Star Ocean: The Second Story FAQ 
Sony PlayStation
North American Version
Version 1.5
Made by Exdeath
E-Mail: [email protected]

        Exdeath's Star Ocean: The Second Story FAQ

This is the Star Ocean: The Second Story FAQ. This copyright 
belongs to me and may not reproduced in any way without consent 
of me. This is freely distributed as long as the copyright 
remains. You may use this Strategy Guide only in its entirety, 
but give me full credit where it is due.

This is the North American version of my Star Ocean: Second 
Story FAQ. I have another version for the Japanese game, and 
I have totally translated that FAQ into this one to include 
the North American translations. Please take this into account.

This FAQ is not yet totally complete. If you have something to 
contribute, please mail me at {[email protected]}.


Version Info
  -Episode Description
  -Episode 1 Description
  -Episode 2 Description
Star Ocean: The Second Story Glossary
Private Actions
Battle System
  -"Active Time Battle System"
  -Killer Move and Spells
  -Differences from Star Ocean
  -Status Ailments
  -Battle Tactics
     -Fighter Tactics
     -Spell-Caster Tactics
     -Rena's Tactics
  -Battle Formations
  -Anger Explosions
Game System
  -Game Modes
  -Game Controls
  -Camp Menu
  -Status Screen
  -Ending System
General Strategy
  -Claude Kenni
  -Rena Lanford
  -Celine Jules
  -Ashton Anchors 
  -Opera Vectra
  -Ernest Raviede
  -Bowman Jean
  -Precis Neuman
  -Dias Flac
  -Leon Geeste
  -Noel Chandler
  -Chisato Madison
Killer Moves List
Spell List
Skills List
Character Ratings
Useful Killer Move Combinations
Frequently Asked Questions
Mini Games
Bonus Dungeon
Plot Information
Item List
Accessory List
Item Creation
  -Super Specialties
  -Save/Swap Technique
  -Instant Kill Technique
  -GameShark Codes

Version Info:

-Version 1.5 (6/23/99)
   *Much more Item Creation data and information
   *Fixed up many of the FAQ formats/structure
   *Translated many more items/menus/locations
   *Translated all Killer Moves and most Spells

-Version 1.0 (6/13/99)
   *Basic structure to FAQ made
   *Translated all information from Japanese version
   *Sections touched up on 
   *Corrected differences in North American version
   *Left the Glossary section in, added translations

-Coming in next version:
   *Completely retranslating the FAQ for the North 
    American version of the game
   *Still need more translations of items/spells


This is the preliminary version of my Star Ocean: The Second Story 
FAQ for the North American version of the game. Recently, I've been 
building a lot onto this, and it will be updated a lot more once the 
English version comes out. It seems that a lot of the translations 
will be changed for the North American version of the game, so I will 
need to make a lot of changes to this FAQ. Look out for the newest 
version of this FAQ when it comes out for the North American version 
of the game.

This is the first FAQ version of the North American release of the 
game. It will cover everything from the North American version. This 
means that all of the North American translations will be used in 
this FAQ if they are known and found in the FAQ.

This game is immense, and I am currently producing a walkthrough for 
the North American version of the game. This FAQ deals with so many 
of the features of the game, and you'll definitely want to have the 
FAQ in addition to the walkthrough. Make sure you pick up the full 
walkthrough when it comes out from one of two sites:

Also, the Item Creation section is not complete yet, but when it is 
completed, it will be huge. I intend on adding huge sections on 
what items you can make from what other items, and if you've played 
through the game, you'll know that there is a tremendous amount of 
items and item creation combinations to be made. Experimenting with 
each of the items to get Item Creations is going to take a large 
amount of time, so try to experiment on your own with it for awhile 
until I can get the section up.

I am really needing help in translations! If you see anything that 
is not translated correctly, and you know the real North American 
translation, tell me! I want to make this FAQ completely based on 
the North American version. I could really use help in all of the 
item lists, as I haven't gotten most of the translations yet. I 
could especially use help with Bowman's Killer Move translations, 
since I didn't choose him as a character in either of my two games 
used to write this FAQ (I never really liked him). 

If you have any Item Creation submissions, be sure to mail me at 
{[email protected]} with the type of Item Creation (Saiku, 
Customize, and such), what items are needed to receive the item, 
and what the item does. 


Star Ocean: The Second Story is a unique Role Playing Game for the 
Sony PlayStation console. Star Ocean: The Second Story is unique 
in its combat system, skills system, emotional system, and story. 

Star Ocean: The Second Story is actually the second Star Ocean 
game, the original Star Ocean was released on the Super Famicom 
in Japan in 1996. The original Star Ocean was a 48 megabyte cart, 
and used the full abilities of the Super Famicom. Star Ocean was 
made by Tri-Ace, and published by Enix (who is famed for many 
popular games including the tremendously popular Dragon Quest 
series of games). 

Star Ocean was one of the unique games, simply because it was so 
original for a Role Playing Game. Almost every Role Playing Game 
to date has used a turn-based type of system in combat, but Star 
Ocean came through to create a very unique active-time system in 
which everyone attacks and uses their abilities at the same time, 
making strategy in location a big aspect in battles.

Star Ocean: The Second Story begins 30 years after the original 
Star Ocean left off, when Ratix and his friends destroyed Jie 
Revors and restored peace to the world, and cured the Roakians 
of the stone disease. Claude is the son of Ronixis, who was made 
a hero by the Federation for his work with Ratix in destroying 
Jie Revors. The story begins when Ratix is on his father's ship, 
and later on an away team.

Star Ocean: The Second Story was made by Tri-Ace. Tri-Ace has 
made other great games like Tales of Phantasia. Tri-Ace has a 
great page that gives a lot of information about their games. 
Check their page out:

*Episode Description:

"In an endless sea of stars, at the edge of the universe, a single fateful encounter 
is about to take place. For the gods have set forth on a quest to destroy the universe. 
And a deadly meteorite, which they huried into the vastness of space, has collided with 
an unsuspecting planet, Expel - putting the whells of fate in motion. Now, two people 
are about to cross paths, and their meeting will force them to endure both the gods and 
their devilish advisors."

*Episode 1 Description:

"After attaining the rank of Ensign in the Earth federation, Claude C. Kenni is given his 
first assignment. When a mysterious energy field is found on the planet of Milocinia, a 
survey party is dispatched to investigate. As an escort, Claude boards the starship of his 
father, Ronixis J. Kenni, and heads toward Milocinia. Upon landing on Milocinia, Claude 
and the rest of the party discover a gigantic dome-shaped building on the desolate land. 

The interior of the dome appears to have been devastated by enormous explosions. All that 
remains inside are pieces of broken equipment and, in the center of the room, a mysterious 
looking machine. While Ronixis and the rest of the survey team cautiously attempt to examine 
the object from a distance, Claude becomes impatient. "Just quaking in our boots is getting 
us nowhere," he thinks. Brashly ignoring his father's warnings, he approaches the object. 
Suddenly, and without warning, a powerful force takes hold of Claude. A blinding flash fills 
the room, and when it subsides, Claude is nowhere to be found."

*Episode 2 Description:
The planet Expel is a lush green world with abundant natural beauty. However, three months 
ago, after a meteorite crashed to the surface, monsters began to appear and word of strange 
happenings spread across the land. The people began to regard the meteorite as an omen of 
disaster, and dubbed it "the Sorcery Globe."

At this time, a young girl from the village of Arlia, named Rena, decides to visit the 
Shingo Forest, which is some distance away from her home. Although her mothes tries to stop 
her-warning of the appearance of monsters and other strange happenings since the arrival of 
the Sorcery Glove-Rena insists on going into the forest alone."

Star Ocean: The Second Story Glossary:

Star Ocean: The Second Story contains many Japanese terms that 
could confuse the player. Star Ocean: The Second Story is a big 
game, and you'll probably need to know most of these terms for 
the game, especially if you care about your character's ratings 
toward the other characters. 

This Glossary only refers to the terms from the import version of 
the game, but they can still be useful if you're playing the North 
American version of the game.

Aijodo (Love Level): The variable that measures a character's 
love toward another character. This value is used to determine 
pairings of opposite-sexed characters in the many endings.

Kanjodo (Emotion Level): The variable that measure's a character's 
feelings toward the other characters in the group. Encompasses 
Aijodo and Yujodo.

Kobutsu (Favorite Food): Favorite food or drink. The special foods 
and drinks can be used on the characters, and if it's their favorite, 
it will usually heal them to full HP every time.

Killer Move (Kill Technique): Refers to a special technique in a 
specific fighting style. They are gained through level-ups. Only 
the fighting-type characters can use Killer Move.

Item Creation: Star Ocean boasts a unique system of making your 
own items by mixing or customizing different other items. There are 
many different kinds of Item Creations, check the "Item Creation" 
section for more info.

Proficiency (Practice Level): The level of each Killer Move and 
spell. Each time you use a Killer Move or spell, this number 
goes up by one, excluding the spells that don't increase at all.

Jumon: An individual spell. Pretty much the same as Monshojutsu.

Monshojutsu (Crest Skill): This is what magic is called in Star 
Ocean: The Second Story. The magic of the Star Ocean world. 

Private Action: A special part of the game in which characters 
split up and move into towns on their own, so you can associate 
with your own characters.

Skill Points: Points that each character gains after gaining a 
level. You can distribute these points on skills. Sometimes 
referred to as SP. 

Element: The type of attack/defense an item/weapon/armor/spell has, 
like Fire or Ice. 

Yujodo (Camaraderie Level): The variable that determines how 
friendly characters are toward each other. This also has effect on 
the endings, it determines pairings of same-sex characters at the 

Private Actions:

Private Actions are a very unique feature that began in the first 
Star Ocean. When you are outside of a town, in the upper-right 
corner, you will see the worlds "(Triangle button) Private Action". 
If you press the Triangle Button, your party will split up, and 
you get to explore the town on your own. When you are in a Private 
Action, your characters can react with others, get unique treasure, 
and even change Aijodo/Kanjodo/Yujodo with the different characters. 
You can complete the game without doing any Private Actions at all, 
but it's really good to do it, since you learn so much about the 
story, and can change the way characters feel about another. I 
strongly recommend doing every Private Action in the game. There are 
just so many Private Actions, depending on the combinations of 
characters you choose, so I haven't even seen everything yet. In 
fact, there are so many possibilities for characters, Private 
Actions, and ratings, that there are 86 total endings.

Battle System:

"Active Time Battle System":

Star Ocean: The Second Story's battle system is much more unique 
than most RPGs. Battles take place in real time, meaning all of 
your characters, and the enemies, all attack at once. This causes 
a lot of strategy is deciding where your characters should be, and 
makes the battle more real and action-like. Star Ocean: The Second 
Story has a very complicated system of Killer Move and Jumon, but 
that's what makes the game so good. You control one character at a 
time, while the other characters are controlled through artificial 
intelligence and tactics. You can switch the character that you 
control anytime you want in battle, though. Most of the battles, 
especially boss battles, will take a lot more strategy than the 
normal RPG, and location, Killer Move, character combinations, and 
tactics all make the battles a lot more strategical. The battles 
are often much more fun than an average RPG, and that's the thing I 
like about the Star Ocean games so much.

*Killer Move and Spells:

There are two types of characters in Star Ocean: The Second Story. 
Fighting characters, and Spell-casting characters.

Fighting characters: Claude, Ashton, Opera, Bowman, Precis, Dias, 
 Ernest, and Chisato.
Spell-casting characters: Rena, Celine, Leon, and Noel.

Killer Move are used in battle. To use a Killer Move, first 
assign it to a character, and then press L1 or R1, depending 
on what button you assigned them to. Each time you use a 
Killer Move, its Proficiency level goes up by one. When you get 
past a certain point (it differs for all Killer Move), the 
character will be able to pull off advanced forms of the same 
Killer Move (in example, Ashton's Leaf Slash hits three times 
instead of two after the Proficiency on it gets to a certain point). 
If you have a Link Combo Ring, you can do two Killer Move in 
succession. For more about the Link Combo Ring, check the 
"Differences from Star Ocean" section. 

Spells are also used in battle. If you want to cast a certain spell, 
make sure you're controlling the character you want to cast it 
(press X and select your character), and then press Triangle. A 
command ring menu will appear above that character. From here, you 
can select "Spells", and you can select it by pressing the Circle 
button. Each time you use a Spell, your Proficiency for the spell is 
increased by one point, with the exception of several spells that 
will never increase in Proficiency, because they don't need to (like 
Rena's Antidote spell).

Differences from Star Ocean:

There are several differences in how the game is run from the original 
Star Ocean, especially having to do with the battle system.

1) Link Combo is now an item, no more chains of four attacks.
Link Combo Rings can be found in the game. When you equip the Link 
Combo accessory, you can go to the Killer Move assigning screen, 
and press Triangle. Now that character can choose a character to 
steal Killer Move from. When you steal Killer Move from one of 
your characters,  he or she cannot use Killer Move at all. It is a 
good strategy to steal Killer Move from a spell-casting character, 
since they have no Killer Move to begin with. Once you have stolen 
a character's Killer Move, you can assign combos of two Killer Move. 

2) The battlefield.
This is a pretty big difference. The battlefield is now true 3D, and 
it is much larger than the battlefield from Star Ocean. The original 
Star Ocean's battlefield was only a plane, as opposed to Star Ocean: 
The Second Story's 3D battlefield. Also, there are rocks, train cars, 
and other obstacles in particular areas. For this reason, you'll have 
to plan your attacks better, and you can even use the obstacles as an 
advantage (for an example, drawing enemies into the train cars in a 
certain area). 

3) Killer Move system is slightly changed.
In the original Star Ocean, you would have four attacks distributed 
between four buttons, 2 for long range, and 2 for short range attacks. 
In Star Ocean: The Second Story, you only assign one Killer Move to 
each button, but some of the Killer Move will be different depending 
on where you execute the Killer Move from (for instance, Claude's 
"Kuhazan" is a shockwave across the ground toward the enemy at long 
range, while at short range, Claude sweeps the ground with his sword, 
creating bolts of energy around him).

4) No Ougi.
In the original Star Ocean, you could get Ougi books through the game, 
and when used on a character, could give them new Killer Move. The 
Killer Move that was given by Ougi was often very much stronger than 
normal Killer Move. In Star Ocean: The Second Story, however, there 
are a few special Killer Move you must find or make from verious Item 

5) New Proficiency system.
In Star Ocean: The Second Story, there is a new system dealing with 
Killer Move called Proficiency. Each time you use a Killer Move, its 
Proficiency level goes up by one point. The Killer Move becomes much 
stronger as its Proficiency level goes up, and when build up, graphics 
on the attack could change, as well as added effects (like making 
more hits than the original Killer Move did). 

6) Recovery time after casting a spell.
Star Ocean: The Second Story adds a new spell system. After you cast 
a spell, there will be a bit of lag time before you can cast another, 
as a little bar will appear the spell-casters head, and when the bar 
goes all the way empty, you can cast a spell again. This lag is very 
quick, though, and I really don't think it makes much of a difference 
from the original Star Ocean.

Status Ailments:

The status ailments in Star Ocean: The Second Story are exactly the 
same as the ones from Star Ocean, and there are only four total status 

Doku (Poison): HP constantly drops in battle, and also drops as 
you walk. 

Mahi (Paralysis): You are stopped in place. This ailment has the 
same general effects as Sekika. You can't do anything when paralyzed, 
and you can't get injured, either. You don't win any experience 
points after battle when paralyzed.

Sekika (Petrified): Your character is turned to stone, and you can't 
do anything at all. You cannot be injured while petrified. If you win 
a battle when petrified, the petrified character doesn't receive any 
experience points.

Sentou Funou (Incapacitated): This 'ailment' occurs when your HP 
drops all the way to 0. You can't do anything at all until you are 
back to normal HP. 

Battle Tactics:

*Fighter Tactics:
Only fighter characters use fighter tactics. The fighter characters are 
Claude, Ashton, Opera, Dias, Bowman, Precis, Ernest, and Chisato.

1) Zenryoku de Teki o Kogeki se yo! (Do your best attacks!)
   -Don't pay attention to MP at all, just keep using Killer Move on 
    all enemies.

2) Mikata o Mamore! (Protect all friends!)
   -Only fight enemies that come toward your characters; use defense. 

3) Killer Move o Onzon se yo! (Save Killer Move!)
   -Only rarely use Killer Move, save up MP.

4) Bunsan Shite Kogeki se yo! (Spread out and attack!)
   -Try to fight all enemies at one time; don't attack enemies that 
    the other characters are already fighting.

5)Teki kara Hanare yo! (Run away as much as possible!)

   -Always try to run from battles.

6) Nani mo Suru na! (Do nothing!)
   -Just stand still on the battlefield.

*Spell-Caster Tactics
Only spell-casting characters use these tactics (other than Rena). The 
spell-casting characters that use these tactics are: Celine, Leon, and 

1) Seishinryoku no Tsuzuku Kagiri Kogeki se yo! (Attack with mental 
   -Keep casting spells, don't worry about MP loss at all.

2) Seishinryoku o Onzon Shite Tatakae! (Conserve mental power!)
   -Cast an average amount of spells, save up MP sometimes.

3) Hanareta Teki o Kogeki se yo! (Attack enemies from afar!)
   -Target enemies in the back with spells first. This tactic is 
    useful for all of those annoying mages in the game.

4) Monshojutsu o Tsukau na! (Don't cast Monshojutsu!)
   -Cast no spells at all.

5) Mizukara no Nikutai de Kogeki se yo!  (Fight with your power!)
   -Makes you fight with your weapon rather than with spells.

6) Nani mo suru na! (Don't do anything)
   Stand still, not doing anything.

*Rena's Tactics:
Rena has her own special tactics.

a) Nakama no Kaifuku o Sennen se yo! (Focus on healing allies!)
   -Always cast healing spells when a character is hurt. 

b) Mikata o Hojo se yo! (Support allies!)
   -Mainly cast assistance spells to the allies (such as defense raising 
    spells), also heal when very low HP.

c) Kaifuko o Hozon shi, Hojo wa suru na! (No support and low healing)
   -This tactic saves a lot of HP. Don't cast support spells, but heal 
    when very low on HP.

d) Jumon wa Tonaeru na! (Don't cast any spells!)
   -I don't see the difference between this and "Mikata o Hojo se yo!". 

e) Mizukara no Nikutai de Kogeki se yo!  (Fight by yourself!)
   -Fight enemies yourself without casting any spells at all.

f) Nani mo suru na! (Do nothing)
   -Don't do anything at all.

Battle Formations:

Yet another interesting feature about Star Ocean and Star Ocean: 
The Second Story is the battle formations. I think battle formations 
play a bigger Battle formations play a bigger role in Star Ocean: 
The Second Story, since the battlefield is much bigger, and there 
are obstacles, and some bosses are more easily beaten if you use 
certain formations. 

1: Character in first position on the camp screen
2: Character in second position on the camp screen
3: Character in third position on the camp screen
4: Character in fourth position on the camp screen

Here are what the battle formations look like, going from top to 
bottom on the tactics select screen:

Linear Motion     Square Shift 1    Tri-Shift 1      Tri-Shift 2    Free Fight
 _____________    _____________    _____________    _____________    ____________
|           4 |  |             |  |             |  |             |  |            |
|             |  |         2 4 |  |         3   |  |         3   |  |      2   4 |
|           3 |  |	       |  |             |  |             |  |            |
|             |  |             |  |        1 4  |  |       1   4 |  |            |
|           2 |  |             |  |             |  |             |  |            |
|             |  |         1 3 |  |         2   |  |         2   |  |      1   3 |
|           1 |  |             |  |             |  |             |  |            |
|_____________|  |_____________|  |_____________|  |_____________|  |____________|

 Upper Guard       Under Guard     Square Shift 2   Astral Shift    Escape Shift
_____________     _____________    _____________    _____________    ____________
|         3 4 |  |             |  |         2 4 |  |             |  |            |
|         2   |  |             |  |             |  |          4  |  |            |
|	     1  |  |             |  |             |  |             |  |            |
|             |  |             |  |             |  |        1 3  |  |            |
|             |  |          3  |  |             |  |             |  |       1  3 |
|             |  |         2   |  |             |  |          2  |  |            |
|             |  |         1 4 |  |         1 3 |  |             |  |       3  4 |
|_____________|  |_____________|  |_____________|  |_____________|  |____________| 

 Assault Shift    Upper Caution    Under Caution
 _____________    _____________    _____________
|             |  |         2 4 |  |             |
|             |  |           3 |  |             |
|         3   |  |         1   |  |             |
|       1 4   |  |             |  |             |
|        2    |  |             |  |        1    |
|             |  |             |  |           3 |
|             |  |             |  |         2 4 |
|_____________|  |_____________|  |_____________| 

Linear Motion: This is a very basic formation. Use this formation 
  if all of your characters are equal in terms of strength.

Square Shift 1: This is a great formation when you have two fighters 
  and two spell-casters, as it makes a great defense and allows the 
  spell-casters to get all of their spells off in time.

Tri-Shift 1: This is one of the most overall useful formations in 
  the game. It is best to have Claude in the first position, and 
  your spell-casting character in the fourth position. 

Tri-Shift 2: This is another overall useful formation. Use this 
  formation when you want Claude (or another powerful fighter) to 
  start close the enemies.

Free Fight: I never found much use for this formation. I guess it 
  would be good if you had two fighting characters in the front, 
  and two spell-casting characters in the back, but I usually use 
  three fighters and one spell-caster. If you like spell-casting 
  characters, though, this is a good pick.

Upper Guard: As the name suggests, this is the formation to use 
  when you want to cluster all characters to the top, creating a 
  more secure defense. This formation comes into use in a certain 
  end dungeon in which the boss has a laser that shoots up the 
  middle of the field, and this will prevent that.

Under Guard: Like the Upper Guard formation, but defends from 
  the low part of the battlefield rather than the top. Has pretty 
  much the same advantages and disadvantages as Upper Guard.

Square Shift 2: This formation is essentially the same as Square 
  Shift 1, except the characters are a bit more spaced from each 
  other. Not much different.

Astral Shift: This formation uses the same principles as the 
  Tri-Shift formations. Again, useful for three fighter characters 
  and one spell-casting character.

Escape Shift: As the name suggests, this formation is useful if 
  you want to escape battles. This formation isn't useful for much 
  anything else. I didn't use this one much.

Assault Shift: This is perhaps the most unique formation. When you 
  select Assault Shift, all characters will appear in the middle of 
  the enemies. This formation is useful if you have four fighter 
  characters, and want to defeat the enemy very quickly.

Upper Caution: Essentially the same as Upper Guard, allows good 
  defense from the upper area of the battlefield.

Under Caution: Like the Under Guard, this allows a great defense 
  from the bottom of the battlefield. Use this when you want to 
  avoid rushing straight to the center.

As you can see, there are many variations of battle formations. My 
personal favorites are Tri-Shift 1, especially if you have one 
spell-caster and four fighter characters, and Tri-Shift 2 if you 
have Claude as your first character. It definitely depends on what 
characters you have in your party, but I use Tri-Shift 1 or 2 
through most of the game.

*Anger Explosions:

When a character falls in battle, there is a chance that the other 
characters will fly into rage, causing an "Anger Explosion". While 
in an Anger Explosion, characters gain huge amounts of power from 
increased statistics. Power, defense, speed, and magic power are 
all increased from Anger Explosions. Aijodo/Kanjodo/Yujodo have a 
lot to do with when/who will fly into an Anger Explosion. If a 
character has high Aijodo/Kanjodo/Yujodo toward the character that 
has fallen, chances are much greater that he or she will fly into 

*Note: It seems that Ashton flies into an Anger Explosion more 
than any other character in the game.

Game System:

Star Ocean: The Second Story's game system is obviously the main 
factor that sets the game apart from other RPGs. The game includes 
totally unique features, and these features take awhile to get used 
to and master.

