Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 00:17:21 EDT

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 ***    *   ** **  *   **                   ** **  **  *** **
 **    * *  ** *  * *   **  ** ** ** ***  * ** **     * ** ** ****
  **   * *  ** *  * *    ***** ***  ** ** **** **  ** ***  ***
   *** ** * ** *  ** *   **    **   ** ** * ** **  ** *    **
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                       The Unofficial Walkthrough
                                Ver. 0.8
                             By: Matt Hobbs
                           [email protected]

       "The Most in-detailed FAQ for SaGa Frontier you'll ever find"                

              This FAQ can be found at the following places:
                          "The Yelsian FF Page"

                        "Sean's Squaresoft Shrine"

                    "The Ultimate Final Fantasy Webpage"


  Or, check out The Unofficial SaGa Frontier Walkthrough's "Sister FAQ" at:
Author's Note: This is a guide to the AMERICAN version of SaGa Frontier,
after seeing so much of the Japanese version of this game on the net, I 
thought it time for something on the U.S. Version.

 1. Revision History
 2. Walkthrough
 3. Other stuff
  Optional Areas 
   Bio Research Lab
   Furdo's Workspace
   Sei's Tomb - In depth
   Berva Base - In depth
  Boss's HP
  The RegionMap
  Other Trivial Nonsense
 4. Secrets from other SF Players
 5. Lists
   Punch Skills
   Gun Skills
   Special Weapon Skills
   Mec Skills
   Special Mec Skills
   Laser/Mec Weapon Attacks
   Mystic Skills
   Mystic Absorb Skills 
   Dodge Abilities
   Monster Skills 
   Other Abilities
 6. Monster/Treasure Chart
 7. Shopping List
 8. Character list
  Quick Reference List
 9. Character Growth, Learning Special abilities, ect.
10. Credits

1. Revision History
V0.8 - Added a list of Boss's HP
     - Better explained the "Mec DSC" trick
     - Added 3 new secrets: Takanomics (the GoldIngot trick), the Abyss bat,
       and 2nd Div. (The last one is a possible spoiler)
     - Explained the RegionMap (It's in the other stuff section) 
     - Removed the port explanation from the shopping list and just added
       where each port takes you.
     - Added some trivial facts about SaGa Frontier 
     - Added two new "Secrets from other SF players"
     - Added Boss Strategies for many other bosses
     - Mystic Absorb chart started. It's still very incomplete, I need help
     - Mec absorb chart removed, I THINK it's actually random
     - The Emelia walkthrough is FINALLY done!!!
     - Revised the Red Walkthrough a little bit
     - Added to the Blue walkthrough
     - Major update to the "Learning Special abilities" section
     - Changed the strategy for Spriggan a little bit
     - Corrected a (stupid) typo in the team member lists
     - FINALLY got the inventories for TimeLord and Kylin's magic shops!!
     - The word "Dullard" has been officially added to this FAQ!! (hehe)
     - One request... If anyone who has a GameShark could give me the exact
       stats of the following items, it would be greatly appreciated.
      (And anything else not on my lists)
     - Wasn't this a big update?     

V0.7 - Added a (Ultra-Incomplete) List of where mec skills can be absorbed
     - Added a list of the Laser and Mec Weapon effects
     - Started the Secrets section
     - Added a Quick Reference guide to the Team Members list
     - Worked on Blue's walkthrough a bit more
     - Started the "Character Growth, Learning Special abilities, ect." 
     - More list additions, corrections, etc.
     - Sorry, no Emelia walkthrough this time, I never managed to get around
       to it. It's been started, but it looks and sounds horrible. I'll
       correct and finish it in the next version...PROMISE!!


V0.6 - Added an Incomplete Monster Skill list
     - Added a complete (?) Monster/Treasure list
     - Added to the Blue walkthrough
     - Added more to the Secrets from other SF players section
     - Started the Optional Areas section with Sei's Tomb and The Bio Lab
     - Corrected more typos, added to the lists, etc.
     - Added some items to various lists
     - "Stay Tuned" for Version 0.7, with a complete Emelia walkthrough!!
       (What a rip-off, eh?)


V0.5 - Finished the entire T260G walkthrough 
     - Started the Blue walkthrough
     - Started the Hints and Tips from other SF Players section
     - Added to and corrected various things on the lists
     - Better explained the C.T.C. Building and the BlackX Base on Red's
     - Corrected some area treasure lists
     - Finished the team member list (I think)


V0.4 - First Version - it's still severly lacking, I'm missing several 
walkthroughs (which I'll add later) I'm also missing a few items, and 
possibly a few skills. I didn't finish the team member list 
either...sorry... Parts of existing walkthroughs may be a bit vague, 
I'll try to correct them in the future.

I'd also like to add a Monster Chart (A faint possibility), a Mystic 
Sword/Glove/Boot list, and a Monster Skill list.

2. Walkthrough


Red's Chapter begins with Red and his dad driving down a street, 
discussing the current activities of The evil BlackX and their leader, 
Dr. Klein. Suddenly, a giant beast lands on their car, causing it to 
crash. Red then finds himself alone in a field, his dad no where in 
sight. He encounters Shuzer, a BlackX Emperor, and a fight ensues. At 
this point, there is no way you can win, so just punch him until he 
knocks you out and a strange masked man (yes, that is a man), Alkarl, 
comes down to defeat Shuzer. Alkarl then turns the unconcious Red into 
Alkaiser, a hero just like him and makes him take the "code of the 

Many years later, Red still hasn't forgotten about BlackX; in fact, he's 
still after them. Red is working on the Airship Cygnus with his father's 
friend, Hawk. There isn't much to do here, but do some exploring, and 
find the guy who will give Red his paycheck (100 Credits). Remember him! 
After you're done exploring, talk to Hawk in the engine room, he'll ask 
if you're ready, answer "yes" and you'll go to Baccarat, a casino of 

Treasures: None

You can't actually play the games, so just look for strange blue men
that say "Eaaaaggg" or something like that. There are 4 of them in the 
room with the slot machines, talk to them all and they'll run away. 
Take the elevator and follow them down to the parking lot. Once there, 
you'll see that Red has turned into Alkaiser, (yep, he still has that 
power). After a brief scene with Shuzer again, he sends four soldiers 
and some kind of bug after you. Defeat the soldiers, then defeat that 
bug thingy, the bug is a bit tougher than the soldiers and during battle 
you get transported to the "4th dimention Magisphere" (a big eyeball 
dimention where enemies have triple their normal HP). Just remember to 
Equip yourself with the BroadSword, EasyRifle (or both) and the Backpack 
(You start with all these items). Notice that you may learn some 
abilities during the fights, refer to the learning abilities section to 
find how to do this and why it happens. Beat these enemies and you'll 
get your first Picture, (I can't say for certain, but it seems to me 
that getting a picture means you've completed a mission). You then 
return to the Cygnus. Go collect your pay, then talk to Hawk again, 
you'll be sent to the town, Shrike. 

Treasures: None (At least, none in the town itself)

 Once in Shrike, go to the Bio Lab in the southeast corner of town, 
(this is optional, skip it if you want), and follow the path and fight 
the enemies if you want - but they are TOUGH. Eventually, you'll come to 
a room that looks like a library. Examine the lone bookshelf near the 
entrance to find a secret room. Once inside, climb down the ladder and 
proceed to the room with the stairs. Go up the staircases (or down if 
you have a death wish) and enter the room at the top of the stairs. You 
should see three mad scientists performing experiments on a helpless 
little critter. Red, being the hero that he is, attacks the mad doctors. 
Upon defeating them, the little critter, Cotton, will then join you. 
Also, if you want, go to Sei's Tomb (in the upper right corner of the 
map) and collect the sword, shield, and accessory, but *DO NOT FIGHT SEI 
YET!!!* (refer to Riki's chapter for details on the tomb). After this, 
build up if you want. Then go to the "street" and rest at the inn (it's 
free, one of only 2 places that is). Now go back and talk to the kids in 
the playground. After one of them mentions Sei's Tomb, some BlackX 
soldiers attack you and kidnap the little girl. Next, head for Sei's 
tomb, in the northeast end of town. Once there, it's pretty much 
automatic, Red will turn into Alkaiser and fight some monsters in that 
weird eyeball dimention again - very easy (especially if you picked up 
Cotton earlier). After the battle, have Cotton (if you have him) Absorb the
Sphinx. you may get SphinxRiddle, a powerful instant kill spell, and Cotton
should turn into a powerful Sphinx form. This should really help you in the 
next few missions!! You'll get a call from the Cygnus and your next picture 
will appear. 

Treasures: Payment

Back on the Cygnus, collect your pay again (you should do this every 
time you return, so I won't bother mentioning it again). Go below and 
meet Yuria, she will show you something she found. When you follow her 
you'll find that the Cygnus is carrying illegal weapons. You'll 
automatically be sent to Manhattan. Go to the C.T.C. Building and talk 
to the receptionist, she'll...ehem...kindly escort you out of the 
building. Then, Fuse, a patrolman for the IRPO (Inter-Regional Police 
Office) shows up and demands to see the president, Lady Campbell. He 
tells the desk lady that Red is his assistant and they both go up to 
Campbell's office (there is nothing but talk here). You then return to 
the Cygnus. After talking to Hawk, the ship gets attacked by pirates. 
This, IMO, is the hardest part of Red's chapter. You'll fight some easy 
battles, then Fuse will join you. Go through the rest of the ship 
(there's a secret passage in the room behind Hawk) and look for people 
who survived the attack, as you can now go in those "guest rooms" Red 
didn't want to enter earlier. After looking around for a while (and 
fighting some really tough enemies). You can find the following people 
abord this ship: Roufas, Asellus, White Rose, BJ&K, Blue, and Yuria 
(Blue and Yuria don't join you, the rest do). Yuria is in one of the 
guest rooms in the same area you first met her at the beginning of the 
game. Sneak around the monsters (or fight them if you're strong enough) 
and Yuria is in one of the rooms...I don't exactly know what purpose 
rescuing her serves, do it only if you want to. (Optionally, you could 
go around the rooms and Fuse will distract the monsters.) Build up in 
the lower room where the weaker monsters are. After building up, explore 
some more. Eventually you'll come across a battle with 4 enemies that 
seems impossible to win, and, unless you're at a god-like state, it IS 
Impossible to win!!! (Hey, It's possible to win it, I did once...) 
Well...impossible, that is, unless you know the trick here. Run around 
to the left side of the room and enter the 3 doors, one at a time. The 
monsters in the impossible battle are here. Defeat them one at a time, 
THEN you can pass. After defeating the final enemy near the big white 
doors, Fuse will tell you of another way in. (If you go through the 
front, you'll get slaughtered...even if you win, you lose!!). Go back to 
the door you couldn't "use in flight" earlier. (Save before you do this. 
Also, if you're feeling lucky, strip your teammates of their equipment, 
it's good stuff). Go through the door and from here till the end of this 
outside passage RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!!!! IF YOU DON'T RUN, YOU'LL 
GET BLOWN OFF THE SHIP!!!!!! After passing the area (Phew) you'll fight 
Platyhooks. Attack him until he calls 4 Platoonpuses then runs off. 
Defeat the 4 Platoonpuses as quickly as possible, as if you wait to long 
Platyhooks will return and you'll have to fight him again. After that 
battle everything will return to normal on the Cygnus, but you'll notice 
that all your team members are gone (except Cotton). You can get BJ&K 
back, however, by returning to the room where you first found him. 

Treasures: 200 Credits x2, MemoryBoard, IceCrystal, FireCrystal, 

Now, as usual, talk to Hawk and this time, you'll go to Koorong. The 
following scene is automatic. When you regain control of Red, go back up 
the stairs you just came down. The towns people will be attacked by a 
monster, which (as usual) you have to fight - very easy battle. After 
the battle, some strange yellow haired guy (at least, I think that's his 
hair...looks more like a lampshade to me...) will appear and run off, 
he's a BlackX agent. Follow him to the sewers; you may have to stop and 
battle a couple of thugs. Everyone goes in those sewers at one time or 
another, so I'll explain how they work now and save some time later. 
After going down the steps, fighting the goons if necessary. There will 
be 2 manholes, don't bother with the first one as it's a dead end, the 
second one is where you need to go. Go around to the right path before 
heading down, then take the path upwards. Take the bag that contains 200
Credits. After getting the credits, take the lower path and exit. You 
should be in a big junk yard, go right and down until you find a secret 
passageway in the pile of black debris. There, pay the guy 400 credits 
and you'll get a Secret Board. (If you don't have a mec in your team, 
just skip it). Then go up until you reach the next manhole. Go in it 
(well, obviously) then go around the bend, whacking any goons that dare 
to stand in your way and take the treasure (IceCrystal). Afterwards, 
head up the ladder and go left into the dark wall. Go left again if 
you're in a hurry, or go right and collect a Memory Board, another mec 
device. Proceed up the big staircase and enter the big red door, it's a 
shop containing some VERY powerful (but expensive) laser weapons; buy 
some if you want (and if you have the cash). Next go in the black area 
to the right of the Red door, then go down the manhole. (Careful, it's 
dark down here.) In the next room, follow ol' lamphead again (skip the 
manhole) to the path to the right. Just keep going down. If you get a 
message saying, "Can I?", just say no - you can't (not now anyway, 
you'll return later.) Go all the way to the left to get a FireCrystal 
then go in the little opening in the south part of the wall. Climb up 
the ladder and GO RIGHT, RIGHT, RIIIIIIGHT!!!! If you go left, you'll go 
back to Koorong and have to start all over again (doh!!). Go right and 
you'll be back on the Cygnus where you'll see a strange scene...end of 

Treasures: None

You'll then be taken to Kyo. You can buy some decent items at the shop, 
or buy Mind Magic at the place called the "Doujou". Eventually, you'll 
go to the northeast corner of town and enter the "Syoin". Talk to the 
mec there and he will tell you a bit about BlackX's 4 Emperors. Red then 
gets another call from the Cygnus.

Treasures: CeramicSword, SanctuaryStone

Your next mission is in Shingrow. Enter the palace and wait in line. 
You'll be asked if you want to fight or watch, fighting is more fun, but 
the same thing happens if you just watch. If you choose to fight, you'll 
leave your team behind and change into Alkaiser. Talk to the man behind 
the desk and he'll enter "Mr. ReReRe" (inside joke, it's actually 
Alkaiser) in the contest. After that's done (it doesn't matter if you 
win or lose...I won by luck) you'll see Dr. Klein run away. Follow him 
until you come to a room with crossroads, then head up. Talk to the 
people in the 3 upper rooms and take the treasure chest (yes, there is 
one here, it's just hard to see). You should see the good doctor 
(actually...he's anything BUT good) run into the lower room; follow him 
and defeat the 2 yellow soldiers, then examine the jar a few times and a 
secret staircase will appear. Go down the new staircase and talk to the 
native there. He will mention a switch that will move the floor. Examine 
the wall next to the pit and the floor will rise up allowing you to get 
the treasure there (CeramicSword). Continue down the path and defeat the 
boss at the end. As Alkaiser, you should have no problem here. 

---Leaving the Cygnus/Team Members/Optional Quests---

Back on the Cygnus again, talk to Hawk. Red will choose to leave the 
Cygnus and will find himself at Yorkland. From here, you can basically 
do anything you want, though your mission is to seek out and destroy the 
4 BlackX emperors. First, though, start by finding team members, the 
list below will tell you where to find some:

Cotton: Bio Lab in Shrike, you should already have him though
BJ&K: On the Cygnus (If you missed him, you can't get him now)
EngineerCar: Nakajima Robotics, need a mec on your team.
Fuse: In the Manhattan Shopping Mall
Lute: In Scrap, he's at the Pub
Thunder: In Yorkland, You must have Lute on your team first
Rouge: In the Luminous Airport
Annie: In Koorong outside the Restaurant
Doll: Shingrow Port
Liza: Inside the restaurant*
Roufas: Inside the Restaurant* Also at Mu's Tomb
Rabbit: This little (but powerful) Mec is in the Kyo Garden
Gen: Scrap Pub, need to be collecting Arcane Tarot Cards
Emelia: Baccarat, Need to be collecting Arcane Cards
Mesarthim: The basement of Lord Manor, need a mystic on your team 
Fei-on: In Tanzer, Need to be Collecting Runes 
Slime: Tanzer, Rune Quest...ect...ect...
Silence: Omble (See Blue's Chapter)
Sei: (See Riki's Chapter)
Suzaku: Mosperiburg Mountain (See Team Member List)
TimeLord: (See Team Member List)
Kylin: (See Team Member List)

*At the restaurant, you have a choice of signing up Roufas or Liza, 
choose Liza. You can still get Roufas by going on the Rune Quest and 
picking him up at Mu's Tomb.

I STRONGLY suggest you use either Rabbit or BJ&K here (preferably Rabbit) as
they will both be VERY useful in the coming battles!!
If you want to go on the Light/Shadow, Rune/Arcane and Time/Space 
quests, feel free to do so. Refer to Blue's chapter walkthrough for help 

These next 4 missions can be done in any order, but this is the order I 
do them, so I'll tell it this way.

---Koorong/Shuzer Base--- 
Treasures: ElectroArmor, KillerRifle 

The first of the four BlackX Emperors is Shuzer. To seek out and destroy 
your old enemy, return to Koorong and talk to Annie outside the 
restaurant; she will agree to show you the location of Shuzer base and 
then join you. Go down to the sewers and keep going until you come to 
the narrow bridge where you may have said "Can I???" earlier...try to 
cross it, you can now. Climb the ladder and proceed up through the 
building, fighting soldiers as you go. You can sidetrack into one of the 
rooms and grab a suit of Electro Armor, but go into the middle door (the 
one with the barber pole next to it). Defeat the soldier there and walk 
across the board and proceed back through the hole in the back wall.  
Keep going until you get to a flat blue platform -- SAVE!!! You have to 
fight a boss - The Cyclops. Defeat him by using your best attacks, 
DeadEnd works well if you know it, and equip JetBoots to stop his quake 
attack (DSC makes this fight SOOOO easy...refer to the secrets section 
to find out how to get DSC). Go up the stairs and follow the path until 
you see a soldier blocking your way; fight him (in the eyeball dimention 
no less ^_^) and when you win, go into the building he is blocking. 
Press the glowing eye on the right lion statue to open the door. In the 
next room you'll catch a quick glimpse of Shuzer in the upper door (now 
would be a good time to save!!). Go through the door and you'll fight 
Shuzer. He's tough, but if you have good moves (i.e. HeadWind, 
DeadEnd...DSC!!!) he shouldn't be much of a problem. After taking around 
20,000 damage (more or less) Shuzer calls a helicopter and jumps in. Red 
grabs hold of the 'copter and holds on as it flies off, only letting go 
when the helicopter lands. Red runs off and morphs into Alkaiser, 
returning to challenge Shuzer. You'll now fight Shuzer again. He would 
be easy, but...fighting with only Alkaiser makes this a toughie. If 
Alkaiser has at least 600 HP, you won't need to heal too much (use 
PowerCures if need be). Just use your best attacks on him until he dies, 
you'll get the KillerRifle after the fight. Also, you *should* learn 
FinalCrusade, a valuable skill that only Alkaiser can use. 
Annie will also join you permanently now. On to the next mission!!!

---C.T.C. Building---
Treasures: WaterCannon, MissilePod, 400 Credits, LightBazooka, Magi-Water,
EagleGun, MaxCure, Protector, Thunderbolt

Return to Manhattan (maybe you can afford some of the items at the mall 
now...) and go back to the C.T.C. Building, and talk to your old friend, 
the receptionist. She won't let you in until Lady Campbell calls and 
tells Red to take an elevator to her office. Red wonders how Campbell 
knew who he was...AH HA!! She must be part of the BlackX!!! Red realizes 
this a moment before the elevator gets attacked by some BlackX Soldiers 
(PinkX actually :). Win this quickly, as every round of fight, you get 
hit with EnemyFire!!! When the elevator stops, talk to the lady and 
you'll fight another battle. Win this battle and climb up the ladder 
behind where she was standing. When you can't climb anymore, go left 
though the door. Once inside, head immediatly to the right and enter the
room. Inside, take the treasure here (MissilePod) and then go back to the 
left. You'll be in what would appear to be a maze of desks. Weave your way
around the desks, defeating the cops as you go, and collect the treasures.
(The bag has 400 credits in it, and the gold treasure contains a 
WaterCannon.) Go through a door in the upper right corner of the room, it's
kinda well hidden, so just push against the walls until you find it. From
here, head up through the nest door, then go in the door on the left. There
is a treasure lying on the ground (LightBazooka), but you'll most likely
have to fight some of the guards in order to get to it. Backtrack and enter 
the door on the far right. If you ended up in a room with a fairy who is 
sitting on a machine, you're in the right spot. Go in the upper door and 
you'll be at the bottom of a spiraling staircase. There are 5 of these 
floors, each containing a group of monsters blocking the stairs, a 
mini-boss, and a treasure. This first stairwell is covered with slimes, it's 
almost impossible to completely avoid them, so fight them if you have to. At
the top you'll fight a HugeSlime and 3 PinkFighters and upon winning, you
get some Magi-Water. The next floor has a steady stream of falling mecs, 
they are easy enough to avoid. At the top you'll fight 2 Guncarts and a 
PinkFighter, and you'll win an EagleGun. The third set of stairs is covered
with plants. They all sit stationary, but will occationally lash out at you
and if you're hit, you have to fight them. The mini-boss here is 2 TrapVines
and 3 PinkFighters and your reward for beating them is a MaxCure. The next 
floor consists of a barrage of bouncing bugs!! Don't worry, they're easy to 
avoid. When you reach the top, you'll fight 3 Armorpillas and 2 Pink-
Fighters. Your prize is a Protector. The final floor is nothing but a bird
and a few mecs; you might as well just fight these. At the top, talk to the
woman on the right side of the room. She'll offer to give you something, 
accept and you'll get the Thunderbolt. Now go left and through the door - 
Save here. Upon entering the door, you'll fight a Sub-Boss, the BlackGarb 
and 3 AutoBuffers. This battle is easy, you shouldn't have any trouble with 
it. Following this annoyance, the lights go out and Red morphs into 
Alkaiser. Now you have to fight Lady Campbell who turns into a big 
spider, Arachne. 

:::Defeating Arachne:::

Well... Arachne is probably easier than Shuzer, but her attacks do similar
damage. She uses many "net" type attacks, including a new one, LightningWeb,
which attacks the whole team. Arachne probably has about 25,000 HP, and she
isn't very difficult. Note that if you didn't get FinalCrusade yet, you'll 
learn it after beating Campbell. 

Yet another BlackX agent is out of commission; end of the next mission.

---Eastern Shingrow Ruins---
Treasures: TwinSword, MagicStone, HarmoniumArmor, SanctuaryStone,
ExcelShield, HarmoniumEarring, 250 Credits

At the Shingrow port, talk to Doll, the purple haired woman, she'll tell 
you about her brother who got lost in one of the nearby ruins and ask 
you to help her find him. Agree and she joins you. Now head for the 
eastern ruin. Go in the open passage then follow the passage up for a 
treasure box containing a TwinSword (ignore the other door, it's a 
trap.) Go back to the crossroads and go left. Follow the path until you 
come to a door, enter it and fight the giant frog there - it's really 
easy. Go up and continue across the bridge (ignore the steps for now), 
follow the path into a small room and collect a MagicStone in the hard 
to see treasure box (once again, ignore the door here, another trap.) 
Backtrack across the bridge and now go down the steps; go under the arch 
and into the small crack in the wall. From here, go into the courtyard 
area (with the 2 slimes) and take the HarmoniumArmor on the ground. Now 
go up through the door. You can try to take the treasure chest here, but 
2 little girls on the platform above won't let you, so go talk to them. 
They are actually monsters, defeat them and the go back and take the 
treasure chest (HarmoniumEarring). Now continue up the steps into the 
next room. This would appear to be a maze of sorts. Go across the raised 
platform and go down the steps and take the hard to see bag in the 
corner of the room for 250 Credits. Go under the arch here and into the 
opening. In this room go up and search the little golden glow behind the 
tree - you'll get a SanctuaryStone. (Ignore the upper door, it's yet 
another trap.) Go back to the previous room and back up the stairs into 
the door. Go down the steps and follow the path then go in the next 
door. You're now in a room with 5 giant slimes. Defeat them!! (It's 
kinda tricky, as they keep regenerating if you don't kill them all, use 
attacks that hit all of them at once.) Beat them and examine the funny 
looking alter behind them to open a secret passage. (The door on the 
right wall is a fake, not a trap, just a fake.) Before going in the 
passageway though, be sure to take the ExcelShield from the EXTREMELY 
hard to see treasure chest on the left side of the room. Now go up and 
talk to the giant. Doll will step out and issue his arrest. (Yes, Doll 
was lying about her brother, she actually works for the IRPO!!) The 
giant, Berva, will then attack you, He is BlackX agent #3.

:::Defeating Berva:::

Berva has a powerful defensive move called Swayback, if you use any form 
of physical attack (sword or fist) he'll block it completely, so use 
other means of attack such as guns, magic, and GaleSlash. He would 
appear to have well over 33,000 HP. After beating him, he will run away. 

Note: If you lose to Berva, the story will continue, but you'll be in a base
behind Shingrow Palace. Just work your way out and seek out Berva again.

---Shingrow/Shingrow Palace---
Treasures: There are some in the Berva Base

Follow Berva outside and head for Shingrow Palace, defeating BlackX 
Soldiers along the way. Go into the palace and go left, then up. Talk to 
the woman there for a free restore. From here, go in the lower 
passageway to fight Berva again, or go back to the room where you fought 
the goblin earlier and examine the walls to find a secret room full of 
goodies. When you finally decide to defeat Berva, return to the arena room 
and be ready for a tough fight...

:::Defeating Berva:::

Just attack him the same way you did the last time you fought him: no direct
attacks, just aerial ones, or attacks like Guns, that don't actually touch 
him. The consequences for touching this giant are MUCH worse this time, 
however, as now he has a powerful Kasumi-like skill called BervaCounter, 
which will not only stop your attack completely, but will also damage the
would-be attacker by around 200-300!!! Berva has around 45,000 HP this time. 

After beating him, Shingrow Palace will be destroyed and you'll be back at 
the Shingrow Port. Mission 3 is done.

---Kyo/Syoin/Metal Black Base---
Treasures: SamuraiSword, MaxCure, BigMissile, 300 Credits, Magi-Water

Go to Kyo and enter the Syoin. If you have Rabbit on your team, he'll 
point out a secret passageway. If you don't have Rabbit, just go to the 
garden (also in Kyo) and pick him up. The passageway leads to the Metal 
Black Base, it's quite easy, but be sure to take some of the treasures 
inside. This area is so linear, it would be a waste of time explaining 
it. When you reach the big green vat, defeat the guard and Red will 
realize this is the place when BlackX is producing drugs, and he'll set 
an explosive device...GET OUT OF THE BASE NOW!!!! When you leave, you'll 
be ambushed by MBlack, the last of the 4 BlackX Emperors. 

:::Defeating MBlack:::

By this point, he shouldn't be too hard (Especially if you have DSC). I'm
usually so powerful by this time, I don't really know what he can do. Since
MBlack can be effortlessly taken out in one round of fight, I'd say he 
probably has no more than 10,000 HP. When you beat him, (Make this battle 
take as long as possible, as it has some awesome music) you'll receive the 
very powerful WarLordArmor, and for an added bonus, if you have a mec on 
your team, you can absorb MBlack and get the powerful TigerProgram!!

---Cygnus/Black Ray---
Treasures: (On Black Ray) SprigganSuit, OctopusBoard, Iron Clogs, 
SilverMoon, WarLordArmor

After all 4 missions are completed, Red will get a call from the Cygnus. 
Do whatever you need to before boarding as you can't get off. On the 
Cygnus, talk to Hawk and he'll give you a BlackX costume. Now you can 
board the BlackX's ship, The Black Ray!! Once on board, explore freely. 
(Note that the soldiers won't let you take any of the treasure...yet.) 
Go in the cockpit on the 3rd floor and you'll see MBlack again, he will 
notice Red and report intruders abord the ship. Red, like a fool, throws 
his costume off and runs. Now comes the tricky part...leave this room 
and a message saying "9000MM to Base" will appear, and every time you go 
into a room, the number will decrease by 1000. The trick here is to let 
it count down to zero. Keep running until you get the message "Almost at 
BlackX base" (and try to take as many of the treasures as possible, it's 
all VERY good equipment!!) Now, this sounds easy, but you can't re-enter 
the same room twice, if you do, you'll have to fight MBlackII; and even 
if you win, you lose. So get the message "Almost at BlackX Base" and 
THEN fight MBlackII.

:::Defeating MBlackII:::

Actually, this battle is pretty easy. MBlack's only dangerous attack is
MoonScraper, which does 100-200 damage to the whole team, and he uses this
quite often. As long as you keep healing and using your best attacks against
him, victory should come quite easy here. MBlack's newest form has around 
60,000 HP. When you win, (have a mec absorb MBlackII to get the Dragon
Program) you'll be at the BlackX Base, your final Area...

---BlackX Base---
Treasures: SanctuaryStone, LethalGun, HyperionBazooka, MaxCure x3, 
Magi-Water, GrainCannon, PowerBelt

After the Black Ray crashes, you'll find yourself in the BlackX base. 
Red has now become Alkaiser and he will remain as Alkaiser until 
the end of the game. From the entrance to the base, head up and right, then
climb the steps. Be sure to collect the SanctuaryStone along the way, you'll
probably need it. Continue up through the door and collect the treasures 
here (LethalGun and 2 MaxCures). Pass through here and go up through a door 
on the left wall. You'll be in a room that looks like some sort of prison. 
It's an enclosed area with about 7 monsters, 3 treasures, and a switch, but
there appears to be no way of getting in. Go up and try to enter the door, 
you'll be bounced back and the prison will open. Defeat the monsters if
you'd like, and take the treasures (MaxCure, Magi-Water, and a GrainCannon).
Now go back and hit the red switch on the small platform, the door that you 
used to open the prison will now open and you may proceed. Go up the stairs,
fighting monsters along the way, until you come to a staircase leading 
further up. Here, you'll see a raised elevator. Climb up the stairs on the 
right side of the room and go around the pipes, flip the red switch and the 
elevator will lower allowing you to get up to a platform with a narrow ledge
and a door. Don't get on the elevator yet though, instead, walk to the 
extreme righthand corner of the room and examine the shiny (hard to see)
wall to claim a PowerBelt. Now board the elevator. Once at the top, whatever
you do...DO NOT ENTER THE DOOR YET!! Cross the narrow bridge and take the 
treasure on the platform there, it's a HYPERIONBAZOOKA!!! Backtrack and go 
through the door. Head to the left and climb down the ladder and try to 
enter the door. You'll find out it's locked. Climb back up the ladder and go
to the right and cross the pipe, keep following the path until you reach a 
door, enter it. You'll see 2 people inside, they are Red's mother and 
sister. Talk to them, and when they learn that Alkaiser is here to help 
them, Red's mom gives him the key to the locked door. Also, if you talk to 
Red's mom again, she'll restore all JP, WP, and LP. Go back to the locked 
door and use your key. Head up until you meet up with a BlackX agent 
(cleverly named "BlackX" ...^_^). BlackX shouldn't pose much of a threat, 
his worst attack is one that turns you to stone. When he's defeated, Dr. 
Klein will show up and tell you about his "secret weapons". You'll now fight
against Berva, Shuzer, and Arachne. Yes, it may sound easy, but you have to 
fight them one after another with no breaks in between!!

:::Defeating Berva, Shuzer and Arachne:::

Actually, if you have high HP, WP and JP, this battle should be a breeze; 
just defeat them the same way you did before. They have more HP, but still 
aren't much of a problem. Arachne, though, has some cool looking spells, 
like RavaBarrire.

