Many thanks to Morten D. Nielsen who made this available for download
in *.pdf-format. Get Septerra Core Walkthrough here.

Shell 2:

It will be a bit difficult to write an absolutely linear walkthrough, cause later
in the game you'll get more and more possibilities making your way through
the shells. I sometimes added headlines for the bigger tasks. For you, who
seek something special, I marked key-objects in turquoise, fate cards in
pink and birds in green. Late you'll find weapons too.

Please mail, if you're stuck somewhere.

I'll mention all barrels and chests that I discover, but the furniture (bookshells,
tables, crates,...) you'll have to investigate yourself, except there should be
an important item.

You start the game on Shell 2 with Maya, the main character of the game.
I would suggest you first explore "Downtown Oasis" where the game starts,
visit the shops and talk to everyone there. You start at home, get the bread
out of the fridge. Here are all locations:

Downstairs from home is the 'Stock Pile', a weapon-shop, further down the
exit to the maps. From stockpile upstairs is 'OldJ...', where you meet some
townspeople. Down there is another shop with food and items and stairs up
to two empty areas. Down from food-shop is an armor-shop, 'Junk Mail' and
the exit on the right side.

A word about shops: try to buy any new and better weapons and armor that
you can. Most you'll find healing/restoring stuff in chests, barrels and corpses,
but armor and weapons are seldom. While shopping and moving the cursor
over the desired object, characters that may use it get a blue frame. You can
even look at members not in your current party. Increasements are shown
green and decreasements in red. Be sure to buy weapons like the Buzzsaw
or a sword that first no one can use, your later members will be thank- and
more powerful.

Not mentioned in the manual is that you can press TAB to let a map show up.

Your main task so far is to visit your class in the temple. And you worry about
the ships of the chosen, the behaviour of Tori and the misuse the mayor does
with some work-bots as well as the fact that someone smuggles weapons.

When you finished exploring downtown, have a look at the other sections of
Oasis to get more topics for smalltalk: the Smelting Complex in the middle
(restricted) and the Junk Heap south (restricted).
Then step onto the world map (that globe icon) and visit the available areas:

N - the Factory
S - Pumping Station (Conduits)
S - Grubb's workshop (Generator)
W - Badlands (monsters)
W - Azziz's Temple

After visiting Azziz's Temple (you get a Hydro-Attack and another Fate-Card
from him) you should go back to Oasis, talk to Uncle and rest if you're injured (in
bed at home). I bought a core-engine and some bread from the rest of my gold
too. The first tough fight is coming up. Uncle said that you'll meet Tori at the
Pumping Station, where we'll go now.

You'll meet Tori indeed while trying to make a deal with a sinister guy that
immediately leaves as you show up. Then three guards approach, Tori
vanishes, and you have to fight the guards. You should first concentrate
your attacks on the guy in the middle who attacks you with special moves
and heals himself. You'll get a Heal-Fate-Card after that battle. If you're
running low on health-points, eat some bread (I needed two).

Then return to Downtown Oasis, talk to Uncle and sleep if necessary. Then
collect Grubb and Runner at Grubb's Workshop. If you like go training a bit
at the badlands. I think you can sleep and return there as often as you like.
After preparing yourself go to the Pumping Station and let Grubb have a look
at the Control Panel. Then attach the conduits and after that the generator
and the further way is open.

Now you have to make your way through a pipeline area. NW in the first area
you'll find a chest. Find the exit SW to get to Galdon, where you can loot the
animals and visit the saloon. After fighting the bounty-hunters there (let Maya
and Grubb talk to them) you'll be able to buy supplies and rest there.

Now go to Outlaw Canyon. You'll discover a locked door and after fighting a
lot of bounty-hunters you'll meet Tori again with his new 'friends'. You send
him back to Oasis to tell Uncle where you are and then you start the journey
to Shell 3 by clicking the animals.

Shell 3:

After a short trip inside a chosen ship, you'll find yourself on Shell 3 south of
a locked tower. Your task is to find Bowman, the Leader of the Holy Guard
who should be in Wind City. To the east is a forest where mysterious rocks
surround a tree. One after another can be used and turns into a nasty monster
(I just managed to kill the first monster, but the second one...).
Wind City is in the west. South of it is South Farm where you can buy armor
and weapons and get 10 Bird Seed from an old woman after repairing her
diskplayer. There's a tavern with a bed too. You hear of raising Helgaks that
are sold to Shell 5 to support the growing armies there. Be sure to buy at least
one Vial in the food-shop and a sword from weapons shop (here or in
Wind City).
There's a kind of curse spreading from the near graveyard where beneath a
zombi you'll find a locked door and a statue with a missing head. Fill the vial
with the Zombi's Blood to get an Acid Vial. Cross the passage north to a
chest and a bird you can feed with the seed.
North of Wind City is the Northern Forest where a locked door is in the north.
Far west is Helgak Point, an airport where you need a passport to travel.

Wind City
Okay, then lets enter Wind City. There you'll find some shops, the Capitol
Building with the library inside, where the missing head is attached to a
table. Use the filled vial with it to get the Head. You can read many books
there and talk to the monk in brown. A kind of broken core is there too, but
Grubb has not the proper tools at hand. If you help the guy standing left of the
building you'll get a Kyra's Tear. The Holy Guard can be found a bit east, but the
members mourn and don't let anybody in. On the city map you can go to the
Reservoire (closed).

Now return to the graveyard and use the head with the statue to invoke a fight
with Draxx who summons four zombies to support him. Take out Draxx first.
You'll get the Geo Strike-Card from him. Then enter the tomb. A switch opens
the door in the north. There's another switch you can't reach and a wall to the
north that could be smashed by a bomb. Proceed to the exit and meet the Holy
Guard. Bowman stays and is assassinated while you and the rest of the guards
flee through the catacombs.

Runner 'runs' and Corgan, a member of the Holy Guard, joins your party.
Equip him with the sword and make your way back to the graveyard, Corgan
opens the door. In the next area look for a switch SE for the northern gate and
a chest NE. Enter the northern gate, fight again with Araym and the other guy,
Araym already starts doubting the reasons for all that killing.

