(Well, I managed to pull a couple of all nighters and got two other parts,
so there will be Fighter, Mage and Cleric here.)


(Well, no-one but me knew my Pool of Radiance party, but it had two Human
Fighters(Matthew and Daniel), a Human Cleric(Ben), two Elven
Fighter/Mages(Leanna and Andrew)(Me) and a Half-elf Fighter/Thief(Peter)

	My friends and I had travelled to Hillsfar from Phlan, after the battle
against Tyranthraxus. Phlan was under re-construction now, and the
excitement and adventures had died down. We were heading to Comyr, in
search of further adventures. We had crossed the Moonsea by boat, and had
docked near Hillsfar. We needed supplies for our journey, and we were all
curious to what was happening inside the city. The guards had some strange
"ideas" about what we were allowed to bring into Hisslfar, and we didn't
want to leave our valuable armour and weapons with the guards, so we set up
camp some distance from the city, and Matthew and Daniel, stayed behind to
guard our gear. The other four of us each headed to the four guilds in the
city, to see what we could discover.


	The Fighter's guild is located in the North-Western section of the city.
When I reaced there, Caratacus, the guild master insisted that I proved
myself in Archery before letting me join the guild. It was 2pm, and the
archery range closed at 4pm, so I rushed to Tanna's archery range
(North-East city) and had two tries, winning both times. Tanna then ran up
and told me to return to the Fighter's Guild. Caratacus seemed pleased by
my achievement, but another requirement to join the guild was to prove
myself in the arena. That was easy. My first opponent was a weak orc, who I
attacked immediately with an overhead smash (special), which he blocked,
then quickly finished the job with a left and a right. The Red Minotaur was
not as easy, but he was pretty vulnerable to left, right alternating
swings. Back at the guild, Caratacus was pleased, probably about the 150
gold admission fee I had to pay!

	Caratacus told me of a guild member who had been carrying valuable
documents. He had been killed, and the documents were apparantly still on
the body. I broke into the ceremony at night, and found the body. On it was
a note that the documents had been taken to the Jail as "evidence". I could
never work out who had written the note, or why. The jail door was firmly
locked, but smashing it in did wonders! The dart trap missed by a mile, and
I walked in. I found the documents in a chest near the door, which I had to
bash open, and quickly ran out the front door, before any guards came.
Caracatus was relieved to recieve the documents, and expressed his
gratitude to the sum of 5,000 gold! I knew the other party members would be

	My attention was drawn to a recent murder and robbery at the Castle. Jared
Jymn, the suspect, had been seen running towards the Rat's Nest Tavern, In
the North-East of town, so I decided to go there and see what information I
could find. While listening to various gossip, I heard someone say that the
Plumies were still looking for Jared at the Tavern, and that the fellow
believed that Jared was scum, and that the guards should be searching the
sewers for him. What an insult! Still the sewers seemed like a good place
to hide so I went down there. I discovered Hillsfar's great security. What
other city can boast of set Teleport traps in their sewers! Anyway, I found
a beggar in the sewers, who told me that Jared used to fight in the Arena
for a living. After a fight with Ssslander, the lizardman, I talked to him
about Jared. He said that Jared had been friends with the old Hermit, and
had been there many times. A ride through the woods proved how obedient and
well trained my damn horse was, throwing me onto the ground several times.
I swapped the old nag at the Trading post, for a horse called "Lightning",
who liked to run at fast speeds. There was a suspicious poster from the
King's advisor, offering a reward of 7,000 gold for Information about
Jared. I assumed Jared had torn down the poster. I returned to the Rat's
Nest Tavern, and asked the barmaid what interesting information she had
heard. She told me that the only area the Plumies had not searched was the
Haunted Mansion Secret Rooms. That seemed interesting, so I went to the
Haunted Mansion and bashed in the door, taking a poison dart for my
efforts. No one can hide secret doors from the elves, and I soon found the
Secret door, leading into the secret treasure rooms. The door was in the
Northern-most part of the mansion in a rectangular shaped room with a
protrusion that had a long corridor leading up to it. The secret door is on
the Western wall. Anyway, Jared was in the area, and after telling his
story, he asked me to help him by delivering information to the King's
daughter, at the Bugbear's Cave Tavern. I argeed, thinking that if he had
been lying I could always give the information to the King's advisor. I
went to the Tavern, south of the mansion, but didn't find the King's
daughter, so I gave the information to the barmaid, and on her advice, left
for the Trading Post. When I got there, the Trader told me that the Knig's
advisor had framed Jared, and the Fighter's guild was looking to reward the
person who had delivered the information. I returned to the guild, and
recieved 10,000 gold pieces for my trouble.