After beating them, Dr Klein calls MBlackIII, the newest model of your 
old enemy. (MBlackIII is also called 'Metal Alkaiser' in some 
cases...for obvious reasons.) In his sense of fair play, MBlackIII 
allows you to wait and heal up first. When ready, you'll have to fight 

:::Defeating MBlackIII:::

Yes, he's more difficult then MBlacks I and II, but he is still rather 
easy. TigerRampage and Dark Phoenix can do a lot of damage though, so stay
healed just in case. MoonScraper isn't nearly as damaging, but it hits the
whole team. MBlackIII also has some other lesser attacks that are of no real
threat. The big trick here is to have Alkaiser repeatedly use Al-Phoenix 
(if he has it), and when MBlack uses Dark Phoenix, Alkaiser should learn 
his ultimate attack, Re-Al-Phoenix. (This is how it happened for me, if 
it's wrong, please correct me.) MBlackIII had a whopping 120,000 HP!!!
After beating him, you will be healed and the true boss of BlackX shows up - 
a giant robotic creature called (of course) now have to fight 

:::Defeating BossX:::

Well, he's easier than some final bosses, but that doesn't mean he's 
especially EASY. If you have power moves (LifeSprinkler, DSC, Re-Al-
Phoenix, etc.) use them, they'll be very helpful. BossX has 2 extremely 
dangerous moves: HyperGaze, which inflicts status ailments on the whole 
team (usually charm); avoid this with PurpleEyes or DodgeGaze. His other 
move is called JudgementX, which looks similar to an FF7 style summon. 
(It's worth seeing at least once, IMO!!!) All his other moves are rather 
weak, but he has well over 100,000 HP. Good luck, because when he's 
done, so is Red's quest.

And'll find out the truth behind the mysterious Alkarl......




Blue's Chapter starts at the Magic academy at Magic Kingdom, today is 
Blue's graduation day. Blue is a young man gifted with the powers of 
magic, He, however, will never reach his full potential, as his twin 
brother Rouge is holding him back. To attain his fullest potential, Blue 
must prepare, master the concepts of these various spells, then seek out 
Rouge, and........KILL HIM!!!

Blue will start out with the usual items, but he has a new one, The 
Region Map. This special item lets him transport to any town that he has 
visited. After the scene at Magic Kingdom, The RegionMap transport 
screen automatically comes up, you can start at either Luminous (the 
little gimmening light icon) or Devin (little round yellow ball icon). 
Where you choose determines your starting point.  

---Collecting Team Members---

Now Blue has a pretty open-ended chapter, so start by collecting any 
team members you may need, these are Blue's Potential Pals:

Cotton: Bio Lab in Shrike
Thunder: In Yorkland next to the windmill, Need Lute
Lute: Scrap Pub
Mei-ling: Scrap Pub
Riki: Scrap Pub
T260G: Scrap Pub
EngineerCar: Nakajima Robotics, need a mec on your team.
Annie: In Koorong outside the Restaurant, must have 3 runes first
Roufas: Inside Mu's Tomb, need to be collecting Runes
Gen: Scrap Pub, need to be collecting Arcane Tarot Cards
Emelia: Baccarat, Need to be collecting Arcane Cards
Dr. Nusakan: Backstreet in Koorong, need to be collecting Runes 
Mesarthim: The basement of Lord Manor, need Dr. N on your team 
Slime: Tanzer, After finding the Vitality Rune
Silence: Omble (See Below)
Sei: (See Riki's Chapter)
Suzaku: Mosperiburg Mountain (See Team Member List)

Blue can't get Fei-on because he doesn't offer to help him. He can't get 
TimeLord and/or Kylin because he needs to fight them to get the gift for 
their magic, and he can't get Rouge because...well guess!!

Now's the time for Blue to begin his quest for magic, as you know 
already, Light and Shadow, Rune and Arcane, Time and Space, and Realm 
and Mystic magics can't co-exist, so you can only get one or the other 
of there magics. (Refer to the chart at the bottom of this page for more 

Now that you have team members, it's time to get some magic!!

Your first goal is to collect Light Magic or Shadow Magic, but you can't
have both.

---Quest for Light Magic - Luminous Labyrinth---
Treasures: MoonlightRobe, SanctuaryStone, 400 Credits

If you want Light Magic, Luminous is your place. Travel to Luminous and buy
some Light Magic from the man in the house just above the port. So, great,
you have the magic, but now you need the gift for it. Ok, go through the 
passage below the Light Magic shop and talk to the man standing there. He
will ask you if you'd like to challenge the Luminous Labyrinth, but he tells 
you that mecs and monsters can't enter..oh well - Say yes and you'll be 
transported there. Once inside the labyrinth, head up through the door.
Your goal here is to turn the mirrors around. In the first room, the 
mirrors are positioned something like this:


    1   2

Turn mirror 1 then mirror 3 and the door will open. 

The second room is a bit more difficult, you'll now need the help of magic
orbs to reflect the light on to the mirrors. The orbs can be picked up and
placed on other white square blocks. This is how the room is lined up:

(The numbers indicate mirrors and the letters indicate blocks for the orbs.) 
The orb starts on Block "A"

 3     C   

Pick up the orb and move it onto block C, then turn mirrors 2, 3, then 1

The final room focuses not on opening a door, but to get colored beams of
light to hit the wall to get treasures (and an occational fight).
The room is lined up like this:
(The orb starts on block "C")


         3   4

   A            1

               2     C

These are detailed instructions on how to get the different colored beams to
hit the wall:

Dark Blue Beam: Move mirror 4
Light Blue Beam: Move mirror 3, then mirror 4
Red Beam: Move mirrors 2 and 4
Yellow Beam: Move mirrors 2, 3, then 4
Magenta Beam: Move the orb onto block A, then turn mirrors 2 and 4
White Beam: Place the orb on block B, then move mirrors 2, 3, and 4

This is what the various beams do:

Light Blue Beam - Get MoonlightRobe
Yellow Beam     - Get 400 Credits
Purple Beam     - Get a SanctuaryStone
Dark Blue Beam  - Fight a battle
Red Beam        - Fight a harder battle
White Beam      - Obtain the gift for Light Magic and leave the labyrinth

Try to collect all 3 treasures before touching the white light, as when you
hit it, you'll be warped out of the Labyrinth with no way back in.

YAY!! You've got the gift for Light Magic!! What'll you do next? Collect
Runes? Or Arcane Tarots? The Choice is yours...

---Quest for Shadow Magic - Omble---
Treasures: 200 Credits, Magi-Water

Luminous is also the location of Shadow Magic. If this is what you'd rather
have, head for the dark room on the right and talk to the woman there. Ask
her about the gift and you'll be sent to the shadow region, Omble. (Like in 
the Luminous Labyrinth, mecs and monsters aren't allowed here.) At Omble,
your shadow will break loose and run off and you can't leave until you catch 
it. Talk to all the shadows until you come across the shadow of Silence, 
agree to help him and he will "join" you. (Well, he's just a shadow, so he 
won't be of any help...yet.) Climb the steps and enter the door. You'll 
immediatly see a bunch of shadows running around, these are actually 
monsters...STRONG monsters!!! Go left and take the upper path. Take the 
shadow bag to get 200 credits. Now go down and climb the steps. Ignore the 
door on the right, it leads to a dead end. Instead, enter the left door and 
you'll come to a room with 3 paths. Head left again and you'll eventually
come to a room with a bunch of wandering shadows (what else??). Talk to them 
all and they will move to the room on the other side of the wall. Now go 
back to the big room and this time, head right. You'll be in a room with a 
lone shadow person, talk to him, he runs a shop. Buy whatever you want and
then head back and go up. There is a treasure containing Magi-Water just 
below the door. This is the room where all the stray shadows ran to. Maybe
you'll notice that most of these shadows are those of the main characters.
(Red, Blue, Emelia, Asellus, Gen, etc.) Touch the shadow that you think 
belongs to the character you're playing. If you choose wrong, you'll have 
to fight. If you're playing as Red, Blue, or Lute, you shouldn't have 
trouble here, and since you're probably playing as Blue if you're reading 
this, it should be easy! (You just CAN'T miss Blue's ponytail!) After you've
found your shadow, follow it up into the room where it flees to. Now talk to
the shadow and you'll fight a most interesting battle...a battle against...
YOURSELF!!! Well, actually more like evil shadow clones of your team. It 
would probably be best to remove attacks that damage all enemies (especially
GaleSlash!!), as your doubles can and will use those attacks on you. This 
should be an interesting, but not too tough, battle. After you win, you'll 
get the gift for Shadow Magic and be warped out of Omble. Now, (assuming you
agreed to help the shadow of Silence), talk to the man standing in the 
shadows, he is Silence, and he will now officially join you.

Shadow magic collected. What's next? Rune or Arcane?

---Quest for Rune Magic - Devin---
Treasures: SmallStone x4

OK, so you've picked Rune Magic. Start your search in Devin. Go inside the 
tent near the entrance to town; this is "The Lure of the Rune", the shop 
where you can acquire Rune Magic. Agree to get the gift for the magic, and 
you'll be given 4 SmallStones and told that you must collect 4 Runes that 
are scattered around various regions and absorb their power in these 
seemingly useless pebbles. This is where the Runes can be found:

The Victory Rune is in Shrike 
The Hide Rune is in Koorong
The Vitality Rune is in Tanzer
The Freedom Rune is in Despair

Well, now that you know where the Runes are, GO GET 'EM!!

---Mu's Tomb---
Treasures: {2 Random items}, 200 Credits x2, BloodChalice, Katana, 
ShadowDagger, RuneStone

I strongly suggest you collect the runes in this order, as it'll be easier.

The Victory Runs is in Shrike, so Shrike is where you must now go!! On the
south-eastern corner of town, you'll find Mu's Tomb, the location of the 
Rune. Immediatly inside, head left through the first door you come to. Talk
to the men in the next room. One of them is Roufas, and if you agree that 
"Victory is the sign of a real man", he will join you. (Although everyone
else can collect the runes, only certain characters can get Roufas on their
team.) Now check the wall on the left - there is a secret door leading to a 
most unusual treasure room... Defeat the 3 slimes and take the small 
treasure chest first, you'll be attacked. It's usually a pre-determined 
enemy, but it's random. When you win, you'll get an item that is determined
by the enemy you fought. The big chest it the same way, but the enemy is 
more powerful. You can get the following items there:

Small Chest
{Random Battle} - SnakeOil
RockScout       - PowerCure
Mimic           - GoldIngot

Big Chest
Ettin           - PowerCure
Mimic           - GoldIngot
MecGod          - HG-Cannon (!)

Actually, the items you get really aren't all that great, but the enemies 
can be quite tough to beat... The Ettin and Mimic are are just routine 
battles, but the MecGod is a totally different story...

:::Defeating the MecGod:::

This is the rarest of the 3 enemies, due to it also giving you the best 
payoff. All I can say it just use your best attacks and hope MecGod doesn't 
use MagneticStorm. When you beat it, (and it probably has close to 50,000 
HP!!!) you get double the prizes!! Have a mec (if you brought one along) 
absorb MecGod to get the powerful TigerProgram. And after battle, you get an 
HG-Cannon, which makes the fight worth it anyway. There's probably no real 
need to say it, but this is probably the battle you want to try for.

Now, you've probably lost a lot of HP and WP from your fight with the Mimic
or MecGod (or whatever you fought). So go back to the inn and rest. Now re-
enter the tomb and go right. You'll come to a door with a warning in several
languages. Blue will hesitate for a minute, but then decide that he must go 
in. Inside, open the hidden door on the upper wall and go into the next 
room. Take the treasure containing a ShadowDagger, then proceed downwards
through the opening. Below this room is another small room containing two 
monsters; pass them and go into the door. You'll now be in a room filled 
with monsters, and to the right, you'll see two paths: one leading 
downstairs, and one leading through a hole in the right wall. Next to the 
staircase is a treasure chest containing a Katana, take it then enter the 
hole the right to get some treasures. The first room here has a bag with 200 
credits and a path leading upwards. Take the bag then proceed through the 
upper passageway into the next room. You should be in a room with 4 doors on 
the upper wall. Go in one of those doors (it doesn't matter which one; they 
all lead to the same room) and take the treasures there (200 Credits and
BloodChalice). Exit this room and follow the left path, which leads back to 
the entrance. Leave the tomb and stay at the inn, then work your way back to 
the staircase that lead downwards (near where you picked up a Katana 
earlier). Climb down the stairs and look around until you see a bunch of 
monsters. You can either defeat them, or lure them away from the opening. 
Whatever choice you made, enter the door behind them once they are gone, and 
continue up past the next room where the rune lies. Now go up and try to
claim the rune... A pile of bones will spring up and attack you... BATTLE 

:::Defeating the Skulldrake:::

In the first round of this battle, punch the pile of bones (or just defend), 
as you can't hurt it yet. After one round of fight, the bones will come to 
life and attack you. The Skulldrake isn't exactly the strongest monster 
you'll ever face... His attacks are weak and you can probably defeat him in
one or two rounds, so don't worry if you're not very strong -- this battle 
is easy!!

When that pathetic bonehead is gone, climb up on the platform and...VIOLA!!
You've got the Victory Rune!! Three more to go!!

---Natural Cave---
Treasures: 200 Credits, 300 Credits, 500 Credits, Magi-Water, StardustRobe,
AngelArmor, RuneStone

Treasures: RuneStone

Treasures: LightBazooka, ShellShield, RuneStone

---Quest for Arcane Magic - Devin---
Treasures: Card x4

Well, if you want Arcane magic, go to Devin and enter the building in the
center of town. Ask about the gift and you'll be given 4 plain cards and 
told that you have to collect 4 REAL Arcane Cards in the following regions:

The Grail Card is in Yorkland
The Saber Card is in Wakatu
The Shield Card is in IRPO
The Gold Card is in Baccarat

Armed with this knowledge, head for those regions and GET THOSE CARDS!!!
As you collect the ArcanaTarots, the Cards you received will dissappear.

Treasures: ArcanaTarot

(Note: You'd be best off doing this quest first, as if you're too strong, 
the enemies here will be those &^%*&^*& squids!!)

In Yorkland, take the left path into the brewery section of town. Go into 
all the building and ask the people inside and ask about the Grail Card.
They won't give you any info, however, unless you taste a sample of their 
wine. When you've talked to the people in all 5 houses, the last one one you
talk to will tell you that the card is in the Liquor Shrine, which is in the
middle of the Swamp. So go back to the crossroads and head up into the 
swamp. Once there, you'll immediatly notice that your character is moving
kinda funny... It's because he is drunk!! (Note: If T260G does this, he 
won't get drunk, and neither will any mecs on the team.) It's entirely 
possible to navigate the swamp without fighting a single enemy, but in this
drunken state...expect to meet a few enemies here. This is why it's so 
important to come here earlier in the game. If your HP is over 500, the 
enemies here will be those annoying squids!! They are trouble enough to kill
normally, let alone DRUNK!! (When you're drunk, it causes various status
ailments to all your team members, excluding mecs, during battle.) When you
reach the shrine, stand between the pillars and you'll get the card!!

Treasures: CometBlade, Iron Clogs, Twin Dragon, ArcanaTarot

Ok, so you need the Saber Card which is in Wakatu, but the men at the 
Koorong port won't allow entrance unless someone from Wakatu guides you 
there. Well, I guess it's time to find a native of Wakatu. Still in Koorong,
talk to the skeleton in the lower section of town to learn about Gen, who is
in fact, from Wakatu. Unfortunatly, Gen is (as usual) wasting all his time 
in the Scrap Pub getting drunk... Oh well, might as well pay this guy a 
visit. When you talk to Gen, he denies being from Wakatu and refuses to 
help. But he soon reconsiders, agrees to help, and joins you. You can now 
freely travel to Wakatu, so let's go! Immediatly in Wakatu, talk to the 
skeleton and he'll transport you into the main part of the town. Now go up 
through the door and go left. Gen will step out and show you the correct 
path. Head right and ignore the upper path. Now go right until you come to a 
crossroads. If you go right, you can see a treasure chest, but there is no 
way of getting it, so just ignore it and go back and take the upper path. 
You'll be in front of an open building. Enter through the open door and 
defeat the slime. Now go back and Gen will step out and head right. Follow 
him onto the next screen and the path splits again. Head up first. eep going 
until you come to a place where the path divides into 2, one leading left, 
and one leading down. Head down first and enter the building, go down the 
steps, and go left. You'll be in the 'Blade Chamber'. If Gen is built up 
enough, you'll receive a powerful CometBlade here. Leave the building and 
keep going left. Eventually you'll come to a dead end and a treasure (Iron 
Clogs). Now backtrack to the crossroads where you left Gen, and this time, 
go down. Another crossroad!!! Head down and take the Twin Dragon from the 
chest, (BTW, this is the one you may have seen near the beginning, but 
couldn't get) but watch out, there is a group of 3 souped up ghosts who can 
be dangerous. Go back up and walk next to the castle. There is a partially 
hidden door to the left.(Note: Going to the center of the upper or lower 
wall brings you outside on a roof, but I don't know what purpose this 
serves.) Enter it and climb the stairs on the upper right corner of the 
screen. You'll come to an darkened room that looks to be a dead end. Walk 
around the room and enter a VERY hard to see door on the right side of the 
room, then climb the stairs in the next room. Now, in this final room, stand 
between the 3 lamps and some shadows will start flashing on the wall, and 
occationally, you'll hear swords clank. The trick here is to push the O 
button at the exact same time you hear the clank - it's not too hard, but if 
you mess up, you'll have to fight a battle. When you get it right, you'll 
get the Saber Card!!

---IRPO/Mosperiburg Mountain---
Treasures: SanctuaryStone, OctopusBoard, KrisKnife, 1000 Credits, Lordstar,
GoldenFleece, ArcanaTarot

Now head for the IRPO and talk to the lady at the desk. You'll be sent to an
office. After a few moments, Fuse walks in and you explain to him that you
need the Shield Card. Yeah, right, like he's just gonna hand it over!
Fuse will tell you that if you want the card bad enough, that you must do 
something in exchange. There is a flower that only blooms once every 1,000
years on the mountains behind Mosperiburg, and it's up to you to get it. 
You'll now be transported to the mountain, and Fuse has joined your team.
In the first area, you'll notice a fairy floating around...KILL IT!! You'll
see why in a minute. Go up to the next part of the mountain and you should
see a small cave on the left wall; enter it and you'll see a LOT of 
treasure, but unfortunatly, it's guarded by 2 fearsome dragons...

:::Defeating the Dragons:::

There are 2 dragons here, A red one and a black one. The Red Dragon only has
about 4,000 HP and can be easily beaten, but the Black Dragon is a totally
different story. The black dragon gets 2 turns every round and can use some
dangerous attacks like TitasWave and StoneGas, both of which do considerable
damage. Use your best attacks on it like RosarioImpale or DSC (if you think
you can spare the WP). When you win this battle, you might win a 
DragonShield, but odds are you'll get a lousy Protector instead. The Black 
Dragon seems to have 25,000-30,000 HP.

Now take the treasures they were guarding, it's everything listed above. 
(Except the ArcanaTarot, of course)

Leave the cave and continue up into another cave. Inside, you'll see 2 
caves, the one on the right has a frozen Suzaku in it, and the one on the
left is the way out. Head left first into a small canyon with 3 boars 
running around. (This is optional, you may just skip past it if you don't 
want Suzaku on your team.) If you see a snowman at the bottom of the canyon, 
fight it. After it's beaten, go back to the cave with the frozen Suzaku in 
it, and the Suzaku will join you!! If there isn't a snowman, or is one on 
the left side of the canyon, go back and fight the fairy at the beginning of 
the area until the snowman appears at the bottom of the screen. When it 
finally does, fight it, it's a monster called Jotnar.

:::Defeating Jotnar:::

This battle would be tough if it wasn't for the fact that Jotnar can be 
killed in one hit by the Death spell. (True, no one has the gift for Arcane 
magic yet, but Dr. Nusakan begins with this spell.) If Nusakan isn't on your
team though, it'll be tougher. Use IceCrystals and PearlHearts to block his
ice and water attacks, but if he uses Windblast, watch out!!

Now, since you took all the trouble beating Jotnar, why not go back to the
Suzaku cave and sign up this high-powered phoenix! Now just continue up the
mountain until you come to the flower bed. Touch the flowers and a not-so-
friendly Suzaku will fly down and attack you.

:::Defeating Suzaku:::

The Death spell does the trick here too, but if you want to beat this guy 
the hero's way, here's what to do. Equip FireCrystals and use FireBarrier
to stop his fire based attacks. Try NOT to use any direct attacks on Suzaku, 
as he has a permanent FireBarrier, which will hurt you for more than 200 
damage every time you hit him!! OUCH!! If he uses HeatWave, you're in 
trouble, but most of his other attacks are pretty mild. You shouldn't have 
much trouble with this one.

After beating Suzaku, you'll be warped back to IRPO where Fuse will now give
you the Shield Card.

(Note: If you're playing as Red when you do this, and you have Fuse on your
team, you will automatically be given the card without having to come here.
This would be fine except for the fact that you can't get Suzaku or any of
the powerful items here if Fuse has alreasy joined you.)

Treasures: ArcanaTarot

One of the easier quests. Start by buying exactly 4 GoldIngots at Nelson (or
Koorong, if you're feeling wealthy). Now go to Baccarat and talk to the 
bunny girl who is wearing purple 3 floors below the top floor. (If you've
played Emelia's chapter before, you'll recognise the purple bunny girl to be
Emelia in disguise.) She'll tell you about the gnome spirits. At that point,
a gnome is seen walking across the room, and Blue and the bunny girl follow
it up that stairs. Go around the room and you'll see the gnome climb up the
next staircase - follow it! When you reach the top floor, you'll see the 
gnome and the bunny girl get into an elevator and dissappear. Climb back 
down and take another elevator down to the parking lot. Walk down and you'll
notice that the manhole is opened. When you start to climb down it, Emelia
will stop you, introduce herself, and offer to join you. After meeting 
Emelia, go down the manhole. You're now in a multi-colored cave with many
passageways. Go all the way to the left and take the lower opening. Now go
left, into the wall; as inconspicious as it seems, there is a door here. 
Climb down the ladder and enter the opening on the upper wall. You'll be in
a room filled with various gold objects that are being guarded by a group of
gnomes.  Talk to the gnomes sitting at the table and one of them will tell
you how much they love gold. (Now isn't THAT obvious... ^_^) Talk to the
gnome again and he'll take your GoldIngots, and assuming you brought at 
least 4 with you, you'll be given the Gold Card in exchange!! 

(Note: If you have more than 4 GoldIngots, the gnomes will take ALL of them,
and if you have less than 4, they'll take them and you'll get nothing.)

YAHOO!! Now that you should have all 4 Arcane Cards, you'll get the gift for
Arcane magic!! Ready to collect Time or Space magic yet?

---Mind Magic - Kyo---
Treasures: None

This isn't required work, but if you'd like Mind Magic, simply go to Kyo and
buy it!! You can't get the gift for it yet, so return here after the fight
with Rouge. When the time comes to obtain the gift, all your human 
characters will have to fight one-on-one battles with relatively easy 
enemies. Upon finishing all the battles, all the characters who were able to
win will get the gift for Mind Magic.

---Quest For Time Magic - Facinaturu/TimeLord's Region---
Treasures: SandVessel (Accessory)

:::Defeating TimeLord:::

---Quest for Space Magic - Kylin's Paradise---
Treasures: None

This place is a complex maze. I'll give detailed instructions at a later 

:::Defeating Kylin:::

(I've never fought Kylin, so I don't have any strategies here)

---Blue Vs. Rouge---

:::Defeating Rouge:::

---Magic Kingdom---
Treasures: NornsBangle

Treasures: MaxCure, BloodChalice, SanctuaryStone, DragonSword

:::Defeating Hell's Lord:::



Asellus's bizarre quest begins in the realm of mystics - Facinaturu. A 
girl named Gina will tell you the story of Facinaturu and the tyranny of 
Chateau Aiguille. Then Asellus (finally...) wakes up in the Chateau 
(yeah, it's a confusing beginning) and she discovers that her clothes 
are torn and she's covered with blood. She has no idea what has 
happened...the last thing she can remember is being run over be a 
carrage. The next thing she knew, she was here!! After a minute, a 
mystic will show up and talk for a while about the mystics and their 
leader, Orlouge, then he will leave. You now have control of Asellus.

Treasures: None

Leave and look around the chateau. You may come 
across a room with some VERY powerful items in it, but when you try to 
leave, you'll lose them; don't worry, you can take them later. Look 
around more if you like, but when you're done, go to the tower to the 
right of the room you just came from. You'll meet another mystic, Zozma, 
who will then run off. Next, go to the spiral tower on the left side of 
the chateau. Enter the warp and go into the next room. Asellus will be 
stabbed by another mystic. She has...PURPLE BLOOD!!!??? Simple, Asellus 
is a human (humans have red blood), but after she was run over by 
Orlouge's carrage, she was given a transfusion of mystic blood (mystics 
have blue blood), and thus the two combined make purple blood... Anyway, 
after this, leave the tower and head for the throne room. You'll meet a 
whole lot of mystics here: Orlouge, the king of the mystics (a.k.a. 
Charm Lord); Ildon, the one who you meet after waking up (he looks like 
a vampire with a bad hair day ^_^); Ciato, the white-haired, snobbish 
looking guy who stabbed you; and finally, Rastaban, the guy in the 
exotic purple robes. Orlouge will explain that Asellus, despite being 
half human, is still obligated to the mystics for saving her. He will 
send you to get a new dress and then to seek training from Ildon and 
Princess White Rose (who is one of only about 100 princesses in 
Orlouge's realm......)
Ildon will join you before leaving.

Treasures: Knife

Now head for the town of Rootville and enter the house in the middle of 
town, that's the tailor's house. Here, Asellus will change into her new 
dress and you'll go back to the Chateau. From here, go up the staircase 
on the right side of the main room, this is the training room. Go up and 
Ildon will make you fight. Try to beat the monsters and learn abilities 
(don't worry about being weaponless, Ildon will give you a knife at the 
beginning of the training session). Just keep fighting and don't worry 
if you die. When you've had your fill for now, go to the tower to the 
left of Asellus's room; there, you'll meet Princess White Rose, she'll 
join you. Now go to the other 2 rooms, you'll find out that one of them 
belongs to the Lion Princess, a powerful warrior. The other room belongs 
(or belonged) to Princess Rei, an escaped...well...princess...
Note that if you ever return to Asellus's room, Ildon and White Rose 
will leave you, use this to your advantage later. Go back to Rootville 
and talk to that green-skinned mystic (Gozarus) in the house next to the 
exit. He will offer to sell you items, but instead of money, he'll take 
your LP instead (that is, he lowers your maximum LP PERMANANTLY!!!) I 
don't recommend doing this, but the Asura is an EXTREMELY powerful 
weapon, you should buy it. The lineup is like this:

3LP: Asura - powerful magical sword, ATK 70, raises all stats +7
2LP: Tao-TeihPattern - accessory, protects from psychout
1LP: ShadeRobe - armor, DEF 9, automatic regen on non-mecs
1LP: SandVessel - need to collect Time Magic or sign up TimeLord

Buy whatever you want for now, but I warn you, DON'T BUY EVERYTHING!!! 
AND before leaving, Gozarus gives you a CharmNecklace. Also in 
Rootville, there is a shop that sells Mystic Magic (for money), but odds 
are, you don't have the cash needed to buy them yet, so skip them for 
now. If you've bought the Asura, return to the training grounds and now 
you should be able to win all the fights easily. Keep going until Ildon 
says "Stop!!" Go outside and you'll meet Rastaban, who will then run 
off. Go back to your room and lose Ildon and White Rose. Alone, go back 
to Rootville and go to the tailor shop and talk to Gina upstairs. Return 
to Chateau Aiguille and Ciato will be waiting for you at the entrance. 
Talk to him and he'll tell you to talk to a man in the pub in order to 
leave Facinaturu... Go to the pub and talk to the guy Ciato just 
mentioned - he'll agree to help you escape if you bring him some money. 
Now go and get White Rose again (she's back in her room), she'll give 
you some GoldIngots and join you again. You also may want to go to Rei's 
room,  you'll hear more about the escaped princess. (Also, if you visit 
Rei's room twice, once when you have both Ildon and White Rose, and once 
with only White Rose, Rei will be able to join you later.) Also, return 
to Asellus's room and you'll meet Zozma again. (What Asellus says here 
is worthy of Cloud ^_^.) Now, if you want, go up to the hill where 
Asellus saw the monster earlier, and build up. White Rose will be a big 
help here. Sick of that repetitious music yet? Well, you can now change 
it. Climb the mountain, defeating the monsters along the way, and enter 
the big door at the top. You'll be back in the garden while the music 
from the trip to Chateau Aiguille from near the end of the game plays. I 
believe this is an oversight on Square's part, they probably didn't 
anticipate anyone going up here this early. (Not that changing the music 
helps much, it does nothing to deter the story, just changes the music :). 
After you've taken care of everything, return to the house that was locked 
earlier. Inside, talk to the slime and it will open a secret passageway. 
It's pretty straightforward from here. When you reach the end, the pilot who 
promised to help you escape isn't here... IT'S A TRAP!!! Ildon will appear 
and try to capture you again. Asellus will jump off a cliff saying "I'd 
rather die than return to that horrible place!!!" (meaning Facinaturu) but 
the pilot and his plane will then appear and Asellus lands on his plane, 
thus sparing her life. Then the pilot flies Asellus and White Rose out of 
Facinaturu at last!! (YAY!!!)

Treasures: MaxCure x3, RubberSuit, GhostCannon, KrisKnife, 
SanctuaryStone, Magi-Water, RottenMeat, JetBoots, LeatherBoots, 
PearlHeart, JackalSword, ArmorGlove, ShellBracer, RubberShoes

In Owmi, White Rose will notice petals on the riverbed and recognize 
them to be writing of the water mystics. They read something like "Our 
daughter is missing". Talk to the people to hear rumors about this so-
called water mystic; then stay at the inn, it's free. Now go aroud to 
the right side of town and enter Lord Manor, the big house. Inside, the 
lord will come out. When White Rose tells him to release the water 
mystic, he is furious and throws you out, but then he reconsiders and 
allows you to see her. Go into the upstairs room and talk to the 
mermaid, she is Mesarthim, the famed Water Mystic. She notices the smell 
of a mystic and after finding out Asellus has Orlouge's blood, she 
immediatly tells her story. She explains that, while fishing, a human 
caught her in a fishing net. She was injured and the lord saved her, but 
she can't stand the smell of humans (as she's a mystic). Asellus plots 
to help Mesarthim escape. Lord won't let you use the front door, so 
you'll need to go through the basement. Before that though, go up to the 
bedroom on the highest floor but don't go in it; instead, go down into 
the partially hidden door and proceed to the attic to claim a KrisKnife 
and a GhostCannon. Now head for the main floor and go in the lower door, 
keep going until you see a door all boarded up, this leads to the 
basement - pass it for now. Go beyond the door and up to another room 
where you can take a MaxCure and a RubberSuit. Now return to the boarded 
up door and enter it, you're now in the basement. From the entrance, go 
down the stairs and into the big room; defeat the enemies there and take 
the treasures (Magi-Water and SanctuaryStone). Go down through the door 
into a room with 2 more treasures (JetBoots and RottenMeat). Go right 
and you'll be in a room behind a...SQUID!!!!! Fear not, this DevilSquid 
is *MUCH* easier that the Krakens you may have fought before. A neat 
trick here (and quite useful at that) is to remove Mesarthim's BlueElf 
armor and give it to Asellus. (White Rose would be even better, but she 
has her own armor which can't be removed.) This way, 2 people will live 
through the squid's Maelstrom attack. (The BlueElf and Mesarthim's 
MellowRing cancel water attacks.) When you win, you may gat an OgreGlove 
(it's random). Now the choice is yours, do you release Mesarthim, or 
collect more treasures. If you said treasures then go down the steps and 
collect more!! (Speaking of treasures, the one in the room with the 
squids is a trap that will dump you to a lower part of the basement!!) 
All the rest of the treasures mentioned are down there and the only 
thing to mention is the JackalSword, which is hidden on a pink platform 
in the biggest room below - behind a wall. When you're done exploring, 
go back to the room with the squid and proceed through the obscure door 
on the left. Mesarthim will leave you now and you'll be back in Owmi. Go 
back to the Port and talk to the pilot, Asellus will ask to be taken to 
Shrike where her aunt lives. Somewhere around here, you'll see a scene 
where Orlouge sends Ciato out to recapture White Rose and kill anyone 
who stands in his way. Ciato sends his 3 shadow sages to find White 

Treasures: None (At least, none in the town itself)

In Shrike, go to the house with the red roof, labeled "My House". (Of 
course, you can opt to get Cotton first, and build up if you'd like; see 
Red's walkthrough for info on getting Cotton.) When you enter "My 
House", Asellus will meet her aunt who won't recognize her. Auntie says 
that Asellus has been dead for 12 years!!! Asellus is, of course, 
shocked. Yes, she was run over and killed by Orlouge's carrage 12 years 
ago and hasn't aged a day since, she was revived by the transfusion of 
mystic blood. After this shocking news, an ominous voice calls to White 
Rose and tells her to return to Facinaturu. Asellus doesn't want her to 
go. The creature behind the voice then attacks the team, he is the 
FireSage, the first of the 3 sages sent by Ciato. Defeat him...