Then you'll meet the others again and decide to ask for help on Shell 5, but you
have to fulfill a task before. You shall get some supplies for the people hiding in
the mountains from Armstrong, the hometown of Corgan which can be reached
through the mountains.

Arriving at Armstrong you have to notice that the town has been raided by the
chosen under the command of Doskias. Selina, his mate and general seems
to be disappointed about that, but nevertheless attacks you with two guards.
After defeating her you'll get the Barrier-Fate-Card. NO you'll find a barrel, NW
is a graveyard, where the seal is missing at the shrine. Corgan seems to be
very upset. W in the centre you'll find a chest that contains the needed Supplies.

Return to Frost Mountains. After a cutscene walk the way down the mountain
to Layla and hand her the supplies. Receive the Summon-Fate-Card. The only
way to reach Shell 5 is from the Helgak Port. When you arrive there (walk
through the graveyard) you see chosen guards entering the ship and a trembling
clerk tells you that you still need a passport to enter the ship.

Next stop is Wind City, a ship is in the air above and the gates are closed.
Um...okay lets go to South Farm, fight the guards there and talk to the people.
The second man in the weapon-shop is a monk from the library that helped
preparing a tunnel from there to the library to bring people out of town safe.
When you got Corgan with you, you may enter the tunnel there. Enter and talk
to the monk, who will hand you a Passport.

Before moving on to the Helgak Port, you should visit the nasty forest E again.
I managed to kill the second monster now, good exp. and item, but the third

Finally go to Helgak Port, hand over your passport and enter the ship to...

Shell 5

You (Maya alone) awake in a hostel, take the shoes from the cabinet, talk to
the people and head outside. A little south sits a bird that you can feed
with the seed from the old woman in South Farm. Don't ask me about the results.
Then go downstairs and shopping at Kingpins Boutique. Buy the wrench, a Med-
Sword, three StrongEngines, the buzzsaw (for Grubb's staff) and what else you
like. A Metal Coat can be found in a device E of this area. A man beneath the
boutique gives you Corgan's sword that appears as a key-object.
SW Corgan stands inside a cage. Give him the sword and talk to the guards.
You're re-united again. Loot the wooden chest there, then head north to the...

Mesa Canyons
This is the first larger area containing two barrels and a bird, here's a simple map:

Allright, loot the barrels, feed the bird and proceed to the east.

South of the exit is Ankaran Base where you can loot a barrel and talk to Led.
Go north and enter the Jinam Ship. Look for two switches to open the middle
door. Behind you'll find Grubb with a Holo-disk (equip him with the buzzsaw and
StrongEngine if you have).
Return to the Base, talk to the soldier who hands over Jinam Dogtags. Use the
Holo-Disk at the computer there and talk to Led. She wants you to find a converter
to add enough power to her ship to reach the capitol to bring the message to her
Walk back to the Jinam Ship, unlock the door N after the entrance with that dogtags
and find two other locked doors. One of them can be opened by a switch in a small
room a slim passage leads to. Behind the door you'll find a laboratory with a Jinam
device and a corpse to loot. In another room you'll find the Converter that you should
give Led back in the Base.
After a crash-landing you should talk to the people and to the guard to get access
to the military quarters. You have to hold back Led's father from activating the
'Doomsday Device'. Meanwhile Doskias minions stole the keys to the Core.

The passage to the east leads to a locked prison door. South you'll reach the
subway. All the way south-west and along the passage you can loot a barrel. The
other direction leads to the world map with only the Ankaran Research Lab
available. After another cutscene your task is to go to the inner shell to prevent
Doskias forces from mining while the right hand of the emperor gathers a fleet
to fight Doskias' ships.

Shell 4

The World Bazaar
You start here in the 'Ill Repute', a hostel in the Redlight District. get upstairs
and talk/fight the bounty-hunter there, he seems to have a key to the sewers,
but vanishes. Explore the area and go shopping. SW is the exit to town/world-
map. Let's visit the Bounty Hunter District, downstairs you'll find a locked gate
to the sewers, upstairs is a shop, a room with another bird and some kind of
headquarter, the two guards don't let you in.
At Shipping Transport you may get passage to Shell 3, if you free Araym from
the bounty-hunters, the captain will even bring you to Shell 7. Here's another
locked sewer-gate with an ancient symbol onto and a nice shop.
Lets have a look at the Slums too, where you can talk to the people and loot
some crates and tables.

If you wish take the trip to Shell 3 with Corgan and Led and fix the globe in the
library, it's worth a soul stone. The birds you feeded are gathering in front of
the locked tower on Shell 3, you could talk to Layla in the mountains (nothing
important going on there). I even passed the mountains to visit Armstrong again
and found a really nasty monster in front of the shrine in the north.

Or just continue by looking (Led or Grubb) at the bottom of the crane to lower
the crate and fight the guy again. Hit the crate and the key is yours. Now enter
the bounty-hunter district and open the gate to the sewers there. Enter and
in the next area loot a chest and go upstairs to pull the switch that opens
Araym's prison-door. After a short talk you can meet him at the brothel (Ill
Repute). Before leaving to Shell 7, make sure you buy earplugs in one of the
shops. Then go to Shipping Transport district and journey on to...

Shell 7

N from Landing Area is Bone Circle Village, the Underlost living there can't get
past two bone pillars that produce a strange sound and you can't get into it either.
Enter the East Mountain Caves north of the village. If you take the exit SW, you
have to cross another caves-section to reach a kind of lava-room that you
immediately leave again cause of another strange noise there. Wear your ear-
plugs now and re-enter. You'll have to fight a boss (use hydro-attack) to stop the
noise and get a Hell Blast-Fate-Card.
Then take the northern exit of the caves to the world map. You can travel south
to the Mold Forest, west to the Dark Lake or north to the Mining Ruins.

At the ruins you'll find Explosives and a chest as well as the lost worker there.
You can fill the Biolum Lantern from the chest at a red plant in the Mold Forest.
After entering the main area of the forest go far east. SE is an exit to a part of
the forest where the air is unbreathable. N from that exit is another one that leads
to a part of the forest where far east you'll find a big red plant. To fill the nectar
in the lantern you have to open the plant first.

