I think!

By Lu Richardson

This is an attempt to give you a logical and ordered approach to 
completing the game, but it is not a complete solution for the 
reasons you will understand later on; namely, this game is full of 
bugs.  In fact, half the time you don't know if you are doing 
something wrong or if it is a bug.  So don't expect this to cover 
every aspect of the game - as to that, you are on your own.  

Also, there are large chunks of play missing here, mainly because 
the NPCs don't respond as they should.  How do I know?  I played a 
certain sequence, had to reload and replay it again and things 
happened differently for no reason.  For instance, coming back to 
the Cleric's Guild with 5 new herbs got me an interview with Joe.  
Next time, with exactly the same inventory, the Finch ignored me.  
Having saved Sioned, Dawn totally ignored me, when she should have 
handed over a reward.  And like that.  This is just about the worst 
bug-ladden game I've ever bought - it will be the last.

There is an incomplete feeling about it, perhaps because it was 
rushed to the shops in an untimely manner.

Apart from all that, it would seem that the core of a good idea 
wasn't enough to carry off the game, so it was padded to the hilt 
with unnecessary toing and froing.  What, with one thing and 
another, the whole thing is so disjointed none of it makes any 
sense.  But let's try.

Here we go.

Playing in Easy mode and joining all the guilds, as the first time 
you play.

The Start

Find the knapsack, the journal and the rusty knife.  Hit the cocoons 
to get some money.  Near the rusty knife there is a cave (crouch to 
get in) and a chest.  When you come to the webbed exit, cut it and 
fight the spider - pick up its healing silk.  Outside, look into the 
holes in the trees to get a compass.  Carry on and watch the video 

Upper Gladstone

OK, from the start - look about you and go through the arch.  After 
talking to Dash, search the area thoroughly, looking behind bushes, 
inside water, on the walls, breaking barrels and trying doors.  Use 
barrels (before you break them) and chests to climb up inaccessible 
places.  Be very thorough.  For instance, there is a pipe in the 
corner by the Iron Fist Guild.  Climbing this allows you to open a 
coloured window and get a whole lot of goodies.

Don't speak to any of the Guild heads yet - in fact, keep your 
distance from the Wizards's Guild.  Once you've done all you can, go 
to the Iron Fist, walk to the top of the screen and turn left.  At 
the bottom of the stairs, open the grille on the wall, duck and drop 
into the hole.  

The Sewers

You will meet Dash again.  As soon as you can, follow him, keeping 
to your right and entering the tunnels with the circle and key 
symbol to the right of them.  Collect all the black lichen on the 
walls, it's a wonderful healing item.  Fight the insects if you 
must, backing off to keep them in sight.

Eventually, you will make it to the Thiefs' Guild.  Talk to the 
woman, place two coins in the box.  You automatically pick up her 
dagger and hand it back.  You now belong to this guild.  Open the 
doors behind her, go in, buy the best bow/crossbow you can afford 
and also a leather armor if you can.  Leave and start opening doors 
here.  I found the door to the Thieves' Gauntlet would not open.  
Great.  In the pawn shop (Mojo), sell your surplus.  You will find 
that this guy will buy just about everything, though you'll get less 
money for it - so, first, sell what you can in the other guilds and 
leave the pawnshop for last.

You might as well search the sewers now.  Look out for walls which 
can be broken to get at the chests.  Go up the ladders, open the 
grilles by picking the locks, climb up and see where you are in 
town.  Make any notes on your map which you think appropriate.  It 
is as well to remember that later on you will only be able to travel 
from the N to the S of Lower Gladstone via the sewers.  So mark the 

Once you've done the sewers, you might like to use the ladder 
nearest the Guild to enter...

Lower Gladstone

Search thoroughly.  Find the Inn, talk to the keeper, pay your debt 
and go up the stairs to your room, where you will find quite a few 
useful items.  You can keep surplus stuff here, but I found the 
Clerics Guild more useful for this purpose.  When you come down, you 
can walk behind the counter, open a trapdoor and the box inside and 
steal a lot of money.

