Most of the mazes in the game have no coordinate numbers so the walkthru is
mainly descriptions of what you have to do and general directions on how to do
it. Coordinates are given where the maze shows them. The term "small"
indicates a maze that will fit within the traditional 16x16 maze size.
 You start out in Palanthas. Getting orders to investigate Caergoth from
Laurana is all you can do here.
 This is a small simple maze. You get here automatically when you leave
Palanthas. You arrive in the woods just outside the city. Follow the path to
the city gates. There are encounters at (9,8) and (6,9) that give information.
There is only one encounter that gives experience points. That is a fight with
dragons that happens when you have been in the city long enough and occurs at
whatever square your party happens to be in. You can travel back and forth
between Caergoth and Palanthas as many times as you want before leaving
Caergoth on Captain Daenor's ship at (8,14).
 The mission is to rescue the townspeople of Caergoth. The maze is 28x28.
There is one group of townspeople and one old woman to be rescued. The old
woman gives a Necklace of Missiles. You must also chase Crysia, Daenor's
sister, around the cave. There are three encounters with her. Everything else
is optional. Beware of the red robe enemy wizards. They have a variety of
protective spells in effect. Cast a Dispel Magic on them to neutralize the
 The group of townspeople is in the southwest portion of the caves. They can
reached from the main entrance by going north and then west from where the
party finds a trap which can be tripped for a battle or disarmed. This leads
to the first encounter with Crysia. From there go south and west.
 To find the old woman, start from where you first found Crysia. Go north.
This leads to the second encounter with Crysia. Go west and then north past
the piercers. At the "T," go east until the north/south "T." Always choose the
south branch and you will reach the old woman.
 To get out of the cave from the old woman's location, retrace your steps
until the tunnel forks. From then on, go east and north and you will have one
more encounter with Crysia before finding the exit from the cave.
 This is a multi-part mission. First, you must defend Naulidis from sea dragon
attacks. Then, you must go to Celanost to end the attacks. Finally, you deal
with the instigator of the attacks. These parts can only be done in this
order. You can train in the north safe hall IF you step on the right square.
 Many spells do not work in Naulidis. Lightning Bolt acts like a Fireball
spell so when you have an opportunity to rest after the Cave, get rid of all
the Fireball spells and memorize Lightning Bolt instead. The map in Journal
entry 64 is basically correct. One door is misplaced and there may be some
other minor errors. The best way to deal with the sea dragons is to give the
Boots of Speed, Ring of Free Action, and Dragonlance to your fighter with the
best HP. (The Boots and Dragonlance are from DEATH KNIGHTS OF KRYNN.) You get
the ring in Naulidis.
 You start off in the 4-square room due east of the southern safe hall. You
must fight some fixed encounters and perform various randomly generated deeds
to complete the Naulidis portion of this mission. Lyzian will meet you once
you have done all these deeds.
 1. You will fight a battle at the first one of the doors leading to the Ocean
that you visit.
 2. You will fight a battle in the temple in the south part of the city.
 3. You will fight a battle in the 4-square room in the south part of the
city due east of the armory.
 You may not have all the below deeds as they are randomly generated. Some of
these random events may be location-dependent as well, so step on EVERY
square. The random deeds are:
 1. You will get a request to find Irenia. If you Look in the guard rooms that
seem empty, you will find her. Escort her to a safe hall.
 2. Various groups of elves you randomly encounter need to be escorted to a
safe hall.
 3. In one of the safe halls you will get a request to get a replacement hinge
from the Forge room.
 4. You will be asked to bring spears to the fighters at the doors to the
 5. You will be asked to heal wounded elves.
 6. You will repel an attack on the safe hall.
 When you meet Lyzian after enough of these deeds are done, he will tell you
that Daenor can be found in the Prince's Chamber. You will not find Daenor
until this happens. Bring Daenor to one of the safe halls. He will reveal the
cause of the sea dragons' attacks.
 The tunnel connecting Naulidis and Celanost has nothing of interest and is
very straightforward. No mapping is needed. Just march south to Celanost.