N in the main forest is an old door that can only be opened by Underlosts. I think
we have to fill the nectar from the lantern inside the bone pillars at Bone Circle
Village, but we have to open that plant. The worker said that only the singing of
helgak opens the plants. But how do we get a singing helgak there?
I remembered that shop in South Farm, where a guy carves whistles out of helgak
bones, but he doesn't sell them, he only sells his service of carving, so it seems
that we need helgak bones.

So go to the Dark Lake then and use your explosives there to make bridges of
dead helgaks. Follow the path to the east near the entrance to find another bird.
Exit to the north and enter Helgak Graveyard. Get the Bone and return to the shop
in South Farm where you hand the bone to the carver. He'll make a Whistle for you.

Now all the way back cross the mountains of Shell 7 to the Mold Forest, exit east
and open that Red Plant by using the whistle. Use your lantern with it and return to
Bone Circle Village.
Here you use the lantern with the pillars to get the trust of the Underlost. Talk with
the chief and take Badu in your party, the most tough fighter in the game. Only he
is able to open that door in the northern Mold Forest, where we go now. Then you
have to cross several areas to reach an exit NE. At the beginning NW you'll find a
barrel and NE the first exit. Passing the final exit you encounter Kaleb who leaves.
Instead you have to fight a tricky monster. Forget all you already know about helgaks,
this one is really nasty. You can only hit it, when the 'head-shield' is completely open.
That happens after it attacked you 8-12 times for 20-40 hitpoints. Bad news is that
you then will only have the chance to do one strike before it closes again. :-(
Don't know if you just can wait until it opens or if you have to fight the beast to invoke
that. My strategy was letting Badu wait for the big hit, and the other two attacked the
monster or healed the party. After six blows of Badu the beast was destroyed.

The party then rushes after Kaleb to destroy the lenses. You'll arrive in a battle-ship.
There are two switches S to open the force-fields, N is a barrel, E is the exit to a
cutscene. Gunnar came with his fleet to destroy the lenses and defeat Doskias
what he nearly managed until Selina prevents him from killing Doskias who vanishes
then. The battle ends with the destruction of the lenses and the ship you were on.
You awake on...

Shell 6

From Crashed Lenses (pick up the Corite), the starting point, we should visit Scumm
Town to the east. Finally a possibility to spend some of our money for nice equipment.
Be sure to buy Meat too at the Barter Mall. When you enter the Shipping Docks take
the Drill in front of you. To enter the port you need an official manifest. There is one right
behind the next corner, but it's guarded.
To the south is the Green Mire Swamp and SE the Mountain Pirate Base West.

The swamp splits into three areas. In the East March you'll find another bird as well
as some Leeches in the SW that you can take by using the meat.
The West Swamp contains a Sleeping plant SW, N of it is a kind of piranha to which
we'll return later.
At South Mire exit NW to meet Lobo (I think) who doesn't let you in.

Now explore the Mountain Pirate Base West. In the first area we'll go upstairs, exit
SE to a snowy path that we cross to exit north to a passage where we find a barrel
and another locked door. In the middle of the path you'll encounter an insect
defending a nest. Defeat it and you can take a Helgak Egg. Drill it and put the leaf
of the sleeping plant into it to produce a Helgak Egg Drugged. Then go back to the
snowy path and exit, then take the northern exit to a barrel and a fuel pump with a
broken pipe. Head back to the first area and exit to the world map.

To the east you can visit Lone Isle where you get a view of a pirate docking bay.
South you'll find a small village called Pranno. Visit the tavern to meet your friends
again. Take Araym in your party and get the Antidote herb and feed the bird at the
end of village, then return to South Mire to meet Lobo, who only supports us when
we free his crew from Connor's base. Only way to get into it is going as a slave-girl.

But first we want to feed our leeches, hehe. Head back to West Swamp and visit
that piranha-like creature again. Use your sleeping-bomb on it, then the leeches
to get Leeches Bloated. Allright, back to scumm town and the tattoo-girl.
Talk to her again about tattoos and give the leeches to her to get a temporary
tattoo. Return to Lobo who hands you a key and a flare and advises you to look
for a backdoor to let the others in. When you shoot the flare, he'll come and get
all out of there. There should be shipping crates with equipment too.
So lets get back to the Shipping Docks in Scumm Town. Let Araym talk to the
man with the manifest and enter the shipyard there by showing the manifest to
the guard. You'll end up alone with Maya in a, um...torture chamber.

Be sure to move your mouse over the ordinary barrels the following two areas.
Loot a table on your way to the exit. Short before exit a door/bridge lowers after
you crossed it, two other raise N and E, where you can access a switch that raises
the just passed one again. If you cross the new northern bridge/door, you'll come
to a locked door and a barrel. Now go to the switch and finally exit SW. Pull
another switch and take the new exit to the surface where you use the flare to
get your team back.
Return, and some bridges lower again, pull the switch and open the chest with
the Blue Isle Key inside. Exit to the first of these two areas and use the key at
the lock. Another bridge/door lowers, open the barrel, another lowering and you
have access to a barrel holding the Red Isle Key. Return to the second area.
You will have to pull the switch again to get to the middle of the level where you
unlock the door closing the western area. Finally exit to the north and prepare to
fight Conner. It's a bit tricky again. You can't beat Conner directly, but by casting
some spells on the turrets, they will turn and aim towards Conner for a while.
Check his throne after the fight and head all the way back to the prison cells.
Use the Key-ring of Conner to free the people and the crew of Lobo. Then take
the south exit in the second area to reach the ship. Bingo.

You are free to travel all the Shells now by using the Globe Map!!!

First I would go shopping. There is many cool stuff available in the shops
now, I NEED MORE MONEY!!! (spent my 45.000 in the first two shops).

