| Final Fantasy VIII |
                          | Faq/Walkthrough Version 3.4 |
                               | By Jarek Grochal |
                              | [email protected] |
I'll start the walkthrough first, and skip all the crap like character
and villain introductions because who really cares about the characters
in the walkthrough?? If you want characters check a character guide or
something like that. I'm also writing this in a different format from my
other faqs, in kind of a like step by step format, I will mention Boss
tips, and what magics should be junctioned. As always as in all my faqs,
ill try to keep this faq 99.9% spoiler free.

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This document is (C) Jarek Grochal;1999-2000

***************************VERSION UPDATE******************************
Version 1.0 10/16/99
-Walkthrough for Balamb Garden
-Walkthrough for Fire Cavern
-Walkthrough for Dollet Field Test
-Ifrit Boss Strategy
-Elvoret Boss Strategy
Version 1.1 10/16/99
-Dollet Mission Walkthrough finished
-Balamb and Balamb Garden Walkthrough
-X-ATM092 Strategy
-Seed Ranking Chart
Version 1.2 10/16/99
-Walkthrough for Training Center
-Card Side Quest for Balamb Region
-Grandalo+Raldo Strategy
-In-Depth Diablo Strategy
Version 1.3 10/18/99
-Walkthrough for the Timber Mission
-Fake President + Gerogero Battle Strategy
-Most of the Test Answers added
-Money by SeeD level added
Version 1.4 10/29/99
-Walkthrough for Timber
-Finished SeeD anwsers
Version 1.5 12/30/99
-Walkthrough up to the Tomb of the Unknown King
-Added all Squalls weapons
Version 1.6 12/31/99
-Added some creatures to the creature guide thanks to
Morduk([email protected])
Version 1.7 12/31/99
-Added more creatures to the creature guide thanks to [email protected]
Version 1.8 01/01/00
-Finished the Tomb of the Unknown King
-Added how to get the GF Brothers
-Started Guardian Force section
-added Quezacotl to Guardian Force section
Version 1.9 01/02/00
-added Shiva to Guardian Force section
-added Deling City mission to walkthrough
Version 2.0 01/03/00
-added Ifrit to Guardian Force section
Version 2.1 01/04/00
-Started Card section
-added three level one cards to Card section
-finished the disc one walkthrough
Version 2.2 01/05/00
-added all level one cards to card section
Version 2.3 01/06/00
-added all level two cards
-added all level three cards
-added Siren to Guardian Force section
-added hint to Disc 2 walkthrough
-added more Q&A to Faq section
Version 2.4 01/08/00
-added D-District Prison walkthrough
-added all level 4 cards
-added Brothers to Guardian Force section
Version 2.5 01/14/00
-added powering up your characters effectively section thanks to
Version 2.6 01/19/00
-added Missile base walkthrough
-added level 5 monster cards
Version 2.7 01/21/00
-Started secrets section
-added Shumi Village walkthrough to SECRETS PART
-Started the junction magic section
-added Life magic to junction section
-added walkthrough for getting balamb mobile
-more mug, and draw lists to bosses
Version 2.8 01/25/00
-added mobile balamb garden walkthrough
Version 2.9 01/26/00
-added Fire magic to junction list
-started Items list
-added recovery items to items list
-added status items to items list
-changed around the format a bit to make it look better
Version 3.0 01/27/00
-added Winhill Side quest to Side Quests section
-added Centra Ruins to side quests section
-added how to get Odin+Tonberry King to side quests section
-added MedLvUp to refinement list
-added ForbidMed-RF to refinement list
-added walkthrough for Fisherman's Horizon
-added Ice magic to junction lists
Version 3.1 01/28/00
-added GF ability items to items list
-added Balamb to walkthrough
-added Trabia Garden to walkthrough
Version 3.2 01/30/00
-Finish disc 2 walkthrough
-started disc 3 walkthrough
-added Galbadia garden walkthrough
-added the Roaming Forest to secrets list
-added White seed Ship walkthrough
Version 3.3 05/13/00
-More of the walkthrough
-Tool-RF list
-Rinoa's weapons
-Diablo to GF list
Version 3.4 05/27/00
-added the card game guide which includes all the card game side-quests
 thanks to Henry H.Jerng
Version 3.5 06/06/00
-walkthrough up to Lunatic Pandora
************************FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS*********************
If you have any Questions,Comments, or Additions then Email
[email protected]
Q1-What is FF8?
A1-FF8 is a continuation of one of the greatest rpg series ever. The
final fantasy series made by Squaresoft. The series does not follow a
set pattern, and each Final fantasy game has a different set of
characters, and a different story than the one preceding it. The series
started with the first 3 final fantasy games on the Nes, and the next 3
games on the Snes. FF3(6j),and FF2(4j) are the ones that have been
released in the US for the Snes, and recently FF5, and FF6 were
realeased on the Playstation as part of the Final Fantasy Anthology set.

Q2-Can I still get any Gf's I missed in Discs 1-3 in Disc 4?
A2-Upon defeating the first boss you can unlock the draw command. After
that you can draw some GF's from the bosses there.
Siren=Tri Point
Pandemona=Red Giant