Leave and you should soon meet Dawn, who reproves you for joining 
the Thieves' Guild.  Continue investigating the North part of Lower 
Gladstone before you move to the South, over a bridge.  Sweep your 
cursor over everything to see what can be manipulated.  Open 
grilles, climb ladders, jump from roof to roof and even from lamp 
post to any projecting bits, crawl into windows, smash them to get 
in, look for hidden switches and generally do your own thing.  Fight 
whoever you like, or just steal from them.  Visit the shops.  Above 
all, visit the Tavern and talk to everyone, specially the gent next 
to the Orc.  Buy him a drink - you could be coming back to him.

The other chap by the door (Mauri) carries a key which (presumably) 
will let you pick locks five levels above your own as a thief.  You 
might have to kill him for it, it's up to you.  

[Actually, you could get frightfully involved with this guy if you 
pretend you don't know where the Bachanal is (i.e., don't go there 
at first) - he then gives you his key to sell, for a start.  You 
also get involved with the other characters here.  Again, it's up to 
you what you choose to do.]

Anyway, when you've been everywhere you can, go to the South of the 
map and into...

Upper Gladstone

Now go and visit all the other guilds - you will be given a task and 
a useful item in each.  It's also time you got a familiar.  You 
decide which you want, but I found Lig at Iron Fist the most useful 
because he joins in the fight and that can be crucial.  He is no 
good for anything else, really.  Incidentally, I found the others 
pretty useless.

You don't need to actually join all of the guilds by carrying out 
their tasks, but it's helpful the first time you play.

If you are ready to complete the tasks given to you, go through the 
gate opposite the door through which you came in at the start and 

Gladstone Woods

Keep to your right to go to the Docks.  Watch out for boars, which 
are easy to kill and give good pork chops.  Look inside the holes in 
the trees.  At the Docks, just go in and kill everything in sight.  
Smash the barrels and the extra large packing boxes.  It should be 
easy to kill all the rats, particularly the king-size ones.  
Outside, you might like to enter the water where there is a shallow 
bit getting deeper and retrieve some good things around a sunken boat.

As you come out of the Docks, keep to your right and you will come 
to a place with twin hills, one of which has a green blob (portal) 
at the top.  Approach with caution and take a sample.  Try not to 
get sucked in.  Leave this place.

You have now completed your alloted tasks, so get back to the guilds 
and join in earnest.

You will be able to visit their shops.  The most important things to 
get, now or as soon as you can afford them, are a Mind Cluster and a 
Greater Light spell.  In every location, after you've been 
everywhere you can, save your game, use the Mind Cluster to see 
unvisited places and restore.  This way, you only need one Mind 
Cluster.  The Light spell is useful when a spot you wish to explore 
closely is very dark.

(One thing to remember is that, every time you visit the Clerics' 
Guild, you should go to the chapels, pay your money and kneel 
(actually, crouch) at the altars.  This boosts your mana and hit 
points (though not permanently).  Don't forget.)

But, to continue.  New doors might now be open to you in Upper 
Gladstone, so have a look.

Gladstone Woods

OK, take to the woods again and search them thoroughly.  To the N 
you can buy some useful fruit.  To the SE of that, a cave in the 
cliffs where you can get lamplight eggs - pretty essential, since 
they will allow you to see in dark places.  They regenerate, so 
there is no need for you to run out.  Come back here and get some 

To the SE of this, a place of water which will later lead to the Ice 

In the center, a circular structure which will lead later to the 
Ruloi Home World.  

But to the extreme SE, the place you are looking for:

The Draracle's Lair

Keep left and proceed along searching everywhere.  The whole thing 
leads to the bridge remembered from LOL2.  To the right of it, note 
the multicoloured Draracle window which requires a lot of money to 
open.  Which you don't have right now.

At the bridge, you can come down either side and collect a lot of 
money underwater.  If you can be bothered.  Go through the doors and 
you will eventually come to the Draracle.  Watch and learn.  At the 
end of your conversation with Jakel, leave and use the teleport to 
get back to the woods.  Travel to...

Upper Gladstone

You should be weighed down with loot, so head for the guilds and 
start selling anything you don't actually need.  A storm crystal, 
for instance, will fetch a nice price - and you don't really need 
it, either.  Use lorestones immediately on the stuff you are 
carrying to find out what it does.  Most items are really best sold, 
unless they are essential, so that you can buy what you want.

Essential items to keep are food, something healing, Vel's fruit and 
anything which increases your mana points.  Stockpile the 
regeneration spells (scrolls entwined with green leaves) and 
lifestones.  Buying stone bracers will prevent you from getting 
poisoned, though it reduces your protection - you could, instead, 
buy the Poison Shield spell.