 Celanost is a small maze. The only point of interest is the room that leads
to the egg maze. To get there from the entrance, go south and take the first
westward arch. This puts you in a cross-shaped room. Take the north exit. Go
north to the dead end with doors to the east and west. Go through the west
 At the first large room in the egg maze, there is a door to the south. Go
through it. This leads to a side corridor to the next room where you will foil
an ambush. In a room beyond that room is a fireplace worth taking a Look at.
There will be a battle in the first of the rooms to the south that you enter,
but you will have the element of surprise if you go in the west room. The door
to the north leads to the eggs. You should start using the windows to enter
rooms from this point on to foil more ambushes. You encounter some sea dragons
once you leave Celanost with the eggs. Giving the eggs to the sea dragons is
the wise thing to do.
 After returning from Celanost, a visit to the Prince's Chamber triggers the
last battle.
 The only things to do in this small fishing village is visit to Ezra and wait
for a Sahuagin attack. That will come soon.
 The mission is very simple: find Fastillion. He provides hints and two keys
needed for Kristophan. The short way is to go up to the 8th floor, turn off
the teleporter control, jump into the pit, and search for a way up. Now,
Search for secret doors that lead to teleporters. The first one found leads to
the ground floor but you don't want to take it just yet. The other one is
about the area where the entrance would be and will be harder to find. That
leads to Fastillion. The exit from his secret lab is through the pit again.
This time, you want to take the first teleporter. If you go all the way to the
11th floor, you will gain some useful loot when you return to the 10th floor.
There are many optional battles on all the floors that yield loot. Even though
you do not need to go up to the top, the experience points and loot make it
 Each floor of the tower is an 8x8 maze and the floors line up. The pit is
always in the same relative location as are the connecting stairwells on each
floor. Except for that hard-to-find secret door to the second teleporter, this
is actually a very simple maze; however, there are many, many teleporters in
this maze. Except for the gnome and female elf, this is a free fire zone maze.
You can kill everyone else you meet. No place is completely save to rest, but
you can often succeed after defeating enough spiders and bats. The exception
is the bottom of the pit where no rest is possible.
 This is the next place to visit after the lighthouse. The main mission is to
gain the 5 pieces of the Oracle. You cannot do anything about the Minotaurs'
tyranny over the humans, so avoid unnecessarily irritating them. It will make
your stay in Kristophan harder. There is one thing that can be done to
encourage the local humans to fight back which is described later on.
 You start off outside the home of Eshalla. Repeated kissing of Eshalla will
disenchant her. The reward is a Cloak of Displacement. If you respond
favorably to her afterward, she will also give you a Helm+3 and a Dagger+4
later on as you wander around Kristophan. These encounters happen randomly.
Leaving Eshalla's home gives the option to enter the city proper.
 Kristophan is divided into the mixed human/minotaur quarter and the minotaur
compound to the west. There is a northern section that your characters cannot
enter. In the minotaur section there is one fixed encounter where you attempt
to rescue a human from an old minotaur. This results in a trip to the arena.
It is worthwhile to do this as victory in the arena yields some very useful
armor and weapons; otherwise, avoid all encounters in the minotaur area except
for random fights with minotaur bullies.
 Due west of the gates to Kristophan is the only vault in the game. By now
your characters have a lot of stuff to dump. The Tenderloin Inn at the south-
east corner is a good place to rest. At the east end of town is a shop to ID
items. About the middle of town is an old woman who will let your party rest.
The building complex to the southeast of the old woman is a fixed battle that
is tough but yields a lot of loot. Due south of the old woman's home is the
People's Temple. It is also a magic shop. It offers a random selection of mage
scrolls. This is a good place to spend some of your money.
 West of the temple is a home where you can find out about the Book of
Amrocar. Visiting the library in the minotaur section will yield more
information on the book. It is a critical item in the game. Near the arena is
a training hall. At the north end of town is a closed temple that you will not
be able to enter until Selias joins your party but note its location. You will
need to get there in a hurry once you find Selias. Selias is in the Frosty Mug
and meeting him triggers a dragon attack. Flee immediately to the closed
temple and you can start your main mission.
 The closed temple is the entrance to the Tombs where you need to go. The
Tombs is composed of 8 mazes. You enter in the Thieves' Guild maze that's
connected to the white hall maze. The white hall maze is the starting point
for finding each of the 5 pieces of the oracle.
