Avernum Walkthrough FAQ 1.8
Started: 2/01/01
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| 2/16/02 |
- Corrections
Comments: Many of my fellow Avernum players have found mistakes in my FAQ.They
we're minor so I fixed them.

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Comments: J. Takano has sent me the full special events calender list so I
guess now my FAQ is complete or i hope it is......

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Comments: Uhhh..I dont know what to say. Added a few things. Seems like forever
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| Intro |

The Avernum walkthrough is here! (Yeah!) This walkthrough shows how to get
through the short beginning of the game and the three major missions and quests
that are tied to the story. Most of the spells and item locations aren't listed
because they're just too many different types of them. So you're going to have
to find most of them yourself. Sorry :*(.  All of the major items and artifacts
are listed in the walkthrough to make finding them a lot easier plus they have
their own section for easy reference.

Keep in mind you don't have to play it the same exact way I wrote in the
walkthrough. This is because you miss out on tons of other items, experience,
and etc and you're party will be incredibly weak. For the most of the important
dungeon quests I named the important things to do and what items to look for
because writing a walkthrough for EVERY dungeon, EVERY item, and the EVERY
spell location would be tooooo long. Even with all of the exemptions I'm sure
that you'll be satisfied with this walkthrough. Plus theirs more to come. If
their any comments or suggestions on how I can make this walkthrough better
please E-mail me at [email protected] Now lets get down to business.

||| Table of Contents |||

1. The Story
2. Character Skills
3. Character Types
4. Character Traits
5. Creating A Party
6. Tips For Surviving
7. Beginnings
8. Mission One - Royal Quests
9. Mission Two - Escape From Avernum
10. Mission Three - Revenge on the Empire
11. Artifacts and Special Items
12. Fun With Avernum
13. Special Events
14. Thanks, My FAQs, The List & The Warning!

||| 1. The Story |||

This is the storyline of Avernum as quoted from the website.
You have been banished to the underworld, never to see the light of day again.
You have been cast down into the dark, volcanic pits of Avernum, filled with
foul monsters, constant warfare, and thousands and thousands of your fellow
prisoners. This is your punishment for not fitting in, for speaking out against
the powers that be, for being an inconvenience to the government of the cruel
Emperor Hawthorne. You have been sentenced to life imprisonment in the caverns,
eventually to die there, forgotten and unmourned.
But you need not accept your fate. There are those who wish to struggle against
this injustice, who wish to return to the surface world and to fight against
tyranny. But first, they need a hero, they need inspiration, and, most of all,
they need someone who can find an escape route. Can you help them?
Will you be the first person to escape from Avernum?

||| 2. Character Skills |||
These are all of the character skills in the game including the special skills
I found. Since the cost and the skill points increases as you increase the
skill, I didn't mention it. I put the name of the skill and everything effects.
I also put my opinion on it as well. Here is the format I used:

Name of Skill (Abbreviation) - Cost skill points/gold to train
My recommendations

| Base Skills |
These skills determine your overall character.

Strength (STR) - 5 skill points/20 gold
Strength determines how much damage you can do and how much items you can
This skill is mainly for the fighters but make sure your mages have a decent
amount of this skill just in case.

Dexterity (DEX) - 5 skill points/20 gold
Dexterity helps you hit more often with melee and ranged attacks, act sooner in
combat, and have a greater chance of dodging attacks.
This skill is for archers, so they can hit more with arrows, fighters, so they
will be agile in combat, and the thief, so picking locks will be a breeze.

Intelligence (INT) - 5 skill points/20 gold
This determines how smart you are. More of this makes your spells powerful and
gives you more spell points. You mages should focus on this skill the most and
your fighters shouldn't bother with this skill.

Endurance (END) - 4 skill points/10 gold
The more endurance you have the more health points you have and the more poison
resistance you have.
Every class should have allot of this skill especially the fighters.

| Weaponry Skills |
These skills along with some of your base skills determine how well you are in
combat skills.

Melee Weapons (MEL) - 2 skill points/10 gold
Your base chance of hitting with a melee weapon (Examples: Swords, hammers,
daggers, ect.) is 30% plus 5% for every level of melee weapons you have. The
base value for this skill is (Strength + Dexterity)/3. Don't put allot of
points in this skill because it increases as your strength and dexterity

Pole Weapons (POL) - 2 skill points/15 gold
Pole weapons are halberds and spears; its base value is 30% plus 5% for every
level of melee weapons you have. The base value for this skill is (Strength +
Dexterity)/3. Halberds are the strongest weapons in the game so give them to
your strongest fighters.

Bows (BOW) - 2 skill points/10 gold
Bows including crossbows are the strongest ranged weapons. The chance of
hitting is 40% plus 5% for every level of bows you have. The base value is
Dexerity/2. Everyone should have allot of this or the next skill.

Thrown Missiles (THR) - 1 skill points/5 gold
These are javelins, rocks, etc. The chance of hitting is 40% plus 5% for every
level of thrown missiles you have. The base value is Dexerity/2. Your mages
should have some of this since it's easier to train in.

Hardiness (HRD) - 3 skill points/15 gold
This is your characters natural body armor. For every level of this, there is a
chance of reducing damage by 1. The base value is Stregth/4. Save your skill
points for other skills. You should but a little points in this skill though.

Defense (DEF) - 2 skill points/15 gold
Defense is a better version of hardiness. For every level of this, the chance
of enemies hitting you is reduced by 4%. The base value of this skill is
Dexterity/4. Invest some of your skill points into this skill instead of

Assassination (ASS) - 3 skill points/15 gold
This expensive skill gives you the ability to inflict more damage against
weaker opponents. The damage done increases as your level increases. Give this
to anyone who will fight because this is a very useful skill.

| Magic Skills |

Mage Spells (MAG) - 5 skill points/30 gold
This skill gives you the ability to cast mage spells. Each spell has a minimum
requirement and this determines the effectiveness of your mage spells. Your
mages will need 18 points to cast the strongest spell. Don't put more than 20
points into this skill because it's a waste.

Priest Spells (PRI) - 5 skill points/30 gold
This skill gives you the ability to cast priest spells. Each spell has a
minimum requirement and this determines the effectiveness of your priest
spells. Your priests will need 18 points to cast the strongest spell. Don't put
more than 20 points into this skill because it's a waste.

Arcane Lore (ARC) - 1 skill points/20 gold
This determines how well you read runes and identify weapons. The base skill
for this is INT / 2. This skill increases as you intelligence increases so
don't spend allot of skill points in this skill.

Potion Making (POT) - 1 skill points/20 gold
This is the potion making skill. The more of this you have, the better chance
of your potions being successful. You'll only need to have 15 points of this
skill to make every potion in the game successful.

| Useful Skills |

Tool Use (TUS) - 1 skill points/10 gold
This is how well you pick locks and disarm traps. The base skill for this is
dexterity/2. Focus this skill on one character.

Cave Lore (CLO) - 1 skill points/5 gold
Cave Lore aids in finding potion ingredients, avoiding monsters, and some
outdoor events. Spread this skill around to everyone in your party.

First Aid (AID)- 1 skill points/5 gold
First Aid skill is used to heal wounded characters. As you put more into this
skill you can heal more damage but if this skill is low, you may do harm. But
you'll need First Aid Kit to even use this skill.

Luck (LCK) - 4 skill points/0 gold
Luck gives a small bonus when to most of your skills and helps in random

| Secondary Skills |
These are other skills that are effect by the skills above. This is the format.

Name - Base ()

Health - Base (7 + END * (1 + Level / 2))
This determines how much damage you can take before you die.

Spell Energy - Base (2 * INT + 2 * MAG + 2 * PRI)
This is how much energy you have to cast spells.

Poison Resistance - Base (END + LCK + HRD / 2)
This helps you resist the effects of poison and disease. For every level of it
increases your chance of resisting a poisonous attack by %5.

Magic Resistance - Base (MAG / 2 + LCK)
Helps you resist the effects of magical attacks. Each level of it increases
your chance of resisting magic by %5.

Willpower - Base (INT + MAG / 2 + PRI / 2 + LCK)
Helps you resist the effects of charming, paralysis, and other mental attacks.
Each level of it increases your chance of resisting by %5.

Resist Elements - Base (DEX / 4 + HRD / 2 + LCK)
Helps you resist the effects of fire, ice, and other elemental attacks. Each
level of it increases your chance of resisting by %5.

Item Lore - Base (INT / 2 + MAG / 2 + ARC)
Item Lore helps you identify items you find in your during your adventures.