Q3-Can I still get Lionheart, or buy items in Disc 4?
A3-Tonberry King has an ability called Junk Shop which allows you to get
weapons in Disc 4. It also has an ability which lets you buy items in
Disc 4.
*************************WALKTHROUGH FOR DISC ONE**********************
| Balamb Garden |
| Draw Points                 |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Cure(Front Gate)            |
| Esuna(Library)              |
| Blizzard(Training Center)   |
| Items                   |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Occult Fan 1(Library)   |
-Name your main character | DEFAULT:Squall |
-Follow Quistis to the Classroom
-Go to your desk and turn on the computer
-Get Shiva and Quezacotl from the Tutorial Menu on the Study Panel
-Speak with Quistis after class
-Talk to the guy next to the elevator to get 7 level 1 cards
-You can challenge people to play cards by pressing the Square button
 while next to them, right now its best to put off playing cards at
 least until you get the Ifrit,Diablo, and Zell cards
-Explore Balamb Garden
-Go meet Quistis at the Front Gate
-Equip 1 GF on each character
-Set up your Commands
-Gain some AP from the Fastitcolon-Fs on the beaches(3 AP each)
-Draw some magic from the also, Blizzard especially
-Beat up some Caterchipillars to win a Spider Web, which teaches Quisis
 Ultra Waves
-Start learning the Quezacotl T Mag-RF skill
-Head east of Balamb to reach the Fire Cavern
| Fire Cavern |
|Draw Points  |
 - - - - - - -
| Fire        |
| Items               |
 - - - - - - - - - - -
| Ifrit Card(Ifrit)   |
-Pick one of the time limits, 20 minutes should do fine
-Head through the cave
-Draw more magics in fights
-Most enemies are weak against Blizzard magic
-Draw Fire from the Draw Point there
-Boss Fight! IFRIT
| Boss-Ifrit                     |
| HP-1068                        |
| AP-20                          |
| Treasure-G-Returner,Ifrit Card |
| Weak Vs Ice/Absorbs Fire       |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Attacks-Ifrit Rush(100+ Damage),Fire(50-70 Damage)  |
| This is not really a tough fight, as long as you    |
| have some Blizzard magic, even if you do not it is  |
| still very easy, use your normal attacks, and limit |
| breaks when your HP is low, use the Skip Turn       |
| button until it comes up. Heal with Cure magic, or  |
| some potions, and if someone dies use a Phoenix     |
| down. When you win you recieve the Ifrit Card, 20AP |
| and you gain Ifrit as your brand spanking new GF    |
-Run back to Balamb Garden
| SeeD Exam |
-Go to Squall's dorm room and change your uniform
-Go to the 1st floor lobby, and meet your team
-Get the card and drive to Balamb
-Board the boat on the deck
-Speak with everyone on the boat
| Dollet |
| Draw Points                 |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Blind(Communication Tower)  |
| Save Points           |
 - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Beach                 |
| Communication Tower   |
-Equip all with GF
-Junction some magic to raise stats
-Set up commands
-Follow Seifer to the Central Square
-Kill Galabadian Soldiers on the way(Draw lots of Cure Magic)
-Scout the Central Square
-Follow all the Galabadian soldiers up to the Tower
-Fight the Anacondaur on the stairs(Use Ice Magic)
-Meet Selphie
-Walk Around(Better) or Jump down
-Enter the tower
-Save and Draw blind magic from the Draw point
-Boss! Biggs and Wedge and Elvoret
| Boss-Biggs                                           |
|      Wedge                                           |
|      Elvoret                                         |
| HP-Biggs 467-705                                     |
|    Wedge                                             |
|    Elvoret 1563-3523                                 |
| AP-Biggs+Wedge 4                                     |
|    Elvoret 10                                        |
| Treasure-Elixir,Cottage,G-Returner,Weapons Monthly   |
| Wedge-Immune to Poison                               |
| Elvoret-Immune to Poison,High Spirit                 |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Biggs+Wedge                                           |
| Attacks-Normal Attacks(20-70 Damage)                  |
| Elvoret                                               |
| Attacks-Bite(30-100 Damage),Breath(70-150(All)        |
| First use your normal attacks and GF spells on Biggs  |
| until Wedge appears, finish them off and they will    |
| be blown away from the battlefield by Evorlet, the    |
| real boss. Draw Double magic and cast in on Selphie   |
| so she can cure 2 people at the same time. Try to     |
| let Squall die, and the use a Phoenix Down on him so  |
| his HP is still low, and hope he does not die, so you |
| can use his limit break for 250-500 damage to this    |
| bastard. If anyones HP drops below 130 heal him with  |
| Selphie unless you want a limit break. MAKE SURE TO   |
-You have 30:00 minutes to get to the beach
-Use the elevator down and save
-Biggs will turn on the machine
-You will have to fight this machine at least 2 times
| Boss-X-ATM092                     |
| HP 5072-5770                      |
| AP 50                             |
| Weak Vs Thunder/Immune to Poison  |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Attacks-RayBomb(60-100),Normal Attack(50+)            |
| Use Thunder magic and normal attacks until this dude  |
| falls over, then use the R2+L2 buttons to run away.   |
| It is possible to defeat this guy for 50AP, and the   |
| pride of defeating this guy. To do this you must have |
| a high affection with Quatezocl, have learned the Sum |
| Mag +10%, and Summon Magic +20%, but even so it is    |
| still not worth all the trouble to win 50AP.          |
-In the downward mountain path, walk so the boss does not mess you up
-On the bridge, when it jumps before you, then run back away from the
 Boss and it should jump over you again, so you can now pass without
 fighting it
-Make sure to save the dog in the Central Square by pressing X next to
-Run back to the beach, and DONT enter the Cafe
-On the beach you will see a cool Fmv and swim away
| Balamb Again |
| Draw Points           |
 - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Thunder(Town Square)  |
| Cure(Dock)            |
| Items      |
 - - - - - - - -
| Zell's Card   |
-Speak with Quistis on the deck
-You can win the Zell card from Zell's mom but its better to wait until
 you have some more powerful cards
-Head back to Balamb Garden
| Balamb Garden |
-Go to the hall and speak with everyone
-Go talk with Seifer near the library
-Go to the 2nd Floor to get Squalls Grades
-Speak with Cid
-Go back to the 2nd floor to get your Seed Rank
This is how your Seed Rank is established
| Conduct |
| This is determined by the mission in Dollet.    |
| Points are determined by how much time          |
| remains on the clock when you reach the beach.  |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Remaining Time      Points  |
|     25:00+           100    |
|  24:59-24:00          90    |
|  23:59-23:00          80    |
|  22:59-20:00          70    |
|  19:59-19:00          60    |
|  18:59-17:00          50    |
|  16:59-15:00          40    |
|  14:59-10:00          30    |
|   9:59-6:00           20    |
|   5:59-3:00           10    |
|   2:59-0:00            0    |
| Judgement |
| Based on how much time is left when you |
| defeat Ifrit, in the Fire Cavern.       |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
|  Remaining Time    Points  |
|    0:00-0:07        100    |
|    0:08-0:29         90    |
|    0:30-0:59         80    |
|    1:00-1:59         70    |
|    2:00-2:59         60    |
|    3:00-9:59         50    |
|   10:00-10:59        40    |
|   11:00-11:59        30    |
|   12:00-12:59        20    |
|   13:00-13:59        10    |
|   14:00-14:59         5    |
|      15:00+           0    |
| Kills |
| How many kills you got during the Dollet Mission. |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
|  Enemies Defeated    Points |
|        75+            100   |
|       25-74            80   |
|       15-24            60   |
|       10-14            20   |
|        0-9              0   |
| Swiftness |
| How many times you fought against X-ATM092 during in Dollet |
| Times Fought  Points |
|      1         100   |
|      2          70   |
|     3-4         50   |
|     5-9         30   |
|     10+          0   |
-To raise your seed ranking you need to do good deeds for Seed, and you
 will be rewarded with a Seed level raise, or you can take tests to
 raise your level. Tests can be taken at the tutorial menu under the
 heading of TESTS. You can only take as many tests as Squall's level.
 That is if Squall is level 11, then you may take the tests up to
 level 11. The higher your Seed level is, the more money you will
 recieve every half an hour or so
| Test Anwsers |
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10
Level 11
Level 12
Level 13
Level 14
Level 15
Level 16
Level 17
Level 18
Level 19
Level 20
Level 21
Level 22
Level 23
Level 24
Level 25
Level 26
Level 27
Level 28
Level 29
Level 30
You can also raise your SeeD Level by doing things that are good for
| Salary By Level |
| SeeD Rank | Salary |
|     1     |   500  |
|     2     |  1000  |
|     3     |  1500  |
|     4     |  2000  |
|     5     |  3000  |
|     6     |  4000  |
|     7     |  5000  |
|     8     |  6000  |
|     9     |  7000  |
|    10     |  8000  |
|    11     |  9000  |
|    12     | 10000  |
|    13     | 11000  |
|    14     | 12000  |
|    15     | 12500  |
|    16     | 13000  |
|    17     | 13500  |
|    18     | 14000  |
|    19     | 14500  |
|    20     | 15000  |
|    21     | 15500  |
|    22     | 16000  |
|    23     | 16500  |
|    24     | 17000  |
|    25     | 17500  |
|    26     | 18000  |
|    27     | 18500  |
|    28     | 19000  |
|    29     | 19500  |
|    30     | 20000  |
|     A     | 30000  |
-Go to Squalls Dorm room and change clothes then speak with Selphie to
 go to the ball
-After speaking with Quistis, go back to your dorm room and change
-Head for the Training Center, and speak with Quistis
-In the Training Center there is a Blizzard draw point
-Head for the Secret Area in the back of the Save Point
-After the talk, head out and run to the north
-Hear the screen, and run to the help of a woman
-Boss! Granaldo+3 Raldos
| Boss-Granaldo           |
|      3 Raldos           |
| HP-Granaldo 1314-9700   |
|    Raldo 111-6700       |
| AP-Granaldo 5           |
|    Raldo 5              |
| Treasure-8 Magic Stones |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Attacks-Raldo Throw(30-70 Damage)                   |
| You can draw Protect from the Granaldo and cast     |
| it on your characters to reduce the damage, since   |
| your Magic Power is low, it is best to put off      |
| stocking up on these magics, because the most that  |
| you will draw is 4 Tops. Use your strongest Magic   |
| spells, some Limit breaks, and GF to put this       |
| guy in his place.                                   |
-The woman is taken away by some White Seeds
-Head back to Squall's dorm room and speak with Zell, who tells you
 that you have a new room
-Pick up the Weapons Monthly Apr on Squall's new desk
-Go to the Front Gate
-Get your first mission briefing
-Recieve the Magical Lamp from Cid
-Head out into the World Map
-Use Quezacotl's Card command on the Catelchpillars, and sometimes
 you will recieve a kick-a$$ trauma Card, and on the Bite Bug to
 sometimes recieve a Elnoyle card, this will help alot if you
 want to play cards now
-Save your game, and use the Magical Lamp to fight Diablo
-Its best to fight Diablo now, many people have had trouble with
 this boss fight, so I'll make the Strategy In-Depth
-Use F Mag-RF an Ifrit skill to get 80 Firaga Magics from
 the 8 Magic Stones you won from the last boss fight
-Junction Ifrit to Squall
-Junction Quetozacotl to Quistis
-Junction Shiva to Selphie
-Junction these Commands
-Junction those 80 Firaga to Squalls Strenght
-Junction your 2nd best magic to Selphie's Magic
-Junction whatever to Quistis
|Party |
At least level 10 should do
| Boss-Diablo            |
| HP 1600-80,000         |
| AP 20                  |
| Treasure-Diablo's Card |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| At Level 10                                               |
| HP-12,000                                                 |
| Attacks-Diablo Rush 200 Damage                            |
|         Graivja Takes away 3/4 of everyone's HP           |
| You can draw Demi Magic from Diablo                       |
| 1st Turn-Draw-Cast Demi Magic with everyone               |
| If he uses Gravija then Good                              |
| Skip Selphies turn, until Squall, and Quistis can use     |
| their limits, then switch to Selphie and get her limit    |
| use Do Over until you get Full Cure, then cast it         |
| Following this strategy, you should be able to deal       |
| some good damage with Demi on Diablo if you can manage    |
| to draw some. Then with Squalls high Strength you should  |
| deal about 2,000+ each turn, and healing fully with       |
| Selphie's Full Cure, this fight should be over quickly.   |
-After winning, you will Recieve the Diablo Card
Card Side Quest for Balamb Region OPTIONAL
-IF you want to get all the cards then read on, if not then skip to the
 next part
-If you don't know how to play cards, then check out some Card faq on
-Save, then head for Balamb and challenge Zell's mother to a card game,
 hopefully, she will play the Zell Card, and with the Diablo, Ifrit,
 Trauma, and Elonyle cards you should easily win it, if his mother
 doesn't play the card, just keep challenging her until she does.
-Head back to Balamb Garden, and challenge the Jogger in the first
 floor hall, he will sometimes play the Mini Mog card, that you should
 try for, even though this card is kinda lame
-Challenge one of the Trepe Groupies in the Classroom, or in the
 back of the Cafeteria, they have some good cards so beware, any one
 of them will sometimes play the Quistis card which is an improvement
 over some of your other cards
-I believe that now you may challenge Cid in his office to win one of
 the best cards in the game, the Seifer card
Card Quest for Balamb Region over
-Head for the train section in Balamb
-Board the Train
-Enter the Seed cabin
-Pick up the Pet Pals Vol.1 in your cabin
-Suddenly your team falls over to sleep
-Controlling Laguna, check your Junctions to make sure everything
 is set
-Make your way through the Forest, the enemies here are only
 Funguars, and Geezards
-Save some of the Magic Stones you win from the battles
-There are 2 draw points here, The cure drawpoint in the middle
 of the path in the forest, and then the Water draw point near
 the Car at the end of the path
-Go right to the Galbadia Hotel and watch the show
-When Julia leaves, go speak with the clerk, and choose to visit
 Julia's room
-Keep speaking with Julia
-After some touching moments Laguna gets called away by Kiros
| Timber |
| Draw Points |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Blizzaga(Timber Maniacs)  |
| Cure(Outside Pub)         |
| Scan(Alley                |
| Items |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Pet Pals Vol.3+4(Pet shop)      |
| Girl Next Door(Timber Maniacs)  |
| Timber Maniacs(Timber Maniacs)  |
-Upon arriving in Timber, you will be approached by a person who
 tells you the code "Oh, the forest of Timber sure has changed"
 you should reply "But the Owls are still around" but it doesn't
 really matter what you pick
-You will be told to wake up the leader in the back of the train, do
 so and you will meet, and name Rinoa, the girl that you danced with
 in the Balamb Garden ball
-Go to the strategy room and learn about your mission
-Go back to the room in the back and pick up the Pet Pals Vol.2 that is
 now there
-Challenge Watts to a game of cards to win the Angelo card
-Speak with Watts to begin your mission
| Rinoa's Limit Breaks |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| You should now have 2 new Pet Pals magazines. You need to   |
| go to the Item screen and read the magazines by pressing    |
| X on them. After reading go to Rinoa's status screen, and   |
| flip through the screens until you get to Angelo's screen.  |
| Tricks with a full red bar represent learned tricks and     |
| can be used in battle, while tricks with an empty bar can   |
| not be used in battle. To learn the trick, you need to      |
| highlight the unlearned trick and exit the main menu. As    |
| Rinoa walks around the bar will slowly fill up. When you    |
| hear a sound while walking around, this means that the new  |
| trick has been learned and you should highlight a new one.  |
-The plan consists of seven steps
Step 1:Catch up to the 2nd escort car
Step 2:Proceed across the roof of the 2nd car
Step 3:Proceed across the roof of the president's car
Step 4:Uncouple the 1st car
Step 5:Have the dummy car hook up with the escort car
Step 6:Uncouple the 2nd car
Step 7:Escape with the president's car
In-Depth Plan Walkthrough
Step 1:Just follow Rinoa to the next car
Step 2:The 2nd car is supposed to have some tight security but you
       will soon find out that their security system is busted so
       just run across the roof of that car
Step 3:Just run across again
Step 4:Selphie and Zell will look out for the soldiers, when they
       yell make sure to pull yourselves up or you'll have to start
       over. Rinoa will yell the codes to you and you have to insert
       them in quickly in 5 seconds or so
Step 5:The guys back at the base will handle this, and you'll get to
       see another FMV
Step 6:Zell and Selphie can't look out for you this time, so after
       about every two codes are inserted by Squall, use R1 or R2
       to check if they are coming. If they are then just pull
       yourself up and then come down and finish inserting the codes
Step 7:If you inserted all the codes correctly, then you will see
       another FMV
-If you do the entire process without failing, you will gain a Seed
-After all of this you will wind up in the President's car
-Save your game on the Save Point
-Junction some magic and GF to your characters and head through
 the door
-Turns out the president is a fake, and you have to fight that
| Boss-Fake President                                             |
|      Gerogero                                                   |
| HP-Fake President 52-778                                        |
|    Gerogero 350-3650                                            |
| AP-Fake President 0                                             |
|    Gerogero 20                                                  |
| Gerogero-Very weak Vs Holy/Weak Vs Fire+Earth/Immune to Poison  |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Just use your normal attacks to destroy the Fake President        |
| easily, none of his attacks do any significant damage. After      |
| he is dead, he transforms into Gerogero. You can either fight     |
| it out, or just use an Elixir, X-Potion, or Phoenix Down on him.  |
| The Phoenix Down will often miss, whereas the Elixir, or          |
| X-Potion will result in an instant and definite kill.             |
-You have a briefing in the strategy room
-If you didn't win the Angelo card from Watts yet, this is the time
 to do so
-Speak with Watts to go back to Timber
-Go to the Pet Shop next to the tracks, and purchase the Pet Pals
 Volumes 3+4
-Go to through the hard to see passage next to the train tracks
-Go to the Timber Maniacs building and pick up the girl next door
 magazine on the floor there
-Speak with the woman in the house next to it and go upstairs and
 look through the window
-Go back down and head to the right
-There is an item shop there if you need some stuff
-Head forward and fight the Galabadia Soldiers, they will drop
 a card for your win
-Go into the bar and speak with the owner
-Move the bum out of the way by either buying him a Reagan drink
 or tell him about the card you won and he'll also give you some
 additional cards
-Go through the alley in the back until you reach the TV station
-After all the scenes, you must meet with Rinoa and follow her
 back to the house you were before in, the woman with the window
 on top that you looked into
-Head to the station and speak with Zone to recieve some tickets
-Board the train
-Get off at the East Academy Station
-Go northwest where you will see a small forest in between two
| Another Dream Scene? |
| Draw Points |
 - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Sleep(Entrance)       |
| Confuse(Upper Level)  |
| Cure(Second Level)    |
| Items |
 - - - - -
|  None   |
-When you enter the woods, your main party will fall asleep and
 go to Laguna's world
-make sure to check your Gf, and Junctions
-As laguna and his men you will have to fight some esthar soldiers on
 your way through the maze
-you can find some items along the way that will yield some rewards
 later in the game when you revisit this place
-there are two old keys located on the second level of the maze, they
 cannot be seen but if you search the right area you will find them
-one is located near the beginning of the lower level close to the
 confuse draw point near the left hand side down the ladder
-the second is located at the first crossroad close to a pile of
-Laguna will always lose the keys so don't bother looking for them
-In an area with three gray panel, you can set a trap for the esthar
 soldiers but then you won't be able to cross the area again
-In the area's end you will find a detonation device, push the red
 switch first and then the blue switch to have the rock fall into
 a hole into the ground
-make sure to fight some Gespers around the area and they will drop
 some black holes which teach Quistis the one hit kill Degenerator
-when you reach the mountain top you will have to fight 3 waves of
 esthar soldiers and the final one at his point of death will
 unleash a Soul crush spell which brings all your characters down
 to one HP point
| Galbadia Garden |
| Draw Points |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Haste(Unseen:Center Hall) |
| Double(Unseen:Auditorium) |
| Shell(Track)              |
| Life(Lockers)             |
| Items |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| All level 6 boss cards(Classroom  |
-In the forest where you had the dream, you will meet some powerful
 foes that drop some good items and give of huge amounts of EXP and
 AP like the Ochu, but save and watch out since they are very
-Find Galbadia Garden close to the forest
-Go to the reception room located on the 2nd floor
-You will be lead to a room in which you must speak with everyone
 until Squall gets up and leaves the room
-As Squall return to the center hall and meet with Raijin and Fuijin
-Go back to the front gate and meet Quistis
-Go and meet the rest of the party near the front gate
-Speak with Headmaster Martine and the gun weilding Irvine will join
 your party for your mission
-In the east branch of the Garden's center pat is a classroom with
 three card players, the female of the pack has the entire set of
 level 6 boss cards which you can win from her with enough patience
| Irvine's Limit Break |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Irvine uses bullets to put a world of hurt on the enemy during his  |
| limit break. Bullets can be bought at stores around the world or    |
| gotten with the Ammo-RF ability which Ifrit learns are level 10.    |
| During the limit break you must press R1 to shoot the bullets       |
| until the time runs out. Fast ammo is great for speed, and          |
| Demoliton+Pulse ammo is great for power.                            |
| Deling City |
| Draw Points |
 - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Thundara(City Square) |
| Items |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Timber Maniacs(Hotel/Under Bed) |
-As you get off the train in the city, you must ride the escalators
 to the city
-Ride a bus from there to get to Caraway's mansion
-Speak with the guard to get your mission to retrieve a sword number
 from the tomb of the unknown kings
-the number is random so you must go there
-I highly suggest that you buy a map of the tomb if you want to get
 the GF that lies within
-Its also a good idea to go to the Weapon shop and upgrade your weapons
-You can get Saw blades from Belhelmels, and you can steal steel pipes
 with the mug ability from the Wendigo's outside Deling city
-Head northeast to the Tomb of the Unknown King at the end of the long
 peninsula there
| Tomb of the Unknown King |
| Draw Points |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Protect(Entrance)         |
| Float(Dam Room)           |
| Cura(Hidden:Control Room) |
-As you enter you see some girls running away from the tomb and
-The sword sheeth is right near the beginning so get the number
 and remember it
-you can either go back to Deling city and continue on with the
 story or take the Side quest which will earn you the Brothers
                |   |   |
            |   |   |   |   |
        /   |   |   |   |   |     \
Drawbridge  -----------------     Sacred
 Controls       |   |   |
                    |-Entrance(Sword Sheeth)
-Looking at the map, head over to where Sacred is located
| Boss Fight-Sacred |
| Hp-855-36375      |
| Ap-20             |
| Treasure-None     |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Draw Protect and cast it on all of your characters. If you want     |
| to cut off Sacred's healing power, then cast float on it. Sacred's  |
| attacks don't deal that much damage, so don't worry. Draw as much   |
| life, and Protect magic from it before finishing the fight. The     |
| higher your Magic power is, then the more magic you will be able    |
| to draw. Protect magic junctions great to Vitality, and Life        |
| junctions well to either life, or Spirit.                           |
-After the battle Sacred will run away
-Your goal now is two-fold
-Be aware that it is very confusing making your way around the maze so
 try not to get lost. The enemies here give good rewards, and aren't
 too hard, so spend some time here to draw some magic from the Buel's,
 Armadodo's, and Blobra's around the Tomb. Check the creature list
 for more info on these enemies
-The blobra changes its magic weakness with each fight, so have each
 character cast a different element of magic on the Blobra, and you
 will kill it in one hit
-Head to the floodgate, and open it, then head over to the drawbridge
 and lower it. A new path will now open near the middle. Go back to the
 entrance, and head straight north to reach a room. It's best to save
 before going in, because a pretty tough fight awaits. Also make sure
 to have some Float,life,and healing magic
-When your reach the center, you will find the big brother, and he'll
 call his smaller, but stronger brother.
| Boss Fight-Sacred,Minotaur                  |
| Hp-855-36375,578-27218                      |
| Ap-20,20                                    |
| Treasure-Sacred+Minotaur cards,Brothers GF  |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Step 1: Cast Float on all three of your characters to prevent the   |
| Brothers from using their most powerful attacks                     |
| Step 2: Cast Float on the two bosses to stop their healing effect   |
| from healing back your attacks                                      |
| Step 3: Recast Float on whoever needs it                            |
| Step 4: Summon GF's, or use Regular attacks concentrating on one    |
| Brother at a time                                                   |
| Step 5: Cast Double on someone so someone can heal your characters  |
| Hp when it gets low                                                 |
| Step 6: When your Hp gets low, press circle over, and over to get   |
| the characters limit break to really bring pain onto the brothers   |
| especially Squall's limit break as it can do 2000+ damage.          |
| Step 7: When they are dead, you will recieve the Brothers Gf, and   |
| the Sacred card. Walk up to the tomb and get the Minotaur card      |
| from there.                                                         |
-Its time to return to Deling city
-The Thrustaevis enemies around the tomb will sometimes drop Windmills
 which can be refined into 20 tornado spells each with the T Mag-RF
 from the Quezacotl GF
-These Tornado spells raise your HP by 2800 every 100 you junction
 to your Hp. Its best to get about 15 windmills, and junction 100
 tornadoes to each character to raise their HP really high
| Deling City |
| Draw Points |
 - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Thundara(City Square) |
| Items |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Timber Maniacs(Hotel/Under Bed) |
-Go see the guard and tell him the code that you found in the Tomb of
 the Unknown king on the sword sheeth
-Enter the mansion and speak with General Caraway about your mission to
 assasinate the sorceress
-Follow Caraway around the city to get the jist of your mission, until
 Caraway leaves your team
-Follow Caraway back to the mansion, and split into two teams
-Move the sniper team to their designated area near the gates where
 everyone is standing
-Move the gateway team back to Caraway Mansion to get Rinoa
-You will gain control of Rinoa
-There is a Weapons Monthly May Issue in the manhole near the car
 and the stacked boxes which you should pick up now
-Climb the boxes and head into the Presidential Residence and meet
-Your gateway team is now stuck in the Caraway mansion
-To escape, you must take a galss from the shelves near the door,
 and place it in the statues hands to the left of the table to
 open a secret passage into the sewers
-All this switching is taking place, so make sure to switch your
 junctions every time that you switch
-Get your team through the sewers
-Use the water wheels to get around the sewers
-Draw some magic from the enemies here, but run from the Grand
 Mantis enemies since they are just a waste of time to fight
-When you get done with the sewers and emerge near your point of
 contact, just throw the switch there after climbing the ladder
-Take Squall, and Irvine into the presidential mansion
-Make sure to change junctions
-Find rinoa near the top being attacked by some enemies
| Boss Fight-Iguions  |
| Hp-127-1747         |
| Ap-10               |
| Treasure-None       |
| Weak Vs Earth+Holy  |
| Immune To Fire      |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Make sure to have one of your characters draws Carbuncle from       |
| either of the two Iguions. Don't forget to draw, or you won't have  |
| another chance until the end of the game in the final dungeon. They |
| are very easy to defeat since they have a very low Hp. Use Brothers |
| to kill the two Iguions in one hit as long as its powered up enough |
| since the Iguions are weak against Earth magic. Their attack Magma  |
| Breath does lots of damage, and can petrify your characters, and    |
| once both characters are stoned then its game over, so make sure to |
| use some soft items to reverse that effect. You can also draw some  |
| Break magic from the Iguions if you want.                           |
-watch as the story unfolds
| Squall Vs Seifer  |
| Hp-176-1150       |
| Exp-0             |
| Ap-0              |
| Weak Vs Poison    |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| This fight is extremely easy with Seifer doing barely and damage to |
| Squall, so just use your strongest attacks to blow this fool away.  |
-the attack on Edea will commence
| Edea            |
| Hp-1300-1700    |
| Exp-0           |
| Ap-20           |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Edea uses alot of magic since she is a sorceress so its best to   |
| summon the new GF that you just obtained Carbuncle to reflect     |
| some of that magic back onto her. This battle can be lost, and    |
| you also will continue with the story, so don't worry about this  |
| battle too much, just try your hardest, and try to win the 20 Ap  |
| that Edea drops. Don't forget to draw some magic from Edea.       |
*************************WALKTHROUGH FOR DISC TWO**********************
| Winhill |
| Draw Points |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Curaga(Bedroom-Hidden)  |
| Dispel(Boat Dock)       |
| Drain(Road)             |
| Reflect(Road-Hidden)    |
-Another Laguna scene
-After laguna wakes up, head over to the pub, and meet Kiros
-Get your assignment from Raine
-Run south all the way defeating monsters until you reach the item shop
-Run back to the pub, and speak with Raine
-Go back to Laguna's room, and take a nap
| D-District Prison |
| Items |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Str Up(2nd Floor Cell)      |
| Pet Nametag(2nd Floor Cell) |
| Tent(4th Floor Cell)        |
| Pet House(3rd Floor Cell)   |
-After a little bit of story you will gain the control of Zell. Make
 sure to junction some magic onto Zell concentrating on Strength, and
-Run up to the 8th floor, and fight the two soldiers to retrieve the
 party's weapons
-Return to the cell, and meet two old friends
| Boss-Biggs&Wedge                           |
| HP-1467-2235 1416-2139                     |
| Ap-0                                       |
| Treasure-None                              |
| Wedge-Immune to Poison                     |
| Mug-Regen Ring(Biggs),Strength Love(Wedge) |
| Draw                                       |
| Biggs |
| Level 1-19:Cure,Haste,Slow,Regen  |
| Level 20-22:Cura,Haste,Slow,Regen |
| Wedge |
| Level 1-19:Fire,Shell,Protect,Reflect  |
| Level 20-22:Fira,Shell,Protect,Reflect |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Another very easy battle that you should finish in no time, but its |
| a pretty good idea to stock up on the powerful magic like Haste,    |
| reflect, and regen that these two carry. Also using the Mug ability |
| you can pilfer some good items from these two so don't miss this    |
| chance.                                                             |
-After the battle, you must follow the Moombas to the 13th floor, and
 rescue Squall
-On the way there, there a couple of men who will play cards with you
 for a price. Upon defeating them you will recieve some items
-Use the elevator on that floor by pushing the red button on the
 control panel
-Zell will go down but find nothing, and in the meantime get attacked
 by some guards
-Head downstairs, and try to rescue Zell, while meeting up with Rinoa,
 and Irvine
-Split your group into two parties when prompted, and take Squall's
 party back up to the top of the prison. Don't forget to switch
 junctions when switching between parties
-Take Irvine's party to the 3rd floor, and don't miss all the items
 in the prison
-Both parties will speak with each other, and you must take Squall's
 party out of the prison at the top
-Upon reaching the bridge there will be another fight
| Boss-Elite Soldier,GIM52A(2) |
| HP-148-4940 1431-19400       |
| Ap-8                         |
| Treasure-None                |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Make sure to take out the elite soldier first, since he can cast  |
| Aura magic on the GIM52A which causes them to inflict 3X damage.  |
| If any support spells are cast by an enemy, draw, and cast some   |
| Dispel magic from the GIM52A's.                                   |
-After the battle, Squall will be caught on the sinking bridge. Press
 right, and hold it immediately. If Squall doesn't make it to the other
 side then its game over.
-After more story, you will take 2 cars, and split into two teams. One
 headed for Balamb Garden, and the other heading to the Missile Base.
-You will appear in a railroad station, just head to the train, and
 steal that bastard
-On the world map, you will appear in the vehicle. Drive it to the
 missile base south of Deling City. You must drive the car straight
 into the Missile Base to be allowed inside
| Galbadia Missile Base |
| Items |
 - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Weapons Mon Jun(Boss) |
| Draw Points |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Full-Life(Missile Launcher Bay) |
| Blind(Observation Deck)         |
| Blizzara(Circuit Room)          |
-Use the ID card that the characters found in the car on the door
 to the left
-Go to the maintenance deck and speak with the soldiers on the
 observation deck
-Make sure to act cool so you don't get noticed and have to fight
 through enemies here
-Go back to the missile launch room and speak with the soldier there
-Return to the observation deck and speak with the soldiers again
-Go to the terminal room and cause a blackout by doing anything to the
-Return to the missile launch room and speak with the guy again, and
 help with pushing the rocket to the side
-Go to the control panel and set the Error Ratio there
-First select Target and go to Set Error Ratio and hold right on the
 button pad until your reach maximum. Select data upload and then
 select Yes to upload the data
-Go to the control room and meet the Command Leader
-You have to fight the leader but its an easy fight as long as you
 use some GF attacks
-Examine the three panels and disable the launch of the missiles
-Set the self-destruct sequence to however long you want, 20 minutes is
 usuallly good enough. By setting it on 10 minutes and escaping with
 defeating the boss your Seed Level Rank will raise
-You can also raise your seed level by not getting caught inside the
-If you do somehow get caught you have to follow a totally different
 way to exit the base
-First you have to set the self-destruct setting because you won't be
 able to set the Error missile ration
-Make sure to equip Enc-None a skill from Diablo so you don't have to
 fight any battles, if you don't have the skill then you should run
 from every battle so you don't waste time
-Run over to the launch control room and speak with the soldier on
 the floor to recieve and ID card and a password, he will only
 appear if you reach the base's entrance before coming back, so run
 to the entrance and return and seek the soldier
-Quickly get your ass to the control panel and insert the ID, and type
 in the password(EDEA), and then access the Control Panel. Select Set
 Error ratio and set it to maximum by pressing the directional pad all
 the way to the right. Choose data upload and then exit the panel.
-Quickly run to the entrance with hopefully some time left because you
 have to fight a boss
| Boss Fight-BGH251F2          |
| Hp-4200-8400                 |
| Ap-20                        |
| Treasure-Weapons monthly Jun |
| Immune to Poison             |
| Weak Vs Lightning            |
| Mug-None                     |
| Draw                         |
| Level 1-19:Shell,Protect,Stop  |
| Level 20-28:Shell,Protect,Stop |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Cast protect on all your allies since this Bosscan hit with attacks |
| dealing upwards of 500 damage. Make this battle quick by casting    |
| Quezacotl which will do about 400-800 damage while boosted, and     |
| cast some lightning spells. Don't use poison on him since its       |
| useless. Make sure to have one character healing at all times with  |
| Curaga when your HP gets below 700HP. As long as you have Curaga    |
| junctioned to HP(Get Tents and change them to Curaga's), and some   |
| magic junctioned to either strength, or magic then you should be    |
| fine.                                                               |
-After the battle something bad will happen, but all is not lost, the
 scene switches to Balamb Garden with your second group
| Balamb Under attack |
| Draw points |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Cure(Front Gate)          |
| Demi(Cafeteria-Hidden)    |
| Blizzard(Training Center) |
| Esuna(Library)            |
| Full-Life(MD Level)       |
| Items |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Mega-Potion(Collapsed man near Gate Booth)  |
| X-Potion(Seed-Quad)                         |
| Gyshal Greens(Seed-Cafeteria)               |
| Tent(Seed-Parking Lot)                      |
| Remedy(Seed-Training Center)                |
| Mega Phoenix(Seed-Library-With Zell)        |
| Remedy(Seed-Library(W/O Zell)               |
-Equip Enc-None so you don't have to fight any random battles if you
 don't want to
-You must now runa around each of the areas of balamb garden defeating
 enemies. Some of these enemies can be quite tough
-There are enemies in the library,Training center,Parking lot,
 Dormitory,Cafeteria,Quad, and the Infirmary
-Sometimes you'll fight very weak enemies, but sometimes like the T-Rex
 the enemies can be quite tough. If you're trying to get as low a level
 then its best to card these enemies since they will most certainly to
 level your characters up. Make sure to cast Blind on the T-Rex so he
 can't cause such huge damage to your characters
-Make sure to speak with all the Seed agents after defeating the
 enemies here for some good items
-After defeating all the enemies its time to head to the 2nd floor and
 follow XU after she appears running into the elevator. Speak with her
 on the 2nd floor and go see Cid
-Cid will instruct you to go down into the underground of Balamb and
 seek out a secret
-After the elevator stops find the floor and open the access panel
-Open the large hatch at the end of the hall, and go there
-Upon reaching the large valve wheel, you must turn it to open the door
 in the previous room. Press O quickly to try to open it yourself, but
 you almost always fail and need some help. Exit the room and go down
 the ladder in the next room
-Squall will go by himself up onto the ladder. Turn on the computer
 there and make your way back down
-Locate the green light on the railing and go down the ladder there
-Save at the save point and throw the lever to open the doors on the
 other side of the bridge. Head across the bridge to fight some enemies
| Boss Fight-Oilboyles(2) |
| Hp-4500(Estimate)       |
| Ap-20                   |
| Weak Vs Fire            |
| Absorbs Ice             |
| Treasure-Wizard Stone   |
| Mug-Fuel,Orihalcon      |
| Draw                    |
| Level 1-19:Esuna,Blind,Cure,Confuse      |
| Level 20-29:Esuna,Blind,Cura,Confuse     |
| Level 30-100:Esuna,Curaga,Confuse,Dispel |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Cast ifrit a couple of times, and its pretty much game over. Ifrit  |
| can deal about 4000 or so damage to both Oilboyles. Steal some fuel |
| for your cars if you want to, and draw some of his status magic if  |
| need be. Look out or they can kil you quick if your HP is low since |
| there attacks can easily deal about 700-900 damage.                 |
-Head to the room behind them and press to buttons to see something
| Mobile Garden |
-Go back to the 2nd floor deck and see the new view, and then return
 to headmasters Cid's office
-Squall will awaken in the Dormitory, so have him head over to the
 directory to meet the rest of your party
-Go down to the basement and meet NORG
| Boss Fight-NORG                                  |
| HP-4400-12000                                    |
| Ap-20                                            |
| Weak Vs Wind                                     |
| Immune to Poison                                 |
| Treasure-Wizard Stone                            |
| Mug-Circlet(NORG),MagUP(LeftPod),SprUP(RightPod) |
| Draw                                             |
| Norg |
| Level 1-19:Shell,Protect,Esuna,Leviathan  |
| Level 20-27:Shell,Protect,Esuna,Leviathan |
| Level 1-19:Cure  |
| Level 20-27:Cura |
| Level 1-19:Thunder,Life       |
| Level 20-27:Thundara,Life,Bio |
| Level 1-19:Dispel,Confuse,Slow  |
| Level 20-27:Dispel,Confuse,Slow |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| DRAW LEVIATHAN DRAW LEVIATHAN                                       |
| The boss is not really hard as long as you know what to do. The     |
| pod's shift colors to represent when they are ready to cast magic.  |
| Blue=Least Ready                                                    |
| Yellow=Warming Up                                                   |
| Red=Will cast magic                                                 |
| When it gets to yellow attack the pod to send it back to blue and   |
| try to devote both characters to attacking each of the pods while   |
| Squall concentrates on destroying the Pod that Norg has to access   |
| Norg himself. When Norg is exposed Draw LEVIATHAN FROM HIM and      |
| then finish him off with some GF or magics. Summon Carbuncle to     |
| make sure that IF the pods get off a magic spell then it will not   |
| damage you. EQUIP MUG and mug the 2 pods for stat increasing items, |
| and norg himself for the Circlet item.                              |
-Theres a hidden draw point of BIO in the wreckage of Norg
-After the battle head for the Infirmary and speak with Cid and ask him
 all the questions
-Then head to speak with Xu near the directory
-A ship will approach and after you head to the 2nd floor deck you will
 meet the White seeds who will ask for Ellone
-Head to the Library and find Ellone, and speak with her.
-The ship will continue to float aimlessly until it smashes into
 Fisherman's Horizon
| Fisherman's Horizon |
| Items |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Quezacolt Card(Mayor Dobe)                      |
| Seifer Card(Cid)                                |
| All Level 7 Boss Cards(Martine)                 |
| Timber Maniacs(Floor of grease monkey's house)  |
| Timber Maniacs(FH Hotel/Magazines in Room)      |
| Occult Fan III(Master Fisherman/Below Garden)   |
| Draw Points |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Full-Life(Crane Arm-Hidden)       |
| Regen(Train Tracks)               |
| Shell(FH Junk Shop)               |
| Haste(Train Station)              |
| Ultima(Mayor Dobe's House-Hidden) |
-After getting orders, you should challenge Cid to win his Seifer card
 from him
-Head over to the Mayor's house and follow the story
-After the galabadians attack, you will have to run over following the
 tracks to the end of the town
-Stop at the store and buy 30 tents to get 300 Curaga if you haven't
 done so yet
-When you reach the train tracks, you will meet another boss
| Boss Fight-BGH251F2            |
| HP-5100-7800                   |
| Ap-20                          |
| Weak Vs Thunder                |
| Weak Vs Water                  |
| Weak Vs Earth                  |
| Immune To Poison               |
| Treasure-Running Fire,Missile  |
| Mug-ADAMANTINE                 |
| Draw                           |
| Level 1-19:Shell,Protect,Stop  |
| Level 20-28:Shell,Protect,Stop |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| MUG ADAMANTINE since it will become important for getting Weapons |
| upgrades and it can be tough to get. He has no good magic to draw |
| so just finish him with the magic that he is weak to, and with    |
| regular attacks. He can deal some pretty high damage but since    |
| you have high HP with Curaga junctioned to HP it will be no       |
| problem at all.                                                   |
-After the battle your old characters will be back so get back to
-In balamb visit and speak with Selphie at the Quad and then speak
 with Cid on the bridge
-Go back to the mayor's house and speak with him, while the others
 plan a party for Squall
-You must assign instruments to all the characters. Play some of the
 instruments to get the feel of them and then pick your song.
-When Squall gets to the party with Rinoa, check the magazine on the
 ground to find that its a porno mag, and then follow all the story
-Have squall head to the bridge and speak with XU, and pilot the
 Balamb Garden to the city of Balamb.
| Balamb |
| Items |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Zell's Card(Zell's Mom)               |
| Combat King 002(Defeat Fujin+Raijin)  |
| Draw Points |
 - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Cure(Dock)            |
| Thunder(Town Square)  |
-Enter the town and talk to everyone and then the guard to have him
 move out of the way and let you pass through
-Go talk to Zell's mother and she'll tell you about the guards
 occupying the town
-Head to the hotel to see the commander and find out that he's not
 there and that he went to the dock
-Head to the dock and tak to the Soldier next to the dock
-Head back to Zell's house and speak with Ma Zell to find out where
 the cap'n is
-Head to the Train station and speak with the soldiers there
-Run back to the dock and speak with the dog, who will take you back
 to the train station. Follow him back and see the captain. Follow him
 back to the hotel and speak with him to fight him
| Boss Fight-Raijin  |
| HP-400-11600       |
| AP-10              |
| Weak Vs Poison     |
| Absorbs Thunder    |
| Treasure-Str Up    |
| Mug-Str Up         |
| Draw                                       |
| Level 1-19:Thunder,Thundara,Shell,Protect  |
| Level 20-29:Thunder,Thundara,Shell,Protect |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Take out the two soldiers, and the focus on Raijin. Draw protect  |
| from him and cast it on all your characters to lessen the damage  |
| that Raijin causes since he can cause upwards of 800 damage to    |
| one character per each attack. With Protect it will be lessened   |
| to about 150-350. Have Curaga junctioned to HP for any easy       |
| victory since your HP will be about 3000+ then. MUG STR UP from   |
| him because it can raise your Str stat nicely.                    |
-After the battle Raijin will run into the hotel, make sure to have
 Curaga junctioned and enter the hotel
-Inside you will meet Raijin, and Fujin
| Boss Fight-Rajin and Fujin            |
| HP-5400-22600 and 300-8700            |
| Ap-22                                 |
| Fujin-Weak Vs Poison,Absorbs Wind     |
| Raijin-Weak Vs Poison,Absorbs Thunder |
| Treasure-Megalixir,Str Up             |
| Mug-Megalixir(Fujin)StrUp(Raijin)     |
| Draw         |
| Raijin       |
| Level 1-19:Thunder,Thundara,Shell,Protect  |
| Level 20-29:Thunder,Thundara,Shell,Protect |
| Fujin                                |
| Level 1-19:Aero,Cura,Life,Pandemona  |
| Level 20-29:Aero,Cura,Life,Pandemona |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| This can be a tough battle. Never use Thunder magic on Raijin, and  |
| don't use wind magic on Fujin. Mug another batch of StrUp items     |
| from Raijin since he has refilled his pockets with them. DRAW       |
| PANDEMONA. DRAW PANDEMONA. Draw Protect from protect from Raijin    |
| and cast it on all three characters. Don't summon Carbuncle since   |
| its useless since Fujins magic cannot be reflected. Raijin can      |
| do 800+, and Fujin can do 500+ without Protect, but with Protect    |
| Raijin's damage will be lessed to 300, and Fujins to 150 or so.     |
| Cast Curaga or when your Hp gets low, and if it gets into the       |
| yellow then press O and hope that you'll get a limit break which    |
| can deal a huge amount of HP and even kill Fujin right off if       |
| you strength is high enough. DRAW PANDEMONA DRAW PANDEMONA.         |
-After the battle head back to Balamb Garden and now you can control
 the Balamb Garden
-You can now do some Side quests like Shumi Village, Winhill, and
 Centra Ruins to get some extra kick-ass items that will help you
-After all this you can now head to Trabia Garden, the garden that
 Selphie is from. Trabia garden is on the large continent north
 of Balamb garden. You must pilot the garden to a beach on the
 northern side of the large continent and then take the garden
 by land through the moutains to Trabia garden, which is located
 behind some mountains and can be hard to see
| Trabia Garden |
| Items |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Selphie Card(Friend near gargoyle statue) |
| Weapons Mon Aug(Front of statue)          |
| Timber Maniacs(Cementery)                 |
| Draw Points |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Thundaga(Front of statue)   |
| Zombie(Cementery-Hidden)    |
| Aura(Festival Stage-Hidden) |
-Go and enter by climbing the walls, and speak with Selphie and her
 friend near the gargoyle statue
-Find the Weapons Mon Aug which is located five steps south of the
 gargoyle statue in the back at the front gate
-Head to basketball court and you characters will have a weird
-During the flashback you must walk around talking to everyone and
 then head to the beach when its available
-After the flashback everyone makes a descision so head back to
 the Balamb Garden
-Fight some time outside of Trabia to fight a monster called Gayla
 which looks like a thundery manta ray. Fight it and it will usually
 drop some Mystery fluid. This teaches Acid to Quistis, and also
 allows you to get the Meltdown magic by using St Mag-RF 1 will
 change into 10 meltdowns. So get 100 for each character and
 junction it to each characters Vitality. The spell also rocks
 because it lowers opponents defense and allows you to do a lot
 more damage. Great for bosses
| Attack on Galbadia Garden |
-Head to Edea's House which is located to the far south of the Centra
 Continent, in the area called the Cape of Good Hope. You can't get
 in anyways.
-Turn around and just opposite of Edea's House you'll see the Galbadia
 Garden. Save your game, and ride straight into Galbadia Garden
-Form a party and head for the Quad, then after speaking with everyone
 you must head back to the bridge.
-Zell's party should head into the Quad to try to save Rinoa, and
 then head and speak with Squall at the Front gate
-Make sure to change junctions. Its good to junction Death to status
 attack, and Thunder to elemental attack to have an easy time with
 the battles here.
-Head to the 2nd Floor Classroom and fight off the enemy soldiers
 there. They can use some status affecting spells so watch out.
-After all this return to see Dr.Kadowaki and speak with her.
-Head to the 2nd floor observation deck, and battle the Galbadian
-Press Look around for another option, and then press the button
 for the emergency exit
-You have 4 controls in the battle. Punch(X),Block(Square),Kick(T).
 Punch is powerful but slow, while kick is faster but less
 powerful. First block and then kick or punch back. After
 blocking a couple of enemy attacks, you can do a Deathblow attack by
 pressing O which is very slow but does huge damage. If you lose
 you can restart with better stats and you won't get game over
 so don't worry.
| Galbadia Garden |
| Draw Points |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Aura(On ground outside)       |
| Protect(Hockey Rnk)           |
| Life(Locker Room)             |
| Shell(Basketball Courts)      |
| Haste(Center Hall,Downstairs) |
-Your objective is to get the three Card keys
-Card Key 1 is located on the 2nd floor. You can use this key
 to enter the hockey rink in the door on the bottom floor. There
 is a student in the room besides there with Card Key 2. You
 can use this key to enter the door on the 3rd foor. Go to the
 main hall and head to the left. Card Key 3 is located in the
 classroom there.
-In the middle of the main hall you will find a save point,SAVE
 and in the middle of the hall you will meet a three headed
 lizard like creature GF GF GF
| Boss Fight-Cerberus |
| HP-7100-10000       |
| AP-30               |
| Immune To Wind      |
| Absorbs Thunder     |
| Treasure-G-Returner |
| Mug-Spd-J Scroll    |
| Draw                            |
| Level 1-19:Quake,Double         |
| Level 20-29:Quake,Double,Triple |
| Level 30:Quake,Double,Triple    |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| He's pretty easy as long as you have some Dispel magic. Cast  |
| Dispel on Cerberus if he casts Triple on himself so he can't  |
| cast so much magic. Draw some Triple and Quake magic if you   |
| haven's stocked up on them yet since they both junction       |
| very well. Mug Spd-J Scroll from him.                         |
-After obtaining GF Cerberus, head to the elevator next to the
 reception room and take the elevator up
| Boss Fight-Seifer    |
| HP-1300-10300        |
| AP-20                |
| Weak Vs Poison       |
| Treasure-Mega-Potion |
| Mug-Mega Phoenix     |
| Draw                                     |
| Level 1-19:Fire,Thunder,Dispel,Haste     |
| Level 20-29:Fira,Thundara,Dispel,Haste   |
| Level 30-31:Firaga,Thundaga,Dispel,Haste |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Cast Protect on all your characters, and then draw and cast   |
| Haste on all your characters. If you have any Aura which you  |
| can draw from the draw point outside of the Garden, then cast |
| it on Squall and have him use his limit break, after casting  |
| Meltdown on Seifer. You can mug some Mega Phoenix from him.   |
| Look out for his most damaging attack which can do 1500 or    |
| so damage, so make sure you have some good magic junctioned   |
| to HP like Curaga,Quake, or Full-Life.                        |
-After the battle head to the Auditorium which is on the same
 floor to meet Edea
| Boss Fight-Seifer+Edea                   |
| HP-1200-7400(Seifer)500-16000(Edea)      |
| AP-50                                    |
| Weak Vs Poison(Seifer)                   |
| Treasure-Force Armlet(Edea),Hero(Seifer) |
| Mug-Royal Crown(Edea),Hero(Seifer)       |
| Draw                          |
| Seifer |
| Level 1-19:Fire,Thunder,Dispel,Haste     |
| Level 20-29:Fira,Thundara,Dispel,Haste   |
| Level 30-32:Firaga,Thundaga,Dispel,Haste |
| Edea |
| Level 1-19:Blizzard,Demi,Esuna,Alexander  |
| Level 20-29:Blizzara,Demi,Esuna,Alexander |
| Level 30-32:Blizzaga,Demi,Esuna,Alexander |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| First you will have to fight Seifer, he's easier and weaker   |
| than he was last time. Summon Cerebrus and then cast Protect  |
| on all characters, and then cast Haste on all characters. Mug |
| some Hero from Seifer, and then kill him. Edea will then enter|
| her, and then cast Aura on Squall and have him cast his very  |
| damaging limit break. Look out for Edea's attacks. If you can |
| junction 100 Death to each characters Status defense since    |
| she likes to cast Death. If she does and you don't have       |
| any junctions then use Life on your character, and press O so |
| you can get a limit break. Her Mealstorm attack can deal 1500 |
| or so damage to each characters, but since you have triple    |
| cast on yourself than one character can heal all characters   |
| with Curaga to restore HP. Mug a good item from Edea, and     |
| then finish her off, but don't forget to DRAW ALEXANDER.      |
***********************Walkthrough for Disc 3**************************
| Edea's House |
-Go to Edea's house and speak with Cid and Edea. You can win the
 EDEA CARD from Edea and the Seifer card from CID if you haven't
 done so yet. You can also do the CC Members at Balamb Garden
 sidequest right now.
-Go back to Balamb Garden and visit the Infirmary
-Squall will fall asleep and you will see Laguna
-Fighting the Ruby Dragon is similar to the Galabadian Paratrooper
 battle. You can Defend or Attack. Defend the fast Dragon attacks,
 and then attack when the dragon has its slow attack
-After the battle your characters will run down and fight a Ruby
 Dragon. Once I had all 3 characters fight and once only Laguna
 and Kiros so I don't know what determines this. Junction magic
 to strength and magic. The battle is easy, summon Shiva, and use
 Ice magic. Ruby Dragon's breath attack can do a lot of damage so
 make sure to have some high HP
-After Squall wakes up go back to Edea and get the letter
| White Seed Ship |
| Draw Points |
 - - - - - - -
| Holy(Cabin  |
| Items |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Shiva Card(Zone)        |
| Timber Maniacs(Bridge)  |
-A LOT of people have emailed me saying they cannot find the ship. The
 ship is located in a hidden cove north of Edea's House. You'll notice
 a chain of islands there. Pass through the channel heading east and
 then turn south. You'll find the ship there.
 miss so look out for it.
-On the ship speak with Zone and Watts
-If you got the Girl Next Door magazine from the Timber Maniacs place
 in timber, you can give it to Zone after speaking to him a couple of
 times. Give it to him for free and he'll reward you with the Rename
 and Shiva cards
-Speak with the leader of the ship two times and then head back to the
-Return to the infirmary and check on Rinoa, and then return to Edea's
 house an speak with her. Head to FH and start going through the tracks
 until your reach the Great salt lake
| Great Salt Lake |
| Draw Points |
 - - - - - - - -
| Meteor        |
| Thundaga      |
-Another easy dungeon with 2 paths, the upper path on the monster skull
 leads you to the draw points, while the other a straightforward path
 to the boss.
| BOSS!!!:Abandon   |
| HP:510-17010      |
| AP:40             |
| Weak Vs Fire/Holy |
| Drop:Flare Stone  |
| Mug:Power Wrist   |
| Draw              |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Level 1-19:Cure,Esuna,Dispel        |
| Level 20-29:Cura,Esuna,Dispel       |
| Level 30+:Curaga,Esuna,Dispel,Flare |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| If you're at level 30+ stock up on Flare, Curaga, and Esuna magic |
| if you do not have 100 of each yet. He's undead what do you do    |
| with Undead? Use cure magic on him, and he'll be dead before you  |
| know it. A Phoenix Down, or Elixir will kill him off in one hit   |
| and so will the Revive, and Recover abilities, but make sure to   |
| draw first.                                                       |
-Now follow the path down until you come to the end, press X at the
 northern wall to be transported into a elevator
-You'll come upon Esthar
| Esthar |
| Draw Points |
 - - - - - - -
| Death     |
| Double    |
| Flare     |
| Blizzard  |
| Tornado   |
| Curaga    |
| Quake     |
-Nice City!!, head forward and another Scene
-Speak with the security guards twice, and once they leave speak with
 both of the prisoners
-Head to the elevator and fight the guards, and then go upstairs on the
-Listen to Dr.Odine, there's a Weapons Monthly 1st Issue on the floor
 there so make sure to pick it up when you can.
-Head back downstairs to find Dr.Odine and then ride the elevator to
 the control room.
-Unlock the doors and then go to the other door to find Ellone
-Leave the room and make sure to pick up the Weapons Monthly 1st Issue
 before leaving.
-Head to the center of the city to Dr.Odine's lab and speak with him
-Leave Esthar(RENT a CAR) and head to the Lunar Gate
-Take a detour and get the Solomon Ring at Tears Point that eventually
 leads to a new GF(SEE GF section)
-Head to the Lunar Gate, and speak with the Memebers
-Squall, and another character get shot off into space
-As Zell head back to Esthar and speak with Dr.Odine
-He'll Tell you about Lunatic Pandora, you now must catch it
-Get Rosseta Stone from Cheryl's Store during this time NICE ITEM!!!!!!
-Equip Enc-None for an easier time
-POINT 1 From 15:00 to 12:00 left
-From the lab head off the right side of the screen to the central gate
 and take the path to the top. Go up the stairs on the screen and on to
 the left side and to the 1st contact point.
-POINT 2 From 10:00 to 5:00 left
-From the 1st contact point head of the right side of the screen and
 head back down the stairs. Go down the bottom through the central gate
 and to the right through the shopping mall(ROSSETA STONE) to an
 intersection two screens further. Go left from there to find the 2nd
 contact point
-POINT 3 From 3:00 to 0:00
-From the 2nd point head to the right and then down. This will place
 you at the 3rd contact point. You'll have to fight some guards before
 entering lunatic pandora so make sure to have some time left to fight
-Once inside, draw from the draw point near the entrance and then
 the one near the elevators, and head up the left elevator. Follow
 the path until you come to the end.
| Lunar Base |
| Items |
 - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Laguna Card(Ellone)   |
| Alexander Card(Piet)  |
-Speak to piet as soon as u get off and then take rinoa to the med
 lab and leave her there
-Follow Piet to the control room and speak with him. Examine the
 monitor and find out that Ellone is on the 2nd floor. If you're
 trying to get all the cards make sure to challenge Piet, and Ellone
 to a game of cards.
-Go to the 2nd floor and speak with Ellone, and escort her downstairs
-After the alarm head to the MedLab and find Rinoa, run quickly to
 the Control Room
-Speak with everyone and watch the cinema, then head to the 2nd floor
 locker room.
-Put on a spacesuit and try to go out the airlock. Return to the
 control room after getting off the spacesuit and speak with Ellone.
 Get out of the Lunar Base.
-What follows is a horrible little mini game with you having about
 1:30 to save Rinoa. You have a limited amount of Booster(O) so
 use that sparingly. Once you spot her press Up and grap her. If
 you fail you can try again so don't worry. After saving her you'll
 be almost dead but suddenly float to some ship.
| Ragnarok |
| Draw Points |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Life(Catwalk)               |
| Cura(Aisle)                 |
| Full-Life(Corridor-Hidden)  |
-You have to clear the ragnarok from those weird little enemies
 and it has to be done in a certain order or they will re-spawn.
 They are all easy to kill by junctioning blind or pain to your
 weapon's status attack but even without them they fall easily.
1.First take out the purple one in the Hangar, and head through
  the cargo doors and take a left through the door in the corridor
  before the stupid red one gets to you. You will find the 2nd
  purple one in the next room. Take him out for good.
2.Go back to the room beforehand and take out the 1st red enemy.
  Then head to the hangar where the 1st purple enemy was located
  and climb the stairs to find the 2nd red enemy, and wipe him
  out for good.
3.Go back to the air room and take out the first yellow one located
  there. Then head through all the clear rooms to the passenger deck
  and pass by the idle green enemy. Just pass him by and enter the door
  there to find the 2nd yellow propagator.
4.Then come back outside and eliminate the 1st Green enemy. Then head
  back to the hangar and locate a barely visible door on the right side
  the last one of these guys are in there.
-After defeating them all, head to the passenger deck and ride the
 elevator there up to find the cockpit. Have a seat and enjoy the ride
 back to earth.
-Once back on earth Rinoa will be taken away to be imprisoned
-After some discussion on the ragnarok, head to the Sorceress Memorial,
 and free Rinoa
-Then fly over to Edea's house and follow Angelo to the flower field
 for more story. After Zell interupts(STUPID) head over to esthar and
 speak with the prez. You can win the Squall card from Laguna but
 be aware that he is a great card player so watch out. At that point
 you can either head to Lunatic pandora and continue with the storyline
 or head and level up or do some sidequests. I recommend doing the
 Cactaur Island sidequest first to get the HpUp,StrUP Etc. skills and
 learning all the UP skills on the other GF's(Leviathan,Carbuncle,
 Brothers,Ifrit,Siren) and equip those and level up with them on
 the Islands Closest to heaven and hell. Make sure to have Odin and
 begin each battle by trying to escape and do so unless Oding shows
 up and kills the enemies, which will give you about 3 level ups per
 battle, but the enemies are very tough so don't engage them yourselves
 until you're at a higher level.
-This is also a good time for the Deep Sea research center sidequest.
*************************SECRETS OF THE GAME***************************
| Shumi Village Side Quest |
WHEN IS IT AVAILABLE:DISC 2(Balamb Garden must be mobile)
IS IT HARD:Pretty Easy
| Draw Points |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Ultima(Entrance-5000G)          |
| Firaga(Sculptor Workshop)       |
| Blizzaga(Outside Elder's House) |
| Items |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Timber Maniacs(Atrisans Bed)  |
-First take the elevator upstairs and head to the Sculptor's Workshop
 near the end of the village
-After, go speak with the village leader, and then return to the
 Sculptor and speak with him again
-Now you must find the 5 stones that he asks for, the Blue,Wind,Life,
 Shadow, and Water Stones
-The blue stone is located just to the left of the statue. You can
 easily see it sparkling near the back of the statue in the workshop
 of the sculptor
-Head back toward the elevator and stop near the Hotel. The wind stone
 can be found just to the left of the Hotel. Look at the large boulder
 there and squall will feel a wind coming from there
-Take the elevator back upstairs, and go down the steps. Search the
 large shadow under the done, and you will locate the shadow stone
-Go to the elder's house and search the tree roots just right of the
 house to fight the Life stone
-First find the fake stone by examining the frog sitting in the pond
 outside the artisan's workshop and take it back to the Sculptor who
 will not accept it. The real one is in the Artisans house.
-Go back to the sculptor and give him all the stones
-Head to the elder's house and get your reward(A PHOENIX PINION!!!!)
-A one-time use item that is really a summon like Odin, use it once
 and the phoenix will randomly appear when all your characters die and
 resurect them. The phoenix appears very rarely so its kinda useless
-You can stop here but to get the real reward, you must leave and
 re-enter the village
-Head back to the workshop and speak with the elder's attendant who
 doesnt want to work on the statue all by himself
-Go back to the elder's house and speak with the elder to try and get
 more assistance for the attendant.
-After speaking with him head outside and talk with the Moomba thats
 now there. Follow him to the workshop and listen on the conversation
 between the attendant and the Moomba
-Speak with the attendant and then return to the elder's house and talk
 to the elder again
-AGAIN return to the attendant and talk to him, he now thinks that the
 artisan should also help
-Go the artisan's house and speak with him. He's a lazy bum and doesn't
 want to lend a hand
-Speak with the elder and realize that if you want the artisan to help
 you're going to have to bribe him if you want his help
-To do this you must travel to Fisherman's Horizon and retrieve a
 grease monkey for the artisan. The grease monkey is located in the
 back where you fought the boss. In the repair shop near the train
 station. Speak with the monkey, to recieve a Moomba doll and then go
 back to Shumi village
-Go to the artisans house and give him the Moomba doll. After all this
 aren't you ready to recieve your reward??
-Head to the elder's house and speak with the elder to recieve your
 reward, a Status Guard
-The status guard is a good rare item that teaches a lucky GF the
 St-Def*4 ability which allows one of your characters to junction
 4 types of magic to your status defense which can leave him almost
 invincible to status effects
| Winhill Side Quest |
WHEN IS IT AVAILABLE:DISC 2(After Balamb Garden becomes Mobile)
| Draw Points |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Curaga(Abandoned House-Hidden)|
| Drain(Near Old Woman's House) |
| Reflect(Near Truck)           |
| Dispel(Mansion Yard)          |
-Visit the large mansion in winhill and speak to a person inside who
 will ask you to help locate a missing vase. The vase is broken into
 pieces and you'll have to find all of them
-Inspect the suit of armor inside the mansion to find the first piece
-Visit the house in the middle of the town where an old woman lives.
 Inspect her flowers and find another piece there
-Go to the Chocobo Crossing and try to catch a chicobo. When you throw
 it into the air then you should find another piece. If not keep trying
-Go to Raine's house and speak with the woman there a couple of times
 until she mentions the smell of the flowers from downstairs. Go there
 and look at the table in the lower-right hand corner of the room and
 inspect the flowers. Raine's ghost will appear beside the bar. Speak
 with her and she will change into a cat. Talk to the cat and find the
 final piece of the vase
-Take the pieces back to the man and he'll give you a Holy Stone
-By grabbing chicobos at the Chocobo crossing, you can recieve a couple
 of free items. You can recieve a Pheonix Pinion, and a Gyshal green
 if you're quick enough. If you grab too many chicobos then a mother
 chocobo will appear and you won't be able to catch any more chicobos.
 No matter since you can only get those two items from there
| Draw Points |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Drain(Courtyard-Hidden)   |
| Aero(Side of the Tower)   |
| Pain(Top of Tower-Hidden) |
-To get to Centra Ruins, head to the Centra crater, and find the tower
 not far of the coast. Save and enter
-You will have twenty minutes to complete your quest to get Odin and
 since you will be pestered with enemy encounters from some tough
 enemies, its best to equip Diablos Enc-None ability to stay away from
 any battles, since the enemies here also have large amounts of HP, and
 the battles can take a long time
-Junction to Magic, and strength
-Follow the staircases until you reach an altar which is really an
 elevator. After riding the elevator you will come to two staircases.
 The right one leads to an Aero draw point, and the left one leads to
 a room full of machines. Climb the left ladder and flip the switch
 inside and then climb back down. You'll notice that the altar in front
 of the elevator is lit so examine it and a new staircase will appear
 to the right.
-Follow the stairs to the tomb to a large demon statue with one red eye
 Climb the ladder on the left and take the eye from the statue and then
 climb up the stairs on the right to get to the top of the tower. Head
 to the left and climb the dome to find another statue with a red eye.
 Place the eye in the left eye of the statue and you will recieve a
 code so write it down. The code is always random. Take both eyes out
 the statue and head back down to the other statue and place both eyes
 there. A place to input the code will appear, so input the code that
 you got from the other statue by using the directional buttons, and a
 path will appear below the statue.
-Head through the door making sure you have magic junctioned to MAGIC,
 most importantly, and then strength.
| Boss Fight-Odin        |
| HP-1300-31000          |
| Ap-20                  |
| Treasure-G-Mega-Potion |
| Mug-Luck-J Scroll      |
| Draw                                  |
| Level 1-19:Stop,Death,Double,Triple   |
| Level 20-29:Stop,Death,Double,Triple  |
| Level 30-100:Stop,Death,Double,Triple |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Odin NEVER attacks, so as long as you have 8-12 minutes left on     |
| your timer(which you should) then you should spend this time        |
| drawing TRIPLE magic which junctions VERY WELL, which is why you    |
| should junction to magic before the battle so you could draw more   |
| per each drawing. Steal the Luck-J scroll and try not to start      |
| attacking Odin until all characters have 100 Triples, and at least  |
| a good amount of Death magic, or when your timer is at about 3:00   |
| minutes. Then use normal attacks and some magic to take him out     |
| easily.                                                             |
-After the battle Odin will join you NOT as a GF but as a GF that only
 appears at certain times during battles, and kills all regular enemies
 To increase the chances of Odin appearing raise your Luck stat.
-You can participate in the side quest to get Tonberry King but its
 best to wait a bit later than disc 2 when you're more powerful, but
 here's the way to get it anyways
-First before the battle I suggest that you have some Meltdown magic,
 and Aura magic(You can get Aura from Island Closest To heaven) from
 the secret draw points there, plus some Curaga, or Full-Life magic
 junctioned to HP, and meltdown magic junctioned to Vitality
-Now start fighting regular Tonberry enemies in the courtyard of the
 ruins. They can be tough, so junction Triple to Strength if you're
 doing this early in the game. They can deal 2000+ damage to your
 characters and their Everyone's Grudge attack is based on how
 many enemies you've killed during the game. The Tonberry moves
 closer and closer each turn and if you don't defeat it fast enough
 then it'll come close and use the Chef's Knife attack which can deal
 3000+ damage to one character.
-Cast meltdown on them and defeat them with regular attacks
-After defeating about 20 Tonberry enemies, the Tonberry King will
 appear right after defeating a Tonberry. You can always leave and
 save and the re-enter during the fights against the Tonberry
-Tonberry KING is hard with ALOT of HP with strong attacks so be
| Boss Fight-Tonberry King            |
| Hp-2500-250000                      |
| Ap-20                               |
| Weak Vs Ice                         |
| Absorbs Fire                        |
| Treasure-Royal Crown                |
| Mug-None                            |
| Draw                                |
| Level 1-19:Death,Cure,Life          |
| Level 20-29:Death,Cura,Life         |
| Level 30-100:Death,Curaga,Full-Life |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| If you're level 30+ and don't have a good supply of Death, or     |
| Full-Life spells then draw 100 each from him. Cast Aura on        |
| Squall and have him use his Renozouken limit break to deal lots   |
| of damage. Cast meltdown beforehand and deal even more damage     |
| to him. His attacks can deal a lot of damage so make sure to      |
| have some Curaga magic handy or just draw/cast from him to heal   |
| back the lost HP. Cast Life if you don't have Aura to be brought  |
| back with low HP and have a bigger chance at a limit break.       |
-After the battle you will get the Tonberry GF.
| Chocobo Forest |
-When you first enter your first Chocobo Forest, Chocoboy will give
 you a ChocoWhis for free, and then charge you 1000G to teach you
 how to use it. The ChocoWhis locates the baby chocobos, called
 Chicobos in these forests. The ChocoWhis has two modes, a
 ChocoSonar, and ChocoZiner. ChocoSonar locates the Chicobos. The
 ChocoWhis will give of a little ping as you search the forests, and
 change into a fast-pitched louder ping when you're on the right
 spot where the chicobos are. After locating the spot, change over
 to ChocoZiner, blowing it will cause a Chicobo to appear, or go
 and hide if you're on the right spot. If youre not on the right
 spot then a chicobo will come down and steal your ChocoWhis and
 you'll be forced to buy a new one from Chocoboy
-Here is a list of items that you can buy from Chocoboy
| Item            | Cost         | Description                        |
| ChocoWhis       | 700G/1000Gil | The first one will cost you 1000G, |
|                 |              | The following ones will cost you   |
|                 |              | 700G each. You can't catch any     |
|                 |              | Chicobos without this.             |
| Hint            | 100Gil       | Chocoboy will tell you the name of |
|                 |              | the forest that you're in and gives|
|                 |              | you a crappy clue on how to solve  |
|                 |              | the puzzle                         |
| Gyshal Greens   | 600Gil Each  | These can be use in battle to      |
|                 |              | summon a GF Chocobo. This one hits |
|                 |              | all enemies with a Flare Attack    |
| Question        | 10Gil        | He will anwser some Questions about|
|                 |              | himself, and how to use the Choco  |
|                 |              | Whis.                              |
| Help Me!        | 1200Gil      | Chocoboy will catch a Chocobo for  |
|                 |              | you if you're to lazy to solve any |
|                 |              | of the puzzles                     |
-I'll draw some maps which can look a bit crappy since its one the
 computer and you can't really draw any good maps, but try to go
 ahead with me here.An O means that a Chicobo is on the ground at
 that spot. An X stands for one in the air. These * indicate that
 it doesnt matter if the Chicobo is in the air or on the ground.
| The Roaming Forest |
LOCATION:North of Trabia Garden

Location      Before Catch      After Catch
             1   2   3   4     1   2   3   4
   1         X   X   *   *     O   O   *   *
             O   O   *   *     X   X   X   *
   2         X   X   *   *     O   O   *   *
             O   O   O   *     X   X   X   *
   3         X   X   X   *     O   O   O   *
             O   O   O   *     O   O   X   *
   4         *   *   *   X     *   *   *   O
             *   *   *   O     *   *   *   X
   /  I   2 \
  /    3     \
 |           /
  \1         |
  |         /
 /         |
 \        /
 /        \
 \         \
 /          \
 \     4     \
 /           |

Chocoboy's Clue:Be careful where the Sonar reacts
Solution:Start of by using the Choco Ziner at spot 1 or 2 to get both
Chicobos back in the trees.Then use the ChocoZiner at spot 3 which will
bring down all three Chicobos in this area. Head to spot4 and use the
ChocoZiner to bring down the last Chicobo. Return to spot 1 or 2 and use
the ChocoZiner for the last time to return the 3 Chicobos at the top
back to the trees. Speak with the remaining Chicobo to solve the
puzzle.Don't Forget to find the hidden items:Shell Stone, and Holy Stone
located at the I on the map.
*****************POWERING UP YOUR CHARACTERS EFFECTIVELY***************
Thanks to Ayabrea([email protected]) for this section
This is against everything you've been taught in RPG college or years
of your personal experience but.. In FFVIII, you want to fight as
LITTLE as possible, which translates into NOT gaining levels. Before
you send me hate mails please listen to my explanation.

You might (or might not) have noticed that the enemies in FFVIII
takes the SaGa turn so that they level up as you do. You'll almost
never run into exceptionally weak enemies. As enemies level up, they
gain new attacks, new spells (and increase their Draw list too) and
gains higher stats. However, the enemies gains stats a LOT faster
than you do (ie, a level or two doesn't make too much difference in
terms of power) so you'll find yourself weaker and weaker and the
enemies stronger and stronger as you progress through the game. And
by the time you get to the bonus bosses like Ultima and Omega
Weapons, your stats might be way too low to even think of challenging
them, or they'll mop the floor with you!

You may object and say that there are always Junctions to rely on.
Yes you're right, Junctions are very important in this game BUT
Junctions can only do so much. For example, Ultima is the best spell
to junction to most of your stats. Even with 100 Ultimas, you'll only
be able to raise your Strength by 100 points while the maximum is
255. There are Character Abilities though, like Str +60% that can
bring your Strength up to 255 without too much problem, but you can
only equip up to 4 Character Abilities max (and it's extremely rare
too.) You'll have a few problems with this. One is that Str +60% is
extremely rare, so you'll have to stick to Str +40% most of the time
(which may or may not bring your Str up to 255) but the other problem
is more serious. There are about 6 very important stats that you need
(HP, Str, Vit, Mag, Spr and Spd) but you can only equip 3 or 4 stat
boosts, and since your other stats are so low, you'll have a hard
time getting high values in every category. Not to mention the times
when you need to equip another more important Character/Party Ability
like Mug, Move-Find or Rare Item.

