, then use the fireball magic to burn down the tree.  Keep going east
until you find a house where someone is selling the Herb Boots for 500g.

Go back to the Stonebrook entrance and follow the west path again to the
bridge, this time talk to the man and pay the $100 toll to cross the
bridge, to get to the next area.


First, head south to get to the town of Terris.  Once here you'll see a
big building with two stores and a tavern.  Talk to the people and read
the posters on the walls, be sure to buy a Long Sword and elixers.  Go
to the tavern and chat with the people, if you threaten the bartender
he will call some guards to deal with you (fight the guards if you want
but you'll most likely die), now you're done inside there.  Head east of
the building to get to your Aunts house that's where you'll stay, go up
stairs to your room, there is a save in here.  Come down and your Aunt
will be getting a beating from Jack.  Talk to her and help her out by
beating Jack up (watch out he is pretty tough), kill him.  She'll feel
sad for a while but she'll get over it.  Then head back to the tavern.
West of it is a house, enter it.  Talk to the mother and she'll tell you
about her missing daughter Mary.  Talk to the mother again and offer to
find the little girl.  Don't try to go into the condemned mine yet.
Explore the countryside picking up heart containers and other treasure.
Once your level is high enough, follow the path south of Terris and once
it curves west, go south another screen.  You'll then reach the condemned
mine.  Enter it and go east twice, you'll have to fight the enemies you
come across because the screen will be locked until everything is dead.
You'll talk to the trapped guy here and he'll tell you that you're going
to need some kind of magic to free him.

Head back to the tavern in town and the bartender will tell you about
the old hermit that lives south of the tavern.  Go to his house and
knock on it by pressing space bar near the door. Go in and he'll teach
you the Acid Rain magic if your magic ability is at least 5.  If it
isn't, go back to the condemned mine and countryside fighting until you
get your magic ability to level 5.  Head back to the condemned mine with
the magic and free the man.  The Cast will appear and a short sequence
will follow.  The guy you just freed will then die as he tries to fight
the Cast and he'll then give you the scroll.

Now head north to Goodheart Castle and go just northwest of it.  You
should see two poles and if you try to walk through them you'll receive
damage and get knocked back.  Use the scroll you received and dink will
say some magic words.  The barrier will disappear, allowing you entry.
Once inside, head north until you can go any further.  Then head east a
screen and go north.  Follow the path and you'll reach four girls
worshipping a dead dragon carcass (If they're not there, you have to talk
to the mother again), you also must have done all the things leading up
to this event, otherwise they might also not be there.  Keep on listening
and then you're going to have to fight the girls who are really beasts.

After killing them the guy will turn into a monster, (a very deadly
creature at this point in the game).  The best tactic for him is to stay
at a safe distance and use the fireball magic (be careful not to kill
Mary).  Once he is dead talk to Mery and you'll be automatically taken
back to her house (now that Mary is saved you'll be a hero).


Follow the path south of Terris to get to KernSin.  While following the
path you'll overhear a conversation between two Cast members saying that
they plan to kill everyone during the parade.  Continue following the
path, you should see a save, keep going until you get to a town.  Talk
to the girl by the fountain in the Town Square and tell her what you saw,
she'll then tell you to follow her.  She'll go to the bookstore go in
and talk to the mayor.  Tell him about what's going to happen, he'll then
say that you some need proof.  You're also going to need a bow so save
up $1000 for one.  When you finally get the bow you'll have to save up
$1500 to get the bow lore, to find it you have to go west of the Goblin
Sanctuary, you should see a tree by itself, burn it to reveal a tunnel,
go inside to find a person selling the bow lore (this is essential
because without it you can't damage the boss goblin).

Once you think your ready head south of Kernsin to the Goblin Sanctuary.
Equip your bow and talk to the guard.  He'll open the gate and let you
in.  Go east and kill the goblins, now go north to get 4 attack potions.
Head west a screen and kill the four goblins here, then the boss goblin
will appear.  Kill him with your magic or your bow (some elixers might
help you if you get low on life).  After killing him he'll tell you
where the Cast's camp is.  A short automatic sequence will happen that
shows Dink sneaking inside a hut and stealing the evidence.  He'll then
run away but get caught.  You'll have to fight three Cast members.  The
best tactic here is to keep your distance and shoot them with bow and
fireballs.  Go back to the town and you'll see that the parade will go
as planned and you'll be a hero in this town.  Head to the bookstore and
talk to the owner.  Find out about the next town and the owner will tell
you that the bridge to Windemere is fixed.  Head back to Terris and go
east of the town to get to the next area.


Once in Windemire, walk around and to everyone, you'll find out that
everyone in the town worships ducks and gives them all there food so
they're starving.  You can go and complete the quest in this area right
away but I recommend fighting around and buying the Clawsword (You'll
need it for the next area).  Once you have the Clawsword go to the shop
and buy a bomb.  Head to the screen with the duck idol.  You'll notice
that there is a circle of stones surrounding the ducks and the idol.
On the top part of the circle, you should notice a rock that has dark
cracks in it.  Place your bomb next to it and blow it up.  You should
now be able to enter area with the ducks.  Grab the 2 treasure cheasts
and then kill EVERY duck.  Once all of the ducks are dead a short
sequence should occur and the people here will no longer worship the

Secondly, go to the house east of the idol, you should arrive at the
house with the basement and coins in front of it.  Go to the basement
and follow the underground passage to get to Joppa isle(Island of Dragons).
Go north and enter the first house you see, go down stairs and you'll find
out that a girl is missing.  Another short sequence will occur and you'll
have to fight two dragons.  Dispose of them quickly with the Clawsword
you bought.  Now go talk to the guy and he should offer you the throwing
axe to buy.  You might want to buy it to kill the monsters around Windemere
for more gold and experience (You'll need the extra gold and experience for
the next area).  Now head back to Goodheart castle and you'll be allowed to
enter.  Once inside, you'll ask if you can go find Milder, the king will
grant you permission and open a path to the north.