Rune Reading - Base (INT / 2 + PRI / 2 + ARC)
Helps you understand unknown runes and tomes you find during your adventures.
This the most common form of getting your spells.

| Special Skills |
This section has all of the special skills that I found in the game and I
listed if they are trainable or not. Special skills are different from the
normal skills because they are so rare. You can get these skills from people in
towns and sometimes by mind crystals. Unfortunately, most of them you can't put
skill points in. This is the format:

Name - (abbreviation) - Trainable or Not
Description/What it effects

Barter - (BAR) - Trainable
This skill determines how well you trade with shopkeepers. The more skill
points in this skill, the more you'll get when you sell items. This skill is ok
but I hardly cared how much I sold my items for because you can get rewards and
such for money.

Find Herbs - (HRB) - Not Trainable
Any character with this skill will sometimes find potion-making herbs while
wandering in the wilderness. Unfortunately, you can't train in this. This skill
is one of the most helpful ones to get but it's incredibly hard to find.

Bladesmaster - (BLD) - Trainable
Characters with this skill get bonuses with any hand-to-hand weapon. With this
skill you'll get a higher chance you'll have hitting and doing more damage with
your weapon. When you get this skill give it to your fighter and put allot of
points into it so he/she can do more damage.

Anatomy - (ANT) - Trainable
Anatomy gives you the increased First Aid ability and you can do more damage
when fighting humanoid creatures. Give this skill to your priest or your mage
so they can do a little more damage and heal more damage. Don't put allot of
points in this skill though because first aid can only heal so much damage.

Gymnastics - (GYM) - Trainable
Having this skill greatly increases you character agility. It makes them act
sooner in combat and harder to hit. Invest in this skill because it really
gives you an advantage in combat.

Pathfinder - (PAT) - Trainable
Pathfinder helps you get through hostile terrain. It decreases your chances of
being poisoned when traveling through swamps. Don't bother putting points in
this skill because it's use decreases over time.

Magery - (MGR) - Not Trainable
Magery makes any spell you cast more effective. The more of this you have the
greater its effect but too bad you can't train in it.

| Improved Skills |
These skills improve the Special Skills you have already obtained.
Unfortunately you cannot train in any of them.

Improved Bows
This is the advanced level of your bow skill. This just increases your Bow
skill you already have.

Improved Cave Lore
This is the advanced level of cave lore skill. This just increases your Cave
Lore skill you already have.

Improved BladesMaster
Increases the Blademaster skill you already have thus making you even more
dangerous with swords.

Improved Mage Spells
Increases the effectiveness of your mage spells

||| 3. Character Types |||
In this section I listed the ten character types to choose their description
and some have my opinion but most of them are self-explanatory. For more
information check the character creation section.

Soldiers received excellent military training on the surface, the best the
Empire had to offer. You should have either this or a Berserker in your party
since they're good all around fighters.

Berserkers are wild swordsmen from the remote areas of the Empire. Their
wildness tends to get them dumped into Avernum. They're extremely hardy and
their sword skill is unmatched. The Berserker is more skilled in fighting while
the Soldier is a well-rounded character type.

A Cleric is a priest in one of the faiths disapproved of by the Empire. They
have excellent healing and protective skills, although they often end up having
to use them in Avernum.

Sorcerers are practitioners of the wizardly arts. Their spells are powerful,
both on offense and defense. Alas, because of their dangerous research and
eccentricities, they tend to be sent down to Avernum.

Rogues are nimble, good with swords, and able to handle locks and traps. They
also tend to walk off with things they don't own. Unsurprisingly, the Empire
loves to send them to Avernum.

Archers were either hunters or trained members of the Empire army, highly
skilled with missile weapons. In the Empire army, a dishonorable discharge
tends to mean exile to Avernum.

Some people dare to rebel against the Empire. They have to be good at
everything if they want to survive, though they don't have the freedom to excel
at one thing. A rebel tends to have some skill with weapons, traps, and lore.

Hedge Wizard
Hedge wizards live in the remote villages of the Empire, where they help the
locals with their magical skills. This sort of character is good at magery, has
a little bit of training in Priest spells, and has had a bit of practice making

Shamans are the priests of the back hills. A shaman isn't quite as good at
spells as a cleric, but makes up for it with weaponry and knowledge of herbs.
Shamans are hardy folk, but their wildness tends to make them run afoul of the

Anyone who has played any of the Exile games before know how to use this
character type. If you're new to this, then I suggest you use the pre-generated
characters. Custom characters start with 60 skill points you can allocate to
make your ideal adventurers.

||| 4. Character Traits |||
These are the Character Traits that determine how fast you gain levels. The two
types are disadvantages and advantages. They can either increase or decrease
the performance of your character. Be sure not to give everyone different
traits and not the one that you think is the best. Here's the format I
described them in.

Name - Exp Penalty or Bonus
My Opinion

| Advantages |
These are all of the traits that increase the performance of your character but
have an experience penalty. This means the more advantages you have the slower
you level up.

Great Renown - %10 xp
You were well known on the surface, well known enough that your fame has even
spread to Avernum. You will receive a bonus to your Reputation, and certain
special encounters will be easier for you. I haven't seen how this helps since
after your first few quests, you're pretty famous.

Nimble Fingers - %15 xp
You have a natural aptitude for tools, traps, and delicate machinery of all
sorts. You will receive a bonus whenever you have to deal with these sorts of
objects. You'll need this trait if you want to disarm traps and such.

Beastmaster - %15 xp
Many animals have taken a liking to you, to the extent that they will follow
you and help you. Every day, you can summon one beast to your aid. It will
fight in your defense. The higher your level, the better a creature will come.
At first I thought this trait was the best one but after a while I noticed
everything I summoned get killed after one round. If you want a trait that can
take a little damage for you for one round, go ahead and give your character
this trait.

Strong Will - %15 xp
Certain creatures in Avernum will attempt to use their clever magical powers to
cloud your mind. Fortunately, when you have this ability, you are much more
likely to resist this trickery. This is a good trait to give your fighter(s).

Good Education - %15 xp
Before you were banished to Avernum you received the best education the surface
world has to offer. You are much more likely to be able to handle situations
which require lots of knowledge, such as decoding magical runes. Give this
trait to your spell casters. This plus their bonus for reading runes will help
you out in the early parts in the game.

Toughness - %20 xp
Your body is very resilient, and your constitution is unusually strong. You are
less likely to take serious damage in hostile situations, and disease and
poison will have less of an effect on you. This is a good trait for any

Fast on Feet - %20 xp
You are very fleet of foot and your reaction time is among the best. You will
act much more quickly in combat, and, sometimes, you will receive bonus action
points. This is a very good trait to give your fighter(s) so they can hit more
often in combat.

Natural Mage - %25 xp
Some people learn magic. For you, it's a natural skill, as ingrained as walking
and breathing. All of your spells receive bonuses, and you can cast mage spells
even while wearing encumbering armor. This is a must for any mages or priest
because they get spell casting bonuses.

Elite Warrior - %30 xp
You were trained in the ways of war almost from birth. When other children were
learning to walk, you were learning how to hold a knife. Your skill in battle
is unmatched, and these bonuses increase as you gain levels. This is a good
trait to give your fighter(s) and you get the ability to go berserk.

Divinely Touched - %40 xp
One of your ancestors was not entirely human. There is a touch of divine blood
flowing in your veins. Everything you do, you do well, and you will have
several special abilities, each of which can be used once per day. Small wonder
that one as exceptional as you made the Empire nervous enough to send you to

| Disadvantages |
I don't know why you would want to put any of these on your character but here
is the list. Instead of a penalty you get an experience bonus so you'll level
up faster.

Cursed At Birth - %20 xp bonus
A mage took an unfortunate dislike to your parents. As a result, you were
cursed when you were born. Through no fault of your own, you will sometimes
receive penalties to your actions, and some magical effects will harm you more.

Sickness Prone - %20 xp bonus
You were a sickly child, and this frailty has plagued you even in adulthood.
Disease, poison, and similar afflictions will have more of an effect on you.
This is one of the worse traits.

Sluggish - %30 xp bonus
You are slow on your feet, and your reaction time is poor, at best. You will
receive less action points in combat, and your turn to act will come later than

Brittle Bones - %30 xp bonus
On the surface, there is an unfortunate childhood ailment that causes all who
suffer it to have very brittle bones. Unfortunately, you were counted among its
victims. Going into combat is a very bad idea for you. The blows of enemies
will be devastating.