*Game Modes:

Star Ocean: The Second Story adds replay value because of the fact that 
there are several game modes, each is increasingly more difficult. To 
get Galaxy and Universe mode as playable options, you need to build up 
your Voice Collection List. This list is a collection of all 1,278 voice 
samples in the entire game. Each time you hear a voice sample in the game, 
it will be added to your list. The requirements for the two hidden game 
modes are as follows:

*Galaxy: 30% of all voices in the game (384 total samples)
*Universe: 50% of all voices in the game (639 total samples)
*Must Test: 70% of all voices in the game (895 total samples) 

If you wish to play on one of the hidden game modes, follow these easy 

1) Before starting a new game, go to the Voice Collection Screen
2) If you exceeded the amount for one of the hidden game modes, you will 
hear a chime noise, and the message "Go back to the main screen and select 
New Game" will appear.
3) Do as the message says and start a new game.

The Music Test game mode is not really a game mode. Once you get it, you 
will get to access to the sound test where you can listen to any track in 
the game that you wish to hear.

This is the normal setting that the game starts on. Enemies are at their 
normal levels in terms of strength. You have to use Earth mode for the 
first game you play.

In Galaxy mode, ememies receive a big HP and attack power bonus, and the 
game is more difficult. 

Universe is a huge challenge. Enemies receive the HP and attack power 
bonuses they receive from Galaxy mode, in addition to much higher defense, 
and harder artificial intelligence. Universe mode is insanely hard, and 
the last boss seems pretty much unbeatable on Universe.

*Game Controls:

X - X
O - O
T - Triangle Button
S - Square Button

Towns, Dungeons, Overworld:
O - Run
X - Talk/Examine/Confirm
S - Start Private actions, Pickpocket
T - Open Camp screen
L1/R1 - Rotate screen Counterclockwise or Clockwise on overworld
Start - Open/Close/Zoom Map Window

Status Screen:
O - Canel
X - Confirm
S - Open special panels, such as Item statistic panels, turn 
spells on/off
T - Open special menus, including Talents
L1/R1 - Scroll up/down in item/skill/technique fast
L2/R2 - Scroll through character list fast

O - Cancel Targeting or change characters
X - Target/Attack
S - Hold and move character around with control pad, and/or change 
T - Open Command Ring menu
L1/R1 - Target/Use assigned Killer Move
L2 - Switch character to next character on roster
R2 - Switch character from auto/manual control
Select - Taunt enemy (Chohatsu skill)

*Camp Menu:

The following are translations and what each camp menu option does. 
The camp menu is not too difficult to learn, even if you don't know 

The Specialty menu is where you assign your character's Killer Move, 
but later in the game, as you gain Specialty, several other options 
will open up here as well, like Music and Familiar.

Aitemu (Item):
This is a list of all of the items in your inventory. If you want 
to use items on your characters, press the Circle button on the 
item you want, then move to the character you want, then press 
Circle again. You can arrange the items here by pressing Triangle, 
then selecting in which order you want to arrange them. Also, you 
can press Triangle and go to the second option down to do Item 
Creations. The third option down is Super Specialty.

You can equip each character with the weapons/armor/accessories you 
have in your inventory.

Choose a character, and the Skills screen opens. You can select Skills 
for that character to increase levels in if you have Specialty points. 
Pressing Triangle here will allow you to see that character's levels 
for all of the Skills.

Check each character's parameters, hit points, magic points, level, 
total experience, experience to next level, equippment, and portrait. 
Pressing Triangle here will allow you to view the Talents that each 
character has. You can scroll through characters by using the L2 and 
R2 buttons.

You can configure several game options.

After selecting Screen, you get three options. The top option 
lets you choose battle tactics for each individual character. 
The second option allows you to choose which characters out 
of the party you want to send into battle. The left side goes 
into battle while the right side stays behind. The third 
option allows you to choose battle formations.

Kaado allows you to either save or load a game. The option on 
the top is save, while the option on the bottom is load. 

*Status Screen:

Name: Your character's name.
Race: Your character's race.
HP: Your character's current and maximum Hit Points.
MP: Your character's current and maximum Mental (Magic) Points.
Level: Your character's current level.
EXP: Your character's current experience.
NEXT: The experience your character needs to get to the next level.
STR: Strength. Affects Kogeki.
CON: Constitution. Affects Bogyo.
DEX: Dexterity. Affects Meichuritsu.
AGL: Agility.  Affects Kaihi.
INT: Intelligence.  Affects Maryoku.
LUC: Luck. With high Luck, your character's accuracy in hits and agility 
  will increase. Luck also determines how accurate you are with certain 
  Item Creations.
STM: Stamina. Each character has a set amount of Stamina. When you 
  attack or use Killer Move, your Stamnia decreases. At the end of a 
  battle, whatever Stamina each character has remaining is healed in 
  the form of HP and MP. If you used all of your Stamina up in a battle, 
  you will not heal.
GUTS: Guts is your character's spirit. It affects the game in several 
different ways. If you have a high Guts rating, you can sometimes make 
fatal hits that do up to double damage, and you could receive a rush in 
which your character's attack and defense levels raise. Also, sometimes 
when you get a fatal hit that would bring you below 1 HP, you will stay 
alive with 1 HP. Having Guts is very useful in the game, especially 
toward the end, where the bosses will hit for lots of damage, you'll 
want to stay alive.

Kogeki: Attack power. This is the sum of your STR and weapon power.
Bogyo: Defense. This is the sum of your CON and armor defense.
Meichuritsu: Accuracy. This is how often you hit an enemy for the full 
  amount of power. This is determined by your DEX value.
Kaihi: Evasion. The value is determined by your AGL level and the shield 
  that your character is carrying.This is your ability to block attacks 

Weapon: Your weapon.
Armor: Your main body armor.
Shield: Your shield.
Helmet: Your head armor.
Greaves: Your leg armor.
Accessory 1: Your character's first accessory.
Accessory 2: Your character's second accessory.
Favorite Food: This is each character's favorite food/drink. When a 
  character eats/drinks his or her favorite food/drink, his or her HP 
  will be healed very high, and most of the time you will regain full 

Press the Square button on a character's Status Screen to view each
character's Element. The first line on the window is the Element of 
that character's attack. The Second line is the type of defense a 
character has against a certain kind of Element. For attack Element, 
when on, the icon of the Element is highlighted. When off, all 
Element is greyed out. For defense Element, each Element is assigned 
a plus or minus sign. A plus sign means that a character is strong 
toward that Element, while a minus means that the character is weak 
against that Element.


Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Star, Negative, Light, Dark, and 
Mu (Physical).

Pressing the triangle button on a character's Status Screen will bring 
up that character's Talents. Talents are randomly assigned to character's 
at the beginning of the game. You can learn new Talents through the game, 
save the Talent "Mana no Shukufuku" (Mana Power), which is only given to 
each spell-casting character.


Originality (オリジナリテイ): The ability to make unique things. 
Cooking Sense (-。覚): The ability to determine taste in food. 
Skill of Fingers (器-pな指先): The ability of having quick fingers.
Design Sense (デザイ"セ"ス): A sense of form and balance in work. 
Literary Ability (文才): The ability to write books/music. 
Rhythmic Sense(リズム感): Knowing rhythm in music.       
Musical Sense (音感): The ability to successfully read and perform 
Liked by Animals ("(r)物好き): A love of living things.       
Wild Instinct (-生の勘): An instinct that animals are near.      
Mana Power (マナの祝福): The ability to cast magic. Only the 
  spell-casting characters receive this Talent.

*Note: You'll need a Japanese character viewer to view the Japanese 
text here, but you don't need one. If you don't know Japanese, just 
look at a kana and hiragana chart to determine which Talent is 

*Ending System:

The ending system in Star Ocean: The Second Story is very complicated. 
There are a total of 86 endings, depending on what you do through the 
game, Private Actions, and what characters you choose. It is very 
hard to get a specific ending, just because there are so many ending 
possibilities, but most of the alterations in the endings have to do 
with male characters paired with female characters. For instance, if 
you want Claude to hook up with Rena in the ending, you must be kind 
toward Rena through the game and in Private Actions.

General Strategy: 

-Talk to everyone. The world is vast and huge in Star Ocean: The 
Second Story, and Enix has really worked hard on the text, and 
you'll be given a lot of information on the story by talking to 
every available.

-As with the typical RPG, if you are constantly getting killing, 
or losing to a boss, stop to gain some levels. Gaining levels 
increases your stats by a lot, and you can pick more Specialties, 
and eventually overpower the bosses easily.

-Take time to explore the dungeons. Most dungeons have some really 
great treasure, and you'll want to take time to look for all of 
the rare items in the dungeons. Also, there could be a hidden 
passage or some other secret in a dungeon.

-Every time you get to a new town with new weapons and armor, buy 
all of it. Better weapons and armor help you survive much better 
in the dungeons, and will make things for you a lot easier.

-Try different Killer Move and spells. Sometimes you'll get 
attached to a certain Killer Move or spell for a long time, but 
trying out the others really helps, because there is always some 
attack that is better. Try different combinations of Killer Move 
in Link Combos as well.

-Try all of the different formations and decide which is best 
for each circumstance. Certain formations can have huge strengths 
in certain areas, while others will really be damaging to use. 
Also, some battles are heavily dependent on the formation, and 
you'll want to have the best formations for each area.

-Always equip your weapons/armor/accessories right after you 
receive them.

-Use different kinds of tactics on each character, and find the 
ones that you like best. You won't want your characters to 
constantly use up all of their MP for Killer Move unless you 
want to build the Proficiency up, so make sure characters are 
using unnecesary MP. 

-If you don't have enough Fol for weapons/armor/accesories, go 
onto the overworld or into a dungeon and gain enough money to 
buy them. They'll really help in the longrun, and you'll also 
get a chance to gain some more levels for your characters.

-Experiment with different parties. You may become attached to 
certain characters as you play through the game, but once you 
try each character out, you may find a new favorite party. Use 
different Killer Move as well.

-Take some time to stop playing through the game to experiment 
with Item Creations. The most powerful weapons and armor in the 
game can only be received through Item Creations, and utilizing 
Item Creations is absolutely neccesary for beating the game, as 
toward the end of the game, many of the bosses are very hard. 
It takes a lot of time to master creating weapons and armor for 
your characters, but in terms of the strength it gives you, the 
Item Creations you use are entirely worth it.


There are twelve total characters in Star Ocean: The Second 
Story. All of the stats about the characters are taken directly 
from the manual that came with the game.

Note that some characters are not listed in the manual, and 
therefore I don't have all information on some characters, 
especially in the height and weight categories. If you can 
point out where these characteristics are noted, please tell 

--Claude Kenni--
Age: 19
Race: Human
Birthday: January 23rd
Height: 175 centimeters
Weight: 68 kilograms
Likes: Food, Computer Games
Dislikes: Being a Federation Officer, studying different things.
Good At: Being late, Slacking off, Martial Arts
His "type.": Someone Active and Cheerful
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Instrument: Trumpet

The son of Ronixis Kenni, renowned hero from the first Star Ocean, he is a 
new officer in the Interplanetary Space Federation, serving on Ronixis' ship, 
the Calnus. Claude is brought into the adventure when he is on a team to 
explore an uncharted planet, where he was mysterious sucked into a time-space 
portal, and he eventually ends up on the planet Expel. Claude is searching the 
planet for a way off, and trying to find out as much about the planet as 
possible. Claude hopes to eventually learn about the culture on the new planet 
while trying to escape as well. Claude is a basic guy that gets along with others 
pretty well. Claude is nice to all of his allies, and treasures their cameraderie. 
Claude respects his father for being a great hero in his day, but at other times 
he is jealous because others look at him in a different way because he behaves 
differently then his father. Claude wants to increase in physical strength, and 
is somewhat jealous of others for being stronger than him.  Claude uses a longsword 
as his weapon, and can equip heavy armor. He is the basic fighting character, 
and in his Killer Move, he combines both sword and martial arts attacks.

Starting Statistics:
Level 1
HP: 130, MP: 20
STR: 10, CON: 5, DEX: 10, AGL: 10, INT: 0, LUC: 132, STM: 15, GUTS: 20
Specialties: Kagaku Gijutsu, Kinobi

Claude's Strengths:
-The most powerful attack fighter in the game.
-Can equip the best armor in the game, and the best weapon, the Eternal Sphere.
-Has the most well-rounded stats, and some of the most effective Killer Move.

Claude's Weaknesses:
-Needs to gain much more Proficiency than most of characters to build up his 
Killer Move.

--Rena Lanford--
Age: 17
Race: Expel
Birthday: May 13
Height: 161 centimeters
Weight: 45 kilograms
Good at: Cooking, Helping others, Gymnastics, Fist attacking
Likes: Running away to the Forest of Holy Protection, beautiful things
Her "type": Someone with a sense of humer, someone that doesn't turn mad easily
Favorite Food: Shortcake
Favorite Instrument: Lyre

Rena is from the small village of Arlia, where she has been raised for her 
entire life. Rena finds Claude in the Forest of Holy Protection, where Claude 
saved Rena from being attacked by a gorilla. Rena eventually befriends Claude 
and helps him investigate a way to get home. Rena is informed near the 
beginning of the game that her foster mother, Westa, was not really her real 
mother. Rena's new mission is to find out who Rena's real mother was. Rena 
also wonders about the mystery of her magic, and why no one else in her village 
has the healing powers that she does. Rena's personality is very kind toward 
friends. Rena gets worried easily, although she will eventually forgive others 
for what they do. Rena keeps each friend of hers very close. As she is very 
experienced in martial arts, Rena fights only with her fists (or claws on them), 
and uses healing-type magic, although she eventually will gain several Light 
Element attack spells.

Starting Statistics:
Level 1
HP: 130, MP: 40
STR: 5, CON: 2, DEX: 10, AGL: 8, INT: 0, LUC: 130, STM: 10, GUTS 30
Starting Specialties: Hocho, Recipe, Mekiki

Rena's Strengths:
-Her healing spells heal for the most amount of HP in the game.
-Best physical attacker of all mages.
-Is only character in the game that can cast Raise Dead, one of the most useful 
spells in the game.

Rena's Weaknesses: 
-Has low defense power, and often dies in battle when not defended by other 
-When she runs out of HP, you won't be able to heal your characters as easily.

--Celine Jules--
Age: 23
Race: Expel
Birthday: September 18
Height: 167 centimeters
Weight: 50 kilograms
Good at: Treasure Hunting, Attack magic
Likes: Jewels, different clothing styles, makeup and perfume
Dislikes: Selfish people
Her "type": Someone strong physically
Favorite Food: Kousagi Rizotto
Favorite Instrument: Violin

Celine is an attack magician, and was raised in the village of 
Mars. Celine is a treasure hunter, always travelling the world for money or 
precious treasure. Celine befriends Claude and Rena when they find that she 
knows where a special treasure is located. Celine begins to be fond of Claude 
from when they meet. Celine is an attack mage. Celine has the most rounded 
attack spells in the game, and has two of the most powerful attack spells 
in the game. Celine is the weakest character physically, and when forced to 
physcailly fight, she uses a rod.

Starting Statistics:
Level 8
HP: 400, MP: 100
STR: 15, CON: 8, DEX: 12, AGL: 5, INT: 0, LUC: 154, STM: 14, GUTS: 45
Starting Specialties: Favorite Foodgaku, Craft, Biteki Kankaku, Kagaku Gijutsu, Yoseiron

Good points about Celine:
-Most rounded attack spells in the game.
-Usually starts with many Talents.
-Wonderful luck.

Bad points about Celine:
-Is the weakest character, so in turn she dies in battles very easily.
-Can equip the weakest of armor.
-Drains MP fast on some of the better attack spells.

--Ashton Anchors--
Age: 20
Race: Expel
Birthday: September 28
Height: 180 centimeters
Weight: 80 kilograms
Good at: Sewing cloth, Monshoken
Likes: Good luck
Dislikes: Omens, Fortune Telling, Cursed Objects
His "type": Someone helpful, pure, and kind.
Favorite Food: Hamburger
Favorite Instrument: Piano

Ashton is a basic young man who is travelling the world to look for 
missions that will make him more known in society. Ashton seems to have 
horrible luck, as when he goes into a mine, two dragons, Gyoro and Ururun, 
are mysteriously drawn to Ashton, and when Ashton becomes distracted, the 
two dragons graft themselves into his back. The two dragons become a part 
of Ashton, and Ashton decides not to have them taken off if possible. The 
two dragons criticize Ashton, although they are also good friends to him. 
Ashton decides to travel with Claude and Rena because they helped him try 
to find a way to detach his dragons. Ashton is a good guy, and always 
cares for others, but has terrible luck, which seems to get him into a lot 
of trouble. Ashton has a powerful conscience, and Ashton would never hurt 
anything that has been kind to him. Ashton is a Monoshoken, he uses a 
mixture of sword techniques along with elemental magic. Ashton has two 
swords that he slashes the enemy quickly with, and uses a lot of magical 
abilities like splitting into multiple images or disappearing and then 
reappearing near the enemy. Ashton uses a wide variety of Killer Move.

Starting Statisticss:
Level 17
HP: 1000, MP: 120
STR: 83, CON: 32, DEX: 50, AGL: 5, INT: 0, LUC: 18, STM: 26, GUTS: 32
Starting Specialties: None.

Ashton's strengths:
-The second most powerful character in the game, second to only Claude
-Can equip some of the most powerful weapons and armor in the game
-Has many quick Killer Move that do multiple powerful hits on the enemy 
-Flies into rage in battle more than any other character

Ashton's weaknesses:
-A few of his Killer Move take a terrible amount of time to execute, 
and therefore, are almost useless
-Terrible luck, his luck will never go higher than 18 through the game

--Opera Vectra--
Age: 23
Race: Tetragenes
Birthday: August 24
Height: 160 centimeters
Weight: 50 kilograms
Good at: Using range weapons, repairing things, piloting
Likes: Wine, Long journey, Shopping, Jewelry
Dislikes: Compromising, People that act tough
Her "Type": Guys that are intelligent and can make decisions
Favorite Food: Dulfol
Favorite Instrument: Piano

Opera is a high-ranking official on an advanced planet with many scientific 
advances. Opera travels through the universe with Ernest, her boyfriend. 
As Opera and Ernest are exploring the universe, their ship crashes into the 
planet Expel, and Opera and Ernest are seperated. The party meets Opera in 
a bar, where Claude and Rena give Opera a lead to where Ernest may be. Opera 
is an aggresive woman, and always completes what she does, no matter what 
the cost. Opera usea a large magic-infused rifle called the "Kaleidoscope". 
As you go through the game, you collect boxes, which are basically discs 
that Opera inserts into the Kaleidoscope. Opera uses many projectile 
attacks from the Kaleidoscope, like ice beams and fire bombs. Opera swings 
the Kaleidoscope at enemies as her normal attack, and fires a basic bolt 
out of the Kaleidoscope at airborne enemies.

Starting Statistics:
Level 21
STR: 60, CON: 31, DEX: 52, AGL: 30, INT: 0, LUC: 142, STM: 21, GUTS: 60
Starting Specialties: Craft, Cast, Kinobi, Kikai Sosa

Good Points about Opera: 
-The best long range and projectile Killer Move in the game
-Has a very quick attack
-Receives strong weapons very early in the game

Bad points about Opera: 
-Her Killer Move takes tons of Proficiency to power up
-Has to be at specific distances away from the enemy to do both short 
and long range Killer Move
-Can equip less powerful armor than the other fighter characters

--Precis F. Neuman--
Age: 16
Race: Expel
Birthday: February 29
Height: 155 centimeters
Weight: 43 kilograms
Good at: Machinery, Inventing
Likes: Handagote, Turbo Zakku, Mujin-kun, Chocolate
Dislikes: Reptiles, Slimy objects and animals
Her "Type": A guy that is pretty cool but is not an idiot. (typical ^_^)
Favorite Food: Choco-Crepe
Favorite Instrument: Harmonica

Precis is daughter of the famous inventor of machinery in the town of Ringa. 
Precis is somewhat trying to follow in her father's foosteps, as she messes 
with machinery and makes her own items often. Since Precis is inventing and 
doing things other people on Expel have not done before, others look down 
on her for being srange and abnormal. Precis joins your group in hopes of 
becoming friends with your party members. Precis' father wants you to take 
Precis along because you are the only people that can get along with her, 
and she needs friends. Precis develops a crush on Claude early on. Precis 
gets in to trouble often, and is often a rebel. Precis is sometimes somewhat 
annoying to the other characters, but she can also be very kind and truthful 
to her friends. Precis weilds a pet robot of hers named Mujin-kun. Precis' 
fighting style is very unique, she attacks with a robotic hammer attached 
to her backpack, and controls the functions with a controller. Precis 
often utilizes Mujin-kun in her Killer Move, and also uses many unique 
projectile Killer Move, using Mujin-kun as a weapon.

Starting Statistics
Level 15
HP: 950, MP: 100
STR: 42, CON: 31, DEX: 40, AGL: 5, INT: 0, LUC: 153, STM: 26, GUTS: 32
Starting Specialties: Kinobi, Kikai Chishiki, Kikai Sosa

Precis' strengths:
-Second to only Opera in terms of proectile Killer Move.
-Some Killer Move makes her invincible while executing, which is such 
a huge advantage, especially later in the game, when taking damage 
quickly can insure fast death.
-A well balanced fighter in any situation.

Precis' weaknesses:
-Can't wear as good armor as the other fighting characters, just like 
-Most of her Killer Move takes a lot of MP, and even if you equip her 
with Accessories like an Emerald Ring or Fairy Ring, her MP will drain 

--Bowman Jean--
Age: 27
Race: Expel
Birthday: August 24
Good at: Mixing medicine, Sports
Likes: Herbs, Medicine
Dislikes: Incurable diseases, Deadly diseases
His "type": He says that his wife will get mad at him if he says. ^_^ 
Favorite Food: Daikon no Misoshiru
Favorite Instrument: Harmonica

Bowman is an alchemist that runs a medicine shop in the town of Ringa. 
Bowman is Keith's friend, who is a translator of ancient writing, and 
one of the only translators on Expel. When the party meets Bowman, 
they say that they need to find a translator, and Bowman notes Keith. 
Bowman says if you can find him a rare herb in the Ringa mines for 
him, he will make Keith talk to you. After completing Bowman's task, 
he will decide to come with your party. Bowman is an easy-going guy, 
and doesn't get angry very often. Bowman is interested in science, 
especially in nature. Bowman is a martial artist, and uses only his 
hands, feat, and head to fight. Bowman's Killer Move cosists of 
punch and kick combinations, and medicine Specialties. 

Starting Statistics:
Level 25
HP: 1500, MP: 170
STR: 90, CON: 50, DEX: 62, AGL: 5, INT: 0, LUC: 118, STM: 35, GUTS: 36
Starting Specialties: Yakusogaku, Seibutsugaku, Seishingaku

Bowman's strengths:
-Second lowest in MP consumption in his Killer Move, second to only 
-Is great with a Link Combo Ring, does linked Killer Move very fast 
in battle.
-Is very quick.

Bowman's weaknesses:
-Bowman's normal attack has the worst range in the game, even Noel's 
normal attack has a better range.
-Like Opera, Bowman can not equip some of the strongest armor, unlike 
the other fighter characters like Claude, Dias, and Ernest.

--Ernest Raviede--
Age: 35
Race: Tetragenes
Birthday: August 31
Height: 190 centimeters
Weight: 90 kilograms
Good at: Searching and excavating ruins
Likes: Adventure, Travel
Dislikes: Tomb and grave robbers
His "Type": Smart women
Favorite Food: Senchuyasaku
Favorite Instrument: Cembalo

Ernest is an experienced archaeologist who does a lot of travelling 
across the universe with Opera. Ernest travelled with Opera to Expel, 
where the couple planned on investigating the ruins there. Ernest is 
the man that Opera is chasing after, and you can only get Ernest in 
the party if you already have Opera. Ernest is very intelligent, and 
is often interested in things other people aren't. Ernest enjoys 
doing scientific work, and exploring places that haven't been 
chartted or understood yet. Ernest uses a whip in combat, and his 
Killer Move consists of multi-hitting whip attacks or charging 
his whip with different Element to do different elemental attacks 
to the enemy.

Starting Statistics:
Level 25
STR: 100, CON: 37, DEX: 60, AGL: 50, INT: 0, LUC: 121, STM: 23, GUTS: 45
Starting Specialties: Yakusogaku, Nintai, Kuchibue

Ernest's strengths:
-Is a great fighter character, can equip some of the best armor and 
weapons in the game.
-The range of his normal attack is the longest in the game, and it is 
very useful for flying enemies as well.
-Uses very little MP, the least in the game, which makes him a great 
character to give a Link Combo Ring to.