 The Thieves' maze has nothing of significance beyond battles and loot. You
need to find the various hidden doorways that lead to the white hall maze.
Move with Search on. It is generally a good idea to move with Search on in all
the Tombs's mazes.
 In the white hall maze are:
 1. A trapdoor that leads to a piece of the oracle but a circlet of gold is
needed to retrieve that piece.
 2. A teleporter that leads to a piece of the oracle but a heart-shaped key is
needed to retrieve the piece.
 3. A teleporter that leads to a small maze with a battle.
 4. A teleporter that leads to the circus maze where another piece of the
oracle can be found.
 5. A secret door that leads to a teleporter in another room that leads to a
maze where the heart-shaped key can be found. There are two teleporters in the
heart-shaped key maze. Both lead back to the white hall. One goes back through
another maze.
 6. Stairs to the second level of the Tombs. Use the gold key from Fastillion.
 7. A secret door to an evil temple dedicated to Hiddukel. The eyes are
 The second level of the tombs contain the remaining two pieces of the oracle.
The first piece is easy to find and get. The second piece is among the loot
from a very hard battle with vampires. In the vampire battle room are two
teleporters. One leads back to the white hall. The other leads to the column
 The column maze is strictly for loot. It is an endlessly repeating maze. Five
hollow columns contain loot. One requires the rusty key to open. To get out of
the maze, find a solid column. There is a teleporter back to the white hall
due south of one of the solid columns.
 This is actually the first mission that is necessary. All the above missions
provided experience points, loot, and clues as to what to do but nothing that
is needed to complete the game. This mission provides two critical items: the
ring of deception (which detects deception) and the scale necklace. The
location of the Hulderfolk is hinted at in the pub at Trilloman. They are due
east of the city.
 This maze has coordinates until the Mother of Trees task, then the
coordinates vanish. The solution is simple. If you head due east, you will
find the Mother of Trees (13,12). You start at (7,5). Tasslehoff Burrfoot is
found at (1,6). When you rest, Elea will come and give you language lessons if
you Wait. This is needed to complete the mission. Once you have learned all
the words (5 in all), you can proceed to (7,11). The answer to the challenge
is Gebene. Then proceed to (7,10). Do NOT greet Elea. The answers to the
Queen's questions are Gebene, Shuwara, Limene, Bilbara, Limene. There are
further questions but the answers are obvious.
 To leave, you must count the leaves of the Mother of Trees. The coordinates
disappear then but remember you are at (7,10) and most go to (13,12). Note the
number of leaves you count. You will be asked to repeat it. The numbers are
randomly generated. Once you have a number, going due west will return you to
the glade. You do not have to go back to exactly (7,10). You must repeat the
counting task until you figure out the solution to this puzzle. If you do not,
then Elea will rescue you. Once you have done this task, the exit is north of
the glade. Do as Elea asked. It is actually the only way to accomplish
something later on.
 This is logically the next mission and it has two parts: the town and the
palace. The main mission in the town is to get a clay pass to get into the
palace. The optional secondary mission is to help the rebels; however, the
advantages of doing this make helping the rebels worth doing. The main
mission in the palace is to disrupt the creation of more draconians and force
Trandamere to flee to Hawkbluff. Until you do this, nothing happens in
 The town is a 22x22 maze. The first floor of the palace occupies the center
of the maze.
 There are two ways to get a clay pass. The Thenol commander will give you one
once you get orders from a Thenol officer in town. The rebels will give you
one if you kill the Thenol officer and you help them. You can get only one
pass. Once you get into the palace, you should not leave until you have
accomplished the palace mission.
 The first thing to do is enlist in the Thenol army. It makes the whole
mission much easier. Then, you can explore the town and help the rebels. The
key aid is freeing the prisoners. All else seems to be optional. The rebels
have safe resting places, a magic shop, and two training halls you can use.
The Hith temple in town is cleared by asking for a special blessing. Getting
out is a three-part battle.
 Once you have cleared the town, it's time to visit the palace. The ground and
upper floors are 15x15 mazes. The dungeon is a 16x30 maze with a smaller 4x10
Crypts maze.