I hope everyone understands this idea.

Sure, how do you get high stats without fighting enemies? Well, I
don't know if you had noticed but you can teach certain GFs "Bonus"
abilities. These include HP, Str, Vit, Mag and Spr. How does these
skills work? When you equip one of these and you gain a level, the
respective stat will be boosted by 1 point, on top of any regular
stats boosts you might get at level up (except for HP Bonus, which
gives you an extra 30HP.) Like I've said, a couple of levels don't
differ to much since the game is way to stingy at regular stats
boosts at level up. You'll gain about 80 or so HP and 1 point of
Str/Vit/Mag etc.. once every 2-5 levels! (Some other stats are even
rarer, such as Speed or Luck.) What difference does one point make?
Not much, but if you start equipping the Bonus abilities at LV20 and
power yourself up to LV100, that's gonna make an 80 point difference!
Wow! That's almost another 100 Ultimas!

However, you'll only have access to these abilities quite a bit into
the game, and have to get to Disc 3 to utilize these abilities to the
max. So you'll want to keep your levels as low as possible, then
power up to maximum level for maximum stats bonus!

Well, to tell you the truth, this is not something I'd recommend that
you'd do everyday since it can get quite tedious, especially if this
is your first game. However, getting all the boosts in your stats
makes the optional bosses a whole lot easier. Getting high stats
might be a joy in it itself, to laugh at the boss' spells as if
they're insect bites or killing them in 2 rounds.

There are a few ways or getting rid of encounters or not gaining
experience. Every point of EXP counts, remember that!

1) Running away
Possibly the easiest option, running away is easy to do and you won't
get any experience. However, if you plan to run away, make sure that
you DON'T do any sort of damage to the enemies, since the run system
in FFVIII has been improved so that you'll gain partial experience if
you've done some damage to the enemies.

Earlier in the game in your test missions (Fire Cavern and Dollet),
running away is hazardous since it will cause a deduction in your
points every time you run away, meaning you'll likely to get a low
SeeD rank. However, this is a loose-loose situation where you have to
choose either stats or SeeD rank (which translates into money.) I'd
choose stats and run away since money isn't all that important, as
you don't have to buy very many stuff. To make up for it, you can do
a few things that gives you more points.
  - Choose the 10 minute interval in Fire Cavern. The Fire cavern is
pretty straight forward and you only need about 2-3 minutes to fight
Ifrit. I did it with just less than 6 minutes left on the clock!
(This is why I recommend that you play through the game normally
  - Do NOT talk to anyone except your own team. Otherwise you'll get
points deducted.
  - KILL the X-ATM092 boss (the giant robotic spider.) Remember, you
cannot kill it the first time around. (Its HP will be refilled when
you deplete it to zero.) So weaken it first, run, then fight it
again. Refer to the walkthrough if you want more information.
Defeating it will result in 100 bonus points (I think.)

NEW!! Actually, I've found a way better Dollet strategy not only lets
you gain ZERO EXP, but also allow you to power up your GF and gain
tons of AP. Anyway, kill off Squall and Zell (so they won't gain any
EXP) and fight all the battles with Seifer. Your GFs will level up
faster than he does and you'll gain lotsa AP!! Fight here as much as
you wish. What's even better is that fighting heaps of enemies here
will actually boost your points in the "Attack" category. (I gained
no points in the game where I ran away from everything but I gained
the full 100 when I fought them with Seifer.)

These steps are described in detail in the walkthrough.

The disadvantage of running away is that you won't be able to gain
any AP that are vital to the GFs. And you won't be able to get any
items dropped by the enemies either.

2) Card them
You can learn the unique Card command from your first GF, Quezacotl.
This is an extremely useful command to use when you have to fight.
The advantage of this is that you WILL get the AP AND can pick up
dropped items from enemies, and you will NOT gain any EXP! What's
even better is that you'll get an extra card which can be changed
into items via Quezacotl's Card Mod ability. The disadvantage is, of
course, it's sometimes more fuss than it's worth.

Because of this, choose to learn the Card command first, it's worth
40AP and isn't very hard to learn. (Simply defeating Ifrit will give
you 20AP!) Anyway, you don't really need the Boost skill at that
point in the game so choose Card first, then Boost.

It's not hard carding an enemy though, but like Pokèmon, you have to
weaken them first. You should Scan the enemy first to see its current
HP, then predict how many attacks by certain members is enough to
weaken it. It's ideal if an enemy is down to a quarter or less of its
total HP, but you can start successfully carding them at about half
health. The lower the enemy's HP, the more likely you're to succeed.
Do NOT forget to equip the Card command like I do occasionally
though, as you'll leave yourself in a sticky situation. Note it IS
possible to card an enemy when its HP is about or below a half. If
the game gives you a "miss" message and you know it's weakened
enough, use the command again, you'll usually get it the next turn.
(The game likes to trick you at times, to think you have to weaken it
some more while you end up killing it.)

To weaken them you can try a few different ways. I like to use normal
attacks. Squall's attack is the best since as it has the "trigger"
feature, and you can do a weak or a strong attack as you desire. His
attack is also very reliable since it will NEVER do a critical hit
(as you can use the trigger to do 150% of damage with every attack
anyway, so he doesn't need one.) so you won't end up killing it with
a critical. Gunblades also never miss (even under "Blind" status)
which is a definite plus.

Also, other member's regular attacks works too. You generally should
not junction spells to your Elemental-Attack since the creature may
be weak against it and you'll do too much damage. I always keep one
member's Strength junction-free to do really weak attacks if I need
it (like against Geezards.)

Spells ain't a bad idea either. GFs are the same. Try to keep a
collection of different spells in stock. Weaker GFs like Siren are
also quite good at this if you need a weak attack. Also, you may or
may not want to use Boost, depending on the situation.

The BEST method I've seen is to use Quistis' Limit Break Micro
Missile. The beauty of Micro Missile is that it's a gravity elemental
attack so it can NEVER kill an enemy. Also, unlike other attacks,
gravity attacks removes a portion of a target's current HP. The
effect of Micro Missile varies though, but it's for the better. It
depends on how serious Quistis or your party's condition is (ie,
party member down, suffering from negative status, low HP) and it can
remove from 50% to 93.75% of its current HP, which makes it
absolutely perfect for carding enemies. Just keep Quistis in critical
(ie, HP is in yellow and she's kneeling down) and use Micro Missile
on the enemies in the beginning of the battle while another character
use the Card command. Keep some Phoenix Downs/Life spells in stock
just in case she dies.

Note: Micro Missile will only work on enemies with 9999HP or less.
The maximum damage it can do is 9999, so against enemies with higher
HP, Quistis has to use it multiple times before the enemy's HP is low
enough. A handful of enemies are resistant towards Gravity attacks,
mainly bosses.

Keep in mind. Some enemies cannot be carded. These included bosses
and human troops.

3) Diablos
Sometimes not encountering any enemies is the best option, since the
random encounter can be annoying at times. Diablos offers 2 crucial
abilities and they are Enc-Half and Enc-None. You must learn the
former before the latter becomes available. Enc-Half costs only 30AP
(easy peasy) but Enc-None costs a whopping 100AP! (And it's nothing
compared to the 200AP needed for Mug!) Because of this, it's best to
challenge Diablos as soon as possible (ie, right after receiving the
Magic Lamp from Cid.) He's well worth the effort you put into
fighting him and gets some of the most useful abilities in the game!
And believe me, he's powerless if you know how to fight him!

You'll be able to get Enc-Half easily but Enc-None takes longer. Use
the Card trick above or save the boss' AP for them. Then equip Enc-
None and you'll never have to be bothered with random encounters
again! (Although since you don't fight, you'll earn no AP for all
your GFs, and you'll miss out certain useful abilities such as Mug.
So de-equip the skill occasionally and Card some enemies.)

4) Tonberry
Ok, you will gain some EXP with this method but it's VERY little! You
can use Tonberry's LV Down command to weaken enemies and defeat them
that way. Each LV Down halves their level, keep doing it until their
levels drops to 1, then kill them. You'll gain 1-3 EXP for your team.
This is great for the encounters that you cannot run away from and
cannot be carded. (Such as enemy soldiers in Laguna's scenario.)

Opposed to common believes, Tonberry can be acquired as early as when
you have control of the mobile Balamb Garden in Disc 2!!! You can get
Tonberry right after acquiring Odin. The Tonberry is so cute!

IMPORTANT! Also contradicting to common believes, the requirement for
the Master Tonberry to appear is NOT to kill 20 Tonberries! You need
to have 20 Chef's Knives in your inventory, then the Master Tonberry
will appear! So if you have played lotsa card games, you can exchange
Tonberry/Master Tonberry's cards into them and it'll be a lot less
work! This was confirmed by Happy Matt.

5) Other vehicles
Another way of travelling without encountering anything is to travel
in vehicles (for some reason, all of them are painfully slow!) You
can get access to cars fairly early in the game, but they cost a bit
of money and you have to refuel them at regular intervals. You can
catch trains too, to travel to another city quickly but you don't
seem to be able to catch any trains in the first half of the game
except for story purposes. Balamb Garden is also quite a convenient
vehicle since it can cross the ocean. And last (and the least!) are
Chocobos. You'll only gain access to riding the chocs after Balamb
Garden takes off, so you won't have that much use for it. (The way
you catch a chocobo is also really boring.)

You won't encounter any enemies while travelling in vehicles, but
they're only available on the world map.

6) Terminate your own team members
I don't think the EXP in this game is shared between the characters
so you may want to kill/petrify 2 other members to keep them weak and
fight the battle with only one member. I don't think it's that risky
if you play your cards right. Remove the GF from the other members if
you want.

7) The soul of stone
Thanks to jay sar {[email protected]} for this trick
So, "jay sar" told me that if you junction Break in your ST-Atk and
petrify an enemy unit with it, you'd get no EXP. Although it doesn't
work as good as it sounds, because when you petrify an enemy, the
game thinks that you've ran away from it and gives you the partial
experience since your attacks will do some damage to them before
petrifying them. Also, it's kinda risky since you may kill the enemy
unit if you did petrify them. However, the problem is solved if you
cast Break straight out of the bottle since it does no damage. The
problem with this method is that it won't give you any AP either!

You can get Breaks easily by refining Cockatrice Pinions and Softs
with Diablos' ST Mag-RF.

Other notes and tips
  - Well, I guess you all know that the character who strikes the
killing blow will get more EXP than the others. This is true however,
nobody seems to get any extra EXP if the enemy is killed by a
summoned GF! So use this to your advantage when you're fighting
enemies when you don't have any other options. It doesn't stop you
from gaining EXP but at least you won't gain any extras.

  - You should know by now that the bosses in FFVIII won't give you
any EXP, which is a pleasant sign, and they (usually) give you a ton
of AP that your GFs sorely needs! Try selecting an expensive ability
before fighting the boss so you won't waste some of its AP.

  - Not fighting enemies will lower your SeeD rank and likewise,
fighting lotsa enemies will raise your SeeD rank. It's likely that
your SeeD ranks will be lowered in the course of the game if you
follow my guide. However, it's again not like if it cannot be
* Take sometime out of the game to card some enemies. This will help
you avoid lowered ranks and can beef up your GFs who needs APs. I
actually GAINED a SeeD level when I went on a carding rampage.
* Taking the test! Always take as many tests as you can, to give your
salaries a head start!
* If you choose the shortest time in a timed quest, it's likely that
your SeeD rank will be raised, if you succeed of course! Such as the
Missile Base escape time.
* Doing certain things right will also raise your SeeD rank. I do not
have a list of those events though, but I know Rinoa's train quest is
one of them. Make no mistakes and your rank will be raised!
* One guy on the second floor of Balamb Garden will ask you to show
him how to cast spells. DON'T DO IT!!! Casting spells in the hallways
are forbidden and your rank will be instantly lowered! (I learnt it
the hard way. :-( )

  - GFs WILL gain AP and EXP when junctioned to a dead member, even
though it makes no sense.

  - Spread out your GFs among your characters as equally as possible.
The most important Junction ability early in the game is Mag-J, since
you need it to draw decent spells from bosses. (Quezacotl, Siren and
Diablos will provide you with those.)

Critical Guardian Forces
Now, you will need to keep this up until the point after the space
mission and acquired Ragnarock. Now you need to get your hands on 2
vital GFs, Cactuar (Sabotender) and Bahamut.

On Cactuar's Island of course, with a tiny green thing that pops out
of the sand occasionally. Land Ragnarok there and challenge it, but
don't forget to junction your characters properly first.

Beat it anyway you like (but I'd prefer drawing spells from it
first.) And you'll be able to acquire it as your GF. The best thing
about the Cactuar is that it comes with all 5 of the bonus abilities
LEARNED!! Which saves you time having to learning it from other GFs
(they costs 100AP each and all of them require 2 prerequisite

You may start training your characters now, but you need more slots
to equip all the bonus skills, and since you're going to acquire
Bahamut sooner or later (you are, ain't you?) why not do it now?

Head to Deep Sea Research Centre aka Battleship Island, which is not
on the map but you can get there by heading Ragnarock towards the
south-wester corner of the map. Look around and you should find some
structure that looks kinda like an oil refinery. Land the ship on it
(kinda tricky, look for the shadow.) Head towards the doorway and
you'll be in a large room with a glowing cylinder. Choose to stay and
move ONLY when the lights goes out, or you'll be attacked by some
enemies (usually Anacondours, just run.) Look for the ring objects
surrounding the cylinder though, and make sure they disappear
completely before moving. You should be able to take about 3 steps
each time the light goes out.

Move to touch the cylinder and you'll be asked 2 questions. Choose
the first option (can't remember what.) and you'll fight a Ruby
Dragon. They shouldn't be much of a problem anyway since because
you're weak, they'll be weak too. You can't fight this normally
though, since you'll receive about 1200EXP for each member if you
did, bringing you up a level instantly! Just level it down with
Tonberry or card it (I chose the first option.) Beware, because Odin
came and killed it and ruined it for me once so save your game before
attempting this.

You'll be prompted with another set of choices after you win, choose
the second option. (Can't remember what it was.) And you'll be up
against another Ruby Dragon. Just use the same strategy as the first

Then you'll be asked ANOTHER question. Move the curser down and
you'll be able to choose a third option, even though it's nothing!
Choose it and you'll face Bahamut!! Defeat it (not that hard, but you
should spend sometime drawing Full-Life from it) and you'll be able
to get the king of all dragons as your very own pet! It comes with
the as-good-as-it-gets Abilityx4 skill, which allows your character
to equip up to 4 Character/Party Abilities!

We're ready for action!

You've got a choice to make now. You've got 5 different bonus
abilities for 5 important stats but you can only equip 4 of them at
once. Anyhow, here's 2 of the best ways I've found.

All round character
This is intended for a balanced character who's good in every
category. Equip:
       * Str Bonus
       * Vit Bonus
       * Mag Bonus
       * Spr Bonus
And ditch HP, since HP is an easy one to Junction it to max. I prefer
this method over the other one though.

Customized character
This works with a character's natural abilities (ie, Limit Breaks) to
determine a character's fighting style, either a fighter or a magic
user. Irvine, Squall and Zell are definite fighters so they should
       * Str Bonus
       * Vit Bonus
       * Spr Bonus
       * HP Bonus

Ditch magic since they don't really need it for their Limit Breaks.
Selphie however, are the exact opposite, they use magical Limit
Breaks so substitute Mag Bonus for Str Bonus. Rinoa is an odd one
since she has both physical (Angelo) and magical (Angel Wing) Limits
and if you're going to use Rinoa at all, train her with the "All
round" method. Quistis, too, is strange since her Blue Magic works in
various ways so it's better to build her as an all round character.

Anyhow, lets say you start the training at LV20. You'll be able to
gain 2400HP and 80 points of the other stats. However, 2400HP is way
more than you need. From my experience, a LV100 character without HP
Bonus has around 4000HP, while the best spell for junctioning to HP
is Full-Life (Ultima is better, but it's a waste to junction it to HP
since Full-Life does the job nicely.) which gives 4800 boost, which
makes about 8800HP, so you can just gain about 40 levels with HP
Bonus on and swap it for the other attribute that you didn't equip.

As a matter of fact, most characters can get maximum HP without HP
Bonus just by junctioning 100 Ultimas to HP alone. (So they can save
a slot to equip another ability.)

Whatever you do, don't EVER ignore Vitality and Spirit!!! They're
probably the most important attributes to the character (Spirit more
so than Vitality, especially later in the game.) Remember, there are
no armors in this game so these stats are the only defence your
characters have. (And Evade too, which works amazingly well.)

Some notes
There are times where you just HAVE to go up a level no matter what
(such as Laguna's second scenario.) it doesn't really matter too much
but you can gain some partial stats boosts from these. Remember,
Cactuar is not the only GF that offers these bonus abilities, earlier
GFs have them too but they're usually way too expensive or
inconvenient to acquire. However, when you do learn one of the
abilities, equip the GF to the character who's just about to go up a
level and they can gain one bonus point for the respective category.
It's not the best but it's better than nothing. Here's what the other
GFs offer: (All "Bonus" abilities costs 100AP.)

HP Bonus - Brothers
    Prerequisites: HP +40% [120AP], HP +80% [240AP] (!!)
Strength Bonus - Ifrit
    Prerequisites: Str +20% [60AP], Str +40% [120AP]
Vitality Bonus - Carbuncle
    Prerequisites: Vit +20% [60AP], Vit +40% [120AP]
Magic Bonus - Siren
    Prerequisites: Mag +20% [60AP], Mag +40% [120AP]
Spirit Bonus - Leviathan
    Prerequisites: Spr +20% [60AP], Spr +40% [120AP]

The other inconvenience is that you can only equip up to 3 Character
Abilities without Bahamut so you need to power up in Disc 3 to get
maximum effects.

!!!IMPORTANT NOTE!!! ==============================================
|It *IS* damn right possible to get through the first 2 and half  |
|discs WITHOUT going up a SINGLE level, I have done it!!! Anyway, |
|it's not as hard as you think so you really don't need these     |
|abilities. HOWEVER, I was able to find a Rosetta Stone (learns   |
|Abilityx4) in Esthar so you'd want those abilities since you can |
|actually train TWO characters at once!!! Details below.          |

Bonus Rosetta Stone
Ok, I don't know if this is random or what but I've been able to get
a FREE Rosetta Stone from Esthar. You know how sometimes you'll get a
free gift when you visit one of the online shops in Esthar (like how
Johnny's Shop sometimes gives you Mega-G-Potions.) Well, repeatedly
visit Cheryl's Shop (the one that's always closed) and you'll
eventually get a free Rosetta Stone! It took me about 20-30 tries.
According to Adrian Dutkiewicz, you can only get one Rosetta Stone

Hopefully, by the time you get Bahamut and Cactuar, your levels are
still relatively low. Here're my character's levels in my first game:
         Squall   LV19            Zell   LV11
         Quistis  LV11            Irvine LV15
         Selphie  LV13            Rinoa  LV16
It is indeed possible to get through the game without gaining a
level, so character's level will remain as they were at the start:
         Squall   LV7             Zell   LV8
         Quistis  LV8             Irvine LV13
         Selphie  LV8             Rinoa  LV11

Anyway, make up your mind on who you want to train first, I
personally recommend either Quistis or Squall. (I prefer Quistis.)
Remove all the GFs from your team members and junction it to the
character you wish to train first, then go to an easy battle and kill
off the remaining party members (they should be a piece of cake,
since they have next to no HP and Vitality.) Now, you need to
junction yourself properly. Make sure you've stocked up on good
spells, and if you don't have enough, just "borrow" your team
member's for a while.

You can train your characters at a number of places. Happy Matt
recommends the area outside Edea's house. You can only train one
character at a time, so remove the GFs from the characters you don't
want to train yet, and killed them off (so they won't gain any EXP.)
Junction Death to your ST-Atk and equip the LV Up command. Get into a
battle and use LV Up to raise the enemy's level to 100, then kill
them off. You should get lotsa EXP and can gain a level per fight.
However, the EXP gained this way is way too little for my taste. I
like to play risky so my choice of training ground is... the Island
Closest to Hell! (ooohh..)

Junctioning your character is very important here, one wrong spell in
the wrong place could mean instant death.

Status Junction                   Elemental Junction
A: Sleep                          A: Blizzarga
D: Confuse                        D: Flare
D: Berserk                        D: Firega
D: Death                          D: Shell
D: Break                          D: Protect

Status is crucial but elemental ain't as important. You can get ST-
Def x4 from Cerberus (if you need AP, fight the Cactuars in the
desert. They give you 20AP each and 1 digit EXP!) or Doomtrain. It's
a must that you have ST-Def x4 as you'll come across Malboros and
Blue Dragons. Malboro's Bad Breath can give you really nasty status
like Confuse, Poison, Berserk, Petrifying, Blind, Silence etc.
Junctioning the above spells will make Bad Breath mildly harmful, the
only negative status that's a pain is Sleep. Just wait 'til it hits
you with its acid attack and use Siren's Treatment command if you
need it. The Blue Dragon however, likes to cast Death and Break
occasionally, killing anyone without protection in one hit. Sleep
won't work against all the enemies though, just the T-Rexaurs,
Grendels and Ruby Dragons.

Elemental isn't that important, but since a number of enemies like
Ruby Dragons, T-Rexaurs and Malboros are weak against ice, Blizzaga
is good for doing extra damage. (No enemies are strong against it
though, which makes it perfect.) You should be protected against Fire
but all the other ones ain't all that important.

None thing of note: Ruby Dragon's Breath is NOT Fire elemental! I
know it because it used Firega on Selphie prior to that and she
absorbed it, then it unleashed Breath and killed my whole team! Be
careful of the Ruby Dragons ok? (Breath does 3000-5000 to the whole

As for stats junction, just use best fit. Squall should favour Attack
while it doesn't really matter for Quistis, although a high Speed
helps a lot. Make sure you've got good Vitality and Spirits! Junction
Tornado to your Evade, I don't know why but it's really effective!
(It seems to have a higher Evade chance than just 20%.)

As for command, I'd choose Attack, Magic, Draw and Treatment. Oh
yeah, save after every fight! These enemies are really tough and
you're cheating death fighting right in front of them!

Just use attack on all the enemies, when your HP gets low, finish
them with Renzokuken! Make full use of his trigger, and with a high
speed, you should be able to attack 3 times before they even get a
go. If you need healing FAST, use Curaga, but if it's not really
urgent, don't worry too much about it because you can finish the
enemies easily with Renzokuken. Or you might want to cast Regen.

If you're against enemies that have very high HP (Ruby Dragons in
particular) you may want to cast some Demi first, since it'll do 9999
damage for the first few castings! Don't use it against the T-Rexaur
though, as they're really weak against cold and Sleep, so you'll be
able to finished them easily with just regular attacks, for a lot of

If you feel that the enemy's Vitality is too high, you may want to
cast Meltdown (Merton in the Japanese version, which is a MUCH better
name) or summon Doom Train.

This is easier done than said. Keep her at critical status (you can
do it easily do exchanging Junctions between another character, then
change back. Make sure she has acquired Degenerator. Now when you get
into battle, immediately use her Blue Magic Degenerator to knock out
the enemy in one hit!! If the triangle doesn't come out, use the
famous "tap tap" easy Limits trick.

You should be able to gain 1-3 levels per fight. I hate those
Grendels since they have very high defence and don't give up enough
EXP for my troubles. The other advantage fighting here is that the
enemies occasionally drops really nifty stuff, such as Energy
Crystals that can be refined into Ultimas or Irvine's Pulse Bullets
and used to upgrade Rinoa and Quistis' best weapons. (I had soooo
many of them in my last game, about 50+!!) If you haven't done so
already, you can gather the 6 Malboro Tentacles required to summon
Doom Train here really easily, defeating them will net you 8 of them.

Other characters
Once Squall/Quistis gets to level 100, and bring another (live)
member into the team and junction Bahamut and Cactuar (and some other
ones) to them and equip the 4 "Bonus" abilities and start the process
again. You're allowed level 100 characters in the team though, as
they won't gain any EXP any more and the game isn't as risky any more
since the level 100 character can revive the weak character if they
die. Repeat until all 6 characters are level 100.

Two characters at once!
You can bring 2 weak members into the fight if you manage to get your
hands on a Rosetta Stone, which can be found in Esthar. Use the
Rosetta Stone on a GF (you may have to use an Amnesia Greens on a GF
to make it forget an ability) and junction Carbuncle, Siren,
Leviathan, Ifrit or Brothers on the same character so you can train 2
characters at once. (I used my Rosetta Stone on Shiva, if you really
want to know, since use's full of crap abilities!)

It basically uses the same strategy as above except it's much safer
since if one character gets KO'd, the other can revive them, lowering
the chance of you getting a Game Over. Anyway, I'd recommend that you
train one "training friendly" characters (Quistis/Squall) and another
not so "training friendly" characters (Selphie/Rinoa.) That way, the
"training friendly" character can do most/all the work while the not
so "training friendly" characters (with bad Limit Breaks) can tag
along and gain levels at the same time. Quistis is exceptionally good
at this!

Oh yeah, junction the GFs that your characters don't need to the dead
member so they can gain EXP faster.

You should have really high stats after the intensive training. (If
you want to see what I got, they're in the character's section.) If
you want even higher stats, it's going to be difficult from now on.
There are a few choices for these too, but none of them are really

1) Steal/Find Sources
Those items that raise certain character's stats are back! (Although
they've been renamed into [something]-Ups.) Some bosses carry them
and can be won/stolen from them.

  - Raijin is the best example of this. You can win/steal Str-Ups
from him during all 3 fights with him in the game. Remember if you
steal, you cannot win anything, if you wanna to win from him you
cannot steal. Sometimes the quantity varies depending on it you
mugged them or won them.

  - There's also a Str-Up in the prison.

  - You can mug 2 Magic-Ups from the left orbs where you fight NORG.
A Spr-Up is available for steal for the right orb.

  - According to [email protected], you can steal 2 Str-Ups from
the left portion of Mobile Type 8 and 2 Vit-Ups from the right.

Anybody know any other bosses that drop or carry these wonderful
Sources? Please e-mail me if you do.

2) Make Source
This is easier said than done. Doomtrain's Forbid Med-RF ability can
turn some items into stats boosting Sources. Here's all of them:
         1x  Gaea's Ring     =} HP-Up
         10x Hyper Wrist     =} Str-Up
         5x  Adamantine      =} Vit-Up
         10x Royal Crown     =} Mag-Up
         50x Jet Engine      =} Spd-Up
         1x  Luck-J Scroll   =} Luck-Up
         2x  Aegis Amulet    =} Spd-Up
         10x Magic Armlet    =} Spr-Up
         50x Accelerator     =} Spd-Up
         5x  Rocket Engine   =} Spd-Up
         1x  Monk's Code     =} Str-Up
         1x  Knight's Code   =} Vit-Up
         1x  Hundred Needles =} Spd-Up

There are many more. As you can see, all of them require really rare
items. I think you can win a Gaea's Ring from a certain boss (can't
remember which one, I have one in my inventory) that can be made into
am HP-Up. Most of them can be made from Eden's GFAbl Med-RF, like
         10x  Giant's Ring    =} Gaea's Ring
         10x  Power Wrist     =} Hyper Wrist
         10x  Orihalcon       =} Adamantine
         10x  Force Armlet    =} Magic Armlet
         10x  Hypno Crown     =} Royal Crown
         10x  Accelerator     =} Rocket Engine
         100x Lightweights    =} Rocket Engine
         100x Cactuar Thorn   =} Hundred Needle

Most of these ingredients can be bought from Esthar Pet Shop although
it's 15000 Gil a pop, and you'll need 100 of them to make ONE
Source!!! Very expensive! I've saved up all my money for 80 hours and
all I could afford was ONE Source!!! You can win some of these items
from enemies occasionally (I think the Behemoths may drop Power
Wrists on rare occasions.) Anyhow, thanks to the readers, you can use
an easy trick to get all the money you want!

EASY GIL TRICK!!! ===================================================
|Thanks to Adrian Dutkiewicz {[email protected]} and Tam Tran |
|{[email protected]} for this awesome trick!                     |
|                                                                   |
|You must have gotten Carbuncle's Recover Med-RF for this to work.  |
|Tonberry's Haggle, Sell High and Call Shop are exceptionally useful|
|here too!                                                          |
|                                                                   |
|What you need to do is to purchase 100 Tents. With Recover Med-RF, |
|you can refine 4 of them into 1 Mega-Potion. Cottages works exactly|
|the same way except the ratio is 2:1. Get 100 of both for faster   |
|returns! Now sell all your Mega-Potions for truck loads of profits!|
|                                                                   |
|Now let's do the calculations (assumed that you have both Sell High|
|and Haggle skills.) 100 Tents costs 75,000 Gil, 100 Cottages are   |
|costs twice as much. So total cost is 225,000 Gil. They can be     |
|refined into a total of 75 Mega-Potions, each fetches 7500 Gil each|
|at a shop which makes 562,500 Gil! Profit = 337,500 Gil! Repeat as |
|often as desired! Oh yeah, use Tonberry's Call Shop makes this     |
|trick extremely convenient.                                        |

With the easy cash trick above, you can make as many Sources as you
want, however, there are still 2 problems. The first one is that it's
still quite a slow process since they cost way too much already in
the first place! You need 1,500,000 Gil to make a single Str-Up, so
you need to do the trick about 5 times for each Source, and it can
get really confusing after a while. (I remember how I bought 100
Giant's Rings then didn't know what I did but I lost them all!)

The other problem is that you can only refine HP, Str, Mag and Spr-
Ups from this method. Vit-Ups CAN be made by turning Vit-J Scrolls
(bought in Timber Pet Shop) into Orihalcons, then into Adamantines
and then finally into Vit-Ups. The rarer Spd and Luck-Ups requires
extremely rare NON-store bought items (ie, Accelerators) so they
cannot be refined no matter how much money you have. (At least none
that I know of. Although there is a possibility that some of the
ingredients needed might able to be refined from another Menu Ability
with store bought items.)

You can steal a Luck-J Scroll from Odin and find another from doing
the Lake Obel quest, but I'd rather let one of my GF learn Luck-J.
Anyway, I can see one item that's (in theory) reasonably easy to
earn, that is the Adamantines. Get into a fight with the Adamantoises
(they come in 2s I think) and defeating them will net you 2 of them!
(You may need high level Adamantoises or I was just very lucky.)

3) Eating enemies
Thanks to Happy Matt for this one. It was quite a long time ago when
he told me that Eden's Devour command can be used to raise your
stats. Ok, finally got the list, thanks to Happy Matt and FeralNoa.
         Ruby Dragon -} Max HP+10
         T-Rexaur    -} Strength+1
         Adamantoise -} Vitality+1
         Behemoth    -} Magic+1
         Malboro     -} Spirit+1

NEW! Thanks to all who sent me a feedback on Devour, now it is
possible to Devour an enemy easily. Like the Card command, the lower
the enemy's HP, the higher the success rate. (Thanks to Joe Pirozzo,
[email protected] and about a million other people, actually, more like
a multiple of a million.)

However, that's still only half of the story, as the HP of the
character who's trying Devour the enemy will also come in play.
Basically, it works like the instant death spells from the older FFs,
but instead of comparing levels, Devour compares you and the enemy's
current HP. So, the enemy had more HP than you, you'll be put to a
disadvantage, but if your HP is higher, it becomes reasonably easy to
succeed with Devour. (~5 tries if you do it right.) Thanks to Weilun
for the explanations.

[email protected] sent in this strategy:
Keep casting Demi with all 3 characters until it starts doing less
than 9999 damage, then revert to Diablos summon and let one character
try out the Devour command. I must admit, Demi is an extremely useful
spell here since all enemies on the good Devour list has an insane
amount of HP. Careful with Diablos though, as even though the damage
is gravity elemental, it can still kill an enemy since it works based
on an enemy's maximum HP.

One thing I'd like to point out is that the Ruby Dragons are not
worth the effort to eat, since they have some of the highest HP and
defence in the game and attacks like Meteor and Breath can drive you
nuts. Do the infinite credit trick and refine HP-Ups there is MUCH

4) Any others?

No, don't get so excited yet, it's not what you think. Anyway, it was
a while ago that "Souma" wrote in suggesting that I should put up a
section on how many battles I fought, ran away, game time and other
stats. I thought it was a great idea but never got around to do it,
so here it is, a brand new section.

I've gathered 2 sets of data, the first one is right before starting
to power up my characters. It's right after the event in disc 3 in
Sorceress Memorial after getting Rinoa back. Just take note that I
have a habit of leaving the game on when I need to fix dinner and
stuff like that, and I also spent a lot of time playing cards.

Time: 55:06                       SeeD rank: 15

---Battle report---
Walked: 2,156,631                 Battles: 392
Won:    313                       Escaped: 79

---Character report---
Character          Enemies killed       KO'd      EXP 'til next level
Squall                   56              18              382
Zell                     20               7              322
Quistis                  46               5              500*
Seifer                   87               0               -
Selphie                 127               1              239
Rinoa                    29               2              600
Irvine                    8               0              621
Edea                     91               0               -
* Quistis didn't gain a single point of EXP!

Now here are my stats after powering up (note I did spend some time
on Devour.) I ditched Character report for this though.

Time: 73:08

---Battle report---
Walked: 2,439,831                 Battles: 694
Won:    614                       Escaped: 80

-} Magic
I think most spells are best Stocked and Junctioned, not cast since
all spells are limited. Certain spells are really common though, like
the basic elementary spells and healing ones so you can use these
without having to hold back. If you're really hungry on spells, try
refining them from the menu. The best spells like Ultima, Meteor,
Triple etc. shouldn't be cast at all, since they're much better when
junctioned and your Limit Breaks are more powerful.

I know many of you likes to cast Double/Triple on yourselves but keep
in mind that this is only one way of beating bosses, and not a very
efficient way at that. Most magic are considerably weaker than all
character's Limit Breaks and are barely stronger than a regular
attack (if you junction yourselves properly that it.) If you're one
of these types, I recommend that you try another approach since this
strategy will not work at all against later bosses, since they have
insanely high Spirit and even your best damage-dealing spell
(Ultima/Meteor) can only do so much, not to mention that they're
extremely rare and you're getting weaker with each casting.

-} Draw
This is VERY important! You should always have the Draw command
available on all characters and check every enemy you come across for
new spells. You should spend some time drawing from the bosses too,
since they tend to have really good spells. Try to get 100 of them on
at least one character if you can. Don't be afraid to draw from most
bosses since they're really not that dangerous (gosh, I was drawing
Ultimas from Ultima Weapon! 290 of them!) and you can draw Cure
spells or Life spells from most of them so you won't have much
trouble healing your characters. Against bosses with status changing
attacks, they usually have Esuna. I don't know about you guys but I'm
the greedy type who always tries to get as much as I can carry. The
better spells works nicely in your junctions and puts you ahead of
your enemies. So if you're having problems, maybe it's because you're
not drawing enough spells.

-} More on spells
Since you cannot level up, the enemy's draw collection will not
expand, which makes drawing from bosses essential to getting good
spells early. Another really good (and convenient) way of getting
spells is to refine them from the menu (thank god these never fail,
unlike SO2.) You can win items from enemies (by carding them) and
changing cards into items and get even more spell "ingredients". Menu
abilities like I Mag-RF or L Mag-RF (or in short, all of them) are
essential but thankfully, they're quite cheap to learn. Try to spend
some time trying out some all of these, as you can find some real
bargain deals! Try to look out for the items that can be bought in
stores or won easily, or can be changed into with cards. Some items
like Softs or Tents can be refined into Break and Curaga spells,
respectively, which are decent junction spells early in the game and
are quite affordable. Also, learning Quezacotl's Mid Mag-RF can turn
crap spells like Fire and Cure into fairly decent -ra spells, and
it's a great way of disposing weak spells to free up slots later in
the game.

-} Cards
I don't know about you guys but I like the card game a lot and it's
also rather important aspect of the game since many of them can be
refined into really great items! Make sure you have a look at what
cards can be turned into what items. So when you win a card game,
you'll know which cards to pick. You should pick one that you don't
have (if there's a rare card, then definitely pick that one!) or a
one that can be made into a decent item. Cards like Bite Bugs and
Funguars are essentially useless, as they can only be refined into
more crap items that plagues your inventory. Also, I do not recommend
that you refine a rare card, as it'll be lost forever. (You could if
you don't care about the cards though.) Play cards often to improve
your skill, and always look for cards that you don't have, especially
rare ones.

If you don't like the card game, you can also get a lot of decent
cards to refine into items by carding the enemies.

-} More on cards
If you're the type who plays the card games in every town, you'd
noticed that there are some rules that are just a plain pain in the
butt!!! (Random, Sudden Death etc.) Try not to keep the card rules
from spreading except for the friendly Open rule. Try abolishing
rules that you don't like. Actually, I'd rather get rid of every rule
there is except for Open. Yes, some of the rules can be a lot of fun
and strategic (ie, Random, Open, Same and Plus is a good
combination.) But you'd want to win most of the time right? All the
extra rules are interesting but all of them put you a step away from
a sure victory.

Since you'll be winning most of the time, try challenging the Queen
of Cards often, so to modify the trade rule. Diff and All are both
excellent for players who are on the winning streak or simply
mastered the game (like me) so you can gather cards more quickly.
Direct is crap though, it often makes you LOOSE rare cards so try not
let it spread. Also, certain cards will be completely impossible to
turn over if their weak sides are concealed (ie, Seifer's card placed
to the top-left slot) and therefore, impossible to win it under the
Direct rule. If you must play a Direct game, don't use rare cards
(but it's a decent rule if you want to loose a specific card.)

-} Rarer cards
Very occasionally when you card an enemy, you'd get a completely
different card! This is normal so don't freak out when your Funguar
turns into a Biggs, Wedge Card. Remember that bosses cannot be
carded? This is one way of getting your hands on the rarer boss
cards. Now if you look in the card menu, every boss card should have
2 monster names to the bottom right of the screen. This indicates
which monsters can turn into that particular boss card on rare

-} Menu Abilities
I think Menu Abilities are some of the best skills a GF can learn,
since it opens up a huge window of possibility where you can make
almost every item and magic with them, and most of these abilities
can complement each other to turn some crap items into useful
items/spells. However it becomes a pain in the butt when you want to
get a _specific_ item/spell and don't know where to start. Well, as
I've recently discovered, you can get a *full* list of the
ingredients needed and its products from the tutorial menu, but only
when you've learnt that specific skill. Neat feature huh?

-} GF
Like magic, summoning GFs ain't crucial in the success of this game,
although they can be useful in certain situations. The GF command is
useful, however, when you want to protect a character from attacks.
Let them summon a GF and it can absorb the damage for that character
if they get hit. In the mean time, have the other character cast Cure
on them. Remember that even though the GF's HP is put over the
character's, healing spells will heal the team member rather than the
GF. Also, always make use of the Boost ability if you can.

Try not to summon GFs that often later in the game, not even Eden.
Most bosses have really powerful attacks later in the game and are
really fast. GF's HP maxes out at 9999 and cannot be healed in battle
via any convenient way. Most of them can only deal up to 9999 damage,
not to mention you had to wait a while for them to get there. The GFs
are however, useful when you just KNOW that your character is going
to get KO'd (like via Omega's 9999 damage attack) so let your
character summon the GF and it'll take the pain for you.

