Walkthrough:  Druid:  Daemons of the Minds
by Ruth Roman

I wrote this walkthrough because I did not have the benefit of a hint book, therefore, I 
had to muddle through.  Moreover, I could not find a walkthrough anywhere on the net.  I 
hope this helps someone.  If you discover something that I missed, email me at 
[email protected].

The Common Ground

After the opening scene, youíll be on a world called Navan and an island called the 
Common Ground, standing between two green monsters.  Kill the monsters.  Several 
chops to the knee or ankle area was the most effective.  There are 4 areas you must 
explore.  Wendron in the North and where you are currently, the Restricted Area in the 
Northeast, the Archives or Library in the Southeast and the Quoites or Stone Circle in the 
West.  Since youíre already in Wendron, Iíll begin there.

After you defeat the green guys take exit to northeast of the screen.  You will be 
transported to a room in the observatory by the druids.  In the room, get 5 books, read 
them and place them into you inventory.  The first 4 will be in the bookshelf and the last 
on the table.  The books are as follows:
	Principles of Elements
	Ogham, Language of the Elders
	A Celtic Miscellany - inside this book youíll find a white gemstone.  Merge this 
stone with the cross amulet in your inventory
	Legacy of the Druids 
	Rules of the Common Ground is the final book.  
Now, exit this room through the door to the East.  You will be take to the upper level of 
the Observatory to meet the druids (Astor, Havnar and Curak).  They will tell you their 
sad story about the lost of their brother Lawson and ask you to find him.  Once they finish 
talking to you they will transport you outside of the Observatory.  Talk to the guard to 
your west.  His name is Ondine.  Ask him about common grounds, library and islands.  
Heíll tell you about the Archives and offer to sell you an Archive Card or library card for 
15 gold coins.  You donít have the money now so, leave Ondine and take east exit.  

You will see two green monsters beating up a man.  Kill the monsters and talk to the 
man.  Ask about books and creatures.  Heíll tell you he collects books and old relics.  
This information will come in handy later in the game.  Exit north to the Map.  This leads 
to the Restricted Area.  Do not go there yet.  Exit map past the collector take southwest 

Youíll see a green monster standing beside a big boulder guarding a southeast passage.  
Run your cursor or the rock until the cursor turns red.  Double click on red pointer and 
get 5 gold coins.  Walk past the green guy or kill him and take southwest exit.

Youíll see another green monster guarding a western passage.  There is also a 
southeastern passage.  Take the southeastern passage.  Youíll come to green building 
with the CONTESTANTíS ONLY on the ground.  A guard is posted in the front of the 
building.  This is a training area that allows you compete against fighter to build up your 
character.  But, youíll need a Contestantís Certificate of Health in order to compete.  You 
donít have that yet so lets go get one.  Take north exit.  East of the green monster is a 
small boulder.  Run the cursor over the boulder until it turns red.  Click on red cursor and 
find the corner of something metallic sticking out from the rock.  You canít get it now 
because you will need a pick ax to pry it free.  Leave it for now.  Kill the monster and 
take west exit.  Youíll be to the front of the Observatory.  Youíll see a dead soldier.  
Search the body and get the Contestantís Certificate of Health.  Return to Contestant 
Only area. 

Present the guard with the certificate.  You must kill five fighters and the guard will give 
you the first of three stone bars youíll need in order to go to the next island.  Save your 
game after every fight.  You never know when you wonít get the first hit and end up 
losing a fight.  After youíve defeated five fighters and got the stone bar, exit area to the 
north.  Take west exit.  Pass the Observatory and take west exit.  Youíll be in the area 
where you started the game.  Now, take northeast exit.  Youíll see a solder posted to the 
left of a dark blue gate or fence.  Kill the soldier, search body and get 25 gold coins.  
Take east exit and youíll see a dead soldier to the right of a gate.  Search the body and get 
3 more gold coins.  Click on the gate and youíll find that the lock is broken.  Click on an 
area in the fence to the right of the gate opening and youíll find a loose bar.  Take it and 
place into inventory.  Leave this area for now.  Youíll come back to it later.  Now, take 
southeast exit and talk to Ondine again.  Buy the Archive card from him and take 
southeast exit.