Completely Inept - %40 xp bonus
The adventuring life is a completely bad match for you. You freeze up when
creatures attack you. The slightest chill causes you to catch cold. Enemy blows
are devastating to you. You stumble a lot. Every day is a struggle just to keep

||| 5. Creating a Party |||
This is the most important part of the game. If end up creating a weak party
than you'll find yourself dying a lot, running out of every battle, and
frustrated. It is best to create a party with different abilities so you'll be
prepared for what Avernum will throw at you. There is a default party already
made that is a standard party. It has the fighter, rebel, and the priest and
mage. You can get through the whole game with this party but making your own is
allot more fun. For your party, I suggest a custom Warrior, Rouge, Cleric, and
a Hedge Wizard. Here is how to adjust them and this is also the party I
adventured with.

The first character and the leader should be a fighter. Make him a Custom
Warrior and modify the following stats: Strength to 5, Dexterity to 5,
Endurance to 8, Melee to 5 Assassination to 1, and Cave Lore 2. For his
Character Traits give him Strong Will or Toughness & Elite Warrior. This way he
will get the special ability Berserk from Elite Warrior and with Toughness or
Strong Will, you'll get resistance bonuses.

The Rouge should be your next party member. A Rouge is better than a Rebel
because it is good for fighting and has a high tool use. Assign the 5 points to
strength since he/she will be the other fighter. Since the Rouge will be
picking locks and such give him/her the Character Trait Nimble Fingers.

For the third member of your party, create a Cleric.  Add Points to Endurance,
Mage Spells, Thrown Missiles or First Aid. The traits to give him/her are
Natural Mage, if you gave Mage Spells, or just Divinely Touched.

The final member should be a Sorcerer or a Hedge Wizard. This will be you main
spell caster. Assign Points to Endurance because he'll be the weakest character
you have or you can save it to put points in Intelligence later on. Make sure
he/she has the trait Natural Mage and give him Good Education. This is because
you'll get enemy targeting bonuses if you give you mage natural mage and good
education. Plus you'll get a little more item lore.

| Other Options |
Hey if didn't like the party I created, you should explore other options. You
can create a party of one member. This will make the game extremely hard but
don't worry you can find other party members along your journey. Also try using
the other unique character types like the archer and the shaman. Now that we
got the character creation finished with, we can move on to playing the game.

||| 6. Tips For Surviving |||
Here are some tips on how to survive and stay alive in Avernum. This includes
battles, adventuring, and how-tos on dungeons.

| Adventuring |
Here are a few tips for the day-to-day adventuring.

1. Always remember where you left your boat. It will save you time and money
when you are looking for it.
2. Make sure you have a decent level of Cave Lore so you can avoid those
battles you don't want to fight and it also helps out with some of those
outdoor encounters.
3. Complete those mini-quests. Some of them either give money, a special item,
or even a better special ability.
4. Search and take everything that doesn't belong to anyone. This mainly
applies to food but you can also find other useful items like alchemy
ingredients laying around in storage rooms or shops.
5. Speaking of alchemy, this is a very useful skill but you'll only need one
person with this skill at least 12 skill points of this.
6. Always check the random items shops (Fort Dranlon has one) they usually have
good and rare items there.
7. If you have allot of item lore and you find and item you can't identify,
chances are it's cursed.
8. Make sure you keep valuable items like emeralds and jeweled rings to sell
them because you can't rely on the editor for money forever.
9. In the beggining of the game, when your low on thrown missles, pick up a
rock. It's cheap and very common. Plus it will do some damage to anything you
throw it at....well at least in the begining of the game.
10. Sometimes taking the magical armor instead of the non-magical armor is
best. They provide magical protection from certain elements and they are less
encumbering. In example steel plate mail blocks 1-16+2 damage and a 20% attack
penalty while icy plate mail block 1-12+4 damage, protects from fire, and 16%
attack penalty. Something to think about.

Ginny says:
"If you want to take something thats not yours just shut the door and take it.
I always save first, but if your willing to take a risk don't save. There are
alot of valauble items worth stealing.

If somebody (towns person who walks) is in the room just wait for them to
leave, shut the door and postion your group so that one person is in front of
the door and one person is by the chest, wardrobe ect. that contains the item.
Shut the door and take it."

| Battles |
Here are some tips for surviving and winning battles.

1. Make sure you put your mages to the rear of the battles. Since they have a
lower HP they will die allot quicker.
2. If your mages end up having to fight, summon creatures to stall enimies from
getting to them.
3. Be sure to cast haste and bless on your fighters. This will make them hit
harder and be harder to hit. Casting Divine Warrior at level 3 makes your
character incredibly strong and almost invisible.
4. Get the spell casters first. When you take the a spell caster out, in a
group of enemies, your chances of winning increases. You won't have to worry
about anyone getting slowed or enfeebled.

| Dungeons |
These apply for all dungeons that you'll encounter in Avernum.

1. Bring plenty of potions. The last thing you want to do is be deep into a
dungeon and run out of energy and healing potions with your characters dying
and with no spell points. Don't forget about the "other potions" like Hasting
Potion, Protection Brew and Heroic Brew. These types of potions are most useful
when mages and priests are running low on spell points
2. Bring some arrows. Arrows are useful for hitting those "hard to reach"
baddies. Plus they give your mages a break from casting spells.
3. Close that door! If you ever open a door to a room full of monsters and
such, just close it. Don't worry the monsters will take their time about coming
after you. You can either cast a spell like Beast Ceremony or run away. Running
away may be considered a cowards approach but hey it makes those long dungeons
a breeze. ^_^

||| 7. Beginnings |||

In Avernum their are three missions to complete but you can't get started until
you've developed a big enough reputation for yourself and become a lot stronger
as well. This section describes what you'll have to do before you can even get
started with the main missions. This section is a lot more detailed because I
feel that the beginning is the most important part of the game. The main enemy
you'll be fighting will be the Nephilim and Nepharim. They are cat people who
were sent down into Avernum because they were such a problem on the surface.
Nepharim are smaller and weaker compared to Nephilim, their older and stronger
cousins. Their leader is a human named Anastasia. She uses her magic and such
to help them out and you can tell already that she isn't really liked by other
human. You'll clash with Anastasia later on.

After you watch the beginning sequence, you'll arrive in Fort Avernum. When you
come out of the portal talk to the guy as the base of the hill. (Note: Don't
try to walk into the portal or you'll take some damage and don't talk to the
brown-looking guards because they won't talk to you).  The guy at the bottom of
the hill is Andrew. Andrew will tell you to go to Tor, to get supplies, and
Thrail, to get information. Tor is the to the first building you see to the
west and Thrail is to the south of his building. Once you've done that you
should explore Fort Avernum. Getting a little experience is incredibly
important right now so talk to every one you see, they just might give you a
quest.  For example, talk to Warrick in the northwestern part of Fort Avernum.
She'll be looking for someone named Anastasia (who is her sister who owns an
armor shop in Silvar). It is not a mandatory quest but when starting out you'll
need all of the exp you can get.  (Note: You can store characters in Fort
Avernum so you can come back and get them later.) On the North Western part of
the outer wall of Fort Avernum there is a dead body with some boots and wooden
large shield and outside on the southeastern wall there are two Cave Rats. You
should be able to beat them easily. You'll also find some boots here as well.
After this it's time to leave and make a name for yourself. You can either head
to Silvar or Fort Dunvo.

| Silvar |

In Silvar you'll find Anastasia who owns the armor shop and there is also a
weapon shop, training area. In the training area the guy there will teach your
whole party improved barter up to level 5. Talk to Anastasia about her sister
and head back to Fort Avernum to talk Warrick and get some exp and a reputation
boost. The innkeeper in the northwestern part of town name Gary will give you a
small quest to find some hot springs. In the middle of town you'll hear a
humming statue. It isn't important until you meet Erika. In Gruber's Weapon
shop that is, closed and locked, you'll find a wand of bolts. Once you've
opened the door, head to the southern wall and there will be a secret passage
that is booby-trapped. You'll see the crate with the wand at the end of the
passage. In the City Hall you will find an Ice Lances scroll in their little
library. At the rations and supplies shop you'll meet Carol. After talking to
her she'll tell you that she hears noises behind her shop. If you go outside
where she feeds her cows (Note: An unlock spell or lock picks are needed to get
their) and search the farthest corner, you'll discover a secret passage.
DANGER! Here you'll find 2 Nephil Warriors and a Nephil Shaman. Use blesses and
haste spells to aid in beating them. Once you've beaten them take their items
and search the dead body. Then go back to Carol and tell her what you've done.
You can also take the food that's in her shop ^_^.

| Outside (the Fort Dunvo Area) |

There are a few things to do outside of Fort Dunvo. First, to the east of Fort
Dunvo you'll find a small group of goblins that you should be able to take out
with no problem. A little to the north of Fort Dunvo their will be a lone Slith
warrior to fight. Be careful because he is a little stronger than you are. He
also doesn't have any valuable items though.	Outside of the Nephil cave there
is an abandoned house. If you decide to investigate, you'll fight a few thugs
and some archers. There is a bat cave that you should go to get some experience
and some things to sell.

| Fort Dunvo |

Here in Dunvo there is a healer, a sage (identifies items), weapons shop,
Fletcher, and "Farming Supplies". The sage will identify items and will sell
you the alchemy recipes for Energy and Hasting Potion. When you buy alchemy you
buy it for your whole party. In the Fort Dunvo barracks, you'll get two
missions here from the general: One two kills a mage in a ruined fort and to
neutralize the Nephil fort to the north of fort Dunvo. You don't have to do
them in order I put them but it's highly suggested that you do.

