Walkthrough by CRASH

Solution update : December 8, 1997
Version : 1.04
Thanks goes to all of the gamers in LOL2 and Spoiler Center Message Board for some clues (I couldn't mention all the names here).



The sequel of the famous Lands of Lore : Throne of Chaos, is finally arrived. You play as Luther, the son of the late sorceress of the Dark Army : Scotia. Burdened by an ancient curse, and imprisoned for the crimes of your mother, you must free yourself and find the cure for the horrible curse. The forces of good and evil are bound to kill you and really interested in magic within your curse.

You can play in 3 different shapes here; normal man, lizard, and the beast. Remember this : lizard is very good at magic, the beast is good at combat and very strong (you can move big things with this shape), while the man has a balance between those skill. Use these skills wisely. You can play in 3 different modes : medium, more difficult, and most difficult. There are no obvious different between the mode, the only thing that different is the skill and the number of your enemies you will faced.

I've separated the main story and the sidequest in each chapter. You could bypass the sidequest if you want because it's not important to finish the game. And for some interesting video clips, you can see that in the Special Footage section. Now, for the game ........

I've put a new section call : EVIL LUTHER, in each chapter that has the connection with it. I'll explain the result of your act and the alternate way to obtain some items which is relevant to the story


Main Goals : Escape from the guard and reach the Draracle's chamber.

Q : Where can I get my first armor and weapons ?
A : The game start after you're breaking loose from the underground prison. Pick up the crystal stalagmite for your first weapon. Now go straight to the north. Watch out of those Gladstone Guards, especially the ones with the shield. Chase carefully the first guard to the east and use your Spark spell on his back. Be quick or be dead !!!! Get your first sword and shirt armor.

Q : Are this cave aloes useful for me ?
A : You can pick up several cave aloes for healing herbs later in the south area of the first clearing and along the road

Q : Where is the exit way ?
A : No ..... don't go further to the east because there are several archer that is impossible to defeat in that area. Go to the northwest section. Click on the firefly near the rock and follow them the north path to reach Draracle's chamber. See that arrow on the wall ?? That's your direction to the chamber.

Q : There is a big boulder that blocked my way. What can I do with it ?
A : You can take the right path while you're in human or lizard shape, and you can push the big boulder that blocked the left path while you're in beast shape.

Q : Can I flood the guards ?
A : Yes, you can. Peek and listen to the conversation between Kenneth and the guards through that crack on the wall to the north. Then go straight to the curve and follow the path to the underground river. To the east is a pit with many small rivers that flow to it. Smash the stalagmite that flow the water (there should be 3 of them), the small river will flood and kill some of the guard (it will increase your level by 1). Pick up their belongings, like : Manafoil, shield and halberd (this is your best weapon here).

Secret Place : After you flood the guards, don't leave yet. Enter the path behind the left most stalagmite. There's a hidden waterfall there on the right side. Its water will cure your wounds completely. Yup, you've found the magic healing waterfall.

Q : There are 2 stoneblocks that stand on my way, what should I do with them ?
A : To the north of the pit there are 2 stoneblocks that stand on your way. Move them and go straight. When you reach the other end, a guard will shout at you. See that weak spot on the left pillar ?? Use the spark spell on it to drop some heavy stones on that guard.

Q : Can I use the lava pool ?
A : There's an opening in the wall which shows a guard standing in a lava pool. Spark the pool and he will be burnt to death. Nice clip.

Q : The guard keep on chasing me across the bridge, I don't have time to open the gate ?
A : Cross the bridge. At the end of the bridge, turn around and use your Spark spell at the chain or cut it with your sword to destroy the bridge. So long guards ......... Turn around and open the gate. Watch the video clip with Draracle.


Q : The Dark Army camp, what can I do in this area ?
A : Just south of the big lava lake you'll see a crossroad. The right path goes to the Dark Army secret camp. Inside you'll meet a wounded orc. Talk to him. He'll explain about your mother. Near the room with wounded orc, there's a locked door. To open it just aim the chain beside the door with Spark spell. Get inside and take the Ancient Stone. Another secret crevice lies in the next room (the one with lots of boxes on the floor). Arrange the boxes and climb them to the crevice. But nothing very useful there, only several broken weapons.

Q : Can I enter Kenneth's room ?
A : After Kenneth has done with his talk, turn around and pull down the lever on the wall beside the bridge. You'll find many interesting things like Guardian orbs, Pyro pod, and the crossbow. Manipulate the lever on the wall to open the door back to the bridge.

Special Footage : Try to get pass the archers at the cave entrance with different shape to see different interesting movie clips.


Main Goal : Find a way to the southern continent.

Q : How can I reach the Southern Continent ?
A : Go straight to the north and enter the chamber. Inside you'll find a fine long sword, plate armor, and 2 champion stones. There are 2 ways to go to the southern continent. First you can directly go through the shining path behind the grate, the other and the more adventurous way is through the Draracle's Museum. The entrance is located behind the tapestry on the right wall. Move the tapestry and enter the secret path.

Q : What is the use of the skeleton key ?
A : Damn..... you're locked inside. You have to find the other exit. See the slot on the right-end wall ??! That's the skeleton key. Take it. Use it to hear the explanation of all the exhibits inside the museum (by placing it on the appropriate slot near the exhibits).

Q : Where is the other exit way from the museum ?
A : Follow the right path to the paintings gallery. On the way, you'll see a grate that blocked the ancient rooms. Move the painting on the back wall (the one with the picture of The Gladstone castle). It will reveal the lever. Push it to open the grate to the ancient rooms. Enter the ancient room. On the far right room, you'll see a Coco's cap. Take it. Enter the room with an hourglass in it. Destroy the hourglass with your spark spell or weapon, the quickly hit the collapsed wall with your weapon to make a hole. Leap through the hole to the secret path (do this quickly or you'll be dead). Follow the path until you reach a wooden door. Take 3 Dragon Blood in this room. Open the door and talk to the dragon. It will fly you to the southern continent.


Q : What other things can I get in this museum ?
A : You can collect many good items lying around :

Special Footage : In the first room of the Draracle's Hall, turn around and try to enter the door to Draracle's chamber twice. You'll overheard the conversation between Draracle and Dawn about a beast in Huline jungle.


Main Goal : Find Shalla and her child.

Q : Where is the village ?
A : Follow the path to the north. Talk to the guard. He'll explain about the situation there. You couldn't enter the village until you find the lost child.

Q : Where is Shalla ?
A : Keep on continuing the path and speak with the Huline's woman. Ask them about the lost child. Continue your journey to the southwest area of the jungle (take the west path and cross 2 rivers). Near a small bridge you'll meet 2 Huline women. Talk to them and they will tell you about the big spider inside the Hive cave that scared them. Nearby you'll find the entrance to the bushes. Go through these bushes to the southwest area. That's the entrance to the Hive cave. Inside you'll find Shalla.

Q : What can I do to remove this bushes, it always grow back after I cut it down ?
A : Use your Spark spell to destroy the bushes that blocking your way (if you use the spell, the wood won't grow anymore).

Q : I always get poisoned when I walk in this Hive cave, what must I do ?
A : Avoid that green smoke from the cave's ground. That will poison you.

Q : There is a big chasm in front of me, what can I do to get over it ?
A : Enter the cave and continue the path until you see a 2 headed spider (The Executioner). Kill it and take the breast plate from its nest. In this room there is 2 small entrance to the west and east. To the north is a deep chasm with lots of stalagtites on the top of it. You can continue your journey to the far northwest area with 2 ways. First, if you're a lizard, you can take the west small entrance. Or you can shoot the stalagtite with your weapons or Spark spell to make a pathway on the chasm. Either ways, go to the northwest area of this cave.

Q : I've heard the cries but where is Shalla ?
A : At the far northwest area of this cave you'll find a child's skeleton on the cave's ground. My God, that's the lost child. So where is her mother. Sssssttt.... listen, isn't that a cry from within the cave ??? That's her mother. Kill the blue spider in that room. You'll feel a little earthquake after that and the pillar that block your way to the north is open now. Go there and meet Shalla. She'll tell you about the story of the Executioner (the 2 headed spider). She said that she'll go back to the village. Go back to the village and this time you can enter the village.


Q : What other things can I found in this jungle ?
A : There are lots of interesting things that can be found in this jungle. For example :


Q : What are my first acts as the Evil Luther ?
A : For some fun, kill the Huline guard and attack all the Huline woman you met in the jungle. Ha.. ha... Luther is doing some bad thang.


