Exile III: Ruined World FAQ Version 4.15
Last updated on 11/13/2003
Started on 10/22/99 by Earthshaker ([email protected])
Copyright 1999-2003 by Earthshaker

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Exile III: Ruined World is copyright Jeff Vogel and Spiderweb Software.

1. Revision history
2. Introduction
3. The Basic Story
4. Skills of Characters
5. Traits of Characters ^UPDATED^
6. Creating a Party ^UPDATED^
7. The Status Menu
8. Go forth, ye adventurers! ^NEW^
9. Plague Hunters ^Still not updated, sorry.^
10. Artifact Quests ^UPDATED^
11.Hard to Kill Monsters
12.Mage Spells
13.Priest Spells
14.Alchemy and its Many Uses
15.Magical Fields
16.The Editor
19.Repeat Warning!

=============================1.Revision History==============================

11/13/03 Version 4.15- Well, here it is.  I put it off for long enough, but
here's the update y'all have waited for.  For once, I'm actually going to
start off the walkthrough!  ...Of course, it'll be forever until I finish it,
since I am now in my sophomore year of college with too many science courses
to count.  Things new this update:
-A very small start to the walkthrough.
-Three of the other artifacts NAMED (not fully explained, though...)
-An email change
-A question added in the FAQ section.
-Several changes added to Traits and Creating a Party (Recuperation is not
 as godly as I once thought it was :-\)
-Argh fibble pwent.  (Sorry, Vodka + Coke tastes terrible!)
-Various cosmetic changes.
More will come as I play it again.  Hey, give me a break, it's been three
long years and I need a refresher :P

9/10/00 Version 4.1- I'm being blown away by the amount of info Edward Lacey
is sending me!  He has helped me through the artifact quests and the golem
plague, as well as providing so much other valuable information (I never knew
the Dispel Barrier spell worked for those machines!)  This is a rather small
update, but I will post many of his other contributions next time I update
(much is going on around here.  A teacher's strike, 30 hours of work a week,
etc. etc., so I haven't had much time to do anything of my own free time.)

New to this update:
Several FAQ questions
Two more Artifact Quests added.
Random additions here and there (i.e. Rakshasi are now known to be demons.)

6/28/00 Version 4.0- Summer is good.  Very good.  Well, I'm having trouble
putting the golem plague into words, so I'm skipping it for now, because,
after all, it IS optional. In addition, I've "spiced up" the spaces in
between sections to make them look nicer.  And, finally, I've added two new
sections: FAQ and Artifact Quests

4/9/00 Version 3.11- This is just a reminder, I am still alive!  Whenever
there is a big boom of video games, I just never go on my computer, that's
all.  And I shall put a major notice here and in the introduction... YOU MUST
as updates for this, only a few minor changes including a thanks section due
to help from certain readers.

1/26/00 Version 3.1- Just a minor update.  Two new websites, and one new
monster in the Hard to Kill Monsters section.  One notice: now that I have
seven websites on my list, I have decided that no more may post this.  If you
ask for permission, I will ignore it.  Sorry!

1/16/00 Version 3.0- Happy new millenium!  After a long month of playing all
my new video games, I'm finally back for updates.  Lots of new things this
updates.  1.  A correction of a website already here.   2.  A new website
this can be located at has been added.  3.  The Plague Hunters section has
been updated.
4. A new section called Hard to Kill Monsters has been created.  And, as
usual, minor changes (for example, the wizard in Plague Two has been

12/3/99 Version 2.5- Oof, I've been preparing too much for Thanksgiving and
Christmas, plus my brother came home for college, so I basically didn't get
the computer for three weeks :-D.  Anyway, here I am with yet another update
on the Plague Hunters section, plus a new Status Menu section.

11/11/99 Version 2.1- Added Plague Two in the Plague Hunters section.

11/9/99 Version 2.0- Whew, got a little behind there.  In this update I have
A. Added a new Creating a Party section
B. Added a new section on how to defeat the monster plagues
C. Changed www.planetinternet.be/~twuyts to home.planetinternet.be/~twuyts.  Sorry!
D. Fixed the idiotic mistake of forgetting to change which version of the FAQ
this was on top, on the very first line.  Oops!
E. Minor typographical errors fixed. (I.E. The spaces in between paragraphs
in this section.)
One thing is for certain... the Plague Hunters chapter will be (VERY) gradually
replaced by a more specific walkthrough.

10/30/99 Version 1.5- Added the Skills and Traits sections.  Also, minor typo
changes.  On a side note, I have decided that in the following versions, I
will publish pieces of the basic walkthrough rather than dumping it all down
at once; I don't have enough time otherwise.  One more thing... I have made
this FAQ accessible to three other websites, just so you know.

10/27/99 Version 1.2- Added an alchemy section and a magical fields section.
Also, I've noticed that when this document is converted to the .txt format on
GameFAQs, the automatic numbering system of Microsoft Word causes a major tab
in between the number and the first word.  Due to this, I have shut off the
automatic numbering system.

10/22/99 Version 1.0- Began this FAQ.  This will include only the magic
spells, the editor walkthrough, and the list of commands.  I am already
writing the walkthrough itself, but I don't see fit to write it until I'm


OK.  I just beat Exile III on the 21st of October, 1999, exactly two months
and three days after I registered it and the editor and started a new game.
I decided to write this FAQ mainly because it has been two to three weeks
since I requested help on it, but didn't receive any.  Ah well, maybe someone
will appreciate it.

Minor advertising time!  You can download a demo of ANY of the Exile games
FREE from http://www.spidweb.com.  However, you'll be cut off from certain areas
until you register (Past Almaria in Exile I, A little bit into Chapter 3 in
Exile II, and past the southern rim of Valorim in Exile III.)  These demos
come complete with the unregistered version of the editor as well.  However,
you must register this game in order to play it fully, but I WILL NOT GIVE

============================3. The Basic Story===============================

(As quoted from the help file)
IMPORTANT!  If you wish to play the first two Exile games, this whole story
is, in terms of the plot, a SPOILER!  Skip to section 4 if you don't wish to
read it.

    The surface world is ruled by the Empire. That's what it's called. The
Empire. Not the Empire of Something, or the Something Empire. Just the
Empire. It's understandable. There's no need for elaborate names when there's
only one game in town.

    For many years, the Empire, in its arrogance, banished everyone it felt
didn't fit in. Eccentrics, petty criminals, malcontents, they were all
regarded as undesirable by the Empire. And, for many years, these unwanted
citizens were sent into Exile.

    Exile was not just a status, however. It was (and is) an actual place.
Exile is a network of hundreds of miles of caves and tunnels, forming an
enormous, weblike labyrinth of warrens under the surface of the world. Kept
lit by magic, fed by fungus, and populated by the unending stream of humans
(and humanoids) from the surface, the people of Exile struggled by as best
they could for many years.

    When Exile was established, however, the Empire, complacent and arrogant,
made its greatest mistake. It sent down several mages, powerful mages, who
were on the wrong side of a political struggle. The winners, Emperor
Hawthorne and the archmage Garzahd, were confident that sending down these
archmagi would not be a problem. They even thought that maybe their skills
could later be harnessed, once they were beaten down by several years of
rotting in the sunless lands.

They could not have been more wrong.

    Some of the exiled wizards, like Rone, and Solberg, and Patrick, were
content simply building a better life for the Exiles. One of them, however,
was named Erika Redmark. A harsh and vindictive incantatrix, she enlisted a
band of adventurers, made tough by their years below, in a wild, dangerous,
and eventually successful scheme. She wanted to assassinate Hawthorne,
brilliant Emperor of the surface world.

    Five years later, Hawthorne was killed in his own throne room.
The response was immediate, and vicious. First, the portal into Exile was
closed. Nobody was to be sent through. Second, other portals were created in
remote areas of Exile. Soldiers were sent there, the finest soldiers in the
Empire's army. They had one mission: Vengeance. Not one citizen in this
subterranean den of vipers was to escape alive.

    In launching this invasion, however, the Empire made their critical
mistake. They discovered a new, bizarre, humanoid race living even farther
down in the caves - the Vahnatai. These creatures were highly intelligent and
resourceful, and very skilled in the use of crystals for magical deeds. In
fact, they had the ability to take the spirits of their ancestors, and bring
them back in crystalline form. These revered forefathers, the Crystal Souls,
were their spiritual guides, and the beings most revered by their people.

    The Empire, seeing how strange and powerful the Crystal Souls were,
kidnapped three of them. The Vahnatai, appalled by the magnitude of this
crime but unsure of the identity of the perpetrators, attacked Exile.

    Fortunately, aided by the peaceful Vahnatai Bon-Ihrno, a group of bold
Exiles were able to infiltrate the Empire lands, steal the Crystal Souls, and
return them to their rightful owners. In return, the Vahnatai joined forces
with the Exiles, and used their mighty magic to slaughter the Empire troops.
The Empire War finally ended, bloodily and victoriously.

    Aided by Erika Redmark and their new Vahnatai allies, the Exiles built a
mighty teleporter, a magical machine able to send many people in an instant
from the caves to the surface. Exile has slowly and secretly built Upper
Exile, a new network of cave cities just below the surface. The plan - sneak
out and find a way to take from the Empire a chunk of land for Exile to use
as its own. After many years in caves, your people long to see the light of
the sun again.

    Before this can happen, however, much spying and investigation needs to
be done, to find out the state of things on the surface. After much thought,
training, and reflection, a small group of adventurers has been selected to
be the first spies out on the surface - you.

    Your job is to explore, and to find out what's going on. That's all -
simple recon. However, it is entirely possible that events will take an
unexpected course, and that you will become far more enmeshed in affairs on
the surface than anyone expected. The question is: will you be up to it?

===========================4. Skills of Characters===========================

This section will tell of each of the skills a character can obtain.  The
format is...

Cost to train (In Gold)/Cost to train (In skill points)
Maximum level for each skill
Description of the skill
Recommendations on the skill

Let's begin, shall we?

1 Skill Point/10 Gold pieces needed
Maxes out at 200.
The number of this skill determines how many hit points a character has.
Add this skill on last, after you add on everything else.  If anyone with a
low strength has less than 15 in total after that, then subtract from
something else.

1 Skill Point/15 Gold pieces needed
Maxes out at 150
This determines the amount of magic power your characters have.
Obviously, give your mages and priests a lot of this combined with

3 Skill Points/50 Gold pieces needed
Maxes out at 20
This determines a characters brute strength, useful for dealing extra damage
in combat, gaining more health points, increasing the odds of breaking down
locked doors, etc. etc.
Make sure your fighters start out with at least 7 strength, your archers 5,
and your magicians 3, so they can all gain hit points at a decent rate.  As
the levels of your magicians increase, raise this FIRST.

3 Skill Points/50 Gold pieces needed
Maxes out at 20
This determines how quick your character is, and allows it to dodge blows and
thieve more easily.
Start archers with this at least at level 7, fighters at level 6, and mages
at level 4.  This is best used assigned to a Nephil, combined with picking
locks and disarm traps.

3 Skill Points/50 Gold pieces needed
Maxes out at 20
This determines how smart your characters are.  It is mainly used for magic,
but also has a small effect on disarming traps and picking locks.
Give 8 levels to each of your magicians, 4 for your archers, and 1 or 2 for
your fighters.  Hey, they rely on brute strength, do they need to be smart?
As the game progresses, however, raise the intelligence of your fighters so
they can begin to cast magic spells.

2 Skill Points/40 Gold pieces needed
Maxes out at 20
This improves your skills at handling swords, axes, and most of the artifacts
you find around Valorim.
Give this to one of your magicians, and your prime fighter.

2 Skill Points/40 Gold pieces needed
Maxes out at 20
This improves your skills with flails, maces, clubs, hammers, and the
artifact Smite.
Give this to an archer and a priest.

2 Skill Points/40 Gold pieces needed
Maxes out at 20
This allows your character to work better with spears, halberds, and
Give this skill to ONE of your characters, preferably a slith.

1 Skill Points/30 Gold pieces needed
Maxes out at 20
This allows your character to work better with throwing darts, knives,
daggers, razordisks, and lightning rods.
Give this skill to your magicians as a backup skill, just so if they get
caught without magic points, they can still attempt to kill something.

2 Skill Points/50 Gold pieces needed
Maxes out at 20
This improves your character's skill with using bows and crossbows.
Give this to your archer (stupid.)

2 Skill Points/40 Gold pieces needed
Maxes out at 20
This increases your character's ability with armor.
Make sure everyone has at least one or two levels at the beginning of the
game, so they can deal with heavily encumbering armor.

6 Skill Points/250 Gold pieces needed
Maxes out at 7
This determines how high in terms of level you can cast mage spells.  If you
want to cast some of the best spells like Death Arrows, this is a necessity.
This should be your second priority for your mages.

5 Skill Points/250 Gold pieces needed
Maxes out at 7
This determines how high in terms of level you can cast priest spells.  If
you want to cast some of the best spells like Revive All, this is a
As with mages, this should be your second priority for your priests.

1 Skill Point/25 Gold pieces needed
Maxes out at 20
This determines your skill to identify magical tomes, allowing you to gain
more spells.  This is most useful in the Tower of Magi, Ghikra, and the lair
of Khoth.
Spread this around the party, because one character with 12 mage lore is the
same thing as 6 characters with 2 mage lore.

2 Skill Points/100 Gold pieces
Maxes out at 20
This determines your skill at making potions.  The higher the level, the more
successful you are at making potions and the higher the level of the potions
you can make.
Load this on ONE character over the course of the game, preferably your

2 Skill Points/30 Gold pieces needed
Maxes out at 20
This determines how well your character can stop traps from functioning.
Note that some traps automatically activate without the chance of disarming.
Load this skill on to your archer.

1 Skill Point/20 Gold pieces needed
Maxes out at 20
This determines your character's skill at picking open locks on doors.
Load this on to one of your characters, preferably the archer.

4 Skill Points/100 Gold pieces needed
Maxes out at 20
This determines your character's skill at dealing extra damage to a creature
in combat.
Unless you plan on enchanting weapons to flame in the future, give this to
your fighters.

2 Skill Points/80 Gold pieces needed
Maxes out at 20
This determines your character's skill with poisoning a weapon without
accidentally losing the poison or poisoning yourself.
Buy 3-6 levels MAX for your fighters over the course of the game.

5 Skill Points/0 Gold pieces needed
Maxes out at 20
This determines how lucky you are when your character dies.  Oftentimes, your
character will luck out and remain at 0 hp if they get dealt a mortal blow
with high Luck.
Save this skill until your characters are highly built up.

