Final Battle

Q : What is the best weapons and strategy to defeat Jakel ?
A :
Use Warding Shield spell and Deathstoke Shield as your defensive weapons, The Silver Fang or Great Sword of Darkstorm and Boom Stick as your offensive weapons, The Lighting Storm Spell as your Offensive Spell, and wear these 4 artifacts to protect you from his attack: Drakelord Gem (protection against Ancient Spells), Ring of Reflection (protection against offensive spells), Iron Rod or Regeneration Rings (protection against electric or fire spells), and Stonebracer (protection against poison).

Q : Jakel run to the Draracle chamber on level 3 above. How could I chase him there ?
A :
Jump down just in front of that Draracle chamber, jump to your left and move the lever to raise the bridge. Go back to level 1 and use the panel until you reach level 3. Now you could cross the bridge. Kill Jakel and get the seal. Put the seal on the mirror and watch the final cut scene.

Watch how Copper got buried by the stones.
Another sad chapter in Gladstone history.
Why all of the good guys die in the end ?

Watch the credits rolls

The End

Is it ??? Wait ..... wait until the credits end and .... additional scene
Watch Copper crawl from under the rumble...
He's alive .....

Q : What should I do now ?
A :
Go out to the wood and take the left path in the intersection. You'll meet Lord Jeron. Kill him and retrieve the medallion. And now watch the TRUE FINAL ENDING.....

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