Betrayal in Antara
1) Personal notes taken by Sir Redrum ([email protected]) while playing the game.
2) From website (highly recommended): The Computer Show
Press CTRL+SHIFT+Z for cheat menu. Type in phrase, then press ENTER.
ask a glass of water = teleports party to where they were at beginning of chapter.
some call me tim = during combat will kill all combattants.
gotta have magic = gives Aren all spells.
why am I so dull = maximize all the party skills.
man does my leg hurt = will heal the party.
supermarket for the rich = allow you access to a cache of good items.
AURORA Light of the Empire, A star fallen from the sky, And reborn.
TORCHITE Softly glowing gem, your light blinds reason and sparks avarice.
CUTLASS The pirate Thofaz dared to kiss his captain's favorite wench, the angry
captain game him this and left him in a trench.
MIDOVA Marketplace city, the crossroads of commerce in Pianda.
TRIUNE Like morn, noon and night, parts of a whole that cannot co-exist.
EMERALD The Antaran Empires founder had an eye of sapphire blue, but the other one
he looked through matched a gem of another hue.
MEHRAT Ungrateful wretches, unworth the Empire they despise.
FIDALI When crushed and mixed with ale, it leaves a foul concoction. Your best
chance to prevail, when suffering from a toxin.
DENNA Should twixt your ribs an enemy's sharp blade slip. Thank she whose
sacrifice brought forth the senwater you sip.
MONTARI Te siege of Poolkeep would have failed if not for them tunneling.
JAEGER Stodgy blueblood, imperial emblem, ferocious predator.
GLASS If the third man is a hunter and the first one is a smith, ask a child what
the second one should be given as a gift.
VALORIAN A name synanamous with Antara, our light, our sword, our shepherd.
SHIRA Corrupt assemblage, spending our money, providing no benefit.
CORLENE Dear Empress: her love for knowledge was matched only by here charm.
SHADOWS Most people have one. The Emperor has at least two.
MALKERE Of all the heros of the Grrrulf War, none loom larger in memory.
KIRITH Burlas, emeralds, torchite stones, priceless works of art, I need them not,
for you my son, the treasure of my heart.
CHUMEN Sad twisted people born of disaster and shunned by others.
CONSUL In every city, the Emperor maintains his eyes and ears.
WICK Humans live in houses. Montari live underground. Trkaa don't live in
candles, though, despite how it may sound.
CALDERLEAF Before Irthinde was known to exist, this plant was thought to be the
HAND The revered guide of each faithful arm following every face.
HALDER When thieves planned to rob his town, a crafty smith became a hero with a
stolen brew which now bears his name.
HARKUNE Spine of the empire, towering peaks of strength and majesty.
ONYX Grrrlf: wood::Montari:
CHAIL A travelling foreigner chimmied a lock, chumped a Chaeger, and was caught
with stolen chewlry. Where was he bound?
DEREK Shipwreck survivor, Travelled for years to reach the emperor.
KEY: Color code P=Purple, R=Red, Bu=Blue, Y=yellow, Bn=Brown, G=Green, Bk=Black
>>>> Ticoro: Need BuGG, Have R = Drop R gives GY, Drop Y gives BuGG.
>>>> Ticoro: Need BuG. Have BuY = Drop BY gives RRW, Drop W gives RRYG, Drop RRY gives BG.
>>>> Korus Landing: Have YYRRR. Need YYYRR = Drop Y gives YBuRRRBuG. Drop G gives YBRRRBWYBn. Drop BuY gives YBRRRGWBnBn. Drop RY gives BuBuRRGWBnBn. Drop BBG gives YRRWBnBn. Drop WBnBn gives YYYRR.
>>>> South-east of TEAL: Have RGBuWY. Need B = Drop G gives RRBuWYWY. Drop BuW gives RRRGYWY. Drop G gives RRRRYWYWY. Drop RRRR gives OYWYWY. Drop OYYW gives BWY. Drop BWY gives Bk.
>>>> Northwest of Elona: Colors are bleached, need color key: skull = yellow, bottle = red, book = green, bulb = blue. Need RG. Have BuY = Drop Y gives BuBuRG. Drop BuR give BuGG. Drop BuG gives RG.
>>>> South of Isten. Have WGGR. Need WGY = Drop WR gives YYGGBuBu, Drop BuBuG gives YYYGR. Drop YG gives YYRWW. Drop YR gives WWYBuBuG. Drop YGBu gives WWRRBu. Drop RBu gives GGWWR. Drop RGW gives WGY.
>>>> South of Isten. Have YWWG. Need GGWYR = Drop RW gives YGGGB. Drop YBu gives GGGWW. Drop GW gives RYGGBuBuW. Drop RGBuW gives YYGBu. Drop YBu gives YGWW.
>>>> Chest found just SW of Isten. Need PPP, Have BuY = Drop Y gives BuGP. Drop Bu gives RBuGPRP, Drop GR gives RBuYPP, Drop RBuY gives PPP.
>>>> West if Durst: Have RWBu. Need RWWWBu. Drop RB give WWOOG. Drop GO give WWGRY, Drop WR give WGOYYY. Drop YY give WGOYWGB. Drop GO give WRYYWGB. Drop BW gives WRYGOYG. Drop YYG give WRGYGRW. Drop RG give WRWYOWW. Drop RY gives WOWGOWW. Drop WOOG gives RWWWB.
>>>> Ticoro Swamp: Have RYG. Need BuBuYG. Drop R give YYGWWW. Drop YYW give RGBuWW. Drop B give RRGGWW. Drop RGW give RYGBuW. Drop RGW give YYBuBu. Drop YBuBu gives YG. Drop Y give RGGBuW. Drop RGW gives YGBuBu.
>>>> Keth: Have GGOO. Need R. Drop O get GGOYYP. Drop GY get GWOBuYBkP. Drop GOBk get WWPBuYP. Drop PG get WBkPYYBkY. Drop BkYYP get WOYBk. Drop WOYBk get R.
>>>> Nathby: Have GG. Need GGY. Drop G get GBkWWBu. Drop Bk get GRRWWBuBu. Drop GBuBu get BkRRWWW. Drop R get BkRWWWWWYY. Drop WWRY get BkBuWWGY. Drop BkWWBu get GGY.
>>>> Havesly: Have BuBuWW. Need RRO. Drop Bu get BuRWWW. Drop BuR get YOWWW. Drop OW get YGYWW. Drop YY get OGRWWR. Drop WR get OGRWBu. Drop BuWG get RRO.
>>>> Have RRRRR. Need YYYYY. Drop R. Drop RRR. Drop BuBuYG. Drop GW. Drop RWW. Drop BuRG. Get YYYYY.
>>>> Due north of Durst in the small waste area, Kaelyn and Raal rescue Toddy (cpt 5) and in the curl due north of that is a chest: Need RRGG, Start with BBYY, Drop BY and BY again, Now drop RR and WW. Now drop YP. Next drop OW.
1) Gambling cheat: Save the game with the bookmark just outside the door to the inn where there is a gambler, then enter and play cards. If you loose, leave the inn, load the save game and start all over. If you win, leave the inn, save the game, and play cards again. Eventually you will put the card shark out of business.
2) Disarm trapped chests: Save game using the book mark, use lockpicks to open chest. If the chest explodes reload the save game and try again.
3) The Montari Caves are west from Sortiga, just past the road to Ligano.
4) The Aliero Mines are just alittle bit west of Aliero City.
5) It seems like you can store stuff safely on the ground or inside a vacany building, but once a chapter is done the items may disappear. BE SURE to remove any important items before ending a chapter.
6) Poison Antidote: Mix fidali (or fidali leaves) with ale.
BRIALA SHOP: senwater, buckets, shovels, rope, torches, hammer, wheatstone.
INN: food rations, and resting. Sleep/Eat here for free.
ASPREZA SHOP: leather armor, shields, Steadfast Tonic & Harding Fluid.
