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`                   AMBERSTAR - Thalion
`                 Playguide by Brian Burke

~Continued from previous article...


Time to make use of those Mushrooms by exploring Mera's garden

Map reference 140/265

Map on a 33 x 48 Grid

Located southeast of the jetty on the west side of the island.

After you've talked to Mera and benefited from her magic mushrooms
talk to her to discover that she's lost her Broom. Enter the
garden to say "Mera" to the Puzzlemouth. If you don't have a full
complement of heads you can recruit the cat. Talk to the cat
anyway to learn of the Frog Pond.

Go down the ladder to enter the Caves in the southwest corner.
Two steps in, you Teleport to the east. Enter the false wall south
and the wheel on the wall opens the northern end of the passage
you just Teleported from.  Regain this passage by moving east
through a false wall and head north then east to enter a door
west. Enter the Teleport to be transported into the centre east of
the map.

Ignore the Teleport to the north here as this sends you back
outside the Caves.  Instead head northeast to find the Labyrinth
Key. Now thread your way to the southwest of this area to find a
Keyhole in the Wall where you use the Labyrinth Key. This opens up
the route to the south and east.

Just before the door east is a passage with a wheel at the end.
Ignore this for the moment. The wheel opens up a passage behind
you to the west. Go east and thoroughly explore the area to the
east. You'll find five sets of Gems.  You'll receive around 550
Gold for each gem from the Shopkeepers.

After picking all the Gems up go south and west to find three more
sets of Gems and a Puzzlemouth in the southwest corner. This
puzzle took me ages, the answer is "Sprite". The passage to the
west opens up and at the end is the missing Broom.

Back to the small passage with the wheel. Once activated go west
and down a passage west. Watch for the spinner halfway down. Enter
a door north.  Thread your way through a series of False Walls and
impassable passages to enter a door to the east in the northeast
section of this maze.  Ignore the Teleport to the southeast as it
takes you back outside to caves.

In the passage west there are some Rocks. These are an illusion.
You must now cast an Anti-Magic spell to avoid being Teleported
out the caves should you step beyond the rocks. Explore the rooms
to the north to find four Chests containing Jewels and Gems.

Once through the room with many pillars you head south and east to
go up to the northeast where the Sprites concede defeat. Now
return to one of the exit Teleports to return the Broom to Mera.
She tells you of the Frog Pond.


This is located to the southeast of Mera's House. Enter the trees
and the Pond area is enlarged. Talk to each Frog until one answers
and tells you his sorry tale. Swim to the island in the centre and
underneath the rock is a Piece of Amberstar.


Warning - you are advised to have decent swimming stats before

Map reference 315/076

Map on a 9 x 18 Grid but there are Five non-Automap areas off.

Located in the rocks at the end of the Desert northeast of

Entry point is in the mid south. Meet the Puzzlemouth and say
"Jasmin".  This name derived from talking to Olfin in the Jewel
Inn in Crystal. Forward to meet a Planthulk to the east and
another in the room south of here.

Going through the door north and heading west will bring another
Planthulk battle. North and east via Area C meet the final
Planthulk monster.  Taking the five outer areas in the following
sequence -


Area A. - Fight Krakens on the shore line, hang about and tempt
them onto the beach, or in the shallows if your swimming abilities
are up to it.  When they're all kaput head to the opposite shore
line and take the Lily from the altar.

Area B. - Same tactics as in Area A with the Krakens. The target
shoreline is to the west. Then north to discover the Forget-me-not
flower on the altar.

Area C. - This links rooms together. You'll now meet Trents which
are Tree Monsters and they're tougher than Krakens. There are a
few of these to dispose of before crossing a bridge to find
another cave entrance.

Area D. - More Krakens. Head north to find Clover.

Area E. - Krakens yet again. Then go northwest to find the altar
and a Rose.

Head for the Temple and use your flowers in the following order -
Cloverleaf, Rose, Lily and Forget-me-nots. Head north to hear the
voice telling you that you are worthy. You can now either sell the
Flower to Olfin for around 5500 Gold or be noble and trade it with
Gwendolin for a Teleport directly into Sanri's Temple. If you're
low on experience and hits points I'd recommend calling in on
Olfin and taking the cash.


Map reference - 157/134

Located west of Crystal in a clearing deep in the woods.

Map on a 23 x 16 Grid.

There are entry points north, south, east and west. Entering from
the north you will immediately see statues. The statues carry the
names of the Guardians of the Eyrie. More of the Eyrie in a
moment. The names are -
      Tillien - the First Guardian
      Gelinda - the Second
      Solomon - the Third
      Elathon - the Fourth
      Pelanis - the Fifth

Pelanis is the current Guardian and it is he you must talk to
to learn of the quest you must undertake. Successful completion
gains the gift of a magic flute that summons your own personal
flying machine - a friendly eagle.  Pelanis lives in the southeast
of the town. He'll tell you the tale of the female Dragon and how
she threatens the Eyrie. You must destroy the unhatched dragon egg
and slay the Dragon as well.

To reach the island home of the Dragon you can use a raft that is
moored at a jetty to the northwest of Illien. The Dragon's pretty
tough so your Party need to be in good shape before confronting

Elsewhere in Illien is a very useful Herb shop in the northwest
and an even more useful Potion shop south of here. Wandering
around this area is Samrais who'll tell you about the Dragon and
Pelanis. There's a shop in the centre of the village and a Temple
is in the southwest. In the southeast is a Ration shop where
rations only cost 10 Gold.

The pathway to the Inn is from the east. Before taking the
northern route to the Inn go south and talk to Bothor. Say
"Amberstar" to receive a letter to his uncle Donner. Donner is
working a mine in the south of the island. The entrance is
directly west of the jetty which itself is west of Gemstone. Cross
the river to find the cave entrance.

