Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Walkthrough
Version 1.0
by Jason Wade Cato

----------What's New in this version

Version 1.0 (February 9, 1997)


I wrote this walkthrough while playing the game completely through once.
At the times I could, I wrote exactly where I was going in the game at
that time.  Other times I would explore the entire room, floor or even
dungeon to be able to give you a more direct path to the goal.   In either
case, this walkthrough should be able to get you completely through the

Please do not publish this walkthrough on your homepages before you obtain
my permission.  You may do so my e-mailing me at [email protected].

----------Stuff you need to know when reading this

1.  The numbers after the place name indicate the level(s) I was on when I
reached that particular area.  Likewise, the numbers that appear after the
"Boss" indication on a particular floor or dungeon indicate the level I
was on before I attacked the boss.

2.  I change the second character's setting to "Manual", because he/she
does unthinkable things if you let the computer have control.

3.  There are rarely any mention of monsters in this walkthrough, because
I usually wiped out everything and then made up some directions.

----------Game Basics

1.  All brown chests are re-filled after you leave the stage.  This is an
excellent way to stock up on potions early in the game.

2.  Weapons can be used on the game map by pressing A.  They are used in
the following ways:

Sword:  Used to poke things, like the blue statues in the Ice Pyramid and
the faces in the Giant Tree.

Axe:  Used to cut trees.  There may also be other uses...

Claw:  Press and hold A beside certain wall faces to climb up, down, left,
and right

--Dragon Claw:  As well as the other Claw functions, this will allow you
to grab something a long way from you and pull you to it.

Bomb:  Used to blow things up.  The Mega Grenade is able to be thrown from
a greater distance

3.  There are no random monster attacks.  Monsters never reappear in a
stage unless you leave and return.

4.  You can almost always run from a non-boss battle if at least one of
your characters is not sleeping, paralyzed, dead, or petrified.  Since all
of these are temporary conditions, running and then returning to battle
can be very beneficial.

5.  Battlefields can be skipped without completing.  Do this if you have a
party of one, but do be sure to return when you have a partner.

6.  You have no MP's in this game, unlike most other Final Fantasy games.
In FFMQ, you have a certain number of spell castings available to each of
three sets of spells: white, black, and wizard.  These numbers increase
with your levels.

7.  Jump using the B button.  You can land on numerous things, including
statues, flowers, tiles, etc.

8.  The L and R buttons switch your current weapon.  This can be done
while in battle as well.

----------Monster Characteristics

I'm not doing a complete monster list just yet, because most will be
defeated in one blow by your temporary companion, and besides, they're not
that hard.  Here's just some basic monster classes and their weaknesses.

--Slimes (Slime, Jelly, Ooze, etc.)

--Little men (Brownies, Mintmints, Red Caps, etc.)
None found

--Trees (Plant Men, Live Oaks, etc.)
Axe, Fire

--Lizards (Basilisks, Flazzards, Salamands, etc.)

--Frogs (Poison Frog, Huge Toad, etc.)

--Worms (Sand Worms, Leeches, etc.)
Axe, Quake

--Skeletons (Skeletons, Red Bones, Skuldiers, etc.)
Aero, Cure

--Birds (Roc, Hot Wings, Garudas, etc.)
Arrows/Stars, Aero

--Hedgehogs (Edgehogs, etc.)

--Hags  (Desert Hags, Water Hags, etc.)

--Centaurs  (Centaur, NiteMare, etc.)
None found

--Sphinxes (Sphinx, Mantcore, etc.)
None found

--Eyes  (Gathers, Beholders)

--Ghosts  (Ghost, Spector, etc.)
Arrows/Stars, Aero, Cure

Aero, Cure

--Boss Derivatives
These have the same weaknesses as their predecessors.  Specifics may come
in a later version.

----Beware the Ooze and the Beholder!!
These two monsters have an everlasting shield that will repel magic back
to you at full strength.  If they're with friends, be sure to use the
magic on the friend, and not the shielded monster!


- Benjamin (hereafter known as "the Hero")
Origin: Some village that's been destroyed
Main weapons and attacks: Everything you find in the game is his

The hero of the game.  He is persuaded by a weird guy on a
cloud (hereafter known as the "weird cloud guy") to restore the Crystals
of Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind.

----Supporting Characters

Each of these people will join up with the hero exactly twice during the
normal course of the game.  They're usually much higher in level than the
hero when they first meet, but their levels never increase while in the
hero's presence.

- Kaeli
Origin: Foresta
Main weapons and attacks: Axes, White magic

Kaeli joins you early in the game, and then late in the game.  She is the
only person in the World able to speak to the tree spirits.

- Tristam
Origin: ???
Main weapons and attacks: Ninja Stars, Life magic

Tristam is your everyday, run-of-the-mill treasure hunter.  He joins up
with you when he needs some treasure found, plus every so often you'll
meet him at a very convenient time.

- Phoebe
Origin: Aquaria
Main weapons and attacks: Catclaw, Bow of Grace, Black and Wizard magic

She's the granddaughter of Spencer, a person instrumental in completing
the game. You first find Phoebe trying to save Aquaria, and really getting
nowhere. She'll be your helper in the final battle at the end of the game.

- Reuben
Origin: Fireburg
Main weapons and attacks: Morning star, Life and White magic.

Reuben needs your help to free his father Arion from an earthquake
accident.  Afterwards, you help him rid Fireburg of the earthquakes once
and for all.