Head southwest back to the passage guarded by a green monster.  Kill the monster and 
take southeast passage to the map.  Head for the Archive.  Make sure the Archive card is 
the active cursor and enter the Library.  Talk to the librarian.  On the first floor youíll 
find 46 gold coins on various shelves and a book called ďOld World RelicsĒ.  On the 
second floor be careful what you read.  A book entitled ďPovertyĒ will take away your 
money.  Save your game before you click on books and read them.  Get a book entitled 
ďBook of PassageĒ.  This book is actually the only key that can open the Observatory.  
Exit Archives to the map.  Defeat the monster and take east exit.  Give the collector the 
ďBook of RelicsĒ and heíll give you the second stone bar.

Take northwest exit.  Then, take north exit leading back to dark blue gates.  Use the iron 
bar and open the gate.  Enter and defeat the guard.  Search the body above the guard you 
just killed and take third stone bar and a gold bracelet.  Place into inventory and leave 
this area for now.

Go back to the area north of the Archive.  Fight the green monster over and over until 
youíve reached level 15.  It takes 15 fights to gain a level or 3000 points.  Once youíve 
built up your stats exit the area to the west.  Then, take lower southwest exit to the map.  
Go to the Quoits or Stone Circle.  
You must place the stone bars in the correct recess then, align the stone blocks in the 
correct order to gain passage to the next island.  The correct alignment is North, East, 
South and West.  The far back stone pillar gives you clues as to the order of the bars.  
You will find one of these descriptive pillars on every island.  Once you have aligned the 
stone bars correctly Astor will appear to take you to the island of Keown.  


This island consist of five areas.  Astorís Palace to the northeast, The Beach (unmarked 
on the map) to the east, the Black Mountains to the south, Broadoak Woods to the 
northwest and Duir:  Lost Peaks to the west.

Exit south to the map.  From the map go east to the Beach.  Youíll see a man sitting on 
the shore.  East of the man is a bottle.  Get the bottle and look at it.  Youíll find a note in 
the bottle.  Read the note and place it into inventory.  Now, talk to the man twice. Heíll 
offer to sell you a bucket.  Buy the bucket.  Exit man to the north.  Run the cursor on the 
sand until the arrow turns red.  Click bucket on the sand and get a bucket of sand.  Place 
into inventory.  Exit the Beach to the map.  Head to Duir.

When you arrive in Duir talk to the man in the door west of the entrance.  Heíll sell you 
an ax pick.  Buy it for 12 gold coins.  Leave the man and exit to the southeast.  On the 
way to the exit pick up the loaf of bread behind the wagon.  The bread restores health 
points.  Now, exit the screen to the east.  Youíll see a man standing in front of the only 
door you can enter.  He will not let you take this exit until you find his stolen knife.  Exit 
the man to the west.

Youíll come to an area with four men watching a monster in a ring.  Talk to the men and 
show the ring master your contestantís certificate.  Enter the ring and defeat the monster 
three times.  After the third defeat, the ring master will give you the first of three stone 
bars youíll need on this island.  Exit this area to the northwest.

Youíll come to an area with three more houses.  The far east home is the only one you 
can enter.  Enter and take the two bottles of wine on the table.  Take east exit.  Exit Duir 
to the map.  Head for Broadoak Woods.

When you arrive in Broadoak Woods turn immediately to the west and get the tree sap.  It 
resembles a pear hanging from the tree.  Now, go into the house and talk to the man.  
Return his bottle of wines and he will replace them with two properly aged bottles of 
wine.  Exit area to the map.  Go back to Stone Circle and exit to the map.  Head for 
Black Mountains.

Upon arrival get ready to fight.  This is the excavation site Astor spoke of when you first 
arrived on the island.  Defeat the three guards.  Before you go upstairs to fight the final 
two guards, get the new ax (Ax X 2) and bracers beside the head gear sign.  Now, go 
upstairs and kill the two guards.  Take east exit to the core.  Talk to the workers.  After 
talking to the workers, run the cursor on the mid western wall.  Use the ax pick to get a 
patch of iron ore.  Place into inventory and exit Black Mountains to the map.  Now, go to 
Astorís Palace.

