Here is the hint of Lands of Lore 3. I think the game has better graphic than previous sequel but the game is too short to play. The worlds is too small to explore and has no multiple ending like Land of Lore 2 (Anyone know about multiple ending please tell me) and give me the next sequel (Lands of Lore 4). Previously forgive me about my English. I hope this hint will be useful and you can use and distribute it freely.

The Beginning.

First, after you escape from the beast which kill your father and brother, you better go to Thieves Guild located in the sewer. You can enter through the hole near the Warrior Guild. Join Thieves Guild and recruit Syruss. He will ask you to give him some meat. Exit Thieves Guild by follows the door and stair lead you to the window and you're in lower Gladstone Map. You can go to Inn and the Innkeeper will ask you to pay money. Go to your room on second floor and take your stuff but do not save your stuff on that room, better save at the guilds. Go to the fountain area near the Cleric Guild and jump into it and you will see the valuable stuff.

Get some Quest by go to Warrior Guild, Wizard Guild and Cleric Guild. You will get Quest:

1. Clear the rats from the Warrior's Guild Dock warehouse located in the woods outside the town. You will get a light-crossbow if you break the Box. Go through Upper Gladstone. After solve the quest you can join the Guild and train your level.

2. Kill the pig in the woods and take the meat and give to Boris in the Cleric Guild. Now you can join the Guild and use the altar room by give money and press "c" button in front of the altar.

3. Quest from Wizard Guild given by Sion when you meet her for the first time. Go to the Wood to the volcanic area. You will see the Green Portal, which will suck you in. You will see you cursor change to crystal if you to close to Portal and click on it but do not enter it. Back to Wizard Guild and take your reward. Buy Lesser Light and Lesser Heal in the Guild, you will need it.

4. Now you are the member of Four Guilds and begin train you level in the Warrior Guild in the Simulation Room. Increase all your level to level 7 or 8. It will make your easier to explore the Worlds.

Go to Draracle Caves, which look, better and more beautiful than LOL2. Go to Draracle Throne Room and you will meet his servant, Jackel. Step close to the chamber and you realize that Draracle is not here. Go back to the door and go inside the portal. You will transport to outside the cave.

Volcanic World (First Time)

Go to Volcanic Area and step inside the portal. Explore the world and you'll meet Draracle here. Look for the Dragon and she will flee. Explore again and you will meet her again in her chamber. She will attack you and kill her. She will flee again and quickly explore this chamber and destroy the three sources of lava, which located at the left, right and upper-middle chamber. The Lava-pool will dry and kill the dragon. She will banish forever. Collect the money and use The Sigil on the Dragon Body. You will teleport to Draracle Chamber with the mirror. You will meet his servant again. Go outside the cave through the Labyrinth. In there you will get many stuff. Use your Light Spell to help you get out the Labyrinth.

Go back to Gladstone and go to the Keep. Explore the Keep carefully and you will get the valuable item. Get Thohan Great Sword from Luther at Second Floor. It will increase your melee attack drastically.

Ice World (First Time)

Go to the Waterfall area and you will see the other Portal and step inside lead you to Ice area. Explore the area, which lead you to The White Tower. You will meet a woman (I forgot her name too). She will ask you a favor to destroy the strange bird and the nest.

First, go to the right side and step inside the door. In this room light the candles and remember the color (Blue, green, red, and purple). Go back outside to the left side of the Map. And in this room you will meet again some candles. Light them and move to the opposite wall according the color from left to right is blue, green, red and purple. If you place the correct, the stairs will appear behind you. Go to the room with 3 doors, in the left room you will get Axe weapon. I think your sword is better. In center room you will be attacked by some strange-bird. Kill them and destroy the nest and The Blue Gem will fall from the nest. (You must find The Blue gem for the first time!). In the right room you can collect some stuff. After that go to the next room and at left side you will see the door with four buttons. Light the Fire-Pit near that wall and the button will be colored. Press them according the color and the wall will open but you can not enter it, later. Go to next room, which lead you to second floor. Find the Green Gem in the room with Strange Bird and the nest located in the middle side of your second floor map. Destroy the nest and the Green Gem will fall from inside the nest. The next task is to find the red gem. Go to first floor to the room with many big cutters at each side of wall. There you will find the hole which will shoot fire if you press the button. Go inside the hole and find the Red Gem. Purple Gem can get in the room near the throne room located at the bottom side of the map. That Gem is under the Bed and to find you must press your "c" button.

