FAMICOM       198?
			FAQ  & Walkthrough

			Created by KuZap 
			[email protected]
Version 1.1     May 1997        Created with DOS Edit (72 H, 21 V)                                               
Table of Contents

1: About FF3j
		1.1: What is FF3j?
		1.2: What Final Fantasy is 3j most like?
		1.3: What platform/Where can I get FF3j?
		1.4: Questions about Emulators
		1.5: What is this 'Translated' Version I hear about?
2: Inside FF3j                
		2.1: What Classes are Available?
		2.2: What Magic can be found/bought in FF3j?
		2.3: What Items can be found/bought in FF3j?
		2.35:What Special (Plot) items can be found in FF3j?
		2.4: What Weapons can be found/bought in FF3j?
		2.5: What Armor can be found/bought in FF3j?
		2.6: What are the Various Races in Final Fantasy?
		2.65:What are the Companions that Travel with you?
		2.67:How is Travel Accomplished?
		2.7: General FF Strategy Tips
		2.75:What the hell is a Fat Chocobo?
		2.8: How do I play the game?
		2.9: Questions from those who do not speak Japanese

3: About the FF3j Faq
		3.1: Whats with some of the weird names?
		3.2: How can I help?
		3.3: Thanks to...

4. Walkthrough
		4.01: Saidan Cave
		4.02: Uru Town
		4.03: Kazusu Town
		4.04: Desert Area
		4.05: Sasoon Castle
		4.06: Fuuin Cave
		4.07: Sasoon Castle (Revived)
		4.08: Kazuzu Town (Revived)
		4.09: The Big Rock
		4.10: Kanaan Village
		4.11: San-cho Mountain
		4.12: Forest of Midgets
		4.13: Tozasu Town
		4.14: The Cave
		4.15: Viking Hideout
		4.16: Niputu Shrine
		4.17: Viking Hideout (Revisited)
		4.18: To-Kuru Village
		4.19: Kodaijiin Field (Village)
		4.20: Living Forest
		4.21: Gurugan's Tribe Canyon
		4.22: Argass Castle
		4.23: Ooehn Tower
		4.24: Gisairu Town
		4.25: Dwarf Cave
		4.26: Fire Cave
		4.27: Dwarf Cave (Revisited)
		4.28: To-Kuru Village (Revisited)
		4.29: Highn Castle
		4.30: Living Forest
		4.31: Argass Castle (Revived)
		4.32: Kanaan Town (Revisited)
		4.33: Fly off!
		4.34: Tozasu Town (Revisited)
		4.35: Solitary Island
		4.36: Crystal Shrine
		4.37: Kraken Cave
		4.38: Port Town & Sewers
		4.39: Golden Mansion
		4.40: Symphonia Village
		4.41: Town of the Callers 
		4.42: Kingdom of Salonia
		4.43: Castle Salonia
		4.44: The Sleeping Lady
		4.45: Castle de Moogle
		4.46: Mahoujinn Cave
		4.47: Water Shrine 1
		4.48: Water Shrine 2
		4.49: Magic Merchant Village
		4.50: Water Shrine 3
		4.51: The Sleep Lady (Revisited)
		4.52: Swamp Cave
		4.53: Paladea
		4.54: Cave of the Leviathan
		4.55: Cave of the Bahamut
		4.56: Cave of the Ordeals
		4.57: Statues of the Quest
		4.58: Crystal Tower & The Light Complex
		4.59: Castle de Moogle (Revisited)
		4.60: The Secret of Eureka
		4.61: Crystal Tower
		4.62: Final Maze
		4.63: The Goddess of Evil
		4.64: Finale [Ending Spoiler! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!]

1.1     What is FF3j?

Final Fantasy IIIj is the japanese Final Fantasy III, released for the
Famicom (known as NES in North America).  The j differentiates the name
from Final Fantasy III, a North American SNES game.  This chart describes
the differences:

Key:    NES: Nintendo Entertainment System
	SNES: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
	FAM: Nintendo Famicom (Japanese NES)
	SFAM: Super Famicom   (Japanese SNES)
	PSX: Sony Playstation

North America           Japan
Final Fantasy 1 (NES)   Final Fantasy 1 (FAM)
*Not released           Final Fantasy 2 (FAM)                
*Not released           Final Fantasy 3 (FAM)
Final Fantasy 2 (SNES)  Final Fantasy 4~(SFAM)
*Not released           Final Fantasy 5 (SFAM)
Final Fantasy 3 (SNES)  Final Fantasy 6 (SFAM)
Final Fantasy 7 (PSX)   Final Fantasy 7 (PSX)

(Note: Titles designated with an asterisk (*) are planned for a north
       american release by Square, but nothing decisive has been 
       confirmed.  The tilde (~) on FF4 designates that it is   
       substantially different from the North American Version. See
       the Final Fantasy IV faq for more information.)  
1.2     What Final Fantasy is 3j most like?
Final Fantasy 3j is most like Final Fantasy I. Characters are named,
classes are chosen, etc.  However, it is also the start of many Square

-Moogles make their first appearance; relatively untouched compared
 to their FFVI followers.

-Chocobo's are available in two types: White (for movement) 
 and Fat (for storage). 

-The Debut of several mainstay classes like Dragoon's and Caller's.
1.3     What/Where can I get FF3j?
Final Fantasy 3j (FF3j) was originally made for the famicom.  However,
due to the extreme age of this title, it has become extremely rare.  

Recently, several new platforms have popped up for playing this title. 
Supposedly, Square plans to release it on the Sony Playstation. Also,
it is available for NES emulators, although the legality of such things
are  If you recognize these legal issues, but still 
wish to take it on, several internet sites carry both the full japanese 
version and a partially translated version for those who are not 

1.4     What Emulators?
Emulators are computer programs that are programmed to 'behave' like
your video game system (in this case).  By using quasi-legal rom
dumping hardware to put the .rom file on a computer, it becomes
possible for the emulators to play games.  Legal or not, there
are sites on the internet that carry these games.  
With this in mind, I nor any other FAQ I know of
will let you know the location of these sites.  Find it yourself!

1.5     What is this "Translated" FFIIIj I hear about?

	A group of people on the internet (who shall remain nameless
	unless they ask otherwise) have managed to alter a copy
	of the FFIIIj rom.  The alteration they have performed has in
	fact translated a great deal of the game.

	Translated:     Class Names
			Stat Screen words
			Weapon Names (89%)
			Armor Names  (80%)
			Item Names   (99%)
			Magic Names  (87%)
			Text         (2%)

	Why is the whole game not translated?  
	In many ways,
	the english language is much bigger than the japanese
	language.  While it may take 4 letters for the word 
	"Boom", the same word can be usually be accomplished
	with one japanese symbol.  One symbol is worth the same
	in terms of file space as one letter of the english 
	alphabet, so a lot more space is usually needed for 
	But I surely have enough hard drive space.  Why can't
	it all fit?
	ROM's have a special
	code inbedded in them so the ROM can check its file size
	when in use.  If the file size is wrong, the ROM realizes
	it is damaged and will not work.  While this is fine for
	cartridges, its a problem for emulators that cannot yet
	be avoided.   

2.1     What are the classes (jobs) available in FF3j?
Weapon Type: Type of equippable weapon
Armor Rank: Weak (cant equip much) Medium (so so) and Strong (lots)
Commands:  Available battle commands  
Strengths:  Level up and stat strong points
Special:    Special ability
Use:       Recommended use
  Onion Kid
Weapon Type: Sword/Knife
Armor Rank:  Weak
Commands:    Fight/Parry/Run/Item
Strengths:   none
Special:     none
Use:         Upgrade ASAP.  These guys suck like no other!
Weapon Type: Sword
Armor Rank:  Strong
Commands:    Fight/Parry/Run/Item
Strengths:   Attack Power/Defense/HP
Special:     None
Use:         Forget about shields and put a sword in
	     each hand.  Battles are much easier that

Weapon Type: Sword
Armor Rank:  Strong
Commands:    Fight/Parry/Run/Item
Strengths:   Attack Power/Defense/HP
Special:     Guard -protects other party members when they are weak
Use:         Dual Swords make for a happier soldier. Also take note
	     that only the Knight can hold the legendary "Excalibur".

Weapon Type: Katana/Boomerang
Armor Rank:  Strong
Commands:    Fight/Magic/Parry/Item
Strengths:   Attack/Magic/HP
Special:     Lv. 1-3 White Magic
Use:         Double up the Katana's...They will not duplicate
	     later enemies. Boomerangs are also effective.
 Black Belt
Weapon Type: Fists/Nunchucks
Armor Rank:  Weak
Commands:    Fight/Parry/Run/Item
Strengths:   Attack/HP
Special:     Fists results in up to 50x hits as skill increases.
Use:         Nunchucks only decrease attack power. Use Fists.

Karate Master
Weapon Type: Fists/Nunchucks/Claws
Armor Rank:  Weak
Commands:    Fight/?/Parry/Item
Strengths:   Attack/HP
Special:     ? Ability has unknown effect
Use:         Double up the Claws!  Keep him in the back row
	     if he cant kill very easily.
Weapon Type: Knives
Armor Rank:  Weak
Commands:    Fight/WMg(Steal)/Flee/Item
Strengths:   Agility
Special:     Flee is a higher percent version of Run.
Use:         Double up the knives, have him stealing when thats not 
	     enough, and have him use flee frequently when in toad
	     or small form.

Weapon Type: All Weapons
Armor Rank:  !! Can use all armor
Commands:    Fight/Parry/Run/Item
Strengths:   Agility/Escape
Special:     He can use everything.  What else do you need?
Use:         Later in the game...equip him with Shuriken.
	     Double up and fire away for 5000+ damage.  You can
	     equip new ones during battle without turn penalty.

Weapon Type: Books
Armor Rank:  Weak
Commands:    Fight/Magic/Run/Item
Strengths:   Magic
Special:     Lv.1-8 Black/White/Call Magic   
Use:         These guys rock.  They hold everything! Stock them   
	     up with Call magic before adding black and white.  Why
	     not change all your magicians to this class?  Because
	     they are not specialized, their magic is not as effective
	     as pure white or black wizards.

