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Dungeon Hack

  The Somewhat Complete Strategy Guide
  Version 1.3 (3-2-00)

by Dan Simpson ([email protected], ICQ: 185116)

   Email Policy:  If you are going to email me about this game, please put
                  Dungeon Hack as the subject.  Just Dungeon Hack.  Also please
                  realize that I am not hiding cheats or any other information,
                  i.e. everything I know about Dungeon Hack is in this guide.

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| people who saw an old version asking about things that are already in the    |
| newer versions.  Well, maybe there are worse things, but it IS annoying!     |
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| A true walkthrough of Dungeon Hack is by far impossible because of the fact  |
| that no two games are the same.  However, it is possible to list all the     |
| enemies, and the types of level situations that you will run into.           |

What's New in 1.3:
  - Added a note from smilingesper about Spiritual Hammers
  - Other Small Changes

  For a complete Version History, check out the Final Words Section at the end
  of the FAQ.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Basics
  2. The Levels
  3. The Enemies
  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  Final Words...

1. The Basics

Character Creation:
  You probably don't want to go into a Dungeon as a straight class of anything.
  Why?  Because you need both fighting skills and spells!  You're best bet is
  probably either a Fighter/Cleric or a Fighter/Mage/Cleric.  You REALLY need
  Cleric spells, and Mage spells are a good bonus.  Why do you need Cleric
  spells?  Not only to heal yourself (unless you like sleeping for days at a
  time to get your HP back), but also to get Create Food/Water and Underwater
  Breathing spells.

  Another good class is Mage/Cleric.  You can't really play this game without
  having Cleric spells.  Yes, I'm aware that both Paladins and Rangers get
  Cleric spells, but not for a great many levels!

Choosing a Difficulty Level:
  There are 3 main difficulty levels (Easy, Moderate, Hard) in this game.  Those
  are fairly self explanatory.  You can also customize your game if you would
  like a hard experience but with more food than a hard game normally has, for
  example.  There is one option you might want to get rid of, and that is
  "Character Death Real", which means that if you die, all your saved games are
  lost as well.  Not fun.

  One of the best ways to fight in Dungeon Hack is to have a Primary Weapon (try
  to get the most magical one that you can find, a Mace +2 is better than a
  Long Sword +1), plus you should use your Belt to hold 3 missile weapons.
  Then when you fight a battle, hit first with your primary weapon, then throw
  your best missile weapon.  Quickly pick it back up and throw it again.  And
  finally hit again with your primary weapon.  Repeat as necessary.  The only
  time that you want to use the rest of your missile weapons is if you fail to
  hit, and the first missile goes right past the enemy.

  You can rest any time you get about 4 or 5 squares away from all enemies.
  There is not punishment for resting, so do it anytime you lose some HP!

  To cast a spell (either Cleric or Mage) you need to first have the Holy Symbol
  or Mage Book equipped in a hand, then click on it like to attack.  This opens
  your Spell List.  Now you no longer need to have the Holy Symbol/Mage Book
  equipped.  You can cast as many spells as you want, the only problem is that
  while you are casting spells you can't see the small map!

Books, Scrolls, and Other Items:
  Always save it before looking at a Book or a Scroll.  These can often be
  cursed!  Of course, you will also find a lot of valuable Books, such as
  Manuals of Strength (which permanently raises your strength by a point!).
  You need not worry about journal pages, they are always safe.

  This comes to me from smilingesper:

  It might be worth including how Spiritual Hammers are THE weapon in the 
  game...they do good damage (especially at high levels), you can use two at 
  once, and even if they miss they attack again when coming back...it's like 4 
  attacks at once...and furthermore you can move backward while throwing so the 
  enemy can't hit you.  They last really long too, more than enough for you to 
  rest and re-memorize...And they can't be absorbed by Living Mucks. ;-)

2. The Levels

Always explore the level completely!  You never know what you might find, a new
armor, a very nice weapon, a devastating wand.  The later levels get really
tough and you need all the items that you can get!

Tip: Don't just walk around looking at the map!  You will miss niches in the
     walls, and switches on the walls that open up new passages.

Each level has 2 normal types of enemies in them.  Plus some levels also have
a "boss".  Not really a boss, but just a much harder enemy of which you will
only find one.  Usually near the stairs down.

Tip: The spell "True Seeing" is your friend!  Not only does it work like a
     Detect Magic spell turning all magic items blue, but it also reveals the
     hidden passageways.  (you can't see them on the map, but you can see them
     on the normal screen)

If you fall down a pit, you can use the Grappling Hook to get back up.

Tip: When you find the stairs down to the next level, but you haven't finished
     exploring your current level yet, quickly go down them then back up.  Why?
     You get experience for passing the level!

Almost every item you get is used to open a door somewhere.  Bull's Horns, Tiger
Eyes, Agate Gems, etc.  When you find a locked door with a weird thing by it
that when you click it says "something is missing", you have found the lock.
Now you just have to put the right object there.  Tiger Eyes go onto a tiger,
Bulls' horn onto a bull, etc.  The harder ones are the Gems.  You can usually
see other gems, or sometimes just a similar color and texture to know which gem
to use.  Finally there are also other items like Red/Blue/Purple Mallets, which
you use on similarly colored Gongs.

Often you find the Key by killing an enemy somewhere.

Tip: Most doors open via a button that is located right on the door.  However,
     some open with a button that is located on another wall, try looking to the
     side, or across on the opposite wall.  Also realize that some buttons don't
     LOOK like buttons.  If you see an odd looking wall across from a door,
     click it to see if anything happens.