After you find the entire Gem. Place them in the wall with the Gem symbol (2 Gems) and the other in the room with some big altar (I don't know what it is) Search the symbol carefully to find it. After you place all of them, open your map and see the difference. It is located in the room with Cutters, the room where you came from and meet the woman. The second floor at the right side of your map you will find the new way to the Jail. I can not free them. Follow the path and you will be at Throne Room and meet the woman who give you quest. You will be ordered to enter the door near her. Do not enter, if you do the game will ending. Refuse her and she will attack you. Kill her and loot hers and then use Sigil on her's and teleport back to the Draracle Cave.

Advanced Your Rank (Second Quest)

Back to Gladstone and get the Second Quest from the four Guilds. The Warrior will give you new quest to conquer another Portal. Go to Underworld (see your map). Complete the quest and you will advanced your rank. Now you can open the door in the second floor.

The Wizard Guild will give second quest with another sample Portal. Go back to Waterfall area and step inside the Portal. After teleport to Ice World turn back and click the portal when you close to it and step inside again to go back to Gladstone. You will advanced your rank and meet "The Beautiful Dawn"

The Cleric Guild (Finch Boris) will give you second quest to look for new herbs. If you have conquered Volcanic World and White Tower and in your inventory already have the new herbs, just step outside the room and sees you journal changes and go back inside and you will advanced your rank and meet Finch.

The Thieves Guilds give a new quest to look for Pardon. You can steal it from The Guard walking around in front The Keep's Door. Syruss will tell you if you meet the right Guard. After that, give the Pardon to Elena and you will advance your rank.

The Underworld

Go to Underworld Portal located in the woods. I think it's at upper side of the map near the human who sells the fruit. You will meet someone who gives you Clock Key. Just step inside the Portal and teleport to Underworld. In the big room you will see three doors, left, center and right. Left door will lead you to the Garden and solve the "Head Riddle" You will meet man with no head walking around. Search the Head in this area and give back to him. After that go back to main room and go inside the right door. Explore carefully. It's really dark. I hate it. Enter the kitchen and you will see two doors. The ones will lead to basement and go find and get Wine Bottle in there. Next go to main room again and open center door and you will be at the big room again with two elevators and clock in the center of them. Use your key on it and click three times and the Pianist Ghost will appear behind the elevators. If you give him the Music Sheet and the Wine, he will play the music and the big stairs will appear from the wall (Just wait for a moment).

Go inside the elevator to second floor. There are seven doors from left to right. Go to first door and get Empty Jar. Go to second door and Get silverleaf and soft leather armor. (I don't need that armor because I have already bought Dragon Scale armor from the armory Keep after I have finished two portals and seen my uncle). Go to third door and get the other empty jar and dry the oil lamp in here. Fifth and sixth door won't open till you complete the quest from Gabrielle. You can find her in the seventh door inside the wardrobe. After finish talking with her quickly go to the right path to the second door at the right side. Open the door and you will see the lamp, dry it and you get your reward (the shield). Now Fifth and Sixth door can be opened and explore the room or the bookcase and find many spells on it. Now it's the time to give the Music Sheet and Wine Bottle to the Ghost. Go to second floor after the stair appear and kill the Scythe Demon in there. You must find the clock again in there and use the key three times again and kill the demon. Use you sigil on him and you complete the world.

Third Quest from the Guilds

Back to Gladstone again and go inside The Keep to meet your Uncle and Buy Dragon Scale Armor, Gauntlets, and Bracer. Go to Cleric Guild and get Third Quest: Get the Heart of Sunrise in Volcano World. Go to Wizard Guild and buy Ring of Drakefire from Dawn. Go to Warrior Guild and get Third Quest from the woman at Second Floor. You have to Ice World again to complete this quest. Go to Thieve Guild to get the quest from Elena to kill the Orcs.