  Red Mage
Weapon Type: Swords/Knives
Armor Rank:  Medium
Commands:    Fight/Magic/Run/ITem
Strengths:   HP/Magic
Special:     Level 1-4 Black or White Magic
Use:         Put together your favorite arsenal, as the combination
	     of black and white magic makes him a force to be reckoned
	     with....for awhile.

Weapon Type: Books
Armor Rank:  Weak
Commands:    Fight/Peep/Peer (?)/Item
Strengths:   none
Special:     Peer has unknown effect.  Peep is the same as -Peep- Magic
Use:         Not very effective for fighting...he is best only for
	     keeping tabs on enemy hit point levels.
 White Mage
Weapon Type: Staff
Armor Rank:  Weak
Commands:    Fight/Magic/Run/Item
Strengths:   Magic
Special:     White Magic Lv.1-7
Use:         For most of the game, white mages hold you in the game 
	     with their healing powers.  Always keep them well stocked
	     with magic.
 White Wizard
Weapon Type: Staff
Armor Rank:  Weak
Commands:    Fight/Magic/Run/Item
Strengths:   Magic
Special:     White Magic Lv.1-8
Use:         Upgrade to this class ASAP.  While you can't
	     get Lv. 8 magic until the Crystal Tower, they
	     will offer you enhanced skills and magic uses.
 Black Mage
Weapon Type: Knives/Rod
Armor Rank:  Weak
Commands:    Fight/Magic/Run/Item
Strengths:   Magic
Special:     Black Magic Lv.1-7
Use:         These guys sure are handy!  Loads of evil magic
	     to rain on your opponents...just keep their magic
	     up to date.
 Black Wizard
Weapon Type: Rod
Armor Rank:  Weak
Commands:    Fight/Magic/Run/Item
Strengths:   Magic
Special:     Black Magic Lv.1-8
Use:         2 words.  Nuke and Meteor.  They hit hard, and they
	     hit fast.  The power of nuclear energy is not to
	     be ignored; so get it!

Hunter (Archer)
Weapon Type: Bow/Arrows
Armor Rank:  Weak
Commands:    Fight/Magic/Parry/Item
Strengths:   Magic, Fighting
Special:     Level 1-3 White Magic
Use:         This is a tough call.  The armor level is often not up to
	     par, and lots of investment is needed for good arrows, but
	     in the end, this is quite an effective class.  Make sure
	     you keep his arrow stock up!
Weapon Type: Bells
Armor Rank:  Weak
Commands:    Fight/Slash/Parry/Item
Strengths:   Bell Slash
Special:     Slash hits enemy for above average damage.
Use:         Incredibly useless.  They look funny in their
	     North Pole outfit, but come up worthless in battle.
Weapon Type: Spears
Armor Rank:  Strong
Commands:    Fight/Jump/Parry/Item
Strengths:   HP/Attack
Special:     Jump takes Dragoon out of battle for 1 round, thus suffering
	     no damage from enemies.  On second round, he will fall and
	     smash the opponent for up to 200% more damage.
Use:         Double up the spears and keep him flying.  If bosses use
	     some bad magic...jump may keep your fight alive.
Weapon Type: Axe, Hammer
Armor Rank:  Medium
Commands:    Fight/Parry/Run/Item
Strengths:   HP/Attack
Special:     None
Use:         A good alternative to the fighter or knight for a short
	     time.  Axes hit less but are stronger.
Weapon Type: ?????
Armor Rank:  Medium
Commands:    Fight/Magic/Run/Item
Strengths:   Magic
Special:     Level 1-8 Call Magic
Use:         Its your choice.  Some of the later spells are better than
	     black magic, but there is not as much variety to the magic.
Weapon Type: Instruments
Armor Rank:  Weak
Commands:    Fight/Scream/Wave/Item
Strengths:   none
Special:     Scream and Wave have unknown effects.
Use:         Well...if you feel adventurous....

Weapon Type: ?????
Armor Rank:  Weak
Commands:    Fight/Magic/Run/Item
Strengths:   Magic
Special:     Level 1-8 Call Magic
Use:         This is basically the next level of Caller, with the only
	     additions being able to equip new armor and increase
	     magic effectiveness.

2.2     What Magic is found or bought in FF3j?
FF3j has 3 types of Magic:  Black (Attack), White (Healing), and 
Call (Attack by monster).  Certain Magic spells are not limited to
hitting one enemy or ally; if you press over far enough, all enemies
or allies will be selected.  This method spreads the single spell over
all enemies, which gives a weaker effect.

Kill based magics are special: Their success rates depend on how
their level compares to yours, and upon a certain rate of chance.  At
even levels, 40% is my best percentage guess.

Elemental magics depend on your knowledge of the 4 elements.  In almost
all cases:      Lit beats Water
		Ice beats Fire
		Fire beats Ice
		Wind beats Earth
Black Magic     Effect                  Range          Lv.    Cost (GP)

Fire            Fire Attack [weak]      (single/multi)  1     100  
Ice             Ice Attack  [weak]      (single/multi)  1     100
Slep            Put Enemy to Sleep      (single/multi)  1     100

Lit             Lightning Attack [weak] (single/multi)  2     700        
Pois            Poisons Enemy    [weak] (single/multi)  2     700
Blind           Blind's Enemy           (single/multi)  2     700

Fir2            Fire Attack [medium]    (single/multi)  3     1500
Ice2            Ice Attack  [medium]    (single/multi)  3     1500
Lit2            Lightning Attack [med.] (single/multi)  3     1500

Ice3            Ice Attack  [strong]    (single/multi)  4     3000
Brak            Kills or Petrifies      (single)        4     3000
Shad            Stuns Enemies           (single/multi)  4     3000

Lit3            Lightning Attack [str.] (single/multi)  5     5000
Kil             Kills Enemy             (multi)         5     5000
Eras            Erases Enemy (kill)     (single)        5     5000

Fir3            Fire Attack [strong]    (single/multi)  6     10000
Bio             Poisons Enemies [strong](single/multi)  6     10000
Warp            Return to Previous Floor(multi)         6     10000

Brk2            Kills of Petrifies      (single)        7     20000
Quak            Earthquake Attack       (multi)         7     20000
Drai            Steals HP from Enemy    (single)        7     20000

Fla             Nuclear Flare           (single/multi)  8     60000
Do              Doom Attack kills Enemy (single)        8     60000
Met             Meteors Hit Enemies     (multi)         8     60000
White Magic     Effect                  Range          Lv.    Cost (GP)

Cur             Restores HP [weak]      (single/multi)  1     100
Anti            Cures Poison            (single/multi)  1     100
Sigt            ????                    (single)        1     100

Air             Wind Attack             (single/multi)  2     700
Toa             Change to Toad          (single/multi)  2     700
Size            Change to Midget        (single/multi)  2     700

Cur2            Restores HP [medium]    (single/multi)  3     1500
Wash            Cure Pois., Blind, Conf.(single)        3     1500
Exi             Exit Dungeon/Tower/Cave (multi)         3     1500
		In Battle, works as -Erase-.

Peep            Examine Enemy HP        (single/multi)  4     3000
Conf            Confuses Enemies        (single/multi)  4     3000
Mute            Mutes Enemy (no magic)  (single/multi)  4     3000

Cur3            Restores HP [strong]    (single/multi)  5     5000
Lif             Revives Slain Ally [1HP](single)        5     5000
Prot            Temporary Defense Up    (single)        5     5000

Air2            Wind Attack [medium]    (single/multi)  6     10000
Sof             Restores Stone Ally     (single)        6     10000
Fast            Essentially doubbles    (single)        6     10000
		ally's Attack Power.

Cur4            Restores HP [strong+]   (multi)         7     20000
		Restores HP [complete]  (single)
Wall            Reflects Magic at Sender(single)        7     20000
Heal            Heals all conditions    (single)        7     20000
		except death.

Gale            Wind Attack [strong]    (single/multi)  8     60000
Holy            Holy Energy hits Enemy  (single)        8     60000
Lif2            Revives Slain Ally to   (single)        8     60000
		Full HP.
Call Magic      Effect                  Range          Lv.    Cost

Chocobo         Pink Chocobo bites      (multi)         1     100
		at all enemies.
Shiva           Staff creates ice       (multi)         2     700
		shower upon enemies.
Ramuh           Staff of Lightning      (multi)         3     1500
		electrocutes enemies.
Ifrit           Rushing Flame Tackle    (multi)         4     3000
		torches enemies.
Titan           Ground Stomp creates    (multi)         5     5000
		powerful earthquake.
Odin            Sword slash dices all   (multi)         6     ----
		opponents. (kill)
Leviathan       Tidal Wave from above   (multi)         7     ----
		slams into enemies.
Bahamut         Breath of Mega Flare    (multi)         8     ----
		torches enemies.

2.3     What Items can be found/bought in FF3j?
Name:   Given Name according to the FF3j partial translation ROM.
	Gibberish Names are items that have not been named yet.

Cost:   Price to buy Item in GP. "-" signifies it can only be found.
Range:  S= Single       A=Ally (Allies)
	M= Multi        E=Enemy(Enemies)

Effect: Describes result of using item.  Elemental Items quite often
	have a random damage level.

Name            Cost (GP)       Range   Effects

Potion          150             S-A     Restores HP [Up to 300 HP]
Voice           100             S-A     Cures "Mute" Condition
Drop            40              S-A     Cures "Blind" Condition
Soft            300             S-A     Cures "Stone" Condition
HiPotion        1200            S-A     Restores HP [Up to 500 HP] 
Pure            80              S-A     Cures "Poison" Condition
Pan             200             M-A     Shows Overworld Map
Carrot          150             S-A     Drop in Box to reveal Fat Chocobo
Fenixdwn        -               S-A     Revives Slain Ally, Gives 1 HP
Elixir          -               S-A     Cures All HP, Restores MP
Musk            -               S-E     Same as -Doom- Magic
LamiaSC         -               SM-E    Stuns Enemy/Enemies
God'sRage       -               SM-E    Same as -Lit2- or -Lit3- Magic
EthDrum         -               M-E     Same as -Quake- Magic
BmbRArm         -               SM-E    Same as -Fire2- or -Fire3- Magic
BmdShrd         -               S-E     Same as -Fire- or -Fire2- Magic
?y]YAPe         1000            M-A     Same as -Exit- Magic
LilithKis       -               S-E     Same as -Drain- Magic
MgcLamp         ????            S-A     ????
Liquer          -               S-A     Same as -Fast- Magic
Curtain         -               S-A     Same as -Wall- Magic
M.Kiss          ????            S-A     ????
Shell           -               S-A     Same as -Protect- Magic
WScent          -               S-E     Same as -Holy- Magic
ChocoboR        -               S-E     Same as -Flare- Magic
Blkhole         -               S-E     Same as -Erase- Magic
Tranq           -               SM-E    Same as -Shade- Magic
!!?YBFNn        -               SM-E    Same as -Lit1,2,3- Magic
Magic Key       100             --      Opens Almost all Locked Doors.