Once you reach the end of the Dungeon you will find the BOSS.  He could be any
number of creatures, and usually isn't too tough.  Once you beat him the game

Now for some tips on some things that you will find in various dungeons:

Underwater Level:  Make sure to have plenty of "Underwater Breathing" a cleric
                   spell of the Third Level.  Cast this and you will be fine.
                   If you don't have this spell you will take a small amount of
                   damage with every step and be unable to rest.
                   Typical Enemies: Water Elemental, Water Weird

No Magic Zone:     This isn't a full level.  You'll know that you have entered
                   a No Magic Zone because you will have "a strange tingling".
                   While in the Zone you can't cast any spells.  However, any
                   spells you already had cast are still in effect.

Darkness:          This one is fairly annoying.  You can't see anything.  Since
                   your map still works that means that you have to use that
                   exclusively while in the Darkness.  So if you see a blue dot
                   you have to try to pick it up.  If there is a door you have
                   to find out how to open it, which could include unlocking it.
                   Finding a keyhole isn't so difficult.  They are always about
                   2/3 up the wall, so just grab a key and try to put it in the
                   center of the wall 2/3 up.

3. The Enemies

Enemies often have a range of hit points, that is, two enemies of the same type
often WON'T have the same amount of hit points!  Also realize that some enemies
have items on them that could be of great importance, so don't run away from

Bone Naga



Chimera:      Shoots little bolts of fire at you.

Ettin:        A large tough two headed giant.  Very powerful, and very dangerous
              (if not feyr dangerous).

Flesh Golem:  These move slowly, so hit and then drop back by 2 steps to wait
              for them to come up, then hit them again.  Repeat.  You shouldn't
              get hit at all.  Warning!  Don't back into new enemies/pits/traps
              or you may end out in a far worse situation than a mere Flesh



Grave Mist

Greater Feyr: A very tough enemy in that he ignores your armor class.  Never
              ever fight two of these at once!  If you are forced to, do this:
              hit one of them a few times, then run away, rest, and come back.
              Repeat as necessary.

Greater Medusa

Groaning Spirit


Living Muck:  One of the worst enemies EVER.  If you attack him with a sword,
              the sword will be ABSORBED into the Muck!  If you kill him you may
              get your things back, but still... that's evil! (it's not likely
              that you will get anything back, however!)  So attack with spells.
              One good and easy spell to use is Flame Blade, you can use it to
              attack like a weapon, but it can't be absorbed!




Ogre Slug:    These big things have a 50% protection against blunt weapons, that
              is, if you hit them with a mace you do half damage.



Shade Warrior

Shade Wizard


Shambling Mound

Sheet Ghoul

Slithermorph: At first glance you might mistake this for a Living Muck, but then
              its Snake Body pops out to attack.


Spirit Naga

Sword Wraith: To even hit these you need a very magical weapon.  For example the
              Mace of High Priest Myrh works, wheras a Long Sword +1 does not.



Undead Beast

Watch Ghost

Water Elemental

Water Weird

Wight:        Steals your levels!  Save it before you tangle with these guys,
              and if you lose levels, restore it.  (Lvl 7 Cleric, Restoration)



4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  | Q:  I just threw a missile weapon, and now I can't find it!                |
  |                                                                            |
  | A:  It's possible that you threw it through an illusionary wall.  Go       |
  |     straight ahead from where you threw it, and try going through the      |
  |     wall.                                                                  |
  | Q:  What are Coins for?                                                    |
  |                                                                            |
  | A:  There are 2 types of coins, silver and gold.  You will find a weird    |
  |     looking thing in walls that looks like a small Blue Gong with a slot   |
  |     under it.  Put a coin into the slot.  Silver gives you all HP, Gold    |
  |     gives you all HP and cures your status (like poison).                  |
  | Q:  I've found a door that I just can't open!  There's no buttons, or      |
  |     locks!                                                                 |
  |                                                                            |
  | A:  This means that you are on the wrong side of the door, there is a      |
  |     lock/button but that it is on the other side.  Heh.                    |
  | Q:  I lost my weapon attacking some weird black blob, how can I get it     |
  |     back?                                                                  |
  |                                                                            |
  | A:  You can't.  If the weapon doesn't reappear (and it shouldn't) when you |
  |     defeat the Living Muck, then it is gone for good.  This is really bad  |
  |     when you lose a Named Weapon (like the Mace of High Priest Myrh).      |
  | Q:  Help! It won't let me cast spells!                                     |
  |                                                                            |
  | A:  That just means that you are in a No Magic Zone.  Move around until    |
  |     you get out of it.                                                     |

Final Words...

Online Resources:
  http://www.interplay.com/        -- the Interplay site
  http://www.gamefaqs.com/         -- the best FAQs site on the net!
  http://www.cheatcc.com/          -- a great place for all your cheating needs

ASCII Art created using SigZag by James Dill:   (freeware!)

This FAQ was writen entirely using the GWD Text Editor:  (shareware)

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  I have also written FAQs for:
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                  Dungeon Hack as the subject.  Just Dungeon Hack.  Also please
                  realize that I am not hiding cheats or any other information,
                  i.e. everything I know about Dungeon Hack is in this guide.

Version History:
Original Version 1.0 (9-21-99, 10k)
Changes in Version 1.1 (9-22-99, 14k)
  Added lots of new FAQs
  Added a whole slew of new enemies
  Small Changes
Changes in Version 1.2 (2-29-00, 18k)
  Small Changes
  And Some Small Format Changes
Changes in Version 1.3 (3-2-00, 19k)
  Added a note from smilingesper about Spiritual Hammers
  Other Small Changes


  "The parchment crumbles to dust."

This Document is Copyright 1999 by Dan Simpson

I am not affiliated with anyone who had anything to do with the creation of this 
game.  This FAQ may be posted on any site so long as NOTHING IS CHANGED and you 
EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting it.  You may not charge for, or in any 
way profit from this FAQ.

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