At this point you could visit the eastern forest on Shell 3 again. Now you will be
able to defeat the third beast and get a Quick Gem for it. The next rock
produces two nasty beast, too hard for my party. I checked the area with the
broken pipe after passing the snowy path on Shell 6, no chance (Zombies from
Hell). I tried to defeat the ugly thing at the shrine in Armstrong in vain.
I visited Shell 2 again, talked to Azziz, visited the SW island, where a 'cloaked'
boy is running around. The trick is not to meet him until you reach the well, so
first walk along the inside of the eastern fence then south around to the west side
of the well and wait. And I fought the bots at Junk Pile to get a piece of Pipe and
a Grappling hook. I talked to uncle and the other folks downtown and then tried to
get into the Smelting Complex, no chance. So I headed for

Shell 1

Visit the Chosen Capitol where they fight each other again. Here we may chose
between West-/Central-/East-District.
Let's begin in the west. SW is a barrel holding the Red Capitol Key. Now march
on to the East District, use the red key and free some townsfolk SE, W and north.
Get the Tank engine.
In the Central District use the engine to clear your path, open the barrel east, pull
the switch and head back to the other side. Take the Long Sight far west, the
barrel then east, then one NW and finally face the guards that lead you to a
cutscene with Gunnar who sends you to the palace that is betrayed by Doskias'
magi, who beneath hold the keys to the core. Unfortunately the door behind you
is locked after entrance.

The Palace
Take the first exit NW, go NE and pull the switch. Go to the western area, pull
switch, go to the middle and upstairs to find a barrel with a Blue Palace Key
inside. Go back downstairs, exit and use the blue key to open the next passage.
Exit there and pull the switch SW in the next area which blocks the passage to the
east but opens the gate in front of the stairs SE. Open the barrel and go downstairs.
In the western area pull the switch that closes the gate to the stairs but opens that
one beneath the stairs. It opens a gate above too. Further on to the stairs and up
to the area NE, loot barrel NW and pull the switch for the last gate to the east.
Now head back to the switch SW to open the front east gate again and walk east,
get ready to fight a Magi. Beat him by pushing the orbs back to him and destroying
them there. I had Maya and Lobo use Grenade and Shrapnell for that while Grubb
casted Barrier and Heal. If you wear earplugs, the damage from Magi-attacks is
low. You'll get a Law Of Marduk-Fate-Card and the Red Palace Key from him.

So head back to the red lock by taking the exit SW, go downstairs, back again
to the first exit from W, go upstairs, along the passage to the middle. Open and
meet your second Magi, blast him to hell, hehe (SPOILER). Get a Slow-Fate-Card
and the Yellow Palace Key. Head back to the main passage now and enter the
next unexplored exit by unlocking it with the yellow key. Take the east passage
and pull the switch at the end of the passage south. Free three soldiers and loot
a barrel, then take the north passage there and open the northwest-door in the
center of the level by pulling the switch there. South of the switch are three
prisoners and a barrel.
Go the new open area in the middle and pull a switch to open a door you'll pass
later. Now enter the southeast of the middle-section.
Throw the switch there and and enter the last section of the center. Battle three
Magi to get the Green Palace Key. Then head back to main passage and open
the lock far east. Enter and defeat the other three Magi there. You'll receive one
of the Core Keys and find yourself in front of the palace again. Hey, take a look
in your's shopping-time!!!

Here are some things I did/noticed at that stage of the game. I used that sleeping
plant with the bowl and bones to get Mold Antidote. Be careful not to hand it to the
miner on Shell 7 too early. Seems to be one of the bugs. Just wait until he demands
it or until I managed to do it later.

I bought Terrariums in the World Bazaar's Red Light District.
I looted the shops in Scumm Town.
The 'Duke' has his secret base at Outlaw Canyon Shell 2 (the locked door S).
Another bird to feed there, where we met Tori and his helgaks.

So we should try calming the dispute between Corgan and Selina. Take Selina in
your party and go to the locked door of the bounty-hunters' hideout. It will open and
after a short fight you'll get the Armstrong Seal. Take it to the shrine of Armstrong,
defeat the beast (Bowman) and use the seal. Corgan will show up and make his
peace with Selina.

Conner took Ankaran as his new home. Could get into prison through the
mountain subway exit. The bounty-hunters were too strong for my party.

Araym could blast the wall in the tomb of the graveyard only to find another wall,
there's a Resurrect-Fate-Card in front of the first wall if you haven't collected it.

And you could talk to Layla again in the mountains to receive the Reservoir Key.
We shall free the rest of the Holy Guard, but have to cross the reservoir to reach
Northern Forest. But we need a boat.

We could show the lens shard to the last worker at the Mining Ruins on Shell 7,
but we'll need a Diamond Wheel to let him cut it.

The Mayor controls his war-bots from a central computer inside the Melting
Complex, but we got nothing to manipulate it.

You can show Azziz the Core Key and he will tell you that you have to melt the
shell around it. But we need a device to lower it in the lava.

Now talk to the guards in Ankaran until you can fight one and get the Research
Lab Key
from him. Go to the Lab, unlock the door and enter. Take the eastern
exit and throw the switch east to open a door above. Another switch here that
opens two rooms in the middle of the area. You'll find a chest conaining one of
three Breather Masks. Head back to the first area and take the western exit now.
The room NW holds another Mask, in the middle room you can take a Diamond
from a desk. Exit SE and get the third Breath Mask. Now back to Shell 7.

Shell 7 again

First visit the worker at the Mining Ruins again and give him the Diamond Wheel.
Next give him the shard and get a Corite Lens. Then visit the Mold Forest again,
where we'll try to enter the last unknown area (the exit SE) by using the masks.

Open the chest north from the entrance, that one in the center of the area and
another in the NE. Proceed and exit east. In the eastern room there is a barrel,
exit east again. Go to the barrel SE and get the Red Village Key from a barrel NW.
Return to the exit and march on. Take the northern of the west-exits and open the
chest in SW, open the red door with that key, open the barrel to get the Blue
Village Key
and return to the exit. Then take the southern of the exits, open the
barrel, then the blue door and take the Hell God Claw. Use that with the Core Key.