=============================5. Traits of characters.========================

This section describes the races, advantages, and disadvantages you can
choose for your characters.  These traits will have certain effects on the
characters, in addition to setting the amount of experience required to make
a level.  The format goes like so.

Amount of experience added on/subtracted required to make a level
Description of the trait
Recommendation when creating a party.


Does not add or subtract experience required to make a level.
A human is the basic race that you, the player, can relate to.  Humans have
no advantages or disadvantages, but can become powerful fighters.
Recommendation- Create two humans: One as a fighter, one as a mage.

Adds 12% points more experience required to make a level.
A nephil is a cat warrior, very swift but very fragile.  They gain an extra
bonus in dexterity, archery, and thrown weapons when picked.
Recommendation- Create two Nephilim: One as an archer/thief combination, one
as a mage/priest combination.

Adds 20% more experience points required to make a level.
The lizardmen Slithzerikai are tough and smart.  Slithzerikai gain bonuses in
Strength, Intelligence, and Pole Weapons when starting out a new party.
Recommendation- Create two Slithzerikai: One as a pikesman (pole fighter) and
one as a priest.


Adds 10% experience points required to make a level.
Tough characters have thick skin, making them more resistant to damage.
Recommendation- It is generally a good idea to give your two weakest
characters toughness.

Adds 20% experience points required to make a level.
Anyone who has this skill will be much better with magical spells, magelike
or divine.
Recommendation- Give your mages and priests this, obviously.

Adds 8% experience points required to make a level.
Anyone who has this skill is able to hold two weapons at once without having
any penalty on either of them.
Recommendation- Give your sharp weapons fighter this, so he can handle two
wave blades at once when he finds them.

Adds 10% experience points required to make a level.
The possessor of this skill will find him/herself much better at picking
locks and disarming traps.
Recommendation- Give this to your thief/archer.

Adds 4% experience points required to make a level.
This allows you to find hidden paths and other special things in caves.  It
acts much like the Woodsman skill, hidden underground.
Recommendation- Give this to any one character.

Adds 6% experience points required to make a level.
This allows the selected character to find hidden paths and other special
things outdoors.
Recommendation- Give this to any one character.

Adds 10% experience points required to make a level.
This gives your character a high constitution, allowing them to resist poison
and disease better.
Recommendation- Give this to anyone you feel like, if you want.

Adds 7% experience points required to make a level.
This allows your character to resist magical sleep and paralysis.  Also, this
may allow your characters to not be surprised by an attack (as in one town
crawling with Rakshasi if you want to go to sleep...)
Recommendation- Give this to one person in the party.

Adds 12% experience points required to make a level.
This allows your characters to be extra-strong.
Recommendations- Give it to anyone you feel like.

Adds 15% experience points required to make a level.
This allows the selected character to have magic blood.  Such blood allows
them to regain hit points quickly, as if they were wearing rings of
Recommendation- It is not as useful as I once thought it was.  It's not
very cost efficient in terms of EXP points to HP Regen, and healing spells
are not that difficult to come by.  It fits nicely on humans though, having
no penalty for being a superior race.

NOTE: I will not put any recommendations here, because they are all the same.
Allow no characters to have any of them.

Subtracts 10% experience points required to make a level.
This makes the selected character have less action points in combat, as if
they were heavily encumbered.

Subtracts 8% experience points required to make a level.
This makes the selected character unable to use magical items.  Any magical
items equipped will have less effect on that character than a character
without magical ineptness.

Subtracts 8% experience points required to make a level.
This is the direct opposite of Good Constitution: any character with this
will become poisoned and diseased more easily, and have it last for a longer

Subtracts 20% experience points required to make a level
This is the worst disadvantage a character can have.  It will cause that
character to become afflicted with mild disease every so often.

Subtracts 8% experience point required to make a level
This makes the selected character suffer from a bad back, disallowing them to
carry a lot of weight.

==============================6. Creating a Party============================

This section will give an ideal party to begin Exile III: Ruined World with.
These are based on my personal opinions: you may have other ideas.  Keep in
mind that you don't have to create your OWN party as well, the designers came
up with a pre-fabricated one.  If you don't want any of the characters there,
hit the delete button, and then the create button.  One more note.. I'll also
put my two cents in on a good name for the character, in parentheses.

The first character I recommend you create is a fighter (although you can't
choose a class like in some other RPG's, the way you create the characters
are the way they are.  Since the first screen that appears is the traits
screen, make him a human with recuperation, ambidexterity, and high alertness.
This raises his experience required to make a level to 130,
which is a good limit to reach for all of your fighting characters, give or
take 20 points :-D).  Now click the done button: the skills will come up.
Assign the fighter these skills in this order if you wish: Give the fighter
24 health, 7 strength, 5 dexterity, 7 edged weapons, 1 defense, 1 mage lore,
and 1 assassination.  You should be out of skill points now, so click the
keep button. Pick an appropriate graphic for the fighter so you can
distinguish who he is in battle (any human, male or female, holding a sword
is perfect,) and pick a suitable name for a fighter (e.g. Killem.) Click
okay, and your first character has been created!

Now for your pikesman.  Make him a Slithzerikai with toughness and
Exceptional Strength.  This raises the total experience required to make
a level to 146: this is a bit high, but it will do for now. Now, give him
20 health, 6 strength, 8 dexterity (Slithzerikai are slow,) 7 in pole
weapons, 1 in mage lore, and 1 in defense.  Pick one of the two lizardmen
graphics so you can distinguish who it is, and give him a nice lizard-like
name (Thessra was my choice.)  Congratulations, you now have a character that
handles pole weapons well and will also be really strong in terms of offense
AND defense.  (BTW, remember that Slithzerikai gain a bonus in intelligence
and strength, so don't worry about it having a slightly lower than average

Now for the thief!  Make him a Nephil with nimble fingers, toughness, and
good constitution (keeping in mind that Nephilim are a bit
weaker and frail.) This will raise the experience point total to 145, which
is high, but necessary.  Now for the traits.  Give the kitty a five
in strength, 5 in dexterity, 3 in intelligence (it needs some for opening
locks and disarming traps), 5 in bashing weapons, five in archery, 1 in
disarm traps, and 1 in lockpicking.  Give the remaining skill points to
health, and click keep.  I suggest you give it the graphic in the upper right
hand corner (the one with the catman holding the bow) and click done.  Now
pick a name befitting of a cat/thief/both (I named mine Thefpurr.)  Now you
have a kitty to explore the world with! Lucky you.

Time for the magicians!  For the first one, make it a human with
cave lore, woodsman skills, and magical aptness.
This raises the experience points necessary to 140, which isn't all that bad
for a magic user.  Now, give it 14 health, 16 spell points, 3 strength, 6
intelligence, 3 mage spells levels, and 1 mage lore.  Once again, pick an
appropriate graphic of a human wearing robes, and pick a suitable name
(Polgara for me, after a favorite book of mine.)  Congratulations, you now
have a wizard.

Now for a mage, which the phony pocket dictionary I have defines as "an
ancient magic user, skilled in magic of darkness and light." Like the name
implies, this will be trained in both priest and wizard spells. Start off by
making it a Nephil with magical aptness and good constitution, which
raises the total experience to 147.  Now click okay, and give it 16 health,
14 spell points, 2 strength, 6 intelligence, 2 mage spells levels, and two
priest spells levels.  Now that you're done, click on any graphic you choose
(preferably, a catman with a shining hand) and pick a name (Malkil for me).
Now you have a semi-powerful wizard/priest combination!

Finally, make your last character a Slith priest with magical aptness,
bringing it's total up to 144, not bad.  Now, give it 16 health, 14 magic
points, 3 strength, 6 intelligence, 1 bashing weapons, 1 alchemy, and 3
priest spells levels.  Hit keep, pick the appropriate graphic,
and pick a good name (Ontrosse for me.)  Well done, you now have a suitable
party for exploring the world of Valorim and Exile.

A quick reminder, after you start the game any magic users will gain a bonus
in spell points, any Slithzerikai will gain a slight bonus in strength,
intelligence, and pole weapons, and any Nephilim will gain bonuses in
dexterity, thrown missiles, and archery.  Now, onward!

===========================7. The Status Menu================================

This section will describe the status menu, which shows everything you
need to know about your characters.  It is divided into three main sections:
the character screen, the inventory screen, and the messages screen.  Lets
cover the first part first.  This section will tell you everything you need
to know about your characters; in addition, on the bottom portion, the
current amount of food, gold, and the day is shown.  In the white window
itself, you'll see your six character names along with the amount of hit
points and magic points.  Also next to your character name will appear any
changes in status you may have, which I will describe right now.

shows that the PC is slowed, and on every other combat turn, will miss out
his or her chance to attack.

that the PC is at normal speed, meaning that it will receive the normal
amount of Action Points per turn.  Thanks to somebody for pointing this out...
the stick figure does not appear on the game screen as it used to, rather, it
does it in the spell screen.

shows that the PC is hasted, and will receive double (or triple) the normal
amount of Action Points per combat turn.

A GREEN SPLOTCH WITH A BLACK "P" INSIDE- This shows the character is
poisoned, and will receive damage every few steps.

A GREEN SPLOTCH WITH A RED "P" INSIDE- This shows that the character is
extremely poisoned, and will receive tremendous damage every few steps.  It
weakens into the normal poison icon after a short time.

TWO YELLOW "+"S AND A BLUE "B"- This shows that the character is blessed, and
will not only deal more damage, but will also hit more often, GET hit less
often, and get hit for less damage.

TWO GREY "+"S AND A BLACK "C"- This shows that the character is cursed, and
will be hit more often, be hit for more damage, hit less often, and hit for
less damage.

A PALE GREENISH FACE- This shows that the character is diseased, and will
have some sort of bad effect happen to him every few steps (he may lose HP or
MP, may become poisoned, slowed, cursed, or dumbfounded.)  Disease does not
go away naturally, unless you let it run its course for over three days.

A GREEN PW AND A GREEN, DRIPPING SWORD- This shows that the character's
weapon is poisoned, which means that the next thing it strikes will become
poisoned, dealing extra damage every two combat turns.

A GREY WEB- This shows that the character is webbed, and will receive less
Action Points in combat.  Webs can be removed by pausing to clean them off.

A LIGHT GREEN SPLOTCH- This indicates that the character is covered in acid,
and will receive electrical damage with every step.  Acid deals a lot of
damage, but fades away quickly.

A LIGHT GREY STICK FIGURE- This indicates that the character is hidden from
view, meaning that anything trying to attack it by hand will miss, because it
can't find the target!  This fades away with time or when the character

character is magically resistant.  This means that any electrical damage or
damage from a "Kill" or "Martyr's Shield" spell will be lessened.  Keep in
mind that magical resistance does not mean that the character is resistant to
fire or cold.

indicates that the character is paralyzed.  Paralysis is basically a longer
version of sleep, that takes a while to get rid of by natural causes.

ZZZ- This indicates that your character is asleep, and will not be able to
attack until it wakes up.

A GREY SHIELD WITH A WHITE "I" IN THE MIDDLE OF IT- This icon shows that the
character is invulnerable, meaning that he WON'T TAKE ANY DAMAGE!

the character has a Martyr's Shield spell on him, which means if he/she is
physically attacked, the same amount (give or take a few points) of damage
will be dealt to the attacking creature.  Magical immune creatures won't take
this damage.

A "?"- This icon shows that the character is dumbfounded.  He or she won't be
able to cast high level spells, and their skills with weapons will drop.

Also, there are two other icons you can click.  The question mark icon
brings up the stats (such as Maximum Health, Maximum Magic, etc.  The two
arrows going in opposite directions will give you the option to switch
character positions (which may only be used once or twice.) If you click on
any name in this window, it will bring up their inventory in the second

Below this window, but above the second window, is a white button with
a question mark inside.  If you ever need to know what the status icons I
described above look like, just click it.

The next window is your inventory screen.  Along the grey area on the
bottom of this row are six buttons showing the miniature graphic of your
PC's.  Clicking on one of them brings up the inventory screen for that
character.  Also on the grey area is a button saying Spec and a button saying
Jobs.  Clicking the Spec button will bring up any special items (such as
maps) that you have acquired.  Any you can use will have a use icon next to
them, and all of them have an information button next to them.  Clicking on
the Jobs button shows you any side jobs you may have taken for pay from a job
dispatcher.  Clicking on any one of the character icons brings you back to
the regular inventory screen.

 Clicking on the name of any of the items will attempt to equip them.
Also, to the right of the items, are four icons.  The stick figure with a "U"
next to it will make you attempt to use that item, if it is useable.  The
stick figure with a "G" and an arrow coming out of the side of it will allow
you to give the selected item to another PC.  The "D" stick figure makes you
drop that item (be careful, if you drop items outside of town you lose them
permanently!) The "I" stick figure brings up a short description of the item,
what class it is in, how much damage it deals or how much it protects, etc.

The final window has no special icons or buttons in it (Woohoo!)  All it is
is the message display window, which will tell you all of the messages too
useless to place in a Special Encounters Pop-Up Box or in a text display
window.  It will also tell you when info is added to any of your journals,
and of any effects of used magical items (i.e. if you use a
Scroll:Shockstorm, the message "Sparks Fly!" "Target Spell" will appear in
the window.)

OK, I'm done with that section.  Now for a walkthrough (finally!)

=========================8. Go Forth, ye Adventurers!========================

So, you've awoken in Fort Emergence, ready to take on the world after your
harsh training.  ("What is it?" "This... is a TREE!!")  Pick up the random
items in your room, and use the piece of paper.  It shows a small map of Fort
Emergence, as well as where Anaximander's Office and your personal storage
space is.  You can feel free to explore the fort at this time.
Of particular notice:
Your quarters- free health and mana replenishment.  Life is good.
West of your quarters- A training hall.  Bring skill points and gold to get
     ...well, better.
South of the quarters- Mage quarters.  This place will be vital later in the
     game, but at this stage of the game, there's some small fights to get
     into (kill those hostile wolves in the animal pens!  Let the chickens
     roam about!
West of the living quarters and mage quarters- the courtyard.  Here you'll
     find some agents of Unspecified Services and guards.  There is also a
     man that will identify items for you (INCREDIBLY helpful!)
North of the courtyard- This is the exit to the surface world.  Ignore it
     for now, but you'll be back soon enough...
South of the courtyard- This is the exit to Upper Exile.  You'll be going
     here to level up after some exploration of the fort.
West of the courtyard- in the heart of this building, you can find the
     kitchens (free food every day!) and the storage area (loot this place.
     It contains essential newbie equipment.  Of other notice- this
     storage area is one of several places where you can drop items without
     fear of having them be lost forever!)
South of this building- These are unfinished barracks.  There are some secret
     passages and treasures here, so search every nook and cranny.
North of the building- There is a very small hallway.  The northeastern branch
     leads to...
The Office of Exceptional Supplies- The little prick Levi will give you
     allowances every day, as well as a reward for each plague you end.  Oh,
     and don't worry about the Orb of Thralni storeroom- that comes later.
Bureaucratic Offices- This is your ultimate goal for the beginning of the
     game- there are some game-important NPCs in here, most notably
     Anaximander in the northwest office.