Ernest's weaknesses:
-Ernest's normal attack is pretty slow.
-Some Killer Move Ernest uses is very slow and almost useless in the 

--Dias Flac--
Race: Expel
Age: 25
Birthday: August 5
Height: 192 centimeters
Weight: 82 kilograms
Good at: Unique martial arts
Likes: Sleep
Dislikes: Bandits and robbers
His "type": Dias doesn't say through the entire game. :) 
Favorite Food: Chiniwatori Kushiyaki
Best Intstrument: Cembalo

Dias was a childhood friend of Rena, and is from Arlia. In a terrible attack, 
Dias' family was hurt, which made him feel weak for not being able to defend 
the people he loved, so he set out into the world as a swordsman, wanting to 
some day get revenge on those that hurt him so badly. Dias has a huge ego, 
and people from Expel think he is the most powerful man alive. Dias is a 
loner, and barely even talks, but since Dias cares for Rena, he joins the 
party. Dias barely makes an expressions or speaks. Dias is boastful about 
how good he fights, and believes that he is in fact the strongest man alive, 
and he will ignore anyone that says otherwise. Dias' unique style of fighting 
is different from the other characters. Dias uses longswords like Claude, but 
Dias uses a special method in which he gives a strong strike as fast as he 
can, then sheathes his sword again very quickly. Dias gains several special 
sword-attack Killer Move, and takes advantage of his very fast speed. Dias 
also can use special Killer Move in which he charges his sword with special 
powers and then releases them to the enemy.

Starting Statistics:
Level 35
STR: 175, CON: 70, DEX: 120, AGL: 20, INT: 0, LUC: 96, STM: 45, GUTS: 50
Starting Specialties: None

*Note: Dias can only join your party if you are playing Rena's scenario.

Dias' strengths:
-Second best character in terms of pure physical strength.
-Has the fastest normal attack of all of the characters.
-Can equip the best armor in the game.
-Has some of the most powerful single-hitting Killer Move in the game.

Dias' weaknesses:
-Starts off as the best fighter, but slowly dwindles to only average toward 
the end of the game.
-Has no rengeki Killer Move, and can only do a maximum of three hits on any 
given Killer Move.
-A lot of his Killer Move uses a lot of MP.

--Leon Geeste--
Age: 12
Race: Felpool
Birthday: November 25
Height: 135 centimeters
Weight: 36 kilograms
Likes: Chess, strategy games
Dislikes: Work, his parents nagging at him
His "type": Leon is young, and doesn't note this through the game. :) 
Favorite Food: Carrot Juice
Favorite Instrument: Violin

Leon is a special scientist that knows a lot about magical power in the 
kingdom of Racool. Leon does work with his parents, benefitting the kingdom. 
Leon is unique to the people on Expel in that no one else can develop the 
unique and special magical technology that he can. Leon meets the party 
unexpectedly in the lower levels of Racool castle, and puts you to helping 
him find an "Energy Stone" for the kingdom's benefit. After going on Leon's 
special quest, he will join you, and his new mission will be to find where 
the Sorcery Globe fell to. Leon is very intelligent, even though he is very 
young. Leon studies many topics, especially magic machinery, and always 
boasts about how he always comes through with his work. Leon brags often, 
but also does it fairly jokingly. Leon is a spell-casting character. In 
battle, he uses books to attack (using a special spell locked within the 
book), and has mainly Water, Darkness, and Mu spells. Leon has many offensive 
support spells, as well.

Starting Statistics:
Level 30
STR: 40, CON: 30, DEX: 35, AGL: 5, INT: 0, LUC: 120, STM: 23, GUTS: 10
Starting Specialties: Favorite Foodgaku, Kagaku Gijutsu, Yoseiron

*Note: Leon will only join your party if you are playing Claude's scenario.

Good points about Leon:
-Has the most MP in the game.
-Starts with many talents.
-Very quick.

Bad points about Leon:
-Has a less variety of spells than any other spell-casting character.
-Like the other spell-casting characters, he is very weak in combat, and can 
equip only the worst of armor.

--Noel Chandler--
Age: 24
Race: Nedian
Birthday: February 2
Height: 173 centimeters
Weight: 74 kilograms
Good at: Helping animals
Likes: Animals
Dislikes: Nothing in particular
His "type": Someone that shares his interests in nature
Favorite Food: O-toro
Favorite Instrument: Shamisen

Noel protects the animals on the planet Ned. Noel lives by himself in a 
cabin where he loves to observe nature and be with his animal friends. 
Noel is a scholar, and is experienced in both attack and healing magic. 
Noel joins the party to help them find a Sainard to travel on, and after 
going with you on the Sainard quest, he will eventually join the party 
and seek the Sorcery Globe. Noel is one of the more mysterious characters 
of your party. Noel always does his best for the benefit of his friends, 
and is opposed to fighting of any kind, but when his friends are in danger, 
Noel will always come through to help. Noel is a spell-casting character 
that uses both healing and attack magic. Noel has the widest variety of 
spells in the game, and his attack magic is basically cenetered around 
Wind and Earth elemental spells. Noel uses fists and claws to physically 
fight enemies. 

Starting Statistics:
Level 40
HP: 2700, MP: 340
STR: 61, CON: 55, DEX: 50, AGL: 5, INT: 0, LUC: 87, STM: 30, GUTS: 28
Starting Specialties: None

Noel's strengths:
-Only character other than Rena to use healing spells.
-Can most fighter-type armor, giving him a huge defensive advantage over the 
other spell-casting characters.
-Has the widest variety of spells in the game.

Noel's weaknesses:
-Noel's healing spells heal for much less HP than Rena's healing spells.
-Noel's attack spells do much less damage than that of both Celine and Leon. 

--Chisato Madison--
Age: 22
Race: Nedian
Birthday: October 22
Height: 164 centimeters
Weight: 52 kilograms
Good at: Spying, collecting special data
Likes: Information
Dislikes: Hypocritical people
Her "type": Someone that is truthful and willing to work
Favorite Food: Fruit Sandwich
Favorite Instrument: Organ

Chisato is a reporter that lives in Central City, who notices that your 
party are outsiders and immediately decides to stalk you and find out more 
information about the party. The party notices Chisato in many places, 
and finally finds out who she is when she drops her business card in a 
dungeon. When you ask Chisato why she is following you, she tells you that 
she wants more information about you, so you decide to let her join your 
party. Chisato is totally dedicated to her work as a reporter. Chisato 
knows that you are the guys trying to save the planet, and she wants to 
help you through. Chisato uses guns as her normal weapon, and uses all 
sorts of special martial arts type Killer Moves. Chisato has a lot of 
Killer Move that do a combination of punches and kicks to the enemy. 
Chisato uses her phone to summon special machines to help her as well.

Starting Statistics:
Level 40
STR: 164, CON: 60, DEX: 150, AGL: 50, INT: 0, LUC: 119, STM: 32, GUTS: 42
Starting Specialties: Copy

Chisato's strengths:
-Is very quick.
-Has rengeki Killer Move that hits for the most amount of times in the 

Chisato's weaknesses:
-Is much weaker in terms of strength than the other characters.
-Has very few Killer Moves, some uneffective Killer Moves, and some that 
take up too much MP for what it's worth.
-Can equip only weak armor.

Killer Moves List:

Here is a complete list of all of the Killer Moves in the game. 
"Final Change" means that it takes that many Proficiency points to 
become its strongest form. For examble, when Claude's "Kuhazan" 
Killer Move has 200 Proficiency, the shockwave is now gold, and is 

*Claude's Killer Moves:

Phase Gun
MP: 0
Gained: Level 1
Final Change: None
This is a phase gun that Ronixis gives Claude in the very beginning 
of Claude's scenario. The people in Arlia think that this is the 
legendary "sword of light".

Air Slash
MP: 4
Gained: Level 3
Final Change: 200
Short range: Claude sweeps his sword around him, creating bolts of 
energy. Similar to the original Star Ocean's Shoretsuha move.
Long range: Claude creates a shockwave across the ground to the 
At final change: The shockwaves turn gold and do a lot more 
Damage to the target. 

Shooting Stars
MP: 7
Gained: Level 7
Final Change: 300
Short range: A series of pummeling punches. 
Long range: Claude fires a large bolt at the enemy. 
At final change: At short range, Claude hits more times with his 
punches and they go faster, and at long range, the energy bolt turns 
to a gold color and does more damage.

Head Splitter
MP: 9
Gained: Level 12
Final Change: 260
Claude jumps very high up in the air, then drops down on the enemy, 
Hitting them with is sword. 
At final change: Claude will spin his sword downward rather than 
Stabbing it.

Energy Sword
MP: 11
Gained: Level 20
Final Change: 200
This is a simple healing Killer Move. 
At final change: Healing area expands and others can reive healing 
If close to Claude.

Burst Knuckle
MP: 12
Gained: Level 28
Final Change: 100
Short range: Claude punches the enemy with a fist of fire.
Long range: Claude throws a flame of fire at the enemy.
At final change: Claude does more damage with the fire.

Ripper Blast
MP: 17
Gained: Level 38
Final Change: 270
Claude thrusts his sword downward and lots of earth spikes come up 
to hit the enemy. 
At final change: The spikes spread outward more, so you can hit 
Multiple enemies easily.

Twin Slash
MP: 15
Gained: Level 45
Final Change: 160
A double-slice of the sword.
At final change: Claude will do four slices instead of two.

Dragon Howl
MP: 28
Gained: Level 53
Final Change: 500
Claude raises his hand, and a dragon appears above his head to breathe 
bolts at the enemy.
At final change: The dragon fires more bolts at the enemy. 

Sword Bomber
MP: 32
Gained: Level 62
Final Change: 420
Claude jumps in the air, slashes his sword, and several fireballs 
will hit the enemy from above.
At final change: Claude fires up to 5 fireballs from his sword.

Mirror Slice
MP: 38
Gained: Level 70
Final Change: 460
A series of very powerful strikes, ending with a powerful jumping 
slash with the sword.
At final change: Claude will slash many more times than usual.

*Ashton's Killer Moves:

Twin Stab
MP: 4
Gained: Starts with it.
Final Change: 100
A double-stab with swords.
At final change: The strikes do more damage to the enemy.

Cross Slash
MP: 8
Gained: Starts with it.
Final Change: 100
A jumpin slash, and then charges into the enemy with a charging dash 
At final change: Both of the strikes do more damage to the enemy.

Leaf Slash
MP: 19
Gained: Starts with it.
Final Change: 200
Ashton disappears, a shockwave surrounds the enemy, then reappears 
close to his enemy, and does two strong slashes.
At final change: Ashton does three slashes after reappearing.

Northern Cross
MP: 9
Gained: Level 18
Final Change: 200
Two slashes with his swords, and then creates a large bolt of ice 
in front of him, and releases it to hit the enemy.
At final change: Ashton's slashes do more damage.

Piercing Swords
MP: 12
Gained: Level 22
Final Change: 130
Ashton throws two swords into the ground, and then throws two other 
Swords at the enemy.
At final change: Ashton will throw more swords at the enemy.

Hurricane Slash
MP: 16
Gained: Level 45
Final Change: 200
Short range: Ashton slashes while spinning, and a whirlwind hits the 
Long range: Ashton jumps twoard the enemy and does a slash, and then 
Creates a whirlwind and releases it to hit the enemy.
Final change: Ashton does the attack faster, and it does more damage.

Death Triangle
MP: 19
Gained: Level 53
Final Change: None.
Ashton appears in three images around the enemy, and all three of 
The Ashtons create a force around the enemy, and then the force 
Expldes and does high damage, and freezes the enemy in place.

Dragon Breath
MP: 28
Gained: Level 64
Final Change: 140
Ashton's two dragons, Gyoro and Ururun both breathe fire and/or ice 
bolts at the target, doing many hits.
At final change: Both dragons will fire their elemental at the enemy. 

Sword Dance
MP: 32
Gained: Level 70
Final Change: 400
Ashton's most powerful technique. Ashton slices at the enemy many 
Times in different areas, each slice doing lots of damage.
At final change: Ashton will slash many more times at the enemy.

Tri-Ace (you find this Killer Move in a treasure chest)
MP: 45
Final Change: 140
Ashton puts his swords together and they form a single sword, then 
the two dragons come together into the sword, and Ashton swings it 
on the battlefield, doing massive damage on all enemies.
At final change: Ashton will do much more damage on all enemies.

*Opera's Killer Moves:

Photon Prison
MP: 10
Gained: Starts with it.
Final Change: 270
Opera fires a freezing beam at her enemy, freezing it in place.
At final change: The enemy's actions are freezed for a longer 
amount of time.

Flame Launcher
MP: 7
Gained: Starts with it.
Final Change: 200
Short range: A blash of fire at the enemy for multiple hits.
Long: Shoots a fireball, it lands near the enemy and then the fireball 
explodes, hitting the enemy a few times for fire damage.
At final change: The attacks are done faster and do more damage to 
the enemy.

Alpha on One
MP: 23
Gained: Level 24
Final Change: 440
Opera fires multiple homing bolts that seek the enemy and do electric 
elemental damage.
At final change: Opera shoots many more bolts. 

Spread Ray
MP: 16
Gained: Level 34
Final Change: 540
Opera leaps up and the fires lots of energy bolts down at her target. 
At final change: Opera shoots many more bolts.

Cold Wind
MP: 25
Gained: Level 41
Final Change: 300
A cold mist is fired and hits the enemy many times for ice elemental.
At final change: Opera shoots the mist faster, and the mist does 
more hits to the enemy.

Gravity Shell
MP: 20
Gained: Level 54
Final Change: None.
Opera fires a capsule high into the air, it opens up and a sphere of 
gravity elemental hit the enemies in its range.

Lightning Bullet
MP: 20
Gained: Level 69
Final Change: 200
Short range: Opera shoots lightning into the ground, and a wall of 
Electricity and spreads out.
Long range: A simple beam of electricity elemental.

Heal Star (Machinery Killer Move, Black System)
MP: 9
Final Change: None.
A healing beam shot in the air that heals all allied characters. 

Laser Bit (Machinery Killer Move, White System)
MP: 8
Final Change: 300
A prisimic light thrown, then Opera fires a split beam that hits all 
enemies in range.
At final change: The special beam is split into many more beams, 
making hits to a longer range.. 

Hyper Launcher (Machinery Killer Move, Green System)
MP: 34
Final Change: 500
Opera's most damaging Killer Move. A huge beam is fired, doing many 
hits to everything in its path. 
At final change: The beam does many more hits to the enemies in the 
beam's range.

*Bowman's Killer Moves:

Spirit Attack
MP: 4
Gained: Starts with it.
Final Change: 200
A blast from the fist. 
At final change: Bowman will make two hits instead of only one.

Poison Pills
MP 5
Gained: Starts with it. 
Final Change: 250
Bowman throws posion-laced bombs at the enemy to do damage, and 
sometimes poison status.
At final change: More poison-laced bombs will be thrown.

MP: 6
Gained: Starts with it.
Final Change: 380
Short range: Bowman jumps and does a weird flip manuever and lands on top 
of the enemy.
Long ranger: Bowman teleports on top of the enemy and lands on it.
At final change: Bowman will hit multiple times.

Firebird Attack
MP: 10
Gained: Starts with it.
Final Change: 400
Bowman channels fireballs and shoots them at the enemy.
At final change: Bowman shoots double the amount of fireballs at the 

Secret Medicine
MP: 8
Gained: Level 28
Final Change: None.
Bowman eats a pill and heals himself.

Death Siege
MP: 13
Gained: Level 35
Final Change: 100
Bowman becomes two images, and then charges at the enemy from both sides.
At final change: Bowman splits into four images instead of two, and all 
images charge the enemy for more damage.

Whirlwind Fist
MP: 15
Gained: Level 43
Final Change: 400
Bowman spins around, creates a tornado, and flings it at the enemy which 
delivers a blow that sends them flying.
At final change: Bowman does a double hit that sends the enemy flying 
into the air.

Burst Fist
MP: 28
Gained: Level 51
Final Change: 200
Short range: Bowman makes a forcefield around him, and then throws his 
Body into the enemy.
Long range: Bowman fires the forcefield directly at the enemy.
At final change: Bowman's forcefield becomes bigger and gets stronger.  

Explosion Pills
Level 66
MP 20
Final Change: 200
Bowman throws a bomb of fire at the enemy, and it does fire elemental 
At final change: Bowman throws multiple fire bombs, and the range of the 
explosion expands greatly. 

Sakura Attack
MP: 36
Gained: Level 74
Final Change: 250
Bowman quickly fires multiple punches and kicks to the enemy, doing 
high damage with multiple hits.
At final change: Bowman will execute more punches and kicks. 

*Precis' Killer Moves:

Rocket Punch
MP: 4
Gained: Starts with it. 
Final Change: 120
Precis launches a punch at the enemy from her backpack.
At final change: The punch's range gets better. 

Hop Step
MP: 5
Gained: Starts with it.
Final Change: 140
Precis jumps up, and then lands down on a enemy, punching them with a 
At final change: Precis will do two hits instead of one.

MP: 7
Gained: Level 17
Final Change: 100
Precis changes her backpack to a ram-drill, then gets in and submerges 
underground, and then surfaces at the enemy, doing damage. 
At final change: Precis will hit several times with the drill.

MP: 8
Gained: Level 25
Final Change: 220
Precis will throw Mujin-kun at an enemy for damage.
At final change: Precis does a second Mujin-kun after the first.

Parabola Beam
MP: 12
Gained: Level 38
Final Change: 240
Precis pulls out a long antenna from the backpack and fires beams of light 
at the enemy. 
At final change: Many beams will be fired from the backpack at the enemy.

Bang-Bang Attack
MP: 15
Gained: Level 49
Final Change: 510
Precis hits the enemy twice with a double-hammer strike. 
At final change: Precis swings the hammers many times, doing multiple 
hits on the enemy.

Bloody Mary
MP: 32
Gained: Level 57
Final Change: 360
Precis makes Mujin-kun huge, and then gets in the seat and charges the 
Enemy with the drill, doing multiple hits on the enemy.
At final change: Precis will do many more multiple hits from the drill.

Mujin Super Beam (Machinery Killer Move, High Mecha Launcher)
MP: 24
Final Change: 120
Mujin-kun grows huge and fires a large beam at the enemy for a lot of 
strong, multiple hits.

Barrier (Machinery Killer Move, Plasma Biribiribo)
MP: 28
Final Change: 200
With this attack, Precis throws Mujin-kun at her enemy in an arc, and when he 
hits the ground creates a large explosion. Once this Killer Move is powered up 
Precis will throw a second Mujin-kun at the enemy. This Killer Move must be 
created through the Machinery Specialty.

*Holo-Holograph (Private Action Killer Move)
Final Change: 130
Precis makes a holograph that looks like Ashton, and then Ashton slices 
The enemy many times with his swords. 

*Note: You can only get this Killer Move through a certain Private 
Action in the game.

*Ernest's Killer Moves:

Dimension Whip
MP: 5
Gained: Starts with it.
Final Change: 240
Ernest whips his whip into a vortex, and the whip goes through the vortex 
and hits the enemy from the top. This Killer Move even hits from far 
At final change: Multiple whips come out of the hole and hit the enemy 
Four times.

Spiral Whip
MP: 7
Gained: Starts with it.
Final Change: None.
Short range: Ernest uses his whips to hit a few times and create a whirlwind, 
then fires it toward the enemy.
Long range: Ernest fires the whirlwind from far distance at the enemy.

Arc Attack
MP: 7
Gained: Level 32
Final Change: 200
Ernest throws his whip toward the sky and swings on it, kicking at the 
At final change: Ernest will kick the enemy as many as four times while 
in the air. 

Thousand Whip
MP: 10
Gained: Level 41
Final Change: 120
Ernest lashes out multiple whips at the enemy and keeps twirling them 
Around, doing multiple hits.
At final change: More whips will hit the enemy multiple times, doing 
many hits on the enemy. 

Cloud Dust
MP: 18
Gained: Level 49
Final Change: 100
Ernest flicks his whip around himself, creating a storm of sand that 
He fires at his target.
At final change: Ernest will also increase his dodge level after 
Using this Killer Move. 

Broken Heart
MP: 17
Gained: Level 58
Final Change: 200
Ernest flings his whip into the ground, and it comes up at the enemy 
with thorns on it, and a rose appears on the enemy.
At final change: Ernest will hit the enemey many times from the ground. 

Thunder Whip
MP: 22
Gained: Level 65
Final Change: 200
With this technique, Ernest raises his hand into the air, draws a lightning 
bolt on his whip, then he shoots it toward the enemy for multiple hits of 
lightning elemental.
At final change: After shooting the lightning bolt at the enemies, the 
whip spreads into many seperate bolts, having a great range and adding 
more hits.

Sonic Whip
MP: 25
Gained: Level 73
Final Change: 100
Ernest whips the whip through the air, creating a huge vacuum that does 
multiple hits on any enemies in range.
At final change: Ernest does more hits on the enemy and the range of the 
vacuum increases.

*Dias' Killer Moves:

Cross Slash
MP: 8
Gained: Starts with it.
Final Change: 120
Dias jumps in the air toward the enemy, doing a double slice to hit the 
enemy twice for damage.
At final change: Dias executes the move faster and does more damage.

Air Slash
MP: 4
Gained: Starts with it.
Final Change: None.
Dias swings his sword through the ground, creating a fast blue shockwave 
that heads for the enemy. Similar to Claude's Killer Move of the same name, 
except Dias' Kuhazan goes much faster.

Crescent Wave
MP: 10
Gained: Starts with it.
Final Change: 130
Dias does a powerful slash toward the enemy, creating an arc of energy that 
pierces through the enemy's defense to do big damage.
At final change: Dias will hit two times with Crescent Wave instead of one.

Chaos Sword
MP: 5
Gained: Starts with it. 
Final Change: 120
Short range: Dias does a very fast slash that creates a blue field to do damage 
to the enemy.
Long range: Similar to the Kuhazan. Dias puts his sword into the ground, and a 
shockwave travels toward the enemy, except the shockwave looks different. 
At final change: At short range, Dias can hit up to three times with his sword. 
At long range, Dias' shockwave travels faster.

Gale Stab
MP: 10
Gained: Level 40
Final Change: 130
Dias charges the enemy with a fierce stab.
At final change: Dias can hit the enemy twice instead of only once.

Crescent Moon Flash
MP: 13
Gained: Level 48
Final Change: 100
Dias slashes through the air, firing an arching shockwave that hits the 
enemy from a big distance.
At final change: Dias executes the Killer Move faster and it does more 

Hawk Scream Blast
MP: 16
Gained: Level 56
Final Change: 100
Dias holds his sword out, collecting energy to form a Phoenix image, then 
releases it at the enemy from a distance. 
At final change: Dias hits the enemy for many times and the range that the 
Phoenix travels through the battlefield is greater.

Full Moon Slash
MP: 25
Gained: Level 63
Final Change: 100
Dias flings his sword around his body, making a field of energy that launches 
an invisible projectile. 
At final change: Dias spins around very fast and releases the invisible 
projectile very soon.

MP: 21
Gained: Level 70
Final Change: 420
A special double-slash at close range.
At final change: Dias will slash more times, and the swords will fly around 

Firebird Shock Wave
MP: 30
Gained: Level 78
Final Change: 200
Dias jumps high in the air, and transforms into a Phoenix, and the Phoenix 
dives down on the enemy, doing fire elemental.
At final change: Dias will hit multiple times and the dive range is bigger.

*Chisato's Killer Moves:

MP: 5
Gained: Starts with it.
Final Change: 240
Chisato turns into a ball and rolls into the enemy, spinning around and around 
multiple times to do multiple hits.
At final change: Chisato will do many more hits while rolling around.

Burning Cards
MP: 10
Gained: Starts with it.
Final Change: 200
Chisato throws multiple cards at the enemy, striking an enemy from a distance. 
At final change: Chisato will throw six cards at the enemy.

MP: 14
Gained: Level 40
Final Change: 200
Chisato does a spinning high kick to the enemy, then does a tripping move for 
a great double hit.
At final change: Chisato executes an axe kick after the first two kicks for a 
total of three hits.