----------Point of no return

If you wish to continue with the game on your own, with just the basic
information I've given you and the information found at, now is your chance to bail
out, burn this walkthrough, beat the game and show your friends without
feeling guilty.

You really want to read on...?


----Hill of Destiny (1)
Here you meet the weird cloud guy, defeat a Behemoth (this sometimes takes
a while if he uses a critical attack), and leave to start your quest.

----Level Forest (1)
Talk to the weird cloud guy, and then to the old man.  Jump over him and
move the rock.  The old man will thank you and give you the Tree Wither.
Exit through the right.

----Foresta (1)
Talk to people.  Go to the upper right section of the town, and jump
across the flowers and enter the tree stump to get the Cure spell.  The
stump directly south has a bed which will be your sole source of complete
healing for a while.  The last stump is Kaeli's house.  Go in and talk to
Kaeli and show her the Tree Wither.  She'll grab her axe and join you.
Leave and head to the Level Forest.

----Level Forest (1,3)  Boss (3,3)
Kaeli will chop down a single tree so you can access the central area.
Kill, pillage and destroy monsters until you find a red tree.  Kaeli
whacks it, revealing a Minotaur.  He poisons Kaeli, then attacks you.

- Minotaur
Just kill him with conventional attacks, or the Life spell for an easy
win.  Kaeli's mom will come to take Kaeli home, but before she does, Kaeli
gives you her Axe.  Now that you have the Axe, get to the previously
blocked chests to get some Heal Potions, of which you will soon need
plenty.  Head north to the Sand Temple to get the Elixir to cure Kaeli.

----Sand Temple (3)
Bypass the first Battlefield en route.  Go in and find the red treasure
chest.  Open it to find it's empty.  At this point, Tristam comes in and
offers you the Elixir in exchange for your companionship on a treasure

----Battlefield north of Level Forest (3,7)
Mostly Mad Plants.  Put a book on the A button and grab a quick snack.
Win: 54 EXP

----Battlefield west of Sand Temple (4,7)
Mostly Poison Toads, Basilisks and Mad Plants.
Win: Charm

----Bone Dungeon (6,7)

Fight your way around the left or right, or go straight up and jump the
treasure box.  Remember that you'll need to eventually clear a path.  The
best time IS now, plus you'll get 20 Ninja Stars.

Jump across the turtle shells, go right, then down to the water.  Go left
through the bones, then up to a blocked door.  Tristam blows it open, then
offers to sell you 50 Bombs for 30 GP.  Say no and he'll cut his price in
half.  Go back to the right side to where you jumped.  To the north is a
group of bones.  Plant a bomb there, go through, and collect a Stell
Shield.  Go through the door Tristam blasted.  Continue on until you come
to some stairs to the left. Go down.

Go right to get some bombs.  Go up until you reach another bone skeleton.
Bomb it.  To the right is a secret passage with Ninja Stars.  Go back to
the left, then up and to the right to a place with moving sand.  Kill both
monsters, then go up to the cracked skeleton.  Go right, then down.  Be
sure not to step on the moving sand.

Now, go up to a skeleton head with closed teeth, and bomb it.  Go all the
way up to get some seeds.  Go back down, then go left.  Repeat previous
moving sand procedure.  In the next bone tunnel, go all the way up to get
the Quake Spell.  Go back, then right,  Go through the final bone tunnel

--B2  Boss (8,7)
Before jumping across the shell, cure yourself completely and use a Seed
on the hero if his magic is not full.  Attack the Flamerus Rex.

- Flamerus Rex

Have the hero use Quake or Cure magic on him until he falls down; have
Tristam continually fight.  Cure yourself when necessary (a good measure
is when two of the enemy's regular attacks can kill).  When Flamerus falls
down, he'll continually use Rip Earth.  Have the Hero cure the both of you
and Tristam should attack.  400 more HP of damage and he's toast.

After winning, you'll see the Crystal of Earth restored.  Tristam will
give you the Elixir.  Be sure to get the Sand Coin to the right.  Jump
back across and Tristam will leave you.  Leave the Bone Dungeon and head
for Kaeli's.

----Foresta (8)
Go to Kaeli's House and find her sick in the back bedroom.  Talk to her,
give her the Elixir, and she'll be cured.  She'll direct you to go to
Aquaria via the Focus Tower.

----Focus Tower (8)
Bypass the Battlefield en route to the Focus Tower.  Go up 9 steps, then
go left through the wall.  Talk to the weird cloud guy, who'll tell you to
find Phoebe.  Go through the nearby doorway.

Open the chest, then go to the yellow dorr.  It'll open.  Go through and
enter the door at the top.

Go left, then down to a chest with the Fire Spell.  Go back and go through
the door at the top.

----Libra Temple (8)
Bypass the Battlefield en route to the Libra Temple.  Talk to the girl
within.  It will turn out that she's Phoebe.  She'll join you.  Now head
east to Aquaria.

----Aquaria (8,15)
Bypass the two Battlefields on the way here.  Go left to the open house,
which is Phoebe's.  She'll tell you to go to the Wintry Cave to obtain the
Libra Crest.  Collect the Heal Potions and leave.  Go to the central
island, and take the left-hand bridge.   Enter the house you find along
the way.  The lady inside will sell you her Stell Helm.  Buy it, then
leave Aquaria.  Start clearing out those Battlefields.