Main Goal : Find the ancient rune

Q : Where should I begin my investigation about this ancient curse ?
A : In the village, first talk to the chief. His hut is behind the gate with the guard in front of it. Talk to the guard and enter the gate. The leader will tell you to find info in the monastery. Next, visit Ra'Shar the magician. His hut is next to the chief's hut. Ask him about the cure of your curse. He told you to find Dawn and again ... visit the Monastery. Take everything that lies on the ground (Fire crystal, Speaking Stone, Manafoil, and the War Cluster). Then visit the local cantina at the left area from the main gate. Talk to Bacatta, the four handed beast. He, again, will tell you to find Dawn at the Monastery. Dawn is investigating something in the Hive cave.

Q : Where is this Monastery ?
A : It is located in the southeast area of the jungle (cross the bridge on the top of mud pool to reach the entrance). Enter the Monastery. Talk to Brother Morgan in the garden. He said that he knows something on how to use the Power Orb. Find Dawn at the library. Talk with her. She promise to help you after her investigation has finished. Go see Brother Julian at his office. Brother Julian wants you to find the ancient rune inside the Hive Cave before he can find some way to help you defeat the curse. He gives you an iron flute.

Q : Where can I find the rune ?
A : Before you continue your journey, take 2 bees wax with you. Get them from the bee hive that scattering around the jungle. Go back to Hive Cave and go straight to the room where you found the child's skeleton. On the left wall, just before the skeleton, there's a small path to a platform. When you reach the platform, notice strange 4 marks on the right wall. Memorize the order. Use your flute to raise up the platform. Approach the platform and look at the pole on it. There are 8 picture from top to bottom. From now on you can call the platform by pressing the green button on the pole near it. Push the picture to move the platform. The rune is in the level 8.

Q : What can I do to overcome the lava pit in level 8 ?
A : Step into the inner chamber. You should see 4 exit way here. One is from where you came, one from the hidden passage on level 7, one will be blocked by crumbling stones if you enter it, and the other goes to lava pit.. Take the path to lava pit. Don't step to the pit, turn right and notice that strange hole. Use your iron flute with that hole. It will move some stoneway to cover the pit. Now you can cross safely.

Q : How can I get pass those knifes ?
A : Next is the room of knifes. Just before the path of knife, on the left side, there is a secret way to go back to the other end of this room. Click on the wall to open it.

Q : How can I avoid the rolling boulder ?
A : Run quickly to the left end of the room. The stone will collapse to the hole on the ground.

Q : I can't see anything, where is the rune ?
A : Light the braziere beside the hole with your spell. Enter the hole. Hmmmm ...... there is the rune. Use your honey on the rune to make a copy of it. Don't forget to take the Ancient stone.

Q : Who should I give the rune, Dawn or Brother Julian ?
A : Now return to the Monastery. Outside the cave you'll meet Dawn. It's up to you now, you can give the rune to Dawn or save it for Brother Julian. If you give it to Brother Julian, he'll give you the Power Orb. If you choose Dawn, meet her later in the Monastery's library and received the Dampen Necklace. Or ..... if you bring another wax, you can make 2 copies of the rune and give them both to Dawn and Julian (you'll received both prices). Both Dawn and Julian tell you to investigate the Huline temple at the Savage Jungle. Show the orb to Brother Morgan, he'll tell you how to use the orb.


Q : What else can I get from the Hive cave ?
A : Explore the other level and find out about :

Q : Where is this great sword : Rever of the Great Orc ?
A : In a cave inside the Hive Cave (near the lava pool) you can get a big and deadly sword, The Rever of Great Orc. Hop from one island to another and head into northern exit. Inside, you'll find a chamber with pillars in it. Crawl beside the pillars, take this sword and run quickly to avoid the falling stones.


Q : What should I do with Dawn and Brother Julian ?
A : Attack Dawn when you meet her in the library inside the Monastery. Show her who's the EVIL here. Visit Brother Julian at his office. Kill him and take the flute and the power orb. Luther will lock the office and go out. The EVIL is not done yet, kill the Sergeant in the garden. Ha... ha.... ha... Later on after you pick up the rune in the Hive Cave, Dawn will grab the rune from you when you shows up from the hole. She's very angry and threaten you not to interfere her investigation. Attack her once more to get some respect. Before she fleed, quickly take the Dampen Necklace from her body.


Main Goal : Find an exit way from this doomed place and kill Rix

Q : Where can I find the story of the Dark Hall ?
A : Northwest of Huline village, you'll see a river with few geysers on it. Follow it upstream and you'll arrive at a pool with single geyser in the middle. Break it. It will drain away the river. Change your shape into lizard form and enter the lizard tunnel nearby. Inside you'll see a Speaking Stone, storm crystal, 2 fire crystals, and 3 Ancients Stones. The Speaking Stone will tell you about the Dark Hall.

Q : Where is the entrance to the Dark Hall ?
A : After you bring Brother Julian the copies of the rune a new section can be access in this Monastery. Open the door next to the library. You'll find an interesting character, Rix the Adventurer, in this room. Talk with him and listen to his brag about his famous name. After that he'll disappeared through a hidden passage. Follow him to the next room. If you open the map you'll see that there's a secret way behind the shelves. Smash the shelf with your weapons then climb the crate and jump through the hole to the Dark Hall.

Q : Where can I get the Prism Scroll ?
A : From the starting point, enter the room to the right. Open the door on the far right wall of the room. Enter the passage. When you heard someone speak :"Behind you", quickly turn around and banish the spirit. Continue your exploration until you reach the room at the end of the passage. Open the peephole. Notice that crate just under the peephole. Open it and light the crystal with Spark spell. It will create a hole on the wall. Enter the room. Browse the shelves and collect 2 Prism scrolls, 1 Summon and Spark Spell. Now you have learnt about the Prism spell.

Q : Where is the exit way from this abandoned library ?
A : Go back to the starting point, this time head north. Enter the abandoned library with many bookcases. Again, banish the spirit that shows up. Browse the shelves and collect Prism and Healing scrolls. Push the last bookcase on the left side. It will reveal another passage.

Q : Where is the Vell's garden ?
A : Climb the stair and banish another spirit. Follow the path until you reach an intersection. First, turn to the right. Head into the bedroom. Banish the spirit inside and take 2 ancient stones. Go back to the intersection and go to the right. Climb the staircase. At the next crossroad, go to the right. Push the bookcase in the chamber. Inside you will see a garden. Pull the chain on the right side quickly to open the roof. It will banish the spirits also. If you want, take the Vell's fruit. Go back again to the intersection and follow the path to the right.

Q : Is there any secret room in the next floor ?
A : Yes, there is . At the next intersection, choose right. Open the peephole and light up the candle inside the chamber, you can enter this room through the other side. Continue the path again. Watch your step carefully in the next intersection. Rix is waiting for you there. As soon as you show up, he will fire some fireballs to you. Kill him and took his Plasma staff. Take a quick look through the peephole and see a blue globe floating. Continue your journey again and climb the stair to the next intersection. Choose right. Now you'll see a light from the crack on the backwall. That's the room which you have lighted before. Destroy the wall and enter the room. Inside you'll find light crossbow, Stone Bracers, and fire shield.

Q : Where is the exit from this Dark Hall ?
A : Continue your way to reach the next chamber. Kill another spirit. On the next intersection, choose straight first and blow up the blue door by using the crystal in the crate. Inside this room you will find Gauntlet of Striking, Speaking stone, and Colon's Amulet. Now prepare yourself wisely and enter the big hall on the right path at the intersection. Drag a crate into the room. Open your map and memorize : which brick wall that has a path behind it. Put the crate under that brick wall and light it with Spark spell. If you have difficulties on burning the crystal, use the Dragon Blood beside it (do this quickly 'cause those spirits are not very friendly at all, be quick or be dead !!!). After the explotion, jump to the outside world.

Q : Can I kill all of those evil blue specters ?
A : Sure you can. See that big blue globe at the middle of the big hall ??!! You have to destroy it first to stop the specters come out from the hole. Put one crate under each window in the big hall. Blow them up (after you blow up half of the windows, the light from outside world will destroy the globe).


Main Goal : Find a way to meet Daniel at the Wild Ones tribe

Q : How can I get the Great Sword of Firestorm from Kit'yala ?
A : If you're interested in Firestorm Sword, there are 2 ways to obtain it.