2.35    What Special (Plot) Items can be found in FF3j?

Lute:   Mystical instrument used to Awaken Uni.
Eureka: Key used to unlock secret portion of Crystal Tower.
Sylph:  Key used to unlock the upper floors of Crystal Tower.

2.4     What Weapons can be bought/found in FF3j?
Name: Name of the Weapon.  Certain names may be replaced with - to signify
      I can't understand what it means!

Strength: The Attack power as recorded from a Level 50 Ninja (Skill 1).
	  NOTE: Attack power varies WIDELY depending on the class
		you choose.  Dragoons will receive more benefit
		from spears, etc.
	  NOTE: Attack power may receive individual bonuses if:
		a)You equip 2 of the exact same weapon.
		b)You equip 2 weapons of the same attack power.

Type:     Type of Weapon.  There are Swords, Spears, Boomerangs,
	  Daggers, Axes, Hammers, Katanas, Bells, Nunchucks,
	  Staffs (twirled end), Rods (ball end), Harps, Bows, Arrows,
	  and books.

Equip on: The eligible characters to use this weapon.  
	  F: Fighter     K: Knight       P: Paladin       T: Thief
	  N: Ninja       Sc: Scholar     C: Caller        B: Black Belt
	  D: Taoist      V: Viking       A: Archer        S: Summoner

	  Km: Karate Master     Dr: Dragoon
	  Bm: Black Mage        Wm: White Mage          Rm: Red Mage
	  Bw: Black Wizard      Ww: White Wizard        Sa: Sage
Value:    The actual resale value of the weapon.  To find the shop
	  value, multiply the value by 2.

Name            Strength        Type    Value   Equip On   Effect

Defendr         78              Sword   8250    N K               
Break           103             Sword   15000   N K
Excalibur       144             Sword   32500   N K
Kinglls         33              Sword   2500    N K
GsGmYRoG        -13             Sword   2500    N K
????            164             Sword   32750   N K
Icebrand        ???             Sword   ???     N K          Ice Based
Serpent         8               Sword   750     N K           
WhSlayer        -2              Sword   500     N K
Salamand        15              Sword   1500    N K         Fire Based
Tilving         12              Sword   1400    N K
Mithril         0               Sword   250     N K
Long            -7              Sword   100     N K

Masamune        143             Katana  32500   N P
GHBQisl"        108             Katana  11000   N P
JSR             88              Katana  10500   N P
Al              48              Katana  10000   N P

DSI"Rns         143             B'rang  31000   N P K
????            28              B'rang  4500    N P K

Holy            83              Spear   22500   N D
Blood           82              Spear   10000   N D
Thunder         30              Spear   4000    N D
Wind            33              Spear   5000    N D

Tomahawk        43              Axe     10000   N V
???             58              Axe     7000    N V
Battle          28              Axe     2750    N V
ar????          32              Axe     4000    N V

Triton          68              Hammer  10000   N V
Thor            23              Hammer  7000    N V

Cat             25              N'chuck 7000    N B Km 
Dragon          31              N'chuck 9000    N B Km
Hell            43              N'chuck 20000   N B Km
Tonfa           3               N'chuck 250     N B Km
3-Part          8               N'chuck 1500    N B Km
Kaiser          18              N'chuck 3500    N B Km
????            -5              N'chuck 30      N B Km

Shuriken        183             Dart    32750   N

Orihal          28              Dagger  6000    N T
Air             43              Dagger  5000    N T
Mithril         -7              Dagger  250     N T Bm
MGauche         13              Dagger  3500    N T
Knife           -11             Dagger  10      N T
Dagger          -9              Dagger  10      N T Bm

RD              -18             Staff   20      N
Shine           -11             Staff   1750    N
Ice             -11             Staff   1750    N          Ice Based
Burn            -11             Staff   1750    N          Fire Based
Rune            3               Staff   9000    N
Golem           0               Staff   6750    N
Eldest          13              Staff   32500   N          Random Petrify

Total           3               Rod     15000   N          Random Petrify
Flame           -5              Rod     1500    N          Fire Based
Frozen          -5              Rod     1500    N          Ice Based
Light           -5              Rod     1500    N        
Mithril         -12             Rod     200     N        

--Ye            8               Bell    2250    N
Ycrig           8               Bell    2250    N
Rune            22              Bell    2750    N

Madord          23              Harp    4000    N B
Lamia           -18             Harp    10750   N B
Loki            42              Harp    20000   N B

Lumina          54              Book    7500    N Sc
Blizzard        54              Book    7500    N Sc
Blaze           54              Book    7500    N Sc

Killer          0               Bow     1000    N A
lBQYkfo         0               Bow     21000   N A

lBQYj           68              Arrow   100     N A
Nether          20              Arrow   15      N A
Fire            20              Arrow   15      N A
Ice             20              Arrow   15      N A

2.5     What Armor can be bought/found in FF3j?
Name, Value, Effect:  See Weapons Section
Defense: Defense Value
Type: Armor Type.  There are suits, helmets, shields, 
		   rings, bracelets, gloves, and robes.

Equip on: The eligible characters to use this weapon.  
	  F: Fighter     K: Knight       P: Paladin       T: Thief
	  N: Ninja       Sc: Scholar     C: Caller        B: Black Belt
	  D: Taoist      V: Viking       A: Archer        S: Summoner
	  Ba: Bard                  

	  Km: Karate Master     Dr: Dragoon
	  Bm: Black Mage        Wm: White Mage          Rm: Red Mage
	  Bw: Black Wizard      Ww: White Wizard        Sa: Sage

Name            Defense         Type    Value   Equip On        Effect

BlkBelt         11              Suit    1900    N N             
Genji           24              Suit    20000   N Km
Crystal         28              Suit    32500   N K
Reflect         20              Suit    17500   N K
Diamond         18              Suit    16500   N K
Dragon          15              Suit    4000    N K
Demon           17              Suit    12500   N P
Earth           16              Suit    2400    N
Tsonogai        4               Suit    625     N
Mithril         3               Suit    175     N F
Cl              1               Suit    25      N 
Hide            2               Suit    42      N F
Darksuit        18              Suit    1900    N
Viking          10              Suit    2000    N V
Scholar         15              Suit    3750    N Sc
Bard            15              Suit    2750    N Ba
Flame           5               Suit    1200    N K             Fire Based
Karat           6               Suit    1000    N Km            Gold Based?
Wizard          11              Suit    1000    N 
Ice             5               Suit    1200    N K             Ice Based

White           20              Robe    3500    N Ww Wm
Black           20              Robe    3500    N Bw Bm

Ribbon          ??              Helmet  ????    ALL
Chakra          8               Helmet  1000    N
Dragon          7               Helmet  4000    N
Genji           10              Helmet  16000   N
Diamond         8               Helmet  10000   N
Crystal         12              Helmet  25000   N
Scholar         5               Helmet  3750    N Sc
Mithril         2               Helmet  65      N
Hide            1               Helmet  7       N
Hood            5               Helmet  1000    N
Viking          7               Helmet  1500    N V
Feather         7               Helmet  4000    N Ba
Ice             4               Helmet  600     N K
Band            4               Helmet  600     N B Km

Crystal         22              Shield  25000   N K
Aegis           16              Shield  14000   N K     
Diamond         13              Shield  9000    N K
Hero            10              Shield  1750    N K
Hide            3               Shield  20      N
Demon           12              Shield  6250    N
Mithril         5               Shield  90      N
Ice             8               Shield  900     N
Crystal         10              Glove   25000   N
Diamond         6               Glove   7500    N
Genji           9               Glove   15000   N
Thief           3               Glove   1250    N T
Copper          1               Glove   40      N F
Mithril         1               Glove   60      N

Diamond         6               Brclet  5000    N
Power           4               Brclet  1250    N
Rune            5               Brclet  2500    N
Mithril         2               Brclet  60      N

Protect         9               Ring    15000   N

2.6     What are the various races in Final Fantasy?
Its not that complicated as some weird dungeons and dragons stuff.

-Humans are the most prolific beings.  If you, the gameplayer, are not
 one, I suggest looking at humans until you are familar with their
 shapes.  ;)

-Chocobo's are the horses of Final Fantasy.  They are basically very
 large chickens that move much faster than humans. In FF3j, white chocobo's
 are not very intelligent, but Fat Chocobo's are.  They have a second
 stomach that stores your items without decay.

-Dwarves are a rather wild genetic turn.  Their faces are a complete
 shadow, with the exception of two white eyes that almost glow from their
 face.  Their bodies are actually just like humans, albeit a bit smaller,
 which confuses things more.  Every grown dwarf usually wears a horned
 helmet and triangular beard (Even females in some cases!).

-Elves are fairly generic.  They are usually a tad shorter than humans,
 with green clothing and a feathered cap a la Robin Hood.

-Faeries are exactly what you expect.  Tiny little ladies with
 butterfly wings that zoom about.
2.65    Who are the Companions that travel with you?

