1 ... Getting Started

Tips on playing as a Fighter.

To create a fighter, add more points to your Strength, Vitality, Weapon Use and
Parry  skills. A  fighter needs  a daily  regimen of  exercise to  build up his
abilities. Practice  Spear Throwing and  Wrestling. To practice  and learn more
about Spear  Throwing, click the  Hand cursor  on  a spear. To  practice on the
Wrestling Bridge,  click the Hand  cursor on the  center part of  the Bridge to
build up strength.  Click the Hand cursor on  the rope at the left  side of the
Bridge to learn how to balance and build up your Agility.

Tips on playing as a Magic User.

To  create a  Magic User,  add more  points to  your Intelligence, Agility, and
Magic skill. Read the section on Mysterious, Mystical Magical Explorers in your
"Famous Explorers' Correspondence Course for  Wayward Wanderers: Field Guide to
East Fricana". Talk with Kreesha in her house for more information about magic.
Make  sure you  check out  the gift  the Sultan  gives you  from Keapon  Laffin
thoroughly. Seek a giant tree in the  jungle to find some magic wood and follow
the directions from the one who guards the tree. You also can gain a spell from
wooing another magic user later in the game.

Tips on playing as a Thief.

To create a Thief, add more points to your Agility, Vitality, Luck, Stealth and
Lock  Picking.  Read  the  section  on  Larcenous, Light-fingered, Lock-picking
Explorers  in  your  "Famous   Explorers'  Correspondence  Course  for  Wayward
Wanderers: Field  Guide to East  Fricana". Try to  make contact with  allies by
making the "Thief Sign" (click TALK on your character). You can greatly improve
your agility if you are willing to pay  for it from someone you greet in Tarna.
Make sure you have all the equipment you need before you leave Tarna.

Tips on playing as a Paladin.

To begin  play as a Paladin  in Wages of War,  you must first become  a Paladin
through  your actions  in "Quest  for  Glory  II: Trial  by Fire".  Import your
Paladin  character into  this game  and  you  will gain  magical skills  as you
complete honorable deeds. The more good deeds  you do, the more skills you will
acquire. Read the  section on "Peerless, Personable Paladin  Explorers" in your
"Famous Explorers' Correspondence Course for  Wayward Wanderers: Field Guide to
East Fricana".

How to become a Paladin.

Unless you have a saved character from Quest for Glory II, you cannot start out
in this  game as a  Paladin. You must  become one through  your actions. Only a
Fighter can become a Paladin, and to do so you must concentrate on doing things
honorably. Read the  section on Paladins under "Combat  Careers" in your Famous
Adventurer's Correspondence  School Manual. Talk to  Rakeesh about Paladins. Do
good deeds wherever and whenever you can, and be polite. Always choose the most
honorable way to  do something. Your actions will  eventually be rewarded. Read
the  section  on  "Peerless,  Personable  Paladin  Explorers"  in  your "Famous
Explorers'  Correspondence Course  for Wayward  Wanderers: Field  Guide to East

Importing characters.

To import characters  from "Quest for Glory I  - So You Want to  Be a Hero", or
"Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire", first play the games to the conclusion and
follow the directions  to create a character disk for  transfer. When you start
"Quest for Glory III - Wages of War", select the "Play Game" button, choose the
"Import Character" button and follow the directions given.

Monster combat.

To learn more  about combat, read the combat section  in your Technical Manual.
If you are a  fighter, build up your Strength and Agility  by practicing in the
Simbani Village.  If you are  a Thief, practice  your throwing skills.  A Magic
User should work up his skills with  magic spells. The Thief and the Magic User
should  avoid close  combat whenever  possible. All  the characters  should use
distance combat to take down the monsters  a bit before close combat. Rocks are
available everywhere on the ground, and if you have throwing skill, they make a
cheap weapon.  Remember to search the  bodies of the monsters  after you defeat
them. In  close combat, keep an  eye on your gauges  at the top of  the screen.
Whenever you  are low in  Health Points, run  away. Always carry  Healing Pills
with you in case of emergency.