:::Defeating the FireSage:::

Actually, he's not too difficult if you're strong enough. Just keep 
attacking him, having White Rose heal you when necessary. An easy way to 
beat him is to have White Rose keep casting Glass Shield (and Asellus, if 
she has it).  Since he mostly uses physical attacks, he'll keep hurting 
himself. When you win, you'll get a FireCrystal (or a HarmoniumBangle) and 
Asellus will learn MysticSword, the first mystic skill. (You need to have 
one free slot in your skill list or you won't learn it; You get one mystic
skill from each of the three sages. If you somehow missed one, you can get
other mystic skills from LionPrincess and HunterKnight as well.)

Now...the confusing part comes have to go through a series 
of events to find and defeat the 2 other sages...and many others...

---Getting Team Members---

Now would be a good time to start finding team members. You can get the 

--Before the Dark Labyrinth--
Cotton: Bio Lab in Shrike, you probably already have him. 
Ildon: Random Location, see below, need to beat Lion Princess first
Lute: Scrap Pub
Gen: Scrap Pub, need to be looking for Cards
Thunder: In Yorkland, You must have Lute on your team first
Rouge: In the Luminous Airport
Emelia: Baccarat, Need to be collecting Arcane Cards
Annie: Outside of Restaurant in Koorong, Need to have found 3 runes
Fuse: IRPO, Need to be collecting Arcane Cards
Fei-on: In Tanzer, Need to be Collecting Runes 
Slime: Tanzer, Rune Quest...ect...ect...
Silence: Omble (See Blue's Chapter)
Sei: (See Riki's Chapter)
Suzaku: Mosperiburg Mountain (See Team Member List)
TimeLord: (See Team Member List)
Kylin: (See Team Member List)

---After the Dark Labyrinth---
Zozma: Automatically Joins you after beating Dark Labyrinth
Rei: Shrine at Devin (See Team Member List)
RedTurnip: Talk to him in the Labyrinth and he'll join you after leaving
Mesarthim: Return to The place where you left her earlier.

Also, I strongly recommend that you go on either the Rune or the Arcane 
quests (or both), as there isn't much else to do at this point.

---Back to the Game---

Now, a chain of events will commence. You must complete each of these 6 
events before you can move on to the final area. They are in this order:

1. Defeat WaterSage

He's not especially tough, he can block your attacks, however. He 
attacks using water (well duh!!), so equip PearlHearts to block it. When 
you win, you'll most likely get the GenbuShield, a powerful piece of 
equipment, and Asellus will learn MysticGlove. (Again, you need to have 
an empty slot on your skill list.)

2. Defeat GreenSage

Well...he's harder than the fire or water sages, but still not much of a 
threat. He can use 2 devestating attacks: Windblast, which hits all 
members for 300+ damage; and CounterFear, if you use a normal attack, he 
will counter with this attack, which causes red mess!!! In addition to 
this, he can attack twice!! My advice is to use magic and attacks like 
GaleSlash that don't require you to actually touch him. Upon winning, 
Asellus will gain the MysticBoots skill. (For the third time, you MUST 
have an empty slot to learn this skill.)

After this, you'll see a cutscene in which Orlouge sends Lion Princess 
out to recapture White Rose, as Ciato's sages have failed.

3. Defeat Lion Princess

She's tough, but at this point, you should be tougher. She uses alot of 
sword based skills (including Kasumi...OUCH!!), but they can be blocked 
rather easily with shields and the Deflect skill. She can block too, but 
rarely does. So, all in all, Lion Princess is actually much easier than 
they say she is...

4. Meet Ildon

When you locate Ildon, instead of fighting you, he will join you!!

5. Defeat Ciato (HunterKnight)

Now for your"friend" Ciato...he's easier than Lion Princess 
and the sages, he just has a lot of HP. His attacks can be easily 
blocked, and even if they do hit, they do very little damage!! Just have 
fun with this one.

6. Enter the Dark Labyrinth

Now, once you find Orlouge's dreaded Dark Labyrinth, you'll immediatly 
see that it's a complex maze. To escape it, simply run through doors at 
random (as I can never remember the most direct path). Note that behind 
some doors, there will be monsters. When you finally enter a room with a 
small turnip monster, talk to the turnip and then exit through the big 
red door in the middle of the same room. You'll be out of the Dark 
Labyrinth, but White Rose will be gone!! She stayed in so you could get 
out... Now Zozma, the orange haired mystic from the beginning of the game 
will appear and join you. Also, if you talked to that turnip in the 
labyrinth, he will join you as well. Leave the screen and return to get 
the rest of your team members back. At this point, go back to the shrine 
at Devin and talk to the girl there. If you went into Rei's room enough 
times in Chateau Aiguille (once with Ildon and White Rose, and once with 
just White Rose), the girl will reveal herself as the escaped princess 
Rei and join your party, she is the only character capable of learning 
and using Mirage Magic!!

These 6 events are in no set places, but the places where they occur 
are, these are where you can find these events:

Shrike   - Mu's Tomb, left door leading to the place where Roufas is.
           Also in Sei's Tomb, in the big room where the shield is. 
Luminous - Just outside of the port
Devin    - The Shrine where Princess Rei is
Yorkland - Entrance to the swamp
Kyo      - in the Garden
Koorong  - In the Alleyway where there are 3 birds
Owmi     - Basement of Lord Manor
Baccarat - In The Parking Lot
Shingrow - Entrance to the Upper-Right Ruin
Wakatu   - In front of the wrecked house partway into the town
(If you've seen these on another Asellus walkthrough, know that I made 
this list for them.)

After all 6 events are done, build up or do whatever you want, because 
if you return to Owmi, the pilot who helped you escape from Facinaturu 
will be back, and he'll return you there for your final mission...

---Facinaturu Revisited---
Treasures: SilverMoon, LightRifle, PowerBelt, HarmoniumArmor, 
HarmoniumEarring, GoldenLion, PlutoArmor

Now you're back in the cave below Facinaturu, pass through the cave and 
return to the surface. You'll notice that the music has changed. First, 
go to Gina's house and you'll learn from her father that Gina was 
kidnapped by the mystics!! Buy Mystic Magic from the nearby shop if you 
want to (you'll have plenty of money by now) and then...go to Chateau 
Aiguille... Immediatly inside, go to the room near Asellus's bedroom, 
you can now take all the treasures there that you were too weak to carry 
before (everything listed above except the PlutoArmor and GoldenLion). 
Also (and this is optional) go to the 3 princess's rooms and you'll see 
some cutscenes. Next, go to the spiral tower and you'll see that the 
warp there has been sealed!! So go around to that hill of monsters and 
fight your way up to the door (The rooms with the crystals restore your 
JP, WP and LP). This whole final area changes depending on your choices, 
here's how it goes:

---Save Gina!!--- (This is what happens if you save Gina)

First, defeat that big giant enemy blocking the window about halfway up 
the mountain: he can block, has strong attacks, and has a heck of a lot 
of HP, good luck. ( could always try using TimeEclipse or another
stone spell...strange as it seems, the giant can be turned to stone!!!)
Open the window behind him after he's out of the way. 
Now go back to the room that looks like a church a little ways back and 
you'll see that a new door has opened. Enter it and fight the Griffen, 
he's the exact opposite of the giant: can't block, has weak attacks, and 
has low HP. When you beat it, Gina is saved. She'll reveal that is 
wasn't Orlouge that kidnapped her, and that it was in fact Rastaban!! 
(heh, heh, remember him?).

Go up through the big doors at the top of the mountain now, you'll be 
back in the garden. Go up to the room where Ciato told you to "LEAVE!!" 
earlier. Ciato will be back, talk to him and he'll transform into the 
BatKnight (and before you ask, NO!! I DON'T mean Batman!!!) 

:::Defeating the BatKnight:::

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! This battle is sinfully easy!! All BatKnight can do is 
paralyze you and cast weak Mirage Magic, and the paralysis usually lasts 
no more than one round!! He is accompanied by two SonicBats, but that 
doesn't matter in the least, he is SO Easy!! Actually...this battle is 
probably just here for the awesome music, it's the same music that plays 
while fighting MBlack in Red's chapter!!!

Climb up a little further and Lion Princess attacks you again.

:::Defeating the Lion Princess:::

This battle (which also has some cool music, IMO) is also quite easy. It 
seems that ol' Lady Leo hasn't improved her skill very much. Equip 
shields and she can barely touch you. This battle is, believe it or not, 
EASIER than the battle with BatKnight. After you win, you'll get the 
GoldenLion, a great sword with a whopping 75 attack power!!!!

Climb up the passage again and you'll fight yet ANOTHER boss, Rastaban 
this time. He turns into the Black Knight and attacks you.

:::Defeating the Black Knight::

Now, I'm not complaining or anything, but what's with all the cool 
battle music after such drab lifeless music in Chateau Aiguille?!?!
Black Knight is definatly harder that BatKnight and Lion Princess, and 
he has more HP too. His worst attack is probably SacredSong which hits 
the whole team for 300+ Damage!! He's pretty much easy, but be careful, 
he's unpredictable!! After winning, you'll get the PlutoArmor, a really 
NICE suit of armor!!

Continue up and climb to the balcony. Ildon will step out of your party 
and warn you that you are getting very close to Orlouge. He asks you 
whether or not you're ready, it really doesn't matter what you choose. 
Save now...Orlouge awaits......

Beat Orlouge for one of three endings.

---Err...who's Gina?--- (This is what happens if you don't rescue Gina)
Proceed directly through the big door in the mountains, ignoring the 
giant, and fight the BatKnight. Beat him and then defeat Lion Princess. 
Now go up and instead of fighting you, Rastaban will just give you the 
PlutoArmor and dissappear.

Continue up and meet Orlouge, defeat him for a different ending.

---Way of the Mystics--- (If Asellus decides she wants to be a mystic)

Umm...actually...I never bothered to build up Asellus as a mystic, so I 
can't say what'll happen here...anyone wanna help?

All I know is if you defeat Orlouge after using the 3 mystic skills over 
and over, you'll get the last of the three endings...


Now it comes down to the final battle......enter the room after Ildon 
warns you of danger. Follow the path past the room with the big rose 
until you reach Orlouge. Talk to him and he'll leave and wait for you in 
the rose room. Return there and fight him...the final battle awaits...

:::Defeating Orlouge:::

Yes, this is difficult. Orlouge seems to have around 60,000 HP and some 
pretty nasty attacks. He will randomly summon one of three evil spirits 
who will fight for him. They cause alot of status ailments, so have some 
SnakeOil and the Grail spell handy. Those strange pictures behind 
Orlouge will periodically join in to raise his stats. (Note: You can't 
defeat the spirits or pictures because you can't target them.) After 
losing about 30,000 HP, Orlouge will call all 3 spirits, and then the 
fun (and I use the term loosely) begins... Orlouge has 2 deadly attacks: 
Selection, which turns one member to stone and never fails, and 
3Mistresses, which hits all members for around 300-400 damage each!! If 
you are using Mesarthim, make the most of her by using LifeRain. For 
attacks, use your best ones like LifeSprinkler, RosarioImpale, Tres 
Flores, and NoMoment (which BTW, never misses). Take off about another 
30,000 damage from Orlouge and he's pretty much dead. Congratulations, 
you've finished another chapter of SaGa Frontier.

Now sit back and watch whatever ending you've achieved!!




T260G's chapter begins with a spaceship that is under attack while all its 
people are abandoning it; leaving it to crash into a small town called Junk,
creating a big crater where it crashed. T260G finally comes into play here, 
as he was left on the ship when it crashed. T260G awakens in a junkyard 
where he catches a quick glimpse of a little boy just before completely 
losing power.

The little boy, Thyme, then brings the robot back to his home where it is
repaired by his Uncle Taco, an octopus with an aptitude for machinery.
T260G wakes up, although he doesn't exactly seem especially grateful for 
Uncle Taco's hard work... Thyme and his sister Rose ask the robot for it's 
name. Here you can rename T260G anything you'd like. After naming him, Uncle
Taco pipes up and demands that you add a G to the end of whatever name you 
picked. (So if you named him Max, his new name would be MaxG, just as an 
example...and no, I don't especially like going through the game with a G at
the end of his name...^_^) Anyway, you finally gain control of T260G now. 

---Junk/Combat Arena---
Treasures: 100 Credits, 200 Credit, 400 Credits, Junk, BrokenBumper, 
BrokenRifle, JunkHelm, Bumper, EasyRifle, Cure, RepairKit

Explore the town now. Thyme won't let you enter any of the houses except for
his own, and the small building above his house, which is a shop. Go to the
shop and buy a few RepairKits, you'll probably need them. You'll also notice
that the shop has 2 *REALLY* powerful (although expensive) guns for sale; at
10,000 credits apiece, there's no way you can afford them, but don't worry, 
you can buy the very same guns at Koorong later for much less. After 
fully exploring the town, leave and explore the rest of this region. You'll
get some messages if you go to the crater or to the port, although there is
nothing else here yet. When you're finally ready, go to the fighting arena 
in the lower right end of town. Once here, walk around and enter the lower 
door and talk to Gen, who is sitting at the table. Gen will ask Thyme if
he plans to enter T260G in the fighting tournment. Thyme, who is probably
dying to see his new robotic buddy in action, agrees. Now leave and go in 
the upper door and talk to the slime, and it'll ask if you're going to 
compete. If you're ready, say yes. You'll fight an A-Tractor, just use your
JunkBazooka to attack it once, and then finish it off with punches, your
reward is a BrokenBumper.  Talk to the slime again, and he'll give you 100 
credits and ask you if you'd like to fight again, say yes. (For fun, you can 
talk to all the people after the fights, they certainly aren't happy about 
some newcomer trashing the veteran fighters...) Your next battle is against 
a FlyMec - it's also easy, just beat it the same way you did with the last 
enemy. Your reward is a piece of junk!! (Yes, it's an item.) Now, once
again, talk to the slime. You'll get a 200 Credit bonus and will be asked to
fight again. Your final opponent is a Guncart. It's a bit tougher than the 
last 2 enemies, but it's still not all that hard. You get a BrokenRifle for 
beating it. Now that the fights are done, talk to the slime one last time
for a 400 credit prize. Ok, so you've won a bunch of broken items in these
battles...who do you know that could fix these things...hmm...AH!! Uncle
Taco!! Go back to (Sir) Taco's house and talk to him, he'll repair your
3 junk items and will give you the following:

Junk becomes JunkHelm
BrokenBumper becomes Bumper
BrokenRifle becomes EasyRifle

Equip these new items and things will get much easier. Now go back to the 
arena and talk to Gen again. Rose will run in and say a robot messenger was
sent by a man named Caballero (you'll find out more about this creep later),
and is threatening to hurt people if they don't obey him!! T260G now attacks
the enemy mec. This battle is almost impossible to win if you didn't fix the
3 junk items first. If you did, just use your JunkBazooka on him for the
first round of fight, then keep shooting at him with the EasyRifle until 
he's nothing but a pile of scrap!! During all the confusion, however, Thyme
was kidnapped by some of Caballero's henchmen!! Gen joins you for your next 
mission, which is to save Thyme. (Well, well, it's the "rescue the kid" original ^_^) Go back to the town and enter all of the houses and 
talk to all the people. A man in a house directly above Thyme's house (not 
the shop, the building above it) will give you a RepairKit, and a woman in a 
house next to his will give you a Cure. (Also, it would probably ba a good 
idea to stock up on Cures and RepairKits at the shop.) Now head for the 
crater and rescue Thyme!!

Treasures: FiberVest, SanctuaryStone

Once in the crater, head for the door and pick up Thyme's hat and go in the
door behind it. (If you tried to open the door earlier, nothing would 
happen.) You'll be in an underground cave. Go down and around and exit the
cave. In the grassy area, go into the upper cave and collect the FiberVest
inside. Back outside, try to walk on to the rusty red platform and T260G
will jump to it. Go in the lower door and you'll be in another cave - I 
don't see how you could get lost here. When you come out, you'll be in a 
swamp with another door and a passage leading upwards. Go in the door first
and collect a SanctuaryStone. After getting the stone, head upwards and 
enter the cave. This is where Thyme is being held hostage (tied up and 
hanging from the roof...) by Caballero's thugs, of which you now have to 
fight. (Could there be any other way?) This battle is easy, as Gen picked up
an IronPipe beforehand which you can now use in battle. After beating the 
thugs, Gen will use the pipe to cut Thyme down from the ceiling and you'll 
automatically be back at the town. Even though you stopped 2 of his troops, 
Caballero won't stop his cowardly attacks on Junk unless something is done. 
T260G wants to settle up with Caballero, but refuses to leave without 
"Captain Thyme's" permission. Thyme reluctantly lets his robotic buddy go, 
and you'll be transported to Scrap; and don't worry, Gen will be with you 
the whole way.

---Scrap/Caballero Factory---
Treasures: 400 Credits, KukriBlade, SteelAmulet, PowerCure

Once you arrive in Scrap, Gen, true to his nature, will run into the bar
and T260G will follow him. Talk to Riki and Mei-ling and they will join you.
Also, be sure to talk to Lute even though he won't join you yet. Now pay a 
visit to Caballero's office. (and since the lady who runs the port is 
charging 10,000 credits to leave, I doubt you will yet...) T260G and Gen 
tell Caballero to leave Junk alone, but the jerk just won't listen to reason 
and retreats to his factory in the north. So follow him. You may notice that 
every time you try to enter the factory, Lute steps out of the pub - just 
ignore him. Once on the factory ground, the choice is yours: do you go in 
the factory, or collect some treasures? If you said treasures, then the 
three little buildings are where you want to be. Start by going in the small
building on the right side of the screen and fight the monsters there. After
beating them, Lute will run in and join you. The building on the lower left
is full of monsters, but you can collect a KukriBlade inside. The building
on the upper left has a bag in it, but appears to be free of monsters... 
wrong!! As soon as you try to take the bag, you'll be attacked. Following 
the battle, you can take the bag for 400 credits. After you've had your fill
here, go into the factory. The factory is swarming with Caballero's men, and
they aren't there for looks either, they will attack you with Enemy Fire in 
every battle - something you DON'T want!! Fortunatly, you CAN get rid of 
these pests. From the entrance, ignore the enemy mec and hit the orange 
switch on the wall (it looks kinda like this "C="), it will activate the 
crane, which will pick up one of Caballero's men and drop him into a pipe, 
thus removing him and stopping Enemy Fire; but don't think that's it - there
are still 3 more of them. On the wall to the right of the orange switch is 
a partially hidden door, enter it and climb up. You'll be on an upper ledge 
with 3 switches. The one right next to where you just came from gets rid of 
another one of Caballero's men. Go left and you'll see 2 more switches. The 
upper one appears to have no use (yet), and the lower one will raise a crate
that was blocking another switch - you'll need this one later. Go back down 
the steps and try to avoid the monsters, as you're standing next to an Enemy
Fire goon. Go down and take the flashing crate, it contains a PowerCure. Now
go under the fence and flip the switch that the crate was blocking earlier, 
it will cause the crane to move back and forth. What you have to do here is 
time it right so the crane will grab the guard standing there. If you mess 
up, you'll have to fight a battle while getting pounded by Enemy Fire, so my
advice is...DON'T MESS UP!!! After catching the guard, take the crate he was
blocking to get a SteelAmulet. Go up and around the box on the small 
platform and hit the switch next to it. It will cause the platform with the 
box to rise. Backtrack to the upper platform with the 3 switches and hit the
upper left one - it will pick up the box that you just rose up, and drop it 
on the final guard. Now go back and talk to Caballero, he'll run off and 
leave you to fight his main forces: A VulcanII and 3 D-Tractors. This battle
shouldn't be much of a threat if you've stopped all the Enemy Firers. When 
you win, Caballero will promise not to attack Junk any more and allow you to
use the port to leave town. 

Treasures: It's your choice...

There's really only one thing to do in Koorong, and that is to find some 
info. Go to the lower section of town and enter the dark house directly
behind the chicken. Go through the door and examine the computer, you'll be
given a lot of info about a small company in Shrike called Nakajima 
Robotics, an Inventor named Leonard in Manhattan, and a wrecked ship in 
Shingrow. Now visit these 3 locations, but first, you may want to collect 
some team members.

---Team Members---

I know your first thought is to get a team of all humans, but I strongly
suggest that you have at least 2 other mecs on your team (besides T260G),
as they will be of a lot of help now.

--Before Tartaros---
Cotton: Bio Lab in Shrike
Thunder: In Yorkland next to the windmill
EngineerCar: Nakajima Robotics, need a mec on your team.
ZEKE: Collect the robot mouse for the people in Nakajima Robotics
Annie: In Koorong outside the Restaurant, must have 3 runes first
Fuse: IRPO, must be collecting Arcane Cards
Emelia: Baccarat, Need to be collecting Arcane Cards
Fei-on: In Tanzer, Need to be Collecting Runes 
Slime: Tanzer, Rune Quest...ect...ect...
Sei: (See Riki's Chapter)
Suzaku: Mosperiburg Mountain (See Team Member List)
Kylin: (See Team Member List)

---After Tartaros---
Leonard: He will automatically join you when you go to Tartaros
PzkwV: Talk to the mec in Koorong's back alley, Need Leonard on your team

Gen joined back in Junk and Riki, Mei-ling and Lute joined back in Scrap
T260G can't sign up TimeLord because Gozarus won't sell him the SandVessel

Treasures: None

Now that you have some team members, head for Manhattan. Once here, go in 
the burger shop at the mall and talk to the guy in yellow next to the
entrance, T260G will ask him about Leonard. The guy then brings you to
Leonard's lab... It turns out that this guy IS Leonard... Anyway, talk to
him again and he will examine T260G. When he's done, just leave his lab...
yep, that's all there is to do here. Go to Shrike now.

(Note: If T260G has changed forms at Nakajima Robotics, Leonard will ignore
you. T260G MUST be in his normal, Type 1, body before anything will happen.)

---Shrike/Nakajima Robotics/Sei's Tomb---
Treasures: Murakumo, Magatama, Mizukagami (all optional)

Well, what did that computer say about Shrike again? Ah, yes, Nakajima
Robotics; that should be your next stop. The men at Nakajima seem to be a 
bit worried about something. A quick investigation reveals that they sent a 
robot mouse to Sei's Tomb, but it hasn't returned yet. Talk to the leader
here, and he'll ask you to retrieve the mouse; accept, and you'll be sent to
Sei's Tomb. Once inside, head down the stairs and past the alter room. When
you reach a big wide opened room, go in the center door. Here, go to the 
upper left corner of the room to find the mouse, then return to Nakajima 
Robotics. Speak with the leader and he will take the mouse and say that he
has something for you. Head upstairs and then go back downstairs again, 
there will ba a blue robot waiting for you - this is ZEKE. Talk to it and
it will fly around for a minute and offer to join you. From here on, if you
talk to the bald leader guy, he will offer to chance T260G's body type to 
one of 7 different types, do this if you want. Now build up for a bit and 
head for Shingrow.

---Northwest Shingrow Ruins---
Treasures: Junk, RottenMeat, 200 Credits x3, MemoryBoard, JumpSuit, DuelGun,
HyperScale, Bolt Thrower, 500 Credits

When you arrive at Shingrow, head straight for the ruined ship in the 
northwest. Pass through the swamp and climb up the board entering the ship.
Once inside, you'll see that the path branches off in 2 directions - head up
first. Defeat the mec and touch the vines on the wall, they will move aside
revealing a secret door, enter it and proceed up into the next room. Here, 
head up and take the treasure on the floor (Junk). After taking the Junk, 
enter the obscure door on the left side of the room; go up and touch the
machine, you'll get a piece of RottenMeat. (Beware of the upper rooms; in 
one of them, you may encounter the Abyss Bat, an extremely powerful enemy 
that it's very likely you won't be able to defeat yet. If this happens, 
ignore the upper rooms until you're stronger.) Now backtrack to the 
crossroads and go down and you'll come to another crossroad - go down this 
time. Cross the metallic bridge and keep walking to the left. (Ignore the 
door on the upper wall now) Eventually, you'll come to a room containing 2 
treasures: A bag with 200 Credits inside, and a golden treasure that is 
actually a MemoryBoard. Go back to the room before this one and enter the 
upper door, you'll be in a big wide opened room. Go down the stairs and 
collect the JumpSuit on the ground and the hidden bag containing 200 Credits 
just below it. After taking these, go back up the steps and examine the 
upper wall until you find a hidden door. Climb the ladder and proceed up 
into a dark room. Now take the lower door in this darkend passageway and 
you'll find a bag containing 200 more credits!! Keep going down and you'll 
find another treasure (DuelGun)!! Go back to the dark room and this time, 
head left and collect the HyperScale in this room. Finally, in the dark 
room, take the upper passageway which leads to an upper bridge. Follow the 
path to the left and ignore the ladder, it's a dead end. When you reach the 
end of this path, head down the steps and open the hard to see treasure 
chest to get a Bolt Thrower. Now climb back up the steps and enter the 
secret door at the top - This leads to the main computer room. Once inside, 
take the bag (500 credits) then examine the computer, you'll get info about 
T 260, RB3, and HQ. Then you'll be allowed to download either Evasion Laser, 
CombatMastery, or ShootingMastery from the computer. (Assuming you don't 
have one of these, and you can only download one.) The computer will then go 
dead. Leave this place now. Go back to Nakajima Robotics now and you'll 
learn that good doctor Leonard was killed in an explosion at Manhattan. But 
it was no accident, he was assassinated by the men from Trinity!! Next, go 
to Manhattan and talk to Fuse (he's at the burger shop), he will confirm 
that Leonard was killed by Trinity, and tell you to pay a visit to Leonard's 
lab. At the Central Gate, show the guards your pass and they will let you 
into the lab. Once inside, examine the computer on the back wall, a robot 
will emerge, it is Leonard. He anticipated his death and copied his mind 
into a robotic body. Leonard tells you that you should go to Trinity's robot 
base, Tartaros, and see what the Trinity is up to. After talking, Robo-
Leonard joins you. Leave the lab and you'll be at the entrance to Tartaros.

Treasures: Osc-Sword, LaserCarbine, SecretBoard, PoweredSuit, ZenGun, 
HyperionBazooka, OctopusBoard, SanctuaryStone

Actually, you're not officially INSIDE Tartaros yet. Leonard tells you to 
sneak abord the train, and it will carry you to your destination. Go through
the opening and you'll come out at the GoldenGate, the true entrance to 
Tartaros. Head up and you'll be in a metal corridor which branches off both
lef and right, I suggest you go left, as it's shorter. Either way, in the 
big room, try to go through the upper door; it's locked. So go down the 
stairs and enter the door on the right. Now go up and enter the very hard to
see door on the left wall. Now head up and grab the Osc-Sword from the 
treasure chest there, and head back down. Go left and flip the switch on the
wall, this will open the locked door you passed earlier. Before leaving, go
up and take the treasure chest, it contains a LaserCarbine. Backtrack to the
locked door, which because you flipped the switch, is now unlocked - enter 
it. Now head up and go in the door, you'll be in the mining area. Once 
again, the path splits in 2 directions; head left first and enter the mine
tunnel. Now go up and enter the small door on the left wall. Inside, flip 
the switch and Leonard will step out and tell you that there are 3 more
switches like it and you must press them all. You may notice that there is a
new kind of walking mec in the room, if you touch it you'll fight a powerful
enemy called a BigDigger. You don't HAVE to do this, but it gets you some 
nice items. (See the end of this section for hints on defeating the 
BigDiggers.) Defeating this particular BigDigger earns you a PoweredSuit.
Now leave this room and head up into the next area. Once here, you'll
immediatly see another mine tunnel, enter it and flip the second switch; and
you should definently beat the BigDigger, as you'll win a HyperionBazooka!!
Now leave and go down the ladder in the previous room, you'll be in a low
passage. Go around to the right and climb on the wooden platform and open
the chest to get a SecretBoard. Still on the wooden walkway, enter the mine
tunnel on the left and flip yet another switch. The BigDigger here is harder
than the others, but when you beat it, have a mec absorb it to get 
DragonProgram. You'll also win an OctopusBoard from it. Now leave and go 
back down but don't climb the ladder yet, instead, go down the lower path 
until you reach a treasure chest (SanctuaryStone) and the final switch. Now
that all the switches have been hit, go back and climb up the ladder and ]
cross the wooden bridge and enter the hard to see door on the lower wall.
There's a BigDigger here, which when defeated, earns you a ZenGun. Head
right and open the door and follow the path to the end, it's easy from here.

When you reach the main computer, Leonard will try all sorts of codes, but
it seems that the info they are searching for can only be found at the HQ, 
guess where you go next!!

:::Defeating the BigDiggers:::

Not so much a threat, as the fact that they have about 40-50,000 HP EACH!!
Their attacks are usually mild, but watch out for ChainHeat, which can 
kill a human in one hit. If you have LogicBomb, use it as it messes up their
status (like causing Stun, Red Mess or Paralyze). If they fall over, don't
laugh (tempting though it may be) because it means they're going to launch a
big attack. Also, one of them (the one in the northernmost switch room) can
use Maelstrom, protect against this with PearlHearts. There are 4 of these
pests total, and they aren't easy, but beating them earns you nice prizes!!

Treasures: MemoryBoard, BehemothRifle, LaserScope, Flame Thrower,
HEAT Bazooka, ExcelShield, HyperBlaster, GrainCannon, HarmoniumArmor

Leonard says that you can only get to HQ from the Manhattan port, so talk to
the ship manager there. Leonard will ask if you're ready to go to HQ; if 
you're not yet, just say no and you'll be able to travel as normal. When 
ready, just say yes. Once inside HQ, talk to the guy at the entrance - he
will restore you whenever you need it. There are many powerful items found
scattered around various rooms in HQ, they are all in small rooms guarded by
2 mecs. Ok...time for action. Start by going in the door on the left to 
collect a MemoryBoard, leave and go in the upper room, which contains a
BehemothRifle. Back in the main room, go right. Now traverse this walkway 
and enter the door on the left when you raech the end to get a LaserScope; 
then go right. You'll be in a donut-shaped room. Climb the ladder on the 
left and enter the door, a suit of HarmoniumArmor awaits you there. Now 
enter the door on the right to claim Flame Thrower. Finally, go through the
upper door and you'll be in yet another fork. Go right to get a GrainCannon,
then go left to proceed. ANOTHER SET OF CROSSROADS!!! Head up and enter the
door on the left to get a HyperBlaster, then go down the ladder to the 
right. You'll see a computer and what would appear to be an inactive robot; 
just ignore them for now, but remember where they are. Go back and climb 
down the ladder and enter the door at the bottom. Go up to grab an 
ExcelShield, and then climb the stairs. Go down and enter the door for the 
last treasure, a HEAT Bazooka. (Finally!) Go up and touch the computer, 
T260G will say that there is a virus inside and you must go in the computer 
to destroy it. When ready, you'll be sent inside of the computer. 
Now it would appear that you are in sort of a strange's all fake,
and there are lots of bugs here and there. You'll notice that some of the
ground is nothing but wire frame. Defeat the viruses (the little bugs) to
make the ground solid. (When you defeat the viruses, you can absorb a skill 
called Virus, which allows a few skills to be used.) The houses act as warps 
of sorts. I can't remember exactly what I did here, so just look for the 
castle, defeat the viruses at the gate and enter it.  You'll be attacked by 
4 Viruses and the HQCore. T260G now has a new skill: Contact. Start by 
killing the 4 viruses and then use Contact on the core, the battle will end, 
all the viruses will vanish, and the town will completely reform. Go back
to the entrance and go around to the building that looks like a chapel. 
Now comes the fun part. This first puzzle is easy, just light up all the 
panels, the last one being the one next to the door. The next puzzle is sort
of like Lights-Out, just turn all the panels to green. When you get this one
finished, you'll move on to a similar, but tougher puzzle. When you finish
the 2 puzzles, enter the door. You'll get some frightening info about the 
true purpose of the is an evil AI device cabable of destroying all
the regions!!! After talking, you're beamed out of the computer. Now leave
HQ the same way you came in, but be sure to creturn to the place with the 
inactive mec and the computer. Touch the computer and T260G will repair the
body lying on the ground. You'll then be given the option of changing 
bodies, DO IT!!! That is the body of the Omega Model, the strongest type of
mec!!! Now just leave the base as normal, as you're going, T260G and Gen 
will discuss the RB3. Talk to the guy at the entrance and he will transport 
you out. T260G's mission is now clear...DESTROY THE RB3!!!!!