In the Inn there's an amusing encounter with the landlord's wife,
particularly if you've noted the ladder outside the Inn earlier.
You'll find Kelvin inside. He'll tell you about his lost Harp and
that the Riddle Master has it. The Riddle Master's Tower is
located on an island way down southeast of the island. Take a
bearing from the most eastern point east of the White Wizard Tower
and sail your boat south until you sight the island. Use the
Crystal Ball as a navigation aid. You'll also meet Thaer who tells
you about the harp.

Sub quests identified, in order of battle difficulty -

   1. Donner's Mine
   2. Tower of Riddles
   3. Dragon Island


Map reference 090/359

Cave entrance in rocks located due west of Gemstone. You can
enquire about Donner in the Inn.

Map on a 28 x 9 Grid.

Entry point is from the southeast heading west. Keep south and
west to use your Pickaxe on rocks prior to fighting Caverats to
the north.

Forgive my memory but I believe that there's a set of Bones to be
found at the end of the passage here. Search them to find loads of
Treasures - 845 Gold, 3 Lockpicks and weapons, armour and a

Return to take a passage north. Keep north to go west through a
door and west again to fight more Caverats. Go south then west and
meet Spiders.  Follow the passage north and just before the
passage turn east again find the door that leads to Donner. At the
end of the passage east is a barrel containing four Torches.

Look for Donner and give him Bothor's letter. He'll then tell you
about the Dwarven Crown into which is set a piece of the
Amberstar. The Dwarves live in a Volcano in a valley to the east
of Twinlake. If you bring the Crown back to Donner he'll prise the
Amberstar free for you.

Take the letter Donner gives back to Bothor in Illien. He'll tell
you about the Puzzlemouth password necessary to enter the Dwarf


Map reference - Tower - 365/368
                Riddle Masters House - 377/361

Located on an island way down southeast of the main island.

Map 5 levels - all on 9 x 9 grids.

Visit the Riddle Master in his house to talk about Kelvin and his
Harp.  The Riddle Master throws down a challenge and gives you the
Key to his Tower which is located on a nearby island.

Entry point on the first section is from the east. Use the key on
the first door and go northwest to find a Puzzlemouth. Say "Ear".
This opens up a door behind the Party in the centre of the map and
releases Rats. Fight the Rats and head northeast to find Stairs to
the next section.

Entry point here is from the northeast heading west. A passage
south leads to a Pit which merely drops you down to level one.
Take the second passage south and fight more Rats then head east
through six false walls before going north to a Puzzlemouth.
There's another Puzzlemouth two squares west of this one - go
south and north again to find it. The Riddles are inter-related
and took a 'phone call to Germany to resolve. I was climbing the
walls for a week and my Thesaurus wasn't helping at all.  To the
question "It flew featherless, into a tree leafless. Who ate it?"
The answer is "Sun". To the question "A woman came mouthless and
ate the Bird featherless. Who was flying?" The answer is "Snow".
Easy when you know how!

The correct answers open up a corridor east in the western passage
where Rats are waiting. Ignore the Teleport to the south as it
merely sends you back down again. Head north and east to climb
another set of stairs.

Entry point in the Third Section is from the mid-east. Ahead of
the Party is a Puzzlemouth. "What has no body but is still
visible?" answer "Shadow". The rocks to the north disappear. There
are Purpurslimes (yes, that is the right word!) waiting to the
northwest and east. Once disposed of, go to the western corridor
and south through a door to meet another set of these strangely
named monsters.

Round a couple of corners to another Puzzlemouth. To the riddle
"Neither air nor wind are as fast as I, I travel through worlds
never seen by human eye. I am here and there in seconds", forget
turning up your copy of Cosmos, the answer is "Thought". The rocks
south of the first Puzzlemouth open up allowing access to Stairs
in the southeastern area.

Entry point on the fourth level is heading north in the eastern
half of the level. There's an anti-light square on the third
square up just before the door. Ignore the Teleport in the passage
south beyond the door as this takes you right back to a sarcastic
Riddle Master. Enter the door that leads south to find a
Puzzlemouth. "Once white as snow, then green as clover, then red
as blood. You know me well". Answer "Cherry"

The route south down the extreme west passage opens but you must
fight three sets of Skeletons on your way to the next Stairway. In
addition there are two Anti-light squares in the southern passage.

Entry point in the fifth and final section is in the northeast.
South through a couple of doors to fight Rats just beyond the
second door. Then through a third door in the west to fight
Purpurslimes. North to a Puzzlemouth, "It is a beautiful bridge.
No man has ever crossed it. It is a wonderful sight because the
waters hang over it". Answer "Rainbow".

The wall north opens and you fight another set of Purpurslimes.
There are then four sets of stairs in front of the Party. From the
west -

1. Fight Purpurslimes in the north and south rooms.

2 Go north to find the harp in a Chest to the west. You can use
the Teleport to exit the Tower.

3. Go south to fight Sprites and Goblins.

4. To the north and south fight Skeletons and Mummies.

Return to the Riddle master and use the "EYE" on the Harp to
receive the last riddle. "You do it all the time. It is nothing
but it is everything. It is the greatest riddle of all in the
Universe" (wow!). Answer "Life".  I think that you now receive a

Back to the Tower to use the harp at the point in the first
corridor where you hear the Harp. A door opens up to the south.
Head west fighting one set of rats and discover 2158 Gold, A
Sickle of Returning (Boomerang), a Pipe of Levitation and a Wand
of Winds.  Hightail it back to Illien and return the harp to
Kelvin who gives you a Piece of Amberstar as a reward. It's fun to
play the Harp as there are 19 separate pieces of music with some
intriguing titles, I was quite loathe to hand it back!


Be ____ well prepared with Rations and potions before entering the
Tomb. The wall closes behind the Party after the first Puzzlemouth
so the only way out is via the correct Teleport after umpteen
battle or in a wooden box back to Shandra (and that's presuming
you haven't "died" earlier in the game and blown your resurrection

Map reference 290/270

Map Nine areas - Entrance area 7 x 11: Then 18 x 18: There are
then six Shrine areas which all appear on the same Auto-Map so
it's either six times 21 x 10 OR one 43 x 32. The final graves
area 23 x 23.