Basic briefing on prior events.

In  "Quest for  Glory I  - So  You Want  to Be  a Hero",  you were  a beginning
adventurer fresh from the Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School for Heroes.
You visited the land of Spielburg, drawn by a notice that the town was besieged
by brigands.  You helped rescue  the son and  daughter of the  Baron Stefan von
Spielburg,  and drove  Baba Yaga  from the  land. You  also made  many friends,
including Shameen,  Shema, and Abdulla  Doo. In "Quest  for Glory II:  Trial by
Fire", you  journeyed to the land  of Shapeir with Shameen,  Shema, and Abdulla
Doo  on  a  Flying  Carpet.  Here,  you  rid  the  city of the Elementals which
threatened to destroy  it. You met the Paladin Rakeesh,  the Warrior Uhura, the
enchantress Aziza and  many others. You traveled with a  caravan to the city of
Raseir, where you defeated  the Wizard Ad Avis. You were adopted  as the son of
the Sultan as your reward.

Wages of War - plot synopsis.

Watch the opening  cartoon and listen carefully to what  Aziza and Kreesha tell
you. Demons  are loose in this  land, and seek revenge  upon Rakeesh. Talk with
Rakeesh about his previous experiences with demons. By talking with many people
in  Tarna, you  will learn  that a  peace mission  was ambushed  and destroyed.
Rakeesh's daughter is  now missing. The Simbani villagers  declare war upon the
Leopardmen.  The Leopardmen  are attacking  everyone who  enters the  jungle. A
Demon Wizard  is behind the scenes,  manipulating everyone in order  to start a
huge war  and avenge himself upon  Rakeesh. Once the war  is started, the death
energy released will  allow the armies of Demons to  cross into this world, and
destroy all living  creatures. Your mission is to bring  peace to this land and
force the Demon Wizard back to his own world.

2 ... General Information on Tarna

How do I exchange my money?

Once you exit  from Kreesha's house, walk down the  stairs to the lower plateau
off to the west. This takes you  to the Middle Bazaar. Exit northwest from this
room and you will  enter the North Bazaar. Here you can  find the Money Changer
of Tarna.

What should I do with the thief?

The honorable thing to do here is to try to stop the thief. If events go by too
quickly for you  to figure things out, restore your  game to the Automatic Save
position and try reacting to the situation again. Any character can try to stop
the Thief  by either running  after him (select  "Run" from the  Special Action
Icon Bar) or by  knocking over the fruit (click the Hand  cursor on the obvious
fruit basket. A Magic  User can try to use spells to  stop the running Thief. A
Thief Character  can try to use  his throwing daggers. Some  of these solutions
are more honorable than others.

How do I find my way around Tarna?

Tarna  is  divided  into  two  sections,  the  eastern  section is inhabited by
Liontaurs and you will not be able to enter there. The western section is where
the game action  takes place. There are three plateaus  to the western section.
You start  out on the  Middle Plateau. Here  you can enter  the Apothecary, the
Welcome Inn, or Kreesha's  House. The stairs up from here will  take you to the
upper  plateau. The  stairs down  will take   you to  the bazaar  on the  lower
plateau.  If you  exit past  Kreesha's house  you will  arrive at  the gates of
Tarna. The Upper  Plateau has entrances to the Hall  of Judgment and the King's
Chambers. You will need an invitation  to enter the King's Chambers. The stairs
up on the right lead to the Temple of Sekhmet. The stairs down lead back to the
gates of  Tarna. The Lower  Plateau has  four  sections of bazaar  and the boat
docks. You have no need to go to the boat docks.

What do I do in Tarna?

Talking to everyone you meet and asking questions will give you a feel for what
is going on in Tarna. You can always go mongering for rumors. Buy things at the
bazaar. Chat  at the Apothecary. Re-visit  Kreesha and Rakeesh. Flirt  with the
Welcome Woman (to do so, click Talk on your character). If you really want some
adventure, go  out into the savanna  and fight some monsters.  That should keep
you busy.