Judging from the piece of paper, Anaximander's Office is your destination.
So head there and receive your instructions!  You can also talk a bit about
staying in Exile for a while, helping others rebuild, boosting morale, etc.
So unless you feel brave about charging headlong onto the surface world, head
through the south exit of the fort back into the abyss of your home.

More to come when I don't have 8 AM morning classes...

==============================9. Plague Hunters==============================

In this section, I will tell you a spoiler: the continent of Valorim, which
you set out to explore, is mysteriously being ravaged by several plagues of
monsters.  This section will tell what each of the monsters are, what town is
being plagued by it, and how to eradicate the plague.

^^FIRST PLAGUE^^- The writhing masses of acidic goo, the slimes!

Unfortunately, when you reach your first large city, Krizsan, you will
find out that every major province in Valorim is being plagued by some sort
of creature.  In the first plague, you will find out that colorful magical
slimes are the cause.

The creatures/people involved in this plague are:
MAUVE SLIMES- These light-bluish-colored slimes have no special thing
happening when they attack, but can cast level 1 mage and priest spells.
AMBER SLIMES- If these manage to damage you, you'll get webbed.  Be careful!
EMERALD SLIMES- When you get attacked by these, there is a small chance you
can fall asleep.  Don't let it happen!
OCHRE SLIMES- Possibly the most dangerous of the normal slimes.  If you get
hit by one of these, you'll get covered in acid and take damage with every
BRIGANDS- These run-of-the-mill enemies are, for some odd reason, travelling
with the slimes!  They turn out to be under the command of...
JORDAN- This archmage found out the secrets of how slimes are created, and if
you can get through his army of slimes and get to his library, you can find
out how to beat the slimes for good.
SLIME ZOMBIES- When you enter the lair of the slimes, you'll find these
undead terrors made out of goo rather than the normal form of rotting
corpses.  Really powerful in terms of hit points.  Fortunately, they ARE
considered as undead, so you can use priest spells other than Wound on them.
ALIEN SLIME- The mother of them all, this queen slime is the source of the
slime invasions.  Killing it will end the plague.  Be careful, it can summon
all different color slimes to fight you, PLUS it has a powerful physical
attack.  On a side note, search its lair to find evidence of who may have
caused this plague...

You find out about a possible source of the plague from a sailor in
Krizsan.  When you find the tower that he was talking about, battle your way
through it until you find Jordan.  Defeat him, and search his library for
both A. - How to destroy a slime pit in which slimes reproduce, and B. -a map
for where the original lair of the slimes is.  After you search his library,
go out the west door to find one of the very slime pits mentioned, and direct
a fireball at it.  It will explode, and all of the slimes in the level will
die.  Now, exit the tower and go to Krizsan to heal.  Get enough experience
so that both your wizard and mage can train for spell points and level 3 mage
spells, and head to the east of Colchis, where the map says that the slime
pit is.

This confusing dungeon is actually divided into eight separate areas,
with two on the first floor and the other six on the second floor.  On the
first floor, there is the main area and the moldy area (where giant slugs and
spore beasts roam.)  In the very center of the main area, there is a pedestal
with five buttons on it.  These five buttons correspond to five gates by the
five stairways scattered around the level.  Each gate opens itself up to a
different section with a slime pit hidden inside, and they are as follows.
One gate is a giant hallway filled with Mauve Slimes and Slime Zombies.  In
this, the slime pit is off the side, through a secret passage.  Another gate
leads to a boat, with little islands off to the sides where slimes of
different colors lay.  The slime pit for that is at the end of the lake.
Another slime pit is located past a tiny chamber with dead bodies, which
suddenly rise up into slime zombies after you head towards the room.  The
fourth slime pit is located in a giant chamber filled with chasms, with mauve
slimes casting spells at you over them if you have your lights turned on
(take the hint, turn them off.) Also note that in this area, there is a
trapped Empire Archer that will shoot arrows at any hostile creatures over
the chasms, if you free him.  The last slime pit is through an area that is
just a normal, narrow-passageway cave.  Once all the slime pits have been
immolated, the invisible magical barriers cutting off the last chamber will
disappear, allowing you to reach the Alien Slime.  Don't worry though, with
fireball spells and average fighters, this match is a pushover.  Save before
you enter the chamber just in case anybody dies, so you can call them back.
Once you defeat the Alien Slime, the plague ends.  Don't forget to search the
chamber for secret passages for evidence of who caused the plague.

^^SECOND PLAGUE^^- The plague that shares the most similarities with New
York, the Cockroaches!

Upon arriving on the Isle of Bigail, you will, soon enough see a
disgusting sight.  Hundreds and hundreds of cockroaches are plaguing the
Isle!  Finding their lair will be a tough job, and destroying it will be even
harder.  But before I get into that, let's see the creatures for this plague!
COCKROACH- The general grunt of the plague.  Only has 8-12 hit points, but if
it bites you, you get affected with a mild disease.
LARGE ROACH- A bigger and more powerful version of the cockroach, its disease
capabilities are a bit stronger along with its attack.
GIANT ROACH- This HUMONGOUS roach causes heavy disease and has a strong
attack.  It takes a while to kill...
GUARDIAN ROACH- These are stronger versions of the giant roaches.  They have
lots more HP and cause the worst disease.  Your only hope is to charm a few
of them to get on your side, it isn't really that hard.
MUNG ROACH- About the size of a Large Roach and the Hit Points of a Giant
Roach, these roaches inflict heavy poison rather than disease.
TALKING SPIDER- These friendly spiders are a necessity in helping you find
the Filth Factory.  You just have to help them beat a whole bunch of hostile
cockroaches northwest of their lair.
TALKING ROACH (a.k.a. BIG ROACH)- The only friendly roaches on the isle.
Asking every one of them about FACTORY or FILTH will yield the source of the
cockroach plague.
WIZARD- A certain wizard named Purgatos will give you an artifact that can
destroy the Filth Factory, if you can manage to get deeply into it...

Now, how do you destroy this plague?

First off, you'll want to go into the ruined town of Kneece, and avoid
all the lizards inside.  Search around the center building for a secret door,
then search some more for another secret door.  When you finally arrive at a
hut, open the door and talk to the wizard Purgatos inside.  Talk to him for a
bit until he tells you about an artifact.  Ask him about it, and he'll give
you the Egg of the Phoenix, providing you have found out where the Filth
Factory is.  But how do you do that?
To do so, you must search the southern parts of the isle, killing any
cockroaches, until you find a sign that says "WEBWOOD. BEWARE OF SPIDERS."
Search around that place until you find a cave.  Go inside, and you'll meet
Ignore all of them and go to the northwestern-most cave, then head east.
You'll see a spider blocking the way.  Talk to him and say "Spider",
and he'll let you through.  Now, go through the narrow tunnel and speak to
the leader spider.  He'll tell you about his friends, the Talking Cockroaches,
but won't tell you where they are unless you help him first.
He tells you about a circle of stones to the direct northwest of the
cave.  Head where he tells you until you see eight stones in a circle.
Head in the middle of that circle, and you'll see spiders asking you to
help them fight.  Agree, and you'll be in a combat with a LOT of roaches and
a LOT of spiders.  Beat all the roaches using fireballs, and head back to the
talking spiders lair.  Go back to the leader spider and ask him about the
friendly roaches, and he'll tell you they are located in a hidden copse
directly north of Spider Cave.  Head north until you find a circle of trees.
Walk into the eastern tree, revealing the hidden copse.  Go in and presto,
you are in the friendly cockroach lair!
In this lair, you should ask every roach that isn't a guard about
"Filth" and "Factory."  One of the roaches (I think his name is Crud Muncher)
will tell you where it is, northwards of Shayder.  Follow the west coast of
the Isle of Bigail until you reach a place called "Roach Beach."  Fight your
way through the lines of roaches to reach a small cave set in the rock.  This
is the Filth Factory.
Once inside the Filth Factory, the main objective is to reach the
control panel and make it to the lower level, where the breeding pit lies.
Be careful when you find some of the vats of filth, by the way: stepping in
the middle of them will dump you down the whirlpool and get you chopped up
into pieces by heavy blades, instantly killing everybody.
When you get into the northeast part of the Filth Factory (not hard to
do,) Go into the west part of the large chamber and find a teleporter that
leads to the control room.  Send in your mage with an energy potion and a
healing potion, and get ready for a battle.  When you step onto a dead end,
two doors will open up and show both a few giant roaches and three to five
ghasts.  Destroy the ghasts first with fireballs, and stand back and hurl
fireballs at the giant roaches (don't worry, they're too big to fit through
the hallway.)  Once they are killed, proceed into the wrecked control room.
Kill any cockroaches inside and make your way to the northwestern part of the
room.  Stand on the special and press the button marked "Stop slime flow" (or
something like that.)  You'll receive a message that the glopping noise
stopped, so head back to your party in a hurry!  Battle your way to the south
of this area until you find a 2*8 room with a pit on one side, filth in the
middle, gates on the other side, and a door across it.  Hurry up and cross
the filth, because sooner or later the factory will restart and the squares
of filth will become water, drowning you.  Once you cross, quickly unlock the
door and go downstairs.

Now, you should be go to the room with three levers inside it.  Don't
flip any of them until you read the sign corresponding to it.  Flip the one
that says "Halt Slime Flow" (or something like that) and go to the
southwestern room, the one with 8 barrels in it.  Flip the lever in that room
and you'll see a message proclaiming "the vents on the pipes close."  Now, go
back to the three-levers room and flip the Halt Slime Flow lever back into
its original position.  The slime will begin to flow into the barrel room
again, but with the vents closed, the machinery begins to go wild.  Head for
the room and you'll "hear" a massive explosion.  Go into the room to find out
that the room is a mess and the force of the explosion tore a hole in the
wall.  Head through that hole and into the teleporter: you'll now be in the
perimeter of the second level, right outside of the breeding pits.

Follow the northern tunnels until you find a small crack in the wall
where an earthquake ripped it apart.  Head through that crack and you'll find
the place where all of the filth gathers.  Make your way around the filth
maze, attempting to charm any Guardian Roaches you see, and look around for a
special somewhere in the inner wall.  You'll find some withered scales, more
false evidence on who had caused the plagues.  Now, head to the very center
of the filth maze.  You'll automatically chuck the Egg of the Phoenix in the
middle of the mass of filth.  Now... RUN LIKE HELL!  The egg created quickfire!
Run out of the filth maze as fast as you can, ignoring any small roaches, and
head to the west part where there is a stairway.  Climb up it and immediately
head west to exit the factory.  Once you leave, it will blow up and get
sealed off by rock, disallowing you to ever enter it again (without using the
editor, that is.)  Congratulations, you have now ended two of the plagues of

^^THIRD PLAGUE^^- The ugly warty people.  No, I'm not talking about your
neighbors, I'm talking about the Troglodytes!
Ick, these red things plaguing Sharimik are a pain in the ***.  Anyway,
the different classes of them are...
TROGLODYTE- The most common of the Troglodytes, these have about the hit
points of a Slime Zombie, and about the same attack power.  But, they aren't
undead, too bad.  However, you ought to be strong enough to kill these easily
TROGLODYTE WARRIOR- Painful if they attack; fortunately they have no long
distance attack.  Use this to your advantage to lob arrows and spells upon
TROGLODYTE DEFENDER- OW!  Very fast and very strong.  Try to web, slow,
and/or charm these things.  Very good if you can... they'll kill off lots of
Troglos before dying.
TROGLODYTE SHAMAN- They have about the same amount of hit points as a
Troglodyte Warrior but less attack power.  However, as the name Shaman
suggests, they can cast magic spells (up to level 5, )
TROGLODYTE KHAZI- The wizards of the Troglodyte race, these can cast up to
level 6 priest AND mage spells, including one that your characters can never
use (Unholy Ravaging.)  I really recommend capturing one of these in your
soul crystal.
TROGLODYTE LORD- I think that only two exist; one is the non-hostile king
(not the first time coming through his castle, anyway.  Return after you
deliver the peace message to the Mayor of Sharimik, and all of the guards
will attack you.)  The second one is located in a camp somewhere (thanks to
[email protected] for that.)
ELHIOC-  This evil, evil Khazi has level 7 priest and mage magic, but barely
ANY physical attack power.  He is immune to magic and fire, and resistant to
poison and ice.  Your best bet is to first trap him in an antimagic field,
haste and bless your fighters, and hammer away!

	I won't say how to specifically beat this plague because when you end
this one, you end the Hill Giant plague.