INN: food only.
BALMESTRI SHOP: swords, senwater, shadowmilk, whetstone.
INN: food rations, and resting.
SORTIGA SHOP: herb powder, drums, nudberries, senwater, fidali leaves, rope.
INN: foor rations, wine, and resting.
LIGANO SHOP: steadfast tonic, shadowmilk, yelloweye, halders brew, ring of
rangers, sapphire shieldstone, optics primer, dervish disk.
INN: food, and resting.
IMAZI SHOP: leather, hammer, sword, staff. BEST BUYING PRICES!
INN: food, and resting.
ALIERO SHOP: senwater, pick axe, bees wax, torch, lockpicks, rope, shovel,
INN: food rations.
PANIZO SHOP: chain mail, shield, hardening fluid, OIL, hammer.
SHOP: Cadman's Memoir, Carlith's Mating Rituals.
INN: food, wine, and resting.
MIDOVA SHOP: armor, drums, rope.
INN: food rations, and resting.
NPC SHOP: Peerless Imports, Paolo Verazza (Quest NPC).
NPC SHOP: Money Lender, Antoni Octomont (Quest NPC).
WATERFORK SHOP: senwater, herb powder, razorcup nector, nudberries, fidali leaves.
INN: food.
CARDONE SHOP: bow strings, arrows, beeswax, short bows.
INN: food and resting.
LEVOSCHE SHOP: shields, swords, steadfast potion, oil, whetstone.
INN: food and wine.
ORMEDE SHOP: Gems, bracelets and a Pendant.
INN: rations, wine and resting.
RAVENNE SHOP: Grrlf Shields, arrows, fishing rod, shovel, swords, senwater,
beeswax, torch.
INN: food and wine.
MELAY SHOP: books - Ponaka's Last Stand, Carlith's Mating Rituals, Halder's
INN: rations and resting.
TICORO Numerous Shops and Inns - See Chapter 3 notes.
VARNASSE SHOP: chain mail, armor, staff, shield, swords, hammer.
INN: rations, wine and resting.
KORUS- SHOP: banded shield, senwater, shovel, herbal powder, beeswax, torch.
LANDING INN: rations, ale and resting.
ISTEN SHOP: armor, oil, rope, yelloweye, fishing rod, animal pelts.
INN: Food, wine.
DURST SHOP: steadfast potion, senwater, fidali paste, shovel, herbal powder,
razorcup nector, irthinde.
INN: rations, cheese and resting.
TEAL SHOP: grrrlf bow, arrows, enchanted arrows, grrrlf arrows, long bow,
corrosive arrows, flaming arrows, bowstring, beeswax.
INN: food.
ELONA SHOP: gems, bracelet, Pendant.
EVERTON SHOP: armor, swords, senwater.
INN: rations, ale and resting.
BURLEN SHOP: Montair chain mail, chain mail, breastplate, banded shield, tortoise
INN: food, and resting.
CAMILLE SHOP: shields.
INN: food.
EAST BANK SHOP: Grrrlf staff, swords, whetstone.
INN: food, wine and resting.
GRANDEUR SHOP: kenetic staff, malkere's serum, essence of the wind, shadowmilk,
staff of nightmares, senwater, abrida's conduit, muscles & glands (book),
an optics primer (book), necklace of communions, carluda's chain.
INN: rations, ale and resting.
FRIOLE SHOP: shields, aroows, hammer, pickaxe, swords, Grrrlf arrows, bucket,
INN: rations and resting.
DARVI SHOP: chain mail, breastplale, Grrrlf staff, swords, senwater, torch.
SHOP: Ponaka's Last Stand, Garlith's mating rituals, Haldor's tale.
INN: food and resting.
TORLITH SHOP: montari chain & plate, armor, grounding wire.
INN: rations.
KETH SHOP: montari chain & plate, arrows, senwater, tower shield, Grrrlf
arrows, grounding wire.
CHOTH SHOP: swords (Onyx blade also!!).
INN: food and ale.
BAKRIL SHOP: steadfast potion, kor's blood, razorcup nectar, herbal powder,
INN: rations.
GANATH SHOP: swords.
INN: rations, ale, resting.
BRELAND SHOP: Bows, lots of different arrows, beeswax.
SHOP: steadfast tonic, senwater, fidali leaves, herbal powder, razorcup nectar.
INN: food, resting.
HAVESLY SHOP: Shields, senwater.
INN: food, resting.
DUMALI SHOP: Ton's of magical stuff ... check it out.
INN: food
BELUCKRE SHOP: Talicor dust, oil, bowstring, shovel, hardening fluid, irthinde,
beeswax, whetstone.
INN: food, fatty meat, wine.
KNIGHTRIDGE SHOP: Shields, Swords (Januli Greatsword too!)
INN: rations, ale.
NATHBY SHOP: arrows, oil, rope, shovel, senwater, lockpicks, beeswax, torch,
SHOP: swords, shields, armors.
INN: Food, ale, fatty meat.
INN: rations, resting.
INN: food, wine.
KOR: Aspreza, West of Levosche, South of Burlen, East of Torlith, North of
HENNE: Ligano, Ticoro, Durst.
SENAEDRIN: East of Cardone, Isten, Grandeur, Knightridge.
NPC William Escobar: Party Leader (original), fighter, home in Panizo.
NPC Aren Cordelaine: Party Member (original), mage, home in Briala.
NPC Kaelyn Usher: Party Member (found south of Briala), archer, was going to
Balmestri to sell animal skins.
NPC Gregor: Was William's traveling partner, who died when game started. He
gave William a medallion, and said something about "The Consort ....". The
Medallion has a triangle on it, with "R,L,R" engraved on the back.
1) Mr Cordelaine: Aren's dad
2) Laura Miller: Aren's girlfriend in Briala.
3) Mrs. Miller: Laura's mom, baking with flour in her house.
4) Pig Farmer: Helped her catch the pigs, increased my Stealth.
5) Lonzo: Cow Rancher. His cows were sick, see if Doc Myers in Balmestri can help. (return after Doc visits him, for reward).
6) Eugene: Mastercooper's son. Talks about chickens/manure, needs money to help study them more.
7) Mrs Derkins: Said Aren is a bad influence on her son, Bo.
1) Scott Gratisi: Joyman at Inn, gives Aren some papers about magic.
2) Belora: Her son, Mickel, is missing. He likes to play in the nearby caves. (rescue Mickel in the nearby caves, by using rope).
NOTES: Most of the towns people are inside their homes, sick with pox. After finishing "Senaedrin Priests" quest (by giving them 24 rations), there's a man in town that will repair items: Bows/120, Swords/150, Armor/200.
1) Mattai Brunia (at Inn): Wheat farmer. See Chapter 1 notes.
2) Doc Myers: Said he would go to Briala, to check on the sick cows.
3) Nikki: Kaelyn's friend, who'll buy her animal skins (for 35 burlas).
4) Matthew Escobar: Willam's brother, their dad sent him there to try to end the Shipmaster Guild strike. They're on strike because of pirates blocking the harbor.
5) Penwhite: Held prisoner by the pirates. After killing the pirates, he says that the mayor was taking bribes from the pirates, that the first shipmaster knew about it also. Said he's going to his sisters in Sortiga.
6) Mayor: After killing pirates, hes in a big hurry to go to "Ghan" (??).
1) Man: Planning daughter's (Cherise) wedding, waiting for priests from Ligano, but they won't come until the road is cleared of Montari. (After clearing path, he gives me a pearl).
2) Woman: Taking care of sick friends.
3) Groom: Sitting inside his house.
4) Benje: Groom's brother, he lost their 3 wedding rings near the coast. (Give rings to him, he gives me a book).
5) Korellyn the Healer: (See Chapter 1 Notes!). She's just north of city. She talks about Nudberries (they make you sleep), and said she can kill crops, and that some folks pay her to do that. She said a noble from Imazi (Lord Garson) paid her to kill Farmer Brunia's crops, and that the noble paid her with herbs that were wrapped in a kerchief.