100,000 Volts
MP: 22
Gained: Level 44
Final Change: 200
Chisato fires a large electrical field out of her stun gun at the enemy.
At final change: The range of the the electrical charge is much bigger.

Flame Thrower
MP: 20
Gained: Level 53
Final Change: 200
Chisato uses a big flamethrower on the enemy from close range, doing multiple 
hits of fire elemental. 
At final change: Chisato fires the flamethrower more towards the air, and the 
flame falls into the enemy for more hits.

Rising Dragon
MP: 17
Gained: Level 62
Final Change: 200
Chisato does a three hit combo, hitting once low, then once mid, and then once 
high on the enemy.
At final change: Chisato executes six moves instead of the usual three.

Tear Gas
MP: 32
Gained: Level 68
Final Change: 0
Chisato phones a big machine out of the ground, and it blasts a huge cloud of 
gas on the oppenent, doing many hits.

MP: 25
Gained: Level 72
Final Change: 240
Chisato uses her phone again and many bombs are dropped on the enemey from 
At final change: More bombs will fall down on the enemy.

Spell List:

Here is a complete list of every spell in Star Ocean: The Second Story. 
Only spell-casting characters (Rena, Celine, Leon, and Noel) can cast 
Spells. The spells are arranged by healing and effect spells first, then 
attack spells.

Also note that some spells don't have power up as you cast them, these 
spells have been noted with "No Proficiency" at the end of the spell 

Heals an ally for a small amount of HP.
MP: 3
elemental: None
Characters: Rena: Starts with it, Noel: Starts with it.

Cure Light
Heals an ally for a medium amount of HP.
MP: 11
elemental: None
Characters: Rena: Level 10, Noel: Starts with it.

Cure All
Heals every ally for a medium amount of HP.
MP: 18
elemental: None
Characters: Rena: Level 20, Noel: Level 41

Fairy Heal
Fairies dive down on a character, and that character is healed 
for a large amount of HP.
MP: 30
elemental: None
Characters: Rena: Level 52, Noel: Level 55

Fairy Light
Faries surround each ally, and each character is healed for a very 
large amount. 
MP: 40
elemental: None
Characters: Rena: Level 65, Noel: Level 77

Raise Dead
Revives a single incapacitated character and heals them to about 50% 
of their total HP. 
MP: 45
elemental: None
Characters: Rena: Level 60
No Proficiency

Extract poison from a single character's body.
MP: 5
elemental: None
Characters: Rena: Level 3, Noel: Starts with it.
No Proficiency

Extracts Poison, Paralysis, or Petrification from a single character.
MP: 24
elemental: None
Characters: Rena: Level 25, Noel: Level 60
No Proficiency

Cancels all effect spells that have been cast on a target. For instance, 
if one of the enemies casts a spell that lowers a character's defense, 
you can cast this on that character and return to his or her original 
MP: 17
elemental: None
Characters: Celine: Level 27, Noel: Level 45
No Proficiency

This spell is the same as Neutral, for some odd reason. Any effect 
spells will be nullified on a single character.
MP: 20
elemental: None
Characters: Celine: Level 39, Noel: Level 66

This spell makes a single target not able to speak. That target 
cannot cast any magic for a battle.
MP 14
elemental: None
Characters: Rena: Level 12, Noel: Level 41

A huge bolt of lightning strikes one target, and that target "forgets" 
all of his or her spells, and is unable to cast them. Similar to 
MP: 10
elemental: Lightning
Characters: Celine: Level 15

Deep Mist
A cloud of mist surrounds enemies, and the enemies are blinded, making 
it hard for them to hit your characters (lowers accuracy).
MP: 11
elemental: Darkness
Characters: Rena: Level 8, Leon: Starts with it

Acid Rain
Acid rain falls on all enemies. Each enemy's armor melts, and their 
defense level is lowered.
MP: 7
elemental: Water
Characters: Leon: Starts with it

Increases the running speed on a single ally during battle. Very useful 
for the last boss, especially.
MP: 20
elemental: None
Characters: Rena: Level 42, Leon: Level 42
No Proficiency

Makes the moving speed of an enemy much slower than what it originally 
MP: 18
elemental: None
Characters: Rena: Level 22, Leon: Level 36

Fixed Cloud
A big cloud falls down onto the battlefield, creating a shockwave that 
stuns all enemies on the battlefield.
MP: 12
elemental: None
Characters: Rena: Level 18

Increases one character's strength in battle (increases attack power).
MP: 22
elemental: None
Characters: Rena Level: 47, Leon: Level 50
No Proficiency

Gives a character increased defense for a single battle.
MP: 18
elemental: None
Characters: Rena: Level 33, Leon: Starts with it
No Proficiency

Increases a character's accuracy for a single battle.
MP: 18
elemental: None
Characters: Celine: Level 28, Noel: Level 72
No Proficiency

A shield of light energy surrounds a character and gives that character 
increased defense for a single battle.
MP: 8
elemental: Lightning
Characters: Celine: Level 19

A barrier of magic energy surrounds all allies on the battlefield, giving 
each character increased magic defense power (spells do less damaage).
MP: 40
elemental: Mu
Characters: Rena: Level 54, Celine: Level 59
No Proficiency

Angel Feather
Summons a guardian angel to increase every of a single character's
parameters for a single battle.
MP: 30
elemental: None
Characters: Rena: Level 72, Celine: Level 76
No Proficiency

A large piece of earth ruptures through the ground a spikes an enemy.
MP: 4
elemental: Earth
Characters: Noel: Starts with it 

Earth Grave
Numerous pieces of sharp earth shoot out of the ground and hit all 
enemies facing the spell-caster.
MP: 16
elemental: Earth
Characters: Noel: Starts with it

A huge earth golem comes out the ground, slams the battlefield with 
his right fist, then his left fist, and then both fists to make a 
gigantic earthquake on the battlefield. Flying enemies or enemies 
hit into the air will not be affected.
MP: 65
elemental: Earth
Characters: Noel: Level 82

Fire Bolt
A small bolt of fire is summoned by the spell-caster, and then fired 
at the enemy from a distance.
MP: 2
elemental: Fire
Character: Celine: Starts with it

Lava shoots up out of the ground in a radius, and all enemies in the 
eruption's radius will get fire elemental damage.
MP: 30
elemental: Fire
Characters: Celine: Level 34

The most powerful fire-based spell, Explode summons a series of huge explosions, 
damaging all enemies facing the caster.
MP: 54
elemental: Fire
Characters: Celine: Level 66

Ice Needle
Summons a spear of ice to shoot out at an enemy target.
MP: 2
elemental: Water
Characters: Leon: Starts with it

Deep Freeze
Many ice needles fly at the enemy within a range from the spell-caster.
MP: 15
elemental: Water
Characters: Leon: Starts with it

A huge tital wave hits all enemies, killing most weak enemies outright, 
and doing huge damage to stronger enemies.
MP: 35
Element: Water
Characters: Leon: Level 54

Wind Blade
A very small vortex is shot across the ground to the target from the 
MP: 2
Element: Wind
Characters: Celine: Starts with it, Noel: Starts with it

Tetnus Wind
A large vacuum of pointed objects slice a single enemy.
MP: 10
Element: Wind
Characters: Noel: Starts with it

Sonic Saber
A vacuum blade is launched from the spell-caster, travelling across 
the ground in a single path, doing damage to any enemy that is within 
its path.
MP: 11
Element: Wind
Characters: Noel: Starts with it

Magnum Tornado
A tornado is shot from the spell-caster, damaging any enemy that comes 
within its straight path.
MP: 18
Element: Wind
Characters: Noel: Starts with it

The most damaging wind spell. Shoots a huge wave of powerful wind that 
slices at all enemies on the screen.
MP: 25
Element: Wind
Characters: Noel: Level 52

A single small bolt of lightning comes down to attack a single target for 
a very small amount of lightning Element damage.
MP: 4
Element: Lightning
Characters: Celine: Starts with it

Thunder Storm
Many bolts of lightning strik all enemies facing the spell-caster to 
do lightning Zouksei damage to all enemies.
MP: 28
Element: Lightning
Characters: Celine: Level 31

Thunder Cloud
Thunder Cloud is the most powerful lightning spell; it creates a very large 
stormcloud which sends down several bolts of lightning to strike each enemy 
facing the caster.
MP: 40
Element: Lightning
Characters: Celine Level 55

Star Light
A star beam is shot into the air, and then several blue beams of light 
strike every enemy on the battlefield for star Zouksei damage.
MP: 10
Element: Star
Characters: Celine: Level 17, Leon: Level 34

Tractor Beam
A radius of light appears on the ground, then enemies are pulled into the 
air, and then dropped from the sky to do star Element damage. If cast 
upon flying enemies, the spell does not do any damage.
MP: 22
Element: Star
Characters: Rena: Level 36

Southern Cross
Five stars crash into the battlefield, causing a big explosion on the 
ground, doing star Element damage to every enemy facing the caster.
MP: 42
Element: Star
Characters: Celine: Level 49

Meteo Swarm
One of the most powerful attack spells in the game. Many meteorites crash 
down from space and slam into all enemies facing the spell-caster for 
huge amounts of star Element damage.
MP: 82
Element: Star
Characters: Celine: Treasure spell

Energy Arrow
Multiple bolts of purple energy gathers into a large clump and 
then explodes on the enemy.
MP: 17
Element: Fu
Characters: Celine: Level 12, Noel: Starts with it

Blood Scylla
Drains some of a single enemy's HP and gives it to the spell-caster.
MP: 12
Element: Fu
Characters: Noel: Level 49

Lost Mental
Drains some of a single enemy's MP and gives to to the spell-caster.
MP: 1
Element: Fu
Characters: Celine: Level 22, Noel: Starts with it

Word of Death
A magical word is said to an enemy, and some enemies are killed 
MP: 18
Element: Fu
Characters: Leon: Starts with it

Multiple beams of energy are fired onto the battlefield, making an 
explosion and dealing light damage to all enemies facing the caster.
MP: 10
Element: Light
Characters: Rena: Level 14, Celine: Level 9

Light Cross
A large cross of light explodes on the battlefield, doing light Element 
damage to all enemies facing the spell-caster on the battlefield.
MP: 18
Element: Light
Characters: Rena: Level 30

Star Flare
A big star is summon on the battlefield, and the star fires multiple 
bolts of light energy to the ground, causing light damage to all enemies 
on the battlefield.
MP: 26
Element: Light
Characters: Rena: Level 63

Lunar Light
Multiple light bolts come down from the moon to create a huge explosion 
of light Element on teh battlefield, dealing large amounts of light 
damage to every enemy on teh battlefield.
MP: 38
Element: Light
Characters: Celine: Level 43

A demon is summoned from the demon world and it attacks a single enemy.
MP: 4
Element: Dark
Characters: Leon: Starts with it

Shadow Bolt
Multiple of dark energy bolts form a shadow and do small dark Element 
damage on a single enemy.
MP: 7
Element: Dark
Characters: Leon: Starts with it

Black Saber
A bolt of dark Elementsei is fired from the spell-caster, doing damage to 
any enemy in the spell's straight path.
MP: 14
Element: Dark
Characters: Leon: Starts with it

Shadow Flare
A huge fireball from the demo world is summoned to explode all over the 
battlefield and burn every enemy facing the spell-caster.
MP: 32
Element: Dark
Characters: Leon: Level 39

A huge weight falls out of the sky and does mu damage to a single enemy.
MP: 7
Element: Mu
Characters: Rena: 

Gravity Press
Many weights falls out of the sky and fall on any enemy in the spell's 
radius doing mu Element damage.
MP: 24
Element: Mu
Characters: Rena Level 28

Gremlin Lair
A demo is summoned and throws a spinning projectile attack to do damage to 
all enemies facing the spell-caster, then bites the enemy several times.
MP: 26
Element: Mu
Characters: Leon: Level 60

Demon's Gate
A gate to the demon world is opened, a single demo comes out of the hole 
and shoots a wave with its staff to do damage to all enemies facing the 
MP: 37
Element: Mu
Characters: Leon: Level 66

Dark Circle
A portal of mu energy is opened, and sucks in a enemy will 1/4 or less 
of the enemy's HP.
MP: 65
Element: Mu
Characters: Leon: Level 78

The most powerful attack spell in the game. A huge energy wave consumes all 
enemies, killing some enemies outright and doing huge damage on others.
MP: 90
Element: Mu
Characters: Leon: Treasure spell

Skill List:

The Skill system in Star Ocean: The Second Story is perhaps the system that 
allows the most customization of your characters' strengths and weaknesses. 
Skils allow you to decide what ratings you want to increase in. For instance, 
if you want to make Claude have a higher guts rating, taking Poker Face is a 
good Skill for it. Distributing Skills is done when you have amassed Skill 
Points, which are gained after every level you gain, and after you gain new 

Skills are bought in Skill guilds in the towns in the game, where you buy sets 
of Skills. Each set contains from 3 to 5 Specialties. When you buy Skill sets, 
the Skills within the Specialty sets will now appear on your Skill screen, where 
you can now distribute Skill Points to the new Skills.

There are four types of Skill sets. 

Chishiki Kanren: Knowledge  Specialties.
Gijutsu Kanren: Technical Specialties.
Kankaku Kanren: Sensation Specialties.
Sento Kanren: Combat Specialties. 

Each type of Skills have 3 levels, and you can buy the different levels of Skills 
as you progress in the game.

*Knowledge Level 1:

Knowledge of identification of gems and other rare minerals. Increases 
learner's Intelligence by Specialty Level x 3.

Herbal Medicine:
Knowledge of the medical uses of herbs for healing. Increases learner's 
healing of Blueberries and Blackberries by Specialty Level x 3%.

Knowledge on food recipies and their effectiveness in taste.

*Knowledge Level 2:

Musical Notation:
Knowledge of musical taste. Increases learner's Dodge level by Skill 
Level + 1.

Knowledge of organisms and their enviornments. Increases learner's maximum 
HP by Skill Level squared x 10.

Tool Knowledge
Knowledge of equipped items (weapons, armor, accessories). Increases selling 
price of all items by Specialty Level x 3%.

*Knowledge Level 3:

Mental Science:
Knowledge of the senses and power of the mind. Increases learner's maximum 
MP by Skill Level x 5.

Knowledge in a heavenly and more perfect power over other life. When Piety 
Specialty Level is raised, one random ability gets increased in power for the 

Knowledge of the source of living beings and how people came into being. 
Increases learner's Intelligence level by Skill Level + 1.

*Sensation Level 1:

The Specialty of doing outrageous things in front of peers without feeling any 
stress or becoming nervous.

The Specialty of being able to take no pain from physical attacks, having strong 
will-power in force. Increases learner's defense power by Skill Level + 2.

Esthetic Sense:
A sense of appreciation in art or natural things, and being creative in 
natural criticism.

Good Eye:
The abilily to look out for perfect ingredients in terms of tasteful food. 
Increases the healing potential of healing items.

*Sensation Level 2:

The ability to have an open mind toward others and their beliefs. Each time 
the learner gains an experience level, you will gain some bonus Fol (the 
higher the Skill Level, the more bonus Fol you receive).

Danger Sense:
The hidden ability to sense danger or dangerous situations. Increases the 
learner's Stamina by Specialty Level x 3.

The ability to endure the force of physical energy and deadly and powerful 
plows. This ability decreases the amount of Specialty points needed to learn 
all Specialties. Note that this is one of the most important Skills in the game, 
as if you get a new character with tons of Skill Points to use, first get this 
Skill up to level 10, then all Skills will be decreased by a lot, making getting 
Skills powered up much easier.

Poker Face:
The ability to stay calm and keep a straight face in even the most dangerous 
situations. Increases learner's Guts level by Specialty Level x 3.

*Sensation Level 3:

The ability to determine what is beautiful, and what is good for functioning 
in everyday life. Increases learner's Strength, Intelligence, Evasion, and 
Accuracy by Specialty Level + 6.

A hidden sense of calling higher powers and more perfect beings to assist 
you in earthly matters. When you increase Denpa, you get a random item.

The ability to concentrate on what one has to do, and persevering in every 
situation one encounters. When increasing Doryoku's Specialty level, the less 
experience points needed to reach the next level for the learner.

*Techincal Level 1:

The Specialty of being able to whistle effectively.

The ability to make an exact replica of an object using the hands, while 
capturing unique details.

The abilty to show originality in artwork, but by paintins and molding 
objects out of clay.

Kitchen Knife:
The ability to effectively use a kitchen cleaver to preform multiple 
tasks. Increases learner's Strength by Skill Level x 20.

*Technical Level 2:

Mech Knowledge:
Knowledge of how machines work, their functions, and how to make and 
program them.

The ability to have fast reactions to movement, quick reflexes. 
Increases learner's Dodge ability by Specialty Level + 3.

Animal Training:
The ability to effectively train animals to do tasks that you want 
them to do.

The ability of effectively writing long documentation on different 
subjects.Increases the learner's Accuracy ability by Skill Level + 2.

*Technical Level 3:

Musical Instrument:
The Specialty of being able to effectively play musical instruments. 
Increases the learner's Evasion rate by Specialty Level + 1.

Scientific Ability:
The ability of being able to use multiple tools to preform usedful 
functions. Increases learner's Strength by Skill Level x 10.

Mech Operation:
The ability to effectively operate machinery to do helpful tasks.

Metal Casting:
The ability of tempering and bending metal into useful objects and 
weapons. Increasese learner's Accuracy by Skill Level x 2.

Combat: Level 1:

*Note: Combat Skills are different from the other three types of Skills 
in that in battle, you have a certain chance of preforming the Skill 
in battle, and raising their Skill levels make the Skills have a better 
chance of being executed in battle.

Spirit Force:
The ability to concentrate on tough battles and not lose hope. Reduces 
the damage taken from attacks, raising defense power.

Below the Belt:
The ability to strike an enemy's weak point, breaking through all defense 
they have equipped. Ignores a certain percentage of the enemy's defense 
power, doing more damage to the enemy.

Strong Blow:
The ability to launch a powerful blow that makes the enemy fly backward 
in combat.

The ability to consistently throw attacks. In battle, right after doing 
an attack, with good timing, you can press either L1 or R1 buttons to 
immediately throw your assigned Killer Move, allowing you to do a 
great normal attack/Killer Move combo.

*Combat Level 2:

The ability to hit the enemy in multiple places. Increases learner's 
chances of running behind the enemy and hitting it from behind with 
a normal attack or Killer Move.

The ability to run very fast in battle.

Increases the accuracy of the learner's attacks.

Mental Training:
Your character will draw extra hidden energy into his or her attack and 
the learner's attack power will be greatly increased.

*Combat Level 3:

The learner of this Skill can sometimes press the Circle button right as 
he or she is getting hit by the enemy to counterattack immediately. As 
this Skill is build, the character will counterattack the enemy at a much 
higher percentage.

The Specialty of making quick movements on the battlefield. Increases evasion rate, 
making dodging enemy attacks much easier.

Body Control:
The ability to focus on standing against the enemy. The learner of this Skill 
will have a higher percentage of not being dizzy after a strong enemey attack.

The ability to say words and chant songs very fast. The learner of this Skill 
has a higher percentage of very little delay time between casting spells, 
making casting consecutive spells very easy.

The ability to successfully provoke and enrage the enemy. The learner can 
press the Select button in battle to use a battle taunt. When a character 
uses their battle taunt, all enemies are drawn to attack the taunter. This 
Skill doesn't seem to be useful, but when your other characters are being 
beaten, it is very useful to use.

*Combat Level ?:

The ability to do a special normal attack. The learner will sometimes hits 
the enemy far into the air with a very powerful blow.

*Note: You cannot buy Combat Level ? Skill in the game, you must find it in 
a special location.

Character Ratings:

In my FAQs, I like to do character ratings on the characters. I 
think it is a challenge to explore every character and learn 
their strengths and weaknesses, and determine what I think is 
the best party. These are my own personal opinions, and are by 
no means actually correct, so you'll have to decide what the 
best party for you is.

Claude prevails over all characters in Star Ocean: The Second 
Story, just like Ratix from the first Star Ocean. He has high 
attack power, HP, MP, great defense, great agility, and gets 
he best weapon in the game, the Eternal Sphere. He also 
gets some of the most effective Killer Move in the game. 
Most of his Killer Move is very strong, and when powered 
up, is the best in the game. He usually gets effective Talents 
used in Item Creations, and he becomes the best character in 
the game.
Overall rating: A+

Rena Lanford:
Rena is going to be your main healer for the game. Her attack, 
HP, agility, defense, and stamina are quite low, but she has 
excellent MP and healing spells. You will probably want her 
in your party at almost all times, and definitely toward the end 
of the game. Rena can even get some decent weapons toward the 
end of the game, even though she is a spell-casting character 
rather than a fighting character.
Overall rating: B+

Celine is tied with Leon as the best magician, if not the best 
magician. Her attack spells are so strong, and she gets some 
awesome attack spells early in the game. If you like attack 
magicians , you'll like Celine a lot. She isn't much of a fighter, 
though, just like the other spell-casting characters. She can 
equip decent armor.
Overall rating: B

Ashton is my second favorite character in the game. His 
multi-hitting Killer Move is incredibly strong, and he gets 
*very* strong weapons. He's very fast, has great HP, and 
pretty good MP, and good stamina. The only bad point that 
Ashton has is that his Luck will never go about 18 (although 
you don't really need Luck much in the game). Some of his 
Killer Move are virtually useless, since they take so long to 
pull off, but his multi-hitting Killer Move is the best in the 
game. His last two Killer Move are also two of the best.
Overall rating: A

Opera has the best distance Killer Move in the game. She 
also gets very powerful weapons early in the game, which 
makes her a form for the entire game. Opera uses different 
types of guns and projectile Killer Move. Some of her later 
multi-hitting Killer Move is incredibly effective, and the 
only bad side to her is that she has to be certain distances away 
from the enemy for all of her Killer Move, even close range 
ones. You have a decision at a point in the game to take either 
Ashton or both Opera and Ernest, but I usually take Ashton. 
If you like long-range Killer Move, though, Opera is your 
Overall rating: A-

Ernest has the best distance in the game on his normal attack, 
And gets some pretty effective Killer Move later, but starts 
out getting only Killer Move that is pretty useless. He'll 
become really strong as you power him up, and will become 
a good fighter later in the game, especially if you get some of 
his best weapons, like the Dark Whip. Also, Ernest uses really 
low MP for his Killer Move, which is a definite plus towards 
the end of the game. Ernest has perhaps the best Killer Move 
when powered up in the game, but some of his Killer Move 
seems almost useless towards the beginning. I think Ernest has 
a very wide variety of Killer Move, and some great rengeki 
Killer Move. A really good addition to any party.
Overall rating: B+

Bowman is probably the weakest fighting-type character in 
The game. Although he can throw Hissatasuwaza very fast, he 
doesn't effective ones, and his normal attack is pathetic. His 
normal attack doesn't even reach as far as Noel's. Even if you 
like fast linking combos, you probably won't want Bowman, 
since he's overall not too effective. His Killer Move uses 
incredibly low MP, but it really doesn't matter, since his 
Killer Move is incredibly weak to begin with.
Overall rating: D

Precis has some really good distance Killer Move, just like 
Opera. She'll get some great weapons and armor later in the 
game, and her attacks are really good. If you like projectile 
Killer Move, and don't have Opera in the party, definitely 
choose her, but if you already have Opera in your party, you 
probably won't have much use for her.
Overall rating: B-

Dias is one of the most powerful fighting characters. He is a 
great fighter, and gets some great powerful and multi-hitting 
Killer Move. You'll definitely want to use Dias at almost 
all times. Later in the game he gets some of the best weapons, 
armor, and Killer Move. He also has high HP, decent MP, and 
high defense. You can only get Dias in Rena's scenario. His 
main downside is that he doesn't have any regenki Killer Move, 
his most multi-hitting Killer Move does only three hits.
Overall rating: B+

Leon is an excellent attack mage. His attack spells are really,
incredibly powerful. When you get to the bonus dungeon, most 
of his best spells will do 9999 damage, which is vital, since the 
enemies there have a *lot* of HP. I think overall that he is 
equal with Celine. His uses books as weapons, and are some pretty 
good weapons for a spell-casting character. You can only get Leon 
in Claude's scenario. A single downside is that he doesn't have 
as many spells as Celine.
Overall rating: B

Noel is similar to Joshua from the first Star Ocean in that he can 
use both attack and healing spells. He's excellent to use as a 
back-up healer to Rena during the end of the game, and is really 
useful for some of the boss battles. He is actually also a decent 
attacker if you make his best weapons through Customize, but 
the range on his attack is really bad. He'll be great as a back-up 
magic attacker as well as healer.
Overall rating: B

Chisato starts out very weak, but once you build her up, she can 
get some pretty useful multi-hitting Killer Move later in the 
game. She is one of the weaker fighting characters, but if you 
take the time to gain some levels and Specialties for her, she can 
become almost as strong.
Overall rating: B-

Useful Killer Move Combinations:

A lot of Star Ocean: The Second Story reFolves around how effective 
you use Killer Move. Sometimes by trying different Killer Move 
combinations using the Link Combo Ring, you can find some really 
effectve combinations to use on enemies. In this section, I will 
cover some of my favorite Killer Move combinations. If you want 
to submit any of your favorite Killer Move combinations to me, 
mail me at {[email protected]}.