	Ok, when you first enter the city of Sharimik you hear of the
Troglodyte raids, which you should already know about (unless you warped here
via Ernest's teleporters.)  Anyway, you find out that you will NOT be able to
receive the mission of bringing peace between Sharimik and the Troglodytes
from the mayor unless he gets permission from both the Dervish in the town
and some other official.  Getting permission from the official is easy, sort
of... you have to bribe him with 1,000 gold pieces.  The Dervish, however, will
be a bit tougher.  He tells you that you must clear out an evil Troglodyte
altar somewhere to the east, and also tells you that it is impossible unless
you have the Ritual of Sanctification.  Unless you cheated, you don't have
it, but fortunately, the Dervish will send you to a hut in the north, by
mountains containing spiny worms.  The small hut contains a priest.  When you
speak to the priest, first mention "Ritual", then mention the name of the
Dervish.  The priest will teach it to you, so now, train and head on over to
the Troglo lair containing the altar!
	In this cavern it is wise to both remove your lights and cast a stealth
spell: you'll need all the strength you can get.  Anyway, head east, avoiding
Troglodytes, and look for the special showing the stairway up.  Enter combat,
and quickly haste and bless the fighters before going up.  Now, exit combat
and go upstairs.  Uh-oh Spaghettios!  A whole altar full of Troglodytes!  The
minute you step in sight of one of them, stealthy or not, you most likely
will be annihilated by the magic of the shamen and the khazis.  Counter by
entering combat and launching an all out WAR!  Cast an antimagic field so a
bunch of Khazis are trapped within, and concentrate on taking out warriors
and guardians.  If you have Mass Charm, milk it to its extremes, making for a
much easier battle, as Khazis, Guardians, and Shamen may get involved in the
charm.  When done killing any hostile Troglos, immediately draw within sight
of the altar.  If for some reason you don't have enough magic points (which
you probably don't), use long waits or potions to regain your strength.  Cast
a Ritual of Sanctification on the altar and it cracks!  Yay!  But... uh-oh.
Hordlings and a Demon appear as a last-ditch defense.  Easy to kill though,
they use REALLY weak magic more than 75% of the time.
	Now, restealth and head back to out of town.  Immediately head in the
direction of Sharimik and talk to the Dervish that sent you on the mission.
Ask for permission, and he'll grant it to you.  Now, head to the Mayor and
ask for the mission.  He wants you to deliver a peace message to the
Troglodyte King, in Troglodyte Castle!  Accept, as it will aid you in getting
into the castle.  As you draw nearer and nearer, you will come upon
Troglodyte Checkpoints that ask if you have the message of peace.  Say yes
and they'll let you pass unscathed (or say no just so you can boost your
experience).  When you enter the castle, head to the gates, and say yes to
the guards.  You'll be knocked out (!!) only to awaken in a jail cell.
Having a hard time getting out of there?  Try a long wait rather than wasting
effort on using Unlock spells.  You'll "hear" a knock on the door and a paper
will be slipped under the door.  Read it and exit via the secret passage it
tells you about (it won't appear if you don't read the letter).  Head NORTH
and west, ignoring any Troglodytes, except for the one on the throne.  Speak
to him and he'll tell you that he read the letter and he'll agree to the
peace... if you manage to slay the leader of the other political party of the
Troglodytes, the Head Khazi Elhioc.  Agree and he'll tell you to go back to
your cell and wait.  Do so, and another letter will appear by the door.  It
tells you of a mission (and a secret exit if you refuse to partake of it)
that the Head Khazi is to the far northwest of the underground passages
underneath Castle Troglo.  On a note... I found the easiest way to get here is
to go directly to the northeast and follow the wall, until you reach the Hall
of Concordance.  As in any monster infested areas, stealth yourself so that
if you run into a Troglodyte, you probably won't be seen.
	You'll know you are right near the Head Khazi's residence when you see
a large control panel with six dials and a big marble wall to the west.
Fiddle around with the six dials to get the numbers 543202 (thanks to Laceypa
for this!) and pass through.  Open the door to find five Troglodyte warriors
and... uh-oh, Elhioc!  Use Antimagic fields on him IMMEDIATELY so he can't cast
spells, then surround him with your fighters and ATTACK!  Keep the mage,
wizard, and priest outside of the field so they can heal, bless, haste, and
re-antimagic whenever possible.  Don't bother using any magic DIRECTLY on
Elhioc, he's immune to it everything but cold and poison, and he is resistant
to both of those! (Wound works as well, because it is neither magic, fire,
nor cold damage).  When you beat him, make your way back out of the
underground passages, and head to the Troglodyte Lord.  Speak to him and tell
him you have beaten the head Khazi, and he'll give you a message to return to
the Mayor of Sharimik and asks another favor of you: Find some way to open
the giant barrier (which you probably saw while downstairs) so they can get
back at their mortal enemies, the Hill Giants.  The Lord tells you he once
had a map, but the giants took it.  Anyway, exit Castle Troglodyte via the
secret exit mentioned in the second letter, and head back to Sharimik.  Give
the message to the Mayor of Sharimik, and he'll give you access to the
library where the Dispel Barrier spell is kept, preceded by some laughter
when he reads you the message (HAHAHA!  It says "We Will Defeat You!")  Umm...
OK.  Now, you haven't really ENDED this plague, but the overwhelming amount
of wild troglodytes has slowed down a bit.  Now to REALLY end the plague, see
the next plague.

^^FOURTH PLAGUE^^- Larger than life itself, the Hill Giants!

Lorelei is being overrun with giants who just love to chuck rocks over the
walls.  As you can suspect, most of the monsters in this plague are giants,
but as with every other one, I have to make this next statement:

The monsters involved in this plague are...
HILL GIANTS- About as powerful as a Troglodyte Warrior.  Make it your
advantage that they take up two spaces to trap them for twice damage in
magical fields, or hit them double with a Kill Arrows Spell.  They have both
a close-up physical attack and an attack where they throw rocks at you.
HILL GIANT WARRIORS- About as powerful as a Troglodyte Guardian, but slower.
When they throw rocks, it HURTS!
HILL GIANT SHAMEN- Apparently, the Giants are more dimwitted than the
Troglodytes.  The magic-using Hill Giants only use level 3 spells, and they
are horrible fighters.  But, like all other Hill Giants, they can throw
HILL GIANT CHIEFTAINS- These are extremely powerful and tough to kill.
Fortunately, there are only a few of them in existance.
NAGAS- These snakewomen are a reason you should level up a ton before
entering the giant caves.  These are so tough, that I put them in a new
section, Hard to Kill Monsters!  See that section for help on this.
DEMONS- This guards a certain artifact weapon, along with...
BLACK SHADES- these invisible creatures as well as...
GUARDIANS- these invisible creatures.  What do these three guard?  A giant-
killing hammer, silly!
DOOMGUARD- Another one I placed in Hard to Kill Monsters.  It is guarding a
certain chamber necessary to end both the Troglodyte plague and the Giant
plague.  Why did I place it in the Hard to Kill Monsters section?  You'll

Now that I have that out of the way, I shall type the shortest part of this
chapter.  Why?  Because the various caves are mazes which I hated to go
through, so I will only point out some main things.

Numero uno- To make life a whole lot easier by going through a literal hell,
try to find the giant-killing hammer, Smite.  It is found by going to the
southwest end of the Giant's Armory and walking through a lot of lava.
Firewalk spells are a must, as well as stealth (so the hordes of demons,
guardians, and black shades) don't see you very early on.  I advise you to
save before you jump on the lava and barge into the war.  I'm not sure, but I
think once you grab the hammer you get attacked by four more demons.  Equip
Smite to your archer, so if he gets in a close range fight with a giant he
will deal an extra 30 damage to it.

Numero dos- One of the most difficult areas in the game is the Naga lair.  I
must have gone through this at least 20 times, the first time I went through
this lair.  You'll know you are in it when you trip a switch on the ground.
When you trip this switch, stalagmites will appear behind you, blocking your
path.  They will also appear farther ahead in the cave, meaning the only
place you can go is into a large cave.  Stepping into this cave will trigger
an invisible special that causes several Nagas, various types of Hill Giants,
and a Hill Giant Chieftain to appear.  Now, what is the best course of action
on how to defeat these?  It's quite simple... don't.  Yes, you heard me, don't.
Instead, cast as many Major Summoning spells as you can in the room BEFORE
you trigger the special, then trip it and back away.  While you wait for them
to fight, use Mass Charm spells and energy potions, so any Hill Giants nearby
may fight for you and any serpents/asps the Nagas create Every time a few of
your monsters die, have your mage go and cast some more.  After a very long
time the room will be cleared of almost everything, except maybe a few Nagas.
Nagas become less threatening when they are trapped in Antimagic fields.
Questions?  Try to take only one at a time, however.  Several of them can
overwhelm you and probably paralyze your characters, then close in for the
kill.  It's very tough, but if you beat them all, search the cave thoroughly.
The rewards are well worth it.

Numero tres- Remember that map the Troglodyte Leader said was stolen?
Somewhere upstairs in the main lair is a shrine the giants have created where
they worship items they have stolen.  As I am sure you have already guessed,
the map is inside here.  Questions?  What, you're wondering how to get INSIDE
this building?  Heehee... it will make you pull your hair out!  (breaks into
tears.)  Actually, I'm not sure which place you must go to open it, but there
are two areas that I distinctly remember: one is a temple surrounded by lava
in the Giant's forge (with two Efreets... ick.)  The other area I believe it
might be is in the Naga lair.

Numero cuatro- Find the cave the map shows you.  Inside is a (*dum dum dum*)
doomguard.  You can consider it to be a normal enemy, except for one problem.
Every time you hit one, it splits in two!  Considering these things have 200
hit points, it will replicate many times before you can manage to destroy
them all.  See the Hard to Kill Monsters section to make life easier.  Now,
go to the special in the center of the cave.  Save before touching it, then
break the crystal.  The barriers to the north and south will disappear, and a
TON of giants and troglodytes will appear.  Go close to the crystal and pick
up the broken shards as evidence to show to Berra.  You now have a few
options: flee from the cave (the hardest way), clear out the cave (the hard
way), clear out the cave while using a few mass charms, or use a few mass
charms before fleeing (the easiest two ways)  It's your choice.  If you
choose to fight without mass charms, use shockwave spells if you have them to
deal damage to anybody in the cave.  Once you leave the cave at any time,
congratulations!  You just killed two plagues with one break of a crystal.
Now, no more ogres, troglodytes, or giants will roam the fields.

^^FIFTH PLAGUE^^- The machinery that makes life miserable (in Gale and
Tevrono as well as real computers across the country,) the Golems!

(In all honesty, the dungeon to end this plague is more irritating than
the machines themselves }_{)
More will come on this plague.

^^SIXTH PLAGUE^^- The six-legged canines scarier than a poodle with a bad
hair day, the Alien Beasts!

Endgame after you beat this :P

==========================10. Artifact Quests=================================

This section describes the side quests you can take to add new
weapons/armor/accessories to your party which have VERY useful... uses.

RING OF MAGERY- There is a nasty maze you have to go through, and a big nasty
To kill at the end.  Oh, and your MP diminishes every so often in the maze.
This item is basically a weak energy potion, with 40 charges.  (Hurrah!)
More info on this quest later.

BLACK HALBERD- It's a very good pole weapon.  There's also a treasure map to
go hunting for it in a bar somewhere... more info later when I replay.

FURY CROSSBOW- Look around for someone named Judith- she's the one who helps
You in starting this quest.  More info later.

PACHTAR'S PLATE- This is a very tricky artifact to find.  To learn about it,
you must enter the library in Gale (which is sort of like a "quest" in
itself...)  To enter this library, you must enter the hidden herb house and ask
the woman who sells Skribbane Herb for "Library".  She'll sell you the key
for a ridiculous price.. but.. what's this?  It doesn't work in the door?
Well, silly, why don't you look for a back door?  Go around the perimeter of
inside town and look for a secret door from the south end.  Once you find it
and enter, you'll see a special encounter denoting "Your electrum key opens
the lock."  Once inside the library, read the shelves.  One will tell you the
story of Pachtar, a brave hero who died somewhere on the Isle of Bigail at
the hands of two drake lords.  It tells you the location of the dungeon, so
head to the Isle of Bigail and check the east side.  Go into a town to sail
over to an island with a lot of lizards on it, or use the Orb of Thralni to
fly there.  You should see a cave (which you can't see beforehand.)  Enter,
and you will have to make your way through an abusive maze.  Once I go
through this again, I'll fill everyone in on the details, but for now, be
satisfied with the abusive maze.  You must find a secret entrance to enter
this maze, and once you do, be prepared for pain.  After that pain is all
over, go downstairs and head for an area on your map that shows lava pits
(you DID cast Magic Map, didn't you?)  Upon entering that cave, the drake
lords spot you and teleport you into... a pool of lava. (ouch).  Enter combat
now and cast Firewalk to make it safely off of the lava, and cast Major
Blessing, Avatar, and any other preparatory spells for the first round.  The
drake lords will then attack!  I suggest you use your mages to dumbfound both
of them, then cast four kill arrows on a single one (yes, four.  The drake
lords are that huge.)  After a gruesome battle, you SHOULD have at least one
priest alive with Resurrection Balm, so use him/her to raise everybody from
the dead and grab your old items.  Now, head to the northern lava pit, cast
Firewalk a few times, and go across to a hidden cave.  There it is, along
with lots of other treasures!
WHAT YOU JUST GOT- Pachtar's Plate is much like steel plate and Magic plate,
in that it protects the wearer from all things (cold, fire, magic, poison,
disease, etc.)  It's main difference?  It is a bit lighter, and slightly
encumbering, so you can even equip it on your mages (providing they have
enough strength to carry the thing!)

ORB OF THRALNI- This artifact returns from the previous two Exile games, but
you must trip a time trigger to make the quest to obtain it appear (I believe
somewhere along the line from 75-100 days.)  Y'know that brat Levy in Fort
Emergence, the one who pays you meager amounts of gold and gives you items at
the end of each plague?  He wasn't protecting it very well, and bandits snuck
into its storage room in the middle of the night to swipe it.  Anaximander
tells you to go seek it out, and directs you to the portal fortress (in SW
Upper Exile.)  Once there, step through the portal, and instead of heading to
the Tower of Magi, you will appear in... the middle of an enemy camp.  Ouch.
Fight your way out, and heal everybody, because you can't go back to Upper
Exile or Valorim without making your way through here.  After you leave the
enemy camp, you will find you are in... gloomy Exile.  ::sigh::.
Unfortunately, this is an area with many, many bandits, and it seems as if
they formed a cult dedicated to stealing rare items and appreciating them as
if they were gods.  Make your way to that cult by finding docks by the lake
and getting a boat, then travelling across the lake to the building on it.
Once inside this building, you will be attacked by more bandits.  ::sigh::.
Your main objective is to find a key that will permit you to enter further
into the fortress (don't listen to the special encounters, the doors CANNOT
be picked or magically unlocked.)  Once you obtain the key (I believe it is
in the southeast corner of this building) head back to the center courtyard
and enter one of the locked doors.  Work your way south, and if you find a
special encounter that won't let you pass, look for another one by pools of
water.  Wash your hands in them (no matter how dirty and disgusting the pools
look) and you will be allowed to proceed.  At the end of the path is a
storage room containing many rare items (and some empty podiums with items
these people intended to steal but couldn't.)  Included in this area is your
missing Orb of Thralni (YAY!).  However, you aren't out of the water yet, as
you must return to Fort Emergence safely.  There is a portal in the
northwesternmost corner of this map, so head there, and find its control
panel.  Strike it and head back to the portal, and you will be attacked by
cultists in a last-ditch attempt to recover their sacred items.  Kill them
with ease, and head through the portal.  You're done!!
WHAT YOU JUST GOT- This orb is considered to be a special item, and when you
use it outdoors (or in Upper Exile), you will begin to fly for a short period
of time.  How short?  You can only move in the air six turns.  While flying,
you can move over waters, mountains, and pits with ease (just be careful you
don't STOP flying over one, or your party will be instantly killed.)  Also,
you will be immune to enemy encounters.  Unfortunately, you can not enter
towns while flying, so if you wish to stop flying on the same square you are
on, just click your party a few times.