---Doomsday Machine---
Treasures: None

Once again, talk to the man at the Manhattan port and this time, Leonard 
will ask to be sent to the RB3 base. This is the final mission, so I'd be 
prepared if I were you. When ready, go back to the Manhattan port and agree.
Once inside, exit the computer room and cross the long narrow bridge. You'll
be in a maze-like room with many beams indicating doorways. You can pass 
through the beams, so do't worry. In the first room, head to the upper right
room and hit the switch inside. Now go back and go in the lower door. Now
you'll be in a similar green beam maze room. This time, go to the lower left
door and hit the switch; you'll hear a loud rumbling, this was a forcefield
being shut off. Now head through the far right door and pass through the big
empty room here. When you reach a room with a bunch of ladders and mecs, 
run to the right until you see a ladder - climb it and go right onto the
elevator platform. Hit the switch at the top and it will move a platform 
allowing you to get to the next switch. Climb back down and head right. 
Almost at the end of the room, climb the next ladder and run across the 
bridge to hit the next switch. Now go back to the first ladder and climb it,
but instead of going up the elevetor, go left and hit the last switch, which
will open the doorway leading out. Before leaving, you can opt to go right
at the very end of the passageway and hit another switch...but it doesn't 
seem to do anything. (If anyone knows what this is for, please tell me.)
You'll now be in a long metallic corridor filled with enemy mecs. Fight
them all. (Some of them can be tough.) I believe there are 8 battles total,
and after beating them all, a mini-boss, the Mec God, will come down and

:::Defeating the Mec God:::

He's a lot easier than he looks. If you have good skills like Pop-Knight or
Shock Soldier, use them. Otherwise, have your mecs use LogicBomb to screw 
with Mec God's status. Your human characters should use lesser moves to
conserve WP and JP. If Mec God uses MagneticStorm, you're in trouble, 
especially if you're using all mecs, as MagneticStorm does 400-500 damage to
all members and does even MORE to mecs!!! The Mec God has roughly 50,000 HP,
but he's not much of a problem. When he's beaten, absorb him to get Tiger

After beating Mec God, you'll be transported to a back room. Go through the 
door and examine the computer. You'll now have to enter the RB3's core and
defeat it from inside.

Treasures: None

This area is just plain WEIRD!!! Although you're inside a computer, it looks
like you're in a cave. Both the left and right passageways seem to lead to
dead ends. The trick here is to keep fighting enemies until the paths open
up. After beating enough monsters, go to either of the dead ends to see that
they've opened up. Head up and you'll be in a jungle. Do the same thing here
as you did in the cave. Once enough monsters have been beaten, you'll be 
able to enter the desert. Enter this new area and, once again, keep 
fighting. After fighting about 10 battles here, use a SanctuaryStone to heal
up. Keep fighting and eventually, you'll be warped to an area with a tree.
T260G will ask if you're ready - say yes. You'll now have to fight the evil
RB3's core, the all-powerful GenocideHeart!!!

:::Defeating GenocideHeart:::

Now it's time to unleash EVERYTHING you have on this guy, HE IS HARD!!!!
GenocideHeart will open the battle by using an attack called Carnage, which
(although it looks cool) does 300-400 damage to EVERYONE, and it also has 
the nasty side effect of instantly killing humans!!! Stop the death by
equipping BloodChalices (bought in Manhattan) and PlutoArmor (won from 
Dullahans). Even with the death blockers, Carnage will still mess your team
up. Fortunatly, every of often, the GenocideHeart warps the battle to
different locations. The snowy mountain is probably the place you want him
to transport you the most, as you take the least amount of damage there, and
it gives you a good oppertunity to heal up. There are around 4 or 5 other 
areas that the GenocideHeart will transport you to as well, each with it's 
own dangers, but he will always bring you back to the room with the monitors
first. Where he uses Carnage again, and then warps to another landscape. 
You'll notice that every time you get warped back, some of the monitors are 
showing only static, this is sort of an indicator of how much HP he has 
left; the more screens still active, the more HP he has left. There's realy 
no way of knowing how much HP he has (I'm guessing around 80,000). Your mecs 
should use Pop-Knight or Shock Soldier and if the team is in good enough 
condition, have T260G use V-Max followed by CosmicRave. If you have DSC, by 
all means USE IT!!!! Other moves you should use are ones like RosarioImpale,
LifeSprinkler, etc. This is probably the hardest boss in the game, so good 

T260G's mission is now over, so he returns to his friends, Rose and Thyme.


(At the very beginning, you have the option of re-naming Emelia.) 

Emelia was once a very successful super-model, but she left this career, as 
it seemed to offer her nothing in life... Just when she thought nothing 
could make her happy, she met Ren. Emelia quickly fell in love with Ren, but
as with all lovers, they often argued. The day after a big argument, Emelia
returns to Ren's house and to her surprise, the door is unlocked... After 
closer investigation, Emelia dicovers, to her horror, that Ren has been 
murdered!!! Although she saw the real criminal, Emelia is charged with his 
murder and thrown in the prison at Despair. Emelia knows she is innocent, 
and intends to prove that it was not she who killed Ren, but rather an oddly
dressed man calling himself "The Joker"!! At lunch, Emelia meets Annie, who
introduces herself and they talk for a while. The warden shows up and issues 
a challenge. He will grant a pardon to anyone who is brave enough to find 
the Freedom Rune that is hidden somewhere in the prison facility. Emelia 
knows that this is the ONLY way she can escape and catch the Ren's REAL 
murderer. The next day, Annie and another woman, Liza, show up and attempt 
to help Emelia find the Rune. And now, the journey begins...

Treasures: LightBazooka, ShellShield, AGUNI-CP1, RuneStone

After dropping down through the hole, you'll be in a room with a network of
pipes. Climb around until you reach a solid platform with a hole leading to
a locker room. Jump down the hole and Liza will pull you over and hide in
a locker to avoid being spotted by a guard. After the guard leaves, examine
all the lockers until you come across the one containing a LightBazooka. Be
SURE to avoid the guards, as if you touch one, you'll get automatic "GAME
OVER". Exit through the door on the left, and enter the elevator door 
directly to the left of the door you came from. You'll pop out in a prison 
room with an opened manhole in the upper left corner. Exit through the 
lower door and follow the path to the upper door. Enter it and get on the
big round platform; it will rise up. When it stops, take the treasure chest
to get a ShellShield. Now exit through the left door. Keep following the 
path until you come beack to the room with the lockers. Exit the locker room
through the door on the left and enter the little elevator on the wall 
again. You'll be back in the room with the manhole in the corner of the 
room. Enter the manhole, go left, and climb the ladder. Once outside, go 
left again, and climb down the steps. You'll be in the laser maze. It's not
too hard to get through it (as Emelia has an InfraScope), but DON'T touch a 
beam or you'll fight an unbeatable enemy!! (Well, it's a Hermes, and you're
too weak to defeat such a strong mec yet.) In the next area, beat the 2 
boars and examine the green door on the right. It leads to the room with the
Rune, but it appears to be locked. Go up the ladder and enter the hole at 
the top. Examine the barred door and you'll be attacked by a miniature 
version of the Nidheg. He's not very tough, but he has a lot of HP. (Note, 
if Emelia doesn't have a weapon equipped before this fight, Annie will give 
her an AGUNI-CP1). After beating Nidheg, The door will be opened and you can
now proceed to collect the Freedom Rune...SUCCESS!!! Emelia is now free!!

Although she is free, Emelia has nothing to live for now that Ren is gone...
she returns to Ren's house for one last look at it, but just as she is about
to leave, Ren's REAL killer, the Joker, attacks Emelia!! Fortunatly, Roufas
shows up and protects Emelia. Emelia thanks Roufas, who then brings her to
the restaurant at Koorong. In the back room, Emelia will meet up with Liza
and Annie once again, and they reveal that they, along with Roufas and a few
others, are part of a group called "Gradius", an anti-Trinity orginazation.
(EVERY good RPG needs some kind of small resistance force VS. big 
corperation type of deal ^_^) Like Emelia, Gradius is also after the Joker, 
but for a different reason: It seems Joker is after a new Trinity power
source called "Cube", and he obviously wants to use it for some evil scheme. 
Gradius is trying to stop Joker from getting Cube, while trying to stop the
activities of Trinity at the same time. When you regain control of Emelia,
go into the room on the upper right and talk to Roufas. He'll ask you if you
want to join Gradius. Say yes. Roufas will tell you that it's not that easy
and that you have to go through training first......

Treasures: 200 Credits, {Campaign Fund}

Actually, it's really not so bad. There are only 2 tests. The first one is
simple target practice, just shoot the target 6 times. Your next training
mission is also fairly simple. You are in the sewer in the lower alley of
Koorong. Head all the way right and up to collect a bag with 200 credits,
the go back and climb the ladder. Go up the stairs and head back to the 
Gradius base. Now that your training is done, Roufas says that you have some
free time until the next mission and suggests that since you have the 
Freedom Rune, you should go and find the other three runes. Talk to Roufas
once more to get a paycheck. You should talk to Roufas after every mission, 
like Red's Chapter, Emelia gets payed for her work. Go in the room on the 
left and talk to Liza, she will offer to join you. Now go outside and talk
to Annie, she will also join you.

---Team Members and Optional Side Quests---

Since Emelia already has the Freedom Rune from Despair, it makes sense to go 
on the Rune quest.  In fact, I recommend getting the gift before you 
continue with her main quest.  (See Blue's walkthrough for how to get the 
gift). Anyway, here are the team members that Emelia can pick up:

===Before Trinity===
Cotton: Bio Lab in Shrike
Lute: In Scrap, he's at the Pub
Thunder: In Yorkland next to the windmill
Rouge: In the Luminous Airport
Mei-ling: Scrap Pub
Riki: Scrap Pub
Annie: In Koorong outside the Restaurant, just talk to her
Liza: Inside the Gradius base
Fuse: IRPO, Need to be collecting Arcane Cards
Roufas: Inside Mu's Tomb, no restrictions
Gen: Scrap Pub, need to be collecting Arcane Tarot Cards
Mesarthim: The basement of Lord Manor, need a mystic on your team 
Fei-on: In Tanzer, Need to be Collecting Runes 
Slime: Tanzer, Rune Quest...ect...ect...
Silence: Omble (See Blue's Walkthrough)
Sei: (See Riki's Chapter)
Suzaku: Mosperiburg Mountain (See Team Member List)
TimeLord: (See Team Member List)
Kylin: (See Team Member List)

===Inside Trinity Base===
Asellus: On the first visit to Trinity base, Talk to her outside the harem
White Rose: She's with Asellus, they both join after defeating the monster
Zozma: Also in Trinity Base (See Team Member List)

Emelia can't get T260G on her team because "she isn't good with machines",
and thus, she can't get EngineerCar either. Emelia *can* get Gen and Fuse on
her team, but she won't be allowed to go on the arcane quest until she finds
all the runes first.


{{{WARNING: The following part of the walkthrough was written by Fritz "The
Dullard" Fraundorf, A.K.A. ErgGibbon. If you have any comments or questions 
about this section, ask him...not me. Just a friendly warning. READ AT YOUR 
OWN RISK!! (And if the Dullard himself is reading this...I'm just teasing 

---Shingrow Palace---
Treasures: SanctuaryStone, CeramicSword

Talk to Roufas in the room on the right side of Gradius HQ (in the back of 
the restaurant).  He'll assign Emelia to her first mission, in Shingrow.  At 
Shingrow, Emelia will change into her costume.  Get in line and talk to the 
guy at the counter.  Emelia will enter as Pink Tiger, then you'll fight some 
battles.  It doesn't matter whether you win or lose (in fact, you probably 
can't win), so just try to learn some new attacks (despite this being a 
martial arts tournament, you can use swords and guns).  After the battles, 
Emelia will spot Joker and Annie, Liza, and Roufas will join you.  Go up to 
the throne room and talk to one of the people to get healed, then go back 
down a level and open the treasure chest (the big red thing) in the upper-
right room for a SanctuaryStone.  Go into the room in the lower-right and 
you'll see two guys in yellow running around. Avoid them or just kill them, 
then search the red pot-like thing to open a staircase.  Descend and search 
the left side of the pit to trigger another switch that closes the pit.  
Grab the CeramicSword, then go right and keep going until you get to a dead 
end. Talk to the goblin, defeat it (it should be easy), and the mission will 

Treasures: PurpleEye

Back in Koorong, take care of anything you want to between missions and then
go talk to Roufas again.  He'll send Emelia, Annie, and Liza to Baccarat.  
Talk to the people until you get the message that the Joker is on the next 
floor.  Go up there and keep talking until you hear that he took the 
elevator.  Go to the elevator and you'll be taken down to the parking 
garage.  Start to climb down the ladder and Annie and Liza will rejoin.  In 
the caves, head down through the first archway, then head down and left and 
exit the room through the lower-left door.  In the next room, take a left 
through the hard-to-see door (it has some orange rubble outside) into a 
small room.  Go north and you'll reach the gnomes' cave.  Joker will be 
here, and he will run off (again).

What you next determines which of two endings you will get at the end of the 
quest.  To get the good ending, just leave the caves. To get the bad ending, 
leave the gnome room, head south through the next room, and you'll be in a 
large room.  Go right, pass under the archway, and go through the door.  
You'll see some footprints.  Follow them to a cave where you fight a large 
dinosaur-like monster. 

:::Defeating Gargantu:::

This guy shouldn't be tough.  If you have moves like Smash, Suplex, 
BearCrush, etc. (and you should by now if you did the Rune quest), you 
shouldn't have any trouble beating him.  His attack is fairly strong, but he 
has a weak defense. Of course, you shouldn't be fighting this guy anyway...

After defeating Gargantu, you'll receive the PurpleEye that Emelia gave to 
Ren. Equip it, then retrace your steps and leave the caves.

Regardless of whether you defeating the Gargantu or not, the mission will 
end and you'll return to Koorong.

---Trinity Base - 1st trip---
Treasures: EMES Tag, SanctuaryStone

If you haven't completed the Rune quest yet, do so before continuing on.  
You may also want to drop by Sei's Tomb in Shrike and pick up the Magatama, 
Mizukagami, and Murakumo (see Riki's walkthrough).  Before you go into 
Roufas's room again, equip Emelia with all your best equipment, especially 
your best shield.

After some scenes, Emelia will be sent to Trinity Base.  After meeting 
Yaruto, Joker will show up and the lights go out.  When they come back on, 
Yaruto and Joker are gone.  Leave the room and you'll see Asellus and White 
Rose standing on a balcony.  Do a Quicksave, then talk to them.  You'll
have to fight a tough battle against some random enemies.  If you win it,
Asellus and White Rose will join you, but it's unlikely that you can win.
If you can't, just use your Quicksave and go on with the game -- you don't
really need them.

If you did get Asellus and Rose, you can also get Akuma... er, Zozma as 
well. Go left and down one flight of stairs. Walk right and enter the
second room you come to. A soldier will be inside, but monsters will appear 
and he'll run off. Defeat the monsters and, assuming you have Asellus and 
White Rose on your team, the soldier will reveal himself as Zozma and join 

(Warning: If you have more than 12 members, Asellus, White Rose, and
Zozma will take over them upon leaving the base.  So if you have 13 or
more people, and want to keep all of them, don't get the Mystics)

Regardless of whether you got the Mystic gang, descend to the bottom
level. Enter the elevator (the one on the left; it's the only one that
works) and you'll be taken up to the top of the base.  Go right one
screen and you'll have to fight a mec.  Use your strongest attacks to
defeat it.  After the battle, continue right and you'll be in the east
wing of the base.  Go down two flights of stairs and head left one
screen.  Take the door in the upper left and you should be in a room with
a chest and a treasure pile. Examine the treasure pile to fight a boss.

:::Defeating the LivingArmor:::

The LivingArmor will summon a LivingLance and LivingAxe; don't bother 
attacking these as more will just appear if you kill them. Instead, just 
attack the LivingArmor.  If you have a good shield, you can probably block 
most of the attacks.  This LivingArmor has a lot more HP than a generic one, 
but it shouldn't be too tough of a battle.

After defeating the LivingArmor, take the EMES Tag (a strong accessory) and 
the SanctuaryStone.  Then leave the room and head down the small set of 
stairs.  Go through the door on the back wall (NOT the one to the right; it 
leads to an empty lounge) and go left one screen.  Emelia will say "Dammit!" 
and the mission will inexplicably end.

---Trinity Base - 2nd trip---
Treasures: {Campaign Fund}, AngelBroach

Once again, you're back in Koorong.  Talk to Roufas and he'll give you a 
2000 credit campaign fund.  Now go into the left room and talk to the woman 
to rest (you can rest anywhere; it doesn't matter).  Go back to Roufas and 
he'll send you back to Trinity Base on another mission, disguised as a 
Head down and left and you'll be back inside the base, in a familiar 
location.  From here, go back to the room where the last mission ended (go 
down all the stairs, take the door in the background, and go left).  Call 
this big room "Point Dullard".  Go up the stairs and you'll be on the west 
wing of the base, at the previously-broken elevator.  Go one screen left and 
enter the elevator.  Head right and enter the office that was guarded the 
mec on the last visit.  You'll meet the new commander, Mondo (as seen in 
Lute's scenario).  After some dialogue, he gives Emelia the AngelBroach.  An 
accident occurs in the Cube plant and the base is evacuated.  Roufas and co. 
will show up.  Talk to each of them and they'll join up, then go back to 
Point Dullard.  Go to the lower-left corner of the room and walk down the 
small silver ramp.  You'll end up going back to Koorong and the mission will 
end.  (Isn't kind of cheap that they used the same picture of Emelia twice 
in a row?  What about Roufas or Liza?)

---Yorkland Mountain---
Treasures: {Campaign Fund}

Back in Koorong, talk to Roufas for a 3000 credit campaign fund. You may 
want to use the cash to go upgrade your equipment; you can buy really good 
stuff (WarLordArmor and ZeroSwords -- what's with the lack of spacing?) in 
Nelson.  The final battle is ahead, and it's really tough.

When you're ready, go talk to Roufas and, uh, tell him you're ready.  You'll 
then go a mountain in Yorkland.  This place is a no-brainer; just head right 
and admire the great scenery until you get to a waterfall and bridge with 
what appears to be a robot doing step aerobics.  Kill it; then keep going 
right to another waterfall.  Either walk behind it or jump along the rocks 
in front of it (it doesn't matter) and go right some more until you come to 
a scene outside the chapel.  Use a SanctuaryStone to restore your HP.  Equip 
any PurpleEyes or BoltCrystals that you have. If you have the abilities 
DodgeThunder or DodgeGaze, equip them as well (you might want to leave a 
blank spot or two in each character's ability lists so they could learn the 
dodges during the battle).  Then enter the chapel to face Diva.

:::Defeating Diva:::

Diva is TOUGH!  She gets about four or five turns ever round and hits really 
hard.  Diva has two different forms -- the one she starts in, and the spear 
form.  In the first form, she will either use a bunch of lightning attacks, 
or a bunch of gazes, or the cool-looking (but deadly) Retribution spell (if 
she uses Retribution, that's all she'll do that round).  In the other form, 
she uses a variety of elemental attacks -- this form is a little bit safer,
as many of her attacks can be blocked with shields or Deflect. Defense is 
the key to this battle; if you have lots of shields (Liza had four shields 
equipped in my case ^_^) and defensive abilities, you'll be able to outlast 
her and her 50,000 (or so) HP.  Oh, and don't give up -- I managed to win 
with just Liza (who had no WP) and Kylin alive.

After you defeat Diva, you'll receive one of two endings based on whether or
not you got the PurpleEye in Baccarat (the good ending if you didn't; the 
bad ending if you did).  I hope you got the good one...


[We now return you to your regularly-scheduled FAQ editor]



Lute's short journey begins at Yorkland, where he lives. Lute leaves 
home to search for adventure. After a short scene, you get to rename him 
anything you want. 

Treasures: None

Start this "long" journey by going to the port and talking to the two 
guys here. They refuse to let you board the ship out of town. But then a 
blue haired man (the captain) steps out and allows you to board his 

Treasures: None

This is where the ship drops you off. The only thing to do here is talk 
to Fuse and Leonard in the burger shop at the mall. Fuse will tell you 
that the blue haired captain who brought you here is Mondo, an important 
man for the evil Trinity. Once you've done that, leave and the rest is 
up to you.

---Lute's Quest is 90% Optional---

I strongly suggest going on both the Rune and Arcane quests, as well as 
doing every other optional quest there is. Lute only has one real 
mission, but if you don't build up first, you're in BIIIIIG Trouble!!!

These Team members can be recruited in Lute's Chapter:
Cotton: Bio Lab in Shrike
Thunder: In Yorkland next to the windmill
Rouge: In the Luminous Airport
Mei-ling: Scrap Pub
Riki: Scrap Pub
T260G: Scrap Pub
EngineerCar: Nakajima Robotics, need a mec on your team.
Annie: In Koorong outside the Restaurant, must have 3 runes first
Fuse: IRPO, Need to be collecting Arcane Cards
Roufas: Inside Mu's Tomb, need to be collecting Runes
Gen: Scrap Pub, need to be collecting Arcane Tarot Cards
Emelia: Baccarat, Need to be collecting Arcane Cards
Capt. Hamilton: Owmi Restaurant*
Mesarthim: The basement of Lord Manor, need a mystic on your team 
Fei-on: In Tanzer, Need to be Collecting Runes 
Slime: Tanzer, Rune Quest...ect...ect...
Silence: Omble (See Blue's Walkthrough)
Sei: (See Riki's Chapter)
Suzaku: Mosperiburg Mountain (See Team Member List)
TimeLord: (See Team Member List)
Kylin: (See Team Member List)

*If you want Hamilton on your team before the first and last mission, 
read below.

---Back to the Game---

Talk to Hamilton (the blond woman wearing green sailor's clothes who is 
sitting next to the door) in the Owmi restaurant. After talking for a 
while, she will leave and board the ship to Nelson. Go to the port and 
travel to Nelson now, you'll be abord the Victoria, Hamilton's ship. 
Talk to her and she will explain how Mondo killed your (Lute's) father. 
Hamilton says she's part of the resistance force to overthrow Trinity 
and asks if you'll help her - say you're not ready yet!! After talking, 
Hamilton will join your party. Now go talk to the woman at the wheel of 
the ship, she will drop you off at the town of your choice and Hamilton 
will still be on your team. Build up and do whatever you need to. This 
is it, the last mission (yes, it's also the first).

When you're ready, board the ship to Nelson again and talk to Hamilton. 
Tell her "Yes" and after a cool scene, you'll be in Mondo Base.

---Mondo Base---
Treasures: None (None of Lute's quests have any treasures... ^_^)

Once in Mondo's Base, head up and left, and enter the door. Go to the 
big platform here and flip the little green switch on the far upper 
right corner of the platform; it will lower you to another floor. Leave 
and go through the door. In this room, climb up the big staircase and 
run along the catwalk at the top of the steps; follow it until you come 
to a metal box, press O to take it (it's actually a switch). Go back to 
the platform and hit the green switch again, you'll be once again 
lowered. Do the same thing in this room as you did before: find the 
little metal box-switch, it's up the staircase in this room too. After 
getting the box, return (once again) to the platform and hit the green 
switch ANOTHER TIME!! You'll be lowered to the final area. Fight the 
giant here if you want to (and think you can handle it). You don't get 
anything, but it's fun anyway. Go in the upper door and in the next 
room, go in the only open you'll see another cool 
scene. Mondo will get in a big robot, the Spriggan, and attack you. This 
is the final battle, folks...

:::Defeating the Spriggan:::

First of all, be sure to have everyone equipped with JetBoots to avoid 
Spriggan's quake attack. If you're even mildly built up, you really 
shouldn't have much trouble here. After taking about 10,000 HP off him, 
he will explode and a new, trimmed down Spriggan will show up. Each one 
is harder than the last one (there are 5 of them total). But they will 
all die after inflicting about 10,000 damage. The forth and fifth form have
an EXTREMELY dangerous attack called BusterLauncher, which if used, will do
over 1,000 damage to the one it hits, thus killing him or her instantly!!
Also, Spriggan will use either IronPole or EnemyFire every four or five 
rounds of fight, both of which hit your entire team, but for no more than 
50-100 damage each, so it's not so bad. When you've beaten all five forms,  
you've beaten Lute's Chapter!!! YAY!!

Now enjoy the short but satisfying ending that you've worked so "hard" 



Riki's quest begins on his home world, Margmel. This once beautiful 
world is dying, and only the power of a magical ring is keeping it alive 
at all... Riki is from a dying race of creatures, he is a Lummox, and 
Margmel's only hope...

---The Guardian Ring - Margmel---
Treasures: RING/Guardian

After the opening scene, Riki will be in the village at Margmel. If 
you'd like, talk to the two little pink lummoxes next to the hill, they 
are the foxy sisters; If you'd like, you can fight them, but it's not 
necessary and you don't get anything for doing so. Now go in the only 
open shell-building. (Is this the city of the ancients from FF7? It sure 
looks like it ^_^.) Inside, talk to the elder, he will show you the ring 
which protects Margmel. Riki will notice an inscription on the ring that 
reads: "Find my brothers and fulfill our wish...". When the elder 
realizes that there are other rings, he sends Riki to Earth to find the 
rest of them. Before going though, he changes Riki into a human-like 
form and gives him the Guardian Ring. The elder opens a warp and transports 
Riki to Scrap.

---The Merchant Ring - Caballero Factory---
Treasures: 400 Credits x2, KukriBlade, SteelAmulet, PowerCure, 

In Scrap, head immediatly to the pub and talk to Mei-ling. Riki will 
tell her about the rings and his quest to save his homeland. Mei-ling 
says that she's also looking for rings and then offers to join you, and 
Riki gladly accepts. (Mei-ling will play a big part in this quest.) Talk 
to T260G and Lute, they will also offer to join you. Talk to Gen, who 
tells you to "beat it!!". After you leave the pub, Gen will walk up and 
forcefully join your team. Mei-ling then tells you that Caballero has a 
ring. Upon leaving, you'll automatically be in Caballero's office. The 
greedy factory owner refuses to give, sell, or even discuss the ring 
unless Mei-ling will go with him. Mei-ling agrees and Caballero and his 
flunkies head to the northern factory with the captive Mei-ling. Now 
you'll be back at the pub. Gen has devised a plan to save your friend. 
He and T260G distract the guards in front of the factory so Riki and 
Lute can sneak in the back and rescue Mei-ling. After a short scene, 
you'll be in the room where Caballero is holding Mei-ling hostage. It 
seems she didn't need any help at all as she's smacking him around. 
After a minute, Caballero will run out. Talk to Mei-ling and she will 
rejoin. Before leaving the room, take the bag for 400 Credits. You'll be 
outside of the factory. Gen and T260G, having taken care of the guards, 
will also rejoin you (not that they ever left though...). Before going 
in, go in the 3 buildings just outside of the factory. The building on 
the right is empty, but the buildings on the left have treasures (400 
Credits and a KukriBlade respectivly). A good idea would be to go to the 
junk shop and pick up a few items. (See the secrets section for a little 
trick here.) Also note that you can't leave town yet as the lady at the 
port is (like on T260G's quest) charging 10,000 credits to board the 
ship!!! When ready, go in the factory. Do this area the same way you did 
in T260G's quest: flip the little orange switches to get rid of the 
goons so you can fight without being hit with EnemyFire during battle. 
The glowing boxes contain treasures (PowerCure, SteelAmulet) so don't 
miss them. When you reach the end, Caballero will run away and sic a 
VulcanII and 3 D-Tractors on you. This battle is no problem, just use 
your attacks (of which you'll have few). If you picked up a LightBazooka 
in the Junk Shop, use it, it'll be very helpful. When beaten, the 
enemies may drop a Bumper. Mei-ling finally gets Caballero to sell her 
the Merchant Ring for 10,000 (er 100) credits.

Now leave town, the lady is only charging 10 credits to leave. 

Treasures: Whatever you decide to take now.

Once in Koorong, Mei-ling will tell Riki where the remaining rings are 

"A guy on a ship had one, but the ship was swallowed by Tanzer"
"One of Shrike's ancient kings had one"
"A billionaire in Yorkland has one"
"There is one for sale in Manhattan, but it's a little expensive"
"There is a man in Despair serving a million year sentence, he has one"
"There is a mystic called Ring Lord in Mosperiberg.

Talk to Mei-ling and choose one - not that is matters, because as soon 
as you try to leave town on the ship, Tanzer swallows it. Thus, you have 
to go after the ring in Tanzer first.

---The Thief Ring - Tanzer---
Treasures: Magi-Water, MissilePod, SanctuaryStone, RING/Thief

Once inside Tanzer, you'll get attacked by a couple of thugs - it's not 
too tough to beat them, they're just normal enemies. After which the 
crime boss, Nomad appears. (You've seen her in Red and Blue's chapters 
before). After some talk, Fei-on shows up and offers to take you to a 
town. Mei-ling, who's obviously Fei-on's wife, becomes furious at Fei-on 
for 'lying to her'. Jeez!! Fei-on said he was going to Kyo for training, 
it's not HIS fault that Tanzer swallowed the ship he was going there 
on...oh well...Mei-ling is a picky one!! Anyway, Mei-ling runs off and 
Riki follows her. After this scene, Mei-ling rejoins. 
Now head south until you reach Fei-on's village. Inside the village, 
rest at the inn if the need be, then talk to Fei-on in one of the He will tell you that Nomad is the one who owns the ring 
you seek. He then will offer to take you there and asks to join you, but 
Mei-ling refuses to let him join the party (the $%#&%), but he will 
still lead the way. Now leave town. Fei-on will call you on the right 
direction, so just keep following him. When Fei-on stops next to what 
would appear to be a door, enter it. Then go down into the next door 
below. Next, proceed up into the other door. Keep going through the 
doors (always the upper ones) until Fei-on calls you again. Walk down 
and jump into the hole next to him. You'll be in a new part of Tanzer. 
Follow the path until you come to a wooden room. There you'll meet Nomad 
again. She speaks briefly to Riki, who makes a comment that Nomad 
doesn't like. Nomad, in her anger, sends 6 of her troops after Riki and 
his team. In the confusion of the following battles, Nomad runs off. 
Defeat the troops and go around and climb the stairs and continue up to 
the door. This area is made up of a long hall filled with monsters, and 
4 doors. The door on the right wall leads to a room where you can pick 
up a treasure (Magi-Water). The door directly above the entrance 
contains a MissilePod. Ignore the upper left room, besides a few 
monsters, it's empty. After you've gotten the treasures, go in the lower 
left door. Nomad will show up, send more troops after you, then run 
away. You have to fight Platyhooks and a Razorback. The Razorback isn't 
very strong, so defeat it first before using your strongest attacks on 
Platyhooks. After you win, Fei-on will appear and join you regardless of 
what Mei-ling says. Now examine the drawers to get a SanctuaryStone. Go 
down the manhole and follow the path down until you reach Nomad, who is 
now being swallowed by Tanzer!! Save her, she has the ring!!!

