Eye of the Beholder 3

  Q- What needs to be accomplished here ? 

  A= Simply find an axe to cut through the trees. Your characters will 
warn you if the trees are weak. The axe makes a good weapon for now as its an 
"Axe +2". In the trees are also hidden some nifty goodies: weapons and armor. 
Try finding the "Two-Handed Sword +3". It makes a great weapon. Keep chopping 
the trees until you find a gate. Go through that gate and you will be in the 
next are of the game. 

  Q-I found a mausoleum. Its pretty darned difficult, what do I do 
here ? 

  A= Nothing. The mausoleum is an optional part of the game. You get 
an Amulet of Friendship for completeing it. The Amulet will allow you to move 
through some of the trees without cutting them. However, its faster and easier 
to just go on and skip it. 


  Q-I walked through the gate...am I in the right place? 

  A= If you have been prompted for a password by the copy-protection 
routine, you're on the right track. 

  Q-As soon as I walk through the gate, I get the way back blocked 
behind me. Also the way ahead is blocked. The only place to go has weird 
looking holes in the bottom. What am I supposed to do here ? 

  A= Each of the holes represents a different way to go. Click on the 
hole that you wish to enter. This is quite confusing maze. However in this 
one, you only need to get the "Everburning Torch". Wander around until you 
come across the torch. Once you get it, get back to the main corridor ( the 
one you came from ) and use the torch ( like you'd use a weapon ) on the trees 
that block your way. You will meet an elven ranger, who offers to join your 
party. Let him. He is a were-tiger and a good fighter. You're onto the next 
part of the forest. 

  Q-The Elven Ranger "Demirier" mentions something about a sword able 
to slay undead with one shot. I could use that. Where is it ? 

  A= You don't get it until MUCH later on. 

  Q-Now what ? 

  A= Be careful here. Many of the trees can now be burned with the 
torch. Keep trying everywhere you go. There are many hidden goodies inside 
like "Gauntlets of Fire Giant Strenght". The way you must go is also hidden, 
so burn away. 

  Q-I was walking along, and I am attacked by weird looking things 
that are invisible most of the time. What do I do ? 

  A= Kill them. When they are invisible, they can still be hit. Also, 
it means you are in the right part of the forest. 

  Q-I am at an entrance to another one of those mazes with holes at 
the bottom....should I go in ? 

  A= Yes. By all means, go in. There will be some tough encounters, 
and eventually, you should make your way to a large clearing. In the back of 
the clearing ( explore every square ) there is an old man...he will whine 
about you cutting his trees down, and give you a book to read. I got passed 
that part by reading the "Book of Daring Deeds" with the were-tiger character. 
I am sure there are other ways of doing it. 

  Q-Ok, I read the right book. Now what ? 

  A= Reading of the right book should open a passage to Myth Drannor. 
Go to the left ( when facing the place where the old man was ) and on your 
right, an entrance to Myth Drannor should open. Enter. 


  Q-What do I do here ? 

  A= There is some goodies lying around. In the manticore area you 
should find a "Helm of Underwater Breathing" it will come in handy. In the 
troll area you will find a "Polearm +3 called Zymoks". It is a good weapon. 
Walk around. This place is easy to explore, has lots of fighting room, and a 
lot of goodies. 

  Q-If found a niche full of items, but it has some sort of a 
forcefield. How do I get the items ? 

  A= Cast Dispel Magic on it. Also in front of the niche should lie a 
"Short Sword +3 called Frostbite". Good weapon. Within the niche you should 
find a crystal key, as well. 

  Q-I got a Crystal Key. Where does it go ? 

  A= You have two choices with the crystal key. You can use it at a 
door in the Myth Drannor troll area, the "ICE CAVES"....or you can save it, 
and use it in the Mage Guild or the Temple...altought both of those locations 
have a sufficient number of crystal keys hidden about, it would help to have 
an extra one to cut down on the searching time. If you decide to go to the 
"ICE CAVES", the answers to the riddles are: 
{BLOCKQUOTE}"Ice, coveted Ice" 
{LI}put a diamond in the niche ( diamond is found around Myth Drannor 
somewhere.) {/LI}{/UL}"Do you fear for your child" your child" 
{LI}put in a fear wand, found around Myth Drannor. {/LI}{/UL}"Choose Wisely" 

{LI}means nothing. Grab the items and go ( you have to cast Dispel Magic 
on some of the niches. {/LI}{/UL}{/BLOCKQUOTE}

  Q-Ok, so where do I go ? 