Now you can return to the mountain caves to this exit south where you defeated
that fire-beast at the lava-lake. Use the claw with key in the lava and you'll get a
Revealed Core Key that you can show Azziz. He advises you to travel to the Core
to meet Doskias and get his half of the key. Only hint how to get there was that
Doskias himself entered by mining.

But first get your pipe and grappling hook from the Junk Pile in Oasis, if you
haven't got it yet and travel to the Helgak Graveyard on Shell 7. Use the hook
with this green remains of a helgak there and your Large Helgak Shell is pulled
up to Lobo's ship. Now return to Wind City Reservoir and use the shell with the
the water to reach the forest. If possible take Lobo with you, then you won't have
to return later.

At this point I got two more fate cards (+ the one I don't remember from Azziz):
Lightning Strike, Kyra's Cure and Kyra's Bless. If I find out from where I got them,
I'll add that to the concerning parts.

Throw the switch NE to open the door south. Below the switch is a chest, in the
clearing SW too, NW from there another one and one in the middle of the northern
area. Then take the exit NW. N from the entrance is a barrel. Take the south path,
at the east end is another one. Then take the path north and loot the barrel in the
northern clearing. At the exit to the east you'll meet two Holy Guards that will stay
there as long as the energy-cable to Wind City isn't destroyed. The exit there leads
to the cable. If you got Lobo with you, use the lens with the cable.
Otherwise (and after destroying the cable) take the exit NW of the area with the
guards. See a locked door NW and throw the switch in the clearing SE of it. In a
clearing SE of there is another barrel as well as south from the entrance. The
second switch is far SE. Now you can pass the door and exit to the world map.
If you haven't got Lobo with you (like me), take him in your party and return to the
cable to destroy it, then all the way back. Now we are supposed to meet Layla.

She gives us the task to enter the battleship over the town by climbing the roof.
Take Corgan in your party and use the tunnel in South Farm to get into the library.
Talk to the monk who opens the door to the inner rooms. In the northern of the
accessable rooms is a switch that opens the door to NW in the main passage.
The switch in the room east opens the door in front of the stairs, where we exit.
In the far east room there is a switch for one of the doors SW, another one in the
room NW. Now pass that doors and exit west to another area.
In the eastern of the north rooms is a switch that opens two doors nearby and the
first of the doors north. The north room of the eastern part has a switch too, that
opens a door nearby and the second one leading to the exit east which we pass
On the roof enter the ship, throw the switches in both rooms to proceed through
the exit NE. You gonna fight Balcaam who leaves and drops two Fate-Cards:
Observe and Affect All.

Time again for SHOPPING!!! Go to Wind City and buy all that nice new stuff,
talk to Layla in the Cathedral (Building of the H.G. in NE) and to the monk in the
library. Get the Paint Spray in front of the house in the middle of the town. Then
head back for Shell 2 and visit Azziz. You'll get the Chosen Sewer Key. But
instead of travelling to Shell 1, we have another task to fulfill before we are no
more able to do it (read about that on a board).

Go to Shell 7 and enter the Mold Forest, pass that door Badu opened and exit
NW, then exit NE.
A switch east opens the northern door near the entrance. Enter there. South of
the end of the passage is a switch that opens two doors SE. South of the eastern
exit is another switch for the other door near the entrance. Exit south by jumping
into the hole there. When you check the map of the new level, you will notice, that
all of the "hallways" are closed by locked doors with only one exception: There is
a tiny door down the western way; you might have some problems passing through,
but if you use your arrow-keys instead of the mouse, it works fine. After passing you
will meet a demon, similar to that of the armstrong tomb. Fight him and get the Red
Core Key,
three doors open and the one you just passed closes. Proceed through
the NE passage to the middle and exit back to the last area where you take the
northern exit now. Unlock the red door, the switch in the east area opens two doors
and locks the one behind. Now head back to the middle exit, then back to the southern
exit and to the passage to the east there, where beneath new monsters a Yellow Core
is waiting for you.
Now exit again, take the northern exit again and unlock the yellow door there.
Proceed to the switch at the end of the passage that opens three doors. Back
to the last area and south exit again, this time the Green Core Key waits on the
floor of the southern passage. Back to the Core-door level and open the green
one and throw the switch there. Back to key-area and get the Blue Core Key
from the western passage. Now all the way back to the blue door and proceed
to the exit south that leads nearer to the Core.
Here throw both switches SE and W to get access to the middle where you'll
fight the Hell God (must be a bunch of weaklings in hell, hehe). Summon + Water
is a fine combination for that. He'll leave a Mirror-Fate-Card. Do both switches
here too and proceed to the NE where you'll meet Doskias and watch him
initializing the conjunction. Make your way back to the world map through the
mines and Mold Forest. Well, would be bad if you would have missed that or?

I talked to Azziz again and tried to warn the people in Pranno, then I moved on to...

Shell 1 again

Open the Chosen Sewer Duct with the key and enter to get access to the plans
of the Doomsday device. So make your way to the first exit to a large area, throw
the switch in the first room to get access to the rest of the level. I first cleared the
area SW, then proceed to the east and pull the switch there to open the gate to
the rest of the area. Search the passage to the right, then left, then go upstairs.
Um...seems familiar here, take the (only available) exit NW. Oh lord, it seems we
have to search the entire palace again for that damn plans...*yawn*..., sorry, lets
continue. Here we go:

Throw the switch in the room far east as well as the one SW to open the double-
door, you'll find a barrel with the Green Palace Key inside. Go back to the main
passage (exit NW) and unlock the door NE. Exit here to fight Kaleb (Summon
Ouroboros) and get the Doomsday Blueprints. Seems we have to leave as we
came, take the middle exit, go downstairs, take the SE exit and finally exit the
sewers-passage to the world map.
Now show the plans to Azziz who sends you to Shell 6 to stop the Doomsday
Device by destroying its brain. North of Pranno on Shell 6 you can enter the
Doomsday Rift and exit through the hole. Now you have to smash a lot of ...
um...devices. I got good results using summon + water. Explore the area (not
very large), destroy these devices and finally proceed through the exit SE. The
same in the next area until the way is cleared to the exit NE. Proceed to exit NE.