1) Empty House: Force enter, its a den of theives.
2) Sergeant Kalyx: Saved town from attacking montari, now on quarter rations. (Give him rations, he increases my stats).
3) Senaedrin Circle Ladies: Waiting just north of town, they're weak & hungry from Montari attacks. They're trying to get to Aspreza to help people with feeblepox, but they need 24 rations. (Give rations, you get senwater).
1) Lord Garson: Drought is ruining the farmers crops, and causing hungry montari to attack. Farmer's crops are doing badly, but he still makes them pay all their taxes (or takes their land away).
2) Men guarding field: Won't let me into the field (until after Farmers quest).
3) Home: Can't enter, sign says "Property of Lord Garson, No Trespassing"
4) 3 Houses near Garson's: Nobody's home.
5) Trey Matchi: Drum maker, needs skins (Gave him skins, he gave me drums).
6) Man: Lord Garson promised his son a job as Shira's page. He paid Garson 2..3..maybe 500 burlas to get job.
ALIERO 1) There's a mine near town, bring torches and a couple pick axes!
PANIZO 1) William's Mom & Dad
1) The Marketplace: Man will teach Aren to use drums (affects field worms). Man selling Montari Chocolate, said Montari are having hard time getting enough sugar & cocoa to make their famous chocolate candy. Man selling a Braclet.
2) Paolo Verazza: Peerless Imports (Has quest item - Chailan Tea).
3) Leno: At Inn, he's a courier who was taking Paolo's money to Antino, but he got robbed by Nobles.
4) Antoni Octomont: Money Lender, he lent money to Paolo and had his shop roughed up when he didn't make his loan payment.
1) Trapper: He was stuck in the Herkune Mountains during winter. He found a flexible branch and made it into a fishing pole, cut hole in lake with his axe, baited hook with frozen bug, and caught fish. He stayed in a cave until spring, and he still loves the taste of fish!
2) Man with sick boy: Boy got stung by a spineray while swimming. (Gave him fidali + ale potion, which cured him. Man gave me a shield).
3) Contuso's Home (Marnia Contuso): I gave her the Contuso scroll, which turned out to be a record of all contuso births and deaths for 5 generations. Many of the names were Verazzas by birth. Before the falling out between the Contuso's and Verazza's, marriages were common between the 2 families. (Somehow the scroll helped clear up the past understanding between the 2 families, and Marnia gave me a emerald).
4) Fisherman: Said the Masliths are scaring away all the fish. (I killed all the nearby Masliths, and he gave me Henne's Horn).
1) Jean Baudet, talks about beast in the nearby woods.
2) Guys at Inn, talking about beast they shot and wounded in the woods.
3) Woman in house, afraid of the beast.
4) Mage Chilblain, has "Rings & Things" shop, where he makes magic rings. Says he will give us a ring if we can answer his riddle, "If the third man is a hunter, and the first one is a smith, ask a child what the second should be given as a gift". After finding the answer (from childern's song in Ravenne), he attacks us, after he dies we got a shadowring.
5) The Beast: Its a wounded Grrrlf that has "wounded madness". Mixed nudberry root with rations and clicking it on him, which cures him. His name is Flaar, the Grrrlf sent him to deliver a message to all the other packs around Pianda, and he can't go home till hes done. His message is that all packs are to return to the den immediately. He asks us to pass along the message to any Grrrlf we meet.
1) Joyman, he's working on a ballad about the "Cyrilyn", a ship that went down long ago. 100 yrs ago, emperor Benarren built the Cyrilyn, as a wedding gift for his daughter and her intended groom. It was wrecked on its maiden voyage, and they both drowned. He's trying to finish the ballad in time for the Ticoro festival, but he's stuck on 1 verse ... he can't remember the name of the shipwright that built the ship. (I never could find the answer for him).
2) Master Swordsman, he teaches Aren how to block with his staff.
1) Fresh fruit & veg shop: They're out of fresh food, but the lady there will turn any food you have into rations (it'll take 1 day to dry them in the sun).
2) Man selling info: He's putting together an expedition to recover the Cyrilan wreck. Says the ship was launched near Riva, and will allow us to become partners in the expedition for 150 burlas (I didn't pay him).
3) Mage: Teaches Aren magic for 100 burlas. Choice of Area, Create, Light.
4) Gambler at Inn: Told us story about 3 cards that are on the tavern's wall. Said they were used by the Lyne Brothers to trick a cheating card player.
1) Del's Stained Glass Shop: He's making a stained glass window for a new chapel of Henne (which is being built in Ravenne). His window's design represents the 3 basic tenents of the Childern's Philosophy: Destiny, Luck and Inspiration. Luck symbolized by the fisherman.
2) Childern singing a song, contains the answer to the Mages Riddle (Cordone).
3) Museum: There's a TON OF INFO at this place!!!
4) While on quest to find Simon: House with Thomas Aquiver & his brother. If you enter a second time you'll be able to hear their story (and also increase your skills).
1) Gunther Yup, Jeweler Mage. He fashions magical items from jewelery.
2) Woman with buckets of water from river, she says the town's well is tainted.
3) Woman Sculptor, she shows us statue of a jaeger, done by her father who's now dead. Somebody killed him in the studio when she was a young kid. Murderer turned himself in, but he was a noble and only got a fine. He killed him because of a statue her father was commissioned to make, because her father ended up wanting to keep the statue (of a malachite cat).
4) Used bucket on well, and found a Torchite Gem. Gave gem to Gunther Yup, who gave us a Diamond Shieldstone.
TICORO See Chapter 3 Notes.
1) Couple in house say they saw a play with Maria Liana in the Isten amphitheater, called "Academy of Broken Hearts".
2) Smithy: Teaches us repair skills.
3) Woman inside Mason's Guild House: Jaimie is her husband, he's a mason. Mason's fixed the bridge but didn't get paid, and the council didn't help with their complaint ... so they're going to take matters into their own hands, by making people pay to cross the brige.
4) Woman inside House: Asks us to plant her nudberry seeds in soil near the woods, she's already dug the holes (found the holes near woods east of Varnasse). Afterwards she gave us a Dervish Disk.
5) Naomi inside Conservatory: Naomi says her cousin Noal's garden is doing badly, and asks us to sprinkle some calcicum (nutrients) powder on it. Noal's house is in Elona. She also says the a mixture of Fidali leaves and any alcohol will cure almost any type of poison. (Upon completing the task, she teaches Aren more magic skills).
1) Jaeger Forest Meister: He's planning a fancy party, and needs some cheese to serve his guests. (you get 2 burlas if you give him cheese).
2) Lady in shop doesn't like Jaeger Forest, says she would charge him 10 times extra for cheese. (you get 50 burlas if you give her the cheese, instead of Jaeger Forest).
1) Temple of Senaedrin: Give sisters the letters from Alethea, they'll give you a gem.
2) Woman in house: She says that Lord Lighton is planning a special performance at the amphitheater, by invitation only. She had tickets locked in a chest, but thieves took the chest! She says the Shepards is the latest craze amoung young men of wealth and social standing, even Maria Liana's son joined.
3) Jaeger Ben Stafford: He's writting a teatis on the Antaran political system, it contains info about the inner workings of the Shiva ... bribes, favors, double-dealing, blackmail, etc. He's going to publish it using an anonyious name, but he can't find somebody to print it. (Read papers = increases skill).
4) Mage Darvosten: He will teach Aren magic skills for 400 burlas.
5) Lord Lighton at Inn: He won't sell or give you tickets (but you can win them from him by playing cards).