When you arrive, get ready for a fight.  Kill the monsters and enter the palace.  Kill the 
guard and talk to Astor twice.  The second time heíll ask you what news you have 
concerning Lawson.  Give him the note you found in the bottle from Brem.  Leave Astor 
and exit through the west door.  Proceed through the next door.  Enter a room with guard.  
Pick up the hour hand on a table east of entrance.  Kill the guard and exit through the 
doors behind the guard.  When you enter youíll be in front of an open well or pool.  West 
of the pool is a door with a guard in front.  Behind the pool are two doors.  Click on the 
clock east of the door.  Youíll find the hour hand missing.  Replace the hour hand.  This 
opens the two doors behind the pool.  Kill the guard and go through the west door.  Kill 
the guard inside and read Astorís and Kreizterís Diaries.  Get the Astorís key on the table 
and exit the room.  Click on the pool and youíll find that there is something in the water 
that you can not reach.  Go through northeast door behind the pool.  Get Astorís dipper 
and a health potion.  Go back to pool and use dipper to get the second stone bar.  Now, 
exit through the northwestern door.  

Exit through door to west.  Carefully run the cursor over the southeastern most front 
portion of the grade.  Youíll find a black gemstone embedded between the grade.  Use 
Astorís dipper to get the gemstone.  Merge the gemstone with your gray amulet, 
replacing the white gemstone as the center stone.  Exit this area to the west.  

Enter the boat room.  Pick up the note and read it.  Then, pick up the dagger.  This is the 
stolen dagger Tarrick spoke of when you visited Duir.  Look at dagger and remember the 
description.  It will become clear later in the game.  Look at the boat.  It has a hole in it.  
You canít repair it until you return the dagger to Tarrick.  Leave Astorís Palace and 
return to Duir.

When you approach Tarrick give him the dagger first.  He will think you killed Tarrian 
for the dagger.  Then, give him Tarrianís note.  He will give you the dagger and let you 
enter the house.  Get the rope and read the book on the shelf.  Learn healing spell.  Now, 
return to Astorís Palace.  

Return to the boat room.  Merge the rope and tree sap.  Place the pitch-soaked rope on 
the hole.  Astor will show up and give you the third stone bar.  Exit the boat room and go 
back to the main room (Astorís throne room).  Enter either of the eastern doors and place 
the bottles of wine on the reddish purple stain.  Get the gold ring from the left tomb and 
words of wisdom from the right tomb.  Exit Astorís Palace and head for the Stone Circle.  
The stones must be align as follows:  North - Summer, East - Autumn, South - Winter 
and West - Spring.  Leave Keown and head back to the Common Grounds.  Upon arrival 
Astor will take you back to the Observatory for a meeting with the druids.

The druids will ask if you have found anything of Lawsonís.  Give them Bremís note.  
Exit the upper level of the Observatory.  Exit the building to the southwest.  Go back to 
the Stone Circle and Havnar will take to his island, Aneli.


Aneli consists of three areas.  The Rime Cliffs, the Great Glacier and Havnarís Cave.  By 
now you should have a good understanding of the map system.  Head for the Rime Cliffs.   
Youíll have to pass through the Great Glacier.  The Great Glacier is only an area that 
allows passage to the east and west.  Run the cursor slightly east of the entrance in the 
snow.  Your foot will sink.  There is a box under the ice but you canít get it without an 
ice pick.  Remember this area.  Youíll come back to it after youíve found an ice pick.  
Exit to the east.  Search the dead soldier and find and elder root (it keeps you warm).  
Place into inventory.  Exit to lower southeast.  

Enter Rime Cliffs.  Pick up the icicle in the red rock alcove and place it into inventory.  
Pick up the frozen herring (restores health) and place it into inventory.  Run the cursor 
over the mound of snow in the area where you found the herring.  There are some 
important vials buried in the ice but you canít get them until you have an ice pick and 
until you can place them in a special cold insulated container.  Youíll get the container 
later in the game.  Exit this area and head west to Havnarís Cave.

At the entrance of the cave youíll meet a soldier who asks you for some elder root.  Give 
it to him and listen to his story.  When heís finish, go into the cave.  Inside the cave, talk 
to the two men.  The man to the west will ask for elder root or money.  Give him a gold 
coin.  Talk to him a second time and heíll offer to sell you an ice pick.  Buy it.  The man 
on the right is in his own little world.  You will be able to talk to him later.  Exit to the 

Kill the two monsters and take the north exit.  Kill the three monsters inside.  Take exit 
to east.  Enter the library and talk to the librarian.  Kill the monster guarding the stairs 
leading to the upper level and explore the area.  You will find a key in the middle section 
of the upper level.  Get the book leaning against the bookshelf and read it.  Exit the 
library and take exit through the west door.

