Quest for Glory I
                             (Hero's Quest)
                        Additional Observations

                       Raven - [email protected]

A few things are included here that weren't mentioned or glossed over in the
walkthrus - if you're one of us who like maximum points.

BRIGANDS' HIDEOUT (Avoiding the Archers):
There's another way into the Brigands' hideout (the Baron mentions this after
you return his son).  At the Antwerp screen, carefully edge by him so you're
at the rock wall.  He should move out of your way - DON'T attack it with
spells, weapons, or thrown stones!  Cast Open.  Your spell is probably not
good enough to open the secret door, but you'll spring the lock.  Grab the
large stone to open it (if you're strong enough).

Careful here - there's a troll just inside.  You'll need a good fighting skill,
or a Flame Bolt of 50 or better (and lots of mana).  Battle it out, than search
him until you get his beard - the healer wants Troll's Beard, remember? (As
for the Cheetaur claws, Cheetaurs only come out at night.) You can
rest a bit here before continuing through the cave to the Minotaur.

If you're a Spellcaster, it's worth playing Erasmus' Maze.  Use Open to open
the rock-like "doors"; Fetch to move ladders and bridges; Trigger will change
your size - small to go through doors, large for traversing ladders.

Also - run (or sneak) wherever you go if you've got the stamina for it.  You'll
get an occasional increase in Vitality, Strength, and Agility.

East of the city near the road is a fox.  Freeing it will get you points and

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