Located in a Desert area in the southeast near the coast.

Entry point is in the south. Head north to the Puzzlemouth and say
"Relanukh". Move north and pray you're well equipped as the wall
closes behind the Party. At the junction go east and south to
descend stairs to a new section. Head east through a door and keep
east to meet your first, but by no means last, encounter with
Skeletons. Through the next door and round the corner to find a
Chest with a Sun Key.

Back upstairs now to go west and south down the next set of Stairs
to another point in the next level. North to find a door where you
need to use the Sun Key. Fight more Skeletons through this door.
Keep east till you find a long passage leading north and pass over
four sets of Bodies. Yuk!.

Through the door west and south down the corridor to find six
Teleports, three to the east and three to the west. All take you
to separate areas in the Shrine level. Each of these relate to the
name of a God and it is under these names that I'll explain each
section. Firstly the eastern Teleports north to south -

GEB - Entry point is in the northwest. Head east after the first
door and, passing a door south, fight Skeletons in the northeast.
Return to the door south and go west, fighting Skeletons through a
door west. South and then east again and another battle before
finding a Puzzlemouth. Say "Geb" and the wall opens to the east
allowing progress north. Battle with Mummies and Skeletons to
allow you free access to a Chest containing the Armour of Geb.
Through the door east to find the Teleport back to the Red Circle
square just north of the original Teleport.

BALA - Same entry point. Once through the third door head north to
find the enemy through the second door north and again in the
northeast area. Back to head through the door south and head
progressively east to find another Puzzlemouth. Take time out to
dispose of Skeletons to the north just before you enter the door
to the Puzzlemouth. Say "Bala" to go north. After the battle find
a Black Necklace in the Chest. Then teleport back to the Red

SOBEK - Same entry point. South then east stopping only to bash
Skeletons hiding behind a door to the north in the southern centre
of the map. Then north. Skeletons again behind a door west in the
mid-eastern area. West past one more set of Skeletons to say
"Sobek" to the Puzzlemouth and the battle.  Find a good Longbow in
the Chest.

Now the Teleports to the west in north to south order -

NUT - South then east just past the first door. Go north to
scatter the Skeletons before continuing south and east. In the
southern passage take the passage north to find another set of
Skeletons then regain passage and south before going north to the
Puzzlemouth. Say "Nut" and it's the same format. In the Chest is a

HARACHTE - Yes, I think they did miss an "I" out but when you see
the Levitation (sorry - Lavitation !) Scroll spelling you know
that Thalion's Quality Control lost some vigilance somewhere along
the way. Same entry point and same scenario. Three sets of
Skeletons to bash before finding the Puzzlemouth in the southeast
and saying "Harachte". In the Chest is the Staff of Harachte.

GALA - This area's a little trickier due to the Spinners. Watch
your Compass as there are two down the central corridor and
another in the central southern area. Again three sets of
Skeletons to find before locating the Puzzlemouth in the
southeast. Say "Gala" and find a Broach of Gold and Diamonds in
the Chest.

Now we're done with the Teleports so it's back to the northern
passage to continue west. You will turn south, keep south and
ignore the passage west for now. In the passage south go the end
of each alcove where you'll be asked to show each of the Treasures
obtained from the Chest. There are three in this area - Geb, Bala
and Sobek. The other three are to the west of the map.

En-route to the Harachte, Nut and Gala alcoves find a Chest in the
northwest containing a Rope and a Spade. Battle with Skeletons
just south of this point. In the southwest area is also a Chest
containing a Rope and a Pickaxe. You'll fight Skeletons before
reaching the chest.

Upon showing the last Treasure return to the northern passage to
find the way open to a Teleport. Enter this to be taken to the
Graves area.

GRAVES AREA - Entry point is in the southeast heading north. You
cannot pass the light ahead of you. Enter a false wall just before
the light to either east or west. Skeletons are waiting for you.
Head north after the fight a couple of strides and return through
a false wall to the original passage having bypassed the light.

There are loads of crossroads in this area. Salient points are
that there are two spinners at crossroads, one around the central
northeast and another in the southwest. Another spinner in the
central northwest area is next to an area with doors galore. There
are Mummies and Skeletons to fight here. The light in the central
north passage Teleports you to the bottom of a passage in the
northeast. One light in the southwest Teleports the Party slightly
southeast, not far. And the light next to where you land sends you
back again.

There are three sets of Skeletons beyond the false wall. One set
in the northeast and the other two to the southwest. The
interesting section is to be found in the northwest area of the
map. In the central west find a door north with alcoves each side.
As you pass through, the wall will seal behind you. Each alcove in
the passage ahead contains a Chest in which there are Treasures
beyond the dreams of avarice (thanks to a certain C.Dickens for
the quote). There's far too much to carry so be reassured that you
can enter Pharaoh's Tomb again and ultimately carry off all seven
Chests worth of goodies.

First you have to get out of here. Rest now and recharge your
Health and Spell casting points. As you step on the square that
leads to the third alcove the wall ahead opens. Revealed now are
Mummies and Skeletons plus the dreaded Relanukh. After the battle
recuperate as there is another set of Skeletons waiting outside
near an Oasis.

The Piece of Amberstar is in the third Chest up on the east side.
The Blue Disc is in the fourth Chest up on the west. When you've
loaded your Party up head north to find two Puzzlemouths. Don't
enter any of the three doors yet as two of them are death traps.
To the question "What does everyone want to become but no-one want
to be?" say "Old", and to "Hole by hole - but still it holds" say
"Chain". The eastern door is then the only one remaining so it's
north into the sunlight. The Tomb entrance is north of the Oasis.
Fight the last set of Skeletons and hightail it to the nearest
Shop in your new found transport.....


Map reference 172/286.

Map on a 38 x 37 Grid.

Located in the south, to the northeast of Gemstone.

Access is gained via a small house. Go past the old lady and south
to gain entrance. Entry point is in the southeast heading north.
At the Puzzlemouth say "Water". A passage south leads to rocks
that can only be unblocked by "unlocking" eight separate keyholes
which are located deep within the Swampstation. The water thus
released clears this set of rocks and another set further along
this passage. The "Keys" are various precious stones that the
Party find in other island locations as well as two actually in
the Swampstation.