The most useful GF is Doom Train (IMO) and is worth the effort to
summon it in almost all battles. Cerberus is nice if you like spells,
Cactuar is nice since his attack is independent of the target's
defence while Eden is a big damage maker! Of course, try getting
their Compatibility with their master to 1000.

-} GF Management
Ah, here's an important task. You should choose an ability for the GF
to learn rather than letting them do whatever they want to. They'll
always learn the GF Abilities if you don't choose one for them, which
are among the least useful of the bunch. If a GF has the Boost
ability, then it's _usually_ a good idea to have them learn it first
since it's cheap and it's quite useful. However, you should switch to
Junction Abilities afterwards, then Character/Party. It really
depends on the GF. For example, Shiva has a bunch of useless skills,
nothing too great so let her learn Boost first, then Str or Vit-J,
since you should really boost your characters' stats with them. (And
because her other skills are not very useful.) Siren however, has a
really good Party Ability - Move-Find so you should start with that
one. As for Diablos, it's all about Character/Party Abilities, and
his Menu ones don't suck either. However, when you get to Tonberry,
you'll want his menu abilities such as Familiar and Call Shop first.
Use your own judgement. You should get all the useful abilities
before getting all the GF abilities like GFHP +10%. Check up on them
regularly to see how they're doing too.

-} Limit Break
(I prefer to call them desperation attacks or specials.)
You should try these often. They're only usable when your HP are low
(or with Aura) but keeping them alive isn't really a problem, if
junctioned spells into your Vit/Spr, you'll take very little damage
from attacks so you'll be able to stay in critical status longer. If
they're in danger then heal them, but you don't have to do it
immediately when their HP becomes critical. During bosses, you should
spend all your time Drawing spells from it then when your HP gets
low, dispatch them with your Limit Breaks. (That's why you don't
really need attack spells or GF summons all that much.)

To use Limit Breaks easily, repeatedly tap the O button to switch
between characters when your HP is low (or with Aura) and you'll
eventually get the triangle that signifies a Limit is available.

-} Quistis' Blue Magic
Anyway, you'll be evading encounters if you follow my guide, so how
are you supposed to get the items for her to her new Blue Magic?
Well, if you card an enemy, they can still drop an item. Also, if
you're keen card player like I am, you can also get those items by
using the card Mod Menu Ability. Some of them are really easy to get
your hands on, such as trading Gesper's card for a Black Hole. Some
of the better ones may require up to 10 cards! Such as 10 Behemoth's
into one Barrier or 10 Ruby Dragon's into one Inferno Fang.

-} Weapon upgrade
One thing I wanna get it straight is that you do NOT need to have
read a specific magazine that the weapon you wish to upgrade is
detailed in. Those magazines' purposes are to only indicate what
materials are needed for what weapon models. If you have all the
material a certain weapon requires, that weapon model will become
available when you enter a Junk Shop. For example, if you have 1
Adamantine, 12 Pulse Ammo and 4 Dragon Fang, you can instantly opt to
upgrade Squall's Revolver into a Lion Heart without ever touching the
first edition of Weapon Monthly. However, if you only have 11 Pulse
Ammo in your inventory instead of 12, you will not even see the Lion
Heart in the menu.

I don't recommend that you upgrade your weapon every time a better
one becomes available, since most of them differ very slightly in
power and hit rate. The only character who should modify his weapon
regularly is Squall since he gets a new move when he changes his
weapon. For all other characters it's a waste of ingredients. You
should however, upgrade their weapons when their most powerful model
is available.

-} Reviving
I always use Life instead of Full-Life since Full-Life is a rare
spell, and also, if you bring back a party member with Life or a
Phoenix Down, their status instantly becomes critical which means
they can use Limit Breaks easily. According to Jonathan Ng,
Alexander's Revive actually brings them to full HP, but since it's
free, use that one if you have it. (Actually, I prefer the Magic
command since it's much more versatile.)

-} Speed over defence
For some of the bosses, it's actually batter to have a higher Speed
than Vitality/Spirit (ie, save the slot for Spd +20% instead of Vit
+40% or something.) The reason behind this is that certain bosses
like Ultima Weapon can kill you in one hit regardless of your
HP/defence anyway, so it's pointless having a huge defence with no
speed. Most bosses of this type has powerful attacks too so if your
defence is too low, it can also be hazardous. However, if you follow
my guide, you should get decent defence levels even without Character
Ability boosts (like 190+ etc.) Also, you may want to use Quistis'
Mighty Guard that gives you every positive status imaginable. Her
White Wind and Selphie's Full Cure are also extremely useful,
especially to deal with Square's trademark, the "down to 1HP attack".
When all fails, use a Holy War (Drink).

-} Stock or Cast?
Normally, it's a good idea to Cast a drawn spell so you don't have to
use up your stock, however, keep in mind that casting a drawn spell
directly works differently than if you casted it from your stock.
There seems to be a lot of randomness involved with casting a drawn
spell, as the damage can spread over a wide range! Casting a drawn
Cure for example, with a character with Mag of 8 can heal from 30 to
500+ points of damage! So if you need stable damage/healing, stick to
the magic command with stocked spells.

Two spells have a very strange effect when cast a drawn spell, and
they are Demi and Full-Life. Demi will sometimes do less (MUCH less)
than 1/4 of the target's current HP, sometimes as low as 10%. Full-
Life will not always bring the target back to full HP, so it has the
effect of the scrub version: Life.

-} Some words on ST-Atk
ST-Atk is a great asset given by a chosen few GFs, they let you add a
deadly status ailment to your attacks. Though not all status are
effective against certain enemies, choosing the right one can mean
turning a hideously powerful monster into a harmless machine that you
can draw spells from. Remember however, a status will NOT be
inflicted if the weapon was used for a Limit Break attack (Squall's
Renzokuken for example.) Here's a recommendation of what's they best
spells to junction:
  - Sleep: My personal favourite! Works on more enemies than any of
the below and make them helpless for fairly long time, perfect for
drawing spells! Even better is that you can cast spells on them or
summon GFs without having to wake them up!
  - Drain: This acts almost like Regen, as every time you attack, you
get some HP back! You'll be immortal as long as you keep attacking!
Oh yeah, beware of undeads to, as you'll actually loose HP! This
works exceptionally well though, as the more damage you can inflict,
the more you can absorb!
  - Death: Instant death, we all like that don't we? Anyway, it's not
as good as it is in theory since many of the more powerful enemies
are immune to Instant Deaths and is useless on bosses. Works well on
weaker enemies.
  - Break: If this was FFVII, Break'd be 100 times more useful since
most of the powerful enemies can be turned to stone. However in
FFVIII, Break is as lousy as Death, works on weaker enemies only!
  - Silence: Not too shabby but many of the enemies don't cast spells
very often and many of the powerful ones are immune. Works nicely on
soldiers though. But then again, you can just summon Siren.

All other status are not as helpful. Ones like Stop or Slow may seem
extremely powerful as but keep in mind that those spells works on
almost NONE of the enemies! (Stop in particular!)

-} Arms for the poor
If you don't want to spend 100 Gil to rest at the inn, no sweat,
here's an easier (and actually more convenient) way of healing
yourselves. Put Selphie in the team and lower her HP to critical. Get
into a fight and cast Full Cure from her Slots. It will heal all your
HP and status, and since MP is absent from this FF, it means you're
as good as new!

-} Spell disposal!!
Thanks to John Calvin {[email protected]} for this trick
It's a wonder that so many FFVIII players (including myself) didn't
discover that there was a way of discarding unwanted spells! Anyway,
what you do is go to the Magic menu and select Exchange. Highlight
the spell you wanna dispose of and press the Square button. A message
will pop up asking if you want to discard the spell. Select Yes and
voila! Gone! Neat trick huh? (Actually, selecting "Use" does the
same. Thanks to Weilun {[email protected]} for the correction.)

-} Draw Points get paid
As you've already know, Draw Points will recover after a "while". How
long is a while? It seems that (certain?) Draw Points recovers every
time you receive your SeeD salary. I may be wrong though, but
sometimes when I drew from a Draw Point and gets paid when I walk
away, it magically recovers!

Of course, certain Draw Points will not recover at all. If it turns
blue instead of white then it cannot be recovered. If it's a spell
that seems to be way too advanced for that period in the game then
it's probably non-recoverable.

-} Draw Points: Over world or under world?
The Draw Points on the field map are completely different. First off,
the field map Draw Points are spherical shaped, while the over world
Draw Points "exists" over a part of the land. (Meaning that they have
no material form.)

Also, over world Draw Points are completely invisible, even equipping
Siren's Move-Find ability won't show their whereabouts. They usually
occupy coastal areas, edges of mountains and various other "corners"
of the world, so search those places if you're keen.

Finally, the over world Draw Points are extremely inefficient because
the most number of spells you can draw from it at one time is 5
charges! (I usually get 1!!) Compare that with 15 for field map Draw
Points and 9 per round in combat (unlimited.)

-} Gravity is NOT GF-friendly
Gravity type attacks can never kill you right? Yes, but only if
you're a human. What do you mean you ask? Well, the problem lies when
a character is summoning a GF. Apparently, the game uses the
summoner's current HP and NOT the GF's, so if your character has a
very high current HP and your GF has relatively low current HP, it
can actually kill them! However, if your character has low HP while
the GF has high HP, the damage a comparable to bug bites.

-} Vitality Zero or Spirit Zero?
I guess you all have heard of the Vitality Zero status (shown in
battle by a purple tint.) Anyway, that's misleading as magic defence
(ie, Spirit) is also lowered! Try summoning Doomtrain twice in a row,
you'll notice that the damage for the second summon is significantly

-} A good combo
Try junctioning 100 Drains to your ST-Atk and equip the Darkside
command. Use it and not only will you deal 3 times the usual damage,
you'll also gain drain a huge amount of HP. I've forgotten who told
me about this though, sorry...

-} You have been deceived!
Well I'm not sure if you guys ever heard about this thing saying that
all monster's levels are determined by Squall's level. That's WRONG!!
*Gasp* Yup that right, the enemy's levels are determined by the
_average_ of your (active?) party member's levels, or so it seems,
because when I levelled up Quistis and not Squall, the enemy's levels
are a LOT higher than Squall's. This is just an estimated prediction
though so don't quote me on this, but it's a pretty good estimate I'd
have to say. (The regular deviations in enemy levels are still there

-} To draw, or not to draw
The field map Draw Points seems to have 3 states. The "empty" state
where the ball is colorless. There seems to be 2 drawable states
though, "full" and "semi-full". In its "full" state, the orb is
filled completely with vibrant purple colored stripes. The "semi-
full" state seems to have a very faint tint of purple color and less
number of stripes. Sometimes it's very hard to tell whether a Draw
Point is "empty" or "semi-full", since the purple present in "semi-
full" Draw Points is very vague.

The difference between "full" and "semi-full" Draw Point is the
number of spells you can draw. You always seem to get 2 or 3 charges
if you draw from a "semi-full" draw point, but the "full" states
gives you a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 15. The fast recovering Draw
Points (like the ones in the Shumi Village) seems to yeild "semi-
full" Draw Points more often than not.

-} Gain skills even quicker
Christian Groff {[email protected]} suggested to learn certain skills
with items and not AP, which is a really good idea. Here's a list he
sent me:

Steel Pipe: SumMag +10%
Star Fragment: SumMag +20%
Energy Crystal: SumMag +30%
Samantha Soul: SumMag +40% (for Bahamut, Doomtrain and Eden)
Healing Mail: GFHP +10%
Silver Mail: GFHP +20%
Gold Mail: GFHP +30%
Diamond Armor: GFHP +40% (for Bahamut, Doomtrain and Eden)
Healing Ring: Recover (Leviathan)
Phoenix Spirit: Revive (Alexander)
Gambler Spirit: Card (Quezacotl)
Bomb Spirit: Kamikaze (Cactuar)
Knight's Code: Cover (Brothers)
Monk's Code: Counter (Carbuncle)

There are many more items out there that lets you learn new skills,
so search for them. Note however, there are no items to aid learning
Menu Abilities.

-} What to unlearn
Later in the game, it is wise to buy Amnesia Greens from the pet shop
and use them to help a GF forget an ability. All GFs can learn 22
skills at once, but you need to free up slots in order to learn new
ones with items. This is important because you need to split your GFs
six ways right before fighting Ultimecia, and you'll need enough -J
abilities for all your major attributes for all characters. So here's
my recommendation on what to forget:

  * If a GF has Elem-Defx2 or ST-Defx2, forget Elem-Def or ST-Def
won't hurt, since having multiple ones won't grant any special
  * If you always pair together certain GFs, you get forget the Item,
GF, Magic and Draw commands on one GF, since every GF has those 4
  * When a GF's max HP is already 9999, forget a GFHP+??% probably
won't lower it by much.
  * If you never summon a GF, you might want to forget their GFHP+??%
or SumMag+??% skills.
  * You might want to delete the "Bonus" skills after you're done
with them.
  * You may want to forget any HP, Str, Vit, Mag or Spr+20% if you
have 40%, since a 40% is enough to raise the stats to max after
powering up. (You can even delete Bahamut's Str and Mag+60% since it
has +60% available.)
  * I personally don't like Elem-Atk very much so...

However, do NOT delete any Menu Abilities or other unique and
otherwise irreplacable skills, such as the Devour command or Auto-
Haste etc. Don't forget any "rare" skills either, like anything that
boosts Hit, Evade, Luck or Speed.

-} Another good combo
Thanks to Iaian Ross {[email protected]} for this trick.
This is a good use for the "useless" Zombie spells. Junction 100
Zombies to your ST-Atk and it will turn enemies into undeads.
Afterwards, any reviving method will kill them in one hit, like Life
spells, Phoenix Downs and the best of all, the Revive command ('cuz
it's free.) This is a good way of dealing really high HP/powerful
enemies like the ones on the Island Closest to Hell.

-} Perhaps the best combo of all...
It's (of course) critical status + Aura status!!! That way, your
character will have a 90% chance of executing their best Limit Breaks
(if they're random.) I've tried this on Zell when facing Omega Weapon
and all four Duels came in 12 seconds!!! (No need to say, I trashed
Omega and flushed him down the loo.)

Anyway, try this out on the other characters, you'll almost be
guarenteed to execute Lion Heart, Wishing Star, The End, Mighty Guard
that grants everyone Aura and a slow moving bar for Irvine.

More tips comin' up.

Like my previous FAQs, I'll detail each character in this section,
with their strengths, weaknesses, Limit Breaks and some other stuff.
BTW, if you were wondering about the stats my characters had, they're
in this section.

I've found out something quite interesting from this second time
through the game. The character's stats at level 100 will always be
the same! So it seems that this game uses fixed level up stats boosts
instead of random ones like in most other RPGs.

The one on the left is my "test run" score and the one on the right
is my best score, also the maximum you can get from equipping the
Bonus abilities. Note only HP, Str, Vit, Mag and Spr have the MAX
values, since all the other ones don't change. MAX HP is calculated
since I never equip HP Bonus. (Only Selphie's and Quistis' are in
right now.)

(Note all stats are of the character at level 100 with their BEST
weapon, meaning higher Str and Hit. Also, none of them are junctioned
in any way.)

---Squall Leonhart---
HP        4187       6977
Str        162        170         Spd       37
Vit        124        134         Luck      22
Mag        130        138         Eva        3%
Spr        117        129         Hit      255%

Comments on stats: Squall usually has the crappiest stats since
you'll be forced to use him the most in the whole game, while his
Limits are one of the best. Her gets fairly good stats if you manage
to not gain a level at all. His Str is decent and I junctioned 100
Ultimas to it for 255 Str. All his gunblades has 255 Hit rate though,
meaning his normal attacks will never miss.

Limit Break: Renzokuken
When this is used, Squall will rush to his target and slash them
anywhere from 4 to 8 times. A bar pops up at the bottom of the screen
and green "waves" will start to flow from the right to the left, each
of them represents a gunblade attack. You're supposed to pull the
trigger (ie, the R2 button) at the exact time as the wave reaches the
box near the left, and a "hit" will register, meaning that single
attack will do 1.5 times of the damage. (Very much like his normal
attack.) Otherwise you'll miss and get no damage bonus for that
single hit (and likely to screw up the timing of your next attack. I
can never get the remaining hits right when I miss the timing.)
You'll get the "Perfect" message if you timed every hit right, but it
doesn't mean anything in terms of combat.

I think each hit does about as much damage as his normal attack, or
perhaps slightly more. His Limits are dependent on Squall's Strength.
Note this is non-elemental even if you've junctioned spells into his

Randomly after executing the 4-8 hits, Squall may execute a finishing
blow. Note the chance of Squall executing his finishing blow will NOT
increase if you get a "Perfect" for the initial Renzokuken hits, it's
just random. Squall will start the game with his most basic finishing
blow, Rough Divide and the rest can be gained from upgrading his
gunblades. Note however, not all models of the gunblade come with a
finishing blow, just some of them.

The initial Renzokuken hits are single targeted but a couple of his
finishing blows can hit all enemies on screen.

         Gunblade model           Finishing blow
         Revolver         =}      Rough Divide
         Shear Trigger    =}      Fated Circle
         [Other models]   =}      Blasting Zone
         Lion Heart       =}      Lion Heart (aka End of Heart)

Ok, execuse me everyone, but the gunblade theory I had last time was
TOTALLY wrong! Thanks to Iaian Ross {[email protected]} who
informed me about this.

Anyway, it seems that whenever you upgrade Squall's gunblade, he'll
gain the finishers that model grants AND all the finishers blow it.
In other words, Squall does not learn the finishers but the gunblades
comes with certain finishers learned. For example, Squall upgrade his
Revolver to a Cutting Trigger (skipping the Shear Trigger), he'll be
able to use not only Rough Divide and Blasting Zone, but Fated Circle
as well, since the Cutting Trigger is more advanced than the Shear

Because of this, the theory of increasing the chances of executing
Lion Heart by upgrading the Revolver to a Lion Heart and thus trying
not to learn Fated Circle or Blasting Zone would not work. Sorry if
the previous theory gave anyone any trouble.

Note: Fated Circle and Blasting Zone hits all enemies, however, if
enemies are affected by Sleep prior to Renzokuken, the enemies which
Renzokuken was not targeted on but was hurt by either of the above
finishers will NOT wake up!

-Rough Divide-
This is what Squall used on Seifer in the intro FMV. Squall runs
towards his target while striking the ground, then he leaps into the
air bringing up rocks and a huge vertical shock wave damaging the
enemy. This looks pretty cool but does about twice the damage of that
of a regular Renzokuken hit. Critical happen often with this!

-Fated Circle-
Squall will leap into the air and spins around with his blade on his
way down, forming a ring shaped sonic boom-like force that cuts all
enemies, then explodes into flames. Not a very powerful move, but
stronger than a Renzokuken hit.

-Blasting Zone-
Gosh this takes ages! Squall gets surrounded by a whirlwind-like
force field as he extends his gunblade up into the air. A vertical
beam force lengthens from the blade and extends out all the way into
space, then Squall brings his blade down as strong gale hurts all
enemies. I don't like this very much as it only does slightly more
damage than Fated Circle but lower than Rough Divide, and takes ages
to animate.

-Lion Heart-
This was originally named "End of Heart" in the Japanese version
which is a much better name. Squall rushes to the enemy and uppercuts
them into the air, then leaps into the air and beats them up with 16
hits of his gunblade, ending with a flashy diagonal strike. Then the
enemy drops back to the ground.

This is the most powerful attack in the whole game. Squall executes
exactly 16 hits (thanks to Qualera) and each hit usually does 9999
damage. (Less against enemies with REALLY high defence, but the
damage never really goes below 9000 per hit.) Can kill most bosses in
one hit except Omega Weapon and the last form of the last boss. Note
there's an extra hit when the enemy drops back onto the ground
afterwards, making it a total of 17 hits!!!

---Quistis Trepe---
HP        3883       6643
Str        161        163         Spd       34
Vit        118        122         Luck      21
Mag        132        134         Eva        3%
Spr        121        126         Hit      107%

Comments on stats: Quistis has the worst overall stats of the group
it seems but since her Limit Breaks are some of the best, Quistis
stands out in the game as the best character, IMO. Very pretty too,
and looks a LOT like Aya! :-)

Limit Break: Blue Magic
I've always loved Blue Magic in the series. Blue Magic started all
the way back in FFV where it's the specialty of Blue Mages, since
they can only learn new spells through being hit by it, the game
balances them out by giving them the ability to use better equipment.
In FFVI, only Strago the Blue Mage can use Blue spells (Lores) and he
has a few decent ones like Grand Train, but it still made him a less
useful character. In FFVII, Blue spells were named Enemy Skills and
can be learnt by the corresponding materia. They were really useful
though, especially in the Battle Arena since they count as YELLOW
materia, not Green, so you'll still be able to use spells when your
Green materia breaks.

Anyway, Quistis's Blue Magic are a bit different since she does not
learn them by being hit as the enemy casts them like in the previous
fantasies, instead, you have to use certain items that can be won or
stolen from enemies on her. Some of her better ones are really hard
to get though (Ray Bomb, Shockwave Pulsar, White Wind etc.) Blue
spells have always worked in strange ways so even though a certain
attack is generally more powerful, another attack may do more damage
than it under certain circumstances.

There are a few great things about Quistis' Blue magic too, because
she has a great variety of them and she has one for every situation
(ie, multi-target attack, instant death, elemental, status, gravity
elemental, healing and defence!) Her spells are also extremely
dependable, and she's the ONLY character who has non-random Limit
Breaks. The disadvantage of it is that she has the least damage

Note: None of Quistis' damage dealing Blue Magic (except Gatling Gun)
can be blocked, meaning the damage cannot be halved by both Protect
and Shell. Likewise, no Blue Magic can be reflected. Also, despite
that they're enemy skills, they work NOTHING like the enemy's
version. I'll describe the differences (if any) below.

-Laser Eye-
Used by: Belhelmel has it as a counter attack
Learnt from: None, initial spell

Quistis starts the game with this. She turns away from the enemy then
release a green beam of laser from her eyes and hurts the enemy. It's
fairly weak (~200 damage at the start of the game but can get a bit
stronger.) It's cool to watch though and actually does fairly decent
damage if you power Quistis up.

I think the Belhelmels only use this as a counter attack.

-Ultra Wave-
Used by: Caterchipiller
Learnt from: Spider Web
Defeat Catachipillers nets you this, they're really common. You can
also get it from changing Catachipiller's card into it.

Quistis damages all enemies with pink spiral waves that pop out from
her body. This damages all enemies and does 300+ damage near the
start but I think Laser Eye is generally more powerful.

Used by: Cockatrice
Learnt from: Coral Fragment
I think steal/defeating Cockatrices can get you this. I got it by
trading Creeps' card for it.

Quistis released countless golden lighting bolts from her body and
fries all enemies, looks a lot like Vincent's Limit Break in FFVII.
Kinda weak if you ask me though. This is like Trine from FFVII, which
is weaker than Beta (Fire Breath) and Aqualung (Aqua Breath). I
usually don't bother with this as even against robots, her other
attacks does more damage.

-Level ? Death-
Used by: Torama, Omega Weapon (LV5 Death)
Learnt from: Cursed Spike
Steal/win from Tri-Face, or occasionally dropped by Molboros. It's
easier to trade Tri-Face's card for it since those enemies appear
later in the game.

Not a good one at all! A reaper appears and smacks the enemies with
its scythe and either kills it in one hit or has no effect. Thank god
this is the only level-something Blue spell as I hated them. This is
strange since the level multiplier can vary, from 5 to 1, depending
on Quistis and your party's condition. I used it when I was powering
up on the weaker enemies, and sometimes it works quite well. (Oh
yeah, try this on those Fastitocalons.)

The enemy's version has a fixed multiplier, ie, LV5 Death.

Used by: Gesper (??)
Learnt from: Black Hole
Win from Gespars or trade its card for it.

A large bubble surrounds the enemy and pulls it into a dimensional
portal and is never seen again. This is the second best instant death
spell in the game (next to Selphie's The End of course) as it works
on ALL normal enemies, even really powerful ones like Iron Giants,
Ruby Dragons and Behemoths. I've never seen it miss except for the
Tonberries and I don't think it works on bosses though.

Iaian Ross said that the Gespars does indeed use this attack, but
only when you drag the battle on for over 5 minutes. Also, it doesn't
really kill the affected character, but it removes them from battle
(like the Midgar Zolom's attack in FF7.)

-Aqua Breath-
Used by: Grand Mantis
Learnt from: Water Crystal
Win from Chimeras or trade 1 Fastitocalon or 5 Fastitocalon-F's card
for it.

Quistis sends streams of water bubbles at all enemies. This is a
classic Blue spell and works fairly well too. It does really good
damage than even Leviathan's Tsunami with Boost seems to be weaker!
Get this early in the game by trading cards for it and it'll be
Quistis' strongest attack for a while.

Grand Mantis' version will cause Silence as well.

-Micro Missile-
Used by: GIM52A
Learnt from: Missile
Defeat or steal from GIM52A

Quistis extends her arms forward and sends out many missiles that
comes in on the enemy. This works very different to most spells as
it's a gravity type spell, in that it will take out a portion of the
target's current HP. The effect may vary though, from 50%, 75%, 87.5%
and eventually 93.75%!!! However, the maximum damage this attack does
is 9999 versus enemies with very high HP. Note most enemies are not a
target of gravity type spells so this will score a miss on them
instead. This is certainly one of her better spells.

Used by: Gayla (??), Tri-Face
Learnt from: Mystery Fluid
Defeat Gaylas or trade its card for it.

Quistis turns away and a patch of sizzling liquid comes out of no
where and burns the enemy. I don't use this too often but this will
do light damage to an enemy but can also give them negative status.
However, you won't deal a status ailment to the enemy every time you
use this. I've only gotten the Poison status from this, but I assume
there are more when Quistis/party's condition worsens. I've also seen
Vitality Zero.

I don't think the enemy's version causes a status, but it's much more
damaging (about 4000+ at times!)

-Gatling Gun-
Used by: SAM08G (Actually, Quistis used this in an FMV in Disc 1)
Learnt from: Running Fire
Defeat/steal from SAM08G or Iron Giants, or trade SAM08G's card for

This is like the gun Quistis used to shoot down X-ATM092 in the FMV
after the Dollet mission. The damage it does it very good and it's
non-elemental, but only targets one enemy. Sometimes it does really
crappy damage and I've just found out why. It appears that Gatling
Gun's damage is based on Quistis' Str and not Mag, I didn't junction
spells to her Str so this attack was really weak when I used it.
However, if you do junction good spells this is VERY powerful!

This is strange since it's the only Blue spell that is subject to a
barrier, Protect can halve Gatling Gun's damage.

-Fire Breath-
Used by: Ruby Dragon
Learnt from: Inferno Fang
Defeat Ruby Dragons or trade 10 of its card for it.

I've only used this once. It looks just like the Breath attack the
Ruby Dragon uses and is just as powerful. I think this is fire
elemental but the dragon's version isn't for some reason. Burns all

This is Fire elemental while the Ruby Dragon's version is both non
elemental and physical (ie, is affected by Protect, not Shell.)

-Bad Breath-
Used by: Malboro
Learnt from: Malboro's Tentacle
Defeat/steal from Malboros or trade 4 of its card for it.

Quistis sends a breath of foul looking dark gas that sweeps all
enemies. The effect is multiple status ailments on enemies but can
vary depending on her condition. It can inflict Poison, Silence,
Stop, Blind, Sleep, Slow, Doom (Death Sentence), Petrifying, Confuse
and Berserk. Maybe Curse as well. I'm not too sure about Vitality
Zero though. I use this on annoying enemies and paralyze them so I
can draw from them.

-White Wind-
Used by: Adamantoise
Learnt from: Whisper
Steal from high level Adamantoise

Soothing wind blows out of no where and surrounds the team. This is
the second best healing spell in the game (and again, next to
Selphie's Full-Cure, which is the best) and comes really useful in
later fights, makes Quistis a very useful character. This works
differently than all its previous incarnations in that is cures the
difference between Quistis' current HP and her maximum HP. For
example, Quistis has only 1 HP left and her maximum HP is 9999, White
Wind heals 9998 to all members in your party. It does NOT cure status
ailments though, unlike it did in FFVI and FFVII.

This is different from Adamantoise's version because they can heal
about 5000+ damage when they're at FULL HEALTH!!

-Homing Laser-
Used by: Mobile Type 8, Elastoids
Learnt from: Laser Cannon
Steal from the Mobile Type 8 boss. I think you may also steal from
Elastoids for it too.

Quistis releases 3 beams of laser that homes in on the enemy. I got
this really late but I wasn't disappointed, as the Mobile Type 8 boss
has this attack but it's really weak. It can do about 7000-9999
damage (later in the game) but only works on one enemy. I like to use
this on Adel at the start of Disc 4 when you HAVE to use a single
target attack on her.

-Mighty Guard-
Used by: Iron Giant
Learnt from: Barrier
Steal/kill Behemoths or trade 10 of its card for it.

A translucent blue globe envelops each character in the team. This is
the best Final Fantasy Blue spell at it's best! The effects of this
spell will also vary. It will only put Protect and Shell on all
members at its early stages, but Regen is present when Quistis is
hurt bad, then Float and Haste are a bit rarer. The most useful
status (and rarest) is Aura, effectively giving your team defensive,
offensive and speed advantage over the enemies. You'll be using this
spell a lot later in the game, especially against bosses like Omega
and Ultima Weapon.

The Iron Giant's version will only give them Protect and Shell.

Used by: X-ATM092
Learnt from: Power Generator
Steal from high level Blitz WITHOUT the Rare Item ability. REALLY
rare! (I was extremely lucky and got this on my first try, YAY!) I
heard you can pick on up in Lunatic Pandora if you did something in
Laguna's second scenario.

Steam pops up from the back of Quistis' head as she emits a laser
from her eye and sweeps it across all enemies. The ground below the
enemies turns gold and calls forth a massive explosion that sends all
foes into the air and back again.

Uhh.. This spell is really disappointing as after all the hard work
getting a Power Generator, you come to find out that it's not all
that good! The damage is only medium, about 4000-8000 on all enemies
later in the game, and is sometimes not as strong as Aqua/Fire

-Shockwave Pulsar-
Used by: Griever
Learnt from: Dark Matter
Collect 100 Cursed Spikes and use Siren's Tool-RF Menu Ability to
make it into a Dark Matter. Siren MUST be at LV100.

All enemies gets trapped inside a white sphere where is gets lifted
into another dimension and gets hurt by a dark energy blast. This is
Quistis' best spell and one of the few attacks in the game capable to
doing 5 digit damage. Usually around 12000 but if she has really good
stats this can do well over 23,000! Ok ok, this is way less than the
200,000 or so that Squall or Zell can do at times, but it's really

---Zell Dincht---
HP         4018      6778
Str         163       164         Spd       35
Vit         122       125         Luck      20
Mag         132       134         Eva        3%
Spr         116       119         Hit      103%

Comments on stats: Zell's one of the better ones. He's very strong
and gets good HP, Vitality and Strength. His Magic is also pretty
good but has low Spirit.

Limit Break: Duel
Zell uses a mixture of that of Sabin's (FFVI) Blitz and Tifa's
(FFVII) Limit Breaks. Like that of Sabin, you must press certain
buttons in a certain order to execute the move, each move has a
different combination. However, like that of Tifa, Zell can chain
together multiple martial arts attacks together, forming a long chain
of deadly combos. You're given a time limit to munch in the
combinations required for Duel and the chain combo ends either when
the timer reaches zero, or when a finishing blow is executed.

Zell's Duel has 4 different time intervals, and as his condition
worsens, his chance of getting a longer interval increases. Duel can
last around 4, 6, 9 or 12 seconds. He'll start with Punch Rush for
the 4 and 6 second version but will use Booya first if he gets the 9
or 12 second version, so don't expect the same moves to can be linked
after them.

Note however, only certain moves can link after another and certain
moves only links after a certain combination of moves (finishing
blows are one of them.) For example, Mach Kick can always link after
Dolphin Blow but Heel Drop cannot. Meteor Strike can link after
Dolphin Blow only if Mach Kick was done before Dolphin Blow. These
combinations of moves are sometimes quite confusing and I don't
recommend you memorize every single link. To help you, the game gives
you a list of the moves that can be linked after the move you're
currently executing and their combinations, but you'll take less time
if you knew which attack to do without having to look at it. Try
practice this until you have come up with a certain pattern of the
moves that you like, or try to recognize any "loops" (ie, 2 or 3
attacks that links into each other and can be repeated."

Zell's Limit Break has the highest damage potential (yes even higher
than Squall's Lion Heart finishing blow) but it all comes down to
skill - memorizing few of the critical links and a quick tapper.)
Practice makes perfect!

Zell starts the game with 4 basic attacks and 1 finishing blow. He
can learn the rest from reading Combat King magazines found
throughout the world or bought in Esthar.

-Punch Rush-
Combination: O, X

Just 3 repeated punches, nothing too special. This is also his
weakest attack but it's kinda easy to tap and links before and after
most moves.

Combination: Right, Left

This looks like a headbutt but it's actually a knee! (Is it?) I found
this is the easiest move to tap and does about the same damage as
Punch Rush (ie, lower than the rest of his attacks.) Links too and
from Punch Rush, thus making an easy loop that's preferred over his
more spectacular moves by experts.

-Heel Drop-
Combination: Up, Down

This looks weird as Zell lifts one of his leg up as if he's doing a
vertical split then bring it down at the enemy. I guess you can sorta
call it an Axe Kick. Slightly more damaging than the previous and the
motion is just as simple to do. The disadvantage is that few moves
links to this.

-Mach Kick-
Combination: Left, Left, O

Zell kicks the enemy with a high roundhouse. I like this move. It
does about 1.5 times as much damage than Punch Rush/Booya and isn't
all that hard to tap. It links to and from Dolphin Blow, which is the
loop that I use often.

-Dolphie Blow-
Combination: L1, R1, L1, R1
Combat King issue: 001

Like Tifa's attack from FFVII except there are 2 dolphins instead of
one, and you can see the ocean behind the enemy. Does the most damage
out of all the normal moves but requires 4 buttons to activate, but
isn't all that hard to do if you practice. (I can sometimes do this
in less time than Punch Rush, since I don't like the latter very

-Meteor Strike-
Combination: Up, O, Down, O
Combat King issue: 002

This looks just like Tifa's from FFVII, but it works differently.
Zell lifts the enemy up with one arm (gosh he's strong, but what's
even more impressive is that Tifa is as strong as Zell is!), leaps
into the air and yank them back to the ground. As hinted from the
magazine article ("...the bigger they are, the harder they fall.."),
this move is of gravity elemental. (Ok, gravity attacks ain't defined
as an element like in FFVII, but since they're used so much and are
so wonderfully useful, I might as well give them credit and their own
respective element that they deserve.) I think this does damage equal
to 75% of the target's maximum HP, but it cannot do more than 9999
damage per hit. Also, it does not work on most bosses (but I think
Mobile Type 8 is one which this attack DID work.) Against enemies
with HUGE defence and HP (Ruby Dragons, Iron Giants etc.) you'd want
to use this as often as possible, since it will do 9999 damage per
hit, very worthwhile against those enemies.

NOTE! The only enemy where this did not work on was a Behemoth

The motion is quite easy to do (despite how the magazine says this is
tricky) but won't link after many moves. Note if this attack does 0
damage, it means that the enemy is dead.

The below moves are finishers, meaning that no matter how much time
is left on the timer, Duel will end upon executing these moves. They
will show up on the screen with their names flashing and they're all
very tricky moves to do. Also, you can't just pull them right off the
air, as they require a certain combination of moves to be done in a
series before the option for a finishing blow becomes available.
Remember, the pre-requisite moves are only the simplest chains that a
finisher can be invoked! Meaning you can chain anything before the
pre-requisite moves and still trigger the finishing blow.

Note I don't know who started this whole thing about Zell must be at
a certain level to use a certain finishing blow. I was able to use
ALL of them at LEVEL 12!!! Go figure.

-Burning Rave-
Combination: Down, Down, Down, Down, Circle
Prerequisite moves: Booya, Heel Drop, Meteor Strike, Booya
                or: Punch Rush, Mach Kick, Punch Rush, Heel Drop

Zell steps back and punches the ground with his fist as it cracks and
the chasm travels to the enemy then explodes, sending the enemy high
up into the air. This is really disappointing for a finishing blow.
Does about 2 times the damage of his weak attacks and that's it! It's
not worth the effort!

-Meteor Barret-
Combination: Up, X, Down, Triangle, O
Combat King issue: 003
Prerequisite moves: Punch Rush, Dolphin Blow
                or: Booya, Meteor Strike, Dolphin Blow, Mack Kick
                or: Booya, Heel Drop, Mach Kick, Heel Drop, Booya,
                    Punch Rush, Mach Kick

Zell leaps into the air and gathers a green energy bolt in his hands.
Then he glides down followed by a trial of energy like a comet and
punches the enemy as they collide, and (supposedly) passes through
the enemy as it explodes. This looks cheap when Zell is supposed to
pierce right through the enemy, but I suppose the PlayStation's
polygon power ain't as advanced to handle such animations. (Or maybe
it's too violent but I'm hoping for the former.)

The damage isn't all that great either but I sometimes use this as a
"stylie" finisher after my combos, and I time them just right to fit
in this! (See below.)

-Different Beat-
Combination: Triangle, Square, X, O, Up
Combat King issue: 004
Prerequisite moves: Booya, Meteor Strike, Booya
                or: Booya, Heel Drop, Mach Kick, Heel Drop, Booya

Zell kicks the enemy into the air, jumps up and air-combo them with
kicks then stomps them as his legs get surrounded by pink energy.
This is probably my favourite finishing blow as it looks cool and is
very damaging.

-My Final Heaven-
Combination: Up, Right, Down, Back, Triangle
Combat King issue: 005
Prerequisite moves: Booya, Heel Drop, Meteor Strike
                or: Booya, Heel Drop, Mach Kick, Punch Rush

Zell holds his fist and sprints forward past the enemy and runs
around the globe like Superman (as if his Meteor Barret ain't
enough!) He gets back to the battle field and comes to a stop just
behind the enemy, and his momentum are released as a fiery explosion
that sends the enemy head over toes up into the air.

Looks kinda cool but does abut the same damage as Different Beat.
Alright, [email protected]  has convinced me that this is better than
Different Beat since it targets _ALL_ enemies while Different Beat
hits just one. Uh.. not much else to say about this but you might
wanna see this at least once but I don't find this move exceptionally

  - Learn a few links to some of your favourite moves. There's
nothing wrong with referring to the screen listing all the attacks
that can be executed after the current attack, especially when you're
trying it out the first few times. You should be used to a few links
and should be able to remember the button combinations to all the
normal moves if you practice a few times. Here are some combinations
that I found useful, feel free to submit more if you like:

* Booya, Punch Rush, Booya, Punch Rush, repeat.

This is also called Armageddon Fist by some (don't know who started
it though) and it's also fairly useful. The 2 basic attacks are
simple to tap and does decent damage. The damage is around 4000 per
attack later in the game, and try junction spells to Zell's Luck
attribute as a critical can do 9999 damage! You should be able to
execute ~20 moves for the 4 seconds interval!!! What's even better
about this is that it can be accommodated easily if Zell's starting
attack changes.

