Waikisoft Notes On
Final Fantasy Legend 2
version 0.37 (FINISHED WORLD 1-5.1)

NOTE:  I have not yet tried all of combinations of characters, seen every
square inch of dungeon, talked to every one, or found every secret.  However
I will in time.  Please be patient with this solve...

What to expect coming soon and what more information I will add...
What items are found where, how much, which town, 
Supporting Characters (contained within solve...)
Detailed Solve (in progress)

Table of Contents
Character Type Information
  Starting Statistics
  Character Review
  My Recommended Party
Tips and Tricks to FFL2

Character Type Information

Starting Statistics
TYPE         M Human  F Human  M Mutant  F Mutant  Robot  Slime  Baby-D  Imp
HIT POINTS   59       52       52        45        60     52     45      31
STRENGTH     6        5        5         4         6      5      5       5
DEFENCE      3        3        3         3         6      5      5       5
AGILITY      5        6        4         5         5      2      2       5
MANA         3        4        6         6         0      6      6       6
Weapon       Long Sw  Rapier   Hammer    Bow       Colt
Armour       Bronze   Bronze   Bronze    Bronze    
Talent1                        Blizzard  Flame            Dslve  Nail    Nail 
      2                                                          Flame   Sleep
Strengths                                          Pa/Po         Quake
Weaknesses                                                Fire   

Character Advantages/Disadvantages
M Human-good overall character; should have at least one in party; Overall
        a stronger character but lacks agility
F Human-good overall character; pairs up well with a M Human; Overall a
        fast attacking character, good for attacking single monsters before
        they attack
M Mutant-good magical character; lower magic skills, but stronger physically;
         Not nessessary in a party but pairs up well with a F Mutant.  Spells
         come in handy
F Mutant-good magical character; high magic skills but lacks physical strength
         should have at least one in a party, spells save money.  
Robot-strong starting character due to high attributes and weapondry.  Lacks
      all types of magic...have not played much with one...
Slime-mediocre character; have not played much with one...
Baby D-good monster for first selection;  lacking agility, but has other high
       attributes and good talents
Imp-mediocre character; lacks HP, but is overall strong in other attributes;
    decent starting talents.  have not played much with one...

My Recommended Party
1 M Human, 1 F Human, 1 M Mutant, 1 F Mutant.  This provides a good balance of
characters.  You can base your party off of my findings, your strategy may be
different from mine, so adapt accordingly.  MH, FH, and MM, provide a good 
strong start physically and FM is there just to gain exp.  As time passes the
tide will turn.  MM will become your worst character, lacking in magic and in
strength, however talents of CURE, and BLIZZARD come in handy, as well, he is
a good person for storage, dummy, and useing ordinances.  MH will probably 
your next weakest.  Decent strength, but not fast enough or high enough.  FH
will be your strongest and quickest.  Good attacker for 1 monster groups.  FM
will be your best character, except for bosses and magic resistance enemies.
Thunder, Ice, Cure, Fire, and Flame are excellent spells for defeating large
and small groups.  Works nice with books as well and packs a large punch.

If you are daring, try a weaker starting party.  Usually if you are weak at
the beginning, you will have an extremely slow start, but at the end you can
kick butt.  Take at least 1 FM, and 1 H of your choice.  

Tips and Tricks to FFL2-common sense stuff
-save often good places are in the middle of large dungeons, and before bosses
-check your PRISM MAGI often to see how many MAGI, if any, are left
-before goinging into an INN, if you have CURE, do so!  They charge only for
 HP not SP.
-Hand down your upgrades in armour.  Your leader should have most, then when
 you upgrade hand it down to the next instead of selling it.  However, near
 the end, all characters should have the best armour possible.
-Do not sell all items that are picked up right away, check to make sure you
 can buy it back somewhere, if you can't it probably means it is quite good
-ALWAYS equip each character with a MAGI, I prefer POWER, DEFENSE, MANA, SPEED
-Always use potions like body, speed, power...you can't buy them!
-at hard bosses, try different combinations of weapons and magic to see what
 works best...if you fail the first time try several times before reloading
 since often the boss will make an attack flaw which will let you win by a 
 mere fraction.  Although most of your party is stunned, do not give up!

The entire story is based on collecting MAGI!  Story starts when your father
gives you the Prism MAGI.  Later you find him and you discover that MAGI can
make people like gods.  Your father, and a group of others, have sworn to 
protect the MAGI from the wrong hands of people and prevent an imbalance.