How do I talk to people?

Click the TALK  icon (the mouth) on your character  and others. This will bring
up  a  list  of  things  to  talk  about.  Select  what  you  want and hold the
conversation of your choice.

The bazaar is empty! What happened to the merchants?

If you enter a  plaza and the merchants are gone select  the Hourglass from the
Special Icon  Bar. This will  give you the  time of day.  The merchants of  the
bazaar fold up their stands at evening. Just because all the merchants are gone
does not mean there is nothing to do in the bazaar at night. Later in the game,
you might make an important contact here.

What do I do if I encounter the thief again?

Talk to  the thief. It  isn't easy being  "Honorless" in Tarna.  Tell him about
things.  Try  giving  him  some  food  to  eat.  You  might just make a friend.
Remember, though, these  things are against the law of  Tarna. You will have to
decide for  yourself whether it  is more important  to obey the  law or to help
someone in trouble.

3 ... Specific Places in Tarna

The Welcome Inn.

The Welcome Inn is a place to stay the  night and get meals, as well as a great
place  to  get  information.  The  Welcome  Woman,  Janna,  is a good source of
information  and fun  to flirt  with. Just  click the  Hand cursor  on an empty
pillow, and  she will be  happy to serve  you. Make sure  to ask the "Survivor"
some questions if he is here. Ask him about the Peace Mission. When you look at
the  bulletin board  at the  back of  the room,  you'll be  able to  learn more
information  about Tarna.  Upstairs is  your  room.  Here you  can store  those
non-essential tourist  items you've bought  in the bazaar.  You can also  get a
good night's sleep.

The Apothecary.

The Apothecary  is the source  of pills which  will help you  survive. Salim is
quite  a character.  Ask him  about his  pills and  potions. Ask  him about his
dreams and you may be able to tell him about something which he regards as very
important. If you need more healing pills than he has you will have to help him
obtain ingredients. You'll need to be sweet  if you want to get the feather. If
you want to buy a dispel potion search the jungle and savanna to get the things
he needs.

Kreesha's House.

Kreesha's  house is  a good  place to  get information.  Drop in  several times
during the game, particularly if you are  a magic user. Kreesha will teach your
Magic User a spell if you bring her  some magic wood. Try looking in the jungle
for a magical place where you would  be likely to find wood. The guardian there
may give you some information on how to get the magic wood.

The Hall of Judgment.

The Hall of  Judgment is where all the laws  and decisions concerning Tarna are
made. You  will be invited here  several times during the  game. Just make sure
you act honorably.

The King's Chambers.

You can  only enter here  by invitation. Try  to be polite  and only speak when
spoken to. Rajah is the king here, and his influence could send Tarna to war.

The Temple of Sekhmet.

After you enter, talk with the  priestess. Someone very important will send you
on a quest. Look  in the jungle in a very high place  to find this object. Just
remember not to be too greedy when you get there.

The Gem of the Guardian.

Once you return to the Temple of Sekhmet with the Gem of the Guardian, you will
be  involved in  the ceremony  known as  the "Weighing  of Souls".  Choose your
answers carefully. If you are honest, you will receive an important prophecy.

4 ... Bazaar, City Gates

The North Bazaar.

In the North  Bazaar, you will find the Money  Changer, the Fruit Merchant, and
the Leather Merchant. You will also watch a confrontation with a thief. It's up
to you what happens with the thief. If  you can't think of anything else to do,
run after the thief. From the Money  Changer, you can exchange coins by talking
to him  or answering his question.  You need to exchange  your money before you
can buy anything. The Leather Merchant  will sell you a leather waterskin which
is useful.  Later in the  game you will  need other things  he sells. The Fruit
Merchant sells fruit. Fruit is useful if you  run out of rations or if you need
to feed things that eat fruit.