  1. The easy one and more friendly is by giving her the Power Orb. You can have the Firestorm without making more enemies.
  2. The more painfull way is by stealing it. Go to the Huline village and find the thief (his hut is behind the guardhouse). Enter the cellar and knock on the door. Someone will ask you for a password. Go back up the village and go to the left section of the village (the one with many crates, near the entrance to the cantina). Behind those crates, there is a man hiding. Talk to him and he'll tell you the password. Back to the thief cellar and knock again on the door. This time, tell him the password. Talk to the thief. He'll help you to get the Firestorm if you kill the chief's guard, Kelsrick. Go back up and kill him. You can kill the chief also by clicking on the lever behind Kelsrick. Inside you'll find 5 Ancient Stones ( see Special Footage section for more info about obtaining this stones). Then report this to the thief and he'll give you the Firestorm sword. But ...... you won't be able to enter the village again because all the guards are hunting you down now. Escape from the village through the secret door on the back side of the hut.

Q : Where is Daniel ?
A : He is at the Wild Ones Tribe in the Savage Jungle. You'll find the entrance to this jungle across the River bane. But you must have something first to show to Daniel before he can trust you. Somewhere around Kit'yara's hut in the jungle, you'll find her wandering around. After you telling her that you'll go to the Savage Jungle, she'll give you the War Sabre. It's her husband's sword. She wants you to show it to Daniel. Take the sabre and go directly to the River Bane. On the way there, you'll meet Bacatta. He will accompany you across the River Bane. When you reach the other end, hundreds of spider destroy the dam. So .... you're stuck again in this jungle. Follow the path to Savage Jungle. At the other end of the cave, you will meet 3 cat people. One of them is Daniel. Show him the sword and he'll tell you about the location of the Huline temple.

Q : Where is the Huline temple ?
A : From the place you met Daniel head to the east then to the south. When you reach the Huline temple, an old priest is waiting for you. Talk to him about the curse. He promise to help you after you restore the temple's treasure, the Dreamstone. Another job and another quest !!!! Suddenly, a beast attack the priest and captured him. Nothing you can do right now.

Q : What now ?
A : Go directly to the cat people's village at the north area of the jungle. Talk to the guard and show him the War Sabre. He lets you in. Find Daniel's hut and enter. Talk with him and give him the sabre (you can keep it if you want to, but it's the matter of trust that Kit'yala gave you).


Q : Can I open the other hut in the Huline village ?
A : Yes, you can. Take the Skull Key and the Poison Paint from the thief's hut. With this key you can open all locked doors in the village. Collect all the interesting things from those buildings, like the Crossbow Snare, Ironwood sap, scrolls, throwing dagger, etc. Special Note : If you bring the simple throwing dagger to Ra'shar, the Magician, he'll enchanted it into Dagger of Light.

Q : Where can I repair the broken sword from the museum ?
A : Go find Kit'yara in her hut. Show the broken sword to Kit'yara. She'll tell you to find Ra'Shar the magician. Ra'Shar can repair the broken sword if you bring him the Power Orb. Give him the Power Orb and retrieve the Thoehan Sword. Right now it's not as good as the Firestorm. Later after you enhanced this sword, it will become more deadly than the Firestorm. But it is your choice, you want to be the bad guy just use the second methode !!!!! Special Note : If you choose the first methode in obtaining the Firestorm sword, you won't be able to repair the broken sword from the Draracle's museum because you have only one Power Orb. If you choose the second methode, you can repair the broken sword.

Special Footage : There is another cool way to obtain the ancient stones from the chief and avoid to fight the entire village. Go around to the dam behind the village. Now, the river should be flow to the village. Smash the big rock in the water tunnel. It will produce lots of oil that spoil the water. Light the oil and it will blow up the chief's hut. Go back inside the village and approach the hut. Kelsrick will warn you not to do anything foolish and he still want to find some clues to arrest you. Get inside and take the Ancient Stones. By exploding the chief's hut, both your skill level will increase by 1.


Q : How can I get the Great Sword of Firestorm from Kit'yala ?
A : Choose the second methode in obtaining the Great Sword of Firestorm (repair the broken sword from the museum first before you do any harm to the villagers : See the broken sword section above).

Q : Where is Daniel ?
A : Destroy the chief's hut and make war with the inhabitants of Huline village. Kill Kit'yala and get the War Sabre. Sneak around Bacatta near the bridge and run accross the dam to the guard. In the Savage Jungle, attack Daniel when you first meet him. After meeting the priest at the temple, go to Wild Ones Tribe to the north.

Q : How can I enter the village, the guard attack me ?
A : Kill the guard at the front gate. Take the 2 Runestones from his body. Put one of the Runestones over the face on the gate and put it in its mouth. This will open the gate to the village.


Main Goals : Find a silver leaf

Q : How can I join the tribe ?
A : Visit the other inhabitants of the village. Talk with both the Herbalist and the Magician. The Magician will help after you join the tribe. For this he only ask for a SMALL favour : retrieve a silver leaf. But the problem is, the leaves grows in the cemetary where all the UNDEADS are lurking around. That's great !!!!!! He gives you a key to unlock the cemetary gate.

Q : Where is the cemetary ?
A : It's on the northwest area (north of the entrance to this Savage Jungle). Unlock the gate by using the key and enter the cemetary. Notice of those Mandrake Root plants that grow on the cemetary ground.

Q : How can I enter those locked tomb ?
A : There are only 3 buildings that can be accessed now, the northwest, middle, and southeast buildings. At the northwest building (the left building near the north wall) you can get an empty glass globe and a Bezel Ring inside one of the sarchopagus. The middle building contain another empty globe and Speaking stone inside one of the catacombs. Take them. The others can be accessed with a charged glass globe. Push the gargoyle near the doors and see what colour could open the door (look at the stoneblock under it). The key are 1 white globe, 2 blue, and yellow for the rest.

Q : Where is the globe recharger ?
A : There are 3 claw recharger for the glass globe. The blue and the yellow are inside the crypt under the cemetary. The white one is in the Mage Tower at the Dracoid Ruin. First go to the Dracoid Ruin.

Q : Where is the entrance to Dracoid Ruin ?
A : The entrance is at the centre of the Savage Jungle, south of the village. Find the deep pit with a big log on the top of it. First cross the log to the small peak at the middle and jump your way down to the bottom (jump from one peak to another, don't jump directly to the bottom). At the bottom, there is a hole to the Dracoid Ruin.

Q : Where is the Mage Tower ?
A : Watch out of those stone monsters. Kill them and you can take some gorgonite nodules from their dead bodies. To the right you can find a Stone Cube lying on the ground and Greater Bezel Ring inside the chamber. Head north then west. Lit the globe on the spike, it will lower down the bridge. Cross it. No no no ..... don't lit the globe in front of the door yet, instead continue going to the gate at the far end. Open the gate and enter, you'll arrive at the Mage Tower.

Q : How can I overcome the magical barrier on the stair ?
A : There is a magical barrier at the stair to the second level. Enter the alcove and lit the globe, it will lower down the barrier. Kill the snakedragon that come down. On this first level you'll see another globe behind the stair. Lit it to open the staircase to the lower room. Inside this room you'll find Gauntlets of Might. Now go to the second level. On this level you'll see another globe and a claw recharger. Insert your two empty glass globes in the claw. Take them and lit the globe to lower the barrier to the third level. Kill another snakedragon. Go to third level. Inside the alcove there's a stone snakedragon. Approach him and speak to him. Then kill this beast. After you defeat the beast, you can take the Bracers of the Dead in the small alcove. The spirit of the beast will talk to you. Lit the globe and go to the fourth level. Notice that small window. Later it'll be your shortcut from the river below. Go down to the first level and get out from the Mage Tower.

Q : How can I get back to the cemetary ?
A : Lit the globe and enter the stone door. Take another Stone Cube. Walk through the mirror teleporter to the mirror room. Inside this room there are 3 mirror teleporter. One goes back to the Dracoid Ruins, one to the jungle, and another one to the cemetary. Take the teleporter to the cemetary.

Q : Where is the silver leaf ?
A : A Dracoid Priest will tell you how you can get the leaf. He live in one of the building that can be opened by blue globes.