:::Defeating Tanzer:::

Tanzer is a tough opponent, his AcidBreath does about 100 damage, which 
is more than you can spare now. To make matters worse, there are 3 other 
enemies here that also attack you, and you can't even target them!! I 
hope you added Fei-on to your team, because his CrushBeat attack does 
almost 800 damage!! If Tanzer uses Illstorm to poison you, just ignore 
it. Give Gen the backpack and have him use Cures on the party as needed. 
Tanzer is hard, so good luck. He seems to have about 8,000 HP and when 
you beat him, you'll get the Thief Ring. Congratulations, you've gotten 
your third ring!!

Tanzer is starting to die now, so if you don't all get out quickly, you 
will too!!! After gathering all the villagers together, Fei-on runs back 
to see if there is anyone he missed. Wait a few minutes or try to enter 
the ship a couple of times. Eventually, Fei-on will show up and you'll 

You can get the rest of the rings in any order, but I'll explain them 
this way.

---Gathering Team Members---

After beating Tanzer, you can freely use the ports again. I was wrong about 
Riki being unable to go on magic quests. Feel free to do them if you want. 
Here's the lowdown on Riki's potential team:

Cotton: Bio Lab in Shrike
Thunder: In Yorkland next to the windmill, need Lute on your team.
EngineerCar: Nakajima Robotics, need a mec on your team.
Annie: Choose to get the ring in Despair and tell the girl you trust her
Emelia: Baccarat, Need to be collecting Arcane Cards
Fuse: IRPO, Need to be collecting Arcane Cards
Dr. Nusakan: Joins you after visiting the sick girl in Yorkland
Mesarthim: The basement of Lord Manor, need Dr. N on your team 
Sei: (See Below)
Suzaku: Mosperiburg Mountain (See Team Member List)
Kylin: (See Team Member List)

Mei-ling, Gen, Lute and T260G automatically join you from the beginning 
and Fei-on automatically joins you in Tanzer.

When ready, you can go on any of the ring quests.

---The Fighter Ring - Sei's Tomb---
Treasures: Magatama, Murakumo, Mizukagami, RING/Fighter

Now would be a good time to enter Sei's Tomb in Shrike and get the ring 
therein. Talk to the kid who looks like a little Alkaiser...he's in the 
playground by the street where the inn is - he'll show you where Sei's 
Tomb is. From the entrance, head down then right. You'll be in a room 
with 3 alters, just ignore them and keep going until you come to a big 
wide open room with many doors and openings in it. Enter the southern 
most passageway. Once there, go in the upper room. Here, examine the 
wall at the back of the room that looks like it has a little '9' (or a 
Yin-Yang symbol) carved in the wall. You'll have to fight some enemies 
(just normal ones). When you win, you'll get the Magatama. Go back to 
the big room and you'll notice 3 glowing spots on the floor; these are 
holes. Jump in the hole in the upper left corner of the room and you'll 
drop onto a platform with a sword on it. Try to take the sword and 
you'll be attacked; defeat the attackers and you'll get the Murakumo. 
Once again, go back to the big room, and this time, go up to the area 
with the skeletons and examine the glowing spot on the wall. The bone 
heads will get up and attack you. When you beat them, you get the 
Mizukagami, a very useful shield. Now backtrack to the room with the 3 
glowing alters and put the items you just found on these alters. A door 
will open on the wall above. Inside, examine the casket and the Death 
Lord, Sei, will come out and mistake you for grave robbers (Tomb Raiders 
actually...^_^) and refuses to give you the ring. Riki explains how he 
needs the ring to save his home. Sei reconsiders and gives you the ring, 
also, before leaving, he joins you. 

Note: In other chapters, you can opt to do this as well, but you'll have 
to fight Sei in order to get him to cooperate with you. When you beat 
him, you can either ask him to give you something, in which he will give 
you his sword, the VERY powerful Kusanagi, or you can have him join your 
party. Of course, you could just opt to get the Murakumo, Magatama, and 
Mizukagami and just leave, they are all good items anyway. 

---The Hero Ring - Baccarat---
Treasures: RING/Hero

After collecting 4 rings, Mei-ling will tell you about a wealthy man 
from Scrap who is offering to sell them his ring. The man is staying at 
Baccarat, so thats exactly where you go next. 

It's pretty vague from here, so I'll say exactly what to do. Go down to 
the hotel section of Baccarat and enter "Room 2001". (If you took the 
stairs down, it's the first door you come to.) The man will tell you 
about why he wants to sell the ring and then goes to get it from the 
safe. But the ring is gone!!! A quick look reveals that a mouse is the 
culprit, but the little bugger runs off!! CATCH THAT MOUSE!!!!! 
Actually, it's pretty easy, just keep following it (this part is funny) 
until it jumps on the crystal chandelier. The elegant crystal then falls 
through the entire building until it finally crashes through to the 
parking lot. You'll see that the manhole is opened, go down there and 
keep chasing the mouse until it runs in a corner. When it's cought, 
you'll get the Hero Ring.

---The Healer Ring - Yorkland---
Treasures: 500 Credits x??, RING/Healer

Now go to Yorkland. If you've been here before, you may have heard about 
the billionaire having run away from town, and you may have seen an 
empty house where he once lived. Now this info finally comes into play. 
Go to the billionaire's house and you'll find out that his daughter is 
gravely ill, but no one knows what's wrong with her. The billionaire is 
offering a large reward for the person who saves the life of his 
daughter, so you might as well take a look. Upon entering the girl's 
bedroom, you'll learn that she is possessed by a demon called Mollasite. 
Mollasite, who obviously has no intentions of letting go of this girl, 
attacks your team. This battle is a no-brainer, just keep attacking 
until he runs away. Something must be done to defeat this demon, or the 
little girl will die!! The only thing keeping her alive is the ring that 
she owns. Mei-ling will inform you of a doctor in Koorong who's good 
with this sort of thing; you'll automatically be sent to Koorong. Go 
down to the backstreet in the lower section of town (the one with the 3 
birds flying around) and enter the door at the very back of this small 
alley. Once inside, talk to the man who's sitting there. The door will 
open and you'll be in the back room with Dr. Nusakan. Mei-ling explains 
the situation and Dr. N agrees to help. Return to Yorkland and talk to 
the billionaire; you'll go back up to his daughters room and fight 
Mollasite again. Dr. N explains what to do in order to defeat this 
strange appirition.

:::Defeating Mollasite:::

As Dr. Nusakan says, if you inflict too much damage too quickly, 
Mollasite will run away. So either use weak attacks (or just defend) 
until he destroys the bed. After that, just attack him in full force - 
he's VERY easy.

After beating that spectral pest, the billionaire's daughter is healed. 
As a way of thanks, she gives you the Healer Ring. Also for an added 
bonus, talk to her father a couple of times; each time you talk to him, 
he'll give you 500 Credits, you can do this anywhere from 1-3 times each 
time you visit him (when he says "please no more", just leave and come 
back, he'll give you more). Repeat this (until he runs away) to make a 

---The Schemer Ring - Lord Manor---
Treasures: MaxCure x3, RubberSuit, GhostCannon, KrisKnife, 
SanctuaryStone, Magi-Water, RottenMeat, JetBoots, LeatherBoots, 
PearlHeart, JackalSword, ArmorGlove, ShellBracer, SeaStone, RubberShoes,

First, go to the shopping mall at Manhattan and attempt to buy the ring 
that's for sale there. The lady will tell you that the lord in Owmi bought
it. So, let's go talk to this guy. Head for Owmi and enter Lord Manor, the 
lord will step out. (This is a different 'lord' from the one in Asellus's 
quest...) When you tell him how you're collecting rings and how you need 
his, he opens a trap door and dumps you down to his basement. Climb back up 
to the surface - this place is easy. There are tons of treasures lying 
around here and there, collect them all, and be sure not to miss the 
JackalSword in the big room on the pink platform behind the wall. When you 
reach the room with the squid, don't fight it yet, instead, go into the door
on the left side of the room and approach the pool of water. Mesarthim the 
mermaid will swim up and (assuming you have Dr. Nusakan on your team) will 
either offer to join you or give you something. If you choose to have her 
join you, she will. And if you choose to have her give you something, you'll
get the SeaStone, a +3 def. accessory that also protects against water 
attacks. Go back and fight the squid, he should be quite easy. Continue up 
until you're back in the house. Loot the attic and basement rooms for more 
treasure if you'd like (and there's no real reason not too either). Then go
up into the big bedroom and talk to the lord. He is quite surprised that you
beat the giant squid and pleads with you to spare him. When Riki agrees, 
lord turns into a mystic and flys off dropping the ring.

---The Hermit Ring - Despair---
Treasures: LightBazooka, ShellShield, RING/Hermit

To get into the prison, Despair, simply talk to Mei-ling in Koorong and tell
her you'd like to go after the ring there. Liza will walk up and 
(convienently) overhear you and suggest that you talk to Annie about 
sneaking in. If you accept, you'll be in Despair and Annie will have joined 
you (she'll also lead the way). If you decline, you'll be in Despair anyway,
but without Annie to guide you.

Once you arrive in Despair, just keep following Annie (if she's with you),
she'll lead you directly to the ring - this couldn't be easier. It's the 
same way you would come to get the Freedom Rune, except that instead of 
jumping down to the extreme lower door, jump down once, climb the ladder, 
and enter the green door that has a clock above it. (If you've been this 
way before, the door was always "locked up tight".) Once in the room, you'll
find the prisoner who has the million year prison sentence here -- the 
warden himself!! After a bit of talk, he gives you the ring. (Note: the 
other 2 treasures can be found in the same places as you may have found 
them in another chapter.)

---The Lord Ring - Mosperiburg---
Treasures: {Prize}, 400 Credits x2, VirgilKey x8, RING/Lord

Now...Mosperiburg...home of the Ring Lord himself...this is it... Relax, 
it's not as hard as it's made out to be. When you arrive at this strange 
castle, head up to the throne room and talk to the man there (as hard as 
it is to believe, that IS a man!!) He is Virgil, the Ring Lord. He says 
that it's been a while since he's had a challenger for the ring, but he 
says he won't give the ring to any wimps. So Virgil tells Riki that if he 
collects 8 keys around the mansion, he'll be willing to listen. Now go to 
the 8 doors around these halls of horror. (You may have seen doors 
that "wouldn't budge" earlier, they are all now open.) I can't remember 
exactly which obstacle occurs in which room, so I'll just name the 

Note: If a door still "won't budge", it means you're missing a ring. You 
need all 8 rings to open the 8 doors.

---Challenge 1 - The Game Show---

When you get to a room that's playing the casino music, be prepared. You 
have to play a game of Hi/Low; this is done by comparing the price of 
one item with the next. If you think the second item costs more that the 
first, choose "HI", If you think the first item costs more than the 
second, choose "LOW". If you get one wrong, you'll have to play a 
'penalty game', which is a battle (an easy battle), but your entire team 
is turned into Rockies (those little squirrel-mole thingies). Win this 
Hi/Low game 8 times (doesn't have to be in a row) and you'll get the 
first key (called a VirgilKey) and a bonus prize, which is the last item 
you bet on.

---Challenge 2 - Magma Slimes---

This room is a simple staircase decending to an alter. Climb down to the 
alter and some orange slimes will attack you, they are the dreaded Magma 

:::Defeating the Magma Slimes:::

These slimes only have one attack: MagmaTouch. This skill of theirs is 
DANGEROUS, however, because it drains LP. The only good thing is that 
MagmaTouch *CAN* be blocked with Deflect, Kasumi, or shields. There are 
30 of these slimes, each fought in a group of 5. Use attacks like 
GaleSlash or Haze-to-Wheel, use them to eliminate all of them at once. 
Do this a few times and you'll have this battle wrapped up... then you'll 
get the next key.

---Challenge 3 - The Mystic Spikes---

This room is filled with spikes and the only way to get through it 
safely is to follow the mystic girl around the room. If you mess up, 
you'll have to fight a battle. The girl will occationally walk onto one 
of the two platforms that hold bags containing 400 credits each. When 
you finally make it to the little red gleam of light, press O and you'll 
get the key and be warped out of this room.

---Challenge 4 - Bugs 'n' switches---

There are 4 enemies running around this room, and 4 switches. Pressing 
any of the switches causes a bug to pop out and roll across the screen 
and fall off the other side; if these bugs hit a monster, they will push it
off the screen, thus getting rid of it. However, if you miss (or just don't
feel like doing it) you can still get the key simply by defeating all 4 
monsters, they're just normal enemies.

---Challenge 5 - The "Tournament"---

This is some sort of winner-takes-all tournament, it's really easy, 
however. First you fight a battle with a MecDobby100 and 4 MecDobbys, 
then a battle with 4 Manticores. It's SOOO Easy!! After um...winning, 
you'll get another key.

---Challenge 6 - Pac-Man returns---

This is an old Pac-Man type of puzzle. Collect the money bags around the 
room while avoiding the slimes. When all the bags have been collected, 
grab the treasure chest that falls down to get the next key.

---Challenge 7 - Grave Mistake---

Now you're in a cemetary. Go touch all of the tombstones until one of 
them contains the key. If you touch any others, they'll release watch out.

---Challenge 8 - More fun than a barrel of Monkeys---

This room has (I think) 8 barrels in it. Just keep opening all the 
barrels until you find the one with the key inside. All the others 
contain monsters. 

Now that you have all 8 keys, go back to the throne room and Virgil will 
now fight you.

:::Defeating Virgil:::

Now let me start by saying this: VIRGIL CAN NOT BE HARMED IN ANY WAY!!
If you paid attention to what Virgil says at the start of the battle 
("Show me your best combos") you should be able to figure this battle 
out rather easily. But since either people are playing the Japanese 
version, or just not paying attention to what's on the screen, many 
people miss this. Defeating Virgil is simple, just use combos on him, 
when you do, you'll score points. This is how it works:

Lv 2 Combo: 0 Points
Lv 3 Combo: 2 Points
Lv 4 Combo: 3 Points
Lv 5 Combo: 5 Points

Score 10 total points to win. The easiest way I've found to do this is 
just to choose your attacks at random, and try different attacks too. I 
thought this battle was fun, but some people think it's really hard...

After beating Virgil, you'll get the Lord Ring. 

---Margmel Revisited---
Treasures: None

Now that you have all of the rings, Riki returns to Margmel. Save if you 
want to, then go talk to the elder. The elder tells Riki to use the 
powers of the ring to revive Margmel. Riki takes the rings up to a hill 
and shouts "Margmel BE REBORN!!" (words he'll soon regret). You'll now 
see a scene of Margmel in it's former beauty. Go back to the town and 
save again. When you get back, Riki sees that all his people are 
dissappearing!! Mei-ling tells Riki that since he wished for Margmel to 
be reborn, that is exactly what is happening, Margmel is being reborn. 
And since none of Riki's clan were there when the land was first born, 
they're all fading away!!! Mei-ling has become obsessed with the rings 
power and uses the power of her 'black ring' to become a hideous demon 
and attacks Riki and his friends - she is the MasterRing!!!

:::Defeating MasterRing:::

MasterRing is HARD!!! She has an EXTREMELY dangerous attack called 
Oscillation, of which you've probably already had the pleasure of being 
killed by before. To make matters worse, she is accompanied by the 9 
ring monsters (4-5 at a time). I would advise you NOT to kill them all, 
as MasterRing will start to use an attack called 'Revolution9' to not 
only increase her defense, but it also counters HARD when you hit her!!! 
MasterRing and her monsters will also give alot of dangerous status 
ailments like Charm and Mess. Just avoid this whole mess by using the 
Hero Ring at the start of the battle (it prevents abnormal status). Just 
focus on MasterRing until she runs away and leaves you with 5 ring 
monsters, kill as many as possible and then the master will show up 
again. Just keep attacking her until she turns back into Mei-ling. 
MasterRing has about 40-50,000 HP. 

Now, sit back and enjoy the ending...I liked this one...


 3. Other Stuff

---Bio Research Lab---
Treasures: DragonShield

The Bio Research Lab in Shrike is definatly the best place to build up! The
enemies are always strong, and some of them can leave some GREAT items 
behind. If your HP is high enough, you'll meet the following enemies that
sometimes yield some nice prizes (also listed):

CrystalTree - Drops various Harmonium items (Armor, Bangle, Earring)
Dullahan - DurahanShield (BEST Shield) and PlutoArmor (Def 35 Armor)
Chimera - BehemothRifle (Strong, but has a low hit rate)
Zyphon - WindShell (Raises Stats) or WonderBangle (Buyable, but expensive)
SnowFolk - SleetCoin (Stops Ice Attacks (?) )
Darkfairy (Appears with Zyphon) - SilverMoon (You WANT this!!!)
Flamefolk (Also appears w/Zyphon) - PowerBelt (Raises strength a LOT!!)
BlackDragon (Appears with the Chimera) - DragonShield
among others.

Besides building up and winning nice prizes, there are really only 2 reasons
to even come here at all: getting Cotton on your team, and beating the
EarthDragon. Getting Cotton is a simple proceedure which is explained in 
Red's walkthrough, but the EarthDragon is a different's how to
find it. From the entrance, go around and climb the steps. Ignore the door
to the right and go up below the tree and enter the door. In this library 
room, defeat the guard if you'd like, and then read the books for some info
on various races. Now touch the lone bookshelf to open a secret passage.
Climb down the ladder and go through the door. In this hallway, head down 
through the door (or up if you want to get Cotton). You'll be in a basement
room with some horrid looking plants. Go left and around the big building;
enter it, climb up the ladder, and touch the computer. (You can choose to 
ignore the people here -- they're just more monsters.) This will shut the 
lock off of a door. Now go back to the steps (but don't climb up) and go 
right. If you came this way before you shut off the lock, the door leading 
into the little room here will be locked, but since you shut the lock off, 
the door is now opened. I recommed saving now, because when you talk to the 
lady, she will turn into the EarthDragon, a VERY powerful enemy!!

:::Defeating the EarthDragon:::

This is no easy task! The dragon has some pretty strong attacks; IronBall 
being the worst, as the dragon uses it over and over again. His other 
attacks, GasFlame, Grasp (or something like that) and Trample aren't really
so bad, but I recommend healing every so often just in case he uses 
IronBall. He also uses Quake from time to time, just avoid this by wearing
JetBoots and AngelArmor. For attacks to use against the EarthDragon, I 
suggest non-blockable attacks like NoMoment, LifeSprinkler, ReverseGravity,
etc. as the dragon has a powerful shield. Also note that DSC has no effect
here, so just skip it for now. If you're using Red, try to turn into 
Alkaiser and use Al-Phoenix. T260G should use V-Max followed by CosmicRave.
Blue should use the OverDrive + ShadowServant + Tower + StasisRune trick, 
and Riki, Emelia, Lute and Asellus should just use the attacks I listed 
above. Since the EarthDragon is so slow, you might want to consider using
TimeLeap to stop some of it's attacks. ( have it...right?)
The EarthDragon seems to have somewhere around 50,000 HP, and since
it can easily block attacks, this may prove to be a long, hard fight. If 
you're *REALLY* lucky, the EarthDragon may drop a HyperionBazooka or a 
SprigganSuit, some VERY powerful equipment. 

Whatever the case, after beating the EarthDragon, go behind the platform 
where he/she was standing and claim yourself a powerful DragonShield.

Now that you've beat the dragon, congratulations, you've beaten the 
all-powerful optional boss that every game seems to have one of.

---Furdo's Workspace---
Treasures: GlowRobe, PearlHeart, UnicornTear

:::Defeating Furdo:::

---Sei's Tomb - In depth---
Treasures: Murakumo, Magataka, Mizukagami, Kusanagi

A good place to pick up some treasures is Sei's Tomb, located in the 
northeast corner of Shrike. If you've played Red or Riki's quests, you 
should know how to get in. Follow Riki's walkthrough to collect the 3 
treasures. (All the other rooms are dead ends.) Now place the Murakumo, 
Magatama and Mizukagami on the 3 glowing alters. A secret passage leading
to Sei's chamber will appear. Enter it and examine the coffin, Sei will get
up and attack you.

:::Defeating Sei:::
(Method submitted [email protected])

The trick to beating King Sei is using only unarmed techs. He is VERY weak 
against them; TriangleKick does something like 1000 points of damage and 
it's one of the weaker ones. If you stay away from Swordtechs, you 
should be able to make short work of him. The other trick is NOT to kill 
all four of his skeletons when he first appears, as then he will start 
using MinionStrike, which does serious damage to all your characters. As 
with the EarthDragon, use unblockable attacks on Sei, because he too has a
shield. Sei only has about 15,000 HP, so just keep attacking him and you've
basically got this battle won.

When you beat Sei, he'll offer to either join you or give you something. If
you ask him to join you, he will proceed to do so - he's a powerful ally who
can use all the moves he used while you fought him...only now they're on 
your side!!! If you opt to have him give you something, you'll get the 
Kusanagi. Although this sword is very powerful, it costs a bit of WP to use;
remedy this problem with the DoubleSlash trick. (See Below)
If you'd like, you can just get the Murakumo, Magatama, and Mizukagami and 
just leave without meeting Sei, these are all good items as well. Although
the Murakumo is a pretty lousy sword, the Mizukagami is probably the third
best shield in the game. And the Magatama, if used in battle, casts 
SacredSong, a powerful holy elemental attack.

Whatever you choose here, you always come out a winner!!!

---Berva Base - In depth---
Treasures: Bolt Thrower, SecretBoard, RottenMeat, 500 credits

(These weren't made by me, I claim no credit for them)

---Free Items in the Junk Shop---

Although The Junk Shop in Scrap has some nice items, the price for getting
these is FAR too high, and you usually get Junk, BrokenBumper, or RepairKits
instead. However, there IS a way to rig this otherwise worthless shop. 
Simply pay your way to get in (Usually 600 Credits) and pick out the 3 
items. Now go talk to the lizards and choose to sell a HyperionBazooka.
(even though you don't have one.) Now go back aand search the boxes, you'll
get to pick 7 items now...FOR FREE!!! Of course, you can choose to "sell" 
any of the items there and also get free items, but you'll get one less free
item for anything above the HyperionBazooka on the sell list. (i.e. The
LightRifle will get you 6 items, HG-Cannon will get you 5, etc.) Anyway,  
after picking up the free items, go back and try to sell another Hyperion
Bazooka, you'll get ANOTHER 7 free items!! You can repeat this as often as
you want to get some nice items. Although when you first start, you usually
get rather lame items (KukriBlade, CombatSuit, etc.), or RepairKits. Sell
the RepairKits after you get about 20 of them, and the items will improve.
After a while, the boxes will only contain one item, but it's usually a 
powerful, expensive, or rare item. The list below shows all that you can

(The boxes are lined up like this)

1  2
   3   4

5     6

1. "Junk Weapon"  2. "Junk Gun"  3. "Junk Gun"     4. "Junk Armor"
Knife             AGUNI-SSP      WaterCannon       Leather Glove
BroadSword        AGUNI-CP1      BeamCannon        ShellBracer
KukriBlade        EasyRifle      SonicCannon       ArmorGlove
LaserKnife        SniperRifle    LightBazooka      CyberGlove
SamuraiSword      TroopRifle     LightVulcan       Buckler
CeramicSword      EagleGun       LaserCarbine      ShellShield
TwinSword         AGUNI-MBX      LightningCannon   ExcelShield
Osc-Sword         LethalGun      Thunderbolt

5. "Junk Armor"  6. "Junk Armor"
FiberVest        JunkHelm
HardLeather      FiberHood
ArmorVest        LaserScope
CombatSuit       MirrorGlass
ElectroArmor     LeatherBoots
JumpSuit         RubberShoes 
WarLordArmor     JetBoots
CyberSuit        FeatherBoots

After all the best items start coming in, collect 99 Osc-Swords and you can
sell them at Shrike for well over 10,000 credits!!! Also, it might pay to
outfit your team with CyberGloves, JetBoots, ExcelShields, and WarLordArmor
or CyberSuits.

---The GoldIngot Trick---

I believe this trick is called "Takonomics". It's basically a quick and easy
way to make over 50,000 Credits!! To start, I suggest you have at least 
10,000 credits (you can get that much by using the trick above). Start the 
trick by going to Nelson and buying as many GoldIngots as you can afford.
Now go back to Koorong and sell the gold until the price for it drops down 
to zero. Now with your extra money, go back to Nelson and buy more Gold
Ingots and sell them again. Although the price for selling the gold is still
at 0, simply press down on the controller until the shop says you have 0
GoldIngots left, but DON'T SELL THEM!!! Instead, pust up on the controller
and you'll see that the price for the gold is starting to rise!!! Keep 
rising the gold up until you end up with the original number you had. Now 
lower and sell all your gold. You should end up with more money than you 
started with. Repeat this until you get 99 GoldIngots. Repeat the trick as 
above, but when the price for gold maxes out, only sell 52 GoldIngots; 
you'll have well over 50,000 Credits!!!

(Yes, I know this may not have made much sense. I wrote it in a hurry and
would gladly appreciate a simplification of this trick.)

---Mec DSC?---
(Thanks to SeanFF7007)

Ok, so Mec's can't REALLY get DSC, but there is a way to make an attack that
is almost as good!! First get Shoot-All (preferably in T260G's quest) Two 
HyperionBazookas, any number of HEAT Bazookas, any number of HyperBlasters 
and added weapons (i.e. Rabbit's LaserCannon). Now use Shoot-All -- you have 
one killer combo there!!

---The Abyss Bat---

This rare and elusive monster will prove to be quite a challenge. He (it?)
appears in the north-western ruin; the Ancient ship T260G needs to 
explore. Enter the ship and go up through the vine covered door. In the next 
room, if you don't see any monsters, walk up and a giant shadow will appear
on the ceiling, turn into a giant bat, and attack you -- this is the Abyss
Bat. The Abyss bat can do a LOT of damage. It's attacks include: Tornado,
MagneticStorm, and a deadly combo containing DeathTouch, FireKiss, and Life
Steal!! This is a TOUGH enemy. It has around 50,000 HP, and actually, you
probably won't have any trouble killing this pest if you're strong enough. 
There is no real reason to find and kill this denizen of the darkness except
for the fact that it may leave a LightRifle behind after beating it. I don't
know what causes the Abyss bat to appear. I was playing as Blue when I first
encountered it, and have never seen it with any other character. If anyone
else has any info on this most interesting enemy, PLEASE mail me and let me

---2nd Div.---

This is the legendary "programmers room". Actually, it's not as hidden as
you might first think. Simply beat all 7 quests using the system data
(doesn't matter if you started over). After beating the last quest, you'll
arrive here with the team you were currently using. There's quite a bit to
do here: Fight any of the 7 final bosses, plus two new ones. Listen to ANY
of the game's music (even unused ones!!), and hear sound effects. You can 
also talk to (and even FIGHT) some of the programmers!!

===Boss's HP===
(submitted by [email protected])
These HP totals may not be exact due to rounding, but you should get the 
general idea.

(This list is still under construction)


| Name           | Where Found              | HP Total |
| Shuzer (1)     | (Opening Scene)          | N/A      |
| Platyhooks     | Cygnus                   | 3,500    |
| Goblin         | Shingrow Palace          | ???      |
| Cyclops        | Koorong/Shuzer Base      | ???      | 
| Shuzer (2)     | Koorong/Shuzer Base      | ???      |
| Shuzer (3)     | Shuzer Airfield          | 5,000    |
| MBlack         | Kyo/Metal Black Base     | ???      |
| Blackgarb      | Manhattan/CTC Building   | ???      |  
| Arachne (1)    | Manhattan/CTC Building   | ???      |
| Berva (1)      | Shingrow/Northwest Ruins | 33,000   |
| Berva (2)      | Shingrow Palace          | 45,000   |
| MBlackII       | Black Ray                | 45,000   |
| BlackX         | BlackX Base              | 45,000   |
| Berva (3)      | BlackX Base              | 40,000   |
| Shuzer (4)     | BlackX Base              | 55,000   |
| Arachne (2)    | BlackX Base              | 55,000   |
| MBlackIII      | BlackX Base              | 120,000  |
| BossX          | BlackX Base              | 150,000  | 


| Name           | Where Found              | HP Total |
| Kylin          | Kylin's Paradise         | 11,000 ? |
| TimeLord       | TimeLord's Region        | 20,000 ? |
| Rouge          | Battlefield              | ???*     | 
| DragonLord     | Hell                     | ???      |
| Hell'sLord     | Hell                     | 90,000   |
*Rouge has the exact same HP as Blue does.


| Name           | Where Found              | HP Total |
| FireSage       | Shrike                   | 5,000 ?  |
| WaterSage      | (Refer to the walkthru)  | 7,000 ?  |
| GreenSage      | (Refer to the walkthru)  | 10,000 ? |
| LionPrincess(1)| (Refer to the walkthru)  | 20,000   |
| HunterKnight   | (Refer to the walkthru)  | 30,000   |
| Giant          | Facinaturu               | ???      |
| Griffin        | Facinaturu               | 35,000   |
| BatKnight      | Facinaturu               | 40,000   |
| LionPrincess(2)| Facinaturu               | 28,000   |
| BlackKnight    | Facinaturu               | ???      |
| Orlouge        | Facinaturu               | 75,000   |


| Name           | Where Found              | HP Total |
| Vulcan         | Junk/Combat Arena        | ???      |
| SirDemon       | Junk/Crater              | ???      |
| D-Tractor      | Scrap/Caballero Factory  | 250      |
| VulcanII       | Scrap/Caballero Factory  | 400      |
| BigDigger      | Tartaros                 | ???      |
| MecGod         | RB3                      | ???      |
| GenocideHeart  | RB3                      | 100,000  |


| Name           | Where Found              | HP Total |
| Nidheg (Jr)    | Despair                  | ???      |
| Goblin         | Shingrow Palace          | ???      |
| Gargantu       | Baccarat/Gnome Cave      | ???      |
| Tomahawk (?)   | Yorkland Mountain        | 3,000    |
| Diva           | Yorkland Mountain        | 100,000  |


| Name           | Where Found              | HP Total |
| Spriggan (1)   | Mondo Base               | 20,000   |
| Spriggan (2)   | Mondo Base               | 20,000   |
| Spriggan (3)   | Mondo Base               | 20,000   |
| Spriggan (4)   | Mondo Base               | 30,000   |
| Spriggan (5)   | Mondo Base               | 30,000   |


| Name           | Where Found              | HP Total |
| D-Tractor      | Scrap/Caballero Factory  | 250      |
| VulcanII       | Scrap/Caballero Factory  | 400      |
| Platyhooks     | Tanzer                   | 3,500    |
| Tanzer         | Tanzer                   | 9,500    |
| Mollasite      | Yorkland                 | 6,000    |
| MagmaSlime     | Mosperiberg              | 2,500    |
| Virgil         | Mosperiberg              | N/A      |
| MasterRing (1) | Margmel                  | ???      |


| Name           | Where Found              | HP Total |
| Ghost          | Wakatu                   | 5,000    |
| Kraken         | Yorkland Swamp           | 12,000   |
| BlackDragon    | Mosperiberg Mountain     | 30,000   |
| RedDragon      | Mosperiberg Mountain     | 4,000    |
| Furdo          | Magic Kingdom            | 30,000   |
| DevilSquid     | Owmi/Lord Manor          | 9,000    |
| DeathLord (Sei)| Shrike/Sei's Tomb        | 15,000   |
| EarthDragon    | Shrike/Bio Research Lab  | 60,000   |
| Skulldrake     | Shrike/Mu's Tomb         | 16,000   |
| Nidheg         | Despair                  | 23,000   |
| QuakeWorm      | Koorong/Natural Cave     | 13,000   |
| HugeSlime      | Tanzer                   | 3,000    |
| Suzaku         | Mosperiberg Mountain     | 24,000   |
| Jotnar         | Mosperiberg Mountain     | ???      |

Programmers Room

| Name           | Where Found              | HP Total |
| MasterRing (2) | Throne Room              | ???      |
| MegaTitan      | Combat Arena             | ???      |

===The RegionMap===
These is a complete list of all the places you can travel to using the 
RegionMap. I'm making this merely to prove that there are 6 spaces that 
simply CAN'T be filled. (If a box says "Blank", it means there is a space
there that can't be filled. If there's nothing in the box, it means there 
isn't anything there.)

| 1st Slot      | 2nd Slot      | 3rd Slot      | 4th Slot      |
| Manhattan     |               |               |               |     
| Devin         | Yorkland      | Koorong       | Wakatu        |     
| Facinaturu    | Magic Kingdom | **BLANK**     | Owmi          |     
| Nelson        | **BLANK**     |               |               |     
| **BLANK**     | Scrap         | **BLANK**     |               |     
| **BLANK**     |               |               |               |     
| Kyo           | IRPO          | **BLANK**     | Mosperiburg   |     
| Luminous      | Shingrow      | Baccarat      | Shrike        |     

I've heard that you can somehow fill the blank spots using GameShark, but I 
haven't tried it. There is NO way to fill the 6 "Blank" spots otherwise.