Head north again and take the next passage west. Fight three sets
of Swamp-rats in this area. There's nothing else of interest here.
Return to passage and head north again before yet again going
west. The door north yields up more Rats. West again to another
door north to find a Yellow painted circle.

Not to bore you with the rest of this area. The circles to
discover and their relevant keys are -

Yellow Circle  - use Bernstein (German for Amber and can be bought
                 from the Shop in Twinlake)
Brown Circle   - use Earth Stone (find in the southwest area)
Multi-Coloured - use Rainbow Stone (find in a Chest in the
Blue Circle    - use Topaz (? found on your travels elsewhere)
White Circle   - use Diamond (find in Pharaoh's Tomb, Grave area)
Green Circle   - use Emerald ditto
Red Circle     - use Ruby ditto
Light Blue     - use Mountain Crystal (? found somewhere)

I apologise for the two stones whose source I don't know. Frankly
until you enter the Swampstation you haven't a clue that the
Stones have a purpose and can't be sold just like the Gems can. I
was storing them up for a rainy day and didn't realise their

Other rock areas can be cleared with a Spade in one instance and a
Pickaxe in another. In the far northwest is reference to the Rune
chart that came with the game. Rather irrelevant halfway through
the game! In the northeast is a Chest that contains a Paper that
gives you the Keyhole/Key relationship described above. There
aren't many Rats to fight, roughly three sets in the northwest,
one in the northeast, one in the centre and two in the southwest.

The Map locator is found once both sets of rocks in the south
passage are cleared. "Action" it to place it in the grey window
and from now on it's much easier to find your way around the


Map reference 102/078

Located on an island northwest of the the island. Travel northwest
of the northern jetty on the raft that's waiting there.

Map two areas - one on a 19 x 27 Grid. The other on a 29 x 29 Grid.

Entry point is from the mid south. Head north to meet Bolina, a
Thief.  If you've room recruit him as he's got some useful items.
Say "Gelinda" to the Puzzlemouth to open up the wall north. The
door ahead leads to a Large Lock which needs an Eagle Key to
activate it. Both the passage east and west have Firebirds waiting
to ambush you. The Puzzlemouth to the west needs the answer

The password is obtained by seeing a Statue in the northeast area
of the map. To reach it, take the passage east of the Large Lock.
Beyond the first set of Firebirds are another four sets in the
southeast area and two more in the north.

The Puzzlemouth opens up the wall and the Party teleports to the
second section of the map. The new area is entered at a crossroads
in the eastern section. To the southeast are two sets of
Firebirds. Through the door west and north to fight two more sets
and find a Teleport. Don't enter this yet as it is the route back
to the Puzzlemouth on the first level.

Take the door east again and again fight two sets of Firebirds.
Take either eastern door north or south and east again to one
set of Firebirds.  East once more to find two more sets of
Firebirds. South now through a door to another lot of Firebirds.
Then south down the passage to another door south. For
completeness sake go west and north before entering the door south
to blast the penultimate set of Firebirds.

Through the door south then west, south, east then south and west
to fight the last set of Firebirds. In the western alcove is the
Eagle Key. Use the Teleport in the other passage to land right in
front of the door that leads to the Large Lock. Use the Eagle Key
on the lock to open up the wall north of the lock. Take the stairs

There's room to map this new section on your Level One Map. Just
miss one square north as you enter the Old Hall of Knights.
Through the door north and keep north to fight Firebirds in the
northern passage. Then through the door west to enter a room with
a door south. Gird up your loins and so on as the Dragon awaits.
She's got around 500 Hit Points to dispose of so I hope you've got
plenty of Tornado spells or scrolls to use on her.

Once you've overcome the dreaded Dragon go south to find the nest
with the Egg and a Piece of Amberstar. In addition you recover the
Key that will unlock the door to the Homeward Teleport on
Jonathan's "Lost Island" to recover another Piece of Amberstar.
There are also four Gems here and a Broach of Luck.

Take the Egg back to Illien and give it to Pelanis. In return you
receive a super present - the Flute that gives you the power to
call on the Eagle and thus fly everywhere. One of the first places
to zoom off to is ....


Map reference - 177/044

Located in the middle of a Swamp in the northeast of the island.

No automatic mapping available but it's only a small area.

Land on the island and say "Mork" to the Puzzlemouth. Strictly
speaking you shouldn't pick this information up till you've been
to Snakesign Village where the Party can meet with Melchlor. Enter
the Guild to meet Balthar. Say "Quest" and he'll tell you about
Bothor, the Jewellery Dealer in Gemstone. He'll also refer to The
Guild of Rangers where you should go to meet Annorel. Also say
"Library" to be referred to his wife Melina.

Saying "Document" gives a reference to Melgrim who was one of the
thirteen wizards who cast the spell against Tarbos. He's gone to
ground in a cave beneath the Whirlpool and has a piece of the
Amberstar. Leave this area till last.

Go west and meet Melina and say "Potions", then go south to
discover the stock that she tells you of. You can also buy lots of
useful potions in the Guild so use that Gold up and purchase Spell
Regeneration and Healing 5 Potions.


Map reference 080/233

Located on an island off the west coast of the main island.

Enter the Guild and go north. If Annorel is not around accelerate
Time until she appears then ask about the "Amberstar". She'll tell
you that the original Rangers' Guild is elsewhere, in the Bay to
the right of Crystal, and that there is a piece of Amberstar
hidden in the old Cellar rooms. You'll then receive a Rod of
Opening with which you open up the entrance to the Guild.


Map reference - 260/225

Located in the north of a swamp. The swamp is northwest of
Pharaoh's Tomb.  Make sure you have a Levitation scroll before

Map three areas - all on 19 x 19 Grids.