KNOWLEDGE BREW- So, you're wondering where this is, aren't you?  Yet another
cult has it, but you cannot find it until you go on a wild goose chase around
Lorelei.  Spend a night in the inn in Lorelei, and the innkeeper will tell
you to come gossip when you get up.  He starts off the goose chase for the
recipe of this ultimate potion, and after a few leads around Lorelei, someone
will tell you to seek out Foxfire the Bard.  She travels around the towns of
Lorelei, so you must go seek her out and ask her about the recipe.  She tells
you about who owns it, and offers to sell you the key to the cult.  Buy it,
you know you want to!  Admit it!  Now that you have the key, head to the FAR
southeastern point of Valorim.  Take the ferry over to the town with odd
people, and leave (don't explore the town, you might get attacked.)  Now,
head around all the islands, and try stepping on the ocean by some islands
off the coast.  If you can cross, do so.  Once you reach a VERY remote
island, a building that was previously hidden will appear.  Enter it, it is
the Monastery of Madness- the keep of goofy sayings (Feisty Slap of Pain!)
and inside jokes from the editors.  Make your way around the building until
you find a stairway up (and be careful of those mad monks!  They have a HIGH
amount of AP!)  Once upstairs, navigate your way around the area until you
find bookshelves.  Magic Map helps so you can see where you are going.
Again, watch out for Mad Monks, but there is another problem in this area: in
rooms with pillars, fireballs shoot randomly around the room and damage
anyone within one space of where it strikes (whether it be a party member,
the ENTIRE party, or a mad monk/other monster.)  Once you find the
bookshelves, search them all and you have your recipe for knowledge brew!  On
a side note, check the walls, and you may find some little inside jokes from
the programmers in the west room.

==========================10. Hard to Kill Monsters==========================

This section tells of some of the hardest to defeat monsters in Exile III.  I
will attempt to update it regularly as I progress through the walkthrough.

Nagas- These Level 28 serpent women are skillful magic casters, but they
don't fight physically too well if trapped in an antimagic field.  When they
attack you, they can not only poison you, but paralyze you.  If you have the
spell Death Arrows, you can target two on the same Naga providing it is not
in an antimagic field.  Nagas also have the ability to summon serpents and
asps during a fight.  Add in the facts that they appear in groups and are
resistant (but not immune) to everything, and you have a tough fight on your
hands!  As I have already mentioned, death arrows spells are your best bet,
but a fighter with two weapons and a Helm of Alertness equipped can also deal
with these fairly well.

Doomguards- These would be mere fighters with 150 hit points if it wasn't for
one thing: if you deal them ANY damage at all, they split into two!  And
rather than having half the hit points of the original like you would expect,
they have the same amount of health as the original did after the damage was
dealt.  So, how do you counter the splitting effect?  Simple.  Cast a ton of
summoning spells until the dungeon is too full of monsters (which will be
signified by a message reading ^summon failed.  Too many monsters^.  Now,
since there are too many monsters in the dungeon, beat on the doomguard!  It
will not be able to split unless one of the monsters die, in which case you
must summon more.  It should be fairly easy after this.  If you are having
trouble, keep in mind that nothing can resist a wound spell as it is type-
less damage.  NEW INFO from a contributor! (Whoever it was, Email me please,
I lost your email.)  Doomguards CANNOT split into magical fields, so you can
surround an area with them by use of the Protective Circle spell.

Rakshasi (plural for Rakshasa)- These cat illusionists look small, but pack a
punch.  They are level 25, with 125 hit points and 200 health.  They also
have 5 action points.  They are skilled mages, with a mage level of 6.  They
are also immune to fire, cold, magic, and resistant to poison.  So they are
like normal empire wizards, so what?  Well... they also have a paralysis touch
and they absorb any spells you throw at them (except for Wound and
Shockwave.)  Though they are hard to kill if you don't know how, they get a
lot easier when you trap them in a corner with an Antimagic cloud.  Beat away
with your fighters and/or summon basilisks with a soul crystal or Major
Summoning (because they AREN'T immune to stone.)  And here's something I
stumbled on quite by accident... NEW INFORMATION!! NEW INFORMATION!! Rakshasi
are considered as demons, so you can use Demonslayer, the Prismatic Wand, or
Ravage Spirit on them!

Liche- These undead terrors are skilled magic users (level 7 mage and priest
spells.)  They now how to use their magic to their fullest extent to hurt
you, very badly.  But, as I mentioned, they are undead.  So what spell works
on undead?  ::Billy raises his hand::  Yes Billy?  "Dispel Undead!"  Right
you are!  Of course, getting a crystal wand works well too.  And, as with any
other tough monster, wound spells will work very well.  Liche aren't the
toughest of Hard-To-Kill Monsters, but they are close.

Haakai- These are the biggest, baddest demons you'll ever face.  They are
resistant to everything, have level 7 mage and priest spells, and have a
level 8 poison factor (which means one bite and you can die pretty quickly if
you don't cure.)  Like I said, they are resistant to everything besides the
wound spell.  But oh wait?  Did I say they were DEMONS?  That must mean that
Ravage Spirit/Prismatic wands work well on them!  Indeed they do, they deal
almost 100 points of damage in some cases.

================================11. Mage Spells==============================

This is the format for the individual spells.  The individual spells are
grouped into levels, which is the skill level in Mage Spells required to cast
the spell.
NAME- Name of spell
# MP- Number of Magic Points required to cast this spell.
RANGE- The distance the spell can travel (if it is a targeted spell).
DESCRIPTION- A short description of the spell.  This is followed by,
USEFULNESS- MY personal opinion of how useful the spell is, based on how much
it is used by myself.  It goes on this range:
Covered in cobwebs, barely used, used sometimes, overabused, Necessary.

{{{{{LEVEL 1}}}}}

1 Magic Point required, no range.
This not-so-useful magical spell creates a tiny amount of light in a dark
area, about the same as the amount of light put off by a candle.  It fades
extremely fast, though.  Usefulness- Barely used.

1 Magic Point required, range of 6 spaces.
The weakest ever damaging magical spell, it is only useful if a mage has only
one magic point left in combat.  Usefulness- Barely used.

1 Magic Point required, no range.
Ah, a semi-useful spell!  If you'd rather give your fighters an upper hand
when your mages are nearly drained, cast this on them.  It will give them
twice the amount of Action Points.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

1 Magic Point required, no range.
This spell temporary blesses the PC it is cast upon.  I prefer the Priest
spell Bless, however.  Usefulness- Covered in cobwebs.

1 Magic Point required, range of 6 spaces.
This spell lowers the morale of any monster it is cast on.  If the monster is
particularly weak, it will flee.  Personally, I think the Mage spell Fear and
the Priest spell Repel work better. Usefulness- Covered in cobwebs.

2 Magic Points required, range of 7 spaces.
This creates a fire wall at the space you target.  Useful for trapping weak
monsters in a corner so you can focus on harder things.  Usefulness- Barely

50 Magic Points required, no range
This spell automatically identifies any unidentified items in your party.
Use it only if you are in a safe area and you AREN'T anywhere near a town
with a sage in it.  Usefulness- Barely used.

2 Magic Points required, range of 14 spaces.
This spell will bring up the roster of the NPC you target, whether you are
fighting or not.  Once you do this, that NPC you scanned is in your monster
menu at the top of the screen, PERMANENTLY.  Unless you prefer to be taken by
surprise by any monsters you fight, this spell will help you a lot.
Usefulness- Used sometimes.

1 Magic Point required, range of 8 spaces.
This spell covers the space you target with webs.  When walked into, the web
will decrease the number of Action Points that the character who walked
through it has by one or two.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

3 Magic Points required, range of 2 spaces.
This spell can only be cast in towns, and when it is, it reveals the map
around you for a radius of two.  This is useful for finding secret passages.
Usefulness- Used a lot.

{{{{{LEVEL 2}}}}}

2 Magic Points required, range of 6 spaces
This spell makes a little bit of poison run through the blood of the target.
About every two turns, poisoned creatures will take damage.  Usefulness-
Barely used.

3 Magic Points required, range of 8 spaces.
This useful spell deals a decent amount of fire-based damage to a target.
Useful if you don't want to blow away your magic points on a fireball to a
single target.  The higher the experience level of your mage, the more damage
this spell deals.  Usefulness- Used a lot.

2 Magic Points required, range of 7 spaces.
This spell slows down the target it is cast on.  If the creature has a
standard amount of action points (four per turn,) then every other turn they
will miss a chance at combat.  The same goes for you.  If the creature has a
lot of action points, like a quickghast or a Vahnatai, then it will have half
the normal amount of action points it has naturally.  Usefulness- Barely

2 Magic Points required, range of 10 spaces.
This spell is much like a curse.  When the victim gets hit with this spell,
they become incompetent.  They become easier to hit, easier to damage, and
harder for them to hit you.  Also, if they are magic users, the level of the
magic they can use goes down.  Usefulness- Covered in cobwebs.

2 Magic Points required, no range.
This spell is much like poisoning a weapon with medium poison, except there
is no chance of failing, putting the poison on worse, or poisoning yourself.
Usefulness- Used sometimes.

2 Magic Points required, range of 8 spaces.
After you target this spell, a 3 by 3 space long wall of gas will appear.
Any creature passing through this gas becomes mildly cursed.  Usefulness-
Used sometimes.

Requires 4 Magic Points, no range.
This spell will summon a random, low-level, non-magical animal to fight for
your party.  The Level 3 Spell Weak Summoning works better in my opinion.
Usefulness- Covered in cobwebs.

4 Magic Points required, range of 8 spaces.
This spell is much like the level 1 spell Flame Cloud, except firewalls
appear over a radius-2 circle.  Considering it takes so long to find this
spell, it isn't very useful.  Usefulness- Covered in cobwebs.

2 Magic Points required, range of 10 spaces.
This spell will dispel a magical field in a target space.  However, it won't
affect powerful fields like Walls of Blades and Quickfire.  The Priest
version of this spell is what I use instead of this.  Usefulness- Covered in

6 Magic Points required, range of 6 spaces.
This spell produces a 2x2 square of sleeping gas.  Anyone who enters it has a
chance of falling asleep, which is like a combination curse-and-paralysis.
Some creatures, like slimes and Gorgons, can't be put to sleep.  Usefulness-
Used sometimes.

{{{{{LEVEL 3}}}}}

3 Magic Points required, range of 4 spaces.
This spell will unlock a locked door.  This spell works on magically locked
doors, doors that are just too hard to open, or any door that you are too
lazy to bash down.  Some doors can't be unlocked.  Usefulness- Necessary.

3 Magic Points required, no range.
This magic spell is like the Level 1 spell Minor Haste, except the effect
lasts longer.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

5 Magic Points required, range of 12 spaces.
Wow, the first overabused spell!  This is like the spell flame, except all
the monsters adjacent to the target space will take damage.  Useful all the
way up until you buy Firestorm.  Wait, its also necessary if you want to end
the slime plagues...  Usefulness- Necessary.

3 Magic Points required, no range.
This is like the Level 1 spell Light.  It creates the amount of light
equivalent to a lamp.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

3 Magic Points required, range of 10 spaces.
This spell is almost the same thing as the Level 1 spell Scare, except the
monster has a greater chance of fleeing.  Usefulness- Barely used.

5 Magic Points required, range of 12 spaces.
This spell will create a line of force walls, which are much like fire walls
except that A- they deal magical type damage rather than fire, B- they last
longer, and C- they deal more damage.  Enemies almost never cross it unless
they are at near perfect health.  Usefulness- Overabused.

6 Magic Points required, range of 4 spaces.
This spell will bring up a numbered targeting box.  Clicking on a space will
create a red bullseye.  When all the numbers in the box are used up, low
level creatures will appear.  If the caster's level is very high, you will be
able to summon many creatures at once.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

4 Magic Points required, range of 10 spaces.
The same numbered targeting box will appear.  After all the targets are used
up, bolts of flame will strike any place a red bullseye showed up.  It will
deal about half the damage of a normal flame spell to each target.  However,
fireball is much better and damaging.  Usefulness- Covered in cobwebs.

6 Magic Points required, range of 8 spaces.
This spell has the same effect of the Level 1 spell Goo.  It will cover a
radius-2 circle in webs, which last until someone/something walks through it.
On a side note, if a layer of webs is thick enough (3 spaces), then enemies
can't see you and therefore not target you at long range!  Usefulness- Used

4 Magic Points required, no range.
This targeted spell makes a character in your party resistant to magic
(duh!).  That character will take less damage from magical sources and also
resist curses and other spells like it.  Keep in mind that the character
won't resist fire or cold.  Usefulness- Covered in cobwebs.

{{{{{LEVEL 4}}}}}

4 Magic Points required, range of 8 spaces.
This spell is just like the Level 2 spell Minor Poison, except the poison
lasts longer and is more damaging.  If you repeat casting on the same target,
the poison will deal a TON of damage.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

5 Magic Points required, range of 8 spaces.
This spell will strike an opponent with a bolt of ice.  It is very useful
against fire creatures.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

4 Magic Points required, range of 12 spaces.
All hostile creatures within a radius of 12 will be slowed, missing every
other turn or having their Action Points cut in half.  Usefulness-

8 Magic Points and a Sapphire required, no range.
This powerful spell will reveal the map of the entire level you are on.  It
is useful for finding secret passages and other things.  Usefulness-

30 Magic Points and a Soul Crystal required, range of 10 spaces.
If successful, this spell will create a copy of a targeted creature and store
it in your Soul Crystal.  If you cast the spell Simulacrum, you can summon
that copy.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

? Magic Points and a Soul Crystal with a monster stored inside required,
range of 4 spaces.
This spell will recreate a copy of a stored monster and summon it to fight
for you.  The more powerful the creature levelwise, the higher the casting
cost.  Usefulness- Overabused.

8 Magic Points required, range of 8 spaces.
The same format of Flame Arrows is used here, except the creatures targeted
will be affected with minor poison.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

6 Magic Points required, range of 8 spaces.
This spell is the very same thing as a Wall of Force spell, except A- the
damage dealt is cold, not magical, and B- it lasts longer.