* Booya, Punch Rush, Mach Kick, repeat.
or: Punch Rush, Mach Kick, Booya, repeat.

These 2 are identical the only difference is the starting move
(remember how the starting move differs depending on the time
interval you get.) This is also identical to Armageddon Fist except
Mach Kick is added. I used this to take out the X-ATM092 boss in
Dollet and it's really a killer. I like Mach Kick since it does more
damage than the basic attacks and isn't really all that hard to use.

* Punch Rush, Mach Kick, Dolphin Blow, Meteor Strike, Dolphin Blow,
           Mach Kick, Meteor Barret

I hope I got this in the correct order. Anyway, practice this and
it's PERFECT for the 4 second interval. Of course, this don't work
very well on bosses because of Meteor Strike, but this is what I used
on the enemies on the Island Closest to Hell when training Zell, and
it's a killer to the enemies there because of Meteor Strike. Also,
the Meteor Barret makes a stylie finish.

* [Starter moves], Meteor Strike, Heel Drop, Meteor Strike, Dolphin
           Blow, Meteor Strike, Heel Drop, repeat
(Thanks to Qualera for this chain combo)

This is another great combo for high HP enemies since you can use
Meteor Strike _every other turn_! Geez, imagine how long you can
toast a Ruby Dragon with this. Anyway, the [starter moves] will be
different depending whether you've gotten Booya or Punch Rush as your
first attack.
For Booya: Booya itself will lead to Meteor Strike
For Punch Rush: Try Punch Rush, Mach Kick, Dolphin Blow

  - Later in the game, you'll wanna avoid using finishing blow as
much as possible, since they take ages to do and their maximum damage
limit is still only 9999. Each normal blow can do 4000-5000 if you
have 255 Strength (and use Meltdown for more) and a critical hit nets
you an instant easy 9999.

  - Against normal enemies with high defence and HP, release Meteor
Strike as often as possible. Meteor Strike is essentially one of
Zell's best attacks as it's independent of his Strength and target's
Vitality. So even if you have very low Strength and fighting a level
100 Ruby Dragon, you can do 9999 with every blow of Meteor Strike
while your other moves takes out less than 1000.

  - There are some people who think that if you want to use a Duel
finisher, you can only execute the pre-requisite move and nothing
else. Well you are WRONG!!!!! You can execute any move as long as the
pre-requisites are done in order after those moves. There are people
who thinks that to use My Final Heaven and Different Beat, Zell must
start with Booya (and therefore, only useable in the 8 or 12 second
intervals.) That is NOT correct. You can chain a Punch Rush in front
of it or even a Booya, Punch Rush, Mach Kick in front of the pre-
requisite Booya if you want to (and if you're quick enough!)

---Rinoa Heartilly---
HP         4181      6851
Str         180       186         Spd       36
Vit         115       120         Luck      22
Mag         148       162         Eva        3%
Spr         123       126         Hit      107%

Comments on stats: Whoa! Gosh, she's the girl with god-like stats!
Too bad that her Limits are trashy. I think she is supposed to have
good stats to offset her attacks. (If you can remember, she also has
really good starting stats when she first joins!) Her Str and Mag are
among some of the highest I've seen. She needs only 100 Meteors to
bring up Strength up to exactly 255.

Limit Break: Combine
Rinoa is the only character in the game who has 2 completely
different sets of attacks, Angelo skills and her unique Angel Wing

Angelo is Rinoa's dog who is actually really smart and can learn
various tricks to aid Rinoa in battle. I think Angelo skills were
originated from Red XIII's Limit Breaks in FFVII and a bit from
Shadow's dog, Interceptor in FFVI. Angelo skill comes in 2 types,
automatic and manual. The automatical skills can take place randomly
in battle, given that certain conditions are met, while a random
manual skills will be executed when Rinoa uses his Limit Break from
the command window in battle.

Unfortunately, most of her Angelo skills are mostly crap, and since
it's random, it can also be very weak compared to the others later in
the game. She has a couple fairly decent ones though, so you might as
well make the use of them. The damage dealing Angelo attacks are
dependent on Rinoa's Strength.

To learn new Angelo skills, you must buy or find Pet Pals magazines
from around the world. You must read them too (use it in the item
menu) then the skill's name will appear in Rinoa's status menu along
with Angelo's other skills. A full bar represents that skill has been
mastered. Select a skill that you wish to learn and walk with Rinoa
in your team and you'll eventually learn the skill. (Note some skills
like Wishing Star can take a very long time to learn.)

The below 4 skills are manual skills:

-Angelo Cannon-
Pet Pals issue: None, initial attack.

Rinoa whistles for Angelo who runs onto the screen and jumps onto
Rinoa's extended arm, then Rinoa launches him like a rocket that
hurts all enemies with a fiery explosion. Then Angelo gets a bone for
his hard work.

An ok attack I guess, since it targets all enemies but gets less
useful as the game progresses. It can do 9999 damage to all enemies
later in the game though, but that's nothing compared to what the
boys can do.

-Angelo Strike-
Pet Pals issue: 1

Angelo runs onto the screen to the enemy, grabs them somehow and
takes them into the air with him. Angelo rotates about 1080 degrees
and slams the enemy back onto the ground for big damage.

This is a lot stronger than Angelo Cannon but targets only one enemy.
The damage is quite strong though, about maybe 2000+ earlier in the
game. However, since the damage maxes out at 9999, this will actually
be WEAKER than Angelo Cannon later in the game, which can also do
9999 damage but targets all the enemies. You may want to abandon this
move so the chance that Rinoa executes one of her better ones

-Invincible Moon-
Pet Pals issue: 3

Looks a lot like Red XIII's Howling Moon if you ask me. Angelo runs
into battle, gets surrounded by silver energy waves (like a certain
Red XIII Limit Break) and jumps into the air with a silvery moon in
the sky. A curtain of translucent lights envelops all allies and they
turn transparent.

This well may possibly be Rinoa's best Angelo skill, as an invincible
character is immune to all damage and status (even positive ones) and
the effect is identical/better than a Holy War (Drink) since Holy War
and Hero has no effect on Rinoa. This skill has a fair chance of
being executed and I think the effect lasts longer as Rinoa's level

-Wishing Star-
Pet Pals issue: 6

Rinoa and Angelo runs towards the enemy and disappears while the
background turns into a colored star field. Multiple shooting stars
zooms across the screen and hurts all enemies for quite a number of
hits. If you look closer, the stars are actually Angelo!

I was really disappointed at this move when I first saw it. First,
the rate which this attack appears is EXTREMELY low (about 5% max)
and second, it wasn't as strong as I heard it was. Each hit did
around 2000 points of damage for about 10+ hits. I've heard this
attack can do 9000+ damage per hit though, but I'm not in the mood to
spend about half an hour trying to see this move again!

I saw this again and it's actually really impressive since she
actually did 8000+ damage her hit!!! Although the chance that Rinoa
will use this is really low making it rather unreliable when you
REALLY want high damaging attacks. Anyone knows how you can raise the
chance of Wishing Star appearing? I know that not learning Angelo
Strike and/or Invincible Moon is one way but that Angelo Cannon can
really get on my nerve!

One thing that I forgot is that the weaker Rinoa is, the more likely
that she uses Wishing Star. Lower her HP a lot (2 digits) and even
give her bad status (not Poison though, as it's deadly when her HP is
so low) like Silence and Darkness. Maybe if you cast Aura over it,
it'll raise the chance even more.

The 4 skills below are automatically but randomly executed when the
conditions are met.

-Angelo Rush-
Pet Pals issue: None, initial attack
Condition: Rinoa gets attacked by a physical attack

Angelo rushes across the screen at high velocity and charges into the

This works on the same basis as Shadow's dog Interceptor's Take Down,
which is basically a counter attack. This attack sucks in many ways.
One is that it's terrible when you want to keep the enemy alive to
draw spells from or card them. This usually ruins it for you. The
damage Angelo does is no where near as much as Interceptor. So this
means one thing: Rinoa is a terrible character if you want to card

-Angelo Recover-
Pet Pals issue: 2
Condition: Any ally in critical condition

Angelo comes onto the screen and uses an item on the ally in critical
condition and restores their HP.

I don't like this skill either. Sometimes I purposely lower an ally's
HP so they can use Limit Breaks easily but no.. Angelo comes along
and heals them. The amount healed varies, but usually a lot, I've
seen as low as 1500+ to about 6000+! Not bad if you really need
healing in a boss fight or something. Note a character who is not
Rinoa CAN receive the benefit of his skill too.

-Angelo Reverse-
Pet Pals: 4
Condition: Ally KO'd

Angelo comes into battle and uses a Phoenix Down on a fallen ally

Now this is a useful one, but it would help if it happens a little
more often. I've seen this only ONCE during my 80 hour game. What's
neat about this is when an ally is revived, their HP would be
critical and you can execute Limit Breaks easily.

-Angelo Search-
Pet Pals: 5
Condition: Don't know (Random?)

Angelo runs into the battle field, sniff the ground and begins to
dig. He then finds an item and gives it to Rinoa, then he receives a
treat for his hard work.

I haven't seen this yet as it happens rarely. I've heard that most of
the time you'll get really crappy stuff like Potions mainly, Phoenix
Downs etc. But it can also net you some really good stuff at times
though, I've heard of Force Armlets and Elixirs. Hmm, I should really
give this a try.

Thanks to FeralNoa, Qualera and Allan Mills for all the info on this

Angel Wing
After the scene in space (and a terrible micro-game!), Rinoa gains a
new Limit Break. You can use this while inside Ragnarock the first
time. With this, a pair of wings appears on Rinoa's back and she gets
lifted into the air, then she comes back onto the ground like if
nothing had happened. You'll notice the effect soon though, as you'll
realise that you cannot control her any more, as she's gone berserk
in a way.

Whenever Rinoa's turn comes up, she will cast a _random_ spell on a
random enemy. The quality of the spell is really quite a mixed bag.
Rinoa will either cast a really powerful spell like Ultima or a
really sloppy status spell like Sleep, and Scan/Dispel occasionally.
What's sorta worthwhile about this is that the power of a damage-
dealing spell is increased by 5 times, WOW! (Watch out for Meteor,
it's a real killer on a single enemy. Can do upwards of 40000
damage!) However, she rarely uses one of them (about 5 crap spells
per 1 good spell) which makes Angel Wing no better than her terrible
Angelo skills.

Note that this is actually a status, which means that it will have no
effect while Rinoa is in the Invincible status (Invincible Moon.)
Rinoa is immune to Berserk, Silence and Confuse status while in Angel
Wing. Also, her spells ain't THAT random as there are certain spells
that she will never use, such as any aiding/healing/reviving spells,
and certain weaker attack spells. The power of her spells is also
dependent on Rinoa's Magic attribute.

Note! [email protected] told me that what spell Rinoa casts is based
on the spells in her stock even though it doesn't use up a charge but
he doesn't know if having a high number of a certain spell being
stocked is going to raise the chance of that spell being cast.

Happy Matt was able to confirm this query. He told me that he used
Varly (aka Angel Wing) with Rinoa when she had absolutely no spells
stocked. The result: Rinoa can only execute regular _physical_
attacks like the Berserk without the damage bonus!

There's still much to discuss about Rinoa's Angel Wing, -Skrybe-
{[email protected]} have sent me the complete list on what Rinoa
will and will not cast through Angel Wing.

These spells CAN be used in Angel Wing: Aero, Berserk, Bio, Blind,
Blizzaga, Blizzara, Blizzard, Break, Confuse, Death, Demi, Dispel,
Drain, Fira, Firaga, Fire, Flare, Holy, Meltdown, Meteor, Pain,
Quake, Scan, Sleep, Slow, Stop, Thundaga, Thundara, Thunder, Tornado,
Ultima, Water, and Zombie.

These spells CAN NOT be used in Angel Wing: Aura, Cura, Curaga, Cure,
Double, Esuna, Float, Full-Life, Haste, Life, Protect, Reflect,
Regen, Shell, and Triple.

I'm sure you guys have also heard of the secret spell Apocalypse, a
spell that can only be drawn from Ultimecia. Anyway, you _can_ get
them via a GameShark, so it is possible that Rinoa will cast
Apocalypse through Angel Wing, since it's just another version of
Ultima. Haven't been able to confirm this though.

Also, Selphie's Slot spells _can_ all be obtained as stocked REGULAR
spells through a GameShark, but it is unknown if Rinoa will cast them
through Angel Wing.

Here's a tip from [email protected]:
Simply get rid of all of Rinoa's lesser use spells that ain't being
junctioned such as all status spells and Dispel. Keep as many Holies,
Flares, Ultimas, Meteors or just whatever you feel is powerful to
raise her chance of casting a better spell in Angel Wing. Oh yeah,
don't forget to boost her Magic and Speed attributes, as it can get
pretty powerful when you get a good spell, especially Meteor, and
with a high Speed, Rinoa can cast more spells before the enemy's turn
comes up, which kinda makes up for the fact that she cannot be

Here's what Another Gamer's strategy:
Get rid of all offensive spells except for Meteor, it'll do more
damage than Ultima. This is like a refined version of the above
strategy except the ONLY spell Rinoa will ever use is Meteor. With a
good Magic attribute and the Angel Wing status, I've seen a comet
doing up to 4000+ damage each! (And there's 10 of them!) It's much
more reliabe than hoping for Wishing Star with her Angelo skills. The
bad point of this is that you'll miss out a lot of junction
potentials of Ultima. Try this out and see what you think.

---Selphie Tilmitt---
HP         3680      6440
Str         157       162         Spd       37
Vit         115       120         Luck      26
Mag         136       141         Eva        3%
Spr         123       130         Hit      255%

Comments on stats: No too bad. She's kinda weaker physically but has
very good Magic stats. Her Speed is decent though and she's the
luckiest character in the game. Her best improvement is probably how
her best weapon has a 255% hit rate, meaning she can no longer miss
the target with her regular attacks.

Limit Break: Slots
Selphie's Slots is completely different to Setzer and Cait Sith's.
Selphie can cast any spell up to 3 times in a row. Her Slots window
will show a random spell with a random number of times that spell
will be cast. If that's not the spell you want, you may select "Do
over" which will bring up another spell. When the desired spell comes
up, you may select "cast" to cast it. These spells will not consume
Selphie's stocked spells so use them as often as you wish.

Note time does not stop as you select your spells, even with the
"Wait" option. (The Wait option sucks in this game anyway.) So
spending too long on her Slots trying to get better spells can be

Selphie has 4 unique spells on her Slots too, and they're all good
ones. At the beginning of the game, you may only get crap magic like
Fire but she'll likely to get better spells as her level does up.
(ie, Ultima may have about a 1% chance or less of showing up while
she's at level 10, but at level 100, Ultima comes up quite often.)

Note if a certain spell is cast multiple times, the targeting is
random and it's not very effective if you ask me! When you come up
with say a positive status spell (like Haste) cast 3 times, it never
works so that each member on your team gets a dose, which wastes the
spell. (The spell will always cast on a same member twice.)

Below are the 4 unique spells Selphie that can be cast only with her
Slots. Note none of these can be cast multiple times, since they
don't need to. When you cast one of these spells once, it will show
up in her status screen and the chance of getting that spell on her
Slots in the future will increase.

-Full Cure-
This heals all allies to full HP AND it will cure negative status
too, effectively the best healing spell in the game. Also, I'm sure
this spell will work on Invincible allies! The chance of getting this
on her Slots is very high, so you don't need to struggle when you
want healing, although Full Cure shows up less times when she's at
higher levels.

A stone barrier raises through the ground to guard all allies. Not a
bad defence spell but if Quistis is in your party, have her use
Mighty Guard instead. Wall will only give you Shell and Protect, but
it's pretty decent if you don't have access to Mighty Guard yet.

A useful spell with a terrible translated name, which puts a pair of
wings on each enemy's back and they get lifted into the air and is
never seen again. Works well on normal enemies but certain enemies
are resistant to it (like Tonberries.)

-The End-
EVERYBODY fears this spell! Flowers will blossom before the enemies
and the background turns into a flower filled meadow and the words
"The End" pops up like if the game has ended. Then the enemies die
for no reason. What's so powerful about this is that it will even
work on really tough bosses like Omega! Very rare on her Slots, but
has a decent chance of showing up at high levels.

NOTE! I know that there are 2 extra unique spells that Selphie is
supposed to have but hasn't been put into the game due to time
constraints (I think) but are obtainable via a GameShark. If you've
seen these 2 spells then please tell me what they looked like and
what their effects are.

Finally, someone's e-mailed me about her hidden spells. Percent will
lower all target's HP to critical (which would make Devour and Card
commands ultra useful) and Catastrophe which deals a large sum of
non-elemental damage to all targets like Ultima/Apocalypse, or even
better, Selphie's version of Shockwave Pulsar!!! Thanks -Skrybe- for
the information, now only if someone can send me the description and
other stuff.

Oh yeah, you can also obtain every single unique spells from Slots as
stocked regular spells to use at your own leasure! However, no one
knows the junction potentials of these 6 great spells. C'mon guys,
get your GameSharks on and try it out! (I don't have the codes
though, but try Scott Ong's guide.)

Since time is not paused when Selphie uses her Slots, try to use it
when another character/enemy is executing a lengthy action (casting a
spell etc.) The best way to select your spell is to do it during a GF
summoning animation, if you wanna give up Boost for it that is.
Diablos is the best since his attack is lengthy and don't use Boost.

The spell to look for depends on your situation. Early on in the
game, basic elementary spells can satisfy most purposes and may
actually top Squall or Zell's Limit Breaks! Later in the game
however, her usefulness pans out since everyone else has at least one
really powerful attack or defensive skills. So Selphie is best used
as a healer with her Full Cure. Her Wall is also good if you don't
have Quistis. If you manage to get Aura then you might as well use
it. Haste is also fairly decent.

As for offence, the best Selphie can do is probably multiple Meteors
for single targets or multiple Ultimas for multiple targets. (Meteor
will actually do respectable damage when her Magic attribute is 255.)
If you manage to get The End, you can end the fight in one shot! (You
might not want to do it though, as it kinda spoils the fun in a boss

EASY SLOT JACKPOT! ==================================================
|Thanks to Matt {[email protected]} for this trick.                  |
|                                                                   |
|Have you tried to strike it lucky with Selphie's Slots but don't   |
|get any good magic? Try this trick.                                |
|                                                                   |
|Make sure that Selphie is in critical condition, or under Aura. Now|
|have another team member cast a spell (any will do, preferably a   |
|cheap one) but before the spell is executed, press the "Open"      |
|button on your PlayStation to open the lid. The game will try to   |
|load the spell off the CD but it cannot, so the game will kinda    |
|"soft" freeze. Take advantage of this time to cycle through        |
|Selphie's Slots for desirable spells, then close the lid and       |
|resume play.                                                       |
|                                                                   |
|Since the time is paused, you virtually have an eternity to cycle  |
|for your favourite spells, but this trick is not without flaws. One|
|big drawback is that the spells offered with this is quite limited.|
|If you keep cycling for ages and ages, it'll eventually "recycle"  |
|the old spells, meaning if you do not get say The End for the first|
|40 times, you will never get it. But this is still a nice trick    |
|though, enough to keep Selphie fans happy. :)                      |

---Irvine Kinneas---
HP         4120      6730
Str         156       157        Spd       39
Vit         108       118        Luck      21
Mag         128       129        Eva        3%
Spr         105       115        Hit      115%

Comments on stats: For some reason, Irvine seems to have really low
stats. His Str is the lowest... and all his other stats are the
lowest out of all characters. You think it's because he starts off at
the highest level? He's the fastest though.

Limit Break: Shot
Hehe, his Limit is fun. Choose a type of ammo that you've stocked in
your inventory and tap the trigger button (R1) rapidly to shoot as
many bullets as you can under a time limit. The time limit is a
depleting bar to the lower right of the screen and the amount of time
he has available can vary. Unlike Zell though, Irvine's bar does not
lengthen as his timer is expanded, instead it moves slower, so it's
not easy to identify the amount of time he has available or the
amount of it's left. It's also hard to tell how many different time
intervals Irvine has. When a shot deals zero damage, it means that
the target is dead so don't waste any more bullets. (But it sucks
since you'll always waste at least one bullet for this purpose.)

By obtaining new bullets, Irvine can expand his variety of shots.
Most of them can be bought in stores, some of them can be won or
refined from cards, and all of them can be refined from Ifrit's Ammo-
RF Menu Ability (some of the rarer bullets can only be gotten this
way.) Make sure that you browse through that ability menu often as
you can find some really good deals that you just CANNOT resist!
(Like 1 Chef's Knife into 10 AP Ammo or 1 Poison Powder into 10 Dark
Ammo!) The power of Irvine's Shot is dependent on his Str.

Since his Limit Break is not free like all the others, I don't use
his as much.

Note: One very interesting thing I've noted is that Irvine's Shot is
sorta like magic is that, it will NOT wake a target suffering from
the Sleep status. Strange indeed!

The list of different types of gun shots are listed below, sorry for
the delay, as I finally got to play with them thoroughly last night.
Also, I give the various ammunition ranks in various categories,
Power, Speed, Acquirability and the Overall Usefulness. An S is the
best while an F is the worst.

Note: A C (average) in Power is comaparable to normal attacks, while
a C in Speed indicates it can be fired about 4 times for the shortest
Shot Limit Break interval.

-Normal Shot- (Normal Ammo)
Power: C     Speed: B      Acquirability: A   Overall Usefulness: C+

This resembles Irvine's normal attack, only shot multiple times in

The cheapest ammo is actually quite efficient, it can be bought in
most stores. The speed is good and the damage is equivalent to his
normal attacks. Needless to say, if Irvine has very high Str, this
attack can be quite strong and for a low price. I use this attack the

-Scatter Shot- (Shotgun Ammo)
Power: D     Speed: B      Acquirability: A   Overall Usefulness: D

Looks similar to Normal Shot but hits all enemies.

This has the same speed as Normal Shot, but it's only about half as
strong. There are not very many situations in the game where you need
to target multiple enemies at the same time so this shot is a waste.

-Dark Shot- (Dark Ammo)
Power: D-    Speed: B      Acquirability: B   Overall Usefulness: C+

Irvine shoots a granade that explodes into a green cloud.

I like this. It's the weakest ammunition there is but it has decent
speed and has a chance of giving the enemy a random negative status
per shot. I've seen Poison, Darkness, Silence and Sleep. Can also be
gotten fairly easily.

-Flame Shot- (Fire Ammo)
Power: B     Speed: C      Acquirability: B-  Overall Usefulness: C

Not quite a flamethrower but Irvine launches a burst of flame similar
to that of Opera's long ranged version of Flame Launcher in SO2.

The only elemental shot there is, so it can either be extremely
useful or completely useless. The fire elemental nature of this
attack is good against certain enemies like Malboro, as it will do
double damage. The damage done with Flame Shot unde neutral elemental
resistance is about twice that of Normal Shot.

-Canister Shot- (Demolition Ammo)
Power: B+    Speed: F      Acquirability: C   Overall Usefulness: E

Irvine blasts many rockets from his gun which homes in on the enemy.

I hate this attack. It's very strong but it's so slow that I can
bearly manage to shoot 3 times during the shortest time interval, so
Normal Ammo can hit for more damage than this most of the time (via
critical hits.) It's quite expensive but you can still find a few
bargins for Demolition Ammo if you look for Running Fires.

-Quick Shot- (Fast Ammo)
Power: E     Speed: S      Acquirability: B   Overall Usefulness: A-

Irvine fires rapid shots at an enemy, but not quite machinegun

Does about the same damage as Dark Shot but it can shoot 2-3 bullets
per 1 Normal Ammo! Since it is fired so many times, the rate of a
critical attack pops up is also the highest among all shots. The only
drawback is that the ammunition runs out faster than the rate at
which Lara Croft's boobs grows, so keep plenty of them in stock.

-Armor Shot- (AP Ammo)
Power: A+    Speed: E      Acquirability: C-  Overall Usefulness: B+

Irvine blasts a thin beam of laser which penetrates the enemy's

Probably the one of the best ammunition in the game. It's did 9999
damage when I didn't junction anything in Irvine's Str (his normal
attack was doing only 1100+ damage!) It's not too hard to get, Chef's
Knives can nets you loads of this, and they're reasonably easy to
acquire. It's slow though, and you won't even notice a critical hit,
so IMO, Fast Ammo is more useful.

-Hyper Shot- (Pulse Ammo)
Power: S+    Speed: E      Acquirability: E   Overall Usefulness: D

Irvine fires a huge beam of intense light at the enemy.

I'm not sure if this damages all enemies, but it seems so. It's
exceptionally hard to get your hands on (but it wont be much of a
problem if you use the infinite Elnoyle encounter to your advantage.)
Slow like Ammo Shot, but it almost always do 9999 damage, meaning all
critical hits will be wasted. You can shoot 3 times during the
shortest time interval, meaning doing 29997 points of damage, but
with 255 Str, Quick Shot can hit 10+ times, for ~2500 each hit, plus
critical hits, meaning there's a much greater chance of doing more
damage if you just stick to Quick Shot.

---Seifer Almasy---
Thanks to Colin Pentney {[email protected]} who took the time to
level Seifer to level 100 and sent in the stats. The value to the
left is Seifer's at level 100 WITHOUT any bonuses, the one on the
right is the estimated maximum acquirable with the bonuses. It is
served mainly to compare with the max stats of the other characters.

                    Est. MAX
HP         5823       8553
Str          60        151       Spd       45
Vit          39        130       Luck      19
Mag          45        136       Eva        4%
Spr          38        129       Hit      255%

Comments on stats: Geez, Seifer's stats rivals even that of Rinoa's!
His Str is the lowest though, but that's because he cannot upgrade
his weapon and is stuck with a crap gunblade. (If he did, add 13
points to his Str, and he'll have standard Str.) He has the highest
Vit and Spr. Don't go away yet, look at this HP and Spd. WOW! His max
HP is about 2000 higher than most and he's even faster than Irvine!
All that plus the ability to hit with perfect precision, making him
the most powerful character in the game. Oh dear, if only you can get
him in your team permanently.

Limit Break: Fire Cross
I'm a little puzzled by the name of his Limit Breaks, I know it's
supposed to be confusing since you only get to use him for a little
while. Fire Cross seems to be the "style" of his Limits (like Rinoa's
Combine) while each attack (like No Mercy) is a separate skill in the
order of Fire Cross.

Seifer, like Squall, also uses a gunblade, but his style of attack is
completely different. Seifer seems to be able to "fuse" magic with
his "sword" attacks, forming a style of his own.

Seifer is also the strangest since he seems to have the ability to
use his Limit Breaks at will, meaning he has no problem to get the
triangle to show up indicating a Limit Break is available.

-No Mercy-
Seifer blast all enemies with a Fire spell then he spins his gunblade
and starts charging for an energy sphere. He then swings the blade,
sending a high speed spinning projectile at each enemy.

Well, at least it hits all enemies. It's only a single hit so it's
not very powerful. IMO, this acts in a very similar way to Rinoa's
Angelo Cannon, or perhaps slightly weaker. And no, this is not fire

-Demon Slice-
Seifer again torces one opponent with a Fire spell then he spins,
forming a tornado, sucks one target into the air and slices them
repeatedly in mid air.

Well, not a playable Limit Break, but it's his special attack when
you fight him at the end of disc 2. His gunblade has the same
greenish glow as his No Mercy skill so I guess it's his new Limit
Break at that time.

-Zantetsuken Reverse-
It's sorta like Odin's attack except that there are 2 more characters
after the 3 Kanji, spelling "Reverse".

Not a playable Limit Break either, but it looks pretty cool.

Seifer burns all targets with a Fire spell then leaps into the air
and slashes with his gunblade in the shape of a cross. A flaming
cross appears on the ground below his targets and it begins to sink,
until it finally colapses. Something like that.

Another non-playable Limit Break, Seifer uses this during the third
time you encounter him inside the Lunatic Pandora. According to
-Skrybe-, Gilgamesh will take down Seifer before he can take enough
damage to use Bloodfest, so that's why Seifer could only use regular
attacks during that fight. To see this attack, you've really have to
beat up on Seifer and make it fast, which isn't a good idea since
you'll be missing the opportunity on drawing Aura.

(Thanks to -Skrybe- for the information.)

---Edea Kramer---
Thanks to Qualera for Edea's level 100 stats.

                    Est. MAX
HP         3777       5997
Str          61        135       Spd       31
Vit          20         94       Luck      15
Mag          55        129       Eva        2%
Spr          45        121       Hit       97%

Comments on stats: Nothin' to see here. Edea is no where near as good
as Seifer and is even weaker than all normal party members, but who
can blame her? She starts at such a high level of 26. Low HP, very
low Vit and Spd but has ok Mag and Spr. The only interesting thing
about Edea is her Str. It is the highest even though she's a magic
user and uses no weapons.

Limit Break: Sorcery
Well, sorcery is everything to a sorceress, but Edea seems to be
quite limited in her sorcery skills, at least in battle. I've only
seen one sorcery skill.

-Ice Strike-
Edea gets angry and icicles start to materialize in thin air, then
she directs them at the enemy.

No this does not do ice elemental damage. It's not a bad attack
though, but don't expect too much since it still does 1 hit and only
targets one enemy.

} Any others??

| Squall Leonhart |
      Stats              Items Needed           Dropped By
 -------------------- ------------------ -----------------------
| Revolver           | M-Stone Piece(2) | Bite Bug,Funguar,Buel |
| Cost:100 Gil       |                  | Creeps,Belhelmel,Worm |
| Atk:11             |                  | Blitz,Death Claw etc. |
| Hit:255            |------------------|-----------------------
| Limit:Rough Divine | Screw(2)         | Geezard,GIM47N        |
 -------------------- ------------------ -----------------------
 -------------------- ----------------- ------------------------
| Shear Trigger      | Steel Pipe(1)   | Wendigo,GIM47N         |
| Cost:200 Gil       |                 |                        |
| Att:14             |                 |                        |
| Hit:255            |----------------- ------------------------
| Limit:Rough Divine | Screw(4)        | Geezard,GIM47N         |
| Fated Circle       |                 |                        |
 -------------------- ----------------- ------------------------
 -------------------- ----------------- ------------------------
| Cutting Trigger    | Mesmerize Blade | Mesmerize              |
| Cost:400 Gil       |                 |                        |
| Atk:18             |----------------- ------------------------
| Hit:255            | Screw(8)        | Geezard,GIM47N         |
| Limit:Rough Divine |                 |                        |
| Fated Circle       |                 |                        |
 -------------------- ----------------- ------------------------
 -------------------- ----------------- -----------
| Flame Saber        | Betrayal Sword  | Forbidden |
| Cost:600 Gil       |                 |           |
| Atk:20             |----------------- -----------
| Hit:255            | Turtle Shell    | Armadodo  |
| Limit:Rough Divine |----------------- -----------
| Fated Circle       | Screw(4)        | Geezard   |
| Blasting Zone      |                 | GIM47N    |
 -------------------- ----------------- -----------
 -------------------- ------------ ------------
| Twin Lance         | Dino Bone  | T-Rexaur   |
| Cost:800 Gil       |------------ ------------
| Atk:22             | Red Fang   | Hexadragon |
| Hit:255            |            | Chimera    |
| Limit:Rough Divine |------------ ------------
| Fated Circle       | Screw(12)  | Geezard    |
| Blasting Zone      |            | GIM47N     |
 -------------------- ------------ ------------
 -------------------- ------------------ ----------------
| Punishment         | Chef's Knife     | Tonberry       |
| Cost:1000 Gil      |------------------ ----------------
| Atk:22             | Star Fragment(2) | Iron Giant     |
| Hit:255            |------------------ ----------------
| Limit:Rough Divide | Turtle Shell     | Armadodo       |
| Fated Circle       |------------------ ----------------
| Blasting Zone      | Screw(8)         | Geezard,GIM47N |
 -------------------- ------------------ ----------------
 -------------------- ---------------- -------------
| Lion Heart         | Adamantine     | Adamantine  |
| Atk:30             |---------------- -------------
| Hit:255            | Dragon Fang(4) | Blue Dragon |
| Limit:Rough Divide |                | Hexadragon  |
| Fated Circle       |---------------- -------------
| Blasting Zone      | Pulse Ammo(12) |    N/A      |
| Lion Heart!!!!     |                |             |
 -------------------- ---------------- -------------
Pulse Ammo can be gotten by using Ammo-RF and refining Energy Crystals,
or Laser Cannons to get Pulse Ammo
You can steal Adamantine from BGH251F2 when you fight him at Fisherman's
| Rinoa Heartilly |
     Stats         Items Needed           Dropped By
| PinWheel     | M-Stone Piece(3) | Bite Bug,Funguar,Buel |
| Cost:100 Gil |                  | Jelleye,Lefty,Blitz   |
| Atk:11       |                  | Blitz,Gesper,Righty   |
| Hit:99       |                  | Belhelmel,Blobra      |
| Valkyrie     | Shear Feather(1) | Death Claw            |
| Cost:200 Gil |------------------------------------------
| Atk:14       | Magic Stone(1)   | Bite Bug,Buel,Ochu    |
| Hit:101      |                  | Glacial Eye,Jelleye   |
| Rising Sun   | Saw Blade(1) | Belhelmel |
| Cost:400 Gil |--------------------------
| Atk:18       | Screw(8)     | Geezard   |
| Hit:103      |              |           |
| Cardinal     | Cockatrice Pinion(1) | Cockatrice              |
| Cost:800 Gil |------------------------------------------------
| Atk:24       | Mesmerize Blade(1)   | Mesmerize               |
| Hit:104      |------------------------------------------------
|              | Sharp Spike(1)       | Grand Mantis,Death Claw |
| Shooting Star | Windmill(2)       | Thrustaevis,Abyss Worm    |
| Cost:1000 Gil |-----------------------------------------------
| Atk:28        | Regen Ring(1)     | Torama,Lefty,Chimera      |
| Hit:107       |-----------------------------------------------
|               | Force Armlet(1)   | Ochu,Forbidden,Edea       |
|               |-----------------------------------------------
|               | Energy Crystal(2) | Elnoyle,Behemoth          |
*************************Guardian Forces*******************************
| GF basics |
-Guardian forces level up with you as long as they are equipped.
 They do not have to be used to gain experience. If you have more
 than one GF equipped on a character then the experience recieved
 will be split up into the number of the guardian forces that you
 have equipped
-Leveling up a Guardian force makes it more powerful, and increases
 its maximum HP level. When you summon a Guardian force, the amount
 it takes to show up is affected by its compatibility
-There are a couple of ways to increase compatibility, the maximum
 it can reach is 1000
1.Every time that the selected GF is used in battle, then the
  compatibility increases by 20
2.Evert time a magic of the same element is used as the GF, then
  the compatibility increases by a small amount
3.Many items that some enemies drop increase the compatibility of
  the GF that is the same element.
EXAMPLE: The cactus thorn that the Cactaur enemies on Cactaur island
increase Jumbo Cactaur's compatibility by three each time that they are
-GF's are very vital to your survival as only with the GF's power to
 Junction magic to your stats will you be able to survive in the wolrd
 of FF8
-Junctioning is very easy
1.After equipped the GF, back out with the Triangle button
2.You can junction magic to the stats that are highlighted in white,
  which are the junction abilities that the GF has learned
3.Different types of magic raise your stats by different amounts
  look for a junctioning section in this faq soon
-A GF can learn a maximum of 22 abilites, some items you find during
 your adventure will teach your GF's different abilities
-If you have a maximum of abilites learned and want to teach your GF
 a new move, then buy some Amnesia Greens, which are available in
 almost every store at every town
-Its pointless to keep some lower level abilites
EXAMPLE:You have an item that teaches you the ability Strength+60%, and
your GF has the Strength+20%, and Strength+40% abilites. Its best to use
amnesia greens to forget the Strength+20% ability, and teach your GF the
ability of Strength+60%
-It only costs 10 AP to learn, and it will power up your GF's attack
 by a significant amount.
-To use it after you learned it
1.When the attack starts, press the Select Button
2.You should see a little square symbol with a 75
3.Start pressing square until you see an X appear
| Quezacotl                                                 |
| Element:Thunder                                           |
| Starting Level:1                                          |
| Starting Hp:300                                           |
| Found At:Access Squall's study panel from his desk in the |
| classroom at Balamb Garden. Select Tutorial option, and   |
| Quezacotl will be recieved along with Shiva               |
| GF's Attack:Thunder Storm                                 |
| Deals thunder based damage to all enemies, best used      |
| against machine, or robot-like enemies. More damage with  |
| the boost skill.                                          |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Vital Statistics          |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Level     HP   Atk.Power  |
|   1      300      275     |
|  10      754      572     |
|  20     1266      902     |
|  30     1786     1232     |
|  40     2314     1562     |
|  50     2850     1892     |
|  60     3394     2222     |
|  70     3949     2552     |
|  80     4506     2882     |
|  90     5074     3212     |
| 100     5650     3542     |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Abilities                 |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Ability       AP       Leads To |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Hp-J          50         N/A    |
| Vit-J         50      Elem-Def-J|
| Mag-J       Learned      N/A    |
| Elem-Atk-J   160         N/A    |
| Elem-Def-J   100      Elem-Def*2|
| Elem-Def*2   130         N/A    |
| Magic       Learned      N/A    |
| GF          Learned      N/A    |
| Draw        Learned      N/A    |
| Item        Learned      N/A    |
| Card          40      Card Mod  |
| Mag+20%       60       Mag+40%  |
| Mag+40%      120         N/A    |
| SumMag+10%    40      SumMag+20%|
| SumMag+20%    70      SumMag+30%|
| SumMag+30%   140         N/A    |
| GFHP+10%      40       GFHP+20% |
| GFHP+20%      70         N/A    |
| Boost         10         N/A    |
| T Mag-RF      30      Mid Mag-RF|
| Mid Mag-RF    60         N/A    |
| Card Mod      80         N/A    |
Useful Abilites: First learn all the Junction abilites so your
characters will be able to junction to more stats at once. The Card
command lets you change enemies to cards, and get some pretty rare cards
from the enemies, which can be useful if you plan to get some of the
more powerful cards later in the game, or even some of the best items
using the other useful card ability that Quezacotl provides, the Card
Mod which changes the cards that you own into really poweful items. This
is most useful near the end of the game when you get some of the more
powerful cards. The Refinement skills can also produce some good magic
from the items that you find from enemies in the field.
| Shiva                                                     |
| Element:Ice                                               |
| Starting level:1                                          |
| Starting Hp:298                                           |
| Found At:Access Squall's study panel from his desk in the |
| classroom at Balamb Garden. Select Tutorial option, and   |
| Shiva will be recieved along with Quezacotl               |
| GF's Attack:Diamond Dust                                  |
| Shiva appears and does ice damage to the enemies. More    |
| damage with the boost ability. This does the most damage  |
| against enemies of Fire element like enemies in the       |
| fire cave, and Ifrit in the fire cave also.               |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
|    Vital Statistics     |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Level    HP   Atk.Power |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - -
|   1     298      263    |
|  10     734      564    |
|  20    1226      897    |
|  30    1726     1230    |
|  40    2234     1564    |
|  50    2750     1897    |
|  60    3274     2230    |
|  70    3806     2563    |
|  80    4346     2897    |
|  90    4894     3230    |
| 100    5450     3563    |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Abilities               |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Ability       AP            Leads To  |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Str-J         50           Elem-Atk-J |
| Vit-J         50            Vit+20%   |
| Spr-J       Learned           N/A     |
| Elem-Atk-J    160             N/A     |
| Elem-Def-J    100          Elem-Def*2 |
| Elem-Def*2    130             N/A     |
| Magic       Learned           N/A     |
| GF          Learned           N/A     |
| Draw        Learned           N/A     |
| Item        Learned           N/A     |
| Doom          60     Gained at lvl.10 |
| Vit+20%       60            Vit+40%   |
| Vit+40%       120             N/A     |
| Spr+20%       60            Spr+40%   |
| Spr+40%       120             N/A     |
| SumMag+10%    40           SumMag+20% |
| SumMag+20%    70           SumMag+30% |
| SumMag+30%    140             N/A     |
| GFHP+10%      40            GFHP+20%  |
| GFHP+20%      70              N/A     |
| Boost         10              N/A     |
| I Mag-RF      30              N/A     |
Useful abilities: Learn all the junction abilites early in the game so
you can improve your stats with these. The Vit+40%, and Spr+40% are also
useful for raising stats by a large amount, especially later in the
game. The refinement ability is great to change items into powerful
magic for junctioning as early as possible since it only costs 30 AP
| Ifrit                                                               |
| Element:Fire                                                        |
| Starting Level:1                                                    |
| Starting Hp:305                                                     |
| Found at:Ifrit will join your party as a GF once you find him, and  |
| defeat him early in the game in the fire cave.                      |
| GF's attack:Hell Fire                                               |
| Ifrit appears, and does massive fire elemental damage against all   |
| enemies. This is best used against Ice elemental enemies. More      |
| damage will be done with the boost skill.                           |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
|      Vital Statistics       |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Level      Hp     Atk.Power |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
|   1       305       298     |
|  10       804       607     |
|  20      1366       950     |
|  30      1936      1293     |
|  40      2514      1636     |
|  50      3100      1980     |
|  60      3694      2323     |
|  70      4296      2666     |
|  80      4906      3009     |
|  90      5524      3352     |
| 100      6150      3695     |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Abilities                       |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Ability       AP         Leads To |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| HP-J          50         N/A      |
| Str-J       Learned      N/A      |
| Elem-Atk-J  Learned      N/A      |
| Elem-Def-J    100     Elem-Def*2  |
| Elem-Def*2    130        N/A      |
| Magic       Learned      N/A      |
| GF          Learned      N/A      |
| Draw        Learned      N/A      |
| Item        Learned      N/A      |
| Mad Rush      60   Gain at lvl.10 |
| Str+20%       60       Str+40%    |
| Str+40%       120     Str Bonus   |
| Str Bonus     100        N/A      |
| SumMag+10%    40      SumMag+20%  |
| SumMag+20%    70      SumMag+30%  |
| SumMag+30%    140        N/A      |
| GFHP+10%      40       GFHP+20%   |
| GFHP+20%      70       GFHP+30%   |
| GFHP+30%      140        N/A      |
| Boost         10         N/A      |
| F Mag-RF      30         N/A      |
| Ammo-RF       30   Gain at lvl.10 |
Useful abilites:Str Bonus is a must learn early in the game as it
increases your attack by one everytime that you gain a level as long as
you have it junctioned as one of your commands. Ammo-RF is a must once
you get Irvine so you can get some of his more powerful ammo for his
limit breaks.HP-J is also good for raising your Hp very early in the
game. F Mag-RF will help you defeat Diablo early in the game, so see the
walkthrough for strategies on how to beat Diablo easily early in theg
game with low levels. Mad rush is pretty useless as all it does is cast
Haste,protect, and Berserk on all your characters which can be good in
some random battles, but in tough boss battles it will be deadly because
you cannot control your characters when they have the berserk status on
them, so that means no healing magic, or items.
| Siren                                                             |
| Element:None                                                      |
| Starting Level:3                                                  |
| Starting Hp:391                                                   |
| Found At: Siren must be drawn from the Boss fight with Elvoret on |
| top of the Communications tower                                   |
| GF's Attack:Silent Voice                                          |
| Siren appears and casts silence of all enemies, while             |
| doing small damage. Siren's attack power is lower than all other  |
| attacking Gf. More damage will be done with the boost skill.      |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Vital Statistics  |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Level    Hp    Atk.Power  |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
|   3      391      223     |
|  10      724      393     |
|  20     1206      634     |
|  30     1696      875     |
|  40     2194     1115     |
|  50     2700     1356     |
|  60     3214     1596     |
|  70     3736     1837     |
|  80     4266     2078     |
|  90     4804     2318     |
| 100     5350     2259     |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Abilities                 |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Ability     Ap     Leads To |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Mag-J    Learned      N/A   |
| ST-Atk-J Learned      N/A   |
| ST-Def-J Learned      N/A   |
| St-Def-J*2 130        N/A   |
| Magic    Learned      N/A   |
| GF       Learned      N/A   |
| Draw     Learned      N/A   |
| Item     Learned      N/A   |
| Treatment  100 Gain at L.10 |
| Mag+20%     60      Mag+40% |
| Mag+40%    120    Mag Bonus |
| Mag Bonus  100        N/A   |
| Move-Find   40        N/A   |
| SumMag+10%  40   SumMag+20% |
| SumMag+20%  70   SumMag+30% |
| SumMag+30% 140        N/A   |
| GFHP+10%    40     GFHP+20% |
| GFHP+20%    70        N/A   |
| Boost       10        N/A   |
| L Mag-RF    30        N/A   |
| St Med-RF   30        N/A   |
| Tool-RF     30        N/A   |
Useful abilites:Mag bonus is best earned early on if you want a magic
powerhouse later in the game. Its best given to Rinoa, and she'll gain
one magic power each time she gains a level. Move-Find allows you to
find hidden draw points, and save points in dungeons. Treatment is
another great ability since it cures all abnormal status for no cost.
ST-Atk-J, and St-Def-J allow you to put some status abnormalities, while
preventing yourself from getting any status abnormalities. L Mag-RF lets
you get Cure magic from stores. Get as many Tents as you can early in
the game from stores and with this RF ability you will be able to get 20
curaga which raise HP a good amount from each Tent.
| Brothers                                                            |
| Element:Earth                                                       |
| Starting Level:7                                                    |
| Starting HP:670                                                     |
| Found At:The Brother's GF is obtained after you go through the tomb |
| of the Unknown King. You must defeat Sacred first and then find,    |
| and defeat both of them for them to join you.                       |
| GF's attack:Brotherly Love                                          |
| Both of the brothers appear, and deal Earth elemental damage to all |
| enemies. This does most damage to enemies weak against earth and    |
| does no damage to flying enemies. More damage will be done with the |
| Boost skill.                                                        |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Vital Statistics  |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Level    Hp    Atk.Power  |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
|   7     670       529     |
|  10     824       632     |
|  20    1406       977     |
|  30    1996      1322     |
|  40    2594      1667     |
|  50    3200      2012     |
|  60    3814      2357     |
|  70    4436      2702     |
|  80    5066      3047     |
|  90    5704      3392     |
| 100    6350      3737     |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Abilites  |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Ability     AP     Leads To   |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| HP-J     Learned     N/A      |
| Str-J       50    Elem-Atk-J  |
| Spr-J       50    Elem-Def-J  |
| Elem-Atk-J 160       N/A      |
| Elem-Def-J 100       N/A      |
| Magic    Learned     N/A      |
| GF       Learned     N/A      |
| Draw     Learned     N/A      |
| Item     Learned     N/A      |
| Defend     100       N/A      |
| HP+20%   Learned     N/A      |
| HP+40%     120      HP+80%    |
| HP+80%     240     HP Bonus   |
| HP Bonus   100       N/A      |
| Cover      100       N/A      |
| SumMag+10%  40    SumMag+20%  |
| SumMag+20%  70    SumMag+30%  |
| SumMag+30% 140       N/A      |
| GFHP+10%    40     GFHP+20%   |
| GFHP+20%    70     GFHP+30%   |
| GFHP+30%   140       N/A      |
| Boost       10       N/A      |
Useful abilites:The main focus of Brothers is to raise a characters HP.
Hp-J allows for junctioning to HP, and should be learned quickly, and
the HP+ abilites are also very useful in raising a characters HP, and
you can easily have 9999HP in no time with these abilites. HP Bonus
raise a characters HP by 30 each time that he/she gains a level so its
very useful as long as it is learned early. Other than those ablities
most of the otehr abilites are pretty useless.
| Diablos                                                          |
| Element:None                                                     |
| Starting Level:9                                                 |
| Starting HP:730                                                  |
| Found At:Defeat Diablos after using the Magic Lamp that Cid gave |
| you. See Strategy in walkthrough, he's pretty hard.              |
| GF's Attack:Dark Messenger                                       |
| Diablo appears and does damage dependent on his level and the    |
| Max HP of the enemy character.                                   |
| Vital Statistics  |
 - - - - - - - - - -
*************************JUNCTIONING MAGIC*****************************
Use:Restores a small amount of HP
Range:One Ally
Elemental Attack:None
Elemental Defense:None
Status Attack:None
Status Defense:None