Here are the walkthroughs for the two missions:

Before taking the mission to the Nephil cave to the north of Fort Dunvo.  I
suggest you go to Formello and get some level two mage and priest spells along
with some alchemy, potions, new weapons and armor. Formello also has a mission
but I suggest you wait until you've gotten a lot stronger. At Formello you can
also find food for the rest of the game. Here is how KevlarKid did it: In
Formello, there's this woman who sells food. (Duh) There are around 5 crates in
her shop, search for the box with mushroom in it. (There's also another crate
filled with dried meat) To steal it safely, either push it out of town or push
it into a nifty secret toolshed near the temple below the mayor's house. If
stolen successfully you will have 100 mushrooms and 50 dried meat. Don't have
to buy anymore food!

Mission 1: Kill the brigand Mage
Before you enter the Bandit fort you'll notice a dead body and lying there.
Search it and then move on. Search around and when you reach the barrack just
barge in but be prepared for a pretty easy fight. You should be able to beat
them easily with a level. 1 party. When you enter the barracks the mage your
looking for is in the north room. I killed the mage with my strongest fighter
in two hits. Once you've defeated the mage, you should read his bookshelf
you'll get the spell Light level. 3. In the room across from the mage's you'll
find a chest and with enough Disarm Trap skill you should be able to open it
and get some money.
Once you've killed everyone their head back to Fort Dunvo and collect 100
coins, your reputation will increase and you'll get 25 experience.

Mission 2: Nephil Cave
Now to the cave. Inside the cave you'll immediately fight some goblins that are
pretty easy to beat. Head toward the northern part of the cave, their you'll
find the Nephil leader, who is just as easy to beat as the others. In his
quarters you'll find an Ash Bow. You'll also find a small place where Nephil
worship. In there you'll find a treasure room. You'll find a bronze key that
will be helpful later on in defeating the Nephil. On the western side, as soon
as you walk in, of the Goblin Cave, you'll find a prisoner locked up. Talk to
him and free him and then you're done with this mission.  Head back to Fort
Dunvo and collect your reward.

| Formello |

Now, if you haven't already, talk to the Mayor of Formello. She'll tell you
that her necklace was stolen and is in the Nephil fort. It is to the west of
Formello and north of Corta.
If you're feeling lucky and a little evil then you can steal the town's
treasure. }:) Head to the mayor's quarters.  It is north of city hall and to
the east of the healer. You'll walk in the first door (you'll know if your
their when you see two guards sitting down) and then unlock the next two. In
the second room there will be a secret passage in the northern corners. There
will be two traps as you head into the hidden corridor. If you can disarm them
good but if you can't and you get hurt, then head to the healer right next
door. If you head straight ahead their will be a chest with the towns treasure.
But if you're party has a low hp they will get die from the non-mechanical
traps in the first chest. If you headed left, you'll find some Gauntlets of
Might (Very useful). BE WARNED! You'll be Dread Cursed if you take them and
you'll have to head to the Tower of Magi to remove the Dread Curse. :(

| Outside of Corta |
A little to the north their is a small cave. There you'll discover six crystals
missing. You'll find them in the around the area that you are in. Once you've
completed this quest than you'll gain some exp.

| Corta |
You'll find an armor/weapon shop, young adventure, potion shop, a boat works,
an inn, and a new mission. If you talk to Nance, a lady found around the potion
shop, she'll tell you about a blue crystal in a statue in Fort Avernum. It is
really a mind crystal, which give you the Summon Beast ability. (Note: Mind
Crystals are blue crystals that can teach one character a special ability
once). Once you decided to buy a boat (250 gold), you should head directly
south to a deserted island with a rock formation on it. Walk into it and you'll
find a quartz crystal. They are party of the legendary Crystal Cave (Ooooooo).
You'll find the other five around this area. In the boat works room, you'll
find Andrew. He will want to join your group if you have space for him. He has
a high amount of tool use and has the skills barter, pathfinder, and
To get the mission started you must talk to the mayor in city hall. He will
tell you of some of his were soldiers captured in a Nepharim fort not to far
north of Corta and their is a reward for anyone who rescues them.  This mission
is not that hard (walkthrough below) and once you've completed this mission
you'll receive a drakeskin cloak, some gold, exp, and a reputation point.

| Nepharim Fort |

Before you enter the Nepharim fort you'll notice two groups of Nepharim outside
of the fort that you should be able to take them out easily. Once you get in
there is two ways to get into the fort: Go straight ahead or go to threw secret
passage. If you just barge right in threw the front door, you'll be in for a
long fight with Nepharim guards. (Note: If you ever get overwhelmed just run
because the enemies you've killed don't come back). Their are two secret
passages. As soon as you walk in there is one 4 paces north to the west on the
west wall and 5 north paces the east on the east wall. Taking either one is
good. Using this strategy you'll end up fighting the Nephar guards but in
smaller numbers.  If you decided to go straight, you should use blesses and
haste spells to make your fighters stronger. Make sure to take out the archers
with the Spell Ice Lances and have your Cleric heal when needed. After you've
cleared the first wave of Nephar defenders this mission will be a lot easier.
There is a Nephar temple (east side of the fort) with a Diamond Dagger (2-12+8
damage) on it if you decide to take it you'll be dumfounded and you'll fight
three demons. On the west side of the fort you'll find a Nephar library that
will teach you the spell Curing level 3.  In the center of the fort there is
the prisoners you were sent to rescue but first you must open a gate. The wheel
to open the gate is on the east side of the town. The wheel will open the
portcullis to the west and now you talk to the prisoners. When you go threw the
gates you opened, head west, and you'll reach a small temple. It is guarded by
two demons. Once you've killed them, search the coffin and you'll find the
pommel to the mighty DEMONSLAYER! The DEMONSLAYER is the almost strongest
weapon in Avernum against demons that does extra damage to demons but to bad it
was broken into several of pieces. I will continue to tell you where the rest
of the pieces are in the walkthrough. Once you've completed these head back to
Corta and collect your reward.

| Preparations |

By now your party should be about level 5 or 6. Now should be the time that you
take on the heart of the Nephilim menace. I advise you stock up on
haste/healing/energy potions. If you have the bronze key (from the Nephilim
fort earlier on), you'll be able to find the Mayor of Formello's stolen
necklace. This will be a long fight with plenty of experience to gain along
with gold and treasure.
It is located far north of Corta. You'll know you found it when you see two
groups of Nephilim guards in front of it. They shouldn't be too much of a
problem to defeat. The Nephilim have the front door guarded very well. It
guarded so well that if you survive the arrows shooting at you, you'll have to
deal with the burning oil being poured on you. If you want you can choose this
way of entering the fortress but it's a WHOLE lot safer if you use the "back
(Note: That is just what I call it. It's really just a rear entrance to the
fort.) It is right behind the fortress but you'll have to fight two groups of
Nephilim to get there. Once you've beaten them, search the walls behind the
fortress and then you should find the "back door" and you'll be able to enter
the Nephilim Fortress.

| Nephilim Fortress |

Now that you've entered through the behind of the Nephilim Fortress, you'll
have the element of surprise.  Take note that you are on the first level of the
Nephilim Fortress. There are three levels of the fort all together: lower,
middle and upper. Instead of writing a step-by-step walkthrough for this one, I
will tell you where all of the important things are on each level.

Lowest Level: There is nothing of real importance on this level. If you haven't
gotten the bronze key yet, than you'll find it here. This level is mainly
called the Lair of Darkhaz. The Bronze key is toward the south and you'll also
find some treasure as well.

Second Level: On this level you'll encounter the guards that were guarding the
front entrance.  This will be a kind-of a long battle and you'll lose the
element of surprise after this. You'll also encounter an ogre mage locked in
his room on the east side of the second level. You'll find a few scrolls, a
wand, and IF you search the southern wall..........some more scrolls and some
alchemy ingredients. North of his room will be the way to the third level where
the gold necklace and Anastasia awaits.