Person:         Info:
Princess Sala   -Accompanies you in Fuuin Cave to defeat Jinn.
Dei-Shuu        -Accompanies you in your quest, after you run from
Cid             -Master Airship creator. Helps you build two ships. 
Elia            -Accompanies you to the crystal after you cure her.
Prince Alis     -Accompanies you to find out why King acting so
Uni             -Accompanies you to find the great Inbin Shiburu (Invincible)
Doga            -Accompanies you through the Mahoujinn Cave and 
		 modification of the Nautilus.
2.67            How is Travel accomplished?                
Mode:           Status:                
Walking         -Slowest.  Random number is generated each time
		 you enter the outworld, and when it reaches Zero,
		 you fight.  Each step you take has a value,
		 plain grass being -1, forests -3 (or so), etc.  
		 While the Enemy type is predetermined,  how you
		 fight it is not.  Reverse battles are caused by
		 overshooting the Zero by a certain number, and 
		 conversely, if you hit Zero exactly, you will
		 catch the enemy by surprise.  These values
		 also effect how many of a particular enemy
		 you face, but it is unclear to me how.

White Chocobo:  -Average Speed.   Chocobo's are found in forest areas,
		 often in trees formed into a small circle.  You
		 won't fight enemies while riding one, but when you
		 disembark, the Chocobo will automatically run back
		 to its home forest.  Chocobo's can walk through
		 rivers, plains, forests, and deserts.  
Sailing Ship:   -Average Speed.  The ship is obtained by returning
		 the dragon eye to the Niputu Temple; The Viking
		 Sailor will give it to you in Gratitude.  The ship
		 can sail through ocean water only, but unlike
		 previous Final Fantasy's, you can disembark at any

Canoe:          -Slow.  The Canoe allows you to journey through
		 rivers and lakes, and is automatically carried during
		 your journey once you obtain it from the King of
		 Sasoon.  Unfortunately, the waves of the ocean prove
		 too rough for it.

Hikuutei        -Average Speed. The Hikuutei is found in the desert   
(West Wind)      south of Uru Town.  The Airship can go over any surface
		 but mountains.  It can only land on grass plains, and
		 is eventually used as a wrecking ball (of sorts).
		 Enemies are not fought in Airships unless in special

Enterprise      -Above Average speed.  The enterprise is actually a 
		 modified version of the Sailing Ship, using a part
		 from the Floating Fortress.  This airship can go
		 over any surface except mountains, but can only
		 land in the ocean.  Enemies are not fought in 
		 Airships unless in special areas.

Nautilus        -Super Fast! The Nautilus is created by the Scholar's
		 guild in Salonia after they accidentally shoot down
		 the Enterprise.  Like the other airships, it can not
		 go over mountains, but instead can submerge under
		 the ocean water to find secret caves.  The Nautilus
		 can only land on grass plains. Enemies are not fought 
		 in Airships unless in special areas.

Inbin Shiburu   -Average Speed. The Inbin Shiburu is the Battleship of
(Invincible)     of flight.  It is 4 times the size of the nautilus!
		 In case you have an Airship battle (in special areas),                 
		 the Inbin Shiburu is armed with a cannon that hits all
		 enemies before each round begins. You can disembark
		 on any form of land (excluding mountains) because the
		 ship never actually lands!  Inside, the ship contains 
		 a free bed (Inn), 4 vending machines (Item, Weapon,
		 Armor, and Magic for sale), and a strange white bin.
		 Deposit a carrot, and the infamous Fat Chocobo will
		 appear, complete with his trademark music!  Also,
		 while driving the Inbin Shiburu, if you press the
		 "A" button, the engines will temporarily increase
		 power to lift you over thin sections of mountains.

2.7     General FF strategy tips:
There are some tips that are common for almost every Final Fantasy Game,
or at least for the duration of FF3j.

-Know your elements.  If you're in a water cave, use lightning. If you're
 in a fire cave, use Ice. Likewise, if you're in an ice cave, use fire.
 If you're fighting the undead (zombies, etc.) use cure. If you're not
 sure, fire away with your highest level magic or look at the color
 and shape of the particular enemy you face.  Light Blue Urchins, 
 regardless of their current location, are suceptible to Lightning.

-Gain levels if you have a bit of trouble.  Level-ups are so crucial
 to surviving that I recommend trying not to run unless you are in
 extreme circumstances.  An extra couple of levels may make the 
 difference between life and death in a particular battle.

-Keep weaker party members in the back row.  Characters that do not
 have high level armor (magic users!) belong in the back row.  Back row
 characters only attack at 1/2 normal, but their defense is 1/2 better
 as well.  Since magic doesnt care about distance, keep them behind!

-Pair Like Weapons.  There is almost always a boost in attack power
 if you equip two of the exact same weapons on one character.

-Shields?  What are Shields?  Shields in FF3j are useless as far as
 I'm concerned.  For what usually amounts to a defense increase of 10,
 is better spent on a second weapon, which in most cases doubles or 
 triples attack power.

-Greed is the key.  Final Fantasy is a game built for kleptomaniacs.
 If you see a treasure chest, open it.  Always search torches, bowls,
 fireplaces, even bookshelves, for goodies.  Consider it your danger-pay.

2.75    What the hell is a Fat Chocobo?
The Fat Chocobo is another Final Fantasy trademark.  They are an 
extremely fat and multi-stomached Chocobo that is also quite
intelligent.  By using a Carrot (Except for this game...where you 
must deposit it in a box) the Fat Chocobo will suddenly appear 
(boy is he hungry!) and will deposit any items you do not need 
immediatedly in his stomach.  He most likely needs the items as
something to digest his food with, but luckily, your items are
unaffected even after long stays.  However, he cannot swallow
special items (or plot items).

2.8     How do I play the game?
Its very easy, actually.  The control pad is for movement.  The A
button confirms actions, talks to people, searches things, and opens
treasure.  The B button CANCELs whatever you have selected.  Start
brings up your character screen.  Select changes who is the visible
party member.

2.9     Im suffering a)from a lack of japanese understanding
		     b)from being stuck in a part of the game.
		     c)from not being able to make a decision on classes.
		     d)a feeling I've missed something.
I can answer this question 4 different ways:
	     a)Learn Japanese.  It is available in most schools as
	       a language course.
	     b)Invite someone over who knows Japanese.
	     c)Read the Walkthrough.
	     d)Rough it.

3.1     What's with some of the weird names?
	In most cases, the word is simply the english pronounciation
	to some point. (Example: Mahoujinn Cave)

	In all other cases:
		a)Name from the Partial Translation
		b)Name from Tushino's FF3j World 1 Walkthrough
		c)Name I have come up with from an educated guess.
		  (Paladea: Town of (Palad)ins)
		d)Name is FF tradition. 
		 (Gisairu Vegetable is the Carrot.  Since FF4, etc, )
		 (does not have the town of Gisairu, the traditional)
		 (name of Carrot works better and is easily )

3.2     How Can I Help?
	If you feel you know more, feel free to email me at 
	[email protected] with your information.

	I currently need:       Boss Stats/Information
				All the abilities of Sigt, Brk, and Brk2
				Some Item information
				The Plot.
				The Script (translated).
				The Equippable On Information.  

3.3     Thanks to....

	Tushino:        [email protected]
		-He created a couple of fantastic files which serve
		 as the motivation and basis of this FAQ.  Without 
		 his guide to help me, I would never have wanted
		 to write a FAQ to especially cover the 2nd half
		 of the game.


4.0     Walkthrough

1. Saidan Cave:  

Location: North of Uru Town
Boss:     Land Turtle (name unknown)
Starting group: Onionkid/Onionkid/Onionkid/Onionkid

	Search for treasure, and fight enemies while keeping in mind 
	that there is a healing lake in the the upper right corner of 
	the first floor. It would be a good idea to save the antartic's 
	you pick up for later in the game. Gain levels up to Level 5 
	before you enter the door at the upper left.

	    Upon entering the room, the only enemy is the giant turtle
	    guarding the elemental crystal.  Fight him with regular
	    attacks, and use a potion to heal if absolutely neccessary.
	    Once you beat it, talk to the crystal.  You will gain
	    the ability to change characters into 1 of 5 classes.

My recommendation: (In order) Fighter/Black Belt/White Mage/Black Mage
Tushino's choice:  (In order) Fighter/Black Belt/Red Mage/Black Mage    

Aftermath:  Enter the cave again after leaving to get more treasure.
	    There are a few spots in the cave that obviously look like
	    dead ends, but are actually fake walls filled with treasures.

2. Uru Town: 
Location: South of Saidan Cave
Shops:    Weapon/Armor/Item/Magic/Revival
Enemies:  Same as Overworld Around Uru

	    Upon entering Uru, press start and switch to the jobs
	    menu.  There will be 6 classes listed: Onionkid, Fighter,
	    Black Mage, Red Mage, White Mage, and Black Belt (monk).
	    Its up to you who you want to change, although if you're
	    really asking for it, you dont have to change anybody.  

	    Remember to place mages in the back row using the 'rank' 

	    As for Uru, head immediatedly to the shops and stock up.
	    Fighters work best with 2 swords, Monks with no weapons,
	    Red mages with sword and shield, White mages with 2 staffs,
	    and Black mages with 2 daggers.     

	    Want some free stuff?  As in every town in the game,
	    always check ceramic pots and torches.  Quite often you will
	    activate a secret door or find something.  In this case,
	    some of the trees are not what they seem.  You can also
	    enter a well for some goodies.

	    Nothing changes much in this town; but be careful when 
	    walking around the north end; you will fight enemies.  This
	    is a good place for experience though.

3. Kazusu Town: 
Location: South of Uru Town
Shops:    None Active.      
Enemies:  (Cave) Skeletons, Mummies

		As shown by the scared guy huddled at his fire, the town
		is full of ghosts. Although the cave is empty and useless,
		there is still items to be found.  If you want to get
		down to business, talk to the ghost that does not
		move in the bar.  He will tell you where his secret
		airship is hidden: The east desert.     

4. Desert area: 
Location: West of Kazusu

		Walk into the middle of the small desert patch.  You will
		automatically climb down a ladder into the control
		center of the Hikuutei, an airship.  The Hikuutei has
		average speed, but cannot go over mountains, and has to
		land on grass.

5. Sasoon Castle 
Location: NorthWest of The Desert

		This a treasure hunt of easter egg proportions.  The castle
		is devoid of friendly life, but the two towers contain
		enemies.  One of the treasures in the two towers contains
		an enemy far stronger than the rest.  Clean his clock with
		items and magic you find elsewhere in the castle to obtain
		the 'White Slayer'; a sword for Red Mages.

