Hero's Quest Solve
                        Written & Solved
                  by Hill Billy and Golden One

We urge you to try and finish the game before you look at this
solve.  However, if you cannot do so, feel free to get some hints.

Some hints on playing the game.  You should rest sometime or your
stamina will decrease.  To find out about your stats, hit Ctrl-S.

First, ask the Sheriff and Otto questions, (e.g., ask about hero,
ask about baron, ask about elsa, just to name a few).  Next go
northeast, you should see a girl selling fruit.  Buy those.  Next
enter the grocery store and buy a flask or two.  You should also go
to the Magic Shop NW from the Sheriff if you're a Magic User or
have Magic Skill.  Then you should go to the Adventurer's Guild and
ask the Adventurer questions if you're a Fighter.

Next, exit the town, go north, you will see the house of the
healer.  Enter it and ask her about spells, magic, potion and all
the goodies. Now exit the house, there is a tree next to the house,
go to tree.  Now try to climb the tree (You should be able to if
you're in the right place.)  In the bird's nest there should be a
ring, get it and reenter the house and sell it to the healer. When
you are in the house the healer would probably want you to go get
some stuff for her (You get money for it).  Also, in the healer's
place you can get potions. Listed below are a few of the things
that the healer wants (the most important one):

The magic mushroom - exit the healer house, go all the way to the
left, just before the last screen, go down, pick up 9 mushrooms.
The flower - exit the healer house, go left one till you meet the
centaur, go all the way up and left one, get 9 flowers (well, pick
the flowers three times)
The ring - It's in the bird nest
The Cheetaur claw - I don't know where that is, but it isn't a
The Troll beard - Where it is, who knows.

Along the way, you would also expect to see a a stag, follow it
until you get to the screen with the tree, go near the tree and
something should happen. Get all that is requested and bring it to
the healer.  They are:

The Green Fur - this can be acquired from the Meeps people.  From
the healer's house go all the way to the left, they are the little
people that keep popping up from the ground, go near one of them
and say "talk" one of them should come up, the green one (hence the
green fur).
The Flying Water - the flask from the grocery store would come in
handy here.
Exit the town, go down two screen till you see a screen with a log
in the upper right hand corner, go right, you will see a river, get
the water.
The Faery Dust - This can only be acquired at night, press Ctrl-T
to see what time it is, this is acquired in the same screen where
you got the magic mushroom, when you approach them, they should
start speaking to you and to themselves, they would ask you to
dance, say "yes", after you are finish they will ask what you want
and say "ask for faery dust"
The Magic Acorn - the Dryad will give it to you the moment she
disappear (this is where the stag is)
The Seed of the Seed Spitting Spores - Use the Fetch spell to get
it.  You'll know when you meet them (Hint:  They spit the seed,
hence the name Seed Spitting spores or something like that)
All this should make the Dispel Potion for later.  You should get
this as soon as possible.


The Magic shoppe in town - you will acquired a whole bunch of stuff
here, including the Flame Dart, Open, and Fetch Spell.  The spell
can only be bought. You can get money by spelling the healer the
stuff that was ask.

The Grocery store - get some daggers if you have Throwing skill
(about 3), flasks, and chainmail armor if you have enough money.

The Saloon in town - The password for the guy sitting on the door
is "SCHWEINHUND" (The password can be acquired at night when you
enter the alley behind the tavern and the thief jump up at you,
just "show sign" and they will let you free and give you the
password.) Say that password to Crusher and you will be allowed
entrance to the Theives' Guild.  Next talk to that guy sitting
at the desk, when he is finish, buy the lock pick (this will be
used to pick lock, at night only.) You can also play the dart game
w/the guy sitting at the desk for Throwing skill.

The Sheriff's House - To the left of the Grocery store. Keep
picking the lock, it won't open for a while (you will get
experience points for trying.) Once inside get the musical box
(don't open it), next go to fireplace, get the vase, move the
painting, pick the safe's lock and get the stuff inside then get
out. You can reenter the Thieves Guild (inside the Tavern) and sell
the stuff to them, and buy the acme tool kit.  Drop the lock pick
you bought early.

The old lady's house - pick the lock, get the candle holder, open
the drawer, get the coins and get out before you meet a surprise.


The Hermit - this is in the same screen where you got the flying
water, there should be a door up there, get next to the rock
proportionally to the door and "climb" it should say that it is
looking for a good spot to climb, if not the sucker would climb and
you would get climbing experience. Next, go to the door and knock
and move out of the way or something dreadful will happen, move to
the right. When you enter the place, start asking about stuff, like
"ask scroll".  He will give you the Trigger spell.

