The game was solved without cheat in about 12 hours of play.
Throughout the game make sure to rest whenever possible and save your
progress regularly. Pick up items everywhere, scribe and memorize spells
according to your own strategy, and for the overall enjoyment of the game,
clear out every location completely instead of just sticking to the plot.

 The Village
 The Drow have attacked the village and are burning the supply
building. Get buckets from in front of the Tavern and in the center of the
village, fill them at the well (also located at the center), and put out all
the flames on the storage building.
 You may get Baldassar to join you once the fire is put out.
 Before leaving the village, make sure to talk to the inn keeper: he
will offer you a magical helmet.
 Icewind Dale - Part 1
 You will find Vermulean's cottage. He will request from you four
 The area is patroled by Gnolls. You can also track down a wounded
Drow warrior and interrogate him.
 Icewind Dale - Part 2
 This area is patroled by both Gnolls and Verbeegs Giants. Find
a couple holes in the cliffs, explore them thoroughly (some of them have
secret passages). One of the caverns is the Verbeeg Giant Lair.
 Once finished with the lair, you can meet Drizzt in the southern
section and get him to join.
 A giant will tell you that your quest will take you to the southern
 Remember to pick up items of interest everywhere, and always attempt
to parlay rather than fight with NPCs.
 Verbeeg Giant Lair
 The lair in inhabited by Verbeeg Giants (doh!).
 Use Jump and Flying Potions appropriately: there are some parts
where the path will require you to use them in order to proceed onward into
elevated sections of the lair.
 You will find four gems lying around in the lair. Collect them.
 Take the gems back to Vermulean, he will enchant them.
 Icewind Dale - Part 3: The Southern Section
 The area is patroled by Troglodites and plagued by Stirges.
 You will meet Vornas, the Kenku. Get him to join and replace
Baldassar in your party: he is a fighter/magician/theif.
 In the south is the entrance to the Underdark. Make sure that you
are done gathering everything you need before you descend because there is
no turning back.
 The Underdark - Level 1
 The area is infested with Osquips, Cloaker Lords, Drow Elves, and
 You will meet Marroth. Be friendly with him and he will give you
his map.
 Find your way to the stairwell to level two.
 The Underdark - Level 2
 Gnolls, Verbeeg Giants, Drow Elves, Troglodites, and even Ochre
Jellies wander around here.
 Find your way through the level, keeping in mind these few pointers:
you will need Webwalk Spells and Potions in order to cross webs blocking
your way. You will need Flying Spells and Potions to negotiate some of the
elevated areas. In the room with the Drow patrol with a Priestess, there
is a secret passage. You will take stairs back up to Level 1 and back and
forth, follow the trail until you finally can exit the area.
 You will meet Borenorak, a dwarf under the control of an Aboleth.
While you may talk to him, do not bother asking him to join.
 In the water area, find the Aboleth and kill it.
 Find your way to the doorway to the Dwarven Mines.
 Dwarven Mines
 Derros and Hook Horrors roam the area.
 Find the Rune Gate. Use Comprehend Languages on it (the Kenku has
that natural ability). This will give you hints as to how to locate the
three key items to get to the Fountain.
 You will meet a young elf. Insult him by talking about his age.
He will transform into a Yochol: Drizzt's magical blades will easily disbatch
him (if you didn't have magical weapons of +2 or better, you'd be in the
 Beware of trap rooms, activating fireball and lightning bolt traps
upon entrance.
 Find your way north to the Temple of Dumathoin.
 Temple - Level 1
 The area is inhabited by Derro Dwarf Savants, Derros, and Cloaker
 The strategy for crossing this area is to gather the keys to open
the different doors.
 In a room you will catch a glimpse of a conversation between a
Drow Priestess and a Derro Lord. You will also find books and letters
giving you a little more insight into the plot.
 In this section, in the north-easter corner, are two secret passages.
The first one leads to a seemingly empty room with a secret level which opens
access to the second secret passage. The second one leads to the Symbol of
 Now go to the north-west corner and take the stairs to Temple Level
 Temple - Level 2
 Derro Dwarves, Hook Horrors, and Cloaker Lords patrol this section.
 Beware of the disorienting traps: proceed step by step, back and
forth, until you are able to cross them (pay attention to the direction
 Once again gather the keys which open the right doors.
 In the northern section, open a secret passage that will lead you
to a teleport pod and that will ultimately lead you to Dwarven Horn.
 Head to the south-west corner, open the door by clicking on the
lever hidden on a nearby hammer-pattern on the wall. Inside the room,
stand before the statue of the Dwarf holding the Chalice and blow the
Dwarven Horn. Then pick up the Chalice.
  From within the Chalice room, find your way to the gate will lead
you to the Temple Level 3: bear the Chalice and the Symbol to open the
 Temple - Level 3
 Osquips and Hook Horrors inhabit this level.
 Once again obtain the keys to the doors.
 Collect gem diamonds and other precious stones embedded in the
walls of some rooms with a pick.
 Find your way to the Fountain and offer it a gem: it will speak to
you and offer you a magical weapon.
 Find you way out of the level: this will lead you to a room where
you will fight an Uropygus.
 You will then end up in a room where you will be ambushed by a Drow
war party: they will kidnap Drizzt and you will have to complete the quest
with your remaining PCs.