----Battlefield east of Sand Temple (8,15)
Extremely random enemies.
Win: 150 GP

----Battlefield east of Focus Tower (8,15)
Only Mintmints.  Switch to Bombs, then just attack.
Win: 99 EXP

----Battlefield east of Libra Temple (9,15)
Mintmints and Giant Toads.  Just hack 'em to death.
Win: 300 GP

----Battlefield south of Aquaria (9,15)
Mintmints, Giant Toads and Scorpions.  Fire magic and bombs work well.
Win: Magic Ring

----Battlefield south of Wintry Cave (10, 15)
Giant Toads, Edgehogs and Scorpions.  Repeat the above.
Win: 99 EXP

----Wintry Cave (11, 15)

Note:  Be frugal with your magic in this cave, because you'll need it more
against the boss.

To the left of the entrance are some Bombs.  Go right, then up along the
wall, then to the left and down to a place where you fall (you can't stop
it from happening).  Phoebe will now give you the CatClaw.  Use it to
climb back up the wall to the point where you fell (at this point, I will
be referring to these places where you can climb the wall as "claw
ladders").  Continue left from there, then up.  The blocked door leads to
the upper deck of the boss's room.  Get the treasure within and leave.  Go
right to get another treasure box, then go back left.  Scale the wall, go
left and land on the ledge with the Edgehog.  Go down and to the left,
then up to another wall with a claw ladder.  Go down the wall, go down
more and kill the Edgehog.  Now go left, scale all the way up the wall,
and blow open the blocked door.  Go in.

Go up, then right to where the path splits.  Downward is some treasure, up
is the way out.

--3F  Boss (13,15)
This is the bosses' room.  Be sure you're fully healed before you
approach.  Don't use a Seed unless you REALLY need to.

- Squidite
Have Phoebe take out the two Sparnas with her Bow.  The Hero should just
attack for now.  When the Sparnas die, have the Hero cure damage when
necessary, or fight if you're healthy.  Phoebe should use Thunder Magic.
He'll go quickly.  Take the Libra Crest and leave for the Libra Temple.

----Libra Temple/Life Temple (13,15)
Go onto the Libra tile and warp to the Life Temple.  You'll notice there's
no more Wakewater.  Go up through the door to find the weird cloud guy.
He'll give you all that's left of the Wakewater.  Now head to Aquaria.

----Aquaria (13,15)
You'll automatically walk to the central island fern upon entering.
Phoebe will use the Wakewater, which will miraculously revive...the fern.
Now you can buy Cure potion from the man in the Inn.  Rest there now to
restore your magic.  Now, head for the Falls Basin

----Battlefield west of Wintry Cave (13,15)
Mostly Desert Hags.  Fire does wonders.
Win: 600 GP

----Falls Basin (14,15)  Boss (15,15)
Push the ice block 9 spaces up, 7 left and one more up.  Go through the
Ice passageway and jump across the large gap to the left using the ice
block you just moved.  Go down, kill two monsters, and reach another Ice
block.  Move it 4 spaces right and 2 up.  Go back to the left, up the
small stairs and go right, jumping across the ice block.  Kill the Lamia
you find.  Push this block three spaces to the left.  Go back to the block
you just jumped on and move it 2 spaces up and 11 to the right. Go back to
the left, then down to the right, past the last ice block, up the small
stairs and jump across THIS ice block.  Go up, through another icy
passageway.  Upon exiting, you'll see a place where you should jump
to the left.  Push the ice block you had stranded near the entrance 1
space left, 1 up, 2 left, 11 up, 4 right and 2 more up.  Go back on the
ledge and jump across this ice block.  Cure yourself before you go
against this boss.

- Snow Crab

Use Fire.  On everything.  After the Desert Hags die, have the Hero cure
or use Fire, and have Phoebe use Thunder, or Fire if she runs out of
Wizard Magic.  After he dies, get the Heal Spell from the red chest.
Phoebe will teach you how to use Jumbo Bombs before you leave here.

----Battlefield north of Falls Basin (15,15)
Lamias, Desert Hags and Mages lurk here.  Fire and Bombs work nicely.
Win: 540 EXP

----Ice Pyramid (15,15)
Note:  Again, be frugal with your magic, because there's a LOT of enemies

Upon entering, walk to the blue statue and poke it with your sword.  Go
through the door, go right, down, and right until you find the last
possible place where you can go up.  Go up, then go right, and you'll have 
to face two invisible monsters before you get the Magic Mirror, which lets
you see the rest of the enemies.

Now, for the sake of brevity, I'll just use the following doors to lead
you.  All of these doors lead to floor 2F.

a) Stairs located to the right of the enclosed place with 6 blue statues:
leads to a room with 10 arrows.
b) Stairs located to the right of the same place: leads to a room with 3
Heal potions.
c) Westside stairs: leads to a lot of enemies and several treasure boxes
d) Northside stairs: leads to a single chest
e) Eastside stairs: this door will let you go on.

First go right.  This path lets you access a blue statue to open another
door within the room.  Now take the left path.  The first open door takes
you to a room with Arrows and Bombs.  Go further, through the door you
opened, and then left.  Go up the stairs.

Take a left, then go down and up the stairs, which will take you up to 5F.
From there, go left, collect the chests, then press up until you fall.
You should be in the middle part of floor 4F.  Kill an enemy on each side,
left and right to get the red chest holding the Noble Armor and the way
out.  Go back up the stairs to 5F

This time, do NOT fall off the edge.  Go right, then around the loops
until you get to the center of the room.  To the left and up are chests.
After retrieving them, go back to the center and put a bomb on the
discolored crack.  Fall down the hole it leaves.  Continue to fall until
you reach the room with the 6 blue statues on floor 1F.  Poke any of them,
then fall.