6. Fuuin Cave: 
Location: North of the Big Boulder
Boss:     Jinn  

		Use the airship to cross the water and enter the cave.
		Search for treasure, but keep a lookout for Princess 
		Sala.  Join up with her and continue on to battle the
		evil Jinn.  As is often the case, pelt Jinn with 
		fire magic.  Remember where you parked your airship!

7. Sasoon (Revived): 
Location: NorthWest of Desert
Shops:    Revival/Healing       
Treasure: None.  You should have cleaned this place out by now.

		Upon beating Jinn, you will automatically return here.
		Talk to the king of Sasoon to recieve the canoe.  The 
		canoe will let you cross the water to retrieve your
		airship. Also, if you still have a Red Mage, Tushino
		recommends changing it to either a black or white mage.

8. Kazusu (Revived): 
Location: South of Uru Town
Shops:    Weapon/Armor/Item/Magic/Revival
Treasure: None.  You should have cleaned this place out by now.

		Once you enter Kazusu, Cid will talk to you about 
		rigging your airship.  He plans to turn it into a
		bomb to knock out the Big Rock.  Stay in town long
		enough to grab some items, weapons, magic, and armor.

9. The Big Rock: 
Location: South of Fuuin Cave

		For most established Final Fantasy players, watching
		the Hikuutei burst into flames and rubble will bring
		a tear to your eye, considering how long it usually
		takes to get an airship.  Just walk past where the big
		rock once stood and head south.

10. Kanaan: 
Location: South of the Big Boulder
		This place kind of sucks.  Drop Cid off and head to 
		the magic shop, because magic is all you need.  The
		armor and weapons are rehashes from Kazusu.  Make sure
		to loot the city.   This is where Cid lives; you 
		might need to call him later on.

11. San-cho Mountain: 
Location: East of Kanaan
Treasure: Aero (White Magic),
Boss:     Bahamut
		If there was ever a time to gain levels, that time is now.
		The enemies on the mountain are tough, and if you want
		to get all the treasure (yes) then you will fight a lot
		of them.  When you reach the nest of Bahamut, head 
		over to the weird flame in the upper left corner.  This
		flame is actually Dei-Shuu, who will join your group.
		Shortly after, Bahamut will appear. Its possible that you
		could beat the master of dragons, but it is a tough
		battle; and you might want him for call magic in the 
		latter half of the game.  My advice: run!!

12. Forest of Midgets: 
Location: Forest north from Bahamut Drop Zone.
Shops:    Revival/Healing
Treasure: Size (White Magic)
		There is only one midget in the forest, and when you talk
		to him, he obviously cant understand you.  Instead, he
		hands you size magic.  Equip it on your white mage (lv2),
		use it; but before you do, press left so that there
		is 4 flashing fingers.  This way it only takes one dose
		for everybody.  Now, heal up and head south.  There is a 
		hidden forest town that can only be found while in mini

		Note: When in midget form, your attack and defense is shot
		all the way down to the ugly number one.  Make sure 
		everybody is in the back row, and dont fight with anybody.

13. Tozasu Town: 
Location: South of The Forest of Mini Midgets
Shops:    Weapon/Armor/Item/Magic/Revival

		This is one small town!  Loot the village, then head
		to the upper left house.  The teacher, Shieluko, is sick,
		and cannot leave her house to find a cure.  Walk up
		to her bed, press the "B" button, and give her a herb.
		Her sickness will quickly dissapear, and in thanking,
		she will open an emergency escape entrance.  Have no
		mercy, for Shieluko has the richest book shelves in 
		town.  You also might want to buy an m.kiss to eliminate
		needing to use magic to restore size.

14. The Cave:
Location: Escape area in Shieluko's Home


		This can be tough.  You have to be in midget form to make
		it through the level, so keep everybody back and try
		to run like hell!  If necessary, use black magic to
		hold off persistant foes.

15. The Viking Hideout
Location: North of the forest you exit from
Shops:    Inn/Item/Magic/Revival
Treasure: Fire2, Ice2, Lit2,

		This place is chock full of treasure.  Look -everywhere-.
		Look for suspicious bricks with darkened edges and 
		wall irregularities that can be walked through.  There is 
		even decoy secrets to keep you from getting to the 
		treasure.  If you are frustrated, fire the cannon.  It
		doesnt do anything but waste time, however.

		When you exit the cave, you will notice a sailing ship.
		You can board it, but the gulf is protected by an 
		immortal sea creature, so you can only sail about 
		3 spaces.  The only way to eliminate the sea creature
		is to get the Head Viking's permission.

16. Niputu Shrine
Location: NorthWest of Viking Hideout Exit
Boss:     Hulking Rat

		Another annoying midget level.  You have to return the
		dragon's right eye by switching to midget form and and 
		walking up to the dragon head.  If you try to return
		to full size your mission will abruptly end.  Load up
		your black mage if you intend to survive.  Also make
		sure to pick up all the treasure; there is no return
		visit.  As for the Rat, pelt him with Ice2 and 

17. Returning to the Viking Hideout
Location: South of Niputu Shrine
Shops:    See 14.
Treasure: None.  You should have cleaned this place out by now!

		Talk to the boss of the ship inside the viking 
		hideout, and he will grant it to you. Now you are able 
		to sail out to sea. Ahoy! The Sea Monster is no longer
		there, so you are free to pass!

18. To-Kuru Village
Location: SouthWest of the Shrine (Near Big Desert)

		Just try to find treasure; some is hidden in the high 
		grasses.  To-Kuru was destroyed by the villanous
		soldiers of Highn Castle, and after talking to the 
		jumpy magicians, you will discover that the soldiers took
		prisoners as well.  Unfortunately, Highn Castle
		is a floating (and thus unreachable) fortress.

19. Kodaijiin Field (Village)
Location: Far West of the Big Desert near To-kuru village
Shops:    Inn/Item/Revival/Weapons/Armor/Magic

		This is a good village to stock up on items from. 
		Get everybody up to speed armor/weapon/magic wise,
		and try to gain a few levels before heading up to
		the living forest.

20. Living Forest
Location: Small Forest North of Big Desert (Surrounded by Mountains)

		The fairies will reveal some information about the guru 
		tribe and the evil medusa.  Besides that, nothing else
		of note occurs.

21. Gurugan's Tribe Canyon
Location: NorthWest of the Living Forest
Treasure: Toad

		The ancient guru's know all, but are not always willing
		to tell all.  Heed their advice, and head down to the
		basement, where the last guru will give you the magic 
		of toad.  It will come in handy for the tower of medusa.

22. Argass Castle
Location: NorthEast of Living Forest
Shops:    Revival/Healing

		Much like Sasoon castle once was, Argass is completely
		empty and -ripe for the picking!-.  Check walls, torches,
		and more to find important treasure and extra cash. As for
		the two green doors; you have to buy magic keys from
		the keysmith in Gisairu before you can open them.  The 
		value of the treasure is far beyond the cost of the keys

23. Ooehn Tower
Location: Far North of To-Kuru Town
Boss:     Medusa

		The infamous tower of medusa is a maze of clock-work and
		amphibians.  In the center of the first wet floor is 
		a strange drain hole.  Use toad magic to become frogs,
		and dive down.  Once you have surfaced, feel free to 
		switch back; its a long hike.  Eventually, you will
		reach a dead end.  However, Dei-Shuu points out that
		one of the gears along the top wall is actually a 
		switch.  Hit the switch and continue your hike to the top
		of the tower.  For the fight with medusa, your most 
		powerful magic and weapon attacks should do the trick.

24. Gisairu Town
Location: Far East Side of the World (East of the Midget Forest)
Shops:    Inn/Item/Magic/Revival/Keys

		The isolated farming community of Gisairu proves to be
		useful.  There are essential magics, scared animals,
		penned chocobos; even gardens to step on!  Make sure
		to purchase a dozen or so keys, and head back to Argrass
		to finish looting.

25. Dwarf Cave
Location: NorthWest area of the world (NorthWest of Tower)
Shops:          Inn/Item/Armor/Weapons/Revival
Boss:           Salamander (weak)

		According to the elves, the villanous salamander stole
		one of their precious magical horns. Load up and head
		to the left entrance; by switching to toad form at the 
		head of the pool, you will enter the cave to salamander.
		You are once again free to switch back and improve your
		survival rate by a large scale.

		Unfortunately, the treasures are pretty much worthless;
		unless you feel like getting level ups, avoid them. The 
		boss is the under-estimating Salamander; use ice magics
		and weapons to defeat him.

		Unfortunately, Salamander doesn't know when to quit, so
		he follows you as a 2 dimensional line until you exit 
		the cave.  Go to the display and place the horn using
		the b button; Salamander will reappear and steal BOTH
		horns.  He then retreats to the fire cave.

26. Fire Cave
Location: North of the Dwarf Cave
Treasure: Ice Sword,
Boss:     Salamander (strong)

		The fire cave is a real tough place. Level up for awhile;
		anything under lv.13 is not a good idea.  Be sure to pick
		up all the treasure; the ice sword in particular is useful
		for salamander.

		When you finally reach the evil Salamander, start hacking
		away with whatever ice weapons/magic that are at your
		disposal.  To counteract Salamander's 'Group-Fire', have
		your white mage cast cure 2 on the entire group using the
		same technique as when casting size or toad.

		After defeating Salamander, events start to 'heat' up
		(pun intended).  The crystal will bestow 4 new possible
		classes unto your warriors: Knight, Thief, Archer, Scholar.

My Preferred Class Change: Knight, Bl. Belt, Wh. Mage, Bl. Mage
Tushino's preference:      Knight, Archer, Wh. Mage, Bl.Mage

27. Dwarf Cave
Location: NorthWest area of the world (NorthWest of Tower)
Treasure: *Voice/*Elixir/Hero Shield/Gauntlet/Gneedle/
	  Scholar Helm/Scholar Armor/Knight Armor/Veggie/
	  Fenix Down/

		Upon entering the cave, an exhausted man will run behind
		you to ask for your help.  To-kuru has been attacked again.
		He then dies shortly after.  Ignore this grim moment
		and head into the main section of the cave.  Talk to
		the stationary dwarf in the bottom right corner, and in
		gratitude for the returned horns, the dwarf will remove
		the boulder near the revival water. Head down there and
		discover: The dwarf TREASURY! Pick it clean!