For Claude, you'll basically want to hit an enemy with a single 
Killer Move that leaves that enemy at bay, and then follow up 
with a powerful attack that does a lot of damage. Claude has some 
of the most useful multi-hitting Killer Move in the game, like 
Bakuresuha, Suhazan, Sword Bomber, and Mirror Slice, so these 
attacks make excellent combination enders.

*Bakuretsuha, Kabutowari
Total MP: 26

*Bakuretsuha, Suhazan
Total MP: 32

*Dragon Howl, Mirror Slice
Total MP: 66

*Sword Bomber, Suhazan
Total MP: 47

*Sword Bomber, Mirror Slice
Total MP: 70


Ashton has some of the most powerful multi-hitting Killer Move in 
the game. Some of Ashton's Killer Move takes way too much time to 
pull off, but some of his best multi-hitting combinations can keep 
dealing ultimate damage. The idea is to make combinations that make 
Ashton keep doing multi-hitting Killer Move on the enemy, not 
letting the enemy even be able to move.

*Leaf Slash, Hurricane Slash
Total MP: 35

*Leaf Slash, Dragon Breath
Total MP: 47

*Hurricane Slash, Dragon Breath
Total MP: 44

*Leaf Slash, Sword Dance
Total MP: 51

*Hurricane Slash, Sword Dance
Total MP: 48

*Dead Triangle, Sword Dance
Total MP: 51

*Dragon Breath, Sword Dance
Total MP: 50

*Dragon Breath, Tri-Ace
Total MP: 73


Opera has the best projectile Killer Move in the game. Most of 
Opera's Killer Move do many hits from afar, so she becomes one 
of the most valuable characters later in the game, when there 
are bosses that move around at an insane speed, and you'll really 
need the projectile distance advantage. Among Opera's most useful 
Killer Move for linked combinations are Hyper Launcher, Lightning 
Bullet, and Alpha on One.

*Flame Launcher, Alpha on One
Total MP: 30

*Alpha on one, Spread Ray
Total MP: 39

*Gravity Shell, Alpha on One
Total MP: 43

*Gravity Shell, Spread Ray
Total MP: 36

*Gravity Shell, Lightning Bullet
Total MP: 40

*Lightning Bullet, Cold Wind
Total MP: 45

*Lightning Bullet, Alpha on One
Total MP: 43

*Alpha on One, Hyper Launcher
Total MP: 57

*Gravity Shell, Hyper Launcher
Total MP: 54

*Laser Bit, Alpha on One
Total MP: 31


Bowman is the fastest consecutive hitting Killer Move character 
in the game, and in addition to having low MP consumption in his 
Killer Move, you'll want to have a Link Combo if you choose to 
use him in your party. Bowman has several Killer Move that 
really aren't very useful, though, so you won't really use some 
of his Killer Move in effective combinations.

*Firebird Attack, Pillory
Total MP: 16

*Whirlwind Fist, Death Siege
Total MP: 28 

*Burst Fist, Sakura Attack
Total MP: 64

*Burst Fist, Hasaiden
Total MP: 48 

*Whirlwind Fist, Sakura Attack
Total MP: 51


Precis is the character with the second most useful projectile and 
long-range Killer Move, second to only Opera. Most of Precis' 
Killer Move combinations are very damaging physically, and she 
can even throw certain Killer Move very fast. Precis has some of 
the most unique Killer Move as well, because of the fact that 
some of her Killer Move leaves her unattackable to enemies while 
she executes it.

*Barabara Beam, Ally-Oop!
Total MP: 37

*Bloody Mary, Barbara Beam
Total MP: 45

*Bloody Mary, Ally-Oop!
Total MP: 40 

*Bloody Mary, Hoholograph
Total MP: 32

*Barrier, Pokopoka Attack
Total MP: 43

*Mujin-kun Super Beam, Bloody Mary
Total MP: 56

*Hoholograph, Mujin-kun Super Beam 
Total MP: 24

*Hoholograph, Barrier
Total MP: 28


Dias has some of the strongest Killer Move in the game, but most 
of his Killer Move only hits one or two times, and his biggest 
multi-hitting Killer Move hits only three times, so he'll be at 
somewhat of a disadvantage in fighting, although his hits are 
huge in strength. Some of Dias' Killer Move like Crescent Wave, Illusion, 
and Firebird Shock Wave, so you'll be able to have a unique attacker 
in the sense that his Killer Move is some of the most damaging 
in the game.

*Crescent Wave, Cross Slash
Total MP:18

*Illusion, Crescent Wave
Total MP: 31

*Illusion, Cross Slash
Total MP: 29

*Hawk Scream Blast, Illusion
Total MP: 37

*Hawk Scream Blast, Full Moon Slash
Total MP: 41

*Hawk Scream Blast, Cross Slash
Total MP: 24

*Firebird Shock Wave, Crescent Wave
Total MP: 40

*Firebird Shock Wave, Illusion
Total MP: 51

*Hawk Scream Blast, Firebird Shock Wave
Total MP: 46


Ernest has many useful Killer Move, and perhaps has the most variety 
in his Killer Move than any other character. The idea is to keep the 
enemy at bay from far away, as Killer Move like Broken Heart and 
Thousand Whip are good from far away. Ernest will be able to utilize 
some of the best physical Killer Move combinations in the game. Also, 
Ernest uses the least in MP consumption for his Killer Move in the 
game, so he's often a very good choice to give a Link Combo to early 

*Spiral Whip, Dimension Whip
Total MP: 13

*Thousand Whip, Dimension Whip
Total MP: 15

*Thousand Whip, Broken Heart
Total MP: 27

*Broken Heart, Spiral Whip
Total MP: 24

*Thunder Whip, Dimension Whip
Total MP: 27

*Thunder Whip, Thousand Whip
Total MP: 32

*Thunder Whip, Broken Heart
Total MP: 39

*Sonic Whip, Broken Heart
Total MP: 42

*Sonic Whip, Thousand Whip
Total MP: 35


Chisato is probably the weakest fighting character, and she doesn't 
really have that much use, but she has some decent Killer Move 
that are very quick. One good side to Chisato's Killer Move is that 
her Killer Move causes the enemy to be dizzy more than any other 
character in the game.

*Twister, Whirlwind
Total MP: 19

*Flame Thrower, 100,000 Volts
Total MP: 42

*Whirlwind, Flame Thrower
Total MP: 34

*Whirlwind, Tear Gas
Total MP: 46

*Rising Dragon, Whirlwind
Total MP: 31

*Rising Dragon, Flame Thrower
Total MP: 37

*Rising Dragon, Tear Gas
Total MP: 49

*Twister, Tear Gas
Total MP: 37

*Burning Cards, Preparation
Total MP: 35

Frequently Asked Questions:

Star Ocean is a fairly tough game, because it has some complicated 
puzzles and enemies. In this section, I hope to answer the questions 
that people ask the most. If you want to know something about the 
game, E-mail me at {[email protected]}, and I will possibly add 
your question to this section.

Q: Why isn't my character healing HP and MP after battle?
A: Well, healing HP and MP after battle is determined by the 
ammount of Stamina that a character has, so you can either 
gain levels for that character, or equip accessories that 
increase your Stamina level. Also, some armor in the game 
takes away all of your Stamina, and after battles, you won't 
gain any MP or MP at all, so make sure to unequip this kind 
of armor immediately.

Q: What is your favorite four-character party for fighting?
A: Well, this really depends on where you are, and what kind 
of Killer Move and Spells you like. If you want the best 
attacking party, take Claude, Ashton, Dias, and Rena (this 
party can only be gotten in Rena's scenario). If you want a 
party with more Killer Move and variety, take Claude, Opera, 
Ernest, and Rena. I find the attack spell-casting members of 
the party not very useful, because even though some of their 
later spells do 9999 damage to each enemy, the fighting 
characters can usually do much more damage in a lot less time, 
and the attack spell-casters have to wait a few moments after 
casting a spell to cast another. This is really a matter of 
an opinion, though.

Q: Are there any really useful pickpocketed items in the game?
A: Yes. Perhaps the most useful thing to pickpocket in the 
entire game is in Fun City. Go there and then to the Bunny 
Races. Steal from the pink rabbit there, and you will get the 
Bunny Shoes. When you have the Bunny Shoes equipped on a 
character, he or she will run very fast on the battlefield. 
Also, I find that stealing from everyone in Raqua gives some 
really good items like the Infinity Ring. There is a catch to 
stealing items in Raqua, though, as you can't do a Private 
Action there, the characters will look down on the character 
that stole, so his or her Aijodo/Kanjodo/Yujodo becomes lowered 
for each other member of the party.

Q: What is the most benefitial shop to register at to end the 
Racool fighting tournament?
A: Knockout. Knockout offers the best sword you will be getting 
for a long time, the Long Edge. Although it doesn't offer much 
in armor (your armor should be better already), Claude should 
already have very good armor, and you won't be at much of a 
loss in defense. Slayer is the most well-rounded shop, but the 
armor it offers isn't very much better than the armor you 
already have. 

Q: Does it make a difference whether I bring the Clairsage to 
Bowman rather than the Dilwhip in the Ringa Ruins? 
A: As far as I know, it doesn't make any difference at all in 
the game. If you get the Clairsage, you can't get the Dilwhip, 
and vice versa. The only difference is that you can't get the 
Dilwhip until you are very far into the ruins, and the Clairsage 
can be picked up fairly close to the beginning of the ruins. 
When you bring back the Clairsage to Bowman, he will be slightly 
annoyed that it was already discovered, but he will accept it 
anyway and let you see Keith. If you bring the Dilwhip, he will 
be happy. I don't think this makes any difference in the game at 
all, though.

Q: What is the password at the top of Elria Tower?
A: Mo-ku-shi-ro-ku, which means "Apocalypse".

Q: What do you think the best order for conquering the fields?
A: I usually do the Field of Power first, then the Field of 
Knowledge, then the Field of Courage, then the Field of Love. 
This way, you'll be able to gain some really good experience 
for your characters in the Field of Power, and the enemies are 
a bit easier. Also, there are some fairly tough enemies in the 
Field of Knowledge, so you'll want to be at higher levels when 
you face the enemies there.

Q: What are all of the things that the fortune teller tells you 
in Fun City after paying 300 Fol?
A: You can choose to analyze:
1) Percentage of all trasure chests in the game you have opened
2) Percentage of your Item Creation successes
3) Percentage of Pickpocket success
4) Times you have saved your game on a memory card
5) Total number of battles you have been in
6) Number of times you ran from a battle
7) Number of total monsters you have defeated
8) Highers number of consecutive Battle Specialties you have scored

Q: Does the Dojinshi store above the battle stadium in Fun City 
actually serve any purpose at all?
A: I don't think so. You can buy different types of Dojinshi 
(manga), but they appear to do nothing in the game. I guess 
this is just a fun thing that was added to the game.

Q: Where can I buy the best armor sold in the game?
A: There is a very hidden store near Givaway that is easily 
passed up by most players. There are no clues to this store, 
and it was hard for me to find, even when I heard where it 
was, so it's obviously a big secret. Anyway, go to the area 
where Givaway is. There are two main islands in the land of 
snow, and a few very tiny island between the two larger ones. 
Land on one of the tiny islands, and walk around on it until 
you find a hidden location. There is a store here, selling 
all of the Mithril equippment, and several awesome items, like 
the Tri-Emblem accessory and the "Magical Rasp", the useful 
Customize Support Item. There is even better armor in the game 
than the Mithril equippment, though, but you will have to use 
the "Blacksmith" Super Toguki to get it with your different 
gems and minerals.

Q: How do you get Chisato as a playable character?
A: First of all, you have to have seven or less members in your 
current party while visiting Central City. After you first talk 
to Narl, walk out of the large building, and go to the western 
party of the city. You will see someone spying on you. That 
person will run away, and you will wonder if it's a stalker. 
After that, go to North City, and head to the northern part of 
the city. You will see that person stalking again. Now, play 
through the Red Crystal cave, and you will eventually run into 
Chisato in the cave, and find her business card. Play through 
the game until you get the Sainard. After receiving the Sainard, 
go back to Central City, and to the newspaper room. Talk to the 
red-haired Nedian there. After talking for awhile about why she 
was stalking you, you will get these options:

1) Do you want to travel with us?
2) Don't follow us anymore.

Pick option 1 to have Chisato join you.

Q: The Atlas Ring is a great accessory, but how do I stop its 
defense lowering downside?
A: To make the bad affects of the Atlas Ring go away, all you 
have to do is equip a Paras Atene on the character that has the 
Atlas Ring. To get a Paras Atene, use Blacksmith on Mithril 
when you have the Magical Rasp support item. 

Q: I keep trying to make a certain accessory with Saiku, but I 
always end up making a different accessory. How should I make 
the accessory that I want?
A: Well, there are usually about eight or nine things that can 
be made out of Saiku, but each character can only make about 
four or five of them. Some characters can make given accessories, 
and others can't. In my Saiku list in the Item Creation section, 
it tells you which characters can make which accessories from 

Q: What are the best battle formations?
A: This really depends on the party. If you have three fighting 
characters and one spell-casting character (which I usually do), 
the Tri-Shift formations work quite well. Try to experiment with 
the formations you think will best suit your party, because there 
are many party combinations that will work well. Personally, I 
use Tri-Shift through most of the game, but for certain bosses, 
like the one for the Field of Power, other formations are vital 
to survival.

Q: Should I change character's tactics at all?
A: Not really. Through most of the game, you'll want everyone to 
use their Killer Move and spells, even on normal enemies. This 
is partly because in Star Ocean, you recover HP and MP after 
battle from Stamina, so especially if you have high Stamina, you 
won't run out of MP very fast. Characters with lower Stamina (like 
Opera or Noel) might want to choose other tactics though, but it 
isn't really neccessary. If you're constantly running low on MP, 
change them, but it won't really make much of a difference in 
battle, especially near the end of the game, where characters have 
a lot of Stamina. 

Q: How do I find {insert weapon here}? I've looked through the 
entire game, and it isn't sold in shops or in chests!
A: Well, there are a very huge amount of weapons that can only 
be made by the Customize Item Creation. Getting different ores 
and weapons can help you make more and better weapons, and it is 
best to experiment with what you have to see if you can make any 
weapons that are better. Even most weapons that are sold in shops 
and found can be made through Customize, so it is best to take 
advantage of it. 

Q: When I assign Killer Move to my characters, they only use one 
of the Killer Move. How can I make them use the other?
A: The artifical intelligence that the other characters have is 
not very good. They are programmed to use the most effective 
Killer Move they have, but often the other Killer Move that they 
have assigned is much better. If you want your characters to use 
certain Killer Move, try assigning different combinations to your 
characters and see if they will use the Killer Move you want them 
to. You can also try to make different Killer Move combinations 
with Link Combo rings, and then Killer Move Specialties will be 
used in succession given that the enemy is still standing. This 
is a good way to raise Proficiency for characters fast.

Q: Noel isn't healing my characters at all. What should I do?
A: Noel is the only spell-casting character in the game that uses 
both offensive and defensive spells. Noel starts with spells that 
are really weak in terms of damage they do. If you want him to 
only use healing spells on your allies, you can turn off all of 
his attack spells from his Jumon menu. When Noel starts to gain 
all of his spells, though, he will heal all of the characters in 
the party when they get hurt anyway, so it shouldn't be much of 
a problem. If you still have problems, I suggest using Rena, and 
Rena's healing spells heal for a lot more than Noel's, anyway. 

Q: How can I make my characters run fast in battles? 
A: Use the items "Idaten Ship" or "Idaten Nanko" on your your 
characters in battle, or equip the Bunny Shoes on a character. 
Running fast on the battlefield is a huge advantage to your 
characters, especially for the later bosses and the final boss, 
and they are almost vital for the bonus dungeon. The Bunny Shoes 
are arguably the best item in the game.

Q: Are there any accessory combinations that will make all of my 
characters invincible in battle?
A: Yes. Here are a few, and the explanations:

*Bloody Armor + Katsujinken: The Bloody armor makes a character 
  immune to damage in battles, but that character will decrease 
  in HP at a set rate in battle. The Katsujinken stops this, but 
  not that only Claude and Bowman can equip this, so this combon 
  only works for them.

*Lunatic Ring + Piyonon: The Lunatic Ring makes the wearer take 
  no damage at all in battles, but also makes that character 
  dizzy all of the time in battles. The Piyonon will stop the 
  dizzy effect, so your character will be invincible.

Q: Why can't I ever learn the "Mana no Shukufuku" Talent for my 
A: The Talent "Mana no Shukufuku" (Mana's Blessing) can only be 
a Talent for spell-casting characters, not physical characters. 
In each game, all of the spell-casters always have the Talent 
of "Mana no Shukufuku", which basically gives them the ability 
to cast spells. So, physical characters can never learn the 
Talent "Mana no Shukufuku". Other than "Mana no Shukufuku", 
"Yasei no Kan" is the hardest Talent to learn in the game.

Q: Is there any way to change the Talents my characters have? 
Isn't it all random before you get the character?
A: Well, there is a way you can change the Talents a character 
has before you get him or her. Save before getting a new 
character, then get him or her, and see if you like his or her 
Talents. If you don't like the Talents that he or she has, you 
can reset the game, load the game you have, and get that ally 
again, and he or she will have new Talents that are generated 
randomly. This is a good way to make a party with the Talents 
you want for Item Creations and Specialty.

Q: What is this "Machinery Killer Move"? How can I get this 
special type of Killer Move?
A: Three of Opera's Killer Move and two of Precis' Killer Move 
can only be made through the Machinery Item Creation, and only 
the characters that have that special Killer Move can make it. 
Use the Machinery Specialty to randomly get Machinery items, and if 
you are lucky, you will receive one of the Machinery Killer Move. 
Also, Precis has a special Killer Move that can only be learned 
in a Private Action, and only if Ashton is in the party.

Q: Where can I get good Chori ingredients early in the game?
A: There is a desert area on Cross Continent early in the game 
that has enemies that give great ingredients after battle. A 
good way to make a lot of money early in the game is to create 
some great Chori from these ingredients and then sell them to 

Q: How do I beat the soldier type enemies with the big body 
shields? They keep blocking all of my attacks.
A: Run behind them and hit them. If you hit an enemy from behind 
in any battle, you will automatically hit them, no matter what 
their defense or dodge rating is. If you have two characters 
sandwitch a soldier type enemy, it is a lot easier to kill them. 

Mini Games:

In the original Star Ocean, the mini games were a big part of the 
replay value of the game, and enhanced the story. In Star Ocean: 
The Second Story, all of the mini games are improved and there is 
a lot more to do in the game.

In Fun City, you can play different games that add to the fun factor of 
Star Ocean: The Second Story. Some of the games can be very benefitial to 
getting really good items, and others are just fun to play.


To get to the Arena, go west on the first screen of Fun City, then through 
the lower door. If you've played the original Star Ocean, you probably will 
already know how the Arena system works. Basically, you send one character 
into the arena, and your character faces one enemy. If you get Incapacitated, 
petrified, or paralyzed, you will receive a loss. If you defeat the enemy, 
you will win. If you win a series of battles for the rank that you choose, 
and haven't won it already, you will receive the items or money that battle 
rank awards. In the original Star Ocean, you had to work your way up from 
the lowest rank. However, in Star Ocean: The Second Story, you are allowed 
to choose what rank you want to play instead of being automatically advanced. 
There are four types of battles. Duel Battle, Bring Battle, Team Battle, and 
Survival Battle. Every time you use the Arena, you must pay 2000 Fol.

Duel Battle:

Duel battle is the same as the battles you did in the Arena in Star Ocean. A 
character fights a series of one on one battles against the opponent. If you 
win all four battles, you are given special items or Fol. 

Rank E: Piyohan (fighters), Kaeru x 5 (spell-casters)
Rank D: Bomberman Set [Assault Bomb, Flare Bomb, Protect Bomb, Nuclear Bomb]
  (fighters), Hoseki Set [Orihalcon, Damascus, Star Ruby, Meteorite, Mithril, 
  Rune Metal, Moonite] (spell-casters)
Rank C: Gokabishiko Set [Fukahire Jiaozi, Umi Tsubame no Ha Soup, Beijing Duck, 
  Kokuryuu "Sekidaya"] (fighters), Romaconenchi x 5 (spell-casters)
Rank B: Moon Tiara (fighters), Magical Drop (spell-casters)

Prizes for Rank A:
Claude: Meiken Veinslay
Rena: Felpar Nail 
Celine: Prime Prayer
Ashton: Somato
Opera: Psycho Box
Precis: Hyper Punch
Bowman: Flare Burst 
Dias: Yoto Cromlayer
Leon: Satori no Sho 
Ernest: Nine Tail
Noel: Death Fang
Chisato: Aerogun

Bring Battle:

Bring battle is almost the same as Duel Battle, except your one character 
must face several opponents. In Bring Battle, you only win Fol and Specialty 
Points for a single character.

Rank F: 1000 Fol, 2 Specialty points
Rank E: 5000 Fol, 5 Specialty points
Rank D: 10,000 Fol, 15 Specialty points
Rank C: 20,000 Fol, 30 Specialty points
Rank B: 40,000 Fol, 50 Specialty points
Rank A: 80,000 Fol, 100 Specialty points

Team Battle:

In Team Battle, you send five characters into a fight, and they fight a series 
of one on one battles with a team of an equal number of enemies. If you win 
more fights than the enemy, you win the match. The first team to reach three 
wins is declared the winner of the Team Battle, so if you win three fights in 
a row, you automatically win without having to fight the other two battles. 
You get special items for winning Team Battle.

Team Battle Items:
Rank F: Purple Mist
Rank E: Soyokaze no Pierce
Rank D: Magic Cross
Rank C: Dream Crown
Rank B: Right Cross
Rank A: Star Guard

Survival Battle:

Survival battle is the most unique type of battle in Star Ocean: The Second 
Story. Survival Battle will take a long time to complete, as you have to beat 
50 matches in a row against harder monsters each fight. Some of the monsters 
that you must fight during the last fights are very tough, and it is very 
hard to win the Survival Battle. If you win the Survival Battle, you receive 
a Fortune Item, which acts like a Trickster. It is very hard to win the 
Survival Items, but here is a general strategy:

Use Claude, as he is the strongest. Equip him with the Eternal Sphere, all of 
the Duel equippment, the Bunny Shoes, and the Atlas Ring and Paras Atene. 
Claude will be very strong, and you'll be able to at least progress very far 
in the Survival Battle. Your levels should be very high before attempting it, 
probably about 120 or so.

*Bunny Races:

To get to the Bunny Races, go to the north area of Fun City. To get into the 
races, you must buy a ticket for 1000 Fol. You can buy up to eight tickets 
from the bunny there.

When the race starts, you can look at the four bunnies that are competing, 
and you can look at their individual statistics. After this, you get a 
list of the prizes that are offered if you win the races, and you must 
now bet on which bunny you think with win the races, and which bunny will 
finish second. You only win the specified item if you guess right on both 

Speed is probably the most important aspect for a bunny. It determines how 
fast the bunny runs around the track at a normal pace. Sometimes bunnies 
will dash ahead with a lot of speed, but this takes up some of the bunny's 
Stamina, and the bunny will sometimes have to catch his breath. Sometimes 
when you use a burst of speed, and hit a bunny while going very fast, you 
will knock the other bunny to the side, leaving it stunned. It is good to 
have a bunny that has average statistics in most areas.