Once you arrive on the "sandy" part outside the Mine Entrance the
Party has to fight Spiders and Caverats. After the battle read the
sign "Doras Mine" then go to the Puzzlemouth and say "Sarod". This
password is obtained from Bothor after Donner's letter is

Enter the mine only to fall down after four steps into another
level.  Head north then either east or west to discover a Teleport
in the south. You are sent southwest. Go through the door north
and fight Rats before travelling east. Ignore the Teleport in the
passage to the south of the door east for now. You will need to
return here when all areas of the Mine have been explored. The
Teleport takes you back to the corridor in which you fell when
first entering this level.

Follow the corridor round then north to fight more Rats. North and
east to meet Spiders. East again and south. At a junction south
first go west and down a corridor east, just before a door west,
use a Pickaxe on the Rocks to reveal three sets of Rats. At the
end of the passage find one red and one blue mushroom. Take these
to Mera's House to benefit.

Through the door west fight Spiders. Return to the junction and
head east and south. Beyond the door south fight another set of
Spiders before seeing a set of Stairs to the next (and third)

The Stairs take the Party to enter this level from the southeast
corner. Fight Spiders before wending your way east and then north
to battle some Rats. North again through two doors. Keep north
once past the second door and enter a false wall. Follow the
passage round to find a Chest containing a Mine Key.

Regain the corridor east and make your way to a set of Stairs in
the southeast region of the map. You'll fight another lot of Rats
and two sets of Spiders en route. The centre area of the map will
be accessed later.

Now we're back on the Entrance level. Heading from the east beware
the Spinner at the first crossroads. Initially go south past some
Rats to discover three torches in a Barrel. Then straight north
from the crossroads through a door and then east and north to zap
Rats again. More rats through a door west in the northern
corridor. Keep west to fight Spiders in the west before heading
south. Through the second door south a "Shadow" drops down in
front of the Party. Make his day and keep south. Fight again in
the south at the end of a passage.  Then east and north to use the
Mine Key on a Keyhole and discover the passage out to the fresh

Back now to the first level to enter the Teleport mentioned
earlier.  From the corridor you land in stand beneath the Pit and
use a Levitation spell. You are taken up to level two. Enter the
door north.

To the east through the door find a Chest with 546 Gold and some
Mithral Mail. Down the adjacent alley find two Gems and 859 Gold.
The corridor to the west leads south through a door to the Crown.
Back down the pit to follow the convoluted route out of the mine.
Take the the Crown back to Donner's Mine for him to extract the
Piece of Amberstar.


Map reference 310/107

Located on an island in the Bay east of Crystal.

Map two levels - one on a 9 x 18 Grid. The other on an 18 x 19

Use the Rod of Opening obtained from Annorel (from the new
Ranger's Guild) to enter from the southeast. Before heading north
enter the door at the end of the passage to find various articles
of Clothing. Don't take or wear the Clothes of Moira as they are
cursed and weigh tons. Do grab the Robes of Nickademus.

North then and through the door to be confronted by three sets of
Bloodsuckers! In the alcove ahead find 45 Gold and an Iron Ring.
The door to the southeast hides more Bloodsuckers and 23 Gold plus
a Buckler. West of the door is an alcove with 29 Gold and a Silver
Ring. Search all the alcoves in this section to find other small
portions of Gold and Treasures.

North again to discover a Staircase down to the next level. Before
descending go west and through a door north to find 89 Gold and a
Gem. More vital Treasure is to be found going east and keeping
northeast through a false wall to find another Staircase down.
This leads again to another section of the lower level. Enter the
door west of the staircase to open a Chest that contains 7 Torches
and a Rusty Key.

Return to the first set of stairs and descend into a smallish
area.  Make your way east to find Ranger bones and lots of useful
items plus 348 Gold. In the north of this section are a set of

Back upstairs and down the other set of stairs and head east,
there's nothing of use to the west. As you travel east look in the
first set of alcoves north and south to pick up loads of useful
Herbs. Keep at least one Packet of Herbs to give to Atacar in the
Cave of Manyeyes later in the game.  Through the door east to
encounter Bloodsuckers and again through the second door south. Go
right down to the southeast to polish off another set.

Use your Pickaxe on the Rocks to the west and fight two more sets
of Bloodsuckers before using the Rusty Key on the Keyhole in the
Wall. A door is created to the south. Enter it and go north
through two doors to be rewarded with the discovery of a Chest
containing a Piece of Amberstar, 7 Gems and 825 Gold.


Map reference - 217/345

Located on the large island due south of the main island. Can only
be reached by flying on the Eagle or by use of the Windgates and
you can't use those unless you've got the Artefact that's inside
Sanri's Temple!

Map Snakesign on a 15 x 15 Grid.

There are four points of entry to the Village, north, south, east
or west. In the southern area meet Melchlor, a Monk who tells you
about Sansri the Goddess of Snakes. Say "Mork" and "Temple" for
further information. Note the ladder leaning against the locked
window for a smile later on upstairs in the Inn.

To the west is the Food shop, rations here only cost 5 Gold so
stock up here in future if money is a problem. In the northwest is
a Healer who you'll need if you haven't equipped yourself with the
appropriate healing Herbs once inside Sansri's Temple. To the
northeast meet Shi'ra who Melchlor referred to earlier. Say
"Temple" to be advised that the Entrance to the Temple proper only
opens at Midnight. To the east also is a Wiseman who'll assess
(Identify) your possessions for a price.

In the southeast is a Shop that sells an item you'd have given
your eye teeth for earlier - yes, it sells Lockpicks amongst other
things!  Programmers can be right so-and-so's now and then.

In the centre of the Village is the Tower Inn. Speak to the young
man inside to learn that, once inside the Temple, stepping on the
Snake symbols causes the male members of the Party damage.
Upstairs meet the Landlord's wayward wife who seems to think
Woodpeckers can climb ladders!


Map reference - 199/357

Located southwest of Snakesign Village.

Map 5 areas. Entrance level on a 19 x 28 Grid - this has a small
             sub-level on a 6 x 9 Grid.
             Sanctum level on a 19 x 28 Grid.
             Two Tower levels on 9 x 9 Grids.