28. To-Kuru Village (Revisited - Get Ambushed) 
Location: SouthWest of the Niputu Temple 
Treasure: None. You should have already cleaned this place out!
Enemies: Soldiers of Highn Castle.

		As soon as you enter the town, a group of soldiers jumps
		from the foliage and ambushes you.  They take you to
		Highn Castle, controlled by the villain: Death. 
		(BTW: Highn Castle is that floating hairball over the
		 central desert!)

29. Highn Castle
Location: Floating Fortress in the Desert
Enemies:  Lamia, Mummy,
Boss:     Death

		You wake up in a crowded jail cell.  The three
		men in the upper right corner are the King of Castle
		Argass and his aids; the others were captured from
		To-Kuru.  The man to the exact left (stationary) is an
		undercover guard and will fight you if you talk to him.

		Talk to all of the 'friendly' prisoners, then look
		at the north wall for a small mousehole.  Use size 
		magic to enter the hole into the enemy infested 
		territory.  Switch back to full size and get ALL
		of the treasure; if you have your way, the fortress
		won't be floating for long.

		One point of advice; the lamia and mummies are very
		annoying adversaries.  Use fire magic to deal with them
		quickly, but if party members become confused, get 
		your white or black mage to smack 'em.  Damage will be 
		minimal and you will regain a party member.  
		Death is a spectre with a flair for the dramatic, 
		according to his costume.  He apparently has
		the ability to 'Barrier Change', but in my experience,
		you can forget about his abilities by hitting him
		hard the first 2 rounds with Ice 3 and weapons. Swords
		arent very effective; but you want to deal with him

30. The Living Forest (Revisited)
Location: Southwest of Castle Argass

		Once you deal with Death, you will automatically return
		here.  The faeries will perform something on you;
		Im not sure what.  After this, you cannot enter 
		the forest again. Your airship is waiting at To-kuru.

31. Argass Castle (Revisited) 
Location: South of the tower of medusa
Shops:    Revival/Healing
Treasure: None.  You should have got it all from this place by now!

		Walk to the top floor and speak to King Argass
		and his aids.  The king will give you a tool he stole
		from the Highn Castle that he believed was used in 
		keeping it afloat.  Of course, you know absolutely
		nothing about airships...but Cid does.

32. Kanaan (Revisited)
Location: West of Bahamut Mountain.
Treasure: None.  You should have got it all from this place by now!

		Walk to Cid's house (upper left corner) and give him
		the tool you recieved from King Argass.  Cid 
		is a good airship mechanic (despite his nose seemingly
		blocking his eyesight),and will upgrade your sailing
		ship to an airship: The 'Enterprise!'  

		When you walk out of town, nothing looks different.  
		The ship looks the same.  Climb in and press the 'A'
		button however, and your ship will sprout helicopter
		rotors!  Unfortunately, the enterprise can only
		land in water, and cannot go over mountains. 

33. Fly off!
Location: On the Enterprise
Treasure: None
Enemies:  None
		Take your new/cool Airship to travel outside the world 
		into an even bigger world. You can tell if you've 
		flown out if you see any clouds nearby. Just fly out 
		to the clouds and you will exit your small world.

34. Tozasu (Revisited)
Location: South of Forest of Midgets
Treasure: None
		Head back and buy as many midgepans as possible.  These
		pans are your map for the second world.

35. Solitary Island 
Location: Northwest of World
Treasure: None
Enemies:  None
		Walk unto the black ship.  A lady is injured and her
		father can do nothing.  Use herbs to heal Elis, then

36. Crystal Shrine 
Location: Southwest of World
Treasure: None
Enemies:  None
		Talk to the flat crystal to acquire something to help
		get past the door in the Kraken cave.  The two pools
		of water are healing and revival ponds, respectively.

37. Kraken Cave  
Location: Northeast of Crystal Shrine
		Go through to find the Water crystal.  Unfortunately,
		Kraken crashes the party, and kills Elis.  Make sure you
		do the same to Kraken.  Upon winning, the second world
		will arise from the mists!  Be careful though; while 
		chocobo's can take you far; if you enter an area too
		far ahead of where you should be, mystical energy will
		kill you right on the spot.

New Classes:    ????? (I missed this part..Information on what classes
		       are obtained here would be appreciated.)

38. Port Town & Sewers
Location: Southwest of Crystal Shrine
		You wake up in an inn.  At one point 4 weird men talk to
		you.  The airship is now just a ship, and unfortunately,
		it has been chained to the shoreline!  

		The problem of the weird quadruplets can be solved 
		however.  For some reason, their magic shoes (?) have
		been taken.  Talk to the Local Wise man, then stock up
		for a sewer journey, via the little waterfall in the 
		bottom right quarter.  Venture through, save the
		quadruplets from a bunch of imps (One shot of fire1
		will take care of them all at once).  Eventually,
		you will see a strange old hag.  You will jump out of
		the way of several explosive (?) shoe tosses before
		the quadruplets come and grab a pair.

		Inexplicably, the quadruplets are ecstatic and you 
		automatically leave the sewer.  Now the weird guys
		walk around the bushes.  (?_?)

39.  Golden Mansion

Location: South of Port Town
		This is the SECOND place where those magic keys come in
		handy.  Go straight up, ignoring the doors, and go
		all the way around to pick up the treasure.  Among other
		things, you get 11 weak swords that are worth a pretty

		Head back down and take the upper right door.  Use a magic
		key to enter.  If you look closely, a brick on the 
		bottom left wall is different: Walk through it.  

		Along the way are many secrets; including one precarious
		area where the path that loops down looks completely
		unneccessary...until you check the walls!

		The Boss of the Level protects another Crystal.  Be 
		careful, this boss is TOUGH.  He is strong against
		Ice and Lit, and Fire is completely ineffective.  Air
		works a few times, fortunately for moderate damage. Attacks
		hit at about 50%...and not for much.  Every round, have
		one person use healing magic or hipotions.  The
		Golden Warrior will either attack (under 100 damage),
		use element magic (300-400 damage) or Ice3 (800 damage).
		If you play it right, you can make it through some of 
		them, for the other, you must consider whether wasting
		a fenix down is worth it.  EVENTUALLY, he will be 
		beaten; but in a moment of rage, he and the crystal
		will dissapear (destroy?).  All that is left
		is a key.  Take it and use exit (or just walk) out.
		There is a chocobo forest right outside for your 

		What does the key do?  It unlocks the chains to 
		the Enterprise!  Luckily, the airship portion is
		also fully intact.

40.             Symphonia

Location: Southeast of Salonia
Enemies:  None
		This place is basically dedicated to the Bard and 
		Taoist Class.  The Bards there continually try to
		emulate a sacred tune, but all is for not, as only
		the mystical Lute can produce the sacred tune 
		of awakening.

41.             Town of the Callers

Location: Northwest of Salonia
Enemies:  None
		Caller orientated.  If you have one, this is the
		best place to visit to get up to date on magic, weapons,
		and armor.

42.             The Kingdom of Salonia

Location: Large walled in Castle and Town.
		Fly the enterprise over the kingdom of Salonia (its a very
		large enclosed town area with a castle smack in the
		center).  If you fly around the castle, cannonballs
		will start firing!  Unfortunately, they fire enough
		to gun you down.  Say goodbye to the trusty Enterprise,
		because like many a Star Trek Film, 
		"She just canno' go any farther cap-tain."

		Luckily (?!?!?!?) you will land in between the two armies
		that shot you down.  Apparently each group thought you
		belonged to the other.  Ignore them (and the weird
		music) for now, and visit the 4 towns.

		|   2        |C |           3  |        
		|            |  |              |        
		|                              |
		|   1                       4  |        

		Town 1 hilights:  This place has not much of use except
				  for the appearance of another classic
				  FF item: The Fat Chocobo!  Talk to the
				  student to make him appear.  Fat Choc
				  swallows your items (stores them) so
				  you can free up item spaces.  Just
				  visit him again later to retrieve.

		Town 2 hilights:  One weapon shop (obscure), an inn,
				  and some more locked shops.  The
				  Magic Key doesnt work here.  However,
				  this place is a required visit.

				  If you talk to the the Sages, one will
				  point you to the Punk Bar.  Enter,
				  and you will find 4 punks trying to
				  beat up a well dressed kid.Automatically
				  you will give them their just deserts!

				  They are just 4 simple mini golden
				  warriors and are easily defeated.  The
				  boy is actually prince Alis.  He will
				  join your party and give you the
				  authority neccessary to enter the castle.     
		Town 3 hilights:  Another inn.  The bookshop and magic
				  shops are locked.

		Town 4 hilights:  The only open building is a tower in
				  the middle of town. It is chock full
				  of enemies.  Walk through the winding
				  secret passageways of the first floor,
				  and climb the tower to take in some
				  goodies, including sets of dragon 

43. Castle Salonia

Location: Middle of Salonia
Enemies:  None

		Enter the castle and you will be automatically escorted
		to the prince's chambers.  You will wake up once and talk
		with the prince, but the second time, the king will rush
		into the room, screaming in terror as he bleeds.  A near
		look alike enters the room!  Prepare for one of the 
		hardest fights ever!

		The phoenix is no slouch.  Every round he uses 'Bolt'
		a lightning attack that hits EVERYONE for 300-400 hp 
		damage each round.

		My advice?  Have a White Mage cast Cure2 EVERY round,
		including the first one.  Have at least 2 heavy fighters
		(in my case a fighter + Black belt..yours may differ)
		and have them fire away every round.  Your fourth
		party member in most cases is a useless black mage.
		Ice3 is almost always get him curing 
		your fighters with hipotions every round.  Eventually,
		cure2 will run out, so have the 4th member use an
		elixir on your white mage.  If youre lucky, you will
		only lose 1 character at that point.  At level 26,
		I managed to come out of the battle alive (5th try)
		with only my Black Belt and White Mage.