The Middle Bazaar.

The Middle Bazaar is where you can buy  some very useful items. Talk to all the
merchants and see what  they sell. A Thief can always use  a few extra throwing
daggers  and there  is something  strangely familiar-looking  for sale that you
might want  to purchase for  later use. Everyone  can use a  tinderbox, and the
Junk Merchants will sell you one.  The honeyseller's honey will prove useful if
you want to help the Apothecary. Later in  the game you can meet a former thief
here at night.

The Open Air Bazaar.

The Open Air Bazaar  is a good place to buy something  to charm the ladies. You
can also buy dried  fish in case you run out of rations  while out of the city.
The Rope Maker is most useful if you are  a Thief - you need what he sells. You
can also learn from his talent. Use  the proper approach for your character and
see what you can learn.

The South Bazaar.

The South Bazaar has many things of  interest to see and do. The Katta merchant
is from the land of Shapeir, where you started this game. You have something he
wants. You also  have information he would like  to have. What he sells  is not
something you  need right away, but  it will be appreciated  by someone else in
the game. The  Meat Merchant will sell you  dried meat which will be  useful if
you  run  out  of  rations.  The  Amulet  Seller  sells  mostly junk, but it is
interesting  to talk  with him  occasionally. The  Cloth Seller  will sell  you
something  that will  make a  good gift  later in  the game.  The Drummer  will
entertain you whenever  you enter the bazaar. It  might be nice to leave  him a

The City Gates.

The City Gates are  east of Kreesha's House. Talking to the  guards will give a
little perspective on the Liontaur view of  the world. Here you can come and go
freely into  the savanna. The  gates are always  open, except in  times of war.
Once they are closed, they will not open until you stop the war at its source.

Buying and bargaining.

Once  you have  visited the  Money Changer  and exchanged  your money,  you can
purchase something you need from a  merchant by clicking TALK on your character
and selecting the "Buy" option, or  by clicking your money pouch from inventory
on a  merchant. If the  merchant has something  useful to sell  you, a Purchase
Window will come up. Select the object, adjust the amount you wish to purchase,
and then select the Purchase button. If you want to make a deal and try to save
some  money, you  can select  the Bargain  button. This  brings up  the Bargain
Window. Use the  arrows on the screen to  adjust the amount you wish  to offer,
then push  "Make offer". The  merchant will either  accept, reject, or  offer a
counter amount.  Try again until  one of you  loses patience or  you come to an
agreement. Once you  both agree on a price, the  Purchase Window will come back
up and you can again adjust the  amount of objects you want. The most important
part of Bargaining is your  character's Communication Skill. Improve your skill
by talking to everyone and telling  them things about yourself. Bargaining also
helps improve your Communication.

As a Thief what should I do in the bazaars?

Make the Thief Sign wherever it is practical. This is done by clicking the TALK
cursor  on your  character and  selecting "Make  Thief Sign"  when you have the
option. Most people around here will not know what you are doing, but there are
two characters in  the bazaar who will look more  favorably upon you for making
the  sign. Thieves  can always  use throwing  daggers and  oil. Ropes  are also
something no  self-respecting Thief can  do without. If  you played "Quest  for
Glory II: Trial by Fire", you may recognize something in the bazaar that you've
seen several times before in the other games of this series. Buying this object
may be potentially useful, particularly in  future games. Someone in the bazaar
will teach you a useful skill if  you approach him correctly and pay his price.
Spare food  can also be  of use later  in the game.  You might want  to pick up
several different types of food for different circumstances.

5 ... Simbani Village

The Village Center.