Now you have to fight the brain, first four shells, then the brain itself. I again used
that summon+water combo plus slow. After it is destroyed you'll get a Chaos-Fate-
and Balcaam shows up killing Layla. The landmass then raises nevertheless.
After that cutscene you'll find yourself onboard of Lobo's ship. I visited Pranno, but
it seemed there was no one left to be saved. Allright then, we got business on...

Shell 2 again

Talk to Azziz about the Core and Tori. Then visit Uncle (and re-supply if needed)
and talk about Tori too. He'll tell you that Tori is at the Factory where you'll meet
him. Have Corgan in your party and look at the factory to open the door. The
Elder living there hand you a Reformatting Disk for Mayor's computer inside of
the Smelting Complex, our next goal. They will even try to re-animate Layla, but
they need a talisman from an ancient chosen temple on Shell 6 and a healing
plant out of Lens Forest on Shell 4 that can be reached by a sewer on Shell 4.
Mayor has the key to the gate, so we enter the Smelting Complex and demolate
some robots (sorry Runner) until we reach the computer NE. Use the disk and
Mayor and some townsfolk will show up leaving the Canal Key behind.

So head for World Bazaar on Shell 4, enter the Shipping Transport and use the
key at the sewer gate. Then an ankaran soldier arrives telling you that Led's father,
General Campbell, is waiting for you in South Farm on Shell 3. So you have to
decide, I think Layla is dead and will not become 'deader', so lets head for the
tavern in South Farm where we meet Campbell, who tells us of an anti-doomsday
device developed by the Jinam that must lay under this shell now. He gives us
Explosives to break our way through the catacombs. But we need a keycard to
enter the lab. Don't know if that's Lobo-specific, but by talking to Campbell Lobo
mentions a wrecked Jinam ship as source for a keycard. So lets go to that wrecked
ship on Shell 5 and search it again for a keycard. Take Lobo with you.

I visited the southern forest on Shell 3 again, now being able to defeat all five waves.
The two beasts from rock 4 cast berserk, so first I casted Barrier + Berserk + All,
then I tortured them by using Summon + Gemma + All. Rock number five produces
three ordinary beasts and a Spirit Guard, that protects against all elementary, okay...back to the wreck.
In the wreck take the exit NE and follow the passage then. Let Lobo have a look at
the door and get your Jinam Security Pass. Now proceed to the northern part of
the area and let Lobo look at the device in the room NW. Now he's able to cure the
disease Jinam spread in Ankaran. Exit the ship and do something good, visit
Gregor east of the wreck that is occupied by pirates now. Talk to a man wearing
green trousers and Lobo will heal the townsfolk. Led shows up and apologizes
for her former behaviour.

I decided to visit Lens Forest now by entering the sewers in the Shipping
Transport, exit west, then exit south and reach a little accessable piece of the
forest. E from the entrance is the desired Healing Plant. South you'll come to
a strange place with a plant, a light-beam and a hole in a wall. Take one of that
Leaves by using the terrarium to get Terrarium with Leaf. Put it inside the hole.
Take the Optic Vine from the plant.

Chosen Ruins
Now lets go for that talisman, head for Shell 6 and enter the Chosen Ruins located
north of the shell. Use the Optic Vine to open the door and go upstairs. Then the
next stairs up and feed the bird on the right side. then downstairs, the next stairs
down and loot the barrel in the northern room for a Speed-Fate-Card. Upstairs
is only a little area with a broken bridge. go back to the first area and make your
way to the exit NE. The door downstairs there is locked, so take the exit.
In that area walk along until the end of the passage to throw a switch that opens
three doors at the east side of the level. The room near holds a chest with a Holy
Relic inside, the other little room SW has a chest too. Proceed through the middle
east passage, throw the switch that opens the door NW of the entrance and the
two rooms south of you, each holding a chest. Enter the NW sector now, there's
a chest that holds the Red Temple Key. Three doors open, some close. Now loot
the barrel at the end of the entrance passage. Exit again, go downstairs, unlock
the door, throw the switch to destroy 4 bridges and rise one. Explore the southern
area, a chest far SW. Make your way to the southern exit. Explore the southern
area there until you reach a room with stairs, two beasts (2 x Summon Gemma)
and a switch that closes the door behind us and opens two others.
Now go upstairs, then downstairs on the other side, proceed to the first stairs in
the north, there's only a little area between broken bridges. Go back downstairs
to the stairs SW, go upstairs, throw the switch to fix 3 bridges. Go downstairs,
back upstairs and to the left. Proceed until a bridge breaks behind you to find a
barrel with the Chosen Talisman inside. After a fight you'll get a Cloak-Fate-Card.

Now proceed and go downstairs to the other stairs, throw the switch again, go
back downstairs, exit NE, downstairs, and throw the switch after that red lock to
clear the way back. Now go upstairs again and make your way to the stairs far
SW that finally lead to the exit to the world map.
Now return to the Factory and hand over the healing plant and talisman to the
watcher there. He tells you that you may await Layla in the Cathedral in Wind
City. Have Corgan with you to spread the crowd gathering in front of the building.
A little sequence follows where Corgan has to face the price for Layla's return,
she became one of the watchers (bit too large for cosy hours now, hehe).

The Tomb
is a damn dungeon. I just explored half of it, but I'll start over again. This place is
large and has many switches that change the structure of each area. So I get
armed with a screen-grabber and try to map this for better orientation (yours and
mine). Besides there are a lot of goodies hiding in graves, corpses, coffins,... and
a lot of monsters granting many many XP. All those bunches of zombies and skulls
I killed with a Summon + All combo. The tougher ones with Summon + Gemma +
All, or without All if single. Then a Gemma and a Bowman should do it. Equip with
some extra core-items for that (I always got 20x +150 Core, 20x +75 Core and
20x +200HP as well as some of that 200HP all and Full HP/Core all).