Try to move, and you'll be attacked, so move down.  Kill the Lamia and
collect your Knight Sword and the other treasure.  Equip the claw, climb
up to where the big ice thing is, and chat.  Now, go to the lower right
corner, go down the stairs to go beneath the floor.  Put bombs in front of
the two door-like things to make them disappear.  Blast the one on the
left side too, then enter the real door.  Equip the claw and go up.

--5F  Boss (16,15)
Poke the blue statue to gain access to the other chests.  Fall off the
edge to get them, but they're hardly worth it.  Go in the door and engage
the boss.  Don't hesitate to use your remaining seeds now.

- Ice Golem
He's Ice.  Use Fire.  He'll melt.  Cure if you must, but don't worry too
much.  He's a cinch.  The Crystal of Water now shines.  Phoebe leaves for
Aquaria.  Collect the contents of the red chest and do the same.

----Aquaria/Spencer's Place (16)
Take the stairs into the water upon entry.  Go through either opening
under Phoebe's house to get to Spencer's Place.  Once in, just follow the
paths until you find Spencer.  He'll tell you about Captain Mac's ship and
the Venus Shield.  Before you leave, he'll give you the Venus Key and tell
you to head to Fireburg.

----Focus Tower (16)
Access the Focus Tower by going north at the Libra Temple.  Skip all
Battlefields for the time being.  Go downstairs at the first opportunity.

Talk to the weird cloud guy.  He'll tell you to look for Reuben and points
to the statue.  Blast to door and get the Venus Shield.  Push the statue
two spaces left, 5 down, and 5 more left.  Continue left to get the
Blizzard Spell.  Exit the Tower and re-enter using the other entrance.  Go

Go back to the left, through the yellow door and open the blue one.  Go
upstairs, then down.  Jump across the statue you moved, then go left and
up the stairs you find there.  On floor 3F, exit the Tower.

----Fireburg (16)
You'll need to skip three Battlefields before getting here.  You'll find
Tristam in the Hotel.  The guy in the right-hand ticket booth sells seeds.
Buy about 20 now, and more whenever you have an excess of fundage.  The
house next-door belongs to Reuben.  Talk to him and he'll join you.  Now
go down the claw ladder in front of the Hotel.  The house there is locked.
Now, talk to Tristam in the Hotel.  He'll give you the Multi-Key.  Go back
to the locked house and enter.  Arion's friend will teach you about Mega
Grenades and tell you to go to the Mine.  The final house in the town has
a lady who'll sell you a Battle Axe.  Buy it, then leave town after
getting any other supplies you may need.

----Battlefield north of Libra Temple (16,23)
Mostly Phanquids and Sphinxes.  Just hold down A.
Win: Exit Spell

----Battlefield north of Wintry Temple (17,23)
Mostly Freezer Crabs and Gathers.  Just hold down A again.
Win: 744 EXP

----Battlefield west of Focus Tower, Fireburg side (17,23)
Just Jellies.  Again, hold down A.
Win: 900 GP

----Next Battlefield (17,23)
Mostly Stingrats and Jellies.  More with the A holding down.
Win: Gemini Crest

----Battlefield east of Fireburg (17,23)
Just Plant Men.  You get to hold down the A button again!
Win: 816 EXP

----Battlefield west of Fireburg (18,23)
Plant Men and Flazzards.  Axe the Plant Men, Blizzard the Flazzards.
Win: 1200 GP

----Battlefield south of Mine (19,23)
Flazzards and some Red Caps.  Still no biggie.
Win: Thunder Spell

----Mine (19,23)  Boss (20,23)
Now that you have access to all the seeds you'll ever need, you can be
much less frugal with your magic.  Anyway, this stage is pretty straight
forward.  The only item you must get is the Charm Claw.  To get it, from
the start go up, then right, then down to a place with two Red Bones.  The
blocked door holds the Charm Claw.  The place you need to go to is at the
far right, and is guarded by a boss.

- Jinn
First get those Red Bones out of the way.  Now just have Reuben attack
every turn or use Life when one of your HP levels get low.  Have the Hero
use Thunder whenever possible, or use Mega Grenades.  Cure when necessary.
After his demise, go in the door and go right to the edge where you see a
large boulder and Arion, Reuben's dad.  Reuben will throw a Mega Grenade
to move the boulder and Arion will leave to Fireburg.  Do the same, but
make a stop elsewhere first.

----Sealed Temple (20,23)
Here there is a Gemini tile that will warp you to the blocked off room in
the Wintry Temple.  The weird cloud guy is also here, and gives you a clue
(kind of).  Now go to Fireburg.

----Fireburg (20,23)
Go to Reuben's House and talk to Arion.  He'll tell you to go to the Lava
Dome.  Heal yourself, get more Seeds, and go there.

----Battlefield west of Volcano (20, 23)
Red Bones, Zombies and Ghosts dwell here.  Mega Grenades and the Cure
spell will do the trick.
Win: 1200 EXP

----Volcano (20,23)  Boss (22, 23)
First head right, then up.  Go through the door on the left and work your
way left to the red chest with the White Spell within.  This spell will
now become your new best friend.  Get the rest of the junk on this right
side, and go up the stairs to the foggy level.  Collect the chest that you
can get to and go back to the beginning of the stage.  This time, go left,
then up, jump across a small gap to the right, and go up the stairs.  On
this foggy level, go left and follow that path to obtain the Mask.  Go
right to get to the boss.