Q : Where is the entrance to the blue recharger ?
A : The second building from the north wall can be opened with white globe. Pull down the lever right to the entrance to open the building to the south. Enter that building and take the glass globe. Flip over the barrel at the entrance and push it by walking into it to the first building. It will be broken and spill some oil on the floor. Trigger and throw the dragon's blood to the oil. Watch the building blows. This will reveal an opening to the crypt below. Go straight to the blue claw recharger at the northwest area. Pick up the empty globe and insert both the empty globes in the claw. Take them and head back up to the cemetary (you may find this exit at the middle of the crypt, jump over 2 fences to reach that stair). Open 2 buildings that requires blue globes to open it in the cemetary. One of them contains empty globe (push the stone below the altar to raise the lid of the chest) and Crossbow of Valkeri (on the altar). You meet the Dracoid Priest in the other building. If you have collected the Bracers of the Dead you'll be able to communicate with him. He wants you to find his ashes in the Dracoid Ruin, burn it down, put it in the urn, and give it back to him before he'll give you the silverleaf. That's great .......


Q : What can I found in the other buildings in the cemetary ?
A : Before you go to the Ancient ruin, you may want to open the other buildings.


Q : How can I enter the Cemetary ?
A : Instead of joining the Tribe, you slaughter them all. Go to Shaman's hut above. He will call you a fool and attack you in the area (with lots of his friend). Prepare for this difficult fight. When you kill him, take the green crystal, recepie to make Larkhon Vapour, and the Key to Dracoid Cemetary. Anyway, just KILL THEM ALL. Go back to Shaman's hut and enter the back room. Release the beast from its cage with your weapon. Go to the Dracoid Cemetary and unlock the door with the key. Get the silver leaf : See paragraphs below.


Main Goal : Find the ashes at the Dracoid Ruin and give it back to the priest

First of all, I want to tell you that it is very hard to describe this enormous and complex area. So I can only give you the approximate location of some important places with step by step hints. Prepare your paper and pencil to make some notes.

Go back to the Dracoid Ruin via the teleporter. Enter the mirror to the underground ruin. Now head northeast. Enter the lizard tunnel on the wall to the dining room. Climb the stair to the bedrooms. The door to the left goes back to the underground ruin, but you can't go through there yet because of the the deep chasm behind the door. In the bedrooms you'll find 2 Net of Exile and a Healing scroll. Open the window and jump out from the bedroom. Jump to the small edge on the left. Enter the lizard tunnel again to the other side. Explore the southeast area carefully.

At the corner of the path, there should be 2 holes on the wall. You can look at the small lake through the left one, and the other goes to the pump. Spark the pump to open the dam. The water will be flooding the cave chasm. Now you can take the short cut if you want to go back to the dining room (jump to the floating door and open the door). Head to the buildings in the southeast area. Enter the southest building. As soon as you jump to the chasm, water will rush in and flood the chasm. Quickly jump to the other side. Pull the crate and place it under the hole on the wall. Enter the lizard hole. Inside you'll find Stone of the Cobra. Now for the difficult part, crossing back the flooded chasm. Push the crate into the water. Quickly jump to the crate and balance yourself while waiting the crate moves to the other edge. Jump to the crate on the right and quickly jump to the edge. This could take few tries before you can make it. Inside one of those buildings, you can take an Iron Rod too. Lit the globe on the spike near the stone door to open it. One building has a lizard tunnel to the Savage Jungle. Inside this lizard cave you'll find some Ancient Stones.

Head north and jump over the small river to the middle area of the ruin. This area is bordered by 2 river. In the farwest region of this area (near the river on the west) you'll find the arena (the place you would be sent to if you are captured by those snakedragons), jail, and an altar. Inside the arena and the jail you can pick up some Stone Cube. On the altar, you'll see a magical stone that tells you the story of Draracle and Belial.

In the northern region of this area you'll find a library, two-floor building, a building with Belial's statue, and a temple with a waterfall near it. Inside the building with Belial's statue in it you may found Guardian Orb and Summon scroll inside a chest on the second floor. Check out the temple with the waterfall. Notice that hole up there, next to the waterfall. Go further to the next cave and watch as the worm attack you. Nothing can be done for now. Go to the two-floor building and head directly to the second floor. Inside a chest in the back room, you'll find Guardian Orb and Lightning Crystal. Head to the balcony. Tear down the iron fence on the balcony. Walk to the edge at the left side of the balcony. Follow the path down to the river's bed. Follow the path and cross the bridge to the north. Continue until you find a room on the right side of the big lake. Enter the room. Drag the dead body to the altar. Lit the 2 globes beside it. The body will be burned. Put the ashes into the urn. Go back to the river's bed and find your way back to the cemetary.

Special Note : Before you go back to the cemetary, I guess it's time to do some exploring in the underground ruin. You can explore the northern area across the river and the Dracoid's castle (via the teleporter into the mirror room).


Main Goal : Find a way to get over Lharkon

Q : Where should I use this Ankh key from the Dracoid Priest ?
A : Give the ashes to the Dracoid Priest. In return he'll give you an Ankh key and a clue to solve your problem. He said that his higher power can help you to overcome the curse. Go to the Ankh's symbol next to this building. Insert the Ankh key into the keyhole. It will open a door to a secret chamber. Take back the key and enter this chamber.

Q : What should I do with the pedestal ?
A : First, fill in the other empty globes with blue and yellow. There are 3 pedestals inside the chamber. One pedestal represent the Prism spell, one for Spark spell, and the other for Myst of Doom spell. On the front side of each pedestal there's a panel that can be opened. Insert the appropriate globes to this panel : blue in the Prism panel (left), yellow in the Spark (center), and white in the Myst of Doom (right). It will open the door to the inner chamber. Use the Ankh key to unlock the door that appear. Enter the room and talk with the spirit. He'll help you if you bring his skull to the building with Belial Statue in the Dracoid Ruin. Yeah right, you just like a ball that can be kicked here and there..... Anyway, pick up the skull and return to that building.

Q : Where should I put the skull ?
A : Put the skull in the urn next to the statue. Watch as the statue move and follow his step to the worm's cave. Watch as he kills the worm and make a big crack in the ceiling.

Q : Help, I'm drowned. How can I get out from this flooded cave ?
A : Run quickly to the temple. Jump to the table. As the table reach the top of the cave, jump to the hole next to the waterfall. Run quickly until you found a small pit. Circle the pit and enter the passage. Find a wooden door lying on the ground. Push it to the pit. The water should raise up quickly. Jump to the door and balance yourself on it until you reach the outside world in the Savage Jungle.

Q : Where is the Silverleaf ?
A : Once back up, you should meet Dawn again. She told you about the Huline temple and something about the dead. Give her the Bracers of the Dead (you won't need it anymore) and in return she'll give you a Control Token. Return to the cemetary and talk to the spirit in the Ankh's room. He'll change some of the mandrake root's plant into the silverleaf. Take it. Don't forget to take the Myst of Doom scroll lying on the room's floor.

Q : How can I pass the test, this enemy is quite hard to defeat ?
A : Bring the silverleaf to the magician in the village. You'll be given a second test before you can join the tribe. It's an easy test actually. Just defeat one of their warrior in a close hand-to-hand combat. Then, he'll give you a potion to make Lharkon Vapor and a Lizard amulet to learn Lizard spell.

Q : Where is the entrance to the Claw Mountain ?
A : Head east to the river. You can cross the chasm with 2 ways. First, by jumping to the branch of a tree down there (take your best jump, 'cause it's a long way down) or with a safer way. See that dry tree over there. Push that tree and it'll make a bridge crossing the chasm. Walk to the big tree across the chasm and jump to the ground or if you're a lizard, walk through the hole in the dry tree and climb down the lizard path from the big tree to the ground.

Q : How can I get pass the Lharkon ?
A : Combine the potion with the silverleaf to make Lharkon Vapor. Use the Lharkon Vapor with the beast to make it sleep. Walk through the cave to the Claw Mountain.


Q : What else can be done in the jungle ?
A : These are several things that can be done after you're escaped from the flood in Dracoid Ruin :


Note : You won't receive the Lizard amulet from the Shaman (you've killed him, remember) and the Control Token from Dawn (you'll attack her again when you get out from the Ruins, don't give her the Bracers of the Dead). You'll get them with another ways. See below :

Q : How can I make the Lharkon Vapour and get the Lizard Amulet ?
A : Find the Shaman Hut, southwest of the village. Watch out for the guard (If you haven't kill them all) Lit all of 5 torches to raise the stair. Insert the green crystal shard into the keyhole to open the door. There's a Shaman's potion on the left shelf. Combine it with the silver leaf to make Lharkon Vapour. Insert the shard again into the keyhole to open the chest. Inside this chest you'll find Dagger of the Empty Hand, Lizard amulet, and Kieran's Circlet. Inside this room, you can read 2 scrolls to make Lharkon Vapours and War Cluster.