===Some trivial, but interesting facts about SaGa Frontier===
Hey, this isn't anything important, but I found these little tidbits quite

At the beginning of Red's Chapter, when Red and his dad are driving 
down the street, no other cars pass by unless either of them says something.

Mesarthim can wear boots, regardless of the fact that she doesn't have feet!

All the Zodiac Signs are carved on the floor of TimeLord's Region (even
Serpentarius!!) And if you touch a monster that's sitting on one, you'll 
fight a battle with a Zodiacly (Not a real word) correct monster! Like if 
you try to fight the monster on the "Scorpio" sign, you'll fight a group of 

Dr. Nusakan strongly resembles Hojo from FF7. Likewise, Asellus is just like
Terra from FF3/6!!

The various BlackX soldiers appear to be some reference (or insult) to the 
Power Rangers. They all share the same color outfits.
(Square did something like this before, in Super Mario RPG.)

MBlackIII looks just like Alkaiser (Actually, it's impossible not to have 
noticed this!!)

Blue is on the Cygnus during the pirate attack, but he won't join...

There is a manhole in the Koorong sewer that you can never open...
In addition, there is a trap door in at the bottom of the steps leading to
the basement of Lord Manor in Owmi that is never, in any way, used.

There is a cave in Facinaturu, where you end up if you're teleported there 
by Virgil.  If you go inside, there's a voice that says it's the protector 
of Facinaturu... it's probably something that was cut from Asellus's 
scenario, or something.

Blue and Red were also in Treasure Hunter G, an RPG released only in Japan. 
Red looks similar, but Blue looks totally different.

There were only 2 names that were completely changed from the Japanese 
version of this game. (Something of a rarity.) Kowloon became Koorong, and
Coon became Riki. (Personally, I like Koorong and Riki better anyway.)
There were a few other more subtle changes, like how Zozmo became Zozma, and
Duvan became Devin.

If you push the Select button on the subscreen, you can see your character's
names. If you have Dr. Nusakan or Capt. Hamilton on your team, letters will
be cut off of their names, making them "Dr. Nusaka" and "Capt. Hamilt". 

This isn't exactly in SaGa Frontier, but Emelia makes a guest appearance in
Breath of Fire 3. She's the lady in the purple bunnysuit selling tickets 
outside the arena. Well, it's not REALLY Emelia, but it certainly LOOKS like
her. (When she's dressed as "Bunny Emelia")

Try doing the following things:

Talk to the bald guy on the street in Shrike with Fei-on in your team.
Talk to the kids in the playground in Shrike with Red or Riki as the hero.
Get Cotton on your team with Fuse and/or Doll on your team. 
Meet Captain Hamilton and travel to Mondo's base with Gen in your party.
Visit Princess Rei's Bedroom in Chateau Aiguille with Rei in your team.
Visit Lute's House with Lute in the team.
Talk to the Nakajima Foreman in the Scrap Pub with Asellus as the hero.
Talk to the bunnylady who mentions the gnome with Emelia as the hero.
Talk to the skeleton in Koorong with Gen on your team.
Travel to Tanzer and meet Nomad with Red as the hero.
Talk to all the wine brewers in Yorkland during the Arcane Quest with Red.
Talk to Mesarthim with different mystics on the team.

These things do nothing to alter the game, they are merely some added 
messages or cutscenes; try them for fun and see what happens. 

 4. Various Tips/Tricks from other SF Players
This is a section that...well...basically is for secrets that aren't so 
secret. Obvious little tricks that are easily overlooked. Most of them were
submitted by other SaGa Frontier players and they will be credited for them.

Giant Trick - Submitted by [email protected]

The giant in the back hill of Chateau Aiguille can be used to build up with.
Once you beat it, instead of opening the skylight, go back in the crystal
room and heal up. Now go back to the window and the giant will be back!!
Since the giant is a powerful enemy, you can easily learn powerful attacks 
from fighting him. In addition, you can also win PowerBelts and Obsidian 
(swords) from them too!!!!

The DoubleSlash Trick - Also Submitted by [email protected]

The problem with most of the very powerful swords in the game (Kusanagi, 
Asura, etc.) is that it costs WP just to make a basic attack. There's an 
easy way to get around this and do more than normal damage at the same time! 
Teach the character with the sword the basic DoubleSlash ability and then 
equip them with six physical techs - DoubleSlash, which does more damage 
than a basic attack, now costs 0 WP! This way, you get 120% of the attack 
power of the sword at no cost whatsoever!

Regaining your WP - Submitted by [email protected]

You can regain all your WP while on a quest without having to use a 
SanctuaryStone or visiting a hotel, base etc.  Simply move the team member 
who is low or out of WP to another column and replace him with another 
character.  Then after two or three fights check the stats of the original
character.  They will have regained all or most of their WP.  Then you can 
change them back again. If it is your Hero who is low or out of WP then you
have to use either Team 2 or 3 for a few fights and then change your team 
back and everyone will have full WP. 

Alternate Hell's Lord Strategy - Submitted by [email protected]

Here's an easy way to beat Hell's Lord. Have Blue equip the following
spells. StasisRune, ShadowServant, MegaWindblast, VaporBlast, Sacrifice, 
OverDrive and Reviva. At the first round of combat have Blue cast OverDrive. 
Then cast these spells in the following order: ShadowServant, MegaWindblast,
MegaWindblast, MegaWindblast, MegaWindblast, MegaWindblast, MegaWindblast, 
and then StasisRune. Hell's Lord will then be frozen and so will Blue. Have 
someone give Blue a SnakeOil. From then on Blue will have eight consecutive 
turns every round and everyone else will still be able to move. If the party
gets hit hard have Blue use Sacrifice, and if Blue runs out of JP, you'll be
able to use VaporBlast as a replacement. With this advice, who needs the 
almighty DSC.

Cool Weapons - Also submitted by [email protected]

Most players have never got some of the best swords and armor in the game
just because they don't know where they are. For instance, most people
don't know about the ZeroSword, an awesome sword purchased in the shop in
Nelson for a pretty cheap price if you did the unlimited credit trick. It
also sells the great WarLordArmor with a defense of 32. Another great
buy is the almighty PoweredSuit. It has a whopping defense of 50!! And
if you are mec, it increases your HP +100, increases your strength
+25,and your quickness +25!! Also, in Kyo, you can buy some accessories
that increase your stats.

Dragon Shield's For Everyone!! - Submited by [email protected]

This is a way to get DragonShields for everyone in your party and build up
at the same time. This works better if you decide you don't need the gift 
for Arcane Magic too soon in the game, and if you're fairly strong.  
In Mosperiburg, when searching for the Shield Card, go to the room with the 
two dragons in it. Defeat them, and if you're lucky, you'll get a Dragon
Shield. Use your best attacks against it (or don't if you're strong 
enough). After beating them, go back in the room and fight the dragons 
again. Continue long enough and you'll have enough DragonShields for 
everybody. This is also a good way to build up. If at anytime you want to go
back to town just go to fight the Suzaku and lose to it. You'll be back in 
IRPO and you can come back to Mosperiburg whenever you want. 

 5. Lists
Contrary to popular belief, everything you see on this list *IS* 
correct. I've seen the SaGa Frontier guide book and it has many 
mistakes. (Dullahan Shield, Gilrandly, etc.) Almost everything here was 
taken DIRECTLY from the game (I assure you, that took a LONG time!!)

A (G) Mark next to an item means that it was taken out of the game for 
some unknown reason, but it can still be obtained with a GameShark. (I
TOLD you this was a really in-detailed FAQ!!)

An (E) Mark next to an item means it is pre-equipped in a battle, and thus, 
I don't know it's exact stats.

When referring to the gun-type weapons, if the "Bullets" or "Uses" line is
blank, it means that particular gun has unlimited uses.



                 Atk             Increases           Special Effect 
Knife            7                                   
ShadowDagger     9               Psy +3              ShadowHold
BroadSword       11 
FiendRod         13                                  FinalStrike
LaserKnife       15 
IronPipe*        15                                  Used only by Gen (E)*
TwinSword        20                                  TwinSword
CeramicSword     22
SilverSpread     22              Psy +22             SilverFang
Osc-Sword        30              
Murakumo         33
JackalSword      33                                  DirtyFang
Glirandly        42              All +10             FinalStrike*
RaySword         45                                  RaySword (E)*
SplashSword      49                                  ElementDissolve
RuneSword        50                                  VictoryRune
Lordstar         51                                  BraveHeart
TwiggyRod        52                                  FinalStrike
ZeroSword        60
Obsidian         64
Kusanagi         66                                  Kusanagi
Asura            70              All +7              Asura, AsuraRevenge
DragonSword      72 
GoldenLion       75
LightSword       80              All +10             (E)*

*The IronPipe is only used in the battle with SirDemon in T260G's quest.
*Once equipped, the Glirandly can't be removed.
*The RaySword is Alkaiser's weapon, you can't actually get it.
*You can only obtain the LightSword by casting the 'LightSword' spell.


                 Atk             Increases           Special Effect 
KukriBlade       10  
SamuraiSword     19
Katana           34
Twin Dragon      41
CometBlade       55                                  MillionDollers
SilverMoon       69


                 Atk   Bullets   Increases           Special Effect 
TrainingGun      0                                   Only used by Emelia(E)*
BrokenRifle      1     0                             Can't be used*
AGUNI-SSP        9     15 
AGUNI-CP1        12    13 
EasyRifle        13    8
TroopRifle       22    8
KillerRifle      25    5
EagleGun         28    6
SniperRifle      31    6
AGUNI-MBX        36    20
LivingRifle      42    4         Will +9
ZenGun           45    16
BehemothRifle    47    7
DuelGun          55    1
LethalGun        60    5
LightRifle       88    1         Psy +22

*The TrainingGun is only used when Emelia is in the Gradius training room.
*The BrokenRifle can be equipped, but it can't be used as it has no bullets.


                 Atk   Bullets   Increases           Special Effect 
GhostCannon      5     12                            GhostCannon
JunkBazooka      10    1                             HE-Rocket
DOBBY Bazooka    10    6                             RandomBaz
MissilePod       12    8                             Missile
HandBlaster      15    10                            Blaster
LightVulcan      15    60                            Vulcan
WaterCannon      20                                  WaterCannon
LightBazooka     20    4                             HE-Rocket
BeamCannon       20    6                             BeamCannon
LightningCannon  20    6                             Magnablast
Thunderbolt      25    4                             BoltCannon
LaserCarbine     25    10                            Blaster
SonicCannon      25    16                            SonicCannon
IonCannon        27    10                            PlasmaBullet
MachineVulcan    30    40                            Vulcan
Bolt Thrower     33    3                             BoltThrower
Flame Thrower    33    3                             FlameThrower
BigMissile       44    4                             Missile
GrainCannon      45    8                             PlasmaBullet
HyperBlaster     50    7                             DestructionBeam
HEAT Bazooka     55    2                             HE-Rocket
HG-Cannon        60    5                             PlasmaBullet
SuperMissile     70    3                             Missile
HyperionBazooka  85    2                             ProtonRocket


A * Next to the effect in Protect/Other, it means you must use it as an 
item in battle in order for it to produce that effect.

                 Def             Increases           Protect/Other 
BeastLeather     6                     
FiberVest        8
SlimyArmor       8               ??                  ?? (G)
DarkRobe         8               Psy +5              Stops Blind
ShadeRobe        9               Will +9             
MecBody          10                                  Used by most Mecs
Mini Plant       10                                  Used by Type 6 Mecs
ECM System       10                                  Used by Type 2 Mecs                                                                                                     
Accelerator      10                                  Used by Type 3 Mecs
Protector        10       
MasterRobe       10              Psy +5
HardLeather      12
BoneBreast       13
FireLeather      16  
SkeleMail        16              ??                  ?? (G)
StardustRobe     16              Will +5, Psy +5,    Stops Instant Death
                                 Charm +5
MoonlightRobe    17              Psy +8, Charm +8    Stops Sleep
ArmorVest        18                                  Bullet-Proof
GlowRobe         18              Int +7, Will +7     Stops Petrify
BlueElf          20                                  Stops Water Attacks
FortBody         20                                  Used by Type 5 & 8 Mecs                                                     
MysticMail       23                                  Used by Mystics
CelestialLeather 24 
HarmoniumArmor   24                                  Stops Sonic Attacks
ElectroArmor     25                      
LivingArmor      26              
AngelArmor       27              Quick +10           Stops Quake Attacks
GoldenFleece     28                                  Stops Sleep
HyperScale       30
WarLordArmor     32
PlutoArmor       35                                  Stops Instant Death

===Armor Suits===

                 Def             Increases           Protect/Other 
CombatSuit       15                                  Stops Blind
RubberSuit       22                                  Stops Blind
JumpSuit         25                                  Stops Blind
GolemSuit        25                                  Stops Blind
CyberSuit        36              All +5              Stops Blind
WhiteDress       40              ??                  Stops Blind (G)
PoweredSuit      50              Str +10, Quick +10  Stops Blind
SprigganSuit     55                                  Stops Blind


                 Def             Increases           Protect/Other 
PowerBelt        1               Str +20             Stops Sleep
CottonShirt      3               
SilkShirt        3
Magicwear        4               Will +5
Budowear         7  
Mysticwear       8                                   Used by Dr. Nusakan
Defendwear       8
Hyperwear        10


                 Def             Increases           Protect/Other 
JunkHelm         4                                   Stops Blind
Yolk Hat         5                                   Stops Blind
Egg Hat          5               Charm +5            Stops Blind
FiberHood        6                                   Stops Blind
InfraScope       6                                   Stops Blind*
Magihat          6                                   Stops Blind 
LaserScope       7               Will +10            Stops Blind
MirrorGlass      8                                   Stops Blind

*The InfraScope has another use: In Despair, there is a room with a maze 
of invisible beams; if you have the InfraScope, you can see the beams.


                 Def             Increases           Protect/Other 
LeatherGlove     4         
OgreGlove        5               Str +10
ShellBracer      6
HarmoniumBangle  7                                   Stops Sonic Attacks
NornsBangle      7               Psy +10             Stops Sleep
ArmorGlove       8
CyberGlove       9
SH-Armlet        10


                 Def             Increases           Protect/Other 
LeatherBoots     3
DanceShoes       4               ??                  
RubberShoes      5               Quick +2 
Catsocks         6                                   Stops Stun Attacks                                                                                                                    
FeatherBoots     7
JetBoots         7               Quick +5            Stops Quake Attacks
Iron Clogs       8               Vit +10             
SH-Anklet        10


                 Def             Increases           Blocks Attacks 
Buckler          0                                   Weapon/Physical
ShellShield      0                                   Physical
ExcelShield      0                                   Physical
GenbuShield      0                                   Physical/Water
Mizukagami       0                                   Physical/Water/Fire
WonderBangle     0                                   Stops Bullets
DragonShield     0                                   All
DurahanShield    0               Str +5, Vit +5      All 


                 Def             Increases           Protect/Other 
BrokenBumper     1
FireCrystal      1                                   
IceCrystal       1                                   
BoltCrystal      1                                   
Magatama         1                                   
SleetCoin        1                                   Stops Ice Attack (?)
SolGrail         1                                   Stops Fire Attacks (?)
FovosGrail       1                                   ?? (G)
ThunderCharm     1                                   Stops Lit. Attacks (?)
FeatherCharm     1               Charm +5
CharmNecklace    1               Charm +10           
SteelAmulet      1               Vit +5
FangAmulet       1               Str +5
WingAmulet       1               Quick +5
FlowerAmulet     1               Psy +5, Charm +5
BloodChalice     1               Psy +5              Stops Instant Death
UnicornTear      1               Psy +1              Stops Poison
HarmoniumEarring 1                                   Stops Sonic Attacks
MellowRing       1                                   Stops Water Attacks*
                                                     Used by Mesarthim   
Junk             2 
SandVessel       2                                   Stops Petrify                                                 
PearlHeart       2                                   Stops Water Attacks
Bumper           3 
KrisKnife        3
SeaStone         3               Psy +7, Vit +7      Stops Water Attacks
Tao-TiehPattern  3                                   Stops Psychout
PurpleEye        4               Psy +7              Stops Stare Attacks                                                      
WindShell        5               Quick +5, Will +5
AngelBroach      5                                   Stops Psychout
EMES Tag         5                                   Stops Petrify

*The CharmNecklace's power can be upgraded and allows use of Kylin'sSong and
the MellowRing's power can be upgraded and allows use of Maelstrom if
the wearer has MysticBoots


                 Def             Increases           Special Effect
RING/Guardian    1                                   *Raises Defense
RING/Hermit      1                                   *Cancels Status
RING/Merchant    1               Charm +10           *Charms All Enemies
RING/Thief       1               Quick +10           *Hides team
RING/Healer      1               Vit +10             *Restores HP
RING/Hero        1               Will +10            *Locks Status
RING/Schemer     1               Int +10             *Status Damage
RING/Fighter     1               Str +10             *Raises ATK Power
RING/Lord        1               Psy +10             *Restores JP & WP

===Mec Boards===

                 Uses WP ATK     Effect                      Used by:
JunkParts                        Str +3, Quick +3
MemoryBoard                      HP +100, Int +25, Quick +25
NakajimaBoard                    HP +50, Quick +30, Int +10
NakajimaBoard2                   HP +100, Int +15, Quick +15, Will +15
SecretBoard                      HP +100, Int +15, Quick +15, Will +20
OctopusBoard                     Str +25, Int +30, Quick +25, Will +25
BeamSword             2  30      BeamSword                   Leonard
MegaBeamSword         2  55      BeamSword                   Type 8
Hammer                1  45      {Attacks one Enemy}         Type 7
MicroMissile     16   1  10      MicroMissile                Type 5
MachineVulcan    10   0  20      Vulcan                      Type 6
BitSystem             1  20      Bit                         Type 2
AT Missile       20   1  25      AT Missile                  Type 5
RailCanon        16   1  35      RailCannon                  Type 3*
RailCannon       16   1  35      RailCannon                  Type 3 & 5
LaserCannon           7  50      Laser                       Type 4 & 2 
RepairPack       10   0          Restores Mec's HP           Type 6
MediPack         6    0          Restores Non Mec's HP       Type 4
V-System              0          V-Max                       Type 8

*RailCanon is a real item. It's name is (of course) a typo. It can be used
by T260G when he's in the form of a type 3 mec. It's identical to the Rail


Cure             Restores 200 HP to Non-Mecs and Cures Poison
PowerCure        Restores 400 HP to Non-Mecs and Cures Poison
MaxCure          Restores 990 HP to Non-Mecs and Cures Poison
RepairKit        Restores 300 HP to Mecs and Cures all Status Ailments
Magi-Water       Restores JP
XMagi-Drink      Restores JP (More than Magi-Water)
LifeCandy        Restores 1 LP to Non-Mecs
SanctuaryStone   Restores Full HP, MP and LP to the whole team
Backpack         Equip this to use all items in battle
Antistone        Restores 50 HP and cures Petrify
SnakeOil         Cures all status ailments
MagicStone       Attacks all Enemies
LuckyCoin        Raises Ally's Stats
UnluckyCoin      Lowers Enemy's Stats
StunNeedle       Damages an enemy and Causes Stun
FlashBomb        Blinds All Enemies
RottenMeat       Causes Status Ailments
RegionMap        Warp to any previously visited Region
GoldIngot        Used to get Gold Card
Card             Used in Arcane Quest
ArcanaTarot      Used in Arcane Quest
SmallStone       Used in Rune Quest
RuneStone        Used in Rune Quest
SandVessel       Used in Time Quest
VirgilKey        Collect 8 of these to get the RING/Lord (Riki only)

Note: A * Next to the magic name means you must have the gift to obtain 
this spell. 

               JP   Effect                               Effect Who? 
Gate           0    Allows use of RegionMap 
EnergyChain    1    Attack/Causes Paralysis              One Enemy
PsychoArmor    2    Raises Vit and Psy                   One Ally
Implosion      3    May cause Instant Death              One Enemy
PsychicPrison *7    Seals Enemy Magic                    One Enemy
VermilionSand *8    Attack/Causes Blind                  All Enemies

               JP   Effect                               Effect Who?
Fascination    1    Causes Charm                         One Enemy
PhantasmShot   3    Summons a random phantom beast       One Enemy
GlassShield    5    Defend and Counter next hit          Caster
MirrorShade   *7    Creates Illusions                    Random Allies

               JP   Effect                               Effect Who?
SunRay         1    Fire Damage/Effective against Undead One Enemy
StarlightHeal  2    Restores HP                          One Ally
FlashFire      4    Fire Damage/Causes Blind             All Enemies
FlashFlood     5    Instant Kill but get no reward       All Enemies
LightSword    *7    Gain Power of LightSword             Caster
MegaWindblast *9    Fire Damage                          All Enemies

               JP   Effect                               Effect Who?
Hidebehind     1    Distracts Enemy                      One Enemy
PowerGrab      1    Steals HP and lowers abilities       One Enemy
ShadowNet      3    Paralyzes Enemies                    All Enemies
DarkSphere    *4    Gravity Attack                       One Enemy
ShadowServant *9    Creates a shadow mimic               Caster

               JP   Effect                               Effect Who?
VictoryRune    1    Increases Attack Power               One Ally
VitalityRune   2    Gives Regen status                   One Ally
HideRune       2    Makes member Invisible               One Ally
FreedomRune    4    Immune to Paralyze/Petrify/Sleep     One Ally
WallRune      *7    Immune to Projectiles                One Ally
SoulRune      *7    Vastly increases all Stats           Caster
DwarfRune     *8    Lowers Attack Power                  One Enemy
StasisRune    *All  Stops Time (This spell is useless)*  One Enemy

*StasisRune is normal useless, but it DOES have one special use... (see
Secrets section) 

               JP   Effect                               Effect Who?
Saber          1    Just a basic attack                  One Enemy
Gold           3    Distracts all enemies                All Enemies
Grail          3    Cures any status ailments            One Ally
Shield         3    Raises Defense                       All Allies
Death         *4    Instant Death, Lose 1 LP if it fails One Enemy
Fool          *6    Lowers Stats                         All
Magician      *7    Creates Illusions                    Caster
Tower         *All  TREMENDOUS Damage!!!!!!              One Enemy

               JP   Effect                               Effect Who?
MindHeal       2    Restores Full HP                     Caster
Evaporate      2    Makes user invisible                 Caster
Spellbound     2    Paralyzes one Enemy                  One Enemy
Lifewave      *2    Powerful Magic Attack                One Enemy
Awakening     *2    Raises Stats                         Caster

               JP   Effect                               Effect Who?
RavaShot       1    Magic Attack, Causes Stun            One Enemy
SharpPain      1    Stuns All Enemies                    All Enemies
PainDoubler    1    Magic Attack, up to 666 Damage       All Enemies
DeathCurse     4    Instant Death, Lose 1 LP if it fails One Enemy
MagiDefense   *?    Magic Attack                         All Enemies
RavaBarrire   *?    Raises Defense, Automatic Counter    All Enemies

*MagiDefense and RavaBarrire are only used by the enemy.

               JP   Effect                               Effect Who?
DelayOrder     1    Lowers Speed                         One Enemy
TimeLeap       3    End's Enemy's Turn                   One Enemy
TimeTwister   *5    Gives ally an extra turn             One Ally
TimeEclipse    5    Lowers Speed, Causes Petrify         One Enemy
ChaosStream    9    Random Damage and Status Ailments    All Enemies
OverDrive     *10   Gives caster eight turns in a row*   Caster
Note: After taking the 8 turns that OverDrive grants, the caster loses 
all JP and WP.
Note 2: If OverDrive is used by TimeLord, it only allows him 5-7 turns.

               JP   Effect                               Effect Who?
LightShift     1    Gives Regen-Works w/Photosynthesis   All
DarkShift     *1    Gives Regen-Works w/Deathsynthesis   All
VaporBlast     1    Basic Magic Attack                   One Enemy
Vanish         3    Instant Death                        One Enemy
Vortex        *3    Cancels any status effect            All
ReverseGravity 6    Gravity Attack, Causes Stun          All Enemies

               JP   Effect                               Effect Who?
BlackCat       1    Damage/Causes Mess                   One Enemy
Nightmare      2    Damage/Causes Sleep                  One Enemy
Jackal         4    Damage/Causes Poison                 One Enemy
Cockatrice     6    Damage/Causes Petrify                One Enemy
Reaper         7    Damage/Instant Death                 One Enemy

               JP   Effect                               Effect Who?
Sacrifice      2    Uses LP to Restore HP                All Allies
Reviva         9    Auto-revive with no LP loss          One Ally


Note: All Swordskills do physical damage unless noted otherwise. Also, 
if it says that a swordskill causes Stun or Paralysis, that is in 
addition to doing damage. The only 2 Swordskills that DON'T inflict 
damage are Deflect and CrossDeflect.
               WP   Added Effect                     Other
StunSlash      0    Causes Stun
DoubleSlash    1
KaiserWing     1                                     Alkaiser Only
Deflect        1    Blocks Attacks                   Automatically Used
CrossDeflect   1    Blocks Attacks                   Need 2 Swords
HardSlash      2 
Thrust         2
ThunderThrust  2    Lightning Damage
CrossSlash     2                                     Need 2 Swords
SwallowSwing   2    Effective against Flying Enemies 
Smash          3
Heaven/Hell    3    Causes Stun
WheelSlash     4
WillowBranch   4
KaiserSmash    4                                     Alkaiser Only
MoonlightCut   4                                     Need Katana
ShadowCounter  4                                     Need Katana
Kasumi         4    Defend and Counter               Automatically Used
BearCrush      5 
HeadWind       5
GaleSlash      5    Wind Attack on All Enemies       
2GaleSlash     5    Wind Attack on All Enemies       Need 2 Swords
Godless        5    Defend and Counter
DeadEnd        6    May cause Instant Death
Blizzard       6    Causes Paralysis                 Need Katana
TripleThrust   7   
NoMoment       7    Can't be blocked
RisingNova     7
TurbidCurrent  7
Still Stream   7
RosarioImpale  8
Haze-to-Wheel  9    Attacks all Enemies
Tres Flores    9                                     Need Katana
LifeSprinkler  10   Can't be blocked 

===Fighting Skills===
Once again, all these fighting skills do physical damage, if it causes a 
status ailment, that is in addition to the damage. The only fighting 
skills that don't do damage are SwayBack and the Alkaiser skill, 

               WP   Effect                            Other
Punch          0                                      Everyone has this
Kick           0
BrightFist     0                                      Alkaiser Only
Chop           1    Causes Blind
AirThrow       1    Causes Stun
SwayBack       1    Avoids Physical Attacks           Automatically Used
ShiningKick    1                                      Alkaiser Only
BackFist       2
Sliding        2    Causes Stun                       DSC Move 1
RollingCradle  2    Causes Stun
KO Throw       2    Counters Punches                  Automatically Used
SparklingRoll  2                                      Alkaiser Only
Al-Blaster     2    Magic Damage                      Alkaiser Only
FinalCrusade   2    Uses LP to Restore Allies HP      Alkaiser Only
Fist           3
RotationKick   3
DragonTurn     3    Counters Kicks                    Automatically Used
Suplex         4    Causes Stun                       DSC Move 2
CrushBeat      4
Scuffle        4
BabelCrumble   4    Causes Stun                       DSC Move 3
FlashTurn      4                                      Alkaiser Only
OgreRun        5    Causes Stun
LocomotionG    5    Causes Stun
DeflectLance   5                                      Alkaiser Only
GiantSwing     6    May cause Instant Death           DSC Move 4
GoldHand       6    Lowers Intellegence
TriangleKick   7
Al-Phoenix     7    Fire Damage                       Alkaiser Only
Corkscrew      9
Lastshot       9    May cause Instant Death
SkyTwister     10
Re-Al-Phoenix  10   Fire Damage                       Alkaiser Only
DSC            18   The Ultimate Physical Attack!!    Need 4 DSC Moves

===Gun Techniques===
You already know the routine here about the damage thing. QuickDraw and 
TwoGun don't do any damage. StunShot doesn't damage enemies, it just 
stuns them.

               WP   Effect                            Other
QuickDraw      0    Attack first if using a Gun       Automatically Used
TwoGun         0    Attack with 2 guns                Automatically Used
StunShot       1    Stuns All Enemies
SharpShot      2    Can't Miss
TrickShot      2
ReactionShot   3    Defend and Counter
CrossShot      4    Can't Miss
FocusShot      4    
TotalShot      4    Attacks All Enemies
BoundShot      5  

===Special Item Skills===
These are used when a certain item is equipped, and if that item is 
removed, so too is the skill.

                WP   Effect                            Item Needed
IronClogShot    0    Physical Attack                   Iron Clogs
Paralyzer       0    Paralyzes All Enemies             HandBlaster
BlasterSword    0    Physical Attack                   HandBlaster
TwinSword       0    Physical Attack                   TwinSword
RaySword        0    Physical Attack                   RaySword
ShadowHold      1    Paralyzes an Enemy                ShadowDagger
DirtyFang       2    Physical Attack                   JackalSword
SilverFang      3    Physical Attack                   SilverSpread
Kusanagi        3    Physical Attack                   Kusanagi
Asura           4    May cause Instant Death           Asura
AsuraRevenge    4    Counter Attack using Asura        Asura
ElementDissolve 5    Instant Kill                      SplashSword
BraveHeart      5    Raises Attack Power               LordStar
MillionDollers  7    Meteor Attack on All Enemies      CometBlade
FinalStrike     10   Physical Attack, Breaks Sword     (See Above)
===Item Magic===
As in most RPGs, there are many weapons and armor that produce special 
effects when used in battle. Here's what I've found so far:

ShadeRobe     - MagicHeal            FortBody      - Graviton
ECM System    - ECM (Duh!!)          Mysticwear    - MagicHeal
Magihat       - MagicStone           FireCrystal   - FireBarrier
IceCrystal    - IceBarrier           BoltCrystal   - BoltBarrier
DurahanShield - DeathGaze            Magatama      - SacredSong
SandVessel    - QuickSand            CharmNecklace - Facination
PurpleEye     - PhantasmShot         Iron Clogs    - IronClogShot
MellowRing    - LifeRain             DanceShoes    - MysteryTap
===Mec Skills===

                WP   Effect                            
Evasion Rocket  0    Evades any kind of Rockets
Evasion Bullet  0    Evades any kind of Bullets
Evasion Laser   0    Evades any kind of Lasers
ShootingMastery 0    Increases Gun's Attack Power
CombatMastery   0    Increases Sword's Attack Power
MaxwellProgram  0    Restores WP Automatically in battle
EnergySupply    0    Restores Mecs WP when used in battle
SelfRepair      0    Restores HP after every round of fight
InterceptSystem 0    Counters Missile Attacks
CounterECM      0    Cancels the effect of ECM 
TigerProgram    0    Allows use of TigerRampage w/OctopusBoard equipped
DragonProgram   0    Allows use of Maelstrom w/OctopusBoard equipped
Virus           0    Allows use of Jammer & LogicBomb w/SecretBoard equipped
Jammer          1    Stuns All Enemy Mecs
HypnoFlash      2    Puts all enemies to Sleep
Crosshair       3    Physical Attack
RangeFire       3    Physical Attack
LogicBomb       4    Physical Attack, Extra damage on Mecs
MecSonata       4    Holy Attack on All Enemies
PluralSlash     5    Physical Attack
KAMIKAZE-Crush  5    Uses LP to inflict high damage on enemies
SatelliteLinker 7    Sets up SatelliteBeam
Shock Soldier   8    Physical Attack on All Enemies
Pop-Knight      10   Air Attack on All Enemies
Magnify         15   Doubles Attack Power, but may cause malfunctions*
Shoot-All       24   Shoots all Mec Weapons

*Magnify only works if you have a Laser type weapon equipped, and then after
using it, the laser won't work for the rest of the bettle.