  A= The Mage Guild. Its the building around the place with the apple 
trees, and the manticore statue. Get in that guild. 


  Q-Ok, I am in a place with 3 teleportals. Where do I go ? 

  A= First of all, cast the True Seeing spell...there is a *lot* of 
illusionary walls in this place. Now, explore each of the teleportals, but you 
need to make your way towards the top of the tower. I do believe its the 
telportal opposite to the entrance. 

  Q-I am at a place that has inscriptions on the walls, and a whole 
bunch of telportals...what do I do ? 

  A= Get out of there....you need to get something from the top of the 
tower first. 

  Q-I am at the top of the tower. What do I do here ? 

  A= Find "Torbridam's Ring". Its a VITAL item to the quest. It should 
be on the top level of the tower, in a niche together with some potions and 

  Q-Where to now ? 

  A= Ok, now it is time to go to the place with 4 criptic inscriptions 
and four telportals. {PRE} The inscriptions are of the form:

  So, to solve this puzzle, you must first go through the telportal near 
summer inscription, and then once you get teleported, you must choose the 
teleportal back with the pictures of the sun/heat/fire. Then, go through the 
spring teleportal, and come back through the one near the pictures of water. 
Then go through the autum telportal and come back through the one near the 
tapestry with a wind vortex. Then go into the winter one, and come back 
through the one with pictures of mountains. Once you do all that, go through 
the central telportal while holding "Torbridam's Ring" (I am not sure if this 
ring wielding is necessary, but I did it this way) . 

  Q-Where am I ? 

  A= Next part of the maze....advance forward until you meet the NPC 
Bug... He sucks, reject his services...by now you should have picked up a 
couple of good NPC's in Myth Drannor. 

  Q-There is all sorts of monsters around, where do I go ? 

  A= Go either left or right of Bug...either way, you will make it to 
a place with a plaque "INSERT THE LURE OF BEASTS HERE". This is where you 
place the "Torbridam's Ring". Note: The monsters ( scorpions ) will not attack 
you frontally as long as the ring is in your possession. Once the ring is 
inserted, a way opens up. 

  Q-Ok, so now what ? 

  A= You should be at the part of the maze, where there is two grates 
locked, with a pull string in front of them. Pull the string. The doors are 
now open. While facing the string, the door on the left is useless... there is 
nothing of value there. The door on the right, however, is where you should be 

  Q-What's this "WEAPONS LAB" ? 

  A= Seems to be useless...there is just a bunch of weird items there. 
Things like "Rock +4". 

  Q-Ok, where to now ? 

  A= You should be near a part with a whole bunch of grates, with 
monsters in-between....step on the grate and keep moving quickly through the 
passage. This will minimize the damage. After you get to the other side, there 
is a button on your left. This is the only way to get back. 

  Q-So many traps! How do I get through them. 

  A= Somewhere in this area there should be a brick. Push it, and all 
the traps will be disarmed. Go to where the traps blocked the way, and pull a 
string that should be somewhere around there. This will reveal a hidden 
staircase down. 

  Q-I am in a passage after the staircase. Something keeps teleporting 
me around. 

  A= Ok, look at the plaque it says "THE KEY IS IN THE LEARNED ONES 
HAND". There is also two gems in the niches below the plaques. Take at least 
one of them and wield it with someone to get through the forcefield.. One gem 
is to go one way, and the other to go back. Make sure you pick up the 
grappling hook. 

  Q-Where now ? I can't seem to get anywhere ? 

  A= There is a brick at the end of the teleporting passage way. Push 
it. Once the T intersection is formed, take the left fork. To the right is 
just a bunch of items and a grate with a silver key, but the whole place below 
that grate is quite useless. 

  Q-What am I supposed to get from the left fork ? 

  A= You will need to find: 
{LI}-a brass key 
{LI}-a silver key 
{LI}-a green gem {/LI}{/UL}

  There is also a part where a brick is blocked by a trap. You can throw an 
item at the brick to switch it, without having to disarm the trap. 

  Q-I am at a large field full of traps, what do I do ? 

  A= First of all, pull the string that's close by. You should also 
make sure that you have the silver key, brass key, and one green gem. Now, 
find a safe path through the traps, and head to the passage way from which the 
Stone creatures appeared.. Don't go into the doorway yet. Now, find the place 
with two bricks. They will open a two grates once pushed. Go through those 
grates, and recover another green gem and a copper key. Once you have two 
green gems, find a place with the plaque that reads "ONE EMERALD FOR EACH WILL 
YIELD THE KEY". Insert the green gems into the far niches. This will produce a 
crystal key for the green locks. 