It's best to travel light, there is so much to pick up.  If you 
already have 20 of something useful, dump the extra, say, inside the 
Clerics Guild, and from here you will be able to replenish your 
supplies.  Anything else, sell it.  For instance, the cubes can be 
sold for a lot of money and you don't really need them.

What I am trying to say is that you should get as much cash together 
as you can, then go to...

The Iron Fist

Purchase the Prism Sword and the Great Bow Shift.  Whereas you will 
be getting much better swords later on, I reckon this bow cannot be 
bettered.  Though not very potent as an ordinary bow, it has the 
ability to shoot either lightning, ice or fire according to how 
vulnerable the creature is to one or the other.  I did not find a 
better long-range weapon, but I admit I wasn't looking all that hard.

If you can afford it, buy decent armour.  The reason being that, 
once you are properly equipped, you are going to find the stairs 
down in this guild and do a bit of sparring.

Find the box where you put your money and a panel will open.  First 
try pressing the first knob to the left at the bottom, pull the 
lever and go in through the newly opened gap.  Fight the simulator 
and come out.  Put more money in, try the next knob, and so on.  
Then try combining the top knob on the left with one or more of the 
knobs to the right of them before you pull the lever and go in.  
Keep experimenting and fighting, your levels should go up like fun.  
The more experience you get here, the easier it will be for you 
outside.  So, it's up to you - depending on how much cash you have 
and how long you can bear this, get as much experience as you like.

There is another door here which has to do with your ability to 
jump about and so on.  Since mine is zero, I didn't get very far, 
though I dare say you also get valuable experience points this way.

OK, if you feel you are as ready as you are ever going to be, leave 
Upper Gladstone and go to the woods, heading S to the twin peaks 
place.  Enter the green blob and...

The Volcanic Caves

In this order, remove yourself from the portal (otherwise you'll get 
sucked back to the woods), use a lamplight egg, press Z to look down 
and step forward along a path until you come across the Draracle.  
Listen to him.  When he sends you to his Lair through the 
teleporter, first go through the door to the right to talk to Jakel 
then go through the door to the left.  Follow along here.  The only 
difficult bit is when you come to get the sigil.  Just climb up the 
corridor, get right up close and square with the sigil, save you game 
and, when the crystal slab is right in front of you, move quickly 
and jump onto the square and grab the sigil.  Follow through from 
here and leave the Draracle's Lair through the teleporter.

If you have a lot of stuff, go sell it to the guilds.  If you've 
plenty of room in your inventory, go back to the Volcanic Caves, 
through the portal, and along the same way to where you met the 
Draracle, only push on.  You are now in...

The Fire World

Whenever you feel you have run out of road and there is no place to 
go, press Z to look down and use a lamplight egg, if you've got 
one.  There is ALWAYS a way out.  Look about you.  Follow edges 
looking down.  Leap and look about you.  Use the map.

The important thing here is, first, when you come to two tunnels 
with lots of crab-like creatures (don't tangle with them if you can 
help it), first follow the one to the left and smash the cone which 
produces steam by hitting it twice.  Then go to the other tunnel 
smashing the other cone on the way.  From here on, leap around and 
push forward.  Consult your map to see which is the best way to go 
and which is the path to follow.  If necessary, use the Mind Cluster 
as I explain above.

Smash any cones which produce lava till the stalagtite falls from 
the ceiling and blocks them off.  This dries the lava and allows you 
to proceed in some places.  You'll come to a location where you have to 
fight four drakes and you won't know which way to go.  Look at the 
map and follow the narrow strip which points to the South.  At the 
end of it, look down and follow the path around the chamber towards 
the East.  Pretty well centre of the E of the map look to your left 
for the start of another path.  Leap to that and follow it, leaping 
at the right places.

When you come to a large chamber with water and two rising columns, 
you will notice that you can either go to the N or to the NE.  Go to 
the NE.  At the entrance to the city, and before you leap onto the 
large platform, turn around and press the symbol on the wall.  I 
don't know quite what this does, but it's better to be on the safe 
side.  Fight all the beasties:  you can hang around here and collect 
a lot of experience points, or you can go to the door and open it by 
standing on the dragon footprints.  Carry on along here until you 
come to the altar room.  As you come in, you will notice that there 
are no dragon prints on the other side of this door.  To open it, 
you advance to the altar and press one of the symbols.  This you 
might need to know later on.