 This mission has three parts. First, you have to go to the dungeon to get the
recruits. You can handle this part two ways. The easy way is get the recruits
and try to lead them to Hawkbluff. The hard way is to refuse to do this. This
leads to a very big battle. You should leave when the battle is over as you
cannot do anything more until you see the queen.
 In either case, you can then visit the king. Actually, the person you want to
talk to is the queen. She will help your character. Finally, you must go back
down to the dungeon to stop the transformation of more dragon eggs into
draconians. The Crypts is optional and has some minor loot. At some point you
should meet Grunschka. She is a good NPC to add to your party and she'll stay
with it to the end. The second story of the palace has some encounters worth
looking for. The royal chambers have nothing of significance except meetings
with the king and queen.
 You can rest on the ground floor and below once you locate and disable the
 WARNING: There is a bug in some versions of this game. If you confront
Trandamere by going in through the front door of his room, you will not be
able to leave Hawkbluff. You must go in through the secret back entrance with
Davik. A ziggurat pass gets you into the room through the front door. (See BUG
LIST at the end of this walkthru.)
 The clues in New Aurim point to this place as the next stop. The goal is to
recover the lost book of Amrocar. The maze here is a mapper's delight or
nightmare depending on how you feel about mapping. Accomplishing the mission
is extremely simple once you figure it out. You need to find Davik and have
him lead your party into Trandamere's room by the secret back door. Fight and
chase Trandamere until he escapes. During the fight, the book was thrown down
a dumbwaiter which is waiting for the party in the kitchen.
 Everything else is optional. There are encounters in the catacombs and there
are encounters after Trandamere flees in the Temple, Senate, and Library.
There are battles with draconians on levels 4 and 5 (Temple level). It is NOT
a good idea to attack anyone until after defeating Trandamere. Once the
fortress is alerted, the battles are so numerous that you will not be able to
do much else except fight battle after battle.
 To find Davik, see the jeweler and get a keyhole pass. Go through the front
entry and take the first stairs to the left. Go east to find where you need a
quill pass. Return to the jeweler to get a quill pass and return. You may need
to wander a bit before the jeweler will deal with you again. Go down the
corridor and check the rooms to the west. One will have the lantern pass and
Davik release. Go back to the first floor. Go north one square and then due
west and follow the corridor south. This takes you to the jail and the jailer
will take you to Davik.
 Davik will give you directions to where you want to go. A Look will allow you
to ask directions or cancel a previous request. You want to go to the Senate.
You want to follow Trandamere as he flees. Once he successfully flees through
the teleporter, you want Davik to lead you to the kitchen where you recover
the book. With the book, you can ask Davik to lead you to the Exit, or you can
wander around looking for encounters before leaving. While you can attempt to
rest after chasing Trandamere away, the only place with any chance of doing so
is in the catacombs.
 This is an optional mission. The objective is to free the town. This mission
has two parts. First, you must clear the town of Sharkmen. This can only be
done by finding Anthela who is hiding in the library which is at the west side
of the town square. Then, you must go to the woods at the north end of town
and kill the dragons there. This requires 3 battles. The battles seem to be
random but try going to locations (14,3), (9,2), and (8,2). Do not kill the
deformed dragon: he has information. There will be coordinates when you enter
the woods. Surprisingly, Bai'or has a magic shop and it opens after your party
defeats the sharkmen. It is at the east side of the town square.
 This place is not marked on the map but is due east of New Aurim. It is
useful to add Baldric to the party even though he seems to be useless. The
mission here is to enlist the aid of the dragons. To do this you must fight a
certain number of fixed battles and confront Tremor. The only truly safe place
to rest is Clematra's lair. A Look will reveal if a place is relatively safe.
You cannot enter Baldranous' lair. The secret word to enter Tremor's lair is
written on the side of Journal entry 25 and is backwards. Attack Tremor and
chase him when he flees. When he is cornered, be merciful. Tremor wants the
scale necklace you got from the Hulderfolk. Spare his life when given the
Vorpal sword. Afterward, you can return to Clematra's lair for more rewards.
If you accept the offer to see the gnome king, that starts the final sequence.