The Center  of the Simbani  village allows access  to several other  areas. Off
screen to  the left is  the Spear Throwing  Area. The hut  on the left  is your
guest hut. Use the  chest inside to store unneeded objects and  the bed to rest
your bones. The hut at the center of  the scene is the Laibon's hut. If you are
a Thief,  you might want  to take a  careful look at  this place. The  guard in
front of the hut will let you in to see the Laibon occasionally during the day.
Behind the  Laibon's hut is  the Prisoner's  Cage  and the Awari  board. To the
right is the hut  of Uhura. Visit her at night when  she isn't working. Exiting
Right will take you  to the Wrestling Bridge. If you walk  south, you will come
to  the village  overlook. The  Elders who  guard there  will say useful things
occasionally. If you enter the Center of  the village in the evening, you might
see the Storyteller  telling a story to the Simbani.  The center of the Simbani
village is  the place where  all public  meetings  are held. If  you obtain the
object the Simbani are looking for you will be rewarded here.

How do I deal with the Laibon?

The Laibon  is a very  proud man, and  wants the Spear  of Death back.  You may
notice he has the Drum of Magic in his hut. He is very sensitive about the drum
so watch what  you say. If you decide  to take a wife in  this village (one may
prove useful), you will need to talk to the Laibon to find out the bride price.
If you are a  fighter character, you must be initiated as  a Warrior before you
can buy  a bride. The  Laibon will tell  you how to  qualify for the Initiation
Contest. Return here  when you have what the Laibon  wants. The Thief Character
can enter this  room at night by being particularly  observant in the Center of
the village and using  his weapon. Take a close look at  the Laibon's hut. Save
your game before  you go in. To steal  the object of your desire  will take all
your  stealth. If  you get  greedy, remember  what your  Explorer's manual says
about Thieves' Tools and use some common sense.

When and how do I meet Uhura?

Uhura is usually in her hut at night. She will tell you some very useful things
when you talk to her. Visit her after major events happen around you.

Spear Throwing Practice.

If you are a  Magic User there is nothing useful you can  do here. If you are a
Thief practice  dagger throwing. If you  are a Fighter or  Paladin, you need to
earn the  respect of the  Simbani. Click the  Hand cursor on  a spear. Practice
Spear Throwing  here whenever you can.  Uhura will give you  hints at times and
even compete in a friendly challenge. The more you practice the better you will
become. If you are having too much  trouble hitting the target you may not have
enough throwing skill or Strength. Keep  practicing or lower the Skill Level in
the System Icon  Window. If you set your skill  above the lowest level remember
to compensate for  the wind. If you are  a Fighter or Paladin and  compete with
Yesufu in the Initiation Contest, try leading the target when the target moves.
If you are in low arcade, your character will do everything for you.

The Wrestling Bridge.

If you  are a Magic  User there is  nothing you need  to do here.  If you are a
Thief practice some acrobatic skills. To walk the bridge, click the Hand cursor
on the  left side of  the bridge near  the climbing rope.  When your Agility is
high enough, you will be able to practice maneuvers on the bridge - jump, duck,
dodge, and move. The more you practice now, the better your chances of survival
later. If you  are a Fighter or a  Paladin you need to earn  the respect of the
Simbani.  They  value  a  well-balanced  individual.  Increase your Strength by
clicking the Hand  cursor near the center of the  bridge. Increase your Agility
by clicking the  Hand cursor on the left  side of the bridge near  the climbing
rope, then  click the Hand  cursor on the  center of the  bridge. When you  are
sufficiently skilled, Uhura will teach you  the wrestling moves of "Jump, Drop,
Dodge Left,  and Dodge Right". Practice  with her and by  yourself whenever you
get  the  chance.  When  the  Fighter  or  Paladin  competes with Yesufu in the
Initiation Contest, you may find it easier to win if you set your "Skill" level
on the System Icon Window to low.

The Cage Area.