There are three passages here.  Go first to the E and meet with 
Morphera.  Next go to the N and explore this area.  Not terribly 
important, but there you are.  Finally, go to the S and you will 
come upon Morphera.  Before you do, a rising column can only be 
activated by standing on the hardly visible footprints.  

After you've talked to the dragon, fight her and you will find that 
she regenerates.  Go around this chamber smashing the lava cones and 
then you can go to the center and fight again.  You don't actually 
kill her, but she drops the vital shard.  Collect the money and use 
the sigil on the shard.

After the conversation with Jakel, he sends you to...

The Laberynth

This is a reminder of LOL1.  Lean your left shoulder to the wall and 
follow through, picking up whatever you want and watching your hit 
points.  Look out for switches.  If you are in dark places, use the 
lamplights or the Greater Light spell, otherwise you might miss an 
important switch.  Save every time you come up the stairs to the 
next level.  Altogether, this is a massive waste of time.

When you get out, go to Upper Gladstone.  Visit the guilds to get 
rid of the loot - you don't need to bother with the Thieves' Guild 
just now if you don't want to.  Then, go to the door at which the 
game started and enter...

The Keep

Explore the whole place and talk to everyone.  Upstairs you will 
meet Luther, who gives you a wonderful sword.  The most revealing 
person you speak to is Jaron.

OK, this is something which had to be done.  Go out to the woods and 
this time go to the SE of the place where you get the lamplight eggs 
and enter the green blob to travel to...

The Ice World

Nothing very difficult here, just advance along the best way you 
can, consulting your map and so on.  Fight the tigers and iceworms 
at close quarters.  At the large platform where you first fight an 
iceworm and then go on to talk to Morrison, come back to the worm, 
look to your left and you will see the peak of a path.  Leap onto 
that and follow it.  Eventually you will enter...

The White Tower

As you come in, Jacinda will give you a job.  First, go to your 
right, open the first door and use Spark to light up the candles.  
This will give you the order of the colours - blue, green, red and 
purple.  Leave this room and ignore the other door to your right for 
now, moving on.  At the room with all the candelabra, light them 
with Spark and move them to the other end of the room, placing them 
in the niches in the correct order of colours.  Some stairs appear 
here, so go up them.  The first door to your left contains the Great 
Axe Blizzard, useful to kill the chickens at close quarters.  The 
middle room contains a nest and more chickens - kill them, and 
examine the nest.  You get the blue gem.  Open the last door and the 
chests inside.

Go down and continue to explore the ground floor, killing chickens 
as you go.  Smash ice-making machines.  At the place with the colour 
stained window, use Spark on the bright point in front to turn it 
into a flame.  Go behind the window and press the colours in the 
usual order to reveal a door which you don't yet have the means to 
open right now.

Go up and deal with the nests and the chickens.  One of the nests 
drops the green gem.  Continue searching and looking for the places 
in the walls to place the gems, but don't use them yet.  One place 
is halfway up a dividing wall, the other is the strange platform 
like the altar in the Volcanic Caves city.

Once you've been all around here, go back to the room with the four 
candles and open the other door.  Negotiate the blades by jumping 
over them or crawling underneath.  There is an oval shaped place 
with a short tunnel inside.  Enter it by crouching and get the red 
gem near the fire, backing off still crouching.  Continue along here 
and you'll come to some bedrooms.  The purple gem is under one of 
the bunkbeds.

Now go and place the gems in the wall and platform in the correct 
colour order.  The placing of these gems will open up new places.  
Go all around and make sure you've been everywhere.

You will find two imprisoned men who ask you to free them.  Observe 
the jail and look at the two wooden boards - they seem to indicate 
that a wheel controls the chains, and pressumably the doors since 
they have no keyholes.  Look up and see how the chains come through 
the ceiling.

If you now look at the map using a Mind Cluster, you will see the 
places you have not visited yet, and I have to suppose they contain 
the means of freeing the prisoners.  However I have been unable to 
find my way to these places, so I've given up on this one.  Perhaps 
it's a red herring and you are not meant to free them.  I simply 
don't know.  Nor do I care.