When you enter the room you see a large pool.  Kill the guard and drink from the pool.  
Take west exit.  Enter the room and pick up the empty glass vial to the right of the 
entrance.  Smell the flowers and kill the two monsters.  Take west exit.

Enter room and kill the monster.  The door to Havnarís room will be locked.  Run the 
cursor on the floor just beyond the walkway until the arrow turns red.  Click the icicle on 
this spot.  This opens Havnarís door.  Enter Havnarís room.  Talk to Havnar then, pick up 
a better ax and bracers to the left of the door.  Exit Havnarís room and go back to the 
Great Glacier.  Use the ice pick to get the small box in the snow.  Inside fine a spell 
scroll.  Exit the Great Glacier to the north and head for the Stone Circle.  On the way 
youíll find the soldier you gave the elder root dead.  Search him.  Get elder root, healing 
potion and a note written in code.  Take the note to the old man at the entrance of 
Havnarís Cave.  Youíll find out the note refers to Lawson.  The old man will send you to 
the librarian.  The librarian will tell you to take the note to Havnar.  Take the note to 
Havnar and he will give you 100 gold pieces.  Exit Havnarís Cave and head for the Stone 
Circle.  The order of the stone bars are as follows:  North - Breath, East - Body, South - 
Flame and West - Blood.  Once you reach the Stone Circle on the Common Ground, 
Havnar will take you back to the Observatory to meet with the druids.

Exit the Observatory and take the southwest exit.  Return to the Stone Circle and prepare 
for your journey to the island, Rumi.  Upon arrival, talk to Curak.  


Rumi consists of four areas:  Taranis to the north, Hellfire Ridge to the east, the Sulfur 
Caverns to the west and Curakís Castle to the southwest.  Head for the Sulfur Caverns.

You will first have to go through Taranis.  Taranis allows passage to the east and west.  
Talk to the man at the entrance.  Kill the two monsters and take northwest exit.  Talk to 
Targhus at the entrance.  Pick up the two twigs of willow to the east of Targhus.  Now, 
talk to the man to the west of Targhus.  He will tell you his name is Marivonnick.  You 
have something in your inventory with his name on it.  Give Marivonnick the gold 
bracelet.  He will give you a note to take to Ferghus at Hellfire Ridge.  Exit this area to 
the northwest.  Kill the two monsters and drink from the barrel.  Take the northwest exit 
to the map.  Head for Sulfur Caverns.

Kill the two monsters and cross the bridge.  Take northwest exit.  Kill the monster and 
click on the rock near the dead monster.  Find three gold coins.  Take northwest exit.  
Kill the two monsters and take southwest exit.  Pick up the magic scroll and crucible on 
the table.  Exit this room to southwest.  Kill the monster.  Click on the southern most 
green statue and get the protective helmet.  Place into inventory.  Take west exit.  Enter 
the room and talk to the scientist, Bryn.  Go to the opposite table and read his notes.  
Remember, Bryn manufactures the fuel reagent for the druids.  Now, go into inventory 
and get the protective helmet.  Make sure it is the active cursor before you take the 
southwest exit.  Enter the lava room.  The helmet protects you from the heat of the lava 
room.  Go into inventory and merge the sand and crucible.  Then, dip the crucible into 
the lava.  Place into inventory.  Look at crucible and find a piece of glass.  Go back to 
Taranis and take the glass to Targhus.  He will polish the glass into a lens.  Exit Targhus 
and head for Hellfire Ridge.

Talk to Ferghus.  Give him Marivonnicksí note.  Then, give him Bremís note.  He will 
give you Lawsonís dagger with a message inscribed on it for the druids.  Search the dead 
body and get prison paper.  Exit this area and head for Curakís Castle.  

Enter Curakís Castle.  Kill the monster and take north exit.  Then take west exit down to 
lower levels.  Youíll find a new ax (Ax X 6) and bracers two levels down.  Now, go back 
up two levels and take the northeast exit.  Go down two levels and enter room with a 
large well.  Take northeast exit to Curak.  Talk to Curak and show him the dagger.  Now, 
go up stair in his room and take the insulated container.  Exit Curakís Castle and return 
to Sulfur Caverns.