*Cooking Master Contest:

The Cooking Master contest costs 1000 Fol. By winning the Cooking Master 
conest, you can win some rare Chori ingredients that aren't sold, making 
it easier to get the best Chori items in the game. You will have to cook 
against one of the Cooking King's students in a food creating contest. 
You have five minutes to make as much food in the game.

There are many different matches, determined at random at the start of the 
match. For each match, you are given a different set of ingredients. The 
prize ingredients you receive will depend on the match you are playing. 

The matches: 

Yasai Taiketsu (Vegetable Match): 
Kokumotsu x 10, Pure Leaf x 2, Yasai x 10, Magical Rice x 1

Umi no Sachi Taiketsu (Fortune of the Sea Match): 
Gyokarui x 20, Kokyu Maguro x 2, Ganze x 1

Dessert Taiketsu (Dessert Match): 
Kokumotsu x 10, Sweet fruit. x 4

Niku Taiketsu (Meat Match):
Nikurui x 10, Tamago/Nyuseihin x 10, Juicy Beef x 3, Creamy Cheese x 3

Full Course Taiketsu: 
Gyokarui x 6, Kudamono x 6, Kokumotsu x 6, Nikurui x 6, Yasai x 6, 
Tamago/Nyuseihin x 8, Pure Leaf x 2, Juicy Beef x 1, Kokyu maguro x 
3, Ganze x 1, Magical Rice x 3, Creamy Cheese x 3, Sweet Fruit x 4,

Slime Taiketsu: 
Geregere Slime x 10, Buruburu Slime x 3

Press the Triangle button to go to the Chori Item Creation screen. You can 
only use this screen when you are standing by the kitchen on the right side, 
however. Here you can choose the ingredients you have. If you have a high 
Chori level, the more food you can make here. To get more ingredients to 
work with, run to the food pile in the middle of the room and get some.

There is a time bar and a pressure bar, the pressure bar is below the time 
bar. This bar measures how much stress the cooking character has. If the 
pressure bar gets too high, it is tougher for that character to concentrate, 
and likewise it will be harder to make much food. Every character has a 
set pressure range, and that will determine how much pressure you start 
with. It is good to take Claude or Rena here, since some characters like 
Ashton have a very high pressure level. Increasing the Dokyo Specialty takes 
away from a character's set pressure rate. If you successfully make items 
in the match, your pressure decreases. If you make really rare food, your 
pressure will increase, and the better the ingredient you are using, your 
pressure will also increase. If you fail food creations, your pressure will 
increase. Don't take super ingredients from the food pile, because that 
will also cause your pressure level to decrease. 

Winning Cooking Master:
After five minutes, the Cooking King and his penguin (Tenchu) will taste 
each party's food and determine who will get the win. Each food is worth 
a certain amount of points (rarer food being worth more). Your final 
taste value is the sum of all of the foods you successfully made.

Bonus Dungeon:

One of the original Star Ocean's most redeeming qualities was it's 
bonus dungeon, which was a huge 30-level dungeon filled with very 
tough monsters, puzzles, and no save ponits at all. Getting through 
Star Ocean's bonus dungeon was no easy thing to do, and many of the 
most experienced players couldn't do it because it was so long and 
tough. Getting to the bonus dungeon in the original Star Ocean was 
a secret, and some people passed it up.

In Star Ocean: The Second Story, the bonus dungeon is back, and 
it's just as hard and challenging. It's a pretty well kept secret, 
so read on if you want to spoil yourself.

To get to the bonus dungeon:

1) Go to Feenal, and save on the save point right before the last 
boss, Gabriel. You can beat Gabriel right now and win the game, 
but just be sure to save here.

2) Go all the way out of Feenal, and go back to the main part of 

3) Go to Fun City. Here, enter the battle arena. Go toward the 
back area. Here, there will be a new old man that hasn't been 
there before, and he'll ask you if you'll let him send you back 
to Expel. Say "yes", and he'll transport you back to Expel, in 
Arlia village. 

4) Outside of Arlia, you will find your Sainard, it has been 
transported to Expel with you. Go in your Sainard, and fly to 
the Southwest continent that you couldn't go to before (it looks 
like a desert with mountains). Here, there is a cave. This is 
the bonus dungeon.

Be aware that most enemies in the bonus dungeon are very tough. 
Even at the lower levels of the dungeon, the average enemy you 
will fight has about 100,000 HP. It's useful to have three 
fighters and Rena through the entire dungeon, since you'll want 
to creme the enemies as fast as possible, and Rena is useful 
for her great healing and status ailment recovery. Bringing 
attack spell-casting characters is not very useful, though, 
because the fighting characters can often do more damage faster 
with their Killer Move, and the attack spell-casters could have 
a hard time getting their spells off quickly, even though Leon 
and Celine have spells that do 9999 damage each time. You will 
definitely need to have the best weapons, the best accessories, 
and the best armor in the game to do well in the bonus dungeon, 
so don't even consider taking it on unless you are well equipped 
and have the best items in the game.

Plot Information:

The story in Star Ocean: The Second Story takes place 30 years 
after the original left off, and a lot of things in the game are 
very similar. This basic information should cover enough in the 
game to know what is happening if you don't know Japanese.

Claude is the son of Ronixis Kenni, who fought along with Ratix 
and others 30 years ago to slay Jie Revors and restore peace to 
the world. Claude is very unlike his father, as he often doesn't 
work hard, likes studying, and sometimes keeps to himself. Claude 
is an Ensign as a Federation officer, although sometimes he 
doesn't want to be a Federation officer at all. In the beginning 
of the game, Ronixis finds a new planet, and wants to send an 
away team down to investigate it. Ronixis goes along with Claude 
and several other officers to the surface. The team is searching 
around when they finally find a mysterious button. Claude pushes 
the button, and then walks north and is sucked into a portal. 
Ronixis is very worried, and leaves with the rest of the away 
team to his ship. Claude ends up stranded on Expel, where his 
communicator cannot reach the ship. Claude finds that a girl with 
blue hair is being attacked by a large gorilla, so Claude fights 
with the gorilla and saves Rena, and the adventure begins.


Rena is a somewhat normal girl from Expel that is living in Arlia. 
Rena sometimes likes to spend time alone in the forest, thinking 
about things. Sometimes Rena's mother, Westa, doesn't want Rena 
to run off, but she does anyway. One day, Rena runs off into the 
forest, and is attacked by a large gorilla. Claude jumps in and 
helps her by killing the gorilla, and the adventure begins.

Item List:

The following is an attempt to list every item in Star Ocean: 
The Second Story. This list is far complete, partially because 
there are over 800 items in Star Ocean: The Second Story, and 
I have not done some advanced Item Creations to receive them 
all. If you know what some items do that I don't have listed 
here, please mail them to me.

Attack Bottle: Increases attack power for one character in battle.
Assault Bomb: Attacks all enemies close by with a special bomb.
Bubble Lotion: Randomly kills enemies hit by ally character's magic. 
Bikkuribako: Use it and you will either get an item or fight in a battle.
Bitter Lotion: Randomly kills various enemies attacked by user's weapon.
Biyaku: Sets all character's Aijodo --} user to 8. 
Blank Mist: Ignores all Element strengths and weaknesses in battle.
Care Tablet: Protects the user from all status ailments in a single battle. 
Chie no Kagami: Increases intelligence parameter for all members of the 
Cinderella Glass: Decreases all prices in shops.
Crash Pill: User turns all of his or her lfe energy into a strong energy 
  blast, killing him or her, but attacking enemies with a strong blast.
The user transforms his or her/life energy into an energy blast, 
  killing him/herself to attack the enemies. 
Cure Paralyze: Cures paralyzation.
Cure Petrify: Cures petrification.
Cure Poison: Cures poison. 
Danger Pot: Heals all characters, but inflicts a random status ailment 
  to the character that uses it.
Discovery Card: Increases chance of getting items after each battle.
Dummy Doll: Reduces accuracy level for all enemies.
Energy Tonic: Switches one character's HP and MP values. 
Fountain Card: Gives you a random item.
Fairy Glass: No character uses up any MP in battle for a short amount 
  of time. 
Fairy's Card: Heals HP for every character in a single battle. 
Fairy Toilette: Causes enemies to avoid the user in a single battle. 
Fairy Mist: For a short period of time, no character uses up any of his 
  or her MP in battle. 
Flare Bomb: Does fire damage to a single enemy in battle. 
Flash Pot: Allows Item Creations to suceed for a short period of time, 
  even if a character doesn't know the Talents neccessary for them. 
Goshintai: Kills a random enemy that is facing the user. 
Half Dead Bomb: Cuts one enemy's HP in half. 
Hyper Ball: Fires a series of orbs at the enemy to do damage. 
Idaten: Automatically lets the party escape from a single battle. 
Idaten Nanko: Increases all characters' running speed to the highest 
  level for a single battle. 
Idaten Ship: Increases one characters' running speed to the highest 
  level for a single battle. 
Kaiga "Haru":  Heals each character in battle to full HP/MP.
Kaiga "Saigo no Bansan": Heals all other characters to the maximum, but 
  kills the user.
Kaiga "Saigo no Shinpan": Casts Shadow Flare on the enemy.
Kaiga "Sakebi": Summons a support demon to attack one enemy. 
Kamikaze Tonic: Increases attack power for the user for one battle. 
Killer Poison: Randomly poisons all enemies in battle.
Kimyo na Kusuri: Randomly either heals a character, raises them from 
  the dead, or kills that character.  
Lilith Tonic: Attack power is raised to a huge level, but the character 
  goes berserk and you cannot control him or her. 
Mind Bomb: Reduces a single enemy's MP to 0.
Mad Mist: Confuses all enemies for a short period of time in a single 
Magical Drop: Stops time so that you can attack enemies at will for a 
  short period of time in a single battle. 
Marionette Pill: Revives a dead character in battle and raises their 
  attack power, but that character will become berserk.
Mint Pot: Increases Item Creation success rate for a short period of 
Medical Rinse: Causes all characters to slowly regenerate MP in battle. 
Melty Lotion: Randomly kills any or all enemies attacked by user's 
  weapon in a single battle. 
Mental Pot: Increases magic power for a single character in battle. 
Mortarial Card: After use, that character will always do a critical hit 
  on the enemy in a single battle. 
Nightmare Pot: Heals one character, but damages other characters. 
Natural High: After use, a character becomes high, and goes berserk for 
  a single battle. 
Nuclear Bomb: Damages all enemies and allies on the battlefield heavily. 
Paralyze Mist: Paralyzes all enemies.
Paralyze Oil: Paralyzes one enemy.
Pikopiyo Bomb: Dizzies one enemy.
Pixie Cologne: Increases a character's magic power for a single battle, 
  but that character becomes berserk. 
Protect Bomb: Attacks all enemies near the user. 
Revival Card: If a character gets killed in battle, they will automatically 
  be brought back to life. 
Risky Liquid: Revives a single character, but that character will come back 
  to life with various status ailments. 
Shock Oil: Puts a magical oil on the ground that causes enemies walking on 
  it to be drained of their MP. 
Silence Card: Mutes a single enemy in battle. 
Smoke Mist: Reduces all enemies' speed for a single battle. 
Smoke Oil: Reduces one enemy's speed for a single battle. 
Soul Trap: If you land on top of an enemy, that enemy has a random chance 
  of being killed. 
Stink Gel: Randomly poisons enemies attacked by a user's weapon. 
Succubus Cologne: Causes all monsters to start attacking the user in a 
  single battle. 
Super Ball: Fires a magical ball to deal damage to the enemy. 
Tamatebako: Get three random items, range from extremely valuable to 
Tetrabomb: Fires different beams of light energy in four different ways 
  on the battlefield.
Tri-Ball: Fires three super balls at the enemy to do damage.
Twins Tonic: Yujodo for all characters to 8 --} user.
Victorial Card: Increases guts rating for all characters in a single 
Violent Pill: Has a random chance of either healing a character or killing 
  he or she in a single battle. 
Fol Up Card: Doubles the amount of Fol you receive at the end of battles. 
Yosei no Zo: Kills a single enemy, but does not work on bosses.

Accessory List:

The following list is an attempt to cover each accessory in Star 
Ocean: The Second Story. This list is incomplete, as I have not 
found every accessory in the game, and don't know what others do. 
If you have accessory submissions, make sure to send them to me. 

Aqua Ring: Ice and water spells do only half the damage that they would 
  normally do to the wearer.
Atlas Ring: Gives a huge boost to wearer's attack power, but also causes 
  several defensive losses.
Berserk Ring: Increases anger explosion rate for the wearer.
Bile Tear: Absorbs 10% of all magical damage to the wearer's MP.
Blood Pierce: Absorbs 10% of physical attacks as HP for the wearer.
Blue Talisman: Gives a boost to the wearer's defense power.
Eclipse Ring: Gives Kyoda Specialty of 3 to the wearer.
Dream Bracelet: Increases the wearer's level by 1 when wearing it.
Emerald Pierce: Makes the wearer's Hayaguchi Specialty to 5.
Emerald Ring: Reduces MP usage to the wearer by 1/3.
Fairy Ring: Reduces MP usage to the wearer by 1/2.
Fairy Tear: Absorbs 10% of magic damage to the wearers HP.
Feat Symbol: Increases the wearer's attack power and avoidance.
Fire Ring: Increases the power of all of the wearer's fire Specialties and 
First Pierce: Prevents back attacks for the party.
Flare Ring: Gives a 50% chance of nullifying fire attacks to the wearer. 
Flash Pierce: Absorbs lightning damage as MP for the wearer.
Fortune: Randomly gives you items while walking around. 
Gale Pierce: Increases the wearer's number of attacks by 1.
Gold Pierce: Increases evade rate for the wearer.
Infinity Ring: Increases the wearer's experience points after battles.
Kanashimi no Yubiwa: Reduces attack power and raises defense power.
Kofuku no Pendant: Gives less of a chance of getting into random battles.
Hama no Yubiwa: Repels enemies from the wearer.
Hard Pierce: Increases attack power and decreases defense power for the 
Hard Ring: Increases attack power.
Heal Ring: Regenerates the wearer's HP during battles.
Holy Ring: Protects the wearer from 10% damage of all spells in battles. 
Left Cross: Increases a character's maximum HP.
Link Combo: Allows the character to create linked combos with Killer Move. 
Lunar Tablet: Increases a character's maximum MP.
Lunar Talisman: Increases a character's maximum HP.
Lunatic Pierce: Increases power and reduces accuracy for the wearer.
Lunatic Ring: The wearer cannot take any damage, but the wearer is also 
  dizzy all of the time in battle.
Magician Hand: Allows Pickpocket usage with a much better success rate than 
  just using a Tozoku Tebukuro (Thief's Glove).
Magic Cross: Redirects 20% of all attacks to nearby attacking enemies.
Magic Mist: Gives greater success of running away from battles.
Might Chain: Increases attack power.
Mind Ring: Regenerates MP for the wearer during battles.
Mischief: Gives you random items while walking.
Mental Ring: Regenerates MP for the wearer during battles.
Meteo Ring: Increases the wearer's number of attacks by 1.
Moonlight: Raises the wearer's maximum HP and MP.
Moon Pierce: Redirects 10% of all attacks to nearby enemies.
Paralyze Check: Immunizes the wearer from the petrification status ailment. 
Piyohan: Cuts dizzy time for the wearer in half in battles.
Piyonon: Prevents the wearer from getting dizzy at all.
Poison Check: Immunizes the wearer from the posion status ailment.
Princess Ring: Increases the wearer's maximum MP.
Prism Ring: Wearer has a 5% chance of receiving no damage from each attack 
  in battles.
Protection Ring: Randomly causes some attacks to heal the wearer instead of 
  damaging him or her.
Purple Mist: Allows the party to run away from battle more effectively.
Recoil Bracelet: Redirects 10% of all attacks to nearby enemies.
Reflection Ring: Absorbs magic damage as HP in battles.
Regenerate Ring: Regenerates HP for the wearer in battles.
Resist Ring: Nullifies 90% of magic damage to the wearer in battles.
Reverse Doll: If a character dies in battle, they will come back allive, but 
  the Reverse Doll is then destroyed.
Right Cross: Increases a character's maximum MP.
Rot Bracelet: Changes damage the character wearing it receives to double 
  damage to 1/4 damage.
Shield Pierce: Reduces magical damage to wearer by 80%.
Shield Ring: Reduces physical attacks to the wearer by 90%.
Shikkoku no Pierce: Absorbs 1/20 of magic damage to the wearer's MP.
Silver Charm: Increases the wearer's magic power.
Silver Pendant: Increases the running speed of the wearer in battles.
Slayer Ring: Increases the wearer's number of attacks by 2.
Stardust Ring: Negates 50% of all star Element spells that hit the wearer.
Star Necklace: Gives the wearer a Hayaguchi Specialty of 3.
Star Pierce: Gives the wearer a Hayaguchi Specialty of 3.
Stone Check: Immunizes the wearer from the petrification status ailment.
Soyokaze no Pierce: Increases the wearer's running speed in battles.
Talisman: Increases defense power for the wearer.
Thunder Ring: Increases damage of lightning Element spells that the wearer 
  uses in battle.
Tozoku Tebukuro: Allows the wearer to use "Pickpocket" Specialty.
Trickster: Gives you random items while walking around.
Water Ring: Increases the damage of water Element spells that the wearer 
  uses in battle.
Wise Ring: Immunizes the wearer to all status ailments and conditions.

Item Creations:

In a game with so many unique features, the Item Creation system is 
perhaps the game's most unique feature. There are many different 
kinds of Item Creations in Star Ocean: The Second Story. There are 
many more types of Item Creation creation than in the original 
Star Ocean, so the game gains even more depth and replay value.

In the original Star Ocean, you could make the best weapons and 
armor in the game very early if you had the right Specialties. In Star 
Ocean: The Second Story, it is more difficult, because you need 
the right Specialties, and special items also enhance your chances of 
making special Item Creations. Also, some items can only be made 
by specific characters, unlike the original.

Some Item Creation Specialties are accessed from the Item Screen by 
pressing Triangle, and then choosing "Item Creation", and others 
are accessed by going into a character's Specialty screen from the 
main camp screen.

Specialties Needed - These are the Specialties needed to learn the Specialty 
 ability. Increasing these Specialties will increase chances of doing 
 a good Item Creation.
Enhancement Talent: Most Item Creations have a set Talent that 
 increases the chances of successful rates of Item Creation by a 
 lot. I call these Talents "Enhancement Talents".
Items: These are the items needed to use the Item Creation.
Support Items: Most Item Creations use special items that you 
 can find throughout the game that allow you do to more Item 
 Creations. For instance, the special item "Magical Rasp" gives 
 you the ability to create many more weapons with the "Customize" 
 Item Creation.



Art is the special ability of being able to make unique designs. 
To do art, you need either Magical Clay or Magical Canvas, which 
you can buy at Item Creation stores around the world. Items made 
from Magical Clay are attack items, you can get special items to 
use on the enemy. With Magical Canvas, you can make items that 
are either portraits of the characters, or items you can use in 
battle to increase your characters' attributes. 

Specialties Needed: Dessin, Biteki Kankaku
Enhancement Talent: Design Sense
Items: Magical Canvas, Magical Clay
Support Items: Graphics Tool

Art Data:

Magical Clay Items:
Idaten, Dummy Doll, Chie no Kagami, Triball, Silence Card, Bikkuribako, 
Tamatebako, Hyper Ball, Hexagram Card, Magic Rock, Super Ball,Tenshi no 
Zou, Yousei no Zou, Megami no Zou, Goshintai
Failure: Hen na Katamari

Magical Canvas Items:
Discovery Card, Extend Card, Kaiga "Saigo no Shimpan", Kaiga "Saigo no Bansan," 
Kaiga "Sakebi," Fol Up Card, Victorial Card, Mortarial Card, Revival Card, 
Fairies' Card, Fountain Card

Portraits from Magical Canvas:
Shozoga A (Claude), Shozoga B (Rena), Shozoga C (Celine), Shozoga D (Bowman), 
Shozoga E (Dias), Shozoga F (Precis), Shozoga G (Ashton), Shozoga H (Leon), 
Shozoga I (Opera) Shozoga J (Ernest), Shozoga K (Noel), Shozoga L (Chisato)

Failure Art: Rakugaki


Music is accessible from the Specialty menu. Music is used to play and 
compose various musical pieces with instruments you can find and buy 
during the game. The music you play has different effects on the party, 
depending on what song you play. You can only play music after you 
play it, and you need Creator Pens to write Music. The higher your 
Specialty level in Music, the better success rate you have in writing a 
song. Two different songs can be written for every instrument. To play 
songs, you need a Shikibo Rod. When you play a song, you will hear it 
in the background music as you play, but only last a few seconds.

Specialties Needed: Ensou, Otomajakushi
Enahancement Talents: Onkan, Rythm Kan
Items: Creator Pen, Shikibo Rod
Support Item: Music Tool

Here are all of the musical instruments, their songs, and what each 
song's function is:

 Suki no Uta (Rescue Song): HP and MP regenerates each step you take as 
  long as the music is playing in the background.
 Shukufuku no Uta (Blessing Song): All characters parameters (attack, 
  defense, agility, and such) are increased as long as this song is 

 Seirei no Mai (Spirit Dance): While this song is playing, all characters' 
  accuracy levels are increased.
 Yosei no Mai (Fairy Ballad): While this song is playing, all characters' 
  doge rates are increased.

 Aoki Shippu (Blue Whirlwind): While this song is playing, all characters' 
  agility levels are increased.
 Himetaru Chikara (Hidden Strength): As this song is playing, all characters' 
  maximum HP and MP are raised.

 Akuma no Senritsu (Demon Melody): This song calls a very powerful group of 
  monsters to attack your party.
 Kamigami no Senritsu (Melody of the Gods): While this song is playing, all 
  of your Specialties will succeed no matter what, even if you don't have the 
  needed Talents. 

 Tatakai no Shirabe (Searching for Battle): While this song is playing, 
  monster encounter rate is increased.
 Kodoku no Shirabe (Searching for Solitude): While this song is playing, 
  monster encounter rate is decreased.

 Sabaki no Melody (Melody of Judgement): While this song is playing, all 
  character's attack power levels are increased. 
 Eien no Melody (Endless Melody): While this song is playing, all characters' 
  defense levels are increased.

 Hero Tojo (Enter the Hero): Like Akuma no Senritsu, this summons a group 
  of monsters to attack your party.
 Megami Korin (Godess Descent): While this song is playing, all Specialty 
  Specialties' accuracy is increased.

 Iyashi no Uta (Healing Song): While this song is playing, all characters' 
  HP recovers each step you take.
 Yasuragi no Uta (Song of Comfort): While this song is playing, all 
  characters' MP recovers each step you take.


Customize is probably the most useful Item Creation ability in the game. 
This is basically the same as the original Star Ocean's "Katanakaji" Item 
Creation ability. Using special gems and minerals, characters temper 
any weapons he or she has with the gems and/or minerals. If you suceed, 
you usually get a much stronger weapon. If you fail, you will lose both 
the weapon and the gem or mineral, so it is a very good idea to save 
before you attempt Customize on anything. The best weapons in the game 
are made by Customize, so you'll definitely want to stop at some points 
to experiment with all of the weapons that can be made uniquely. Customize 
is probably the most important Item Creation Specialty in the game because 
the weapons you can get through is are incredibly powerful.

Specialties Needed: Craft, Cast, Kinobi
Enhancement Talent: Originality
Support Item: Magical Rasp

The following is a list of some of the best weapons customizable in the 
game. If you have anything to submit, make sure it is a unique combination, 
and is very strong, and I will add it to this FAQ. Mail any Customize Item 
Creations to {[email protected]}. I have compiled this list from 
personal experimenting, other information on the internet, and other FAQs, 
so I think I pretty much have all of the best weapons, though. Also, many 
thanks go to Ian Kelley for many of these combinations, and help on all of 
my general questions on Customize. 