Most of these skills can just be absorbed from just ordinary random mecs, 
but there are a few exceptions. Crosshair and RangeFire can only be used by
EngineerCar. Virus and the Tiger and Dragon Programs can only be absorbed by
special enemies listed below:

TigerProgram  - MBlack, MecGod
DragonProgram - MBlackII, BigDigger*
Virus         - Virus :)

*DragonProgram can only be absorbed from a BigDigger if it can use Maelstrom

===Special Mec Skills===
                WP   Effect  
ECM             0    Stops Missile Attacks                          
Graviton        8    Gravity Attack
SatelliteBeam   7    Powerful Attack on enemy every round of fight
StarlightShower 7    Physical Attack on All Enemies
CosmicRave      7    Physical Attack

===Laser/Mec Weapon Attacks===
These are the automatic effects that laser type weapons and special mec 
weapons have.

GhostCannon      Attacks one enemy, effective against undead
HE-Rocket        Attacks one enemy, usually has a low hit rate
RandomBaz        Attacks all enemies, VERY low hit rate
Missile          Attacks one enemy, Never Misses
Blaster          Attacks enemies in a line
Vulcan           Attacks enemies in Range
WaterCannon      Water Attack on one enemy
BeamCannon       Fire Attack on one enemy
Magnablast       Lightning Attack on one enemy
BoltCannon       Lightning attack on one enemy
SonicCannon      Sonic Attack, hits enemies in range
PlasmaBullet     Gravity attack on one enemy
BoltThrower      Lightning Attack, hits enemies in range
FlameThrower     Fire Attack, hits enemies in range
DestructionBeam  Attacks enemies in a line
ProtonRocket     Attacks enemies in a circle range
BeamSword        Attacks one enemy            
MicroMissile     Attacks all enemies, very weak          
Bit              Randomly attacks enemies at the end of every round of fight
AT Missile       Attacks one enemy  
RailCannon       Attacks one enemy
Laser            Laser attack on one enemy
V-Max            Raises Stats, Allows use of StarlightShower and CosmicRave          

===Mystic Skills===

               WP   Effect                            
MysticSword    0    Can Absorb Enemies allowing their skills to be used
MysticGlove    0    Can Absorb Enemies allowing their skills to be used
MysticBoots    0    Can Absorb Enemies allowing their skills to be used

===Mystic Absorb Chart===

Enemy         |MysticSword      |MysticGlove      |MysticBoots      |   
Airfolk       |PsyNet           |PoisonusBlow     |Suffocation      |
Ankheg        |GriffithScratch  |Feeler           |MysteryTap       |
Aperider      |Hypnotism        |Da-dum           |Spiders          |     
Armorpilla    |Lance            |Feeler           |BladeNet         |
Axebeak       |Lance            |DeadlyPowder     |PowerKick        |
Basilisk      |BloodSucker      |Crystalizer      |TitasWave        |
Battlefly     |PsyNet           |DeadlyPowder     |Suffocation      |
BlackDragon   |                 |                 |                 |
Butch         |Needle           |Spoil            |Thunderbolt      |
Cactus        |                 |                 |                 |
Chimera       |HeatSmash        |PoisonusBlow     |Suffocation      |
Cockatrice    |Lance            |Crystalizer      |Spiders          |
CrystalTree   |Oscillation      |Crystalizer      |Spiders          |
DeadKnight    |Blade            |Spoil            |Assasinate       |
Demongoat     |                 |                 |                 |
DevilSquid    |GremlinEffect    |TigerRampage     |Thunderbolt      |
Dragonpup     |Lance            |HellWing         |ThunderBall      |
Dullahan      |GriffithScratch  |Crystalizer      |Assasinate       |
Ettin         |GriffithScratch  |Feeler           |Suffocation      |
FireCrystal   |HeatSmash        |Crystalizer      |                 |
Flamefolk     |                 |                 |Assist           |
FrillNeck     |Flash            |SpreadBlaster    |PowerKick        |
Gaeatoad      |BloodSucker      |WaterCannon      |Tremor           |
Gekko         |GremlinEffect    |WaterCannon      |PowerKick        |
Gelatin       |GremlinEffect    |                 |                 |
Genbu         |GriffithScratch  |ArcticBreath     |Thunderbolt      |
Ghost         |BloodSucker      |Spoil            |Assasinate       |
Ghostrider    |Oscillation      |Spoil            |Tremor           |
Griffin       |                 |                 |                 |
Gunfish       |Lance            |WaterCannon      |Assist           |
Harpy         |Blade            |Spoil            |BladeNet         |
Hedgehog      |                 |Spoil            |Sweep            |
Hellhound     |FireBreath       |Psych-out        |PowerKick        |
IceCrystal    |Oscillation      |Crystalizer      |Assist           |
Iceworm       |                 |IceSmash         |Assist           |
KillerBee     |Needle           |HellWing         |Assist           |
Kraken        |Oscillation      |TigerRampage     |Thunderbolt      |
Kylin         |                 |                 |                 |
Lich          |PsyNet           |DeadlyPowder     |Suffocation      |
LiquidMetal   |HeatSmash        |IceSmash         |ThunderBall      |
LivingArmor   |                 |SpreadBlaster    |Suffocation      |
LivingAxe     |Blade            |                 |                 |
LivingGlove   |HeatSmash        |IceSmash         |Spiders          |
LivingLance   |Lance            |Feeler           |Sweep            |
LivingMirror  |                 |                 |                 |
LivingMusket  |GremlinEffect    |GrapeShot        |Assasinate       |
LivingSword   |                 |                 |                 |
Mandrake      |Hypnotism        |PoisonusBlow     |                 |
Manticore     |Needle           |PoisonusBlow     |Suffocation      |
MaskCat       |                 |                 |                 |
Mimic         |                 |                 |                 |
Minidragon    |FireBreath       |HellWing         |ThunderBall      |
Nightshade    |PsyNet           |GrapeShot        |Assasinate       |
Ogre          |                 |                 |                 |
OgreLord      |HeatSmash        |PoisonusBlow     |TitasWave        |
Pickbird      |Lance            |HellWing         |Assist           |
Platoonpus    |Lance            |Psych-out        |MysteryTap       |
PlatyKing     |                 |                 |                 |
Rabbat        |BloodSucker      |Spoil            |Assist           |
Razorback     |Lance            |PoisonusBlow     |PowerKick        |
RedDragon     |                 |                 |TitasWave        |
Rockbaboon    |Hypnotism        |IceSmash         |MysteryTap       |
Rocky         |Hypnotism        |Da-dum           |                 |
Scorpion      |Blade            |PoisonusBlow     |Spiders          |
Shellworm     |Blade            |WaterCannon      |                 |
Shrieker      |Oscillation      |Da-dum           |Tremor           |
SickleBug     |Oscillation      |HellWing         |TitasWave        |
Skeleton      |Blade            |Spoil            |Sweep            |
Skullasaurus  |BloodSucker      |PoisonusBlow     |ThunderBall      |
Slime         |Hypnotism        |Spoil            |                 |
Slugger       |BloodSucker      |PoisonusBlow     |Quicksand        |
Snowfolk      |PsyNet           |IceSmash         |MysteryTap       |
Sonicbat      |Oscillation      |HellWing         |BladeNet         |
Sphinx        |                 |                 |MysteryTap       |
Sporepile     |MagicHeal        |DeadlyPowder     |MysteryTap       |
Sunflower     |MagicHeal        |GrapeShot        |Assist           |
Suzaku        |FireBreath       |                 |                 |
Thundragon    |GriffithScratch  |HellWing         |Thunderbolt      |
Trapvine      |BloodSucker      |Feeler           |Sweep            |
Treant        |MagicHeal        |Feeler           |BladeNet         |
Trisaur       |Lance            |PoisonusBlow     |Tremor           |
Unicorn       |MagicHeal        |SpreadBlaster    |PowerKick        |
Unknown       |Flash            |SpreadBlaster    |ThunderBall      |
Waterfolk     |                 |                 |                 |
WhipJelly     |MagicHeal        |Feeler           |Sweep            |
Wyvern        |Lance            |HellWing         |Assasinate       |
Xeno          |BloodSucker      |WaterCannon      |                 |
Yeti          |                 |                 |MysteryTap       |
Zeroworm      |Blade            |Crystalizer      |Quicksand        |
Zombie        |BloodSucker      |GrapeShot        |Suffocation      |

---Effects of the Mystic Skills---
Note: Blank spots under "WP" mean that I don't know the cost of that skill.

                 WP  Effect
ArcticBreath         Ice Attack
Assasinate       7   Physical attack, Instant Death 
Assist           2   Raises Stats
BladeNet             Physical Attack, causes paralysis
BloodSucker      1   Steals HP
Crystalizer          Non-Elemental Attack, Causes petrify
Da-dum               Raises Strength and Quick for the entire team
DeadlyPowder     1   Spore attack
FireBreath           Fire Attack
Flash                Blinds all enemies
GremlinEffect    2   Non-elemental attack, Extra Damage on mecs 
GriffithScratch  7   
HeatSmash        5   Fire attack 
HellWing         4   Wind attack 
Hypnotism            Causes Sleep
IceSmash         5   Ice attack 
Lance            0  
MagicHeal        3   Restores HP and Cures Status
MysteryTap       3   Causes Mess on All Enemies 
Needle           0   
Oscillation      4   Sonic Attack on All Enemies
PoisonusBlow     2   Physical attack, causes poison 
PowerKick        1 
Psych-out            Causes Stun
PsyNet           4   Causes paralysis on All Enemies
Quicksand        3   Earth Attack
Spiders          4   Ground Attack (Like Sliding or OgreRun)
Spoil                Lowers Stats
SpreadBlaster    4   Holy Attack
Suffocation      5   Instant Death
Sweep                Causes Stun
ThunderBall          Lightning Attack
Thunderbolt          Lightning Attack
TitasWave            Sonic Attack
Tremor               Earth attack on All Enemies
WaterCannon          Water Attack

This list is far from complete. If anyone wants to help, or has anything to
add, let me know.

===Dodge Abilities===

DodgeDeathGrip  DeathGrip
DodgeDrain      HPDrain, Bloodsucker, FireKiss
DodgeFlash      Flash, HypnoFlash
DodgeGale       GaleAttack, GaleSlash
DodgeGaze       StunGaze, CharmGaze, StoneGaze, DeathGaze, HyperGaze
DodgeNeedle     Needles, PoisonNeedle
DodgeNet        SpiderNet, BladeNet, Ectoplasnet
DodgePowder     PainPowder, DeadlyPowder, Spore
DodgeRock       Rock
DodgeSmash      Trample
DodgeTackle     Tackle, Dash, Headbutt
DodgeTail       Tail, TailHit
DodgeThunder    ThunderBolt, ThunderBall
DodgeTouch      GremlinTouch, GhostTouch, DeathTouch
DodgeTremor     Tremor, Quake
DodgeWing       Wing, GliderSpike

===Monster Skills===
Note: If the effect of a skill is blank, it does a normal physical attack 
with no special effect.

                WP  Effect                                    
AcidBreath      3   Water Attack                              
ArcticBreath    3   Ice Attack                                
Assist          2   Raises Stats                              
Beak            0   Physical Attack, Causes Blind             
Beat            0                                             
BeetleJuice     4   Water Attack    
Blade           1
BladeNet        3   Physical Attack, Causes Paralysis
Bloodsucker     1   Steals HP
BoltBarrier     0   Sets up BoltBarrier, Counter with Lit. when Attacked
BoltBlast       5   Lightning Attack
BoltBreath      2   Lightning Attack
BrainCrush      3   Physical Attack, Lowers Int.
CentipedeCrush  4
CharmGaze       3   Causes Charm
Chop            1   Physical Attack, Causes Blind
Claw            0
Coils           5   Physical Attack, Causes Paralysis
CounterFear     0   Counters with Red Mess status Ailment when attacked
Da-dum          1   Raises Str. and Quick for the whole team
DaggerJaw       3   
Dash            2
DeathGaze       4   Instant Death
Deathsynthesis  0   Restores HP every round, only works on Undead
DeathTouch      4   Instant Death
DoubleAxe       2
Ectoplasnet     4   Instant Death
ElfShot         1   Non-Elemental Attack, Lowers Will
Fang            0
FangCrush       3  
Feeler          5
Feint           1   Causes Stun
FireBarrier     0   Sets up FireBarrier, Counter with Fire when Attacked
FireBreath      3   Fire Attack
FireKiss        4   Steals HP, Causes Charm
Flash           0   Blinds all Enemies
GaleAttack      3   Wind Attack on All Enemies
GasFlame        4   Fire Attack
GhostTouch      2   Steals HP, Lowers PSY
GliderSpike     5   Wind Attack
GremlinTouch    2   Physical Attack, Extra damage on Mecs
GroundHit       5   Earth Attack, Causes Stun
Headbutt        5   Physical Attack, Causes Stun
Heal            0   Restores HP and Status
HeatSmash       3   Fire Attack
HeatWave        5   Fire Attack on all enemies
Hellwing        3  
Horn            1
HPDrain         4   Steals HP
Hypnotism       0   Causes Sleep
IceBarrier      0   Sets up IceBarrier, Counter with Ice when Attacked
IceSmash        3   Ice Attack
IllStorm        4   Poisons all Enemies
Ink             1   Water Attack, Causes Blind
Kick            0
Kusanagi        3   Non-Elemental Attack
Kylin'sSong     3   Raises Int. and Quick for the whole team
LifeRain        4   Uses LP to restore allies HP
LightBall       2   Non-Elemental Attack on all Enemies, Causes Blind
Lullaby         2   Puts all enemies to Sleep
Maelstrom       8   Water Attack on All Enemies, May cause instant death
MagicHeal       5   Restores HP and Status
MagneticStorm   7   Physical Attack on All Enemies, Extra Damage on Mecs
MightyCyclone   6   Physical Attack, Causes Stun
MinionStrike    6   Physical Attack on All Enemies
Needles         0
Oscillation     8   Powerful Sonic attack on all enemies
PainPowder      2   Non-Elemental Attack, Causes Blind
Petrify         6   Physical Attack, Causes Petrify
Pheremone       4   Non-Elemental Attack, Causes Charm and Poison
Photosynthesis  0   Restores HP every round, only works in sunlight 
PoisonGrip      3   Causes Poison
PoisonNeedle    5   Physical Attack, Causes Poison
Psychout        0   Causes Stun
QuickSand       3   Earth Attack on all enemies
Rock            2
SacredSong      6   Holy Attack on All Enemies
SadSong         3   Lowers Strength, no effect on Mecs
Scissors        0
Scream          4   Sonic Attack, Causes Blue Mess
Seduction       3   Causes Charm on All Enemies
SeedVulcan      1
Silf            5   Holy Attack
Siren           7   Sonic Attack on All Enemies, Lowers Will
SleepGas        2   Puts all Enemies to Sleep
Solvent         0   Water Attack
SphinxRiddle    7   Causes Petrify
SpiderNet       1   Lowers Quick
Spoil           2   Lowers Stats
Spore           1   Non-Elemental Attack
Stampede        4   Physical Attack on All Enemies
Stinger         3   
StinkGas        2   Non-Elemental Attack
StoneGas        6   Non-Elemental Attack, Causes Petrify
StoneGaze       5   Causes Petrify
StunGaze        1   Causes Paralysis
StunTouch       0   Causes Paralysis
SuperSonic      2   Sonic Attack
Sweep           1   Causes Stun
Tackle          1
Tail            1   Physical Attack, Causes Stun
TailHit         3   Physical Attack, Causes Stun
Thrust          0
Thunderbolt     3   Lightning Attack
TigerRampage    8 
TitasWave       6   Sonic attack, Causes Stun
Tornado         5   Wind Attack, Causes Stun
Trample         4   
Tremor          5   Earth Attack on All Enemies, Causes Stun
TripGas         4
WaterCannon     1   Water Attack, Pushes Enemy
Windblast       5   Wind Attack on All Enemies
Wing            1   Wind Attack

This list is probably still incomplete, if you have any contributions, I'd
appreciate it.

===Enemy Only==
These skills are only used by the enemy, and never (in any way) by you!!

                WP  Effect                                    
3Mistresses     0   Attacks all Enemies
BervaCounter    0   Defend and Counter physical Attacks
BusterLauncher  0   This attack HURTS!!!!!!
Carnage         0   Non-Elemental Attack on All Enemies, May instantly kill         
ClawBit         0   Attacks Randomly at the end of every round of fight
Dark Phoenix    0   Non-Elemental Attack
DivingPress     0
EnemyFire       0   Attacks all enemies every round of fight
GodHand         0   Lightning Attack
HyperBazooka    0
HyperGaze       0   Gaze Attack on All Enemies, Causes Status Ailments
IronBall        0
IronPole        0   Physical Attack on All Enemies
JudgementX      0   FF7 Style Summon spell, Hits all enemies
LifeSteal       0   Drains LP to Restore HP, Causes Paralysis
LightningWeb    0   Lightning Attack
LordCannon      0   
Lord'sDinner    0   Steals HP
MadAttack       0
MaginRampage    0
MagmaTouch      0   Drains LP
MoonScraper     0   Non-Elemental Attack on all Enemies
Portrait        0   Raises Stats
PowerBomb       0 
PowerSave       0   Raises Quick and Str.
Retribution     0   Lightning Attack on Enemies
Revolution9     0   Increases Defense, Auto-Counter when Attacked
Sabers          0   Physical Attack on All Enemies
Selection       0   Petrifies one Enemy
Smile           0   Causes Poison and Paralysis on All Enemies
VandalFlip      0
Yell            0   Raises Quick

===Other Abilities===
These abilities can only be used at certain points during the game, they 
aren't important, but I thought I should include them anyway.

Touch           Used to obtain the VitalityRune
Contact         Used by T260G to link up with the main Computer at HQ
AlkaiserChange  Allows Red to turn into Alkaiser
MysticalChange  Turns Asellus into her mystic form
BrokenGlass     Effect of GlassShield; MAJOR Damage to attacker
BackFire        Effect of PsychicPrison; Reflects magic back to the caster
V-End           Happens when V-Max wears off, Lowers all stats drastically

 6. Monster/Treasure Chart
A * Next to the enemy name means that it's a Boss or Mini-Boss
A * Next to an item name means that it's REALLY good and worth trying to get

Enemy       | Common        | Rare
A-Tractor    - BrokenBumper 
AbyssBat     - PowerCure     Egg Hat           WindShell        LightRifle*
Airfolk      - MagicStone    WonderBangle      SilverSpread  
Ankheg       - BoneBreast    BloodChalice      SH-Anklet
Aperider     - LuckyCoin     Yolk Hat     
Arachne* (1) - ------------- HarmoniumEarring 
Arachne* (2) - ------------- HarmoniumArmor 
Armorpilla   - ShellShield   Protector
AutoBuffer*  - DOBBY Bazooka MemoryBoard
Axebeak      - FeatherCharm
Basilisk     - ------------- CelestialLeather
Banshee      - FlowerAmulet  DarkRobe
BatKnight    - -------------
Battleaxe    - Buckler       Budowear
Battlefly    - MagicStone    WingAmulet
Berva* (1)   - -------------
Berva* (2)   - SecretBoard   SH-Anklet         PowerBelt        OctopusBoard 
Berva* (3)   - -------------
BigDigger    - -------------
BigSlime     - -------------
BigSlime* (2)- -------------
BirdMec      - LightVulcan   Bolt Thrower
BlackDragon  - Protector     DragonShield*
BlackFighter - RubberSuit
Blackgarb*   - -------------
BlackKnight* - PlutoArmor*
BlackX*      - PurpleEye
BlueFighter  - RubberSuit
Bone*        - -------------
BossX*       - -------------
Butch        - UnluckyCoin   CelestialLeather
Cactus       - StunNeedle
CancerMec    - RepairKit     LightVulcan       Osc-Sword        LightBazooka
Chariot      - JunkHelm      ElectroArmor
Chimera      - FangAmulet    CelestialLeather  BehemothRifle
Cockatrice   - WingAmulet    CelestialLeather
CrimeLady    - AGUNI-MBX     Infrascope
CrystalTree  - BoltCrystal   HarmoniumEarring  HarmoniumArmor
Cyclops      - PurpleEye
D-Tractor    - -------------
Dancer       - PowerCure     DanceShoes
Darkfairy    - UnluckyCoin   KrisKnife         SilverMoon*
DeathLord*   - -------------
DeadKnight   - BoneBreast    FiendRod          TwiggyRod         
Demongoat    - FiendRod      GhostCannon
DevilSquid*  - OgreGlove     SH-Anklet
Diva*        - -------------
DragonLord*  - ------------- DragonShield*
Dragonpup    - FangAmulet    BoltCrystal
Dullahan     - ------------- PlutoArmor*       DurahanShield*
EarthDragon* - GolemSuit     HyperionBazooka*  SprigganSuit* 
ElectroSheep - BeastLeather  LightVulcan
Ettin        - SnakeOil      FeatherCharm      WingAmulet       SH-Armlet
FatDevil     - UnluckyCoin   TwiggyRod         Obsidian*
FireCrystal  - FireCrystal   SolGrail
FireSage*    - FireCrystal   HarmoniumBangle
Fishman      - PearlHeart
Flamefolk    - FireCrystal   PowerBelt
FlyMec       - Junk
FrillNeck    - PearlHeart    BlueElf
Furdo*       - ------------   
Gargantu*    - BeastLeather  BehemothRifle 
Gaeatoad     - SnakeOil      BehemothRifle
Gargoyle     - UnluckyCoin   SteelAmulet
Gekko        - SnakeOil
Gelatin      - BoltCrystal   ThunderCharm
Genbu        - ------------- GenbuShield*      SeaStone
GenocideHeart- -------------
Ghost        - DarkRobe      BloodChalice
Ghostrider   - SteelAmulet   DarkRobe
Giant        - ------------- Obsidian*         GenbuShield*     PowerBelt
Goatzilla    - MaxCure
Goblin*      - Buckler       Junk
Golem        - EMES Tag
Grappler     - Budowear      PowerBelt
GreenFighter - RubberSuit
GreenSage*   - ------------- HarmoniumBangle
Gremlin      - Junk          UnluckyCoin       SilverSpread
Griffin*     - ------------- CelestialLeather  WindShell
GriffinJr    - -------------
Gunbird      - KillerRifle   AGUNI-MBX
Guncart      - BrokenRifle 
Gunfish      - PearlHeart
Harpy        - ShellShield   WingAmulet        FeatherCharm
Hedgehog     - StunNeedle    FangAmulet        CelestialLeather
Hell'sLord*  - -------------
Hellhound    - FireCrystal   FireLeather
Hermes       - MachineVulcan HEAT Bazooka      BigMissle
HugeSlime*   - -------------
HunterKnight*- -------------
IceCrystal   - IceCrystal    BoltCrystal       SleetCoin
Iceworm      - ShellShield   HyperScale        GolemSuit
IronHopper   - Protector
Jotnar*      - IceCrystal    PurpleEye
K9Mec        - WaterCannon   ExcelShield
KillerBee    - StunNeedle    WingAmulet        ShellShield
KittyClawer  - BeastLeather  HarmoniumEarring  Catsocks
KittyKicker  - BeastLeather  DanceShoes        Catsocks
Kraken       - MaxCure       SeaStone
Kraken (Jr)* - -------------
Kylin*       - AngelArmor    HarmoniumArmor    HyperScale
KylinJr*     - -------------
LadyBlade    - Osc-Sword     ElectroArmor      Obsidian*
Ladyhawk     - Hyperwear     Twin Dragon
Lamia        - PearlHeart    WonderBangle      MoonlightRobe
Lich         - BloodChalice  DarkRobe
LionPrincess1- -------------
LionPrincess2- GoldenLion*
LiquidMetal  - SteelAmulet   SH-Anklet         SH-Armlet
LivingArmor  - PowerCure     LivingArmor
LivingAxe    - Junk          SteelAmulet
LivingGlove  - ArmorGlove    ShadowDagger
LivingLance  - Junk          SteelAmulet
LivingMirror - KrisKnife
LivingMusket - SteelAmulet   LivingRifle
LivingSword  - Glirandly
Lummox       - -------------
Lunatic      - -------------
Mandrake     - Cure          PowerCure
Manticore    - StunNeedle    CelestialLeather  HarmoniumEarring 
Mariche      - -------------
MaskBuffer   - MemoryBoard
MaskCat      - LuckyCoin     LaserScope
MaskedGiant  - -------------
MasterRing*  - -------------
MasterRing(2)- -------------
MBlack*      - WarLordArmor
MBlackII*    - -------------
MBlackIII*   - -------------
MecDobby     - RepairKit     DOBBY Bazooka
MecDobby100  - RepairKit     DOBBY Bazooka     Bolt Thrower     HG-Cannon*
MecGod*      - GolemSuit
MegaTitan*   - RottenMeat
Mellow       - PearlHeart    SplashSword*
Mimic        - PowerCure     HarmoniumBangle   SilverMoon*
Minidragon   - FangAmulet    FireLeather
Minotaur     - MaxCure       PowerBelt
Mollasite*(1)- ------------- 
Mollasite*(2)- RottenMeat    MoonlightRobe 
Mystic       - CombatSuit    RuneSword         StardustRobe
Nidheg*      - BoneBreast    BloodChalice
Nidheg* (Jr) - BoneBreast    BloodChalice
Nightshade   - BloodChalice  LifeCandy*
NomadFighter - RubberSuit    RubberShoes
Ogre         - Protector
OgreLord     - Iron Clogs
Orlouge*     - -------------     
Pickbird     - WingAmulet
PinkFighter  - RubberSuit
Platoonpus   - CottonShirt   Egg Hat
Platyhooks*  - KillerRifle   FireCrystal       IceCrystal
PlatyKing    - FireCrystal   IceCrystal        BoltCrystal   
PrimaBronza  - SteelAmulet 
PrimaMaska   - SteelAmulet
Quakeworm*   - HyperScale    GolemSuit
R&R          - RepairKit     HyperScale        SuperMissile*
Rabbat       - FangAmulet    LifeCandy*
Rabbat (Mask)- LifeCandy*
RABI*        - -------------
Razorback    - BeastLeather  FangAmulet
RedDragon    - FireCrystal   FireLeather       GoldenFleece      
RedFighter   - RubberSuit
Rockbaboon   - BeastLeather  SnakeOil          OgreGlove
RockScout    - PowerCure     LivingArmor
Rocky        - Cure          BeastLeather
Rouge*       - -------------
Scorpion     - StunNeedle    ShellShield       Protector
Shadow       - PowerCure     ShadowDagger  
Shaman       - MagicStone    Magicwear         SilverSpread      
Shellworm    - ShellShield   Protector
Shrieker     - FlowerAmulet  ShadeRobe
Shuzer* (1)  - -------------
Shuzer* (2)  - -------------
Shuzer* (3)  - KillerRifle   BehemothRifle     GrainCannon 
Shuzer* (4)  - -------------
SickleBug    - HyperScale    Twin Dragon
SirDemon*    - FiendRod
Siren        - BoltCrystal   HarmoniumBangle   FireCrystal
Skeleton     - BoneBreast
Skulldrake*  - BoneBreast    FireCrystal       EMES Tag 
Skullasaurus - BoneBreast    EMES Tag
Skylab       - GrainCannon   Bolt Thrower      HyperBlaster
Slime        - LuckyCoin     UnluckyCoin
Slugger      - RubberShoes   RubberSuit
Snakeman     - UnluckyCoin   PearlHeart
Snowfolk     - IceCrystal    SleetCoin
Soldier      - AGUNI-CP1     ExcelShield       KillerRifle
SonicBat     - BeastLeather  BloodChalice      PurpleEye        WingAmulet
SpearValkyrie- IceCrystal    HarmoniumBangle   AngelArmor 
Sphinx       - WingAmulet    CelestialLeather
Sporepile    - Cure          PowerCure
Spriggan (1)*- -------------
Spriggan (2)*- -------------
Spriggan (3)*- -------------
Spriggan (4)*- -------------
Spriggan (5)*- -------------
Sprite       - MagicStone    FlowerAmulet
Straysheep   - BeastLeather  SilverSpread      Catsocks
Succubus     - StardustRobe  TwiggyRod         Magihat
Sunflower    - MaxCure       GlowRobe
Suzaku       - FireLeather
SwordMec     - RepairKit     AGUNI-CP1
Swordsman    - Cure          LeatherGlove      LeatherBoots     FiberVest        
SwordValkyrie- ExcelShield   RuneSword
T-Walker     - FlashBomb
Tanzer*      - RING/Thief
Thundragon   - BoltCrystal   DragonSword*
Tidi*        - -------------
TimeLord*    - -------------
Titania      - TwiggyRod
Trapvine     - Cure          MaxCure           FlowerAmulet
Treant       - FlowerAmulet  MaxCure           ShadeRobe
Trisaur      - FangAmulet    BeastLeather
TrisaurJr    - FangAmulet
Unicorn      - UnicornTear   Magihat
UnicornJr*   - -------------
Undine       - MagicStone    PearlHeart
Unknown      - PurpleEye
Virgil*      - -------------
Virus        - -------------
Vulcan*      - -------------
VulcanII*    - LightVulcan   AGUNI-CP1         Bumper
WaspMec      - LightVulcan   Thunderbolt
Waterfolk    - IceCrystal    BlueElf
WaterSage*   - GenbuShield*  HarmoniumBangle
WereRhino    - Budowear      GolemSuit         SH-Anklet
WhipJelly    - PowerCure     MagicStone
Wonderdog    - CottonShirt
Wormbrood    - ShellShield   Protector
Wyvern       - ------------- CelestialLeather  WindShell
Xeno         - FangAmulet
YellowFighter- RubberSuit
Yeti         - IceCrystal    OgreGlove
Zeroworm     - ShellShield   HyperScale        GolemSuit
Zombie       - AGUNI-CP1     CottonShirt
Zyphon       - MaxCure       WonderBangle      WindShell  

Note: The Second BigSlime is actually the MagmaSlime from Riki's quest. For
some reason, the MagmaSlimes still have the name "BigSlime" ^_^

 7. Shopping List
Well, I figured since there shops are so few and far between, why not a 
shopping list? Next to an item or weapon shop, it will say either "buy" or
"sell". That simply means that you can only buy or sell the particular items
there. All Magic Shops are buy only.