The Cage area  is where you meet the  young Simbani, Yesufu. Talk to  him, play
Awari with him, and make friends with him - he will become a good ally when you
need  him. You  can find  him at  random times  during the  day. To play Awari,
either ask Yesufu about the game, or click the Hand cursor on the Awari area on
the rock. You can  also talk to the Storyteller here one  day. He has some very
useful background  information. He appreciates it  if you tell him  a bit about
yourself. At some point in your game, the cage will contain a prisoner. This is
triggered by  different actions depending  upon your character.  The Magic User
triggers this event  by learning the Magic Staff spell  from Kreesha. The Thief
triggers this  event by exploring the  jungle up to the  edge of the waterfall.
Fighters  and Paladins  trigger this  event by  gaining enough  skill at  Spear
Throwing and have been challenged by Uhura to a competition.

The Awari game.

The Awari game is a simple game of wits which is played throughout Africa. This
is a good place for you to increase your Intelligence skill. You may also learn
more about  Yesufu and befriend  him. Remember to  talk to Yesufu  and tell him
things. It's easy to just have so much  fun playing the game that you forget to
ask questions. If you need to know the rules, just ask Yesufu about the game.

The prisoner in the cage.

You should talk to the prisoner to discover where the Leopardman village is. He
can't talk  as long as  he's in leopard  form. You need  to use something which
will cancel  the spell which  gives him his  leopard shape. Once  you break the
spell you will find that many others  are now interested in the prisoner. Go to
the Laibon's  hut and talk  to the Laibon  about the prisoner.  He will ask for
several objects.  You can buy  them at the  bazaar in Tarna.  Once you give the
gifts to the Laibon, Uhura may be  able to offer some suggestions. Kreesha will
be able to help  you once you tell her about what is  going on. The three gifts
for the prisoner may not seem to do  any good at first but you will be rewarded
for them  later. Don't worry  if the  prisoner  escapes. If you  have shown him
enough kindness, you will meet him again.

Warrior Initiation.

Only the Fighter and Paladin can  be initiated into the Simbani Warriors. Build
up your  skills at spear  throwing and wrestling.  When you are  better at them
than Uhura,  talk to the  Laibon about  Initiation.  Once you have  the item he
requests,  you  will  be  competing  with  Yesufu  to  see who makes the better
Warrior.  The first  contest is  running. Yesufu  is the  fastest runner in the
village and  you don't stand much  of a chance against  him. At the end  of the
first race you arrive  at the first puzzle. Watch Yesufu get  the ring with his
spear.  You must  get the  ring with   fewer moves.  Don't copy  Yesufu. Try  a
variation on what  he does, or use a  different skill. The second race  ends at
the Wall of Thorns. The method Yesufu uses  is slow. Try to use a faster way to
get past the Thorns to the ring. Once  you arrive back at the village, you will
compete at Spear  Throwing and on the Wrestling Bridge.  Even if your character
loses, you may still win if you behaved honorably during the contest.

6 ... The Savanna and the Jungle

Exploring the Savanna.

From the  Savanna maps, you  can visit Tarna,  the Pool of  Peace, the Venomous
Vine area and the Simbani Village. You can only get to the pool and the village
after game day three. You can find  the Honeybird if you are properly equipped.
When you camp out at night make a  campfire if you have the tinderbox. The fire
helps keep monsters away while you sleep. The  Pool of Peace is a safe place to
spend the night without a fire.

Exploring the Jungle.

From the  Jungle maps, you  can visit the  giant tree. You  will need guides to
lead you to the Leopardman village and  the Lost City, so make friends whenever
possible. Once you  have friends they will take  you where you need to  go. The
Magic User  can find the flower  he is looking for  here. When you camp  out at
night make a campfire if you have the tinderbox.

Venomous Vines.

The Venomous Vines are hidden in a pile  of rocks to the Southeast of Tarna. Be
careful, they are nasty  if you get too close. If they  catch you show them who
has the bigger  weapons and take a poison cure  pill afterwards. The Magic User
can use one of his spells to retrieve  the fruit. The Thief can use the gift he
received from the Sultan to get the  fruit. The Fighter and Paladin need to use
kindness to get the fruit. Be sure to leave this area and return. Something may
happen.  Be sure  to  help  if you  can. When  you return   later, you  will be

The Pool of Peace.