6) Maria Liana at Amphitheater: Says her son, Simon, ran around with the Shepards, but he finally left them. He has now joined the Childern, divine patron of the Theatrical Arts. His last letter was from Durst, in Old Chuno, and he said he was happy to be on the frontier and being so close to the Waste. Maria tells you about a play she did, where she played Siarrah the Mage of Prefection in the Waste. Siarrah summoned up a beast from the Etheren, and fell in love with him. Since Etheren's don't survive long in our realm, Siarrah opened a rift into the Etherea and took the beast back to his universe.
1) Chuman: His ancestor saw the blast that created the Waste, and says it changed her and her unborn baby.
2) Adrian the Swordsmith: He's working on a sword for a man in Antara, but he needs a pearl to finish it's decoration. (Give him pearl increases your skills).
3) Temple of Henne: If you pay for blessing, you'll be able to talk with Jiana (who's sitting on a pew). She says that Simon was reassigned by the Reverned Hand, Fellich Marr, who lives in Ticoro.
4) In later chapter: Man calling "Toddy! Toddy!". His son went playing in the Waste. (found him north of Durst, near the Waste ... returned to man, who gave me a book "The Adventures of Caarl Maston").
1) Guys at Inn talk about a mage named Brian Castere, who died recently. Another guy asks Aren if he knows how to keep things safe from thieves, Aren tells him that he shouldn't keep the stuff at home, as thats the first place thieves would look.
2) Brian's House: Brother Alexi from Burlen Monastery is there, says he'll officiate at the funeral tomorrow, and that hes staying in Brian's house until he's finally buried. Says that Brian died when thrown from a horse.
3) Allie Renne & Father: Says that Brian was their best friend, and that he apprenticed with a Mehrat mage. He used his magic to help his business, like speeding up his wagon wheels with magic.
4) Boy in house: Says that Brian was a trader in cloth and linens, but one day a box fell off Brian's wagon, and it was full of weapons. Brian gave the boy a Mehrat knife, and the boy promised not to tell anybody out the weapons.
5) House with children playing a counting game with pebbles: "1 is for the Emperor the one the cloak has graced, 2 is for the mages who in battle made the Waste, 3 is for Tririne for they are always near, 4 is for the seasons as they turn throughout the year, 5 is for the years the priests of Kor must train, 6 is for the countries over which our Emperor reigns, 7 is for the books of law that make Antara great, 8 is for the Harvest Days that we all celebrate, 9 is for the pirate clans who sail upon the sea, 10 is for the fingers I couunt on 1, 2, 3."
6) Graveyard near town: Somebody has dug-up Brian's grave, William checks it out and find a map with Teal marked on it and a spot to the south marked also. (head south, find small mound of dirt, use shovel, and get red key).
7) The next day at Brian's house(after Brian's been buried): Brother Alexi is gone, inside the house is a note from "G.F." to Brian, where GF says he feels Brian has cheated him of his full share of money on a weapons sell to the Mehrats, and that he's coming next week to see Brian about it.
NOTE: There's a large maze to the east of Teal, which leads all the way to Burlen. I never did explore this area.
1) Noal's House: He's not home, behind his house is the garden. Spread the nutrients (that Naomi gave us) on the garden.
2) Man in house: Says that Elona reeks, 1st there was the pox, and now he thinks that the Mehrats will soon be invading. Says for 150 burlas, he'll tell you the location of a chest.
3) Empty house: Has some items, and an academy pass.
4) House with beautiful woman mistakes you for Marcus, her betrothed husband who went to fight the Mehrats in the west.
5) House with boy playacting as a dog with his sister.
6) To the north of the city is a large tree thats actually a Bead-Chest.
1) Locked house with nameplate "G.Fayle": Use red key (found buried south of Teal) to open door, inside are Lucky Charm, Brian Castere's Journal (teaches magic skills to Aren) and a note from Brian to Gerard. After leaving the house, Gerard Fayle shows up and attacks. (I left the red key and both notes about Brian & G.F. in a sack near G.F.'s house).
2) Woman in house: Says we can't come in because her sister, Natalie, has the pox and is also pregnant. She asks us to take a message to the sisters near Isten, that the time is near. (After talking to Isten priests, and returning to Everton, the woman gives me a blue key to her house next door, which has supplies in it. I left the blue key in a sack next to her house).
3) Shop Keeper: Gave him Fayle's Burlas, to help him restock his store, and he gave me Montari Chain Mail.
1) Overheard rumors while inside the Inn: Lord Caverton is in hot water with the Shira, over the consort fiasco. He's been calling in years worth of favors just to hold onto his interests. There's talk that the Emperor might transfer Governorship of Ticor to another house.
2A) Pernath Academy - Upstairs (Need pass to enter): Upstairs in the private offices is Walston Moore, director of the Vell Studies Dept. He says that the Vell were more advanced then us, even without the use of magic ... instead they used science. He shows us one of the Vell arifacts that still works, that makes things ultra-durable. He says the Vell had 3 different languages, 2 that we understand, but we don't yet understand their language used for science. He says that Vell scholars dream of finding the missing piece of the puzzle that will unlock the Vell's scientific language.
2B) Pernath Academy - Library (Need pass to enter): Library contains books which contain lots of history. "Antara Policial Structure", "Humanity's Homcoming" (Volumes I and II), "The Founding of Antara" (Part I and II), "Luerdan's Essays on Ancient History" (Volumes I, II and III).
2C) I left the Pernath Academy Pass inside a chest thats behind Burlen city.
1) Blind man: If you give him unused weapons, he'll offer to bless them in some kinda strange way.
2) Man near well: He'll let you drink from the well for 60 burlas, which will heal and remove poison.
1) Woman: Says that the Prophet from Camille cured a young boy of pox, even after the sisters of Senaedrin failed.
2) In later chapter: Mage will help you cross the river, if you talk to the girl he likes in Camille.
1) Farmer: Said he survived the pox, and lets you sleep in his barn. Inside the barn you'll find a note. The note is from Jarston, to Master Burns at the Penath Academy. Give the note to the farmer, and he says that it musta been left by the damn courier ... the one that brought the pox to town. (I put the note back inside the barn for safe keeping).
2) Cherise & Benje: They've married and living here now.
1) Archibald Feathersby Expeditions: He leads expeditions into the Waste, and trains Kaelyn in the use of bows for 200 burlas.
2) Man looking for book: He says he's lost his book called "A social analysis of organisms" (which you can find inside the town's Inn, on the floor). Gave book to him, and he said our dirty fingers were all over the pages, then slammed the door shut.
3) Drunk Man: Says he used to be a mage, but he's lost all his powers. For a bottle of Ticoran Wine, he'll tell you a secret. (Gave him a bottle of wine, and he tells about a shieldstone thats buried somewhere in or near town).
1) Sir Richard Densmore, Provincial Representative: He hurrys past us and into his carriage, heading to a Shira meeting. Just west of Keth you find a note after killing some enemies. The note is a contact between Gerry Barcudi and Sir Densmore, that says Densmore will pay Barcudi 750 burlas upon proof that Lord Stafford of Isten has met his death apparently due to natural causes. (I didn't travel to Isten to check it out).
2) Man: Says the Chumen hurt him, after he tried to stop them from wrecking his house. He says they took his lever chest that has a special lock created from his sons name (Kirith). After finding his lever chest and returning to him, he gave me a Circel of Senaedrin.
3) Man trying to start fire, but his wood is wet: Aren uses magic to light his fire, and he says he doesn't like mages, because a mage once offered to pay him money if he would protect him while the mage studied bugs in the swamp ... the Mage finished his study, but never paid him! He says he knows where the mages books are, buried south of the road near the swamp. (Use shovel to dig up the books - "Swamp Survival Skills" and "Weather Patterns of Ramar" - which are located near the Shepard's cave exit.
1) Lord Dakka: Says we're late, and that we should go to Bakril and join up with the fellow mercenaries, and don't come back without my wine. (After bringing him a full set of wine - 12 bottles - he says some of the wine is missing).
2) Tanner's House: Guy selling gater shoes, belts, croc jerky, etc.