Give the container to Bryn in the Sulfur Cavern and receive four vials of Aktram.  This is 
the first part of the mixture for the fuel reagent.  Now, go back to Stone Circle.  The 
alignment is as follows:  North - Moon, East - Sun, South - Navan, West - Stars.

Exit to the Common Grounds and Curak will take you back to the Observatory.  Exit the 
upper level of the Observatory and explore all the room on the lower level.  In Astorís 
room (southwestern most room) find a locked wooden box.  Open it with Astorís key.  
Receive an ornate piece of metalwork.  Place into inventory.  Read the two books on the 
table and gain some helpful insight.  Exit Astorís room.  Go into Havnarís room 
(northeastern most room).  Get insulated cold container to the left of the entrance.  Youíll 
need this container to collect the vials back on Aneli at Rime Cliffs.  Go there after you 
finish exploring this level.  Finish off this room.  Click on the clock and find a book 
entitled ďMission 1 - 5Ē.  Youíll find out the real truth about Lawsonís demise as well as 
others.  Exit this room and enter Curakís room.  Get a note from the fireplace and read it.  
Now, exit lower level of Observatory to the southwest.  Head for the Stone Circle.  You 
no longer have to adjust the stone bars.  Just click on ďExitĒ and find that you can now 
walk from island to island.  Exit and walk to Aneli.

Head for Rime Cliffs to the east.  Go back to the mound of snow and use your ice pick to 
unearth the vials.  Use the insulated cold container to retrieve the four vials of Izran.  
These vials are the second part of the fuel mixture.  Place into inventory.  Merge the two 
mixtures to create the fuel reagent.  Now, return to the Common Grounds.  

Go back to Wendron.  Once you get to Wendron, take the northwest exit to the place 
where you started the game.  Take the northeast exit twice.  Reenter the blue gate and go 
into the Prison.  Youíll have to use the prison key to open the gate.  Present the guard 
with the prison paper you got from Ferghus on Rumi at Hellfire ridge.  They identify you 
as the executioner.  Exit the guard to the West.  Enter and kill the guard.  Search the body 
and retrieve a small copper key.  Go back to guard room and click on the clock.  Use 
copper key to open the case.  This activates the manual override to the ramp in the next 
room.  Flip the switch and exit to the ramp room.  Walk down the ramp and take south 
exit.  Kill the three prisons and take the northeast exit down to Kreizterís prison cell.

Talk to Kreizter.  He will give you a pass to the Science Center in the Restricted area.  
Ask about prison, Navan, stars, Navan and science chamber.  Now, leave prison and 
return to the upper level of the Observatory.  Take the southeast exit below the gate.  Use 
the ďBook of PassageĒ to gain entrance.  Click on the telescope and youíll find that it is 
missing a lens.  Use the lens from inventory to repair the telescope.  Click on the blue 
projector to the left of the telescope and receive a Star Map.  Now, it time to finally go to 
the Restricted Zone.  Exit the Observatory the same way you entered.  Once outside, take 
the southeast exit.  Pass the collector and take northeast exit to the map.  Head for the 
Restricted Zone.  Present the guard, outside of the Science Center, with the pass Kreizter 
gave you.  Enter the Science Center and kill the two monsters.  Talk to the scientist on 
guard.  Take the west exit through the door.  Enter a room with 5 bunk beds.  Search the 
mattresses and find a locker key.  Exit the room then, take the north exit behind the 

Talk to Ives west of the north exit.  Kill the guard and take the north exit.  Enter room 
with space ship.  Talk to Kreizter near rock in northwest corner of the room beside the 
space ship.  Heíll tell you the ship still needs certain items before it is operable.  Give 
him the fuel reagent.  Then, talk to him again.  Enter the space ship.  Place the ornate 
piece of metalwork on to the right of the console marked ignition system.  Go into 
inventory and merge the knife with the iron ore, magnetizing the ore.  Place the 
magnetized ore to the left of the console marked magnetic guidance system.  Place the 
star map in the middle section and blast off.  Youíre going back home.  Game ends.

I hope you found the game as enjoyable as I did.  Hopefully Sir-Tech will write another 
part to this story.  Bye for now.

Sir-Tech is a registered trademark of Sir-Tech Software 
Druid:  Daemons of the Mind registered product of Sir-Tech Software, all copyrights 
therein applies.

For questions please email me at [email protected]

Thanks Sir-Tech for a wonderful game that required no tech support.

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