Entry point is from the mid-south. Go north and wait until
Midnight then slip into the Temple after fighting Snakes. In the
next room there's a Pit to the east that you should avoid. It
drops into a small sub-level with three Teleports. The northern
one takes you back into Snakesign Village and the other two take
you into the vestibule.

Going west you will receive damage as you pass over the Snakesign.
Fight more Snakes before passing through the door north. More
Snakesigns in the next room but head north via either east or west
door. The Statue you pass advises the Party that it needs to find
eight signs and join them.

North to fight Snakes and then use a Pickaxe on the Rocks ahead.
Behind them find Treasure amid the bones, Potions, Lockpicks, 875
Gold, Brooch of Luck, Iron Ring, excellent Armour of Endurance and
a super Scimitar (these things cost a fortune).  You cannot
progress north now without entering false walls to the east and
west. These by-pass the closing walls. Both the eastern and
western routes should be explored.

First the west. Going west through the false wall note the Sign
"P" from the Puzzlemouth. Head north then east to see Stairs down.
Leave these till all the Entrance level and the Towers are fully
explored. Head south fighting two sets of Snakes. Look out for and
avoid the Snakesigns in the floor. You can get through by entering
false walls. Eventually you'll see a passage south that leads to
Stairs up to the Left Tower. To the west and north at this point
is a set of Snakes to dispose of.

You enter the Left Tower from the southeast. Head north at the
junction and find a Puzzlemouth with the sign "T" in the eastern
passage.  Regain the corridor west and enter the door north to get
an "E" sign. Along the corridor passing through an anti-magic
square then relight your lamp and head north and pass through a
Blindness trap before fighting Snakes. Onwards over a Snakesign in
the floor.

In the northwest search the corpse for 621 Gold, 4 Torches, 2
potions, a Snake Ring (which is needed on the lower level, you
must ensure that the Ring is actioned by a Female character) and
clothing.  Through the door east fight Snakes and obtain the sign

Now return to enter the false wall east. Again ignore the Stairs
that lead to the same level down that the other set of stairs to
the west do. Going south fight two sets of Snakes and again you
can side-step the Snakesigns in the floor by the use of false
walls. Same scenario as before with Snakes to the east before
climbing up into the Right Tower.

Enter the Right Tower from the southwest. Through the door north
is the sign "N". East and north to fight a set of Snakes before
entering the door west for an "R" sign. Fight two more lots of
Snakes before encountering a Snakesign in the floor and a Poison
Cloud trap beyond. Enter the door for an "S" sign.

Back now to enter one of the two down staircases. Entry is in the
mid-north. Gain the main corridor via a door south and firstly
explore west.  Through another door south after a few bends. Fight
the Snakes and walk through the Snakesign maze to find another
door south. Once through you'll see two adjacent doors. The
eastern door leads a scrap with Snakes and the southern one to
another door south. North of here use your Pickaxe on the Rocks to
find, I think, a Small Golden Key.

South again to find a door and use the Golden Key. Fight more
Snakes then over the Snakesign to discover three alcoves and a
Statue. The message on the Statue says "Sansri". The central
alcove contains a Chest with loads of good goodies - 2549 Gold
(hope you're not too weighed down as there's loads more to come),
Globe of Harachte (gives Light when actioned), Brooch of
Waterwalk, Bi-handed sword etc. The two other alcoves should be
entered as they both raise the level of your Characters' skills.

Back then to the entrance corridor to go down the eastern route.
Fight Snakes in the east first. Entering the door south you'll be
confronted with moving walls. Make your way south watching out for
two Snakesigns in the floor en-route. Through three more doors
south, fighting a set of Snakes after the second door, to enter a
false wall going east.  Once in the false wall head north then
east through another false wall then south to gain access to a
passage east. To the north in this passage talk to the Puzzlemouth
to get the "S" sign then use your Pickaxe on the Rocks to the
south to step on a Pressure Plate that triggers an opening in a
passage to the west. To access this opening return to the first
false wall and go south to see the opening to the west.

There's a Stun Gas trap before confronting the Puzzlemouth and
saying "Serpents" which is the result of the sign anagram. The way
opens into the Inner Temple. Fight the Snakes then action the
Snake Ring, only a Female character can do this, to enter the
Throne Chamber. After the battle look behind the Throne to find
loads of Treasure, Gold x 2563 & 2857, the Wind Necklace, Sansri's
Collar and Whip.

Enter the wall behind the Chests to find the Piece of Amberstar to
the right and the Pact between Marmion and Bralkur. There's also
another 4256 Gold which I doubt you'll be able to carry. Make sure
that you've mended and healed everyone before entering the
Teleport as there's a further three battles ahead before the Party
can leave by the final Teleport. Now you can use the Windgates or
use the eagle to fly around.

The map location of Windgate Island is 118/313.


Map reference - 146/011

Located within the Whirlpool which is north of the main island.
Be warned that this is a tough area and that characters should be
well equipped with Potions, Rations and Light spells before
entering. There is no way back until the castle has been found and
explored.  However - should entry be via the Windgates a key is
needed, as the key is only to be found on the other side of the
door ...  you do need to first enter by the Whirlpool but can
use the Windgate if you need to return rather than go through the
pain of walking through the Marshes.

Maps - the cave area needs to be hand drawn and it's a bit of a
pig.  I've attempted below to show roughly where the places of
interest are.
` Sand                 Sand           -----------------------------
`------               --------          Grass   "Ships End village"
`       Entry point    Sand             ---------------------------
`       Ship wrecks   --------
`-------              ------------      ---------------------------
` Sand     ------       Marsh
`-------    Sand      ----------------------------------
`          ------

`                                       ----------------
`         -----------------               Treasure north of Volcano
`          Sand      Marsh              -------------
`                 ---------
`CASTLE                -------
`               Marsh
`            -------    -----
`  Grass
`----------------------------            --------------------------

Map two main areas - Castle of Manyeye Tower level on a 33 x 33
               Grid and the other level on a 23 x 23 Grid.
               The Village is small enough not to bother mapping.