- Medusa
Get rid of her flunkies first, then go to work on her.  Have the Hero cast
White whenever possible and have Reuben attack or use Life on whomever
needs curing or healing.  After she dies, take the stairs to exit the

----Lava Dome (22,23)
At the start, go right and down the stairs there, then down the next set
of stairs to the right.  Go into the door to the left.  Go up a bit, and
you'll see a red chest on the right.  Go that way.  When you find the
rock blocking your path, throw a Mega Grenade at it.  Collect the Life
Spell.  Go back to teh left, and up to the next level using the Claw.  To
the upper left is a path leading to bombs, the lower left is the way out.
Note that you can jump over the gold blocks.

When you exit the room, you'll be on a small ledge.  Use the Claw to lower
yourself down, then drop.  This brings you back to the door you had
previously entered.

Now, drop down one more level using the Claw.  Go left, then up.  Go up
the stairs here, then go left.  The stairs along the way lead to the
entrance and to a small treasure room with bombs.  Continue left to a
door.  Go in.

Inside, go up, to the right where there's a lot of monsters surrounding
three treasure boxes.  Continue right, then down along that pathway
leading to some exit stairs.  Go down, then along this pathway until you
reach an exit.  Here there is a switch that will open the large doors to
the Boss Chamber.  Hit it, then retrace your steps to the three treasure
boxes surrounded by monsters.

Here, go to the upper left corner and start jumping across the tiles
floating in the lava.  Again, Mega Grenade the rock.  Go up the stairs in
the upper left corner.  This path leads directly to the Moon Helm.  Now,
retrace your steps back to the three chests, only this time exit the room.

Upon exiting, drop down to the next ledge using the Claw, and go down the
stairs.  You should now be able to see the switch you just pushed.  Go
right, down the stairs to a chest, then back up and through the door to
the left.

Follow the path through the first room.  In the second room, go up to get
some treasure, then come back down and go left.  Make your way to the
small set of stairs and go up to the next elevation.  Go left to get some
Heal potions, then go right and down until you find a break in the wall.
Jump across the gap here.  Go up to exit the room.  The next room has a
lot of monsters, but is easy to go through.

Now, go up with the Claw to kill a single monster if you care to, or go
left, up the stairs, and in the door.  Once inside, go down the big
stairway, and into the next room.  In the next room go down the small
stairs to the right, then as far dwon as you can go along the right side.
Go up these small stairs, jump across a gap to the left and go down.  This
door leads you to a treasure trove.  Collect everything and leave
(including the chest outside).  Back in the previous room, go up, jump to
the right, up some more, jump right, up still more, then go right and down
the stairs.  Continue down, then right and up those stairs.  Now go right,
down, jump left across a gap, continue left, down, jump right, and down
the stairs.  Use the exit.

--Boss Chamber  Boss (25,23)
Once outside, go right and you'll be at the big doors.  Go in and up.
Jump to the right and follow that path to some Cure potions.  Jump to the
left, then up to another larger section.  There's Cure potions to the
leftand up, then go right to get to the Boss.  Be sure to cure yourself
completely before you attack.

- Dualhead Hydra
Have the Hero use White whenever possible.  Reuben should use Life on
whomever need curing, or else he should feed Seeds to the Hero.  He's not
too hard.  After he dies, you'll see the Crystal of Fire be restored.
Reuben mentions another crystal in Windia, to the southeast of the Focus
Tower.  You'll see the Volcano erupt and spew lava over some of the
eastern mountains.  After that's done with, collect the contents of the
red chest and jump to the right.  Continue along this path until you have
exited the Lava Dome.

----Battlefield east of Volcano (25,23)
Iflytes and Sthenos here.  VERY dangerous.  Use the most powerful attacks
you have.
Win: 1068 EXP

----Focus Tower (26,23)
Enter via the lower level Aquarian entrance.  Go down the stairs.

Go down through the yellow door and go to the purple door.  Open it, then
talk to the weird cloud guy, who'll tell you to go to Windia.  Go down the
nearby stairs

--B1/Doom Castle
Follow this path, which leads into level B2 of Doom Castle.  You get to
fight a semi-advanced monster here.  Kill it, collect the Aero Spell from
the red chest, and go back to level 1F.  Now, go down and exit the Focus

----Rope Bridge (26,23)
Start walking across, and a monster will appear.  Reuben boldly confronts
him, and then is boldly thrown off the bridge.  Kill the monster, and
you'll try to get to Reuben, who is now trapped on a ledge.  He'll tell
you to go on.  Do so, but you'll be stopped by Tristam, who'll join you
again.  Exit the stage by going to the right, but keep an eye out for some
treasure chests at the bottom of vines.

----Alive Forest (26,23)
Chop down trees like mad when you get in.  You can find a Mobius tile and
a Libra Tile in here, both of wich get you to the treasure rooms that look
like trees with the tile atop them.  Make your way downward, across a big
bridge.  head down and to the right, then down more, choping many a tree
along the way.  Keep going down and you'll find the Giant's Axe.  Go up a
ways and to the right until you find a giant tree with a face.   Talk to
it, but it will not respond.  Tristam suggests you find Kaeli, whereupon
the hero claims she has traveled to Aquaria.  Exit and go there.