Use:Restores medium amounts of HP
Range:One Ally
Elemental Attack:None
Elemental Defense:None
Status Attack:None
Status Defense:None

Use:Restores a lot of HP
Range:One ally
Elemental Attack:None
Elemental Defense:None
Status Attack:None
Status Defense:None

Use:Sometimes causes immediate death
Range:One enemy
Elemental Attack:None
Elemental Defense:None
Status Attack:Death+100%
Status Defense:Death+100%

Use:Inflicts Holy Damage
Range:One enemy
Elemental Attack:Holy+100%
Elemental Defense:Holy+200%(Absorb)
Status Attack:None
Status Defense:Death,Bio,Berserk,Zombie,Sleep,Curse,Confuse,Drain+40%

Use:Brings a dead ally back to life with low HP
Range:One ally
Elemental Attack:None
Elemental Defense:Fire,Ice,Thunder,Earth,Poison,Wind,Water,Holy+30%
Status Attack:None
Status Defense:Death+20%

Use:Brings a dead ally back to life with full HP
Range:One ally
Elemental Attack:None
Elemental Defense:Fire,Ice,Thunder,Earth,Poison,Wind,Water,Holy+40%
Status Attack:None
Status Defense:Death+40%

Use:Restores small amounts of HP every couple of seconds
Range:One ally
Elemental Attack:None
Elemental Defense:None
Status Attack:None
Status Defense:None

Use:Turns target into Zombie(Heal spells hurt,Death spells heal)
Range:One enemy
Elemental Attack:None
Elemental Defense:None
Status Attack:Zombie+100%
Status Defense:Zombie+100%

| Fire Magic |

Use:Minor Fire Elemental Damage
Range:One Enemy
Elemental Attack:Fire+50%
Elemental Defense:Fire+50%
Status Attack:None
Status Defense:None

Use:Mediocre Fire Elemental Damage
Range:One Enemy
Elemental Attack:Fire+80%
Elemental Defense:Fire+80%
Status Attack:None
Status Defense:None

Use:High Fire Elemental Damage
Range:One Enemy
Elemental Attack:Fire+100%
Elemental Defense:Fire+150%
Status Attack:None
Status Defense:None

Use:Major Non-Elemental Damage
Range:One Enemy
Elemental Attack:None
Elemental Defense:Fire,Ice,Thunder+80%
Status Attack:None
Status Defense:None

| Ice Magic |

Use:Cause minor elemental Ice damage
Range:One Enemy
Elemental Attack:Ice+50%
Elemental Defense:Ice+50%
Status Attack:None
Status Defense:None

Use:Cause medium elemental Ice damage
Range:One Enemy
Elemental Attack:Ice+80%
Elemental Defense:Ice+80%
Status Attack:None
Status Defense:None

Use:Cause high elemental Ice damage
Range:One Enemy
Elemental Attack:Ice+100%
Elemental Defense:Ice+150%
Status Attack:None
Status Defense:None

Use:Causes elemental Water damage
Range:One Enemy
Elemental Attack:Water+100%
Elemental Defense:Water+100%
Status Attack:None
Status Defense:None

*******************************ITEM LISTS******************************
| Recovery Items |
| NAME                             | Description                     |
| Potion                           | Restores 200HP                  |
| Potion+                          | Restores 400HP                  |
| Hi-Potion                        | Restores 1000HP                 |
| Hi-Potion+                       | Restores 2000HP                 |
| X-Potion                         | Fully Restores HP               |
| Mega-Potion                      | Restores 1000HP to all members  |
| Phoenix Down                     | Revives a dead character        |
| Mega Phoenix                     | Revives all dead characters     |
| Elixir                           | Fully restores HP, and status   |
| Mega-Elixir                      | Fully restores Hp+Status to all |
| Status Items |
| NAME                             | Description                     |
| Antidote                         | Cures Poison                    |
| Soft                             | Cures Petrify                   |
| Eye Drops                        | Cures Darkness                  |
| Echo Screen                      | Cures Silence                   |
| Holy Water                       | Cures Zombie                    |
| Remedy                           | Cures all abnormal status       |
| Remedy +                         | Cures all status+magic effects  |
| Battle Items |
| NAME                             | Description                     |
| Hero Trial                       | Sometimes makes one invincible  |
| Hero                             | Makes character invincible      |
| Hero War-Trial                   | Sometimes makes all invincible  |
| Holy War                         | Makes whole party invincible    |
| Shell Stone                      | Casts shell                     |
| Protect Stone                    | Casts protect                   |
| Aura Stone                       | Casts aura                      |
| Death Stone                      | Casts death                     |
| Holy Stone                       | Casts holy                      |
| Flare Stone                      | Casts flare                     |
| Meteor Stone                     | Casts meteor                    |
| Ultima Stone                     | Casts ultima                    |
| Gysahl Greens                    | Summons Chicobo/Flare attack    |
| Phoenix Pinion                   | Summons Phoenix                 |
| Friendship                       | Summons Moomba                  |
| Sleep/Heal Items |
| NAME                             | Description                     |
| Tent                             | Heals HP+Status to whole party  |
| Pet House                        | Restores HP to all GF           |
| Cottage                          | Effect of PetHouse+Tent         |
| GF Recovery Items |
| NAME                             | Description                     |
| G-Potion                         | Restores 200HP to GF            |
| G-Hi-Potion                      | Restores 1000HP to GF           |
| G-Mega-Potion                    | Restores 1000HP to all GF       |
| G-Returner                       | Revives GF from KO              |
| Rename Card                      | Changes the name of the GF      |
| GF ability Items |
| NAME                             | Description                     |
| Amnesia Greens                   | GF will forget one ability      |
| Hp-J Scroll                      | GF learns Hp-J ability          |
| Str-J Scroll                     | GF learns Str-J ability         |
| Vit-J Scroll                     | GF learns Vit-J ability         |
| Mag-J Scroll                     | GF learns Mag-J ability         |
| Spr-J Scroll                     | GF learns Spr-J ability         |
| Spd-J Scroll                     | GF learns Spd-J ability         |
| Luck-J Scroll                    | GF learns Luck-J ability        |
| Aegis Amulet                     | GF learns Eva-J ability         |
| Elem Atk                         | GF learns Elem-Atk-J ability    |
| Elem Guard                       | GF learns Elem-Def*4 ability    |
| Status Atk                       | GF learns St-Atk-J ability      |
| Status Guard                     | GF learns Status-Def*4 ability  |
| Rosetta Stone                    | GF learns Ability*4 ability     |
| Magic Scroll                     | GF learns Magic ability         |
| GF Scroll                        | GF learns GF ability            |
| Draw Scroll                      | GF learns Draw ability          |
| Item Scroll                      | GF learns Item ability          |
| Gambler Spirit                   | GF learns Card ability          |
| Healing Ring                     | GF learns Recover ability       |
| Phoenix Spirit                   | GF learns Revive ability        |
| Med Kit                          | GF learns Treatment ability     |
| Bomb Spirit                      | GF learns Kamikaze ability      |
| Hungry Cookpot                   | GF learns Devour ability        |
| Mog's Amulet                     | GF learns MiniMog ability       |
| Steel Pipe                       | GF learns SumMag+10% ability    |
| Star Fragment                    | GF learns SumMag+20% ability    |
| Energy Crystal                   | GF learns SumMag+30% ability    |
| Samantha Soul                    | GF learns SumMag+40% ability    |
| Healing Mail                     | GF learns GFHP+10% ability      |
| Silver Mail                      | GF learns GFHP+20% ability      |
| Gold Armor                       | GF learns GFHP+30% ability      |
| Diamond Armor                    | GF learns GFHP+40% ability      |
| Regen Ring                       | GF learns HP+20% ability        |
| Giants's Ring                    | GF learns HP+40% ability        |
| Gaea's Ring                      | GF learns HP+80% ability        |
| Strength Love                    | GF learns Str+20% ability       |
| Power Wrist                      | GF learns Str+40% ability       |
| Hyper Wrist                      | GF learns Str+60% ability       |
| Turtle Shell                     | GF learns Vit+20% ability       |
| Orihalcon                        | GF learns Vit+40% ability       |
| Adamantine                       | GF learns Vit+60% ability       |
| Rune Armlet                      | GF learns Spr+20% ability       |
| Force Armlet                     | GF learns Spr+40% ability       |
| Magic Armlet                     | GF learns Spr+60% ability       |
| Circlet                          | GF learns Mag+20% ability       |
| Hypno Crown                      | GF learns Mag+40% ability       |
| Royal Crown                      | GF learns Mag+60% ability       |
| Jet Engine                       | GF learns Spd+20% ability       |
| Rocket Engine                    | GF learns Spd+40% ability       |
| Moon Curtain                     | GF learns Auto-Shell ability    |
| Steel Curtain                    | GF learns Auto-Protect ability  |
| Glow Curtain                     | GF learns Auto-Reflect ability  |
| Accelerator                      | GF learns Auto-Haste ability    |
| Monk's Code                      | GF learns Counter ability       |
| Knight's Code                    | GF learns Cover ability         |
| Doc's Code                       | GF learns Med Data ability      |
| Hundred Needles                  | GF learns Return Damage ability |
| Three Stars                      | GF learns Expend*3              |
| Ribbon                           | GF learns Ribbon ability        |

*************************REFINEMENT ABILITIES**************************

                                 MED LV UP
3 Potion--}Potion+
3 Potion+--}Hi-Potion
3 Hi-Potion--}Hi-Potion+
3 Hi-Potion+--}X-Potion
3 X-Potion--}Mega-Potion
50 Phoenix Down--}Mega Phoenix
10 Elixir--}Megaelixir
10 Remedy--}Remedy+
10 Remedy+--}Elixir
10 Hero Trial--}Hero
10 Hero--}Hero War-Trial
10 Hero War-Trial--}Holy War
                            Forbid Med-RF
20 Mega-Potion--}Elixir
1 Luck-J Scroll--}Luck Up
1 Aegis Armlet--}Spd Up
1 Elem Atk--}4 Elixir
1 Elem Guard--}4 Elixir
1 Status Atk--}4 Elixir
1 Status Guard--}4 Elixir
1 Med Kit--}2 Megaelixir
1 Gaea's Ring--}Hp Up
10 Power Wrist--}Str Up
5 Adamantine--}Vit Up
10 Magic Armlet--}Spr Up
10 Royal Crown--}Mag Up
50 Jet Engine--}Spd Up
5 Rocket Engine--}Spd Up
1 Monk's Code--}Str Up
1 Knight's Code--}Vit Up
1 Doc's Code--}Megalixir
1 Hundred Needles--}Spd Up
10 Shaman Stone--}Hero Trial(Doomtrain must L.100 for his to work)
3 Mega Phoenix--}Phoenix Pinion
Rosseta Stone--}Shaman Stone
Magic Scroll--}10 Wizard Stones
GF Scroll--}10 Wizard Stones
Item Scroll--}10 Wizard Stones
Gambler Spirit--}10 Wizard Stones
Healing Ring--}30 Cottage
Hungry Cookpot--}Shaman Stone
Mog's Amulet--}Shaman Stone
Steel Pipe--}Aura Stone
Star Fragment--}2 Meteor Stone
Energy Crystal--}2 Ultima Stone
Diamond Armor--}50 Cottage
Regen Ring--}5 Tents
Strength Love--}2 Aura Stone
Power Wrist--}10 Aura Stone
Turtle Shell--}10 Protect Stone
Orihalcon--}Protect Stone
Rune Armlet--}10 Shell Stone
Force Armlet--}30 Shell Stone
Circlet--}2 Aura Stone
Hypno Crown--}10 Aura Stone
Healing Water--}2 Tent
Fury Fragment--}2 Aura Stone
Inferno Fang--}2 Flare Stone
Power Generator--}20 Pulse Ammo
Moon Stone--}2 Holy Stone
Dead Spirit--}2 Death Stone
Shaman Stone-LuvLuvG

*************************CARD MINI-GAME********************************
| How To Play? |
by Henry H. Jerng([email protected])

This chapter will answer various questions on the card game, such as
questions concerning game rules and rules governing the appearance of
rare cards.  Players who want to fundamentally enjoy the world of cards
will definitely want to read this chapter.
First, there are two important pieces of advice for players new to
the card game.

There are various ways to get your hands on cards.  You will first
want to speak to a man in front of Balamb Garden's 2nd floor elevator,
before you clear the Cave of Flames.  When you do, you will receive 7
level-1 monster cards.  Aside from this, you can increase the cards you
have by winning card games and repeated battles.

Among the people you will encounter in FFVIII, there are card players
who will engage you in games of card.  When you want to enjoy a card
game with someone, make sure you have more than 5 cards and then try to
speak to him/her by pressing the square button.  Afterwards, you will be
fine by following the message and choosing your selections.

This is how the chapter is organized:


      Explanations of the basic information about the card game such as
the explanation of the game's rules, the strategies so that you won't
lose, and the way rules are transmitted to an area.

     All kinds of cards are catalogued by their levels.  Starting with
the data used in the card game, you can verify how to get the card and
the items you will get from "Card Change".

     Introduction to the card players and the various locations where
they appear.  I will describe the conditions for their appearance and
whether or not they carry rare cards.

     It contains information about the Card Queen and the Card Club
circle (CC) that hold the key to collecting all the cards.  If you read
here, you should be able to complete your collection.


In order to win at the card game, you must precisely understand its
rules. I will explain the rules in 2 stages:  1) the various rules to
the card game and 2) the way these rules are delivered.  I want you to
consult this not just because there are many who find the card game
challenging, but because a concrete process for winning is introduced.


located at the upper-left corner
This displays the card's strength in the card game.  From the
smallest (1) to the biggest (A, or 10), numbers for a total of 10 grades
are displayed on the upper-left corner of the card, all together 4
numbers.  The various numbers correspond to the 4 sides of the card:
top, bottom, left, and right.  Basically, you can consider a card strong
if there are many big numbers, and a card weak if there are many small

located at the upper-right corner
When elemental is added, it is essential to recognize its effects as
a part of the special rules.  There are 8 kinds of elementals, and a
card with elemental will display are corresponding mark on the upper-
right corner.  A card without an elemental mark is said to have no
attributes.	The 8 attributes are flame, thunder, wind, poison, cold,
water, earth, and holy.

pictorial illustration
An illustration is drawn on all cards.  Inside, a picture of
something like Guardian Force (G.F.) or player character is shown.

The battle area is a field comprised of 9 squares (3 by 3 formation)
where you will place your cards.  As hands or sets, the opponent's cards
are placed left of the battle area, and your cards are placed to the
right.  Furthermore, cards of respective colors (opponent cards are in
red, and your cards are in blue) are laid one on top of another.
"Triple Triad" is written in the center of the battle area.  This is
the official name of this card game.  When elemental is added to the
special rules, elemental marks are randomly chosen and displayed on the
battle area.


STEP 1:  Card Selection/ Decision to Play First or Play Second
After the card game started, first select 5 cards from the cards you
have to use in this round of play.  It is possible to choose the same
card multiple times.
Next, who goes first and who goes second is randomly decided.
Incidentally, the battle area has only 9 squares, and so the play-first
player will use all his/her cards on hand, while the play-second player
cannot put more than 4 cards.

STEP 2:  Placing the Cards on the Battle Area/ Turning Over Cards
When your turn comes, you will select 1 card from the cards on hand
and place it in the battle area.  At this time, if there is an opponent
card in the battle area, you may decide to place your card next to it.
Compare the numbers of the cards on the adjoining side.  If your number
is bigger, then you can make your opponent's card yours by turning it
over.  In the event there is no card to be turned over, you will place
your card in an empty space on the battle area while cosidering the
strategy for the next move.
CHECK POINT:  After your card is already placed, you cannot turn over
your opponent's card.  According to the basic rules, it is not possible
for you to turn over your opponent's card after your card is already on
the battle area.  When it becomes your turn again, if you turn over the
opponent's card, the card's color will change from red to blue.  This is
proof that the opponent card became your card.

STEP 3:  Deciding the Game/Trading Cards
When the play-first player finished placing his/her 5th card, the
game is settled by determining whether there are more red or blue cards.
Furthermore, the one card that stayed in the play-second player's hand
is not forgotten in the calculation of the game's outcome.  After the
game id decided, you can trade cards by following the trade rules.



In the basic rules introduced previously, because a simple numerical
face-off is carried out, it is not difficult to win if you prepare cards
with numbers bigger than the ones the opponent uses.  However, even with
strong cards, your cards can be turned over by a weak opponent card if
you make an error in positioning your card.  To avoid that, you must
know how to make the most of your cards.
Here, I will divide the cards into 4 types, depending on the
arrangement of numbers:  Average type, One-direction type, Up-down/left-
right type, and Diagonal type.  And I will explain how to use the
various types.  When you have cards of the same type, it will be good to
try to advance the play while considering the methods discussed below.

Types of Card

     This is a type where there is no big difference between the
up/down/left/right numbers.  This type is often seen with cards with low
card levels such as Mesmorize and Triface.  These cards nearly always
have only numbers about 3 to 5 on every side.  With reason, if you
follow the basic rules in which the size of number determine win or
lose, these are cards totally lacking in usefulness, and they are ones
you do not want to use if at all possible.  However, if you are carrying
only a few cards, this is certainly a situation where you don't have
much of a choice.  Therefore, I want to recommend a strategy explained
below.  If you practice this, it seems you can always defend cards.

Example:  Turning Over Your Own Card after It Is Taken
1.  Expose just two sides that have small numbers.
2.  If the opponent turns over your card.
3.  Take back the first card with a strong second card.  Now the weak
side is protected by a strong card.
4.  This way, there is no way to turn over the card placed in the

     This is the type where, among the 4 sides, the number of just one
side sticks out as big.  Cards such as Grat and Double Hugger are good
examples of this.  This type of card, while it is low in level, has an
appeal that it can resist a hight level card.  However, the numbers of
the 3 weak sides are extremely small and are its weak point.  Therefore,
when you use it, you must try to not stick out its weak parts by using
the boarders of the battle area and other cards already placed.  Still,
depending on the situation, you must be on guard for a daring strategy
that will turn over opponent cards.

Example 1:  Place it between cards already placed on battle area,
exposing only the strong side.
Example 2:  Use the strong side to turn over a strong opponent card.  If
your card is turned over because of its weak sides, you can get it back
by using another weak side.

     This type of card has large numbers arranged on two sides, either
top-and-bottom or left-and-right.  Good examples are those of Rubrum
Dragon and Shumelke.  The two sides not occupied by the large numbers
are usually filled with extremely small numbers.  The basic method here
is to protect the weak sides by siding them with other cards- on one
side you turn over an opponent card, while on the other you solidify
your defense.  Again, you can turn over 2 opponent cards at once without
considering defense, and then establish superiority in the number of
cards.  There are few opportunity for the play-seond player to recover
from this pattern, and if successful the opponent usually cannot

Example 1:  When attacking, make sure to hold protection.
Example 2:  Turn over two cards at the same time, so you will still be
ahead even if you lose your card.

     In this type, large numbers are arranged on 2 sides that
respectively diagonal from each other, such as right-and-top or left-
and-bottom.  Cards like Morball and Teamat are good examples.  This type
should only be placed so that the weak 2 sides do not stick out, and you
can provide protection using other neighboring card without a follow-up
card.  You can probably say it is a card that is very easy to use.
     Incidentally, with an opponent who will not use any card below
level 5, you do not have to worry about being turned over with a card
with 2 sides with 7 and above.  For an opponent who will not use any
card below level 7, use card with 8 and above.

start to win in the card game to some extent, keep an eye on how to win
depending on the trade rules.  When it is 'One' and 'Full', it is better
to make it your goal to have more cards than your opponent at the end.
When it is 'Direct', it becomes important which strong card was forced
to be turned over by a weak card.  With 'Difference', you can get many
cards at once if you win by a wide margin against the opponent.


	Here, using specific cards, I will introduce you to an example of
pattern that can take victory.  However, if you do not have the cards
described here, try this using the same types of cards.  Still, this
strategy has two prerequisites:  1) You are the play-first player, and
2) The opponent is using only cards below level 7.  (Sorry, but I do not
have a diagram to show.)

Cards in use:
Jabo Tender (diagonal type)
Ifrit (diagonal type)
Diablos (diagonal type)
Oil Shipper (left-right type)
Kid Morguri (up-down type)

Move #1:  Watch the situation by fortifying defense with the diagonal
type (You:  place diagonal card in a corner to protect the weak sides).
Move #2:  The opponent takes another corner, but meantime just ignore
Move #3:  Establish base at another corner with another diagonal card,
thus establishing a good pace.
Move #4:  The opponent too cannot attack, but there is still room on
Move #5:  By securing another corner, it will be easier to place the
remaining cards.  (third diagonal card)
Move #6:  The opponent provides a lure.  Do not pay attention to this.
Move #7:  Here too, spread your defense and do not allow an opening for
Move #8:  The opponent, without sticking out his hand, has no chance but
Move #9:  With the final card placed (between two of your own cards and
thus protecting the two weak sides of the up-down type card)  , you win
by turning over just one card.

NOTE:  ARRANGING A PATTERN FOR WINNING.  If you look at the sequence of
the moves above, you will understand that in this strategy you are
spreading your defense except for the final move.  It is a good point
that there is no opportunity for your cards to be turned over by the
opponent, and to some extent you can make this a pattern and advance
your hand.  Now that you do not need to adapt to circumstances, there is
no problem with using this strategy over and over again.
However, with this strategy, if you become the play-second player,
you will not be able to attack with your final card.  Furthermore, when
you become the play-second player, it is better to not attack
unreasonably and play for a draw (a tie).  If you want to attack even
with being the play-second, in order to follow the smaller hand, it
becomes necessary to use a technique in which you place a card without
taking it back and then turn over two cards at once.  There are hands
where you will press on with the strength of your cards, but I cannot
recommend this much because there are situations where the opponent
comes out with much stronger cards that you cannot defend against.


'Special Rule' is a general term for rules added to the basic rules
when you satisfied specific conditions.  Special rules are essential for
adding various accents to the card game's gameplay, and it can provide
enjoyment in considering deep strategy, something that cannot be
experienced with the basic rules.  Here, I will try to explain all 7
types of special rules so that they are easy to understand.

Special Rules

     You can play in a situation where you can see the contents of the
opponent's hand.  You will find this useful because it is easier to
build a strategy, but when this rule is added, your opponent (computer)
can also see your hand and will place its cards after first reading that

     Even when it becomes a draw, you will continue the game any number
of times until a conclusion is reached.  However, for the play in the
second round and thereafter, you are adviced that 1) it is decided that
you will use the cards that have your color at the time of the draw, and
2) everytime there is a draw, the play-first and play-second order is
switched.  When victory or defeat is decidec, the cards will return to
the initial situation, and then a trade will proceed.

     5 cards are randomly chosen from among all the cards you have, and
it is decided that you will play with these cards.  (In the case that
you have multiples of the same card, it is possible that two of the same
card are chosen.)  Because you will be frequently unable to use a
strategy, it can be seriously said that this is the most troublesome
among the special rules.  As a counter-measure against this rule, you
can use methods- by using the delivery rules for special rules, you can
make that rule out of fashion.  Alternatively, you can change all the
cards other than the ones you want to use into items by using the
ability 'Card Change'.
     For all that, if you continue to play with this rule, you are sure
to improve your card game ability.

     In the case that, when you placed your card, the numbers on two or
more sides are the same as those from adjacent cards, you have succeeded
at 'Same'.  This way, you can turn all the opponent cards that have the
same number.  If you use this, it is possible to turn over strong cards
that you cannot win by their numbers.  Furthermore, you will want to
play without giving up until the very end because a situation can cause
a big change from a disadvantage situation by chain reaction.
cards for your hand, you will choose a combination of cards so that you
can make 'Same' occur with just your own cards.  And, you will place
your cards to try to make a situation so that 'Same' can succeed with
just your cards (in actuality, you will not establish it with just your
own cards).  In addition, if the opponent over turns over one of these
cards, you can establish 'Same' right afterwards.

     'Plus' forms in the event that, when you placed your card next to
an opponent card, the sum of the adjoining number from two or more sides
are the same.  You will turn over all opponent cards where the sums of
the numbers were the same.  At this time, even if they are adjacent, you
cannot turn over an opponent card if the sum of the numbers is not the
same.  (There are occasions when you are allowed to because your card
number is bigger.)  Because it is different from 'Same' in that it is
better to look at the sum of the two sides, despite a difference in the
size of number, 'Plus' has the advantage that it is easier to form.

     It is a modified version of 'Same' where you regard the battle area
border as A.  The side of placed card with an 'A' is adjacent to the
border, and one of the remaining sides has 'Same' with an adjoining
card.  You will turn over all opponent cards that has the same number,
and you will cause a chain the same as 'Same'.  Incidentally, 'Wall
Same' does not exhibit its effects if the rule of 'Same' is added at the
same time.

     When 'Elemental' is added to the special rules, right after you
ended card selection, the mark of elemental randomly chosen is displayed
on some squares in the battle area.  If you place a card with the same
mark as the square, the numerical values (on all 4 sides) of the placed
card will all increase by 1, respectively.  On the other hand, if you
placed a card with a different mark or a card with no attribute, the
numerical value on all 4 sides will decrease by 1.  The changed values
will not return to normal until the game ends.
case you are after 'Same' and 'Plus' against a card that has changed
numbers because of elemental, which value is better to see, before or
after the adjustment?
     The answer is before the adjustment.  After all, it is because it
is better to aim for 'Same' and 'Plus' seeing just the numbers that the
card has from the start.  When there is an elemental mark at the place
where you place your card, remember that 'Same' and 'Plus' is determined
according to the value before adjustment.

ABOUT CHAINS:  A card that is turned over when 'Same', 'Plus', or 'Wall
Same' was formed is handled like a newly placed card.  This card can
turn over adjacent cards if the number of the side in contact is bigger.
In this way, the occurrence where turned over cards further turns over
neighboring cards is called a 'Chain'.
Incidentally, in case Elemental is added to special rules, and the
card is under its influence, the decision of a 'Chain' proceeds with the
numercial value after adjustment.


The following describes the starting special rules for every area.
Area Name       Place Where Rule Applies        Initial Rule
Balamb Area     Balamb, Balamb Garden	      Open
Galbadia Area   Timber, Galbadia Garden, Dering Same
                City, Galbadia Area D Camp	
Dollet Area     Dollet                          Random Hand, Elemental
Trabia Area     Trabia Garden, Shumi Village	Plus, Random Hand
Centra Area     Winhill, Edea's Home,           Same, Plus, Random Hand
                Chocobo Forest
F.H. Area       F. H. (Fisherman Horizon)       Sudden Death, Elemental
Esthar Area     Esthar                          Wall Same, Elemental
Space Area      Luna Side Base, Luna Gate       All Rules

Places where you can enjoy card games can be classified into 8 areas
like in the table above.  The reasons behind the grouping are 1) the
initial rules installed in each area, and 2) the card player from each
area proceeds the play depending on the rules.
	However, there are exceptions.  "Traveler from F. H." who is in
Galbadia uses F. H.'s rule, and "Exchange student from Trabia" who is in
Galbadia Garden uses Trabia area's rule.  You will want to remember this
because some card players uses rules from old, deep areas.

	After you played a card game in some area (for convenience, we
will call that area "old area"), when you play a card game in a new area
(called "new area"), sometimes rules from the old area is introduced to
the new area, and the new area's rule is out of use.  This situation
occurs based on the flow chart described below, and if you understand
these rules, you should be able to freely control the rules.
Still, as an exception to the rule delivery system, in case where the
new area used all the special rules, in a way unrelated to the flow
chart, it is decided that a special rule (just one) will be out of use
in a probability of 4 to 1 when the play ends.

(Flow Chart for Special Rule Transmission)

Line 1:  By playing a card game in an old area, you will remember the
rules of the old area.

Line 2:  When you request a card game in a new area, there was a rule
from the old area not found in the new area.  (Yes or No)
If 'Yes':  Displays "I know a rule not from this area", followed by
"Let's play a card game."
If 'No':  Displays "Let's play a card game."

Line 3:  If 'Yes' from line 2, then you can choose to 'Play' or 'Not
play'.  If you choose 'Not play', then the conversation will end with
you still remembering the old area's rule, or forgetting the old area's
rule and remembering the new area's rule.
If you choose 'Play', then you will play with a mixture of rules from
the old and new areas.  A rule that the computer selects with a
probability of 1 out 7, and a rule not on the new area but was in the
old area are agreed (if they are not merged, this decision is repeated -
3 times)  (Agreed-  Yes or No)

Line 4:  If it is 'Yes' on agreement, then after the play, the new
agreed new rule is given to the new area, and you will remember the new
area's rule.
If it is 'No' on agreement, then the rule that is chosen by the
computer (1/7) and the rule in the new area are combined.  Again check
for agreement with the old rule (Yes or No).

Line 5:  If the answer is 'Yes', then you will again remember the new
area's rule after the play.
If the answer if 'No', then there was a random divergence, and you
will remember the old area's rule.

Line 6:  If on line 2 the answer was 'No' and you decide not to play,
the the conversation ends with you still remembering the old area's
rule, or forgetting the old area's rule and remembering the new area's
If you decide to 'Play', then the play ends with you remembering the
new area's rule.

After the various rules were displayed in the game just before, even
if you choose 'Game' or 'Stop', it is decided that you have played a
card game, and you will enter a decision for special rule delivery.  In
the case that the playing the card game is getting difficult, it is
probably better that you choose to 'Stop'.

	In case somehow you don't want to give the old area's rule to the
new area, after you talked with the square button, you had better choose
'No'.  If you continue until the contents of the lines ("I know rules
not found in this area") does not comes out, then you can forget the
rules from the old area.


	Trade rules are rules for the give-and-take of cards, and this
goes on after the decision of victory or defeat is resolved.  There are
4 types of trade rules:  One, Difference (Dif), Direct, and Full.  You
will want to use the optional trade rule that is fitting to your own
plan- One is the special rule for training purposes, and Full is used
for earning cards.

Trade Rule

     The winner selects one card from the five that the loser used, and
he can make that card his own.  When the game starts, because all areas
use this rule, if you want to play with other trade rules, you must
change the rule.  (consult the note below on how to change the trade

     When the game is decided, you will compare the number of cards
having the respective colors, and the winner can select cards (number
determined by their difference) that he/she want to make his/her own
from the hand the loser used.  For example, if there are 6 cards with
the winner's color and 4 with the loser's color, the winner can receive
2 cards from among the 5 cards the loser used.