 Find your way to the Cavern of the Galeb Duhr.
 Cavern of the Galeb Duhr
 Verbeeg Giants roam the area.
 Talk to the Galeb Duhr in the wall: he will open a passage in the
northern section so that you can go recover his necklace. Bring him back
his necklace and he will open the way into the Drider Cavern.
 Drider Cavern
 The monsters in the two parts of this area include Cloaker Lords,
Drow Elves, Uropygus, Shriekers, Driders, and Carrion Crawlers.
 Find your way through part 1: this will involve locating and using
select teleport pods.
 Ultimately you will reach the second section.
 Talk to two Driders. One of them is of no consequence. The second
will give you a scroll to use in order to cross the chasm to the city. In
return you will have to seek Ssar Tarell in the bazaar.
 Find the chasm, use the scroll, and cross.
 Locate the water area and find the boat man. Give him two blue gems
which you collected along the way and he will take you to the area around
the city.
 Outskirts of the City
 The area is populated with Drow Elves, Driders, and Uropygus.
 Simply find your way to the City.
 Upon entering the City, you will be shown a map. Click on the
Bazaar location.
 The Bazaar
 Locate Ssar Tarell. She will tell you to go talk to the Spider Mage
in the Tower of Sorcere.
 Tower of Sorcere
 Around corners lurk Cloaker Lords and Myrlochars.
 Talk to the Mage, she will request from you the Music Box of Healing.
 Back to the Bazaar
 Locate Galentha's Goods. Trade the magical helmet given to you by
the inn keeper in the village for the Music Box of Healing. Then return to
the Mage in the Tower of Sorcere.
 Back to Tower of Sorcere
 Give the Mage the Music Box of Healing and she will give you a scroll
to release the Drider.
 Go to House Baenre.
 House Baenre
 The monsters here include Cloaker Lords, Uropygus, and Myrlochars.
 Locate the Throne Room and activate the scroll. This will result in
the release of the Drider from its curse. He will return to Ssar Tarell.
You will witness a conversation between the inn keeper from the beginning of
the game and the head of House Baenre. You were tricked into bringing back
an artifact of power: the magical helm is called the Helmet of Spiders and
whatever house controls it automatically gains Lolth's favor.
 Back to the Bazaar
 Talk to Ssar Tarell. She will send you to find Grumznar, the wizard
of House Fey Branche.
 Go to House Fey Branche.
 House Fey Branche
 The monsters here include Cloaker Lords and Myrlochars.
 Locate the Wizard and talk to him. He will cast a spell to make you
look like Drow Elves. Then he will give you the password to be able to talk
to Rizzen Do'urden who can be found in one of the taverns.
 Beware: in one of the rooms is a Yochol. Without Drizzt's magical
blades, you may experience problems fighting it. An Enchant Weapon spell
or a +4 or more magical weapon should do the trick.
 Now go find Rizzen in one of the taverns.
 Tavern (One of the two)
 Find Rizzen Do'urden. Speak the sentence with the word SANCTUARY.
Rizzen will give you a map and password to enter House Do'urden. He also
hints that you will need to ask Zarlaxle for insignias that will allow you
safe passage through the halls of House Do'urden.
 The Other Tavern
 Find Zarlaxle and ask him for the insignias. He will request for
you to locate his golden necklace from the Mental Caverns north-west within
the city.
 Mantle Caverns
 Fight your way through Uropygus, Cloaker Lords, Driders, and Drow
Elf patrols.
 There is a lever somewhere in the Caverns that opens the access to
a secret passage nearby. The golden necklace is found within this secret
 Back to The Other Tavern
 Give the necklace to Zarlaxle: he will tell you where you can find
the insignias. They are worn by a Do'urden war party in the Mantle Caverns
north-east of House Baenre above the lake.
 Mantle Caverns (Second section)
 Fight your way through Uropygus, Cloaker Lords, Driders, and Drow
Elf patrols, and Shriekers.
 Somewhere in the south you will locate the Do'urden war party.
Upon killing its four members you will recover four insignias.
 Back to the Bazaar
 Talk to Ssar Tarell. She will cast a spell to put you in contact
with Vermulean. Upon talking with Vermulean, you realize that you are in
possession of the last of the missing artifacts needed to activate the
Helm of Spiders: the Gem of Lolth.
 You may now head to House Do'urden.
 House Do'urden
 Speak the password to the guards: BY THE LIGHT OF NARBONEL, OPEN THE
 In the commoner's area, find the keys to open the right doors.
 There are several secret passages leading to wonderous treasures
throughout the House's halls.
 With the use of teleporters, keys, a few secret passages, and the map
given to you by Rizzen Do'urden, will find your way to the section where the
Helm of Spiders is kept. You will then be attacked by Rizzen and a force of
House Fey Branche's Drows.
 In the room where you saw the Helm of Spiders before it disappeared,
there is a secret passage. Enter it and recover the Helm.
 With the Helm came a key needed for you to go further into the noble
quarters. You will now be able to find the remaining keys.
 In one of the rooms of the final section you will find Drizzt's
blades. Recover them for they will be instrumental in the final battle.
 Final Battle
 You enter the last room where Matron Malice holds Drizzt prisoner.
You will now fight Drow Priestesses, a Yochol, Myrlochars, and the battle
will end when you finally slay Matron Malice.
       THE END

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