	Caratacus then told me that Hector Sams' daughter Arlana had been
kidnapped! I went to his house, and he tearfully told me that Arlana had
disappeared from the cemetary. At Hector's wife's Tombstone, I found some
wilted flowers, and a map to the big tree. The map was interesting, so I
went to the tree. In the tree, I found Charlie, who had been attacked by
someone with a sling. He asked me to go to Tanna. After a round of Throwing
Daggers, I discovered that Tanna was no help at all! I was on my way to the
Fighter's Guild when a lunatic called Wak Rathar who asked me if I wanted
to see a magic trick. I replied yes, and he teleported me into the Arena,
with all the prisoners who had to fight for their lives! I had a very tough
fight with a Knight called Morin, barely escaping with my life. I was not
impressed by this type of magic. Back at the Fighter's Guild, Caratacus
mentioned that Smasher, the Minotaur had been beaten by Hector. I went back
to the arena, and had a really easy match with Ottis the orc. After the
battle I talked to Smasher, who said that someone had lost all he owned on
the fight. I went to the Rat's Nest Tavern, where the story was repeated.
The man was Franklin Smith, who had worked at the Healers shop. At the
store, near the Temple, the healer told me that Smith had been seen heading
for the quarry. At the quarry, I found a little girls bonnet, which proved
that Arlana had been kidnapped. I had been getting used to breaking into
houses now, and either the Plumies were getting better, or I was getting
worse. I almost got caught, narrowly escaping by using two scrolls of Hold
Person. Caratacus had heard of a slave ring operating near Hillsfar, and
sent me, and other Fighters around to search. I was asked to go to the
ruins. Somehow I just knew the girl would be there. At the ruins I found
Smith, and rescued Arlana, who wanted to go home. However, I got caught by
those bloody guards, who almost arrested me for buying a slave. I don't
think Arlana was terribly impressed. I returned Arlana to Caratacus,  who
rewarded me with 26,000 gold pieces, and raised my life with his Ring of
Wishes. What a waste. I would have just asked for Immortality. After the
ceremony, I left Hissfar and returned to Camp, wondering how my friends had

	Since I had returned first, I recieved the extreme "honour" of being the
one to write a journal for the whole set of adventures at Hillsfar. Oh
well. I can't win everything.


	The Cleric's Guild, the Temple of Tempus, was Ben's first point of call.
He learned that an acolyte had been transporting Scriptures, and he was
sent to the Trading post to look for him. The Trader told Ben that the
acolyte had gone to the Big Tree for lunch. Ben followed him to see what
the delay was about. Ben found that the acolyte had been robbed, and beaten
up, and escorted him back to the Temple. After a period of meditation, Ben
had decided to return to the Trading Post. The Trader there revealed that
someone had been roobed at the Hermit's place. That seemed like a place to
start the search, so he went there. He found the scriptures, near the
entrance, tossed behind a bush. He picked them up and left through the
front door. Ben had also been having trouble with his horse, so he had also
traded his horse, for one called "Jumper" who had an annoying habit of
leaping all around. He returned the scriptures to the Temple and was
rewarded with 1,000 gold.

	The High Priest then complained that his incense had been stolen. Ben ran
to the sewers behind the temple, and right inside, found a Thief counting
money. Ben made a deal with the thief, who told him that he had sold the
incense to "Kridar" who was going to the Dragon's Lair for a drink. Despite
rushing to the Tavern, Ben didn't find Kridar. A patron said that Kridar
had been "living" in the haunted mansion lately, and so Ben decided to
inspect the building. Someone had fixed the door after I'd left, so Ben
just bashed it in again. A note from Kridar was found in a chest, asking
someone to meet him at the hut. The hut was a short journey away from
Hillsfar, but Ben didn't catch the two clerics. Instead, he found an old
man, who told him the clerics had left for the ruins. At the ruins, quite a
far way in, Ben found a chest, along with broken furniture. Opening the
chest, he found some of the Incense, which he returned to the High Priest.
The High Priest then told him that the King had caught the two clerics
performing a Dark Ritual, and had exiled them from Hillsfar. For returning
the Incense, Ben was rewarded with 8,000 gold.

	I interrupted his story. "Did you see a mage called Wak Rathar in
	"Yes, he teleported me into the arena." Ben replied angrily.

	On the way out, back to our campsite, Ben came across a Thief who
explained the problem of a fellow cleric, Brother Serson. The cleric asked
Ben for a 50 gold donation, which he readily supplied, and then the cleric
asked him to retrieve a wand from the Mage Tower. Ben found the wand, In a
secret passage in the tower.