     When a settlement is reached, the cards that have the respective
colors will become the cards gained by the two players.  Because you can
see the color of the words of the card's name even during play (you can
somehow verify what you held), if you discover a card you don't have, it
would be good to try to preferentially turn it over.

     The winner can receive all 5 cards that the loser used.  This is an
indispensible trade rule to gaining cards.  However, if you lost to your
opponent, because all 5 cards you used will be taken, you will want to
first establish some level of strategy that can get you at least a draw
(a tie).

	In order to make the trade rule change, you must play a card game
with the Card Queen who is located some where in the world (see Card
Queen, later).  Everytime the game is played, the Queen will randomly
make the trade rule change.  When the play ends, the Queen will
introduce the trade rule that is used at that time with a probability of
3 to 1 to the area where the Queen is.  If you practice the above
procedure, it will become possible to play with trade rule other than
Again, the trade rule is introduced to other areas with the card
successful area as the center.  The card successful area is determined
by the internal parameter called 'Degree of Success", and that system
works like this.

1.  "Success Degree = 1" is established in the area where you very first
spoke to a card player with the square button.

2.  Inside the area where the Success Degree was establishedd, everytime
you speak to a card player with the square button, the Success Degree in
increased by 1.  (The maximum value for Success Degree is 10).

3.  If you speak to a card player with the square button in an area
where the Success Degree is not established, the Success Degree in the
old area decreases by 1.

4.  When the Success Degree becomes zero, then at that time "Success
Degree = 1" is immediately established in the new area where you are in.

Incidentally, the rate that trade rule is intraduced to other areas is
not the numerical value of Success Degree, and it is decided by the play
number of card game.  Basically, the speed of introduction to other area
increases slowly for number of play between 0-15 times, and when you
pass 16 plays the speed drops.  When there are 30 plays, all area's
trade rule are tied up toward "One".  This is because 30 times is one
cycle- the trade rule repeats its expansion and decline with 30 plays.
Still, if you "speak about the popularity of world's trade rules"
with the Queen, you will come to understand the usual value of Success
Degree. (consult chart below).  Because at the end of the conversation
she will teach you which trade rule is going to be introduced and
furthermore which one will be erased, it is good to consult the times to
control the trade rules.

Standard for Determining Success Degree

Success Degree	Queen's Words
0 - 2           Trade is little, but...
3 - 5           Popular, this trade...
6 - 10          Rather popular, this trade...

The Card Queen plays with her own peculiar trade rule, and that trade
rule will change by random, going left or right on the trade rule order
by 1.

Trade Rule Order:  One {-} Difference {-} Direct {-} Full


	There are 4 types of cards.  I will not be going into the
of each card because it is something that can easily be discovered by
playing.  I will simply describe the basic classification of the cards.

Type of Card	Brief Description
Monster Card    Level 1-5 cards
                You can get them from monsters in battle.
Boss Card       Level 6-7 cards
                They are special because of the illustrations.
G. F. Card      Level 8-9 cards
                They make up part of the rare cards that you cannot
                get more than one.
Player Card     Level 10 cards
                Same as G. F. Cards- They are all rare cards.


	To play the card game, you must have card players to compete
against.  Here, I will introduce you to the names and locations of card
players you will encounter throughout the world, all classified
according to the map.  By the way, issues concerning the Card Club
circle (CC) and Card Queen are handled in another section, and you
should consult there.

	First, I will try to give several things that you will want to
remember before you start a card game.  Beginner players certainly
should read this.

1.  Pay Attention to the Conditions for Appearance
You will not be able to meet all the card players (as published in
the next few pages' data file) right from the start.  You should check
beforehand which conditions must be met in order to meet a card player.

2.  About Bearers of Rare Cards
The rare cards that some opponents have are things you will want to
seize as quickly as possible if you consider their useful value in
FFVIII.  However, because whether an opponent uses a rare card is
determined randomly, it is possible that, with bad luck, you cannot get
a rare card no matter how many times you play.  Because all card players
has set conditions, and some card players do not use rare cards, you
will want to re-challenge them after fulfilling the requirements that
are published under the list's remark column.

3.  Whereabouts of the Taken Cards?
Basically, you will not get back cards that were taken by an
opponent.  However, in case of rare cards above level 8, there is a
possibility that (even if it was taken) your opponent will use it in the
following play.  Therefore, you can recover it if you win that game.
When you want to verify the location of the taken rare card, choose the
item "Card" on the menu screen and try to place the cursor on the rare
card you want to verify.  When you do this, the area (and the person)
that has that card is displayed at the bottom of the screen.  A rare
card that was changed for an item with "Card Change" will have a display
"Nullified", and you will understand that you cannot get it back.
However, until the end of Disc 3, there is an exception if you clear the
Card Club circle event.


1.  Area Name-  Area name where that card player is, and the concerete
place name.
2.  Starting Rule- The special rule used on that map in the beginning.
3.  Name (Distinctive Feature)- Name of that card player.  Basically, it
conforms to the name in the game, and particularly in regard to nameless
card players, they are given a name based on some distinctive feature in
appearance and movement.
4.  Appearance Place-  The place where this card player appears.  Name
conforms to the game.  In case the appearance condition is established,
it is lined up together inside parenthesis.  Furthermore, I have also
shared the condition for a card player disappearing from the map.
5.  Remark-  Entry for that card player's appearance pattern and rare
cards that player may have.  For a card player who uses other area's
special rules, that area's name is shown.  Furthermore, for card player
whose appearance pattern is not set, it is noted as "Random".

Balamb Area/ Balamb Garden                   Starting Rule:  Open

Name/Distinctive Feature          Appearance Place
Dr. Kadowaki                      -health center
boy from youth group              -corridor B in front of health center
                                  -1F corridor (after clearing the MD
floor)                random
Needa                             -corridor B in front of health center
                                  (during Balamb Garden internal
                                  -Bridge (after Balamb Garden repair)
woman who likes cards             -1F corridor (after clearing the MD
                                  -1F hall
running teenager                  -1F corridor
                                  -1F hall
has Kid Morguri, random
male SeeD                         -1F hall
female SeeD                       -1F hall
shop lady                         -cafeteria
lady's son                        -cafeteria
Trepe FC member #1                -cafeteria
has Quistis
FC member #1's friend             -cafeteria
3 girls in student dormitory      -corridor in front of studen dormitory
                                  -1F corridor (after clearing the MD
floor)                random
Mr. Brain                         -1F corridor
has Fat Chocobo, random
young girl trying hardd           -1F corridor
yawning girl                      -corridor in front of library
                                  -1F corrifor (after clearing the MD
floor)                random
friendly black man                -corridor in front of library
                                  -2F corrifor (after fight w/ Norg)
librarian with 3 books            -library
boy in front of book shelf        -library
hot-blooded boy                   -library
girl who likes mystery            -library
committee member #109             -in front of 2F elevator (after fight
w/ Norg)            random
boy in front of 2F classroom      -2F corridor
brother-sister (brother)          -2F corridor
brother-sister (sister)           -2F corridor
girl with pony tail               -2F corridor
Trepe FC member #2                -2F classroom (after getting G.F.
Ifrit)                  has Quistis
Trepe FC member #3                -2F classroom (after getting G.F.
Ifrit)                  has Quistis
card reader manager               -in front of card reader
man with bandana                  -in front of card reader
                                  -2F deck (after Balamb Garden internal
dispute)           random
Cid, the school principal         -school principal room (after the
first job)              has Seifer
traveling man                     -Master room (after Disc 3)
uses Trabia rule
vexed boy                         -school principal room
                                  (after Balamb Garden's repair)
Zell                              -1F corridor (after Balamb Garden's
repair                random
                                  when he is not in your party)

Balamb Area/ Balamb               Starting Rule:  Open

Name/ Distinctive Feature         Appearance Place
band teenage girl                 -Balamb street
                                  -Balamb station (after Balamb
blockade)                   random
station worker                    -Balamb station
hotel man's daughter*             -hotel man's house (after Balamb
                                  -in front of the blue Balamb hotel
has Pandemonium, random
small raving boy                  -Dincht living room
Mrs. Dincht                       -Dincht living room
                                  (after the SeeD practical exam)
has Zell
hotel man                         -in front of the blue Balamb hotel
                                  (after the Balamb blockade)
has Pandemonium
teenage girl walking her dog      -Balamb port
Garden student                    -Balamb port
random, will erase rule
Galbadian soldier                 -Balamb port (during Balamb blockade)
uses Galbadia area's rule
chef w/ red apron                 -Balamb port (after Balamb blockade)

* If you do not clear the small raving boy event during the Balamb
blockade, she will not play

Galbadia Area/ Timber                        Starting Rule:  Same

Name/ Distinctive Feature         Appearance Place
lady at the gift shop             -Timber street
man who resemble Zorn             -Timber street
teenager who likes Rinoa          -Timber street
girl who likes cats               -Timber street
woman who likes models            -hotel front
guard                             -Timber street (after you successfully
fought 2
                                  elite guards or after the Galbadian
army retreated)
president of Watts fan club       -Timber street
Pamidore                          -Timber street
drunken man in the alley          -alley
guard in front of TV station      -footpath bridge(after the
presidential address)
teenager on the bridge            -Timber street
girl with unrequited love         -civilian home
woman who knows trains well       -Timber street
bartender                         -pub (after drunken man event)
has Grasharabolas

Dollet Area/ Dollet (after restoration)      Starting Rule:  Random
Hand, Elemental

Name/ Distinctive Feature         Appearance Place
clerk of OK shop                  -Dollet entrance
teenage girl with shade           -Dollet port (when you enter from the
                                   dollet entrance)
kid who falls into the ocean      -Dollet port (when you enter from
Dollet street)
workman                           -Dollet street
teenage girl on sandy beach       -Lubutan Beach
artist's grand child              -artist's home
has rare card
concerns Card Queen
woman waiting                     -Dollet street
oldman on pub's 2F                -pub 2F
pub's owner                       -pub 2F
                                  -private room (after pub owner wins)
has Celine
lady shopping                     -Dollet street
oldman at the plaza               -Dollet central plaza
bell girl                         -hotel front

Galbadia Area/ Galbadia Garden               Starting Rule:  Same

Name/ Distinctive Feature         Appearance Place
cute girl                         -front gate (very beginning)
                                  -in front of card reader
male student                      -front gate (very beginning)
                                  -1F classroom
                                  -student dormitory
                                  (during fight between the Gardens)
male student                      -front gate (very beginning)
                                  -1F classroom
                                  -1F classroom (during fight between
grumbling boy                     -front door
boy from teen group               -1F corridor
female student                    -1F classroom (during fight between
                                  -1F classroom
advisor to the ice skate          -gym
exchange student from Trabia      -room
uses rule from Trabia


Galbadia Area/ Dering City                   Starting Rule:  Same

Name/ Distinctive Feature         Appearance Place
station worker                    -Dering City station
old man                           -central passage
old woman                         -central passage
woman with fan letter             -central passage
traveler from F.H.                -in front of hotel
uses rule from F.H. area
woman in front of shop            -shopping mall
man in black suit                 -shopping mall
has Kilos
Captain Carway                    -Carway residence
                                  (after escape from Area D Camp)
has Rinoa (hands it out if you allow
Ifrit to be taken)
woman with friendly look          -bar

Galbadia Area/ Galbadia Area D Camp          Starting Rule:  Same

Name/ Distinctive Feature         Appearance Place
500 gil man                       -cell on 5F
must have 500 gil for 1

play. He will give you

an item if you win
300 gil man                       -cell on 10F
must have 300 gil for 1

play. He will give you

an item if you win
200 gil man                       -cell on 11F
must have 200 gil for 1

play. He will give you

an item if you win

Fisherman's Horizon Area/ F. H.              Starting Rule:  Sudden
Death, Elemental

Name/ Distinctice Feature         Appearance Place
old man fishing                   -crane
man 3 who's got something good    -factory
stationmaster Dorp                -stationmaster's home, 2F
has Quetzalcoat
stationmaster Flo                 -stationmaster's home, 2F
has Irvine
Dodonna                           -mirror panel
has Trepe (after it was

taken by Captain Carway)
town children                     -plaza in front of F. H. station
man from work area                -civilian home

Centra Area/ Winhill                         Starting Rule:  Same, Plus,
Random Hand

Name/ Distinctive Feature         Appearance Place
man on bench                      -Winhill village
boy stepping on shadow            -Winhill village
artist home                       -Laine's home, 2F
wealthy man                       -wealthy man's mansion
Winhill shop                      -Winhill village
mercenary soldier                 -Winhill village
old man                           -civilian home
wife at hotel                     -hotel front (at the information desk,
you will
                                  ring the bell)

Trabia Area/ Shumi Village                   Starting Rule:  Plus,
Random Hand

Name/ Distinctive Feature         Appearance Place
right                             -Shumi Village
center                            -Shumi Village
left                              -Shumi Village
Shumi in front of table           -Shumi Village
old man fishing                   -Shumi Village
uses F.H. area rule
elder                             -elder's home
elder's attendent                 -elder's home
Tsukurite                         -Tsukurite's home
Shumi who's busy                  -factory
Shumi making statue               -factory

Trabia Area/ Trabia Garden                   Starting Rule:  Plus,
Random Hand

Name/ Distinctive Feature         Appearance Place
male student of Trabia            -front gate (after Selphie converses
w/ kids)
Selphie's good friend             -front gate (after the reflection
event)                  has Selphie
teacher from Trabia               -front gate
boy, day dreaming                 -garage
female student of Trabia          -garage (after Selphie converses w/
girl who found her book           -classroom
fat                               -classroom
basket man                        -school festival stage
vice-president                    -school festival stage
member of small chocobo           -ground (after reflection event)
girl dreaming of being a          -ground (after reflection event)

Centra Area/ Edea's Home                     Starting Rule:  Same, Plus,
Random Hand

Name/ Distinctive Feature         Appearance Place
Edea                              -Edea's home, backyard (Disc 3 and
beyond)                has Edea
Cid                               -Edea's home, backyard (Disc 3 and
beyond)                has Seifer

Esthar Area/ Esthar                          Starting Rule:  Wall Same,

Name/ Distinctive Feature         Appearance Place
Laguna                            -presidential room
has Squall
presidential assistant            -official residence hall
                                  -Esthar street
has Phoenix
Professor Odyne                   -official residence hall
                                  -research lab (after Lunatic Pandora's
passage)           has Ward
bored guard                       -official residence corridor
guard of official residence       -entrance to official residence
                                  (after Moon Tear)
                                  -plaza in front of the official
woman with purple dress           -plaza in front of official residence
disturbed guard                   -plaza in front of official residence
                                  (after Moon Tear)
guard in a hurry                  -plaza in front of official residence
                                  (after Moon Tear)
man thinking of Esthar            -Y intersection
owner of Ricky                    -Esthar street
guard                             -Esthar street
terminator                        -Esthar station
man in front of the save point    -Esthar street
guard at magic research lab       -Esthar street
man in green outfit               -Esthar street
soldier                           -Esthar street
researcher                        -Y intersection
man shouldn't be waiting          -overhead pass
woman in water-colored dress      -Esthar street
guard at entrance                 -Esthar street
woman who is upset                -Esthar street (after Moon Tear)
man looking far away              -Esthar street
soldier, a little aged            -Esthar street
soldier in the shop               -shopping mall
research assistant                -entrance to magic research lab
                                  -research room (when Lunatic Pandora

Space Area/ Luna Gate                        Starting Rule:  All

Name/ Distinctive Feature         Appearance Place
guard                             -entrance (talk 4 times with square
old Luna Side Base female crew    -concourse (after Moon Tear)

Space Area/ Luna Side Base                   Starting Rule:  All

Name/ Distinctive Feature         Appearance Place
medical office crew               -medical office
Piet                              -medical office
                                  -control room
has Alexander
operator                          -control room
Elleorne                          -control room
                                  -Elleorne's room
has Laguna

Centra Area/ Chocobo's Forest     Starting Rule:  Same, Plus, Random

Name/ Distinctive Feature         Appearance Place
bustling boy                      -Chocobo's Forest (Forest of


Name/ Distinctive Feature         Appearance Place
Watts                             -Hideout train
                                  -white SeeD ship, deck
has Angelo

uses Galbadia area rule
old man                           -seaside station
uses Esthar area rule
Laguna                            -spaceship Lagunarock, seats for
guests                   has Squall

uses Esthar area rule
Piet                              -escape pod retrieval area
has Alexander

uses Space area's rule
medical office crew               -escape pod retrieveal area
uses Space area's rule


What will embellish the very end of this chapter is a collection of
top-secret information concerning cards.  I shall present to you all the
information that are key to achieving a complete collection- such as
secrets on ways to confront the Card Club circle (which can be described
as the card game's biggest event) and on Card Queen who rule the world
of cards.  Particularly, the showdown against the Card Club circle is
promised to be shocking with the true identity of the King.


The Card Club (CC) circle is a circle made up of card freaks from the
Balamb Garden.  If they find a particular powerful player, the 7 members
of CC will announce him/herself as a Card Club and challenge to a game.
Furthermore, in order to have a card game against a card club, you must
fulfill two conditions described below:  1) You must have completed to
the Balamb Garden internal struggle event, and 2) you will have to win
more than 15 card games inside the Balamb Garden, excluding ones in the
library, cafeteria, and classroom.

Card Clubs

     Card Club member who divulges his true identity first.  He will
appear randomly in front of the whereabout panel, and then will
challenge you to a game if you speak to him.  Because he uses cards as
high as level 6, it may certainly be a hard and difficult fight if you
did not collect cards up to then.

     If you beat Jack, a boy who sells items at the training facility
will reveal his identity.  You can fight with the rest of the Club
without playing with him, but because he has the Leviathan card, you
will want to seize it early.

     He is one of the 4 lords of the Card Club circle, and he will
reveal his identity if you beat Jack.  He will appear randomly in the 1F
corridor near the student dormitory.  The cards he uses are limited to
less than level 6, so his strength is not different from that of Jack.

     One of the 4 lords of the Card Club circle (2 person team) that
will appear if you beat Club.  They are always grouped in front of the
whereabout panel.  They tend to often use level 7 cards.  If you play
with the feeling they are the same as the other CC members up to now,
you should watch out because you will meet a hard experience.

     As usual, Spade is someone who conversess unconcerned, but if you
beat Diamond he will reveal that he is one of the 4 lords of CC circle.
Because he often uses level 7 cards like Diamondd, it will be wise to
resist with rare cards.  Here, the man who gave you 7 cards at the
beginning of the game is Spade.

     The final of the 4 lords of the CC circle.  If I say she is a woman
who stands on the bridge, you  will probably understand who she iss.  To
meet her, you not only have to beat Spadee, but you also have to get
past the restoration event of the Balamb Garden.  Because she has the
Carbuncle card, you should definitely confront her.

     If you beat Heart, Dr. Kadowaki will tell you information about
King (speak with the square button).  Afterwards, if you sleep in
Squall's room, the King will randomly appear.  You must get the
Gilgamesh card from her.  The moment King arrives is pitch black.  If
you meet her, the CC event is over.


	Everytime you pay 30000 gil to the Card Queen (hereafter referred
to as "Queen"), a new rule is added to the area where the Queen is.  The
order by which the rules are added goes like this:  Open -} Same -} Plus
-} Random Hand -} Sudden Death -} Wall Same -} Elemental.  If the
relevent rule was already added to that areaa, then the next rule on the
order is added.  Furthermore, if you do a rare card trade with the
Queen, right afterwards the Queen will definitely relocate.  At this
time, right before she movess, the Queen will decidedd which area she
will be next.

Card Queen's Movement Pattern

Present Area     Area She Will Move To
------------     ---------------------
Balamb           Dollet (37.5%), Galbadia (62.5%)
Galbadia         Balamb (12.5%), Dollet (12.5%), Centra (12.5 %), F.H.
Dollet           Balamb (37.5%), Galbadia (62.5%)
Trabia           Balamb (25%), Dollet (50%), Space (25%)
Centra           Galbadia (37.5%), Dollet (37.5%), F. H. (25%)
F. H.            Dollet (12.5%), Centra (25%), Esthar (62.5%)
Esthar           Dollet (12.5%), Trabia (25%), F. H. (12.5%), Space
Space            All areas including Space (she will not say where she
is going).

* Note 1:  The number within the brackets are the probability she will
move to that area.
**Note 2:  When the Queen says, "I will go on a journey to somewhere far
away," she will move to Space.

The Whereabouts of the Card Queen in Every Area

Balamb Area     Balamb, Balamb station
Galbadia Area   Dering City, hotel front
Dollet Area     Dollet, pub 2F
Trabiaa Area    Shumi Village, hotel front
Centra Area     Winhill, hotel front
F. H. Area      F. H.
Esthar Area     Esthar, official residence lobby
Space Area      Luna Gate, concourse

	Only in the case when the Queen is in Dollet, an item is added to
the selection bars for conversing with her.  It says, "talk about your
artist father".  If you choose this, after she talks about her father
who is an artist, the Queen will want a rare card in the order on the
chart below.  If you lose to her in a card game (and you can do this in
any area) and let her take it in a trade, her artist father will draw a
"New Rare Card".  To find out who in the world is circulating the "new
rare card", it is okay to ask the Queen about "her artist father" while
she is in Dollet.  Incidentally, the card that was taken by the Queen
was passed on to the artist's grand child in Dollet, and you can get it
back if you play a card game with him/her.


Order Wanted Card   New Card      Player Who Will Have the Newly Arrived
1     Kid Morguri   Kilos         Dering City, shoppin mall- man in
black suit
2     Secret        Irvine        F. H. stationmaster home, 2F- Flo
3     Kid Chocobo   Fat Chocobo   Balamb Garden, 1F corridor-  Mr. Brain
4     Alexander     Grasharaboras Timber, pub's bartender
5     Grasharaboras Phoenix       Esthar, presidential offical
residence- assistant


(Rare Card Map)

Trabia Garden:  Selphie
Dollet:  Celine
Chocobo's Sacred Ground:  Kid Chocobo
Grave of Nameless King:  Secret, Minotauros
Balamb:  Pandemonium, Zell
Dering City:  Kilos, Rinoa
Cave of Flame:  Ifrit
Galbadia Garden:  Cereberos
Balamb Garden:  Fat Chocobo, Leviathan, Diablos (magic lamp), Gilgamesh,
Quistis, Koyokoyo (Balamb Garden's old spot), Kid Morguri, Seifer,
Timber:  Grasharaboras, Angelo (Hideout train)
F. H.:  Quetzalcoat, Irvine
White SeeD ship:  Shiva
Centra ruin:  Odin
Esthar:  Phoenix, Ward, Squall
Edea's Home:  Edea
Luna Side Base:  Alexander, Laguna
Artificial Island for Oceanic Research:  Bahamoot, Eden

	If you enter Disc 4, because you cannot meet any one holding rare
cards, you may think that it is impossible to complete your collection
if you have not collected all the rare cards by this point.  However, an
event that becomes a rescue measure for this is especially prepared.
First, the Queen arrives at the escape pod retrieval site, which is
in the Abandon plains in Esthar.  If you play a card game with her, the
Queen will use rare cards that you do not have.  Incidentally, at this
time the Queen will use a combination of special rules not belonging to
any area.
Furthermore, if you completed the CC circle event before Disc 3
ended, CC circle members are regaining strength about the spaceship
Lagunarock in Disc  4.  At this point, they are not only using rare
cards you don't have (The Queen peepss in), they are using rare cards
that were destroyedd with "Card Change".  However, be aware that
Koyokoyo cards cannot be obtained by this rescue measure.
Incidentally, members of the CC circle are using rules that is
different from various areas.  Again, among CC circle comrades, just
like the transmission of rules among areas, you will be introduced to
new rules and have old ones erased.  If you want to play a card game
with the King, enter this person into your party, and you must speak
using the square button inside the spaceship Lagunarock.

	If you collected all the cards, a star mark is fixed to the right
of the "Card" item on the menu screen.  Incidentally, as for card that
you got once, it doesn't matter to the fact that you completed the
collection if you had it taken or changed by using the "Card Change"
function.  Essentially, if the requirements for "getting all the cards
is fulfilled once", you will always have a star to show you've completed
the collection!!

| Monster Cards |
**********************Level 1 Monster Cards****************************
| Geezard             |
|    1                |
|  5   4              |
|    1                |
| Level:1             |
| Elemental:N/A       |
| Class:Monster       |
| Card Mod:1=5 Screws |
| Funguar                    |
|    5                       |
|  3   1                     |
|    1                       |
| Level:1                    |
| Elemental:N/A              |
| Class:Monster              |
| Card Mod:1=1 M-Stone Piece |
| Bite Bug                   |
|    1                       |
|  5   3                     |
|    3                       |
| Level:1                    |
| Elemental:N/A              |
| Class:Monster              |
| Card Mod:1=1 M-Stone Piece |
| Red Bat                   |
|   6                       |
| 2   1                     |
|   1                       |
| Level:1                   |
| Elemental:N/A             |
| Class:Monster             |
| Card Mod:1=1 Vampire Fang |
| Blobra                   |
|   2                      |
| 5   3                    |
|   1                      |
| Level:1                  |
| Elemental:N/A            |
| Class:Monster            |
| Card Mod:4=1 Rune Armlet |
| Gayla                      |
|   2                        |
| 4   1                      |
|   4                        |
| Level:1                    |
| Elemental:Thunder          |
| Class:Monster              |
| Card Mod:1=1 Mystery Fluid |
| Gesper                  |
|   1                     |
| 1   5                   |
|   4                     |
| Level:1                 |
| Elemental:N/A           |
| Class:Monster           |
| Card Mod:1=1 Black Hole |
| Fastitocalon-F             |
|      3                     |
|    1   5                   |
|      2                     |
| Level:1                    |
| Elemental:Earth            |
| Class:Monster              |
| Card Mod:5=1 Water Crystal |
| Blood Soul                 |
|     2                      |
|   1   1                    |
|     6                      |
| Level:1                    |
| Elemental:N/A              |
| Class:Monster              |
| Card Mod:1=1 Zombie Powder |
| Caterchipillar          |
|      4                  |
|    3   2                |
|      4                  |
| Level:1                 |
| Elemental:N/A           |
| Class:Monster           |
| Card Mod:1=1 Spider Web |
| Cockatrice                     |
|     2                          |
|   6   1                        |
|     2                          |
| Level:1                        |
| Elemental:Thunder              |
| Class:Monster                  |
| Card Mod:1=1 Cockatrice Pinion |
**************** Level 2 Monster Cards ********************************
| Grat                     |
|  7                       |
|1   1                     |
|  3                       |
| Level:2                  |
| Elemental:N/A            |
| Class:Monster            |
| Card Mod:1=1 Magic Stone |
| Buel                     |
|  6                       |
|3   3                     |
|  2                       |
| Level:2                  |
| Elemental:N/A            |
| Class:Monster            |
| Card Mod:1=1 Magic Stone |
| Mesmerize                    |
|     5                        |
|   4   3                      |
|     3                        |
| Level:2                      |
| Elemental:N/A                |
| Class:Monster                |
| Card Mod:1=1 Mesmerize Blade |
| Glacial Eye              |
|     6                    |
|   3   1                  |
|     4                    |
| Level:2                  |
| Elemental:Ice            |
| Class:Monster            |
| Card Mod:1=1 Arctic Wind |
| Belhelmel              |
|    3                   |
|  3   4                 |
|    5                   |
| Level:2                |
| Elemental:N/A          |
| Class:Monster          |
| Card Mod:1=1 Saw Blade |
| Thrustaevis                |
|     5                      |
|   5   3                    |
|     2                      |
| Level:2                    |
| Elemental:Wind             |
| Class:Monster              |
| Card Mod:1=1 Shear Feather |
| Anacondaur              |
|    5                    |
|  5   1                  |
|    3                    |
| Level:2                 |
| Elemental:Poison        |
| Class:Monster           |
| Card Mod:1=1 Venom Fang |
| Creeps                      |
|   5                         |
| 2   2                       |
|   5                         |
| Level:2                     |
| Elemental:Thunder           |
| Class:Monster               |
| Card Mod:1=1 Coral Fragment |
| Grendel                 |
|    4                    |
|  2   4                  |
|    5                    |
| Level:2                 |
| Elemental:Thunder       |
| Class:Monster           |
| Card Mod:1=1 Dragon Fin |
| Jelleye                  |
|    3                     |
|  7   2                   |
|    1                     |
| Level:2                  |
| Elemental:N/A            |
| Class:Monster            |
| Card Mod:1=1 Magic Stone |
| Grand Mantis             |
|      5                   |
|    3   2                 |
|      5                   |
| Level:2                  |
| Elemental:N/A            |
| Class:Monster            |
| Card Mod:1=1 Sharp Spike |
*********************Level 3 Monster Cards*****************************
| Forbidden                   |
|    6                        |
|  2   6                      |
|    3                        |
| Level:3                     |
| Elemental:N/A               |
| Class:Monster               |
| Card Mod:1=1 Betrayal Sword |
| Armadodo               |
|    6                   |
|  6   3                 |
|    1                   |
| Level:3                |
| Elemental:Earth        |
| Class:Monster          |
| Card Mod:1=1 Dino Bone |
| Tri-Face                 |
|    3                     |
|  5   5                   |
|    5                     |
| Level:3                  |
| Elemental:Poison         |
| Class:Monster            |
| Card Mod:1=1 Curse Spike |
| Fastitocalon               |
|      7                     |
|    3   5                   |
|      1                     |
| Level:3                    |
| Elemental:Earth            |
| Class:Monster              |
| Card Mod:1=1 Water Crystal |
| Snow Lion               |
|     7                   |
|   3   1                 |
|     5                   |
| Level:3                 |
| Elemental:Ice           |
| Class:Monster           |
| Card Mod:1=1 North Wind |
| Ochu                       |
|  5                         |
|3   6                       |
|  3                         |
| Level:3                    |
| Elemental:N/A              |
| Class:Monster              |
| Card Mod:1=1 Ochu Tentacle |
| SAM08G                    |
|   5                       |
| 4   6                     |
|   2                       |
| Level:3                   |
| Elemental:Fire            |
| Class:Monster             |
| Card Mod:1=1 Running Fire |
| Death Claw               |
|     4                    |
|   2   4                  |
|     7                    |
| Level:3                  |
| Elemental:Fire           |
| Class:Monster            |
| Card Mod:1=1 Sharp Spike |
| Cactaur                   |
|    6                      |
|  3   2                    |
|    6                      |
| Level:3                   |
| Elemental:N/A             |
| Class:Monster             |
| Card Mod:1=1 Cactus Thorn |
| Tonberry                  |
|    3                      |
|  4   6                    |
|    4                      |
| Level:3                   |
| Elemental:N/A             |
| Class:Monster             |
| Card Mod:1=1 Chef's Knife |
| Abyss Worm            |
|     7                 |
|   5   2               |
|     3                 |
| Level:3               |
| Elemental:Thunder     |
| Class:Monster         |
| Card Mod:1=1 Windmill |
********************Level 4 Monster Cards******************************
| Turtapod                  |
|    2                      |
|  7   3                    |
|    6                      |
| Level:4                   |
| Elemental:N/A             |
| Class:Monster             |
| Card Mod:5=1 Healing Mail |
| Vysage                    |
|   6                       |
| 5   5                     |
|   4                       |
| Level:4                   |
| Elemental:N/A             |
| Class:Monster             |
| Card Mod:1=1 Wizard Stone |
| T-Rexaur               |
|    4                   |
|  7   6                 |
|    2                   |
| Level:4                |
| Elemental:N/A          |
| Class:Monster          |
| Card Mod:2=1 Dino Bone |
| Bomb                       |
|  2                         |
|3   7                       |
|  6                         |
| Level:4                    |
| Elemental:Fire             |
| Class:Monster              |
| Card Mod:1=1 Bomb Fragment |
| Blitz                     |
|   1                       |
| 7   6                     |
|   4                       |
| Level:4                   |
| Elemental:Thunder         |
| Class:Monster             |
| Card Mod:1=1 Dynamo Stone |
| Wendigo                |
|    7                   |
|  6   3                 |
|    1                   |
| Level:4                |
| Elemental:N/A          |
| Class:Monster          |
| Card Mod:1=1 Steel Orb |
| Torama                 |
|   7                    |
| 4   4                  |
|   4                    |
| Level:4                |
| Elemental:N/A          |
| Class:Monster          |
| Card Mod:5=1 Life Ring |
| Imp                       |
|  3                        |
|6   7                      |
|  3                        |
| Level:4                   |
| Elemental:N/A             |
| Class:Monster             |
| Card Mod:1=1 Wizard Stone |
| Blue Dragon                |
|     6                      |
|   3   2                    |
|     7                      |
| Level:4                    |
| Elemental:Poison           |
| Class:Monster              |
| Card Mod:4=1 Fury Fragment |
| Adamantoise               |
|      4                    |
|    6   5                  |
|      5                    |
| Level:4                   |
| Elemental:Earth           |
| Class:Monster             |
| Card Mod:3=1 Turtle Shell |
| Hexadragon               |
|     7                    |
|   3   5                  |
|     4                    |
| Level:4                  |
| Elemental:Fire           |
| Class:Monster            |
| Card Mod:1=1 Sharp Spike |
*******************Level 5 Monster Cards*******************************
| Iron Giant                 |
|     6                      |
|   5   5                    |
|     6                      |
| Level:5                    |
| Elemental:N/A              |
| Class:Monster              |
| Card Mod:3=1 Star Fragment |
| Behemoth              |
|    3                  |
|  7   6                |
|    5                  |
| Level:5               |
| Elemental:Earth       |
| Class:Monster         |
| Card Mod:10=1 Barrier |
| Chimera                  |
|    7                     |
|  3   6                   |
|    5                     |
| Level:5                  |
| Elemental:Water          |
| Class:Monster            |
| Card Mod:10=1 Regen Ring |
| Pupu                        |
|   3                         |
| 1   A                       |
|   2                         |
| Level:5                     |
| Elemental:N/A               |
| Class:Monster               |
| Card Mod:1=1 Hungry Cookpot |
| Elastoid                |
|    6                    |
|  7   2                  |
|    6                    |
| Level:5                 |
| Elemental:N/A           |
| Class:Monster           |
| Card Mod:1=1 Steel Pipe |
| GIM47M                  |
|   5                     |
| 4   5                   |
|   7                     |
| Level:5                 |
| Elemental:N/A           |
| Class:Monster           |
| Card Mod:1=10 Fast Ammo |
| Malboro                       |
|    7                          |
|  2   7                        |
|    4                          |
| Level:5                       |
| Elemental:Poison              |
| Class:Monster                 |
| Card Mod:4=1 Malboro Tentacle |
| Ruby Dragon                |
|     7                      |
|   4   2                    |
|     7                      |
| Level:5                    |
| Elemental:Fire             |
| Class:Monster              |
| Card Mod:10=1 Inferno Fang |
| Elnoyle                      |
|    5                         |
|  6   3                       |
|    7                         |
| Level:5                      |
| Elemental:N/A                |
| Class:Monster                |
| Card Mod:10=1 Energy Crystal |
| Tonberry King             |
|       4                   |
|     4   6                 |
|       7                   |
| Level:5                   |
| Elemental:N/A             |
| Class:Monster             |
| Card Mod:1=1 Chef's Knife |
| Wedge,Biggs           |
|      6                |
|    7   6              |
|      2                |
| Level:5               |
| Elemental:N/A         |
| Class:Monster         |
| Card Mod:1=1 X-Potion |
************************Level 6 Boss Cards*****************************

*************************CREATURE GUIDE********************************
Thanks to [email protected]
Thanks to [email protected]
both of who are responsible for making this creature guide entirely
This creature guide is copyright to [email protected], and
[email protected]. I've combined these two faqs together to make this
monster list which will be updated everytime these two faq writers
update their creature guides
Here is how each monster will be setup in a table.  This will make it
much easier to read.  I put
some notes that explain some of the numbers or symbols I put so here are
the explanations.
Note 1: 4=absorbs, 3=doesn't work, 2=works well, 1=normal effect,
2+=kills instantly
Note 2: HP rounded to 100s.
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
Description               |        | Elemental          | Effect   |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
                          |        | Earth              |          |
                          |        | Fire               |          |
                          |        | Holy               |          |
                          |        | Ice                |          |
                          |        | Poison             |          |
                          |        | Thunder            |          |
                          |        | Water              |          |
                          |        | Wind               |          |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
{See Note 2}
Level    | HP         |
1        | HP         |
10       | HP         |
20       | HP         |
30       | HP         |
40       | HP         |
50       | HP         |
60       | HP         |
70       | HP         |
80       | HP         |
90       | HP         |
100      | HP         |

4.1-Creatures that start with "A"
/  A B A D O N  \__________________________________________________
|                                                                  \
| Monster Name:  Abadon                                            |
| HP range:  510 - 17,010                                          |
| EXP Gained:  None                                                |
| AP Gained:  40                                                   |
| Type:  Undead                                                    |
| Strong against:  --                                              |
| Weak Against:  Fire, Holy & Cure                                 |
| Magic that can be Drawn:                                         |
|     Lvl. 1 - 19:  Cure; Esuna; Dispel                            |
|     Lvl. 20 -29:  Cura; Esuna; Dispel                            |
|     Lvl. 30 -34:  Curaga; Esuna; Dispel; Flare                   |
| Location(s):  Esthar; Great Salt Lake                            |
| Cards:  NONE                                                     |
| Item(s) Gained:                                                  |
|     Lvl. 1 - 19:  Flare Stone                                    |
|     Lvl. 20 -39:  Flare Stone                                    |
|     Lvl. 30 -34:  Flare Stone                                    |
| Item(s) Mugged:                                                  |
|     Lvl. 1 - 19:  Power Wrist                                    |
|     Lvl. 20 -39:  Power Wrist                                    |
|     Lvl. 30 -34:  Power Wrist                                    |
|                                                                  |
|                                                                  |