Once you've landed the Party needs Light. Avoid the shipwrecks as
they cause damage. You'll almost immediately encounter an Octopus
or two. These beasts have something in the region of 700 hit
points, they are really tough cookies. I think that there are
around four sets of these yo-yos around.

Make your way to the Village and enter the Inn to meet Atacar
downstairs on the patio. The Statues have no significance. If
you're weighed down with Gold there's a good chance to get rid of
some by buying a Scimitar from the counter. Say "Aching" after
greeting him and give him a Packet of Herbs. He tells you about
the Treasure Map hidden in a tree close to his brother's grave.
Say "brother" and "Manyeye" for more. The tree is located south of
the grave with the fresh flowers.

The map shows part of the cave with a Volcano at the centre. This
is to be found in the southeast and is en-route to the Castle.
Search just to the north of the Volcano, the north pile of ash.
The Chest you find contains two lockpicks, a Piece of Amberstar,
2478 Gold, Horn of Food, Orb of Magic, an Assassin's Blade and a

Still in the Village visit the house to meet Sheba, a level seven
Ranger, talk to her to learn the story of Manyeye. If you've a
spare slot recruit her otherwise it's off to find the Castle via
the Volcano and the Treasure. Doubtless you'll encounter many
Swamp creatures on the way. Go southeast then west, north and
west through a Marsh then south past the sand through another
Marsh. South through a narrow channel and west, then north onto
the grass and finally to the Castle ...


Entry point is from the mid-south. The door shuts behind the Party
as you walk forward. At the first crossroads go west and south
into an alcove to search Bones and find lots of Treasure including
a Tower Shield, a two-Handed sword, a Metal Helmet and Plate Mail.
Head into the southwest region to fight Skullhunters and use your
Pickaxe on Rocks to expose a set of Stairs up.

Up the stairs find a false wall to the east then go north to fight
Skullhunters in the Laboratory to the south. Ensure that you
trigger the Pressure Plate by stepping on the Symbol in the north
before leaving. These Pressure Plates open up walls in a
particular area later in the Castle.

Return to the entrance crossroads and go into the southeastern
region.  Again just one set of Skullhunters here and, to the north
from the fight, a set of Stairs up. Up the stairs you find a girl
imprisoned in a cage. Dispose of the two Mutants before hearing
her story. She can't be released until the Cell Key has been
located. This will be found later in the Castle. Before leaving
enter the north wall of the Cage room to step on the Symbol.

In the northeast find another gang of Skullhunters. Beware of a
spinner at a crossroads in the mid-east of the map. Go west at
this point, fight more Skullhunters and find a Red Statue. Examine
the Statue twice to find two Gems. West and south of the statue
climb to the stairs.

At the top of the stairs go east to find Melgrim's Diary. Now west
to the Knights Hall, note the wine goblets - brrr. There are
Skeletons in the southern room but avoid the Pit as it dumps you
back outside the castle. In the northwest open the Chest to
discover the Cell Key that'll allow the girl in the Cage to be
released. There are two sets of Skullhunters to dispose of. In the
south is a Bedroom with a Chest that contains 6420 Gold but more
importantly a Master Key for use on the next level. It is to this
area that you will need to return once all the Pressure Plate
Symbols have been activated.

Back then to release the girl only to find her transforming into a
Doppleganger. Defeat the monster to be rewarded with a Necklace of
Defence and be thanked by the girl's spirit as she transforms into
a Skeleton.

Go now to the mid-west area of the map enter through a door west.
As you head west you pass through anti-Light squares whether going
the northern or southern route. Travel clockwise round a series of
Statues that give, collectively, the following message - " Find.
The (beware the spinner between this statue and the next) Secret
doors. Meet him. Way. Is. Manyeye. From.  Only. Escape. The". I'm
sure you get the gist.  Back through the door and north to find a
Teleport. Bash the Skullhunters before entering it and be sent
into the northeast area of the map. North to fight Skullhunters
then east and south to use Pickaxe on Rocks to expose more Stairs

Upstairs read the sign on the door "Transporter Room". So this is
the place referred to in the Diary. To the north is a room with
three Teleports.  The western passage has a door west. Fight the
Skullhunters then go south through a false wall to step on another
symbol. Avoid the centre of the three Teleports, it's a trap. The
picture on the wall says "Transformer defective, please do not
use" Ho ho ho, Thallion! The other Teleports say something about
New Force.

Back down to go right into the northeast corner and enter a
Teleport that returns the Party to an alcove in the southwest of
the map. Retrace your steps to the place where you first
Teleported and go west. Look out for a spinner at the crossroads.
Keep west then north past Skullhunters and round to another
staircase up.  The sign upstairs says "Storeroom" and there are
Packets of Herbs to be found in the northwest barrel. Fight
Skullhunters then find loads of Herbs in the northeast. Enter a
false wall and in the southeast step on the final symbol.  Before
returning to the stairs in the centre of the map explore the
mid-north area to find four alcoves. From west to east the alcoves
contain Armour & Robes, Weapons, Helmets and then Five Torches &
Six Potions. There are a set of Skullhunters to the west of the

Back upstairs to find that a passage has opened up in the north
allowing the Party to progress. But first you must go through a
series of traps. A Blinding Light in the first room and a Green
Mist in the second.  Finally Poison Gas Spores causing you Disease
in the third.

Onwards then to enter the next Level. Entry point is from the
southeast. Proceed west, onwards through a false wall. Should you
explore the northern passage first you find a message saying "If
you find no way search where it is not possible". Once through the
wall another message to the north of here says "You will see at
the centre, the centre, and next to it is the only true way to

Make your way southwest to find three Teleports. The western one
takes you into the northeast area where you find three more
Teleports. Use the centre one here as the other two transport you
back to the start of the level.  Again you'll see three Teleports,
again take the centre one as the other two again lead back to the
start. Now in the third room are three more Teleports.  Once more
take the centre Teleport to the room south and fight Mutants
there.  Go east and south to discover a Chest with a Piece of the
Amberstar plus ten Gems. Return west to Teleport back into the

Back again in the southwest take the eastern Teleport to be
transported to the northwest. Immediately fight Mutants. Before
going north to Teleport back go south and through a door east to
discover loads of scrolls.