	"Where was the passage?" I asked.
	"I can't remember." Ben replied "But it was at the end of a long corridor

	Brother Serson then asked Ben to give the wand to "Dalma". Ben didn't know
where to go, but a voice in the Temple told him to go to the Rat's Nest at
early evening. Ben met "Dalma", the Rouge who had told him about Serson's
problem in the first place. He refused to give her the wand, and she
stormed off. Ben returned to the Temple the next day, where Dalma told him
she wanted an extra 400 gold from Serson. Ben returned to the Temple and
asked Serson what was going on. Serson replied that his daughter was
missing, and told him that Dalma, who knew where she was, had a ring
belonging to his daughter, and he demander to see the ring before paying
the extra gold. Ben returned to the Inn, where Dalma gave him the ring, and
took Serson's gold. Ben later discovered that he had been robbed by Dalma.
Well, anyway, he had the ring. He took it to Serson, who said that it was
not the real ring. Ben, who was pretty angry by now, went to Dalma's
hideout in the Quarry. There, he found Dalma's corpse, along with her
killer, who had a bow aimed at Ben's head! Ben reasoned with the person,
who told him why he had killed Dalma, and that if she ever had the ring it
would be in her secret hide-away. The person had told of Dalma wanting to
live in a mansion, so he went to the Haunted mansion, and into the secret
passage.(I mentioned it in the Fighter section) Inside he found the ring,
and rushed back to the Temple, only to find that Serson's daughter was
there! Serson explained that they had an argument, and his daughter had run
away, made friends with Dalma, and lost her ring. Still, Ben was given
19,800 gold and some extra Life using a wish, just like me.

	"I felt like slapping the girl." Ben muttered, "after all that trouble,
and I didn't even ever get my gold back from that thief."


	The Mage guild is located just south of the castle, in a well sheltered
alley.Before going to the guild, Leanna first ate a meal at thee Hydra's
Den, in the South-West of town. Biswon, the guild master, asked Leanna to
go to the Trading Post, to search for Squid Sepia. The Trader had no idea
what the mage meant, and mentioned that there had been a squid washed up at
the Dead dragon. At the dead dragon, the squid was found, near a chest, and
Leanna tore off a tentacle, and went to a Magic shop to extract the Sepia,
only to find that she'd grabbed the wrong part, and the correct bit was an
eyeball. Back at the Dragon, someone had removed the squid, but she
remembered that the Hydra's den was serving squid dinners. She ordered a
squid meal, but there was no eyeball in the meal. When she asked the
barmaid, the barmaid said that the Trader at the Post collected eyeballs.
After a trip to the Trading Post, the Trader gave her an eyeball, free of
charge. Then, she took the eyeball to the magic shop, and gave the Sepia to
the mage, who rewarded her with 1,000 gold coins.

	"If only we could have taken spell components." She sighed. "A fireball
would have been very nice in the Post indeed."

	The guild master then told of a book, that contained foul evil magics, and
asked Leanna to go to the Trading Post to look for it. The Trader was a
little more helpful this time, telling that the book had probably been
taken to a bookstroe in town. The bookstore owner explained that he had not
wanted the book, and the man had gone to the Magic shop to try his luck.
The magic store owner said that the man had not liked the offered price,
and had left. Leanna then went to Tanna's archery range, where Tanna told
her that the man with the book was Eclipse and that he often went to the
Hydra's den. At the Hydra's Den, Leanna overheard that Eclipse had hidden
someting valuable in the ruins, and when she went there, she found a
pendant. Returning to the Hydra's den, she found Eclipse, who was willing
to exchange the book for the Pendant and 500 gold pieces, and arranged a
meeting at the Dragon's Lair,in the North-west area of town. At the Tavern,
Eclipe and Leanna made the trade. and she returned the book to the
guildmaster for 5,275 gold.

	"A pity." I commented "We could have learned a bit from that book."

	Next, she recieved a vision telling her to search the bookstore at night.
When she did, she found a small silver cup with "Dragon's Lair Tavern"
enscribed on it. She returned it to the Tavern, where the Bartender gave
her some "Elixer of Diane" which spoke of three honours. The first honour
was to appear on the fourth board at Tanna's archery. That one was fairly
easy, according to her. More of the elixer was kept in the Wizard's
Labyrinth, and a quick trip there turned up one vial and opening it
revealed the second honour, removing an evil spirit from the Mage Tower.
That was also easy, all that was required was to enter the secret passage
(located in the north, in a room similar to that of the haunted mansion.)
and open a chest. The last vial of elixer was kept in the ruins, and the
third honour was to defeat Taurus the minotaur. That one was hard,
especially defeating Morin. After the battle, Dianne approached Leanna and
told her of the fate of her three daughters, and that the guild master knew
what had happened. The guild master said that the Minotaur locked the three
girls in a mirror of life trapping, which he gave to his minion. At the
Rat's Nest, the barmaid said that the Minotaur's servant had hid the
mirrior in the mansion. Leanna found the mirror in the secret rooms and
broke it, before returning to the mage guild, where Diane had left a reward
of 21,500 gold and a life bonus.

	"Did you meet a mage called Wak Rathar?" I queeried.
	"Yes, he created a pile of gold." Leanna replied.
	I scowled. Still, At least now I knew the man was sexist.

	We're still waiting for Peter to return. When he does, I'll add his story
to this. Apparantly so far he has found some weird potion, Broken into the
Temple, raided the Castle Treasury and is now looking for Thieves who
robbed the bookstore. May we meet again soon,


Thank you to all my friends whose names I used for my Hillsfar characters.

									-Andrew Lai
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