/  A B Y S S     W O R M   \_______________________________________
|                                                                  \
| Monster Name:  Abyss Worm                                        |
| HP range:  210 - 26,000                                          |
| EXP Gained:  100 (+10)                                           |
| AP Gained:  6                                                    |
| Type:  None                                                      |
| Strong against:  Earth                                           |
| Weak Against:  Wind; Water                                       |
| Magic that can be Drawn:                                         |
|      Lvl. 1 - 19:  Aero                                          |
|      Lvl. 20 -39:  Aero                                          |
|      Lvl. 30-100:  Aero; Tornado; Quake                          |
| Location(s):  Esthar; Kashkabald Desert; Ultimecia Castle        |
| Cards:  Abyss Worm (Dropped; Mod Card);  Abadon (Mod Rare)       |
| Item(s) Gained:                                                  |
|      Lvl. 1 - 19:  M-Stone; Magic Stone; Windmill                |
|      Lvl. 20 -39:  Magic Stone; Wizard Stone; Windmill           |
|      Lvl. 30-100:  Windmill                                      |
| Item(s) Mugged:                                                  |
|      Lvl. 1 - 19:  Magic Stone; Windmill                         |
|      Lvl. 20 -39:  Windmill                                      |
|      Lvl. 30 -34:  Windmill                                      |
|                                                                  |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
Description               |        | Elemental          | Effect   |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
A head protruding from the|        | Earth              |    3     |
earth.  Only a part of the|        | Fire               |    1     |
body is exposed.  Uses    |        | Holy               |    1     |
Earthquake when attacked  |        | Ice                |    1     |
by enemies.               |        | Poison             |    1     |
                          |        | Thunder            |    1     |
                          |        | Water              |    2     |
                          |        | Wind               |    2     |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
Level    | HP         |
1        | 200        |
10       | 2100       |
20       | 4400       |
30       | 6800       |
40       | 9200       |
50       | 11,800     |
60       | 14,400     |
70       | 17,200     |
80       | 20,000     |
90       | 23,000     |
100      | 26,000     |
 / A D A M A N T O I S E  \_______________________________________
|                                                                 \
| Monster Name:  Adamantoise                                      |
| HP Range:  573 - 42,500                                         |
| EXP Gained:  50 (+10)                                           |
| AP Gained:  4                                                   |
| Type:  None                                                     |
| Strong Against:  None                                           |
| Weak Against:  Thunder; Earth                                   |
| Magic that can be Drawn:                                        |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Blizzard                                    |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Blizzard; Shell; Protect                    |
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Blizzaga; Shell; Protect; Reflect           |
| Location(s):  Dollet; Ultimecia Castle                          |
| Cards:  Adamantoise (Dropped); Adamantoise (Card Mod); Sphinxaur|
|                                                        (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:                                                 |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Turtle Shell; Whisper; Orihalcon            |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Orihalcon; Adamantine                       |
|       Lvl. 30 -34:  Adamantine                                  |
| Item(s) Mugged:                                                 |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Whisper                                     |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Whisper                                     |
|       Lvl. 30 -34:  Orihalcon; Whisper                          |
|                                                                 |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
Description               |        | Elemental          | Effect   |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
In high defence ability   |        | Earth              |    2     |
makes it hard to defeat.  |        | Fire               |    1     |
Owns rare items that make |        | Holy               |    1     |
it worth the effort.      |        | Ice                |    1     |
                          |        | Poison             |    1     |
                          |        | Thunder            |    2     |
                          |        | Water              |    1     |
                          |        | Wind               |    1     |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
{See Note 2}
Level    | HP         |
1        | 600        |
10       | 1500       |
20       | 3300       |
30       | 5800       |
40       | 8900       |
50       | 12,800     |
60       | 17,300     |
70       | 22,600     |
80       | 18,500     |
90       | 35,200     |
100      | 42,500     |
 / A D E L  \____________________________________________________
|                                                                \
| Monster Name:  Adel                                            |
| HP Range:  6,000 - 51,000                                      |
| EXP Gained:  None                                              |
| AP Gained:  None                                               |
| Type:  None                                                    |
| Strong Against:  None                                          |
| Weak Against:  None                                            |
| Magic that can be Drawn:                                       |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Fire; Thunder; Bizzard                     |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Fira; Thundara; Bizzara                    |
|       Lvl. 30 -46:  Friaga; Thundaga; Blizzaga                 |
| Location(s):  Lunar Pandora                                    |
| Cards:  None                                                   |
| Item(s) Gained:                                                |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  None                                       |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  None                                       |
|       Lvl. 30 -34:  None                                       |
| Item(s) Mugged:                                                |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Samantha Soul                              |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Samantha Soul                              |
|       Lvl. 30 -34:  Samantha Soul                              |
|                                                                |
 / A N A C O N D A U R  \__________________________________________
|                                                                  \
| Monster Name:  Anacondaur                                        |
| HP Range:  842 - 24,800                                          |
| EXP Gained:  60 (+10)                                            |
| AP Gained:  4                                                    |
| Type:  None                                                      |
| Strong Against:  Fire                                            |
| Weak Against:  Ice                                               |
| Magic that can be Drawn:                                         |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Fire; Cure                                   |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Fira; Cura                                   |
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Friaga; Curaga; Bio                          |
| Location(s):  Dollet; Timber; Deep Sea Research Center           |
| Cards:  Anacondaur (Dropped); Anacondaur (Mod Card); Mobile Type 8
|                                                       (Mod Rare) |
| Item(s) Gained:                                                  |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  M-Stone; Venom Fang; Dragon Skin             |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Venom Fang; Dragon Skin                      |
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Dragon Skin; Star Fragment                   |
| Item(s) Mugged:                                                  |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Venom Fang                                   |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Venom Fang                                   |
|       Lvl. 30 -34:  Venom Fang                                   |
|                                                                  |

---------------------------        ---------------------------------
Description               |        | Elemental          | Effect   |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
A large venomous snake    |        | Earth              |    1     |
that use squeeze attacks. |        | Fire               |    1     |
Use caution when it's HP  |        | Holy               |    1     |
is low.                   |        | Ice                |    2     |
                          |        | Poison             |    4     |
                          |        | Thunder            |    1     |
                          |        | Water              |    1     |
                          |        | Wind               |    1     |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
{See Note 2}
Level    | HP         |
1        | 900        |
10       | 1400       |
20       | 2400       |
30       | 3800       |
40       | 5600       |
50       | 7800       |
60       | 10,400     |
70       | 13,400     |
80       | 16,800     |
90       | 20,700     |
100      | 24,800     |
 / A R M A D O D O  \______________________________________________
|                                                                  \
| Monster Name:  Armadodo                                          |
| HP Range:  731 - 18,700                                          |
| EXP Gained:  80 (+15)                                            |
| AP Gained:  3                                                    |
| Type:  None                                                      |
| Strong Against:  None                                            |
| Magic that can be Drawn:                                         |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Protect                                      |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Protect; Shell                               |
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Protect; Shell; Quake                        |
| Location(s):  Tomb of the Unknown King; Ultimeia Castle          |
| Cards:  Armadodo (Dropped); Armadodo (Mod Card); Catoblepas      |
|                                                  (Mod Rare)      |
| Item(s) Gained:                                                  |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  M-Stone; Sharp Spike                         |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Magic Stone; Sharp Spike; Turtle Shell       |
|       Lvl. 30 -34:  Turtle Shell; Sharp Spike                    |
| Item(s) Mugged:                                                  |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Magic Stone                                  |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Magic Stone                                  |
|       Lvl. 30 -34:  Magic Stone                                  |
|                                                                  |

---------------------------        ---------------------------------
Description               |        | Elemental          | Effect   |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
It's hard shell is        |        | Earth              |    1     |
difficult to damage       |        | Fire               |    1     |
physically, legs are small|        | Holy               |    1     |
and falls easily when     |        | Ice                |    1     |
attacked with force.      |        | Poison             |    1     |
                          |        | Thunder            |    1     |
                          |        | Water              |    1     |
                          |        | Wind               |    1     |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
{See Note 2}
Level    | HP         |
1        | 800        |
10       | 1200       |
20       | 1900       |
30       | 3000       |
40       | 4300       |
50       | 6000       |
60       | 8000       |
70       | 10,200     |
80       | 12,700     |
90       | 15,600     |
100      | 18,800     |
4.2-Creatures that start with "B"
 / B A H A M U T  \________________________________________________
|                                                                  \
| Monster Name:  Bahamut                                           |
| HP Range:  10,800 - 90,000                                       |
| EXP Gained:  None                                                |
| AP Gained:  40                                                   |
| Type:  Flying                                                    |
| Strong Against:  Poison; Thunder; Wind                           |
| Weak Against:  None                                              |
| Magic that can be Drawn:                                         |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Flare; Curaga; Full-Life; Dispel             |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Flare; Curaga; Full-Life; Dispel             |
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Flare; Curaga; Full-Life; Dispel             |
| Location(s):  Deep Sea Research Center                           |
| Cards:  Bahamut (Dropped)                                        |
| Item(s) Gained:                                                  |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Hyper Wrist                                  |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Hyper Wrist                                  |
|       Lvl. 30 -34:  Hyper Wrist                                  |
| Item(s) Mugged:                                                  |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Hyper Wrist                                  |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Hyper Wrist                                  |
|       Lvl. 30 -34:  Hyper Wrist                                  |
|                                                                  |

 / B E H E M O T H  \______________________________________________
|                                                                  \
| Monster Name:  Behemoth                                          |
| HP Range:  35,263 - 91,000                                       |
| EXP Gained:  200 (+30)                                           |
| AP Gained:  12                                                   |
| Type:  None                                                      |
| Strong Against:  None                                            |
| Weak Against:  None                                              |
| Magic that can be Drawn:                                         |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Regen; Tornado                               |
|       Lvl. 30 -39:  Regen; Tornado                               |
|       Lvl. 40-100:  Regen; Tornado; Flare                        |
| Location(s):  Esthar; Great Plains of Esthar; DSRC               |
| Cards:  Behemoth (Dropped); Behemoth (Mod Card); BGH251F2        |
|                                                  (Mod Rare)      |
| Item(s) Gained:                                                  |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Wizard Stone; Barrier                        |
|       Lvl. 30 -39:  Barrier; Giant's Ring; Energy Crystal        |
|       Lvl. 40-100:  Barrier; Giant's Ring; Energy Crystal        |
| Item(s) Mugged:                                                  |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Barrier                                      |
|       Lvl. 30 -39:  Barrier                                      |
|       Lvl. 40-100:  Barrier                                      |
|                                                                  |

---------------------------        ---------------------------------
Description               |        | Elemental          | Effect   |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
Uses powerful magic like  |        | Earth              |    1     |
Meteor, is very hard to   |        | Fire               |    1     |
defeat                    |        | Holy               |    1     |
                          |        | Ice                |    1     |
                          |        | Poison             |    1     |
                          |        | Thunder            |    1     |
                          |        | Water              |    1     |
                          |        | Wind               |    1     |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
{See Note 2}
Level    | HP         |
1        | 35,300     |
10       | 37,900     |
20       | 41,500     |
30       | 45,500     |
40       | 50,100     |
50       | 55,500     |
60       | 61,500     |
70       | 68,000     |
80       | 75,000     |
90       | 82,700     |
100      | 91,000     |
 / B E L H E L M E L  \____________________________________________
|                                                                  \
| Monster Name:  Belhelmel                                         |
| HP Range:  369 - 5,760                                           |
| EXP Gained:  10 (+6)                                             |
| AP Gained:  2                                                    |
| Type:  Flying                                                    |
| Strong Against:  Thunder                                         |
| Weak Against:  Holy                                              |
| Magic that can be Drawn:                                         |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Sleep; Thunder                               |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Berserk; Thundara                            |
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Confuse; Thundaga                            |
| Location(s):  Galbadia; Lollapalooza Canyon; Ultimecia Castle    |
| Cards:  Belhelmel (Dropped); Belhelmel (Mod Card); Belhelmel     |
|                                                    (Mod Rare)    |
| Item(s) Gained:                                                  |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  M-Stone; Saw Blade                           |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Magic Stone; Saw Blade                       |
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Wizard Stone; Saw Blade; Laser Cannon        |
| Item(s) Mugged:                                                  |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Saw Blade                                    |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Saw Blade                                    |
|       Lvl. 30 -34:  Saw Blade                                    |
|                                                                  |

---------------------------        ---------------------------------
Description               |        | Elemental          | Effect   |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
Rotating blade around it's|        | Earth              |     3    |
face, battle tactics      |        | Fire               |     1    |
change when its face turns|        | Holy               |     2    |
                          |        | Ice                |     1    |
                          |        | Poison             |     1    |
                          |        | Thunder            |     4    |
                          |        | Water              |     1    |
                          |        | Wind               |     1    |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
{See Note 2}
Level    | HP         |
1        | 400        |
10       | 600        |
20       | 700        |
30       | 1100       |
40       | 1500       |
50       | 2000       |
60       | 2500       |
70       | 3200       |
80       | 4000       |
90       | 4900       |
100      | 5800       |
 / B G H 2 5 1 F 2 (Round 1)  \____________________________________
|                                                                  \
| Monster Name:  BGH251F2 (1st Round)                              |
| HP Range:  4,200 - 8,400                                         |
| EXP Gained:  None                                                |
| AP Gained:  20                                                   |
| Type:  None                                                      |
| Strong Against:  Nothing                                         |
| Weak Against:  Thunder; Earth; Water                             |
| Magic that can be Drawn:                                         |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Shell; Protect; Stop                         |
|       Lvl. 20 -22:  Shell; Protect; Stop                         |
| Location(s):  Galbadia Missle Base                               |
| Cards:  None                                                     |
| Item(s) Gained:                                                  |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  None                                         |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  None                                         |
|       Lvl. 30 -34:  None                                         |
| Item(s) Mugged:                                                  |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  None                                         |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  None                                         |
|       Lvl. 30 -34:  None                                         |
|                                                                  |
 / B G H 2 5 1 F 2 (Round 2)  \____________________________________
|                                                                  \
| Monster Name:  BGH251F2 (2nd Round)                              |
| HP Range:  5,100 - 7,800                                         |
| EXP Gained:  None                                                |
| AP Gained:  20                                                   |
| Type:  None                                                      |
| Strong Against:  None                                            |
| Weak Against:  Thunder; Water; Earth                             |
| Magic that can be Drawn:                                         |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Shell; Protect; Stop                         |
|       Lvl. 20 -28:  Shell; Protect; Stop                         |
| Location(s):  Fisherman's Horizon                                |
| Cards:  None                                                     |
| Item(s) Gained:                                                  |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Running Fire; Missile                        |
|       Lvl. 20 -28:  Running Fire; Missile                        |
| Item(s) Mugged:                                                  |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Adamantine                                   |
|       Lvl. 20 -28:  Adamantine                                   |
|                                                                  |
|                                                                  |
 / B I G G S  (Round 1) \__________________________________________
|                                                                  \
| Monster Name:  Biggs (1st Round)                                 |
| HP Range:  467 - 705                                             |
| EXP Gained:  None                                                |
| AP Gained:  4                                                    |
| Type:  None                                                      |
| Strong Against:  None                                            |
| Weak Against:  None                                              |
| Magic that can be Drawn:                                         |
|       Lvl. 1 - 10:  Fire                                         |
| Location(s):  Dollet (Communications Tower)                      |
| Cards:  None                                                     |
| Item(s) Gained:                                                  |
|       Lvl. 1 - 10:  Elixir                                       |
| Item(s) Mugged:                                                  |
|       Lvl. 1 - 10:  None                                         |
|                                                                  |
|                                                                  |
|                                                                  |
 / B I G G S  (Round 2)  \_________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Biggs (2nd Round)
| HP Range:  1,467 - 2,235
| EXP Gained:  None
| AP Gained:  10
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  Nothing
| Weak Against:  Nothing
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Cure; Haste; Slow; Regen
|       Lvl. 20 -22:  Cura; Haste; Slow; Regen
| Location(s):  Galbadia D-District Prison
| Cards:  None
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Elixir
|       Lvl. 20 -22:  Elixir
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Regen Ring
|       Lvl. 20 -22:  Regen Ring
/ B I T E   B U G  \______________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Bite Bug
| HP Range:  114 - 2,510
| EXP Gained:  15 (+5)
| AP Gained:  1
| Type:  Flying
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Ice; Wind
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Fire; Scan
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Fira; Scan
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Firaga; Scan
| Location(s):  Balamb (Grass); Trabia (Snowfield)
| Cards:  Bite Bug (Dropped); Bite Bug (Mod Card); Elnoyle
|                                                  (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  M-Stone
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  M-Stone; Magic Stone
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Wizard Stone
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  M-Stone
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Magic Stone
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Wizard Stone

---------------------------        ---------------------------------
Description               |        | Elemental          | Effect   |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
Bug monster that flies,   |        | Earth              |    3     |
stay calm and attack      |        | Fire               |    1     |
precisely.  Not very      |        | Holy               |    1     |
strong monster.           |        | Ice                |    2     |
                          |        | Poison             |    1     |
                          |        | Thunder            |    4     |
                          |        | Water              |    1     |
                          |        | Wind               |    2     |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
{See Note 2}
Level    | HP         |
1        | 100        |
10       | 300        |
20       | 400        |
30       | 500        |
40       | 600        |
50       | 800        |
60       | 1100       |
70       | 1400       |
80       | 1900       |
90       | 2200       |
100      | 2600       |
 / B L I T Z  \____________________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Blitz
| HP Range:  611 - 7,200
| EXP Gained:  20 (+10)
| AP Gained:  2
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  None (Absorbs Thunder)
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Thunder
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Thunder; Thundara
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Thunder; Thundara; Thundaraga
| Location(s):  Galbadia Garden
| Cards:  Blitz (Drop); Blitz (Mod Card); Propagator (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  M-Stone; Betrayal Sword; Coral Fragment
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Magic Stone; Betrayal Sword
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Dynamo Stone
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Betrayal Sword
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Betrayal Sword
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Betrayal Sword; Power Generator
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
Description               |        | Elemental          | Effect   |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
Becomes electified when   |        | Earth              |    1     |
effected with thunder and |        | Fire               |    1     |
then does thunder damage. |        | Holy               |    1     |
                          |        | Ice                |    1     |
                          |        | Poison             |    1     |
                          |        | Thunder            |    4     |
                          |        | Water              |    1     |
                          |        | Wind               |    1     |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
{See Note 2}
Level    | HP         |
1        | 600        |
10       | 800        |
20       | 1100       |
30       | 1500       |
40       | 2000       |
50       | 2600       |
60       | 3300       |
70       | 4000       |
80       | 5000       |
90       | 6400       |
100      | 7300       |
/ B L O B R A  \__________________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Blobra
| HP Range:  246 - 3,840
| EXP Gained:  40 (+8)
| AP Gained:  3
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  None
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Shell
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Shell; Blind; Berserk
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Shell; Reflect; Blind; Confuse
| Location(s):  Tomb of the Unknown King; Balamb Garden
| Cards:  Blobra (Drop); Blobra (Mod Card); Granaldo (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  M-Stone; Three Stars
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Magic Stone; Rune Armlet
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Wizard Stone; Rume Armlet
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  M-Stone; Rune Armlet
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Magic Stone; Rune Armlet
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Wizard Stone; Rune Armlet

---------------------------        ---------------------------------
Description               |        | Elemental          | Effect   |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
Half-liquid creature      |        | Earth              |    1     |
resistant to physical     |        | Fire               |    1     |
attacks, weaknesses differ|        | Holy               |    1     |
with each Blobra.         |        | Ice                |    1     |
                          |        | Poison             |    1     |
                          |        | Thunder            |    1     |
                          |        | Water              |    1     |
                          |        | Wind               |    1     |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
{See Note 2}
Level    | HP         |
1        | 300        |
10       | 400        |
20       | 500        |
30       | 700        |
40       | 1000       |
50       | 1300       |
60       | 1700       |
70       | 2200       |
80       | 2700       |
90       | 3400       |
100      | 4100       |
 / B L O O D   S O U L  \__________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Blood Soul
| HP Range:  510 - 6,500
| EXP Gained:  15 (+5)
| AP Gained:  1
| Type:  Flying / Undead
| Strong Against:  Poison
| Weak Against:  Holy; Fire
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Zombie; Float
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Zombie; Float; Silence
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Zombie; Float; Silence; Dispel
| Location(s):  Galbadia; Winhill
| Cards:  Blood Soul (Drop); Blood Soul (Mod Card); Abadon
|                                                  (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  M-Stone; Zombie Powder
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Zombie Powder; M-Stone
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Zombie Powder; Magic Stone
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Zombie Powder
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Zombie Powder
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Zombie Powder
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
Description               |        | Elemental          | Effect   |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
Floats with gas that fills|        | Earth              |    3     |
its body, has status      |        | Fire               |    2     |
changing magic that is    |        | Holy               |    2+    |
powerful.                 |        | Ice                |    1     |
                          |        | Poison             |    3     |
                          |        | Thunder            |    1     |
                          |        | Water              |    1     |
                          |        | Wind               |    1     |
---------------------------        ---------------------------------
{See Note 2}
Level    | HP         |
1        | 500        |
10       | 800        |
20       | 1000       |
30       | 1300       |
40       | 1700       |
50       | 2300       |
60       | 3000       |
70       | 3600       |
80       | 4600       |
90       | 5500       |
100      | 6500       |
 / B L U E   D R A G O N  \________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Blue Dragon
| HP Range:  236 - 41,000
| EXP Gained:  100 (+20)
| AP Gained:  6
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Ice
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Blind
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Blind; Drain; Bio
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Drain; Break; Death; Bio
| Location(s):  Trabia Snowfield
| Cards:  Blue Dragon (Drop); Blue Dragon (Card Mod); Mobile Type 8
|                                                     (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Dragon Fang; Fury Fragment
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Dragon Fang; Fury Fragment
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Dragon Fang; Fury Fragment
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Fury Fragment
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Fury Fragment
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Fury Fragment

 / B O M B  \______________________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Bomb
| HP Range:  288 - 5,080
| EXP Gained:  30 (+5)
| AP Gained:  1
| Type:  Flying
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Wind; Ice
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Fire
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Fire; Fira
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Fie; Fira; Firaga; Meltdown
| Location(s):  Fire Cavern; Deep Sea Research Lab
| Cards:  Bomb (Drop); Bomb (Mod Card); Krysta (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  M-Stone; Bomb Fragment
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Bomb Fragment; Magic Stone
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Bomb Fragment
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Bomb Fragment
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Bomb Fragment
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Bomb Fragment; Bomb Spirit

 / B U E L  \______________________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Buel
| HP Range:  45 - 1,840
| EXP Gained:  5 (+1)
| AP Gained:  1
| Type:  Flying
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Wind; Holy
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Fire; Thunder; Blizzard
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Fira; Thundara; Blizzara
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Firaga; Thundaga; Blizzaga
| Location(s):  Fire Cavern; Centra Ruins; Balamb Garden
| Cards:  Buel (Drop); Buel (Mod Card); Krysta (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  M-Stone
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Magic Stone; Circlet
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Wizard Stone
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  M-Stone
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Magic Stone; Circlet
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Wizard Stone; Circlet

 / C A C T U A R \_________________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Cactuar
| HP Range:  202 - 1,400
| EXP Gained:  1 (+1)
| AP Gained:  20
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  None
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Haste
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Haste
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Haste
| Location(s):  Centra Ruins; Cactuar Island
| Cards:  Cactuar (Drop); Cactuar (Mod Card); Gerogero (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Cactus Thorn; Lightweight
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Cactus Thorn; Lightweight
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Cactus Thorn; Jet Engine
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Cactus Thorn
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Cactus Thorn
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Cactus Thorn
 / C A T E R C H I P I L L A R  \__________________________________
| Monster Name:  Caterchipillar
| HP Range:  172 - 7,360
| EXP Gained:  28 (+5)
| AP Gained:  2
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  Earth
| Weak Against:  Fire; Ice
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Thunder; Cure
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Thundara; Cure; Slow
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Thundaga; Curaga; Stop
| Location(s):  Balamb; Esthar
| Cards:  Caterchipillar (Drop); Caterchipillar (Mod Card);
|         Trauma (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Spider Web; M-Stone
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Spider Web; Magic Stone
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Spider Web; Wizard Stone
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Spider Web
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Spider Web
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Spider Web
 / C A T O B L E P A S  \__________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Catoblepas
| HP Range:  10,500 - 60,000
| EXP Gained:  None
| AP Gained:  30
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Earth; Water
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Meteor
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Meteor
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Meteor
| Location(s):  Ultimecia Castle
| Cards:  None
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Status Attack
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Status Attack
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Status Attack
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  None
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  None
|       Lvl. 30-100:  None
 / C E R B E R U S  \______________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Cerberus
| HP Range:  7,100 - 10,000
| EXP Gained:  None
| AP Gained:  30
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  None
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Quake; Double
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Quake; Double; Triple
|       Lvl. 30    :  Quake; Double; Triple
| Location(s):  Galbadia Garden
| Cards:  Cerberus (Drop)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  G-Returner
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  G-Returner
|       Lvl. 30    :  G-Returner
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Spd-J Scroll
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Spd-J Scroll
|       Lvl. 30    :  Spd-J Scroll
 / C H I M E R A  \________________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Chimera
| HP Range:  352 - 60,000
| EXP Gained:  150 (+20)
| AP Gained:  10
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Holy
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Water; Thunder; Esuna
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Water; Bio; Thundara; Esuna
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Water; Bio; Thundaga; Esuna
| Location(s):  Esthar; Ultimecia Castle
| Cards:  Chimera (Drop); Chimera (Mod Card); Hexadragon (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Water Crystal; Red Fang
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Water Crystal; Red Fang; Star Fragment
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Water Crystal; Red Fang; Regen Ring
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Red Fang
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Red Fang
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Red Fang
 / C O C K A T R I C E  \__________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Cockatrice
| HP Range:  1,007 - 5,200
| EXP Gained:  40 (+10)
| AP Gained:  2
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Wind
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Thunder
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Thundara; Break
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Thundaga; Break
| Location(s):  Timber; Obel Lake; Esthar
| Cards:  Cockatrice (Drop; Mod Card); Oilboyle (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Coral Fragment; Cockatrice Pinion
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Cockatrice Pinion; Coral Fragment; Dynamo
|                                                        Stone
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Cockatrice Pinion; Dynamo Stone; Coral
|                                                      Fragment
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Cockatrice Pinion
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Cockatrice Pinion
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Cockatrice Pinion
 / C O M M A N D   L E A D E R  \__________________________________
| Monster Name:  Command Leader
| HP Range:  806 - 4,400
| EXP Gained:  30 (+5)
| AP Gained:  2
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Poison
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Thunder; Confuse; Slow; Reflect
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Thundara; Confuse; Slow; Reflect
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Thundaga; Confuse; Slow; Reflect
| Location(s):  Galbadia Missle Base
| Cards:  None
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Potion; Phoenix Down; Shotgun Ammo; Cottage
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Potion; Phoenix Down; Hi-Potion; Cottage
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Potion; Hi-Potion; Cottage
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Tent; Cottage
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Tent; Cottage
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Tent; Cottage
 / C O M M A N D   S O L D I E R  \________________________________
| Monster Name:  Command Soldier
| HP Range:  217 - 10,400
| EXP Gained:  30 (+5)
| AP Gained:  1
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  None
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Blizzard; Silence; Confuse
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Blizzara; Silence; Confuse
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Blizzaga; Silence; Confuse
| Location(s):  Galbadia Missle Base
| Cards:  None
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Potion; Normal Ammo; Phoenix Down
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Potion; Normal Ammo; Phoenix Down
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Potion; Normal Ammo; Phoenix Down
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Hi-Potion
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Hi-Potion
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Hi-Potion
 / C R E E P S  \__________________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Creeps
| HP Range:  210 - 6,200
| EXP Gained:  35 (+8)
| AP Gained:  2
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Holy
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Thunder; Life
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Thundara; Life
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Thundaga; Death; Life
| Location(s):  Diling City; Galbadia Garden
| Cards:  Creeps (Drop; Mod Card); Sphinxaur (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  M-Stone; Coral Fragment
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Curse Spike; Coral Fragment; Dynamo Stone
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Dynamo Stone; Curse Spike
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Coral Fragment
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Coral Fragment
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Coral Fragment
 / D E A T H   C L A W  \__________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Death Claw
| HP Range:  4,231 - 22,200
| EXP Gained:  40 (+15)
| AP Gained:  3
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  None
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Aero
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Aero; Dispel
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Aero; Dispel; Reflect
| Location(s):  Galbadia Garden; Centra Plains
| Cards:  Death Claw (Drop; Mod Card); Granaldo (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  M-Stone; Sharp Spike; Windmill
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Sharp Spike; Shear Feather; Windmill
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Sharp Spike; Shear Feather; Windmill
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Windmill
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Windmill
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Windmill; Missile
 / D I A B L O S  \________________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Diablos
| HP Range:  1,600 - 80,800
| EXP Gained:  None
| AP Gained:  20
| Type:  Flying
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Wind
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Cure; Demi
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Cura; Demi
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Cruaga; Demi; Holy; Holy
| Location(s):  Use Magic Lamp Item
| Cards:  Diablos (Drop)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  G-Returner
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  G-Returner
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Hero
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  None
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  None
|       Lvl. 30-100:  None
 / D R O M A  \____________________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Droma
| HP Range:  1,010 - 3,128
| EXP Gained:  None
| AP Gained:  None
| Type:  Flying
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Wind
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Esuna; Dispel
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Esuna; Dispel
|       Lvl. 30 -56:  Esuna; Dispel
| Location(s):  Ultimecia Castle
| Cards:  None
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  None
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  None
|       Lvl. 30 -56:  None
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Meteor Stone
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Meteor Stone
|       Lvl. 30 -56:  Meteor Stone
 / E D E A  (Round 1)  \___________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Edea (1st Round)
| HP Range:  1,300 - 7,000
| EXP Gained:  None
| AP Gained:  20
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  None
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Cura; Dispel; Life; Double
|       Lvl. 20    :  Cura; Dispel; Life; Double
| Location(s):  Deling City
| Cards:  None
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  None
|       Lvl. 20    :  None
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Elixir
|       Lvl. 20    :  Elixir
 / E D E A  (Round 2)  \___________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Edea (2nd Round)
| HP Range:  500 - 16,000
| EXP Gained:  None
| AP Gained:  50
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  None
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Blizzard; Demi; Esuna; Alexander
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Blizzara; Demi; Esuna; Alexander
|       Lvl. 30 -32:  Blizzaga; Demi; Esuna; Alexander
| Location(s):  Galbadia Garden
| Cards:  None
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Force Armlet
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Force Armlet
|       Lvl. 30 -32:  Force Armlet
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Royal Crown
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Royal Crown
|       Lvl. 30 -32:  Royal Crown
 / E L A S T O I D  \______________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Elastoid
| HP Range:  531 - 18,500
| EXP Gained:  80 (+20)
| AP Gained:  3
| Type:  Flying
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Thunder
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Dispel
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Dispel; Stop
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Dispel; Stop; Meltdown
| Location(s):  Centra Ruins; Lunatic Pandora Laboratory
| Cards:  Elastoid (Drop; Mod Card); Ultimate Weapon (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  M-Stone
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Magic Stone; Laser Cannon
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Wizard Stone; Laser Cannon
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Dynamo Stone
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Dynamo Stone
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Laser Cannon
 / E L I T E   S O L D I E R  \____________________________________
| Monster Name:  Elite Soldier
| HP Range:  148 - 4,940
| EXP Gained:  30 (+5)
| AP Gained:  2
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Poison
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Fire; Thunder; Blizzard; Scan
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Fira; Thundara; Blizzara; Scan
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Firaga; Thundaga; Blizzaga; Dispell
| Location(s):  Dollet; Galbadia D-District Prison
| Cards:  None
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Potion; Phoenix Down; Shotgun Ammo; Cottage
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Potion; Phoenix Down; Hi-Potion; Cottage
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Potion; Hi-Potion; Cottage
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Tent; Cottage
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Tent; Cottage
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Cottage
 / E L N O Y L E  \________________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Elnoyle
| HP Range:  30,968 - 159,000
| EXP Gained:  220 (+20)
| AP Gained:  18
| Type:  Flying
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Wind
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 29:  Pain; Double
|       Lvl. 30 -39:  Pain; Double
|       Lvl. 40-100:  Pain; Double
| Location(s):  Esthar; Ultimecia Castle
| Cards:  Elnoyle (Drop; Mod Card); Catoblepas (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 29:  Wizard Stone; Moon Stone
|       Lvl. 29 -39:  Wizard Stone; Moon Stone; Energy Crystal
|       Lvl. 40-100:  Energy Crystal
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 29:  Moon Stone
|       Lvl. 30 -39:  Moon Stone
|       Lvl. 40-100:  Moon Stone
 / E L V O R E T  \________________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Elvoret
| HP Range:  1,563 - 3,523
| EXP Gained:  None
| AP Gained:  10
| Type:  Flying
| Strong Against:  Magic (Def.)
| Weak Against:  None
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 11:  Thunder; Cure; Double; Siren
| Location(s):  Dollet (Communications Tower)
| Cards:  None
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 11:  G-Returner
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 11:  None
 / E S T H A R   S O L D I E R  \__________________________________
| Monster Name:  Esthar Soldier
| HP Range:  98 - 4,980
| EXP Gained:  20 (+3)
| AP Gained:  1
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Poison
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Fire; Thunder; Blizzard; Cure
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Fira; Thundara; Blizzara; Cura
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Firaga; Thundaga; Bilzzaga; Curaga
| Location(s):  Centra Ruins; Lunatic Pandora Laboratory
| Cards:  None
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Potion; Phoenix Down
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Potion; Phoenix Down
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Potion; Hi-Potion; Phoenix Down
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Potion
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Potion
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Hi-Potion
 / E S T H A R   S O L D I E R  (Cyborg)  \________________________
| Monster Name:  Esthar Soldier (Cyborg)
| HP Range:  163 - 7,950
| EXP Gained:  30 (+3)
| AP Gained:  1
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Thunder
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Fire; Thunder; Blizzard
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Fira; Thundara; Blizzara
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Firaga; Thundaga; Blizzaga
| Location(s):  Centra Ruins; Dr. Odine's Laboratory
| Cards:  None
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Potion; Phoenix Down; Tent; Cottage
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Potion; Phoenix Down; Tent; Cottage
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Potion; Hi-Potion; Tent; Cottage
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Phoenix Down
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Phoenix Down
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Phoenix Down
 / F A K E   P R E S I D E N T  \__________________________________
| Monster Name:  Fake President
| HP Range:  52 - 778
| EXP Gained:  None
| AP Gained:  None
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  None
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 12:  Cure
| Location(s):  Presidential Train
| Cards:  None
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 12:  None
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 12:  None
 / F A S T I T O C A L O N  \______________________________________
| Monster Name:  Fastitocalon
| HP Range:  215 - 9,200
| EXP Gained:  60 (+20)
| AP Gained:  1
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  None
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Blizzard; Sleep; Scan
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Blizzara; Sleep; Scan
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Bilzzaga; Scan; Water
| Location(s):  Great Plains of Galbadia; Galbadia
| Cards:  Fastitocalon (Drop; Mod Card); Tonberry King (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Fish Fin; Water Crystal
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Fish Fin; Water Crystal
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Fish Fin; Water Crystal
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Water Crystal
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Water Crystal
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Water Crystal
 / F A S T I T O C A L O N - F  \__________________________________
| Monster Name:  Fastitocalon-F
| HP Range:  215 - 9,200
| EXP Gained:  15 (+5)
| AP Gained:  3
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  None
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Blizzard; Sleep; Scan
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Blizzara; Sleep; Scan
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Blizzaga; Scan; Water
| Location(s):  Galbadia
| Cards:  Fastitocalon-F (Drop; Mod Card)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Fish Fin
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Fish Fin; Water Crystal
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Fish Fin; Water Crystal
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Fish Fin
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Fish Fin
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Fish Fin
 / F O R B I D D E N  \____________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Forbidden
| HP Range:  221 - 22,100
| EXP Gained:  85 (+15)
| AP Gained:  4
| Type:  Undead
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Holy; Fire
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Zombie
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Zombie; Blind; Stop
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Zombie; Blind; Stop; Death
| Location(s):  Tomb of the Unknown King; Esthar
| Cards:  Forbidden (Drop; Mod Card); Red Giant (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Betrayal Sword; Dead Spirit; Zombie Powder
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Dead Spirit; Zombie Powder; Curse Spike
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Curse Spike; Zombie Powder; Force Amulet
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Dead Spirit
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Dead Spirit
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Dead Spirit
 / F U J I N  (Round 1)  \_________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Fujin (1st Round)
| HP Range:  300 - 8,700
| EXP Gained:  None
| AP Gained:  10
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Poison
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Aero; Cura; Life; Pandemona
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Aero; Cura; Life; Pandemona
| Location(s):  Balamb Town Square; Balamb Hotel
| Cards:  None
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Megalixir
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Megalixir
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Megalixir; Hero
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Megalixir; Hero
 / F U J I N  (Round 2)  \_________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Fujin (2nd Round)
| HP Range:  5,300 - 18,200
| EXP Gained:  None
| AP Gained:  8
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Poison
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Aero; Cure; Life
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Aero; Cura; Life
|       Lvl. 30 -44:  Aero; Curaga; Full-Life; Tornado
| Location(s):  Lunatic Pandora
| Cards:  None
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Megalixir
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Megalixir
|       Lvl. 30 -44:  Megalixir
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Megalixir
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Megalixir
|       Lvl. 30 -34:  Megalixir
 / F U N G U A R  \________________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Funguar
| HP Range:  303 - 2,100
| EXP Gained:  20 (+3)
| AP Gained:  1
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  None
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Sleep; Scan
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Sleep; Scan; Silence
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Sleep; Scan; Silence; Confuse
| Location(s):  Timber Forest; Dollet
| Cards:  Funguar (Drop; Mod Card); Biggs, Wedge (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  M-Stone; Sleep Powder
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Magic Stone; Sleep Powder
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Wizard Stone; Sleep Powder
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Sleep Powder
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Sleep Powder
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Sleep Powder
 / G A L B A D I A N   S O L D I E R  \____________________________
| Monster Name:  Galbadian Soldier
| HP Range:  45 - 3,040
| EXP Gained:  20 (+3)
| AP Gained:  1
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Poison
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Fire; Thunder; Blizzard; Cure
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Fira; Thundara; Blizzara; Cura
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Firaga; Thundaga; Blizzaga; Curaga
| Location(s):  Dollet; Galbadia Missle Base
| Cards:  None
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Potion; Normal Ammo; Phoenix Down
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Potion; Phoenix Down
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Potion; Phoenix Down
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Potion; Phoenix Down
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Potion; Phoenix Down; Hi-Potion
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Hi-Potion; Phoenix Down
 / G A R G A N T U A  \____________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Gargantua
| HP Range:  10,100 - 15,400
| EXP Gained:  None
| AP Gained:  42
| Type:  None
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  None
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Bio; Quake; Reflect
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Bio; Quake; Reflect
|       Lvl. 30 -54:  Bio; Quake; Reflect
| Location(s):  Ultimecia Castle
| Cards:  None
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Magic Armlet
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Magic Armlet
|       Lvl. 30 -54:  Magic Armlet
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  None
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  None
|       Lvl. 30 -54:  None
 / G A Y L A  \____________________________________________________
| Monster Name:  Gayla
| HP Range:  1,021 - 13,000
| EXP Gained:  30 (+5)
| AP Gained:  2
| Type:  Flying
| Strong Against:  None
| Weak Against:  Wind
| Magic that can be Drawn:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Sleep; Thunder
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Sleep; Thundara
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Sleep; Thundaga; Meltdown
| Location(s):  Trabia Snowfield
| Cards:  Gayla (Drop; Mod Card); Gerogero (Mod Rare)
| Item(s) Gained:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  M-Stone; Mystery Fluid
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Magic Stone; Mystery Fluid
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Wizard Stone; Mystery Fluid
| Item(s) Mugged:
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:  Mystery Fluid
|       Lvl. 20 -29:  Mystery Fluid
|       Lvl. 30-100:  Mystery Fluid

 / G E E Z A R D  thru  X - A T M 0 9 2  \_________________________
|                                                                  \
| Monster Name:                   C O M I N G   S O O N...         |
| HP Range:                                                        |
| EXP Gained:                                                      |
| AP Gained:                                                       |
| Type:                                                            |
| Strong Against:                                                  |
| Weak Against:                                                    |
| Magic that can be Drawn:                                         |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:                                               |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:                                               |
|       Lvl.                                                       |
| Location(s):                                                     |
| Cards:                                                           |
| Item(s) Gained:                                                  |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:                                               |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:                                               |
|       Lvl. 30 -34:                                               |
| Item(s) Mugged:                                                  |
|       Lvl. 1 - 19:                                               |
|       Lvl. 20 -29:                                               |
|       Lvl. 30 -34:                                               |
|                                                                  |

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[email protected] for his creature guide
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