Hmm, at the end there's a big surprise, should I tell you? Okay, I'm not so evil not
to tell you, finally you'll end up in front of a wall. I ain't got no explosives at that point,
so I have to leave that place and try to get some from the miner, then return (the
first thing that really disappoints me, running and fighting for hours, then a wall). I
don't know if you may ask him before entering the tomb (possible bug of giving him
the antidote too early), think best strategy would be blasting that second wall, then
trying to get some before conquering the entire tomb. Only give him the antidote if
he tells you nothing except that he's sick.

However, here's the first level:

Blast the second wall and go upstairs ST 2 to the second level:

East is switch SW 2 that moves four gates named 2. Explore the rest of the area,
in the room SE is a chest with a Titan Charm. Go downstairs ST 3 and take the
exit L1 SW. Explore and loot every chamber and get the Red Catacomb Key
from the southern room. Back to the exit, upstairs ST 3 and downstairs ST 2.
Take the southern passage leading to switch SW 3 that manipulates the gates
named 3. Proceed to the east and use the key at the door with the red lock.
Exit to level 3:

Go downstairs ST 4:

If you wish, go upstairs ST 5 and down again. Put your hands on switch SW 4 to
move the gates named 4. Go upstairs ST 4 again. You could check the little area
now open by going downstairs ST 5. Proceed to the cross and throw switch SW
5, go downstairs ST 6, pull switch SW 6 that opens door 6. Head back up and
downstairs ST 7, the room in the SW holds a chest with Curse- and Vampyre-
. Make your way back ST 7, pull SW 5 again, head back north, pass
the doors 6 and 7, go upstairs ST 8, downstairs ST 9 and...and...finally...stand in
front of another of these weak walls. Arghhhh!!! All that work...for a wall...*cries*.

Allright, so I had to make my way back to the world map by throwing SW 4 and
SW 3 again, talk to the miner, give him the antidote, and receive a Pick Axe and
two Explosives from him. Now all the way back to that damn wall by throwing only
SW 3 this time, blast the wall and finally enter the Jinam Lab area that splits into
Jinam Control Lab, Jinam Research Lab and Jinam Main Lab. Lets loot the
Control Lab first. Save often, here I got first problems with little bugs (freezing
while fighting and no map anymore, restart/reset to solve, it's not often).

The switch NE opens two doors, proceed to the main passage south, then to the
eastern rooms, where the switch in the northern of them opens two other doors.
Check the corpse in the now open room N to get a Core Token. Go to the rooms
west, where you'll find a barrel with the Red Jinam Lab Key. Exit that level and
enter the Jinam Research Lab. Use the red key and throw the switch in the room
SE that opens two doors north. The room NE has a switch for two doors west.
At the west side of the double-cross is a barrel holding the Blue Jinam Lab Key.
Check the now open 5 rooms at the main passage and exit to enter the Jinam
Main Lab.
Open the blue lock south, the cyborg in that rooms holds Blast, the last weapon
for Runner. To the west is another switch that opens a door above. Proceed to
the main passage and NE, the table in the room north got a Sphere, the last
weapon for Maya. Move on to the switch in the middle and return to the main
passage. Enter the room that's furniture look like an X (map) and explore the
rest of the area. Use that pass at the lock NW and fight Draxx to free Shell 3
from the Curse and get access to the barrel holding the Secret Weapon.
Hoped for a cutscene to get out of here? No way, we're gonna walk all the way
back through the tomb (SW 3, you remember?).

By leaving the tomb we get our cutscene and are free to go shopping again.
North of Helgak Port is a lake where we could kill two lobsters to get a Khali-
and Heavy Shell.

Now I'll explore Shell 3 (South Farm/Wind City) to see if the curse vanished.
You could show the Secret Weapon to Layla in the Cathedral, then the story
continues by Doskias' attempt to raise Shell 4. You have to form a party
around Corgan that shall slow Doskias' plan by using the weapon while
Maya's party should help evacuating the area.

I would suggest to go shopping before initiating the rise. South Farm and
Wind City had nice new items, now I'll check the World Bazaar before it
crashes underneath Shell 7 (or whereever it will be stopped).

After showing the weapon to Layla, Maya's party has to organize the
evacuation of Shell 4. Visit the Shipping Docks in Scumm Town and talk
to the clerk who got ships but no fuel and hands over the Treasure Lair Key
that opens a door behind the east exit of the Mountain Pirate Base after
crossing the snow-path. Use the key and then use the spray at that corona
in the middle of the room to be able to fight (Summon Water) and get the
Pump Key.
Now return to the first area and exit NW to use the pipe and the key. Then
go back to the Shipping Docks in Scumm Town to get the Dock Key. Talk
to the two bounty-hunters in front of that door in Bounty Hunter District at the
World Bazaar. Now both parties have to fight (Barrier+All/Summon Marduk)
and get the Imperial Seal that you use with the Talisman to get a Talisman
, You get the last fate card (there are only 21) named Joker.

Now talk to Layla again who advises you to retrieve the swords of Marduk
to be able to fight Doskias. Kyra's Mirror should show the way, but first you
have to search entrance to the ancient city of Babylon located somewhere
on Shell 4.

Defeat Conner again
Got o Gregor and talk to the man in blue upstairs to get the Anakaran Subway
. I suggest taking Grubb with you, there's a device to use later. Now go to
Old Mountain Hoghway and enter the subway. Take the first exit. Exit there NE
after using the key. Then a switch SE opens the door to the exit west. But we'll
first exit SE. In the northern room of the first accessable area is a switch, in the
south is another and a barrel. At the south end of the middle passage let Grubb
look at the device. NW is a barrel and a second one holding the Red Prison Key.
Go back to the first area and exit NW now.SW is a switch that opens a door
below. In the western section are two switches for the doors far west that lead
to a chest with the Blue Prison Key. Back to first area again, unlock the doors
and proceed to a fight with Conner (level 1 beats on the switch) who leaves the
Kyra's Mirror Frame. Now head back for the world map and the miner on Shell 7.

Show the frame to him, and he tells you that he'll fit the mirror in the frame, but he
can't create the mirror itself. So visit the chief in Bone Circle Village who tells you
that he needs Doric Ore to combine it with the lens. Take Badu in your party now,
he's the only one who can sense that ore. Then enter the West Mountain Cave
and look at the left wall just in front of the entrance. Use the pick to get Doric Ore.
Return to the Underlost and give the ore and the lens to the chief to get Lens With
Doric Ore
. Now visit old miner again and give him the lens to get a Mirror Surface.
Use that with the frame and you finally re-created Kyra's Mirror.