The Pool of  Peace is a great place to  rest after combatting monsters. Nothing
will bother you  here. The water is tasty  and good for you. You  may take some
along in your waterskin for later. You  will require some of this water latter.
If you are a  Magic User try casting "Detect Magic" here.  You may see the sign
left by the person who created this place  of peace. The Magic User can dip the
flower in the Pool of Peace when the moon shines upon it.

The Giant Tree.

The Giant  Tree is also  known as "Mother  of the World".  Talk to the  strange
entity who lives here. Follow the path upwards until you come reach an entrance
to the tree. There are two hollow areas  to enter at upper part of the tree. In
the lower  hollow, you will meet  an entity which will  give you information to
obtain a gift. He will give you a gem if you are searching for it. If you are a
Magic User, the entity  will tell you how to get find  magic wood. In the upper
hollow,  you will  enter the  center of  the "Mother  of the  World". Place the
proper gifts on the center platform, and you will be rewarded.

Fighting the Leopardmen.

If you are a  Magic User, a "Reversal" spell makes a  good defense. The Fighter
needs to  close ranks as quickly  as possible. In close  combat, the Leopardman
isn't as much of a problem. The  Thief is better off retreating. The Leopardmen
are defending their territory. The best thing  to do might be to avoid them all

Fighting the flying Cobras.

The Flying  Cobras are not extremely  tough but they do  spit poison. Keep some
Poison Cure Pills around to counteract any encounter.

Fighting Demon Worms.

Demon Worms are one of the toughest  creatures in the game. They are relatively
immune to spells,  particularly when they are underground.  Avoid them whenever
possible. If you are a fighter, you want to build up your abilities enough that
you can defeat them. The worms are only found near the waterfall. You should be
pretty powerful before you take these monsters on.

7 ... Leopardman Village

How do I find the Leopard Village?

The  only way  to get  to the   Leopardman village  is to  make friends  with a
Leopardman. You will meet one in the Cage area of the Simbani Village. You need
to break the spell on the Leopardman. Afterwards, talk to the Laibon, Uhura and
Kreesha. If you follow the advice you will be able to make a friend.

How do I convince someone to take me to the Leopardman Village?

If you freed  the prisoner from cage in  the Simbani village you will  meet him
again when you go into the jungle. Show him the Magic Drum if you have it. This
will be  your ticket to the  Leopardman Village. If you  are a Magic User  or a
Thief talk to  him. It may take some  time to convince the ex-prisoner  to take
you to the  village. Try again another day. The  former prisoner of the Simbani
can teach the Magic User a new spell.

I'm a Thief. How do I get to the Leopardman Leader's hut?

Johari will be  impressed if you can enter  the Chief's hut. You need  to use a
certain gift  you obtained at the  beginning of the game.  Attach it to another
item you can buy  in Tarna. Click the item where you want  to go. Be careful of
the hungry guardian that prowls there.  If you feed the guardian, you shouldn't
have  any trouble.  If you  are a  daredevil, set  your skill  level on high or
medium, and don't feed  the leopard. Keep your eye on the  leopard as you cross
to the  hut. When it decides  to strike, you need  to get out of  its way fast.
This will take a lot of skill.

I'm a Thief. How do I get the Magic Spear?

Give the monkey what it wants. Once you are past the monkey, you can sneak over
and get  the Spear of  Death. If you  are curious or  greedy, it may  take some
other skills and knowledge to get out of the Leopardman village alive.

How do I deal with the Leopardman Shaman as a Magic User?

For every spell the Shaman casts, use  a good counterspell. Don't try to attack
the Shaman directly - it's against the  rules. Choose a good defense and you'll
have a better time of it. Remember, you can only cast a given spell once during
the competition.  Once you counter  all of the  Shaman's spells he  will become
angry. He  will do something that  will set his entire  tribe against him. Once
this  happens the  contest is  over. Your  fight will  begin in earnest. Forget
about the rules; this is life or death!