Third Level: This is the highest level of the Fortress.  You'll find a mage in
his room with three ghasts. Kill them and go toward the northern wall. There
you'll find the spell Healing level 3. Across from his room you'll find the
Nephilim gambling hall. Fights your way threw and enter the door closest to the
stairs. You'll now enter room with the entrance to the Nephilim temple. You'll
need the bronze key to get in which you should already have. Inside the temple
you'll fight a group of zombies and Nephil priest. If you decide to destroy the
altar, you'll encounter two demons and get 20 exp. In this temple you'll find
some alchemy ingredients, a blessed cloak (blocks1-1 + 2 damage), and the gold
necklace, the one the mayors looking for :O. Not too far from the temple there
will be a place called the Crypt of the Honored Dead. There you'll find the
Mind Crystal that will teach you lay on Hands. This will give you the ability
to heal yourself.  Toward the most southern part of third level you'll find
Anastasia and a hand full of Nephilim. She has a few mage spells and a Rod of
Minor Call that summons creatures. You should aim for her first and then take
out her Nephil friends. When she's dead you can get her Rod of Minor Call. If
you search along the northern walls of that room, you should find Anastasia's
chambers and if you keep going north you'll find the spell Fire Bolts level 3
and an under ground passage. It will lead you to the area of around the Lair of
Darkhaz. If you take the stairs north, you'll end up near the "back door".
Exit. And head to Formello.

| Formello |

Talk to the mayor and give her the necklace. When you give it to her she'll
give you a Flaming sword (20+3 damage plus fire damage) and a token that will
allow you to talk to the king.

This has concluded the Beginnings part of this walkthrough. By now you should
be ready to head to the first mission. If you feel you're not strong enough
yet, there is a bat cave that you can gain some experience from and talk to
some people around, theirs a chance they might have a quest.

||| 8. Mission One - Royal Quests |||

The in this mission you'll be completing the hard quests of killing Sss-Thsss
and Grah-Hoth. Sss-Thsss is the slithzerikai (slith for short) leader who
terrorizes the land of Avernum. He can be found in the heart of slith territory
and getting there will be a tough. Slithzerikai are lizard men who specialize
in spears and javelins. Their mages and priest have a pretty good magic ability
plus they usually leave a wand or alchemy ingredients when you kill them.

Grah-Hoth is the demon chieftain that used to live in Avernum. But luckily he
was trapped by several mages and warriors trapped him into a bottle and sealed
away forever. Too bad you're going to free him again...

Getting Started: The only thing you will need for this mission will be the
royal token that you got from the mayor at Formello. To get started you'll need
to go to the Castle of Avernum. It isn't really hard to find because it's the
only one in Avernum. In order to even get in the castle, you must have a high
enough reputation. At this point I had a reputation of 20. But even if you have
a big reputation they wont let you in without a royal token. When you get to
the king talk to him he'll inform you of the location of the evil slith
leader....Sss-Thsss. He is located north on island slith territory. To kill
Sss-Thsss you're going have to get an onyx key. You'll find them in some of the
slith forts. One of them is west of Fort Dranlon and there is another in a
swamp south, southwest of Fort Dranlon.

| Slith Castle |

What You'll Need: An Onyx key and lots and lots of potions and arrows.

You'll know your their when you see a big castle on an island in the slith
territory. You'll also notice two patrols outside the castle. They aren't to
hard but if you decide to fight them, it's just a decent sized fight. Once
inside you'll face one of hardest battles in the game. There are two ways of
getting inside of the slith castle. One of them is to dock your boat in the
dock to the south and enter there or to go through the front gate. You can't
enter through the sides because of the gates blocking them. Either way you'll
end up doing the same thing but the using the boat is a lot faster to get in
and out. If you decide to go through the front than you're in for a long fight
with a large amount of sliths.  I suggest taking out the mages and the priests
first (that way they can't slow you down or heal their friends), using
summoning spells (to even the odds), and use spells that can hit more than one
enemies like lightning spray or ice lances.

First Floor: There is storage and a treasure room with plenty of money and
potions to loot. All the real fun is on the second floor.

Second Floor: This is the floor that you'll find Sss-Thsss. He is in the
northwestern part of this floor. When you get to Sss-Thsss's throne room, a
gate will close and trapping you in that room. There you'll fight Sss-Thsss
along with a couple of buddies he's brought with him. It doesn't matter if you
go for his friends or him either way THEY ARE ALL GOING TO DIE. Sorry I get so
wrapped up when it comes to sliths. Once you've defeated him use the Far Sight
Spell. On your map you'll notice two passages. Take the one on the left first.
This is the Chambers of Sss-Thsss. Here you'll find some wine, Control Foes
level 3, and a fine slith spear. Then head to the door to the right and to use
Unlock Doors spell to open it. Turn the wheel and then head to the other secret
passage to the north. You should now be able to cross the bridge and then enter
the treasure room. Once you've done this you can leave and collect you reward
from the king.

Before you go on to the next section, head to Fort Remote. There is nothing
really important at Fort Remote but just take a look around and leave. You'll
understand in the next section.


Once you return to the Castle. Talk to the king about killing Sss-Thsss. He
will reward you and as you leave the king's throne room the unthinkable
happens......DEMONS! They've just attacked Fort Remote. Talk to the king and
he'll tell you to investigate. Once in Fort Remote you'll see the devastation
caused by the demons and closer inspection shows that Grah-Hoth is back and is
striking back from his prison. You'll get three options in the encounter with
Grah-Hoth either way you'll end up fighting a horde of demons, mung demons and
imps. Demons are kind of hard because of their magic ability but the Mung
Demons are twice as hard. Imps can be smacked around easily so don't worry
about them. Mung Demons will use dumfound ray and it will dumfound your magic
users that will cause the temporary loss of there magic points and the loss
their spells. This battle will be long since most of your magic will be
disabled so have a lot of haste potions and etc.

After the battle, head to the Castle and speak to the king. He'll tell of
Grah-Hoth and tell you that he is hidden in a place called Skarragath.
Skarragath is where Grah-Hoth is supposed to be imprisoned for eternity.
Spirits to make sure no one can free Grah-Hoth guards it. You can't just head
to Skarragath right away without completing a few quests and getting an item
called the Blessed Athame.

To start you'll need the go to Grah-Hoth's old stomping grounds, Akhronath.
Akhronath used to be the main fort of Grah-Hoth when he ruled Avernum and some
of his followers are still waiting for some uninvited guests to greet.

Why head to Akhronath? Because it has an Empire Royal Seal that you'll need
later on that is extremely important.  To get started you must first head to
the Patrick the mage's tower which is located south of Blosk. He'll tell you
that his wife is sick and the only thing to cure is some graymold salve. This
is how you find it: you'll have to get a boat and go straight north up a river
from Sss-Thsss's castle. Keep going until you see a lone eye beast. The
graymold is right on an island north of it. Once you've located the graymold
salve, head to Patrick's Tower to heal his wife. He will then tell you to
search his journal. It will contain phrase that you'll need later and to go to
the castle to get a gold key. The gold key will help you get into Akhronath.
Head to the castle, grab the gold key, look in the in the southern part of the
castle in a jail cell, and go to Akhronath.

Where is Akhronath? It is in the middle of a lava pit west of the Tower of
Magi. You should use Safe Travel or the Orb of Thranli to avoid being hurt by
the lava. Inside Akhronath there will be lots of undead, spirits, imps, and
especially demons. Repel Spirit spell at level 3(Note: it must be at level 3 to
effect demons) and the DEMONSLAYER (if you have it) will come in handy.
Remember the thing your after is the Royal Seal so don't leave Akhronath until
you get it. You will also find an Obsidian Spear (2-20+4 damage nothing
special). When you get to the top you'll notice you a room that you can't get
into. There is a wheel that requires the gold key to turn use Far Sight and you
should be able to see the secret room with the wheel in it. It is located on
the northern side of the Akhronath. Once you have done that a room will open up
and the Royal Seal is in there. Once you decide to take the Royal Seal then a
lot of Mung demons will attack you. Cast haste's and blesses immediately
because the Mung demons will dumbfound and slow your characters along with
summoning a lot of weak creatures to slow their impending death.