{{{{{LEVEL 5}}}}}

5 Magic Points required, no range.
This spell will make your party hidden, making it easier for you to sneak by
monsters without them seeing you.  The duration of the spell depends on the
level of the caster.  Usefulness- Necessary.

8 Magic Points required, no range.
This spell casts a Haste spell on every party member.  Usefulness-

8 Magic Points to cast, range of 14 spaces.
This spell is almost exactly like the Level 3 spell Fireball, except every
creature in a radius-2 circle will be affected.  Usefulness- Overabused.

6 Magic Points to cast, range of 4 spaces.
This spell will attempt to knock down a magical barrier, allowing you
entrance to the area beyond.  Usefulness- Necessary + +.

9 Magic Points to cast, range of 4 spaces.
This spell creates a permanent magical barrier that can be walked through, at
the toll of high damage.  Also an efficient way to block Quickfire!
Usefulness- Barely used.

10 Magic Points required, range of 4 spaces.
This does the same exact thing as the Level 3 spell Minor Summoning, except
the monsters are much more powerful.  Usefulness- Overabused

6 Magic Points required, range of 10 spaces.
Think the Level 2 spell Conflagration with walls of force.  'Nuff said.
Usefulness- Covered in cobwebs.

6 Magic Points required, range of 12 spaces.
This will bring up the infamous numbered targeting box.  When all the targets
are used, a + shape of random fields will appear at each target.  If you're
lucky, you'll get the blade wall.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

{{{{{LEVEL 6}}}}}

7 Magic Points required, range of 8 spaces.
This is about the same effect as casting two poison spells on the same
target.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

6 Magic Points required, range of 12 spaces.
Any hostile creature in a radius of 12 spaces will become scared.  The
effectiveness of the fear gains with each level.  Usefulness- Barely used.

8 Magic Points required, range of 6 spaces.
This spell deals a TON of magical damage to a single target.  The most I've
ever seen dealt by this spell is 170 damage.  Usefulness- Overabused.

7 Magic Points required, range of 8 spaces.
Stop the enemy in their tracks with this targeted spell!  The higher the
level, the more targets you can attempt to paralyze.  Paralysis is just like
sleep, but lasts a VERY long time.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

12 Magic Points required, range of 4 spaces.
A demon appears on the space you target.  In my opinion, Major Summoning is
more useful.  Usefulness- Barely used.

10 Magic Points required, range of 8 spaces.
One of the most useful spells when battling magic using creatures like
Rakshasi and Gazers, this spell will create a radius 2 circle of green energy
in which no spells can be targeted and no spells can be cast.  Keep in mind
that magical ITEMS can be used inside a field.  Usefulness- Necessary.

12 Magic Points and a Smoky Crystal required, range of 4 spaces.
Using this spell on a magic using enemy will cause them to get in a mental
battle, draining spell points from each other.  The loser can end up either
dumbfounded, drained, killed, or all three.  Usefulness- Barely used.

20 Magic Points required, no range.
If you cast this spell outdoors, your party will fly for a short time (about
three steps.)  If you land on a pit space, water space, or mountain space,
you all die.  This is needed only until you get the Orb of Thralni, and once
or twice afterwards.
Usefulness- Necessary.

{{{{{LEVEL 7}}}}}

12 Magic Points required, range of a radius-10 circle.
Casting this spell will cause a highly damaging tremor to ring out from the
caster.  The farther someone is from the caster, the more damage they take.
This affects your characters, as well.  Be careful not to cast it in towns
unless you are sure there is nobody friendly nearby.  Usefulness- Overabused.

8 Magic Points required, no range.
A combined form of Major Haste, Bless Party, and Envenom.  Every party member
will be hasted heavily (sometimes they get triple the AP's), blessed heavily,
and have a minor poison added to their weapon.  One of the most powerful
spells in the repertoire, and (I think) it is necessary to use it in the
Tower of Shifting Floors so you can get past some of the trickier conveyor
belts.  Usefulness- Necessary.

20 Magic Points required, range of 8 spaces.
Any hostile creature within 8 spaces of the caster has a chance of freezing
in their tracks.  The higher the level of the hostile monster, the lower the
chance they will be paralyzed.  Usefulness- Barely used.

10 Magic Points required, no range.
Think of casting a Magic Resistance spell on every member of the party, and
making one immune to all damage.  Useful in the last battle.  Usefulness-
Used sometimes.

14 Magic Points required, range of 4 spaces.
Need to kick back for a little bit with no worries of being hurt?  Well, that
won't happen, but casting this spell allows you to laugh in your opponent's
face while a group of super strong creatures tear them up!  Usefulness-

10 Magic Points required, range of 2 spaces.
This spell is much like the Fire Barrier spell, except it CANNOT be passed
through unless dispelled.  Great for stopping enemies in close quarters and
Quickfire.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

50 Magic Points required, range of 4 Spaces
Do you wish to completely wipe out a town?  If you use this spell, a space of
quickfire will appear.  With every step, the quickfire will spread to an
adjacent space (NOT a diagonal space.)  When you return to the town it was
cast in, you'll see that the whole place has been wiped out and covered in
quickfire.  Waiting about 10 days calms down the quickfire and allows you to
explore the town again.
It is HORRIBLY cost-inefficient though.  So use only for fun. :-/
Usefulness- Covered in cobwebs.

10 Magic Points required, range of 6 spaces.
Imagine Flame/Venom Arrows and replace it with a kill spell.  Questions?
Oh, where to find it?  Check the FAQs, silly.
Usefulness- Overabused.

=============================13. Priest Spells===============================

In this section I will describe the divine spells you can cast in Exile III.
The format is the same thing as the Mage Spell section, so see above.

{{{{{LEVEL 1}}}}}

1 Magic Point required, no range.
The target of this spell becomes tougher to hit and takes less damage from
blows.  The character will also hit more often and deal more damage.  This is
much like the Mage spell Strength.  Usefulness- Barely used.

1 Magic Point required, no range.
The target of this spell regains a small amount of hit points.  Not very
good... Usefulness- Barely used.

1 Magic Point required, no range.
This is a minor version of the level 2 spell Cure Poison.  If a character is
mildly poisoned, this will cure it.  If it is heavily poisoned, it will
weaken it.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

2 Magic Points required, range of 8 spaces.
If you target an undead creature (such as a specter or zombie), this spell
will deal a little bit of damage to it.  Note that the spell is not always
successful.  Usefulness- Barely used.

1 Magic Point required, no range.
This spell gives the (x,y) coordinate in town or outside.  I never use it,
personally.  Usefulness- Covered in cobwebs.

1 Magic Point required, no range.
The target of this spell will become invisible.  The only way that character
can take damage while hidden is to be hit by a magical spell or field.  If
the character attacks or uses magic, the spell disappears.  Useful if you are
trying to defeat an enemy who deals great physical damage.  Usefulness- Used

3 Magic Points required, no range.
When you cast this spell in combat, the targeted player will heal a LOT of
damage.  The caster, in return, will take damage.  Be careful you don't kill
off that person!  Usefulness- Barely used.

5 Magic Points required, no range.
Starving?  No worries!  This spell gives you a tiny bit more food.  You
shouldn't have to use this unless you have to give up food to someone (like a
certain drake lord...).  Usefulness- Covered in cobwebs.

50 Magic Points required, range of 4 spaces.
If you cast this on an altar that you believe has evil magic on it, this will
attempt to drive that magic out.  If successful, the altar may damage you,
set a defense on you, and/or break.  If you want to complete the various
missions around Valorim, this spell is a necessity.  Usefulness- Necessary.

1 Magic Point required, range of 8 spaces
This spell is the lowest divine curse spell.  It causes everything to go
wrong for its victim.  Usefulness- Barely used.

{{{{{LEVEL 2}}}}}

2 Magic Points required, no range.
This is a more powerful version of the Level 1 spell Minor Bless.  The effect
of it increases with the level of the caster.  Usefulness- Barely used.

2 Magic Points required, no range.
A more powerful version of the Level 1 spell Weaken Poison.  If the caster is
skilled, this spell may cure even serious poison.  Usefulness- Used

2 Magic Points required, range of 10 spaces.
This is the direct opposite of a blessing.  It will cause the opponent to
deal less damage, hit less often, be hit more often, and be hit for more
damage.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

2 Magic Points required, no range.
This spell gives off the equivalent in light of a torch.  The Mage versions
work better.  Usefulness- Covered in cobwebs.

3 Magic Points required, range of 5 spaces.
This spell will deal a heavy blow to a target, ranging from 5-40 damage.  The
damage increases with the level.  Also, this spell is type-less, so any
monster will take damage from it.  Usefulness- Overabused.

5 Magic Points required, range of 4 spaces.
This spell summons a Shade.  This creature has a fair amount of hit points
and deals a fair amount of damage.  If not killed, the shade will disappear
after a short time.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

8 Magic Points required, range of 4 spaces.
If this spell is cast on a moldy/cracked/weakened wall or outcropping or
rock, that wall or outcropping will shatter.  Usefulness- Necessary.

6 Magic Points required, range of 6 spaces.
If this spell succeeds, the targeted hostile monster will become friendly and
start fighting for your party.  The higher the level of the monster, the
lower the chance this will work.  Usefulness- Overabused.

4 Magic Points required, range of 6 spaces.
Casting this spell on a creature will cause it to become diseased.  Every
three turns in combat (or ten steps out of combat), something bad will
probably happen to the plagued victim.  He may become poisoned, dumbfounded,
cursed, slowed, or drained of hit points.  Diseases last a long time.
Usefulness- Barely used.

2 Magic Points required, no range.
This spell instantly wakes up an asleep party member.  Usefulness- Barely

{{{{{LEVEL 3}}}}}

3 Magic Points required, no range.
This spell heals quite a few lost hit points on a targeted character.  Useful
until you find the spell of Light Heal All.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

4 Magic Points required, no range.
This spell automatically casts TWO Minor Heals on each Party character.
Useful!  Usefulness- Overabused.

3 Magic Points required, range of 8 spaces.
This is the 2nd most powerful of the curse spells.  The victim will be heavily
cursed.  For some reason, when cast against you, the spell also slows you...
Usefulness- Used sometimes.

3 Magic Points required, no range.
Every living thing will appear on explored sections on your map.  Useful if
you want to steal something and you aren't sure if someone is nearby.
Usefulness- Overabused.

3 Magic Points required, no range.
This spell instantly restores movement to a paralyzed character.  However,
only a select few creatures can paralyze you, so this spell should hardly
ever be used.  Usefulness- Covered in cobwebs.

10 Magic Points required, no range.
A more powerful version of the Level 1 spell Minor Manna, this will give you
a lot of food.  Usefulness- Barely used.

5 Magic Points required, range of 8 spaces.
This is the first offensive priest spell that targets a large area.  This
spell will cause a 3x3 square of force walls to pop up on and around the
targeted space.  Usefulness- Overabused.

3 Magic Points required, no range.
Does what it says.  Some diseases are stronger than others and may need
repeat castings, however.  Usefulness- Overabused.

4 Magic Points required, no range.
This will remove the dumbfounding from a dumbfounded character.  Usefulness-
Used sometimes.

6 Magic Points required, range of 8 spaces.
Think of the Level 3 Mage spell Flame Arrows and replace it with ice.
Questions?  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

{{{{{LEVEL 4}}}}}

5 Magic Points required, no range.
This spell casts a Cure Poison on everyone in the party.  Usefulness-

5 Magic Points required, range of 10 spaces.
This spell will cast a Curse on every monster within a radius of 10 from the
caster.  Usefulness- Overabused.

5 Magic Points required, range of 8 spaces.
This spell is a more powerful version of the Level 1 spell Turn Undead.  Save
it for strong undeads like vampires and liches.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

15 Magic Points required, no range.
If you put on a cursed item, it refuses to come off or be dropped, etc.
Casting this spell will allow you to do that, but only for about five seconds
after the casting.  If you are smart, though, you would identify everything
and not put anything cursed ON.  Usefulness- Covered in cobwebs.

6 Magic Points required, range of 4 spaces.
This is one of the targeting box spells.  On each target will appear either a
serpent or an asp.  The 2nd worst priestly summoning spell.  Usefulness-
Covered in cobwebs.

5 Magic Points required, no range.
This spell will put up a magical shield around a targeted character.  When an
enemy strikes that character, that enemy will receive as much damage as the
character took.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

5 Magic Points required, no range.
This spell removes all webs and disease from the target character.
Usefulness- Used sometimes.

8 Magic Points required, no range.
This spell allows your party to walk over lava for short periods of time.
For every ten levels, the duration raises by a step.  Usefulness- Necessary.

{{{{{LEVEL 5}}}}}

6 Magic Points required, no range
Casts a Bless spell on everyone.  Usefulness- Overabused.

7 Magic Points required, no range
The selected character gains a TON of hit points.  Usefulness- Barely used.

25 Magic Points and Resurrection Balm required, no range.
When cast on a character, this has a chance to bring them back to life.
However, there is a chance that he will turn to dust.  Casting this spell
also drains the dead character's attributes.  Usefulness- Barely used.

8 Magic Points required, range of 9 spaces.
This spell is identical in every way to the Mage spell Fireball.  Usefulness-

10 Magic Points required, no range.
This hides every party member.  Once again, attacking or casting a spell
voids this magic.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

12 Magic Points required, range of 4 spaces.
This casts 4 Summon Spirit spells, and then casts a spell that summons a Deva
to lead them.  The best mass summoning spell for a priest.  Usefulness- Used

12 Magic Points required, range of 1 space.
This spell casts a Move Mountain spell on every space adjacent to your party.
Usefulness- Necessary.

6 Magic Points required, range of 4 spaces.
This spell is the best of the dispel field spells.  This will attempt to
dispel any magical field in a radius-2 circle.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

8 Magic Points required, no range.
This spell casts a Heal spell on every party member.  I think a few Minor
Heal All's work better.  Usefulness- Covered in cobwebs.

7 Magic Points required, no range.
This spell instantly heals all damage and cures all poison on a selected
character.  Usefulness- Overabused.

8 Magic Points required, no range.
This Gorgon-battling spell awakens every party member, and also provides a
resistance from sleeping.  Usefulness- Barely used.

8 Magic Points required, no range.
If one of your characters are turned to stone by a basilisk, then this will
return them to flesh and blood.  Usefulness- Used sometimes.

14 Magic Points required, range of 4 spaces.
This spell summons a powerful, poisonous, invisible being to fight for your
party.  Be careful you don't fry him with a spell or he'll turn on you!
Usefulness- Used sometimes.