Q : Where can I get the Control Token ?
A : In the ancient building northwest of the Huline temple you can get some Guardian Orbs, Control Token, and Ancient Stones. Enter the building through the small hole at the back of the building (using lizard form). Note : If you're accepted as the member of the tribe, a man from the Wild One tribe will let you in to the hut through the front door. If you're the enemy, the guard will attack you.


Main Goals : Find a way to the Citadel

Q : Where should I go first ?
A : You'll meet Dawn eventually. Talk with her and learn about the Citadel, your next destination. To the south is a small clearing with nothing interest in it. Head to the north. You'll arrive at a clearing with an ice bridge on the deep chasm. To the north is a passageway to the gorilla's village.

Q : What can I get in the gorilla's village ?
There, you'll find lots of tar crystals around small tar pools. Enter the village and go directly to the eastern hut. Inside the cabinet on the wall, you can take the Bracer of Valor. This bracelet is important for using the War Axe Traitor as an appropriate weapon to deal with the Ruloi.

Q : Where is the entrance to the Citadel ?
A : Go across the ice bridge to the lake. Go through the other exit of this clearing. You'll arrive at an ice plain. BE CAREFUL when you cross the ice 'cause it will be collapsed. Run to the other side. Now head to the north passageway across the plain. (ignore the river bank below, you'll get there later with an easy way). Inside you'll meet Kenneth, but he is frozen now. Thanks God. Take his girlfriend's picture and throw that ugly picture to the wall. Voila, take Kenneth's charm (so, this is his secret power enhancement). Move closer to the edge of the cave. Look down and notice that ice path on the cliff. Jump to the path, then take a big jump across the chasm to the cave. Follow down the path and you'll meet Bacatta. How the hell he could go in here ???? Anyway, he told you that he's to weak to help you find the Dreamstone and Dawn. Yeah, great !!!! Enter the Citadel .......


Q : Where can I get the Great Axe Blizzard ?
A : Across the ice bridge you'll see a small ice lake in the clearing. Find a cave on the right side of the pool. Inside, there is a polar bear sleeping. It's your choice weather you kill it or not. Anyway, change yourself into a lizard and enter the lizard hole behind the stalagmite next to the bear. Spark the globe (it'll raise a small pedestal at the center of the lake outside) and take 2 Ancient Stones there. Go out and notice the small pedestal with an axe on it at the center of the lake. Hop from an ice piece to another and when you get really close to the pedestal, grab the Great Axe Blizzard on it.


Nothing special to do here, except you will confront Dawn when you meet her at the Claw Mountain and attack the wounded Bacatta outside the Citadel. He'll be disappeared after you defeat him. Hahhh .... he's not been wounded after all.


Main Goal : Find the Dreamstone and release Dawn

Q : How can I defeat these annoying Ruloi ?
A : Here you will face many Ruloi, the flying magical creature. This creature is the worst enemy in this game because they're quick and attack you with magic poison (the Myst of Doom level 4 spell). So, safe often when you're dealing with them. Use the Reflecting Armor and Rever of the Great Orc or War Axe Traitor to fight them, it should help you a lot.

Q : How can I open the door ?
A : In front of you, there's a globe. Clicking on it will open the door behind the globe. Don't forget to kill the Ruloi in this room. In the next room you'll see another globe and 2 Rulois. Kill them. Clicking on it will open doors to the left and right. Enter the right door.

Q : Is there any easy way to destroy the eggs, that firebolt always shooting at me ?
A : Destroy all the eggs in this room by shooting the gun on the ceiling. The poison pool will be empty after you destroy the gun. Lit the globe at the other side of the pool. If you don't destroy the eggs in this room, the Ruloi will live again after you kill them. Take 3 powerful weapons in the empty pool : Crossbow Milliard, Halberd Bastion, and Coward's Target Shield.

Q : How to move this elevator ?
A : Go back out and head to the left. Clicking the globe will move down the elevator. Continue your path and enter the main chamber of the Citadel.

Q : Where is Dawn ?
A : On the other side of this large cave, you'll see 2 pathway. First, take the left path. At the center of the room you'll see another globe. Click on it will open the door to the north. Destroy 2 guns on the left and the right. Kill another Ruloi that shows up. Enter the path, jump to the paltform in the middle of poison pool, and meet Dawn. Talk with her. She'll tell you about the spawn of Belial.

Q : Where is the Spawn ?
A : Notice that hidden globe behind the stalagtite ? Click on it will open a door up above. Find the purple stakes on the wall. Climb these stakes until you reach the top. Now, this part is quite difficult. See that gun near the chasm ?? Everytime it shoots a fireball, a bridge will appear. But when the bullet reach the other end, the bridge will disappear. So get ready and RUN LIKE HELL right after it shoots a firebolt. The door should be opened now if you've click the globe I've mention earlier. Circle the room while destroying the guns surround it. Enter the Belial's chamber at the other side. Watch the movie clips as the spawn fighting the Ruloi. When it's over, kill the spawn. Take the Dreamstone on the altar. Step on the paltform and you'll be transported to the first room you came in Citadel.

Q : Where should I use the Dreamstone ?
A : Use it in the keyhole next to Dawn's cell to release Dawn (she'll give you an amulet for learning Beast spell and promise to see you at the Huline Temple in the Savage Jungle) and to open the gate back to the Claw Mountain. Note : never leave the Dreamstone behind until you reach the City of the Ancient.

Q : Is there any easy way to get back to the main gate of the Citadel ?
A : Move back to the entrance via a transporter at the stone cluster, just in front of the entrance to the large room.

Q : How can I jump back to the ice plain ?
A : First jump to the ice sheet below on tha river. After you reach the river bank, jump to it. Climb back up to the ice plain via the wooden stakes and head right back to Huline Jungle. Go straight to the Huline Temple and enter .........


Q : How can I release the female prisoner, they refuse to come out ?
A : In the large cave you'll fight 10-12 Ruloi, make sure you kill ALL of them. Take the path to the prison. Destroy 3 magic guns on the wall. Jump to the center platform. Talk to the prisoner. Use your weapon to destroy the circle on the left wall of the jail. It will reveal a lever. Pull down the lever and release them (Note : if you haven't killed all the Ruloi yet, they'll refuse to come out). If you do the killing right, the last Ruloi should be near the Dawn's cell.

Q : What are the uses of the other globes in the large cave ?
A : In this cave there're lots of globe with some kind of stone panel beside it. Clicking the globe will raise a table from that panel. On these tables you'll see lots of chemical ingredients to make interesting stuff.

Q : Is there any other use for the Dreamstone ?
A : In the Citadel, don't take the Dreamstone first. But use the empty pedestal next to it to enhance your weapons. Two weapons can be enhanced here : Firestorm sword will become Great Sword Darkstorm which can drain your opponent life and Thoehan Sword will become Enhanced Thoehan Great Sword which can cast Lightning Storm.

Q : Is there any secret cave beside the circular river in the river bank at the Claw Mountain ?
A : Follow the path back to the river. Jump to the ice sheet that flow on the river below. At the far end of this circular river, you'll see a small cave on the left side. Inside you'll find Greater Bezel Ring and a scroll about acid sac. If you spark the tripod here, it will break and reveal Obsidian Chain Mail. This is the best armor in this game. Jump back again to the ice sheet to reach the river bank. Jump to the river bank and cross the ice bridge to the other river bank. Destroy the ice blocks on the cliff. It will open a passageway to the hidden cave. Turn to lizard and enter the cave. Make your way to a small cave with pool of ice water in it. Notice that frozen creature on the wall. Move closer to it and fire up the ice. When the ice melt, a bow will fall down. Quickly take this Crossbow of Shard. Go back to the entrance of the cave. Near the entrance you can take a look at the scroll. It will tell you the mixture to make chemical enhancement.


Q : Should I release the woman prisoners ?
A : Hey .... EVIL don't do such a noble deed. Ignore them and put them in a misery. If you could, kill them and Dawn also (he... he... he... kiddin', you couldn't kill them anyway). This will reduce lots of your misery, 'cause you won't have to kill all of the Rulois. Don't have any mercy for Dawn also. Leave her at the prison. Don't worry, Bacatta will release her. Note : you'll get the Beast amulet later when you've defeated Dawn at Belial's laboratory.