You can now go to Jacinda to the South of the map.  If you have gone 
around the Tower talking to all the ladies and not killing them, she 
will stand by a door and invite you to enter.  Save before you open 
it and you will float in to your death - but if you want to have a 
peek, wait till you enter the last door and then restore 
immediately.  Next time, don't open the door and fight Jacinda and 
kill her.  Retrieve what she is carrying but don't use the sigil if 
you have not yet finished.  The key will open the treasury and you 
will get a lot of money. If you've finished here, use the sigil to 
get out.  

When you replace the shard, you meet Jakel again.  As you head 
towards Gladstone Woods, and after the lava chamber, look for the 
switch low on the wall to your left and enter the Orcs Lair.  
Nothing terribly interesting here, but you might like to have a look.
[Actually, if you got involved with the folks at the Tavern, the orc 
would ask you to come and destroy the deserters in this lair.]

Upper Gladstone

OK, head for Upper Gladstone, visit the guilds here and unload what 
you are carrying.  At the Wizards' Guild, buy an invisibility 
spell and a poison shield spell, if you haven't got one or the stone 
bracers.  Outside the Clerics Guild, through a passage, another 
door will be open.  Investigate around and meet your stepmother.  By 
the way, you can enter this house through the windows, not that this 
does you a bit of good.

All the guilds in Upper Gladstone will set you another task.  Visit 
the Keep and meet your uncle.  If you visit the armoury, you can buy 
dragonscale armor, bracers and gauntlets.  Buy them, if you like, 
but don't wear them until you are in a hostile environment - they 
has some surprising effects.  Namely, you burst into flames any time 
just about anyone comes near you, prompting them into battle - and 
this can be rather awkward, since you need to be in some people's 
good books.  I found them totally useless.

By the way, you might like to visit the jail near the exit to the 
woods in Upper Gladstone - there should be a Ruloi in there with a 
message for you.  

Next, get to the Thief's Guild to get the next task.  You might find 
useful for the next world to buy a soft leather armour (against 
acid) and the Coward's Shield (invisibility).  Leave and go 
to Lower Gladstone and visit the Tavern.  I fear there is yet 
another bug here.  As I know from a previous game, the gentleman 
next to the orc offers to take into slavery anybody you choose.  
Instead, I got the very first conversation yet again.  I give up.

If you are all set, get to the woods, head for the circular 
structure in the middle of the map, go into the green blob and 
enter ...

The Ruloi Home World

Don't forget to pick up herbs you haven't seen before.  Actually, 
two of the new ones you will find in Gladstone Woods, one outside 
the Frozen World, the other outside the Underworld.

Use the Invisibility spell or the Coward's Shield (but not in the 
acid, unless you are wearing the soft leather armour).  Find your 
way (SE) to the caves - make sure you destroy the columns which spew 
pink plasma and all the eggs.  Look at your map so that you miss 
nothing.  You will have to go from one cave to another along the 
green channels, so use the poison shield spell as well to avoid 
getting poisoned in the process.  If you notice large stonny blobs 
on the wall, click on them to get a Dreamshard (dark).

Once you've done this bit, enter the city and find all the 
regenerators and destroy them.  Try not to fight the Ruloi unless 
you have to.  Smash the columns which spew pink plasma.  Use the 
Mind Cluster to see where everything is.

To the N you will find an Amazon in jail.  Let her out by using the 
Dreamshard on the indentation on the wall.  However, by way of 
thanks she will attack you and you will have to kill her.  Actually, 
you must do this.

You'll come to two large chambers surrounded by acid.  Jump to the 
middle and click on the oval orbs on the pedestals and herbs and 
minerals will appear.  Take what you want.  Parallel to these two 
chambers there are another two, so use the Mind Cluster to see how 
to get at them.  You will find you have to wade through the acid.  
Around the center of the channels there is a little cave which 
contains a very good sword, probably the best in the game, and a 
Ruloi hand.

There are two oval rooms which also contain a regenerator each - you 
have to use the Ruloi hand as a key.  Don't step on the round black 
teleporter in these rooms until you've been all around and destroyed 
everything, including the Ruloi themselves - though you must leave a 
few alive for later.

When you are ready, use one of these teleporters (you might need to 
use the Ruloi hand on the pad twice to open them again), advance and 
jump in with the global Ruloi - kill it, take a sample from the 
shard and use the sigil.

