*****************  SOLVE FOR VEIL OF DARKNESS  ***********************
     Ok, the solve will work this way: I shall try to deal with each heading
     in the prophecy which you will receive from Kiril, in the house
     where you start off.
     Also, make sure to talk to the people in the bar often.  They will
     reveal new locations.  Also, always keep a lot of silver pieces
     around.  You can earn money by selling herbs and by finding it.
     As well, I have found no apparent advantages to killing creatures,
     rather then avoiding them.  However, some must be killed
     ( werewolf, skeletons in the fortress, zombie Andrei ).
     Vampires can be killed with holy water, and some creatures can only be
     harmed by a torch or a rowan staff.
     "From the ever dark sky shall he descend in a bird of steel"
     "Salvation for those who have been unrightously damned"
     These two parts of the prophecy become automatically done as you speak
     to Kiril.  He will quest you for a carpenters hammer.
     Talk to his daughter again ( you speak to her first as soon as you
     wake up ).  She will give you a ribbon.  You will need it later!
     Go to Kiril, ask him for "PIPE".
     Ask his servant, Ivan for "COINS"...he will give you a pouch with 12
     silver pieces.
     "He shall deny the part he is destined to play"
     "Until he find the bloodied tool most foul"
     Go around the village, talk to the people.  Make sure you go to the
     apothecary and buy the FENNEL SEEDS for 1 silver coin.  You will need
     Go to the "severed Head" tavern, and ask the barkeep for the "LIGHT".
     He will give you a match.
     Go to the house between the store and apothecary, pick up the prybar.
     Go to the store, and ask for a "LAMP" and he will offer you an oil lamp.
     Also you will need to buy "TOBACCO" and "NAILS".
     Buy it!
     Go to the ruined house at the edge of the town.  Find the trail of
     blood.  Push the bookcase where the bloody trail ends to the left.
     Go through the secret door, get the bloody hammer, and the torn
     shirt fragment.
     Return to Kiril.  He will tell you some things, and the two prophecy
     parts will become solved.  He will also give you the prophecy.
     "He must free a man cursed for curiosity's sake"
     Go to the bar.  Talk to the people again.  You may get a map.  Use
     the map and venture to the farmer.  The farmer will tell you about his
     barn.  Go to the barn, and get the pitchfork ( a useful weapon ).
     Go to the village tavern, talk to the people again they will tell you
     about the crashsite.
     Go to the crashsite. Kill the wolves.  Talk to the tree on the right
     then use match on the oil lamp ( hold match in one hand and oil
     lamp in the other hand ).  Throw the oil lamp at the tree.  Pick up
     the ashes.
     Go back to the bar.  Talk to the people there, they will tell you
     about the monastery.  Use your map to get there.
     Go downstairs.  In one of the cells you will find Pius.  He has been
     cursed with a magic quill.  Ask him about "QUILL".  He will give it
     to you.
     Go back to the bar.  Talk to people there, you will learn about Gypsies.
     Go to the gypsies.   Talk to the fortune teller gypsy about "EDUARD".
     She will give you a key.
     Go back to the town, use the key in Eduard's basement.
     Explore the catacombs.  You will come around the long way into the
     wine cellar of Kiril.  Get the fine wine and the wine cellar key.
     Go to the bar.  Talk to the bar tender about his goblet, and take
     his cup.   Talk to the minstrel that should be in the bar.
     Go to the monastery.  Ask the monk about resurrection,
     he will perform the rite, and raise the tree-guy from his ashes.
     Talk to the tree-guy.  He will tell you about where you plane has
     been taken.
     Go to the swamp.  Get the gun, rope and lighter.  Use the rope by
     the dead tree.  Climb down into the hole.  Explore it, pick up
     at least 1 mushroom.  Get out again.
     "A youth in madness he shall willingly heal"
     Go to the Candle-makers son.  Talk to him about "NATALIA" and
     then "LOCK".  He will give you a lock of Natalia's hair.
     Go to the bar, and talk to the people.  They will tell you that a
     werewolf got the minstrel.  They should have told you by now the
     location of the other village. Go upstairs, find the body, and pick up
     the key and the violin.  Use the key in on the locked door in the
     catacombs.  Get the smiling jar and the signet ring from behind
     the locked door. Go to the other village, talk to the people there,
     especially the grandma and her son in the NW part of the town.
     Ask the son about "BETONY" and he will tell you where to find it.
     Also, buy the talisman from him.  Don't forget to ask him about
     all the sons.  He will thus tell you the location of the dark forest.
     Go to the gravedigger learn the location of the graveyard.
     Go to the graveyard, get the betony leaves ( in the NW corner ).
     Go to the Gypsy camp.  Ask the healer gypsy to make a potion.
     Give the potion to the mother of the dying girl ( upstairs of the
     store ).  The mother will give you a pin. Go to the other village.
     "Dispel one dead but forced to serve"
     "The hanged man's grief he must unveil"
     Talk to the Magistrate, go to the gravedigger, pick up the parsley
     and the shovel from the garden behind the gravedigger's house.
     Pick up the empty fine-wine bottle and the torn shirt from his bedroom.
     Go to the village, ask  the apothecary about "PARSLEY".
     Go to the bar, and you will get the location of the crossroads and the
     lakeshore. Go back to the other village, talk to the magistrate.