----Aquaria (26,23)
Go to Phoebe's house upon arrival.  You'll find Kaeli in bed and Phoebe
tending to her.  Phoebe will tell you to go see Spencer.  Now head to
Spencer's Place.  When you talk to Spencer, he and Tristam will start
talking about treasure hunting, and they'll bolt, but first, Tristam will
give you the Dragon Claw.  Phoebe comes down, puts a bomb somewhere, and
caves in Spencer's Place.  SHE leaves, telling you to take care of Kaeli.
Go back to Phoebe's house and talk to Kaeli.  She joins.  Go back to the
Alive Forest.

----Alive Forest (26,31)
Talk to the Giant Tree again.  With Kaeli in your party, he's a bit more
cooperative, and tells you to kill the monsters within him to gain passage
to Windia.

----Giant Tree (26,31)

There's a claw ladder in the upper-right area of the room.  Go up there.
The Y-shaped sticks can be grabbed with the Dragon Claw and will haul you
across larger gaps.  Make your way to the northern door.

From the entrance, take a path downward and to the right to get the Meteor
spell, however you'll need to go through a room filled with mushrooms to
get there, which can be whacked with the Axe.  Collect the spell and
leave.  Now, back at the entrance to floor 2F, go left and downward to a
Y-shaped stick.  Cross the gap.  Take either claw ladder to access the
central area with a closed mouth/door.  Poke at it with the Sword to open.

Go down the claw ladder to get some treasure if you wish, then return to
the entrance, turn left and cross the gap there.  Go down, to the right,
then up to a closed door.  Poke it and go through.  Now you should be in a
mushroomed room with lots of Leeches.  Just make your way to the exit in
here.  When you're back in the regular floor 3F, go down the vine that's
to the left and downward.

Collect the chest that's downward and exit upwards.

Go up to the claw ladder and climb as far right and up as you can go.
Now, release the A button and press and hold it again as fast as possible.
Do the same thing twice more, then go all he way up to the door.

Take either the path to the left or down; they both lead to the same
place.  Here there are three doors, one of them closed.  The closed door
leads to a single treasure chest.  The other two lead to the same place.
Take either of those two doors, then follow the path until you reach
another door.  You should find yourself right above the left-most door of
the previous three.  Go up, right, and then down to a place near a
Y-shaped stick.  Cross the gap downward for some treasure chests, then go
back up, and go up the claw ladder.  Go through the door.

--5F Boss (30,31)
Turn right or left and go up from there.  The boss is nearby.

- Gidrah
Use Meteor and Aero the whole time.  Remember to cure if needed.  After
his death, talk to the closed door.  The Giant Tree will thank you and
will carry you for a ways.  When he's done, use Exit.

----Kaidge Temple (30,31)
Stop here for a clue from the weird cloud guy and some Cure Potions.

----Windia (30,31)
The first house to the left has a woman selling a Cupid Locket.  Buy it.
You can talk to the weather vane atop the Inn.  After browsing around, go
to Otto's house, with is the first house to the right.  Otto will tell you
his daughter, Norma, is stuck in Pazuzu's Tower until the winds from Mount
Gale stop.  Head to Mount Gale, but first go through those two

----Battlefield west of Kaidge Temple (30,31)
Mostly Oozes and Skuldiers.  Aero the Skuldiers, Bomb the Oozes.
Win: 2808 EXP

----Battlefield south of Windia (30,31)
Lots of WaterHags, some Vampires.  Use your stronges attacks.  This one
takes a while
Win: 2700 EXP

----Windhole Temple (32,31)
Grab some Heal Potions here.  Not much else.

----Mount Gale (32,31)  Boss (32,31)
From the entrance take the third staircase you pass by.  Go up the next
two flights of stairs, then up to a place where you can cross a gap using
the Dragon Claw.  Do so, then jump the gap to the right, then go down,
down two flights of stairs, then to the right and dwon another flight of
stairs.  Go up to get a treasure box, then go back down, dwon another
flight of stairs, then right, up two flights of stairs, and go left across
the uppermost section of the broken bridge.  Use the Dragon Claw to cross
the gap upwards, collect the Apollo Helm, then jump across the gap to the
left, and cross downwards with the Dragon Claw.  Head to the middle
section of the bridge, then circle around to the bottom section, then head
left.  The boss is just ahead (actually, he DOESN'T have a head, but he's

- Dullahan
Both of you use Aero the first round to kill the Vampires.  Now, use
Meteor while Kaeli uses Aero or cures.  He likes instant death spells, so
be careful.  After he dies, use Exit.

----Windia (32,31)
The wind has stopped now.  The old woman walking around north of the Inn
will sell you seeds.  Talk to Otto again.  He powers up the Rainbow Road
and gives you a clue about the elevator switches.  Go to Pazuzu's Tower.

----Pazuzu's Tower (32,31)
Talk to the little girl standing on a platform to the right.  She is
Norma, and she now returns home.

First go up and have a little chat with Pazuzu.  He bolts.  Then go
through the door to the right of where Norma was standing.  Go through the
door in the next room, then up an extremely long staircase.

From here, go left, past the elevator, and down, then to the right to get
20 Mega Grenades.  Then come back and go through the door you passed on
your way down.  Go up another extremely long staircase.