Main Goal : Find a way to the City of the Ancient

Q : What should I do with the bowls on the altar at the entrance ?
A : Fill it with something. Fill the left bowl with aloe and the right with poison paint. You can get both of them in a prayer room to the east of this chamber. After you put them in the bowls, a pedestal will raise up. Drag the corpse from the courtyard to the pedestal. A lightning will strike the corpse and makes it disappeared.

Q : Where is the entrance to the underground chamber ?
A : Move the tapestry on the left side of the altar. Enter and take the second left then turn south. There's a path to the garden. Pushing the button on the right wall will make an aloe tree grows. Go back and head north to the kitchen. A big blue spider will collapse the wall. Enter the hole. That's the way to the underground chamber. In the first room, there are 3 coffins. Get the flute from inside one of them.

Q : Can I kill all of those spider ?
A : Yes, you can. Althouh the spider always regenerate after they're killed, you could close the source hole that develop them. The best way is to keep them in the underground by closing all the possible hole that connect to the upper chamber. If you enter the big hall (north of the chapel) for the second times, one part of the floor will collapse. You can close this hole to prevent the spider crawling to the upper chamber. Destroy the pillars that support the roof. The roof will fall down and close the hole on the floor. Then go to the underground chamber. Find the room that produce the spiders (it's near the tunnel with firebolt). Use the ice cube or stone cube to close the hole. That should do it.

Q : What should I do with the corpse on the table in the underground chamber ?
A : That's the corpse from the upper chamber. Push the button near the table to move the corpse to the strange machine in front of it. Go to the back of the first machine and drag the crate of blood from it to the second machine. Then go to the back of the second machine to retrieve a statuette.

Q : What should I do with the statuette ?
A : Next to the table that hold the corpse earlier, there is a lizard hole. Change to lizard and enter this hole. You'll arrive at a small chamber. Climb up the stair. Push the button on the right to open the secret door. You'll arrive in the library. Close the door again to prevent the spider come up. On the wall near the exit door of the library, there is a button. Pushing this button will open a brick wall outside. Go out and enter the alcove to the right. Insert the statue in the empty hole on the wall. A pedestal will raise. Take the crystal shard on it. The other crystal shard is in the keyhole in the big hall, north of the chapel.

Q : What should I do with the crystals ?
A : Go back to the entrance and head into the path behind the tapestry. Take the first left. Put the crystals inside the large bowls. It will open the wall. Use the Dreamstone on the pedestal. A circular stair will raise. Climb the stair and head into the room with 3 archways. The left archway lead into the maze chamber, the middle into the balance chamber, and the right into the lava chamber.

Q : How can I pass this maze chamber ?
A : Jump from one pillar to another. First, jump the top of right pillar. Head east and push the button. It will raise the pillar in front of it. Cross the raised pillar and jump to the left. Push another button to the east. It will raise another pillar to the west. Jump to the pillar in the west and head to southwest until you near the entrance to the west. Take a big leap and jump to this entrance. Run quickly and avoid the fireball. Take the idol at the end of the passage.

Q : How can I open the door at the end of the balancing bridge ?
A : The 4 buttons on the side of this balancing bridge will open the door in front of you. You can run from one side to another to click the button everytime the bridge raise to that button. The easy way is by killing all the birds and put them on the bridge at the other side of the button you want to push. Head into the chamber and take the idol.

Q : How can I lower the bridge at the lava chamber ?
A : There are 3 buttons you have to push to lower the bridge. These buttons lies behind the firewall. Use your Myst of Doom level 1 spell to douse temporarely the firewall. Run quickly to the buttons and push them. Cross the bridge and take the third idol. Special Note : hidden behind the idol there's a niche with lots of alchemical recipie, and behind that niche lies a hidden compartment. Click on the wall to open the secret compartment. You'll find the Noble Valkyrie Crossbow and 2 Guardian orbs.

Q : How can I disarm all the traps in the passageway behind the center arch ?
A : Insert the flute from the coffin in the hole next to the lava pool to overcome it. Next is the spinning blades. To avoid it, use the secret passage to the right of the blades. The third is the rolling stone. Run down the corridor until you see 2 buttons to the left and right of you. Turn around and push these buttons. The stone will drop into the hole and trigger the door behind you. Run quickly before the door raise up. In the large platform, there are 3 pedestal show up. Insert all of 3 idols into them. It will form a staircase to the door in front of you. Head into the chamber.

Q : I am not heavy enough to lower the elevator, what can I do ?
A : There are 2 way to overcome this problem. First by killing the birds and put their body on the elevator. Second, by turning yourself into the beast form. You'll be heavy enough to lower the elevator.

Q : Where is the City of the Ancient ?
A : In the lower chamber, you'll meet another clone of Belial. Kill it and enter the Hall of Voices. Use the Dreamstone here and the City of Ancient will raise up from the water.


Q : How can I enter the upper chamber of the Shaman hut near the Huline village, in the Savage jungle ?
A : You'll need a crystal shard to open the door upstair. Lit all of 5 torches to raise the stair. Insert the crystal shard into the keyhole to open the door. Insert the shard again into the keyhole to open the chest. Inside this chest you'll find Dagger of the Empty Hand, Lizard amulet, and Kieran's Circlet. Inside this room, you can read 2 scrolls to make Lharkon Vapours and War Cluster.

Q : Are there any other hidden passage in the Huline temple ?
A : Yup, there are many hidden passage and room in this Huline temple, such as :

Q : Where can I find Storm Crystal ?
A : The Storm Crystal is kept in a heavy guarded chamber in the underground. Prepare yourself with your best weapon and head into this chamber (it's near the room with 2 strange machine in it). The entrance is very easy to spot, because all of the spiders come out from this entrance. Jump pass the small lava rivers and avoid the fireball. Get the Storm Crystal in the alcove on the right pole.


Q : Should I go through the underground rooms ?
A : Don't do that. One of the main advantage of being EVIL Luther is here : You don't have to go through the statuette things because you already have one green crystal with you. Just take the flute at the coffin at the underground, the other green crystal at the altar and go to the room with big bowls in it. Put them in and climb up the stair. This will save your energy in killing those ugly and mean spiders.


Main Goal : Find the answer for the curse and a way to Underground Cavern

IMPORTANT NOTES : If you don't bring along the 2 ivory chips from the museum, you must follow this hints step by step because you won't find the 5th or 6th chip in this area. As a result, you won't be able to open the northeast Tower. You may encounter this problem if you open the southwest Tower before the northeast Tower. But if you bring along the chips, you could open the Towers in any order you wish.

Q : I have no clue at all, what must I do here ?
A : Take the elevator to the City of Ancient below. Here, you must solve the puzzle in the four tower in each corner. Inside each tower there is a pyramide with a fireball inside of it. After you solve the puzzle in each tower, the pyramide should break and the fireball will open a secret door to a room with a teleporter. On the other side of the teleporter you must build the real tower that will answer your curse.

Q : What must I do to solve the puzzle in the northwest tower ?
A : You must use your magic and skill to solve the puzzle. To reach the tower, you should go south then west at the first intersection. Follow the path until you reach a big gate. Behind the gate is the northwest tower. First break the floating stone on your left with your weapon. Then head to the floating red smoke. Use your ice weapon, such as Axe of Blizzard or Crossbow Shard, to dispell it. You could also use Myst of Doom level 1 spell (the Apparition spell) to dispell it. Your next target is that floating ice fog. Use your fire weapon, such as Crossbow Valkerie, Crossbow Milliard, or Spark spell, to dispell it. Once you have dispell those three floating things, the pyramide in the next room will be broken and the fireball will shoot at the yellow door on the big black pillar to open it. Inside you'll find a Storm Crystal and a stone block. Push the block through the teleporter then jump through it. Push the stone block into the cubical pit and a yellow octahedron shape will appear in the big plain below. Clicking on it will raise the first part of the real tower in the middle. Note : in the south of the entrance in the City of Ancient you'll see a big circular area (I called it the Central Plain). The part of the real tower will also shows up inside this area whenever you raise one from plain behind the teleporter.