Volcanic World (Second Time)

Follow the path again in here until you are in the room with The Urn flying and click the Dragon Claw on it and the Elevator will go down and follow the path to the room with teleport. Step on it and get teleported to another area and go get The Heart of Sunrise.

Ice World (Second Time)

Go to White Tower again and go to Room with door with four colors. Go in there by press the button Blue, Green, Red, and Purple. The door opens and goes inside. Find the Old-Toys (The sword) and give it back to Warrior Guild.

Orcs Quest

Go outside the Gladstone through under-gate area and open your Automap. Find small area located between the Gate and Underworld Area. Go there and you will meet The Orcs. Kill them and return to Elena.

Ruloi World

Ruloi World' Portal is in location near the river and Underworld' Portal Area. You will find "your brother" there and go inside the portal. Explore the Ruloi World to destroy all the mechanism (Regeneration Device). Fight Scavengers, Ruloi Drones, and Ruloi Warrior and get "The Hand" which use to open the two doors with the hand-symbol. You can also get "The Hand" in the Cave located in Poison Tunnels and find Great Sword Darkstorm also. You will find the others two mechanism in there and destroy it. Your Journal will change if you have destroy all the regeneration device You can open the Jail by using "The Dream Shard" but the woman will attack you. Get out and see the teleport. Step to it and teleport to the cave with the Beasts (Ruloi Collective). Kill them and use Sigil on the body and you will teleport goes back to Draracle Cave.

Go back to Gladstone through Under Gate. Near this area open your Automap and you will see a new small area colored Blue. Go in there and see the movie. You will find your Uncle is dying. Continue your journey to Gladstone and you find it's been destroyed also all of The Guilds.

Shattered Desert

Go to area where the Portal to Shattered Desert is. Open your Automap to find it. The Portal only will appear if you have conquered the Other Worlds. Step inside the portal and teleport to Shattered Desert. Follows the path here pass through the hole, the bridges until you arrive in the open sky area you have to jump down. Do not jump down here but walk around until you can see the Door across you. Run and jump to the door and follow the path until you arrive again in the open sky area. Now it's your time to jump down. Fight against the Beasts and follow the path until you arrive in The Big Building with the path above. See the Aerial Root on that Building. Click your mouse on that and you climb it. Follow the path again until you arrive in the small room with the man in there (The Last Man). Search and move your cursor around The Rocket in front of this small room. Open the shafts to get down by elevator. Follow the path in here (I think this is Nod Military Building in Command and Conquer). If you arrive in a room which have no doors, search for secret door in here. You find an air tunnels and to get in use the chairs and speakers in here. In air tunnels you will find some ladders which lead you to three way out. Find the way to the room with Big Blue Shield and destroy the Mechanism in the wall. (Remember this location and the air tunnel) It will deactivate the Shield and go down the ladder. You have to across the room with dangerous water. Syruss alert you about this. Go inside the door and you arrive in a big circular room and meet The Hidden Wizard. Kill him and get the last piece of mirror. You can not teleport back to Draracle Cave but you must run out this building. Use air tunnel in the Room with Big Blue Shield to go back to room with Speakers and chair. Get out through the door and follow the path again back to your entrance. Get elevator up and find "The Last Man died". Go back to the big hole and go inside and follow the path back. Jump down the big building and follow the path again until you find a aerial root again. Click on it and climb it. Follow the path to get out the door again. From this way you can go back to the Portal.

Draracle Cave

Go back to Draracle Cave and you will meet Jackel. You must get The Seal from him by fight against him. After talking with him you'll teleport under the water and climb the rope in here to get out. You will come to small room with Jackel and beasts. Fight all of them and search for the Green Portal. Click on it and the color changes. You have to search the other portal and do the same thing. Fight Jackel again and again. Finally you will arrive in the room with the Shield and to open it you must fight Jackel. Go through the hallway and you see the room across you. Go jump down and see the mechanism in here. Click on it and the stair will down and connect the rooms. You must go to the hallway again to go to that room. You arrive in the big circular room with Skeletons around it. Step to center of this room and the skeletons attack you. Fight them and teleport back to Draracle throne room and fight again The Jackel and get the Seal from him. Click the Seal on mirror and see the scene. You get your soul back and the game is over.

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