Just take a straight shot to the next door.  Here, again, go up an
extremely long staircase, but you may have a bit of trouble with those
Manticors.  Try to be considerably cured before engaging any of them.

Go left, cross a gap going upwards, and go right, up a small set of
stairs.  Go right, down a small set of stairs, and go either up or down,
because both will take you to the same place.  Take the stairs you find

From the bottom set of stairs, go left and get the Flare Spell.  Go back
to the blocked door near the stairs, blast it open, and go through.
Continue up until you reach a switch.  Whach it with your Axe.  The
elevator should now be closed.  Go back down, to the left past the red
chest, up and down the stairs.

Go down, to the right, and jump a small gap.  There's some treasure to the
right; after getting that, go up and then down the stairs.

Go down, through a door to the right and up to get the Excalibur Sword.
Go back out, to the left and through two doors to get to two chests.  Go
back through one door, turn left, go up, and nail this switch with your
Axe.  You should again see the elevator close.  Now, go down, to the
right, down again and down the stairs.

Go up, use the Dragon Claw to cross the gap, and go down the stairs.

Go right, down to access some treasure chests, then up to the elevator
switch.  You should be able to see Pazuzu in the elevator.  Whack the
switch, then go down, past the stairs going up, then to the left, down
through a door, and left.  Go through the open door to get to two things: 
a) the other staircase between flors 2F and 4F and b) a treasure room with
6 Cure potions, 3 Heal potions and 3 Refreshers.  After doing all that you
must blast the blocked door and follow the path to Pazuzu.  Talk to him.
He flees once again.  Go back down, to the right, up through the door, and
down the stairs.

You should recognize this as the Tower entrance.  Use the Dragon Claw to
cross the gap, then go down the small staircase.  Go right, up through the
door, into another door, and continue on up to Floor 3F

--3F  Boss (34,31)
This time, when you talk to Pazuzu, he can't run anymore, so he'll fight
you.  Be prepared!

- Pazuzu
Use mostly Flare and Aero against him, but stop all magic attacks and
fight with weapons when his Psychshield is up (after about three or four
rounds of attack).  You'll need to cure a bit more often against him.
Keep at it and you'll prevail.  When he dies, you'll go all the way up the
elevator to level 7F.  Watch the Crystal of Wind shine again.  Collect the
Sky Coin and cast Exit.

----Windia (34,31)
Go talk to Otto about Captain Mac.  When you do, Reuben comes in and
claims he saw a stairway to the top of the Focus Tower.  Otto tells you to
set off a bomb in Spencer's Place to release water to fill up the dry lake
and tells you to get the Thunder Rock from Fireburg.  Kaeli leaves you to
take care of Norma, and Reuben joins.  Go to Fireburg now.

----Fireburg (34,31)
Go to Reuben's house and talk to Arion.  He'll give you the Thunder Tock.
Take it back to Windia.

----Windia (34,31)
Go talk to Otto again.  He'll go power up the Rainbow Road so you can go
to Spencer's Place.  Go there now by way of Pazuzu's Tower.

----Spencer's Place (34,31)
Reuben throws a Mega Grenade to the left upon entry, filling up the lake
and freeing Mac's Ship.  However, the Mobius Crest is in here, so don't
leave just yet.  Take the land path all the way up and to the left.  Go
down a small claw ladder, then go left and up along the waterway until you
see another claw ladder.  Go up on land again and throw a Mega Grenade at
the blocked door.  Go back to the entrance, only this time jump across the
stone tile to the left.  Blow away this blocked door, go in and warp using
the Libra Tile.  Now, go through the door and make your way left, through
the door you previously blasted, and collect the Mobius Crest.  Step on
the tile to warp you back to the entrance, and leave.

----Windia (34,31)
Go to Otto's house and talk to Kaeli, who's tending to Norma at the
moment.  She'll give you the Captain Cap to show to Mac when you find him.
Exit Otto's house and go to the house near the old woman who sells seeds.
Go down the stairs within and step on the Mobius tile to warp to the Ship
Dock.  Board the ship by pressing A while in front of it.

----Mac's Ship (34,31)
If you're at the level shown, you're already in excellent shape for the
end of the game.  If not, take the stairs near the entrance and fight
around down there for a while, picking up some spare items along the way.
When you feel your level is good enough, go to the steering wheel in the
center of the ship.  From here, go up, to the right, and left.  Push the
barrel down far enough so you can access this inner room.  Climb up the
post up to where it's crossed by another.  Here, hand a right, then start
up the rope.  Now go left and down.  Go down the stairs in the upper left
section of the room.  Go down the next set as well.

Just go downstairs, then up the stairs.  Keep going down and taking stairs
until you hit floor B1 for the third time.

Get the Gaia's Armor from the red chest.  Now go down and talk to Mac.
He'll notice you have the Captain Cap.  Here's where Kaeli comes down and
starts worrying.  Reuben also falls due to his previous injury.  You'll
leave the ship now.  You'll meet Spencer and Tristam on your way out.
Spencer mentions Phoebe's waiting to see you in Windia.  Go there now.

----Windia (35,31)
Go to the Inn.  Phoebe's waiting at the table near the door.  She sends
Reuben to bed and joins you herself.  Now go upstairs and talk to Mac.  He
tells you that you still must beat the Dark King atop the Focus Tower and
to go there using his ship.  Do so.

----------Final Stage Warning

This message is followed by complete instructions on defeating the last
stage of the game.  If you wish to continue, do so, but you'll have a
guilty feeling for the rest of your natural life that you had to rely on a 
walkthrough to help you complete the easiest RPG ever created.