Q : What must I do to solve the puzzle in the northeast and southeast tower, I could do nothing there ?
A : You must flooding certain area first before you could do something in those 2 towers. Find the broken fountain in the south passage from the Central Plain. Use your Axe of Blizzard or Crossbow Shard on the floating ball above the fountain twice. It will re-activate the fountain and the water should be flooding the water tunnel that connect the northeast and southeast tower. The water should also make the Black Lichin trees along the water tunnel grow again. Take some if you want. And the most important thing are : the water should keep you alive when dealing with fireball in southeast tower and as an important factor for destroying the pyramide at northeast tower.

Q : What must I do to solve the northeast tower ?
A : You need a silver leaf and an Ivory chip to do that. The chip will lead you to the silver leaf plant.

Q : Where can I get Ivory chips ?
A : You can get 4 Ivory chips in 4 different places in this area. Starting from the entrance :

Q : Where can I get the silver leaf ?
A : First of all, go to the room where the silver leaf plant grows (it's through the west passage from the Central Plain). There are 2 entrances to this room, the east and the west. At the first time, the west door will be closed. So open this door by clicking the stone wall. Find a pedestal with several glowing red pillars on it. It's just north of the southeast tower. Circle it to find the Ivory chip holder on the base of it. Inserting the chip in it will raise a gun from the hole in the middle. It will shoot a lightning bolt that will break the glass door blocking the back room at the museum (if you had opened the door to the museum first), go through the west door of the room with silver leaf plant and raise the floor to the silver leaf plants. Since the bolt will raise the floor in only for a short moment, you should take the silver leaf first before you go to the museum. Run as quick as you can before the bolt reach the room with the silver leaf plant. Pick as much as you can. As soon as you heard a bell chime, run to the outside.

Q : What is the solution of the puzzle in the northeast tower ?
A : Use the silver leaf at the base of the pyramide. Click on the floating yellow octahedron. It will water the area. Click on the hourglass to speed up the time. The silver leaf will grow and break the pyramide. The fireball will open the door at the big black pillar. Do exactly the same as the northwest tower. Note : You can grow aloe, black lichin, and silver leaf plant here also. Put them in the plots of land that surround the pyramide. Click the yellow octahedron to water them and the hourglass to speed up the time.

Q : What must I do to solve the puzzle at the southeast tower ?
A : When you reach the southeast tower, a grate to the right will raise open. Enter that archway and jump over the canal. There are 4 sets of yellow door. Each row contains 3 door. Open these door with this order : left, left, right, right, left, left, middle, and middle. Lit the oil with Spark spell or fire weapons. The explotion will break the pyramide outside. Take the Dark Bow. If you didn't flooding the water tunnel as I mention earlier, you'll be fried to death before you can reach back the canal. Do exactly the same as the previous towers.

Q : What must I do to solve the puzzle at the southwest tower ?
A : Take back the ivory chips at the gun pedestal and the door inside the museum, then go to the southwest tower. Insert all four of the chips into the holder. It will break the pyramide. Do exactly the same as the previous towers. Once you've solved all of the puzzles, the Real Tower will completely rebuilt.

Q : What must I do at the Real Tower ?
A : Get in there. Kill another duplication of Belial and head through the force field. This is the Mantle of Ancients. It will give you an access to level 5 of all spells (including your Curse control spell).

Q : Where is the exit from this City of Ancients ?
A : There are 2 exit way from the City of Ancients.

  1. First, the exit is on the east passage from the Central Plain. Look for the north entrance. Inside you'll see 4 pairs of door on the left and right wall. Open this door one by one and spark the globe inside (DON'T shoot it with your fire weapons because the hidden chamber in the first room on the right from the entrance won't open if you do that). Make sure that all of the globe doesn't glow when you open the door. If you shoot them, there will be 1-2 globes already glowing. Inside the hidden chamber there is a Jewel Scarab. Now head to the north door and open it. Move the tapestry to reveal a room with a dragon fountain in it. Attack the red dragon with your weapon. The blood should spill the water and open a secret door on the north wall. Enter the door. There is a two-way teleporter into the Subterranean Cavern behind it. Step on it and enter ..... (If you want to go back to the City of the Ancient, just lit up four braziers in the corner. It will activate the teleporter back to the City of Ancient).
  2. The second exit is at the room with silver leaf plants. If you stay for a little longer on the moving floor. Deep below the pit, there's an entrance to the Subterranean Cavern. By the way, this exit way is much much closer to the destination room in Subterranean Cavern. It is a one-way path to the cavern so you couldn't get back to City of Ancients through the same path (but you could go back through the first path : See paragraph above).


Q : What is the use of the big chalice inside the room near the northwest tower ?
A : If you put a mandrake root into the chalice, you will be transported for a short while into a big room with lots of magic scroll. You'll be transported back automatically after a short while, take what you wish for.

Q : How can I break the glass door that protect the back room and opened the locked doors inside the museum ?
A : See the note on how to get the silver leaf. The museum is located at the west passage from the Central Plain (to the west wall at the corner). At the first time, the entrance is closed. Open the door and use the gun at the pedestal with several red glowing pillars on it. The lightning bolt will destroy the glass door. Inside, you'll see a desk with an ink pen on it. Pull it and a secret door will be opened. Inside you'll get a Speaking Stone and a locked door. Unlock the door with the Ivory Chip. Inside you'll get the skeleton key. Use the skeleton key to open the doors inside the museum. Behind those doors you'll see many chemical ingredients behind the glass cage. Destroy the cage if you want to take them. Do it quickly because the ceiling will be smashing down.

Q : What is the use of the small pedestal inside the room near the southeast tower ?
A : That is a duplication machine. When you enter the room, six alcoves open up revealing 3 pairs of items : Fire Crystal and Ice Seed, Ancient Magic Stone and Ring of Regeneration, and Lightning Crystal and Stone Cube. If you put one of those things on the pedestal, its pair will shows up on the large platform. Use this machine to duplicate Ring of Regeneration as many as you can. It's very useful for the final fight againts Belial.


Q : Should I kill Bacatta, he attacks me ?
A : After you kill the Belial's clone in the Real Tower, you'll facing Bacatta. He tries to stop you getting into the Mantle of the Ancients. Kill him and take his Serpent Staff.


Main Goal : Find a way to Belial's Laboratory

Q : Where is the entrance to Belial's Laboratory ?
A : The entrance is in the southwest area. This room has a weird ceiling. It looks like living pods hanging on the ceiling. In one corner of the cave wall, you'll see an entrance with many flesh tube inside. Hack these tubes and go through. Click on the left passage. Use your sword to open the closed door. Look carefully on the right side of the screen. There should be a "thing" just like a tentacle. Click on it and wait for a moment. DON'T touch anything until a big spider shows up. After it "repairs" the tentacle, a path to the left will open. Go through this path and hack your way to Belial's laboratory.

Q : Should I kill those green spiders, they are very annoying ?
A : DON'T kill them. Just run and avoid them. That's the best way. If you kill those creatures, there will be another brown spider formed somewhere. And these brown spider is an ugly, mean, and nasty creature. You don't want to mess with them, believe me.


Main Goal : Find Dawn

Q : What should I do in this bloody chamber ?
A : After Bacatta gives you the Belial's Horn (that's the only weapon that can kill Belial), you'll arrive in a room with a blood pool in the middle. Jump to the pool and crouch. Break that grate with your weapon and morph into lizard form. Follow the canal to the other side.

Q : Help, I'm can't pass the slime canal. It always kill me. What should I do ?
A : Raise the dam first to stop the flowing of the slime. Morph back to human form just at the edge of the canal. Shoot the 3 levers on the wall with your range weapon. It should raise the dam and stop the flowing of the slime. Step on it and cross to the other side. Raise back the levers to empty the next room from the slime. Now you're save to continue your journey.

Q : I always died when I tried to jump off the edge. Where should I go ?
A : Find another edge to jump off. There is only one edge that save enough to jump. Head north from the entrance. If you arrive at the room with deep pit, you're on the right track. Pull down the lever to lower the bridge. Cross the bridge and head north. Follow the path to the east until you reach an edge. jump to the canal below. Head downstream until you reach another chamber.

Q : What should I do in the Summoning Room in the lower level ?
A : Summon something in that room. Use your Apparition spell (Myst of Doom level 1 spell) on each of four skull on that room. It will summon a little daemon. Kill it and get the Ancient Stone from its body.

Q : Where should I go ? Seems that there isn't any way out from this level.
A : Drag the daemon body into the other room on that level. Put the body on the platform beneath the skull. It will open a secret door. Enter the opening and use the elevator to move down to the lower level, the Birth Chamber. You'll meet Dawn here.