If you need anything from the bank at Kristophan, it is best to go there
before going to Aldinanachru. There is a shop and a training hall at
 The mission is to find and rescue the real gnome king. All else is optional
but worth doing for the loot. The king is imprisoned on the guest level. The
entry is at the southwest corner. The training hall is on the workshop level.
The shop is on the guest level. The palace, workshop, guest, and ground level
are 16x16 mazes.
 The Flame Tower is a series of 16x16 mazes. The floors appear to line up. You
start off at level 4 but immediately drop down to level 0. You cannot go to
the next level until you have accomplish something on each level. There are
many other things to be done on each floor and some time should be spent doing
them for the experience points and loot. Note the locations of stairs. Blocked
stairs will open up as the mission progresses. A Look will reveal what level
you are on.
 On level 0 the objective is simply clear all the rooms and find the stairs
up. It does not matter which one you take.
 On level 1, the key action is letting the gnomes into the fortress. The
portal is at the southeast corner of the floor. You must enter the fiery walls
to find the way up.
 On level 2, the way to the next level is by releasing Dahmia. She is Elea's
mother and she'll take you to the next level when you say "Elea" to her. The
prisons are in the northwest corner of the level.
 On level 3, the way to the next level is to find the source of the
draconian's power. This is inside the fire section at the south end of the
level. Due east of the source is the font master. After the fight at the
source, you can get a lift up at a shaft.
 On level 4, you must find the Temple. That draws you into the Abyss where you
meet Raistlin. Follow the corridor until you see a series of arches. The
innermost room defined by those arches is the Temple. There is a big two-part
battle that must be won. You go directly into the abyss after the battle.
 You can rest in the abyss only after you arrive. There is no rest afterwards.
This sequence is simple. Go west until you see a building. It will be just
south of your line of travel. Rescue Raistlin AFTER talking with him, and then
go due west to find THE DARK QUEEN OF KRYNN. The object is to return through
the portal. You cannot defeat Takhisis and you cannot rescue Raistlin.
 The exact sequence is Creep, Creep, Wait, Throw (use someone with high
Dexterity; success is a random event but you should succeed unless the dice
rolls are really bad.), Run, Wait, and Jump. Do NOT investigate the tripod.
Save the game, heal, and then move away after casting preparatory spells.
 The final part of the Flame Tower mission is to hunt down the missing
Grathanich. At this point, the various blocked stairways should be open, so
you can use them to move from floor to floor. The Grathanich is on the second
floor in the northwest section of the level just south of the prison cells.
 After this battle you return to Aldinanachru for the victory celebration.
Train and rest first before attending as there is one last battle to be
 The following are known bugs in Version 1.0 of THE DARK QUEEN OF KRYNN:
 1. Sometimes you cannot get some of your characters back under control after
putting them in Quick mode no matter how fast you hit the space bar.
 2. The computer will sometimes put monsters in a room with no doors. The
only way to end a battle in this case is to flee the area. This bug in
conjunction with bug 1 means that the only way to end the battle in this case
is to reboot the system. You can avoid this battle or enter the battle area
from another direction. This rearranges the battlefield disposition of the
enemy troops and the close room problem may not occur.
 3. Normally, characters who are ready to train to the next level have their
names highlighted in purple. In some cases this will not happen. This bug
effects multi-class characters who have reached the limit in one of their
classes but not the other. Periodically check the experience points of your
characters or try to train all of them anytime you are in a training hall. The
game does not allow any knight other than Knights of the Rose to advance
beyond level 18. This is a feature.
 4. In Hawkbluff you may be stuck in a situation where you cannot continue to
play the game. See the Hawkbluff section for more details. It is a good idea
to save the game before Hawkbluff and keep that save until you have completed
the mission just in case you encounter this bug. There is a fix for the
problem in The Game Publishers Forum (GO GAMPUB).
 5. In the Fire Tower you may find yourself teleported into a room you cannot
get out of. The workaround is to reboot and avoid that square.
 6. One useful bug is the magic scrolls randomly created by the People's
Temple in Kristophan do NOT abide by the alignment restrictions.
 7. The previous games did not enforce the spell limits based on intelligence
and wisdom correctly. This games does. The correction only happens if a
character gets drained and restored. When that happens, the spell limits are
properly enforced. This is not a bug but may look like one if this happens to
your character.

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