Note that if you see [Weapon] or [Ore] it means that any weapon or ore can 
be placed in the Customize to get that Item Creation. Also, some weapons 
cannot be made without the support item "Magical Rasp", which allows most 
of the [Weapon] and [Ore] combinations to be made.

Flame Sword: Weak Weapon + Ruby 
Silver Fangs: Weak Weapon + Silver
Golden Fangs: Weak Weapon + Gold
Ignite Sword: Strong Weapon + Star Ruby
Silvance: Strong Weapon + Orihalcum
Grand Stinger: Sharp Edge + Damascus/Minus Sword + Damascus
Heart Breaker: Veil Piercer + Diamond
Minus Sword: Sharp Edge + Mithril
Eternal Sphere: Minus Sword + Mithril

Pain Cestus: Weak Weapon + Damascus
Metal Fangs: Weapon Weapon + Rune Metal
Dragon's Claws: Strong Weapon + Moonite
Rune Full Moon: Magical Gloves + Moonite
Sorceress Knuckles: Magical Gloves + Rune Metal/Rune Full Moon + Sage's Stone
Kaiser Knuckles: Sorceress Knuckles + Diamond
Empresia: Kaiser Knuckles + Moonite

Silver Rod: Weak Weapon + Mithril
Ruby Wand: Strong Weapon + Ruby
Ruby Rod: Strong Weapon + Star Ruby
Holy Rod: Strong Weapon + Orihalcum
Silvermoon: Silver Rod + Moonite
Dragon's Tusk: Holy Rod + Star Ruby

Smaller: Twin Swords + Damascus
Pair Nuts: Smaller + Moonite
Shield Sword: Guard Sword + Iron
Holy Cross: Twin-Edge + Mithril
Gemini: Pair Nuts + Meteorite/Lotus Eater + Meteorite
Melufa: Scyther + Damascus

Black Box: Booster Box + Damascus
Light Box: Black Box + Crystal
Magic Box: Light Box + Rune Metal
Burst Box: Magic Box + Sage's Stone
Pulse Box: Beta Box + Orihalcum/Gamma Box + Orihalcum
Seventh Ray: Light Box + Rainbow Diamond

Fire Punch: Medium Weapon + Ruby
Ice Punch: Medium Weapon + Sapphire
Thunder Punch: Medium Weapon + Diamond
Burning Hand: Strong Weapon + Star Ruby
Spark Hand: Strong Weapon + Rainbow Diamond
Iron Hand: Magic Hand + Iron
UGA Punch: SD Punch + Damascus
SDUGA Punch: UGA Punch + Meteorite

Metal Fangs: Weapon Weapon + Rune Metal
Braised Knuckles: Weak Weapon + Meteorite
Titan's Fists: Giant Fists + Rainbow Diamond/Hecatoncherie + Iron
Asura: Titan's Fists + Crystal
Hecatoncheire: Asura + Diamond
Moon Fists: Rune Full Moon + Diamond

Flare Whip: Strong Weapon + Star Ruby
Freeze Whip: Strong Weapon + Sage's Stone
Spark Whip: Strong Weapon + Rainbow Diamond
Rose Whip: Splinter + Ruby
Twin-tail: Rose Whip + Silver
Light Whip: Hard Whip + Crystal
Invisible Whip: Light Whip + Mithril
Dark Whip: Molecule Wire + Damascus

Whirlwind: Strong Weapon + Meteorite
Soul Slayer: Strong Weapon + Star Ruby
Ruin's Fate: Grand Stinger + Damascus
Hard Cleaver: The Hope of Breeze + Rainbow Diamond
Crimson Diablos: Soul Slayer + Sage's Stone/Hard Cleaver + Damascus

Thick Book: Weapon Weapon + Iron
Book of Darkness: Strong Weapon + Damascus
Heraldry: Strong Weapon + Rune Metal
Heraldry Book: Heraldry + Moonite
Holy Scriptures: Book of Darkness + Mithril
Book of Chaos: Book of Darkness + Damascus
Ancient Wisdom: Book of Chaos + Damascus

Metal Fangs: Weapon Weapon + Rune Metal
Dragon's Claws: Weapon Weapon + Moonite/Eagle's Claws + Green Beryl
Serpent's Tooth: Eagle's Claws + Sapphire
Eagle's Claws: Hard Knuckles + Mithril
Grizzly Claps: Dragon's Claws + Iron
Tiger's Fangs: Cat's Claws + Orihalcum
Platinum Nails: Tiger's Fangs + Mithril

Shock Gun: Weak Weapon + Mithril
Cracker: Strong Weapon + Damascus
Flame Gun: Strong Weapon + Star Ruby
Freeze: Shock Gun + Sapphire
Psychic Gun: Cracker + Sage's Stone

*Kantei (Appraise):

Appraise is another Item Creation ability that allows you to identify the 
mystery items you find during your adventure (?Weapon, ?Armor, and such). 
You will come across a lot of mystery items, especially in chests, and 
appraising them can help you a lot. Every time you attempt to appraise a 
mystery item, you will need a Spectacle, which can be bought very cheaply 
at Item Creation stores. You will lose the Spectacle whether you suceed 
or fail, so stalk up on them. If you suceed, you receive the item that 
the mystery item revealed. If you fail, the item remains unidentified, 
but you don't lose that item.

Specialties Needed: Dogu Chishiki, Yakusogaku, Favorite Foodgaku
Enhancement Talents: None
Item: Spectacle
Support Item: Genso Bunsekiki

*Saiku (Craft):

Saiku is yet another useful Item Creation Specialty. Using gems and minerals 
you receive, you can make them into special accessories, often ones that 
you cannot find normally through the game. If you suceed, you will lose 
the gem/mineral, and will get the accessory, and if you fail, you will 
lose the gem or mineral, and make a useless piece of junk. For each gem 
and mineral, there are eight or nine different accessories you can make, 
but each character makes certain accessories, so each character can only 
make about four accessories out of a gem. This is one difference from 
the original Star Ocean. In order to get the accessory you want, you must 
have the characters that can make the specific accessory. Using Saiku 
can net you some of the best accessories in the game, and if you have 
multiple ores, you can create the best accessories for each character in 
the game.

Specialties Needed: Favorite Foodgaku, Craft, Biteki Kankaku
Enhancement Talents: Originality, Kiyo na Yubisaki
Support Item: Handagote

The following is a list of Saiku. 

There are usually eight or nine accessories that can be made from each 
gem or mineral, but each character can usually only make about four of 
those, so the characters that can make the accessory are listed to the 
right of accessory. Again, thanks to Ian Kelley for experimenting with 
Saiku more than I did, I believe he figured out every possible Saiku 

 Shikkoku no Pierce: Rena, Celine, Opera, Precis, Leon, Noel
 Heavy Ring: Claude, Celine, Ashton, Precis, Ernest, Noel, Chisato
 Hard Ring: Claude, Celine, Ashton, Opera, Precis, Ernest, Chisato
 Hen na Ningyo: Rena, Celine, Ashton, Precis, Ernest, Noel
 Poison Check: Claude, Opera, Bowman, Dias, Leon, Chisato
 Paralyze Check: Rena, Opera, Bowman, Dias, Leon
 Stone Check: Rena, Dias, Bowman, Leon, Noel
 Hard Pierce: Claude, Ashton, Precis, Dias, Ernest, Chisato

 Silver Ring: Claude, Celine, Ashton, Precis, Leon, Ernest
 Silver Pendant: Rena, Opera, Dias, Bowman, Noel, Chisato
 Silver Baretta: Claude, Celine, Opera, Dias, Bowman, Leon, Chisato
 Silver Charm: Rena, Celine, Leon, Noel
 Silver Idol: Rena, Ashton, Precis, Ernest, Noel
 Silver Pierce: Rena, Celine, Opera, Precis, Leon, Noel
 Silver Cross: Claude, Ashton, Precis, Dias, Ernest, Chisato
 Angel Hair: Claude, Ashton, Opera, Dias, Bowman, Precis, Ernest, Chisato

 Necklace: Claude, Celine, Opera, Noel 
 Gold Ring: Rena, Celine, Opera, Noel
 Gold Crown: Rena, Celine, Ashton, Opera 
 Gold Idol: Rena, Ashton, Ernest, Noel
 Gold Bracelet: Claude, Bowman, Precis, Dias, Leon, Noel, Chisato 
 Gold Pierce: Claude, Ashton, Bowman, Precis, Dias, Leon, Ernest, Chisato 
 Gold Cross: Claude, Precis, Dias, Ernest, Chisato
 Shutrum Ring: Rena, Celine, Ashton, Opera, Bowman, Leon, Noel

 Blue Talisman: Rena, Celine, Opera, Precis, Ernest, Noel 
 Aqua Ring: Rena, Celine, Precis, Dias, Leon, Noel
 Water Ring: Leon, Noel
 Feat Symbol: Rena, Celine, Ashton, Opera, Bowman, Precis, Leon
 Purple Mist: Claude, Dias, Ernest, Noel, Chisato 
 Anklet: Rena, Celine, Precis, Dias, Leon, Noel 
 Gale Pierce: Claude, Ashton, Bowman, Dias, Chisato

 Recoil Bracelet: Claude, Celine, Opera, Precis, Chisato 
 Fire Ring: Celine, Leon
 Flare Ring: Rena, Celine, Dias, Precis, Leon, Ernest, Noel
 Berserk Ring: Claude, Precis, Chisato 
 Blood Pierce: Rena, Celine, Ashton, Opera, Dias, Bowman, Leon, Ernest, Chisato
 Shield Pierce: Rena, Ashton, Dias, Bowman, Leon, Ernest, Noel 
 Ruby Pierce: Claude, Ashton, Opera, Bowman, Chisato

 Holy Ring: Rena, Celine, Ashton, Dias, Bowman, Leon, Ernest, Noel
 Princess Ring: Rebam Celine, Precis, Chisato
 Resist Ring: Claude, Ashton, Dias, Bowman, Precis, Leon, Ernest, Noel
 Reflection Ring: Claude, Ashton, Opera, Dias, Bowman, Leon, Ernest, Noel 
 Prism Ring: Claude, Opera, Precis, Chisato
 Kofuku no Pendant: Rena, Celine, Ashton, Opera, Bowman, Leon, Ernest 
 Glass no Kutsu: Rena, Celine, Opera, Chisato 
 Kaeru: Claude, Dias, Precis, Noel, Chisato 

*Green Beryl: 
 Crown: Claude, Celine, Ashton, Opera, Ernest
 Emerald Ring: Rena, Celine, Ashton, Dias, Bowman, Leon, Noel
 Fairy Ring: Claude, Rena, Ashton, Opera, Dias, Bowman, Precis, Ernest, Chisato 
 Emerald Pierce: Rena, Celine, Noel 
 Green Bracelet: Rena, Dias, Bowman, Precis, Leon, Noel, Chisato
 Rot Bracelet: Claude, Opera, Precis, Ernest, Chisato 
 Talisman: Rena, Celine, Ashton, Bowman, Leon, Ernest, Noel 
 Might Chain: Claude, Opera, Dias, Precis, Chisato 

 Pretty Idol: Rena, Ashton, Ernest, Noel 
 Thunder Ring: Celine, Noel
 Attack Pierce: Claude, Celine Opera, Dias, Bowman, Precis, Leon, Chisato 
 First Pierce: Claude, Celine, Dias, Bowman, Precis, Ernest, Chisato 
 Flash Pierce: Claude, Rena, Ashton, Opera, Dias, Bowman, Precis, Leon, Ernest, Chisato
 Kagayaki no Pierce: Rena, Ashton, Opera, Leon, Noel                                                                    
 Promised Ring: Rena, Celine, Ashton, Opera, Precis, Leon, Noel 
 Reverse Doll: Claude, Dias, Bowman, Ernest, Chisato

*Star Ruby: 
 Stardust Ring: Rena, Celine, Dias, Precis, Leon 
 Star Pierce: Rena, Celine, Leon, Noel 
 Star Necklace: Rena, Celine, Leon, Noel 
 Ruby Pendant: Claude, Ashton, Opera, Bowman, Noel, Chisato
 Protect Ring: Rena, Celine, Ashton, Opera, Bowman, Leon, Noel 
 Eclipse Ring: Claude, Ashton, Opera, Dias, Bowman, Precis, Ernest, Chisato
 Shield Ring: Claude, Ashton, Opera, Bowman, Precis, Ernest, Chisato  

*Rainbow Diamond:
 Dream Bracelet: Claude, Celine, Ashton, Opera, Dias, Bowman, Precis, Chisato  
 Heal Ring: Rena, Precis, Leon, Ernest, Noel
 Regenerate Ring: Claude, Celine, Ashton, Opera, Dias, Bowman, Chisato 
 Magic Mist: Rena, Leon, Ernest, Noel 
 Magic Cross: Rena, Precis, Leon, Noel
 Left Cross: Rena, Celine, Precis, Leon, Noel 
 Soyokaze no Pierce: Claude, Celine, Ashton, Dias, Bowman, Precis, Ernest, Chisato
 Atlas Ring: Claude, Ashton, Opera, Dias, Bowman, Ernest, Chisato 

 Lunar Tablet: Rena, Celine, Ashton, Opera, Bowman, Precis, Enrest, Chisato
 Lunar Talisman: Claude, Dias, Leon, Noel  
 Moon Pierce: Rena, Celine, Ashton, Bowman, Precis, Leon 
 Moon Light: Claude, Celine, Ashton, Opera, Dias, Bowman, Leon, Noel, Chisato
 Battlelayer Ring: Rena, Celine, Ashton, Precis, Leon, Ernest, Noel
 Insane Ring: Claude, Opera, Dias, Bowman, Chisato
 Lunatic Ring: Rena, Celine, Precis, Ernest 
 Lunatic Pierce: Claude, Opera, Dias, Ernest, Noel, Chisato 

*Kenja no Ishi:
 Hama no Yubiwa: Rena, Ashton, Leon, Ernest, Noel 
 Piyohan: Claude, Ashton, Opera, Dias, Bowman, Chisato 
 Misty Symbol: Rena, Celine, Precis, Leon, Ernest, Noel
 Piyonon: Claude, Ashton, Opera, Dias, Bowman, Leon, Chisato
 Mental Ring: Claude, Celine, Dias, Bowman, Precis, Leon, Ernest, Chisato 
 Wise Ring: Claude, Celine, Opera, Dias, Bowman, Precis, Chisato 
 Mind Ring: Rena, Ashton, Opera, Noel 
 Infinity Ring: Rena, Celine, Precis, Ernest, Noel 

*Bibiwareta Hoshu: 
 Guren no Hoshu

Failure Saiku: Heppokonakazari, Dasadasa na Pierce, Omotai Yubiwa

*Shippitsu (Authoring):

Shippitsu is an Item Creation ability that allows characters to write books 
on any Specialty he or she has a level of 5 or greater in. If you use one of 
these books on a character, he or she will gain one Specialty level in the Specialty 
that the book represents. After Specialty level five in each Specialty, though, you 
cannot go past level in this way. Also, there are many Specialties that you 
cannot write a book on to begin with. To write books, you need Mannepitsu. 
Leon uses books for his weapons, so he can make weapons for himself using 

Specialties Needed: Bunpitsu
Enhancement Talent: Bunpitsu
Support Item: Wapuro Soft

*Shippitsu Handbooks:

Note that items with a * marked by the name means that only Leon can make 
this item.

Seishingaku: Kokoro no Shoheki
Favorite Foodgaku: Daichi no Himitsu 
Dogu Chishiki: Pocket Mini Zukan 
Craft: Kinsaiku-Ginsaiku 
Recipe: Kyo no Ippin 
Otomajakushi: Gakuten 
Chokyo: Mori no Nakamatachi 
Yakusogaku: Yaso no Subete 
Seibutsugaku: Daishizen no Seimei 
Dessin: Pose Zenshu 
Kikai Sosa: Sosa Manual 
Hocho: Ryori ha Kokoro 
Enso: Bayer 
Cast: Aun no Kokyu 
Counter: Gyakuso no Hon
Copy: Ochakumi no Aima
Kagaku Gijutsu: Hermes no Riron 
Kikai Chishiki: Kogakuron 
Mekiki: Shokuzai Erabi 
Yoseiron: Shinpi no Ikimono 
Renki: Renki no Sho
Failure handbook: Kamikuzu 
*Sankosho, *Monshojutsu Riron, *Monshojutsu Daijiten, *Senmonsho

*Shugyo (Train):

Characters in training Specialty mode can increase the amount of experience 
points they receive from battle by as much as 30%, depending on the level. 
There is a downside to training though, when the characters in training 
mode enter battle, their parameters go down (attack power, defense power, 
dodge, and accuracy). When you stop training, the parameter levels will 
not change at all, though. You can turn this ability on and off from the 
Specialty menu.

Specialties Needed: Konjo, Nintai, Doryoku
Enhancement Talent: None
Support Item: None


Scout is a special Specialty that allows you to control the enemy encounter 
rate. You can choose to leave as it is, search for enemies, or attempt 
to avoid enemies. When you gain Specialty levels in this Specialty, the better 
successes you have in the option that you choose. Only characters in the 
first position of your party can be a scout, and if you have more than 
one scout in your party, the character in the first position will always 
be the scout, reguardless. If you want to get through certain dungeons 
and the overworld map very fast without getting attacked, Scout is a 
good Specialty to use.

Specialties Needed: Kiken Kanchi
Enhancement Talent: Yasei no Kan
Support Item: None

*Chogo (Mixture):

Chogo is a special Item Creation ability that allows you to mix different 
herbs together to create medicine and/or items. Each time you attempt a 
Chogo, you need to choose two herbs that you already have. The item you 
get depends on the two herbs that you mix, and your Specialty levels in the 
appropriate Specialties. If you suceed, you will gain the appropriate medicine. 
If you fail, you will loose both herbs that you used to attempt the total 

Specialties Needed: Yakusogaku, Seibutsugaku, Seishingaku
Enhancement Talent: Kiyo na Yubisaki
Support Item: Mekki Tebukuro

Mandrake + Rose Hip: Flash Pot, Attack Bottle, Kamikaze Tonic, Smoke Mist
Mandrake + Artemis Leaf: Danger Pot, Sweet Syrup, Liquor Bottle, Sour Syrup
Mandrake + Trikabuto: Lilith Tonic, Fairy Toware, Melty Lotion, Bubble Lotion 
Mandrake + Lavender: Maple Syrup, Nightmare Pot, Marine Drink, Smoke Oil
Mandrake + Aseras: Hot Syrup, Risky Liquid, Herbal Oil, Energy Tonic
Mandrake + Mandrake: Risky Liquid, Crash Pill, Violent Pill, Natural High

*Rose Hip:
Rose Hip + Artemis Leaf: Cure Poison, Cure Paralyze, Marionette Pill, Idaten 
Rose Hip + Trikabuto: Nightmare Pot, Danger Pot, Paralyze Mist, Succubus Cologne 
Rose Hip + Lavender: Fresh Syrup, Fruit Syrup, Sweet Syrup, Holy Mist
Rose Hip + Aseras: Mental Poit, Kamikaze Tonic, Succubus Cologne, Idaten Nanko
Rose Hip + Rose Hip: Cure Poison, Cure Paralyze, Maple Syrup, Mix Syrup

*Artemis Leaf:
Artemis Leaf + Trikabut: Sour Syrup, Hot Syrup, Fruit Syrup, Violent Pill 
Artemis Leaf + Lavender: Kitsuke Kusuri, Medical Rinse, Tokkouyaku, Ressurect 
Artemis Leaf + Aseras: Fresh Pot, Liquor Bottle, Tokkouyaku, Herbal Oil
Artemis Leaf + Artemis Leaf: Care Tablet, Danger Pot, Liquor Bottle, Fairy 

Trikabut + Lavender: Bitter Lotion, Paralyze Oil, Melty Lotion, Stink Gel
Trikabut + Aseras: Shock Oil, Pixie Cologne, Lilith Tonic, Bubble Lotion
Trikabut + Trikabut: Mad Mist, Stink Gel, Melty Lotion, Bitter Lotion

Lavender + Aseras: Resurrect Mist, Energy Tonic, Fresh Syrup, Holy Mist
Lavender + Lavender: Medical Rinse, Mix Syrup, Resurrect Bottle, Herbal Oil

Aseras + Aseras: Kitsukekusuri, Fairy Mist, Idaten Nankou, Resurrect Bottle

*Chori (Cooking):

Chori is the an Item Creation ability that allows characters to make 
special types of food that they make from different generic foods. Using 
Chori, you can also create Favorite Food (favorite food/drink) of each character. 
When a character's Favorite Food is used on them, they will often always gain back 
all of their lost HP. Items made from Chori usually heal characters' HP and 
MP. There are two types of ingredients used in Chori, normal and rare. The 
normal ingredients are sold in shops all around the world, and the rare ones 
you must find through the adventure. If you fail with Chori using a normal 
ingredient, you'll create a useless piece of food. If you fail with a rare 
ingredient, you won't get anything. If you suceed in the Chori, you will 
gain the appropriate item.

Specialties Needed: Recipe, Mekiki, Hocho
Enhancement Talent: Mikaku
Support Item: Bannohocho

*Note that alcoholic drinks with a * in front of them cannot be made by any 
characters under 20 (legal drinking age in Japan). Claude, Rena, 
Precis, and Leon cannot make any alcoholic drinks.

*Normal Ingredients:

Gyokauri (Seafood): Fukahire Soup, Ebi Pilaf, Ebi Gratin, Shita, Ootoro, 
  Osuimono, Hirame no Kajitsu Sauce, Toro, Wakame no Misoshiru, Shumai, Salmon 
  Failed Gyokarui: Itanda Sashimi
Kudamono (Fruit): Ringo no Crepe, Umeboshi, Orange Sherbet, Orange Gratin, 
  Hakuto no Ice,  Ichigo no Babaroa, *Dulfol, *Wine, Graneshezo, Orangeade, 
  Banana no Crepe
  Failed Gyokarui: Nigai Juice 
Kokumotsu (Grains): Hotcake, Daikon no Misoshiru, Daifuku, Omrice, Tonyu, Rice 
  Corokke, Chahan, Kayu, *Kokuryu "Ishidaya", *Beer, *Yaegaki "Mu" Shizuku Shibori, 
  *Senchuyasaku, *Bijobu "Usunigori", Ebi Doria, *Tama no Hikari "Yukiyocho"
  Failed Kokumotsu: *Sanbaijozo Sake, Niou Ohagi
Nikurui (Meat): Minchi Steak, Beef Corokke, Kousagi no Rizott, Steak, Nikuman, 
  Jiaozi, Chicken Doria, Jambaraya, Chiniwatori Kushiyaki 
  Failed Nikurui: Mazui Stew
Yasai (Vegetables/Herbs): Combo Tarju, Nanka no Korokke, Senkiyoke, Corn Pottage, 
  Green Pottage, Ninjin no Ice, Harumaki, Nanka no Harumai, Carrot Juice, Vegetable 
  Juice, Roll Cabbage
  Failed Yasai: Shinabita Salad
Tamago/Nyuseihin (Eggs/Milk Products): Bacon Egg, Medamayaki, Choco Crepe, 
  Shortcake, Yogurt, Vanilla Ice (cream), Fruit Gyunyu, Tamago Sand, Plin, 
  Macaroni Gratin 
  Failed Tamago/Nyuseihin: Karai Cake, Motogyunyu

*Rare Ingredients:

Pure Leaf:  Ogon no Stew, Special Itame, Milky Pottage, Magical Salad,
Juicy Beef: Kokoro Odoru Tender, Kyukyoku no Surloin, Fine Sautee, Yuwaku no 
Kokyu Maguro (Expensive Seafood): Ootoro no Kushiyaki, Maboroshi no Ootoro, 
  Koukyuu Maguro Steak, Shiawase no Kamayaku
Ganze: Tonosama Zassha, Shiko no Ichigoni, Tamashi Kometa Uni Donburi, Ichigoni
Magical Rice: Gokuraku Doria, Miracle Chahan, Goka na Doria, Ochinamida no Rizotto
Cream Cheese: Senritsu no Gratin, Maroyaka Cheese Pizza, Hizo no Gorgon, Senritsu 
  no Gratin, Choemi no Plateau
Sweet Fruit: *Chateau Lateul, Gateau Margorenne, Byuriho Ice, 1up Pudding
Geregere Slime: Amoeba Soup, Gelatin Steak, Ooze Cocktail, Slime Jelly
Buruburu Slime: Amoeba Soup, Slime Jelly, Ooze Cocktail, Gelatin Steak
Yarma no Shokuzai Set (Yarma's Ingredient Set): Majin-ryu Martini, Majin-ryu 
  Yasai Soup, Majin-ryu Hire Steak, Romanekonchi


Familiar is a Specialty that allows characters to call birds to buy items for 
the party to use without having to go back to a store. To use Familiar, 
you need a Pet no Esa (pet food). If this Specialty fails, the bird will 
ignore you, but if it suceeds, the bird will come to your aid, and you 
will be allowed to select items to buy from the nearest town. The higher 
the Specialty level you have, the better the birds that come to buy things 
for the group. Also, Noel is always the best person to attempt the 
familiar Specialty, since he always has the Talent "Dobutsuzuki" in every 

Birds and the items they can buy from shops:

Specialty Level 1: Hato (Pigeon): Blueberry, Aquaberry, Spectacles, Blackberry
Specialty Level 3: Karasu (Crow): Rosehip, Torikabuto, Lavender, Flare Bomb
Specialty Level 5: Konotori (Crane): Cure Paralyze, Mind Bomb, Mandrake, 
 Resurrect Bottle, Cure Stone
Specialty Level 7: Taka (Hawk): Gyokarui, Kudamono, Kokumotsu, Nikurui, Yasai, 
Specialty Level 9: Washi (Eagle): Aquaberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Spectacles, 
 Liquor Bottle, Aseras, Resurrect Bottle, Magic Canvas

Specialties Needed: Kuchibue, Chokyo
Enhancement Talent: Dobutsuzuki
Support Item: None

*Renkin (Alchemy):

Renkin is an Item Creation ability that is used to create different types 
of minerals and gems out of a generic iron piece. Every time you build up 
the Renkin ability, you can create new and rarer types of gems and minerals. 
If you fail in Renkin, you will lose either the iron, or make a useless gem 
or mineral, and if you suceed, you will gain the appropriate mineral or gem.