  Q-Whew, that was tough...now where ? 

  A= Go to the doorway opposite to where you are at now. You will 
notice a grate locked with green key there. Use all your keys to open it. Use 
the grappling hook on the open grate to enter it. 

  Q-There were also other locked grates which I saw around ? 

  A= Yes, but they are all useless. 

  Q-Ok, I am underwater. Now what ? 

  A= Explore. You should be wary, as there are some areas where your 
Breathe Underwater spell will expire, and you won't be able to cast another 
one. Be sure to move quickly through that. You will need to find another 
copper key underwater. 

  Q-There is a bunch of pipes here, they keep throwing me around. 

  A= No need to panic. The pipes come in 2's there is one lever to 
control each pair of pipes. If one is spewing water, the other one isn't. Use 
this fact to manipulate the pipes to push you into new areas. Keep in mind 
that a wall of force spell blocks the water stream. 

  Q-I got the second copper key, and I am stuck at a place with a 
plaque that talks about force and a red gem. 

  A= Cast a wall of force in front of the pipe, to block the water 
flow. And use the red gem in the niche to open the way. 

  Q-Ok, I found a way up....different than the way I came in. I get 
constantly teleported. What do I do? 

  A= Every step you take, you should search the walls for a secret 
button. Once you find it, you can easily get out of the trap. Once you're out 
there you will make your way to a column with all sorts of locks on it. Use 
your keys on it. 

  Q-I opened the column, used the keys, killed the Stone things, now I 
am at a place where there is a whole bunch of rings of protection stowed in 
niches, and there is some ancient scale, too. What to do ? 

  A= Ok, collect all the rings of protection. Now, while facing the 
scale, insert them into the tiny niches so the rings are arranged in such 
order: {PRE} LeftRight
 ( the numbers are the pluses of the rings )

  Q-Ok, I am confronted by the Lich...he whines and complains...should 
I kill him ? 

  A= Yes...He is a easy. Kill him. He will teleport you near the next 
stop on your journey. {/A}


  Q-First level, what's here ? 

  A= Watch those black puddings...they eat your weapons, but are 
vunerable to fireballs/magic. There is a number of things to do on this level. 
First of all, you have to fill up the altars with the proper offerings. You 
will need: {PRE} "Drought is dispelled by drink of clear water"
 -a cup of water
 "Famine is driven away by generous"
 -a food ration
 "Pestilence is subdued by waft of fresh air"
 -a bag of incense
 "War is averted by forsaking the sword"
 -a sword
{/PRE}You will know if you got the right item on an altar when the eyes of the 
sun open up. 

  You have to bring your own food and sword, but water and incense are 
somewhere close by, as is a fire key. 

  Once these altars are filled, go to the statue of the god, and attach the 
arm to it ( the arm can also be found on the first level ). 

  You will get a little story, and that's it. 

  Also, you may wish to attach the water spout to the fountain in the centre. 
This will give you free prayer spells. 

  Now, you may also go downstairs to the morgues...but unfortunately, there 
is nothing there, and the drawers contain nothing. 

  There is also an NPC there, but she is quite horrible..you should have some 
better NPC's by now. 

  Q-I went down on the first level, and I am by a place that says 

  A= Just place items ( preferably shields ) on the pressure pads. The 
shields can be found behind another staircase down from the first level, 
behind a door locked with a fire key. This puzzle will yield you a holy 

  Q-I see a door locked with a fire key...is it important ? 

  A= No, but there is some useful items. The key is on the entance 

  Q-I got the altars filled, now what ? 

  A= Go through the centre door. You should see a sign "SURELY 
have to replace each of the unholy symbols from the altars with a holy symbol. 
You can get some holy symbols from Myth Drannor itself, or from the 
Morninglord's Shields puzzle. 

  Q-Am I finished ? 

  A= Yes, go on. Don't forget to pick up any incense you see, and burn 
it in any of the holders you see. I am not sure how important it is, but 
hey...a God tells you to do it, right ? ( there is two incense burners/holders 
in one of the morgues ) 

  Q-Ok, I went up the stairs, and now I can't get anywhere ? 

