Some tips hope to share with u all
In this game Arren is the only one can cast magic.The easiest way to
Increase magic stat is by keep sleeping at his own Briara
Just keep clicking at the will notice soon or later arren
will learn lots of new spells...

Lighting bolt is preety cool to kick some bandits buts...make sure Arren
is trained in melee and defence since not every time magic is available.

I found that Scouting is most important for the other guy and
gals..combine its with will virtually negate any ambush by

Don`t bother to increase your gambling...since hardly of the time you
will always win...

Make sure get all the books /notes from stationer..those book might look
so lousy...but they have use tooo..those book some will increase one of
your skills..
Try to get the Ring of Scouting one of the village that you meet sister
of Senaedrin at the first time..This ring will enhance the Scouting by
up to 30 points...

Ok that it Hope that this humble hits will help some fellow gamer on the
Good Luck

Best Regard

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