It's Wizard Heaven here. Once past the Mutants there are White,
Grey and Black Wizard Scrolls galore. I dread to think what level
one needs to be to learn some of these as even at the end of the
game before the final confrontation I didn't have enough
experience to learn some of these.

Once loaded up return to the north to be Teleported back and now
enter the Middle Teleport to be transferred to the mid northeast
of the level.  Travel south passing a group of Mutants and then
north. Ignore the door north for the moment and go south again
then west past more Mutants. Continue past the doors north and
south, there's nothing behind them, to the crossroads where
there's a Spinner. To the north and through the door east are
twelve Potions to be found. To the south and through the door east
are two Iron and Silver Rings plus a magical Necklace and Dagger.
I didn't enter either the northwest or southwest Teleports, at a
guess they land you back at the start of this level.

Back then to the door north and use the master key on the lock.
SAVE the game and enter the door west to fight Manyeye (also known
in SSI games as a Beholder). Cast Anti-Magic spells at him and
you'll win the day. After the battle you receive the Gate Key and
gain a Windgate Necklace. Leave this room to head north and east
to use the Gate Key on the door east that leads to the Windgate
and out.


Map reference - 049/329

Located in a forest clearing in the southwest of the island.

Now you have all the pieces of the Amberstar it's time to join
them together. This then provides the key to let the Party enter
the Fortress of Godsbane and thus to the endgame battle. The
pieces must be laid in a strict order. Failure means gameover
time. Herewith the correct order -

`       1. Lay Knowledge           =   Mork
`       2. Lay the Ally            =   Bralkur
`       3. Lay Master of the Sea   =   Sobek
`       4. Lay Mother of Life      =   Gala
`       5. Lay Falsehood           =   Sansri
`       6. Lay Friend of Eagles    =   Nut
`       7. Lay Evil                =   Lord Tabros
`       8. Lay Power of the Earth  =   Geb
`       9. Lay Mother of Death     =   Bala
`      10. Lay the Fire            =   Harachte
`      11. Lay the Traitor         =   Marmion
`      12. Lay what is coming      =   Talmit

On laying the final section the Amberstar appears in the same
window as the compass and map locator etc. On then to Godsbane.


Map reference - 209/047

Located within a Mountain range in the northeast. Only accessible
by Air Eagle. The building near here can be explored at any time.
There are a few Skeletons and Ghosts to vanquish and one or two
Treasures to find.

Map three levels, the first on a 38 x 38 and then the Tower and
Cellar levels both on 13 x 13 Grids.

Entry point is from the mid-south. Once through the first door
possession of the reunited Amberstar will open the second.

At the junction go west. Be wary down this corridor as at each
crossroad there is a Spinner. In the southwest are two sets of
Yellowslimes to fight and a third set up the first passage north.
Head north at the final crossroads of the Spinner corridor and go
east. Down the third passage south is a Chest containing a host of
good Scrolls, Hurricane, Earthquake, Conversion of Dust, two
Reincarnation and Salvation Scrolls plus a Magic Sphere and two

At the end of the passage east is a door north. Avoid the centre
of this room as there are four Spinners here. Go north and west
disposing of Yellowslimes in the north. Through the door west
round a twisty passage and fight another set before passing
through a door north and finding another load of Yellowslimes. To
the west is another set but your way lies east.  Make your way
east then north meeting two sets of Yellowslimes.  Then west and
south past another set before entering a door south in the centre
of this area and flattening the final band of Yellowslimes. Hop
down the stairs into the Cellar.

Go either east or west in the Cellar to find doors east and west
and battle a set of Yellowslimes in each room. The passage north
in the centre of the southern corridor finds Bralkur blocking the
door north. Fear not, he's easy to beat. In the Chest beyond is a
Disintegration Scroll and a Staff of Runes which serves as the Key
into where Marmion meets his nemesis.

Return to your entry point on the first level and go east till you
find the door north. Fight Yellowslimes - save your magic
spellpoints as these guys are resistant. Then west and north to go
east through a door. South here through a door south then east.
Through two doors north to find an area with four Teleports in the

The southern Teleport takes you just to the southwest of your
position. Round the bend to Teleport into a corridor in the west.
No go here.

The eastern Teleport takes you to the southwest and the Teleport
ahead lands you in the same corridor as the southern one, only
just a little further on.

The northern Teleport takes you just west and again you Teleport
into the corridor as described above.

Finally the Western Teleport takes you again west but this time
the Teleport you enter next sends you north. You immediately have
to fight Yellowslimes. Head south after the battle ignoring the
Teleport down the passage east you pass en-route. This
northeastern area contains three more sets of Yellowslimes. After
wiping them out find a door in the mid-north heading south and
enter to climb a staircase up to the Tower level.  In the Tower
you'll find Cavetrolls to the east and west. When you've destroyed
them travel south to go north into the centre of the map fighting
a band of Cavetrolls and Yellowslimes on the way.  Use the Staff
of Runes you found in the Cellar on the Keyhole in the wall to
access the door that leads to the final confrontation.  Note that
the wall closes behind the Party as you advance. Moving into a
candlelit room you encounter Twelve Wizards and the dreaded
Marmion. They attack. You will be unable use magic against the foe
but do cast Anti-Magic spells. Keep your front men hacking until
you destroy all the enemy. Then walk forward into the Light to
activate the Amberstar.

Shandra then provides an escape Teleport back into Twinlake where
Lord Karwain addresses the Party. Sit back and enjoy a
satisfactory end game sequence.

                              - o -

~Obtained from The Adventure Probe BBS (0707) 334799 (21:00-06:00)
~Probably the largest collection of solutions for all formats on one
~BBS !!!  Try it out.....

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