  A= That's because there are spinners. Simply pay attention to your 
compass, and when you see it change the direction all on its own, adjust 

  Q-Ok, I am at a set of three golden doors...where do they lead ? 

  A= Well, you need to find a golden key. This is accomplished by 
taking the centre door...and then a staircase down. Then you're in the right 

  Q-While looking for the golden key, I stumbled onto a room where 
there is two doors, but I am unable to get through them. I am stuck ? 

  A= No...search the walls for a button. 

  Q-I got the golden key. Now what do I need ? 

  A= Ok, you'll also need to find the frost key. Don't worry its 
somewhere on the second level. Look for it. 

  Q-Ok, now what ? 

  A= Yes, there is another place where there only seems to be two 
doors, and a wall where a third was in another section. Just face the wall, 
turn around, and you will see a button. Push it to reveal the way through. 

  Q-Ok, I am at a place that says "BLESSED BE THE PURE OF HEART FOR 
THEY SHALL FIND THE WAY"...how do I get through this ? 

  A= Easy...its just another bunch of spinners with a fancy name. You 
will need your frost key here. 

  Q-I am at a place with 4 holes that shoot stuff at me, and 4 plates. 
Am I stuck ? I can't get out ? 

  A= No, place items on all plates to get out. 

  Q-I am at a golden door ? 

  A= Yes, use your key, enter, and grab the Morning Light. Lathander 
will appear and give you a +5 Golden Sword....the only weapon capable of 
seriously harming the Dark God. Now go up the stairs. 

  Q-What do I do here ? This place is huge ? 

  A= Ok...there is a few things to do here: 
{LI}You need to find some copper keys. 
{LI}You need to find 4 embers of Hope. 
{LI}You need to find beacons of Hope. {/LI}{/UL}

  The copper keys lie strewn all over the place. A notable exception is a 
place where you have to touch Lathanders statue for the key to appear in the 
neighbouring niche. 

  The Embers are also all over the place. One is in a room with two pressure 
pads and fireballs. Throw an item on the pressure pads to weigh them down. 
Then you can grab the items in the niches in the corridors protected by 

  Another is behind a place "HAVE FAITH IN WHAT YOU SEE"...this is simply 
fake pits. 

  All of the beacons of hope can be found from the central point of the 
feasting hall. In order to receive free healing from the feasting hall, 
replace the cups of cheer ( 4 ) into their niches. They are found close to the 
feasting hall. 

  After each of the beacons had an Ember placed into it, go to the 

  Altar of Devotion ( just an empty niche ) and pick up the key of faith. 

  Now, find the place where a door closes every time you step on the pressure 
pad in front of it. Just throw an item through the door, and it will weigh 
down a pressure pad beyond the door ( which will keep the door open ). 

  Q-What do I do now ? I keep getting sent back by the teleportal. 

  A= It should say "FAITH MUST GO BEFORE ALL GOOD SOULS". Toss the key 
of faith into the teleportal. Step through it. 

  Q-How do I open these %$%$ doors ? 

  A= Just cast Dipel Magic on one of the doors. 

  Q-OK, what do I do now ? 

  A= Go trough one of the doors, and you will come to a double-doors 
locked with a crystal key ( Pick up the crystal key on the way ). Explore the 
ways to the left and right of those double doors. You should find another 
crystal key, and a coin. 

  Q-What do I do with the coin ? 

  A= Go to another of the three doors (The ones that needed Dispel 
Magic). Use the coin on the fountain, and a third crystal key should appear. 

  Q-Now what ? 

  A= Go back to the double doors, open them....go straight, and pick 
up the Shield Sun Mask..now, drink from one of the blessed fountains. Your 
characters should comment that its the little spirit of Lathander left in this 
place. The water in the basin can be restored by resting. 

  Q-I opened another crystal locked door, there is a shadow on the 
wall, but I can't do anything to it ! 

  A= You need to open the other door first. 

  Q-I opened the other door farther in the maze.....I see a staff, but 
something keeps teleporting me back a square. What gives ? 

  A= You must have the effects of the blessed water of Lathander to 
get past that teleportation trap. 

  Q-So what do I do to the shadow on the wall ? 

  A= Use the staff from the other room ( the one with the 
teleportation trap ) on this apparition of the Evil God. 

  Q-So what happened ? 

  A= Go back...you will see a door with a black hole in the 
middle...place the Sun Mask Shield in the hole. 


  A= Ok, that's it for the puzzles. Just kill the God and his goons to 
win the game. 

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