		After phoenix dies, the king dies as well.  You and the
		prince have a moment of silence before Alis resolves
		to be the best king ever!

		Before you leave the castle, talk around.  The Scholars,
		especially, are handy.  They are so sorry about
		the Enterprise, that they build you something better:
		The Nautilus!!!!  The Nautilus operates like your
		first airship in that it only lands in grass and cant
		cross mountains...but its about 3x faster than anything

		No, youre not done yet!  Head back to towns 1-4 for 
		open shops full of goodies like White/Black mage armor
		and the next level of spells (cure 3 anyone?)

44. The Sleeping Lady

Location: Salonia Continent.

		Visit her cave and talk to the bird for a hint on
		how to restore its master.

45. Castle de Moogle

Location: Southern Continent
		You enter the weird shrine when suddenly...several
		large armed furry creatures gang up on you.  Luckily,
		their leader, a dark cloaked man, waives them off.  Those
		furry creatures are actually MOOGLES!  Contrary to
		popular belief, FF3j is the first appearance of those
		loveable winged teddies!

		The leader, Doga joins your group, and now the moogles are 
		your best of friends.  Head down to their magic
		shop and fill up on goodies!

46. Mahoujinn Cave

Location: Hidden in Castle de Moogle

		Oh boy...another midget cave!  This one is located
		in Castle de Moogle; touch the torch.  If you can
		make it through this tough place, you will eventually
		reach a place where the Doga explains something and
		dissapears.  Luckily, you then are warped back to
		the entrance of the Castle.  What is the point?  The
		Nautilus is now both an airship and a submarine!

47. Water Shrine 1:

Location: South of East Salonia
		This one is located south in the water below town 4.
		Make sure you have at least 10 magic keys.  There is
		loads of important treasure to pick up, ending in a battle
		with Odin!

		Odin is one difficult boss!  He uses a multi slice attack
		much like Phoenix Bolt, but more effective.  Use cure3
		on the party each round, and make sure to nail
		him with fir3...he is very weak to it.  If you win, you
		gain his call magic spell.

48.  Water Shrine 2:

Location:  Circular Bay at bottom of Salonia Continent
Treasures: Lute         LamiaSC         Protect Ring x2 etc.

		This one is located in the bay at the south of the 
		continent with the sleeping lady.  Once again,
		load up on keys.  There are fairly strong enemies,
		but no bosses.  Lots of treasure including a musical
		instrument that supposedly wakes up the unwakeable.
		They call it...the lute!

49.  Magic Merchant Village

Location: Southeast of Castle de Moogle
Treasure: None
Enemies:  None

		On the continent with Castle de Moogle is a small 
		completely enclosed town.  While the airship cant
		go above the mountains, if you submerse near the town,
		you will notice some discolored mountains that
		you can go through.  Resurface at the end of the path!

		Except for the Greeting Mage, every black mage is
		a magic seller.  You can buy anything from Level 2 to
		Level 7 magic!  Stock up if you have the cash!

50.  Water Shrine 3:

Location: Near Golden Mansion
Treasure:       Tomahawk Axe
		Ancient Sword
		Defendr Sword
		Diamond Shield x2
		Diamond Armor
		Loki's Instrument
		Diamond Glove
		Aegis Shield    -} Fight Bone Dragon
		Triton Hammer   -} Fight Mouth Man
		Reflect Armor   -} Fight 8 Claw
		Blood ?         -} Fight Red Dragon
		Diamond Helmet

		This one is located on the island devoid of life east
		of the the golden house.

		THIS PLACE ROCKS!  If you ever wanted a place to loot,
		this place is it!  I had to visit the Fat Chocobo
		TWICE just to get everything.  What you dont want is
		still worth thousands of dollars! Be greedy!  Be VERY

51.             The Sleeping Lady. (Revisited)

Location: Near Salonia
Treasure: None
Enemies:  None

		Head back here with the lute.  Activate it in front
		of her bed...and she wakes up and goes nuts, jumping
		about!  Then she mumbles something about a mystical
		ship, grabs her parrot, and joins your party.  Her
		name is Uni.

52.             Swamp Cave

Location: Near Sleeping Cave
		Be prepared, for this is one of the hardest 
		levels in the Final Fantasy Series.  Walk up to 
		the rocks blocking the way and Uni will use her 
		skills to remove them.

		The next floor is simple; the Scholars (real airship
		nuts who are part of the group that built the Nautilus)
		have opened 3 shops to help you.  However; if you
		have taken the treasures from the other caves, only
		the inn is useful.

		Now begins the trek.  3 rules of thumb:

	1.The Blue Spore Enemies will almost always reproduce
	  by themselves.  Hit them hard and fast!

	2.The Green Spore Enemies only reproduce if you hit them
	  with a weapon, and the damage does not kill them.  
	  Be careful; both spores can hit anywhere from 1-1500 damage.

	3.Anything Green basically follows the Green Spore rule.

		It can get extremely frustrating as they duplicate;
		but if you make sure your strong weapon men can kill
		in one hit, and you only use elemental magic on
		one enemy at a time, you can make it.  Whats so good
		to go through all this hell?

	The airship: Inbin Shiburu (Invincible)

		While it is slow compared to the speedy nautilus,
		it makes up for it in many ways.  The Invincible
		has Weapon, Armor, Magic, and Item Vending
		Machines, a Free Inn, and a Fat Chocobo!  
			If you press the A button, the ship can 
		raise itself over mountains for short periods of time.  
		If you have to fight while on the airship, it has 
		a cannon that hits all enemies once before the round 
		begins. Exit via the ladder, control the ship 
		via the control wheel.

53. Paladea

Location: Southwest of Salonia
		This place is located by the Castle.  Use the
		airship jump ability to reach it.  Everything
		is paladin focused; from the weapons to the 
		low level magic.  There is a hidden sage
		who challenges you under the waterfall, and
		there is a few treasures in the cave; but
		beware, the duplicating enemies are back.  Why
		do you want to go here?  Because the only
		weapon in the game that does NOT duplicate
		those enemies is the Katana, and only the 
		paladin uses it.  Greatly consider promoting
		your knight to this class!

54. Cave of the Leviathan

Location: North of the Living Forest

Fenixdwn        God'sRage       EthDrum         Iceblast        Hipotion x3
Elixir          WScent          Aegis Shield    LamiaSC         Liquer
Shell           Impyawn         LilithKiss      Thor Hammer     Blkhole
Reflect Armor   Musk

		Above the Faerie forest is a weird lake with a 
		strange creature swimming in it.  Use the airship
		jump technique to get near the water, then 
		get out and swim to the creature.  You will submerse
		into an underwater maze.  There is a lot of treasure,
		secret pathways, and if you have somebody who can cast
		call magic, you will fight the enormous leviathan
		at the end.

		Leviathan       u/Wave, Bite    5700 GP         2C
						1250 EXP
55. Cave of Bahamut
Location: South of the Midget Village

		Back in the first world, surrounded by mountains,
		near the viking hideout and midget forest.

		Use Airship jump again.  The enemies are still
		pretty tough, but they dont duplicate!  This
		cave is basically full of items like Elixirs,
		fenixdwn's, and Godsrage. If you have somebody
		who can use call magic, prepare to fight the
		infamous Bahamut.

		Bahamut         u/Mega Flare    3500 GP         12C
				s/Meteor        700 EXP


56. Cave of Ordeals

Location: North of the Kraken Cave.
Enemies:  Replicators

		Ok, if you dont have a Paladin or lots of level 99
		warriors, youre not going to make it through here.
		I would rather have a paladin; it takes less time.

		Did I say the Shiburu cave was tough?  Think again.
		This place makes it look like chrono trigger 

		Floor 1:Talk to the Paladin and continue to the
			stairs.  Walk straight through the hidden

		Floor 2:The first secret way has treasure.  The
			long passage leads on.  After that,
			take the bottom right secret at the
			end of the second passage.

		Floor 3:Walk past the first two secrets and take
			the first one straight down.  Then
			grab the treasure and take the right secret,
			take the bottom right secret in the first
			zigzag, and the middle secret of the 3 
			lined along the left wall after the next

		Floor 4:The Bottom secret on the right wall
			at the end of the passage has a Genji
			Shield. The top passage leads on.

		Floor 5:The immediate right secret leads to
			a Genji Helmet.  The bottom secret to
			the left, followed by the right 
			secret leads on.

		Floor 6:Immediatedly south is the secret 
			leading to Genji Armor.  After that,
			cross the bridge, and ignore the first
			2 secrets.  Take the right wall secret
			when you come upon the last 3.  This will
			lead you to the horn; or rather, the
			pesky paladin who challenges you.  Start 
			whacking away and make sure to use some 
			quake magic.  After the battle, teleport

57. Statues of the Quest                     

Location: North of Port Town
Treasure: None.
Enemies:  None.

		If you've tried to get past these statues before,
		you know what happens.  However, now that you
		are an accomplished hero, you can walk through
		each of the 4 gates.  Each set of statues will
		explode as you pass it.  After the 4th statue,
		walk back to the airship for a few more jumps.

58. Crystal Tower & Light Complex

Location: Several Airship jumps from the Statues of the Quest
Treasure:       Musk            Crystal Glove           Crystal Armor
		Crystal Shield  LilithKiss              Crystal Helmet
		Axe ?}?         Fenixdwn                Break Sword
		Total rod (40% chance of petr kill)     Holy Arrow
		Protect Ring    Hell Claw (40% chance of poison)

		When you first came upon the second world, you
		may have flown over a small tower sticking
		out of the water.  Well, that tower is here,
		and its the focal point for the end of the game.
		Walk into the complex and straight up through
		the doorway.  Although the crystal of light
		sits there waiting, a familiar person gangs up
		on you. (He's a palette swap of the paladin boss
		from moments before).  Beat him; fire3 is more
		effective than quake for this battle.  Talk
		to the crystal to gain 3 more classes!