Now that you've gotten the Royal Seal, it's time to go to the Tower of Magi. If
you haven't noticed most of the people there are freaked out about a demon they
summoned and are holding captive. It's n-not any ordinary demon it's...it's a
HAAKAI LORD!! It's named Adze-Haakai. He is in a secret laboratory within the
Tower of Magi. You'll also find THE BLESSED ATHAME hidden there as well. You'll
need the Blessed Athame later on to free the mighty Grah-Hoth. If you're
anxious to beat the Haakai Lord, then you'll have to find a wizard named
Solberg. First find a wizard apprentice at the southern part of the tower and
he will tell you how to find Solberg. He is located around the lava pits around
Formello. Solberg will give you a crystal key in order to get to the Haakai
Lord in the Tower of Magi. Solberg will also mention an onyx scepter that you
can also find in the Tower of Magi. Grab the key then leave but don't forget to
search the area and his tower for some goodies. Head back to the Tower of
Magi's secret lab and search for a secret passage, after a long find with minor
demons, you'll reach the ADZE-HAAKAI!! He's not that hard just circle him and
gang up on him and leave on person with spell points to heal and etc. In the
box near Adze you'll find the Black Scepter that will be useful later.

| Unleash The Beast |

Now it's time. Time to free Grah-Hoth himself. Grah-Hoth is imprisoned in
Skarragath. It is located at southwest of the capital of the Abyss. Make sure
you have the Blessed Athame before you even think of coming here.  Once you
enter you'll notice that the guards are all spirits and one lich. You can talk
to the lich if you want but their more important things to do. You need to find
the wheels to open the gates that lead to Grah-Hoth's true prison. One of them
is toward the north and the other is to the south. You'll need to pull both of
them in order to get to Grah-Hoth. When you open the gates all the spirits and
the lich will attack you only to prevent you from freeing Grah-Hoth. Aim for
the lich because it can summon more spirits to make the battle harder. In the
prison of Grah-Hoth, you'll fight guardians (invisible warriors who are very
hard to kill) encounter golems (also very hard to kill), black shades (these
are invisible spell casters that take forever to kill). This is only if you
don't turn off the defenses by entering a hidden room located southwest.  The
bottle Grah-Hoth is kept is in the northern part of the tower. Walk up to
pedestal and free Grah-Hoth. You will take some damage and it will attempt to
poison you and, after talking with Grah-Hoth, you'll gain 50 exp points.

AHHHHHHHH! Is what you'll say when you return to Skarragath  (Well maybe).
Demons, Imps and a Haakai will be will be left behind by Grah-Hoth after
destroying Skarragath. Haakai's have the highest level in priest and mage
spells so watch out. Their is an imp their as well who will tell you where
Grah-Hoth's fort is.

| Grah-Hoth's Fortress |

If you don't have the Orb of Thranli, stop, and go get it, (Note: Walkthrough
for it in the artifacts section) without it you can't get into Grah-Hoth's
tower. When you manage to get to Grah-Hoth's territory, you'll fight demons
that are guarding the entrance to his territory.  Skeletal Warriors are the new
enemies introduced here. They are a lot stronger than the normal skeletons.
Once you find the tin key you'll get further into Grah-Hoth's fortress. You'll
see imps around that are somewhat friendly, tell them that you plan on killing
Grah-Hoth, and they will tell you to talk to another imp called Tyoarick. He
will tell you of a secret passage they didn't seal up to the east of a
storeroom in the east wall. While traveling the secret passage you'll have to
jump some of the way down and encounter some undead baddies. At the end of the
passage you'll need a hammer to break the wall but if you don't have one you
can find a hammer in the storeroom to the north. Once you get past the wall,
you'll enter the demonic chambers and be prepared for ALOT of demons and mung
demons wait. On the plus side, you'll find a Mind Crystal. If you want to avoid
the headache of fighting a lot of demons, then head straight and you should see
an opening. Head north and Grah-Hoth's throne room waits (Note: Be sure to cast
beast ceremony if you have it). You'll find Grah-Hoth, a Haakai, and a lot of
demons and skeletons. Aim for Grah-Hoth and your troubles with all of
Grah-Hoth's friends will vanish. Grah-Hoth looks like Adze-Haakai and he shoots
fire at your characters plus he does a lot of damage. Watch out for Mung Demons
and the Haakai but you should really pay all your attention on Grah-Hoth. Once
you've killed Grah-Hoth, pat yourself on the back, and then head east to
Grah-Hoth's treasure room.  DON'T TOUCH THE BOXES!! They will kill you as soon
as you open them. You'll some rare items lying around though, including a steel
halberd. Once you've looted it leave and you've just completed the first
mission. Don't forget to get your reward from the king.

||| 9. Mission Two - Escape From Avernum |||

This mission is to find an exit to the surface world. There are many things to
do in this mission. You'll be running all over Avernum retrieving items and
completing quests. Trust me there be a lot of treasure and tons more experience
in this mission to get so lets get started.
 After the defeat of Grah-Hoth, it's time to get to the surface world. How? By
joining the Scimitar, of course. The Scimitar is an underground group who plan
on taking out the Empire and setting everyone free from Avernum. To start first
by talking to Malka, who is at the Dhramon Inn, then go to Royce who is in the
Blosk Inn, and finally the innkeeper of Bargha. He will tell you the password
to enter the Scimitar underground base. Once you find the Scimitar base (Hint:
It's in Bargha), they will give you a mission to complete. It's not very
hard...just destroy an Empire communications orb. There will be a portal puzzle
to solve (Hint: just touch the rune twice in a hidden room), a few empire
soldiers, and a lot of gremlins. When you get to the orb, destroy and don't
look into it. On the good side you'll find lightning spray level 3 and a
blessed spear.

The exit to the surface is guarded by Sulfras the Dragon. His tower is located
in the northern part of the caves past Fort Remote. Sulfras is the strongest of
all the dragons so don't think about going for his treasure. Anyways, in order
to get past his tower, you're going to have to get Pyrog the Silver Circlet and
the Black Scepter. You should have gotten the black scepter from the Tower of
Magi already but the Silver Circlet is another story.

| Silver Circlet |

The Silver Circlet was brought down from the First Expedition but know one
knows what it can do. I guess Pyrog wants to know what it does, so this is how
to get it. First start off by talking to a man named Scab who lives in Spire
(the capital of the Abyss). He will ask you to go through the arena twice and
then he will tell you the two things on how to get it. First a key to the west
of the town and his friend, Asp, can be found in the inn, in Corta. Once you
get back to Spire, you'll need to locate Meena's bedchambers. Right next to it
you'll find the room with the Circlet in it. There will be three guardians in
there though. Don't tell Meena you stole it or she'll attack you.

By now you should have met up with Erika, the most powerful mage in Avernum. In
order to get there you'll need two things: The five brooches and the four-part
password. I listed them below but before you start looking for the four-part
password talk to Erika.
Here are the locations to the four-part password.

First Part: Athron the Dragon knows it. Her lair is located in the Honeycomb.
The Honeycomb is basically a maze with a few creatures and such roaming around.
It is located west of Mertis and getting there is just the easy part.
Second Part: It is located in the northern most islands of Avernum. A hermit,
named Aimee, in a house all by herself has it.
Third Part: Talk to Patrick the mage and he'll give it to you.
Fourth Part: Just ask Erika for it.
Once you've gotten both of the items, it's time to move one past Sulfras's

| The Final Gauntlet |

The name "Final Gauntlet" suits this dungeon very well. You'll be fighting a
lot giants, golems, and undead. Not to mention the puzzles to solve. Good thing
you have a your trusty walkthrough to aid you through this dungeon.

As you walk in a giant will attack you. Don't head north because it is a trap
instead head west from where the giant came from. As you enter that room, a
voice will ask you for the four-part password and to perform the ritual of
safety. I did have the password but I didn't know the ritual. In a matter of
fact, their is no ritual of saftey so, if you have the password, just keep
going. ( This was pointed out to me by Carney2K, thanks!!)

As you continue, you'll see a bridge. Don't cross it yet, you need to pull a
wheel that is located southwest of it. Take the western passage and battle you
way up past cave giants. On the fourth level you'll find some elixirs and on
the third you'll find a passage that will lead to a room full of magic
barriers. If you haven't noticed the giants are behind the barriers so you can
hit them with arrows and spells and they cant do anything about it. }:) Turn
the wheel, its important. Exit out to the secret passage to the southeastern
part of that room. This is the hard part. You'll have to pull switches that,
you can't see because of the darkness, and you have to fight golems and undead
as your going. (Tip: An easy way to see the surroundings when everlasting
darkness is present is to cast light during battle mode. You'll see the what's
around you and any enemies approaching. ). You're going to have to pull some
switches in a certain order to open up passages to other switches. I will leave
this one up to you. (I can't spoil all the fun.) Once you've completed this
puzzle, head north, and you've just completed the second mission. Walk in the
portal and leave. Now it's time to head on to the third mission.

| Other Things Important Things To Do |

Find the five brooches, the royal seal and talk to Aydin. Accomplishing these
to tasks is important for the next mission. If you've been following my
walkthrough you probably got the Royal seal already. (Note: If not, check the
artifact section) The brooches along with the royal seal are used for
teleportation. Don't worry you'll find out more about this later. Aydin used to
be an Empire mage who got sent into Avernum. He is now looking for revenge and
you to help him.