17 Magic Points required, range of 8 spaces.
This spell casts Charm Foe on every hostile creature within 8 spaces of the
caster.  Usefulness- Overabused.

8 Magic Points required, no range.
This odd spell surrounds the caster with layers of magical fields, arranged
in this way.
Under caster and the spaces adjacent to the caster- Antimagic fields.
Every space adjacent to the antimagic field- Blade walls.
Every space adjacent to that- Ice walls
Every space adjacent to that- Force walls.
Usefulness- Used sometimes.

7 Magic Points required, range of 8 spaces.
Unless resisted, this spell diseases every hostile creature within 8 spaces
of the caster.  Not recommended, since disease is very slow...
Usefulness- Barely used.

{{{{{LEVEL 7}}}}}

10 Magic Points required, no range.
This spell casts two Major Heals and a Cure Poison on every party member.
Usefulness- Overabused.

10 Magic Points required, range of 4 spaces.
This spell deals a severe blow to any demon it is cast upon.  Almost
necessary in the Tower of Magi.  Usefulness- Necessary.

35 Magic Points and Resurrection Balm required, no range
This spell is a more powerful version of Raise Dead.  It will even work on a
dusted character, and has a lower chance of lowering attributes.  Usefulness-
Barely used.

10 Magic Points required, range of 12 spaces.
This spell deals a TON of magical damage to anyone with 2 spaces of the
targeted area.  Usefulness- Overabused.

12 Magic Points required, no range.
This spell casts a Revive, Cleanse, Martyr's Shield, Protection, two Blesses,
and two Hastes on the caster, turning him/her into an Avatar of the Gods.
Usefulness- Used sometimes.

12 Magic Points required, range of 10 spaces.
This spell creates a wall of the most highly damaging field: the blade wall.
This will deal type-less damage to anyone who walks through one.  Usefulness-
Used sometimes.

30 Magic Points required, no range.
This spell instantly teleports you to Fort Emergence, so long as you are
outdoors.  If you are about to land on a deadly square while flying, use this
spell!  Usefulness- Barely used.

10 Magic Points required, no range.
This spell casts a Cleanse spell on every party member.  Questions?  I didn't
think so.  Usefulness- Barely used (especially since you can always use
Graymold Salve in battle for the same effect)

======================14. Alchemy and its Many Uses==========================

In Exile, alchemy is the creation of poisons and potions of many uses rather
than the dictionary definition of "an ancient study based on turning metals
to gold."  To do alchemy, you must have three things.  First off, you must
have the ingredient or ingredients for the potion you wish to make in the
hands of the person who you want to make it.  Second, that person who is
going to make the potion must have the required skill to make the potion.
Last, and most importantly, you must have the recipe required to make it.
When you have all of these, go to the Action menu bar on the top of the game
screen.  Click on the option Do Alchemy, and pick a character to make the
potion.  Next, click on the potion you want to make.  If successful, the
ingredients used will disappear and be replaced by that potion.  If failed,
you will hear your character grunt in frustration, PLUS your ingredients will
disappear.  Now, with that lengthy explanation out of the way, lets get on to
the potions, shall we?

The format for each potion is...
Ingredients required, minimum skill required.
What the potion does.

Holly needed, minimum alchemy skill 1.
This potion will cast the priest spell Weaken Poison on the drinker.  Useful
if your priests are trying to conserve magic points.

Comfrey root needed, minimum alchemy skill 1.
This spell will cast two of the priest spells Minor Heal on the drinker.
Helps in tight situations.

Holly OR giant spider glands required, minimum alchemy skill 1.
This "potion", when used in combat, will place poison on your blade.
Striking an enemy with this poison will poison them to about the equivalent
of a Mage spell of Minor Poison.

Comfrey root OR wormgrass required, minimum alchemy skill 3.
The drinker of this potion will have the Mage spell Minor Haste cast upon

Wormgrass OR giant spider glands required, minimum alchemy skill 3.
Striking an enemy with this poison is about the same as casting two Minor
Poisons upon it.

Glowing nettle required, minimum alchemy skill 4.
Drinking this potion is about the same as casting Major Heal on the drinker.

Glowing nettle required, minimum alchemy skill 5.
Drinking this potion is about the same as casting both a Weaken Poison and
Cure Poison spell on the drinker.

Glowing nettle and wormgrass required, minimum alchemy skill 5.
Drinking this potion is the same thing as casting a Haste spell on the

Graymold required, minimum alchemy skill 7.
Using this in combat will cure the disease of ALL of your characters.  The
only time it can be used other than that is when a sick person cannot be
cured of disease.

Wormgrass and glowing nettle required, minimum alchemy skill 9.
This, upon drinking, will restore 15 spell points.

Graymold and holly required, minimum alchemy skill 9.
This instantly cures a dumbfounded character.  Keep one handy in case your
priests get dumbfounded to the point that they can't cast Restore Mind.

Holly and wormgrass required, minimum alchemy skill 10.
Striking an enemy with this on your blade is about the same as casting both a
Poison and a Minor Poison spell on an enemy.  This is also good to sell for a
fair amount of money.

Graymold and comfrey root required, minimum alchemy skill 12.
Drinking this is about the same as casting a Major Heal and a Heal spell on
the drinker.

Mandrake root required, minimum alchemy skill 12.
Striking with this poison is about the same as casting a Major Poison and a
Poison spell on an enemy.  This sells for a lot of money (however, the
mandrake root may sell for more, I'm not sure...)

Ember flowers required, minimum alchemy skill 9.
You can't use this, but you need it in your possession to cast the Priest
spells Raise Dead and Resurrection.

MEDIUM POWER POTION (Medium Energy Potion)
Mandrake root and wormgrass required, minimum alchemy skill 14.
This will give 30 spell points to the drinker.

Ember flowers and mandrake root required, minimum alchemy skill 19.
This spell adds a few skill points to your character.  This also sells for a
lot of money.  However, the recipe of it is extremely hard to find (it can
even be considered an Artifact Quest!)

==========================15. Magical Fields=================================

This section will describe each of the magical fields you may encounter in
the worlds of Valorim and Exile.

Special Encounter- This isn't really a MAGICAL field; rather, it is a sprite
trigger.  The visible ones appear as white dots, while the invisible ones
can't be seen without cheating in some way.

Wall of Fire- This is the weakest of the damaging walls.  Anyone stepping on
this field will take light fire-based damage, usually from 5-15 HP.  If a PC
or NPC is resistant or immune to fire, they will obviously take less or no
damage.  This wall will rapidly fade upon creation.  Beware that creatures
like Salamanders and Efreets radiate this kind of wall.

Wall of Force- Stepping onto this field will electrocute you.  This deals
more damage (10-20) then a firewall, but fades almost as quickly.  Anyone
resistant or immune to magic will take less or no damage from this field.

Wall of Ice- Stepping onto this field will freeze you.  This deals the same
amount of damage as a force wall, but lasts a lot longer.  Anyone resistant
or immune to cold will take less or no damage from this field.  Be warned:
Ice drakes and Ice Puddings radiate this wall with every step they take.

Wall of Blades- The strongest and longest lasting of all damaging walls, this
spell causes blades to spin about through the air.  The only way creatures
can resist this wall is if they have tough armor.

Fire Barrier- This permanent barrier can be walked through.  However, when it
is, the creature or character walking through it will be dealt mild fire-type

Force Barrier- This is another permanent barrier, and is an annoyance in many
places.  The only way it helps you is that it blocks other creatures off from
attacking you.

Web- This field is permanent until walked through.  Anyone or anything who
walked through a web will have less Action Points in combat.  To counter this
effect, pause so you can clean off the webs, or cast a cleanse spell.

Stinking cloud- Anything that is not magic immune will be mildly cursed when
walking through this wall.

Sleep cloud- Anything that is able to be put asleep has a chance to when they
walk through this wall, making them easier to critically wound.  Beware!
Gorgons breath sleep clouds.

Antimagic cloud- If you are standing in this quickly fading field, you cannot
cast spells by normal means (you CAN use an item, however.)  You cannot
target any of your magic into this field either, but if you cast a spell that
affects many spaces (such as Shockwave) the spell will strike.
(Note:  Thanks for pointing this field out, EALacey!)

Lava- This permanent "field" cannot be created by a creature or character.
When walked upon without a Firewalk spell, lava deals a HEAVY amount of
damage to that person.  Creatures will never walk across lava unless they are
immune to fire.

Quickfire- The most damaging of any magical field, this will expand to fill
any area it is able to.  Quickfire does not deal a whole lot of damage, but
since it fills up a whole town, it is extremely deadly.  If you leave town
with Quickfire running free, then that town will be cleaned out of creatures
later on.  After about ten days, Quickfire dies down.

===============================16. The Editor================================

This section covers, in detail, the various things you can do with the
editor.  Keep in mind that it is very easy to get stuck in the game if you
fool around with it too much.


File- unless you were suddenly dropped into the world of Windows, then this
is self-explanatory.

Registration- This allows you to register your copy of Exile.  Sure, you can
random guess until the cows come home, but unless you pay for it, you
probably won't unlock the other sections of the editor until you register it.

Free Extras- Free with the shareware version.  Here are all the subtitles
under it.
A. Edit Gold- Give yourself anywhere from 0 to 25,000 gold.  This is probably
the most used cheat.
B. Edit food- Give yourself anywhere from 0 to 25,000 food.  Unlike in the
other two Exile games, you probably won't go to this option too much because
the rate of food consumption has greatly decreased in Exile III
C. Leave town- If you are stuck in a dungeon or a town, use this option to
transport yourself outside.  Things you do inside the town won't be saved
(e.g. casting Magic Map,)
D. Reunite party- If for some reason your party becomes separated (like in
the Filth Factory, for example)  This option will make your party regroup.
E. Return party to start- This returns your party to Fort Emergence, where
you began the game.
F. Reset all boats/horses- This returns all of the boats and horses to where
they originally came from.  This is useful if you screw up if you teleport
somewhere and leave a boat in someplace unreachable.  I don't know, however,
if you still OWN the boats/horses you bought.
G. Make towns forget you- If you were a bad, bad boy (or slith, or nephil,)
then you can use this option to make towns mad at you not quite so mad
anymore.  This does NOT work if you steal from the Anama temple in Shayder.
Keep in mind this doesn't work if you are still IN the town mad at you.  You
may want to select leave town before you use this.  Also note that any
monsters you killed in towns/dungeons will regenerate.
H. Slow down Tower of Magi timer- At sometime around Day 50, you will begin
to have disturbing images inside your head.  This is actually a signal that
the Tower of Magi, deep inside Exile, is being destroyed.  This option will
actually restart the timer, so you can have some more time to train/raise
gold/etc.  Keep in mind that you will really, really NEED a lot of training...
the Tower is full of demons.
I. Heal damage- This will restore all of your PC's (Player Character)hit
points.  Keep in mind that they will still have bad effects on them and will
still be dead, dust, or stone.
J. Restore spell points- This will recover all of your characters magic
K. Raise dead, destone, etc.- This will resurrect a character, remove a
character from stone, or reassemble ashes of a character.  There will be no
status losses (e.g. strength, dexterity, and intelligence will remain the
L. Remove bad conditions- If one or more of your characters were poisoned,
dumbfounded, diseased, and/or covered in acid, this will remove those
effects.  I believe, however, that a slowed speed or a curse will still
remain on the characters.

Edit Party (You need to be registered to use any of these options)
A. Add special items- This will bring up a menu of all the special items
required in the game, and a few that aren't.  This menu will be described
later in the editor section.
B. Add alchemy- With this option, you can add any of the various alchemical
recipes you can acquire around Exile and Valorim.  It is particularly useful
for getting the Knowledge Brew, which you have to go on a wild goose chase to
find in the game itself.
C. Own all boats/horses- Need you ask?
D. Edit PC's Mage spells- This will add or remove any or all mage spells of a
selected PC.
E. Edit PC's Priest spells- Same thing as above, except that you can add or
remove divine spells.
F. Edit PC's skills- This is basically the same thing as when you visit a
trainer, except that you have an unlimited amount of skill points and gold
G. Edit PC's traits- This allows you to edit the race, advantages, and
disadvantages of a PC.  These all will affect the rate at which you gain
experience levels, so be cautious.
H. Edit Day- This does as it says.  This option is normally used to give
yourself more time for a job or, if you were LATE for a job, will allow the
dispatcher to forgive you.  This option, however, can cause some really weird
effects on the game.  If you set the day back too far, any monster plagues
you may have ended will restart (if you set the day back past the time you
defeated it)  If you set the day ahead too far, some time related events may
have already passed you by (the Tower of Magi may already be destroyed)

I1-I10- These bars add almost EVERY item in the game, cursed, magical,
unique, or normal.

Help- Well, I'm giving you some.  Do you really need this?

OK!  Now it is time for the special items section in the edit party menu bar.
This will list all the special items you can find in the editor.  As well,
you can edit map sections and do other certain special things.  First come
the special items.

Maps of Krizsan Province, Upper Exile, Isle of Bigail, Karnold Province,
Midori Province, Monoroe Province, Footracer Province- Adds these maps.

Orb of Thralni- Gives you this special orb which, when used, allows you to
fly for six steps outdoors.

Amulet of Rapid Returning- Gives you this item which, when used in outdoor
Valorim, will return you to Fort Emergence.  However, it has a limited range
(it won't work in far northern Valorim)

Wand of Unusual Results- This will, when used, produce a random effect.  Here
are some of the ones I've encountered.
"A bar of iron appears!"- A bit more gold   "Some of your cash disappears!"
Lose a little gold    "A fish appears!"- A bit more food    "You suddenly
feel hungry!  You eat"- You lose some food.  "You feel dumber."- Your stats
lower.  "You feel smart!" I THINK your skill points raise (Needs testing)
"You feel romantic!"- Absolutely nothing.  "Grass suddenly starts growing.",
"Your fingernails turn green", "Flowers appear underfoot"- Also nothing.

Twisted Steel Key, Giant's Key, Electrum Key, Stone Key, Key to Hawke's
Manse, Silver Key, Vahnatai Crypt Key, Large Iron Key, Twisted Gold Key-
Opens various doors around Valorim and Upper Exile.

Scroll from Prazac/Aniximander Scroll- Negotiation scrolls between your boss
Aniximander and the Empire's leader, Prazac.

Soul Crystal- You can't use it automatically; rather, you have to cast a
capture soul spell to capture the image of a monster in it, then you can cast
simulacrum during battle to summon that monster.