How do I deal with the Possessed Shaman as a Magic User?

Once  the Shaman  is possessed,  you can  use any  spell against  him. However,
before you go into close combat, you might want to use an object from inventory
first.  It will  save a  lot of  wear  and  tear on  your body.  It's also  the
honorable thing to do.

8 ... The Lost City

How do I get to the Lost City?

You will not be able to get to the Lost City until after you have returned both
the Drum of Magic and the Spear of  Death back to their villages. You will need
someone to lead you across the Waterfall.

How do I get someone to help me find the Lost City?

Listen to Manu. He is trying to help  you. Follow him to his village and try to
convince him  you that you need  to go to the  Lost City. It may  take a lot of
fast talking, but he will eventually give in.

How do I get into the Monkey village?

If you are  a Magic User one of  your spells is most appropriate  for rising to
the occasion. If  you are a Thief either  use one of your natural  abilities or
the gift you  received from the Sultan. If  you are a Fighter you  are going to
have to talk to Manu and get him to help you.

How do I cross the Waterfall?

If you are a  Thief use your gift from the Sultan. If  you are a Fighter either
use a rope or use some vines and get Manu to help you. If you are a Magic User,
use some  vines or rope,  a spell which  makes you weightless,  and Manu to get

How do I enter the ruins of the Lost City?

Manu will tell you some important  information about getting into the Lost City
before he leaves. If  you helped the Meerbat earlier in the  game you will have
an object  you can use to  open the magical door  of the ruins. The  Magic User
will not  be able to  use the "Open"  spell here. The  door is magical.  If you
don't have the gift from the Meerbat  you may find something here to use. Think
of it as an eye for an eye.

How do I get past the Demon guards?

If you are a Fighter you will have to  fight your way to the other door. If you
are a Thief  you can sneak to the  door. Use the standard thief  techniques for
opening  strange  doors.  If  you  don't  have  a  crucial  thief  item in your
inventory, you may have to fight. The Magic  User needs to use a spell to relax
the guards, and then a spell on the door. This door is not magically barred.

What should I do about the Possessed Reeshaka?

The best  thing you can  do against the  Reeshaka demon is  to use a particular
inventory item. If you  don't, this may be a fight to  the finish (for at least
one of you).

9 ... The Final Confrontation

How do I defeat my demon counterpart?

Fight your  demon counterpart as best  you can. Unfortunately, your  best isn't
good enough. The good news is that someone  will come to your aid when you need
help most. Don't give up!

I am a Magic User. How can I defeat Demon Wizard?

Make sure you have a defensive spell  ready. Call upon your greatest magic. The
Demon Wizard will  be able to disarm you.  But you may win by  sacrificing your
most  valuable possession.  Cast the  forbidden spell.  The results may startle

I am a Magic User. How do I get rid of the Gate Orb?

You need to knock the stand over with a spell to get rid of the Gate Orb.

I am a Thief. How can I defeat Demon Wizard?

Use your gift to get above the situation. You need to get to the pillar that is
nearest the Gate Orb. Use your acrobatic skills to avoid an early death.

I am a Thief. How do I get rid of the Gate Orb?

Once you are on  the top of the pillar nearest the  Gate Orb, use the remainder
of your gift and throw it at the Demon Wizard.

I am a Fighter. How can I defeat Demon Wizard?

Fight the  Gargoyle and knock  it over to  form a bridge.  Use a powerful magic
item against the Demon Wizard.

I am a Fighter. How do I get rid of the Gate Orb?

Use your Shield against the Gate Orb to knock it into the World Gate.

I am a Paladin. How can I defeat Demon Wizard?

Fight the Gargoyle and knock it over  to form a bridge. Use your most treasured
possession against the Demon Wizard.

I am a Paladin. How do I get rid of the Gate Orb?

Use the  Demon Wizard against  the Gate Orb  to knock them  both into the World

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