Back home

Right, do the rounds once more.  If you then visit the stepmother's 
home you'll be told she is at the Keep.  Now, it there hadn't been 
any bugs, the guy at the Tavern would have told you to get a scarf 
(was that a scarf I saw on the servant's shoulder?).  Equally, if 
the servant told you she was at the Keep, then it would be a good 
idea to visit there.  Plus Dawn warns you not to go to the Keep.  
How many more hints do we need?

And yet, if you do go, you will find that the royal chamber is 
locked, a room near the barrels empty and Dash is in Jaron's 
office.  If you enter and move the wooden chair twice, the bookcase 
opens and you can go through a secret passage.  Turn around and push 
the skulls on the left.  You go down a lift.  Along the corridor and 
going right, you'll find some money and items.  Following the 
corridor you will see a portrait with hollowed out eyes.  You can 
see into the dinning room.  Since no-one is here, though, you might 
as well return to the lift, press the button, go up, and click on 
the candle to get out.  What a waste of time.  

So why bother to go to the Keep.  Visit instead all the guilds - 
you should have by now at least five new herbs, you've conquered a 
world, taken a sample, stolen the letter from the guard in front of 
the Keep, and you will be given new tasks.  You will notice that 
Dawn doesn't set you one.

The Quests

Orcs:  In the Woods, go N from Lower Gladstone towards the guy who 
sells fruit and, when you come to a pink skull, turn to your left, 
enter the clearing and slaughter the orcs.  Pick up the King's 
Pardon off the ground, you'll be giving it to Lena later on.

Ice World:  Continue from the orc's clearing to the place where you 
get the lamplights (you probably need some more) and go on to the 
place where you enter the Ice World.  Nothing very complicated, you 
just have to get to the place with the stained windows, use the 
amulet on the indentation by the door, go through, click on the 
funny heap on the floor, fight the ghost and then go on in and get a 
toy wooden sword in a corner.  The freeing of the prisoners is still 
unresolved, but since it makes no difference to the outcome of the 
game you can ignore it. 

Fire World:  When you get back, head for the Fire World.  Save 
before you even enter that corner of the woods.  If your computer 
has a certain configuration there is a bug which leaves you stranded 
if you attempt to get the Heart.  For those of you who don't have 
that bug, go along to the chamber in which there is some kind of a 
golden urn floating over a round altar.  Use the Dragonclaw on it 
and you will go down.  Go to the teleporter along a short corridor 
and you will turn up somewhere else.  Advance here, pick up the 
Heart, go back to the teleporter and then to the urn.  Pick up the 
Dragonclaw and you will go up.  To get back, consult your map and 
head for the door which doesn't have the dragon footprints on the 
floor.  Turn around and press one of the symbols on the wall of the 
altar - this opens the door.  Go through and find your way home.

For those of you who go to all the trouble of getting the Heart and 
then lift goes up without you, you could save another game here, 
then restore the one you saved before you entered the Fire World and 
carry on from there.  I have reported this bug to Westwood, who 
knows when and if there will be a patch.

Go back to the guilds to get your reward, if any.  If you visit Dawn 
now, she will tell you to go to the Ruloi Home World and save 
Sioned.  More padding.  

Head for the Ruloi World, pick up another Dreamshard along the way 
to the jail to the S of the map and talk to Sioned.  Free her as 
above and she will thank you.  Be sure to kill all the Ruloi.  When 
I got back to the Guild, though, Dawn did not acknowledge this.  She 
should, though, and she should give you a useful staff.  

Make sure you have everything you need, there is no coming back.  

You might as well go on to the next portal, near the guy who sells 
fruit; Dash will meet you and give you a key (but don't worry if he 
isn't there), then enter...

The Underworld

This is probably the only fun bit in this game.  Turn to your left 
and go through the door.  Start exploring.  There are nasties to 
fight and useful items and spells to find.  Stop in front of each 
picture and statue, wait a few seconds and it will change.  How's 
that?  Make your way to the gardens, explore around (there is gold 
in the fountains) and find a little corner to the north where there 
is a bag of money and a head.  Find the headless guy and click on 
him to return his head to him.  He opens the blocked path.