Weapon Shop 1 - Buy

                   Cost      Type
LaserKnife         330       Sword
SamuraiSword       490       Katana
CeramicSword       640       Sword
TwinSword          800       Sword
Osc-Sword          1,100     Sword
Katana             1,390     Katana
RuneSword          2,850     Sword
ZeroSword          4,000     Sword

Weapon Shop 2 - Buy

                   Cost      Type
AGUNI-SSP          140       Gun
EasyRifle          260       Gun
AGUNI-CP1          230       Gun
TroopRifle         640       Gun
EagleGun           980       Gun
SniperRifle        1,180     Gun
AGUNI-MBX          1,550     Gun
LethalGun          4,020     Gun

Weapon Shop 3 - Buy (In Back Alley)

                   Cost      Type
Flame Thrower      1,800     Laser
SonicCannon        1,100     Laser
Thunderbolt        1,100     Laser
HEAT Bazooka       4,020     Laser
BigMissile         3,200     Laser
GrainCannon        3,300     Laser
MachineVulcan      1,550     Laser
HyperBlaster       4,020     Laser

Item Shop - Buy 

                   Cost      Type
Cure               20        Item
PowerCure          150       Item
MaxCure            400       Item
Antistone          80        Item
SnakeOil           80        Item
Magi-Water         200       Item
XMagi-Drink        1,000     Item

Armor Shop 1 - Buy

                   Cost      Type
FiberVest          250       Armor
ArmorVest          860       Armor
CombatSuit         710       Suit
PoweredSuit        5,200     Suit
Defendwear         250       Shirt
Hyperwear          350       Shirt
ArmorGlove         250       Glove
CyberGlove         300       Glove

Armor Shop 2 - Buy

                   Cost      Type
JunkHelm           130       Helmet
Yolk Hat           170       Helmet
FiberHood          210       Helmet
InfraScope         250       Helmet
LaserScope         300       Helmet
MirrorGlass        300       Helmet

Armor Shop 3 - Buy

                   Cost      Type
LeatherBoots       70        Boots
RubberShoes        130       Boots
JetBoots           250       Boots
FeatherBoots       210       Boots

Leather Shop - Sell

                   Price     Type
LeatherBoots       7         Boots
LeatherGlove       10        Glove
HardLeather        45        Armor
BeastLeather       100       Armor
FireLeather        400       Armor
CelestialLeather   800       Armor
DragonShield       3,000     Shield

Gold Shop - Buy/Sell
                   Cost      Type
GoldIngot          Various   Item

This shop works like this: The more gold you buy, the higher the price gets,
and the more gold you sell, the less you get for it.

Inn - 10 

Manhattan, Shrike, Luminous, Magic Kingdom, Kyo, Yorkland, Devin, 
Mosperiburg, Scrap, Owmi, Baccarat, Shingrow, Wakatu    


Shop at Nakajima Robotics - Buy

                   Cost      Type
RepairKit          20        Item
ElectroArmor       1,480     Armor
MissilePod         300       Laser
LightVulcan        450       Laser
LightningCannon    750       Laser
LaserCarbine       1,100     Laser
IonCannon          1,250     Laser
Bolt Thrower       1,880     Laser

Other Shop at Nakajima Robotics - Sell

                   Price     Type   
Knife              10        Sword
BroadSword         20        Sword
KukriBlade         20        Katana
LaserKnife         30        Sword
SamuraiSword       50        Katana
CeramicSword       60        Sword
TwinSword          80        Sword
Osc-Sword          110       Sword

Inn - Free

Koorong, Manhattan, Shrike, Luminous, Magic Kingdom, Kyo, Yorkland, Devin


Shopping Mall - Buy

                   Cost      Type
PearlHeart         1,500     Accessory
FireCrystal        1,500     Accessory
IceCrystal         1,500     Accessory
HarmoniumEarring   1,500     Accessory
BloodChalice       4,000     Accessory
PurpleEye          8,000     Accessory
WonderBangle       10,000    Shield
RING/Schemer       3,000*    Ring

*You can never buy the RING/Schemer. Every time you get enough money, 
the ring has been sold to lord of Owmi, and you can't get it.

Koorong, Manhattan, Shrike, Luminous, Magic Kingdom, Kyo, Yorkland, Devin

===Magic Kingdom===

Item Shop - Buy

                   Cost      Type
MagicStone         30        Item
Magicwear          100       Shirt
Magi-Water         200       Item
XMagi-Drink        1,000     Item
BoltCrystal        1,500     Accessory
RuneSword          2,850     Sword

Realm Magic Shop
EnergyChain        300
Implosion          500
PsychoArmor        300

Koorong, Manhattan, Shrike, Luminous, Magic Kingdom, Kyo, Yorkland, Devin


Item Shop - Buy

                   Cost      Type
MagicStone         30        Item
LuckyCoin          30        Item
UnluckyCoin        30        Item
FangAmulet         150       Accessory
WingAmulet         150       Accessory
FlowerAmulet       150       Accessory
SteelAmulet        150       Accessory
Budowear           210       Shirt

Mind Magic Dojo

MindHeal           300
Spellbound         300
Evaporate          300

Koorong, Manhattan, Shrike, Luminous, Magic Kingdom, Kyo, Yorkland, Devin


Light Magic Shop

SunRay             300
StarlightHeal      300
FlashFire          600
FlashFlood         300

Shadow Magic Shop

PowerGrab          600
Hidebehind         300
ShadowNet          300

Koorong, Manhattan, Shrike, Luminous, Magic Kingdom, Kyo, Yorkland, Devin


Item Shop - Buy

                   Cost    Type
Cure               15      Item
PowerCure          100     Item
MaxCure            300     Item
MagicStone         100     Item
ShadowDagger       160     Sword
DarkRobe           300     Armor

Port - None

(No Shops)

Inn - Free

Port: Koorong, Nelson


Lure of the Rune
VictoryRune        300
VitalityRune       300
HideRune           300
FreedomRune        300

Arcane Palace
Saber              300
Shield             300
Grail              300
Gold               150

Koorong, Manhattan, Shrike, Luminous, Magic Kingdom, Kyo, Yorkland, Devin 


Junk Shop - Buy
3 items            100, 300, 600, 1000, 3000

The junk shop works like this: You pay the lizard thingies at the counter 
(the price varies depending on how far you are into the game), then you go 
into the room and pick 3 items from the various boxes scattered around.

Junk Shop - Sell

                   Price   Type
RepairKit          20      Item
HyperScale         2,000   Armor
BehemothRifle      3,000   Gun
DuelGun            3,500   Gun
SuperMissile       5,500   Laser
HG-Cannon          6,000   Laser
LightRifle         8,500   Gun
HyperionBazooka    10,000  Laser

Inn - 10 

Port - Koorong only (Costs either 10, 100, or 10,000 Credits*)

The port in this town requires a payment to leave. On most cases, it's 100 
credits, but sometimes it's 10,000 Credits (In which case, they don't want 
you to leave). If you complete the Caballero Factory, (and only T260G and 
Riki can do this) The port's price will drop down to 10 Credits.
Note: If you don't have 100 Credits payment to leave, you'll still be able 
to leave, but you won't lose any money.


Armory - Buy

                   Cost    Type
Buckler            200     Shield
ShellShield        500     Shield
WarLordArmor       2,300   Armor
ZeroSword          4,000   Sword

Gold Shop - Buy
                   Cost    Type
GoldIngot          500     Item

Port - Owmi only


Gozarus' Mystic Shop - Buy

                   Cost    Type
Asura              3 LP    Sword
Tao-TiehPattern    2 LP    Accessory
ShadeRobe          1 LP    Armor
SandVessel         1 LP    Item

Mystic Magic 
GlassShield        500
Facination         300
PhantasmShot       300

Port - Koorong only


Item Shop - Buy

                   Cost    Type
Cure               30      Item
PowerCure          200     Item
MaxCure            600     Item
Antistone          100     Item
SnakeOil           100     Item
RepairKit          20      Item
HyperBlaster       10,000  Laser
GrainCannon        10,000  Laser

Port - Scrap only (One way)

(No Shops)

Koorong, Manhattan, Shrike, Luminous, Magic Kingdom, Kyo, Yorkland, Devin

(No Shops)

Port - Koorong only

(No Shops)

Port - Koorong only

(No Shops)

Port - Koorong only

(No Shops)

Port - Koorong only

(No Shops)

Port - Koorong only

(No Shops)

Koorong, Shrike, Luminous, Kyo, Devin, Owmi, Nelson

===TimeLord's Region===

Time Magic
DelayOrder         300
TimeLeap           600
ChaosStream        1,500
TimeEclipse        600

Port - None

===Kylin's Paradise===

Space Magic        
VaporBlast         400
Vanish             400
ReverseGravity     1,200
LightShift         400

Port - None

 8. Character List

Race: Human/Male
Skills: Sword/Fighting
Chapters Obtained: Red
Method for Obtaining: You start with him, he's the hero


Race: Human/Male
Skills: Magic
Chapters Obtained: Blue 
Method for Obtaining: Once again, he's the hero


Race: Half-Mystics/Female
Skills: Sword/Magic/Mystic Skills
Chapetrs Obtained: Asellus, Red, Emelia

Methods for Obtaining

Asellus: She's the hero, you start with her
Red: She's in a room on the Cygnus, you can only get her when the Cygnus 
is under attack by pirates. But after defeating the pirates, Asellus 
will leave your team and you can't get her back.
Emelia: On your first visit to Trinity Base, exit the harem room and she 
and White Rose will be standing next to a balcony, talk to them and a 
monster shows up. Defeat the monster and they join you


Race: Human/Female
Skills: Sword/Gun
Chapters Obtained: All

Methods for Obtaining

Emelia: She's the hero, you start with her
Everyone Else: Go to Devin and choose to collect the Arcane cards, then go 
to Baccarat and talk to the bunny lady in purple on the floor with the slot
machines. Climb to the highest floor until you see her and a gnome go into 
an elevator. Now go back down and go to the parking lot, the manhole is 
opened. Start to climb down and Emelia will join (or at least offer to)


Race: Human/Male
Skills: Sword
Chapters Obtained: All

Methods for Obtaining

Lute: He's the hero
T260G: Talk to him in the Scrap Pub and then go north to the Caballero 
Factory. Enter the building on the right and defeat the slime thingy, Lute 
will run in and join you.
Everyone Else: Just talk to him in the Scrap Pub, he'll join with no 


Race: Mec/Type 1
Starter Skills: None 
Chapters Obtained: T260G, Blue, Riki, Lute

Methods for Obtaining

T260G: He's the hero
Blue, Riki, Lute: Talk to him in the Scrap Pub, he'll join you under the 
name "T260"


Race: Lummox
Starter Skills: Tail, TailHit, Heal
Chapters Obtained: Riki, Blue, T260G, Lute, Emelia

Methods for Obtaining

Riki: He's the hero, I really need to go through this again???
Blue, T260G, Lute, Emelia: Talk to him at the Scrap Pub, he'll 
automatically join your party.


Race: Human/Male
Skills: Sword/Fighting (Alkaiser Skills)
Chapters Obtained: Red
Method for Obtaining: Make sure Red is either alone in battle, has a team 
of only Mecs, or every human/monster/mystic character in his heam is either
dead or has a status ailment (besides poison). The Command "AlkaiserChange"
will appear in Red's Command window, use it and Red will become Alkaiser 
until the end of the battle.
NOTE: Alkaiser can not gain HP, WP or any stats.


Race: Human/Male
Skills: Fighting (Alkaiser Skills)
Chapters Obtained: N/A
Method for Obtaining: He fights only in the opening battle against Shuzer 
at the beginning of Red's Chapter.


Race: Human/Male
Skills: Magic
Chapters Obtained: Red, Blue, Asellus, Emelia, Lute

Methods for Obtaining

Blue: When fighting Rouge, simply lose to him and he'll be the new hero.
Red, Asellus, Emelia, Lute: He's at the Luminous port, just talk to him.

Race: Human/Male
Skills: Sword/Gun
Chapters Obtained: Red, Blue, Emelia, Lute

Methods for Obtaining

Red Method 1: When the Cygnus is being attacked, Go into the big wooden 
door on the highest floor, Fuse will convince Roufas to join you once 
(Note: Roufas leaves after defeating Platyhooks)
Red Method 2: After getting Annie on your team, Go back to the restaurant 
in Koorong and talk to Roufas there. You now have a choice of getting 
either Roufas or Liza on your team, Choose Roufas to get him to join.
Red Method 3: Choose Liza at the restaurant, then see Blue and Lute's 
Emelia: Go talk to him at Mu's Tomb, he'll join no questions asked. Roufas 
will join you later anyway, that's just the method for getting him on your 
team early.
Blue and Lute: Choose to collect the runes, and then talk to him at Mu's 


Race: Human/Male
Skills: Sword/Fighting
Chapters Obtained: All

Methods for Obtaining

T260G: Gen will automatically join T260G after Thyme gets kidnapped
Riki: Talk to Gen in the Scrap Pub, then leave.  He will join you when you 
Everyone Else: Make sure you're collecting Arcane Cards. Try to travel to 
Wakatu, then talk to the skeleton in the lower section of Koorong, he will
tell you about Gen who is getting drunk in the Scrap Pub, which is where 
you'll now find him.


Race: Human/Male
Skills: Fighting/Sword
Chapters Obtained: All

Methods for Obtaining

Red Method 1: When the Cygnus gets attacked, Fuse will automatically join.
(Note: Fuse will leave after Platyhooks has been defeated)
Red Method 2: Talk to him in the Burger shop in Manhattan
Everyone Else: Collecting Arcane cards, go to IRPO and talk to the 
receptionist. Fuse will step out and offer to give you the Shield Card if 
you help him. You'll go on a mini-quest to a mountain in Mosperiburg. When 
you finish that, Fuse will join you.


Race: Human/Male
Skills: Fighting
Chapters Obtained: All But Blue
Method for Obtaining: Just talk to him and agree to help him protect his 
people from Nomad. 
(Note: He will automatically join Red and Riki)


Race: Human/Female
Skills: Sword/Gun/Magic
Chapters Obtained: Blue, Emelia, Lute, Riki, T260G
Method for Obtaining: Just talk to her in the Scrap Pub and accept her offer
to join.
(Note: Mei-ling will automatically join Riki)


Race: Human/Female
Skills: Sword/Gun
Chapters Obtained: All but T260G

Methods for Obtaining

Red: Talk to her outside the Koorong Restaurant and accept her offer to take
you to Shuzer Base.
Emelia: She will join in Despair from the beginning
Everyone Else: If you have the Hide, Victory, and Vitality Runes, Talk to 
her outside the Restaurant in Koorong. She'll offer to take you to the last
Rune in Despair, agree and she joins you.
Sometimes Annie will offer to take you to Despair without having the other
runes; I believe this is random though. 


Race: Human/Female
Skills: Fighting
Chapters Obtained: Red, Blue, Emelia

Methods for Obtaining

Red: After getting Annie on your team, go into the Koorong Restaurant and 
talk to Roufas. You'll now have the choice of getting either Roufas or Liza 
on your team. Choose Liza and she'll join you.
Blue: Get Roufas on your team and talk to Liza, she'll join.
Emelia: She'll automatically join you in Despair in the beginning.


Race: Human/Female
Skills: Sword/Magic
Chapters Obtained: Red
Method for Obtaining: Talk to her in the Shingrow Port and agree to help 
find her brother.

Capt. Hamilton
Race: Human/Female
Skills: Sword/Gun
Chapters Obtained: Lute
Method for Obtaining: Talk to her in the Owmi Restaurant, she'll leave and 
board ths ship to Nelson. Follow her, and once on the ship, talk to her in 
the Captain's Quarters, she'll join.


White Rose
Race: Mystics/Female
Skills: Mystic Skills, Light and Mystic Magics
Chapters Obtained: Asellus, Emelia, Red

Methods for Obtaining

Asellus: She's an important part of the storyline, look for her in her 
bedroom of Chateau Aiguille after Ildon joins you.
Emelia: In Trinity base, the same place as Asellus is.
Red: On the Cygnus during the attack, Same as Asellus. She leaves after 
beating Platyhooks.


Race: Mystics/Male
Skills: Mystic Skills/Magic
Chapters Obtained: Asellus
Method for Obtaining: Talk to Orlouge in the Throne room of Chateau 
Aiguille, Ildon will join you after some talk. He'll leave after you leave 
the chateau though.
To get him back, beat the sages and Lion Princess and look in one of 
Asellus's random happenings locations - Ildon will show up and rejoin, 
permanently this time.


Race: Mystics/Female (A Mermaid actually)
Skills: Mystic Skills/Mystic and Rune Magic
Chapters Obtained: All but T260G

Methods for Obtaining 

Asellus: Asellus will automatically meet this water mystic on her first trip
to Owmi, after completing lord manor though, Mesarthim will leave you. To 
get her back, see everyone elses methods.
Everyone Else: Return to the underground lake passage beneath Lord Manor 
(it's a room to the left to the giant squid). If you have a mystic (or 
Asellus) on your team, Mesarthim will offer to join.
Note: You *cannot* get Mesarthim if you have Silence in your team (because 
he's mute, and scares her), even if you have another Mystic (like Nusakan).
The exception is probably in Asellus's scenario.

(Quick question...HOW can Mesarthim wear boots?!?!?!?)


Race: Mystics/Male
Skills: Evil Magic (The only one who can use it too)
Chapters Obtained: Asellus, Emelia

Methods for Obtaining

Asellus: After completing the Dark Labyrinth, he'll join you.
Emelia: At the Trinity base, go right from the harem room, up the stairs, 
and into the second room there. You'll fight a few monsters, defeat them and
talk to the guard. It's actually Zozma in disguise.

Race: Mystics/Female
Skills: Mirage Magic (Once again, She's the only user of this magic)
Chapters Obtained: Asellus
Method for Obtaining: Visit Rei's room in Chateau Aiguille twice, once with 
Ildon and White Rose, and once with just White Rose. After completeing the 
Dark Labyrinth, talk to the Girl at the shrine in Devin, she will reveal 
herself as Princess Rei and offer to join you.


Dr. Nusakan
Race: Mystics/Male
Skills: Mystic Skills/Various magics
Chapters Obtained: Riki, Blue

Methods for Obtaining

Riki: While trying to save the billionaire's daughter from the evil spirit 
Mollasite, Mei-ling will tell you about a doctor in Koorong who could help 
the little girl. Go now to Koorong's Backstreet (the lower one with the 
birds) and enter the building there. Talk to the guy and enter the back 
room. Mei-ling will tell Nusakan about the problem and he'll join you.
Blue: Ask the purple haired guy in Koorong about runes and he'll tell you
about Nusakan. Go to Nusakan's office and he'll now join you.


Race: Mystics/Male
Skills: Magic
Chapters Obtained: All but T260G and Riki
Method for Obtaining: In Omble, find the shadow of Silence and agree to help 
him escape. When you leave, talk to Silence, the man standing in the shadows
and he will join you.


Race: Mystics/Male
Skills: Time Magic
Chapters Obtained: All but T260G and Blue
Method for Obtaining: Get the gift for Light or Shadow Magic, and Rune or 
Arcane Magic. From here, do the same thing you would do in Blue's Chapter,
except now, instead of fighting you, the TimeLord will either offer to join
you or sell you Time Magic.


Race: Ogre
Starter Skills: Feint, GroundHit, Dash, BoltBreath 
Chapters Obtained: All
Method for Obtaining: In Yorkland, talk to the orange giant next to the 
windmill, it's Thunder. If you have Lute on your team, Thunder will offer 
to join you.


Race: Tidi
Starter Skills: Assist, Heal, Needles, SuperSonic
Chapters Obtained: All
Method for Obtaining: In the Bio Research lab, Cotton is a prisoner. Find 
him and defeat the mad scientists who are guarding him. Cotton will jump 
out and join you. (To find out more, see Red's Chapter)


Race: Slime
Starter Skills: Solvent, HPDrain, Spoil
Chapters Obtained: All but Riki
Method for Obtaining: In Tanzer, defeat the big slimes and collect the 
Vitality Rune. When you are about to leave, this little pest sneaks into 
your team!! 


Race: Mandrake
Starter Skills: Bloodsucker, BrainCrush, SleepGas, Fang, SeedVulcan, Scream,
                Ink, ElfShot
Chapters Obtained: Asellus
Method for Obtaining: When you are in the Dark Labyrinth, find and talk to
the little turnip monster there. When you leave, it will join you.


Race: DeathLord
Starter Skills: Kusanagi, MinionStrike, Deathsynthesis, HPDrain, SacredSong
Chapters Obtained: All
Method for Obtaining: Find the 3 items in Sei's Tomb, and place them on the 
alter. Enter the secret room and fight Sei, if you will, he will offer to 
join you or give you something. 
(Note: Sei will join Riki without fighting)


Race: SuzakuJr.
Starter Skills: FireBreath, FireBarrier, Wing, GliderSpike
Chapters Obtained: All 
Method for Obtaining: When on the Mosperiburg mountain (while searching for
the Shield Card), fight the fairy in the very first area. Then go past this
area until you come to an icy area where 3 boars are running around. There
should be a snowman. (If there isn't a snowman, just keep going back and 
defeating the fairy until it appears.) When the snowman finally appears, 
defeat it (it's tough) and return to the cave where you may have seen a 
frozen Phoenix before, now that the snowman has been defeated, the Suzaku is
thawed out and flying around the room. Talk to him and he will join.


Race: KylinJr.
Starter Skills: All Space magics + Kylin'sSong and Photosynthesis
Chapters Obtained: All but Blue
Method for Obtaining: Get the gifts for either Light or Shadow magics, and
the gift for Rune or Arcane magic and go to the shrine at Devin ask Rei 
about Space Magic, she will send you to Kylin's Paradise. Follow Blue's 
walkthrough here and when you reach the end of Kylin's Maze, he will either
join you or teach you Space Magic.


Race: Mec/Type 6
Starter Skills: Crosshair, RangeFire
Chapters Obtained: All but Asellus and Emelia
Method for Obtaining: Just talk to him at Nakajima Robotics, if you have
any sort of mec on your team, EngineerCar will offer to join you.


Race: Mec/Type 4
Starter Skills: HypnoFlash
Chapters Obtained: Red
Method for Obtaining: Talk to him in the nurses office in the Cygnus.


Race: Mec/Type 2
Starter Skills: Jammer
Chapters Obtained: Red
Mathod for Obtaining: Talk to him in the Kyo Garden (after Red has left the


Race: Mec/Type 3
Starter Skills: None
Chapters Obtained: T260G
Method for Obtaining: Find the robot mouse in Sei's Tomb and return it to
the men at Nakajima Robotics. They will unveil ZEKE who will then offer
to join you.


Race: Mec/Type 6 (He's not really a type 6 mec...that's just what it says.)
Starter Skills: HypnoFlash, EnergySupply
Chapters Obtained: T260G
Method for Obtaining: After finding the power source in the Shingrow Ruins,
return to Leonard labs and this robotic version of Leonard will join you.


Race: Mec/Type 5
Starter Skills: ShootingMastery
Chapters Obtained: T260G
Method for Obtaining: When Leonard joins you, go back to the laser shop in
the backstreet of Koorong and talk to the shopkeeper mec. He will offer to
join you.

===Quick Reference List===

A * Next to the X means that character won't stay with you the whole game

         Red    Blue   Asellus   T260G   Emelia   Lute   Riki
Red        X
Blue               X
Asellus    X*              X                 X
Emelia     X       X       X        X        X       X      X
Lute       X       X       X        X        X       X      X
T260G              X                X                X      X
Riki               X                X        X       X      X

Rouge      X       X       X                 X       X
Roufas     X       X                         X       X
Gen        X       X       X        X        X       X      X
Fuse       X       X       X                 X       X      X
Fei-on     X               X        X        X       X      X
Mei-ling           X                X        X       X      X*
Annie      X       X       X                 X       X      X
Liza       X       X                         X
Doll       X
Hamilton                                             X

WhiteRose  X*              X*                X
Ildon                      X
Mesarthim  X       X       X                 X       X      X
Zozma                      X                 X
Rei                        X
Nusakan            X                                        X
Silence    X       X       X                 X       X
TimeLord   X               X                 X       X      X

Thunder    X       X       X        X        X       X      X
Cotton     X       X       X        X        X       X      X
Slime      X       X       X        X        X       X
RedTurnip                  X
Sei        X       X       X        X        X       X      X
Suzaku     X       X       X        X        X       X      X
Kylin      X               X        X        X       X      X

Eng. Car   X       X                X                X      X
BJ&K       X
Rabbit     X
ZEKE                                X
Leonard                             X
PzkwV                               X
 9. Character Growth, Learning Special abilities, ect.
There are many methods to learning new ablilities, here's how it's done.

---Learning Swordskills---
Learning swordskills is a relatively easy process, but it can prove to be
quite time consuming. Start by using your most basic attack, that is, just
attack with your sword. Asura and Kusanagi are the lone exception to this
rule, as their magical-based attacks cancel the learing process. Your sword
fighters seem to learn better with straightforward swords equipped, not
Knives or Rods. If you're not learning, it probably means the enemy is too
weak. Use your basic attack on enemies that are stronger that you are, and 
the learning rate SKYROCKETS!! Two goot examples here are the Bio Research
Lab in Shrike, and the Swamp at Yorkland, as the enemies here are usually
much stronger that you. Another reason you may not be learning, it that you
don't have any open slots on your skill list. You MUST have at LEAST one 
open space, or you won't be able to learn. I suggest equipping a maximum of
6 sword skills. This way, you can learn up to 2 attacks per battle, while 
still being mastered. To learn Katana Techs, simply attack with katanas,
learn katana techs seems to be more random than anything else. To learn
2 sword attacks, you MUST have 2 swords equipped, and like katana techs, 2
sword attacks seem to pop up at random. Deflect, CrossDeflect, Kasumi, and
Godless are learned randomly from the enemy attacking you. Some lower level
sword skills may lead to upper level swordskills if used enough. This can
be a way to learn super skills faster, or maybe it's the only way to learn
them at all... Here are some examples:

Thrust       ---} ThunderThrust ---} TripleThrust
DeadEnd      ---} RosarioImpale ---} LifeSprinkler
WheelSlash   ---} Haze-to-Wheel
HeadWind     ---} TurbidCurrent
NoMoment     ---} Still Stream
SwallowSwing ---} GaleSlash
Smash        ---} BearCrush
Heaven/Hell  ---} DeadEnd
WillowBranch ---} RisingNova
There are many others, but these are just a few prime examples.

After several basic moves have been mastered, you're very likely to learn
a few master, or "Ultimate" attacks. These include RosarioImpale, Haze-to-
Wheel, and LifeSprinkler.

---Learning Fighting tecniques---
Learning fighting techniques is basically the same as learning swordskills, 
except you must use punch instead. Fighting skills, while generally weaker 
than swordskills, contain a secret skill which is more powerful than any 
swordskill...but it's somewhat difficult to's name?...DSC!!!
DSC (or Dream Super Combo, as the guide book calls it), can only be learned
by learning and equipping four specific fighting moves: Sliding, Suplex,
BabelCrumble, and GiantSwing. DSC, when used, will use anywhere from 3 
moves (all except GiantSwing, inflicts minimal, but still high damage), 4
moves (all the moves listed, VERY powerful), or 5 moves!! (All 4 moves plus
an extra Suplex thrown in at the end; inflicts over 20,000 damage!!!) 

Like swordskills, some fighting moves can only be learned by using certain
other fighting moves. Here are some examples:

AirThrow ---} Suplex, BabelCrumble, LocomotionG, GiantSwing, SkyTwister
Kick     ---} Sliding, Rotation Kick, TriangleKick, Corkscrew

Ultimate attacks include Corkscrew, Lastshot, SkyTwister, and of course, 

---Alkaiser Techniques---
Learning Alkaiser's special skills is very similar to learning normal sword
and fighting skills, except for the fact that only Alkaiser can learn and 
use them. Start by using Alkaiser's RaySword until you learn BrightFist.
Here is the easiest way to learn his skills:

RaySword   ---} KaiserWing, KaiserSmash
RaySword   ---} BrightFist 
BrightFist ---} (All Other Alkaiser techs except Re-Al-Phoenix)
Al-Phoenix ---} Re-Al-Phoenix

Al-Phoenix and Re-Al-Phoenix are both ultimate moves capable of massive 
damage. FinalCrusade can only be learned from beating either Shuzer or 
Arachne, it can't be learned normally.

Learning Magic is EASY! If you have the gift for a type of magic, simply use
a spell from that catagory and you may learn a new spell of that class at 
the end of the battle. This is determined by Intellegence, the higher it is,
the easier it is to learn new magics. Best of all, you don't need empty 
slots in your skill list to learn new magic either!!
The Ultimate magics in each catagory are as follows (According to the game):

Realm:  VermilionSand 
Mystic: MirrorShade
Light:  LightSword 
Shadow: DarkSphere
Rune:   StasisRune (ehem...the game maker was obviously blind)
Arcane: Tower
Mind:   LifeWave
Evil:   RavaBarrire (Unobtainable)
Time:   OverDrive
Space:  Vortex
Life:   Both Sacrifice and Reviva
Mirage: ???

---Gun Techniques---
These are learned like magic. Simply use a basic gun attack or another gun
tech and you may learn a new one at the end of battle. You don't need free
slots to learn these.

---Mec Skills---
Used by Mecs, These can be absorbed by any enemy mec. do a variety of things
from restoring mecs WP, to skills that let you avoid dangerous attacks, 
to attacks capable of massive destruction. Of course, to get more powerful
programs, you must defeat more powerful enemies. Also, be sure to absorb any
boss mecs (MBlack, MecGod, etc.) as they always have good programs waiting
for you. Certain Mecs have certain skills that only they can use, and are 
enhanced by the weapons or armor they currently have. Here are some 

Type 1: (No Special Skills)
Type 2: CounterECM, SatelliteLinker
Type 3: KAMIKAZE-Crush
Type 4: ???
Type 5: ???
Type 6: Crosshair, RangeFire, EnergySupply, InterceptSystem
Type 7: ???
Type 8: ???

I don't know type 4, 5, 7, and 8's special skills because I haven't really
bothered to play around with them yet.

NEVER underestimate the power of Mecs!!

---Monster Skills---
Monsters, like mecs, gain their skills from absorbing enemy monsters. When 
you absorb a monster, you gain a new skill and your monster will most likely
change it's form. Also notice that monsters have 8 slots for skills, but one
of them is reddish orange. When you absorb a skill, it appears here. If you
like it, you can move it out of that slot, thus enabling you to keep that 
skill permanently. And if you don't like a skill you currently have, or have
all 8 slots full, absorbing a new monster will delete the skill in the 
orange slot and replace it with the new skill.

Say Riki learns MagicHeal by absorbing an enemy.  Go to his Equip Ability 
screen and move MagicHeal from the bottom slot, to one of the empty slots.  
Now, the next time he absorbs an ability, it will go into the bottom slot, 
and he can use both it and MagicHeal.  

Easy enough? 

---Mystic Skills---
Mystics can absorb monster skills in their "MysticSword", "MysticGlove", and
"MysticBoots" if they kill an enemy with them. Not only does this allow use
of some pretty powerful abilities, but it also raises their stats!!

 10. Credits
- [email protected] for the info on petrifying the giant
- [email protected] for the Boss's HP list, a lot of the mystic absorb
  chart, and various other additions and corrections
- [email protected] for another tip concerning that giant, the
  DoubleSlash trick, and the method for beating Sei
- [email protected] for the ENTIRE Monster/Treasure chart and a few other 
  minor things
- [email protected] for the restoring WP trick
- [email protected] for informing me that you don't HAVE to beat Berva   
  in The northern Shingrow ruin
- [email protected] for giving me RedTurnip's starter skill list
- [email protected] for the quick team member reference list,
  making the FAQ's Logo, writing most of the Emelia walkthrough, and for 
  managing to sneak his favorite word, Dullard, into this FAQ!!
- [email protected] for reminding me to add BJ&K and EngineerCar to Red's 
  list of characters (For some unknown reason, I forgot to include them...)
- a amebix [email protected] for a few additions to some charts
- [email protected] for the SplashSword's stats and a few list additions
- [email protected] for various additions to the secrets list
- [email protected] for more list contributions
- [email protected] for adding to the "skill boosters" in the skill 
  learning section
- [email protected] for some info on the Rune/Arcane quest team members
- [email protected] for a DragonShield trick

and special thanks to my mother, for helping me fix many (grammical and 
punctuational) mistakes. And for putting up with me through this whole 
If you'd like to help me with this FAQ, mail me at [email protected], 
using the preferred subject line of "SaGa Frontier" or "FAQ" or 
something like that.

Yeah, I'm sure you've seen this on EVERY other FAQ, but I'll say it 

This FAQ may be used on any page as long as it is not altered, I am 
given full credit for it, and I would like to be notified first if 
possible. Please don't try to steal my work, I don't want to have to start 
an idiot list!!!

The Unofficial SaGa Frontier FAQ (c) 1998 by Matt Hobbs. 
SaGa Frontier (c) 1997, 1998  Square 

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