Special Note : Don't go yet when you meet Dawn. Just keep on clicking on her, and she'll give you the Ruby of Truth, eventually.


Q : Where can I get the Belial's Horn ? I don't see Bacatta around.
A : Since Bacatta is dead now (thanks to you !!!), you won't see the cutscene showing him killing the Belial clone. You have to kill that clone by yourself. Get the Belial's Horn from his body.

Q : What should I do with Dawn ?
A : Dawn will try to seduce you in order to disarm and murder you. Kill her now.


Main Goal : Defeat Belial once and for all !!!!

Q : How can I kill that ugly brown blob ?
A : You couldn't kill it directly. You have to share something with it first. Transfer your curse to the blob (use your curse level 5 spell). Belial will come out from its body and kill it. But ....... you'll have to fight few daemons as a consequence. Kill them all and take those Ancient Stones from their body. Break the door with your weapon and chase Belial.

Q : How can I pass those blue cloud thing ?
A : Shoot the 2 left most blue generators on the ceiling. It will open a gap to pass through.

Q : What must I do in the room with moving pillars ?
A : Jump from one top to another to the other edge. Kill Scotia first (use the Ruby of Truth to kill her) before you jump your way out. The safest way to jump is : north, west, north, northeast, then jump to the edge.

Q : What must I do in the armory ? The traps always kill me.
A : There are 3 traps to disarm here : the moving stone blocks, the flaming spears, and the pillars of ice. To disarm the moving stone blocks simply just by destroying the floating stone on your left with your weapon. Then shoot the red cloud with your ice weapon to disarm flaming spears. And for the white cloud, use your fire weapon to disarm the pillars of ice. You may have to do this several times, because these traps can regenerate very quickly. But once you have disarm all 3 of the triggers, the traps won't regenerate again. On the corners in this room, you'll find Dragon Scale Gauntlet, Dragon Fire Bracers, Dragonscale Armor, and Ring of Drake Fire. Note : if you kill Scotia and get to this room quick enough, you can get all of those things and kill Belial more easily later (because he couldn't use that things as a protection)

Q : What is the best strategy to kill Draracle's clone ?
A : Use the Ruby of Truth to kill him instantly

Q : What is the best strategy to defeat Belial ?
A : This is a very mean and nasty fight. Prepare yourself with adequate armors like : Dragonscale Armor, Dragon Fire Bracers, Ring of Drake Fire, and Dragonscale Gauntlets. There are several ways to defeat Belial. First, you must be quick. Don't let him prepare his spell for you. Attack as soon as you can. If you're not quick enough, you may want to trap him first. To do this you must have several Stone Cube or Ice Cube with you. First, find the small pool in that big area. This pool will regenerate the hit and mana points. Drop the cube on the 4 entrances to this pool. The cube will form stalagmites and prevent Belial to enter this pool. Then chase him, until you can cornered him. Put the cubes surround him so he couldn't move again. Then attack him as quick as possible with Belial's Horn. In no time he'll be dead !!!! Watch the ending.


Q : What is the twisted story here ?
A : Instead of fighting Scotia, you will have to fight just 3 small imps (isn't it wonderfull). And you won't have to face Draracle's clone in the Armory (yup, Scotia is here now !!!). But .... the mean things are : You will have to fight both Belial and Draracle in the final fight. I know, not both of them at one time. But after you kill Belial, Draracle will shows up. Show those guys who's the new KING in this land. Kill them all.



At last, Luther can overcome his curse. He and Dawn will live happily ever after and the Draracle will leave them in piece. One thing that dissapoint me a lot from this ending though. They should make the ending more sophisticated and interesting. The ending movie is one of the worst I've ever seen. It's too short and doesn't worth the final fight against Belial. Sorry Westwood. You should've done better for this .......


At last, Luther can overcome his curse. He is the new EVIL god of the lands. Ha ... ha... I'm gonna rip those guys off. This ending is more enjoyable. Watch how the EVIL works.

Special Note : By the end of the game you should have collected 12 Speaking Stones that tell you the whole story of the Land.


These are several useful items that can be found lying around the land. I've put it in several table. The quality is sort from the worst to the best.

Melee weapons Special power
Dagger of Light None
Stalagmite/Iron Rod None
Dagger of the Empty Hand None
Mace/Staff/Short sword None
Gauntlet of Striking Increase protection
Halberd/Fine Long Sword None
Axe of the Long Arm None
Long Sword Prism Blind
Thoehan Great Sword None
Serpent Staff Poison target
Dracoid Dagger Drain life
Halberd Bastion Increase protection and combat
Great Axe Blizzard Cold damage
Firestorm Sword Protection and release Firestorm at distance
Rever of the Great Orc Need Gauntlet of Might for use
War Axe Traitor Need Bracer of Valor for use
Darkstorm Sword Protection and Drain life
Enchanted Thoehan Sword Lightning Storm
Belial's Horn Only weapon that hurt Belial

Range Weapons Special Power
Rock/Throwing Dagger/Light Crossbow None
Crossbow Snare Throw web
Longbow Shift Spark and smart missile
Death Stroke Dagger Lightning Bolt
Dagger of the Empty Hand Return to hand
Axe of the Long Arm Return to hand
Guardian Orb Create sword that attck your opponent
Long Bow Defender Double Shot
Dagger of Light Shoot Crystals
Crossbow of Valkeri Release Firebolt
Plasma Staff Triple Firebolt shot
Crossbow of Shard Shoots ice crystal
Noble Valkyrie Crossbow Shoot triple Fireball bullets
Crossbow Milliard Shoot 3 smart lightning bolt that can follow enemies
Dark Bow Drains life
Net of Exile Kill opponent directly

Armor Special Power
Coward's Target Shield Invisibility
Plate Mail None
Obsidian Chain Mail None
Reflection Armor Reflect magical attack
Fire Shield Fire resistant
Dragon Scale Gauntlet Protect against weapon
Dragon Fire Bracers Fire resistant
Dragonscale Armor The best armor in the game

Magical Items Special Power
Ancient Stone Allow access to level 5 magic
Lightning crystal Cast spark
Coco's cap Heal wounds
Iron Rod Recharge lightning crystal
Stone of The Cobra Sink slower in the water
Fire Crystal Cast firebolt
Ivory chips Increase mana
Dragon gem Increase protection
Speaking stone Recording machine, right click on portrait to use
Dragon's blood Time bomb, right click on portrait to activate
Ring of Regeneration Resurrect character
Helin's Ring Increase attack speed in lizard/beast form
Vell's fruit Eat them to neutralize poison
Stone Bracers Wear it to protect character from poison
Bezel Ring Increase protection and increase attack speed in lizard form
Bracers of The Dead Wear it and you can talk to the dead
Gauntlet of Might Increase might and to use the Rever of the Great Orc
Stone and Ice Cube Throw to the ground to create stone stalagmite
Kenneth's Charm Increase your stats
Ring of Cat Increase protection to your body and speed up your weapon use
Ring of Drake Fire Turn spark spells into Fireball
Ruby of Truth Destroy illusionary monster
Storm Crystal Release lightning storm
Dampen Necklace Access to Curse spell level 1
Control Token Access to Curse spell level 3 (Human spell)
Lizard Amulet Access to Curse spell level 2 (Lizard spell)
Colon's Amulet Protect against the undead

Below is the list of the alchemical combinations I've found so far ....

Object 1 Object 2 Result Use
Acid Sac + Champion Stone = Pod of the Changeling Change to beast with max. strength
Amber + Ironwood Sap = Champion Stone Increase might
Amber + Venom Sac = War Cluster Reduce damage taken
Black Lichin + Gorgonite Nodules = Stone of the Gorgon Turn any creatures into stone
Tar Crystal + Venom Sac = Death Sac Deadly poison for weapons
Gorgonite Nodules + Rainbow Sulfites = Mind Cluster Reveal entire map of the area
Lamplight Eggs + Tar Crystals = Acid Sac Damage opponent with acid
Lamplight Eggs + Venom Sacs = Poison Paint Apply to your weapons to poison them
Mandrake Roots + Tar Crystals = Pyro Pod Turn Spark group into Firebolt group
Poison Paint + War Cluster = Force Pod Allow access to level 5 magic
Rainbow Sulfites + Silverleaf = Manafoil Restore your mana point
Silverleaf + Wild One Serum = Lharkon Vapours Put Lharkon into sleep

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