When you've finished searching the ground floor, go to the hall and 
through the door opposite the one you entered.  Look at the dancers, 
go to the lifts and go up.  Turn to your left and go to the furthest 
door and start exploring.  You will find an empty oil jar.  A couple 
of doors on, use the jar on the filled lamp hanging from the 
ceiling - pick up the other empty jar.  Carry on exploring.

After two locked doors you will enter another one which contains a 
wardrobe.  Save your game.  Inside, a ghost will ask you to empty 
the oil lamps.  You've already emptied one, so it's just a matter of 
finding the other one.  Go from this room to another corridor and 
start opening doors and looking through.  Don't worry about the 
flames or the fact that you are dying.  Just find the other lamp.  
When you die and resurrect outside the room with the ghost, go 
quickly to the other lamp and empty it.  You could, instead, reload 
your saved game - after you talk to the ghost, run to the room with 
the other lamp and empty it.  If you are fast enough and the fire 
doesn't break out, you return to the ghost and get a wonderful 
shield from her.  At any rate, this destroys the fire cycle.  
Explore around here and you'll get a key.  When you've finished, 
take a lift down, turn and use the key on the clock.

Behind it, look at the wall to discover another door.  Enter it and 
walk around till you find an open trapdoor on the floor.  Go down 
here and collect some bottles of wine.  Leave through the door and 
you will come to a ladder.  Look up and click on it till you climb 
out (a bit difficult, don't give up).  Then you go down another hole 
into the cellar.  Fight the skeletal rats and find the way up the 
stairs into the kitchen, and from there back to the ballroom.

Use the key on the clock twice, till the pendulum falls, and walk 
around to the back of the lifts.  You will find a ghost at the 
piano.  Give him a bottle of wine, talk to him and use the sheet 
music you found.  He plays - go and look at the couples and watch 
them dance till they go through the wall near the piano, revealing 
the way up.  This takes quite a while.

Up the stairs, in the room with the curtains, go right to the back 
and use the key on the clock three times, so that it breaks.  Fight 
the entity and use the sigil on the shard.

One more conversation with Jakel, then back to Gladstone.  You will 
find everything in a bad way, and all the guilds destroyed.  If you 
go to the stepmother's house, Peter the servant will give you a 
letter.  Use it to read it.  Hmm.

No other place to go now but to get the last shard.  On the way, you 
could go near the place where a fellow sells fruit and enter a new 
bit where Richard lies wounded.  After a long, boring speech, he 
will give you a writ to enter the Keep - but don't bother going all 
the way there because Jaron won't let you in, anyway.  You might 
have had hopes of a grille in the wall between the Keep and the exit 
to town near the Clerics Guild.  If you try and pick it, it won't 
open and you will see a legend "Level 20".  However, I was Level 21 
and it still didn't open.  Not even with Mauri's key in my active 

So, go to instead to the place where you get the lamplight eggs (get 
some) and then find your way to the other side of this area and 
enter the portal, which takes you to...

The Shattered Desert

Mark your path very carefully on your map all along this world, 
otherwise you'll go around in circles forever.  Plus you have to 
come back the way you came in, and quickly.  Remember every step you 

With your shield against poison at the ready, keep going straight, 
without jumping to other possible locations, until you see a metal 
door ahead.  Take a running leap to it and follow on till your path 
ends in a pointy bit.  Jump down, fight the beasties, head N, climb 
up a vine trailing on the floor (you have to face it the right way, 
otherwise it doesn't work), find and follow the path to the E.  Go 
up a ladder and follow the path.  Eventually you will get to a man 
inside a strange building.  Talk to him and, afterwards, turn to the 
door.  Open the trapdoor on the wall and push the button.  Go out, 
stand on the large grille on the floor, open the trap door on the 
floor and press the button twice to go down.

When you leave the lift, first note the corresponding trapdoor on 
the floor and another on the wall opposite, which covers the buttons 
that work the lift.

At all times, and every time you enter a new room, disable the 
defences.  Push on - some doors you open by clicking on them, some 
have a button nearby.  The first room you will come to is an 
office.  Push a filing cabinet under the trapdoor which leads to the 
ventilator shaft and then push the chair against it.  Climb up, open 
the trapdoor and crawl/jump in.  Get out at the next trapdoor.  In 
the next room, find the corner with sparks, open the trapdoor and 
push the button to open the next door.  You'll come to a large 
circular room.  Disable the defences and shoot the monitors down.  
You have to build a ladder with them to reach the trapdoor on the 
wall.  You will notice that the monitors have a bit sticking out, 
and you need to use it as part of the ladder, so turn them the right 
way around.  Placing one of the monitors on the gridded floor will 
aid you to climb up.  Once you are in the ventilator shaft find 
stairs going down and the next exit.