Go north of Goodheart castle until you reach the cliffs, go east along the
cliffs until you reach a cave guarded by 2 of the kings men, enter the cave
and you'll be taken to the next area.


This can appear to be one of the hardest areas in the game at first.  If
you bought a Clawsword in Windemere it'll make it a whole lot easier.
Equip it and run right up to the stone beasts and bash them repeatedly.
They're pretty strong, but they're not that hard to kill.  Once in the Edge
of the World, head east to a town.  In there is a Church that has a
fountain.  This fountain will heal you for so it's extremely valuable.  In
the other house is a woman selling a Light Sword and Massive Bow.  Buy the
Light Sword first because it'll help you kill those stone beasts faster
(you probably won't have enough gold at first so go explore the Edge of the
World and pick up as many potions scattered throughout there).  Also, look
for a staircase that leads to a man selling the Hellfire magic.  To get to
the staircase, from the town, leave the town and keep on going south until
you reach the cliff.  Now walk west and south until you see a staircase.
Go inside to see a guy selling the Hellfire magic, buy it then leave
(It'll also make killing the stone beasts a lot easier).

If you don't want to buy the Flame Bow get the Massive Bow instead (its not
as effective but it'll still damage the final boss).  Now its time to go
to the next area.  To get to the next area, head south of the church to get
to a save point and then east to get to a machine with a globe on it.  Hit
spacebar by the machine and choose to hit the red button, you'll now be
transported to the next area (I suggest being on at least level 12 at this


This area is definitely the hardest place in the game.  There is a variety
of monsters in this place, so don't talk to anything in this place because
everything that looks friendly is probably a monster in disguise.  Equip
your Light Sword and Hellfire magic and go around killing enemies for
experience, also be sure to grab any potions or treasures you find in this
area.  If you want, you skip straight to the boss of the game.  To get to
him head north from the machine, then east, and then south.

Doing that will get you to a save point (save because its almost time to
fight the boss).  Now head south a screen and you'll see a staircase, enter
it and you'll be taken to Seth's lair.  Go east and you'll see Milder on the
ground, talk to him and he'll tell you to run, you'll keep talking until
Seth arrives, he'll kill Milder and go for you.  To kill Seth you're going
to need a bow equipped and the hell fire magic.  If you have the Flame Bow
it'll take no time to kill him but if you don't, then you have to use the
Massive Bow and hope you get Power Shots.  The best way to hit him is from
a distance, using your bow and magic.  Unless you have the Flame Bow, make
sure you have plenty elixers.

Once he is dead go back to Goodheart Castle and talk to the king.  It'll
now show the credits and he'll give you some potions.

T H E  E N D


======HINTS AND 

Fighting:  The enemies in Dink Smallwood aren't very smart so you can
easily keep running around them and blasting them with fireballs (or
later on in the game hellfire).  If you build up your magic early in
the game, this is a real good tactic.
Killing enemies with the sword can be tricky so the hit-and-run
tactic works best here, hit your enemy, run away, hit him again, run
away and repeat until dead.  Always try to make the enemy run into
your punches and slashes, otherwise he might hit you.  Remember,
practice makes perfect and always be sure to buy the new swords when
they become available.
The bow isn't a very powerful weapon at first, but the Massive and
Fire bow is a good weapon, the Fire bow being one of the strongest
weapons in the game.  Bow Lore is a must though, without it your bow
is nothing.
The Throwing Axe is an excellent weapon, there fast and used from a
distance.  When you get them you should go around searching for
potions and levelling up.  The only problem with the Throwing Axes is
when you go to The Edge of the World they're completely useless,
because they don't put a scratch on the stone beasts.
Bombs aren't very useful, they're way to slow to be effective.

There are a lot of secret heart containers, potions and chests to be
found in the Dink Smallwood world, so explore the map.  Burning
down trees with the fireball may sometimes reveal a secret
entrance, so always try to do that.  Don't rush through the game
either, try to level up as much as possible.

Stock up on elixers, cause you never know when you might need them
especially for the final battle.  If you can't buy elixers yet, get
as much alk nuts as you can, they don't give you that much health,
but it's something and they're free.

Save a lot cause you never know when you'll die.




Koka Isle
To get to this place head south to the beach and
look for a group of shells that make out a path going outwards towards the
sea.  Walk straight down the middle of the shells and you should be able to
walk on the water.  You'll come to Koka Isle.  There you'll meet huge
ducks, talk to them and one will ask if you want to play a game, I
recommend you play it once just to see what it's like.  Continue around
until you get to a house, someone inside will sell you a Flame Bow for
25,000 gold.  It's a lot, but save up and buy it (He only sells you the
bow AFTER the king tells you to go to the Edge of the World, you cannot
get it anytime before then).  Keep going up and around and you should find
a lot of treasure and potions.


The Ice Castle
To get to this place go to the very bottom of the Edge of the World
(not below the cliffs).  Now head west and keep on going until trees
block you.  Once you see the trees go up a screen. You'll now see two
stone beasts and a cave.  Walk into the trees to the left of the cave
(the trees can be burnt) and to the next screen.  Now head north and
you'll be at the Ice Castle. Inside, you can talk to a wizard and grab
a heart container but that's about it.



(c) Copyright 2000-2001 adsfg (Hayden Butler)
  This FAQ is used for personal use only and can not be sold for any price.
  This FAQ can not be altered in any way or used for any profitable 
  This FAQ is made and belongs to Hayden Butler ([email protected]).



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