Here are the locations to all of the brooches:

Malachite Brooch: It's located in the Friendly Spider Cave. In order to get it
you must free a spider from the areana's in the arena cave.
Pearl Brooch: Can be found in the cave of ghosts and zombies that are plaguing
Platinum Brooch: In order to get this brooch, you must first talk to a prisoner
held in Drahmon. She will tell you of her partner who stole a brooch. He is
hiding behind the church in Mertis. To get the brooch from him, you'll have to
buy it for 100 hundred gold.
Chalcedony Brooch: You'll have to take out Pyrog the dragon to get this one.
Ivory Brooch: It's in Mortax's lair in the part with the fire lizards in it.

Once you've gotten all the brooches, head to back to the northern islands
(Remote Islands). There, if you haven't noticed already, is a tower that you
can't get into because of a barrier that kills you. A pool that will give you
enlightenment in order to get passed the barrier but do it quickly because the
enlightenment wears off after a while. Once inside find Aydin. Aydin will teach
you how to get passed the trap in a tower called Black Spire. He also gives you
some directions to it. (Better take note of it.) When you're done talking to
him, talk to Josie on how to get out of their alive.

||| 10. Mission Three - Revenge on the Empire |||

Now that you've gotten the brooches and the seal, you can move on to the final
mission. You should get rid of most of your useless items and bring lots of
arrows and TONS of potions. This will be the BIGGEST and HARDEST battle in the
whole game. The goal of the mission is to kill the evil King Hawthorne. He is
the one responsible for sending everyone into Avernum but, before you go after
him, you'll need to do a few things.

Head to the Scimitar headquarters, if you joined, and tell Rogow that you've
found the exit to the surface world. You won't get anything but at least tell
her. Most importantly tell Erika because she'll let you see some of her spells
tomes and the instructions on how to get revenge on the Empire.  Don't forget
to return the Dragon Scroll to Khoth the dragon as well. He will teach you a
ritual that will be important in this mission. (Note: If you don't have it
check the artifacts section). With the instructions Aydin gave you it's time to
move on to.........

| Black Spire |

Now got to the tower that Aydin described which is called Black Spire. Once
inside you'll fight Black Shades. They are invisible spell casters that are
extremely annoying because they are invisible. They will constantly summon
smaller creatures but nothing you can't handle. You must place the seal in a
painting in the northern part of Black Spire. (You have to talk to Aydin to
accomplish this.) Then turn the wheel and head onto another tower. (Hint: Use
Far Sight)

| Tower of Barriers |

This tower is called the Tower of Barriers. As soon as you walk in, you'll be
attacked by a group of demons and imps. In the center of the tower you'll find
two talking statues. After talking with both of them you'll find out about the
wards. The wards are the barriers that Khoth put up. Once you walk up to them
and if you know Khoth's ritual, you'll get past them.
You'll notice a fountain nearby but be warned that first and second time you
drink from the fountain you lose 2 dexterity points. The third time you gain 5
dexterity and are healed. After that it does nothing. This info was submitted
by ekiM.

Follow that passage; you will encounter some demons, until you get to the end.
Step on the platform in the lava and Erika will come and when you're ready
she'll transport you to the surface.

| Final Bout |

Before I came here most of my characters were at level 30. It's not important
I'm just bragging. Anyway, this is the final fight of the game. DO NOT HEAD
WEST! That is the exit to the castle and you'll be overwhelmed and killed if
you leave. Head east and keep going until eventually you'll get to the main
throne room where you'll meet King Hawthorne plus hordes of soldiers. (Note:
Try not to explore any of the rooms in the castle because there is nothing
really in them).  As you move on more and more royal guards will come from
behind and attack you. Once you're inside the throne room, the king, royal
mages and royal guards, and some golems are waiting for you. Before you enter
King Hawthorne's throne room cast Battle Ceremony, it will help a lot. The
Royal mages will be the headache of this battle because they have all the
strongest spells and most spells don't do a lot of damage to them. Plus they
always love to cast summoning spells to get in your way. The royal guards are
tougher than most guards and they have top of the line armor and weapons.
Luckily, if don't have any strong armor, you'll find Steel Plate Mail King
Hawthorne is a different story. He has a lot of HP and can cast some spells
along with some resistances to some spells. Try to get your strongest fighter
close enough to do some damage to him or hit him with arrows from afar.  Once
you defeated him, you may leave with the satisfaction that you've beaten the

Once you've beaten the game, you are left free to do whatever you want to in
Avernum. This is mainly to let you discover new things and finish some of the
smaller quests. For more on this check my "Fun with Avernum Section ".

||| 11. Artifacts and Special Items |||
Here are all of the special artifacts and special items that can be found in
the game. They are put into no particular order. More will be added later.

| Orb of Thranli |
This item enables you to fly and it is very important. Some places you can't
even get into without it. To get it first head to the Waterfall maze called
Waterfall warren. It is west of Fort Dranlon. Start from the sign that says
Water Fall Warren.  Head south one, Go 5 west, 1 south and down a waterfall,
then 1 south, 3 east, 3 south, 3 east, 1 south and down another waterfall, 2
south, 5 west, 1 south and down the waterfall. Keep heading roughly south.
After the second waterfall, the dungeon you're looking for is to the east. Once
inside that dungeon, head north but be warned that their are basilisks that
will turn your characters into stone. I recommend giving your priest a crystal
shield that can prevent them from being turned into stone. Once at the northern
part of this dungeon, you'll find the Orb of Thranli plus you'll see a tomb as
well. Inside of it you'll fight Vengeful Shades and a lich. Liches are undead
priests with the highest levels of priest spells and I have seen some use mage
spells as well. Once you've defeated them, search the books on pedestals and
you'll get the first mage and priest spells at level 2. You'll also find a few
goodies when you use Far Sight and search the northern parts of that room.

| Dragon Scroll |
This is a scroll, owned by Khoth the dragon that was stolen by the empire. It
really has no value to you but Khoth will give will teach you a ritual that
will be useful later on. You can find this in a secret empire fort located
south of the giant's fort.

| DemonSlayer |
The Demonslayer is a sword, brought down by Karzoth, leader of the First
Expedition of Avernum. It's also my favorite weapon :).  Unfortunately he was
slain by a Haakai Lord and the sword was broken into three pieces. I highly
recommend you find all of the pieces because it's one of the strongest weapons
in the game and it will make fighting those demons allot easier. Here are the
locations of all three pieces.

Demon Slayer Pommel: The Nephil have it. It is located north of Corta in a
Nephil fort
Demon Slayer Tip: Slith temple in a swamp south west of the fort that is south
of Fort Dranlon
Demon Slayer Blade: Crypt of Drath - Located in the Scree Pits

Crypt of Drath
This isn't a real hard dungeon just a lot of undead. You'll need a lot of
energy potions for repel spirit and light spells.  Also bring some lamps and
torches just in case your mage's run out of light spells. In the Crypt of Drath
you'll need the Far Sight Spell/Automap will be you because their is
everlasting darkness and light spells won't work in some areas. It will be all
worth it because you'll get the Demon Slayer tip. By now you should have all of
the Demon Slayer. Head to Fort Draco and talk to Boutel the Blacksmith. He will
repair the Demon slayer for free and you can keep it.

| Silver Circlet |
The Silver Circlet was brought down from the First Expedition but know one
knows what it can do. I guess Pyrog wants to know what it does, so this is how
to get it. First start off by talking to a man named Scab who lives in Spire
(the capital of the Abyss). He will ask you to go through the arena twice and
then he will tell you the two things on how to get it. First a key to the west
of the town and his friend, Asp, can be found in the inn, in Corta. The key is
guarded by a bunch of spiders but it shouldn't be too much trouble. Once you
get back to Spire, you'll need to locate Meena's bedchambers. Right next to it
you'll find the room with the Circlet in it. There will be three guardians in
there though. Don't tell Meena you stole it or she'll attack you and the whole
town will be against you.