3) Mage Gerry Barcudi: He knows poison mage, and says he's worked for many officials in the Shira and some Jaegers also. He says there's one Shiran from Torlith .... well, you'd be amazed if I told you the names of some of my clients. He teaches Aren magic for 75 burlas.
1) Mage Gordistorini has a Carluda's Chain and lies telling you he travelled back to when Carluda battled with Mage Morduse to form the waste.
2) House with two flasks, Halder's Brew and Malkere's Serum, a man lies about how he rescued Princess Aurora from thieves.
3) Woman Thief with a sad tale of distrust talks about a rare coin.
4) Man lies about fighting Mehrats and feeds the group a meal.
5) A man lies about healing Canaster with the Blessings of Denna Rae who appeared to him and then was rewarded with Senawater.
6) Red Haired Boy lies about being kidnapped by pirates and has a pirate map.
7) The Tapped Barrell Tavern: Speak to the tavernkeeper after talking to everybody else in town, he'll tell you that you arrived on the day of the liar's fair, and you are the judges. You will receive the props from the story of the person who you pick as the winner. (I selected the soldier, and got a tower shield and a Everedge sword, which is awesome. If you don't already have some "Haldor's Brew", you should pick the person with the Brew/Serum, because you'll definitely need some brew for a very important quest in Ganath).
8) Tents to the south of city .... you'll get to talk with the guy sooner or later, but you'll need to finish a few quests first.
1) There's an empty house with Haldor's brew inside. Grab it, it'll come in handy during the arm wrestling match with Khorus Bale (in Ganath).
2) When you try to enter the Inn, you'll get attacked by some mercenaries. Once inside the Inn, the barkeeper tells how Lord Dakka sent ther merc's, because the shipment of wine he paid for never arrived.
1) Khorus Bale, inside the Inn: He knows Kaheth, but he won't tell you anything until you've given him a good arm wrestling match. (Drink Haldor's Brew, and then challenge him .... he'll tell you to see Lokath in Choth, and tell him that Khorus sent ya).
1) Mage says senwater helps pain, he burned out from using magic to much. (Gave him senwater, he teaches Aren some magic).
2) Woman runs out the door, yelling "My Baby!". (After killing the Trerang, returned and she gives you a pearl).
3) Group of men: Said crazed Trerang stole Vero's baby and ran into the woods.
1) Trkaa's tell you about how they saw something near river southeast of Breland. (If you use a fishing pole on the river ... you'll need to try a few different places on the river ... you'll find a VANGUARD SHIELD).
2) Guildmaster of salt miners: Says he's moving closer to Ticoro, because Caverton's contacts pay more than Sheffields.
3) Man with burro name Petrush.
1) Poul (inside Tavern): He knew Gregor, and he sailed on the "Fair Current" also. Says Gregor had a girlfriend in Beluckre.
2) Capt Trea (at docks): He talks about Gregor, the "Fair Current" ship, Pirates.
1) Bartender at Inn: Tells about painting on the wall, which is of a monster ... the same type that killed Gregor. Says a fellow in town, Perdugo, painted it.
2) Perdugo: Talks about the painting .... says he drew it from Farrel's description.
3) Farrel: He was attacked by the monster near the waste, and tells of a strange tale about how it happened, and how Byrce (Lord Sheffield's mage) was involved too!
1) Man: Will recharge staffs for 500 burlas.
2) Man: Beat him at cards, and he'll teach Aren some skills.
3) Misha (inside Brothel): Bring her some sencream, and she'll give you a key to Gregor's room at the Havesly Inn.
4) Man (inside Shop): He'll make you some sencream if you give him Fidali Leaves, Senwater and Fatty meat.
1) Banker lets you view Sheffield's account books.
2) Tailor talks about selling clothes to pirates, paid with a letter of credit from Lord Sheffield!
3) Lighthouse keeper's son: Tells of secret entrance near the lighthouse stairs.
4) Woman from Chail tells about how Lord Sheffield helped her hide from cruel husband.
5) Lord Sheffield and his huge castle.
6) There's alot happening in this town .... see Chapter 8 notes.
GOAL: Get Aren to William's home in Panizo, so that the local mage can teach Aren how to use magic.
MAIN SUB QUEST: Farmer Mattai Brunia
1) Talk with Mattai Brunia at the Balmestri Inn. He's a wheat farmer, who had a farm farm in Imazi, but his crops didn't grow last season, and he had nothing to harvest. Lord Garson of Imazi took his farm when he couldn't pay his taxes.
2) Talk to Lord Garson in Imazi, and to everybody inside the inn at Sortiga.
3) Find the witch in the sparse forest near Sortiga, just north of town and south of the impassable forest. Get the handkerchief.
4) Go back to Lord Garson and show him the handkerchief (you'll get the Deed to Burnia's Farm). Go talk to Farmer Burnia in Balmestri Inn, and give him the Deed.
5) Go see Farmer Burnia at his farm in Imazi, where you will need to cure his haunted fields. Go to the temple of Henna in a mountain pass to the south of Ligano and get blessed for 125b. Go back and pull the Staff of Nightmares out of the ground in the center of the back field. Enter the mine and kill the three groups of three bad guys. Tallk to Farmer Burnia about his new gold mine.
MAIN SUB QUEST: The Senaedrin Sisters
On the road northwest of Imazi are some Senaedrin Sisters. Give them 24 food rations so that they can get to Aspreza in time to save the town from the plague. If the sisters are on time, you will get a reward in that the tinker that repairs armor and swords for a fixed fee will survive the plague. If you do not help the sisters, the tinker will die and you will not be able to repair the good armor you find.
MAIN SUB QUEST: The Wedding Rings
In Sortiga they are upset about a wedding. Go find the wedding rings on the beach to the southeast of town, and return them to the best man. You'll also need to clear the Ligano-Sortiga road of Montari, so that a Ligano Priest can arrive.
GOAL: Get Aren to the Mage Finch, then go to Ticoro to help "The Consort".
#1) Find Mage Finch, he's just north of Midova City, and asks for Chailan Tea before he'll take with us. Be sure to grab the "Contuso Family Scroll" that is behind Finch, inside a chest (its for another quest later on).
#2) Go to Paolo Verazza's Peerless Imports in Midova, and order the Tea. Wait about 1 week before returning. Upon returning, Paolo's shop was roughed up by Antino's men (who also took the Tea), because Paolo didn't repay his loan on time
(because the courier, Leon, got robbed by nobles along the way). Paolo says that it was probably Contuos Nobles that stole the money, because the Verazza & Contuos families hate each other.
#3) Talk with Antoni Octomont, the money lender in Midova. He'll work out a deal, where he'll give Paolo the Tea if you can collect on another outstanding loan he made to Enkudi, who's somewhere in the Montari Territory.
#4) Find Enkudi along the road leading from Ligano to Sortiga, and he'll give you some gems to repay Antoni. He'll also ask you to help him, by taking a Divineing Rod, and using it to tap into an underground water source for the Montari.
#5) Enter the Montari Cave (between Balmestri & Sortiga), and find the little creek inside the caves, and use the Rod.
While there, talk with Chee (he's the leader of this Montari colony). He says that the drought has been causing problems for the Montari, and that a noble in Imazi (Lord Garson) has diverted the river to water the farmers crops. Because of that, some Blacks & Browns Montari have been attacking the towns for food, but the Greys and Golds upper castes have not been attacking. He says there's 4 castes of Montari:
Workers (Black), Fifakree (Craftsmen), Warrior, Ruling (Gold).
#6) Return to Antoni the money lender (Midova), and give him the gems. He'll give Paolo the tea, and Paolo will give the tea to you (finally!).
#7) Give the Tea to Mage Finch (arrrgghhh, you'll see why), who will teach Aren some more magic. Finch talks about how Mapose Beetle larve are the key ingrendent in several elixirs.