Through most of the game you will be told that there are 77 MAGI in the game.
BUT near the end, you discover there are not 77, but 78.  77 was just to trick
others to think that, and to protect the last MAGI.

Each MAGI has a special talent.  The bonus that a MAGI increases only is in
effect when a character has it equiped. The bonuses do not show up in the

NAME(# of MAGI)-power/description
PRISM(1)-tells you how many MAGI are in the world (minus what you have)
PEGASIS(1)-teleports you just outside visit towns and landmarks
POWER(9)-Increases a character's strength
SPEED(9)-Increases a character's agility
DEFENCE(9)-Increases a character's defence
MANA(9)-Increases a character's mana
THUNDER(9)-Increases power of Thunder Spell (immune?)
ICE(9)-Increases power of ICE spells (immune?)
FIRE(9)-Increases power of FIRE spells (immune?)
POISON(9)-immunity?  increased ability?

2 more...to come...yet to beat the game...

World 1 (Normal)
MAGI: 6 + 1 that you have
*(Getting started)
Go to the house in the top right, it has a bridge going to the door.  Talk to
the person in there and you will receive a CURE.  When you leave the town, 
Mr. S, your school teacher will come along to help you.  Go north of the town
to the cave.

*(the first cave)
ITEMS: Cure, Bronze Shield, Bow, Hammer
BOSS: BabyWyrm (hp less than 120)
This is a relatively short cave with no tricks, traps or bosses.  I wouldn't
call it a maze either.  Just go through.  This is a good place to start off
getting your characters stronger.  Enemies are generally weaker, and Mr. S
will give you a good advantage over them.  There is a monster guarding the 
exit.  Just let Mr. S dissolve it in the first round.  Before leaving the cave 
get Mr. S to cure you all since he will leave immediately after.

*(Ki and the hidden place down south)
Go north west until you hit a large shrine.  Go in.  Talk to Ki at the end of
the shrine.  She will tell you that there is a hidden fortress down south. Go
down south to a dense forest.  In the middle there is a large rock.  Go south
east until you zoom in.  You may have to walk around on each square before 
finding it.  

ITEMS:  Whip (there is one more...)
BOSS: None
Somewhat of a maze, but not really.  Just follow through the building.  Be
sure to check each treasure chest!  Most are empty but you may find something
good.  When you hit a room where two people run away, follow through the doors
and don't bother checking the three chests since they are empty.  Before going
to the two guys, get the MAGI in the three treasure chests in the room to the
right.  Equip them immediately, and then go to the room where the men are.  
Follow them outside.  Talk to the closest one.

*(the follow up)
Now go back to the shrine and talk to Ki, she will heal you and will join 
your party.  Now go north (west a bit), and then east of a town.  Go into 
Ashura's Base.  I suggest you have at least a spare set of weapons for each
person, not nessessary good ones but go in with about 30+ uses left.

*(Ashura's Base)
ITEMS: Axe, Silver Glove (I think there is more...)
BOSS: Rhino (HP, approx 200)
Again, no real maze, just follow through taking the first door and staircases
you see, however if you check all corners you will find treasure chests laying
around with some goodies inside.  Don't bother talking to anyone since they
are all monsters.  Walk carefully and slowly around them since you don't need
another fight.  The boss will be guarding the exit.  Talk to him and you will
get into a fight.  2 good hits should do it, use Ki's Thunder book and the
person with the SPEED MAGI's weapon finish it off.  Two strikes in the first
round should be enough.  The base will start colapsing, after the boss there
are three chests with 3 MAGI, pick 'em up and leave.

*(Follow up)
Just north of the base is a beanstalk!, to go to the next level go to the bean
stalk and warp.  However, when you do Ki, will leave, so if you want to hang
around you can and get your characters stronger until Ki runs out of CURE and
THUNDER.  But by now you should be strong enough...

PLEASE WRITE ME AT: [email protected]

World 2 (Ruled by ASHURA --sandstorm world)
MAGI: 7 + 7 that you have
*(getting started)
Walk south into the town.  Stock up on all you need and talk to the people.
You will find out that there is a hidden base somewhere within the sandstorm.
Leave the town and head south and A FEW steps east.  Walk around until you
find a spot where the sandstorm isn't.  When you zoom, you will find a town
and a tower.  Stock up and rest in the town and then head to the tower.