You should come into a room with lots of barred doors all around.  
Open them all and inside one of them you will see a guy sitting 
down, click on him to get a mechanical eye.  Carry on until you come 
to a door beside which there is a broken button.  Use the mechanical 
eye on it.  Once you are through this door, there is no coming back 
the same way, so look at your map and remember where this door is.

In the next room you will find a pink screen.  After disabling the 
defences, go around breaking all the panels on the wall.  The screen 
will disappear and you will be able to go down a ladder (by the way, 
has anyone found out how to go down ladders?  I had to jump and lose 
hit points).  Before you go down, though, spot a ladder going up 
around this room and remember where it is - you'll need to use it 
later on.  

Now you can go down and keep going.  In a room with holes in the 
ground and swirly things, avoid both.  You will come to a very large 
room.  Walk around till you see a blue screen.  If you attempt to 
break it, the defences will appear.  You could tangle with each set 
of defenders, but it's quicker to go around smashing the four 
sparkly columns (watching your health, of course) - the screen will 
disappear and you must then shoot all the round spots until you hit 
the red and you are left with black.  Once you've done that, turn to 
your left and use the sigil on the floor.  Watch what happens.

Don't hang around, go to the door, push the button on the floor to 
open it and head for the stairs up I told you to look for.  Enter 
the ventilator shaft and try to make it back to the office.  Consult 
your map and on no account land on any room this side of the door 
for which you had to use the mechanical eye.  You might come to a 
room with some really vicious defenders and no means of reaching the 
other side.  Destroy the defenders, press the button on the wall and 
a path will appear.

You should find your way back all right to the lift.  Go up and 
follow the path to get out.  When you come to the square hole 
through which you came up, and unless you know how to go down 
ladders, look down and jump onto the grey blocks go make it to the 
ground more or less in one piece.  OK, now you have to make it to 
the metal door and jump down.  More beasties to fight (I hope you 
are using that poison protection shield, or something).  Now it's 
just a matter of finding long trailing vines and climb to find your 
way back.

Where there is a very large yellow pool, face slightly NW and you 
should be able to climb onto a platform where there is a pink 
piggybank.  Break it and take the cash.

OK, make it to the green blob and get back.  

There is only one sensible thing to do.  Go to...

The Draracle's Lair:  The final confrontation

Before you cross the bridge, you can use all that cash to open the 
multicoloured window.  There are some useful items and some even 
more useful spells.  Make sure you use them to defend/cure yourself 
when fighting, it's the only way you'll survive.

When you get to the Draracle's chamber, Jakel will appear and you 
will have a difference of opinion.  Before you know it, you will be 
under water and blowing bubbles.  Turn right around and climb up the 

You'll have a brisk fight with Jakel, who will conveniently 
disappear just as you were winning.  Now your task is to ride the 
lifts up till you find a bridge.  On the way, you will be 
offensively accosted by those infernal hounds.  While fighting them, 
take care not to get under a descending lift.  You might like to 
check their bodies and use what you find - you could get something 
useful.  At any rate, on one of the floors you should spy another 
multicoloured door.  Go towards it and jump onto the sunken bridge.  
Turn right around, then slightly to your left, save your game and 
jump.  You should be on a platform with a wheel.  Turn it to raise 
the bridge.  Jump down and follow the path, being ready to fight 
Jakel who is just around the corner.  Again, the coward flees.

Now you are back at the beginning and must climb up to the level of 
the bridge, which you will be able to cross and open the 
multicoloured door.  Inside, go round destroying all the skeletons.  
When you've done that, Jakel will appear and you will have your 
final fight.  Pick up the seal and you will be transported to the 
mirror - use the seal on it and enjoy what comes next.

Sit through the credits and at the end, watch.  When you are in 
control, leave the Lair and bear left.  You should meet Jaron; fight 
him and get the crown jewels.  Watch the rest.

The game is thankfully over.

Actually, I found it more useful to understand LOL2 better (you find 
out all about the odd items) than fulfilling.  It just goes to show 


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