| Brooches |
The five brooches are used in order to teleport to the surface.
1. Malachite Brooch
It's located in the Friendly Spider Cave. In order to get it you must free a
spider from the areana's in the arena cave. The spider is located towards the
back of the arena cave.
2. Pearl Brooch
Can be found in the cave of ghosts and zombies that are plaguing Mertis. Be
sure you have the dispel barrier spell.
3. Platinum Brooch. In order to get this brooch, you must first talk to a
prisoner held in Drahmon. She will tell you of her partner who stole a brooch.
He is hiding behind the church in Mertis. To get the brooch from him, you'll
have to buy it for 100 hundred gold.
4. Chalcedony Brooch you'll have to take out Pyrog the dragon to get this one.
5. Ivory Brooch is in Mortax's lair in the part with the fire lizards in it.

| Spider Queen Fangs |
You'll find them in the huge areana cave west of the smaller Areana Cave. It's
hidden very well so start looking. You won't get to use them but you will get
rewarded when you give it to Phyella in Fort Draco. She lives right behind the
alchemy shop. She will give you some Shadow Leather (1-4 +3 damage nothing
special) that is good for your mages that can't cast with heavy armor.

| Blessed Athame |
This is another weapon that was brought down from the first expedition. The
Blessed Athame is a small knife that has the reputation of cutting through
anything. You'll find this in the secret laboratory in the Tower of Magi.
You'll need this to free Grah-Hoth from his prison.

| Royal Seal |
You'll need to head to Akhronath which is in the middle of a lava pit west of
the Tower of Magi. Before you go to Akhronath you'll have to get the gold key
from Patrick. The royal seal is located in the northern corner of Akhronath.
The seal is used along with the brooches to teleport to the surface world.

| Crown Token |
You get this from the mayor of New Formello. After you return her necklace to
her from the Nephil. The Crown Token allows you to see the king of Avernum.

| Keys |
These are all of the keys and their uses in the game listed in no particular

Bronze Key - This is used to open the Nephil temple door in the huge Nephil
fortress. This can be found in the smaller Nephil cave near Fort Dunvo.
Stone Key - This is found in an old battlefield near Mortax's lair.
Onyx Key - This key is used to get into the second floor of the Slith Castle.
This can be found in the fort south of Fort Dranlon.
Diamond Key - This was around the neck of the mighty Pyrog.
Gold Key - This key is found in a hidden room in the castle. It is used to turn
a wheel in Akhronath.
Tin Key - This is used to open the docks that the giants were guarding. You can
find it in the giant's castle that is terrorizing the people of Bargha.
Bone Key - This key will give you easy access to Erika's tower. Ask Erika for
Black Iron Key - This will help you get around in Grah-Hoth's castle. You'll
get it off a demon in Grah-Hoth's castle.

||| 12. Fun With Avernum |||
Now that you've beaten the game, what now? There is plenty to do in Avernum
after you've beaten the game. In this section I listed all the things you could
do after the game and some of the special events during the game.

| Dragon's Treasure |
Alright you've heard plenty about legendary dragon treasure now it's time to go
and get some. Here is a list of what dragons you can fight and get their
treasures and trust me it's worth it. And if you're feeling a little guilt,
don't because they weren't going to use it anyway. }:)(Warning: Your reputation
goes down for each dragon you kill.)

She is probably the easiest. She is all by herself and theirs no one to help
her out. Cast Beast Ceremony and maybe even Divine Warrior on your fighter(s).
Have your fighter(s) attack her while your spell casters are far from Athron
but not too far. Keep drilling her with spells and such and eventually she'll
die. Head west from where she once stood. You'll encounter several traps on the
chests but that's it. The items you'll find are: Scroll of Bitter Loss, Blessed
Large Shield, and a Ring of Great Health. The ring is the only thing worth
killing Athron for.

Why would you want to kill the kindest dragon? For the treasure of course. So
if you're crazy enough to try to kill him, here is how to do it.  You should
kill Mortax before looking for his treasure. This will be a hard battle because
everyone their will attack including the hard to kill guards. If you manage to
pull it off head to secret passage, it's south of Mortax's bed past a secret
passage, follow the water path, and then enjoy the treasure.

A fellow Avernum player, PantherShadow, says "It is possible to steal Motrax's
treasure without making anyone mad. Just walk up to the traps (in as straight a
line as you can get) and enter combat mode. Then, leave combat mode. Your party
should move a few spaces forward. do this until you reach the boat. You'll
still have to kill the statue, but Motrax and his friends won't know you did

Khoth has no treasure and you would be a fool to try to steal Sulfras's

| Erika |
Well you've noticed that Erika has many items laying around but you're too
scared to take any. Don't be afraid, she can't turn hostile since she is so
important. You can hit her with spells and such and she won't turn hostile. I
bet you didn't know that!!

| Spire |
This is the capital of the Abyss filled with people that couldn't behave in
Avernum. If you got sick of their attitudes the first time you came, then it's
time for you to set them straight. Once inside head to the mayor's office in
the northern corner of the town. First cast Beast Ceremony, talk to the mayor,
Meena, and tell her you stole her circlet. She'll call the guards on you and
the town will become hostile. Killing Meena is no harder than turning on your
computer but the guards are another story. They have lots of HP and use the top
of the line arrows but, if your party is strong, you'll kill them in no time.
Luckily there are no mages to deal with and the townsfolk fall like dominos.
Once you've killed all the guards, feel free to loot everything. }:) You'll
find potions, coins, and a large amount of steel bolts. To bad you can't kill
those guards that run around begging for money.

| The Royal Treasury |
This is one of the most evil act you could try. Stealing from the people your
trying to save. Well if you have no problem with it then the treasury is
located in the southern corner of the castle. After you get past the magic
barriers, the ur-basilisks, and the locked doors, you'll get to the treasure.
You'll see two treasure chests. Inside you'll find some boots of speed and 5000
coins. If you took the boots than you'll get away without any trouble but if
you took the coins, you are in for some BIG trouble. The whole castle will turn
hostile and chances of getting out alive will be incredibly slim.

| Adventures for Hire |
Tired of looking at those old party members? Looking for new party member? Well
here is a list of adventures that you can be found throughout Avernum. These
adventures come with 5 skill points each but they don't have any Character
Traits. To make up for this they have a unique special skill and specialize in
a certain skill.

Andrew - Located in Corta
Level 5
He will join you if you have a decent reputation.
Stats: He has a lot of tool use skill. He has some useful special skills like
pathfinder and resistance. Overall, he's all right if you need another party

Sabrina - Located in Blosk
Priest level 15
This priest will only join you if you kill the Chasm Drake that is to the west
of Fort Remote.
Stats: She has some useful special skills, high first aid and arcane lore, and
high priest spells. But is she worth going in a killing a cave full of

Jay - Located in the inn at Silvar
Fighter/Ranged level 3
Stats: Despite the fact that Jay demands 100 coins before joining you, he is a
good fighter who is also good with ranged weapons.

| Other Options |
Now that you've tried your might against the dragons, you should try beating
the game on the hardest level. It should be a real challenge that should hold
you but if you want to try another great game try Avernum 2.

||| 13. Special Events |||
As the months go by in Avernum, special events occur during them. These are a
list of events that happened during the time I was playing Avernum. Some of
these are out of order, sorry. :(

1st of Any Month - The crypt door opens

Remembrance 1 - Avernum's Birth. The anniversary of the day the first exiles
arrived in Avernum. Traditionally spent in study and contemplation. Training
doesn't cost any gold.

Ice Fall 1 - Low Ailment
All melee attacks do half damage

Frost 29 - Battle Eve
This is the anniversary of when the mages defeated of Grah-Hoth.
Effect: All spells are cheaper.

Evermoon 3 - The Terror
This is a day that is terrorized by rampaging monsters. Nobody knows why
Effect: More wandering monsters.

Suncome 15th - High Alignment
A good day to start a fight.
Effect: All melee attacks do double damage

Radiane 1 - ???
Day when Fort Draco opens.
Effect: None

Radiane 14 - Day of Recall
Aaahhh a day of to remember all the good things in life. Too bad all stores are
Effect: All shops are closed.

||| 14. Thanks, My Faqs, The List & The Warning! |||

| Thanks |
Thanks to everyone who reads this FAQ.
Thanks to ekiM for submitting the Khoth info.
Thanks to everyone who asked to use this FAQ. ^_^
Thanks to PantherShadow for submitting some more dates and an extra hero for
Thanks to Carney2K for providing me with info on the ritual of safety.
Thanks to KevlarKid for giving some secrets and dates to fix.
Thanks to J. Takano for submiting the full special events calender.
Thanks to Ginny for submitting a tip.

| My FAQs |

Here are all of the FAQs I've made!!!
You can check them out at:

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| The List |
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| Warning |
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you want to use this FAQ for your website you must ask my permission, email me
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