#8) Now its time to visit Ticoro. The normal road to Ticoro is blocked by guards stationed on the bridge outside of the town. Instead you'll need to take a passage through the mountains which is located just North of Panizo along the road to Midova
#9) Go to Waterfork. Cure the sick child by mixing ale with Fidali leaves. Give the "Contuso Family Scroll" (which was found in a chest thats behind Finch near Midova) to Marnia Contuso. Kill all the Masliths (lizards) near the town, and get Henne's Horn from Fisherman.
#10) Talk to Mage Chilbain in Cardone, get answer to his riddle from childern in Ravenne. He attacks you when you answer his riddle, and you'll find a Shadowring on his dead body <grin>.
#11) Cure the Beast thats northwest of Cardone, by mixing nudberry root with a food package and clicking it on the beast. Once cured, the Grrrlf tells you a message to pass along to any other Grrrlf you meet.
#12) Talk to everybody in Melay, then talk with Gunther Yup a second time. Then use a bucket on the town's well to get a Torchite Gem. Give gem to Gunther, who'll give you a Diamond Shieldstone.
#13) Enter Ticoro, which ends Chapter 2.
Upon entering Ticoro, you'll meet Raal. He's a Grrrlf, and is a long time friend of Kaelyn's. He's there with the Krrrfrrrlaak pack to preform the Karrruf at the Ticoro festival.
You'll also meet Lord Sheffield in Ticoro (just south of the city's Temple). He'll tell you to meet with Selena Sheffield (Willams finacee) at the Knights Promise Inn.
Its a good idea to head quickly for the Henne's Shadow Inn (in the cities southeast corner), where you'll meet Aren's old friend, Scott Gratisi, who'll get the innkeeper to give you a room at the inn (where you can buy food and resting). This is the ONLY Inn where you'll be able to rest in town.
This town has quite a few fights, usually with between 3 to 5 attackers who are wearing decent armor and weapons. Its a pretty good idea to use your potions to increase your attack & defense abilities, and keep plenty of senwater ready (especially on Aren, who'll be casting lots of various spells).
Once you've setup a room at the Henne's Shadow Inn .....
When you have time: Talk to Lord Caverton (located near the middle of the western section). He has had past misunderstandings with William's father. After showing him Gregor's medallian, he says its a shepards medallian. He also implys that William's father is probably the person behind all the trouble the Shepards are making. He also says that he's built a new salt mine in Ticoro, which will compete with Lord Sheffields salt mine ... and says he's going to ruin Sheffields business, which will also be his way of getting back at the Escobar family too.
When you time time: Talk to Selena Sheffield at the Knights Promise Inn (located in the northeast corner of town). She talks about how the better houses would foster their childern to the Triune for schooling. She says that all childern spend time with the priests of Henne, then girls join the Sisters of Senaedrin, and the boys study with the Brother of KOR. She says that High Brother Marr wanted to extend the fostering tradition beyond just the noble houses, and the Emperor Valorian was ready to agree until High Brother Vaughn stepped in. Vaughn is a Brother of KOR, and they have great influence on the Emperor.
When you have time: Talk with the High Brother inside the Temple of Henne. He'll give Aren his blessing of Hand/Henne. We tell him about our concerns for the safety of the Consort. He says that the Chailan Consort and the daughter-heir of the empire are actually in love, and shall be wed.
When you have time: Talk to Camille Farray (northwest corner of town). She'll teach Aren some magic.
#1) Talk to the guard at the guardhouse (in center of the city's northern wall). You'll ask him about the location of the Consort, but he says that Lord Carerton has insisted the location be kept secret. While in the area, check out the locked gate to the Ramparts (its just west from the guardhouse).
#2) Talk to the Locksmith (located near the middle of the eastern wall), who'll tell you that he built the lock on the Ramparts gate. He'll give you a key if you can find out who is picking all his locks around town.
#3) Talk to Torrance Pasege (located in the southeast corner), who was the Locksmith's apprentice, until he got fired. He's been picking all the locks as a way of getting revenge on the Locksmith for firing him. For 50 burlas, he'll increase your lockpicking skill.
#4) Talk to the Locksmith again, who'll agree to rehire Torrance, and then gives you the key to the Ramparts.
#5) Unlock the Ramparts gate, then head up the stairs, then go right ... until you find a hole in the Ramparts. Click on the hole, and you'll listen to the conversation the guards are having .... and you'll learn that the Consort is staying at the "Green & White" Inn.
#6) Before entering the Green & White Inn, be sure you've finished all your business in Ticoro (sell all unneeded items, visit NPC's, etc).
#7) Enter the Green & White Inn (located in the southwest corner of town), and talk with the man seated at the table. Then head back to Henne's Inn, click on the InnKeeper ..... and Chapter 3 is completed.
Unconfirmed Note: If you stash all you food in a bag, and camp until your starving, then enter the temple ... the priest will give you food and give you the info needed to preform "mortification of the flesh".
| R G | R = Ramparts Gate
| | G = Guardhouse
| S1 | T = Temple of Henne
| | L = Locksmith's Shop
| S2 S3 | 1 = Lord Carverton
| | 2 = Lord Sheffield
| T | 3 = Raal
| S4 | 4 = Torrance Pasege
| |
| S5 | I1: Inn where you'll meet Scott,
| 1 L | and can rest here.
| 2 |
| | I2: Inn where Consort is staying.
| |
| S6 |
| I1 |
| |
| I2 3 |
| S7 4 |
| |
S1 = Optics Primer, Ponaka's Last Stand, Ledger, Halder's Tale.
S2 = Broadsword, Chailan Cutlass, Swords, Whetstone.
S3 = Chain Mail, Shields, Swords, Staffs, Hammer.
S4 = Senwater, Oil, Lockpicks, Rope, Shovel, Torch.
S5 = Gems.
S6 = Chain Mail, Montair Chain Mail, Hammer.
S7 = Herbal Powder, Shadowmilk, Rope, Arrows, Senwater, Talicor Dust, Beeswax.
While sleeping at the Henne's Shadow Inn in Ticoro, your awaken and arrested by Lord Caverton's guards, charged with abducting the Consort, and taken to jail. While in jail, Lord Caverton questions you and he wants answers about where the Consort is. He thinks William's father is working with the Shepards, and that you helped kidnap the Consort. He's send you to the Emperor for further questioning, using Shadow Magic. Guards load you onto a wagon and take you on a journey to the Emperors. While camping at night, Raal rescues you, by putting all the guards to sleep with darts dipped in nudberries.
After Raal rescues you, you decide to find out who the real culprits are. Raal says something strange is going on in the Ridgewood ... that ghosts are wandering around the woods killing people with a mere touch. Kaelyn asks Raal about her father, and he says there's been no word from him (Garvin) since the ghost appeared. Kaelyn decides to leave the group, to go find her father, and says she'll be at the Inn in Grandeur later (She's actually not there if you go looking for her .... but she'll show up later in another chapter). Raal leaves also, saying hes going to find his pack, near the edge of the woods near Ticoro (He's actually nowhere to be found near the Ticoro woods ... but again, he'll show up later in another chapter). But at least Aren agrees to stay with William ... and they decide they'll first need to find the Shepards, because it sounds like they're somehow involved in the conspiracy.
Nearby you'll find Mackey the Merchant, who'll sell you misc items. He doesn't like the Shepards, saying they hunt the Grrrlf like dogs. To help us find the Shepards, he tells us that Maria in Isten has a son that is probably joining the Shepards.
Standing outside of Ticoro is High Brother.
#1) Travel to Varnasse. Talk to Smithy (will increase repair skill). Talk to woman, she'll ask you to plan her nudberry seeds (in holes she dug, which can be found near the woods east of Varnasse). Talk to Naomi, she'll ask you to sprinkle nutrients on Noal's garden.
#2) Travel to Korus Landing. Talk to Jaeger Forest Meister, he'll ask you to get him some cheese for a party he's having.