Drawing of Rune, Withered Scales, Crystal Shards, Hot Crystal Shards- These
are all evidence of who has been causing the monster plagues on Valorim..

Silver Runed Amulet- Give it to Denise in the Portal Fortress for a spell or

Crystal Statue- Give this to a Vahnatai and, in return, he will give you a
Soul Crystal.

Cooling Amulets- If you think Erika was behind the monster plagues, get this
made so you can resist her fire traps when you attempt to kill her.  This
will also give your party fire resistance.

Thought Crystal- If you think the Vahnatai were behind the monster plagues,
get this so you can resist any crystalline magic they throw at you when you
attempt to kill them.

Book on Teleportation- If you give this to a certain librarian, she will
teach you the spell of Identify.

Blessed Athame- This super sharp knife is a key item in driving out the
threat to the Tower of Magi.

Erika's Amulet- If you get this activated by Erika, she can keep an eye on
you at all times.  She'll help you in a certain time of need if you have

Metal Lumps- These are mithral, a rare metal, and are used in three places:
The Inn of Blades, The lair of the Dragons, and in a certain town with a
blacksmith eager for a real challenge...

Egg of the Phoenix- This artifact will destroy the Filth Factory, if you can
bring it to the right place...

Anama Rings- Though you don't have to be a member of the Anama to wear them,
these rings ensure that people think, at first glance, that your party is of
the Anama, the main religion of the Isle of Bigail.

Suspicious Package- If you deliver this to a certain person in Lorelei, you
will be able to enter her guild.  Be careful!  Troops around the city want to
find people that have this and will attack you if they find any on you.

Scroll of Passage- This is used to enter the Troglodyte Castle without being
attacked.  Attacked isn't the same thing as capture, though...

Sharimik Ring- Give this ring to Ginny the Food Seller and she'll reward you

Troglodyte Message- This is a return message for the mayor of Sharimik from
the Troglodyte King.  Heehee, I like the message on this scroll!

Love Letter, Embroidered Favor, Good Luck Charm, Locket with Painting- A
commander lost some of his men in the giant's cave.  He'll pay you 500 gold
for each you bring back (I think)

Silver Ring- This belongs to a dead sailor.  Find it and return it to a
person very close to him.

Baziron Message- Deliver this to General Baziron in Tevrono. He'll give you a
pouch of gold for it.


Add Exile/Caves maps- This option adds the "outdoors" maps for Upper Exile
and other "outdoor" caves

Add Northern Valorim maps- this gives you the outdoor maps for anywhere north
of Sharimik

Add Southern Valorim maps- this gives you the outdoor maps for anywhere south
of Sharimik

Add Tiny Town maps- this gives you any in town maps for the tiny huts dotted
around Valorim.

Add Small Town maps- this gives you any in town maps for most minor towns and
small dungeons

Add Medium Town maps- this gives you any in town maps for towns and dungeons
64 by 64 spaces large

Add Large Town maps- Along with adding the 64 by 64 space large maps, this
option will also give you the maps of the five major cities in Valorim.

And for the "other" options...

Raise special NPC's from dead- If you decided to be cruel and daring, and
killed either Erika or any of the three dragons, they will now be back to

Be member of Anama church- Selecting this option makes you a member of the
Anama church.  You can now not cast any mage spells, but you can go upstairs
in the temple and visit other Anama places of worship around Valorim.  Make
sure you put on Anama Rings for full effect

Activate Erika amulets- Selecting this option activates Erika's amulets
(duh!) To get the full effect of this option, put ON the amulets.

Make job dispatchers forgive you- If you took too long delivering stuff to
other people, the job dispatcher that gave you the job will be ticked off at
you for about 50 days.  Select this option and presto! Instantly happy

Reset Shayder, Quit Anama- If you found the great treasure of the Anama in
Shayder, and took it, well... everyone in Shayder will attack you on sight for
the remainder of the game.  Selecting this removes you from the Anama, and
therefore they can't suspect you of taking the treasure (Non-Anama members
can't be let upstairs!)

End curse of Vahkhos- In the southeastern corner of Valorim, you will find a
vampire that wishes to fight you in exchange for taking his treasure.  If you
kill him, but don't destroy the crystal that contains his soul, he'll haunt
you.  Selecting this option shatters the crystal and therefore ends the

Cure Skribbane Addiction- There is a "wonder drug" on sale in Gale.  If you
take too much of it, you'll become addicted and have all your stats lower
after the initial effect of the drug wears off.  Selecting this option
corrects your status.

Make all Dungeons Visible- There are certain dungeons you can't find until
you are told that a certain dungeon is located somewhere (One example is the
Monastery of Madness).  Selecting this option reveals the location of ALL
hidden dungeons and towns.

Now, for the items list in the editor.  Keep in mind that this is here for
reference, NOT as a filler, because it can be a pain scrolling across the ten
menus trying to find the item you want.
The format is:
I# (Menu number)- (List of Items)
One more note before I start.  DON'T EMAIL ME TELLING ME THERE ARE REPEATS! I
know this myself, and it's NOT MY FAULT!  I am just listing them the order
the editor put them.

I1- Pants, shirt, robes, rock, stick, mug, plate, bottle, bottle (yes, two
bottles!), candle, lamp, bones, skull, torches, Vahnatai robes, stone knife,
stone short sword, stone club, stone mace, stone axe, stone spear, bronze
knife, bronze short sword, bronze club, bronze mace, bronze axe, bronze
spear, bronze hammer, bronze rapier, bronze broadsword, bronze flail, bronze
bardiche, bronze halberd, bronze greatsword, bronze great mace, iron knife,
iron short sword, iron mace.

I2- Iron axe, iron spear, iron hammer, iron rapier, iron broadsword, iron
flail, iron bardiche, iron halberd, iron greatsword, iron great mace, steel
knife, steel short sword, steel mace, steel axe, steel spear, steel hammer,
steel rapier, steel broadsword, steel flail, steel bardiche, steel halberd,
steel greatsword, steel great mace, magic knife, magic short sword, magic
mace, magic axe, magic spear, magic hammer, magic rapier, magic broadsword,
magic flail, magic bardiche, magic halberd, magic greatsword, magic great
mace, iron slith spear, steel slith spear.

I3- Bronze wave blade, iron wave blade, steel wave blade, magic wave blade,
steel razordisks, iron razordisks, darts, iron darts, magic darts, throwing
knives, throwing daggers, arrows, iron arrows, magic arrows, javelins, iron
javelins, cavewood bow, lemonwood bow, yew bow, crossbow, fine crossbow,
magic crossbow, bolts, iron bolts, magic bolts, leather baldric, leather
armor, bronze studded armor, bronze chain mail, bronze breastplate, bronze
plate, iron studded armor, iron chain mail, iron breastplate, iron plate,
steel studded armor, steel chain mail.

I4- Steel breastplate, steel plate, magic studded armor, magic chain mail,
magic breastplate, magic plate, mithril chain mail, crude buckler, bronze
buckler, iron buckler, steel buckler, magic buckler, crude shield, bronze
shield, iron shield, steel shield, magic shield, crude large shield, bronze
large shield, iron large shield, steel large shield, magic large shield,
leather helm, bronze helm, iron helm, steel helm, magic helm, leather
greathelm, bronze greathelm, iron greathelm, steel greathelm, magic
greathelm, leather gloves, bronze gauntlets, iron gauntlets, steel gauntlets,
magic gauntlets, boots.

I5- Steel-toed boots, lockpicks, weak poison, medium poison, strong poison,
killer poison, ruby, sapphire, fine lockpicks, magic lockpicks, Orb of Sight,
Smoky Crystal, Piercing Crystal, Mist Globe, Mist Globe, Mist Globe (Yes,
three.  They all do different things), Shielding Crystal, Goo Bomb, Orb of
Foul Vapors, Dust of Hiding, Dust of Choking, Cleansing Powder, gold statue,
ivory bug, ebony lizard, Horn of Warriors, Scroll: Flame, Scroll: Slow,
Scroll: Poison, Scroll: Stealth, Scroll: Kill, Scroll: Ice bolt, Scroll:
Fireball, Scroll: Firestorm, Scroll: Major Haste, Scroll: Shockwave, Scroll:
Charm, Scroll: Magic Resistance

I6- Alabaster lizard, diamond, emerald, cursed helm, ruby helm, emerald helm,
Helm of Speed, runed helm, crystal, iron bar, silver bar, platinum bar,
Nimble Gloves, Ogrish Gauntlets, Giant Gauntlets, Glue Gauntlets, aspskin
gloves, Asp Gloves, Micah's Gloves, magic boots, dancing boots, Boots of
Apollo, Boots of Speed, cursed boots, crystal shield, Iceshield, Shield of
Khar, Shield of Klin, Lifeshield, Shield of Klud, Martyr's Shield,
Runeshield, cursed shield, strong curing potion, strong healing potion,
strong energy potion, strong strength potion, strong speed potion.

I7- Strong invulnerability potion, strong skill potion, medium curing potion,
medium healing potion, medium energy potion, medium strength potion, medium
speed potion, medium invulnerability potion, medium skill potion, weak curing
potion, weak healing potion, weak energy potion, weak strength potion, weak
speed potion, weak invulnerability potion, weak skill potion, Ambrosia,
Potion of Bliss, poison potion, Potion of Doom, Brew of Lethe, Potion of
Clarity, Brew of Knowledge, Brew of Ironskin, Brew of Battle, Brew of Lethe,
Dart of Returning, lightning rods, Infinite Arrow, Arrows of Light, Arrows of
Life, burning arrows, exploding arrows, Archer's Bow, Bow of Kag, poison
darts, Wand of Venom, Wand of Fireballs.

I8- Wand of Flame, Wand of Carrunos, Wand of Slow, Wand of Death, Wand of
Charming, Wand of Nullity, Wand of Phyrrus, Wand of Vorb, Wand of Rats, Wand
of Paralysis, Wand of Acid, Prismatic Wand, Crystal Wand, gold ring of
regeneration, gold ring of protection, gold ring of accuracy, gold ring of
skill, gold weight ring, gold ring, gold serpent ring, silver ring of
regeneration, silver ring of protection, silver ring of accuracy, silver ring
of skill, silver weight ring, silver ring, silver serpent ring, bronze ring
of regeneration, bronze ring of protection, bronze ring of accuracy, bronze
ring of skill, bronze weight ring, bronze ring, bronze serpent ring, Ring of
Warmth, Ring of Fire Resistance, Ring of Speed, Ring of Will.

I9- Aescal's Ring, Ring of Free Action, Ring of Resistance, silver ankh,
Amulet of the Cobra, Ruby Charm, Onyx Charm, fang necklace, fire orb
necklace, diamond necklace, gold necklace, Lifesaver Amulet, Scale Necklace,
amber periapt, sapphire necklace, Feldspar Charm, Ivory Charm, silver
necklace, Basic Necklace, uranium bar, gold bar, Graymold Salve, Resurrection
Balm, rough diamond, Power Geode, Firestone, Ravage Knife, Assassin's Knife,
Alien Blade, Demonslayer, Wyrmsbane, Flaming Sword, Smite, Mace of
Disruption, Black Halberd, Adamantine Axe, luck charm, Lodestone.

I10- Airy Stone, basic powder, Powder of Lethe, Potion of Paralysis, Helm of
Alertness, Shield of Kron, Pachtar's Plate, Ring of Magery, Boltblade, Shield
Mace, Fury Crossbow, Quicksilver Band, holly, comfrey root, glowing nettle,
wormgrass, Graymold, ember flowers, mandrake root, unicorn horn, asp fangs,
golem gem, silver ore, gold ore, Clothes & Goods, Exotic Herbs, perfect
flower, Mithral Broadsword, Beastslayer Blade, Skribbane Herb, cursed axe,
cursed broadsword, cursed greatsword, cursed knife, cursed shield, cursed
mace, cursed ring, cursed halberd.

===============================17. FAQ=======================================

Got any questions?  Send 'em to me via Email, and, if they are INTELLIGENT
ones, I might post them here.  I am getting very tired of responding over and
over and over again to Emails dealing with aspects of the game I don't cover
in my Plague Hunter's walkthrough, so this section is a real blessing.

---CAN YOU GIVE ME YOUR REGISTRATION KEY? (Asked by FAR too many people, by last

No.  No, no, no, no, NO!!!!!!! Honestly, don't you people read the
introductions?!  And, BTW, this also includes FILES from my game.  You know
who you are.


So many people asked this, and I consider it an artifact, so look above in
the Artifact Quests section.

GET HIM TO GIVE THEM TO ME?  (3 people.)

X teaches strong magic.  VERY strong magic.  So you have to beat the later
plagues (i.e. giants, troglodytes, golems.)  Once you do this, you must say
"grant" to him.  If you have defeated the giants and the troglodytes, he will
give you Daemon and Mindduel.  If you have defeated the Golems, he will give
you Shockwave and Protection.


I honestly don't know.  I believe it is impossible.


Obviously you didn't try EVERY one... Dispel Barrier breaks golem generators
with ease.


You know those stone circles?  Visit each one.  The first one bestows the
spell Restore Mind, the second Magic Map, the third improves the party's
dexterity by one, the fourth gives an assload of experience, and the final
one is your precious Death Arrows.  Now have fun paying for it later in the
game :P

==============================18. Thanks!====================================

As you would expect, this is the section where I honor people who point out
things to me that I may have omitted.

Thanks, EALacey from the GameFAQs boards, for TONS (and I mean that) of help
on the troglodyte/golem plague, editor information, and artifact quests.

Thanks, [email protected], for submitting the name of the troglodyte Khazi

Thanks, CJayC, for being nice and sweet and allowing me to press my lips on
your bum long enough for this FAQ to be reposted after many a long year.

==========================19. Repeat Warning!================================

Exile III: Ruined World FAQ Version 4.15
Last updated on 11/13/2003
Started on 10/22/99 by Earthshaker ([email protected])
Copyright 1999-2003 by Earthshaker

Anyone may reproduce this FAQ electronically, but do not sell it for money.
If you wish to place this on your website, do so with this disclaimer intact,
and be sure to contact me before you do so at [email protected].
If you do not do so, I WILL find out, and there will be some serious legal
trouble!!! You can also email your INTELLIGENT comments, questions,
gripes, suggestions, etc. to the above address as well.  By the way,
the most updated version of this FAQ will always be found at www.GameFAQs.com

Exile III: Ruined World is copyright Spiderweb Software and Jeff Vogel.

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