Take it to the Lens Forest (enter sewers in Shipping Transport Bazaar) where
you use it to re-direct the light-beam there. NE is a barrel, in the nest room following
the passage is antother one and, one SE and one in the middle of the eastern area.
Exit SW to get access to the...

Ancient City
It's divided into five seperate areas, Earth-, Water-, Fire-, Air Temple and Marduk's
First I visited the Fire Temple. Go upstairs, then downstairs to feed the last bird.
NE is a switch, another one south of it. Take the east stairs and downstairs to
explore the now open area to the south, go upstairs. There's a switch inside the
east section, go downstairs SW. There's the switch for the last door. Go back
upstairs and throw that switch again, then downstairs and proceed to the area E
to fight a fire-thing (Barrier + Fire + All / Summon + Water + All). You'll get a
Temple Key.
I couldn't stand it no longer and headed out of there to visit that mysterious tower
on Shell 3 where we once landed after leaving Shell 2. Nice items there, would
have been a shame not get them right now. Allright, satisfied I'll return to the
Water Temple.
SE is a switch for a door and a chest south of it, go upstairs SE for another
switch, proceed NW to fight a water-thing (Barrier + Water + All / Summon +
All + Air) and get a second Temple Key. Loot the chest far SE and exit for the
Earth Temple.
Go upstairs and downstairs, pull the switch there, go upstairs and proceed to the
middle. Pull the switch north there to access the east area. Go downstairs there,
throw switch SE and loot the barrel a bit west of it. Another switch is NE and N,
then fight the earth-thing (Barrier + Earth + All / Summon + Fire + All). Get the
third Temple Key and proceed to the Air Temple.
Pull the switch inside the east 'hammer' and loot the chest in the western one.
Proceed to the middle and pull the switch there, take the stairs up NW and do
the switch east and west. Head for SW, take stairs SW and get ready to fight
the air-thing (Barrier + Air + All / Summon + Earth + All) and get the fourth Temple
. Go back upstairs to the east sector and pull the switch. Go downstairs there,
loot the chest SE and exit finally to Marduk's Temple.

Unlock the four doors and use the Talisman Seal at the red door. Conner shows
up for a very last time and you get two Daemon Swords. Go back to the world

A little side-quest not mentioned yet is the relation between Led and Grubb.
Take both in your party and look at that closed door in the middle of Ankaran
Capitol. After entering you'll have to decide for Grubb wether to help Led or
get a gadget (ForceBlitzer, not worthy).

Then take Corgan and Selina in your party and talk to Layla who tells you that
you have to enter the crashed battleship of Doskias to retrieve the D.D.D.
The ship is NW of Oasis Shell 2. The party is split into three then, Grubb,
Runner and Badu shall take out Engine Room 1, Lobo, Led and Araym shall
take out Engine Room 2 while Maya, Corgan and Selina head for Doskias'
bridge. We start with the first party around Grubb. Except Grubb this is a very
slow party, therefore the fights become a bit more challenging than before.
I would suggest casting 'Summon + Dogo + All' first, that should give enough
time to take the enemies out by weapons.

Engine Rooms
Take the (only open) northern exit. Pull switch NE and go back to the now open
room south. Pull the switch there and proceed to the west area, pull the switch
north to access the middle area. Pull the switch there to open the middle
passage, switch there to open doors south where you fight for the Red FS Key.
Exit and unlock the red door, enter. Throw north and east switch, then go to the
now open circle near the entrance to fight the first part of the engine. As long as
the switches are in middle position, the lids remain open and you can damage
the thingies inside. First cast 'Barrier + Air + All'. After that fight you'll get the Blue
FS Key
that the next party needs to destroy the second part of the engine.

Unlock the blue door and enter. A switch south opens the door above, the switch
there opens the door to the west area, the switch south there opens the rooms
south. Pull the switch there to open the last area NE. Fight for the Yellow FS Key.
Exit there and open the yellow door, enter and pull the east switch below the
entrance. The switch at the southern end of the main passage too. Go back to
the east, pull the switch south there that opens the western circle-area. In the last
circle fight the second engine-thing and and slip inside your third party.

Final Fights
Follow the main passage to NE. Before you can reach the yellow exit, Maya
approaches Kaleb, who tries to defend Doskias. He will cast shields that seem
to consist of different elemental material. If you cast Summon + Water on a fiery
red one, it will take about 4000 damage. I only summoned Thanatos, who just
hits for about 700, but that's enough and you don't have to think about the proper
summoning. When a shield is down, you got the chance to hit Kaleb himself.
Speed the party and do not summon Thanatos on that 'chickens from hell', they
will be healed by that).

After defeating him you'll be immediately taken to the bridge where you have to
fight Doskias at last. I had no special strategy, a barrier for all could be useful,
he casts some ugly earth- and fire-spells (among others). Speed your party up
again and hope that this armageddon-like spell doesn't kill them all. If you
carefully listen, you can hear him cry: "...gimme gemma...gimme gemma...".

Good luck with the fights. I hope I could help some people with that, and beneath
it was fun doing it. Now the Revenant is watching me from his cover, greedy to
feel my hands on the mouse letting him kill hordes of monsters.

Here are some more tips for the final fights I received from Foo Yu Jye:

Just adding my 3 cents worth on the last part against Doskias. A undead barrier
will nullify his Armageddon like attack....from 600+ damage to just 50+. When he
creates images of himself, it is possible to hit out the fake images one by one. In
that case, he will not cast that Armageddon like spell. But there is a 1/3 chance
and 1/2 chance to hit the correct one. A cloak spell on everyone also helps avoid
the spell.
Against Kaleb...just cast joker on him. I dunno whether it is a glitch or not...but he
stops moving after that.

Thanks Foo, and Morten for the pdf-file.

~ Soulbox, 26.11.99 - 21:30 ~

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