#3) Travel thru the mountain pass thats north of Korus Landing, towards Isten. On the way to Isten you'll find a couple "bead-lock" chests (1 has tickets that you can use in Isten). You'll also find a dead body along the way, with some letters.
#4) In Isten, visit the Temple of Senaedrin, and give Alethea's letters to the priest (for a gem). Talk to Ben Stafford, and read his papers (increases skill). Talk to Mage Darvosten, who'll teach Aren magic. If you still need tickets to the Amphitheater, then see Lord Lighton inside the Inn (you can win tickets from him by plaing cards).
#5) Go see Maria Liana at the Amphitheater (north from Isten). Says her son, Simon, ran around with the Shepards, but he finally left them. He has now joined the Childern, divine patron of the Theatrical Arts. His last letter was from Durst, in Old Chuno, and he said he was happy to be on the frontier and being so close to the Waste. Maria tells you about a play she did, where she played Siarrah the Mage of Prefection in the Waste. Siarrah summoned up a beast from the Etheren, and fell in love with him. Since Etheren's don't survive long in our realm, Siarrah opened a rift into the Etherea and took the beast back to his universe.
Sub-quests for this region .....
DURST: Adrian the Swordsmith: He's working on a sword for a man in Antara, but
he needs a pearl to finish it's decoration. (Give pearl increases your skills).
TEAL: Talk to people in Teal, check out Brian's grave then get red key from
dirt mound to the south.
ELONA: Noal's House: He's not home, behind his house is the garden. Spread
the nutrients (that Naomi gave us) on the garden.
EVERTON: Locked house with nameplate "G.Fayle": Use red key (found buried south
of Teal) to open door, inside are Lucky Charm, Brian Castere's Journal (teaches
magic skills to Aren) and a note from Brian to Gerard. After leaving the house,
Gerard Fayle shows up and attacks.
EVERTON: Woman in house: Says we can't come in because her sister, Natalie, has
the pox and is also pregnant. She asks us to take a message to the sisters near
Isten, that the time is near.
EVERTON: Shop Keeper: Gave him Fayle's Burlas, to help him restock his store,
and he gave me Montari Chain Mail.
BURLEN: Check out the Pernath Academy, for tons of background info.
#6) Go to the Temple of Henne in Durst. After you pay for their blessing, you'll be able to talk with Jiana (she's sitting on a pew). She tells you that Simon was reassigned by the Reverened Hand, Fellich Marr, who lives in Ticoro.
#7) Go see Reverened Hand, he's standing infront of Ticoro. He'll tell you that the Shepards burned down Simon's house in Durst, because Simon quit their group. He had Simon reassigned to Ravenne, to help with the new chapel.
#8) Travel to Ravenne: Just south of Melay, you'll meet a Trkaa named Naku. He's a courier, and says that his last run to Levosch was really dull.
#9) Find Simon's house in Ravenne, where you'll be attacked by Lord Caverton's Imperial Soldiers. After killing them, you'll find a note from Georges to Simon, telling Simon to meet them in Levosch (where he's to preform a wedding).
#10) Talk with Simon in Levosch. He says he left the Shepards after what they did to a poor Grrrlf. He says the Shepards believe the Grrrlf brought the pox to humans, and that the Shepards credo calls for the extraction of the Grrrlf in human territory. He says that the Shepard's headquarters is in a cave near Senaedrin's Head (a lake thats northeast of Ticoro), and that a Talisman is needed to enter the caves. He buried his Talisman in his garden in Ravenne.
#11) Go to Ravenne, click on the garden, and get the Talisman (a Shepards Medallion).
#12) Go to the Shepard's Headquarters (north of Ticoro, at the head of the lake). Take a closer look at the medallion (by clicking on it), and you'll notice it says something about "R,L,R". The door to their caves is like a vault door, you'll need to place the medallion on the door, then turn it according to the combination shown on the mage's staff (its the picture shown on the medallion).
Chapter 4 ends when you enter the Shepard's cave.
Chapter 5 starts out with a story about how Kaelyn and Raal became friends as kids. After the story you begin the chapter with Kaelyn and Raal standing on the road just west of Durst. Raal tells Kaelyn that their pack leader wants to ask her a question, but gets interrupted by some Shepards that hate Grrrlf's ...... which you can attack soon enough if you like <g>.
Goal: Find Kaelyn's Father.
#1) Traveling north from Darvi, you'll meet with "Kaelyn's Fur Father", the packs leader. He says its almost time for him to approach Harrr-Quan, before he becomes a burden to the pack. He asks Kaelyn to come to the ceremony and for her to bring her father also. He gives her an invitation (I guess its an invisible invitation, because I never saw one in my inventory), and says he'll send a message at the proper time. Kaelyn's asks him about her father, but he doesn't know where he is, and says nobody has seem him since the spectres appeared. He talks about spectres in the wood, saying that they're capable of stealing a persons spirit with a mere touch, and that he's called together all the packs so they hopefully protect themselves from these creatures.
#2) Travel to the house thats north of Darvi, just before the Waste. Inside you'll find a note from Kaelyn's father. He says that he's gone to a cave on the north side of the wood, and that he's trying to find a way to stop these creatures.
#3) While traveling north, in search of the cave, be careful not to get into any battles with the Spectres (Wraiths). They're easy to spot, as they're bright blue in color ... for now, just stay away from them.
#4) Find the cave (its very near the large lake to the north, tunneling into the mountain range on the east. Inside the cave you'll find Kaelyn's father. He talks alot <g>, but basically .....
The cave is his old workshop that he used when he was a mage long ago. He's trying to find a way to stop the Wraiths, before they overrun the villages. The Wraiths came from Etherea, which is another dimension that is filled with mana (Etherean magic). When creatures cross into our realm, their mana slowly leaches away into our atmosphere, and they soon suffocate. The further the creatures are from the fracture, the faster they deteriorate. He doesn't know how these Wraith's are staying alive for more than a few hours, but he thinks that they may be shielded somehow. He believes he's found an enchantment that will allow weapons to cut through the surrounding mana, and hopefully injury the Wraiths. BE SURE TO GIVE HIM SOME WEAPONS TO ENCHANT!!!!
He also talks about how mana that passes into our world acts as a catalyst, by which mages manipulate forces. The higher the concentration of mana, the easier it is for the mage to shape the forces.
He also talks about fractures, saying they occur at random, and that mages like to build their sanctums around them, because of the high concentration of mana near fractures.
He also mentions that long ago, somebody found a way to travel thru the fractures, which allows instantanous travel between different fractures ... and thus somebody could travel across great distances of land at great speeds, by entering one fracture, and exiting another one far far away (Gees, WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY NOW!!! My damn feet are killing me <g>). Since fractures can not be opened on the Etherean side, you'll need a friend to open up the fracture where you want to exit. He mentions that a mage must be careful while traveling thru fractures, as the Etherean atmosphere is pure mana, and can cause mana overload (ohhh please, just tell me where the nearest fracture is damn it!!!! <g>).
#5) Be sure to have Kaelyn's father enchant some of your weapons *before* you try killing some Wraiths!
#6) Kill all the Wraiths, then return to see Kaelyn's father. He'll start up with another conversation (oh noooo! hehe!), about the circle of stones you saw earlier (near one of the Wraiths). He says that the circles are usually used to invoke protection, with the marking facing outwards. The circle we saw had the marking facing inwards, and he says maybe it was done to keep the Wraiths inside the circle. One of the stones was missing from the circle, and the Wraiths were able to escape.
And thats the end of chapter 5.
Chapter 6 starts with William and Aren, right after they've entered the Shepard's cave.
#1) While exploring the cave, you need to find the "glass tube" (it looks like a lantern), which is locked inside a puzzle chest.
#2) Once your done exploring the cave, head to the place where there's a painting on the wall, then use the "glass tube" on the candle next to the painting. This will show you which buttons to press on the painting. After pressing the buttons, it'll open up a new area of caves.