		New Classes: Black Wizard/White Wizard/Summoner

My Recommendation:      Paladin/Karate Master/White Wizard/Black Wizard

59. Return to Castle de Moogle

Location:       South Island Valley near merchant magicians
Treasure:       Curtain x4      20000 GP x2

		As you enter Castle de Moogle, you hear Doga and Uni
		calling you!  You will automatically enter a maze. Search
		for treasure (you cant reenter) and look for Doga and Uni
		by the great waterfall.  As you enter the spot where they
		are, they challenge you to a fight!

		Doga fights first. He uses Quake and Drain!
		Uni fights second. She uses Whirl!

		If you can beat both, they will finally free themselves
		of the evil holding them, but will slowly die.  Talk
		to each person to gain a key.

60. The Secret of Eureka

Location: Accessed from first floor of Crystal Tower.
Treasure: As Described.
Enemies:  Ninja, Barbarians

		The infamous Crystal Tower is your next stop.
		Unfortunately, it means walking through the light
		complex again, so memorize your way through.

		On the first floor of the Tower is door directly in
		front of the entrance.  If you enter it, a mysterious
		force pushes you back from going to far.  Press the 
		B button and use the 'Eureka' Key obtained from
		Doga.  You will automatically enter a secret
		portion of the Crystal Tower.  Loot everything...
		the best weapons in the game can be found here.

	Floor 1:  Treasures:   -BmbRArm         -Elixir         
			       -God'sRage       -Iceblast

	Floor 2:  Treasures:   -BmbRArm         -?????
			       -God'sRage       -Iceblast

	Floor 3:  Treasures:   -Shuriken star x2
			       -Elixir          -Fenixdwn

	Floor 4:  Here begins the battle for truely good items.  Each
		  item you see is guarded by an enemy.
		  n: no effect          s:strong against
		  l: opposite effect    w:weak against
		  u: uses (damage in hp)

	Boss:     Super Death   =       n/Quake         l/fire, ice
					3450 GP         1050 EXP
		  Treasure: Decimator Boomerang

	Floor 5:  Treasures:   -Fenixdwn

	Boss:     Pink Assassin =       u/Party Stun
					5000 GP         1200 EXP
		  Treasure: Masamune (katana)

	Floor 6:  Treasures:   -none
		  Note: After beating the Barbarian, walk back to 
			the stairway and cross the broken bridge.
			The missing pieces are illusions.

	Boss:     Red Barbarian =       s/claw, lit     u/Fists (800-1200)
					5200 GP         1225 EXP
		  Treasure: Excalibur (sword)

	Floor 7:  Treasures:   -none

	Boss:     Multi-Part Wolf Wiz.  u/Flare         w/Fire Magic
					5400 GP         1733 EXP
		  Treasure: Eldest (Staff)

	Upon entering the door in Floor 7, you will come upon an
	enemy free haven.  To the left and right are healing and 
	revival ponds; to the north is 2 sages.  One informs you
	of something; the other sells magic.  Level 8 magic.  About
	time!!! If you also touch the indent in the wall between
	the two sages, you will open a secret passageway leading
	to a weapons/armor sage.
	Magic (Black)   Cost (GP)       Magic (White)   Cost (GP)
	Flare           60000           Gale            60000
	Doom            60000           Life 2          60000
	Meteo           60000           Holy            60000

	Weapons         Cost (GP)       Armor           Cost (GP)
	Shuriken Dart   65500           Crystal Shield  50000
					Crystal Armor   65000
					Crystal Glove   50000
					Crystal Helmet  50000

61.     Crystal Tower

Location: In between Light Complex.
Enemies:  Fire Breathers, Mucus, Magicians

	Get ready!  Be fully stocked up before making the trip.  
	Eventually, you will reach a strange room filled with
	Dragon Statues.  There is a mirror between them.  Walk up
	to the mirror, and an Onionkid will look at you; perhaps
	an image of your past.  As the dragons begin to stir, the
	infamous Dogi will appear out of nowhere and call your 
	friends to the Statues.  

	Amazingly enough, Dei-Shuu is one of them.  He returns from
	the burning core of the Ooehn Tower. Doga is one good magician!
	With your friends balking the dragons (Princess Sala, Prince        
	(now King) Alis, one of the Quadruplets, and Dei-Shuu), the
	mirror image will dissapear and you will warp to the final
	floor of the crystal tower.  There is no enemies; only the
	Caped Madman stands in your way.

	Caped Madman            u/Meteor        s/Holy, Claws
				  Peep          n/Gale
				  Quake         w/Flare
				  Fists [1500]

	Thought that was the end? Think again!  A mysterious light
	is up ahead.  As you walk to it....a monster of epic proportions
	arrives!  I suggest not putting up a fight...She is invincible
	to everything you throw at her.  As soon as she finishes you off,
	your friends will return to you, and give you back your lives,
	HP, and MP.  You will then walk back to the light to find out 
	where the Evil Being has gone!

62.     Final Maze

Location: Top of Crystal Tower
Treasure: Ribbon Helmet (x4)
Enemies:  Red Ninja, Yellow Dragon, Barbarian

	The game difficulty increases yet again; for there are no save
	spots, healing or revial ponds...or any other luxury.  Your items
	are all that keeps you alive...and there is no escape.

	You are on a dimensional plane of mystery; stars zoom underneath
	you. There are 5 paths; 1 forward and 4 to their respective 
	corners.  If you wish to live; walk one on of the corner routes.

	On each path there are two constants: A treasure chest and
	a dark crystal shrine.  Each chest contains a Ribbon Helmet;
	but you must fight someone familiar to the Caped Madman
	each time.  As for the crystal shrines....they contain 4 of the
	toughest bosses ever devised! On the good side; once you
	beat one of the crystal bosses; you will obtain the last
	2 classes: Ninja and Sage!   Make sure you talk to the Crystal
	after each boss battle.

Reccommended class change 1:   Paladin/Ninja/Sage/Sage
	*This change depends on if you have several Shuriken.  If not...
Reccommended class change 2:   Paladin/Sage/White Mage/Black Mage
	*This is if not!  NOTE: If you die; the game will mysteriously
	 save these 2 classes to your game!  If this happens; gather
	 all of the call magic and combine it with your choice
	 of white or black for the ultimate party!

Upper Left Path:        This is a maze of secret passageways; the correct 
			route is often the farthest from the needed 

			Boss:   Death Hound     6400 G 18C 1500 EXP

Lower Left Path:        This section has a series of vertical passages.
			You can walk through the bottom of any of them,
			and there are 2 secret passages leading to the
			exit and treasure chest.

			Boss:   Plant Fiend     7000 G 19C 2606 EXP

Upper Right Path:       This is a fairly easy maze, take the top route
			for access to the exit and pathway to the chest.

			Boss:   Yellow Dragon   6800 G 19C 1750 EXP
						U/Bite [7500+]

Lower Right Path:       This is a long winding path if you dont keep
			a sharp eye.  If you look at the other side
			of the wall to your right, there should be an
			occasional marked secret passage.  Line up with
			it and you can walk through the wall.

			Boss:   Uni-Eye         7200 G 21C 2250 EXP
Upper Middle Path:      This room is a maze.  Certain segments of
			bridge are completely invisible, and as always
			its almost always the piece farthest from that
			leads you to the stairway at the top.

Final Floor:            Load everybody up.  There is no enemies except
			for the Goddess of Evil, and its the final (and 
			potentially toughest) battle.

			If you managed to save the 4 crystal warriors,
			they will reappear and attack the Goddess one
			by one.  This will weaken her so your magic 
			and weapons will work.

63.  The Goddess of Evil

Location: End of Final Maze

	&               Final Battle: Goddess of Evil                &
	&       HP: 50000+      MP: Infinite    Rewards: None        &
	&       Boss Attack:    Flare Wave (multi)                   &
	&                       [Hits allies for around 2000 HP]     &   
	&       Weak Against:   -Fast- accelerated Weapons           &
	&                       -Bahamut- Call Magic                 &
	&               Battle/Survival Strategies:                  &
	&       -Have your White Wizard use -Fast- to accelerate     &
	&        your weapon users. In the case of Paladins, this    &
	&        adds up to 22-30 hits for a total of 4000 damage.   &
	&                                                            &
	&       -Callers should use Bahamut each and every round.    &
	&                                                            &
	&       -Ninja's should be throwing Shuriken each round.     &
	&        The damage quickly becomes the same or better       &
	&        as an accelerated Paladin.                          &
	&                                                            &
	&        -Black Wizards should stick to Flare; Meteor is not &
	&         as effective. If the rest of your party is hurting,&
	&         have your Black Wizard use Elixirs.                &
	&                                                            &
	&        -Sages should be fully equipped, with Bahamut and   &
	&         Cure 4 being a neccessary minimum.  Have them use  &
	&         Bahamut when possible, and Cure4 to help your      &
	&         White Wizard in recovering from Flare Wave.        &
	&                                                            &
	&        -All weapon fighters should be accelerated with     &
	&         fast, and use doubled up weapons:                  &
	&         (Knights: Excalibur/Break)                         &
	&         (Karate Master: Cat Claw/Dragon Claw)              &
	&         (Ninja:  Same as KM or Shuriken x2)                &
	&                                                            &

64.     Finale!         [Ending/Spoiler]

	Upon beating the Goddess of Evil, and watching her slowly
	melt away, you will return to the crystal tower where your
	friends await.  You will hurry back to the Invincible and
	fly away.  

	Now, you will drop off your friends.

	-The Quadruplet is returned to Port Town.
	-King Alis is returned to his Castle.
	-Cid and Dei-Shuu are returned to Kanaan; surprisingly
	 enough Dei-Shuu lives in the house adjoined to the Inn.
	-Princess Sala and your group return to Uru town, where
	 the Elder and townsfolk eagerly await you.

	Suddenly, the ground begins to shake!  Everyone looks to the

	A Bright Light sits in the sky above Uru town, returning 
	the power of light to the people of the world.  The overhead
	screen shows the lush color returning to the landscape.

	The screen cuts to space, with a poem: *

	Stars begin to pass by at increasing speeds until it all blacks

	Finally, the credits begin to display.  Each credit is
	accompanied by each class in the game, one by one.  

	As almost always in FF...the game ends with a star field and
	and the words....THE END.
	Congratulations on beating Final Fantasy III!
{End of Walkthrough & FAQ}

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