*(The Tower)
ITEMS: Sabre, Colt Gun, Silver Shield, Magic Potion, Power Potion, 
       Silver Helmet, Battle Sword (one more I think...)
Again, no real maze.  Just follow through, when you hit the Woodman and
defeat him "Mask" will join your party.  To get his equipment just follow
up the stairs, they are at the shelf.  Now follow the rest of the tower.
Be sure to pick up all the items, as the potions are unbuyable.  When you
get to ASHURA, usually you will have an Octupus attack, kill the octupus
first since they will use INK and blind you.  When you reach ASHURA, be sure
to have optimally equiped your party.  Each member should have full armour,
your strong characters with the Battle Sword, and your quick character with
the Sabre.  Magic characters should have an agility weapon or the Colt Gun.
NOTE: ASHURA is 100% resistant to MAGIC!  If you have problems defeating him,
move your magic characters to the front to take the damage first, then you
will have more rounds to hit him with your weapon characters.

After defeating ASHURA, Mask will leave, and you go to check up on Ki.  Walk
up to her, and you will find she is extremely sick.  Talk to the person beside
her and get the DEFENSE MAGI.  You will discover you need to go to the giant's
world and get the MICRONIZE POTION.  So, go!

World 3 (Giant's World)
MAGI: 3 + 15 you have
Walk south to the town.  Talk to everyone.  You will notice on the entrance
to the town, there is a small path on the right before the main town starts.
Go there and you will meet your DAD, talk to him and you will recieve the
THUNDER MAGI.  Continue through the path and then talk to the shop owner
in the building.  Now go back to the Cafe, and talk to Johnny.  He will 
tell you about the spot in the cliff.  As well as how you can climb up the

Now leave the town and go west and find the dark spot in the cliff.  Go in.
Check the south west house first.  Get the MAGI, and then go north east to
the house.  If it says you need more MAGI, you are missing one, go back and
get it.  Go in and climb up the shelves.  Get the potion and leave back to
world 1, and then to the Shrine.

World 4(Inside Ki)
MAGI: 7 + 18 you have
*(Six Paths)
BOSS: Phagocyt(8)
When you have the micronize potion, walk up to Ki and get it.  Go south, and
you will notice there are 4 paths, the middle 2 split to make a total of 6.
At the end of each path there is an entrance.  Go in each and pick up the 
MAGI.  Once you do you will exit to the entrance.  Once you have all 6, go
north of where you came in.  You will see a cell guarding the last MAGI.  
Defeat them and get it.  You will exit Ki automatically.  Talk to her and
leave for the furthest world you can reach through the pillar of the sky.

World 5(Apollo's World)
MAGI: 10 (DEFENSE, ...)
*(Meet Apollo!)
Walk south east to the giant castle.  Talk to Apollo, and he will give you
the DEFENSE MAGI.  As well, he will give you three clues of where the MAGI
are in this world.  Leave and head east.


ORDER UNKNOWN!!  The following is what I can remember, but not in the correct
order!! (they are all near the end)
Nasty Dungeon
There is only 1 MAGI here, but it is really helpful.  First go down into the
cave, and then pick up the MAGI in the first chest.  This is a huge dungeon
and has lots of goodies for you to pick up.  If you dare, and if you have time
go through this dungeon, making sure you check each path, and grab all of the
stuff.  You will probably need more than one trip since you will be full.  You
can make tons of money here.

The Town World
At this world, you end up in a town, no monsters.  Talk to everyone.  Now go
to the jukebox and play the "Heroic Tune".  You will be captured.  Talk to the
guard, and your father will let you free.  Walk around going to each floor 
until you find your father and take a nap.  You will wake up with a disaster.
Get out!  Your father will join you and help.  At each stairway there is a 
miniboss, defeat it and get a MAGI.  The town has been creamated.  Leave to
the beanstalk, and defeat the final boss.  

The world after
Now go to the next world.  Go through the only path until you see two people.
talk.  One is a kidnapper!  Your father will then take an ICE MAGI and defeat
the kidnapper, however it comes back to life.  Now you must defeat it with a
good olde fight.

Goto the large town with a lot of houses on the outside.   Talk to the middle
guy blocking the bridge and defeat him.  Then go northeast to the other town
across two bridges.  Talk to the detective.  Now go back to the other town
and talk to the Sword/Armour shop owner.  Buy all you can, since once you 
do the rest the owner will disappear and you cannot buy his "good stuff" any

Go south east to the docks.  Get to the middle(second), dock and walk all the
way down.  Go through the boat.  Check all the corners for chests! Get the
detective and leave the boat.

Go to the court yard south west of the first town.  Talk to the guy in the
middle.  Watch the scene, and go back to the second town.  Talk to everyone 
in the detective's house.  ....can't remember the rest.....

written by: Waiki Lee
z[email protected]

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