#3) After exploring the new cave areas, head to the northeast corner, where you'll find Gar Warren, leader of the Shepards. He says the consort is gone, a that the consort, along with some mercenaries, disappeared through a magical portal that was created by one of their members named Maris (a Ghanish Mage), and that Maris closed the portal after they went through it. He says he overheard the mercenaries saying that they needed to be careful with the consort, or Kahleth would have their heads. Gar says that the Emperor wouldn't give the Shepards the support they needed to attak the Grrrlf in force. So they kidnapped his daughter's boyfriend, the consort, to swap for the Emperor's support. After leaving Gar, Shepards enter with Maris as their prisoner, but she quickly kills them, and attacks us! Afterwards, Imperial soldiers swarm into the caves, and William & Aren escape through a secret tunnel that they saw Gar go through (its to the north) ..... and they end up outside, near Torlith. As they exit the cave, Gar's nowhere to be seen, so they figure they should follow the only clue they have, and that's to find Kahleth, who they figure is probably a Ghanish mercenary.
#4) West of Torlith you'll met a pack of Grrrlf on the bridge, who are in a hurry to get back to the Den. To the north, right next to the swamp, you'll met a group of mercenaries, that will refuse to talk with you (until later, after a couple quests are completed).
#5) In the swamp, east from Torlith, rescued the mage whos being attacked by lightning bugs. He knows magic that can freeze the swamp, so he can walk over it. After giving him some grounding wire (to protect him from the bugs), he gives you his Staff, and says it will teach cold.
#6) Talk with Khorus Bale in Ganath. William will need to drink a Haldor's Brew potion, so that he's at least a decent challenge for Khorus. After almost beating him, he tells you to see Lokath in Choth, and tell'm that Khorus sent ya.
#7) Talk with Lokath in Choth. He'll 1st test your fighting abilities, then next he'll want to test you in the field .... by having you deliver a note to Birge in Imazi, and then returning once your done.
#8) Talk with Birge in Imazi, and give him Lokath's sealed note. Birge will explain that the locals have hired the mercenaries, and that their objective is to take Lord Garson's estate, and escort him off the lands. He says the Garson drained the moot and pulled back the bridge, so they tried digging a tunnel inside but they had a cave-in. He says they need to find some way inside, and fast, because Garson sent a TrKaa courier to the SouthWest to get reinforcements. Click on the hole (their tunnel) thats next to Birge, and you'll decide that you need help from the Montari (cause they're good cave diggers).
#9) Talk with Chee, the leader of the Montari, inside the Montari caves (east from sortiga), and he'll agree to have his people help dig the tunnel, because they dislike Garson (remember, he diverted their water source in an earlier chapter).
#10) Talk with Birge again, and he'll give you a note that tells about how you did a good job handling the problem. He'll tell you to take the note to Lokath (back in Choth .... here we go again!).
#11) Talk with Lokath, give him the note from Birge, and he gives you a letter of introduction, and tells you to give it to Kahleth (who's in Imazi!!! No, hehe, just kidding .... Kahleth's in the center of those tents, just to the south of Choth, whew!!).
#12) Give Kahleth the letter. He'll tell you to deliver some swampwalking potions to the men that are SouthEast of Darvi (they're actually just a bit north from Torlith, over the bridge, right next to the swamp) .... and says to "Bring him back here on the double!".
#13) Give the swampwalking potions to the mercenary men, then follow them inside the cabin. Inside you'll find the consort, who's deep asleep under some type of magical spell. William has Aren use his magic to scare away the men, and then Aren used his magic to wake-up the consort .... and William tells him that somehow they'll get him to Antara safely. And that's the end of chapter 6.
Chapter 7 starts off with Kaelyn, her father and Raal talking inside his cabin (north of Darvi, near the Waste). Kaelyn's father gives her a protection charm, and her and Raal say goodbye to him.
Goal: Join William and Aren.
#1) Heading west, you'll find the bridge between Isten & Durst has been burned down, and you'll have to find a different route .... to the north thru Camille.
#2) You'll also find the bridge west of Eastbank is blocked by men (its a fairly easy battle to win, but there's another way past them .... see #3).
#3) In Eastbank you'll find a Mage (inside a house) who will help you cross the river, if you'll talk to the girl he likes, who lives in Camille.
#4) In Everton, you'll met a boy who says he helped William & Aren, and says their were heading towards the Capitol City (Antara).
#5) South of Isten you'll finally find William, Aren and the Consort. Kaelyn & Raal will need to make some 3-5 snares (by mixing oil and rope together), and then click the snares on the different groups of mercenaries. After doing so, William, Aren & the Consort will head thru the mountain pass to Antara .... and you should have Kaelyn & Raal head there to meet them.
After an interesting turn of events in Antara .... Chapter 7 ends.
Chapter 8 starts out with William, Aren and Kaelyn near Breland.
GOAL: Unravel the mystery.
#1) Head towards Nathby, where Poul & Capt Trea will give you lots of important info (which also helps trigger future conversations with other NPC's ... in other towns).
** You might wanta stop at Dumali and talk with the Trkaa also .... which will tell about a hidden VANGUARD SHIELD in the river near Breland.
** You might wanta stop at Knightridge, and investigate the story about the painting inside the Inn .... which provides some interesting info.
#2) Talk to Misha at the Brothel in Beluckre. Then get the man in the Beluckre shop to make you some sencream (give him fatty meat, senwater and fidali leaves). Give Misha the sencream, and she'll give you the key to Gregor's room at the Havesly's Inn.
#3) Head to Havesly ... but don't give the key to the innkeeper just yet! First talk to everybody in town, as it'll provide some interesting info. Check out the secret entrance to the lighthouse also.
#4) Give Gregor's key to the Havesly's innkeeper, then check out Gregor's room. After leaving the inn, head on over the Lord Sheffield's castle .... where you'll soon end chapter 8.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If the game crashes during the "cut-scene" movie, be sure to get the ANTAR110.EXE patch from Sierra's website! It fixed the problem for me, and it doesn't trash your prior game saves (thanks Sierra!).
Date: 97-08-08 19:06:30 EDT
From: SierraOne
There is now a patch available at
Listed as follows: Betrayal in Antara
241k, posted on 8/8/97
This patch will officially update Betrayal in Antara, version 1.0 to 1.1. The
update will correct the problem some users have had when loading chapters, as
well as a few other issues. See the text file, PATCH110.TXT, that will be found
in the game directory once the patch is installed, for more information.
If you have any further issues, please feel free to contact me again.
Thank you,
Sierra Technical Support
GOAL: Talk to Sheffields and their mage, Bryce.
Editors Note: In the castle, find the cellar key and a note in the chest upstairs. See the letter below that allows you to talk to Lord Sheffield before this point and explore the entire castle without opposition.
Speak with Lord Sheffield and Selena in the cellar.
Leave the castle, buy ropes, and shovels in Nathby. Take the Knightridge coach to Damali and walk to Havesly or simply walk to Havesly.
Enter the cave to the west behind Sheffield's castle.
The ropes are used to cross the pits, just like in the first game, Betrayal at Krondor
Bryce and his workshop are found past several pits and caves. Enter the workshop and talk to Bryce who is injured.
Get the talicor powder, hardening fluid, TrKaa feathers, nudberries, and senwater from the chest in the left part of the room and place them in the caldron in the correct order shown below.
Since you've gotten this far, I'm gona leave the rest up to you .... but I'll leave you with a couple hints:
1) The entrance to Bryce's workshop can be found behind the castle .... check out the mountains behind the castle.
2) Inside Bryce's lab ..... Arrrrghhhhh!! You'll need to put the correct ingredents, in the correct order, inside the pot in his lab. Here's a clue ........
1) S. 2) N. 3) T.F. 4) T.D. 5)H.F.
You won the game. Enjoy the animated ending.
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