The big mutt at the icy screen - Give him all of the fruit (apples)
you acquired in town, he would in turn give you a glowing gem. Keep
it as it will be used to open the place of Baba Yaba (the chicken
feet place).

The ogre that's guarding the cave (to the left and down one after
the flower screen) - If you want to, you can fight him if you think
you're good enough.  If not, try to dodge him.  When you're in the
cave, cast the Calm spell (this can be acquired at the flower
screen. Hint: Cast a spell there).  Go to the right of the big
figure and you should see a figure sitting.  You should now cast
the Dazzle spell which you acquired from the wizard Erasmus
(Hopefully, if not, just dodge him and get as close to him and then
fight him.)  Then after you kill him, get the key and explore the
bottom.  You'll find something there.  If not, explore more.  Now
go out of the screen (upper-left) and then cast calm again
immediately.  Use the key to free the bear.  And you should get a
reward for this.

Erasmus the Wizard - At Healer's hut, go all the way right.  You
should save it here when you see a house on the top of the screen
somewhere.  Then signs will pop up (e.g., Welcome to Magic
Mountain, Now Go Home, etc.).  Climb the path and then you should
get to the house.  Then you meet a Gargoyle.  Answer his questions
and you shall be able to enter.  (Note: You cannot climb to his
house more then three times in a row.)  Questions commonly asked

What is your name?  (You should know this)
Who do you seek?  (Erasmus)
What is your goal?  (To become a hero)
Who's spell protects Spielburg?  (Erana's)
What is the thieves' password?  (Anything except SCHWEINHUND)

In the house, you should go straight up the stairs only.  Then
you'll meet Erasmus and Fenrus.  Ask them questions if you wish. 
Then play the Magician's Maze if you're a Magician or have Magic
skill and Open, Fetch, Trigger, and Flame Dart spell are in your
possession.  If you beat him, you get the Dazzle spell.

Baba Yaba's Hut (The house with chicken feet) - Give the glowing
gem you got from the babarian you got trading fruit for to the
talking skull.  You should be able to get past the gate now.  Now,
say these words: 

"House of brown, now sit down"

And watch what happens.  Now try to enter the hut.  You should be
able to, but it's sorta hard.  Baba Yaba is going to turn you into
a frog now.  You are going to have to say 'Ask about rhyme', then
watch what happens and answer everything she asks you.  You will
now have to get the Mandrake root from the graveyard. (It's the red
plant growing up at the top of the screen.  You'll have to get it
at precisely midnight though.  And at the time, the spooks party.) 

The brigands - When you come to a screen with a blue bouncing
Antwerp, you should dodge him and go to the right.  Keep on going
to the right, then down, the left.  You should save it now.  You'll
meet the brigands now.  Dodge the arrows and go all the way to the
log at the left.  Now climb over and you HAVE to beat those three
brigands.  Looks impossible, but it's only improbable. After that,
go left and cast the Calm spell on the Minotaur.  Now, cast the
Open spell to open the gate.  Open the gate and go through.  Now,
you should come into a room.  Don't step on the carpet and go
right.  Go across the right bridge.  Now, go to the place where the
boxes and bages meet.  Look at the ground.  This is imparative. 
Then jump over the wire.  Go through the door and you should come
to another room.  Close the door behind you and go to the upper
right door.  Push the chair and push the candle.  Now go to the
middle of the table in the middle of the room.  When the three
Stooge looking soldiers start going around the table (They have
already come towards the candle and are coming back the other way)
you get the rope and have fun.  Now, open the door and you shall
meet Yorick.  Just talk to him and ask questions if you wish.  Now,
save it here.  Follow the path and go to the door on the
lower-left.  You should come out on the upper right red door.  Go
to the door with the smiley faces now and enter.  Now type pull and
the door on the upper-right should open.  Now go back and go to the
door that you pulled open.  You should now emerge from the door
above the upside-down 'Exit' sign.  Open the door and move back or
you will have a miserable experience.  Now open the door and you'll
meet Elsa (aka The Brigand Leader).  Splash the Dispel Potion on
her.  And watch the cartoon.  Now go over to her desk and get the
two Heal Potions and the Magic Mirror and go to the middle-right of
the screen and exit.  You'll come to the screen with the Antwerp
again.  Avoid him again and go back to Baba Yaba.  You should know
the way by now.  Enter the hut the same way and show her the
mirror.  Watch the cartoon again and now go back to the castle. 
     Watch the longer cartoon and have patience for the next Hero's
Quest II:  Trial by Fire!  Hope you had fun.  Maybe not cause of
this solve.

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