     The gravedigger will be hanged.  Go to the room where the gravedigger
     was standing.  Get the Book of Souls.  Go to the crossroads.  Talk to
     the ghost that's there.
     You will get a key. Go to the monastery.  Use the key on the door in
     the basement.  Get the book of rites.  Go to the other village.
     Talk to the silversmith. Ask him about "BELL".
     Go to the village, buy a candle from the candlemaker.  Go to the
     monastery.  Get the candle blessed. Go to the cemetary.
     Talk to the weird green ghost.  He will tell you about a Hedge Maze,
     and give you the attic key.
     Use the shovel, pick up the iron spike. Go in front of the mausoleum so
     that the red ghost will pop up.   Use the ribbon on the bell.
     Light the blessed candle with the lighter.  Use the spike on the bell.
     The red ghost should disappear.
     "7 lost souls have favours to ask"
     "Once appeased he shall be allowed to pass"
     "He shall find and slay the hound that haunts the night"
     "Claiming a purse of silver to serve his needs"
     Go to the dark forest.  Take the first left, and then as far south as
     possible, pick up the ivory horn that's lying beside a skeleton.
     Get back to the main path.  Take the first right.  Go right as far as
     possible.  You must be wearing your talisman, otherwise the banshee
     will kill you.  Go north from the banshee, and enter the cottage.
     Pick up the hunting cap.
     Go to the crossroads, get the witch to carve the runes into the horn.
     Go to the lakeshore.  Use the horn.  Talk to the dead ferryman.  Go
     to the island.  Pickup the ornamental dagger.  Get out of there.
     Go to the Hedge Maze.  This is LOOOONG and boring.  You must find
     6 cloves of garlic within the hedge maze.  Also, make your way to
     the north east of the maze.  You will find the mansion.  Talk to the
     guy in the mansion, give him the tobacco.  He will give you a holy
     symbol. Go to the top of his house, and use the attic key to find a
     rapier.  Go to the other village, and tell "ANDREI" to the girl in the
     trance.  Go to the silversmith and get him to forge a silver sword.
     Go to the village, go to Kirill, and ask him about "ANDREI".  He will
     give you the key to a room.  Go upstairs, use the key, and kill the
     zombie with the silver sword.  Get the diamond.  Go to the other village
     and talk to the silversmith about "BULLETS".  He will silver plate them
     for ya.  Go to the farmhouse, and talk to the farmer's wife about
     "WEREWOLF".  Quickly use your gun to kill the werewolf.  Go to the
     other village, go to the magistrate, and claim your reward.  You will
     need the old coin from the bag.
     Go to the cemetary.  Enter the mausoleum.  Make your way to the North
     of it.  Talk to the seven souls.  You should have all the items for them.
     (rapier, old coin, quill, hunting cap, violin, dagger, diamond, signet
     ring).  They will blow a hole in the wall if you talk to the centre
     ghost.  Get the magic box from the room beyond the hole.
     "A hidden place he must pry from one quite mad"
     "And speak to evil incarnate the darklord's bane"
     Go to the village.  Buy a candle.  Go to the bar talk to the people
     there.  They will tell you about Crazy Frank's hut.  Go upstairs, and
     there should be a guy standing in front of a mirror in one of the rooms.
     Talk to him, buy his tooth.  Go to the fortune teller gypsy.  Ask
     her about "NEEDS".  She will make a voodoo doll for you.  Go to
     Crazy Frank's hut.  Hold the voodoo doll in one hand and the pin from
     the dying girl's mother in the other hand.  Talk to Crazy Frank.
     He will tell you about a cave.  Go to the cave.  Explore it.  Use
     the prybar by the locked door.   Enter.  Talk to the book.
     Go to the Kairn's fortress.  Kill the undead in the front, get the key.
     Open the gatehouse, it will unlock the gate.  Go to the SW door ( in
     the corner ).  Push the bookcase in the corridor.  Go through secret
     door.  Go down stairs.  Push the bookcase again ( you should notice
     that your holy symbol is glowing now ).  Go through secret door.
     Go to the basement.  You will find the coffin, and a key.  Captured
     Kiril's daughter will talk to you.  Get the key.
     Explore the fortress to find a book to dispell the curse of Agrippa
     ( the book ).  Go back to the cave, and free Agrippa.  You will learn
     Kairn's real name ( "BEAULU" ).  Go to the village.  Go to the
     apothecary.  Talk to ther about "GARLIC".  Get the necklace.
     Go talk to Kiril...talk to Ivan again, ask him about "HAMMER".
     Go to the monastery.  Buy a bottle of holy water.  Go to Kairn's
     "He shall turn aside the vampire's charms"
     "And stand strong against claw and fang"
     "Then he must make his own most holy attack"
     "And the imprisoned light must he set free"
     "A true name must be spoken for evil's power to wane"
     "He cannot falter not even once for it means his death"
     "If he denies the darklord's his place of rest"
     "The veil of darkness shall be lifted"
     "And the evil reign of terror shall at last come to an end"
     Go to the basement where the coffin is.  Use the hammer and the nails.
     Hold the hammer in one hand and the nails in the other, use the hammer.
     This will nail the coffin shut.  Go up to the top of the NW tower.
     Wear the garlic necklace.  Eat a mushroom, then talk to Kairn. Throw
     holy water on him then use the magic box.
     Talk to him and say his true name "BEAULU".  Go to the coffin again,
     and talk to him.  Enjoy the ending.

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