Waikisoft Notes On
Final Fantasy Legend
version 0.1

World 1
*(King's Armour)
Go to the northeast section of the map and visit King Armour's castle.  He is
anxious to talk to you...so go up and talk to him.  He looks ill because he is 
in love but the girl keeps refusing his offer.  

Now go south to the village and talk to the girl.  She explains that she must 
marry a bandit or else the entire village will be doomed.  

Go west to the cave and beat the crap out of the bandit.  Now go back to King
Armour and request a reward...King Armour's King's Armour. :)

*(King's Sword)
Wind through the path in the mountains in the west and go visit King Sword's
castle.  Avoid the guards as they will all attack you.  When you reach King
Sword, he will not give up the sword without a fight...and fight you do...

*(King's Shield)
After you get the Sword and Armour, go to the center of the map to King
Shield's Castle.  All the guards are unfriendly so do not talk to them or
else you will be kicked out.  The king is assassinated, and you are framed!
Beat the crap out of the assassins.  One will go through the wall and try to
escape.  Follow him and beat him up and get the shield.

*(The Statue)
After you get all of the King's Items, goto the town in the middle, near King
Shield's Castle.  Goto the statue in the middle.  If you have equiped the 
King's Items, unequip them.  Stand directly in front of the statue and goto
your menu and USE the King's Shield, Sword and Armour.  You will receive a 
sphere.  Now leave.  A boss will appear. Beat it up.

*(Onto the next level...)
Go back to the first town where you started.  Stock up on weapons since you
will not see them the next level.  Goto the tower door and use the sphere.
Go in and follow through.  At the end you will end up in a room with 1 guy
walking around talk to him and he will tell you to visit this old guy.  Go to
the only open door.  

World 2
*(The floating island)
First you must get a boat...or an island?  Go into the maze of caves and go
on top and try to move each of the islands on the side of the main island.  
You characters should disappear when you land on it, and you should be able to
move in the water.  

Next you need oxygen to go underwater.  Find an island with palm trees on the
outside and one standing out in the middle.  The island is within the southern
part of the map.  Go to the middle tree and get the AIRSEED. 

*(Red Orb)
Go northwest to the whirlpool.  Go to the stairs in the south and follow 
through the maze...........
to be continued..............................

I have not yet had time to finish the game.  This is out of memory!  I do 
not remember all of the details of beating the game.  More to come!  Stay

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