Specialties Needed: Kagaku Gijutsu, Favorite Foodgaku, Yoseiron
Enhancement Talent: Mana no Shukufuku
Support Item: Sankaku Furasuk, (Triangle Flask) Rezard's Flask

The following is a list of Renkin. Note that if an item has a 8 by its name, 
it means that you must have the item "Rezard's Flask" to make that item.

Specialty Level 1: Silver, Gold
Specialty Level 2: Ruby, Sapphire
Specialty Level 3: Green Beryl, Crystal
Specialty Level 4: Diamond
Specialty Level 5: Star Ruby
Specialty Level 6: Damascus, *Rune Metal
Specialty Level 7: Orihalcon, *Rainbow Diamond
Specialty Level 8: *Moonite, *Meteorite, *Mithril, *Kenja no Ishi


Survival is an ability that allows character to search out for items. A 
character with Survival searches around and looks for items that could 
come in handy, and then takes them. The things you find can be extremely 
valuable, so give it a shot. Every time you want to use Survival, though, 
you use 4 MP. The items you find largely depend on the terrain you are 
searching for them from, and there are huge differences from the beach 
to the forest. Sometimes you can get extremely good weapons, armor, and 
even special bombs you can use in battle from Survival.
Specialties Needed: Yakusogaku, Nintai
Enhancement Talent: None
Support Item: Survival Kit


Pickpocket is a unique addition added to Star Ocean: The Second Story over 
the original. With this Specialty, you can steal items from townspeople or even 
other members of your own party when you are doing a Private Action. To 
pickpocket, you first need to find the "Tozoku Tebukuro" ("'ッてぶくろ, Thief 
Glove), then you must walk into the village and walk up to a townsperson. 
Press the Square button near that person to attempt to steal. If you suceed, 
you get the item that person had, and if you fail, the person either catches 
you or you fail to steal. Either way, whenever you try to steal froms a 
person in the game, you can never try to steal from that same person again 
in the game, so make sure to save if you are going for good items. Also note 
that whenever you steal from a townsperson while there are other members in 
your party, and if you steal, all characters in the party will have their 
Kanjodo level reduced for the character that tries to steal, so if you don't 
want these values lowered, make sure to steal during a Private Action.

Specialties Needed: Dokyo, Poker Face
Enhancement Talent: Kiyo na Yubisaki
Support Item: Magician Hand (must equip it to work)

*Fukusei (Duplicate):

Fukusei is an Item Creation ability that allows you duplicated items from your 
inventory. You need the item "Magic Camera" to take a picture of items, using 
"Magic Film". Every time you use the Specialty, one exposure of Magic Film is used. 
However, you get to keep the Magic Camera for the rest of the game, even if 
you fail in making the item. If you suceed, you can duplicate the selected 
item. If you fail, you just get a useless negative exposure. Also note that 
most of the best items in the game cannot be reproduced at all, which is 
something the original Star Ocean never put restrictions on. Duplicating the 
most expensive items in the game and then selling them is a great way to make 
money, especially if your Specialties in Copy are maxed out for each character.

Specialties Needed: Copy
Enhancement Talent: None
Support Item: RIRICA (have to select)


Machinery is a special Item Creation ability that allows you to build various 
types of machines that are weapons or items. Most machinery is bombs, which 
can be used in combat to hurt the enemy, but Precis and Opera both have 
unique Machinery that they can make that is used as weapons, and only they 
can make the unique Machinery. To build Machinery, you will need Material 
Kits. If you suceed, you'll gain the appropriate Machine, and if you fail, 
you'll only lose the Material Kit. Machinery is very important to getting 
Opera and Precis' best Killer Move in the game, so make sure to spend some 
time on it later in the game.

Specialties Needed: Kikai Chishiki, Kikai Sosa
Enhancement Talents: Design Sense, Kiyo na Yubisaki
Support Item: None

Survival Kit, Handakote, Flare Bomb, RIRICA, Sankaku Flask, Genso Bunsekiki, 
Mekki Tebukuro, Protect Bomb, Music School, Text Software, Magician Hand,
Graphics Tool, Pikopiyo Bomb, Tetrabomb, Nuclear Bomb, Assault Bomb, Half-Dead 
Bomb, Orgol, High Mecha, Killer Poison, Soul Trap, Mind Bomb

*Launcher, *Plasma Biribiribou, *Ultra Punch, *Iron Punch, *One-two Punch, 
*Straight Punch

[White System], [Green System], [Black System], [X Box], [Booster Box], 
[Black Box], [Magic Box] 

* These items can only be made by Precis
** These items can only be made by Opera

--Super Specialty--

Super Specialty are the advanced forms of regular Specialty. Super Specialty allows 
for more success rate and better items. Super Specialty is basically a way of 
Item Creation using all of the characters' abilities. To gain Super Specialty, 
you have to get the neccesary Specialties. To learn each Super Specialty, you have 
to raise of the component Specialty to level 5 in any characters in your party. 
A Super Specialty's level is determined by averaging all levels among all of 
the characters in your party. I believe that Super Specialty is averaged among 
all Specialty levels for the characters in your party. Building up Specialty levels 
make the Super Specialty levels raise. Unlike normal Specialty, Super Specialty does 
not use any Talents from the party.

*Master Chef:

Master Chef is an Item Creation Super Specialty where all of the members in 
the party work together to cook up advanced meals and drinks using many 
different types of ingredients. In Master Chef, rare ingredients are not 
used, only normal ingredients. You basically choose any two ingredients 
from your inventory, and all of the members of your party will attempt 
to make food out of the ingredients. If you suceed, you will receive the 
appropriate food. If you fail, you lose both of your ingredients, and 
get a piece of useless food. The food you create with Master Chef will 
heal for much more than Chori food. Having high levels in Chori and 
Chogo will also make it much easier to win the Master Cooking Contest in 
Fun City.

Specialty Needed: Chori, Chogo
Support Item: Bannohocho

Food gained from Master Chef:

Gyokarui + Gyokarui: Osashimi
Gyokarui + Kudamono: Shita Hirame Wine Sauce
Gyokarui + Kokumotsu: Fukahire Jiaozi
Gyokarui + Nikurui: Umi Tsubame no Ha no Soup
Gyokarui + Yasai: Matsutake no Osuimono
Gyokarui + Tamago/Nyuseihin: Chawanmushi

Kudamono + Kudamono: Yonashi no Conopote
Kudamono + Kokumotsu: Ichigo Daifuku
Kudamono + Nikurui: Muscat Jelly
Kudamono + Yasai: Konnyaku Jelly
Kudamono + Tamago/Nyuseihin: Coconut Milk

Kokumotsu + Kokumotsu: Kinako Ohagi
Kokumotsu + Nikurui: Niku Hosokiri Chahan
Kokumotso + Yasai: Kasukiyoke
Kokumotsu + Tamago/Nyuseihin: French Toast

Nikurui + Nikurui: Gyuhireniku no Steak
Nikurui + Yasai: Beijing Duck
Nikurui + Tamago/Nyuseihin: Cream Stew

Yasai + Yasai: Yasai Itame
Yasai + Tamago/Nyuseihin: Yogurt Salad

Nyuseihin + Nyuseihin: Plain Omlette


Orchestra is a musical Specialty in which every member of your party plays 
musical instruments together to make a big band type of song. The songs 
that the characters play only last a short time, but Orchestra is very 
useful for Item Creations and Specialty because while the song is playing, 
Item Creation and Specialty almost never fail, even if you don't have the 
enhancement Talents. When songs are playing, characters also have an 
increased rate of learning new Talents. To use Orchestra, your party 
needs to have enough instruments in your inventory for your entire party, 
and numerous songs for each character. Each time you use the Orchestra 
Super Specialty, you use a Shikibo Rod, just like music through Music. 
Knowing Orchestra is vital to making the best weapons in the game, 
because when Orchestra is playing, you have little chance of failing 
an Item Creations, especially Customize, at all. Make sure to work on 
getting Orchestra early in the game.

Specialty Needed: Music, Art
Support Item: None


Kaigan is a Super Specialty in which all characters push to their mental 
limits, and if Kaigan suceeds, characters will gain more Specialty Points 
than normal when they gain a level. Characters using Kaigan try to be 
"enlightened", and harness mental power to gain Specialties. If Kagain fails 
during a level up, you can also get less Specialty Points than you would 
normally. By using Kaigan, you can get a lot of Specialty Points very early 
in the game, even before you reach high levels, so it is a very good 
Super Specialty to use.

Specialty Needed: Shugyo, Survival
Support Item: None 

*Come on, Bunny:

Come on, Bunny is a Super Specialty that allows the party to work together 
to call a bunny to come and take the party where they need to go to. When 
riding on the bunny, you will travel faster across the ground, you can't 
encounter enemies, and you can climb over mountains, castles, and hills. 
You can't travel on water, though. I didn't find Come on, Bunny to be a 
very useful Specialty through the game, so you don't need to mess with it 
very much.

Specialty Needed: Familiar, Scout
Support Item: None


Shuppan is a Super Specialty that allows the party to work together to publish 
books. One character writes the book, and the other characters in the party 
put it together and produce it. When you use Shuppan, you you first choose 
who should write the book. If you succeed in writing, the character you 
have chosen will write a book. Books that are created through Shuppan can 
be sold at a publisher, and they will be published and distributed to the 
world. When you publish a book, you can return to the publisher regularly 
to collect royalties from book sales. Characters who use the books created 
by Shuppan will have their Aijodo/Kanjodo/Yujodo levels increase toward 
the author of the book. There is a catch to this, as if the character that 
read the book already has high Aijodo/Kanjodo/Yujodo toward the author, 
there is a chance that Aijodo/Kanjodo/Yujodo levels will be lowered. Each 
time you create a book using Shuppan, you use up one Mannenpitsu, just like 

Specialty Needed: Shippitsu, Machinery
Support Item: Text Software

Books that can be made using Shuppan:

Claude: Kaze no Wakusei (The Planet of Wind), Hoshiboshi no Taikai (Star Ocean)
Rena: Anata Shika Mienai (I See Only You), Koi wa Romance (Love is Romance)
Celine: Sekai wa Watashi no Tame ni (The World Was Made For Me), Moero, Ii Onna
 (Burn, Sexy Lady!)
Ashton: NO to Ieru Otoko (The Man That can Say No), Furikaeranai (Never Look
Opera: Michi no Bunmei (Technology Not Yet Discovered), Idai na Senjin-tachi
 (Our Great Ancestors)
Precis: Katte ne (Buy Me!), "O"tome no Himitsu (Secret of a Virgin)
Bowman: Kuronekokan Satsujin Jiken (The Case of the Murder in Black Cat Manor), 
 Ro-Ningyo Satsujin Jiken (The Case of the Wax Dummy Murder)
Ernest: Countdown, Ushinawareta Saigo no Seiハ(The Lost Last Holy Coffer)
Dias: Chinureta Michi (WThe Bloody Path), Ikiru (Live) 
Leon: Monsho Goseigaku Jokyu-hen (Advanced Monshojutsu Synthesis), Tokushu 
 Monshogaku Riron (Special Monshojutsu Theory)
Noel: Dobutsu to Tsukiau (Befriending Animals), Daishizen no Setsuri (Providence 
 of Nature)
Chisato: Shinjitsu wa Hitotsu! (There Is Only One Truth!), Kanzen Tasatsu Manual 
 (The Perfect Murder Manual)

*Nandemo Kantei Da! (Appraise anything):

Nandemo Kantei Da! is a Super Specialty that lets the characters in a party 
able to judge the true value of special items. Through Nandemo Kantei Da, 
you can raise or lower the selling prices of items in shops. You can choose 
to "Waribiki" or "Warimashi" using a Spectacle. "Waribiki" allows for 
discounted items in stores, while "Warimashi" gives the party "Premium" 
prices. When you pick either "Waribiki" or "Warimashi", the game switches 
you to either Discount or Premium prices. The next time you visit a store, 
you can either lower or raise the prices on the goods. The only downside 
is that if you sell while in a discount price status mode, the items you 
sell will net you less Fol. After you leave one store, prices on the goods 
will go back to normal, so it only works once. Each time you use Nandemo 
Kantei Da, you use up one Spectacle, which are bought for cheap at all 
Item Creation shops.

Specialty Needed: Kantei, Saiku
Support Item: None


Blacksmith is a special Item Creation Super Specialty that allows the entire 
party work together to temper gems, minerals, and ores together to create 
the most powerful pieces of armor in the game. The armor made from the 
Blacksmith Super Specialty is the best in the game, better than even the most 
expensive armor elsewhere. A lot of the armor made from Blacksmith also 
will sometimes have special magical effects (for instance, making your 
character resistant to fire damage). If you succeed, you will create the 
appropriate armor. If you fail, you will create a piece of junk armor, 
and you will also lose your ore, so be sure to save before trying the 
Blacksmith Super Specialty. You can usually four or five different types of 
armor for each ore. Blacksmith is one of the most important Item Creation 
Specialty in the game because there is no other way to get the most powerful 
armor in the game.

Specialty Needed: Customize, Renkin
Support Item: Magical Rasp

Blacksmith Armor:

*Note: Most Blacksmith armor depends on whether or not you have the 
Magical Rasp support item. With the Magical Rasp, you can create better 
armor than you would be able to normally. 

Iron: Ring Mail, Knight Shield, Plate Greave, Plate Helm, Banded Helm
Orihalcon: Neo Greave, Barrier Shield, Barrier Armor, Hermit Helm, Rare Gauntlet
Damascus: Bloody Armor, Bloody Helm, Chaos Mail,  Core Plate
Moonite: Jannu Helm, Jannu Shield, Jannu Armor, Witch Boots
Mithril: Mithril Coat, Mithril Dress, Mithril Shield, Mithril Mesh
Meteorite: Star Cloak, Star Greave, Star Guard, Star Necklace 
Rune Metal: Wizard Met, Wizard Mail, Rune Shoes, Rune Buckler

With the Magical Rasp:
Iron: Bannou Houchou, Plate Mail
Orihalcon: Odin Helm, Reflex 
Damascus: Duel Suit, Duel Helm, Algol
Moonite: Ishtar Robe, Isis Tiara, Kali Hand
Mithril: Paras Atene
Meteorite: Sylvan Mail, Sylvan Helm, Sylvan Boots
Rune Metal: Mirage Robe, Taka no Hagoromo

*Reverse Side:

Reverse side is a Super Specialty that allows the party to work together to 
create "illegal" items out of a piece of Joshitsugami. You can create 
humorous items from counterfeit money to drugs. The items you create 
through Reverse Side can be almost useless, except for selling for a 
huge amount of money. Some of the items are very useful in that they 
make the number of experience points needed to gain a level for a 
character equal to 1. Failed Reverse Sde is fatal, because it will make 
a Fuwatari Tegata that makes you money decrease every second, and you 
must *pay* to sell it. Illegal items make other characters look down on 
the characters the use it, Aijodo/Kanjodo/Yujodo levels will decrease 
for all members of the party. Some of the items you can create with 
Reverse Side are very useful, especially for changing prices in shops.

Specialty Needed: Pickpocket, Fukusei
Support Item: None

Items Gained from using Reverse Side:

Gizo Kogitte, Gizo Shorui, Gizo Kunsho, Fill Up, Sashiosae, Keiyaksho, 
Nisesatsu, Ura Chobo, Kakebun, Seimei Hoken
Failure: Fuwatari Tegata


Star Ocean: The Second Story has many secrets, partially because there 
are a few bugs in the game, and partially because there are many items 
with different possibilities, and there are ways to cheat. If you know 
some secrets in the game that I don't, feel free to submit them to me.

*Save/Swap Technique:

The Save/Swap Technique is a bug that wasn't fixed when Star Ocean: The 
Second Story was released. It allows you to basically transfer game 
information from one game to another using musical instruments.

1) Start a game, and go to an area where you are attacked by monsters 
(the world map or a dungeon), and play the Violin Song Hero Tojo or the 
Trumpet Song Akuma no Seiritsu. A group of monsters will come to fight 

2) Before the song is over, quickly go to File screen, then load, and 
load another game.

3) When your second game loads, the effects of your songs will still be in 
effect, so your party in the second save will enter a battle. Run or deafeat 
the enemies in the battle, and the party from save 2 will be transported to 
the area where the party in save 1 was at when you played the song. Save 
the game in a new slot, or over an older one. 

This trick is useful since you can do many things that you couldn't do 
normally, like getting items twice or changing the the characters in your 
party to character combinations you couldn't get normally.

*Reasons to use the Save/Swap Technique:
-Get items you've already gotten. For instance, say that the party in save 
2 found an Atlas Ring in a cave. You now have the Atlas Ring, but the chest 
you found it in is now opened (obviously). If the party in save 1 hasn't 
opened this treasure chest in the game yet, you will have the Atlas Ring in 
your inventory, but when you get to the point where the chest for the Atlas 
Ring is, you can get another Atlas Ring. In this way, you can get more than 
one of the best items in the game and become virtually unstoppable in power.

-Changing Party. It is really complicated, but if you have a save in save 
1 very early in the game somewhere, and a save with a certain combination 
of characters in save 2, you can transport all of your characters to the 
first save, and get different combinations of characters that you could 
normally. By changing your party, you can get the best combination of 
characters in the game, making a great attack force for the bonus dungeon.

-Do the same Private Actions multiple times. By doing Private Actions many 
times, you can basically control the male/female combination pairings, so 
you can receive different endings. You can keep doing the private actions 
if you still have a save state in save 1 where you haven't done the Private 
Action yet. By effecting the Private Actions, you can raise or lower the 
Emotional Points for each member of the party.

*Glitches while using the Save/Swap Technique:
The Save/Swap Technique was never intended, and is a pretty big bug in the 
game, but using the technique sometimes glitches the game. Sometimes after 
the fight in save 2 ends, the screen blacks out, or blacks out and then 
resets. If this happens, an effective way to make the trick work is to 
fight a few battles on save 1, then save again, and try the trick again. 

*Instant Kill Technique:

The Instant Kill Technique is probably another bug in the game that was 
supposed to be remove. There are three items in the game that gives you 
a chance of killing an enemy every time you hit it (Bubble Lotion, Melty 
Lotion, Bitter Lotion). The lotions even work on bosses, including the 
bosses you normally aren't supposed to beat! The unbeatable bosses in 
the game are killable when you use the lotions. If you beat an unbeatable 
boss using the lotions, the story will progress in the same way. It is 
not certain you will kill an unbeatable boss when using one of the lotions, 
as the lotions only give you a random chance of doing it.

*GameShark Codes:

Thanks to Ian Kelly for these GameShark codes, and especially for the 
item modification table. There are many more codes for the game, but 
until they are posted on a site, you can mail your Star Ocean: The 
Second Story GameShark code submissions to me.

Full Voice Collection:
 B0500002 0000
 8009AB60 FFFF

This code only works with a Pro Action Replay or a Game Xploder. It allows 
a complete list of all of the voices in the game. If you use this code, 
make sure to turn the Pro Action Replay/Game Xploder off if you intend to 
play a game, because if you don't, your game will freeze, or other glitches 
could happen.

999999999 Fol:
 8009A9DB C9FF
 8009A9DA 3B9A

Skill Point Code:
  8009B8C2 0XXX
Enter the value of the number of skill points you want for the first member 
of the party into XXX in hexadecimal form. 

65535 experience points given to character 
in first position after one battle:
 8009BF48 FFFF

Item Modifier Code:

The Item Modifier Code is a special code that basically allows you to get 
any item in the game you want. In XX, indicate which slot in your inventory 
you want the item to go in. If you already have an item in that slot, it 
will be changed by the modified item. In Y, you enter the quantity of the 
number of items that you want. In ZZZ, you must enter the number of the 
item you want to get. Each item in the game has a special hexadecimal 
number, and a small table is provided below. Thanks go out to Ian Kelley 
for testing the codes to find out which hexadecimal numbers give you which 
type of items.

XX indicates which slot in your 
inventory your item goes in:
70=slot 1
72=slot 2
74=slot 3
7A=slot 6
80=slot 9

Y is the quantity of items you want:
1=4 items
2=8 items
5=20 items

the ZZZ indicate what item goes in the slot:
000: Nothing
001: Magic canvas
002-012: Portraits
013-01C: Cards
01D-02B: Magical Clay items
02C-035: Music items
036-0A3: Saiku items, Accessories
0A4-0DB: Skill Books
0DC-0E1: Herbs
0E2-116: Lotions, healing items, pots
117-1A2: Food items, ?Machines
1A3-1B4: Minerals
1B5-1D5: Machinery items
1D6-1E4: Smith Hammer, Reverse Side items
1E5-219: Swords
21A-235: Gloves
236-243: Rods
244-251: Energy Packs
252-261: Punches
262-26F: Whips
270-27F: Leon's weapons
280-28E: Guns
28F-2A7: Helmets
2A8-2C9: Armor
2CA-2D7: Shields
2D8-2F1: Boots
2F2-31F: Strange items

When the North American version of Star Ocean: The Second Story 
comes out, I will have many more GameShark codes, because they 
are much more popular here. Expect for the GameShark section to 
grow by a lot for the North American version.


-Tri-Ace, for making the great game on the PlayStation, and for 
making a sequel to one of my favorite games. Incredible job. Most 
sequels don't turn out nearly as good.

-Enix, for publishing the Star Ocean games. Everything with the 
Enix logo on it is destined to be a huge hit. 

-Ian Kelley, for putting up with my coutless questions (just like 
he did for the original Star Ocean ^_^) on the game, and supplying 
me with a lot of info on hidden items and Item Creations. 

-Sony, for bring this game over seas to North America. Look out 
for Star Ocean: The Second Story in early summer of 99. 

-Web Pages:
Ian Kelley's Home Page:
Star Ocean: The Second Story Database:
Master Star Ocean Second Story!:
Star Ocean: The Distant Sea:
Star Ocean Info Warehouse:

-The Star Ocean: The Second Story message boards around the internet. 
A lot of information on this walkthrough was gained by reading through 
various posts on the message boards, especially about finding some of 
the hardest items to get in the game, and information on the characters 
Opera and Ernest.

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