I'll read on, you say...?
You're sure about this...?
Don't say I didn't warn you...

----Doom Castle (35,34)
You'll enter Doom Castle by going into the Focus Tower from Mac's Ship.

--B2  Boss (35,34)
Go left from the entrance, then up quite a bit.  Soon you'll see many
staircases going down.  Take the very last one first.  You should slide
across the sand until you hit some bones.  Use the Dragon Claw to pull
yourself to the stairs to the right.  Now go up.  Cross both of the gaps
to the left, then go down the claw ladder.  When you come to rest against
the bones, go right one space.  Collect the contents of the chest, then go
left one space.  Throw a Mega Grenade at the bones to the left, then use
the Dragon Claw to get to the stairs.  Fight the boss above.

- Skullrus Rex
Just use Flare and White.  You shouldn't even need to cure during the
battle.  DO cure after the battle, 'cause it ain't over yet!  Go up
through the door.

--B1 Focus Tower
Circle around and take the other stairs going up.  When you hit floor 1F,
open the green door and proceed.

----Doom Castle
Now the real fun starts!  You get to go through three more areas
reminicient of the old dungeon.  Head for the first.

--4F  Boss (36, 34)

Poke the blue statue with your sword, then go through the door.  Go left
and down until you can jump left.  Poke the statue, go through the door,
and poke the next statue.  Go back to the original entrance to the big
room, this time go right.  Jump down over the loop, use the claw to cross
over the gap to the right.  Go through that room, jump upwards over the
gap, go left and down.  Use the claw to cross the gap downwards, then go
left and up to the blue statue.  Poke it, then go back dwon, to the right,
up, jump across a gap to the right, and take the second path up to the
blue statue, then go through the first.  Go through the recently opened
door therein and poke the blue statue you find.  Retrace your steps back
to the first claw ring you come across, which should be in the middle of a
3x3 square.  Go right, cross the chasm using the claw downwards, through
the doors, jump across the gap, go up, left, down and back up through the
door on the left.  Go left, down, left to a glue statue, then right, down
until you can jump left, then left, jump a small gap, continue left,
thendown and through the doors.  Now, jump upwards, through another room.
Here you can use the Claw to cross the large gap.  Cure yourself, then go
up and fight the boss.

- Stone Golem
Just attack with White and cure when necessary.  Beware of the Corrode
Gas.  After he dies, make your way out of the room.  You should be able to
access the next flight of stairs to the next room.

--5F Boss (36,34)
Go to the edge of the lave.  Jump up 4 times, right 8 times then go down
using the Dragon Claw.  Go to the other lava edge, jump up four times, go
to the left lava edge, jump left thrice, down four, go left using the
Claw, jump up six times, loop around and head left, then down, right, and
up to the right lava ledge.  Use the Dragon Claw, go up, and jump up twice
more to meet the boss.

- Twinhead Wyvern
Use Meteor and White against him.  His Fire Breath is semi-lethal towards
Phoebe.  Remember to cure yourself.  After he dies, go to the left to get
out.  The next level should now be open.

--6F Boss (36,34)
Be careful around the edges here, because you can fal down a level and
have to start over.

From the start, go up, right, down, and up the small staircase.  Go right,
up, left for quite a ways, then up, right, down a small staircase and up
through a door.  Continue up, then right for quite a ways, then down,
through a door, then right, up at the first possible point, up a small
staircase, then down, left, up, left for a while, then down and to the
right until you hit the boss.

- Zuh
Have both cahracters use White for the first rounds until the underlings
die.  Then, switch to Flare and White.  Remember that Zuh, like Pazuzu,
has a Psychshield, which only lasts two rounds but will do ungood things
if you attack it with magic.  After his demise, retrace your steps.  You
might even fall in the holes to make a trip through the Lava stage, which
may be easier.  You can now access the final door

--Doom Castle  Boss (36,34)
Go straight up to the statue.  The four crystals you restored come and
open the way to the Dark King.  Collect all of the treasure before you go

- Dark King
You get to choose between two ways of killing the Dark King:

a) The Chicken way:
Have the hero use Cure magic on the Dark King.  Are you ready for, say,
32000 HP OF DAMAGE!!!  Give us a challenge, PLEASE!!

b) The Real way:
Use Flare and White for two rounds.  The Dark King will mock you, then
change into a spider like thing with weapons in each hand.  Now, cure all
wounds and make sure they stay that way.  Use Refreshers if ever he lowers
any of your attributes.  That taken care of, resume the Flare and White
treatment.  Soon, he'll change into a real spider.  Now, have Phoebe cure
the both of you at every turn, and the hero continue to use Flare.  He'll
later change into an Octopus thing, letting you know he'll die soon.
Continue with the attacking, and you'll succeed.

----End of Game (36,34)
Watch the hands-down cheesiest ending SquareSoft ever came up with, tell
everyone within a shouting distance about your success, and reward
yourself with a trip to the refrigerator.


All items, weapons, spells, armors, monsters, characters, places, and the
like mentioned, described or explained within were created by and are
copyrighted by Square Co, Ltd.  This walkthrough is not endorsed by Square
Co. Ltd. or Nintendo.


I'd like to thank all of those people who kept asking me about Falls Basin
and Spencer's Place, without whom I'd never have decided to lose countless
hours of sleep trying to write this.


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